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Best snubfighter comin' through.

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Nice to see that others recognize quality when they see it.

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whats the best fighter without the best ship

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Did anybody else find Imperial Assauts "Jabbas Realm" to be not a good next choice for an expansion? I figured FFG would of went Endor or the Death Star, something relevant to the main plot of the original trilogy.

>> No.51338517

WTF are you talking about? Jabba's palace is the obvious place to set an expansion after Bespin. If anything, it's too predictable.

>Twin Shadows
The part of Tatooine with seedy cantinas and Tusken Raiders, like we see in the first act of A New Hope
>Return to Hoth
Hoth, duh, the first act of The Empire Strikes Back
>The Bespin Gambit
Cloud City, the third act of ESB
>Jabba's Realm
The part of Tatooine we see in the first act of Return of the Jedi

So what are we missing chronologically? On board the first Death Star, which is not a place to set even a mini-campaign; the Death Star trench run, which is for X-Wing, not Imperial Assault; and Dabogah, where exactly three characters appeared in the entire OT.

Endor will probably be the next large expansion (I don't think FFG would try to cram it into a small box, anyway). Expect Scout Troopers, Ewoks, a Rebel general version of Han Solo, and if we're lucky, Palpatine. The Jabba's Realm wave gave us a head start on Endor with pic related.

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Best at what? Exploding?

>> No.51338779

Whats the best non-Star Wars films to rip off for my EotE campaign?
I'm lazy and can't seem to think of a good plot

>> No.51338841

What's the party make up?

>> No.51338871

Any Akira Kurosawa film
The Godfather
Fistful of Dollars trilogy
Blazing Saddles
Hard Boiled
The Fast and the Furious
Reservoir Dogs
Ocean's Eleven
Shanghai Noon/Knights
Pulp Fiction
Boondock Saints
Big Trouble in Little China

Do any of these work?

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My players haven't really come up with it yet
But from previous experience it will be 2-3 Han Solo rip-offs and some kind of diplomat/healer

>> No.51338898

Thanks m80, thats a great help

>> No.51338920

Italian job?

You've got your driving (or piloting), your blowing things up, plenty of opportunity for things to go horribly wrong.

>> No.51338941

Good idea, I might do a mix of that and the Godfather
Thanks for the ideas
Sorry forgot to quote correctly

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They really are unparalleled at exploding if you can get their side arcs in your line of fire. On the flip side, they're one of the most efficient snipers out their front arc, especially with the Salvation title.

>> No.51339024

If you can, watch Kill!. It's a more humorous adaptation of the same book that Kurosawa based Yojimbo off of.

>> No.51339034

Well my party's bounty hunter droid just jihaded the hell out of an Inquisitor.

Against all odds the party had managed to beat her down, but she was fleeing, and thanks to Enhance jumps she was getting the fuck out of dodge faster than anyone could really keep up with, was sitting there all smug thinking I had a recurring villain on my hands.

Cue the bounty hunter droid deciding that escape isn't on menu, engaging his jetpack and tackling her out of the fucking air while detonating an armour piercing charge he had in his chest cavity. Bits of him rained down all over the battlefield, but the party's ass is now covered and they have a pretty cool story to tell, even if they lost a crewmate.

He was a modified B1 Battle Droid, so it's kind of appropriate that he blew the fuck out of a force user. Finally got that jedi scum. Like pottery.

>> No.51339041

Will do

>> No.51339216

So how do I efficiently run the firespray in scum lists? I really like Kath Scarlet, but Boba also has his charm.

Who to pair with them? (only got one firespray, unfortunately)

>> No.51339259

Well on the bright side, the Empire now has a very good reason to throw a heavy fist the parties direction now.

I made my old party regret the day they decided to gib a trainee Inquisitor after the party Jedi. They even recorded it and uploaded it to the holonet for kicks. This was only our second ever Star Wars game so they didn't exactly realize the penalty of antagonizing the Empire like that but they got taught quickly enough. Fun times.

>> No.51339339

Endor is likely next. Jabba's Realm is pretty fuckin baller, though. Jet Troopers!

Possible IA expansions
Ewoks, scout troopers, Han/Chewie/AT-ST that's worth a damn
AT-PTs, Security droids (Death Troopers), Hondo
>TFA, maybe Maz's castle
Crimson Corsair, FO and Resistance dudes, roly poly monsters
Partisans, tanks, crazy weirdo alien shit, Death Troopers?
Battle droids pls

>> No.51339343

Things will definitely escalate, for sure. I loved the session though, it was a really nice end to that character, even if he had a lot of potential that kind of got snuffed out.

Losing his friend has also made the party jedi's rapid spiral into the dark side accelerate that bit more, he's probably going to fall in a session or two at this rate.

>> No.51339414

>inb4 Lothal, infiltrator droids, Lasats, statblocks for Mining Guild TIE and inquisicopter

>> No.51339459

At our regionals yesterday (128 players, I think) the guy who made second had Boba and Ketsu.

Kath I like to run with fearlessness and dengar or tail gunner plus glitterstim and an optional engine upgrade. Boba I like VI, engine, glitterstim, latts/tactician/tail gunner, and proton bombs.

Solid ship, fun to fly, definitely unforgiving without engine upgrade.

>> No.51339688

Remember, you can spend a Dark Side point to let any Nemesis escape.

>> No.51339707


These are awesome! Thanks a ton!

>> No.51339939

Were E-wings meant to look like Vipers from BSG, or is it coincidence?
If it's intentional, is it homage or blatant rip-off.
Also, T-wings

>> No.51339996

E-wings look nothing like Vipers. Vipers were made from McQuarrie drawings anyway.

>> No.51340058

They're not dissimilar

>> No.51340098

That's a hell of a stretch, even for Reed Richards.

>> No.51340110

E-wings are just lazily derivative from existing designs. Existing designs are already similar to the Viper, since they were both made by the same damn concept artist.

That's the extent of their similarity.

>> No.51340124

>engines in completely different places
>guns in completely different places
>one cockpit follows flat surfaces, the others' makes a bubble
>one has a vertical stabilizer, the other doesn't
Lay off the weed, man.

>> No.51340261

Alright, I googled it and there are even memes on other SW communities about how similar they look.

>> No.51340294

Any scans of Friends Like These up yet?

I'm curious about the Mando Human and the statblock for a Raider.

>> No.51340298

Literally the only similarity is they're both snub fighters with a long nose and short wings.

>> No.51340552

as said by others, the Nebulon-B may be a reletively small ship, but it can punch well above its size class.

a pair of Nebulon-Bs have the potential to bring down a Star Destroyer.

>> No.51340603

My AoR group needs to get to Byss in order to destroy the Empires newest project. Now I realize that Byss's location is a well guarded secret. so I was wondering how they might go about finding it's coordinates, any ideas?

>> No.51340605

For EotE character creation, do you go RAW when it comes to starting cash / equipment or do you do it differently?
What about starting spaceship?

>> No.51340609

Will the Nebulon B ever see itself in X-wing?
I wouldn't even mind if they scaled it to 1/400 and made it 5 Epic points. I'd buy it on day one and run the shit out of it.

>> No.51340622

>a pair of Nebulon-Bs have the potential to bring down a Star Destroyer.

>> No.51340631

My group ran it closer to "mother may I?" with the GM.

>> No.51340633

I think the T-Wing bears a far stronger resemblance to the viper.

>> No.51340656

Done it in armada.

>> No.51340733

that means nothing

>> No.51340746

Breaking into an ISB complex?
Interrogating a janitor/radar technician that might have worked there?
Put a tracking device on a ship thats bound for that direction?
Apply to an Imperial job posting, work your way up to be shipped off to any "Top Secret" assignments?
Find an information broker in the Hutt underworld?

>> No.51340794


I'm pretty sure a pair of frigates could take down a VSD I. That thing was just not up to snuff for space combat in the rebellion era.

ISDI, ISDII, or VSDII are probably too much for two frigates, though. Those ships were made to dominate in space combat.

>> No.51341068

comparing them in armada:
Two Neb-Bs with Spinal armaments pump out 4 red dice each from the front arc
A regular Star Destroyer has 11 hull points and 4,3,3,2 in shield values

Ok, so they won't bring it down in one salvo but if the manage to stick to its ass for a while they can burn away enough to detonate or severely cripple the ISD

>> No.51341228

Xwing question.

Is the starviper viable, and is it possible to make any fun/thematic lists with it?

>> No.51341262

It's overcosted, but it's got an amazing dial so you can definitely make it work.

>> No.51341314

Does anyone have experience playing EotE or the similar rpgs over voice chat? I'm looking to GM my first time with this and I'm wondering if the game mechanics are too difficult when not in person with your players

>> No.51341357

overcosted. So how to shave points to make it evencosted then?

>> No.51341570

How bad of an idea is it to give a party a Firespray as their starting ship?

>> No.51341766

>How bad of an idea is it to give a party a Firespray as their starting ship?
not bad at all if the party likes collecting bounties for a living. I mean its listed AS one of the four starting ships in the EotE core.

>> No.51341788

It's not a BAD idea, but one pilot, no copilot, no gunners can make it boring for the crew. If they're okay with space combat being a mostly one-man show, then it's fine. There are still things they can do in combat (look for a table titled "Additional Starship and Vehicle Actions"), just not the exciting stuff.

>> No.51341818

E-Wings are so boring looking.

>> No.51341926


Wait for a scum aces pack.

>> No.51341965


Yep, do it all the time. I haven't had any problems. Use a dice roller which calculates the results and it should be too hard to teach. People struggle a little with the symbology but that's not inherent to say, using discord or google hangouts.

>> No.51341971

Anyone else run their games in a vaguely defined post-Endor time period? The Wookiepedia crew has a potent strain of autism, so I can't stand to go there. In my mind, following the Empire's defeat at Endor, the New Republic was formed with Leia as Chancellor, Han and Leia married, the Imperial Remnant retreated to the Outer Rim under Thrawn and began infighting, and Mandalore remains withdrawn, neutral and badass (the lore with all this darksaber/death watch/Satine/ shit never happened). The Jedi academy is established on Yavin IV and a Sith Cult is established in the Unknown Regions. Rich Vos is playing tonight at the Laugh It Up! Comedy Club (inside Mahooney's Irish Pub and Steakhouse) in Poughkeepsie, tickets start at only $10.

>> No.51342075

>Mandalore remains withdrawn, neutral and badass

Was cool with it until this part. As much as I hate a lot of the clone wars and rebels stuff including mandos having the mandos as better than thou special snowflake tacticools is why they sucked in late EU

>> No.51342124

You're thinking of Thunderfighters for Buck Rogers, which were the original Viper design.

>> No.51342199

And I should be using a dice roller that actually uses the Star Wars dice right? Not the regular dice and try to convert it

>> No.51342208

It's solid, but definitely overcosted by a bit. Think pre-vets Defenders. Guri is money, very action efficient and good in a mindlink list.

>> No.51342327

Anybody use the EOTE dice tools for EOTE? I did with a group a long time back and then tried again recently and one of my friends couldn't get it to download when he joined our chat

>> No.51342414


My group uses http://game2.ca/eote/#

It doesn't integrate or anything, so the only way to see is like, screen share somehow, but if you can trust players with their rolls you can't trust players with their rolls.

>> No.51342607

>thou special snowflake tacticools
but but muh boba

>> No.51342613

It's less trusting my players and more that it saves me time on interpreting the results/crafting the dice pool if I can see it. Thanks for the help though

>> No.51342730

These are all good ideas.

Sneak aboard a transport going there.
Find and corrupt a researcher.
Use the Force.

>> No.51342882

>start watching Rebels season 3
>Bendu shows up
>holy shit its kingseeker Frampt
>look his character up
>not voiced by Frampt
>voiced by Tom Baker

holy shit, say what you will about Rebels and Clone Wars, but I fucking love their voice talents

>> No.51343030

Would it be okay to start off my AoR party A4 (i.e. one-man) Y-Wings instead of S3s (two-man)? Would any significant problems arise from this? I'm running a starfighter-centric campaign with space combat fixes, FYI.

>> No.51343210

No, McQuarrie also made the final Viper concept.

>> No.51343525

You are correct, I apologize for my ignorance.

>> No.51343672

It'd be perfectly fine, little more offensive power but less protective fire.

>> No.51343817

Is it worth trying to compete in an X-wing regional if I have to drive 3 hours to the closest one?

>> No.51344192

Not unless you're good enough to win it.

>> No.51344284

Can't see why not. It does mean the party can do 4 things per round, instead of 2 (effectively), but there are surely some disadvantages to making everyone require pilot skills.

Plus, spare parts and maintenance are going to be killers. Good luck keeping all 4 flying at the same time.

>> No.51344301

Fuck. ing. Called it.

Sabine for Mandalore! Training montage episode is proof!

>> No.51344345

>Old lore had Boba Fettasmandalore
>New lore will have Sabine as one

As long as she wont force her changing hair colors and graffitti upon the rest of the Mandalorians i shall be ok with it.

>> No.51344463


I'd love it if Boba Fett works as a hitman for the Mando opposition. Play up that he's this disgusted outcast pretender, but who Mandos are now desperate, begrudging, or culturally depraved enough to resort to hiring.

The more he reverts to pre-Prequel "Man with No Name" type the better.

>> No.51344560

Can someone explain the different types of ship-mounted laser weapons to me?

What's the scale here? What's the low end vs the high end?

>> No.51344586

In general or pertaining to a specific media?

>> No.51344611

If you want to play a bunch of X-Wing, meet some cool people, and maybe get a shot at some glory, go for it.

>> No.51344729

In general, sorry. No rules required. I'm just trying to figure out the terminology for weapons systems.

>> No.51344847

>pre-Prequel "Man with No Name" type the better.
To be fair, he lost his "Man with No Name" in the early EU, then the Prequels further facilitated it while The Clone Wars tried to give some of it back to him.

>> No.51344925

>Blaster Cannon
Basically an upscaled version of the star wars handheld blaster. Available in full or semi-auto, considered inferior to laser cannons.

>> No.51344961

>Laser Cannon
Focused light beams combined with charged particles to produce long range, accurate, and incredibly damaging blasts of energy. The number one choice for anti-vehicle and anti-personnel work.

>> No.51344992

Playing around with Rendar lists. What do you think of this one?
Is Dash too fat?

Dash Rendar [Push the Limit, Heavy Laser Cannon, Assault Missiles, Sabine Wren, Outrider, Engine Upgrade, Ion Bombs] (64)

“Red Ace” [R2-D2, Comm Relay, Integrated Astromech] (36)

>> No.51345028

>Ion Cannon
Anti-ship stun gun. It won't tear a ship in half, but it'll knock out all its systems.

>> No.51345081

That's a Mass Driver.

>> No.51345087

>brain worm episode of TCW
>Anakin believably goes from nice and caring master to backhanding and force choking a prisoner to get them to talk
Holy shit why is a children's cartoon so much better at showing Anakin becoming Vader over the course of 15 minutes than the movies for whom it was their sole purpose managed in ~6 hours?

>> No.51345119

We haven't been calling the movies shite for years now just because of nothing.

>> No.51345131

You think that's good? Wait until Mortis.

>> No.51345170

Because they learned from the mistakes of the prequels

>> No.51345171

You're right, I'm sorry. Have you got a good image of a vehicle-size blaster cannon in an action pose where it's not hidden inside a TIE or something?

>> No.51345185

So let me get this straight.

The droid army. Has guns. That have to be loaded manually. And have spent... casings? everywhere.

This is a silly setting.

>> No.51345197

Besides the reason he turned was Padme that episode has nothing to do with her, as I remember

>> No.51345225


AFAIK, at least in nucanon (and my chosen canon, teehee) lasers are more or less identical to blasters, with one major difference.

A 'blaster' weapon converts a blaster gas into a plasma by processing it through an XCiter, which uses electricity stored in a power pack (or in the rare case of ship-mounted blasters, from the ship's reactor) to cause the state change.

A laser uses a high-powered laser to cause the state change, which is more expensive and harder to miniaturize, in exchange for better results in terms of plasma output, which leads to more damage and range.

A turbolaser is the same principal, except with an even more powerful laser. Even bigger, even more energy required, et cetera.

A superlaser... you get the idea.

>> No.51345256

Heavy Battle Armor is practically Mandalorian Armor, right?

>> No.51345263

The guns on the Naboo Speeders are blasters cannons iirc.

>> No.51345330


That's the art they use for it, anyway.

>> No.51345363

Droid NAVY, senpai. It's an old-school flak gun, so the casing holds all the shrapnel and shit.

>> No.51345621

Anyone knows the rules regarding out of combat Force checks in EoE?

>> No.51345689

A bit to fat yeah. Assault missiles, especially without guidance Chips, feels a bit wasted on a ship that's gonna roll 4 attack dice always anyways, so that's one thing to drop.

>> No.51345737

Should I replace those 5 points with a torp on the X-wing? or should I try dropping enough stuff to fit a 3rd ship in the list?

>> No.51345779


The same as in combat Force checks?

>> No.51345847

I would say upgrade the X-wing, maybe go to a more expensive pilot or loadout. For only 37 points you can do Nien Numb + Stay on Target + Targetting Astro + Pattern Analyzer + Autothrusters which makes for a super maneuverable, survivable and fun ship to fly.

>> No.51345950

So what's the plan with the starfighter-centric game other than "shoot stuff?"

And have you considered using the upgrades, tweaks, and repairs that the PCs will need as mechanisms to drive the story?

>> No.51345951

but do you roll for a scene or for any action, or can you spam force powers? I guess it's the gamemaster's call?

>> No.51346075

There's also the time a potential Seperatist spy is hitting on Padme and Anakin loses his shit

>> No.51346135


I mean, you can roll as many times as you like - the only thing stopping you is failure, but the "time scale" of Force powers is deliberately ambiguous, so outside of structured time your GM can easily go, "Okay, you failed to use Influence, the stormtrooper has busted out his binder cuffs and is gesturing fo you to put your hands behind your back"

There's no limit to the amount of times you can roll a power, but time doesn't stop while you try and do so.

>> No.51346279


Reading about this makes me want to run a "Wing Commander"-style story & game now.

>> No.51346326


I believe Mandalorian armor had the same stats as heavy battle armor in the Friends Like These adventure. However, the latest update to No Disintegrations specifically mentions the "impressive quality and legendary status" of Mandalorian armor, so it might have separate stats for it in that book.

>> No.51346346

So... do that then?

I mean, it's nice to have at least 2 overlapping themes or mechanics in your game. It makes you look like a really cunning GM.

>> No.51346357

For my AoR campaign I'm considering giving my players a deliberately non-R series Astromech droid due to their cell's resources being scarce. Something that sort of performs all the same functions but is needlessly more complicated because of all the patents the R-series manufacturers have in place.

What do you think would be some entertainingly frustrating equivalent functions it could have? I was considering something like it's not able to dock with starfighters, so to connect it you have to have it inside the cockpit with you taking up space and being a nuisance.

>> No.51346392


>> No.51346511


Maybe I just liked KOTOR too much

>> No.51346523

Alternatively, give them an R1 astromech.


>"It was common for R1 units to be used in the hyperdrive sleds of CloakShape fighters."

>> No.51346557

The head is detachable and "extra-modular!" It's sold as a feature, but really, it's just a nuisance. Finding compatible sockets is difficult, and despite promises from the manufacturer, no two body types ever seem to work the same way.

Rather than inserting the whole droid into a socket in your fighter, you pop the head off and insert it into a custom (and very finnicky) docking port.

>> No.51346609

The astromech line is perfectly competent but extremely cowardly. In battle, they've been known to jettison themselves into space rather than risk another direct hit.

>> No.51346625

Excellent taste.

>> No.51346721

The astromech always insists on taking the fastest route, even if it's more dangerous. You sometimes find it adding fuel boosters to the tanks or removing safety governors from your ship's turbines.

>> No.51346763

Someone decided that fitting the astromech with sixteen different types of alarms and a very powerful speaker was a good idea.

The good news is you'll never sleep in again.

>> No.51346951

Pro: The droid has the language library of a mid-range protocol droid, and can understand instructions given by almost any being, droid, or system.

Con: It doesn't have proper speakers, just a couple of those motherboard beepers set to different tones. And they're buried inside its head, so they're a bit tough to hear.

Pro: Its enormous comm library includes programming languages, and the droid can manipulate most systems that an R2 unit could. In some cases it even does a better job.

Con: The droid's computer probe is a proprietary model which the manufacturer thought would replace galactic standard comm ports. It did not. No-one has ever figured out how to replace the probe without bricking the droid, so it needs special adapters to jack into a computer. No company has made one in over twenty years.

>> No.51347724

Anyone up for another round of "design a hideous starship?"

Just select one shape off each page and mash them together to build the outline of your new ship.

>> No.51347741


>> No.51347852

Funnily enough they chose to use fuck huge ion rather than actual lasers because they penetrate ISD shields, which are too tonka stronk even for batteries of that size, and guarantee to disable where even direct damage probably wont do enough work against it's hull.

>> No.51347977

It'd be better for them all to get their own Firespray so they can all contribute to space combats. As it is, the YT-1300 is simply the best starting option.

>> No.51348159

That's assuming the ISD being shot doesn't use any defense tokens, which isn't likely.
Hell, an ISD II with Spinal Armament and a Concentrate Fire command gives them 10 dice out of their front arc. Add in Gunnery Teams and they could down two Neb-B's in one round. They could take SW-7 Ion Batteries for even more damage.

>> No.51348300

i love it

>> No.51348311

The 3D render was pretty interesting to make.

>> No.51348470

Remember that time Vader choked out Motti while holding a cup of coffee?

>> No.51348489


>> No.51348494

G2 Goose droid is basically a terrible, non-slottable astromech.

>> No.51348745

>using the Force to hold his coffee
I now have the idea of running a Star Wars game where the BBEG is a Sith who, upon first encountering the Party fights them while his coffee floats newby and he takes sips of it in between rounds to show how little a threat the Party is.

>> No.51348797

>Umm, yeah, I'm going to need you to surrender that holocron.

>> No.51348844


>> No.51349028

>yeah, TK-421 I'm going to need to come in this Saturday

>> No.51349037

Oh yeah, I know, but I find that kinda cheap, and if the players think up such a cool, dramatic way to take an enemy out, why rob them of that?

I guess my post might have come across like I was disappointed. Far from it, I was cheering along with him the whole way, even if it was kinda bittersweet because he was a great character.

>> No.51349076

>"What would you say you Jedi do here?"

>"Well look, I already told you! We deal with the goddamn Separatists so the citizens don't have to! We have diplomatic skills! I am good at diplomacing with people! Can't you understand that? What the hell is wrong with you people?"

>> No.51349133

>Well, the first thing I do is TALK TO CORPORATE

>> No.51349333


>Force Coffee

>> No.51349782

Kinda continuing the death star talk, what other WMDs, besides Star Killer and Sun Crusher, are there in Star Wars / the ethics behind them?

>> No.51349858

The only one I thought that was actually sensible was the Galaxy gun, and that was similar to starkiller base and modern ICBMs in that it was a weapon with reach that was kept secured in your territory. The eclipse wasn't terrible either, being halfway between the deathstar and a super star destroyer.

>> No.51349888

Best superweapon is still the Missile Boat, though.

>> No.51349927


I'm curious about your definition of ethics.

But there are a lot of super weapons, such as galaxy gun, star killer base (see galaxy gun), darksaber, the suncrusher :^)

>> No.51349967

Ethics wasn't really the word, I was curious about the restrictions and laws / social perception of them if they're that detailed

>> No.51350009

>what other WMDs, besides Star Killer and Sun Crusher, are there in Star Wars

Oh brother, are you in for a world of discovery.

Galaxy Gun (Shoot planet killer missiles through hyperspace!)

Darksaber (Shitty budget superlaser built by Durga the Hutt using every single cost-cutting measure in the book I never fired and was crushed by asteroids!)

World Devestators (Consume a planet's raw materials and turn them into resources to build drone fighters!)

Torpedo Spheres (Mini Death Stars built to bomb the shit out of a planet)

The Krytos Virus (Super-virulent Space Leprosy!

Drochs (Ancient bio-engineered bugs that cause the Death Seed Plague)

Omega Ice (Snap-freeze anything, including a Rebel fleet! Brought to you by TaggeCo!)

The Tarkin (Basically a smaller-scale superlaser station as a kind of interim between the Death Stars)

There's more, of course.

>> No.51350094

I got Empire At War from a friend on steam, but I've heard that it's better with some mod or another. What mod is this?

>> No.51350102

There aren't any. The Empire loves fucking people over
>Social perception
People don't like being blown up by the Empire. They don't get a vote

>> No.51350131

In my campaign, Durga somehow got the Darksaber up and running. It's more like a laser shotgun - it can't destroy a planet, but it sure can fuck up its atmosphere - but it's allowed him to carve out a little empire of his own.

It's also remarkably effective against ships. It's not accurate, but anything in the cone of fire tends to melt.

>> No.51350192

>After a twelve day incubation period, the Krytos virus entered into a one-week debilitating process in which it replicated itself in the host body. Once a cell was filled with the virus, that cell soon exploded and the cell next to it became infected. The circulatory system carried the virus throughout the body cell by cell. The virus did not destroy pain receptors, so the process was particularly agonizing for the victim, particularly during the final stages


>> No.51350341

This is significantly less horrifying than several real-world diseases.

>> No.51350422 [SPOILER] 


>> No.51350450

>never fired and was crushed by asteroids
I thought it exploded the first time they tried to fire it?

>> No.51350464

I'm going to assume you are the same person, and that you have at least 1GB of manga reaction images.

Carry on.

>> No.51350476

It's also easily curable as long as you're not in the final stages. You just need, IIRC, a liter or so of Bacta. The point was a terror weapon to demoralize the NR, not kill them all. The latter happening was just a bonus.

>> No.51350489

hope this and the gunboat gets recanonized

>> No.51350494

Wrong on the first one, but I guess "at least 1" includes 33.

>> No.51350503

I'm not the other guy if I were to tally up all the manga/anime reaction images it would probably be closer to 5 or 6 gigs.

>> No.51350530

Well huh.

Ok, you two had better become friends or lovers, because fuck it, this is too weird.

>> No.51350549

Well if you want to measure beyond just reaction images...

>> No.51350564


>> No.51350582

Damn, son, that folder is T H I C C

>> No.51350596


>> No.51350611

So you're saying that Goose is good for getting to the Danger Zone?

>> No.51350737

It's got a thing for filming the crew going to the bathroom and selling it on the side in those shady cantinas.
On the bright side, your little droid is fucking loaded.

The downside is he's a greedy little shit and usually only spends credits on himself.

Which is why he's got two new flashy camera appendages and a gold plated third leg

>> No.51350857

How do you justify parties important enough to be commanding a moderately sized capital ship still landing and doing shit as a party?

Party is AoR fighter squadron who are decently high up in the rebellion and have been given operational command of a vent or they previously liberated for their missions around the galaxy.

It's easy enough to justify why they don't solve the problem with the ship, it is kinda fragile, but it is harder to explain why they deal with problems personally.

Any ideas? So far we've been hand waving but I like rationalizing things as that generally leads to plot hooks

>> No.51350935

Same as why Jedi generals are on the front lines, its where they're most valuable.

>> No.51350953

Everyone else is a redshirt, a Bothan, or both. Alternately, there simply aren't any marines on board and the PCs are the only ones even remotely qualified for ground combat.

>> No.51350971


You pretty much can't. It doesn't make sense for the leadership of a crew that numbers in at minimum the hundreds to be going down and doing Away Team things themselves. There are certain circumstances - they're forced into it by the ship crashing, the away team(s) they send first lose contact, et cetera - but it's hard to do that over and over.

This is the same problem I ran into when I played Rogue Trader; if I'm the Master at Arms of a capital ship with an armed forces detail of thousands of men, it doesn't make any sense for my response to any 'go explore this ancient ruin!' adventure or whatever to not be sending a few dozen men.

>> No.51350988

I have everyone plays two characters. I have a pretty tight knight RP group and I can't see this working with every group though.

>> No.51350991

Yes, if you mean exploding and dying while the droid cracks shitty puns.

you better do some of that pilot shit mave

>> No.51351082

It's star wars, by the end of the original trilogy, the party was composed of several generals, a princess, the last living Jedi, and a pair of droids that had lived through three wars. Yet they still landed and did shit as a party, some of it strategically trivial.

>> No.51351435

>PC Load Letter? What the fuck does that mean!

>> No.51351495

If normal lightsabers are powered by light-aligned kyber crystals and red lightsabers are kyber crystals that have been bled out so they don't resist dark force users, what on earth was done to the poor crystal powering the darksaber?

>> No.51351526

>Once a cell was filled with the virus, that cell soon exploded and the cell next to it became infected. The circulatory system carried the virus throughout the body cell by cell

This is literally most viruses

>> No.51351598

Hutt stuff. More specifically, Hutt stuff on a shoestring budget.

>> No.51351604

Such shitty lore. Why can't red crystals just be synthetic? I hate the whole lightsaber crystals are magic now.

>> No.51351625

I think it may have predated the whole "Harry Potter Wand Choosing Ceremony Lightsabers".

It's just a big fuck-off laser.

Or are we talking about the Mando darksaber?

Fuck this canon.

>> No.51351650

The Mando one.

>> No.51351654

Ahsoka could be wrong she has been away from the Jedi for quite a while, and there's no indication other crystals couldn't function for use in lightsabers, as of yet, unless I'm missing something.

>> No.51351659

Maybe the crystal just liked that color and shape?

>> No.51351720

I see it as the crystal bonds to it's user. They said no Mandalorian had ever been a Jedi before. So maybe the Darksaber blade is just how Kyber crystals respond to being used by a Mando?

>> No.51351728

This is the theory I like the best. One because Ahsoka is way too mary sue in star wars in the actual meaning of the term, and also because people take everything that people say to each other in universe as absolute canon when people can and do fuck up all the time

>> No.51351757

>I see it as the crystal bonds to it's user.
This is pretty explicitly stated in Sabine's training montage in rebels.

>> No.51351851

What even is the purpose of the bond? The films show that lightsabers don't function any differently when they're in the hands of people other than their original owners. Han made the Tauntaun sleeping bag, Anakin's saber changes hands often, and Grievous keeps a collection of trophy sabers for his own personal use. Then in at least one canon comic, Han and Leia get their hands on more lightsabers courtesy of R2 and use them successfully. There are comments about how odd they feel when wielded, but that can just as easily be attributed to the lack of mass in the blade and other technobabble.

>> No.51351882

Well, honestly, if what Ahsoka said is true, there wouldn't be Lightsabers at all until someone discovered Kyber, and figured out that it could be used for making contained plasma blades, among other things.
That and I liked the many, many colors of sabers in legends.
While different colors could work with either continuity, I like to think the Kyber is the power source and something else is the focusing crystal.

>> No.51351892

In the episode they talk about how the blade feels lighter to her as she bonds with the crystal. I understand that to mean less unwieldy rather than actually weighing less. That would explain why a dark force user would bleed their crystal, so they could achieve greater finesse with less effort, but anyone could make the blade pop out of the handle and swing.

>> No.51351913

They didn't mention the crystal at all. Could easily just be a wanky Jedi way of saying she was getting used to the sword.

>> No.51351919

I thought of it as more that it enhances their connection with the force rather than their saber skills and a skilled duelist just doesn't care.
Or something like that

>> No.51351927


I've been working on a post-Endor period that combines elements of Legends and Nucanon, but I'm trying to twist it to make it more "Cold War in space"

>> No.51351946

Are agromechs still a thing or are they just astromechs now?

>> No.51351966

>They didn't mention the crystal at all.
Factually incorrect. "Energy constantly flows through the crystal. You're not fighting with a simple blade as much as you're directing a current of power. Your thoughs, you actions, they become energy. They flow through the crystal as well and become a part of the blade."

>> No.51351973

Would you allow an aging clone trooper in your EotE/AoR games as a player character?

>> No.51351982

>I understand that to mean less unwieldy rather than actually weighing less.
If that's the case, then it doesn't really fall in line with the films. Anakin didn't seem to behave any differently with the spare lightsabers he and Obi-Wan used to fight Dooku on Geonosis. You'd think that with his inexperience at the time, there would have been a visible change in his movements, but no, it's just as spinny and fancy as the rest of the PT's saber fights. Nobody seems to have any trouble messing around with the Skywalker hand-me-down saber, either.

>> No.51351987

Yeah sure, it's just a red flag though if I don't know the guy

>> No.51352000

I played as one in my last EotE game, so sure.

>> No.51352014

The R4 was an agromech because IA was terrible at determining the needs of their customers. So they stopped making them.

>> No.51352040

Also possibly a way of saying that she became more in tune with herself.

>> No.51352043

About a decade pass between phantom menace and AotC, so I'm not sure that's the right word. I could spin some shit about how Anakin was still following the path of light, so the crystal didn't resist his movements, but we both know it'd just be conjecture.

>> No.51352061

Well, she says it before her big exposition, so I'm not too sure about that.

>> No.51352072

It could just be that in the waning days of the jedi they're just acting out tradition without knowing why.

>> No.51352080

The Grand Inquisitor uses Kanan's lightsaber with no issue whatsoever.

>> No.51352109

If I'm using a Nebulon with Salvation what would be better: Slaved Turrets or Turbolaser Re-routes?

Obviously an extra red die is great with Salvation but I also like the guaranteed double damage. But on the other hand Nebulon lacks a redundant Evade icon so I dunno.

>> No.51352112

No your conjecture would be shitty headcanon because during PT Lucas never envisioned shitty HP wand lightsabers. Fucking Disney nucanon is severly pissing me off. Lightsabers work whether you are attuned to light or darkside holy shit what the fuck?

>> No.51352148

>an opinion or conclusion formed on the basis of incomplete information.
>not synonymous with headcanon
You're going to have to come to terms with the changes sooner or later, anon. Let it be sooner.

>> No.51352159

This was basically Lucas's idea from TCW without changes.

>> No.51352172

>You're going to have to come to terms with the changes sooner or later, anon. Let it be sooner.
I mean... or not?

Canon is just a tool for storytelling. Take what you need.

>> No.51352371

>friends want me to run a Force and Destiny campaign based off of the Infinities adaption of New Hope, where the rebels fail to destroy the Death Star at Yavin IV
>realize I have no idea how I would go about doing this

I mean, how would I create conflict? The rebellion is fucked and the Empire's response to any real rebel threat would "Death Star". They would probably also realize the massive flaw the Death Star has after it is almost destroyed, and then make efforts to protect it. I don't really see how they can get an edge here, except for having half the Imperial Military defect due to Tarkin's unrestrained use of a planet destroying battlestation.

>> No.51352374

I meant in canon

>> No.51352405

So... [NO DATA HERE]? Canon isn't going to talk about droids that aren't quirky fun robots anon.

>> No.51352437

Quit your bitching. You sound as bad as RLM.

>> No.51352464

Firefly and serenity mate. And cowboy bebop of course

>> No.51352477

Yavin was just one cell out of many. The galaxy is a big place and the Death Star can't be everywhere. Instead of trying for a second kill shot right away, maybe the Rebels attack the Death Star's logistical network. A massive, one-of-a-kind battle station requires large quantities of food, fuel, water, and spare parts, as well as a whole lot of freighters to carry those supplies. We also know that Tarkin's decision-making skills are compromised by hubris. So some cells bait Tarkin, lure the Death Star somewhere strategically insignificant, and keep forcing it on wild goose chases. This gives other cells the opportunity to hit the Death Star's supply network or operate under pre-Death Star conditions.

>> No.51352577

There's shitloads of conflict in a rebellion pushed to the edge of extinction, anon. Scattered across the stars with no planet willing to support them, just barely subsisting with only the fanatic diehards willing to keep up the fight, something as simple as food and fuel hard to come by, struggling not to degenerate into just another band of pirates; loads and loads of conflict.

Alternatively, skip ahead to when Sheevy P finally kicks the bucket of natural causes (or "natural causes") resulting in full blown civil war, the DS gets destroyed by internal sabotage, the Imperial apparatus starts ripping itself apart and suddenly whatever is left of the Rebellion finds itself in the best possible position it could ask for.

>> No.51352590

And the other cells get ratted out by planetary populations scared of being vaporised

>> No.51352624

Yeah, it was just cell, but it and all the others were funded and supplied by worlds and people who would now be questioning its continued allegiance to the Rebellion in light of its failure and Alderaan's destruction. Worlds like Mon Cala were in open rebellion, and I imagine Tarkin would immediately target that one in particular to destroy the Rebellion's major source of ships.

While it is true that the Death Star cannot be everywhere, nothing will help you when it actually gets to you. That though will be enough to keep many in line.

>> No.51352692

Well, the rebellion could probably get a lot of support from small groups not worth blowing up a planet over. Like, you have a planet of a billion people and about a thousand of them are actively supporting the Rebellion, that's not worth destroying the planet over. And a thousand people each on a million or so worlds adds up to a decent amount of resources. And that's discounting possibilities like setting up bases in the shallow Unknown Regions, friendly asteroid miners who don't inhabit any planet, etc.

>> No.51352703

How many planets can you blow up before you start signficantly diminishing the number of planets you rule anyways?

>> No.51352728

Plenty of cells could live on uninhabited shitholes, mobile fleets, or in cover so deep that the local planetary population isn't even aware that they exist. A cell that has compromised its opsec that hard has fucked up spectacularly already.

Yeah, the supply situation would be fucked. The Rebellion would have to rely more heavily on scavenging and stealing Imp and pirate gear to get by. The Mon Cal homeworld would also be fucked, though if word gets out quick enough, the Mon Cal could feasibly evacuate their homeworld while bleeding the Imperial vanguard elements, especially if the homeworld is defended as heavily as in Legends. Losses in manpower, resources, and faith would be horrendous, but I can see the Rebellion surviving in a diminished form if it doubles down on the secrecy.

>> No.51352752

There's tens of thousands of systems.

>> No.51352810

Also worth pointing out once the Empire IS desperate enough to start blowing those planets up the entire galaxy will rise up in anger. The truth is that the Death Star was a self-defeating plan, it would have just taken several billion lives being lost before it happened if Luke didn't get involved.

>> No.51352851

>They said no Mandalorian had ever been a Jedi before.
The Darksaber comes from the first Mandalorian Jedi, Tor Vizsla.

>> No.51352856


If I'm playing Delta Green in space it's gonna be Eclipse Phase.

>> No.51352953

>Tor Vizsla
No, http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Tarre_Vizsla

>> No.51353066

It's straight from Lucas himself. It started in the youngling episodes in TCW. Kyber Crystals are semi-living and can attune themselves to people. Usually to good force sensitives like the Jedi, who make weapons from them, but the crystals have meaning to other groups and individuals around the galaxy. The color of the blade is seemingly random.

Dark siders can't actually find their own, so they must corrupt and control a crystal against it's will. Which turns the blade red. (This might be because the Sith appropriated the Jedi's weapon, but that's just my speculation) Ahsoka's crystals happened to be stolen by an inquisitor, so she purified when taking them back. It turned them white.

The crystals come in large sizes as well, and the giant crystal Galen worked on had strange effects on him. It's also possible the Sith used these types of crystals to construct ancient super weapons.

>> No.51353096

>It's straight from Lucas himself.
Man, Lucas sure tried his damndest to leave one final wound in the series before he fucked off forever.

>> No.51353128

You really need to look up the timeline on this one...

>> No.51353691


Well, he also left the darksaber bomb in because he didn't think vibroblades were cool enough to stop lightsabers (even though LFL clearly isn't dramatically against the mythos of cortosis as they don't stop FFG from printing it in F&D which has a weird blend of nu and EU material on sabers) and it took Lucasfilm like 3 seasons of rebels to actually come up with a decent explanation.

>> No.51353788

>even though LFL clearly isn't dramatically against the mythos of cortosis as they don't stop FFG from printing it in F&D which has a weird blend of nu and EU material on sabers
FFG also doesn't pay any attention to the modern lore about crystals. And Mara Jade is in their games.

>> No.51353793

What career/specialization for a Bothan who prides herself on having a wide array of less-than-legal contacts with wide skillsets? I want her to be someone who excels at knowing the right person for any job and doesn't have to do much but talk and pay.

>> No.51353798

Is there a good savage spirits scan yet?

>> No.51353818


Well, the novel Ahsoka came out after F&D, so it couldn't have had an impact - we know FFG only has limited access to materials before they come out.

However, F&D does reflect the start of the modern attitude on sabers, they explictly mention Kyber, and state that the different types of crystals are all somehow different deposits or varieties of Kyber (e/g, Krayt Dragon Pearls used in a saber mean the Krayt dragon ate some crystals which were then polished in it's throat).

And Mara Jade in non-lore driven games.

>> No.51353904

Have the worst ship ever designed.

>> No.51353917

I tend to sit down with my players sight unseen of the books and ask what kind of freighter designs they like from the films, what they want their ship to be doing functionally, etc. Then make a shortlist together with everyone and narrow it down from ships that are around the 110,000 credits mark from CEC (so remember that if they really like stuff like, say, Mon Cal designs, those ships are going to be at a premium on cost even though they aren't that much better).

With regards to equipment, I tend to run with starting plus one item(Not weapon/armour) that helps define the PC's backstory, or their role in the party. (For that I tend to set a limit of about 500 Credit/rarity 7 or lower)

>> No.51353975

I have a /r/.
Could somebody with Forged in Battle upload a capture of the page with the Duties table? I would be ever so grateful.

>> No.51353991

The political situation post-Endor I've been running with makes things a little more of a clusterfuck, which I am quite enjoying/is working quite well.
Imperial Warlords fighting eachother in the outer rim, ranging from moustache twizzlingly evil to actually pretty OK guys (the latter especially in bumfuck middle of nowhere outer rim systems, where they got 'sideways promoted' for being too damn reasonable). They are steadily starting to distill themselves into the 'Galactic Order is the most important thing and the New Republic are the biggest sellers of that right now' and 'Eating Whaladon Meat, Enslavin Wookies and Hunting for Dark Side Artifacts was really what the Empire was all about' camp that will inevitably become the First Order.
A lot of neutral systems, Mandalore included, that are incredibly suspicious of the New Republic. Basically a reformation of the CNS from the Clone Wars.
The Republic trying to gobble systems up to protect them, but it is a lumbering, inefficient body already with a populace exhausted by war, and sick and tired of intervention politics.

>> No.51354006

RPG question fellas

I'm having a slicer try and weigh down the PC's in my AoR game. Basically try and hack into their lives, move credits around, generally make it hard for them to try anything.

Problem is they're non-violent, and I'm having them have an 'insurance file' that they can give to the PC's so this NPC can get away with her life.

What should be in the file? I'm thinking known rebel leaders/agents and their prison locations. Does that work?

>> No.51354057

Data containing the location of hidden supply storages from the Clone Wars.
Movements of imperial navy patrols for the sector.
Holonet/Comm systems jack-in points

>> No.51354062

I don't see why not.

>> No.51354113

Jesus Christ how horrifying.

I have no idea how to even conceptualize how that thing would fly.

>> No.51354140

I know, right? It's almost like it's a random pile of crap instead of a space ship.

But really, I also have no clue how to make that even remotely salveageble.

If anything, I could name it "Atleast it's not this ugly"

>> No.51354183

also, note my awesome paint skills. Maybe it needs better shapes...

>> No.51354259

Question for both Legends and Canon: Did the separatist holdouts not have access to droids or did they use some but made up for them organically? Trying to make a campaign centered on the Western Reaches offensive

>> No.51354314

I think those shapes can work, you might just have to move them around. I took a crack at it but I think it ended up looking more like some kind of ghetto cruiser with a weird x-wing laser thing on the front

>> No.51354326


Bumping this?

>> No.51354404


I like this idea.


Keep the rolling pin as the central core. Put the 2 pork chop/belt things on either side as 4 engines. 2 big ones up top, 2 small ones below. Create that "X" silhouette.

I like the big fuck-off front laser. And the weird bridge - maybe it's only wide enough for one?

What a weird design.

>> No.51354411

There we go. That looks indeed like a ghetto cruiser thing.

Hutt cruiser commin straight at ya. Gonna tractorbeam ya into dese here asteroids, then strip you for parts

>> No.51354436

well, if it's a cruiser, it is quite a bit bigger then a xwing or something.

Like, the side of the hounds tooth or something

>> No.51354873

>size of a YV-666
>instead of rooms for cargo and crew everyone is crammed into bunks in the back of the bridge and a few tiny compartments along the outer edges of the ship
>90% of the ship is occupied by a comically oversized reactor to power its single fixed forward laser fit for a battleship
Kind of like the Druuge ship from Star Control, except the crew are just inconvenienced by the reactor instead of being fuel for it.

>> No.51354924

You dont need cargo when you can just blow up a starship. If you manage to aim it, ofcourse.

>> No.51354927

I missed the earlier post and used the same shapes, some kind of cargo / fuel hauler I guess.. Drawing annoyed me so I made them 3DPD.

>> No.51354937

Nice, I like it.

>> No.51355174

Any scans of the Rebels Visual Guide?

>> No.51355227

how OP is the heavy repeating blaster, really?

>> No.51355241

>the Imperial Remnant retreated to the Outer Rim
>no Battle of Coruscant
Get out
>bawww wookieepedia has the 'tism

>> No.51355257

Decided to try my hand at a hammer shaped thing that isn't a hammerhead

>> No.51355259

It's fun, especially if you pair it with a decent Heavy. Bonus points if you dual-spec into something that has Deadly Accuracy. I still have fond memories of my Hutt heavy dealing something like 35+ damage in a single turn's worth of blasting away.

>> No.51355268

Ooh, what program is that?

>> No.51355281

So the lower section is mostly engines, while the upper bit is the actual living quarters, etc?

I like it, but I might rearrange the engines a bit. They look flimsy as-is.

>> No.51355287

that's the idea, yes.

>> No.51355380

And now im thinking it would look better with the hammer turned around and the drink bottle thing on the front as cargo/cockpit. or something

>> No.51355629

kinda like this

>> No.51355857

The reactor is designed to be unstable. The point of your game is to arrange a situation where you can feed in a saboteur squadron.

>> No.51355858

Looks like my players are soon to own a fancy bar in Nar Shaddaa. Wonder how I should handle this?

I'm thinking regular credit income (once they staff it), but adding a small obligation for the bar, which when rolled, indicates shit going wrong that needs attending to.

>> No.51355887

>upcomming hutt wants to expand
>bounty hunters select their new haunt
>the empire installs a listening post

>> No.51355970

I think running the bar as an obligation is a great idea. Force them into the tough position of snitching in their patrons to the Empire. Compliance is rewarded, but there might be some groups you don't want to piss off.
(Bonus points if you put an actually nice and completely unobjectionable Rebel sect that holes up and discusses in the back room)

>> No.51355990

Goddamn Hutts never pay their tabs, despite eating everything, including the monkey-lizard mascot

>> No.51355993

>during the day, the local ISB presence plans and plots against the rebels in secret, using the bar as a meetup
>at night rebels oepratives hang out plotting to overthrow the imperials present
>you notice that at certain times of the day, the same group of people arrive, and start talking funny, but you dont think much of it
>one day, both groups arrive at the same time by chance
>shootout between undercover ISB agents and rebel operatives
>save the bar, save the dream

>> No.51356126

How would a player beat the obligation of addiction when not imbibing in it makes it grow?

>> No.51356133

Going through proper medical/psychological treatment to beat the problem.

Identifying and dealing with the root causes of the addiction. People are rarely addicted to drugs just because, there's usually something not right in their life pushing them in that direction.

>> No.51356138

Space methadone?

>> No.51356148

I should have been more explicit. I meant no Mando had been a Jedi before Tarre

>> No.51356153

It's a Grappler Ship.
Great for a pirate who wants to hold onto the prey vessel without risking destroying the precious cargo inside.

>> No.51356194

Like a floating scrapyard.. .I cna see that

>> No.51356223

Bit more work with some textures, technological gubbins hanging off it, actually has potential.

Take Obi Wan's misspent youth under advisement

>> No.51356246

Hmm. I'd say modify that front end to move and then the green tanks could be modular so that they release when the ship gets to port and then it can easily pick up two full tanks and be on its merry way without having to wait for the tanks to be drained.
Or I guess all the little claspy bits on the side could release them.

>> No.51356363

>Swap tanks for crew troop transport modules
>Or cargo space
>or anything
I can see an EotE party having a lot of fun with this.

>> No.51356400

Yeah, he'll marry Kudelia and make her Queen of Emperor Orga's Bar and Grill.

>> No.51356613


>> No.51356622

Wrong thread. Fuck I can't believe I did something that dumb. And now fucking 4chan won't let me delete it.

>> No.51356626

... or water and space whales

>> No.51356712

Planning on joining a Edge of Empire game and I wanted to know if a Rodian Marauder would be any good?

Is it better to just stick with the typical and expected Rodian Survivalist or Trandoshan Marauder?

Are there any fluff/lore examples of Rodian or Trandoshan pirates? Is there a race more prone to piracy?

>> No.51357107

Is this comic any good?

>> No.51357130

I've heard good things about it, but Vader is not a Dynasty Warriors character.

>> No.51357146

Rodians aren't too terrible. Although seriously, they work better with guns right from the off, you'd spend less XP making one a Gunslinger.
Trandos are superior Marauders and general melee combatants right from the off, plus they can regenerate if you, like me, keep getting limbs hacked off on the crit table.

>> No.51357166

I enjoyed Vader Down, but it isn't nearly as much about Vader kicking ass as you might expect.

>> No.51357171

It's nucanon, what do you think?

>> No.51357196

What about Bantha Biscuit Beasts

>> No.51357212

Blackwing virus/The Sickness, too
I fucking love how Friends Like These hints at the Tarkin's existence. Decided my players are going to be the ones to destroy it, or get butchered by Vader trying

>> No.51357485

Players are going to raid the mansion home of a rich crime lord next session. Dude has a particular interest in ancient artifacts, has vaults in his home that rival some museums. No particular interest, he's as interested in ancient Jedi artifacts as he is cool statues from foreign cultures.

What kinda cool shit can I put in there for the PCs? They're gonna have to work hard to get to any of the good stuff, so I don't want it all to just be glorified vendor trash, some of it should be nice.

>> No.51357614

Various masks from the Old Republic era

>> No.51357686

A silver bust of Lord Hoth commemorating his actions on Ruusan

>> No.51357786

A bucket full of Darth Phobos's period blood.

>> No.51357803

>Vader is not a Dynasty Warriors character
Star Wars Dynasty Warriors would be fun as hell. I'm guessing Big V would be the Lu Bu equivalent.

>> No.51357808

How about a display of reproduction lightsaber replicas? Except one of them is real and Crime Lord never realized it's a part or two away from functioning.

>> No.51357857

Between his interests and wealth, why have a bunch of replicas? Have those that can be fixed sit amongst a number of real, but not realistically restorable ones.

>> No.51357864

So Grakkus the Hutt from the new comics?

>> No.51357869

How about some sith war era combat armors and weapons?

>> No.51357879

Might as well go full Kurosawa and load the guy up with ancient armor and blades from the Force Wars Sengoku Je'daii period. For giggles, be sure to include the glove of an ancient Darth.

>> No.51357913

I dig it. I was projecting the games my group has run where Jedi artifacts, particularly personal effects are extremely rare after the purging.

>> No.51358228

Well, shit.
Am I the only one wishing the movies would just stop at this point?

>> No.51358289

>the Last Jedi
>until the new canon EU retroactively adds in a dozen other Jedi masters that have just been doing other things this whole time

>> No.51358290

You are not alone.

>> No.51358310

That's a nice image of space you posted, anon
I just have one question: Why does it say DECEMBER at the bottom?

>> No.51358319

Nah, they'l just add non-jedi force users like cactus-beard in rebels.

>> No.51358321

Provided they keep making them good, I'm cool with it.

>> No.51358328

Because it comes out this december?

>> No.51358330


>> No.51358334

Because that's when it's supposed to come out.

>> No.51358341

I don't know if this is legit, but those motherfuckers had better not do what I think they're going to do.

>> No.51358344

But they haven't been good
TFA was passable at best and R1 was a dumpster fire.

>> No.51358347

The Bendu.

>> No.51358356

it's from the Disney and Star Wars FB pages. It's legit.

>> No.51358363

What comes out? A poster of the space image?

>> No.51358366


>> No.51358373

I'm kind of hoping he turns out to be an illusion produced by some other Force User.

>> No.51358382

Given it's appearance in the last episode, I doubt it.

>> No.51358395 [SPOILER] 

Goddammit. I hope they pull a fast one on us, then, and not kill Luke. Because, goddammit, the man deserves something better than his whole life going to shit. Rey dies and the rest of the sequel era is Poe, Finn, and Grandpa Luke going on a galactic trip.

>> No.51358416

Nah, he'll just be chillin with force ghost dad, force ghost Ahsoka, and force ghost Kit Fisto.

>> No.51358432

>Star Wars: Steel Kessel Run

>> No.51358468

Nah. Luke may or may not die, but he's done with all that Jedi shit since it's brought only suffering to those around him. He refuses to train his daughter Rey for that reason.
Kylo Ren comes around, sees the error in his ways and becomes Ben Solo, the last Jedi.

>> No.51358493

>his daughter Rey
I seriously hope they do not do this.

>> No.51358531

Disney is calling Starwars episodes 1-9 "the Skywalker Saga".
If you think Luke and Leia in TFA were on screen enough to call that movie a Skywalker Saga film, you're wrong.

>> No.51358539

It'd be nice if Rey's parentage was completely irrelevant. No Skywalker/Kenobi/Amadala/Palpatine relations at all, just some random girl born with an acute sensitivity to the force.

I reckon we're going to get some big revelation about her parents and I just really wish they would leave it well enough alone.

>> No.51358549

Ep 8 is supposed to have a lot of luke screen time.

>> No.51358554

Kylo tho.

>> No.51358571

>Implying the ST isn't Stardust Neo-Crusaders
>Luke, the Knights of Ren are here!

>> No.51358592

You mean Ben SOLO. ok.

>> No.51358597

>The Last Jedi
What, did Luke go and get frozen for 100 years?

>> No.51358606

That doesn't put more skywalkers in TFA

>> No.51358609

I recall no source actually calling him that.

>> No.51358612


>> No.51358619

He of all people would rather take the Skywalker surname. Frankly, it's really weird that a Princess and major politician would take a smuggler's last name.

>> No.51358620

>Leia Organa Solo
>Han Solo
>Ben _____

>> No.51358632

Leia Organa Solo, you mean?
She was NEVER actually called Leia Skywalker.

>> No.51358639

I recall no source ever calling her Leia Organa Solo either.

>> No.51358651

She was never called Leia Skywalker. That I fucking know

>> No.51358672

I'm saying his name might be Ben Organa.

>> No.51358683

At this point we should be questioning why Yoda and Obi-wan thought it was a good idea to hide Luke without changing his surname.

>> No.51358684

Follow the first citation, homeboy.

>> No.51358692

ok. He's still not a Skywalker in name, which is what matters

>> No.51358710

Because there had already been a Shmi Skywalker at that residence and Vader being Anakin wasn't particularly common knowledge.

>> No.51358713

>The Force Awakens is a young readers adaptation of the film of the same name. The book was released by Golden Books on April 12, 2016. The book is part of a series adapting the main Star Wars films into Little Golden Books.

I think I'm going to need a better source than that.

>> No.51358714

Meh, Vader thought he was dead and therefor never really followed up on it. Maybe it's a case of things working out for all involved.
Maybe the light side of the force clouded Vader's vision?

>> No.51358729

It's canon, nigger.

>> No.51358732

>Y-your canon source isn't good enough because my space fantasy series is for big boys like me!!1!

>> No.51358748

According to Lucas, Skywalker is a common Tatooine surname. He also joked that there was a Skywalker wine brand in-universe that was totally unrelated to Luke. Searching for a Skywalker on Tatooine is like searching for a Smith in America.

>> No.51358767

Just so long as her mother's Phasma and I can say I've been right since the first time I saw TFA I'll be happy.

>> No.51358783

If her mother is Phasma then her father is a preserved sample of Palpatine's semen, and that might be a little too far for Disney.

>> No.51358798

That would actually be pretty interesting. And it gives a decent reason why she was hidden away, to stop her mother handing her over to the Knights of Ren.

>> No.51358809

I have grave doubts that a side character that got put in the movie super late and did nothing is going to be a central element.

>> No.51358814

I guess it makes sense the two fugliest women in the setting are related.

>> No.51358836 [SPOILER] 

>a little too far
Maybe make her dad one of Palpatine's kids.

>> No.51358846

I feel the opposite way; TFA was, in hindsight, pretty bad. Whereas R1 was moderately enjoyable, although felt badly edited at times.

>> No.51358852

So nothing on this?

>> No.51358889

>R1 was moderately enjoyable, although felt badly edited
I really hope they do a BD extended release, it could really save the film if they gave the characters more time to interact with each other.

>> No.51358898

TFA is fine by me as long as it's used as a jumping off point where episodes 8 and 9 break the mold from the OT
R1 was poorly written, fixed ever so slightly by the reshoots, which then fucked the editing. It was a bad action movie with a thin facade of an actual plot.

>> No.51358900

Thrawn's Revenge and Republic at War are the 2 best mods, In my opinion. Ive also heard good things about Awakening of the Rebellion, but I haven't tried it.

>> No.51358902

Be that as it may, we know she's coming back and hay nothing's imposable.

>> No.51358918

>it could really save the film if they gave the characters more time to interact with each other.
Given all the character development that was in R1 was added in reshoots, I really doubt that those scenes exist at all.
If you read about the production process on set, it's obvious that the guys working on Rogue One didn't know what kind of movie they were trying to make.

>> No.51358937

>didn't know what kind of movie they were trying to make.
>title is Rogue One
For Kettch's sake, the movie they were supposed to make was right in the name.

>> No.51358958

That doesn't look like Wedge at all #notmywedge

>> No.51358977

It wouldn't be the first time Wedge wasn't actually Wedge. Remember not-Lawson in the ANH briefing scene?

>> No.51358997

I remember that guy, I headcanoned that he was one of the Y-Wing pilots.

>> No.51359011

Thanks anon.

>> No.51359061

Any of you got links to a decent version of Rogue One I could pirate? I don't like cinemas.

>> No.51359074

I think it's on 123movies.
If you value your time though, I'd recommend skipping R1 desu

>> No.51359169

I'd recommend killing yourself

>> No.51359191

Just watch the Blur clips for the MMO, it'll be a better use of your time

>> No.51359193

>decent version
I don't think there are any yet. They're all too small to enjoy the action scenes.

>> No.51359196

>Not realizing this board censors To Be Honest into desu
Get go and stay go

>> No.51359214

Are you even a star wars fan?

>> No.51359222

All the space fight scenes were so fucking great and just made me hate the movie even more for what we got instead

>> No.51359230

You should still kill yourself for using it.

>> No.51359243

I've been a Star Wars fan for 20 years. I have a collection of all the old Kenner toys an shit.
I LOVE Star Wars. That's why I don't want any more shitty Star Wars movies.

>> No.51359244

>for the MMO
Playing Rogue Leader and reading the X-Wing novels would be an even better use of his time, as well as a more appropriate usage of the Rogue callsign.

>> No.51359246

baka desu senpai

>> No.51359272

>Rodians aren't too terrible.
Any pros and cons if I go Rodian Marauder?

>> No.51359281

I feel like you don't because you're just bitching about everything. All we have is a title and you're somehow upset by it. Take off your nostalgia goggles and kill yourself.

>> No.51359304

/tg/ used to be the good place to talk about Star Wars. Ever since R1 came out we've been invaded by shitosters. Go to /co/ or /tv/ if you want to bitch about everything.

>> No.51359313

You'll be able to blaster effectively as a backup, but you'll be spending more XP at character creation to up Brawn.

>> No.51359332

You're the type of fan-boy who just love everything with the fucking Star Wars label on it no matter how shitty, aren't you? A TFA and R1 apologist.
At this point the fucking cartoons are better than the movies Disney is shitting out.

>> No.51359353

What part of star wars do you want to talk about, anon? Complaining about meta-discussion isn't any better.

>> No.51359359

And you're the type who hates everything because of Disney. You faggots are the worst.

>> No.51359360

I think it's less that we've been invaded and more that /tg/ was the most optimistic about everything and R1 just became too much for a lot of the optimists.

>> No.51359375

There's a new X-Wing article out, but /tg/ would rather bitch and moan about big bad Didney to care.

>> No.51359393

I don't get this excuse. Rogue One was far from bad. Amazing? No. But the amount of bitching about is is obscene. Seriously.

>> No.51359401

That article doesn't tell anyone anything they don't already know. BoShek is new. got it.

>> No.51359410

What do you mean? As far as I can tell Rogue one has affected /swg/ one way or another. Some people liked it, some people didn't. However they don't fight about it that much. There isn't anywhere near as much arguing compared to when TFA came out.

>> No.51359419

I love the shit out of Rebels and a lot of the nucanon comics
Try again, asshole.

>> No.51359443

I hope Disney sends a hit-team to kill me.

>> No.51359477

>I don't get this excuse. Rogue One was far from bad. Amazing? No. But the amount of bitching about is is obscene. Seriously.
I'm watching Rogue One right now and it's not anywhere near as bad as the shitters here say it is. The aesthetic is on point though the blasters don't have the oomph they seemed to have in the OT and the lack of Force users is refreshing. I know that Vaders in it you pedantic twatmongler.

>> No.51359494



>> No.51359514

The biggest complaint and the factor that ruined the movie for me more than anything else is that there's no character development. Everyone dies at the end, the same person they were when the story began. That's just poor storytelling.
Even The Man With No Name leave town a changed man. We don't get any of that in Rouge Uno

>> No.51359517

Pros: You'll have a decent agility to work of for when you need to shoot things rather then chop them. also expert tracker is good because it reduces check times by half if your GM is big into time management

Cons: you won't have any particular edge on melee combat, and you'll have a low presence.

>> No.51359667

There is a decent HD rip on Reddit that is cleaned up. But you would probably be better off waiting for the release

>> No.51359732

Got a link?

>> No.51359889

Google it. It will literally be the first two links, the rest is up to you.

>no character development
This is the dumbest complaint I've heard and it seems like no one actually watched the movie at all. I think to be fair people are comparing the characters to other Star Wars films but we had an entire trilogy of movies to get to know them. In ANH, Luke, Han and Leia are extremely simplistic as well.

>> No.51359947

>In ANH, Luke, Han and Leia are extremely simplistic as well.
Luke goes from a dirt farmer with aspirations of being a fighter pilot to being said fighter pilot
Han goes from a smuggler who cares only about himself and paying off Jabba to coming to Luke's rescue.
Leia has little character development, but for much of ANH she is little more than a mcguffin

>> No.51360128

The same could be said about the R1 characters.
Baze goes from being faithless and bitter to rediscovering his faith. Bodhi goes from being a cowardly defector to confident leader. Cassian gets his head together after meeting Jyn. In the beginning of the film, he executes a contact for having a broken arm but stops Jyn from killing Krennic because he doesnt want her to be like him. Had the characters lived, I'm pretty sure people would be excited to see how they would develop further in the sequels like the other trilogies.

>> No.51360222

I think you're conjecturing most of those points. The only one that I can agree was executed in a way comparable to how you've described it is Cassian's change. But even then, the film does a poor job demonstrating it.

>> No.51360270

Both the new films have suffered from bad direction really, JJ is a hack and whoever made Rogue One didn't really know what he was making by the end.

>> No.51360319

The one thing I can say about R1 is that the reshoots actually helped it. When the reports came out detailing what scenes were the results of reshoots, I was actually surprised at how much worse the film would have been without them. This is probably the only film where reshoots weren't a terribad idea.

>> No.51360779

I'll agree with you that the film is a mess. I don't know why directors get so much anxiety of star wars films.

>> No.51361140

So Episode IX is going to be The Jedi Prince then?

>> No.51361190

>Imps face when the movie opens with pic related.

>> No.51361390

>I'm curious about your definition of ethics.
Not that anon, but there's an entire field of study related to the ethics of utilizing WMDs.

If you're genuinely curious.

>> No.51361479

Yeah that's the gimme. He's a big guy.

>> No.51361954

>/swg/'s collective faces when Snoke turns out to be Trioculus

>> No.51362126

Didn't we already agree that Snoke and Trioculus has very similar facial structure (if the "tear" in Snoke's head used to be a eyesocket before whatever turned him into a space gremlin)

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