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>fantasy setting clearly based on medieval Europe
>social norms regarding women's rights and age of consent are identical to those of the author's modern-day country

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Yes, and?

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Is there magic involved? Because I least then you're already suspending some of your belief. Maybe a godess went around and used her magic to make everyone libertarian?

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It's the author fantasy, faggot.
He or she get to decide if humans are in or they are replaced by magical skirt-wearing were-bears too despite medieval Europe don't have magic, dwarves, elves and wizards of any kind.

Also, go back to your containment board.

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>Believing in equal rights for women
Always remember that "Libertarian" is just "Conservative who likes weed"

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The term used to mean something else, but it's gotten fucked over recently.

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>bound in any way to the confines of history

OP maybe the author just didn't wanna work with a setting where half the population was treated like shit. Obviously it's lazy imo, but it makes sense. If people wanted to read about how much it wicked to be a woman back then they'd read Jane Eyrie or some shit

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>medieval Europe
Which part, and which time period? Some European states had a fairly highly developed set of rights for women, which extended to land ownership, equal status, and an age of consent higher than most countries today. Just saying 'Europe' and 'medieval' isn't enough to discount either thing.

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>setting with elves, dwarves, and orcs
>monsters that break square cube law
>creatures dense enough to be as tough as dragons being able to fly
>creatures evolving to have features that make no sense
"Yeah that's fine"
>women are allowed to do the same stuff men are

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>fantasy setting clearly based on medieval Europe
I believe you missed the
part, right there. Fantasy isn't Historical Fiction

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You know what women in medieval Europe didn't have? The ability to shoot fire out of their fingers. People tend to stop pointing out how women are weaker and can't be warriors when they're on fire.

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>Another day of another faggot forgetting the root of tabletop gaming again.

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>I'm quite clever for pointing out that fantasy and reality are not the same thing

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Interesting OP! So women in your setting would be considered the intelligent, 'moral' center of the family with control over finances and child rearing, as it actually was in the middle ages?

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Y'all are idiots for dogpiling on a bait thread.

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So has a lot. If a word gets too politically charged it stops functioning for a while until we can degauss it.

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I've been told (without irony) that any work of fantasy that fails to address modern feminist issues suffers from a major lack of creativity on the part of the author.

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Well, given that women have -4 str, but have bonuses to charisma and dexterity, they would actually make better spellcasters given the stats. And given that spellcasters can bend reality and reshape the world while a martial can just swing a stick harder, it should be that women are actually the magical wizard rulers of any fantasy setting that has magic since they can just fuck over any martial or competing magical character.

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Yeah, because I totally want to deal with arguments about the sexes and gender. That sounds real fun.

Fuck that, everybody's equal I ain't dealing with this shit

if I wanted to obsess over this horseshit I'd get a gender studies degree or browse /pol/

Also I was just informed I was banned from /jp/ in 2016 despite never having been on that board, huh

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In some cases it means "liberals who like guns"

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On one hand, I can break history over my knee.

On the other hand, I can be called a misogynist and a pedophile.

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>fantasy setting clearly based on medieval Europe
>language and diction are identical to those of the author's modern-day country
Polite fictions exist for a reason, dumbass.

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You're a complete fucking moron.

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>no baseless limits arbitrarily placed on female strength

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Or, to put it more clearly.

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>max strength of a half-orc lower than max strength of a human

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>medieval Europe
If it has any basis in D&D this is wrong. I dint really Europe having an untamed frontier of monsters and shit, and how anyone with enough gold and land can develop that shit and build keeps and churches and villages. D&D is way more American in development than medieval Europe.

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This says it better than me

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It's D&D, it doesn't have to make sense!

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Half-orcs are subhuman.

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Anyone using the same IP address as you may have been banned from /jp/.

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Is someone using your IP and shitposting /jp/?

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>fantasy setting is a horrible mess of things people who have never gotten closer to a history book than watching LotR thinks the middle ages was like, complete with absurd anachronisms that make a 747 predating the Wrigth brothers look like nothing
>oh this one detail where I can't be a sexist arsehole and pretend it's just because that's how the setting should work, that's too unrealistic, we can't have that, doesn't fit

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As the anon being quoted by the person you replied to, yes.
Yes I am a liberal who likes guns.

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Always remember that "Liberterian" is just "I support some kind of very specific freedom, but I'm probably not entirely in line with either major party."

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That's not very specific.

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Can you name some of the countries? Not trying to call you out or anything just legitimately curious, sounds hecka interesting.

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Why else are you in this thread

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>A machine that can fly
>A woman who is useful
Entirely different amounts of suspense of disbelief are needed to justify these.

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Have an upboat :^)

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>muh realism

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>fantasy setting clearly based on medieval Europe
>fantasy setting

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Some of us just get tired of the "proving she can be just as good as the men" plotline. It's pretty played out and always shows up any time pre-modern social norms concerning women's rights are used in a setting.

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>before modern statutes and bills of rights people were treated like shit

when will this meme die? People are treated worse in todays world than they were in many past civilizations like the Persian Empire or the Grand Khanate.

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Could y'all just let this thread die

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Yes, this is so everyone else at your table doesn't have to deal with your weird repressed violent/underage fantasies you degenerate.

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>clearly based on medieval Europe
>Not a new dialect or language for every 50 miles travelled
>No local economies based on exhancing goods or services, or owing the same, since everyone stays in the same area their whole lives
>No bonding in serfdom/debt for average people, forcing them to work the same plot of land for life
>No hegemonistic deeply devout religious institution controlling all aspects of life
>Characters don't have to constantly roll saves vs. disease whenever they visit major cities.

Or in a historically accurate plot-twist:
>Average age of marriage is 25 for women
>They are absolutely allowed to inherit land and manage it, as well as inheriting wealth.

Seriously, check your delusions about medieval times. They were both worse and better than most people think.

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Sexism is a mechanism used in cultures where death ratio is too high so they can't waste precious uterus and ovaries working, fighting and dying so they are better expended procreating nonstop. Since Medieval Europe had a high death ratio a Medieval Europe setting should also had a sexist society.

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Just because you said y'all, _no.

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Kek, the oldest 'human rights' document is the Code of Hammurabi. I'm only putting 'human rights' in parentheses because that term itself is anachronistic. And let's not forget the king of France in the 13th century declaring nobody on French soil will be a slave (conveniently 3 centuries later the colonies were not really considered French soil making that declaration moot there, but if theoretically a slave made it to France he was a free man. England did the same thing in the 1600's I think, declaring English air "too pure" for slaves to breathe that statement must've felt really silly in the 1800s which might explain why the British abolished slavery in the mid-19th century: their air was now so polluted, all the air on the planet had in relative terms become too pure for slaves. Deepest lore.).

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I don't think a spellcaster with the period or pregnant could concentrate to cast spells at all.

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Eh, depends on the woman. Sometimes I hardly even notice I'm on my period.

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I can buy it

There's a cure for that, it's called not being a little bitch.

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What's it like being a woman

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I don't suck as much dick as you.

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"The period" makes it sound like some kind of medieval disease A+.
"Oy, Aegis, I done got a spot of the periods again."

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I came here to make this kind of post. OP is just making a bald attempt at inserting their modern day sex prejudices with a thin veneer of "historicity" unless they can go all out with a social, cultural, and economic simulation of a highly complex time period.

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>wicked to be a woman

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My family doesn't notice either. Chocolate helps.


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You're right.
A setting full of instantaneous healing magics, regeneration, disease removal, and even reversing death itself parallels the lethality of middle age Europe perfectly.

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>Kek, the oldest 'human rights' document is the Code of Hammurabi.
It's not really human rights, more like an official codification that nobles were better than you and faced less severe punishments for everything.

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Depends of the setting, I like to play settings were magic is rare and/or limited because otherwise it is trivialized.

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Everytime I play on a Medieval setting I behave medieval towards Women, children, non-whites, non-christians and strangers: I kick the shit outta them.

I like to show my fellow players how UGLY things were back in those dark ages.
I specially enjoy destroying the mood on any player who's behaving like in a LOTR setting.

If I happen to be the DM I focus pretty much in all my enviromental descriptions on the smell, the ugly hairy women, the misery, the sickness of it all.

There were no beautiful women, no white healthy teeth, no tall people, nothing... just pure shit and everything tasted and stank like shit.

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>everything tasted and stank like shit.
I thought you were playing in Europe, not SE Asia.

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Seriously? You're not even going to disguise this shit with an "original" thread idea anymore?

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>I behave medieval towards... non-whites, non-christians

Because as we all know, medieval times consisted entirely of northwest Europe and nothing else. Arabian, Semitic, African, Indian, Chinese and Japanese people didn't exist. They certainly didn't have their own medieval periods, or anything.

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The point IS that during those times if a guy from a certain race/religions just happens to see on the horizon another guy from another race/religion the last thing they did was to understand/tolerate each other.

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Yes and?

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In medieval Islamic societies, the qadi (Islamic judges) usually could not interfere in the matters of non-Muslims unless the parties voluntarily choose to be judged according to Islamic law, thus the dhimmi communities living in Islamic states usually had their own laws independent from the Sharia law, such as the Jews who would have their own Halakha courts. Islamic empires allowed non-believers to have their own laws and courts in exchange for a Jizya poll tax.

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>medieval Europe
>having a concept of race

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Go back to Tumblr cry baby.

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The important bit is that it is written down, no more changing the law on the king's whim. Anyone could point to this large tablet in the town square and have their treatment be the same as that of other people who were in similar circumstances.

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it means Diet Ancap.

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And if they didn't pay that tax they were peacefully murdered or deported depending on the age

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I wasn't aware the jewnited states was a medieval islamic society

>> No.51320384

Kek classic meme response. I thought you were trying to be "le ebin contrarian of tolerance and foreign cultures" but you instantly resort to anti-Semitic insults.

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Not that anon but I believe a lot of the nordic countries were pretty good about that stuff.

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Yep, the Nordic people were actually really "progressive". Women held the land INSTEAD of men, could divorce, all kinds of stuff. But I think it was mostly just them, yes? In Europe middle ages?

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You can bet your ass that if you walk down the street in medieval times through an Islamic town being a white christian... or through a European town being a towelhead sandniggah the ignorant/supersticious/"I've never seen another country" people would point their fingers directly at the stranger and burn you in front of the city hall.

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>it's the fucken apocalypse
>the soldiers sent to scavenge materials for the benefit of the higher classes don't care about gender
and were done
wow i am a genius

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How can you idealize medieval times, depicting them as an era of understanding and tolerance when even today people continues to eat people?

Who the fuck are you?! Millenials?!

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>being so buttblasted you forget to make an actual response

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Actually no. Xenophobia was abundant in bumfuck villages and towns which have been in direct conflict with the concerned group, but for the most part foreigners were viewed with extreme curiosity in urban centers, and major ports could see traders from half the world away.

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Here's the (You) you wanted

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>poll tax

You mean 'bribe not to murder you,' Mohammed?

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-4 STR always seemed too high to me. Hawks have 6 STR. You can't convince me the average female is as strong as a five pound bird.

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Hawks are strong as fuck when falling from highs.

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He is kebab, anon

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>Middle ages
>Behave like shit towards women, children and strangers
>Behave like shit towards Non-Christian Non-Muslims outside of a few specific situations
Let me guess, you believe the Spanish Inquisition killed millions even though that would leave Spain literally empty?

>Xenophobia was abundant in bumfuck villages and towns
"Xenophobia" was rampant everywhere and still is rampant outside of the West purely because it's not a "phobia", it's the standard mode of dealing with strangers: acknowledgement that they are not part of the in-group. Try going to a country like Japan today: they're not racist (because they view both race and racism as Western affairs) but they're not going to accept you as Japanese. Even if you have children with a Japanese woman, they will only be accepted as kinda Japanese. Because the Japanese are aware of what they are and who isn't part of "us".

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To be fair japanese friendships are a serious shit. If you are gaijin or halfjapanese you more likely to leave japan one day and people who were their friends would lost an important part of their lifes. It's safer to spend time in having friends that would never leave the country. Or at least that's the japanese mentality.

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What do the numbers after the / mean?

>> No.51320792

>Also I was just informed I was banned from /jp/ in 2016 despite never having been on that board, huh

>> No.51320808

Percentile strength. Basically, if you're a fighter with 18 STR, you roll a d100 and slap that on the end. They're increments between 18 and 19.

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Yes, things that describe large political movements aren't going to be specific, they don't until they get into very specific descriptors with at least 2 adjectives.

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>A woman who is useful
There was one, but then she had you.

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>Spitefully proves me right
Stop trying to insult me and insult me, you fucking faggot.

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>implying I'm a tripfag when I don't use trips
It's namefag, get it right. Apple didn't fall far from the tree I see.

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>author is saudi arabian

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>it's a "/pol/ pretending to be /tg/ pretends to know about European history episode's

The rights of women fluctuated wildly throughout various time periods and cultures. In some they were nothing more than chattel, in others they could own land and had hereditary Inheritance rights. This isn't like we wuz kangz, this is basic and coabberated Europe history. Ever read Chaucer? The Canterbury tales? One of the tale tellers is a wealthy oversexed cougar land owner whose had like five husband's and describes at length the necessities of a husband being able to "perform" to get at her money.

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>medieval Europe based on England
We need a bingo for threads like this

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>Jane Eyrie
I know /tg/ likes it's monstergirls, but come on.

>> No.51321835

But I'm more of a pro-life liberal.

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Medieval society was not the Old World of Warhammer. Things were shit because things have always been shit. But the racism you're thinking of did not exist, nor did nationalism. There was xenophobia but it was based on culture and religion more than skin color. Sir Palomedes in Mallory's Le Morte d'Arthur is a dark skinned Saracen but treated like yet another knight. Rodrigo Diaz 'El Cid Campeador' allied with Moors to fight off the Berbers in Spain and is portrayed as more honorable for doing so, not less. Torquato Tasso's La Gerusalemme Liberata portrays both Europeans and Saracens as honorable knights. Examples of this are endless.

Read any professional historian about the era, from Christopher Dawson to Johan Huizinga to even JRR Motherfuckin Tolkien to see this. Stop projecting your presentism onto history for not following expectations it never was attempting to follow in the first place.

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>guys everything was shit before I was born!


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Wow it's almost like it's some sort of fantasy or something

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>fantasy setting clearly based on medieval Europe
>fantasy setting
>based on mediaval Europe
>FANTASY setting BASED on Europe

Can it be clearer?

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