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Here is your (you), OP.

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I dunno, haven't had any. Were you looking for a group?

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In a group I currently play with, there are two trans people, one of whom has aspergers. There's also an openly gay guy.

None of them cause any problems, though the one with aspergers isn't much of a roleplayer, to no one's surprise.

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One of the guys in my group is an actual communist. that's pretty snowflake-y.
He's fine. Apart from being a dirty commie. And he needs a haircut.

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I once asked a guy to describe his character, he couldn't describe anything other than what class he is.

I asked him to come up with a description before the next session, and he tells me "I'm not really a roleplayer".

I advised him to pick up 40k or some other wargame.

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There's a trans person in my game. "She" (MTF) isn't awful I suppose. Tends to be impulsive and have LOLSORANDOM XD humour.

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Lmao this might be about me

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I never understand this mentality either. Seems like it's actually fairly common too, though not to the point of not even describing their character. Who plays RPG's with the intent of doing away with the role-playing part and just throwing dice? (Hint: it's pathfinder players)

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How is that not much of a surprise? I'm autistic and I love the roleplaying aspect of games because I don't feel so damn awkward when talking to things that aren't real.

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I think the other anon assumed that the asperger's guy wouldn't have enough of a grip on communication and human emotion to roleplay, and therefore would have no interest in it. Different points in the spectrum and all that I guess

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>play commander at my LGS
>sit down with some people I know, shuffle up
>in comes autist
>high-pitched voice, overweight, what could possibly be wrong?
>we allow him to sit down with us and he pulls out Yidris and immediately starts to blab about how OP Yidris is
>he's not playing storm yidris, it's pretty much stock yidris with a few different cards
>whines when the group happens to be really good at keeping yidris off the board / keeping him from swinging
>plays possibility storm for the sake of playing possibility storm
>claims it's a good card
>whines when we do everything we can to remove it
>plays knowledge pool(because lol knowledge pool!)
>whines when we do everything we can to remove it
>whines when we do anything to him at all
>says he can stop what i'm doing when i go off and murder the fuck out of the simic player (40 to 0), is legitimately surprised when I kill him too

I swear, he's autistic or something.

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Does she put on an obnoxious southern belle accent as a character voice because if so I'm in your game.

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Invited a bunch of guys to session zero to hash out characters for a pirate campaign.
Player 3/3 shows up and I ask him to tell me about his character idea.
P3: Well, I wanna play a young street thief like rogue that fights with those spiked fist things.
Me: Caestūs?
P3: Yeah those.
Me: Alright, cool, so tell me about your character. What's his backstory?
P3: ... He's a Rogue? He grew up on the streets? What do you want form me?
Pic related.

I had to force him to give me a reason my he was on the streets, why he became a rogue, and why he would join a pirate crew.

He gave me something like his parents were rich but he liked slumming it up and being a dick ass thief as a kid. Then one day a bunch of pirates killed his parents, stole his family's fortune, and then chased after the kid away screaming they would find him.

I told him that it was good, but I didn't really like that last bit and. Then he flipped out because, "That was the only idea I had!" and, "You keep shooting my character down!" onto, "Why did you even invite me if your not gonna let me play?" I told him it was just the last bit I had a problem with and we hashed the last bit out after he had a cigarette and calmed down.

Trying to get a backstory out of someone is sometimes like trying to get blood from a stone. I also hate playing with smokers because they get way to angry when they don't get to smoke. Like, you wanna interrupt the game for everyone else so you can go suck on some burning weeds? Fuck that.

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He's the paladin and is single single-handidly responsible for the death of a minor deity (who was also his brother or cousin, it's been a while).

On the bright side, he actually fucking tries to RP, which is more effort than something like half the group.

He also took on a small army of major demons and bifurcated a wurm, so he at least gets shit done. I wasn't present for the first one though.

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A bunch of people in my playgroup share the same body.

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Wouldn't mentally disabled not even be able to play it anyway?

Well, since you mentioned. One of my players is autist, but he's really cool and one of the best in the party. You can tell right off the bat he's autist by the way he speaks(doesn't speak very fluid, doing pauses and exagerating facial expressions) but talking with him by text chat his totally normal.

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I had a player that played multiple iterations of a half orc barbarian that used oversized weapons who were all named "Joe Momma" by me because he wouldn't name his characters. He... had issues, he went on a tirade one day about how there was no such thing as marital rape because marriage "was a contract to have sex". I'd like to say I said something awesome that made everyone on the bus start clapping but in reality I just said "... wow" and tried to pretend he said literally anything else.

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So I was once so barren of roleplaying experiences that I turned to the trauma that is PFS.

A bad idea at best, I understand now.

There were 8 dudes in attendance. One of them was developmentally disabled, and had a carer.

But THAT GUY, man? He was the only guy at the table who actually roleplayed. Everyone else just sat at the table and stared at eachother with their buck teeth huffing out of their mouths, while this dude went FULL DRAGON SORCEROR. He redeemed the most irredeemable /tg/ experience.

10/10 would downs again

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Not to go into to much detail here, but I had a guy I was trying to force any sort of backstory/detail/personality onto, anything that wasn't directly on the character sheet. He was playing a wizard.

"So how/why did you become a wizard?"
"From reading books."
"Okay... would you say you value knowledge?"
"Yeah, I took all kinds of knowledges!'

I... have no words. To this very day I still don't have words.

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>P3: ... He's a Rogue? He grew up on the streets? What do you want form me?
This is literally me, I am so bad at coming up with backstories leading up to where my character is now but I love coming up with concepts.

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I pity all of you, you've never played D&D in a nuthouse.

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>Trying to get a backstory out of someone is sometimes like trying to get blood from a stone
This. I love DM'ing and there's so many people who view DnD as a videogame.
I'm not going criticize how people play DnD-- there's no "correct" way of playing it as long as you have fun-- but I'm going to get pissed when they actively reject my help to create a backstory, and then complain to me later that they feel like they're playing a caricature or something.

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>There's one in every group
>I haven't met any

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I'm in a group on roll20 with a literal autistic person. He plays an edgelord Tiefling Ranger. His turns take forever because he has to take the time to say out loud what all his options are. The DM let his autistic online gf join and she is as dumb as a rock and has not taken any initiative at all to learn how to play. Her turns take even longer than his because she doesn't know what to do, so her boyfriend just does it for her most of the time. I usually open another tab and surf the net when it's their turns in combat because they take so long. The few times she decided to do her turn on her own, she ended up casting area of effect spells that targeted more of our own party than the enemy.

Their characters are in love with each other, which spawns the cringiest role playing ever, but I can live with that. I just wish they could keep their turns under 5min.

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Can you be more specific, that seems ominously vague.

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Sometimes it's the opposite. I play in a game where one guy wrote 15 pages of backstory for his faggy dragonborn. We were level one.

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Idk with the exception of the actual thirteen year olds people in PF tend to at least have a rudimentally basic background

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He's probably talking about the GM.

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I can never actually believe people when they say they've friends who have more than 5 pages of pre-written backstory.
That being said, I've never played with anyone like that, mostly because I invite normies, so the only problem I really have to deal with is under-enthusiasm.

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I'm the mentally disabled one
I have autism
I'm also the only member of my group

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Some games I'll do very little. concept or joke and roll with it. Other times i give a rough story. And other times I shit out pages of story and connections. and stories for characters directly connected with the character.

But that kind info dump is overloading the frontload. So it's helpful explaining the basics in a few lines. and then putting that at the front for GMs

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Konosuba is a treasure.

A perverted shitty guy is killed and sent to a fantasy world where he continues to be perverted shitty guy. Every time you think someones gonna get some character development and grow as a person, they end up solving the problem in a completely stupid way so that nobody learns a lesson.

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We have a person with some sort of MPD whose sub-personalities play different characters. He is a curious individual (or individuals?). He plays a cleric and a paladin (but the game is not DnD)

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>I'm the mentally disabled one
>I have aspergers
>I've had several GMs who have said that I was the best RPer of the group
>Have played a wide array of characters - magical, martial, serious and silly
>From a Dwarven shopkeep who tripped into a hole leading to the underdark to a Tiefling noble who wanted to claim a piece of the country for himself
What's your excuse OP?

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I had a Trans player. Aside from the incessant singing and absolutely retarded ideas no one follows through with theyre alright as a player.

What makes it bad is back when they were a guy they were my best friend, and despite my past efforts theyre in a spiral of self destruction. Before he was an normal, if weaboo personal , but now theyre an anxious wreck who has zero drive.I've tried but there is nothing that can stop him being a mentally ill neet.

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>tfw have bipolar
>tfw have severe OCD
>tfw been baker act'd and hospitalized three times now

I guess I'm that special snowflake. I wish I didnt have such cancerous genetics and meme mental illnesses. I try to be as normal as possible and not do that shit they do on tumblr where they try to guilt people into feeling pity for them by broadcasting to everyone that they have "le ebin mental illnesses im so quirky like a doktor who character xDD"

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More details pls? Don't embarrass him (s), but I'd love to know how that played out

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It's an online game so he just has two accounts

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It's true though.

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>his interests

ya'll are funny. anon doesn't mean he's not interested, he means that he sucks at it.

our assburger thinks he's the coolest guy on the block.

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My group consists of a trans (FtM), a Bisexual guy who I'm pretty sure is really trans, a retarded hipster with some kind of personality disorder and me. A faggot trying to wrangle all these idiots into a half decent group of social rejects.

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Maybe this makes me the autist in the room, but I hate backstories. I'm there for the story story.

I'd rather involve my character in whatever's happening than have whatever's happening revolve around my character. I don't need or want any awkward "character spotlight" where the BBEG kidnaps my high school crush or raises my pet goldfish.

I know some people get off on that, and that's fine for them, I just don't care for it personally.

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>and not do that shit they do on tumblr where they try to guilt people into feeling pity for them by broadcasting to everyone that they have "le ebin mental illnesses im so quirky like a doktor who character xDD"
Your pic is appropriate: you're the salt of the earth

Also, fucking headmates man. Tumblr and their "headmates" sound having split personality disorder and/or schizophrenia sound like fun. It's all "oh noez, Doctor Who is having le ebin buttsecks with Sherlock xD wattodo?".

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Literally meme disease.
It exists only ebin American TV shows, and a vocaloid song.

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Well, fuck if I know what is actually wrong with him!

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I play with a couple potatoes. DM's friends, apparently. One of them can't spell, like, at all. When he joins in on the group e-mails, it's like he's typing a completely different language. He can't spell his own character's name. Oh, and role play:

>Group meets someone who needs help
>"Hey, look, we can help you alright?" he says
>"Is that a persuasion roll DM?" he asks OOC

His characters have no personality, as they rarely speak, and we they do, it's just him talking.

The other potato likes to take her dice for Fireball and roll them one at a time. It's immensely cringe-worthy. Also:

>"Can I, like, twin spell Ray of Frost and, like, bounce it off of (other potato)'s sword to hit the same guy twice?"
>I give a stern look to her, a concerned look to the DM, and shake my head
>"I'm just trying to be creative!"

One of these days I'm going to get tired of it. Damn me for being so patient.

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that just sounds awful

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Depends on what you're in for. It's awful if you want a fantasy adventure, it's great if you want a fantasy-themed comedy.

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Nobody I'd consider mentally impaired has ever played with me in a group, although that's not because I've been actively trying to avoid them.

I have PTSD, but I also have a dog who'll get in my face if I start getting worked up.

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I'm probably the special snowflake in my group, though I manage to keep my power level pretty low (being the DM and self-aware helps).
The worst player I've ever had to deal with wasn't even in my group. I DM for PbP (yuk it up) games and one time a player I had never heard of just barged in without warning and said his character did something.
He hadn't applied or even informed me of his intent, and when I asked him what gave he messaged me a character sheet in the wrong system with obviously forged rolls that was two levels above the party and had a backstory out of a bad pulp. He didn't even do the math right for the magical weapons and expensive equipment he somehow inherited despite being an orphan. On top of all this, he had bad grammar and seemed to be under the impression that even though he didn't apply and hadn't been invited I would have accepted him anyways.
I explained that I would not be taking him as nicely as possible and as my reasoning gave a list of everything that was wrong with his character sheet.
And I never saw him again, thank God.

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>getting this hyper-defensive over a cringe thread that's not even directed at you

Congratulations on not fucking up everyone else's fun at a game despite having the tisms yourself. My point still stands that MOST spergs DO tend to ruin shit with their lack of social skills and sonic lore encyclopedia brains. Have a Gold star.

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>I have PTSD
From what, being a faggot?

>> No.51316496

No, although that would be a perfectly valid reason to have PTSD.

Mine's from too much time in the sandbox.

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Is that slang for molestation?

>> No.51316538

Not joking or anything, I've just never heard the phrase "Too much time in the sandbox" before.

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War in the Middle East dude. There's a lot of fucking sand.

>> No.51316642

Ah, makes sense.
Well, either way, you got fucked.
Sorry dude.

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Look up an old series of book called "Central casting" especially "heroes of legend" This book is a fucking compendium of tables to roll to make your character absolutely unique and cool. i would send you a PDF but its easy to find and too big to just upload here.

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I didn't fight in Iraq, I was just explaining it to you, ya fuckin' 'tard.

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Not a real thing.

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Well excuuuuse me for assuming you were the same guy.
Was no reason not to.

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FLGS has an open RPG night. Some pre made groups full of people at different levels playing different games, but always one open low level campaign for 5e as a starter game.

One of the guys who plays in it is definitely autistic, probably has arse burgers, probably doesn't know it's him holding the game up every time.

I had the displeasure of playing in the same game as him, and for the sake of brevity I'll greentext the rest:

>party is barbarian (normal), paladin (normal) rogue (me) and mage (autist)
>dm explains the campaign to me and I forget most of it now but the basic gist was that there was a succubus in this city and we're trying to find her
>cue NPC conversations where all the autist does is giggle to himself and think out loud about killing everybody in the room despite being level 2
>everybody is actually doing pretty well at ignoring him
>captain of the guard or something similar is explaining to us that there's a cave somewhere out on an island of importance
>autist starts squealing about how we should just teleport there because he's a mage despite being level 2
>spend a night in town
>barbarian and paladin go off to a tavern to get drunk and reminisce about the day's battles (previous session I wasn't involved in)
>try to do some skullduggery and thievery and fumble some rolls, call it a night
>autist meanwhile ignores the whole thing and when prompted all he can come up with is "I follow the barbarian and paladin"
>next day comes and we take a boat to the island where this cave is supposed to be
>every few minutes we have to stop the game and listen to the autist debate rules nobody even asked about
>make it to the island, get inside despite nearly fumbling some more lock picking and trap disarming
>get covered in some kind of acidic goo because I was silly enough to walk into a room that is 2x2 squares by myself without checking for traps


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>autist starts squealing and saying how it could be any one of a hundred different things that he starts rattling off the stats for
>at this point everybody at the table is visibly annoyed by him, and doing their best to avoid making eye contact with him, let alone say anything to him or engage him in conversation
>make it to the succubus' chambers without real incident
>being the scout I accidentally start up a conversation by way of tripping over the doorway
>succubus gives me generic "I was wondering when you'd show up, I've been waiting since you left the guard captain's office/barracks" line
>reply with generic "thanks for confirming you were behind everything up till now"
>autist starts squealing like it's the most badass thing he's ever heard
>not even interested in hearing the rest of the conversation
>just want it to end
>some kind of furry creature, forget what, attacks us at her behest
>being informed that the demon had powers of mind control we decide to take her out first
>furry things stop attacking us, everyone is elated
>autist starts waxing lyrical about how important he was to the mission
>despite the fact he used a total of 2 spells that did no damage to anybody, refused to get into character at any point, did nothing to help the party strategise at any point in or out of combat, and only seemed to be there so he could argue statistics and rules that nobody really cared about

Still not as bad as my PFS experience.

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>Still not as bad as my PFS experience.

Please go on...

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It's fantasy Sienfeld with cute explosion waifus

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This reminds me of the two people I knew in college who were diagnosed with aspergers. One was social to a fault and the other was shy as fuck. They were still pretty fun to hang out with and they got along, but it was fascinating to see their polar opposite conditions.

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>tfw youre the autist
feels bad man.

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might be only me but my group do character descriptions, even if only basic ones.

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Exactly one in every group?

Mental illness (to the point of "disability", so to speak), is like 4% in America.

Assuming we have 4 players in a group and they are randomly chosen from the population of adults (which isn't how shit works when you are looking for players/making friends), there's a 14% probability the group has a single mentally disabled player.

So um
pfff to you, OP

>> No.51318647

No one expects it to be literally 1+, but people who gravitate to these games have a higher tendency of not fitting with social norms. Most mentally ill fall within that set. So yeah, the numbers are a lot higher than a random sample.

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You wouldn't happen to live in Eugene, would you?

>> No.51318966

And here's the autist now.

>> No.51318993

As long as you have a reason for your character to be where they are, and some kind of motivation, you don't need a huge backstory. I can't remember the exact quote, but someone once said something to the effect of not putting so much effort into your backstory that it overshadows the main story.

My general rule for a backstory is only a few questions:
>1. Who is your character?(name/age/gender/ class where appropriate)
>2. Summarize how they got their starting class level(s).(Typically one to two paragraphs)
>3. Summarize your character's motivation.(Typically also one to two paragraphs)

This comes out to, maybe, a page, page and a half. If someone handed me a stack of paper that looked like a final paper assignment and answered my question of, "What the fuck," with, "my character's backstory," and didn't give any indication that it was anything else, like a character sheet, character art, write-ups for the abilities, feats, and magic items they have, etc. I'd probably visibly throw it away. People like that want attention and to be treated like the best, most important person in the room. And I'm not going to humor them.

>> No.51319043

My group has a guy that argues small details that were explained earlier.

Like how long it would take for a pit with a child that we needed to save in it to fill up with water because the dm off handedly mentioned that their was water dripping into it. Took us 10 minutes to explane that the water was just ascetic.

>> No.51319445

Lol, how about that. I love this board

>> No.51319655

What was/is their name?

>> No.51319685

>PF players
Screw you man, I fill out a 100 question checklist when I make a PF character, I want to use every chance I get to role play the fuck out of my next character.

>> No.51319816


Glad I'm not the only one. I get that some people love making a detailed backstory, but if your backstory can't be condensed into five paragraphs or less, then it's too detailed for a level one character.

>> No.51319897

>level one character
Y'know, I like that distinction. A level five character might have a bit more detailed of a backstory, maybe an additional paragraph under both their backstory and motivation would make sense, but other than that, yeah. First level? You've got five paragraphs over ~two pages, use them wisely.

>> No.51320046

So you don't like bad or "convenient" back story. But backstop is important to role play an interesting character in that story, that's why almost all good pieces of storytelling have some bit of information on who a character was before.

As a DM I use it as a players first chance to shape the world they'll be playing in. I ask them about their hometown, and the or travels, and try to work it into my world. It helps them feel like they're in a real world, and their characters actually existed in it.

>> No.51320054

Nope. No idea where that is.

>> No.51321845

Found the autists.

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>posts pic related in local RPG community forums before first session
>arrives at GMs small apartment
>Takes biggest seat quite clearly reserved for GM
>During char creation
>"Anons GM, can I take autism as a positive trait"
>"What would that give you, plus 5 to fanfic writing?" says other player
>"Actually, I AM AUTISTIC!"
>dead silence for at least 20 minutes
>Constantly abusing GMs furniture with massive weight
>Wont stop rocking in chair, despite multiple requests to stop
>New female french student joints
>"Is there anything traits I could take to improve my charisma?"
>"Well, my dear, you could take sexual magnetism, but I see you already have that"
>Dead silence again
>Starts falling alsleep midgame
>Loudly snoring
>Wake him up
>Falls asleep again in 5 minutes
>Have to speak in between snores

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It's aesthetic, you dumb fuck, but even that wouldn't work in your case. You wanted descriptive, you retard.

>> No.51322006

That's actually fairly common.
If you don't live in 'murica that is.

>> No.51322017

What the goddamn fuck, how are filth like this even alive? You or the DM better have had kicked it out.

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>seemingly actually scared to take a shower
I really hope he's being sarcastic. I take a shower everyday, if I can find the time at a reasonable hour of the day(before, like, two or three in the morning). I actually can't stand the feeling of my hair if I don't shower for a day(it's shoulder length, shirley temple-grade curly, and oily; if I don't shower, it kinda deflates, feels grimy, and starts to mat up), and I'm used to being, y'know, clean, so even my skin feels grimy, and that feeling makes my skin crawl.

>> No.51322098

Yep, after the second session. Our GM also ran half the communities in the country and demo'd games at conventions for publishers, so the autist never signed up for another tabletop game online again.

>> No.51322169

Cut the pointless hostility anon, this isn't /v/. Besides aesthetics can apply to a scene too (as would narration or mood).

>> No.51322190

>all these actual fucking trannies


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>short, weird-looking little guy
>smells funny
>NEVER showers, his foster parents literally have to bathe him
>never brings snacks (thank goodness) eats everyone else's snacks the minute they look away
>makes these weird little grunting noises all the time
>flat-out ignores most players most of the time, feigns ignorance whenever he's called out on it
>never drives, get's carted everywhere by his foster parents

what really started it was when in the middle of a game, he gets up and charges up the stairs, demanding to be let outside

and what does he do as soon as he gets outside? He pops a squat and literally SHITS all over my buddies lawn

on top of all this, girls fucking LOVE him.

not even kidding, this guy is messed right up

pic related, it's him.

>> No.51322238

If I end up playing DnD I don't treat it as video game. I treat it as a boardgame.

>> No.51322256

Comedy requires funny and jokes, Konosuba is not good at ether.

>> No.51322326

>Konosuba is not good at ether
Honestly, that's a good thing in my books. I'm not a fan of shows that put me to sleep.

>> No.51322603


I totally respect that. I like people who aren't so selfish that they think every thing needs to revolve around them. I've had games ruined because someone was so demanding of their backstory being important that nothing else could get done.

But, I think you still need some form of a backstory. Even if it's just one paragraph.

>Level 1 Kobold Paladin

> Grew up in a small kobold community in a cave near an ocean. Cave got ransacked by Sahuagin. Survived by sheer luck. Believed it was divine intervention. Devoted life to Dragon god and protecting others.

There. That's a backstory that doesn't demand the current narrative revolve around them. It explains where he came from, why he's a paladin, and why he's currently adventuring, risking his life every day he goes into a dungeon, instead of living a simple, risk free life doing simple work.

From this point, if anything needs elaborated on, I just improvise, and make note of said improvisation to be added to the backstory later.

>> No.51322628
File: 2.17 MB, 286x210, nope.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.51322728
File: 16 KB, 260x260, bombsinternally.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Playing V:tM with roomate 1 (GM), roomate 2 (gay friend that just broke up with his boyfriend, my girlfriend and a female gothic edgy cliche friend of roomate 2
>The GM actually achieves to make a very interesting plot without recurring to combat, or anything to explicity violent.
>Girlfriend's first approach to tabletop RPGs. She's is playing a Nosferatu. She's so fascinated by the setting that starts reading the Nosferatu clan novel and everything.

Session 1
>Edgy Cliche plays a Harley Quinn wannabe Malkavian that fucks everything over.
>We get stopped by the police because she was driving like 150mph all over the city
>She kills a cop, starting a motherfucking car chase with all of us inside
>Suddenly, gay friend collapses into tears IRL because he's a fucking narcisist that can't stand that something isn't about him, so he starts begging for attention.

Great GM. We never played again.

>> No.51322760

>ceastus rogue
>stealth monk

I'd play a mid-int thug. Just smart enough to be dangerous in a fight and occasionally capable of offering useful suggestions. A man who would settle into organised crime and spend the rest of his life in the same position because he either understands his limits. Or has a taste for blood.

Alternatively, fancy fist weapons don't -look- like they'd be hard to use. Any idiot can punch. So thief takes them intending to skip out on having to learn his way around a "real weapon"

>> No.51322775
File: 1.61 MB, 256x204, 1476227643574.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>an ascetic water-goo girl slowly dripping into the pit so she can save the child

>> No.51322912

That's just a typical /tg/ group, though. No retards in sight.

>> No.51324184

>Legitimately diagnosed with Aspergers
>Always want to make beast-race or non-traditional characters
>Not doing it for magic realm
>Tired of playing the same shit over and over
>Really like the Roleplaying dynamic of someone who is an outsider, including racism and prejudice
>Enjoy playing realistic, well thought out characters with personalities and motivations
>Make lots of character concepts to play if I get the chance
>Never do it because I don't want to be called out on 'my shit' when i'm not doing anything like it, but nobody will believe me.

This sucks.

>> No.51324453
File: 27 KB, 321x217, I_couldn_t_even_properly_enjoy_that_one_because_i_had__71c384f80dce42ca5d4feb929e358aed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Laughed like a re re

>> No.51324498
File: 391 KB, 141x119, why.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why roleplay what you are IRL?

>> No.51324594

What you see
>I'm just a normal guy who happens to be autistic and a furry
>I really like playing well thought out and outsider characters, which sounds like a generic statement about roleplaying
>Whenever I join a game I get called out because life is unfair and the rest of the players and GM are out to get me

What your group sees
>He's the most obvious weirdo who always makes the conversations awkward and probably has autism.
>He makes the most special snowflake characters that don't fit with what the GM is intending at all, and claims he's playing 'the outsider'.
>He tries to slip the campaign into being more and more sexual and constantly forces his retarded ideas on the GM.

>> No.51324982

>fantasy Seinfeld

I loved that thread.

>> No.51325075

Once played with a player who had previously had a stroke, making his left side numb and hard to control.
He was pretty obnoxius in all traditional games
>Would sneak draw extra cards in casual 5 man free for all magic the gathering
>Would reroll his dice in group checks when nobody was looking
>General edge lord autistic behvior, such as having his orc barbarian eat corpses randomly
>No, there was no in character reason for this he was supposed to be the noble last survivor of a tribe

Nobody really liked playing with him
But given his stroke i guess as a player he was All right

>> No.51325107
File: 32 KB, 640x480, sad cat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>have college D&D group, play Magic with a few people in it and others
>an autistic guy I play magic with hears I run D&D
>"Hey, cool man! I've always wanted to try that, you know."
>he's a cool guy and very capable socially, but has a worrying tendency to never drop an argument. A few of my players already get into fights about what moves are most optimal in combat sometimes and I don't want anything to boil over.
>plus it's already kind of a large group
>"I'll let you know if something opens up, yeah?"
>a semester goes by
>guy announces that he's planning on transferring
>feel bad for excluding him and let him know he can join us for a few sessions
>he's excited and jumps on making his character with enthusiasm
>writes more backstory than anyone else, tries to tie in why his character would want to join up with the already-existing party
>session starts
>he goes full on ham into the roleplaying and bouncing off everybody else's character super excitedly
>the usual group is mostly murderhobo but even they get in on it when they see his enthusiasm
>tfw finals interrupted and I only ever got to run one session for him
>mfw I could have had a player like this all along but he's gone now

>> No.51325607

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Or something like that.

>> No.51325622

Autism is a spectrum. Everyone's on it.

The key is identifying the ones who aren't likely to go into critical fault when things don't go their way.

>> No.51325802


Because i'm not some animal person IRL?

I think you missed the biggest point of me NOT playing these characters to avoid being called out.

not once have I tried, or even wanted, to get things into Magic Realm territory.

>inb4 being called butthurt

I've got nothing else going on in my life, might as well give some dumbasses some (you)'s to make them feel like their life is worth living by 'trolling' someone on the internet.

>> No.51325826

Yeah, I was memeing around mate, but judging by your response you're a complete fucking autist. There's quite clearly a good reason you get shit every time you want to play tabletop.

>> No.51325874

>Because i'm not some animal person IRL?
Wow. Ok.

Take a look at the other parts of your statements and re-calculate your answer.

>> No.51325898

What didn't you like about the last bit? Seems fine...

>> No.51326063


As I said, i'm bored.


I don't have to. I'm autistic, but i'm not /Autistic/

>> No.51326176

It could be you

>> No.51326330

don't want to sound rude or anything, but how did you try and help him?

>> No.51326355

>DM tells us about how his dad's been dead his entire life
>Tells us he committed suicide before he was even born
>Party monk asks "Was that before or after he got your mom pregnant?"

>> No.51327523
File: 27 KB, 347x347, Please.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Could we get some more details on this Anon?

>> No.51327669

those threads*
There's been plenty, not that one once, newfag.

>> No.51327693

This. Other assburger here, I love it because I'm not me.

>> No.51329342
File: 462 KB, 682x682, 1449821979933.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


well...you're wrong.

>> No.51329368

I dunno man, there's a medium between using mental illness (which to be honest i doubt most of those faggots have) to define yourself and contemplating how mental illness affects you, you've gotta be sorta open about your problems or they'll destroy you in the end.

>> No.51329577

Oh, really? My mistake.

>> No.51329597

Easy mistake to make.
You'll find most boards have them from time to time, I've seen them on /vp/, for example.
Seinfeld is incredibly popular, regardless of other interests.

>> No.51329672

You too huh?

>> No.51329907
File: 9 KB, 475x216, Tomorrow things will be better.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I've been diagnosed with schizotypal personality disorder, so I guess I would be the mentally disabled in such a scenario.

I probably wouldn't show up, and if forced to would play the least offensive and normal character, then suddenly leave for some reason, and the rest of the group would likely never hear from me again.

If you did earn my trust and I ended up actually participating,(other then just filling a seat) I would probably make poor jokes, bring up topics that are only partially relevant to the topic at hand then never talk about them again, and worry about how the time spent playing dnd could instead be used to make more money or something. I would also be incredibly paranoid about new players joining the group. Mostly due to possibly group instability, rather then the possibility of the new player actually plotting something out.

>> No.51329982

>in a group with no stupid people
Does... does that mean it's me?

>> No.51330409

no, that just means it's OP

>> No.51330864


>a Bisexual guy who I'm pretty sure is really trans

If the rest fit and you played mostly GURPS, I'd think you were in my group

>> No.51330922

Well, I don't understand the whole idea of roleplay as theatrics you kids are into, except maybe some form of escapism or self indulgence or something. OD&D roleplay is just about occupying your PC's perspective, not accents and drama and shit.

>> No.51331000
File: 83 KB, 626x348, 1484453415047.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe consider backstory is cancer. The guys who invented RPG's played with no more than a sentence. Your stats describe your character which you can interpret creatively but what he does AFTER becoming your PC is his story - not some past you wrote in a fit of indulgence but the story you actually played.

>> No.51331023

>party is meeting with powerful important quest giver guy
>stealth focused character's player is checked way out
>I'm getting close to the end of running the conversation
>Stealth player wakes the fuck up
>"I'm going to hide behind Philip"
>Philip is another character who's a really big guy for you
>he rolls sneak while everyone WTFs, technically succeeds
>"Okay, now I'm going to shoot that wizard guy"
>wizard guy is the quest giver
>"I get sneak attack right?"
>The system doesn't do sneak attacks
Then he doesn't show up to the next session

>> No.51331076
File: 556 KB, 772x1200, 58878239_p0_master1200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've actually had someone with downs syndrome in a game.

He... didn't do badly? Like, his character wasn't optimized, but he actually knew the system fairly well. It wasn't a simple system either, it was Pathfinder.

>> No.51331794
File: 262 KB, 1920x1080, aa9371895c0e823c9a2d6d437898e4fe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you have posted this in another thread? I have a feeling of Deja vu

>> No.51333733

I think having three sentences (one about the character's past, one about their present, and one about what they hope to do in the future) is all the backstory a character really needs.

If you want to get really minimalist just give your character a good trait, a bad trait, and a quirk.

>> No.51333890


>> No.51334767

Calling bullshit

MPD is literally not a thing

>> No.51334819
File: 13 KB, 480x360, 1468363299694.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


He's being ironic, right?

>> No.51334876

"my character looks like a very ordinary guy who has supposedly made a pact with a demon for powers in exchange with his memories"
"so.... he doesn't have a backstory.. at all?"
"no, he doesn't remember anything, also, he lost his name so just call him by his class..
.... also he's multiclassed into sorcerer"
"let me guess, because it's ridiculously strong in combat"

he's gotten better, even if he's still a powergaming ruleslawyer, but now he atleast makes actual characters, even if it's cliche shit like !notkender gnome thief, "i worship death" cleric/monk/whatever etc, etc. but atleast he kinda tries
more or less

>> No.51334901

Monk didn't know whether or not our DM's dad committed suicide before or after he got our DM's mom pregnant.

>> No.51334913

Here's the thing

That Guy rarely realises he is That Guy, or else he wouldn't be That Guy.

You may THINK you're being super reasonable about it and totally on the level, but you probably have no ability to self-examine, so you might be wrong. If you've been kicked out of more than two groups, you are definitely wrong.

>> No.51334950

That's not giving more details, that's just restating.
Not even that guy, but you're a waste of space.

>> No.51334960

>Somebody disagreeing with you

Projecting so hard you burned straight through the fucking wall

>> No.51334976

Calm down, anon.
I'd wager the furry is gone now.

>> No.51334991

Petty grudge guy.

Petty grudge guy will ruin games over nothing.

If you did something to piss off petty grudge guy earlier in the night, or in another game, he'll carry it with him through every other game you play.

If you did something to stop him or beat him out in an earlier game, and the next game requires cooperation, he won't cooperate.

If you didn't do EXACTLY what he told you to in a game, especially a hidden role game, he'll throw a bitch fit and ruin everything forever.

>> No.51335030
File: 112 KB, 242x237, smug anime girl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope one day you find happiness.

>> No.51335038

>being so retarded you can't see why it's strange someone wondered if someone committed suicide BEFORE they got someone pregnant

homie do you think a corpse can get someone pregnant?

>> No.51335423

Maybe his mother harvested his sperm from his still-warm body

>> No.51335869

Hot. I wish I was in your game :(

>> No.51335924

Hello John. Say hi to John, John, John, John, and John for me. This is John, btw.

>> No.51335985

more realistic though. Most people don't grow and learn, they just get by with dumb luck (which happens to be the MC's only high stat)

>> No.51336020

>I don't understand a mental illness, therefore it does not exist
I bet you believe people with PTSD, Schizophrenia, Bipolar, or Alzheimer are just pussies, druggies, lack discipline, or just stupid, huh? Get an education you cock sucking faggot.

>> No.51336364

I too insist on storytime

>> No.51336421

Well I got diagnosed and take my medicine which is more than 99% more than what /v/edditors and Tumblr users do.

>> No.51336429

make amnesiac characters so that GM can write your backstory instead if he bothres to, hue

>> No.51336698

Well gee I'm the mental retard so let's see what I've done over the years.

I once showed up drunk and screaming at people after being kicked out of school, I went through a weird phase at about 19 and I'm pretty sure the crossdressing scared off 2 new players, I once went to a session with strangers just to steal food, I went about 6 months before we figured out I was playing a different system then everyone else.

And of course the centerpiece, I once tried to kill myself in a friends bathroom after getting into an OOC fight which ended badly.

I only play rpgs with my one friend and his girlfriend nowadays and I play EDH at my FLGS. Which I'm only allowed in during school hours so there's less kids around.

Laugh at me /tg/.

>> No.51336815
File: 319 KB, 1284x1420, goblin punch chargen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Agreed, except for the future part, seems pointless and cloy. Most people don't have any big plans beyond continued survival and it's dumb to let the players dictate the direction of their game with their 'story' - though overarching 'convictions' of the sort in pic related are fine. If I feel like more variety, or need to spur a player to not treat his PC's as nothing more than pawns on a chessboard, I encourage them to write 'past career' and a few personality traits (hot-tempered, etc) or have them roll on whatever tables. Players need to play with the hand they're dealt, building their PC into something interesting around it; giving them non-random agency to design their PC undermines D&D's core gameplay, it's just bad game design, caving into whiney player entitlement.

>> No.51337462

Yeah but a few years ago.

Nope, he was 100% serious. You'd doubt he even went for a shower by how he smelled when he arrived though.

>> No.51337631

Or maybe you should. No one has ever been conclusively diagnosed with MPD and the only well documented case ever admitted a few years ago she just made it all up for the attention. So, it was Munchausen's all along. Faggot.

>> No.51337763
File: 1.98 MB, 369x271, Bruce .gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.51337788

You ever think you maybe put too much focus on complex character stories? I mean in the real world most rogues who lived on the streets and joined pirate crews probably didn't have much of a backstory beyond wanting regular meals and not minding too much being on a boat, does it have to be so different in fiction? Sometimes people do just want money.

>> No.51337831

They could at the very least make that clear though. Better a generic story than one you can't even recall when asked about.

>> No.51337832

I actually remember that for some autistic people taking showers feels like bathing in acid, with it being hard to ignore
But I'm unsure if this guy was actually autistic enough to have this

>> No.51337835

Maybe you were misdiagnosed? They throw that fucking diagnosis around like confetti at a wedding now, it's the new adhd.

>> No.51337858


>> No.51337870

>has a worrying tendency to never drop an argument
that's a basic qualification for 99% of nerds tho

>> No.51337948

There's really just too much here to even figure where out to begin mocking you, so I'm not going to try. I just want to know how you can play a different system to everyone else and not notice straight away, let alone have it go on for 6 months.

>> No.51338009

I was thinking this exact same thing, although a much more likely scenario would be the father having some of his sperm frozen and the mother retrieving it and getting artificially inseminated after the father's death.

>> No.51338105

>more realistic though
realistic =/= good
you can have something be very realistic and still shite
you can have something be unrealistic but still good

>> No.51338862
File: 1.35 MB, 1250x848, tumblr_lqqznnWpMs1qizbpto1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Complex character stories is what I wanted.

I wanted a game where every story character had meaning and, after the party left they would receive updates via newspapers, letters, and bounty posters showing that even without the party they still exist and move on with their lives. Every minor enemy would have connections to other higher ranking enemies, and they would have connections to other characters or enemies who then lead back to the Final Boss and his three henchman.

The woman causing them trouble in chapter 8 is the BBEG's daughter from chapter 2. The bounty hunters the party thwarted in chapter 3.5 joined up with the personal villain from player 1's backstory and are causing trouble for them during chapter 5. The little girl they saved during chapter 7 sends them the missing part to the incomplete treasure map they found while saving her and it leads them to a hideaway owned by the men who killed player 3's parents.

I have ambitious dreams.

>> No.51338873
File: 1.18 MB, 209x180, 1344797966955.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm the mentally disabled one
>Also DM
>Went off my meds a couple months back
>Made some monsters and parts of the setting based on my own hallucinations and stuff
>I feel like its actually helping me more than the medication ever did

>> No.51339133

I may not agree with you completely but I can respect not really listing a long term plan for someone who would, were it not for dint of being a PC, likely die horribly before they reach 30.

What you think of D&D 5e's background system?

>> No.51339227
File: 49 KB, 701x701, Alignments_Simplified.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

MPD is not actually a thing but that is due to it being renamed more accurately dissociative identity disorder (DID). It is a highly controversial subject though due to there being no clear consensus on diagnostic criteria or treatment.

Now that this case is closed I hope we can all be faggots about more interesting things like pic related.

>> No.51339492

Every time you stop taking the meds, you just make life harder on everyone around you.

Not to mention yourself.

t. cousin is paranoid schizo

>> No.51339589

Or you.

>> No.51342089

I guess it's technically me? I'm on the schizo scale of disorders, but I take my meds now (was only diagnosed about 6 months ago; had it for 15+ years) and it hasn't come up much since DMing is my passion and I focus on the game being great for everyone.

I dunno, I never ruined the game for anyone, at least not since high school, and that was over a decade ago and I wasn't a real human being back then.

>> No.51343772

fuckin millenials

>> No.51343862

what does any of that have to do with when somebody was born?

>> No.51343976
File: 808 KB, 207x207, lsWPzG9.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>The system doesn't do sneak attacks

>> No.51344079

That's why I don't play with people who just shout loudly about how their deck is the best in the world, they get shit on by half competent people.

>> No.51344155

Yeah, but eat shit. I don't care if your life is harder. Mine becomes substantially better.

t. schizo who has been off meds for years now.

>> No.51344207

I'm not familiar with 5e. Care to summarize?

>> No.51344288
File: 70 KB, 960x539, 1476308670297.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not to be that guy, but it gets difficult to concentrate on making nice with someone who's giving you a hard time when your fucking bones itch.

If it's been more than 2-4 hours since you last had a break, maybe you should stand up, fatass. Go out and socialize with whoever needs a smoke- our group all goes out when someone does, it's a good cut out of the storyline where you can go back in fresh, and talk about what's going on and how to approach things, or just shoot the shit.

If they're taking more than 3-5 minutes to burn a fag, maybe they're avoiding coming back in for another reason.

>> No.51344781

You don't understand. You may think your life is better, but it won't be in the end.

Besides, unless you're Amerifat, the new injections work for a month at a go and cost like $7 a shot.

>> No.51344913

Not that guy, but I have asthma. It's mild, but cigarette smoke, which I've lived in a fog of for most of my life due to one of my parents being a heavy smoker, hits me harder than just any random stuff in the air. To the point that the smell of a snubbed out cig can trigger a coughing fit, even as much as an hour or two later. What can I say, my lungs are pansies.

Also, while I like the concept of, "if you're very overweight, every few hours, stand up so you don't develop blood clots in your knees," as a health measure, I'm also not overweight to the point of being unhealthy; I could lose 15-25 pounds, sure, but I'm also 6'3", and just about 250 lb, so it's maybe a tenth of my weight or less? As long as it doesn't get in the way of my ability to live, which it doesn't, it's not enough to really worry about unless you're trying to tell me I should be at the pinnacle of health and, well, you smoke.

As far as someone avoiding coming back for another reason, well, yes. But the thing is, if someone doesn't like you smoking, that's not so much on them. Smoking is not standard in society; accepted, yes, but smoking to the extent that you need a cigarette literally every other hour or you, "start to feel your bones itch," is excessive by nearly anyone's standards.

>> No.51345466

This isn't at Family Time Games in College Park, is it? You just described somebody who shows up from time to time. Does this person have a short black lady as a caretaker?

>> No.51345504

To be fair, Yidris is a good commander and is quite OP, but only against other Commander precons.

>> No.51345519
File: 622 KB, 269x201, 1472839626681.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not in my group, but this one time I was browsing /tg/ and some autistic faggot made a thread about disabled players.

>> No.51345691

>I know what's better for you, despite knowing nothing of your situation.
Okay big brother, whatever you say.

>> No.51345756

90% of millenials are retards, edge lords, and what not. 5% are self aware, and another 5% think they are self aware but still do it.

>> No.51345980

>t. 14 year-old posting about how he was born in the wrong generation in the YT comments of shitty GnR songs

>> No.51346949
File: 56 KB, 524x800, 1433988569533.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lets do this.
>Play at LGS
>Playing a campaign I really dislike but only stick with it cause of friends
>Every week a new guys shows up, then leaves after a while
>This time around some highschooler in the early grades
>Takes about an hour to set up characters for the new guys
>The kid makes a cannibal
>I think it was a tiefling fighter or warlock
>Says he based it off his OC
>"What character is the OC from?"
>Oh god no its going to be one of those players
>Before the arena fight
>We decide to try and make some allies for the arena fight as we were told its a free for all
>Cannibal kid asks a random NPC
>Random NPC just hates him cause whatever
>NPC says to point his friends out (us)
>Cannibal kid does knowing full well
>The rest of the team says shit but doesn't matter cause DM lied about it being a free for all
>We go into the arena fight
>something 500 people are in the arena
>Have to work together to fight a level 12 dreadnought
>Cannibal kid "I want to attack the weakest looking guy"
>Of course the DM makes it a ice mage and the whole team gets hit with an ice cone.

Then the season ended. Most of the season was based getting ready to enter the arena. Next week happened and we got the other DM (two DM's rotate on a weekly basis)

>Cannibal kid shows up
>We say its a new campaign so roll up a new character
>Makes another cannibal character
>He really is one of those players making another cannibal
>Human I think? Can't remember
>New characters are introduce after an orc band raided the village from last game
>Cannibal kid see's the dead human body
>Starts eating its leg in front of us
>DM says you are now eating the leg with everybody watching you
>Continues to do his thing
>Another PC (my character wasn't their at the time) attacks Cannibal kid in disgust.
>That gets the kid to stop.
>A little banter goes on about what happened

He didn't show up again after that. Seemed to be the lolsorandumb type.

>> No.51347026

You know how rashes, scabs, blisters, and cysts can feel good when you scratch them? The rashes get some relief from the itching, the scabs aren't just clinging on to your skin, the blisters drain, and the cysts lose all that pressure. But doing that, even if it feels good, is going to be worse for you overall.

You are not as masterful over your body as you think. The mind is even more unruly. Letting people govern you is awful, but refusing to take advice is ridiculous. Worse then both is never doing good research on something that directly affects you. Find out if your medication is/was negligible. Or call me an asshole.

>> No.51347230


Cutting an ice beam is cool, you sperg.

>> No.51347301
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>two trans people

Well that is mental disability.

>> No.51347318

>potato potato potato xD

>> No.51347772

>Found the autist

>> No.51348210
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In 5e a new part of character creation is choosing your character's background for an actual mechanical effect.

The PHB describes it as "where your character came from, their original occupation, and their place in the world. A background gives your character a background feature (a general benefit)... proficiency in two skills... and it might give you additional languages or proficiency with certain kinds of tools." (D&D 5e PHB, pgs. 13-14)

I find that it more or less helps bring together the story and game mechanics in a satisfying way but can also help people new to the hobby to craft their character a bit more fully and easily.

I'm interested to hear your take on it.

>> No.51349439

I like the idea of occupations. I run an old school game so I don't go anywhere near anything like skills or proficiencies but I do experiment with various occupational tables for random starting equipment or just for fluff. Could you post a screenshot of 5e's table? It sounds similar to this table I have from an OSR blogger, designed for Holmes B/X - though I'd never use it with the abilities section intact.

>> No.51349637

I think you'll find pdf related of interest. I use the professions chart on here (along with another equipment kit), and posted the personality/goals earlier though I don't normally use them. It has a very interesting idea of permanent bonds between players - things like Friendly Rivals: when one makes a critical hit, the other increases his critical hit range by 3 for the next combat turn. Also an extended 'life path' generation that seems somewhat inspired by Traveller or Beyond the Wall.

Both together would do much to make players attached their characters, and the party immediately bonded (which is something Beyond the Wall very much excels at) without undermining old school play style (though it does extend chargen, wouldn't recommend for a megadungeon). I'd like to give life path a try if it wasn't for including ability modifiers, which opens up a can of worms in an edition that doesn't include any either for classes or items or anything else.

>> No.51349928

There is a few more not covered by this but this handles everything in the PHB.

Also sorry the whole "Feature" thing isn't detailed but I'll green-text the short versions below.
>Acolyte: Free healing for you and your allies from temples of your faith in addition to them being willing to shelter you.
>Charlatan: You have a decently established alternative identity and can forge various types of documents if you've seen an example of them.
>Criminal: You have a reliable contact in the criminal underground and know the network of such people well enough to get messages delivered easily.
>Entertainer: You can easily find places to perform and earn free lodging + food so long as you perform each night. Also the locals will start to recognize you.
>Folk Hero: Commoners are willing to help you hide and recuperate due to a common bond unless you prove to be a danger to them.
>Guild Artisan: Your guildmates will provide food + board if needed, networking opportunities via access to the guildhall, limited political protection, full coverage of funerary expenses (not joking), but you have to pay 5gp per month in guild dues.
>Hermit: You have had a unique and powerful discovery. Talk to the DM about what it is/could be.
>Noble: You're welcome in high society, commoners will act to accommodate you, and you can secure a meeting with the local nobility if you need to.
>Outlander: You can find food, water, etc. for yourself and 5 others and know your immediate surroundings well.
>Sage: You know where to find info.
>Sailor: You can trade your labor for free passage on ships.
>Soldier: You hold a rank that is recognized appropriately by other soldiery.
>Urchin: You can navigate cities at 2x the speed of an average person.

>> No.51350005

I have severe depression and anxiety. It's hard to even go do social things or things at all.

>> No.51350160

Yeah, I kind of like this, the results are natural outcomes of the PC's status and not just mechanical effects though they're not all entirely plausible. The idea of castes interest me especially. But the list of options is absolutely tiny and the effects too restrictive - someone with a past as a sailor would have a lot more traits than simply being able to work for his passage, which is something someone with no history as a sailor could also plausibly do. I like something like the hermit, gives room for some gonzo shit.

>> No.51350213
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By effects, I mean the 'features'. Tools are cool. Another occupation table from DCCRPG with unique starting equipment

>> No.51350351

>be me
>pathfinder gm
>friend wants to join
>is fine
>have a party of 5
>friend chooses inquisitor as first character ever played
>doesn't understand basic spells
>has to ask every single time what he can do
>does the same thing every combat
>hardly participates during the non combat events
>asks what he can do every combat turn
>has to look up every bit of info on his character between turns
>goes into his turn
>his turns takes 5 times longer than everyone else's turn
>asks what he can do
>asks if he can do ____
>asks if he can do ____ if ____ didn't pan out
>asks if he can do ____ if ____ and ____ don't pan out
>and so on

I told my current group (group 3) to not ask me if they can do something; ask the other group members.

>Group 2
>one female player
as in; can i cast a spell that damages con score on this particular zombie. every time they battle undead
>tell her flat out i can't tell her

>> No.51350373

I worry about this a lot. I'm probably the most competitive player in my EDh group, I play Vintage and Legacy online, but I try to be conscious about how powerful I make decks. I get kinda bored with doing the same thing over again though, and enjoy powerful strategies. I have Autism but I'm always thinking about it and trying to regulate myself

>> No.51350606

He's right you know.

>> No.51350738

We were young then and it was with two of the early d&d's. I think I was using 2e and they were using something else that was pretty similar.

>> No.51350810

Creativity is all but dead in players these days; your DM should encourage her.

>> No.51350918
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>> No.51351245


I only play with people I've hand picked in real life. They tend to be nerds, but more so of the science and math variety. Anyways they tend to suck at roleplaying but love story based problem solving and tactical combat.

>> No.51353098

It's the new guy in the group. He does stuff not only out of character, but out of setting. His character will be dead soon, and he may learn his lesson.

>> No.51353155

>tfw you finally, like a lost fucking treasure or the four legendary anal beads, find a group of players with stable time and jobs and the least number of hangups and excess politics and no severe mental illness, enough to buckle down for just one, ONE campaign of good solid satisfaction and end

One more year. I just need to finish the game sometime in the next year, and I'll have finally done it, and I can be free of the GM curse.

In a way, the real adventure all along was finding the right group to just get one damn game done.

>> No.51355203
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>"Friend who is going through a difficult struggle with their own identity is sad and I don't know why."
>"lol mentally ill"

>> No.51355447

Trannies are fucked in the head, deal with it

I had a particularly bad one try to join my Star Wars game back when Edge of the Empire was new.
>Picked the prettiest unofficial species available
>No outward evidence of them being anything other than an especially fruity man
>Without warning rages and walks off, later discover it's because of the group sperg misgendering them
>Later they get banned from the game club after responding to someone saying "trannies are kinda weird though, aren't they?" by smacking him over the back of the head, going home and shitposting all over facebook like they're fucking MLK

>> No.51355780

Hilariously, living in post-USSR territory I have met more online americans ascribing to communism than IRL people.

>> No.51356324

Not him, but you are not even a medic. You are also arguing because of anecdotal evidence, which doesn't count as proof.

I would therefore argue that some people might actually be better off without meds, just like how 2/3 depressed people are still depressed even when they take antidepressants

>> No.51356840

This, though in my case I'm from one the former demoluds.

Its quite telling, and funny that most of the present day commies live where there never was communism.

>> No.51356974

I'm from another Eastern kleptocracy and here it's a mixed bag. Communist party scores above 15% every election - part of it is from retirees who fondly remember the days of free housing, effortless jobs and communal canteens and never really cared for traveling abroad or freedom of expression beyond ranting at local pub. Part of it is the young idealists for whom the regular democratic left just isn't left enough.

>> No.51357141
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I was going to point out exactly why, but your post itself already perfectly exemplifies a raving schizzo cunt, so I'm not even gonna bother.

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