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Which of the four classical elements does lightning fall under? Most people seem to have agreed on fire but I think a case can be made for air.

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Oh look, another shitty trump poster. Did you go to Washinton so he and Pence could annoint your loyalty with their piss?

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>Elemental shit
Fuck is this ever the worst trope of all of human fiction.

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I like air as an interpretation because Zeus is sky god and weilds lightning.

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Fuck you heretic, don't insult the God Emperor!


Fire and Air are both likely, but Lightning might also fall under Earth, given that Lightning is attracted to Earth.

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Air would make sense since the energy is being released from the air. But going by this, fire would become whatever happens to be burning.

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>It's another "Newfag ousts himself as a butthurt redditor and then tries to backpedal by pretending to be an oldfag staunchly protecting /tg/'s political neutrality, despite that fact that he's the one trying to start shit about politics in the first place" episode

Oh boy, these are my favorite!

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If we go with avatar's bending (a quite complete and easy to grasp elemental system)
Fire = energy
Air = Movement
Earth = Matter
Water = Life

So everything electric is obviously fire-related.

Under another system... Do whaterver you want man, it's make believe.

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Or Lightning is a sub-element/combo-element between Fire and Air? As Ice would be between Water and Air?

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It's based on metal.

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Sorry but the God Emperor doesn't piss on people and that's not how he made the Primarchs


>Implying this hardd

Forgive me if I get miffed at the idea of people putting the head of a whiny bitch baby pisser on the Emperor's body.

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/pol/ and trump posters are the new furries with wanting to shove their shit into everything, go back to your shitty hotwheels board with your thinly veiled trolling.

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The Wu Xing is neat in that, while the elements are named after substances, they're really about abstract qualities that those substances make an easy shorthand for. Like, flowers are not part of the Wood element, even though they're plant life, but wind is.

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Fire and air if you're going by Wheel of Time channeling

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No I won't forgive you because you are:
>A. Trying to derail a perfectly good, on-topic thread simply because you're butthurt about the image

>B. Not even contributing to the thread because you'ld rather bitch whine about "Muh Drumpf-fags R Opressing this cuntry BAAAAWWWWWWWWW!

>C. Can't even do it in a funny or meaningful way, so you have to resort to a Meme that The old media is only picking up on because they're desperate and was probably invented by /pol/acks themselves

Perhaps you should go shitposting >>>/pol/ that seems better for you.

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You intentionally picked a /pol/ meme to use as the OP picture. Of course people are going to call you on your bullshit, quit trying to be cute.

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I don't give a shit what you forgive. This would have been an okay topic but a degenerat like you had to trump post and ruin it from the get go. Your pisser in chief won can't you just be satisfied with that instead of shitting up /tg/ with your faggotry?

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An argument can be made for water or air, never felt comfortable with fire representing lightning.
No fun, it's not even political until you make it political.

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>Implying I'm OP
Let me just tell you something. Just because (you)'re samefagging, doesn't mean everyone else is

And the Pic had lightning in it so it was related and had nothing else to do with Trump or Pence besides having A face shopped on it. But go, continue explaining that you're a hardcore fa/tg/uy who's fighting for /tg/'s purity by shitting up perfectly good threads because they offend your sensibilities. We all totally believe you noble warrior. Maybe later, you can show a screen cap of this to your Reddit friends, showing them how you BTFO'd those Drumpf-supporting fascists on a Laotian underwater-basket-weaving forum.

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>No fun, it's not even political until you make it political.

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And yet he doesn't post /pol/ content except memes in response to you.

Even as pics go the joke is tasteless but politically neutral.

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I think lightning is a mixture of fire and air really. Mostly fire, but still has that air in it.

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I'm not the guy you're replying to but I just want to enjoy my mongolian shadow puppets scripted in moon runes without real life bullshit being pushed in it alright?

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I thought most people agreed that it belonged in air, lightning is possible because of a property of air, you wouldn't get lightning in a vacuum. I don't see fire at all, fire is about kinetic energy, lightning is a flow of particles, it's more earth than it is fire.

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It isn't, it's not supportive or critical of Mike. Just an immature joke of his past endorsement of electroshock therapy towards the gay community.

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>/tg/ has shitloads of "please don't take these items", rape threads, scat-magic threads
>electrocuting a gay is tasteless though

This board has been sliding left into the black fucking hole that /co/ created at the core of 4chan.





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Yeah, but personal bias you know.

I don't find the joke funny but it doesn't mean you're not allowed to make it.

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I don't give a shit about that. We regularly discuss whole civilizations doing worst on top of our personal brands of degenerancy I'm just sick of fucking Trump posters

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I'll accept it.

I appreciate your thick skin.

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And he didn't Trump post.

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And I your conviction.

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Then keep Trump out of this, shitter, and accept the fact that OP actually was just asking about the elemental associations of lighting.

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Normal lightning uses a bit of everything.
>Forms out of clouds which are air and water.
>Creates lots of heat and light in its extremely short lifespan.
>Always impacts the earth.

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You should go back to school

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>Using the archaic 4-element system (5 if you're a Nip Nong Ching Chong) invented by peasants and "philosophers" (AKA lazy NEETs).
>Not using an eight element system, invented, approved, and used by all modern magical colleges.

Dunka Dunka, Plebs

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>not using Rolemaster's 12 element system with 2 complex composite elements and 6 primal elements.

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>only eight elements
>not harnessing the power of 120+ elements
>not manipulating the four fundamental forces directly

Top kek, enjoy ur polonium :^)

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I always viewed them as primary and secondary elements, lightning being air and fire.

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>Not being learned in the Dorwall 45

Its like you don't even want to blot out the sun with more suns.

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>pic is a joke tangentially related to the subject matter
>OP doesn't put in any politics
>decides to bring politics and shitpost about things he dislikes
How does it feel to be as cancerous as /pol/?

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Honestly? Earth.

Seriously, its motherfucking earth. It blows my mind that fantasy never gets this right. Yes, lightning comes from teh sky, but the critical factor is the charge of the earth. And sometimes there is ground to sky lightning too. Just think of all the synergy with metal and lodestone! ANd more importantly, anything earth elemental should be completely immune to lightning. In the same way fire elementals are immune to fire.

Water is acid. Acid is just inert powder without water. Water dissolves and erodes. Water is weak to electricity because of all the corrosive shit in it (like salt). And earth, by contrast, is most vulnerable to water. Acids that eat away the stone into hollow caves, and water that crushes rock into canyons and sediment and sand.

Fire is less "fire" as it is heat. The only thing that harms heat is cold. And cold is likewise harmed by heat.

And where does that leave air? Well, air isn't as good as water for convection. And strictly speaking *nothing* harms air. I guess at most fire might chemically alter the oxygen content, but air is mostly nitrogen. I don't think nitrogen gives a shit if its frozen or condensed to a liquid. Frankly, air is a weird motherfucker. But I at least rule it as cold boreal wind.

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I can feel your anger.

Let the hate flow through you!

Also air.

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>OP makes a post that doesn't mention politics, but uses a mildly amusing, semi-related picture of a man anon doesn't like
>anon is triggered

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>pretending this thread wasn't made by a /pol/tard

C'mon now. You /pol/ guys stay in your bin, and stop doing your damnedest to leak out. it's embarrassing to see you make these try-hard threads.

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Air primarily, Fire minorly. Primarly, it is because it comes from clouds, a dominant Air domain. Minorly because the lightning burns it's victims

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Might want to have that butt checked by a doctor, it sounds pretty hurt.

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>no mention of politics on subject discussed
>lol politics
>waah get out!
Why are such a child? And if this is bait, well, pretending to be retarded makes you indistinguishable from one.

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>because it comes from clouds, a dominant Air domain.
No it doesn't. It just looks that way.

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Should be fire since both are plasma.

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The only one trumpposting is you.

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Then explain why the only three types of lightning, IC, CC and CG all specifically refer to clouds?

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>no mention
>i can't see pictures

Please. Stop being this fawkwardly trolly. It's one thing to make this shitty thread, it's another to feign innocence like you couldn't find a thousand better pictures for this thread.

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You sound like you're feeling a bern, you should get some ointment for that.


Newfags clearly don't remember eight years ago when we had Tzeentch Obama threads for weeks. Get over it and stop crying.

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>Most people seem to have agreed on fire
That's news to me. As far as I'm concerned, most people seem to have agreed on air.

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>40kfags did faggy things

We hated that stuff too.

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Fire, really? 99% of games and related stuff I've played seem to place it under Air whenever it's not an element of its own.
Either way, actual lightning from the sky is more related to barometric differences creating charged clouds to begin with, so I don't see how it could be anything but Air or at best Air+Water (instead of Ice, which desu should've been Fire and Water in the first place).

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>a picture is talking politics
Does a joke really trigger you that much when it's not even part of the debated subject?
Are you really this much of an autistic neckbeard?

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Here's a radical thought: why not design a system of classical elements where fire isn't an element at all?
When a waterbender changes the temperature of water so it becomes ice, it's not a different element. When an earthbender changes the temperature of earth so it becomes lava, it's not a different element.
Why should there be an entire core element for making air hotter? That's essentially what you're doing when you throw a fireball. You're not breaking molecular bonds in any fuel, unless you're one of those ultra-rare combustion specialists.

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And we're telling you to fuck off and find a different thread then you sensitive little bitch. If Trump triggers you and you don't want to talk about lightning, there's the door.

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Stop. You're not fooling anyone.

I'm not even one of the guys who initially called you out. I'm calling you out now not just for thinking lame /pol/ jokes belong outside of /pol/, but for acting like you can feign ignorance or innocence.

Just keep /pol/ in /pol/, quite thinking you're special and that those sort of rules don't apply to you, and please don't make any more of a fool of yourself than you already have, holy shit.

>oh, wait, my picture is a lame joke from /pol/ and my thread is just a non-question as an excuse to post it? oh shit, i just noticed, how did that happen, stop calling me out on being a dumb faggot

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>implying containment boards are anything but a myth

In b4 /mlp/, which is pure bullying for its own sake.

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Liberals can't help but cry everywhere can they? Nice derail faggot.

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>system of classical elements
>wants to use molecular theory
Nigga what are trying to do?

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>anything right-wing or even centrist Republican is /pol/

This is so blatantly disingenuous I almost believe you're from /pol/. Over half the country's legal citizens are NOT in favor of gassing all of the Jews and Canadians.

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This, really.

Avatar would've been quite a different experience if Iroh sat Zuko down to give him a fucking chemistry lesson.

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Look, quit it already. The OP used a /pol/ bait image, and people calling him out on it is appropriate. While biting bait is bad, the OP is the one who is initially at fault.

I'm actually rather right wing myself, but if I want to play around with politics, I will go to /pol/, instead of trying to drag that shit out into the other boards. It's needless drama, and the only way to avoid it is to just keep it all there, regardless of what part of the spectrum you fall on.

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No, it's anything politics is /pol/. If you hadn't noticed, that's a politician right there, and a controversial one at that.

Please, stop acting stupid already. It's tiresome and embarrassing to watch you flounder like this.

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Are you being this pendantic specifically to annoy me, or does it come naturally?
If the element fire is heat, then magic that explicitly deals with elements other than fire should not be able to control heat.
If adding or removing heat in your chosen element is a standard application of elemental powers, then heat, and therefore fire, isn't a separate element.

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>Quit it already
>Implying I posted before
>Anyone who disagrees with me is samefagging
This thread is beyond redemption if people are this triggered

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Except neither of your "benders" shit examples and not elementalists at all, because they are not controlling their respective elements, they are manipulating temperature. That's domain of fire element, control of heat energy.

>> No.51347526

So, you're just going to keep being dumb then?
Could you at least put on a trip?

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>The OP used a /pol/ bait image
its just a fucking image of the infamous cover with the protag's head replaced with pence
is it bait if someone posts an edit with a jojo image? do you have to tell them to fuck off back to /a/ and make a huge deal of it? what if someone posts an edit with a pokemon image? does everyone jump on them and tell them to fuck off back to /vp/?

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No, I was actually wondering why you want to mix modern concepts of matter with obviously antiquated ones? Where do you plan to draw the line?

Is water actually H2O or liquids in general?

If it is just H2O, is it H2O in all of its phases?

If it is just liquids, is lava earth or water?

What happens when you dissolve stuff in water?

Is the same true when you dissolve stuff in other liquids?

What about gas in solids?

Vacuum is what?

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Nice false flag.

>> No.51347707

Yes, yes, yes, and yes, and you can go fuck yourself.

I'm not here to argue with you. I'm here to tell you that no one's fooled, and you'd be better off not being such a little bitch about people calling you out on being a dumb fag.

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The four elements are lightning, water, stone, and plant.

>> No.51347851

that's funny, i don't see you complaining about
which is an edit of a cartoon so obviously it doesnt belong here
you seem like a hell of a hypocrite

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No, it was generally accepted because we hadn't been infested by sensitive far-left redditors who fell for the free college meme yet. You people are a hundred times worse than /pol/ and /co/ combined. Fuck off and stay fucked off. Trump won. He's president. He'll undoubtedly be a terrific president because he cares about trade and jobs more than bullshit social issues. Deal with it.

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>No, it was generally accepted

Shut up already, you living embarrassment. Your rhetoric is basically just "let us post /pol/ outside of /pol/" when all that does is spread those same endless, mindless debates that go on eternally in there to the rest of this site.

Do yourself a favor, and quit pretending the issue is what poltiics you're trying to spread. It's the fact that you're playing the fool about spamming shitty politics threads outside of /pol/ that is the issue.

Now, I'm sure you've got something even more stupid to say, but please, save yourself from the further embarrassment. Stick to /pol/.

>> No.51348044

/pol/ is there as a containment board for politics and the politically incorrect, they're allowed to have other hobbies but aren't allowed to bring off topic /pol/ topics here.

Yes he may be a /pol/tard but until he starts a nigger hate thread and stays on topic to /tg/ he's fine.

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That system is dumb since it makes literally everything fire

>> No.51348251

Yes, Avatar doesn't have a very nuanced elemental system.

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it's air.

>> No.51348519

and some others
eat shit

>> No.51348650

>just stay in your containment zone
But anon, it's Trump America. Everywhere is our containment zone. Such is life in the zone.

>> No.51348676

>When I said I wanted to be in a Zone animation I never meant it like this...

>> No.51348691

No in avatar.
Fire = control of "free" Electrons and radiation
Air = Control of all/most gases (in theory you can say they "control" all of the below in a special kind of way, that's why airbenders can learn to literally fly unaided, they bend themselves)
Earth = control of all minerals/metals, metaloids and the inbetween (in theory, proven by Toph)
Water = control of all "other nonmetals" and Halogens.

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What is this

>> No.51348763

Wow. You are by far the most off-topic person here. Like seriously do a search for /pol/ and see how many times you said it vs everyone else. Not once have you actually answered the OP.

>except you are OP. You are a master troll and this was your intent all along

Shame on you /tg/ for humoring this faggot. I remember when we were able to ignore this nonsense and just answer the OP. Or ramble on tangents that were still /tg/ related.

OP, electricity is metal is earth.

>> No.51348774

>This thread

>> No.51348799

The "classic" elemtents are five, you forgot the aether. Everyone does

>> No.51348832

>the old "i really wanted people to ignore my bait picture and focus on my non-question" ploy

Still trying, eh?

>> No.51348835

Air, so I can shit lightning at people while flying

>> No.51348857

>is it bait if someone posts an edit with a jojo image?
If the franchise was recently at the center of a tumultuous global event or if /a/ was known for shitting in other boards' cereal, yes, it would be bait.
>do you have to tell them to fuck off back to /a/ and make a huge deal of it? what if someone posts an edit with a pokemon image? does everyone jump on them and tell them to fuck off back to /vp/?
People do this shit all the time.

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Magicmaker. You combined the game's 45 different alchemical aspects into spells or passive buffs. You can end up being able to mix 7 different aspect, each with 5 different levels of potency, at a time into your spells.

You start the game being able to shoot some whimpy magic missiles and end up a flying, nearly invincible wizard pimp teleporting and carpet bombing everything with homing-black-hole-laser-sword-robots.

>> No.51350416

My Nigga.

Only because of Aristotle, who had little respect for the rest of Ionian philosophy once he started making it on his own. He added it to the classical four-element schema after deciding that the sun wasn't made of fire after all, and that something else had to make things spin around.

>> No.51350533

>Elemental bullshit
>Still posting Trump bullshit

>> No.51350647

I couldn't care less as a non-American. But the constant shitposting is what actually gets mi pissed

>> No.51350693

>on an anonymous image board where identities aren't consistent from post to post, let alone thread to thread

Spot the illegal who needs to go back. It's you.

>> No.51350709

I have seen it used interestingly before, but in general, complete garbage

>> No.51350723


The shitposting the anti-Trumpers started?

>the liberal cries out as he strikes you

>> No.51350744


Well, you're getting fucked so you're halfway there.

>> No.51350766

Lightning should really be air, with cold associated with water.

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>> No.51350871

>I didn't realize I was shitposting! Stop pointing out the obvious!

Oh, come on now. You're still trying to defend yourself, to the point where you honestly think the people calling you out are at fault. At this point, you've outed yourself as the kind of newfag that haven't even been on 4chan long enough to realize that not every board is /b/ and /pol/.

>> No.51350888


He had a meltdown and blew up a giant model of the numbers 2016 with dynamite, I shit you not. Truly, magic is real.

>> No.51350961

As proved by those digits.

>> No.51350972


Hey buddy, are you okay?

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The element of freedom.

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There's no one here to upvote you for virtue signalling, you know.

>> No.51351422

Back in the day when people actually used the four elements as their basis of describing the world, they believed lightning to be air. According to Aristotle:

>When there is a great quantity of exhalation and it is rare [ie, fine/dispersed] and is squeezed out in the cloud itself we get a thunderbolt."
(Meteorologica 371a17-19)

>> No.51351483

In Avatar :
Fire = Fire and Lightning (And Firebenders are the only to be able to create their'element from nothing)
Air = Air
Earth = Dirt and Rocks but for some reasons metal is not part of the Earth element, magma is Earth but is hard to controle and create again for unexplained reasons.
Water = Water but they can easily transform water into ice and vice-versa + healing, they can also manipulate blood because of the water in it and do some weird shit like a less good version of the energybending thing.

>> No.51351525


Did they ever get the bugs worked out?

>> No.51351527

>Mixing classical elements and modern physics/chemistry

>> No.51351550


It's posts like these that prompt the /pol/ shitposting, you're your own worst enemy with your self-righteous bitching whenever you see anything even mildly political and get triggered.

>> No.51351580

I blame A:tLA.

>> No.51351593

Are you autistic or did you just skip Iroh's scenes?

>> No.51351637


>> No.51352075

Yes, because water is the Cold-dominant element. Cooling is PRECISELY water's domain.

It sure as hell doesn't have anything to do to fire. What, you think cooling is just the removal of heat? No, dipshit, you have to ADD COLD.

Of course not, earth isn't even a Hot element in the first place, let alone Hot-dominant. Naturally, you need fire.

Hypothetically, an extraordinarily skilled earth mage might be able to melt stone into lava by means of friction, as it is known that friction has the capacity to change earth or air to fire (these being adjacent elements with the capacity to convert between each other under certain circumstances). However, this would require nearly godlike levels of earth magic, not only because it takes a tremendous amount of heat to melt stone, but also because the earth element is more suited to non-motion and orderliness. The brisk, chaotic motion that would be necessary to generate enough fire by friction to melt stone is quite contrary to the usual affinities of earth magic. Not theoretically impossible, but certainly impossible by all practical measures.

>> No.51352121

Not really.

It's got to be immensely hard to rationalize doing so when the F22 is pretty much better at its actual task.

>> No.51352316

Saying it's air seems logical to me.
As a side note though, why is fire an element in fantasy when it's the only one of the main four that is dependent on another element to maintain itself? IMO fire should fall within a subcategory of air, the same way metal is considered within earth alignment.

>> No.51352417

>walk into other board and starts snitposting/baiting by /pol/memes
>lol u triggered!

>> No.51352489

>water is made of oxygen and hydrogen

don't even try to start this

>> No.51352569

Because the elements are based off of what the Greeks believed the world was made of (sans aether, witch just became magic). In their view all were tangible materials and present in varying quantities in all matter.

>> No.51352742

The A & B are pretty close to good enough for general deployment, the C still has a couple major bugs, especially in the landing gear.
The F-22 is a fantastic plane, and kinesthetically more capable, but the F-35 has four advantages that are significant enough that the F-22 production line should not be restarted unless they can be integrated with similar technology.

1. The F-35 has a harder to detect and higher bandwidth data link, letting it share more kinds of and more precise data with both smart munitions sheet after launch and ground units, in addition to aircraft like the F-22. One example tests was an F-35 taking command of a naval long range SAM and guiding it (radar off) to the location of an aerial radar that was detected by the F-35, directing the SAM to switch on its guidance radar only after the missile has flown to within a range that the enemy fighter cannot escape from. This was used to prosecute a drone target simulating a Su-35 radar at a range of 300 kilometres from the F-35 and 400 kilometres from the destroyer that launched the missile. When two or more F-35s are in the air, everything one can detect, they all can see, and basically instantly.

2. The F-35 uses a secure operating system and encrypted data trunks inside itself. Stealing the software that makes an F-22 tick would take about an hour of physical access to the aircraft. Stealing the F-35's code would take a couple hours of physical access and several CPU weeks of super computer work.

3. The F-35's stealth coatings take far less, far less expensive maintenance than the F-22. The price difference is thousands of dollars per flight hour.

4. The F-35's optical missile launch warming and target identification system is ages beyond a IRST, and captures the entire globe around aircraft. It's fantastic for air to mud and air to air detection, gives the F-35 detailed and comprehensive data on every missile launch in line of sight to it.

>> No.51352776

Air is a gas.
Water is a liquid.
Earth is a solid.
Fire is a plasma.
Lightning is a plasma.

This isn't hard guys.

>> No.51352837

>I wasn't triggered I was just pretending to be retarded while trolling your board lol

>> No.51353100

>but the F-35 has four advantages
Yeah he is totally secured sknce plane cannot left the hangare

>> No.51353122

>u-u-u triggereed!
Yeah whatever.
>while trolling your board lol
Nice projectiins reddit.

>> No.51353132

By this logic, ice-based magic should be earth-elemental, when it seems like they should be water-elemental; and, more jarringly, magma effects should be water-elemental when it seems that should be fire, earth, or some combination.

>> No.51353151

I put them into water cause it's the only thing that is absolutely needed to form lightning.

Or i just ignore the 4 elements system and go about it in a similar way as the chinese 5 elements as in a wide range of concepts.

>> No.51353307

Exalted has it under Air.

While also having /cold/ under Air too, rather than Water, so they're a bit weird.

>> No.51353396

To be the Devil's advocate, concepts that work for ice elemental creatures often work for earth elemental ones, and you can use a lil shoopery to make one look like the other pretty easily.

>> No.51353435

ur so mad kek

>> No.51353497

Im M&M babby so air all the time.
But in my setting fire is under air too, so it does make the argument much simplier.

>> No.51353521

I hate elemental stuff so i rationalize it this way: elements are in fact state of matter.

Fire and lightning are in the same category because they are plasma.

Air is gas.

Water is liquid, together with lava.

Earth is solid, as is ice.

>> No.51353644

Actually Pence's website back in 2000 said that he would request that the CARE act federal funding would be expanded for patient requested procedures for therapy for the mentally ill. Also note that "aversion therapy" had ceased to be used on homosexuals by that time since it stopped being defined as a mental disability in 1973. The funny part is that liberals are the one that are attaching "mentally ill" the connotation of "gay community". Every time someone says Pence wants to electrocute gays they're saying that gays are mentally ill. Pence has never mentioned homosexuals in any way in his public career so everything has to be inferred based on that one line he had back during his campaign for congressman in 2000.

Now you know how Pence = Lightning God meme comes from.

>> No.51355096

Lightning is made from the electromagnetic charges in the ground and in the clouds, so technically it's Earth and Water. That said, Air is pretty cool.

>> No.51355349

Well, the more you know.

>> No.51355446

How about pic related as the elements in your setting? Ever thought about how nasty a cesium mage could be? Even a lowly hydrogen mage could set off some impressive pyrotechnics. Gods forbid you ever run into a uranium mage.

>> No.51355630

>Which of the four classical elements does lightning fall under?
>B-b-but why?
Fire, water, earth, air = Plasma, liquid, solid, gas.

Lightning is plasma. Ergo, lightning falls under the fire umbrella category.

>> No.51356498

This is neat, but I don't understand how Metal creates and overacts into Water, the rest makes some sense, is there a philosophical aspect or something that I'm missing?

>> No.51356607

What are those creatures?

>> No.51356644

I didn´t even have the idea of trumpposting today until I read your comment.

>> No.51356664

Semen daemons

>> No.51356677

4 years of trump posting, maybe more

>> No.51356702


>> No.51356726

Air, but that's mostly because of the ice/fire/lightning trio of elemental damage you often find, water get ice, fire is obvious and air get lightning.

>> No.51356782

i gaze upon the future

it s splendid

>> No.51356825

It's just water types being weak vs lightning

>> No.51357006

Hows about rather then impotently bitching about them, which is hilariously pathetic btw and only encourages them, you try drowning out their bullshit with relevant and constructive comments that relate to the thread?

>> No.51357015

>I'm so sensitive I get triggered by even the slightest reference to politicians I don't like
You're the problem here I'm afraid anon, not the image.

>> No.51357026

Isn't lightning created by the particles suspended in the air or some shit, like dust? That'd technically make it earth.

Full disclosure: I am not a scientist.

>> No.51357039

>I'm just sick of fucking Trump posters
Okay then go have a cry about it and shut the fuck up, the whole world doesn't revolve around you.

Some people like trump

Some people hate trump

And some people (most in fact) just don't really give a fuck either way because it's politics, it's always shit. Did you really think Hillary was going to be radically different?

>> No.51357057

>over a hundred elements
>most of them are just dull grey metals with nothing interesting about them really

Fuck reality, this is why people do drugs.

>> No.51357087

Why does it matter if it was made by a /pol/ack or not? If the thread was about the wisdom of Pence's plan to electrocute the homosexuals you'd have a point, but it isn't so you don't.

>> No.51357103

>regardless of what part of the spectrum you fall on.
I bet you know lots about being on a spectrum don't you, by the sounds of it.

>> No.51357115

>8 years anon

>> No.51357128

earth, it can fall under magnetism, which is governed by earth/metal

>> No.51357172

>4 years of trump posting, maybe more
Have you read this thread? If >>51345128
is anything to go by Trump's going to wind up being the next FDR.

>> No.51357604

This. It's hilarious the double standard when we had 8 years of Obama memes and reaction images that nobody on either side batted an eye at, but post anything related to the new guy and it's nothing but kicking and screaming.

This board has always been one of the better ones for derailing a bait topic into something PRODUCTIVE, so everyone crying about /pol/ and not contributing anything meaningful are the ones at fault here.

>> No.51358365

Haha, nice post friend! Here, have an upvote!

>> No.51358492

People complained about those too. Don't try to create a new narrative just to try to justify spamming politics here.

You have a whole board for your shit. Stay there, and stop trying to leak your shitty EBIN MEMES elsewhere. They're not appreciated here.

>> No.51359957

That's a very modern, scientific interpretation of the classic four-elements split, which would fit nicely into a modern magic game like Unknown Armies but not so well into anything medieval-fantasyish.

>> No.51360188


Metal cools the air, extracting water from it

>> No.51360226


>destroys trade relations with Asia
>attacks blue collar workers

It's almost like right wingers are just delusional sociopaths or something...

>> No.51360763

lighting is literally fire

the bolt of lighting you see is just super heated plasma. fire is plasma. there is no difference between the two.

people think lightning is electricity but it's really not. electricity is invisible. you can never see electricity.

when you see a bolt of lightning it's like seeing the wake that a boat makes in the water. you aren't seeing the actual source of the energy, rather the effect it has on the atmosphere. it would be silly to call lightning air because it is air on fire. fire consumes oxygen. if you call lighting air then fire is air too.

>> No.51360822

Metal is part of Earth, Dumbass. Toph figured out metalbending and taught it to others.

>> No.51361089

Or what about Strunk & White's Elements of Style? Because everything called "elements" means the same thing!

>> No.51361768

More systems should replace elements with states.
Solids, liquids, gases, and fire/electricity

>> No.51362931

>More systems should replace elements with states.
Why? How is this an improvement?

>fire is plasma.
A lot of fire is not plasma. Virtually all naturally occurring fires are not plasma. You have to use pretty specific fuel-air mixtures with high caloric value fuels to even get close to the temperatures needed to ionize enough molecules for something to behave like a plasma instead of hot gas.

>> No.51362976

Such low energy. Sad!

>> No.51363065

Its what you get when you mix Fire and Air.

Honestly I'm suprised there isnt a fuckload of Pence as Dorn pictures

>> No.51363200

Electricity is best used as a new element.
lightning was just shit that fell from the sky for 1000 of years to humans.
sure it makes sense for you to use fire but i'd say that lighting should be for Techmancers who use telsa coils to be on par with elementals.

>> No.51363215

Fire. Lightning is "fire from heaven", and is literally plasma, which is like fire's big brother. This is seen in Avatar.

Air. Lightning comes from the sky, falls under weather control, and is the result of atmospheric conditions. This is seen in Exalted.

Earth. Lightning is the result of electromagnetism, which is an extension of metals and the Earth's iron core. This is seen in Dresden Files.

>> No.51363480

Classically, fire. Fire is heat, combustion, light and has the ability to make sound. Lightning, classically is all of these things. Air is invisible, intangible, brings life and motion. Lightning is none of these things. You fail.

Now in certain systems/settings, it works, mainly because of balance and defining air as sky rather then just Air. But classicly, it doesn't pan out.

>> No.51364407

>leftists dindu nuffin

>> No.51364538

Reminder that if you bring up /pol/ shit in an apolitical thread you are the /pol/.

>> No.51364554

Reminder that you can't keep trying to demand people ignore your picture when you chose the picture.

Enough being dumb already.

>> No.51364821


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