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>the lack of Force users
Lack of jedi, maybe, but not a lack of force users.

>> No.51359534

Nightsisters deserve death.

>> No.51359597

oops >>51359477

>> No.51359612

I'll take whatever non-Jedi I can get.

>> No.51359625

Even in death they still spook all around.

>> No.51359651

Only until Ezra.

>> No.51359745

>Until force empowered Aladdin and company come and exorcise the place

>> No.51359790

BoShek? More like BlowMe! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA-*hack* *cough* *cough*- Don't touch me.

>> No.51359811

I can see him being annoying, but not particularly effective. Kinda like Cassian Andor

>> No.51359816

I mean, I don't really see much use for him in all honesty though other than fucking with newer players

>> No.51359871

One U-Wing left!

>> No.51360027

Is this the Skirmish on Wobani?

>> No.51360072

Is it just me or is the U-Wing the ugliest wing?

>> No.51360093

It could've been good, but they made it swing the wrong way.

>> No.51360120

They just started to pop up at my local store, actually.

>> No.51360143

So I just recently got into Imperial Assault and X Wing and was wondering what the best option was for sleeving the cards included. I know fantasy flight stocks a particular range but am interested to see if anyone had success with other brands. I never got into trading cards on account of being poor as fuck as a kid so have no idea about quality of sleeves. Thanks

>> No.51360144

I'm having a hard time imaging it swing another direction because of the bottom layer boosters
and because my imagination / creativity is a bit lacking

>> No.51360157

Worst wing

>> No.51360194

Ugliest to me is still T-Wing

>> No.51360195

It might be the worst wing but only just barely. And I feel like it might edge past the B-wing, if people aren't into the B-wing design.

>> No.51360214

The U-wing is cute. Cute!

>> No.51360232

Yes it is.

>> No.51360248

Speaking ill of the Best-Wing.
don't do that.

>> No.51360260

Of cannon Alphabet-Wings? Yeah. Legends still has the ugliest wings around. H, E, T. Three of the ugliest ships ever designed for Star Wars.

>> No.51360282

E wing is my second favorite. Don't badmouth it plz

>> No.51360285

Don't forget K!

>> No.51360296

Preybirds are still the sexiest though.

>> No.51360333

Those look like they're held together by LEGOs

>> No.51360340

B, E, and K are my wingfu's

>> No.51360383

I feel like the U-Wing would have been cooler if the superior LAAT didn't already exist.

>> No.51360393

I just ordered a TIE Bomber for X-wing, mostly because I'm a fan of the classic TIE-designs in general. How much am I going to suffer trying to make it halfway effective?

>> No.51360402

Aw, fuck.
How cool would Scarif had been if the rebels had some refurbed LAATs?

>> No.51360423

TIE bomber's with the TIE shuttle upgrade and a Rebel Captive are pretty good.

>> No.51360442

Are there any fun dropships other than the Clone one? I want doorgunner funtimes.

>> No.51360472

This isn't a bad place to start

Tomax Bren [TIE Shuttle, Crack Shot, Rebel Captive] (28)

>> No.51360521

The design kinda grew on me. Of canon wings B is the worst.

>> No.51360605

Tie Bombers are unfortunately currently worst bombers. Still can be ok in non top-tier matchups.

>> No.51360634

There is the VAAT from the same period that I like the look of. Also the Republic Police Gunship have there own special kind of 'so ugly it loops around to lovable'

>> No.51360646

That thing is a beaut.

>> No.51360887

As much as I would've loved seeing LAATs at Scariff instead, people would've complained about excessive fanservice.

>> No.51360901

What's a good way to store X-wing upgrade cards that isn't a binder?

I'm looking for a box to store a shitload of upgrade and maybe pilot cards.

>> No.51360908

You mean they don't already? Bringing in the LAATs would have changed nothing.

>> No.51360947

>Republic Police Gunship
*looks it up* Oh, the one that looks like a fucked-up TIE Fighter.

>> No.51360950


You guys ever use this site? It's a site that has squad lists from a bunch of tournaments.

Basically you type in what you're looking for (p=Han, ship=t70, u=rey etc.) and it brings up all squads that have what you searched for in it. I find it's good when I just can't figure out what to put on a ship, or who to fly with it.

>> No.51360984

But RLM would have complained more.

>> No.51361006

Who cares

>> No.51361013

I've used it, it's pretty helpful for broad meta research.

>> No.51361017

I mean, it would have made sense too given the time period, RLM would have complained anyway

>> No.51361018

Why on Earth do I find the character concept of "a Hutt that sucks at being a Hutt" hilariously novel?

>> No.51361029


So the main takeaway from this is that they can work fine as long as I don't try to actually use them as bombers?

>> No.51361063

Bombers generally aren't great in the current meta anyway. The bomb mechanics just aren't there.

>> No.51361073


>> No.51361084

Red letter media

>> No.51361092

Ordinance carriers in general I mean. Torp/missile spamming.

>> No.51361104

Red Letter Media.
Honest and funny movie reviewers who Star Wars fanboys shit on

>> No.51361112

What are you taling about? This is the bomb meta. Top lists in many regionals have been Ks loaded up with bombs and one was even triple Punishers. The problem is that Tie Bombers specifically are easy to kill and die before they can drop everything.

>> No.51361130

Missiles are good, but there are better imp ships for that role.

>> No.51361144

Are you high? Bombs are the top shit right now.

>> No.51361196

Bombs are pretty good in the current meta.

A Gamma Squadron Veteran with Deadeye, Extra Munitions, a bomb(Thermal Detonators or Proximity Mines are good here), guidance chips, and either Proton Torps or Concussion Missiles

it's 29 points, it punches holes in enemy ships on the first flyby, and then drops bombs on where they will go.

>> No.51361260

I guess it's my local meta then.
Didn't see a lot of bombers at the Regionals I watched either.

>> No.51361300

I think she looks okay. I still think the core ships (X, Y, A, B) all feel much more cared for and maintained. i'd rank her alonside the ARC-170, but certainly not as bad as the E-Wing or V-wing(not the republic one, see pic related).

>> No.51361304

So continues the proud tradition of /tg/ being shit at every game they like

>> No.51361311

Which career/spec for a social character who thrives on knowing people and having a variety of underworld contacts?

>> No.51361424

If we actually played the games, we wouldn't be on /tg/

>> No.51361557

Star Wars fans loved them for tearing the prequels a new one, but then the negative review of Rogue One happened and all the drama that followed it

>> No.51361584

Well the newer fans it makes sense because it's the movies they're growing up with now.

>> No.51361659

I definitely like the old fashioned Coruscant Police VAAT/e there more than the TIE looking one.

But they needed a Hyperspace capable spacecraft, that was new (And not already saturated in the toy market)

>> No.51361699

Smuggler Charmer has lots of social bonuses and streetwise and Knowledge underworld as skills.

Also consider scoundrel in the smuggler career

>> No.51361704

>Only being shit at the games you like
>Not being shit at every game ever

Get on my level scrubs.

>> No.51361722

It is true that my desire to visit /swg/ is directly proportional to the time since I last got to play an actual game.

>> No.51361770

>he doesn't like the space huey

>> No.51361912

Which class is better for a Rodian? Survivalist, Bodyguard or Marauder?

Is a Trandoshan survivalist any good? Are Trandoshans better marauders than Wookies?

>> No.51361916

Can anyone answer this question for me?:

I distinctly remember being told that a lot of the bad ideas that permeated the old jedi order (stuff like forbidding marriage, completely divorcing yourself from your emotions rather than deal with your issues, stuff that caused the oder to slowly become less and less effectual until the time of the clone wars when they were so disconnected from the galaxy that they couldn't do a damn thing to keep it from falling into the hands of one Sith) were the result of the teachings of this one chick from Kotor. What the hell was her name and what was her deal anyway?

>> No.51361999


Make up your own mind. Why are you trying to optimize in a narrative game? Fuck which one is "better," pick the species you think would be most fun to roleplay.


>> No.51362011

Dirty Kreia

>> No.51362013

Nothing in KotOR is canon, and bioware/obsidian were off base about how the force works anyway.

>> No.51362041

>Why are you trying to optimize in a narrative game?
probably because they are still /tg/ers at heart and have an almost compulsory need to make any build as munchkin as possible, even when there isn't one.

>> No.51362051

>Why are you trying to optimize in a narrative game?
As long as the rest of the group doesn't mind/is doing it too, what's the problem? It's not like he came in asking how to fuck up someone else's game.

>> No.51362104

so what the hell was her deal? why promote ultimately toxic addendum's to the jedi philosophy in the first place?

>> No.51362106

>Make up your own mind
Gotta love those trips

>> No.51362134

She was a sith lord.
Because she was a sith lord.

>> No.51362159

Bothans are hot!

>> No.51362167

point taken.

Surprisingly long-term plan though for a Sith.

>> No.51362176

Gavin Darklighter, is that you?

>> No.51362195

>The force is a binary morality meter that makes your character glow like Jesus or be more veiny than your grandma's tits
The fact that FFG uses this at all in FaD still irks me. If I were to run a FaD game, I'd keep track of Morality myself, and only inform the players how their feelings change every 10 morality up or down.

>> No.51362197


The teachings about maintaining such emotional distance came about from Odan Urr, around the 4000 BBY. His version of the Jedi Code became the doctrine, and his teachings emphasised regular meditation on the Force.

He felt that, by meditating, a Jedi could examine their emotions, to ensure their clarity of judgement was not being clouded. However, over the thousands of years between his time and that of the Clone Wars, this had shifted into the beliefs we saw on display.

>> No.51362204

That's just the product of them having KotOR 3 lined up before it transformed into an MMO

>> No.51362223

Is there anywhere with all the art out of the FFG books?

>> No.51362233

>be company who makes D&D games
>make your star wars game the same way
I'm not sure why anyone acts surprised.

>> No.51362245 [DELETED] 

>Surprisingly long-term plan though for a Sith

Have you already forgotten about our lord and emperor Sheev?

>> No.51362253


FFG don't make D&D.

>> No.51362268

Hardest google search of my life, I tell you hwut.

I'm talking about bioware and obsidian, numbnuts.

>> No.51362296

and if you follow kotor lore the jedi were straying from that and becoming more emotional until they all fucking died so they became super monks after

if you follow the old post ep 6 novels lore with the super extra galactic aliens, they just naturally became stricter and stricter over time

>> No.51362313

Odan-Urr ruined everything.

>> No.51362431

I actually like the idea of tying emotion and morality into power levels
>if you're grieving or traumatized you lose control of your ability
>anger amplifies your ability
It makes the whole "the dark side is a shortcut" make sense because you quickly gain more power but have little control over it, as opposed to jedi who spend decades since they're 6 years old refining their emotional and force control.
Also makes more sense when you consider Vader and Sheev's vs Maul's (or even Ren's) flailing like general ability / control.

The execution though is all just coincidence or is severely lacking otherwise

>> No.51362534

>full of great art
>literally none of what I'm looking for is in there

fuck me i guess

i'm just trying to find all of the career artwork from the corebooks, specifically AoR

>> No.51362592

well it sounds like, according to this, what "ruined everything" is each generation of Jedi getting just a little lazier in the mind and rather than follow the spirit of Odan Urr's teachings they followed the letter of his teachings while also slightly over-simplifying those teachings for the next generation.

so over 4000 years you get from:
"meditate on your emotions to ensure they are comming from a good place and aren't becoming something dark"

>> No.51362658

It certainly doesn't help that his version of the code is "There is no X, only Y." His code literally begins with "There is no emotion." And the Wook describes it as a "refined" version, indicating that he had the original text available for reference. If he hadn't messed with the "X, yet Y" format, the Jedi would have been a whole lot less screwy.

>> No.51362716


I don't know if I get more mad about the Jedi being pigeonholed into being emotionless droid fucks or the Sith somehow always being chaotic evil assholes when their code is about passion and self-empowerment.

>tfw no story about a slave who internalizes the Sith creed and leads a glorious revolt against cruel masters, using his righteous fury to break his chains and become free

>> No.51362727

You mean average reviewers /tv/ takes as fucking gospel.

>> No.51362758

>If he hadn't messed with the "X, yet Y" format,
so how did the "unrefined version" go?

>> No.51362775

Emotion, yet peace.
Ignorance, yet knowledge.
Passion, yet serenity.
Chaos, yet harmony.
Death, yet the Force.

Compare to Odan-Urr's update:
There is no emotion, there is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no chaos, there is harmony.
There is no death, there is the Force.

>> No.51362795

This is the whole reason people like kotor / tor, for all of their flaws
They're one of the few examples of allowing that "110%" indoctrination of force users that a lot of content producers just don't get

>> No.51362806

They are funny and honest but they definitely have certain tastes that run counter to how most /tg/ people view media.

We view it with an eye for the setting so we can have our own adventures there. Rogue One was excellent for that. It was however somewhat disjointed as a story.

>> No.51362842

>>tfw no story about a slave who internalizes the Sith creed and leads a glorious revolt against cruel masters, using his righteous fury to break his chains and become free

>> No.51362858

The real divide is how much they love force awakens while just shitting on rogue one.

>> No.51362863

>tfw no story about a slave who internalizes the Sith creed and leads a glorious revolt against cruel masters, using his righteous fury to break his chains and become free
that would be an interesting way to re-do the sith, instead it's philosophy was the birth of force-sensitive slaves overthrowing their masters to end their suffering, at it's core it wants the same thing as the Jedi order, but at the same time there is a hint of bitterness and resentment for the injustice they suffered still strung through the philosophy, causing so many who follow the Sith way to fall into becoming the very thing they despise. And only the strongest of will can walk the path of the sith and still keep their proverbial soul.


>> No.51362919

isn't this basically how the jedi knight games go?

>> No.51362929

The problem with that is that it directly contradicts the "balanced force = no dark side."

>> No.51362935

>Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
>Through passion, I gain strength.
>Through strength, I gain power.
>Through power, I gain victory.
>Through victory, my chains are broken.
>The Force shall free me.

No part of this is "be a treacherous Chaotic Evil asshole who genocides and enslaves people for shits and giggles," but here we are. The Sith Code is about fighting back against a galaxy that has its boot on your neck, and I wish more stories about Sith were about the weak rising up and then being horrified at becoming oppressors themselves rather than relishing it.

It's really fucking frustrating.

>> No.51362986

>balanced force = no dark side.
are we 100% sure that's what balance means?

>> No.51363030

What dark force users were left after Anakin was redeemed and killed Palpatine? Even non-sith dark force users like the nightsisters were dead by that time, and I can't imagine Maul is going to live all the way through rebels.

>> No.51363042

The Dark side is only born from negative emotions, mostly hate, but also shit like greed and envy and other bad things. A good Sith should be possible but they are the setting's designated BBEGs so chances are slim, and they have a tendency to snowflake.

On the other hand, Jensaari.
The Dark side is a corruption in the force, if Lucas didn't insist on using the word Balance then this would've been resolved way sooner.

>> No.51363045

Ever notice how every time there are disturbances in the Force, it's Dark Side shit? And how every big problem in the galaxy is caused by someone falling to the Dark Side?

>> No.51363080


>> No.51363119

She didn't. Dunno where this rumor comes from.

IIRC, her deal is as follow.
>disillusioned and unconsidered jedi master
>realises that the universe has a will on its own and influences all living beings in order to realize some master plan
>jedi worship it, sith are retards hell-bent on destruction
>as a result, the galaxy is a pretty shitty place, full of destruction brought by the opposition between the two orders.
>gonna kill the force/train a new generation of force users that won't be the force's lapdogs (and will kick the asses of my former colleagues who rejected me)

Basically everyone was tired of her shit and punched her, so she comes back and is I'M GONNA SHOW THEM ALL!!!

>> No.51363162

>born from negative emotions, mostly hate
would regret be a negative emotion? a positive emotion? or one of those grey feelings where it depends entirely on what you do with it?

>> No.51363195

Depends on what the regret is used for. Does the person take that regret and use it to become a better person and do good? Positive. Does that person wallow so much in regret that it dominates their decision-making process past the point of reasonable behavior? Dark Side risk.

>> No.51363207

Intent usually a fair bit to do with it, >>51363195 hit the nail right on the head.

>> No.51363211

>Basically everyone was tired of her shit and punched her, so she comes back and is I'M GONNA SHOW THEM ALL!!!
god now she reminds me of maleficent, cursed a princess to die a horrible death because she got snubbed by the child's parents.

Kinda a bitch.

>> No.51363273

I'd say any emotion can be negative if extreme enough, but that may be because i'm studying psychopathology at the moment.

>> No.51363323

then you also realize why trying to avoid emotions all together is just as bad, right?

>> No.51363335

Pretty much. Anakin's fall was motivated by love and attachment. Palpatine sounded like the happiest motherfucker in the galaxy when he got to cut loose and try zapping Windu.

>> No.51363459

>Palpatine sounded like the happiest motherfucker in the galaxy when he got to cut loose and try zapping Windu.
I always figured palpatine's story was one of two:

either he was at heart a spoiled brat who wanted everything to be about him and everyone to cater to his every whim.


Growing up he had little control over his own life either do to tradition or because more powerful people would boss him around and he was smart enough to realize that as long as they were more powerful his only option was to go along with it, and his resentment to that led him to becoming a Sith and his desire to control the galaxy was a corruption of a far deeper desire to get control of his own life. After all, if he's the ultimate ruler of the universe then there is finally no one to boss him around.

>> No.51363505

Here's his Legends page:
Old Palps was born to an aristocratic family and was always ambitious. He also collected Dark Side artifacts and started hanging out with Plagueis pretty early in his life.

>> No.51363508

Could we have a sith lord of depression or anxiety troubles?
A borderline sith is pretty standard

>> No.51363570

>motivated by love and attachment.
that and having been both a slave with little-to-nothing of his own and then being taken away from his mother instilled in him that you could lose whatever you care about in a heartbeat if you are not attentive led to possessiveness and jealousy.

I wouldn't be surprised if growing up at the temple anakin had a little hoard of random odds and ends he found around the temple that he jealously guarded like some dragon guarding it's treasure. because worthless though they may be they were his and he wasn't going to lose them.

>> No.51363571

It's both actually

>> No.51363613

so "spoiled brat" then?

>> No.51363896

Do the wings on the HWK series rotate like a VTOL? Does it have doors?

>> No.51363917


>> No.51364116

>honest and funny
When they aren't slamming R1 in blatant contradiction of their kiddy-gloved TFA review ("Rey is so charismatic" my ass) or making vlogs attempting to shoot down criticism with "m-muh learned this in film school", they're alright.

Let's be honest here, the prequels were easy prey for the lampoon videos that made them famous.

>> No.51364273

Shouldn't you be able to see the other tail-fin?

Also how do I build a Rebel HWK? The pilots have amazing abilities but I feel like they're incredibly expensive for how unprotected the ship is.

>> No.51364294

Tbh I like most of their stuff exclueding hitb R1 and Plinkett R1. I understand they wanted the movie to be something else but presenting it as the only objectively correct opinion was pretty annoying, especially when even with all its flaws R1 was exactly what I wanted it to be.

>> No.51364310

>Anakin's temple quarters in TCW are full of model vehicles, half-built droid bits, and various trophies taken on his assignments
Seems about right

>> No.51364355

No wing rotation and entry via a top hatch according to a cutsceen in Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight.

>> No.51364462

They certainly aren't bad all the time. Their review of Star Trek Into Darkness was completely in lockstep with my feelings on it, which made it feel odd when I had similar feelings about TFA and it's myriad JJisms while they forgave it of pretty much everything. Then I enjoyed the hell out of R1 in the moment and a couple days later they're spamming uploads calling it a shitheap and mocking anyone who disagrees.

What I'm trying to say is that they aren't reliably professional with their reviews and shouldn't be taken as the final word on whether something is worth seeing.

implying anyone but /tv/ shitposters treat their word as absolute truth

>> No.51364477

It killed any attempts at a competitive meta and made it so noskillfags can just netlist their way to victory

>> No.51364497

Jan Ors+Decoy with Biggs+R2-D2 works pretty good, you get a reliable 4 dice attack out of Biggs at PS8 and since he's going to be doing a bunch of green moves to get his regen Jan can green along behind him to keep clearing her buffing stress. It suffers from anything getting to the pair's sides though so you might want to replace Decoy with Lightning Reflexes or give them vectored thrusters or engine upgrades.
Kyle and Roark I don't really know what to do with, I guess you run Kyle as kind of a less good Manaroo and just try to leave him out at range three behind something like a Poe or an A-wing ace taking potshots with a twin laser turret, or you put Jan on him to let him hand out evade tokens.
Roark I read some people thinking he might be good when the TIE/sab comes out so you can make Captain Rex shoot at PS12 and get his debuff on aces but I don't know how well that will play out.

>> No.51364513

If you really think noskillfags can win with a netlist you are one of them.

>> No.51364522

The picture you posted is noncanon fanart.

>> No.51364596

Like noskillfags could fly their lists halfway competently.

>> No.51365031

Anyone care to give me feedback on this list I threw together?


>> No.51365180

>Bumpmasters with feedback array

I am unsure. On one hand, they have the shield+hull to spend and having a non-attack damage source on a blocker is good. On the other hand, with their turrets they are likely to have descent shots to take most of the time anyway. Especially with the shadow caster running about and killing everyone's agility.

>> No.51365390

You know what, I really liked how these guys look.

>> No.51365408

I don't really get the helmet, but I like the rest of the costume design.

If they had more Mando-esque visors I'd love em.

>> No.51365419

Mando-esque visors are great, but they are already pretty common. Can't put them on everything.

>> No.51365463

Maybe not Mando then, but something more traditionally "Starwars." Maybe a full-face polarized visor?

>> No.51365473

>filthy rebels using MY tie fighters





>> No.51365482

yeah, a cobra helmet would work

>> No.51365491

True, but when bumped, you cant shoot them

>> No.51365512


Roark with Inspiring Recruit hanging around a Falcon (I used Chewie for hilarious theme reasons) with Rage + Baze/Gunner/Luke + Hotshot CoPilot might be hilarious. I ran something similar with Roark replaced with Cassian and the Wookie would not stop pulling arms out of their sockets.
The first turn of shooting saw him purge focus tokens off Inky and Fel and then he just started killing a TIE a turn thereafter.

>> No.51365544

honestly don't see this being useful unless you live in an area with a very big meta, thus reflecting the global meta better, or go to big tournaments.

I could be wrong, but I imagine a lot of people play with the 10 to 20 people in their area the vast majority of the time, and thus the meta that actual matters is that group, which given high variance being common in small populations, the global meta is not a good predictor.

could be useful in terms of thinking out ideas of lists, but how common the list is won't matter.

>> No.51365574

Yub yub, Commander. Sabine's TIE can go fuck itself, though. Hawkbat Interceptors 4 lyfe.

>> No.51365593

Reminder that Wedge Antilles hops on one transparisteel leg.

>> No.51365656

He does? That monster! I need to put a stop to that transparisteel leg-hopping maniac!

>> No.51365678

It keeps happening!

>> No.51365686

>the rebels steal government equipment.
>So stupid, no rebellions don't steal arms from the government.

I get why the actual empire would be somewhat upset about this, but empire fans getting upset is several types of stupid.

also mentioned as being in used by rebels in the x-wing series
-lambda class shuttle
-modded TIE-bombers
-Star Destroyer, Imperial and Victory classes

>> No.51365722

Yes. Clearly I as an anonymous poster on a Mongolian throat singing board am intimately knowledgeable about a supernatural force that even a several century year old master who had dedicated his life to understanding had doubts and vision quests about

People should stop taking shit so literally. The clone wars show wasn't internally consistent about the Force even over one arc let alone across the show. The force is complex, mysterious, vibrant and undoubtedly more complex than we can comprehend. I appreciate you calling them out anon may the force be with you

>> No.51365906

>I get why the actual empire would be somewhat upset about this, but empire fans getting upset is several types of stupid.

Not an x-wing player but It feels kind of cheap when the other team can steal your shit but you can't use theirs. Throw in that it's a reference to Sabine being "so sassy XD" and imperials being dumbasses and I could understand being irritated

>> No.51365964

What is your favourite career/spec for an "operator" type character?

>> No.51365976

To be fair, Scum has already stolen the HWK, Z-95 and Y-Wing from the Rebels, AND the Firespray from Empire. Although you could argue that the empire stole it first, before the scum faction even existed

>> No.51366023

I'd definitely pay to see Imperial versions of the Rebel characters who have defector backstories.

>> No.51366046

And their versions of all that stuff are better, it's fucking bullshit.

>> No.51366063

Before this happened there were scum Y-wing, Z-95. There are Empire Firesprays.

Factions have used other factions ships before this, you're just upset that someone else is getting your ship this time.

>> No.51366073

Yeah, so rebels geting on imperial toy to play with, which can't even play the same role for them as it does for the empire, should not be such a big deal.

>> No.51366101

But I'm not upset. I don't even play xwing like I said. Also didn't scum start as exclusively other factions' ships so that was kind of their thing (eg firespray which was originally empire, z-95 and Y's from scum)?

>> No.51366123

You sound like my friend. He's so pissed that Sabine's TIE is a thing, and even more pissed when I said I thought about buying regular TIEs to fly with it.

>> No.51366145

>from scum
>not from rebels

Welp I'm off to Cato Neimoidia to commit sudoku

>> No.51366148

Thanks for the tips! I flew Jan alongside Rey once and it worked really well until I got an opponent who focused fired Jan. Then it just fell apart.

>> No.51366166

>Not buying four to create the Rebel TIE swarm for max botty-bothering

>> No.51366168

Scum have had their own exclusive ships since their first release.

>> No.51366177

when it comes out I'm painting one of my regular TIEs with Rex's markings, for when I want to play Rex.
If I ever fly two rebel TIEs one will be Rex.

>> No.51366185


Eh, most people who complain about Rebel TIE are just being whiny. They already have a cheap support ship option, which rebels didn't - and the Rebel TIE is a marketing opportunity to give that faction that ship while also making it completely impossible for Rebels to use their TIE like how imperials can use the TIE (I/e Swarms). It lets them introduce popular characters from Rebels into the game without getting weirdly obscure - which is something people complained about before (Hi, K-Wing, Punishers and Scum small ships) . It's all very Rebel in it's mechanics.

And people who are like "okay but how come Rebels get a TIE with crew and the /SF doesn't!" also really don't get it and take the game way too literally - to whit I would ask "Okay, then how come ships like the Falcon only have 2 Crew slots and can shoot their guns without Gunner?"

>> No.51366213

>and can shoot their guns without Gunner
Autofire setting, baby.

>> No.51366239

What are some ways that a Jedi Knight could have survived Order 66 other than escaping or clone malfunctioning?

>> No.51366255

Being on a remote explorin' planet before it happened

>> No.51366290

being on some sort of mission without clones
like the crazy deep-cover no control no backup no ethics shit the jedi seem to love. they could just keep the cover identity intact and walk away

>> No.51366295


I have an antagonist who was a Jedi Sentinel dealing with scum, villainy, and other subtle threats, far away from the battlefield and the clones. Between his isolation and familiarity with the criminal underworld he got away just fine and has become a paranoid serial killer in the depths of Nar Shaddaa's undercity ever since.

>> No.51366317

Does anyone have the art of this Bothan chick by itself?

>> No.51366381

That dude a Space Marine or is that just a Bothanlet?

>> No.51366403


She's shy about her height, leave her alone!

>> No.51366468

Get turned into an Inquisitor.

>> No.51366490

One of my past characters, Arryk Har, was an inductee into the Temple Guard. He was brought to the old Jedi world of Tycho for the final trial of the Guardian sect when 66 went down. The Temple Guard were an incredibly secretive part of the Jedi Order and no-one outside a select few masters knew of the final trial or its whereabouts.

By the time the small party of Jedi learned of the Betrayal, the Temple was already burned and left in ruins. As a member of the Temple Guard, Arryk was obliged to follow a contingency mandate, to try and gather as many survivors of the order and bring them to seclusion at one of the Order's many other hidden temples.

>> No.51366570

Being assigned to unimportant sectors or having duties that don't require clone deployment.
Working with a non-clone unit, a la Rahm Kota.
Hyperspace comms being jammed or otherwise nonfunctional due to external factors (maybe atmospherics?)
If you don't do the mind control chip route, the clones could also misinterpret the 66 message as enemy propaganda.

>> No.51366832

Guarding/visiting a remote temple or other holy site.
Having already lost all of their clones in combat.

>> No.51366844

Just a thought, but "The Last Jedi" doesn't have to refer to 1 Jedi. I know a lot of people fefer to multiple Jedi as "Jedis" but it seems like, in setting, they're generally referred to as the Jedi. I get that that refers more to the Jedi Order than anything else but it would be, following proper grammar rules, the most likely choice for a plural. The "i" is sounded out as "aye" rather than "eee", making it sound like the pluralisation of words with Latin origins in English. But, as with a lot of things in English, I'm sure there are exceptions to this rule somewhere.

So the Title could mean we're going to lear a lot more about the death of Luke's new order. Just a thought.

>> No.51366869

I personally think it's referring to Luke. Rey isn't a Jedi Luke's fucked though

>> No.51366877


I mean, much like many other SW titles, I suspect the idea is to be intriguing and open without being completely revealing. It will cover the subject of "The Last Jedi" whatever form that takes. And if it's anything like The Force Awakens it'll be more ambiguous than people think.

>> No.51366884

Calling it now, Rey discovers the power of The Glow

>> No.51366889

And now that I've looked online a bit it seems fairly evident that a bunch of people have already come to this conclusion. Well I feel dumb now. Have an underused Republic Bomber by way of apology.

>> No.51366896

That's a cool theory. But I swear to god if there's a Title Drop somewhere in that movie, blood will be incorporated into that theater's floor gunk.

>> No.51366916

>Kosenyar W Wing

>> No.51366983


>looks nothing like the ARC or PTB

As always, I am displeased with this design choice.

>> No.51367032

Pls no. I want Disney to fuck with our expectations by having Luke not only live to see the end of the trilogy, but see a rebuilt NJO and unfucked New Republic alongside Wedge, Wes, Hobbie, Tycho, Kam, Tionne, Streen, Kyle, and a woman whose name is totally not just a lazy letter-swap of "Mara Jade."

>> No.51367051

It's just a Y wing with an extra-engine in the middle?

>> No.51367067

My personal favorite is Jedi frozen on exploratory mission gone bad.

But there's also failed Padawan-cum-AgriCorps-cum-drifter.

And Padawan-of-a-Padawan. Apparently a lot of Jedi apprentices survived Order 66 because clones follow orders perfectly and eliminated all of the Jedi Knights.

>> No.51367071


>> No.51367077

Happy Luke? Not with Disney's Pottery addiction.

>> No.51367092

Damn your dubs, anon. Now we'll never get the comfy Skywalker slice-of-life story that Zahn wanted to write.

>> No.51367098

No one expects the Jara Made.

Except Pablo.

>> No.51367122


But will she still have the booty?

>> No.51367124

>off on a secret solo mission that didn't have clone backup
>on some distant uninhabited hellhole, either on a mission or pilgrimage
>stranded on a battlefield somewhere that the Republic had lost, with no clones left to execute them

>> No.51367197

But of course. And I know the perfect way to bring her back. Someone call up Rei Hiroe and Timothy Zahn.

>> No.51367259

Why the fuck would they? Sure I can understand the X-Wing, but the Y-Wing is refurbished tech and the A wing was pretty much a straight out experimental weapon.

>> No.51367300

>the film is actually about Luke and Rey going from planet to planet finding the members of his academy that weren't slaughtered by Kylo Ren in order to start rebuilding the Jedi Order

>> No.51367324

X-Wing spoilers?

X-Wing spoilers.

Next wave:

TIE Aggressor
- turret slot
- new plasma turret
- 2x missile slots
- new dumbfire missile (takes up 2 slots, does not require a target lock to use, but can't be modified via usual means)

Auzituck Gunship
- has two arcs, but they're on the sides of the ship
- new "brace" action, which is like a persistent evade token that is not removed after cancelling a hit

Scurrg Bomber
- no details

Beyond the wave:

x7 fix
- no evade token if you bump/obstaclize

Zuckuss fix
- maxes out at a certain number of stress tokens

Kihraxz fix
- title that allows you to equip up to three modifications, each of which is discounted

Starviper fix
- title at -3 points cost, requires you to use the 1 bank template for all your barrel rolls, can equip a second title

>> No.51367463

I don't believe you because brace is already an action called reinforce on epic ships.

>> No.51367493

It was a competing design during the clone war

>> No.51367533

the scale on these is horrendous

>> No.51367540


Any tips for designing Mass Combat encounters? I'm thinking of running a space battle, but ground-related stuff is fine too.

>> No.51367563

>XL Y-wing cockpit attached to X-wing engine pods with gimmick flappy wings

I certainly don't like it, but it's just a mish mash of better stuff stolen from the earlier movies, just like the rest of Disney Star Wars.

>> No.51367618


These get stupider each time. Double missile slots for an upgrade is silly, just make it cost enough that you only can equip one, probably.

And the Auzituck clearly has guns fixed forward. Next time try it by saying it's an Alliance Assault Craft.

Your fixes are also a laundry list of shit people always say on FFG Forum/Reddit.

>> No.51367656

Let's not start the Disney bashing shit again

>> No.51367673

Pretty much the only image with a comparison of the Y-Wing and NTB-630 so I'll take what I can get.

>> No.51367691


>> No.51367739

Never played a star wars rpg before despite it being my favorite science fantasy setting. In FFG how powerful of a force user can you be during an average campaign?

>> No.51367749

I agree with them 100%, myself

>> No.51367775

Wookie and Trandoshan buddies who have lifedebts to each other: stupid, awesome, or both?

>> No.51367809


What the fuck is the middle ship in that middle row and the ships in the front row that aren't the A and V wings? I've never seen any of them before.

>> No.51367821

So you are an insincere, biased scumbag that lacks integrity and social awareness?

>> No.51367832


Relatively weak. These are set during the OT, the average game doesn't have Force users at all and the game that does have them keeps them around Luke-level. Look elsehwere if you want Prequel-style shenanigans.

>> No.51367838

It is what it is. There's no discussion to be had, so why would YOU bring it up but to start something?

Might take some time starting from level 1, but "knight-level" play will get you into the juicy bits pretty quickly if that's what you're after. Chucking starships like Yoda isn't out of reach.

>> No.51367874


>> No.51367907

Oh ok no I don't mind not playing an Obi-wan or Yoda level character since they probably would severly overshadow any party members I might have.
Really seems interesting. I guess they didn't nor should they balance force users with non-force users.

>> No.51367961

I like stuff like this, though you are walking on egg shells, so mind you do go too overboard with it.

>> No.51367964

>Alliance Assault Craft

As usual, all I can really say is "wait and see"

Somehow I forgot the most controversial one of all; they're testing a mod (phased shield array or some shit) that will introduce faction-unrestricted regen.

>> No.51368015

It's balanced to some extent in that non-jedi are going to be advancing their skills and feats while the force user dumps points in one particular skill to make it useful. By the time the force user gets to picking up tanks and stuff, the goons are up to all kinds of similarly epic shit.

>> No.51368025

Anyone have any stats I could steal for Clone Wars era droids and ships for my EoTE campaign?

It's largely going to feature a droid rebellion after the battle of Jakku, so I thought maybe it'd be a good idea to have those.

>> No.51368063

I've made a bunch of the ships, which sre in the OP google drive, and some of the droid stats are in various adventures

>> No.51368069


literally just rename existing statblocks

I think there's Droideka stats hiding somewhere

>> No.51368484

how does someone without the force even deal with droidekas? Aren't their shields invulnerable to blaster fire?

>> No.51368541

they have a limit to how much damage they can take.

>> No.51368602

Their shields can't protect against rockets, mines, and vehicle-grade lasers forever.

>> No.51368609


I assume their shields wouldn't be able to hold out forever against continued blaster fire. If not, explosives would probably do the trick.

>> No.51368614

Rex took one out by walking right up behind it and putting his blaster right through it's shield before shooting during the Geonosis landing in TCW, so it seems slow stuff can get right through them like with the gungan shields.

>> No.51368655

Most of the clone war era droids are already statted officially.

B1 droids are in EotE, Magnaguards are in FaD, Droidekas are in one of the adventure books.

>> No.51368671

Ion weapons prolly

>> No.51368794

Roll a grenade over. Control terrain. Force them to roll and then blow 'em apart.

>> No.51368806


Sup, /swg/? I'm heading out on a road trip in a few days, and I was wondering if you have any good recommendations for Star Wars RPG podcasts. Would prefer AoR-type stuff, but anything else is cool too.

>> No.51368864

How about some audiobooks instead? There's some in the OP.

>> No.51368872

It's exactly like Dune: The slow blade pierces the shield.

>> No.51368883

>wanting to listen to other people play rpgs

>> No.51368917


Flank them while deployed, Vibroblade.

Failing that, overwhelm the shield with either ion weapons or shoulder-fired concussion missiles.

>> No.51368997

It's a decent idea. How do expect to get good without learning from the successes and failures of others?

>> No.51369029

>Listen to a gameing session
>The PCs are laughing and joking OOC
>Immediately turn it off

>> No.51369120

Dice for brains is an alright FnD podcast, with an AoR miniseries. It has pretty good voice and sound editing.

>> No.51369168

Where at? I looked under the headings I thought might have them and nothing...

>> No.51369180

I enjoyed RollPlay's Balance of Power, at least the Dark Side group. It's on YouTube, but you can listen to it as a quasi-podcast. The Light Side group is a straightforward AoR if that's what you want, as well, but IMO the dark side has the more entertaining characters.

>> No.51369218

Sorry I was thinking of /co/'s OP.

>> No.51369222

>PCs aren't laughing or joking OOC
>Campaign consists of an Ewok shock boxer, a criminal Markie Mark Jedi with a ridiculous accent, and some ancillary other PCs.
>Turn it off
>Rethink life choices
>Kill self

>> No.51369253

You are the bomb man, thank you kindly.
Been hunting for audiobooks for some time.

>> No.51369284

/co/'s pastebin is a treasure trove.

>> No.51369300

Checked them out. So this is what neck beards look like? Pink hair, huge unkempt beards this is crazy.

>> No.51369338

>a game where people are having fun
How dare they. The savages.

>> No.51369431

>-Star Destroyer, Imperial and Victory classes
Don't forget that, eventually, Wedge even gets command of the Lusankya.

>> No.51369434

Nah, the DM is just a hipster. JP is the only true neckbeard in the bunch, but then, he's the shittiest player in every game he's in. That said, Jesse's devious shenanigans alone make putting up with JP worth it.

>> No.51369522

I'd recommend having one, or both, not grow up on their native planets, otherwise the whole trandoshan religion thing is just asking to edgelord.

>> No.51369541

Jesse does seem to bring an element of "oh dear god why did you do that" to everything he does.

It's delightful.

>> No.51369548

Is there an IRC dicebot for FFG's game? Looking to run a text game at some point

>> No.51369550

>Trandoshan thinks slaves are too easy as prey and unworthy of the Scorekeeper's attention
>her and the Wookie compete to kill as many Imperials as possible

They could also have mutual lifedebts.

>> No.51369577

If you putting your session online for others to watch than they should be professional to the point and in character. Leave that OOC joking and laughing shit/chatting with the DM in private.

>> No.51369592

What is roll 20? Have you been living under a rock?

>> No.51369593

Is Fel still in vogue for X-Wing? If not, why not?

>> No.51369600


Get that stick out of your ass, anon.

>> No.51369616

>Are you ready for your prostate exam, rebel scum?

>> No.51369655

Shields don't work on slow things like a rolling grenade and it has to put the shields down to roll around.

>> No.51369677

So instead of an argument you resort to ad hominem like a child. How Sad!

>> No.51369706


These people aren't professional entertainers, they're having their usual hobby fun and happen to record it so others can live vicariously through them. Actual Play is pretty much never meant to be a polished product, it's a gaming group like any other that just happens to be recorded.

>> No.51369713

okay how about this.
It's supposed to be a representation of an actual game session.
A game session in which no one is having fun is a shitty game session. Unless you have a giant stick up your ass, you laugh and joke when having fun.

Why would you want to listen to shitty game sessions?

>> No.51369733

Is there a lot of laughing and joking in The Adventure Zone

>> No.51369746

Not him, but if you aren't 100% in character then you really shouldn't be playing.

>> No.51369748

This is dope, I'd do it.

>> No.51369843

I am honest sorry for you and how shitty your play experience is.
Your not one stage, you don't need to be serious for hours. Have some fucking fun.

>> No.51369864

Fair enough but they should put that in the discription so as to not waste my or those like myself time.
You should listen to>>51369746 because he is right. I have had a plethora of gaming sessions where we as a party and the GM were able to stay 100% in character. As long as everybody knows the rules its not hard to do and it greatly improves the story and narrative. I should ask my group whether it would be ok to record our sessions so that you can see how a good gaming session is conducted.

>> No.51369867

It's weird how the Trandoshan religion revolves around how many people you kill. That's not really something you use to form a stable society with.

>> No.51369886

You need a subscription to access the API needed to use FFG dice.

>> No.51369911

They probably didn't kill each other or even encourage killing each other until they were welcomed into galactic society and realized there were trillions of points to be had.

>> No.51369924

Yes and?

>> No.51369955

Gotta think they probably had rules and shit about over hunting and extinction, but when you have entire other worlds, it becomes less of an issue.

>> No.51369994


It's free.

And nobody makes you watch it.

It could be absolutely terrible, but since it doesn't break your leg or pick your pocket, I don't think bitching about it is going to earn you any sympathy.

>> No.51370004

The girl has a shit ton of make up jesus christ.

>> No.51370029

>The girl has a shit ton of make up jesus christ.


>> No.51370032


First, I chuckled. To me this is funny joke.

Then, I became annoyed. Fuck you, you can't tell other people how to have fun.

Lastly, I am sad. I hope anyone you play with is as much of a hardass as you because jesus, you can not be entertaining to be around otherwise.

>> No.51370035


Why would you just listen to other people have fun, that's pretty sad. Why wouldn't you go have fun yourself? Is fun by proxy all you can achieve?

>> No.51370037

Where have I asked for sympathy or claimed that I am being forced to watch it?

>> No.51370047

Anyone have any Armada lists?

>> No.51370077

You sound like a whiny child? Please grow up and realize that neither the world nor the internet revolves around you.

>> No.51370093

That's just Pokket, can't stand her personally.

>> No.51370101

>road trip
That's why. What the hell else is that anon going to do if he's driving and everyone else is asleep, at the shitter, etc.?

>> No.51370104

Well, you're bitching about it on the internet. You seem to think your opinion is worth sharing. Why?

You're not saying "I prefer series where the focus is on IC interaction". You're saying "content creators SHOULD do this because that's what I want, and they SHOULD NOT do that, because I dislike that."

But.. it's free. And it's not your content.

>> No.51370110

Don't take the BB-8.

>> No.51370143

Why because she is an 8/10 that you could never attain?
She looks completely fine infact why don't you post pics of yourself.

>> No.51370182

This is /swg/. We're either going to bicker about anon's solipsistic content demands, or we're going to bicker about Kylo's curly hair or how lightsabers work.

>> No.51370185

Absolutely not. I am saying that good content creators should follow my suggestions. Of course they don't have to and frankly I could care less. To be honest it seems the vocal minority of casuals in this thread who feel threatened by my opinions are truly the ones bitching and gnashing of thier teeth.

>> No.51370196

>Kylo's hair
Poe's hair is way more fabulous.

>> No.51370236

>an unattainable 8/10
Woo boy. It's okay man, here you go. You'll feel better in no time.

>> No.51370247

And here we go again...

>> No.51370272

Nice projection neckbeard-kun

>> No.51370303

This is /tg/, and worse, it's the Star Wars thread on /tg/.

I'm pretty sure "a human female" is, on average, an unattainable date.

>> No.51370304

>only content that fits my exact taste can be good content
not everyone everyone can't stand the idea of gaming sessions being fun.

>> No.51370311

Is Poe the Fruity Rudy of Star Wars?

>> No.51370337

sounds like it

>> No.51370354

>current year minus a long time
>dating humans
Get a load of this guy.

>> No.51370360

Poe is fruitier than an entire cargo ship full of meiloorun.

>> No.51370370

Quarren babes are where it's at.

>> No.51370404

Why do so many of the Separatist vehicles and turrets need to be armed/crewed by other droids?

>> No.51370415


>> No.51370443

Its 10 bucks a month, how fucking pov are you?

>> No.51370480

because it looks bad when the 'good guys' kills hundreds of people causally.

>> No.51370497

10$ a month isn't negligible for a lot of people.

For 10$ I can buy a week's worth of food.

>> No.51370500

originally designed for a living crew, which was replaced with droids

>> No.51370512

If the vehicle breaks down, gets stuck on something, or needs repairs, the droids will probably be able to disembark and fix it themselves. Pure conjection here, but in a pinch, I'm guessing that the droid crewmen in that Trade Federation APC can also manually open the hatch and activate their brethren in case something goes wrong with the transport.

>> No.51370517

"A fool and his money soon parts".
A rich person didn't become rich or will stay rich by throwing away their money on useless shit.

>> No.51370522

Free market, dude. The consumer is allowed to say what they do or don't want in the product.

>It's free.
Even if you don't have to pay to watch it on youtube, they still get money from it from ads and twitch/whatever subscriptions.

>> No.51370540

No, see, all of the processes that could be automated anyways, are instead done by droids.
Why have an AI pilot that big ass APC full of droids when you can just make a cockpit and put a droid in there? Why have Separatist guns on board their capital ships be reloaded and fired automatically when you can just use more droids to do it?

>> No.51370545

10 dollars a month for a well designed service which relies on donations to function isn't really the end of the world.

Especially if you split that with your party, considering only the GM has to be an active subscriber.

>> No.51370552

Because the designers wanted modularity, and the ability for an experienced crew to evacuate?

>> No.51370564

>the prequels were easy prey for the lampoon videos that made them famous.

Easy and they had about a decade's worth of time to write watch and discuss the prequel reviews before uploading any of the hour long Plinkett videos.

For the Rogue One review they probably only had about a week at the very most before uploading their video.

>> No.51370568


So get your players to help pay? 5 players is $2 a month for everyone.

Thats less than a buck an hour to roll dice if you meet more than once a month. Compare that to going out partying or to movies, or other shit and its a bargain.

>> No.51370570

If thats the case maybe you should look for a new hobby like rock collecting or pushing a hoop with a stick.

>> No.51370597

Yeah, but not your money.

I might think that paying $4000 for a pair of leather shoes is ridiculous, but it's not my money, so I can't complain about it. Their existence costs me nothing.

You can just not support them by not watching. That's fine. You do it all the time with a thousand other types of content.

But why complain about it?

>> No.51370616

>But why complain about it?
To convince other consumers to not consume it forcing the producer to produce a better product.

>> No.51370634

explain naturally occurring darkside phenomena like the cave in dagobah
when dark side users sense disturbances they detect light side related shit, I.E palpatine sensing luke skywalker in Empire

>> No.51370650

>explain naturally occurring darkside phenomena like the cave in dagobah
wasn't natural. powerful darksider died there, left a nasty disturbance cause of how pissed he was when he died

>> No.51370652

Meaning "better for you".

You're ridiculous.

>> No.51370673

Because I'm poor I shouldn't be able to play tabletop games? That's a pretty cruel thing to say dude.

I'm not the original anon, but that's what I'd recommend as well.

>> No.51370677

Yes, me, the consumer, or the earlier guy, the consumer, or any other consumer. Are you having trouble with this?

>> No.51370727

Holy fucking shit, dude. This is some ADVANCED entitlement.
It's time to step away from the keyboard and stop sperging out that other people were having fun playing a tabletop game.

>> No.51370729

different guy but:
because you are confusing stuff that is strictly quality (ie, the audio is mushy), with things that are personal taste (ie you wanting them in character all the time).
You assume that no one could enjoy session where people aren't in character all the time, because what you like must be what everyone likes.

>> No.51370772

>what you like must be what everyone likes
I know that's not the case. Not everyone does or has to like the same games, alcohol, or RPG groups on youtube, but saying "the video didn't break your legs, you don't have the right to voice your opinion as a consumer of the product" is completely retarded.

>> No.51370786


I'm trying to see why you, who do not consume $4,000 shoes, want the shoe company to produce $20 shoes for you.

Especially when the shoes, in this case, are free.

You're mad that the guy down the street painted his house blue when you'd prefer it painted red.

>> No.51370807

except that the complaints about this particular product was started with
complaining about the PCs laughing and telling jokes.
and no other complaints about this product has been brought up. Just that it was a thing they personally don't like.

If you want to say it's a complaint about the quality, rather than just not your personal taste, you need to bring that up.

>> No.51370813

No one's saying you don't have the right to an opinion. We're just telling you that you have no fucking leverage to try to dictate what is and is not a good product. Especially when it's a product being given to you for free.
You're jumping up and down throwing a tantrum acting like you and only you know what makes a good podcast of a game session and the rest of us are just telling you that you're a faggot.
You think that your position as a "consumer" gives you some magical position of authority. This is pathetically untrue.

>> No.51370829

This right here but according to >>51370727 nothing on Youtube can be considered bad content because its free. So its a bad thing to critcize Chris Chan since his content is free.

>> No.51370848

Half of this thread can be summed up as
>wah wah stop disliking what I like

>> No.51370856

>So its a bad thing to critcize Chris Chan since his content is free.


I mean, his content is not very good, but I'd never say he shouldn't make it.

More importantly, I'd never suggest he make content for me. That's not my call.

There's a difference between "I do not like this thing" and "this thing should not be made, instead, this other thing should be made."

>> No.51370866

What the fuck. I in no way said that. Just that you're an entitled little faggot for throwing a tantrum about some people having FUN in a way that wasn't approved by you.
No go fuck yourself with some razor wire until it comes out your mouth and floss yourself to death.

>> No.51370870

>the one who is throwing a tantrum is the guy on the receiving end of the ad hom

Personal taste and quality can be the same thing, especially in regards to the professionalism of a person who does that thing professionally.

>> No.51370900

>people playing a game must be to my definition of professionalism
This is autism of unparalleled caliber.

>> No.51370919

>Personal taste and quality can be the same thing
>I like sushi, but these people made mexican food.
>how can people not understand that sushi is better, mexian food is trash
>it's not a matter of personal taste, anyone who had sushi would understand it is objectivelythe best possible food.

This isn't a matter of professionalism, because you are insisting that telling jokes is objectively bad roleplay. Some people like jokes.

>> No.51370925

What benefit does adding moving parts to the gun add? The beam itself is still aimed forward in all positions, so it can't even aim, its adding complexity for no gain.

>> No.51370955

>you are insisting that telling jokes is objectively bad roleplay.
Telling jokes is good. Telling jokes out of character before or after the session or during a break is good. Telling jokes in character during the session is good. Telling jokes out of character during the session is not so good.

>that's just like your opinion, man
Yes, yes it is.

>> No.51371019

Maybe it reduces visibility if it's fully deployed? Makes it harder to shield or travel through hyperspace?

>> No.51371021

Maybe it hyperspaces faster when it's flush?

>> No.51371030

>Telling jokes out of character during the session is not so good.
this is not an objective statement of fact.
This is just the thing you do not like. This is you not liking mushrooms on pizza. You are welcome to not like it, but that does not make it objectively true.

You can complain about things like this as matters of not wanting the product for yourself, but if you try to put this as a complaint about professionalism or objective quality you are an ass.

>> No.51371055

>jump into a system
>need to deploy for battle
>need to wait while your big gun aligns
The maintenance cost alone would be more costly than slightly bigger shield gens.

>> No.51371093

How is it not a complaint about professionalism? Telling jokes OOC and holding up the game is objectively unprofessional. Whether or not that is an issue is entirely up to the individual.

>> No.51371098

There is objective good and bad ways to act. If there weren't than there wouldn't be an Oscars.
Ow the edge my angry friend

>> No.51371109

Plus, there is so much damned dead zone in its gun coverage when the beam is up, its more vulnerable than the damned death star to TRD.

>> No.51371126

well now you just made the bait obvious.

>> No.51371133


>> No.51371175

Wait, does every single TIE have to turn inside the hangar to get out, or is that an entire space-side hangar?

Launching your TIEs from the outside worked really well on that corvette.

>> No.51371197

>does every single TIE have to turn inside the hangar to get out
Seems fine to me.

>> No.51371234

There's a difference between using all the space you can, and deliberately making people FLY around inside your ship.

Imagine if every single one of thoe was VTOL, lined up just like that, but with the ship having a roof and the only way out is a front door.

>> No.51371276

Page seven!


I spent many thousands of hours crafting the OP image in paint

>> No.51371561

I'd be fine with it if they gave us an Imperial Wedge or Hobbie in a TIE fighter.

>> No.51371579

Lt. Kettch Scum Interceptor when?

>> No.51372050

The AAT is sold to planetary security forces with living crews, if you notice a lot of the vehicles in the 2nd and 3rd films are entirely automated.

>> No.51372479

>not him

>> No.51372600

That's what I've been thinking this movie will be about for awhile. Why would Luke have a map to himself out there if he didn't want to be found? It stands to reason that there are other NuJedi in hiding-the guy at the beggining of TFA could be one of them.

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