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Help us build a setting!

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So, do any onf your remember the eld'wani from last time? Let us expand on that. They are split into three factions, a normal, okay kind of one. Batshit insane religious eld'wani who capture and do a body transfer to get more people, and of course the extra rare hedonists.

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Don't forget to vote for the archive threads on suptg !

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Another thread! Great!

Added that summary to the Wiki! :D

Lets see what else has been going on...
Jeah Laffu are cool, Eld'wani are kinda fun as an example of what kind of weird shit can be at the Forbidden Isles. The other Beastmen should just be beastmen and leave it at that..

Lets just say that the Mole-men is another nickname for goblins (and inaccurate one at that and call it a day on them).


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Body transferall?There wasn't anything about the Eld'wani doing body transferring. I don't want to be a buzzkill, but I don't know if I like the factions idea, they're a dying race of Theocratic Islander Birdmen who are forced to resort to piracy and raiding to survive, I think that's interesting enough on its own.

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Yes, and to get there you need airships, which is with another faction. Humans who instead of retreating to the north, when a la' Battlestar galactica and have a massive airship fleet. They operate out of three refuges, and they use airships with mighty sails and hippogriffs/wyverns/etc. to get across. They tend to come to the aid of their nothern brothers and usually conduct raids on orcs. They worship their main gods, based on the coluds and the sky. They believe that hell is located underground.

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They are Famous for the Wyvern Riders, who are an elite force of knights who are the best of the best. They keep themselves as mercs when there isn't a war.

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Airships? Blah. Lets keep this grounded (hehe). The flying island stuff was good as it is already.

We do not have many elf principalities detailed? Few mentioned once or twice, UR being the market place and City of Candles is a fire cultist zone with losts of immigrants. What else is there amongst the farmlands?

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Yes, but look, It'll add to the variety of the races. We have underground men right now, so why can't we add in bird people? And the airships

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Also, there are ocean elves who live on the sea and are much more laid back than their land counterparts. They are even willing to accept humans.

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Why are you so dead set on airships in a medieval setting? What do airships have to do with body transferal and factionalism? I feel that airships would ruin the tone of the setting, and I'll oppose them.


Dwarves already ride Griffons and I don't even know if it's possible to train Dragons that were created by supremely magical Goblins without magic. Humans are despised by the other races, and they're always fighting, and if they weren't, they wouldn't be hired as Mercenaries by anyone with common sense.

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Well, here is a compromise. They do not have engines, and rely on "Gas-bags" creatures with abnormally large amounts of helium. They also use sails as well. Does this suit you, I didn't mean it to be steampunk.

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If I'm not mistaken, the Eld'wani are already in the setting, just without airships because those don't fit the tone of the medieval setting. We've already got Goblins, Dwarves, and Kobolds to fit the niche of Mole-men, and I don't think easy-going Sea Elves would be able to survive with the Lesians raiding the western coast.

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I still don't think it fits the tone of the setting, or the tech-level and magical abilities of Humans in the setting for that matter.

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What if the sea elves live on the ocean floor? They rely on magic to make sure they aren't crushed by the sheer pressure and magic allows them to get in and out.

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Are the newfags ruining everything ? :(

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Or fine, massive floating islands to replace the airships.

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Somewhere between the River of Death and Stern lies most important religious site for all humans, the Valkery Cathedral. A monument built from steel and stone when humans only arrived to Northern wastes.

Warrior-monks live here guarding whole place from any intruders as not only it is sacred ground for praying, many chieftains find this place to recieve blessing of the goddess before taking leadership of their clan, it became common practice for them to bring remains of the last leader with them to put those bones in sprawling catacombs.

But unknown to most this place also holds library with tomes and books that humans brought with them after being driven north. The books that hold untainted by dwaves knowledge about times before exodus

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Looks like an intrepid team of Guardsmen and Stormtroopers have infiltrated the Chaos Bunkers. But, will they die trying or just die?
1d4Chan: https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Campaign:Penal_regiment_designation_/tg/

Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/40k_penal_regiment.

>Why don't you guys move to quest?
We're not a quest that's why. Quests are directed by a single GM giving choices to the players, this is completely freeform.

>Then what the fuck is this?
Somewhat of a campaign of crack-infused free-form roleplay set in the grim darkness of the far future.

>When do you guys make these threads?
Usually mondays at 4PM GMT, but they sometimes extend to Tuesdays if we got caught in the middle of something when the thread died and it was too late to make another one the same day.

>Can I join in?
Sure, just think of a character and have fun, you can find most info in 1d4chan albeit it's ussually a little bit out of date in comparison to where the threads are.

>Is there any requirement in character creation.
Not really, we've had Xeno infiltrators, Chaos infiltrators, Villains, Heroes, Normal Guardsmen, Crazed Guardsmen, Assassins, Psykers, Space Marines, Inquisitors, Squats... just think whathever and join the fun.

>Is it allowed to have more than a single character?
Yes as long as you don't use it to powerplay.

>So how you guys do the playan'?
We tend to use spoilers for OOC chat, but nothing is set in stone.
We tend to use greentexts for describing a character's actions, but again nothing is set in stone.
Use d20s for combat checks and d100s for other things you want to roll, higher Is better.
It's important to know that the regiment is now in the employ of a radical Ordo Xenos Inquisitor, with influence from an Ordo Malleus Inquisitor and under the watch of an Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor. Yes we've been through a lot of shit.

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... you seem lost friend

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What race doesn't get 50-99% of it's GDP from piracy?

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Gnomes, Dwarfs, Elves, most orcs, hill/cave/night trolls

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Eating people that wander into your land can be counted as piracy, so not cave or night trolls

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I like it. Warrior-Monks guarding old almost lost knowledge is cool addition, and is a potential for great chaos if it gets out out of hand. Hmm.. Perhaps almost no-one can read them, though? The art of writing and reading has been almost lost (yet they would be readable to dwarven scholar with studies in old Haumic languages).

"Rumor has it that there once was an attempt by an elven port city to build an underwater settlement. However, as they were forced to _continuously_ use magic to sustain themselves (and we know how well that goes..) the project ended soon after the bone-stores ran dry. Most elves were evaluated but few perished.

The project was deemed a total disaster and the inventor responsible for the idea left for exile in the dwarven lands. It is not known what happened to him in there."

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I fear that interboard migrants from /a/ are scourging the thread.



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But do they get money from it?

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Anyone else not really see the point of the laffu either? Theres too many parallels between them and the orcs for me, both driven from their home-land settling in the abandoned southern wastes while some settle and others become roaming bandits or pirates or w/e

They have the body and magic of the fire elves, the cataclysmic event of the goblins and the migration of the Orcs. l'm not really diggin it desu

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Bones of the dead can serve as stocks that they later exchange for monetary gain

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Laffu should be just sub-species of orcs

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Tried to get all the cities mentioned so far. Still Lesian cities need names and at least elves (and dwarves) more cities/unions/princedoms etc. How is life actually in these places?

It would be fun to have _some_ Laffu city/outcast den/fort/ruins of one somewhere into the map. That way we can start looking at the interactions with other species?
Perhaps the Goblinoid Dwarves (yes the crazy cultists again) could have given them some land? Or would they invade Gnome shore (finally fixed that) ? Etc?

Laffu kinda fill the "unexpected invader" which Humans, the beastmen and Lesians lack.
I think that we take them as manipulative lying bastards who want to come for _some_ reason (and they tell everyone a different reason just to play with their minds) they work OK, but I am not opposed to removing them. The demonic visage stuff sounds fun to me. Their numbers should be contained, however: The majority of them have already arrived? Also I do not think they should be capable of having major armies, at least for long.

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>How is life actually in these places?
I've got you senpai, but first will take a short 8 hour nap. About cities I think for elves the point where two rivers join into one would be perfect place for a city, but with a twist that it's actually three cities (every city on it's own river bank, so bridge always brings you into another) of three different principalities "merged" into one, but that's after sleep or someone would think of better way of using it than I do

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>Laffu kinda fill the "unexpected invader" which Humans, the beastmen and Lesians lack

lts not that thats really bothering me, its that l think its taking a lot of the unique elements from the other races backstories and abilities. l think its that they're kind of just Orcs, Elves, Humans and Goblins all rolled into one.

Can we all agree that their shouldn't be floating sky ships and human dragon riders? can humans at the height of their Knowledge just be super great at making potent Elve/Dwarf killing weapons.

What would be a more interesting threat to Dwarven mages during the wars with the humans
>The occasional human dragon rider coming from the skies bringing fire and death
>The occasional human lumbering out of the woods in a rare suit of magic resistant armor, brandishing a sword taller than you, covered in silvery ancient runes and fresh Dwarf blood

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Hmm.. I see your point. Perhaps we do not need Laffu as a separate race. There were some fun elements but yeah, there was too many similarities.

>Laffu Clan
A particularly untrustful nobadic orc clan of jokers and thieves known for their demonic masks. In the past they were actual threat and were defeated by common orcs led by warlord Stukc the Boring. These days they are more seen as a nuisance, although the fact that they have stolen the secrets of bonefire magic from the elves trouble some.

And yes, we do totally not need dragon knights. For some other setting they work but not Kulmorost. The humans are living in primitive xenophobic nomad tribes, barely eking out an existence in the frigid, unforgiving wastes (pic related). NOT magical dragon knights.

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Another map! This one is different!
Was bored and the coastlines started to look really boring, as if they were made quickly with paint etc. Now there is much more edges and islands and stuff.

>Be amazed!
The New Edition of the Map of Kulmorost from the greatests of dwarven scholars and elven explorers!
(rumors regarding the inaccuracies of the Northern Reaches due to lost expeditions are complete falsehoods!)

Does it work? Or is it too edgy or islandy?

I placed "Three Bridges/Cities" on the map (needs better name). It sounds like fun concept, as otherwise what prevents that place from becoming the capital of Elven Principalities? Why UR is the de-facto capital and not that? Interesting...

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While the religion of the Cave troll’s is practically non-existent and the religion of the Hill Trolls is extremely self-obsessed, the religions of the River and Night Trolls are not only a little more orthodox but also eerily similar.

Both Night and River trolls believe that trolls are the descendants of four Demigods that were made by a pantheon of proper Gods with the sole purpose of slaying one of their greatest enemies. Here is where the differences start. The Night Trolls believe that all the Demigods were night trolls and were created by a pantheon of 8 gods via the ancient and respected medium of sex. Meanwhile, River Trolls believe that the Demigods were each akin to one of the current Trollish races and were created by four Gods known as: Grandmother - who made the first cave troll - , Mother Sea (Grandmother’s daughter and the most prominent of the four) - who made the first river troll - , Father Earth (Mother Sea’s husband) who made the first Hill Troll and Prince Eclipse (Sea and Earth’s edgy son) - who made the first night Troll. Also the medium to make them WASN’T sex.

In both stories the four head off and murder the enemy of the gods (Among the River Trolls the enemy is Father Earth’s own father – Grandfather – whilst among night trolls it has no name) and afterwards have their souls fragmented to create the Trollish races (they are fine with this for some reason). Once again, a difference. In the Night Troll’s tale the great enemy casts a curse upon the first trolls, one which would cause the degrading of their Children. One resisted it completely (and created night trolls) two resisted it somewhat, but not completely (making River and Hill trolls) and the last could not resist it (creating cave Trolls). As such, night Trolls treat other varieties of their kind with varying levels of disgust. River trolls don't have this part of their tale, but still kinda dislike cave trolls

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>what prevents that place from becoming the capital of Elven Principalities?
I'd say it's position is it's greatest strength and weakness. While they are extremely rich from trade, every prince hates other two and city is in constant tug-o-war between those three, but should they ever put aside their total inability to cooperate....

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What is the Samcin Kingdom ?

>> No.51384368

Maybe this map could replace the "deviant" one in the 1d4 page ?

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>Or is it too edgy or islandy?
Looks very fresh and more realistic by having chaotic coastline, good job cartographer!

>> No.51384538

>although the fact that they have stolen the secrets of bonefire magic from the elves trouble some.

Theres even an in universe explanation to how, the Orcs could be doing this without magic. They have something close to gunpowder already. Maybe these "suicide fire magic guys" of the laffu tribe is really just Orcs blowing themselves the fuck up

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An elven kingdom who made the SOT watchtower with the dwarves 200 years ago.
Not much is known about them yet. They were mentioned as eagle-eyed.. Hmmmm..

"The elves of Samcin Kingdom are quite militaristic due to frequent human and troll attacks. They are famous of their skills with ranged weapons... particularly ballistas.
The former siege weapon has become an obsession to the Samcians, due to simple reason:
When a troll or armored human is charging towards you, you do not shoot it with an arrow or poke with a spear and hope to find a weak spot. You shoot a twelve foot long wooden pole with enhanced shark-teeth point trought its stomach and hope that the bastard dies or at least stops moving after that!
Then you might want to attack it with lesser weapons. Or you might just fire another ballista bolt..."

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Looks sweet as fuck. Great work man

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Looks sweet as fuck. Great work anon

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Orcs also fight while using healing magic on themselves and are also stronger but less physically resistant than humans.
Just like the Laffu. (I like the Laffu-orc tribe version too)

I'm curious about magic, orcs are said to have the very unique characteristc of being unable to cast spells on their own but to be good priests and very good at channeling spirits.
I guess they could just be shamans (as being able to channel spirits, I don't think all orcs "shamans" have such a religious role, especially the warriors*)
but is there a form of divine magic ?

*I just like the idea of orc warriors using magic to heal themselves during combat, would be less cool if they only use enchanted equipments I think.

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Laffu being orcs with demons masks only make them more charming IMO.

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>stronger but less physically resistant than humans.

l think certain Orc tribes would just be stronger and more physically resistant than humans, but humans make up for this in their use of armor and discipline. so men have better defensive capabilities and are better in groups than orcs.

>I just like the idea of orc warriors using magic to heal themselves during combat
>but is there a form of divine magic ?

l think all of the races have their own kind of "magic", all applied very differently to each race, l see the Orcs "magic" as pretty much being genetics, they use knowledge given to them by the shamans strong connection to the ancestors to more or less breed what aspects the orcs need at the time, different clans having better aspects in regards to others

>would be less cool if they only use enchanted equipments I think.

l think it would be great if this was a rare human trait

someone mentioned magic Laffu weapons that could drain the life from slain enemies to power the Laffu magic, but l think it would be an interesting human trait, cobbling together what magic attributes they could

>the inscriptions in some of the rarest ancient human weapons are in fact blood rituals
>humans don't even need to know what the sword does to use the power
>the act of killing completes the spell inscribed on the blade creating energy that is used to give strength to the wielder and augment the blade
>its nothing even close to the degree of the goblins or other races but in combination with the hilts binding spells and the blades resistance to magic its the most potent magical/anti-magical artifact humans are capable of making
>a perfect mix of magic and magic resistant materials
>Its said that the ritual of taking a captured elf/dwarves head before battle came from the use of these blades
>combining this with magic resistant armor and a skilled swordsman is said to be the closest thing to a "perfect human warrior" one could find

>> No.51386439

Aren't orcs more developed overall ?

>l think all of the races have their own kind of "magic", all applied very differently to each race, l see the Orcs "magic" as pretty much being genetics, they use knowledge given to them by the shamans strong connection to the ancestors to more or less breed what aspects the orcs need at the time, different clans having better aspects in regards to others

Nice but what about what I said ?

>> No.51386461


>> No.51386481

l think it would be great if this was a rare human trait
>Yeah humans being big on armors and all.

>> No.51386743

>l think all of the races have their own kind of "magic", all applied very differently to each race,

Is it really comptatible with all races ? some races or subgroups seems to have some magical traditions or secrets (such as fire magic with elves,ect..) but overall magic in the setting seems to be a lot more versatile among wizards than what you describe (goblins have creates races, modified themselves, maybe caused the cataclysm; elves have body modification and agriculture magic; dwarves don't seems to have a specialized form of magic but there was a text about a dwarf necromancer,ect...)

>> No.51386856

>Nice but what about what I said?

like as in the use of divine magic? theres no real divine magic confirmed (though races still worship gods) Magic requires blood and bone, but orcs lack any real ability with magic to most extents. but the blood of the orcs is more closely guarded, the ancestors bred their children to carry certain traits, its like a subtle blood magic it tied the ancestors more closely to generation after generation than the other races. The orcs blood carries the information and wisdom of the ancestors, but the shaman can read it and channel their ancestors though ritual etc

>Aren't orcs more developed overall?

yes but that probably wasn't always the case, before the human exodus the humans had land and walled cities and fought among themselves just as much if not more than the orcs. Orcs didn't come to the mainland until many years after the humans heyday, orcs are also seen as a non-threat and occasionally useful by other magical races meaning they have a lot more access to modern dwarven and elvish technology

thats how l see things making sense anyway

>> No.51386945

Also there a necromancer Lesian Queen on the Isle of the Everlasting and she also has a maybe necromantic goblin artifact.
I'm not saying this is bad idea but that don't seems to fit with the setting and personally I find the concept very limitative, especially when it generaly to "fire, water,ect.." magic instead of a more versatile form of magic not only used as a weapon.

>> No.51387031

But what about I wrote about healing magics in the very first post about orcs >>51256717 ? and eugenism is not magic even if I think this is a good idea.

>> No.51387180

Drows are the one who mastered fire magic, and this is just a magical tradition as they are just an elvish subculture.

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l'm talking pretty much just about the human sides of magic, Elfs and Dwarves have incredibly versatile magic. But humans can't into magic like the other races.

If one of the magical races wants to use their power they have options
>Language itself has power, runes being an important part of magic
>Organic material conducts and amplifies magic
>The life essence of the one casting the spell is used
>Live sacrifices can give huge amounts of energy depending on what is being sacrificed

the magical races can animate the dead, create dragons, melt stone, destroy a third of a landmass

but the non magical races lack raw power in these fields, but the humans use all these magical aspects in their greatest weapons
>Runes carved into the handle and blade
>Handle made of bone conducts and amplifies users magic
>Killing with certain swords completes a live ritual sacrifice spell

if the Goblins had made swords they would probably shoot lazerbeams and cause men in the area to become sterile from looking at them

the human blades, while greatly amplifying the tiny amounts magic humans have, the blades are resistant to magic, feel lighter and give the user a lil energy boost when he kills something. they're still horrifically under-powered compared to magic. and ofc these armor and sword sets are rare as shit. one guy in a set of relatively powerful armor isn't going to make a huge difference in the big picture

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>and eugenism is not magic even if I think this is a good idea.

l think genes are super important in this setting, power comes from blood and bone and the other races came from man

certain traits in the magical races DNA are integral to harnessing magic. The DNA could have a set of instructions on how to harness the magic that exists in and around life, the races DNA in itself is a kind of blood spell

The Goblins knew this, there are no Gods and spirits, they were experts at changing the DNA of themselves and animals. Although the goblins went too far, maybe the cataclysm was kind of like a magical nuke for them, the resulting radiation mutating their DNA mutating their bodies and cutting them off from magic

Magic was less "l want this lizard to have wings and fly and breath fire *POOF AND DONE*'" for the Goblins but more "l want this lizard to have wings and fly and breath fire so l'm going to fucking transcribe what l want on its very SOUL"

If l'm not making sense then just tell me to shut the fuck up

>> No.51390074

tying this to why human matter makes better magical items is that its more of a blank canvas than the other races, Dwarves can more freely paint meaning and instructions into the item

>> No.51391120

While River Trolls worship each member of their pantheon individually the Night Trolls worship their eight gods (referred to by some scholars as the Octotheon) as a collective, Mostly because few Trolls have enough time to enact eight separate rituals of praise in the name of their gods. This has gone on for so long that some Trolls no longer remember the names and domains of each god, but apparently its enough to remember they exist.

Most of the Night Trolls rituals revolve around the sacrifice of living creatures and the number eight. For example a common coming of age ritual is to take 8 trolls, each from a different tribe, who are around the age of 8 on the 8th day of the 8th month and give them each a goat (8 goats in all). The Trolls then stab these Goats 8 times, but after every stab they pass their knives along clockwise to the next troll so the Goats are stabbed eight times by eight different knives. This apparently garners the Trolls the attentions of the Octotheon and gives them good luck in their later endeavours, apparently due to the fact that the ritual contains eight things to do with eight.

Most everyday rituals are decidedly less complicated than this, with only one or two groups of eight things involved (generally eight things getting stabbed for a grand total of eight times all together)

>> No.51391244

I much preferred the Laffu being their own race. They were cool. I dont really get what was so similar that they had to become orcs.

>> No.51391283

Treyach city is located on banks of two rivers that connect into biggest one on elvish lands, three river banks form this city and three Princess control those banks. Long time ago ancestors of each prince build own city on their own side and each of them didn't want for another to out do him or leave this place. Each time one of the cities gained more power two other united to cut it down, so it was for all time.

As for today it turned into one big city. Northen bank controlled by Yomen clan, with banner of flower on green field, they are the most elf-centric and take biggest pride in what elves can do. They mastered art of wine making, having biggest brewery in all land, rumors say that they lerned how to mix life essence of "lesser races" into wine, which not only enhances taste but also makes you feel more alive, beside that woodcrafting, wax making, honey and biggest market of plants in city.

On the East bank rules Kento clan, with banner of a gauntlet striking down on red font, they seek to utilise lesser races for own gain. Being most welcoming orcs flock to this clan for glory and pay, this gives Kento muscles to throw around. So they profit from managing docks and shipwright along with slave trade, disregarding how many orcs will die on work, anyway their body will be sold to Yomens. Thougher orcs are taught how to fight properly and serve as mercenaries and ship crew, they are constantly sent into open sea to search for new wonder and trade. Beside that Kento prosper on kettle, and trade of exotic beasts

On west bank we have Arak clan, with their banner of two crossed hands before a rising sun, being most fond of dwarves they have many dwarvish masters from UAC work on bone trinkets and book writers, with elvish tongue and dwarvish carvings they created most advanced bone and leather musical instruments, as their orchestras perform on every important event in all Elf or Dwarf cities,


>> No.51391289

Goblins are basically the Inchoroi, then?

>> No.51391520

while those in training perform on every corner of this city. Weaving, leather working and paper are also important for this clan, while their paper light are illuminating whole city during the night. They also train deadly assassins that are masters of subtlety, stealth and precise strikes. With abundance of targets in this city and Goblinoid-dwarves just just for change they hone their skills, engraved bone-stars are their favourite weapon though very costly to make, which makes them only users of such weapon.

The city itself is booming with abundance of work, you can peacefully live your whole life here, not knowing what happens behind curtains or be unlucky enough to walk into stand off between soldiers of two principalities that ends bloody for all.

Each prince despises other two for way they govern and will never want to have anything in common with them, unless it's common enemy from outside that threatens all three in equal, then they forge a very short peace before threat is gone and they can return to wrestling over city

>> No.51391794

I completely agree.

The blood and genes are important for magic, particularly if >>51273963 is true (or goblins created most of the races etc)

While Magical Races have varied and powerful magic, they also have many traditions, cultures and secrets about it. Yes, perhaps some races are actually better than others but the differences are minor.
While some humans can do magic but in very limited way. Even then they have optimised that small talent to the max: killing magical races. Hardcore!

I would see that the Orc culture dislikes magic, but the shamanistic stuff they do is actual magic. Perhaps it is just the culture, perhaps their DNA is just good with shamanistic and self-healing. Who knows?

Also distinct divine magic: There is no such thing, it is all in the blood.
There is some shamanism and spirit magic, but if those are cool and explainable with blood.

>> No.51391972

Same feelings here, but I made the first post about them so im biased.

Is there not a way we could tweak them so they are no longer stepping on the toes of other races? I made them with the idea being that they show the world to be larger than we yet know. Theyre unexpected invaders from the far south, from a mysterious land that I somewhat based on ancient egypt.

>> No.51392180

See the arguments of

Is there any way you would fix these? Otherwise Laffu are quite much only combinations of other species with demonic faces and a bit too sudden appearance to Kulmorost.

made a suggestion that Laffu are pathological liars, that could at least fix their backstories which was quite similiar to goblin one.

Or to go with the masked Orc tribe stuff: Tell of us the Laffu Orc war. What they did back then and how it affects the current world? There could be laffu survivors.

>> No.51392188

They can be mirror opposite to orcs in their culture, this way they will create interesting conflicts in South and they wont just be flaming angry orcs

>> No.51392457

My own mental image of them seems different from orcs anyway. I imagine them building temple-fortresses along the coastline and deffmding them with ferocity. They do not raid unless they have to, and very few become pirates or bandits. Behind the walls of their cities they are aristocratic and civil, a side many do not see.

For the fire magic, just make it a weird racial thing they dont control upon death. Make it so masters of fire magic can dispell the flames and end their death rage early.

As for having the body of elves, dont most non humans have that kind of physical frailty? Thats the norm really, right? Make the Laffu frailer than that. They have something of an exoskeleton, but their bones are brittle.

As for their cataclysm... i believe that was hinted to be connected to the goblin one.

If its still an issue then they could perhaps be liars, or maybe have there be no known reason for their arrival. Gives future DMs more freedom.

Ill maybe post again after work.

>> No.51392468
File: 751 KB, 800x1200, 9irbNXL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

l've been trying to find some interesting ideas for fitting the Laffu into the current settings, gonna post a few

>The Laffu are a small clan of the orcish tribe
>The Laffu are bitter rivals of the Blood clans
>Craft hideous suits of leather armor from the Blood tribes skin
>Have recently started employing suicide bombing vests in combat

>> No.51392567

>>The Laffu are bitter rivals of the Blood clans
>>Craft hideous suits of leather armor from the Blood tribes skin
Now that is Badass! Cool pic as well!

>> No.51392634

Another alternate idea for the Laffu with a few tweaks

>The black skinned Laffu just start showing up in the Southern wastes one day
>Telling tales of foreign lands of great wealth and culture when asked
>Strange knowledge of and ties to the Goblin Cataclysm
>They've been coming from the black dunes
>As in literally, crawling from the sands
>When they die they burst into flames, returning to ash
>The Black Earth rises again

>> No.51392733
File: 20 KB, 500x711, Laffu Children of the Goblins.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Children of the Goblins/Dunes

Another really crazily awesome concept! Ties well with the world and gives the Laffu an extremely vital reason why they continously lie about their origins to the other races!
I could see this working really well, what do other anons think?

>> No.51392765


l thought it could be a cool idea that the human tribes that worship the winged goddess Valkery could have wings on their helmets or on crests or in aspects of their armor or whatever sort of like pic here >>51386183

could be a nice contrast, the winged knights in the northern snows and the Horned knights in the southern wastes, could be an interesting parallel

>> No.51393359

I love it! I prefer the original Laffu but this is great too!

>> No.51394212

>The Black Earth rises again
I'm not ashamed to say I felt a little tingle run up my spine when I read this

>> No.51395520
File: 1.10 MB, 1920x1080, LaffuPriest.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>The Laffu
Originally believed to be a weird clan of trickster orcs, nowdays it has been speculated by dwarvens scholars that the Laffu are in fact something far sinister.

The Laffu have few holds on the Western shores of the Southern Peninsula, just south of the Hive of Dragons. It was here where they were driven by the warlord Stukc the Boring after he "did not get their joke with their wedding-present".

It was long believed that the Laffu were almost extinct nomads, but roughly thirty years ago these masked orcs started to build holds on the shores. The more common clans still hated them and a Ghash-led army with large Blood Orc contingent attacked them intending to wipe them from the maps. Surprisingly the but the Laffu repulsed the assault and drove the attackers from their lands.
Their suprising fire-capabilities overpowered the orcs, while survivors often joked that "the Laffu were unorcly easy to kill once you got close to them, but darn they were cunning and vicious!" The rumors about dying Laffu burning themselves was another amazing fact but believed to be true.

After the war another insult of the Blood Orcs incurred: The Laffu began (or some say that started again old tradition) of making suits of their dead enemies, particularly the Blood Orcs.


>> No.51395567
File: 59 KB, 535x599, LaffuWarrior.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


After the second Laffu - Orc war, the Laffu were left alone, nor they much cared about the outside lands. The Laffu Holds are known to be particularly bad trade locations and the Drow tend stay far away from their lands. Yet slavers often find easy market there, as the Laffu buy almost everything.

Curiously, in recent years Laffu immigrants have been spotted in many other cities of Kulmorost. They speak of being outcasts, having been forced from their homelands due unknown reasons (different individuals state different reasons). There has been some worrying observations: The Laffu have far thinner body structure compared to orcs (or even elves to that matter) almost skeletal body. Their voices, gruttular as any orc has unnatural echoes and an underlying vile tone that frightens anyone who is alone with a Laffu. There is also the terrifying rumor about a Laffu that had died in a bar brawl in Treyarch: the local elves made frightening discovery: Under the red-leather devil mask of the dead Laffu was no orc face, but a hideous face with actual horns.

Some sailors have also seen large Laffu ships leaving their Holds, almost like they would be looking for a colony.. or an invasion.

The Laffu are the Children of the Black Dunes. They killed the old Laffu Orcs and have been masquerading as them ever since. The Black Earth rises again.

>> No.51395666

I love it so much.

Thank you, this is amazing.

>> No.51396686

Yes,Yes soooooooo much Yes

>> No.51398334


>> No.51399102

>when close to death, Laffu can summon magic to engulf themselves in flames. This will eventually kill the Laffu, but the magic keeps their body animated for a set period of time once the spell is begun, so even if the Laffu would be slain during this time, their fiery corpse continues to angrily flail at it's enemies, even if the skin and flesh begins to peel from the bone

This interests me. How would dueling or warfare be conducted in a civilisation where such a thing was the norm? It's not enough to simply kill your enemies when that doesn't stop them from killing you back.

>> No.51399145

What's with the dunes? I thought you guys meant the laffu came from black dunes from across the sea but i just saw black dunes on the map but there's no details on 1d4chan.

A lot of that needs updating btw

>> No.51399258

Now that the Laffu dilemma has been dealt with, it would be good time to look at the world: What it still needs to become a roleplaying game setting? We need details!

Who are the important persons of each powerful realm? What they are like?
What interesting stuff characters could be doing?
What places they could visit and what would that be like?
Plot hooks!?

At the elven princedom of Setelisia, who lies just north of the TRE mountains, the ruling princess has been murdered with an enhanced bone dart to the heart. Angry mob turned the assassin into a thorny bush before he could been interrogated about who sent him.
People whisper about goblinoid cults and fear that the new prince might be one of them, as his statements regarding a expedition to the Hive of Dragons were quite worrisomely power-mongering...
Meanwhile in the more shadowy parts of real there is lots of talk about a recently found goblin artifact that has gone missing in an old Human ruin.

>> No.51399322
File: 69 KB, 500x500, The Black Earth rises again.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The black dunes are reportedly the creation/remains of the Goblin Cataclysm. They are at the southern tip of the Southern Wastes.

>> No.51399848

A lot of people thought the Laffu were too close to just being like "magic orcs from another country with fire magic" so we tweaked them a bit. Now they're closer to like "a mysterious race masquerading as Orcs kinda just taking things slow, y'know just keeping to themselves mostly, amassing power and knowledge about the other races" kinda thing

and Yeah theres a lot of stuff that needs updating on the wiki, l've been putting off doing it myself cause l feel like a lot of stuff needs more info or tweaked or just removed in order to make everything work a bit better in the setting.

l'll probably just get real stoned and smash it out later tonight desu

>> No.51400049

>Who are the important persons of each powerful realm? What they are like?
The Lesians would have some kind of female 'pope' equivelant who would be running the show in Lesia. The proper title would be Equa, from the lesian ihk'oo'ah, where the 'ihk' is more of a bird-like click that often resembles an 'E' sound. The Equa is considered the reincarnation of Kallasaak (who is always female), the reincarnation dragon demi-god worshipped by the lesians. Every new Equa is chosen from a female hatched during the moment when the previous one dies. Due to this, when the Equa is dying they are often brought to the egg chambers to die. During the time where the new Equa is growing still, their world is ruled by the priesthood of Tel-lakki, the 'church' of Erreko, who will raise the young female until she is ready to rule.

The current Equa is a 6 year old lesian (just one year away from being considered an adult, as Lesians only typically live to 30, and grow to maturity fast, and have an obscenely long prime, where they tend to just die afterwards). She is currently still being raised by the Tel-lakki, but has a lot of involvement in any decisions being made at this point, and holds a lot of sway and favour with the church of the sun. She is devout to a fault, she is fierce and she is warlike. However, she refuses to ignore the strength of any individual, lesian or no, and is currently in the midst of a scandal, as she has invited the daughter of a human warlord (from a tribe that settled on the north coast of Lesia and 'have an understanding' with the lesians) to join the Tel-lakki to serve as her as her war advisor. This has understandably split the opinions of the Sharrila priests (the high court of the Tel-lakki), and this division is the reason that the planned invasion into elven lands has been temporarily put on hiatus.

>> No.51400105

Why do the lesians worship and hold higher importance for Kallasaak when it was Erreko who created the world you say? Simple, Erreko is a force of creation, and the sun. He is distant and magnificent. Kallasaak is majestic, but involved in the world intrinsically. To the Lesians, it only makes sense to worship Kallasaak, as she is the one who is able to hear their worship.

>> No.51400136

I'd still like something to crop up from another continent, it makes the world seem larger and more mysterious. I'm not saying the Laffu, I kinda like where they've gone with these guys at the moment, and I agree that they tie into the world a lot more now.

Also, we should compile a list of things that needs updating or adding etc.

>> No.51400521

>I'd still like something to crop up from another continent

Thats fine, but lt'd be better it they were small items, tokens or stories from the other lands that are bought to kolmorost by the traders of the mist. Not an entirely race from the southern continent that just kind of stumbled onto Kolmorost in boats and now are just doing exactly what all the other races are doing.

l think the less we know about the other lands the better really, like we know that shits there somewhere, we just have no real idea about where it is or what the fuck is really going on at all.

>> No.51400582

Updated the wiki-Laffu to the new version at least but much needs to be done yep.
Good luck dont do everything but if you get a good flow have fun!

Yes please list (with links) of stuff needs updating!

Well.. I would guess duels to first blood or with champions representing you. Do the Laffu even fight with eachother? How eerie weird stuff race they are?

Given they are made of Black Earth, do they even need to eat (or are they only carnivorous?) or breathe or are they nocturnal or do not sleep at all? How gigerian creatures they are or are they just slightly "other" compared to Magical Races?
+ Also, not *that* much of them needs to be explained. Mystery is their key! Just few guidelines.
+ They are extremely new race as well. They might have not have had time for inner schisms when there is orcs attacking OR are almost completely focused on their inner anarchy

>> No.51400651

Why is there no eld'wani on the species/nations page?

>> No.51401201

Added the Eld'wani, The Goblin Cataclysm and The Haumic Exodus to the wiki as well. I was supriced that the most important events of the history had not been covered yet!

>> No.51401280

this was my post here >>51392634

in my mind the Children of the Black Dunes are born from the remains of the Goblin cataclysm, from when they royally fucked with the natural laws of magic,

so they come from the leftover magic from the cataclysm, they're kind of a living rock-being, but more than that, the earth is turned into flesh, their skin feels like the other races skin, their blood is still blood but hot like molten rock, their bodies can be destroyed like the other races but they're different. They burst into flames when they die and their bodies turn back to black earth, they're strong and fast but yet still quite fragile. They have strange magic, confined to earth and rock, they can compact sand and earth pulling spears out of seemingly nowhere, but lack magic ability in any other substances including runes and language

they're an abomination of earth and flesh and magic

they're a smart race, they're masquerading as another race to not draw suspicion, perhaps knowing they'll be hunted, they've had their men travelling all over the continent gaining knowledge and power, they work together, they fight together, they're ancient, pragmatic, they have the blood of the things that the goblins poured into their failed god, humans, Orcs, Dwarves, every beast from the land and The blood and magic power of the Goblins themselves

they're an entirely new kind of life, they sort of ARE the goblin god or goblins in new form. yet they are still few and are new to the world. l haven't figured out exactly they want yet at all, but they all belong to one ideology, the entire races goals are aligned

but that was just what l was thinking when l thought of them

>> No.51401394

I like this very much. Thank you.
Have one suggestion:
The Laffu/CotBD, whether knowingly or unknowingly, absolutely fucking HATE the remaining goblins on a subconscious level. Even if they do not know the reason why - they just want to torture the life out slowly out of every singly goblin they meet.

As such, they are also quite reserved about Goblinoids yet they (perhaps the only ones to do so) realize that the Goblinoid cultists are mere cheap knockoffs of the Real Goblins. Therefore they maintain mostly neutral stance to them.

>> No.51401401

l thought we agreed to get rid of the Eld'wani earlier in this thread? since like floating bird people who live in the skies for some reason doesn't really make sense? and takes away from the feathered Lesians and beast people


>> No.51401483

I thought that we removed the extremes (airships etc) from the eld'wani and kept their basic concept, per >>51367840
see >>51381043

>> No.51401745

>whether knowingly or unknowingly, absolutely fucking HATE the remaining goblins on a subconscious level

l like this idea, but l think they shouldn't really give a shit about what the other races goals really are. the Laffu are just gaining information and forming their own plans and ideas for the world, getting ready for the future, like they know something we don't

Apart from a great hatred of the Goblins, they're just kinda indifferent towards the other races, the other races aren't really important in the big picture of things. they're expendable

>> No.51402155

What are some beastmens races ?
How much are they civilized ?
Are they magical races ?

>> No.51402334

l'm fine with having the race in general, l mean we have beast men. but l don't know if they should be able to fly though, the other magic races need blood and bone and language in order to use magic

l have no problem with them like gliding or "falling with style" though

>> No.51405969


>> No.51406453

Why did the Elves/Dwarves wipe out the humans again?

>> No.51406953

If you stumble across a group of an unknown war party in the open and want to know who they are, fire a spell over their heads to see what happens

If they're Orcs they'll charge in an attempt to overwhelm you

If they're Elves expect a nasty wave of arrows and spells coming your way, friend

If They're humans they'll flee, find your camp in the night and slit your throat while you sleep

oh and if they're Dwarves nothing will happen for about 20 minutes before every living being in a 12 mile radius bursts into flames

-Anonymous Elvish veteran

>> No.51407106

l think it was a combination of things, post cataclysm land grab, humans being seen as barbaric war mongering dick-bags and magical artifacts are best made from human remains

>> No.51408050

Despite being slighlty obsessed with number 8, many Night Troll tribes seems adapted a myth similar to a Hill Trolls: whole world was created by their for trolls as their playground and maked everything Good for trolls. But Cave Trolls, being idiots, let other races into their perfect playground, ruining it forever with diseases, famine and other Bad things. For that, Cave Trolls was cursed, Hill Trolls was punished because they let Cave Trolls did it, River Trolls was separated because their united tribe distracted Hill Trolls and most beloved children, Night Trolls was almost wiped out by other races. But they were saved by blackest night and darkest day, so Night Teolls now can only live in darkness.
In short: The World is Mine, but Cave Trolls ruined it forever.

>> No.51408251

l am ancient, l am newborn

l was here at the end of them and l have been here since

From the sand we rise, and to it we return

The Black Earth Rises Again

>> No.51408311

"Few dare to enter the depths of the Storm Ocean, as the creature called by many 'The Eye Of Storm Ocean' resides there, usually undisturbed. Hell awaits the victims of its disturbed nature, however, as the beast will not rest until its victims are either dead or not within its attacking radius. The beast is described as enormous, having many barnacles on its many tentacles, with a colossal eye at the centre of its body. This is merely what can be seen above the cold waters - for undiscovered biology remains below. The creature's greatest strength (and form of attacking) appears to not be physical, despite its size, rather it is its ability to sacrifice the many barnacles on its body to generate magic of great power almost immediately. I do not believe I have ever heard of a creature with such control over sorcery, and I'm not sure I'll live to ever see it myself. These waters are hard on our mere wooden boat, but we will think of a way. Hopefully we don't learn more about 'The Eye Of Storm Ocean' through physical examples."

- Diary entry from a diary on a shipwrecked Human-controlled ship, unknown author (presumably diseased)

What do you guys think?

>> No.51408504
File: 551 KB, 1920x1156, eye eye captain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

l like it

>> No.51408755

How does this look by the way anons? I want to make sure what I'm writing fits the world properly.

>> No.51408756

Out of curiously, do the Eld'wani have any relation to the Brumecaster? What do they have to say about it?

>> No.51408789

Tomorrow morning I'll see about trawling through each thread and compiling a list of posts that have content needing to be added to 1d4chan, with a sentence describing the posts content. Sound good? It'd be a good way for us to review what's been developed and add or change stuff if need be, as well as see what's left that needs doing.

>> No.51408809

Theres probably not as much in common as the Eld'wani would like to think, they do most likely worship them as some kinds of gods

they probably have tales of great heroes harnessing them to do, idk bird people stuff

>> No.51408848

One of the main reasons why so-called "Forbidden Isle" is unknown it's too hard get there, or so dwarves claims. Many thinks it's not because inefficient ship or navigational tools - they are good and every year improving. Not even there is no way there - Humans got there somehow, remember? No, one of the main reasons why Forbidden Isle is not claimed because Dwarves claiming there is nothing there because they want it all for themselves. There is rumors of secret Dwarven colonies on a Eastern Continent, and those colonies one of main reasons why Republic is on the top, because colonies supply it with huge amounts of cheap magical ingredients and raw materials.
Of course, such rumors are false, of course. Why they would keep such secret from their allies?

>> No.51409171

I think the beginning of each thread should focus on managing the content from the previous thread, making sure we know what is to go on to 1d4chan. That way we make it easier for the people planning to actually add the information.

>> No.51409181

You'd be doing God's work, anon.

>> No.51409384

Northern Wastes are very....Barren, lacks any scary shit all other parts of world have. What would be an improvement to there?

>> No.51410402
File: 166 KB, 899x450, WAR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Many many reasons, yet they have not been well explored. Also we do not know much about the actual war, only that the elves and dwarves met at UR >>51355899
and at the end the Humans fled.

But what were Human lands before that? What actually happened during the war? Who were the important players, who were the heroes and the villains? What did the orcs do during it? Or the Gnomes?

>> No.51411228

>scary shit
I'm pretty sure that the humans who inhabit the area count as scary shit

>> No.51411266
File: 450 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_m67c6tlYg71rnpb7vo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>But what were Human lands before that?
The land west-north of the UR city was always controlled by several human kingdoms, the watery moor too was part of human territory

>What actually happened during the war?
While Elves and Dwarfs fought as unified front, human nobles were still relying on power of their kingdom alone, fragmented they were unable to win and after several losses even unification was not enough to win, though this at least gave humans chance to defeat all Trolls on their way easily and escape through The Neck

>Who were the important players, who were the heroes and the villains?
One of the most prominent human leaders was King Leoric (latter known as King Leoric the Doomed), he was one of those who decided to unify all human forces and the one who commanded army during last battle at rolling hills of now Samcin Kingdom, the excess of magic used by Dwarves driven Leoric to madness. After battle was lost he ordered retreat through trolls land, legends say that seeing weakness in human nature King started to feast upon bodies of trolls he slew himself. After human broke through to Northern Wastes Leoric and his closest allies disappeared in snowstorm never to be seen again.

That is of course until stories of Island of Everliving reached tribes settled on River of Death, after that at more and more places was seen a very pale man that resembles late king Leoric who died two hundred years ago. Mysterious murders also follow the track of his, such gruesome killings with only thing that could tie them together, only fresh bones are left behind

>> No.51411410

The Land of Humans was vast buffer territories between Elves and Dwarves and Trolls. It was like Principalities of past - many loosely tied duchies, petty kingdoms, republics and tribes with several power player which tell everyone how live and play. It was mostly uncontested because Elves was separated and bicker with each other and dwarves was not powerhouse that they are now - they simply did not had numbers to rush humans. It all changed when Dwarves met most powerful Elven princes and princesses and divided future territories for themselves. It was long, long discussion, full of backstabbing and betrayal, but in the end, Humans was doomed - Elves provided troops while Dwarves provided weapons and mages.
In the end, Human Exodus was long, bloody war, until Carnage on Cain (known to Elves as "Battle at river Cain" "Cain's miracle" and "That battle when several important human idiots betrayed their kin for one whore", depends who you ask), where several human princes betrayed their kin for Elves (but in the end, they got what they deserved - genocide). After that battle, Humans did not had nor power, nor number to resist Dwarven-Elven army. All they left was to flee.
Names of Human Traitors was erased from both Human and Dwarven history.

>> No.51411547

City of Bones.
Deep on the north, surrounded by traps and hidden from plain view, lies most sacred place for all northern tribes - City of Bones, where all souls come to rest.
It's not really cities, but a very several burial mounds and bone pits placed near each other, surrounding a temple made of Winged Goddes, made entirely from bones. Around that temple rised bone pits, burial mounds, tombs and shrines of many clans and tribes. It's a sacred ground, where spilling blood and killing a humans are strictly forbidden. Once in year, this place is full of pyres and feasting humans - they all honoring their ancestors and Winged Goddes.
It's a tradition to add a bone of Hero or prominent chieftain into a Temple, expanding it power.

>> No.51412517

Hmm.. there seems to be two most religious/sacred locations for the Valkery faith.

The Valkery Cathedral was the most sacred and important site directly after the Exodus. Yet as the time went on and the humans regressed to nomadic tribes the Cathedral was more and more forgotten.
The City of the Bones followed soon after and has been ever increasing in popularity with ever greater heroes and rulers buried there. These days this far more brutal and uncivilized "city" is far more important in the minds of Humans.

>> No.51412586

Second solution is that City of Bones is located in far North where only those along river of death can get to, while strategic location of Valkery Cathedral of being in dead center of Northern Wastes and in close proximity to Stern river makes it more popular among the south tribes and West coasts (like Tempest Edge)

>> No.51413154

Shall we say no more races now? World is kinda full.

>> No.51413169 [DELETED] 

That or some humans think that building a temple out of the bones of the dead to be a little heretical

>> No.51413204

That or some humans find using the bones of the dead to construct a temple both a little heretical and rather impractical and so won't indulge such silliness, going to the Cathedral instead

>> No.51413270

every new race can be shafted into Beastland

>using the bones of the dead to construct is heretical
yeah, this sets precedent to won't just live all happily as one big country. Orthodox following of Valkery vs more sinister spin on it, kinda like orthodox following vs Pirates who lay with elves, completely heretical!

Kinda sets Haumic tribes into three groups: Pirate lords of the South, Orthodox belt (middle) and Heretics of the North

>> No.51413638

I like it. it also makes the whole "One warrior what will unify the tribes" thing a little harder, seeing as that unifier is not only going to have to get tribes that distrust each other to work together but also get entire factions that hate each others heretical/suspicious guts to work together

>> No.51415141

There's a pretty simple reason that you rarely see the Pirate Lords in the northern segments of the wastes. They fear not simply for their lives but also for their souls.

You see a common suspicion among the Pirate Lords is that Large bodies of water (including lakes rivers and the ocean) are the eyes of the Valkery into the mortal world. If one dies reasonably close to these places you are fine, but if you die too far from water then the Valkery will never know you died and won't come to collect your soul, leaving your soul trapped inside your rotting body until it is brought close enough to a body of water for the Valkery to see it and recover the soul. Not exactly an experience that most are in favour of. As such they rarely venture inland and if they do it is mostly via the water ways.

>> No.51415165

ye it also seems that humans are very dependent on religion. This can be emphasized more

>> No.51416450

Is shores of Tahalaca oceans are so poor that almost all pirates are located on West coast of Northern Wastes? Dwarves won't build any coastal cities for humans to raid, Sad!

>> No.51417174


>> No.51417191

Ugh, may start it tonight if I can bring myself to it. Not gonna lie, not looking forward to reading from thread one and constantly cross-checking 1d4chan.

>> No.51417425
File: 188 KB, 900x595, Wealthy Haumic Lord.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lets say that the Pirate Lords are just at the shores of the Val Sea. The question then is that what human life is on the coast of Talahaca? Something entirely different?

I think that Valkery should be just one part of their life, and not all tribes worship her: some just acknowledge her and some have something else as well.
The humans are divided, varied and fight among each other, one of the only unifying matters is their hatred of the Magical Races.

>> No.51419337


>> No.51420039

Magnificent. There is at least many kinds of human tribes not written down. And then all the writefaggotry. Should there be separate wiki page for them or just use that?
Also locations etc could be put there too...

Updated wiki with
There was some differences between the posts, solved this as putting the Carnage on Cain before King Leoric unifies the human remnants.

Also all this troll myth stuff is cool! Is there particular interactions between the trolls and others?

>> No.51420994

What about Kobolds? There hasn't been much on them.

>> No.51422461


>> No.51423809

>and not all tribes worship her
Maybe, but right now everyone beside one clan of crazy guys does worship her, no other ways were named for humans in threads only different ways they worship her and her alone

>> No.51424592

>Is there particular interactions between the trolls and others?
Trolls are very exclusionary of other races and even each other. After humans trampled through their lands they became even more aggressive against outsiders, preferring to fight first, ask questions later

>> No.51424778

What can be added to the trolls ? they are a bit fun but there is not a lot about them.

>> No.51424838
File: 127 KB, 1440x900, TotallyWantToCrossThis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> Well if they are >>51424592 rather uncooperative to others, perhaps some wars what other races have fought against them etc? Some tales, insane fabrications or actual stuff what they have done?

>> No.51424840

Clan structures, relationship of different Trolls with each other, maybe if there anyone trading with Elves or Dwarves?

>> No.51424870

A social structure based on physical strength and endurance, and a communal fear of dystrophy, gangrene, and frostbite.

>> No.51425005
File: 20 KB, 740x493, TorenVolcano.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Deep in the frozen northern coast of Talahaca lies the Toren volcano. In its shadow live a particularly stubborn tribe of humans who are generally extremely protective of their warm and fertile lands - many have tried to conquer them and no one have succeeded.

This tribe has taken its name after the volcano: the Defenders of Toren. One other frequent cause of battles is the reason that the Defenders venerate Toren as the Mother of all Life instead of mother Valkery, who they completely ignore. They hold many other negative stories about the other humans, usually calling them the Oathbreakers who wronged the Defender tribe somehow in the War of Human Exodus, although the original reason seems to be forgotten as the Defenders are totally illiterate and have too many versions of the Oathbreaking to know the real one.

Many other tribes in turn see the Defenders as heretics who have wealthy lands worthy of conquest. No wonder they are frequently attacked - the defenders have saying that "a summer without a siege is a great one!".
The Defenders have adapted to their role particularly well - their villages are defensible forts linked with secret tunnels. Their lava-forges, although lacking steel or silver, produce large amounts of iron spears shields and arrows. The Defenders could get a lot of money from selling these high quality weapons, yet they fear too much that their weapons would be turned against them next year to trade at all with their surrounding tribes.

The Defenders are ruled by three forgemaster-commanders who command what is produced, what is built and lead the defense of the tribes.

>> No.51425248

I am curious about the Elvish Principalities, what are they needing from other nations ?
I guess most trade is between them and the dwarves, right ?

>> No.51425309

The Elves provide the Dwarves with food, wine, wood, fabric and dyes

Dwarves provide, Jewels, books, slaves, and magical materials l guess

>> No.51425482

Hill trolls are primary targets of Elvish bone traders of Samcin kingdom.

~"notes of Amanur, the troll headhunter", popular among mercenaries

We gather in city of MUN that sits on the edge of troll land, in group of fifteen mercenaries, enough to kill a troll without problem yet small enough to go unnoticed. After preparing everything: food, weapons, traps and rope strong enough to pull the body.

We leave at the sunrise and venture into land of those beasts, this land is completely uncivilized, almost no agriculture, no roads or bridges. What is there are those towers stupid beasts build, they are seen from far away for us before troll inside will see us. That's when we stop and put up our camp and prepare to night when we strike.

When sun falls we leave two guys at camp while everyone else moves toward the tower. We break at enough groups to enclose them from all sides and overwhelm beasts from range, magic, bows, everything works as long as you don't get in close. That not always so smooth as trolls are stubborn and refuse to die quickly, running wildly into us....The death of one or two are no problem, we still can carry their bodies, but if more than half dies we bury bodies in our camps.

We don't stay for night to sleep at camp, we tie our price and go back to city as fast as we can, staying more than one day in this land rises danger tremendously, most groups return on second day, those who go deeper into enemy land return on third day, rarely any groups who left after three days ever returns.

The pay is very hefty, better than working on fields, that's for sure. Bounties on Night trolls started to pop up recently and every body has price five times higher than Hill one!

>> No.51425612

Somebody mentioned Lesian slavers led by a human last thread didn't they? I was wondering whether we should go into that more or leave it as a mystery.

>> No.51425661

>calling them the Oathbreakers
"you Oathbreakers!", says Toren clansmen to orthodox clansmen for not helping them long time ago
"No, you Oathbreaker!" replies orthodox men back for not following Valkery
"You both are Oathbreakers!" says Pirate because they don't put their dead into water
"Actuathually we are the only right one, you're all are Oathbreakers" says Northmen follower of City of Bones
"NO U"
"NO U"
"we can all happily live among reptiles!" says heretic from Lesian islands, whom none likes

>> No.51425747

>"we can all happily live among reptiles!" says heretic from Lesian islands, whom none likes
Ahahah! I forgot about that, that's hilarious.

>> No.51426363

Okay, new plan. Turns out I'm busy today but tomorrow is a day off, so I'll see what I can do tonight or tomorrow morning. Sorry for delays.

>> No.51426581

I'll help you anon, not all but will fill in what we have on humans

>> No.51427099

Added Valkery Cathedral, Cities and Cults, also changed picture that I think fits more if people agree

>> No.51427175

Lovely. Other races need pictures as well, I'll add some!

>> No.51427402
File: 245 KB, 1200x600, NorthernWasteland.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Most of the Northern wastes are just that: Freezing cold empty lands, lethal winds, small forests filled with dangerous animals. During the brief summers there is not enough time for good harvests and the animal populations have been in decline ever since the Human Exodus.
The humans are constantly fighting the weather, fauna and themselves for survival.

Of course, the forested southern lands were the wooly rhinos live are relatively good spots: there lives most of humanity yet even there their lives are short, dangerous and full of violence. Even these lands however pale in comparison to the worst of the elven farmlands.

>> No.51427871

Do not forget to vote for archival of thread 3 as well!

>> No.51429009

Lilith Armeni Liliac, the Seductress, Traitormaker and Witch-Whore of south (all these titles only know to a humans), a woman who caused Carnage of Cain.
Lilith was a quite unimportant princess of very small duchy near northern borders on South, she and her cousin seeker a glory and fame for their duchy in Human Exodus war. They both devised a very Machiavellian plan: they in secret maked several human kingdoms unite against invasions, while several of them was traitors. In plan, they will betray their kin, cousin will win battle against separated forces and capture traitors to keep them as gelded pets in gilded cage.
But every plans goes awry: Lilith cousin was accidentally killed by a single stray arrow right at beginning of battle. In the end, all credit was taken by his second-in-command, a petty noble with no lands, Bre Guile (to this day, House Guile one of most powerful families of South, they name revered for tactical genius and bravery), human traitors was killed and role of Lilith was mostly unknown for Elves, but not for Humans.
Her name is still reviled by humans and to this day, Elves is still heavily associated with her.

As for Elven history? Well, she was nothing but mere footnote - she was only known only as princess of duchy who was quietly assimilated after her death, she attended several very decadent patries and, in the end, was permanently was enchanted as statue in colonnade for "having too deviant tastes" by very powerful wizard for his own brothel. These brothel is still there and very famous these days, indulging almost every sin and fetish possible.
Such life in Elven Principalitites!

>> No.51429404

There is one human clan that we forgot, Grave lords they called themself, I guess I will upgrade them to present time

Graves Lords were several very close to each other clans on the East coast of Wastes, followers of City of Bones but one day they refused to follow laws of Valkery, this rebellion against goddess they followed by plundering of graves for the bones and donning them on over armor, for this act they got their name, but they were quickly squashed by union of angered clans and driven out of Northern Wastes on frozen islands in Ocean of Tahalaca.

There those outcasts proclaimed they worship to God of Death, unknown god by anyone outside of those clans, to this day not one captured clansmen told anything about their god beside the fact that he gave them power no human ever had. What is known though that they practice eating in moderation Trolls or Dwarven flesh captured in their raids. Dark powers and insanity they gain from it are even scarier since everything about them after rebellion is just bizarre

>> No.51430062
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Another map time!

Hit many of the new cities mentioned here on the map. Say if you think they are at too wrong locations and I'll fix.
Keep on creating awesome content!

We also forgot our mythical hero, Grante Raley the Explorer!

Although he is a figure of legend, the port of Raleys Rest is a home for large number of sailors, fishers and some pirates as well. A surprisingly well planned port, the Rest has recently suffered trough a rought plague (which was according to rumors a dwarven curse). The death of whole ruling family caused a bitter power struggle between the shipbuilders, fishers and lumberjacks who all want to rule the Rest.

Raleys Rest is named because it is believed that Raley originally lived in this peninsula in the Talahaca coast of the Northern Wastes. More civilized folks would laugh at this idea but the population of the port find it charming to have such old roots.

>> No.51430285

updated the map on 1d4, will later add Raleys Rest and Grave Lords there

>> No.51430374

Perhaps most bizarre society, The Grante's Society of Explorers, Inventors and Extraordinary Individuals ( shortened often to "Grante Society") is a collection of all kind of races, education and religions and they most famous for their Book of Discoveries, well known collection of hoaxes, dubious inventions and general silly mockery of all "serious" magic and technological researches. It also contains collection of huge amount of dubious achievements: from most luckiest person ever to the most biggest wheel of cheese in the whole known world.
The main idea of this society of buffoons, charlatans and madmen, besides entertainment, is not clearly known. Perhaps the editors of this books is hiding a real gems in those books? Rare discoveries? Actual right theories which could only and only be safe as "silly" ideas?
Anyway, it's never ending source of fun for all educated folk around the world.

>> No.51430627

Collection of all races, educations and religions in this setting seems bit odd.
Idea for fix: play really up the MADMEN part. The Grante Society is ancient order from times before the War of Human Exodus or perhaps even older. It is said that Grante gave the society its public name yet the true name is unknown to non-members.
The Grante Society is a true collection of madmen. It once even included humans in old times, yet nowadays this is just a joke. It is known to publish the Book of Discoveries in a bizarre way of meeting every 3.7 years in a random pub in UR to "discuss" the world events. As it is often said, the true cause of the Grante society is not known and only crazy individuals would want to join such Society.

Most dwarves and elves agree: The Society is a complete bunch of lunatics! However, their Book is quite funny reading.

>> No.51430819

Just a grand reminder to everybody that this page exists

"The Eye of Storm Ocean" has been cited as one of the reasons the Pirate Lords rarely venture out of the Val Sea. The best documented and sourced account of The Eye was witnessed to be off the Northernmost Island of Lesia by a Lesian Merchant when their ship was saved by happenstance from a pirate vessel by said creature.

>> No.51432052

>"we can all happily live among reptiles!" says heretic from Lesian islands, whom none likes
I'm going to guess everyone's reaction was something along the lines of "Yiff in hell scalie"

>> No.51432352

On the scale from 1 to 10 how dangerous are orcs compare to other races in Kulmorost?
I'd put them on 2

>> No.51433119

I'd probably say a solid 4

>> No.51433132

Thinking in military powers, not individuals.
If 1 = not dangerous and 10 = you are already dead

I would say that the Orcs are somewhere 3-5, depending on tribe and have you angered them. But yeah, they are at the lesser end of the totem pole.

Dwarves and elves would be about 9 combined, 6-8 alone and 4-5 as individual realms.

Humans alone (like as pirates) are 2-4, as a mega-horde 7-10 depending on leader and zeal.

Lesians are 4-7 about. Potential threats for Elves.

Laffu.. are something between 5 and 12.

Gnomes are solid 7.

Trolls are not military folk, so they are about 0 to 2.

Goblins pre-cataclysm were definite 13 and meteors rain on you.

>> No.51433223

I agree with this, only thing I think is not completely accurate is gnomes, 7 if they defend their cities and 3-4 if for some reason they go on offense

>> No.51433556

Bloody hell I realized my mistake with gnomes too yet you fixed it just like I would have :D

Eld'wani are something like 1 or 2 as they are dying race.

Kobolds between 0 and 1 (annoying but primitive)

Other beastmen of Forbidden Isle are varied folk so 0 to 6 but hate each other and do not have boats.

Dragons would be 0 to 3 yet as individuals - they were mentioned to be really powerful (luckily they are rare).

Centaurs are about 1 or 2. When they horde and and attack (which they have done few times) there is bloodshed yet no overall success

>> No.51433740

After reveal of Laffu and all other crazy things that can hit Kulmorost If I had to choose I'd rather be human than elve, dwarf, gnome or lesian and definitely not orc
>be orc - you first get hit by Laffu attacks
>be gnome - you can only wait in your bunker and wait till enemy arrives
>be elf - oh shit lesian invasion
>be dwarf - oh shit elves are under attack and Laffus are comming
>be lesian - it's nice to kill pointy eared hoomans....OH SHIT WHY ARE DEAD RISING
>be human - only thing that can negative happen is bad weather and other tribe gets into fight with yours

>> No.51434116

Are there any drawfags on this thread? Some images of the races and the fauna would be nice for reference.

>> No.51434265

Updated the page to include more information regarding The Eye.

>> No.51434875

>be gnome - you can only wait in your bunker and wait till enemy arrives
You say that like it's a bad thing. There's a reason those bunkers stay standing for a while. You're only fucked if you're a rural gnome

>> No.51435937

One most heavy offense you can inflict to a human it's break an oath given to him. Oath, both spoken and written, are sacred and must be completed. But some Oath were broken long ago, creating a generations long rivalry and bloody feuds, even when Oath itself was forgotten.

>> No.51439487


>> No.51440661
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Uncle had spoken to father first when he arrived back and then to us both, he spoke about bloodlines, the time before the Exodus, our ancestors, how Lucius Latrosia became the lord of our house while his father held the hills in the south. How the had built the walls we live behind while the other Great lords fled further and further north, things l'd known since birth.

Then he spoke of where he had been, about how he had brokered a trade between himself and a hill troll he was on good terms with months ago. "The deal was simple enough. l would receive the sword he had found on his land and in return he wanted a cloak like mine, a red one to impress a female troll, oh and one of those woolly rhinos to munch on" he laughs and goes on to explained how he had traveled to frostfrontier, spending a great deal of silver to have a huge cloak woven from rhino wool. And then onto the pirate lords

The pirates wouldn't be so easily bartered with, They'd demand a high price for the expensive dye and the lemon trees that grow behind our walls are an important commodity to our great neighbors. "They wanted half of our lemon harvest for a year, l got them to a quarter. A good a deal as we'd get from those bastards most likely"

He spoke of the arrangement's he'd made in the north and that l am to go with him in two weeks time to the Cathedral. "it was time l learned to be Valkyrie" he told me "our blood is as important now as ever"

So l leave my home on the neck soon enough, the comfort of my family and our fort.

But l am blood of Latrosia, and l would be a winged knight of Valkyrie soon enough

Journal entry - Magnus A. Latrosia IV, age 15

>> No.51440753

The government of the gnomes is technically a military Junta/dictatorship, but the rulers are not military leaders as well, they are merely a part of the military, as most gnomes are. Most Gnomes will receive a degree of official military training – offered by small traveling bands of soldiers too old/physically damaged to be much help on the battlefield – at some point in their lives. After that trained Gnomes are considered a part of the military reserves, and may be called upon to fight in times of need.
Anyway, Gnomes are ruled by an Overlord/lady who is elected by the leaders of Gnomish cities – The Patricians –and has last say on what happens in Gnome Shore (also governsdistribution of titles to cities).

This position is a more recent creation than most of the cities within Gnome Shore. When Gnome Shore was young it was not a unified nation, merely a collection of squabbling, independent city states and it was only during the War of Human Exodus that they began to consider unification. The Patricians saw both how bad the war was going for their cousins and saw too that many of the things that had been harmful to the humans were status quo in Gnome Shore. So they arranged a meeting in, Kova Grobul (as it was so named then. It’s currently Vyar Grobul) and through a collection of pacts, agreements and treaty’s– collectively known as the Aegis Accords – they officially united most of the city states under one banner and created the position of overlord/lady to rule over this banner. Over the years most of the other city states have also agreed to the accords, though there remains some few who do not.

>> No.51440755

Neither the positions of Overlord nor Patrician are hereditary. Patricians select an Inheritor before their death (who isn’t allowed to be related to them) who will take control of the city and surrounding territories that belonged to it when it was a city state. Meanwhile the Overlord is selected from among the Patricians by the Patricians, and when a new Overlord is selected their city becomes the new capital of Gnome Shore (another thing which annoys the hell out of cartographers). Both Patricians and Overlords rule either until death or until they are otherwise unfit to make decisions.

>> No.51440758

The city MUN is a frontier fortress city, build to watch over the troll lands for raids or invasion, luckily for us that never happens, but another trade spawned in city: trade of troll parts, bone and skin, quickly started to boom as how valuable it is.

Our only two fears are that either we exterminate trolls faster than they can reproduce or that they organize to defend against our raids....Maybe then we will have to pay for more soldiers and start full fledged invasion
~extracts from MUN municipality history and today

>> No.51440933

The Farin Orchard is an elven princedom between Samcin and the Citadel of NOS.

The land was divided into two mighty human lands prior to the Exodus, yet they fell to the Alliance swiftly, one by one. The new Farinese elves cut down the human holy forests and turned the former dark and misty forests into beautiful farmlands full of olive, apple and mordyn trees.

The capital of Farin is named WEM in dwarvish and in elvish often "Over old ruins", "Impassable defense" or "Place of victory over humans": WEM is build on the ruins of an extensive haumic castle which was destroyed with magic during the Exodus.
These days WEM has seen its better days, as the neighboring wealthy Samcin "kingdom" prospers from bone trades despite the human raids. WEMs markets are decreasing, although their fruits are still enjoyed as far as ZLUNBEN.

Current leader of Farin is the Prince Banror the One-Eye who lost his eye in a skirmish with a rival Samcin noble in his youth. He is often called strict but just ruler, yet his opponents call him far too strict for his position, almost cruel.

>> No.51441979
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Wohoo here we go again!

Added. Elven Principalities are getting awesome looking, add more subrealms! Cities to dwarves and orcs too!

Where is the lands of Latrosians? Near the Neck? They seem quite civilized compared to others yet cool

Not yet had time for that, sadly. What would be most important to draw?

>> No.51442072

There is so much places on map that there is not enough space, maybe scaling map up to 1274x1010 would be an improvement?

>> No.51442092

or 1092x866 (1.44 times bigger) to not increase it too big

>> No.51442332

Yeah somewhere near the neck, not really sure exactly where it should go though. Suggestions?

The Latrosians are really just a small but still somewhat rich family, one of the few noble houses that still exist

The fort is well made, and easily defended from non-magical races. the keep is known for the trees that grow within the walls (just a few lemon and orange trees really) which is where it gains its many nicknames, The Lemon keep, yellow hill, treehold, etc etc

If you're passing through the neck you'll come close to the fort, making it a popular spot for Raiding parties looking to rest or the occasional traveler/trader. these factors all contribute to why the Latrosia family has kept its wealth and land for all this time (you wouldn't believe how much silver someone returning from an extended stay in troll territory will pay for a lemonade)

>> No.51442411

so yeah they're pretty much those weird rich kids who talk lots of shit cause they sit around inside reading books and drinking lemonade all day, but y'know they're a rich and ancient family so they have contacts and are way into prophecies and bloodlines and shit and send some of their males away to the Cathedral to learn to fight and read about more shit, cause like they're rich and they do what they want man

>> No.51442459

I agree that they probably leave on the west side of the neck and have small port at the shore of Val Sea

Also since they have lemons and orange trees, do they have any hot underground waters and/or other geographical things that keep ground warm which would be a secret for their success or territory just good enough by itself for those tree?

>> No.51442634

Underground warm water? I say they also besides lemonade also enjoy a very rare commodity: a natural hot springs. Nothing beats after weeks knee-deep in blood and shit a good long soaking in warm bath.

>> No.51442691

>probably leave on the west side of the neck and have small port at the shore of Val Sea

Yeah l was definitely leaning towards the west side of the neck

>Do they have any hot underground waters and/or other geographical things that keep ground warm

l definitely thought about adding hot springs but l wasn't sure, the land isn't awful but its still nowhere as good as the elves have. the key to their success was either going to be hot springs or some minor magic (or both), there has probably been a bunch of Latrosians buried under those lemon trees over the years, which is pretty good for general magic purposes and soil health l guess

>> No.51442933

QUEN is small port city on the North of Dwarven Unions controlled by generations of QUEN family with not very profitable mines several miles from it that yield high amount of iron that they have no use for. This ore they dug is later throw out into the Tahalacas Ocean. Beside stone mined the city also started their own Troll hunting after hearing of MUN success. Parties of hardened sailors leave the port with abundance of food as said in guidline for "Troll hunting for dwarves" on ships and after week return with more dead trolls than same number of elves could hunt in twice the time, another victory for dwarves! This hunting also is much, much safer than those MUN teams, as almost all the time dwarves with no loses.

What is not known for anyone but ruling family and sailors that go hunting is that they haven't killed single troll in years. Under cover of night they fill ships with food and iron ore and sail to place known as "Smugglers cove" an island close to shores of Trolls, there they trade their food and ore with human mercenaries for troll remains they hunted. This is such a huge secret as most of the time weapon smithed from ore turns back on other dwarves, and most of the hunting casualties are men who are deemed to be untrustworthy and sent to sleep with the wishes lest they tell someone else about this deal

>> No.51443572

Elven society also knows for several short-lived, but strange fads - from "everybody wears wigs and fake beards" to "bestiality (humans included) is A-ok!". This gets noble elves sometimes not really deserved reputations of depraved fucks with short attention span.
Tohis day's fad is troll skin clothes, including underwear. Especially underwear with troll faces on it. Some noble family spender a fortune on full set of Night Troll skin suit, dress and frilly undergarments.

>> No.51444081

how politically are Latrosians connected? It seems they are on good terms with all tribes around them

>> No.51444766

Is it just me or do the humans feel like a fusion of the Warriors of Chaos from Warhammer FB and GoT's Starks to anyone else?

>> No.51445013

Can you explain why ? I don't know a lot of things about Warhammer FB and almost nothing about Games of Throne.

>> No.51445124

well Warriors of chaos are basically satanic Vikings that live in a polar wasteland (our humans just drop the satanic part) and the starks are a noble family what live in a cold place and have big wolves (The human Tribes live in a very cold place, had "noble" families and have not only creatures that are basically Dire-wolves but Woolly Rhinos as well). It seems like the humans are three quarter stark at the neck and get more like the Warriors of Chaos the further north you get

>> No.51445805

Nah, only Southern humans have noble families because they are more civilized, our humans plunder because that's only thing you can do in such poor land, you either rob other or die.

>> No.51447290

>Troll face underwear
Elves are creepy

>> No.51447412

that's not creepy, what they do with other parts of trolls is creepy
>this tea from shredded trolls genitals will boost your sexual potency!

>> No.51448405
File: 58 KB, 550x366, corfe-castle-model-village.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>how politically are Latrosians connected? It seems they are on good terms with all tribes around them

Pretty well connected with the pirate lords as well as the Valkyrie cathedral and lords of Frostfontier

There are plenty of tribes and other people that would love to get rid of the family and have the land for themselves, but the Lemon keep is so well fortified, supplied and easily defensible its not really a good idea trying to lay siege to it as the family can just wait the invaders out.

the land is also a bit too far south for a lot of people to find attractive, too close to troll territory for some and if a Dwarf invasion occurred it'd be the first place to go

Pic related, the layout l based the Lemon keep on

>> No.51448632
File: 71 KB, 498x467, 1485207585333.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good! It seems humans gained bulk of the development in this last thread, adding there description of how most tribes look like, their stance on each other, maybe tales of Terk Syrnal student and this thread will be golden

>> No.51448869

Vyar Grobul is one of the eldest Gnomish cities, it’s first stones laid down during the days when its namesake still lived (some think by The Butcher himself). It’s a large, well defended city, its walls thick and its people tenacious. This is likely why it has held onto the title of Vyar for so many years. But, there is another reason. The city is home to “The Vault”, an immense suppository of magical knowledge and artefacts (some of them theorised to be goblin in origin). In times of dire need the Patrician of Vyar Grobul will authorise the use of one of these artefacts to aid in the cities defence. This has become more common as the years have gone by, less due to the frequency or ferocity of assaults and more due to the pride of the Patrician’s. Most of the cities Patricians have taken a deep pride in the long-lived nature of their city’s title and are willing to do anything to defend it. As such, the contents of the vault find themselves being used more and more often, not to save the city’s people, but its reputation. This worries most people, ‘cause the more times you use the artefacts of The Vault the more opportunities there are for things to go completely tits up.

>> No.51448910

I should add that most people don't know about the vault, but most of the ones that are aware of it (other patricians, scholars that work in the vault and the like) are worried about the over use of its contents

>> No.51449649
File: 91 KB, 1149x1600, UdPaTZ0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Even a lot of the poorest tribes in the south wear homemade clothes knitted from the wool of the rhinos they keep, as well as large animal furs during colder seasons. Those that can afford it buy beautifully made cloaks and clothes made and dyed in the Frostfrontier

The further north one goes the less rhinos one finds, so the use of the fur is more abundant as they must hunt or scavenge for their clothing

The differences usually come in the armor one wears, a lot of the smaller tribes wear basic helmets and small amounts of chain-mail and studded leather, many northern tribes prefer their helmets shaped like the skulls of their family members, wear heavy armor and are covered in thick fur head to toe, the least loved tribes wear the skulls and bones of the men they've slain

The Valkyrie knights are still held in high regard by many wealthy families who pay tribute to bury their dead here. The few Valkyrie Knights left are easily distinguishable from simple warrior tribes in the north by their well made clothing/armor, long blue cloaks lined with fur and their signature winged helmets

>> No.51452102


>> No.51452254

It has been some time since my last entry, the journey was long and arduous and its only now l feel l should write once more

We passed through the winding gates up to the Cathedral. Seven gates l counted, though it may have been more. Steel and stone is what greeted us and l miss the sweet smelling trees of my family home now more than ever. We were welcomed inside the great hall by one of the elder members. We spoke for a time of the journey, the current state of the land and the elder asked if my Uncles mission was successful, this is when l was ushered to my sleeping quarters.

It was 3 weeks later when l saw my uncle next, he had been on "important business" he said. He asked how it had been for me this past month, l told him the truth "Its cold here, the men even colder, l'm sick of carrying wood through those damn gates.... But l am well fed and my training in the sword is going well" he seemed glad to hear it. After a small meal and a pint of mead my uncle told me to follow close and to keep quiet. He lead me to a part of the cathedral l had never stepped foot in, the room was small and dark, books and scrolls littered the shelves, a whetstone and two bowls sat on the floor and next to them two prisoners lay on the floor, hands in chains, mouths filled with rope. l could tell what they were, one an Elf, the other a Dwarf. By the look of there close l concluded they had been traders, captured by pirates no doubt, l would learn soon enough why they had been bought to our most sacred of temples

The Elder that had welcomed me here entered soon after l had and l recognized the sword he was carrying was the same my uncle had bartered for with the troll. "Prepare the ritual" the Elder said to Uncle, gesturing towards the prisoners. Uncle drew his knife, making a slit on both the prisoners arms and collecting the blood in one of the bowls. "Hold out your sword hand boy" uncle commanded. he sliced my palm before


>> No.51452513

Collecting my blood in the same bowl.

The Elder drew the blade, inspecting it for a moment before sitting down by the whetstone. l could barely see the blade in the dark room, it was covered in dirt and what must have been centuries old blood.

The Elder wet the blade with the collected blood and honed it on the stone. It was only minutes later that the blade was as new. The inscriptions etched to the blade gleamed in the lamps dull glow. The Elder cleaned the sword and beckoned to me, handing me the blade. The blade felt strange to me, it was warm in my hand, familiar, almost comforting, like holding mothers hand as a boy. The Elder and my Uncle shared a look and then pointed me toward to the prisoners.

l took the Dwarfs head first, then the elves as the runes on the sword began to glow a dull orange, my heartbeat grew heavy in my ears and the world slowed to a crawl. After some time the Elder took the blade from me and sheathed it, l have not seen it since.

The sword calls to me now and l long to have it back.

l am blood of Latrosia and l shall be a knight of Valkyrie soon enough

Journal Entry - Magnus A. Latrosia IV, age 16

>> No.51453992

bumpo wumpo

>> No.51454664


>> No.51454694

Elvish principalities all vary in military power of how rich they arm their soldiers, but still follow rule of second son, were they conscript second oldest son of the family when he's old enough. There they are trained with sword and bow for a year, after that they are given choice out of three to remain in military, go back to home or join "lords freeman", a band of soldiers under one commander that are free to move around Kulmorost and do mercenary jobs, most of the pay return back to lord.

As per usual soldiers are armed with bone swords and wooden bows & arrows, leather armor finished with dyed cloth of plant or animal threads principality grows or buys. Renowned archers are given runed bone bows, while the higher in hierarchy you go the more enchanted troll or human they wear yet elegantly made

>> No.51454737

Smoking is a favorite Elvish past time, initially only becoming popular within the last 200 years. For centuries prior, the different tribes of Men had consumed psychedelic substances and herbs through the pipe. It was only through the introduction of Tobacco, brought by Lesian invaders, that the Elven people developed an insatiable appetite for the plant. It is not uncommon for all socio-economic classes to consume Tobacco, from the lowest serve smoking a cigarette to a highborn nursing a jade pipe.

The act of Smoking has only recently become facet of Dwarven culture in the form of a fixation in Academic circles. Forgoing Tobacco for different indigenous dried mosses and mountain herbs, Dwarven Botanists have become fascinated with the prospect of different health benefits and altered states of consciousness.

>> No.51455004

So on Island of Everliving we have undead, but do they have any great ambitions to expand their domain?

>> No.51455144

They have some plan, at least.

We should probably develop that a bit now though. So far all we know is a Lesian necromancer is probably on the island, and that she has an artefact making her immortal. She is making her undead minions build something for her.

>> No.51455161

With everliving undead there is the possibility that she is taking the long way: There is literally no reason at all for her to rush anything. Instead she can plan and grow and breed as long as she needs until she is ready.

>> No.51455179

but she gets no more new skletons since none lives on the island, to grow she needs to either draw people on island or expand

>> No.51455211

Well, even the Lesians aren't *sure* that she even exists, so it'd make sense that she does something to lure people to the island.

>> No.51455226

Like Siren songs?

>> No.51455271

there was a story of an Elf trader who spoke to a Lesian in one of the other threads. The lesian said something like "She takes mens minds and the dead rise" or something

so something similar to a siren song maybe

perhaps shes having them build something to extend her range or something, like a lizard radio tower

>> No.51455320

But then you get to the most important question.


Also, I'd like to note that it was mentioned once that Lesian females are indistinguishable from males to all but other Lesians. I'm not sure if that would be relevant but it could be an interesting thing to keep in mind.

>> No.51455338

Why am I imagining the necromancers plan actually only using undead for a different purpose, and that her master plan involves hatching her eggs that she lays every year (for the past... however long she's been undead), as well as those of her minions perhaps? Basically a plan to have a population explosion that she can use for some kind of war?

I dunno, I'm half asleep, just putting it out there.

>> No.51455365

>using undead for a different purpose
but would she use undead to steal eggs from the Lesians on the mainland to get more population to enthrall?

They don't need to breathe so can walk under water to those islands to the east, kill villagers, steal eggs and go home

>> No.51455409
File: 37 KB, 1280x720, Magic Trick.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

kill villagers, steal bodies, steal eggs and go home*

Making whole village disappear over night, such a nice trick

>> No.51455471

Hang on, didn't somebody make a post about black Lesians under the command of a human taking thousands of human slaves in a single night? Might these be connected?

>> No.51455552

My main concern is whether or not the Lesians can even build/use sailboats


man idk, what would you want if you were an immortal lizard queen? Bigger insects to munch on? Some delicious bird eggs? A nice flat rock to lay on?

>> No.51455652

Lesians are less civilized than Elves, Dwarves or Humans, they have ships that can cross Lesian channel, but I doubt they can reliably go across Val Sea. And in naval warfare against Humans they will crushed

>> No.51455688

>My main concern is whether or not the Lesians can even build/use sailboats
They were shown to have grown boats with nature magic in the same post about the black lesians. These were then spotted again up in the northern wastes later on, delivering elven slaves to human tribes, for whatever reason.

I think it's important to work out motivations though, what artefact did she find? How did she come across it? What possessed her to use it to become immortal and begin to command undead? Why did she become a necromancer? What she wants is integral to the discussion.

It has to be something to make her turn her back on her people and religion. I'd like to think she started off as some kind of tomb delver, or something like one. Basically finding old goblin ruins and scouring them for anything of interest.

>> No.51455725

Why would Humans need elven slaves, that's more mouth to fee.....Elven earth magic, I guess it can explain it. Now who the hell are those black Lesians, they are not classic once and are working for some human clan

>> No.51455844

There IS a clan of humans on Lesia. On the other hand, we were thinking about connecting this slave trade bit to the isle of the everliving, if we can.

>> No.51455845
File: 938 KB, 1091x866, ForTG_Kulmorost_v16_Big.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Put the Lemon Keep on a small island very near Which is literally as far south as you can go. I would see. The beaches next to it could be basically troll territory, so to reach human ports one would need to sail a bit north. Yet the island is great defensive position from other humans and the few river or night trolls who have dared to swim there. Dwarves or elves would kick their ass though.

>Lemon orcands built over mass graves of old generations of Latrosians
Fucking badass!

>QUENian dwarves are actually trading with _humans_ ???
Ohh boy if word gets out they are so gona get <Deleted from Archives>. For the good of the realm!

I would suggest that we keep the Everliving Queen a bit mysterious. Like lets invent 3 _different_ Queens and leave it for GMs to pick their preferred one.

1: The Poor and unlucky version. The Queen was just a common lesian who has been enthralled by the font she found and It is now using her for some really, really nefarious plans. The font is reportedly either of old Goblin make, or perhaps something that the ancient Goblins found, realized that _they_ were over their heads and then disposed to the furthest place they could think of.

>> No.51455883
File: 26 KB, 500x375, 1453822379758.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In map-anon we trust

>> No.51455921

>I would suggest that we keep the Everliving Queen a bit mysterious

l agree, a lot of the time these big leaders plan just boil down to "l want more land and things"

A lil mystery is good

>> No.51455956

Lemon keep sounds like it would be pretty damn comfy desu

>> No.51456040

What else needs doing for the setting at this point? From reading through 1d4chan and looking at the map... everything seems really fleshed out!

>> No.51456066

Lesians and Orcs are less fleshed out on the internal side, while they with Elves and Humans also have description how city/villages look and how people leave there

>> No.51456175

What needs doing with Lesians exactly? There the ones I'm most interested in so I could probably think up some stuff for them whilst I'm at work. I know they've got the whole female pope/church style government running their people, what else needs expanding?

>> No.51456211

Relations between different villages/cities, are there any powerful clans that govern anything? Do they have power struggle between each other? Are there anyone who doesn't follow pope or does but very reluctantly?

Things like that

>> No.51456252

Okay! Off to work now but I shall work something out!

>> No.51456274

>1: The Poor and unlucky version. The Queen was just a common lesian who has been enthralled by the font she found and It is now using her for some really, really nefarious plans.

l was reading through the Lesian section and noticed they worship dragons. could the Lesian queens endgame have something to do with the hive of dragons perhaps? But for now shes just kinda amassing as much power as possible and testing her own abilities

Dragons are scary, undead dragons are spooky

>> No.51456600
File: 139 KB, 600x777, makah_whale_hunt_pencils_by_mgrigsbyart.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Western coast of the Northern Wastes might be very poor agriculture but access to Storm Ocean grants it one benefit other places lack. Human tries there long ago learned how to catch tons of fish making it their main source of food and trade, but some clans, one notable being Tempest Edge, go deeper into the ocean and hunt beasts none has seen before. Giant octopuses, swimming whales and human sized frogs.

This unique food they hunt not only feeds them for month after one hunt which makes this place more populated then it should be, but lets them trade for finest steel and clothes with Frostfrontier

>> No.51457247

Several "theoretical" necromancers thinks for creating effective undead minion you have to painlessly and bloodlessly sacrifice a sentient being and then quickly enough bind it's spirit into a proper vessel, so spirit will be "tricked" that it's still alive to preventing soul burning and slower a spirit degradation. However, none of this experiment went successful, because there still no known painless way of sacrificing. If you want use magic, blood must flow, after all.

>> No.51458028

Nice, I'll think of orc culture, their in-race relations and/or power struggles

>> No.51459119

perhaps it's more than just extending her power, but extending the area she's able to exist in as well. Maybe the artefact she's found keeps you alive only if you stay within a certain range of it, so she's trying to increase that range so she can get off that fucking Island

>> No.51459878

This I like. Undead dragons are a necessity for any self respecting Necromancer BBEG

>> No.51461589


>> No.51461935

Undead enchanted dragon* I'm sure their bones are more potent than those of sky whales. Speaking of bone potency, is it: dragon > sky whale >> human > troll > halfling > elf = dorf = orc > lesians > beastmen = eld'wani ? Laffu ?

Or there is different thought on their enchantment and magical potency?

>> No.51462419

Seems about right l think

Yeah the Eld'wani bones are probably useless for making stuff with cause l'm guessing they'd have stupid brittle bird bones

The Laffu just poof back into dust when they die, so no bones l guess

>> No.51462422
File: 160 KB, 794x1005, Blood Orc with Lesian Feathers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would say Sky Whale > Dragon (or ~=), just for a change. Keeps the Whales as the really cool shit a they are more unique and fun

The central sand seas of the Southern Wastes are only populated by scarce orc nomad tribes who fight for their holy water holes, almost every tribe unique and therefore difficult to catalogue.
These "Sand Orc Tribes" are often mocked for their primitive warlike ways and their extreme protectionism of their water holes by the common orcs.
The only exception is the Blood Orcs, who often hire themselves as mercenaries to these Sand Orcs, as they have managed to create a reputation of trustful yet skilled fighters to the Sand Orc tribes.

>> No.51462895
File: 175 KB, 1000x667, Rymbrym.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One more Orc realm, they seem a bit lacking them.

>Ybron Queendom
An influential orc realm in the coast of Godless Bay, its capital is Rymbrym south-west of its traditional trading partner, the City of Candles.

The Queendom is ruled by the matriarchal line of Ybryn the Sailor who originally unified few orc towns under their mace. Currently their queen is Gon Ybryn, rather average ruler who has not made much improvements yet the Queendom has been prospering anyway.

The Queendom is famous for its farms and their salted fish while other orcs can call them little soft and lazy, particularly during the current monarch.
Nevertheless, they maintain mostly good relationships with surrounding orc settlements, yet the surrounding townships and tribes have not forgotten that during the reign of the grandmother of Gon the Queendom was aggressively expanding and conquered few towns not willingly joining them.

The Ghash tribe are feared at Ybron, as they have few time threatened with attack if the ybronians do not behave : Rumor is that such threat stopped the conquests of two generations ago.

The Elves see Ybron as a good trade companion and elven ships are often seen at its port. Goblinoid-Dwarves are tolerated but watched. It is known that the Queen has sent an envoy to the new Laffu Holds, yet they were denied access.

>> No.51463180

Maybe it's a dumb answer, but what about anesthesics ?

>> No.51463309

Okay fuck it I wrote 5k words on the Lesian island then my computer died and I lost it all. So pissed off. Will write up again in a bit

>> No.51464299

2: Everliving the Queen.
The Everliving Queen is actually an Ancient Goblin "living" since the early Goblin Cataclysm.
Born as a gifted high caste mage, she was still magically powerful despite the already well advanced degeneration of her race.
Studying the magic knowledge of the previous generations of Goblins she had access to yet unrestrained by some of their taboos, she made several breakthrough in breaking the barriers between life and death.
Her necromantic sorcery allowed him to suvive for a long time and to secure her stronghold until the war between Dwarves and the Proto-Goblins, betraying her species early in the war in exchange of an artifact from the Ancient Goblins Golden Age the dwarves had seized after a battle.
She quickly left the Dwarves for what would become the Island of Everliving, seeing more security in isolation from the conflict.
Here, she modified the artifact to attune it to her soul and bound most of her magical power within it, giving her the ability to switch her body with another one when her current one is too much deteriorated even with her very advanced preservation magic combining life and death magic.
She eventually got used to her new Lesian bodies and their urges and mostly forgot her Goblins origins, seeing herself as an immortal Lesian queen and built for herself a harem composed of the finest Lesian males in her Queendom.
She is entirely concerned with self-preservation and to that end is cautious but ready to all kind of alliances and moves.

>> No.51464317

* Wrong title
2 : The Last Ancient Goblin

>> No.51464499

Okay, so number the cities on the Lesian continent 1-9, starting from the westernmost city (the one on the little island). The Maw of the Divine Druid will be last, and not numbered.

1. The Illakara clan. They are somewhat split from the rest of the Lesians as they do not follow the same church. They worship the god Erreko instead of the demigod Kallasaak. For this they are shunned. They are believed to be the origin of the black lesians, as they have the most specialist forces that act the way they were described as doing. Besides this, they are not trusted by the other Lesians.

2. The Krannick clan, providers of food to the Lesian war machine, they are known best for their hunters and foragers, and their location just next to a particularly bountiful section of the Lesian jungle. There is growing tensions between the Krannick and Illakara clans.

3. The Kallanashi clan. This clan is known as the divine clan, as old stories tell that this is the resting place of the prophet Rionus. They say he built this city with the magic of Kallasaak, as proof to the unbelievers gathered of her majesty. At the center of the city's maw lies a flower that has branches of bone, leaves like shedskin, and meaty fruit that seem to almost drip from the bone-branches. They are believed by many, to truly be meat, and if eaten, grow back in a day. These fruits alone could nourish the city itself, if they were not guarded so jealously by the church. The Equa visits this city in pilgrimage every year on the longest day of summer (when Rionus supposedly died), to pay respects. Most Lesians will visit this holy city at least once in their lifetimes.


>> No.51464538
File: 131 KB, 319x277, Lesia.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Forgot the freaking map.

4. The Lakash clan. This clan is known for being sneaky and almost desperate in their will to survive. They call a land full of goblin ruins in an island off the coast of the mainland home. There is risk of outright conflict between the Lakash and the Kallanashi clans, due to the Lakash clans alliance with a human tribe living on a nearby island. Only the intervetion of the Equa has prevented war between the clans. Besides this, the Lakash clan is known for espionage and naval warfare due to having ships on par with some human designs, due to the human tribe they are allied with being particularly naval-based, a splinter group of the human pirate faction (I forget the name). That being said, the Lakash jealously guard the designs for their ships, and so they do not exist in great numbers, and the majority of Lesian ships are simple, druidically grown vessels. (Somebody else can develop ideas for that human tribe if they like, I'm more about dem Lesians).

5. The Nilass clan. They are the most militant and one of the most populous of the clans, and provide most of the fighting force for Lesia. They have the most harbours and ships, and have great support from other clans, being indespensable as an ally, and dangerous as an enemy. They have great gladiatorial arenas, and it is outright encouraged to settle disputes with violence, in order to make their people stronger. It is due to this clans efforts that elven scouts are hastily reporting home with stories of terrifying, vicious, warlike raptors preparing for an invasion.


>> No.51464562


6. The Zejji clan. This clan has governance over much of the Lesian savanna, considered a holy place by many due to the natural heat in the area (good for reptiles). The clan breeds more lesians every year than all of the other clans combined. They have a strong alliance with the Nilass clan, and many families send off their children every season to Nilass city to help build an army. The families running both clans have been fast friends since time immemorial, since the families originally worked together to drive out the orcs (tell me if I got any lore wrong there, I'm sure the orcs were on Lesia at some point).

7. The Iqunn clan. The Iqunn clan are only involved in the church reluctantly, and had to be forced into it. They were originally worshippers of the seas and moons, and believed that when you died your spirit sailed across the sea until it met the horizon, and then swam through the stars to the moons, where they would spend eternity in whichever moon they reached (one equivelent hell and heaven). There was a war against them, waged by the Zejji and Nilass clans, and they lost and renounced their faith, and joined the church of Kallasaak.

8. The Yixxa clan. The Yixxa are fierce warriors and recently allied themselved with the Iquun clan. They are strong believers in the church, but also are the most accepting of outsiders and those who believe differently. They wear animal skins, and are seen as unusual by other lesians, for crafting obsidian weapons (instead of rip and tearing with claws and maws) for hunting and fighting. They are surprisingly good with their obsidian axes and are good at guirilla warfare.


>> No.51464643
File: 1.12 MB, 900x1097, Gouwva.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

9. The Lexxa clan. Old allies of the Yixxa clan, these two clans have been allies since time immemorial, for a reason they don't share with others. Strangely, the Lexxa clan is oddly secretive and private to any other clans besides Yixxa, and after dusk, outsiders must leave, and are not allowed in until dawn. They are powerful mages, strong with light and nature magic. Their secret? Every night, they have to fight off an assault fom the water itself. Intelligent foes called the Gualli come to the surface from deep sea trenches every night and attempt to lure weak-willed lesians to the waters edge and drag them to the depths for some unknown purpose. The Lexxa fight off this assault whenever possible, often with help from the Yixxa. Only one time have any of the Gualli been caught and killed; a group of them, desperate after months of no success, were too eager and came out of the water to drag a nearby lesian to their doom. They were caught, but all but one escaped to the depths. The one that remained was killed, and observed in the light of morning. It has sleek black skin, a body like an eels, with spindelled legs and arms, wearing robes crafted from flesh. Its mouth had sharp, thin teeth jutting out at angles, and was discovered to be capable of stretching wider than its entire body. It's body too, was discovered to be able to expand many times its own size. The creatures tail emitted bioluminescence prior to its death. Lesian anatomists could not make heads nor tail of the silent creatures (they have no vocal chords etc).
>basically gulper eel-folk fleshcrafters from the depths of the ocean.

>Each city is named after it's resident clan.
>Like I said, not developed the human tribe on Lesia, if other people have ideas that's great
>Not sorted the central city yet, it's 1am and I need sleep soon. May sort tomorrow if I have ideas, if not it'd be intriguing to see how other people piece together these clans into something with central governance.

>> No.51464736

>number the cities on the Lesian continent 1-9, starting from the westernmost city
Going clockwise. Ugh, sorry, tired.

Also, any feedback on any of this would be appreciated, this is easily the most I've written for this setting in one go.

>Would have been longer but I lost the original copy so I had to write it all out again, so I skimmed details here and there because, like I have said, tired.

>> No.51464794

Nah I like it and since this is a rather self-contained part of the setting I don't think you can do it wrong.

>> No.51464925

>Like I said, not developed the human tribe on Lesia, if other people have ideas that's great
How much different from the other humans are they going to be ? how are the relations between them and the Lesians ?

>> No.51465213

>How much different from the other humans are they going to be?
Considering that they are the only human tribe to live somewhere warm, with bountiful food and actually have allies, they'd be a lot more prosperous, whilst still having lots of traditions that originated in the northern wastelands and on the seas. They'd be very different from the other humans. Would anybody besides the lesians know they're there? Would rumours of them be simply dismissed as being preposterous?

>> No.51465455

Splendid stuff!

Only weird thing I find is >>51464643
> Every night, they have to fight off an assault fom the water itself. Intelligent foes called the Gualli come to the surface from deep sea trenches every night
Intelligent enemies attacking _every_single_night would turn the whole place into a warzone or abandoned. There is too much aggression going on for that to work. People would need to spend too much time fighting them to work during days!
I would say that either the Gualli are completely mindless (perhaps some kind of ancient goblin automatons) or this is rarer event (once-twice a month or one crazy week each year) ?

You are true in that the Blood Orcs (not all orcs?) lived at the Lesian Islands before they were thrown out by the Lesians. The Gualli even _might_ be the reason why the Blood Orcs reached such bloody culture, as they are the perfect opponents for the Orcs: completely alien, no communication, total violence and just that. All there is is bloodshed.

>> No.51466065

From where does main orcs come from ?

>> No.51466155

l thought that all of the orcs came from lesia

>> No.51466241

Well their origins have not been touched that much. They are one of the Magical Races (with their own version of spellcasting) yet their origins are not solified.

They kinda appear after the Goblin Cataclysm yet are not credited with participation to that war. Hmmm....

Either they were a magical tribe that was forced to move after the Cataclysm and found great success at the new Southern Peninsula (and at first at Lesia too),
arrived to Kulmorost during those times from somewhere else (so beastmen origin.. meh)
Or they are all from Lesia, the Blood Orcs being the last tribe who remained while the other orcs migrated to the new Southern Wastes after the Cataclysm.
Or are some kind of Goblin creation freed during the war?
Or something directly created by the cataclysm (Cursed by the black earth?)
Perhaps they are really old race which was sidelined during the times of Proto-Goblin Empire and after its destruction could move?

One idea is that dwarves have destroyed all the material about the early orcs, so they just kinda "appear" shortly after the Goblin Cataclysm to the Southern Wastes.

Ideas, suggestions, comments? The two migration-waves (one after cataclysm and other after Lesians) sounds cool to me at least.

>> No.51466258

What is missing ? maybe some things about the trolls and the UAC Dwarves ?

>> No.51466286

UAC Dwarves, trolls and perhaps the Goblinoid Dwarves as well. More Orc tribes could be useful? There is not that many Dwarven cities either..

>> No.51466322

>Ideas, suggestions, comments? The two migration-waves (one after cataclysm and other after Lesians) sounds cool to me at least.
Yeah at the very last, mainstream orcs and blood orcs were separated from each other for a while.

>> No.51466465

>UAC Dwarves.
Yeah beyond the religious schism, they are geographically isolated from the Dwarven Unions and at odds with them, so they are probably quite different. (Also Elvish influence, them being closs to the UAC Dwarves could be one of the reasons why the Dwarven Unions are not helping much the Elven Principilaties against the Lesians)

>Goblinoid Dwarves
Yeah, they are probably doing some interresting things.
I'm curious about their version of the Dwarvish history.

>> No.51466849

Since when the UAC and the Goblinoid exist ? I guess they were orthodox dwarvish colonies at first ?
I have a protestant vibe from the UAC so I guess the schism is quite recent.
Maybe the Goblinoid are quite old ?

>> No.51467024

l was thinking about the orcs, what if at one point on the timeline they were the dominant species like short lived giants. After the race that would become the goblins found magic they used it to drive the Giants to the west coast where they broke the island off from the mainland (or destroyed what land was connecting the island to the mainland) separating the giants from Kulmorost and securing their rule of the land

The orcs grow and die quickly naturally but now on a small densely populated island the larger giants found themselves starving while the small could scavenge enough food for themselves, eventually through breeding and malnutrition the orcs got smaller and smaller and are now as we see them now

>> No.51467101

Why not.
I like them being a "natural" race as most other races seems to have been engineered by the Goblns.

What was the function of the Dwarves in the Goblin civilization?

>> No.51468113
File: 206 KB, 1464x1193, sDDlHCl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Beginning to the extinction of Laffu

The Laffu were used to surprised attacks from the other local Orc tribes, but this was not a local Orc tribe

The Children moved silently in the night, their footsteps made no sound on the sand. They came naked, armed with spears pulled from the earth, their dark skin making them all but invisible in the black of the wastes. They approached the walls of the Laffu unseen and unheard, moving the earth under the walls to gain entry to the fort. By the time the night watch had figured out what was happening, most of the Orcs lay dead with a spear through the heart, or a slit throat in their bed. Only one of the black Children died in the fight, his throat slit by a thrown Orcish spear. His blood gushed from his wound, bursting into deep red flame, he fell to his knees before crumpling into ash. The orcs that saw this lost all want to fight, they were finished off cleanly.

In less than an hour the hold by the sea had been emptied. More than 60 orcish men, woman and children lay dead to a force of only 15

They would not sleep nor eat tonight, they would not morn their dead. They moved back into the dark as silently as they had come, vanishing into the black

>> No.51468318

>What was the function of the Dwarves in the Goblin civilization?

The function of the races in Goblin society were probably linked to what they're good at now

>The Dwarves were short yet stout and strong, making them suited for work underground. Mining rocks and building structures
>The Elves are tall and slim with slow metabolisms, suited for growing and harvesting food as they could reach tall tree branches and eat verry little
>The Humans are talented fighters and fast breeders, making them good stock for armies
>Gnomes are small and suited for everyday slave roles, preparing meals, pouring wine, providing entertainment etc

>> No.51469159

Damn the Laffu are metal.

>> No.51469890

The Goblinoid Dwarves have discovered how to create small self-sustaining enchantments in living beings.
Their secret is to enchant the parents in specific ways, to "inprint" a specific pattern in the lifeforce itself of their offspring.
This is an energy and time consuming process with an imprecise result, the enchanted being must be able to energetically support the enchantment and the Goblinoid have not yet be able to create a general theory that can be used to create all possible enchantments, but this is a promosing path.
The Goblinoid Dwarves have mainly used it to enhanced livestock with more meat, milk or lifeforce.
They are also exploring the effects of normal enchantments and other spells on the early developpement of living beings (pregnancy, childhood and sexual maturation), mostly on slaves but some applications are considered sure and used on Goblinoid children, mainly for helping the development of their magical potential.
Experiments combining both methods have produced promising results on animals.
Goblinoids are mainly using fast-breeding rodents for these experiments as they reproduce far more quickly than most domesticated animals and slaves.

>> No.51469995

Forgot to finish off with - The Black Earth Rises Again

>> No.51470149

Natural anesthesics are simply not good enough and magical ones, like sleep spell, accelerating "spirit burn".

>> No.51470181

It was still worth to think about it.
So zombies armies are impossible then ? what about the Everliving Queen ?

>> No.51470301

theres a whole big writefag thing on a dwarf necromancers experiments in one of the other threads

start of it

>> No.51470328

What is going on the Island of Everliving then ?

>> No.51470487

idk man, She probably knows something we don't

Could be Goblin artifacts, maybe shes not even the big bad guy on the island, maybe its just really good synergy

>> No.51470709

Actually, even if it is for food that they attack, being gulper eel-like, they could go for months without food so it could be a bi-monthly thing.

>> No.51471511

Orcs being old Giants sound cool! So is the idea that the Proto-Goblin Empire breaking Lesia from Kulmorost - something that just sounds like them and explains why the coasts of Lesian Channel are similarly shaped. It might have been that the Goblins tried something similar during the Cataclysm but the this time they failed

Halflings (they became Gnomes later) were bred from humans to be pets and snacks. >>51277787
I would say that Dwarves were not miners but scribes and scholars, as that is even now big thing for them. They even might have gotten used to their now mountainous lands later on, just realizing that hey they are handy around mountains?
Elves well are a bit different story >>51357882 >>51358336
And Humans _might_ have been the original species or not. Certainly they were slaved under the Goblins but the whole tale is not sure.

>> No.51471613

Humans are not original species of Proto-Goblin (perhaps) but rather a "template" race, from which begins their roots dwarves, gnomes and several other species.
They were first succesful genetic experiment, an off-shot from Proto-goblin and some animals. Not perfect, but good enough to prove a theory.

>> No.51471972
File: 68 KB, 500x600, ForTG_KulmorostSpecies.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So something like this? Hmmm...

>> No.51472029
File: 70 KB, 500x600, ForTG_KulmorostSpeciesTake2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I believed this to be something like this but both are quite cool. Comments from others?

>> No.51472405

Should we develop the Gualli a little? Deep sea trench eel fleshcrafters sound cool. How do a sentient race even prosper in such an environment, let alone be anything but solitary?

>> No.51473241

Maybe they are solitary most of the time, only meeting up on special occasions to attack the shore

>> No.51473278

Makes sense. I like the idea that they copied lesian growth magic with flesh instead and kinda have whale carcass homes for each individual that lure in scavengers which they then eat.

>flesh magic renders meat imperishable but inedible

>> No.51473865

Are Sky whales in anyway related to true dragons?

>> No.51473977

No-one can ask them and the true dragons are not telling. Therefore no-one knows. Probably some legends blur the lines but scholars cannot say.

They are not related, not everything is and lets keep the sky-whales/mantas mysterious. Unless Draconic Creation Myth is true. Then every person is made of pieces of Perfect Dragon Acrynahl.

>> No.51474009

But are they related to ocean whales that humans hunt in Storm Ocean?

>> No.51474536

3: Really Just an evil Lesian version

The queen is just a powerful Lesian necromancer. From where she got her knowledge, wheter goblin ruins, stolen/traded from dwarves or received from the Traders of Mists is quite irrelevant.

She needs captives for rituals that expand her life, like the spells of the elves(or proto-goblins?)

She is currently biding her time, as she understands that unified Lesian armies would kill her - yet if the Lesians would be distracted or weakened full invasion of Lesian Islands might be possible.
(yes it boils down to landgrabs once more but yet lets say that it is in fact the captives she needs - she is trying to not just be Everliving, but really Immortal. Perhaps even a God or a Dragon?

Idea: She is trying to shapechange into a True Dragon and then become the Immortal Dragon-Queen of Lesians? And necromancy is just a part of this plan?

>> No.51475115

Halflings, more jovial cousins of Gnomes, famed for their strange nomad lifestyle, usually not staying in one city for very long. Dwarves usually don't mind Halfling's caravan or two in their cities, but it's causing a bit of troubles for elves, because when Halfling are celebrating, they usually loud, eat a huge amount of drugged food (besides drugs, it's incredibly tasty) and drinking their strange alcohol brews. And Halflings loves to celebrate, so several Elven states are banned Halflings from their limits and territories. In others, they have to pay a hefty entry fee and in third ones they have to live in "non Elven designated living places". Why, you ask? Well, some Elven folks are strong believers of Cult of Good Neighborhood, they believe "society god" is easily polluted with impure thoughts, drugs and alcohol abuse and other improper things. They believe if everything is proper and good, then whole world is gonna be a better place. While it's not unusual, The Cult a list of polluting things are long and VERY strict list. This list includes are colors and clothes you have to wear on everyday, forbidding drinking wine, what kind of meal you must eat on special occasions, specific length of hair for females and even replacement words you have to ask ("Darn" to "Damn" "Gosh" to "Shit" "Beasts" to "Humans"). If you break a rule from this list, punishments are severe and unforgiving.
It's not a very popular Cult, but cities where it's dominated usually blessed with very good harvests, good weather and generally, much prospering lands.

>> No.51475691

Given >>51443572
It is understandable why the Cult of Good Neighborhood is a thing yet I also understand why it is a minor thing.

Other, more relaxed Elven courts welcome Halfling travellers with much warmth. Yet it has been noticed that some travelling caravans tend to avoid the craziest Elven cities, as "Some elves are not properly enjoying life, they just showing off"

>> No.51476564

Just thinking, you know how the Lesians pushed the Orcs out of Lesia, what if the Gualli are a race that the Proto-orcs pushed out of Lesia when the Island was split off of the mainland. They fled into the sea and modified themselves in order to survive and now, many years later, they seek to retake their homeland. It doesn't matter who from, they just want it back

>> No.51476621

Some Elves become such enamored with Halfling's lifestyle so they join their caravans. They usually accept people - the more the merrier, after all. Some portray these Elves as good-for-nothing, always high on narcotics slackers selling petty wooden knick-knacks, but nomad lifestyle usually have no time for slacking off.
Halfling calls their caravans "Circles of" usually with name of their leader. Circle of Brothers Marios, Circle of Python, Circle of Mountain Cook (long story involving a hill troll, a cliff and a pot full of grilled eels)

>> No.51476660

well now this is an interesting story. Now we need to find something orcs are better than Lesians and thus were able to fight Eel-kuns better. Maybe the fact that Orcs rely more on physical strength than magic and fact that they have no spell-casting. What if Eel-people can see or smell magic in water

>> No.51476773

well the orcs were GIANTS insert AoT theme here when they first arrived in Lesia, so they probably had that going for them.

>> No.51476930

So the story basically goes
-Proto-Goblin Empire drives the Giants to Lesian Peninsula and separate the landmasses
-Giants drive the Gualli to sea
-Giants become lazy and devolve to Orcs due food shortages
-The Goblin Cataclysm happens
-Large amount of Orcs migrate to Southern Wastes due new lands to colonise (perhaps it was just well timed population boom)
-Remaining Orcs fight versus Gualli, create extremely Bloody culture as a result
-Lesian culture unifies and (led by Zejji and Nilass clans) drives these Blood Orcs away.

Cool shit. What do the current species know about this at all? Blood Orc legends? Lesian Tales? Goblin records are most probably destroyed and dwarves were far away.

>> No.51477655

Would they live near the coasts of Lesia or should they also be in Ocean of Enigmas?

>> No.51477913

Maybe the Val sea and the Lesian channel, but I'm not sure about the Ocean of Enigmas. That seems a little too far away

>> No.51477995

They never attacked humans or Elves, so they must be on the other side of Lesia

>> No.51478068

This guys look spooky as hell

>> No.51478368

I've added Lesian clans and Eel-people, updated map and will start to add other stuff from past threads and this one

>> No.51478751
File: 748 KB, 1091x866, ForTG_Kulmorost_v17_Primordial_NoNames.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Time for Version 17! This one comes in 4 parts!
Splendid progress here!

Now behold: The Primordial Kulmorost! Surprisingly dry yet prosperous landmass. Prime civilizations are the Giants and the Golden Goblin Empire.

>> No.51478822
File: 787 KB, 1091x866, ForTG_Kulmorost_v17_Ancient_NoNames.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Then the Goblins blew Kulmorost up to separate themselves and the Giants! This marks the greatest era of their Empire but also the beginning of their fall. I would also think that they actually made the world a bit better place: More rains to central steppes turned them into forests and so on. Lesian island too prospered in their location.

>> No.51478937
File: 810 KB, 1091x866, ForTG_Kulmorost_v17_NoNames.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And then comes the Goblin Cataclysm... The Black Earth Rose and Fell. With it went the Goblin Empire, the mightiest realm ever seen. Thank the Maker for that!

>> No.51479018
File: 942 KB, 1091x866, ForTG_Kulmorost_v17.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So we have arrived to the current times.

Good job. However I would keep the textwalls either in different page or in the bottom. Also the start picture is too huge!

>> No.51479267

Hmmm...Probably too huge, but isn't the point of map to be big to see everything? I'm no expert so if anyone has good ideas how to scale it down or size it I'm all for them.

About wall of text, true, I think I'll make bibliography part in the bottom that will hold all writing from in settings books

>> No.51479382

Moved Necromancy down, added lemoncake story and Elf-womanizer

>> No.51480485

Got to agree with you on that one

>> No.51480528

I think most primitive tribes look like that, bone spear/sword in hand and badly sewed skin of inteligent creatures

>> No.51481594

Right. Updated most of writefaggotry to 1d4.
I think I missed at least the troll religion stuff but I am unsure of others.
>These are in:
Grante Raley & His adventure in the East
Of Human Corsairs
Of Human Settlements
Teeth and sympatheticness
A Scholarly Dwarven Treatise on the Kobold
Of Different Human Tribes
Valnar & Inïpat
Note from Goblinoid Trader
Enchanted Arms and Armour of the human Species
Of the The Eye Of Storm Ocean
Notes of Amanur, the troll headhunter
The Tragedy of Lilith
The Beginning to the extinction of Laffu

There has been fun additions to at least Elves (smoking, the Good Cult, law of second son) what should be written down as well.

Wonderful job already anons!

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