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Help us build a setting!

Previous Thread:

1d4Chan page:

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first for Lesians best race

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Shouldn't Val Ocean be Val sea and water math west of it be ocean?

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It was added in the latest version, mapbro was in the last few posts of the previous thread. Hopefully he'll reappear.

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Damn americans are sleeping! That will go slow

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So Hobbits aren't mentioned at all in the 1d4chan page, are they more laid-back dwarves?

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Voting that Lesians are run by a religious order, and pluck and paint remaining feathers to signify rank.

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1d4chan needs a bit about magic being ruled by emotion and intent etc

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Hobbits were created after last wiki update

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Fear not, I come with content.

Excerpt from, “On the different tribes of Men.” (Dra-Bul-Naz, 818 ME)
Published by the University of Valkenburg Print Press.

"Of all of the erroneous assumptions made in anthropology in the last 300 years, none has been more pervasive than the conceptualization of humanity as a single ethnic race. This could not be farther than the truth. In human tribes, there exist four distinct elements: economic, political, ethnic, and religious. Different tribes subscribe to different mixes of these elements, sometimes tolerating multiply ideologies at once.

"It is a theory of the author that Humanity as it exists now did not prior to the expulsion of men from the south. If anything, what little archaeological progress has been made in recent decades has revealed that different Mannish civilizations expressed wildly different architectures, scripts, art, and cultures. Indeed, a convergence only appears towards the beginning their exodus north.

"It is with the above in mind that one must understand that a common Mannish tongue, an amalgamation of seemingly incongruent linguistic features, has not (and will not truly exist). Linguistic differences, although seemingly split amongst ethnic lines, are the primary divider of tribes. Although some level of mutual intelligibility does exist, more often there would be difficulty in communications between two humans born on different coasts of the Northern Wastes.


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(cont.) 2/2

"Consider the Valkgarians: a centralized tribe eking out an existence on what little green coast of the Northern Wastes there is remaining. Medium to tall of stature, with a wide variety of hair color, and with a gambit of eye colors; this tribe speaks a dialect of Mannish that does not posses grammatical cases. Nor does it have tonality. Intonal, with little inflection, their tongue relies heavily on auxiliary verbs and word order to convey meaning.

"Contrast the Vends people, possessing the same stature and similar hair to the Valkgarians, but with primarily darker eye colors and hair. Their tongue has six-to-seven cases and features complex consonant clusters.

"Theoretically, if you sat down a Vend and a Valkgarian, the two would be able to understand a word or there, but would otherwise have trouble maintaining a conversation.

"Linguistic drift is not a uniquely human phenomenon. Mankind, however, exhibits this tendency alarmingly often – more so than any other peoples."

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Here's the version that has halflings

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1. The Goblinoids :

Small but powerful sect of wizards with both dwarvish, elvish and even halfling members.
Vaguely based on the metaphysics of the Cult of the Maker, the Goblinoids upholds magic as the supreme principe in the universe and matter as entirely caused and enslaved by it.
Both magic and matter are without consciouness or personhood and there is no gods, life and the intelligents races emerged from natural magical and matter processes.
Non-magicals beings are purely material beings and their consciouness ceases after physical death.
The consciouness of magical beings persists in magic after death but quickly dissolves within it unless they are powerful enough and initiated to the magical exercices allowing the wizards of the sect to indefinitely retain their consciouness in the magical principle.
Just as magic enslaves the matter, the natural order is for the most magically gifted to enslave the less gifted and to treat the unmagicals as the animals they are.
And the natural duty of the gifted is to explore the possibilities of magic in their fullest.
The Goblins were the noblest race to have walked on this earth, supremaly talented with an unegaled knowledge of magic and only small minds ressent them for the collateral damage infliged on lesser races, for why should giants care about ants they are on the greatest quest ?
Yet they failed, but failure is not unavoidable and that's why we should take example on them, both to emulate their greatness, and for not repeating their errors.
The sect of the Goblinoids don't care about race but only magical, the hierarchy is divided by layers of initiation but the more talented you are, the more you can go up.
They are very interrested by magical knowledge, ancient goblin artifacts and wisdom, and ways to make them more magically powerful.

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>Just as magic enslaves the matter, the natural order is for the most magically gifted to enslave the less gifted and to treat the unmagicals as the animals they are.
Hmmm..This would imply Human, Orc and Kobold slaves. Cool!

South of the Elvish Kingdoms lies the Tde Mountains, home to majority of the Goblinoid Dwarfs. They are led by a nameless Grand Master who managed to turn the most of local dwarves to Goblinoidism.

Seen as dangerous outcasts by both Elves and Dwarves, for they worship the Goblins of old. Currently Orthodox dwarves are planning a military campaign to whipe the out, but the Lesian aggression with the Elves and the death of current Overking is making this war difficult. But something has to be made before the Goblinoids get too crazy and powerful.

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sounds cool.

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Updated wiki with more dwarf stuff.
Havent had time to add the Dwarvish Orthodox stuff jet. Probably other part for the actual Writings, which there is quite many already. Also the history needs fleshing out.

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So the Tde Mountains would be along the Godless bay somewhere?

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Original OP here.

> http://sys.4chan.org/derefer?url=http%3A%2F%2Fsuptg.thisisnotatrueending.com%2Farchive.html

Posting last thread's archive, so it is not forever lost to the Maker.

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Added UAC dwarven cities to mountains in Elf lands. (this gave me idea why the Dwarves arent that keen to help Elves against lesians: UAC dwarves might get killed as well)

Citadel of the Hunter-Order of NOS added

Fixed. The other oceans need names still!

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I like the idea for Hobbits and Gnomes, but I don't think we should call the sedentary ones Hobbits, as we shouldn't be stepping on Tolkien's toes. What if we called Hobbits Hurthlings instead?

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I'd say Ocean north of Isle of the Everliving could be named either "Storm Ocean" or "Sunfall Ocean", the Lesian Channel between Lesian island and Elvish kingdoms

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Behold! A map of Kulmorost build from fragmentary ancient Dwarven map parts. It apparently shows the world before the Goblins according to the myths tried to create an unholy abomination of sand and stone from the very ground itself.
Current day scholars disagree with this map creation however, stating that old mappers just were bad and were known for inventing fantastic distant realms (see the Forbidden Isle debacle).

Well we already got Orcs, Dwarves and Elves so hobbits is not that bad I think. Hurthlings do sound quite cool however.

This OK, updating it to next version.

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And one south of Kulmorost could be named Ocean of Enigmas, because none knows what is there

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I reckon that "Hobbit shore" should be "Gnome Shore" or something like that, cause if it is the land given to the Halflings by the Dwarfs it would be populated by Halflings calling themselves Gnomes not the ones calling themselves Hobbits.

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Don't forget about the name resource:


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Said to be a creature of power by some and a legend by others, the Brumecaster is said to be physically-similar to an enormous water strider that lives in the clouds above. Described with camouflaging and weather-altering abilities, the majority of believers agree that its purpose is to move the clouds in the sky, mixing them together and separating them from each other. Although sightings of the Brumecaster are rarely believable, almost all of the areas the Brumecaster is believed to be sighted have been confirmed to be very windy at the times of discovery. Many small towns have adopted the Brumecaster into their culture, with there being many popular childrens' tales regarding the creature.

What do you guys think? I figure having some folklore based on powerful creatures of nature might be nice to have.

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How about wendigos haunting the humans?

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Just to add, Brumecaster is the Haumic name for the creature. I'm not too good with foreign languages, so it would be great if someone could figure out its name in Dwarven, Lesian, and Troll. Thanks.

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How do you foster creativity?
How do you light the spark for innovation?

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I like Brumecasters, are they believed to live in clouds from the Black Dunes to River of Death or they are more region specific? plot twist they are real

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I think it (or they, could be more than one) follows wind patterns that go across Kulmorost, but some say that it is the one to cause the winds in the first place.

Should there be only one Brumecaster left, or should there be several messing about all over the continent?

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since none knows how many of them are there we can live their number ambiguous, with one matriarch(or patriarch) being bigger and unique in that he/she can control wind

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I think we should keep the number unambiguous, but have it so the people who believe there to be more than one of them believe them to be solitary creatures. Folklore could be created, such as if a thunderstorm lasts for more than three hours, then it is the result of two Brumecasters fighting over why gets to control the clouds the thunder is coming from. I dunno why, but I image a Brumecaster to be a lonely creature, gliding through the sky alone. What do you think?

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I agree with this. And they remind me of this flying creatures

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Do we have anything on how many moons Kulmorost has? May add some stuff if no one's added anything yet

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Cannibals and sapient eaters in this setting gain magical power if doing it correctly, while becoming deformed and crazy, so wendigos make sense as some offshoot that didn't know how to take the soul.

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I'd say two, so when they create very unpredictable waves

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Writefag behind the linguistics and pirate articles, here. I've got to study for an exam. Live in western Europe. Will post more shit in the late evening when I am free.

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looking forward to it

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I just finished Flying Witch and was thinking exactly the same!

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I agree, we've already got a reasonably rare flying animal, having a way rarer one will make sure the two don't overlap too much

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Using names of the linguistic anon:

The Grimbridge tribe sits by both sides of the old stone bridge, build long before they arrived, the biggest one across river Stern(Biggest Northern river that ends in Val Sea), is known for their strength and wealth among all other local tribes.

It's because every trader who wants to cross the river has to pay a toll and every raiding party crossing under bridge has to share small part of their spoils. With number of steelclad warriors to back their claim

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Rumours of aboriginal elephant folk on the eastern continent.

>> No.51293700

Rumors of wacky and dangerous things on the eastern continent, beasts of all kinds walk there and on two paws! Beware the beasts

>> No.51293931

who provides these rumours?

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>Farm Kingdoms
Who the fuck came up with these? These are not real things. The former would just be kingdoms, nothing out of the ordinary since feudal societies were based upon agriculture, and the latter is an oxymoron. Either the mountains should have the Dwarven Nations if there's a mix of kingdoms and republics, or the Dwarven Kingdoms if what you're trying to imply is some sort of constitutional monarchy being standard there

I feel insulted just looking at these names

>> No.51294486

I'm with you in thinking that the political classifications are odd.

>> No.51294749

I agree, that's why you should help to improve it

>> No.51294792

Actually Denmark and Norway are both constitutional monarchies.
It's not really an oxymoron.
Although in both countries, the royal families wield zero political power.

>> No.51294876

Suggest something better then?

Just Elven Farmlands? The Dwarven Republics? Republics of the Dwarven Children of the Maker or RDCM for short? Of course the dwarves favor short words so their own name for their realms would be something like RODCM

>> No.51295055

I'm not sure what to make of naming the dwarven states. For the Elves, based off of prior discussion and writefagging, it would make much more sense to refer to the Elven Principalities. Most quasi-medieval states are going to be primarily agricultural anyway.

>> No.51295248

I guess they were generally named as Farm-Kingdoms for their Main means of production + Political Structure, because state of building and throwing in ten names of kingdoms without further explanation will confuse everyone

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>Dwarven Unions (assuming you want to get complex you could have mini republics and kingdoms as states within larger Republics/Kingdoms)
>Elven Principalities is good
>Troll Tribes is the term for the troll people, but their land ought to be something like the Troll Marches, the Trolls Province (polite term used by outsiders), or the Troll (Insert geographic area type, i.e. Hills, Steppe). Alternatively, the Southern Mouth, being at the mouth of the big peninsula to the north

Farm kingdoms is idiotic. No one ever names their nation or state after farming or any industry.

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>Dwarven Unions (assuming you want to get complex you could have mini republics and kingdoms as states within larger Republics/Kingdoms)
>Elven Principalities is good
>Troll Tribes is the term for the troll people, but their land ought to be something like the Troll Marches, the Trolls Province (polite term used by outsiders), or the Troll (Insert geographic area type, i.e. Hills, Steppe). Alternatively, the Southern Mouth, being at the mouth of the big peninsula to the north
good, now we're getting somewhere in world!

>No one ever names their nation or state after farming or any industry
You're right, none does, but we here, in thread, do call them like that before giving them proper name

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City time!

One of the most westermost mountain holds, yet in fact are not that Elf-friendly (enemy-of-enemy is how they call the alliance). They prosper from the trades, but dwarves of Col mountain are far more focused on northern threats: the various Trolls, Kobolds and the Human tribes. Build the SOT Watchtower in coordination with the elves few centuries ago.

Former seat of the ceremonial Overking (now the Kinghood changes between republics) Gron is known for its massively prestigous universities of Gon and Ron.
It is otherwise rather poorly defended and mostly famous because of being in the crossroads of the few roads that exist among the Republics.

Maybe the largest settlement of the Hill Trolls, Begten is often seen as a hive of monsters.
In fact is relatively prosperous location for the Trolls, and raiding ships sent south have brought in much wealth.

>City of Candles
Elven port in the Godless bay. Home to the Candle Cult (Dwarvish name for the cult, the elvish name changes too often to record) who gain power by burning the bones of the dead.
However, the elves living in the City of Candles are known to be accepting of other races, but are equally known of their threat to these immigrants: If you arrive here with open arms you are welcomed, but come with a sword, you will be burned on a pyre.
Most arrivals come with open arms, and as such the city has large ghetto of Dwarves and Orcs, with big concentration of Ghasian Orcs.

Hit me with some other cities! And how about roads?

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Sweet. Can anyon here come up with Dwarvish/Elvish/Lesian names for the Brumecaster(s)?

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The Gold Vein is an immense winding road built to connect the Dwarfish and Elvish Capitals after the War of Human Exodus, both to cement the alliance between their peoples and encourage trade. As time has past the road has sprawled, connecting to many Elven and Dwarven cities

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How about the Valmeirar, Val meaning sky and Meirar meaning something akin to "weaver" so Valmeirar = skyweaver. which would also mean the Val sea in elvish would be the Sky sea, named because on calm days the clear waters of the sea is highly reflective which makes it look as if its a second sky

How about a number of Orcish fishing settlement on the eastern coat of the Southern wastes. it would make sense that the Orcs on the coast would rely on fishing for a lot of their food, also a port town for the peaceful orcs so they could trade with the Dwarves, it seems like the Dwarves would rely heavily on food imports from both them and the Elvish farmlands as the Dwarven lands are very mountainous.

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That's a really good name, thank! Do you have similar knowledge in Dwarven/Lesian?

>> No.51296911

How about "Brumgonor" in Dwarf. Brum - cloud and gonor - the act of eating. so cloud-eater more or less

l was also trying to give more meaning to the dwarf city Gron (gron meaning something like "mouth") a name given to the city as its a main entry to the mountain states of the dwarf kingdoms for many

and for the Lesian l'm not sure, perhaps an intricate series of clicks and whistles?

>> No.51297232

>Daul Kellas
Located on an island off the east coast of Hobbit Shore, near the Forsaken Isle, this Gnomish city was once a small fishing town, but grew prosperous from hunting the Varhillius Wyverns that occasionally migrated past it.

These days the migrations are far rarer, so the city must look for other means to make a profit. It’s known for being a place one can buy or sell practically anything and for being the staging ground for many a doomed expedition to the Forsaken Isle. It is often called “The City of Scales” due both to its mercantile nature and the Varhillius Scale armour worn by its guards.

>> No.51297340

That's awesome name, thank you so much. Is there tangible meaning to the Lesian clicks and whistles, or is it just random?

>> No.51297863

It works! Daul Kellas - the last civilized port before the abyss. A crazy wild place where one might meet Humans or even Lesians trading together.

>> No.51298370

How civilised it is depends on how much money you've got. Too much or too little and you'll see savagery rarely seen outside the northern wastes

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The two moons are named Faldun and Mandun. Faldun is the larger (closer) of the two and "leads", while Mandun is the smaller (further) and "follows". Occasionally, Mandun falls so far behind that Faldun laps in front of it, this time is called Zenith. Children born during Zenith are considered to be fated, both for good or for ill. There is also a slightly higher incidence of magical ability during this time, though it is anecdotal at best.

due to Faldun and Mandun's unpredictable effect on the tides, far exploration of the sea is not reccomended. It is curious then, that the sea faring merchants, the traders of the mist, favour zenith, when the seas are at their wildest, the most to appear on the shores and make trades.

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So, about the Lesian language being whistles and clicks etc.

I'd like to imagine it's a little more than that. Or could be. Some few that develop a language (their version of the merchants tongue) designed to be understood and spoken by other races could wind up with a language that's spoken from the back of the mouth with trilled Rs, like a more vicious sounding version of french.

French velociraptor people. Fantastic.

Also, I believe somebody mentioned something about a religious order where they painted feathers and/or plucked feathers to signify rank?

Found this in my art folder.

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He had seen them, no doubt of it. They were still on his tracks.

Months ago the group left home with all the honors the Kingdom could give. A ceremony was held to receive the Overking's blessings, even. The last thing they saw was a cheering crowd of their family, friends and fellow countrymen, waving them goodbye into uncertainty. They knew it was going to be dangerous, and fear slowly turned to excitement at the prospect of going so far beyond any civilized lands. Without heavy support from a certain Senator the ordeal would have been inconceivable, fame and greatness wouldn't be theirs, and many lives would have been spared.

Still in the planning phase, through the many connections he'd built over the years, word came to Rut of Gron about the plans to explore the Northern Wastelands. After so many years of idleness and yearning for his days of adventuring, the sudden call to action seemed like a well-deserved rest from crowded urban life. He was gladly taken in. It was set: 40 brave dwarves would challenge the Northern Wastelands, land of the Haumics, to find their fortunes and glory for their land.

He kept running. They weren't far. He could practically smell the stench and see the horrid crude animal skins, taste the bitter metal with awful vividness. The only thing he couldn't perceive was their sound. The land was on their favor. The snow muffled their steps and the chilly wind whipped the little vigor out of the dwarf's body.

There was a higher aim for the expedition, as the Senator eagerly told them. If the information in the map was accurate and the soil in that frozen hell really hid that many mineral riches, then the Kingdom would have to put a foothold in the Wastelands. The land could be healed, he said, purged from the oblivious devils that had so far been its only inhabitants. By taming one more bit of wilderness, the world would creep towards perfection, and Dwarfkind a bit closer to fulfilling their holy task.

>> No.51299110

That was the thought of the naive Senator, who was deeply religious and idealistic to a fault. He went as far as trusting the Traders of the Mist and their strange treasures with the lives of 40 good dwarves, sent into a suicide mission for the slim chance of success in the name of a distant greater good. So deep were his faith and anxiety to see the world shaped by dwarven hands.

Rut took a moment to remember how very far away he was from home. His body screamed for rest, and his mind was already giving up. It had been stupid to go.

This had been a 3-day chase. His arm was wounded. It was frozen and lifeless, but at least no longer bled. Equally, he missed seeing blood. He yearned for color.

Their silent march continued; snowflakes fluttered and danced all around him, cold as iron, white as death, as they pricked his face and sucked the warmth off his body. The indistinguishable landscape after him went on and on - could it be endless?

Deep down, he knew it was a pointless struggle, one last attempt to preserve his pride, feigned bravery before his legs inevitably lost their strength and the snow swallowed him alive. Realistically, he could not flee. He didn't even know if there was any place to flee to. If nothing else, it could be worthwhile to keep it up to spite the bloodthirsty bastards. Or so he told himself, as his muscles threatened to snap and his face twisted into a grimace of pain.

If he was not so tired, he would weep for his companions. Nobody deserves that end. These particular humans had a terrifying hunger for magical flesh, and Rut guessed at least 39 of the 40 brave dwarves would be used to sate it. Not long ago they had caught the only other survivor who'd kept up with him nearly this far. Rut heard him screaming and bawling like a baby, until it suddenly stopped.

Sooner or later, the tall wights of the North, the dreadful iron revenants, they would find him. Then the ugly iron masks would come off, and he would have no rest.

>> No.51299134

Perhaps they have different tiers of speech, like they have been developing their own language, yes. But they have retained their primal speech from when they where more beastlike. So they'd have their own formal language (comparative to elves, men and dwarves) which they use in dealings with other tribes and races (like a vicious french if you like) , a non-formal language which is used and perfectly understood by the Lesians themselves and their familys that maybe combines parts of each tier of their language as well as having its own elements. And at last a final tier, used to communicate only while hunting or during war with other races which could be described as little more than a series of fast clicks, low hums (like combining the velocoraptors from jurassic park and a sound similar to what predator sounds like

>> No.51299296

Frostfrontier is a human city on the coast of the Val sea. It has an underground part as well as an over the ground one. It is one of the most important human ports and you can find most kinds of humans within it. It grew from an underground settlement nestled in a massive cave system and it has stood for at least 500 years. It houses the largest market of the Haumic lands and has been ruled since the beginning by a family of centaurs.

>> No.51302995


>> No.51303164

If enough people care, we could make a Discord for lore and design discussion purposes.

>> No.51303922 [DELETED] 

Here, I don't know if the server will live but let's still try https://discord.gg/qpN5bUW

>> No.51304981

Was the discord post deleted ?

>> No.51305111

huh yes it was.You can look it up on 4plebs anyway

>> No.51305480

couldn't find it on 4plebs

anyone got an invite?

>> No.51305957

Discord? Im not familiar with that, what is it?

>> No.51306028

Text/voice chat system, kinda like Skype

>> No.51306078

Are you forced to talk ?

>> No.51306107

Nope. It's Skype but with more features and accessible via browser.

>> No.51307154

I wasn't aware we had one

>> No.51307380

Sorry about that, link expired and I fell asleep without putting a new one https://discord.gg/TjCXnKY

>> No.51308797

Anti-archivage activated! bip bop.

>> No.51308999

So, is thread dead or everyone on Discord ?

>> No.51309122

Just dead

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I just noticed this thread. Saw it first sometime yesterday, but whatever. I´m kinda a sucker for worldbuilding and was reading the 1d4chan page.

There a re only a few hints of worldbuilding so I wanted to ask if anyone could elaborate on the war of human exodus as you call it? Or has that been not written down yet?

>> No.51309428

Most about it has not been written down, so feel free to post stuff about it. Perhaps leave the reasons _why_ it occurred a bit murky but otherwise have fun anon!

>> No.51309512

What is missing in this in your opinion ? what parts of it need more developpement ?

>> No.51309537

NPCs, the characters that have or are shaping the world currently or in the past.
Cities and ruins to explore

Lesian Island in particular is quite bare, as is the Troll hills

>> No.51309720

Well this whole war looks suspicious to me.
Elves and Dwarves have all the good lands of the main continent/island (?) and one of the few things we know about the human exodus as that they were exiled to the northern wastes.
So it looks like they were in competition for the good lands and elves and dwarves formed an alliance against them.
Magical races could have been humans, so maybe the ancestors of the dwarves and elves were proto-elves and proto-dwarves among humans or already speciated former human populations and wanted the good lands of their new perceived alien and inferior cousins.
Or maybe they were invaders from other regions of the world, which would explain why they are different from humans but I guess magically inclined and genetically isolated enough human populations could become something else than humans even without geographical isolation.

>> No.51309735

*now perceived alien and inferior cousins

>> No.51309770

All the _remaining_ good lands of the continent. >>51290459
(Also dwarves and elves might have had smaller areas before the Exodus and as a consequence of it grew bigger)

Perhaps after the Goblin Cataclysm the races found themselves in competition, which had not been previously needed that much?

>> No.51309865

Interresting hypothesis indeed.
How much time separates the Goblin Cataclysm and the War of Human Exodus ?

>> No.51310311

Updated a bit the page on 1d4chan.

>> No.51311100

Minor heresies part 2

Physicalist School :
The physicalist school of thought believes everything is physical phenomena.
Physicalists don't believe everything is material as magic and maybe minds are immaterial but they think both material and immaterial things are physics and part of this world.
They reject any notion of spiritual reality, don't believe in worlds outside this world and highly value empiricism and non-theological philosophy.
They don't believe in the Maker, the Architect and other gods and are generaly skeptical of religion even if they don't reject reincarnation within this world and some spiritual concepts non involving supposed realities outside of this world and think they could be misinterpreted actual magical phenomena.
Altough they don't believe in the mystical nature of the dwarvish civilization, they still uphold the symbolic value of the Task and simply think this is the natural and rational goal of any true civilization.
Popular in intellectual circles and the most liberal cities.
The only "stronghold" of the Physicalist School is Zlunben near the eastern shore, a small city of average wealth but highly praised by the dwarven academicians for its university and philosophers.
Religious authorities virtually don't hold any authority here and so philosophical developements are unhindered by the Cult of the Maker and is barely impacted by politics because of its relative isolation from the political centers.
This is the reason why many intellectuals and philosophers migrate here, giving to the city and physicalist school a surprisingly strong intellectual influence on the Dwarven Unions.

>> No.51311182

Its thought that the Cataclysm was an attempt to end the war between the Goblins and Dwarves once and for all, but more or less ended up nuking themselves and greatly reducing their magical ability as well as the greater landmass. after this the Goblins started losing the land that they had in the Dwarven and Elvish territories and then were pushed back into the now southern wastes by the dwarves and then eventually destroyed almost entirely sometime later. then the goblin lands were abandoned and left to waste. though the dwarves insist these events never happened and it was just their own greatness that won the war

So then the Dwarves probably fucked around telling themselves how great they are, destroying all the Goblin records and artifacts for a while and then seeing the reduced landmass and possibility for expansion they got together with the elves to get rid of the other inferior races, which they did and it has been this way ever since (so possibly thousands of years? idk)

The possibility that the Cataclysm fucked with the magic in the realms making the need for magical artifacts and resources ever more prevalent could also be viable

but anyway things can be changed around or messed with if someone else wants to alter it, this is just how l see things l guess

>> No.51311372

Interesting fact: Gnomes do not simply name their cities, they also give them something akin to a military rank. This rank is based both on how defensible the city is and how well it's actually defended itself in the past.

The ranks are:
1:Loth - lowest real rank, means that a city is difficult to defend/its defences have been breached often and the time between breaches isn't that big. Often given to newly founded cities. Retained by very few older cities
5:Vyar - Highest possible rank. Means that a city has remained secure for many years and this isn't due to lack of trying on an enemies part. Few cities hold this title for very long as some see the bestowing of this title as a challenge
0:Trox - You won't see this on any maps because this is technically not a rank. It's more of an insult as it means that a city is basically un-defendable but implies that this is more down to the skill of the people defending it than anything else.

The fact that the ranks given to cities will inevitably change makes Mapping gnomish lands a cartographer's nightmare

>> No.51311541

It is interesting that although Dwarves have such much value placed on knowledge and reason, quite many major events in the world are surprisingly occluded. (Elves are not that good recordkeepers as they have not written language, instead relying in often changing stories and tales)

Some radical dwarves, gnomes and even some elves found this fact quite alarming. Is the the record-destruction that is known to happened after the Goblin Cataclysm happened many times amongs the history? What secrets the Dwarves have hidden from next generations? And why?

>> No.51311632

The current master of the physicalist school is a very respected gnome and former Mayor of Zlunben.
Born in a semi-nomadic communauty of gnomes established in the Dwarven Unions, he received an excellent education in a prestigious university and then traveled to many cities and learned from the local philosophical schools before settling in Zlunben because of his attraction for the famous physicalist school.
Here, he became known as a wise man and was elected mayor four consecutive time before and was not elected the fifth time only because one can only held four mandats as mayor of Zlunben.
He was considered an exemplar Mayor by the citizens and he was quickly chosen as the new master of the philosophical school after the death of the old one.
Still an important consultant in the cabinets of the current mayors, the physicalist school is blooming under his regency and he will likely be remembered as the greatest "dwarfish" philosopher of his time.
Still not very old, the school hired the services of elven wizards to extend his lifespan.

>> No.51311705

Aren't hobbits the sedentary ones ?

>> No.51311798

i got it wrong, he is actually an hobbit.

>> No.51311843

Some trivia about the various races ?

>> No.51311919

Nope the map is wrong, it should be the gnome shore.

>> No.51311971

Hobbits are any halflings that live not only among other races but also in their lands (or just move about a lot). So if Zlunben is in dwarvern lands he is a hobbit.

>> No.51312037


Cheese is an important part of the dwarvish gastronomy as they are hillfolk.
Their strong cheeses are often seen with repulsion by non-dwarves but amateurs exist, considering it an acquired taste and some are willing to pay a high price to import prestigious varieties.
Dwarves are one of the few races to not be lactose intolerant, with the trolls and some human populations.

>> No.51312050

Yeah the last version of the map got it wrong.

>> No.51312090

Are you saying that humans are keeping some kind of animal that produces milk and can live in the cold northern weather?

>> No.51312189
File: 121 KB, 990x742, 71110c43f5fe6779927605a75859b1fd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If it inspires you to write about these animals, why not ?
And I don't think this is that unlikely, especially in the less cold regions.

>> No.51312228

They's got them woolly Rihnos. They's fuzzy an produce milk

>> No.51312290

Come to think about it he said that both trolls and some humans were not lactose intolerant. So you could imagine that this kind og cow could thrive in the cold but not frozen area between them, and thus only the southend most of the human tribes have them.

>> No.51312293

Yeah the Dwarves seem to be kind of history-altering, hypocritical, self important dicks. But l mean the Goblins probably even more so, they destroyed a massive amount of land as well as making almost a fourth of the known world uninhabitable. So perhaps to the Dwarves some things are best forgotten, for the good of the realm and the good of the "civilized" races

Perhaps a lot of the Dwarven doctrine was put in place so something like the Goblins couldn't rise to power again. or perhaps they were just scared of what they saw when they pushed into the goblin lands after the Cataclysm.

But then again history is written by the victors, so who knows what the hell really happened with the goblins, maybe the dwarves were the aggressors, maybe the cataclysm was a last ditch effort at saving the Goblin people or some kind of scorched earth policy, maybe the cataclysm was the Dwarves doing

who knows, as l said some things are best forgotten, for realm and race

>> No.51312567

High gastronomy cheese-making is a highly skilled artisanat in dwarvish society and one of the few acceptable for the nobles.
Even one of the Overkings was a cheese-maker, Gurvid the Cheese-Maker, also known as Gurvid the Cheesy.
Gurvid, 11th degree cousin of the Overking Guntrad the Merciful, became an Overking after an even worse than usual serie of assassinations among the pretendants of the throne. (On the good side, most of the most important conspirators who could inherit the throne were killed off so Gurvid's reign was long and untroubled)
Gurvid cared more about cheese than managing the Kingdoms so he except for his ceremonial role he mostly left the job to his advisers and ministers.
He is mainly remembered to have greatly reduced the taxes on cheese, subventioned the cheese-making industry and created a cheese holiday.
Ironically, he was himself a rather mediocre cheese-maker and the varieties of cheese he created and tried to push during his reign don't

>> No.51312854

>Yeah the Dwarves seem to be kind of history-altering, hypocritical, self important dicks.

Why do you think so ? They just see themselves as the greatest civilization of all time, created from the essence of the true creator while other races are like animals and MAYBE get reincarnated forever in the lowest world, and even this is a very liberal belief.
And the UAC heresy is mainly seen as wrong by the mainstream because the UAC believers think all dwarves should be treated with respect while the orthodox cult thinks the poor are sinful because they are really not up to the standards of what it means to be a dwarf as they are individually almost useless to the dwarvish civilization and the Cult often refuses to inhume them, and many cities use their corpses for enchantments instead, something seen in a positive light by the general opinion as at least they are really helping to complete the Task in death, if not in life.
Some of the living ones being used by the faculties of medicine so more useful, well educated, and "true" dwarves can be saved, is not even unheard of.

But not, there is nothing wrong about the dwarves, as they are simply more concerned with the Task than "feelings" like the Elves or the UAC heresy.
-Based orthodox dwarf.

>> No.51312983

But when you think about it, the Elves are a bit dark too with extreme magical modification as a form of torture being used for most crimes. (also for a religious reason as criminals are seen as hurting their spirit-society)

>> No.51313136

In the shadow of most of the semaphore relays are small settlements. Though few live in them, once every one to two year, a relay's Signaller will call out and some of the people from nearby tribes will travel to it.
This will start an assembly that last two weeks in which trade is made and grudges are settled (normally peaceful), with the local Signaller having highest authority.

>> No.51313255

The farther South they live, the browner the Elves are. Most Elves are white, and the Elves in the northern desert are tanned brown, or a light chocolate color.

The Elves that have abandoned the Elvish religion to become desert nomads are called Drow, meaning "Lost" in the Elvish langauge. Drow are black or gray skinned.

Drow aren't any more evil than normal Elves, but they prefer to keep to themselves and are quite mysterious. They are known to worship their ancestors and their tribes are rules ruled by a Chieftess who inherits the title from their mother in a matrilineal line of succession. The Chieftess is invariably the strongest mage in the tribe.

They have mastered fire magic, and their more powerful mages are able to control darkness and sand. Out of necessity, their culture is very martial, and every man, woman, and child is expected to be a capable fighter and mage.

>> No.51313264

As much as the Dwarves are seen as "totally cool guys who think they're the greatest civilization ever made and are just trying to make the world perfect the world for everyone". you gotta remember that the Dwarves are not above total genocide of the "impure" races to see this goal brought to fruition

If you ask a Dwarf "Hey if l could give you the means to wipe out both the Humans and remaining Goblins would you go for it?" he'd be totally down for it, l'd say almost every Dwarf who follows the Maker would be down for it

>> No.51313359


Wooly Rhinos reproduce slowly, and consume massive amounts of food, making them extremely valuable in Human society. Only a few Human nomad tribes and townships near the coasts and the Troll lands have access to these magnificent beasts, and due to the advantages they bring, they will not part with their monopoly anytime soon.

The rest of the Humans make do with walking, and they are infamous among other races for their ability to march nonstop for days, even without magical assistance, if need be.

>> No.51313391

Dwarves are second race to be wiped out from face of Kulmorost after those pesky elves after humans unite and go on gratest crusade to retake their land with Lesians

>> No.51313429

VRON is the semi-official capitale of the Goblinoid Dwarfs.
Here, wizards are doing experiments that have not been made since a very long time.
This is also a very important slaves market, orcs, humans and trolls captured by the Goblinoids or sold to them, sometimes by their own people.
They have commercial relations with some coastal human cities, mainly to buy slaves from them.
The use of slaves is a great help for their economy.
They have come up with some interresting offensive magical innovations and have small armies of slaves.
They want to publically downplay their nefarious nature and are likely to help the Elves and the UAC dwarfs against the Lesians to gain their favor. (The Dwarven Unions being unwilling to help the Elves so the UAC dwarfs can be hurted by the war is also a good opportunity for them to get the protection of the Elves against their brothers)
Experiments done on captured Lesians could help them to find a way to fight them more effecfively.

>> No.51313496


Don't make me laugh, we will return to power take this realm. The black earth rises

>> No.51313555

It is impossible for Humans to reproduce with Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, or Goblins. Of course, this doesn't stop them from trying.

The few who have laid with Humans know that the rumors of their almost supernatural endurance are not exaggerated.

>> No.51313578

Makes me wonder. What kind of man would unite the tribes first to pull that of? Some guy like Alexander the Great? A Genghis Khan rip off or maybe someone like Joan of Arc?

Or perhaps a combination of all three.

>> No.51313734

Silver is notable and reviled by mages for its anti-magic qualities. The more pure the Silver, the more potent the effect. Alloy with traces of Silver irritates magical flesh, pure Silver outright burns it, and Silver reduces and deadens offensive magic. Silver weapons, armor, and jewelry are highly prized among Humans and Beastmen, and are considered contraband among the magical races.

>> No.51313762

A prince merchand ?

>> No.51313934

The Tempest Edge sits on the most west point of Northern coast overlooking Storm ocean.

Here sits the Silent King, the wind talks for him and brings news when to go into open waters or when to wait, for that he gave up his human tongue....Or so the elvish survivors tell, as his ships come silently during worst weather boat can survive, with no words his men plunder villages and cities before returning back to open sea.

This human city has very poor and frothen earth, which leads most men to seak nourishment from dangerous waters of the ocean. Only best survive this test of nature which molds them into perfect sailors whom their king uses to full extend. Hidden by storm, fog or rain from the eyes of Sot watch tower he remains unpunished for his deeds.

But the journey is always dangerous and deadly so beside skilled men of Tempest only madmen and martyrs join his raids. For that Silent king build great tomb for all human remains they can return from elves

>> No.51313966

Alexander the great, blessed by divine power of our gods to lead all humans. You're right, he should be all three combined

>> No.51314257

So humans are xenophobic barbarians with a messiah-figure in the form of a conqueror who will unite their tribes. They're generally nomadic tribes, some of which herd wooly rhinos, but there are a couple cities which occupy themselves in other "trades" like piracy and raiding. Some of them have figured out metalworking and make themselves skull-shaped iron masks. They mostly practice ancestor worship and believe bones are sacred except for the ones who use bones for everything out of spite.

I think there's a distinct lack of humans who are reasonable or at least not brutal murderous savages

>> No.51314358

If you'd been kicked out of your house and hunted for your skin you'd probably not be particularly inclined towards being reasonable

>> No.51314471

You are takling about Valnar Iceborn of the Long Walkers. Unknown to all but the tribes in the north, he was born during the night of the coldest winter. He grew up to be a stronger man and lateral became leader of his tribe. Inspirer by the stories of old, told by the tribes tellers he startede uniting the other tribes. However aften having a few tribes join him, he got injured in a duel with another chieftain. The injuiry got infected and he died shortly after

>> No.51314810

This manlet ?! No, no, no, no....you must be talking about Inïpat Amanur, born from the union of an artic woman and a polar bear spirit.
Some people say he is over nine foots tall, his skin looks like silver and is as hard as steel.
He can swim in the air as in water, he is so strong he killed a bear unarmed.
He could jump from the artics to the lands of the monsters, his feets are invisible and he is not only half spirit but also two third god.
If he is killed, then he can force himself to be alive again through sheer force of anger.
His punches are so strong that his enemies die even when he miss them.
He also has two heads : one explains to his soldiers how to be strong, and the other how to defeat the monsters of the south.
Animals serve him and all women fall in love him when they see him.

>> No.51314946

I'd say that most tribes on the coasts are settled in villages/cities while the more inland you go more nomadic they . Iron is probably a big trading part among humans since they need it to get at least on par with magical weapons of other species

>> No.51314998

Oh, there are many of them in citadel of NOS, you should pay them a visit

>> No.51315391

I think you mean "under the capital of NOS"

>> No.51315617

so the humans could just chug bottles of colloidal silver while in the southern domains and fuck those magic shits up?

>> No.51315942

I wonder what do you mean under being reasonable? Humans are reasonable but lack resources to live like elves or dorfs

>> No.51316582

I wish map-bro would come sooner

>> No.51319051

I wanna add Brumecasters to the 1d4chan page. Under what header do you guys think it should be in?

>> No.51319238

probably mythical beasts, if there was one like that

>> No.51319774

I added a "Fauna" header, I think that should work out well.

>> No.51320679


>> No.51321508


(I'm leaving the choice to the consensus here about whether or not this model or true or only a theory or belief among one or several of the races, the dwarves for example)

The World is revolving in 365 or 366 days (depending on the year) around an imaginary and fixed point, the Axis Mundi.

This revolution around the Axis Mundi is what gives us the illusion that the celestial bodies beyond the sun are not motionless.

During a year, the World is facing 19th constellations, each one during 19 days except for the small stellar void between the 18th and 19 th constellations, that the world is facing for 4 days and is believed to be full of evil, dark and thus invisible stars that can slowdown the World for a fifth day. (That is why the dwarvish calendar has sometimes four days of intercalation between the 18th and 19th months, and sometimes five)

The two moons, Faldun and Mandun, are revolving around the World.

The cycle of nights and days is caused by the World rotating around its own axis while the cycle of seasons is caused by the sun also revolving around the Axis Mundi in a cycle almost synchronized with the one of the World, so the Sun is more or less close to the World during roughly the same periods of the year, even if some minor variations exist. (Winter coming sooner and being harsher some years, especially hot summers,ect...)
Beyond the sun are five unmoving celestial bodies that are each fixed on a point on their own separate imaginary circles around the Axis Mundi.

Finally, the planetary system is contained within a black, indestructible crystal sphere and the stars are fixed to it.
The Dwarves believe the other side is the Higher Region of the World where the Maker dwells.

>> No.51321689

> "For the good of the realm"
A sentence the dwarves use in their history books when they totally did something horrible but are too ashamed to actually write it down for the later generations.

We ended the Goblins. For the good of the realm!

We drove the Humans to North. For the good of the realm!

We do not drink hard alcohols (>>51277288) anymore. For the good of the realm!

>> No.51321728

Northern Desert? These Lost Elves actually live among the human tribes in the Northern Wastes? Badass!

>> No.51321751

>brown elves
>living in the northern wastes with humans
>in the snow
>with humans
Not the Anon you're talking too, but I think there's been a mistake. I think.

>> No.51321766

>among humans
they are dead Jim

>> No.51321797

Dead or cocksleeves, Captain.

>> No.51321810

I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that >>51313255 means the Drow live in the north of the southern wastes as opposed to the south of the northern wastes

>> No.51322008

Despite not being endorsed by the Cult of the Maker (but far to be considered an heresy), many dwarves believe in a form of astrology :
Dwarves are under the influence of the constellatation associated with the month they are born in.
As Dwarves have a strong administrative culture, few urban folk are without a birth certificate and most employers, master-artisans and schools would ask for it and the professional records of all parents, grandparents and all great-grand parents (a dwarf with a farmer or very underqualified great-grandfather would have trouble to be hired for a qualified job, be accepted in a university or as an apprentice in a valued trade), positive and negative connotations associated with a "astrological sign" matters more than what most non-dwarves would think. (And marriage is similar)
This is especially bad for those born during the intercalary days, but a good familial reputation and/or being qualified generaly more than compensates for it, mainly being a problem for the dwarves less privilieged and with less opportunities.
The moons, sun and the five motionless planets have a day-to-day are considered to have an influence on the lives of the dwarves.

>> No.51322018

Dwarfs are getting out of hand, quick, anons. Tell me about culture or society of orcs

>> No.51322183


I'm that Anon, I meant the Northern part of the Southern Wastes, competing with the Orc tribes there.

>> No.51322247

You don't like the dwarf lore ?

>> No.51322265
File: 564 KB, 910x722, ForTG_Kulmorost_v10.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Frostfront (quite silly name)

Where is the Elven Capital? Or well the biggest/prosperous/one with best contacts City of the Principalities, as they do not have an overall ruler.

The Dwarves are getting quite great I think.
Yet yes, more about the Orcs and Lesians please. Also, are some ancient ruins of human, blood orc or goblin towns known? Great places for dungeon crawling!

>> No.51322268

nah, it's just balance of things. Dwarf lore being fleshed out is great, but living other in dust is no good. That's why I'm thinking on lore for poor, least apreciated orcs

>> No.51322290

Lets not forgot the Trolls or Kobolds either!

>> No.51322296

what about this human clan?

>> No.51322472


Common Orcish society is divied into three broad groups, nomadic Orcs, settled Orcs, and Orcs that have integrated into Non-Orc society. Blood Orc society is made up of scattered nomadic bands of pirates, raiders, and bandits.

Nomadic Orcs typically live in close-knit familial groups of 20-30, led by a council of elders, or the most powerful tribal priest, or the strongest chieftain. Due to their ancestor worship, the older an Orc is, the more respected they are by the younger Orcs, and in tribes that are ruled by a chieftain, or tribal priest, they almost always take, or at least listen to the advice of the oldest Orcs in the tribe.

Orc Tribes would rather avoid a threat than waste lives and time trying to eliminate it, unless they have no choice, in which case they will do everything in their power to destroy that threat. In the event that a Tribe faces a threat to dangerous for it to defeat on its own, the Tribe will gather several other Tribes to assist them, and unless the Tribe is hated by other Tribes for whatever reason, they usually have no trouble finding aid, as Orcs believe all Orcs are kin, however distant.

Tribal Orc mating customs vary from Tribe to Tribe, but these are the most common practices.

Some Orc Tribes practice a sort of polyamorous marriage, there is no limit to the amount of husbands or wives one may have, but they must come from another Tribe, to prevent incest, which is seen as blasphemous. If an Orc decides that they don't want to be married with their spouse any longer, they tell the Tribal Priest, who tells the ancestors, discontinuing the marriage.

Some Orc Tribes don't practice any kind of marriage and sleep with whoever they feel like, whenever it strikes their fancy. These Tribes are extremely welcoming to outsiders, and often meet with other Tribes, to keep their gene pool from getting too shallow.

> Cont.

>> No.51322489


A few Orc Tribes practice a kind of eugenics, where only the strongest and most cunning Orcs are allowed to breed, with the idea that the ancestors want their descendants to improve themselves, and that eugenics is the most effective way to please the ancestors. These Tribes are usually smaller than other Tribes, but are made up of hardier Orcs.

In Orc Tribes led by a male chieftain, it isn't uncommon for them to claim themselves a harem of the Tribes finest Orc females, claiming it is their right, as they lead the Tribe, are first into battle, and are the strongest in the eyes of the ancestors. Most Orcs don't resent this, as any Orc who believes himself to be the strongest can challenge the chieftain to a duel.

In a duel, the challenger chooses the weapons, and the location of the duel. The two fight in front of the entire Tribe, until one Orc is victorious. The winner of the duel becomes chieftain, and depending on the Tribe, the loser is either killed or banished from the Tribe forever.

There is no limit to amount of duels a chieftain can fight, but an Orc can only challenge the same chieftain once. Because of these duels, the chieftain is always either the strongest or the most skilled warrior, usually both.

>> No.51322635

Besides their farming and winemaking skill, many Elven settlements are known for the high quality syrup they produce.

>> No.51322851

So what is the overall technological level of the setting, then?

>> No.51322900

I'd say mid Medieval for human metallurgy and shipwright and everything else too. Beside Dwarfs and their wacky magic and very highly educated stuff, such as history, cheesemaking and linguistics

>> No.51322921

Ancient world? No mentions of crossbows etc. The goblins were higher probably, but now races are mostly focused on magic (but not with industrial amounts) and metalworking is seen as second-class.
The most advanced humans are basically iron-age civilisation on par with vikings/germans/gauls and the civilized races (elves, dwarves and gnomes) are bit more advanced.

There is the one clan with gunpowder yet they are an oddity who are not sharing their secrets.

Lesians seem a bit less advanced with technology as well, but they need more details.

>> No.51322945

I would say late Bronze / Early Iron Age for the Orcs, trolls varies between stone age and the same as orcs.
Elves are very agricultural middle ages (and probably a lot better with it than real mife middle ages thanks magic) while the dwarves are also middle ages but probably very late middle ages urbanization and a political situation closer to the renaissance.

>> No.51323106

Can some one tell me what happens on island of everliving?

>> No.51323196
File: 276 KB, 1920x1200, Fire Elf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hmmmm... Both the Candle Cult and the Drow/Lost Elves (the only mentioned specialties of the Elves) have fire-related magics. Perhaps they are connected somehow?

>> No.51323197

Weird shit.

>> No.51323246

Lesian Necromancer-Queen dealing with Powers That Should Remain Untouched.

>> No.51323252

An Island of Immortals, maybe ?

>> No.51323591

>Weird shit.

Pretty much, Sometime after the Lesian-Orco war a Lesian queen found something that gave her eternal life among other strange abilities. l'm just gonn a make some shit up now -

Not even the proud Lesian race dares set foot on their once home, the "everliving isle", while trading with the Lesians as an envoy the Goblinoid city Vron l was sent to acquire items from the Lesians homeland, Items others may see as.... distasteful. After giving the Lesians the goods we had agreed on (mostly small amounts of silver and a small collection of outdated Dwarven texts on the races of kulmorost) and loading my goods in kind, l inquired about the so called "Isle of the Everliving". The Lesians eyed each other and reverted back to their lower tongue speaking among themselves for a time. then l got my answer. "do not land on isle, long-ear. nothing of worth, queen takes men minds, brings the dead. better left be"

Perhaps the Lesians are simply superstitious, l will put forward that we should mount an expedition once l return to the Vron mages, there we may find some help to our ongoing experiments. But for now l return to Vron and perhaps l shall have to read up on my Dwarven Necromancy texts.....

>> No.51323825
File: 18 KB, 400x267, yonaguni-underwater-pyramids.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The Hive of Dragons
An ancient ruined city at the western shore of the Orc Desert, The Hive of Dragons is thought to be one of the citadels of the old "Goblin" empire. Although majority of the city lies underwater, it has survived the devastation of ages, raiders and armies very well due to a single fact: It is completely filled with all kinds of dragons.
Due to this fact and the extreme protective nature of dragons it is believed to be _the_ original breeding location of the Goblin "Crude Dragons" before their fall.

As such, it is a treasure trove of goblin lore and destination of Goblinoid cultists, human idiots and dwarven scholars. Almost none have managed to return for reasons easily imagined.
But what wonders, treasures and dangers the city still holds within, after all these times?

>> No.51323989

Hey folks, this thread was not yet saved to /suptg! Did that just now:

Vote for Kulmorost Divided 2 !

We need to save this thread as well! In the meantime, keep adding stuff! Wiki is beginning to look awesome :D

>> No.51324572

Excerpt from Dwarven necromancy texts (Val-Embor Brumgaurd's fun with magic volume 3)

"Although some may tell you the act of reanimating the dead is an impossible task, in my own studies l have proved otherwise, although l'll tell you necromancy, while possible is somewhat impractical as the amount of magical energy one must use to keep a deceased body animated much outweighs the usefulness of the dead body. Such foolish proposals of an "army of the dead" is utter nonsense.

all of my experiments are conducted on (mostly) healthy human males captured during a raid on Dwarvish settlements in the northern mountains as well as a few recently dead human corpses

One of my first experiments was whether one could force the soul of recently deceased man back into his body, though the humans resisted interrogation of other Dwarven mages while alive l thought l might be able to gain some insight after bringing them back. l resolved that the sooner l could bring back the spirit to the body the better my chances of success would be, after suffocating one of the human males in a contraption of my own design, l complete the rituals making a number of animal sacrifices and life essence transferals l was successful in my endeavor, the humans eyes started moving about once more as life returned to the body, though the eyes still looked like that of a dead man l was assured he could see as l waved my hand in front of his face. After the humans initial response of great confusion and discomfort l decided to start the questioning. l was unsuccessful in my efforts of exacting information, l told the human if he answered my questions l would return him to the dead, instead of acting reasonable he instead decided to scream in what could be described perhaps as "spiritual agony" cursing my race and my family before fading back into death after a number of hours. this is not much more than l should have expected from these barbarians "

>> No.51324843

> A Treatise on the Fairer Sexes of each of the Civilized Races of Kulmorost~ written by yours truly, Terk Syrnal, humble elfen bard and womaniser extraordinaire.

"Elven women are generally thin, lithe, small chested, and their faces have a sort of strange, exotic beauty about them. Their pointed ears are long, almost like a short knife, flexible, sensitive, and soft like velvet. The author is somewhat biased, but he believes that Elf women are among Kulmorost's most skilled in sensuous matters.

The whiter ones are delightful, sultry farmer's daughters types, and are typically naive and curious about the world beyond their family homestead. They're quite modest and shy, but once intoxicated can become quite brazen and playful.

The browner ones have a much more fiery, tempermental, and energetic personality, somewhat fittingly, given their desert home. They're less inhibited than their northern cousins, and are generally more susceptible to the advances of foriegners.

The author had the utmost difficulty in locating, let alone seducing a Drow, but the author is quite persistent and experienced in his craft, and after much trial and effort, was able to succeed.

The drow tend to be extremely quiet around foriegners, are overly rational and calm, showing very little outward emotion. Almost invariably, drow women have a sort of nervous shyness around men they find attractive, and will loudly voice their disdain if one attempts to call them out on it.

Despite what common sense dictates, it is folly to attempt to outright seduce a drow woman, as they become very defensive and close themselves off, causing their would-be lover to lose their opportunity."

> Cont.

>> No.51324975


"Rather, if one is attempting to seduce a drow woman, the would-be seducer must ingratiate himself into a drow tribe. which is a challenge in and of itself. He must then openly demonstrate some sort of skill uncommon among the drow, such as lightning magic or in the author's case, skillfully playing a lute. Demonstrating a skill is of the utmost importance, as drow women prize capability in their mates above all else. The would-be seducer must then politely ignore the drow women, whilst continuing to demonstrate their skill.

If he stays the course, the seducer will incite lust among a few of the Tribe's younger, unmarried drow. He musn't speak to them, or show even the slightest sign of interest, or they will lose interest, as the seducer must seem to be unattainable to retain interest.

When a few months have passed, one of the drow women will ask the would-be seducer to demonstrate their skill to them personally. It is then that the would-be must seduce their quarry. He must do so subtly, and somewhat patronizingly, as if she isn't worth his time, and if done correctly, the drow will slowly but surely become enflamed with lust. The would-be seducer must not make the first move, but he must then begin to show slight interest.

If the would-be seducer has done everything correctly, the drow will begin to flirt herself, and it is then that the Drow and would-be seducer enter in a battle of words, and the would-be seducer must begin slowly and, above all, subtly escalate the innuendo in his attempts at seduction, until the drow is practically dripping with barely disguised lust.

It is then, that the would-be seducer makes the first move, something innocuous, like putting a hand on her shoulder, or on her knee. If the would-be seducer has done everything correctly, the drow will initiate intercourse, and it will have been by far worth the wait."

> Cont.

>> No.51325000


"When the deed is done, the successful seducer must remain in the Tribe for some time, to leave suddenly would incite suspicion, and possibly scalping. He must wait, spending each night with his lover, until at least one month has passed. He must then wait until nightfall comes, spend a final night with his lover, and when she has fallen asleep, leave in the dead of night as stealthily as possible.

With luck, the Tribe won't realise what happened and hunt the seducer down, and the seducer will get off scot-free. Usually, when three months have passed, the stomach of the seducer's former lover will begin to dwell and the Tribe will catch on, but by then it's much too late to do anything about it.
Dwarven women are short, thick, soft, and curvaceous. Regardless of what popular rumor may claim, they do not have excessive body hair, and are not, for the most part, racist prudes or drunken harlots. When one is attempting to seduce a Dwarven woman, he must be careful to ensure that she is unmarried, and impious, else one's efforts are doomed to failure.

Good food and plenty of it, is the key to a Dwarf woman's heart and bosom. One must be blunt with their intentions and clear that they don't intend to settle down in a lasting relationship, (unless one is a Dwarf himself, in which case the opposite is true,) and odds are, she'll be receptive to one's advances.

Orcish women are large, and possess a strange sort of rugged beauty, with a form both muscular and feminine, and supple, glistening green skin. They are extremely blunt about their intentions and feelings, and if one is blunt and attractive themselves, they'll most certainly succeed in their endeavor."

> Cont.

>> No.51325031

>are not, for the most part, racist prudes or drunken harlots
he is but a liar, everyone is racist in that world

>> No.51325036


"Human women are stubborn, hateful, and nigh impossible to bring to heel if one is not a Human themselves. As for appearances, they vary tremendously, and run the gamut of thick and thin, but almost all have an enticing sort of inner fire. Regretfully, the author was unable to seduce a Human woman, and as the author is an elf of honor and scruples, he was unwilling to force a Human woman to copulate, as much as both parties might've enjoyed it.

The author hopes this Treatise was informative to the reader, and will aid him in his own efforts."

> ~ written by yours truly, Terk Syrnal, humble elfen bard and womaniser extraordinaire.

>> No.51325049


Ah yes, racism is to be expected among Dwarven women, but prudishness is by no means universal among their kind.

>> No.51325365

Haha excellent.

>> No.51325565


"in my second series of tests l found that returning the body of the recently dead to life was the easy part, getting the dead to perform intricate tasks was the tricky part. One way l found was by carving instructive runes into the sternum of the dead, either descriptive of a specific task like "protect this one from danger" or a much broader one like "follow instruction"

using these runes on two different bodies l had one with "protect this one from danger" and the name of my then assistant Bal-goran Runemar and then gave instruction to the other once dead man to kill him. the instruction given to the second was successful, perhaps too successful, although the dead seem to increase in strength they lack all skill in their fighting, preferring to randomly tear at the flesh and disembowel the target as opposed to ending their life quickly and mercifully, as Bal-goran found out first hand when the second dead broke through the defenses of the first, completing its given task. My assistants untimely death, though saddening had provided me with another body to experiment on (perfectly legal as he had signed his bodily rights to me for experiment purposes long before his death). using the method described in the previous log l brought back my assistant and asked him of the events that had transpired, he described it as being "quite unfortunate" and "less than ideal" before mirroring that which l described in my first experiment, a kind of "spiritual agony" before fading back to the other side while sobbing and crying out for his mother


>> No.51325605

>Regretfully, the author was unable to seduce a Human woman
little elf boi!

>> No.51325850

Historians note: Terk Syrnal disappeared shortly after publishing this Treatise and a dagger of unknown make, possibly drowish or orcish, was found on his pillow.

>> No.51325912

>He never achieved his dreams
may his bones guide next womanizer to finish world tour and this Treatise

>> No.51326443


Come to think of it, the fact that he was able to actually SPEAK to Human women without being killed is a testament to Terk's godlike charisma.

>> No.51326948

His death educated us all, rip.

>> No.51327041

The winged goddess the Humans worship should be called the Valkery.

>> No.51327284


"continuing with my task l invited my other less experienced second assistant (whom l thought wouldn't be needed for these experiments) into the workshop to help with my work. As one could expect he looked somewhat concerned with the current state of my workshop, a number of animal carcasses now littered the workshop floor along with the still twitching bodies of dead and then for a short time not quite as dead human specimens, oh and one cannot forget the disembowel corpse of my deceased first assistant, but l digress. My now first assistant saying nothing of the horrors (or his very recent promotion to my first assistant), was happy enough to help out with further experiments.

The third and final trial may have been the most successful albeit the most mentally and physically taxing of the three. This time combining parts of previous experiments, l sacrificed the lives and essence of a few beasts, carved runes into the deceased l wished to bring back and then most importantly l gave some of my own life energy to the body, in short binding my own will to that of the dead. l used only small amount as not to dramatically reduce my own lifespan, l calculated l could give the body around 5 hours of animation with all of these processes combined. SUCCESS!! lthe body rose this time, without screaming nor showing any signs of incredible stress. After questioning how the body about recent human activities he was quite cooperative, telling me all that l wanted to know and speaking only when told to. After a time l decided to perform a few simple tasks, l had him collect some of the entrails and generally rearrange a few things in the workshop. After this l decided to take him and my now first assistant for a celebratory drink at the local tavern and let me tell you people at first were quite alarmed to see an undead human wobbling around the streets, but they became calm after l showed them he was entirely bent to my will by having him..."


>> No.51327529


"Dance to my assistants wonderful flute musings, garnering a few stares and many, many laughs from onlooking Dwarfs. After arriving at the pub my assistant and l partook in some of the finest wines and spoke to some fine Dwarven maidens, though l must admit we lost track of the time and soon enough the spell had worn off. we were alerted to this when the undead man started screaming and clawing at his eyes in a most uncivilized manner before slumping to the floor. We had the owner of the fine establishment keep the body in one of the backrooms ensuring him we would be back for the body the next day when sober and rewarded him a gold coin for his troubles.

In all regards l wholeheartedly enjoyed my time with necromancy and will return to the subject every once in a while when l think of more experiments. As l stated in the beginning of this chapter necromancy is entirely possible, but somewhat impractical, one would need an almost unlimited about of life essence to keep even a single undead bound to his will for an extended amount of time, making notions of an "undead army" quite impracticable.

The incarnations, spells, runes and other misc items l used for these experiments as well as diagrams can be found on the next page. Always be careful around humans, alive or dead. Have fun and stay safe!!" - (Val-Embor Brumgaurd's fun with magic volume 3)

>> No.51327745

Wiki updated with lots of stuff about the races etc. Probably need a separate wiki page etc for all these writefaggotry, as this is cool stuff and there is lots of it already. Keep up the good work!

>> No.51328317

I feel like we should develop the Lesians a little more but I'm not sure what areas need focusing on there.

I also kinda want their cities to be built vertically, resembling gaping maws roaring at the skies, artificially grown from local flora.

>> No.51328455

Civilization? Do they have overall ruler? Mages? Cities and their locations?

>> No.51328783

It might be interesting if we play up the religious side of things, made them run by a church or pope equivalent.

I think it was specified a while back that they were good at 'growth' magic? Which is why I mentioned tree-cities. It could be that their religion and magic is intertwined, like divine-druids almost. It could be an interesting angle to play up for them, give them more than just the whole alpha predator thing.

Cities on the other hand... They'd certainly have one on the coast near the island of the everliving, and one on the coast near the mainland. They'd have on inbetween the two, in the savannah, which could be their capitol or holy city. Aside from that, I'm not sure.

Any thoughts?

>> No.51330257


>> No.51330335
File: 1.10 MB, 1000x1129, timelinechartkulmorost.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A simple timeline. May have gotten some of this wrong, and wasn't sure where some of the other races fit in since their actions seem largely separate.

>> No.51331266

Amazing, anon.

>> No.51331578

that's really good

>> No.51331807


I like this idea.


Absolutely brilliant Anon.

What is Goblin society like now? Granted, there are a few cities that have a Goblin presence, but do they have any society of their own, or are they just one step ahead of the Beastmen?

>> No.51332309

Is the writefagging being put anywhere?

>> No.51333310

Centaurs have no lands of their own, and are an extremely rare minority, both feared and reviled by other races for their unnatural physiology and Human ancestry.

They are nomadic sheep and goat herders and they herd along a series of routes seasonally. They are known for their skill with the bow and lance, and their reckless, volatile, and rambunctious personalities.

Some Centaur Tribes have abandoned herding entirely, instead, looting caravans and raiding settlements for supplies. Centaurs have magical talent comparable to that of Humans, and they are known for their disdain towards mates.

Perhaps it is a quirk of their unnatural biology, or an inherent racial ability, but Centaurs are known and feared for their resistance towards magic. Mages who've battled Centaurs claim that their magical attacks had barely half their usual effect, as if the Centaurs wore a layer of pure silver.

Every few centuries, a powerful figure will unite the disparate Centaur tribes into an unstoppable horde and attempt to conquer the Kulmorost. As the Centaurs are few in number, extremely primitive, anarchic in nature and hard to organize, and unable to use magic in any meaningful capacity, the Centaurs haven't yet succeeded. They have, however, killed many Elves and Dwarves over the ages, and have sacked their capital cities half a dozen times.

>> No.51333956

Blood Orc Warlord Utirn Nozahka is attempting to unite the Blood Orc Tribes to form an army strong enough to conquer themselves a new homeland. So far, he's been successful, his bloody horde is growing every day, and numbers in the tens of thousands. If left unchecked, they will pose a serious threat to the civilized races of Kulmorost.

>> No.51334772


Centaurs usually aren't allowed in towns, and many more conservative Elf and Dwarf businesses won't serve them, viewing them as savage abominations, barely above the likes of Humans and Goblins.

>> No.51335724

It's collected on 1d4 page

>> No.51335759

Greato, but where is his army amassed right now?

>> No.51336285

Amazing anon!

For the other races, I kinda saw the Blood Orcs migrating to the Lesian Islands after the Goblin Cataclysm (as they had lost their original lands ), and the Lesians throwing them out shortly after the War of Human Exodus.
After that event the Lesians have been on the rise, and now are threathening the Elven coast (one of the most important current events)

>> No.51337153

Notes on the Gnomish language (Known as Nurune)

Nurune has few rules regarding its words but those few it has are followed religiously. The first rule is that all words that have bad/evil connotations will invariably end in harsh consonants that give the word a sudden ending (k,d,b,p etcetera). The second rule is that those words that mean either good things or things to which morality cannot be applied end either in vowels or less harsh consonants (s,x,l,n etcetera).

When speaking the language, it is very important to not say words too quickly, for this is seen as you offering the word less respect and is therefore an insult to the thing you are talking about. But do not say words too slowly either, for that is seen as giving a word too much respect and is therefore brownnosing at best and insulting to the other words in your sentence at worst.

>> No.51337283

>one of the most important current events
This is why I feel like we need to develop the Lesians a little more. I made some suggestions about that in this post >>51328783

I was wondering if anybody had any thoughts on them, or if anything didn't fit with what's been established before this.

I also suggested their cities are grown from trees into vertical twin-cities that resembles a Lesians maw roaring at the skies, which would make for a cool view on the savannah, but otherwise I'm not sure about practicality etc.

>> No.51337479

Lesians believe that a god with the head of a frilled lizard, the limbs of a monkey and the body of a snake regurgitated the world as an egg. They say he holds a staff that contains the sun at its tip.

They believe that he then regurgitated the moons, and then, a much smaller egg that became the first dragon, serpentine and wingless. They say this dragon was the daughter of the god Erreko, and that she was the demi-god of rebirth and reincarnation. It is believed that she spawned the rest of the dragons, who then shaped the world with their fire and claws. They believe that the Lesians themselves were the result of Erreko's first breath upon the world, that the divinity of his breath turned mere rocks into the first Lesian egg clutches.

They worship Erreko devoutly, but a lot of their practices originate from beliefs regarding Kallasaak, the demigod dragon. They eat the hearts of the dead, believing that if they are not eaten, they cannot come back in the next life, as their heart and therefore their soul and spirit, has not been given back to the world. Minor funerals are held for the dead, so long as this takes place, and it is not as much as a sad occasion as it is for other races, as they thoroughly believe it is not the end.

However, when a Lesian dies in such a way that their heart cannot be consumed, there is a great funeral, and all who ever met the individual usually show to pay respects, and it is a tremendously tragic, and sorrowful time. Even those who had not known them well tend to express a sorrow that is greater than that displayed at the funerals for other races, for they truly believe that the Lesian has gone forever, their soul permanently destroyed.

>> No.51338515

a by-product of spoken elements of the language is that "Bad" words tend to be reasonably short while "Good" words tend to be longer.

>> No.51339788

Lesian druids sound cool! Also it is great that their religion & myths is separate from others, it plays well with their separation from the other Magical Races.
The city-stuff is great as well.

Is there stuff going on Discord as the new map uploaded to 1d4chan has new and renamed stuff not discussed here? Also the invite link is dead :( Or is Drayanon doing stuff on his own?

>> No.51340416
File: 9 KB, 331x152, Early Castle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic related is an example of a typical Human Keep.

>> No.51342299


I like the Maw Cityscape idea. It would be neat if there were organic bridges connecting the sides, and labyrinthine tunnels interspersed throughout the entire complex.

>> No.51344174

got to say this sounds pretty badass

>> No.51345934

Are Lesians the only dinosaur like things on their island or is it going the whole lost world/Lustria route?

>> No.51346379


>> No.51347140

I would like it if they're the biggest predatory dinosaur on the isles, but there could be others.

Maybe there were other big carnivores, but they were the first things to be hunted down by the Lesians to take care of any threats to their people.

There could be roaming herds of sauropods on the island, which could give way to annual hunts where the clans strongest warriors would attempt to bring one down, in order to feed a city for weeks (as Lesians have immune systems strong enough to eat rancid meat without a care, they can continue to eat rotting meat without worry or even cooking it).

Or, perhaps herds need diverting from time to time, in order to protect cities from their devastating migration.

Also, we should figure out some stuff about Lesian cuisine. Raw meats, nuts, bones, and berries should be the staples of their diet, I think.

>> No.51347361

So, do the Lesians have cities or clans?

Any notable religious figures?

Any notable leaders?

Any notable regions or clans etc?

How much of a threat are they to the elves?

What interactions do they have with humans?

Lastly... could we get somebody to writefag an elven scholars opinions on them or something? Or like an expedition?

>> No.51347377

Wooly rhinos are not only animals humans keep. Dogs they have in their disposal are one of their greatest companions. They grow in up to half human size, their fur keeps them warm in almost any temperature and loyal to the bone. But their greatest strength in ability to eat almost anything, meat, bones, roots, grass and probably are capable of eating trees bark. Their noses capable of smelling magical enchantments and blood of magical races against which they are extremely aggressive. It is rumored that they are product of a failed or successful goblin experiment

>> No.51349606

Anti-archivage bump.
Thread is less popular than the first one but that's ok, some small additions from time to time are ok too.

>> No.51349835


The Lesians have several dozen Cities that are each made up of several dozen Clans that are each made up of several dozen Families that are each made up of several Individuals.

Most Lesians live along the coasts of Lesia to profit of off the sea, focus their growth magic agriculture, and give their ships easy access to the sea. That, and the predator beasts are less common on the coasts than they are inland.

>> No.51350057

The Lesians?

The crude semi-intelligent lizards from the island over the canal? Hah! Do not dare to label them as one of the Mighty Magical Races!
They chirp to each other like birds, a bruteish language lacking the sophistication of our elven language or the systematic focus of the dwarvish script. I am not even sure can they write at all.
I have understood that they have recently began to imitate human speech and the humans have been sufficiently bluffed that they actually believe to be talking with them! Rest assured, imitating human speech is simple feat that even elven children could do if we would be so cruel to allow one to experience that horrible babbling.
Their religion is a travesty, a pale copy of the dwarven mythos without deeper understanding of the world around them.
As such, the Lesians are fully without a Society, merely interest to us because of their predatory nature and great numbers, which were sadly left unchecked for too long. Alas if the other Princes had listened to my grandfather, who campaigned for their culling in his youth!

Even the Lesians only militaristic achievement, the defeat of the Blood Orcs, can be easily explained by the numbers of the Lesians, their characteristic disregard of their own casualties and the utter ignorance of military tactics of the Blood Orcs, who cared much more about gory kills than winning.

In conclusion, the annoying Lesian raids are no match for the combined might of the Elven Principalities and our staunch dwarven allies!

-Cinnar, Prince of the coastal realm of Kinost, 2 years before the Invasion.

>> No.51350116

Each Clan is defined by a semi-legendary ancestor common to all the Families within it.
A partial form of exogamy is the norm in most Cities : Lesians are forbidden to marry within their own Clan but they generaly don't marry strangers from outside their City.
A Family (or a single individual) can technically be adopted in an another Clan but they will have a second class status and must marry within the Clan so their children can be true members of the clan as descendants of the clan ancestor.

>> No.51350672

Yeah I'm curious about this new map, I like it but is it the the initiative of a single guy ?

>> No.51351231

Bumping to stave off armageddon.

>> No.51353546


>> No.51354706
File: 26 KB, 500x375, 1453822379758.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is important

>> No.51355043
File: 576 KB, 910x722, ForTG_Kulmorost_v11.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New version

It seems that Drayeloth just did that on his own, adding stuff not discussed here :(

Weird. Although some names are cool and mountains look better than on my map, I would like to hear about these new locations and it lacks stuff done here. Kinda misses the point of this cooperation.

BTW: Elves need cities! >>51350057
Where is Kinost? North or South of UAC dwarves?

>> No.51355279

Indeed, this maps need to be merged into one

>> No.51355393

I don't think this map done without any consideration for the cooperation, not even announced here and ignoring or changing half of this thread,ect... should be considered "canon" at all.
If things are clarified, sure a lot of things on this map could be integrated but this map shouldn't override things said here only because it was done.
If there was a split because of the Discord, then I blame them for their lack of communication here and think things done here deserve priority as reparation.

>> No.51355444


>> No.51355899

UR, also know to elves as "Place of Negotiations" "City of Deals" and a "Good place to buy a fine cheese" is a relatively new, but already one of the biggest city in all Principalities.
It began his history as a main camp in a Human Exodus War, where Dwarves and Elves met first, then it became a fort, and lastly a city. It's not sporting a rich and ancient histories as other big Elven cities, but it's trading center of all Principalities, holding a claim being an unofficial capital of all Elves cities. Ur is famous for its magic markets, where you can buy all kinda of items, from mundane to rare. In less reputable parts of UR you can stumble to a slaves and a "cattle" markets, where mages can buy a material for an enchantments and a cheap labour. Those markets sells all kinds of "cattle" - from disgraced Dwarf to a rare Humans or even a Lesian (they are poor workforce, but their nerve and blood system are good magic conductors)
In UR and several other Elven cities slavery are not prohibited but you have to pay a huge fees for owning a slaves.

>> No.51356593


>> No.51357486

Is there any Goblins alive? Or they all dead?

>> No.51357525


The Goblins are alive, but they're on the brink of extinction, divided into many small warring barbaric tribes, and hunted like vermin wherever found. They're a shadow of their former selves, and they hate all other races, but they hate the Elves most of all.

>> No.51357725

I thought they will hate Dwarves much more, with all "genocide them all" stuff they doing.

>> No.51357841

well the elves helped with that. And the elves seem to be doing a lot of magicy stuff which the goblins despise (including stuff very similar to what caused the downfall of the Goblin race, the same negative side effects that brought down the Goblins)

>> No.51357882

"They in fact resembled elves in almost every way and are speculated to have been elves once."

>> No.51358336
File: 71 KB, 727x1099, Shame.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Goblins were elves"
A statement that will get one mugged among peasants, thrown out of university among dwarven scholars and "disappear" if mentioned to elvish princes or dwarven priests.

A completely ridiculous and heretical idea what will only cause troubles to you. So much that both elves and dwarves have forgotten, ignored or censured the actual fact.

It has been said that only the eldest human stories and goblin legends tell the actual truth, if one would want to hear it.
The statement is false. The current elves are the offshoots of the goblin species instead of other way around. The Elves are goblins who betrayed their race and allied with the dwarves.

>> No.51358968

They say there is a near north coast lies a tavern, "Fish Head". It's main attraction a stuffed head of very ugly fish-like monster. Tavern owner claims it's a head of those Traders.

>> No.51359579

Well that depends on whether or not "elves" and "goblins" are races or only political identities.
If proto-goblins and elves were the same race and the goblins were changed, then the elvish race is the original and modern goblins are the offshot.
If both Elves and modern Goblins are different from the ancient Goblins, then they are two species with a common ancestor.

>> No.51359830

Then we can say Humans and dwarves might have a common ancestor? Proto-Goblin seems like to make a lot of servant, pets and snack races. Some are mockery, like a Halflings, some are ambitious projects, like Dragons and Dwarves, others are unintentional errors, like Humans and Elves.

>> No.51359853

Obviously if being a elf is actually a political identity, and they just changed their name while still being near-identical to the Ancient Goblins while Modern Goblins changed a lot, then the actual species of the Elves is Ancient Goblins (or rather their true name back then)
If both species speciated from their common ancestor, then Elves and Goblins are correct as specie names, with Proto-Goblins/Whathever was their true name being the name of their ancestors.

Probably what a scholar dwarf would argue if he had nough informations for purely semantic reasons despite not endorsing this theory.

>> No.51359941

A very likely theory, even if obviously most Dwarves would reject it by principe for religious reasons (Goblinoid Dwarves could like it though)

>> No.51360162

Now we are looking at interesting stuff...

Way it could (or not) go is that the Elven Society-god-religion was the separating factor. Also as Goblin is a nickname, their original name is removed from records (and the current-era goblins do not use their old name either?)

It could have gone so that the current Elves were outcasts from the Goblin Empire: because of their weird religious views, they lived in the fringes of the Empire civilization (the current Principalities).

The interesting fact of course is that how much the elves and their body modifications differ from those of the Goblins of Old. The separation might have been _very_ late choice from them or much earlier.

Anyway, I'd propose that elves are of same race as Ancient Goblins (and most of them even do not know this) and that "Elf" is just a political entity. Gives them even more darker shade which I love in the world of Kulmorost!

Also I propose these terms:

Pre-Fall Empire. The ancient empire in its prime. Some body modifications and creations of some species.

Goblin Empire. The inhabitants have turned to dark magics. Elves might or not be part of it.

Elvish Principalities. The wild frontier settlements who allied with the dwarves to destroy the Empire after the Goblin Cataclysm.

Modern Goblins. Those who did the Cataclysm. The descendants of the empire, driven to distant corners of the world.

> "Goblin" is a curse word for "those people who almost destroyed the world and many other wicked evils "

>> No.51361028

Perhaps Goblins of modern age degraded to an almost animal level, murlock style. Degraded, inbred, stripped from all their powers and their legacy reduced to dust. A tragic, cautionary tale which will repeat if no one will learn from it.
Because of that, a Goblin artifacts are highly prized items and are EXTREMELY illegal in Dwarven territories. Because these items are rare and VERY powerful.

>> No.51361186

You can get a monetary rewards for turning in info about Goblin ruins, artifacts and their lairs locations in a Dwarven Unions. Why they paying for this information? So they can destroy them of course (with occasional slipping some of those Goblins trinkets into nobles vaults) After all, Goblins are Imperfect beings and must be eradicated. They don't have History, Usefulness, Culture and Civilization! They are pests!

>> No.51361873

Dwarvish death rites are somewhat unceremonial as the Dwarves deeply believe their souls cannot be trapped in their bodies because of improper rites or even lack of rites, dwarves souls are simply of a superior essence than mere matter and the design of the Architect and Maker is simply too good to allow it. (coincidentally or not, dwarvish souls are resistant to necromancy)
Ceremonies for the dead are thus merely seen as a sign of respect for them and Dwarves are not entitled to religious ceremonies, having to pay full price for them.
The Cult of the Maker don't really deals with death outside of these optional ceremonies as the truly important role of the remnants of the dead is collective.
A lot more signifiant is the caste of the Nasalar, an unusual hereditary and quasi-religious class of artisans charged of the corpses of the Dwarves.
Their duty is to safely the flesh and to use the bones for creating artifacts or for the vast majority of them to reshape them so they can be integrated to the great monuments of the Dwarves.
The practice and the Nasalar themselves have roots from times where the beliefs of the Dwarves were quite different but are still relevant today for the sake of the "quality" of the religious monuments.
The secretive Nasalar learned their art from the Elves a long time ago and kept many of the disregarded dwarvish beliefs of these times.

>> No.51361907

*safely destroy the flesh

>> No.51362482

>Old disregarded dwarvish beliefs of old times
Oooh this sounds spooky and cool! What was before the Cult of the Maker?

"Silly question. Before The Architect there was only void. For the good of the realm! "
-Orthodox dwarf

>> No.51362580

One night, a thick fog enveloped the western shores of the elven lands. Strange bone ships sailed out, and up the rivers, and under the cover of night, thousands of elves were taken from any settlement bordering water. The few witnesses claimed to spot black, featherless Lesians moving in swift silence, before tearing into houses, dragging screaming elves into their ships.

Multiple reports from one town seem to describe a terrifying ironclad figure, obviously not a Lesian, barking orders at the assailents.

Some time later, rumours of elven slaves appearing in the northen wastelands begin to circulate.

>> No.51363738

"Before The Architect there was only void." A phrase repeated so often it's true meaning has been forgotten by most probably deliberately , but some remember the truth. Before The Architect the Dwarves worshipped The Void, the destroyer, whose emissaries they believed to be the proto-goblins.

When proto-goblin society began to fall into anarchy the emergent cult of The Architect overtook the worship of The Void, allowing its leaders to take control of dwarvish society and eventually drove its few remaining worshippers underground, along with what little remained of goblin-kind

>> No.51365170

Do divine beings exist in this world? Are there demons and angels?

>> No.51365243

In several religions, yes.

>> No.51365307

Humans believe in one goddess and she looks like angel, so kinda yes

>> No.51365358

One particularly interesting modern Goblin tale tells of a dwarf called "Ros the Maker" who "stole the dwarves from us and turned them against us."

Of course it is just fabrication by envious and bitter goblins, who see the Dwarves as their destroyers.

>> No.51365490

Not in a d&d kind of (where angels and demons are 100% real and interfere with the mortal world on a regular basis)way, more in a real world kinda way. Where there are myths that contain angelic beings, but we don't know if said beings are real or not

>> No.51365520

angels are tots real, my grand-grand pa's spirit told me about them
t. Hurd, human shaman

>> No.51365671

The red-skinned, ebony-horned Laffu are regarded as many to be demons, come to pillage their lands and kill their loved ones, due to their horrifying demonic appearance.

In reality they are settlers from another continent far to the south. They purport that they are the last remnants of a lost civilisation, that a great cataclysm befell their mighty empire. Some few take them in as refugees, but few trust them.

When asked about their homeland, they tell larger than life tales of thousands of miles of sands, filled with magnificent monuments built by their civilisation; grand obsidian pillars stretch out to the sky, a monument to their gods, great sculptures built into the sand stand the test of time, and have for time immemorial. They speak of grand shrines and tombs, to honour their dead. Many folk, from hearing their tales, become certain that the Laffu are obsessed with death.

This is not the case. They worship gods of life, and simply have the belief that death is not the end, and are instead obsessed with the idea of the continuation of life, just on the other side.

They worshipped a great pantheon of gods, and as a civilisation they were innovative and inventive when it came to technology, and focused on that a little more than magic.

In combat, Laffu are fierce and fast, and hit like a train. They are especially deadly on the front lines when equipped with swords but no shields. However, they are not very resistant physically, and so are easily dispatched themselves. However, when close to death, Laffu can summon magic to engulf themselves in flames. This will eventually kill the Laffu, but the magic keeps their body animated for a set period of time once the spell is begun, so even if the Laffu would be slain during this time, their fiery corpse continues to angrily flail at it's enemies, even if the skin and flesh begins to peel from the bone.

None of this, of course, helps their reputation for being devils.

>> No.51365693

It's become a somewhat custom among Human Pirate Lords to keep captured Elven women as concubines, to symbolize Mankind's supposed superiority over the Magical races. The fact that most Elves are quite attractive by Human standards and remain youthful for centuries is also a reason for this practice. Elves of noble blood and/or arcane talent are considered more valuable, because "humbling" them is much more satisfying.

Those who follow the custom are a sizable minority among the Human Pirate Kings and Warlords but as time goes on, it's becoming more acceptable. Being captured by a Human pirate is the worst nightmare of many Elven noblewomen.

Many Humans view this custom as degenerate and blasphemous in the eyes of the Valkery, but they tolerate it because most of the Men who adhere to the custom are important to Human society. Most Humans believe that breeding with other races is permissible, (if somewhat distasteful) so long as the Human doesn't become attached or form a lasting relationship with a member of an "Inferior" race or begin to lust after other races over Humans. A few Human deviants believe that interspecies breeding should be encouraged but they are an incredibly small minority.

>> No.51365815


The Laffu have many vocal cords and speak a guttural deep language made up of many vile and strange sounds. Some of their physiology comes into effect when they speak other languages, giving them an unnatural echo and an almost bull-like tone. The Laffu don't ever talk about why they left, but it's clear they intend to never return. Some speak in hushed tones about "A fog of all-consuming cloaked smoke filled with gnashing maws and hungry eyes" but that's as descriptive as they're willing to get.

>> No.51365833

Common Orcs of the Southern Peninsula are usually rather peaceful if not some skirmishes with neighbors (forgetting the Ghash Clan and the Blood Orcs, as they are minorities).

However, upon hearing of a Laffu raid nearby, they band together into mighty masses to drive away these "demons" from their homelands, back to the waters they came from!

I thought that the species were not capable of crossbreeding?

>> No.51365932

Known only to even a few Laffu, is that the fault for this cataclysm lies with the Autarch, the dictatorial ruler of the Laffu civilisation, in his want to destroy the neighbouring civilisation of Usama.

>> No.51365956

Nothing was said about crossbreeding.

>> No.51365965


That doesn't mean they can't try Anon.

>> No.51366006


In the first thread, an Anon stated that it is impossible for the races to interbreed, but that it isn't impossible for the races to attempt to.

>> No.51366095

Indeed. Actually it is quite handy to have beautiful yet barren concubines: no annoying bastards to claim the throne from real heirs.

>> No.51366247

Usually a The Traders of the Mist will always name a price for any piece of information one should ask from them. Yet if the Trader does not want to answer (or does not know the answer) they will a price that cannot be given, such as the two moons, the questioners heart, all the tears in the ocean and so on.

Curiously, one Goblinoid Mage discovered recently that when she asked a The Trader about the origins of the Laffu the trader just flatly refused.

>> No.51366798

What's everybody's favourites in terms of races and civilisations?

My favourite were the Lesians, but I'm really liking the Laffu despite them being a very new development. I also really like the way humans are portrayed in this world.

>> No.51366833

I wonder what does that say about the Nasalar ?

>> No.51366938

Could we have flying bird people who live on floating islands pls

>> No.51366960

I'm biaised in favor of the dwarves because I wrote a lot about them, but the Laffu are indeed cool.

>> No.51366961

They are elitists, and are quite xenophobic. They are a dying race, and have retreated to avoid being killed

Reproduction is a bit slower than other races, so yeah.

>> No.51366993

Their name: The eld'wani

>> No.51367429

I much like the way of elves and dwarves subtly differ from their traditional presentations yet on the surface appear to be like normal stuff.

>> No.51367840
File: 24 KB, 350x390, Eld'wani Warrior.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The Eld'wani don't have wings and their bodies are not aerodynamic enough to do so even if they did, but they are capable of flight. Their species has very little magical aptitude, but they are able to control the winds as if it were second nature. With enough focus, Eld'wani are able to channel their life force into the air around them, and use the resulting push to fling themselves through the air, allowing them to "Fly", at the speed of a sprinting Human with a similar level of exhaustion.

Their floating islands only able to fly because the monastic Eld'wani Shamans devote their lives to mastering the art of air manipulation, and are able to levitate the island short distances every few weeks, (short meaning the length of a week long voyage with a top of the line enchanted ship with a Sky Whale bone keel,) but render themselves comatose in the process, and need to spend much time meditating to regather their power.

The Eld'wani live in the Forsaken Isles, and are extremely few in number, having only a few tens of thousands scattered throughout their floating islands. Each of the islands functions as its own Theocratic city-state, with a council of the Shamans leading the city-state. The Eld'wani worship the Sky and view the Sky Whales as holy and sacred, they believe that the Shamans have a spiritual connection to the Sky, and should be revered.

The Eld'wani sustain themselves through piracy, raiding other Beastmen, and fishing. They're widely regarded as mythical in Kulmorost as a whole, but rarely individual or small groups are seen as part of a Human/Beastman Pirate crew, where they are a great boon to their mundane comrades, possessing the ability to generate sorely-needed gusts of wind when none are present.

>> No.51367960

Thats nice, could you make them a blue, and their beaks a bit shorter. Reallly like it

>> No.51368000

Also, could we have floating airships, and they have a monopoly on air trade, as due to their strategic location.

>> No.51368350

Would a race of underground mole-like tunnel-makers be a good addition to Kulmorost? They could be a race based on piggybacking off of the success of others, using their digging and sneaking skills to commit great acts of thievery and to get away safely.

>> No.51368659

We already have quite many underground races, this anon thinks that more detail to current species would be better than many new ones. Or details to the new ones? Their religions, their connections to other species?

>> No.51369622

Well, I'd imagine that the mole-like species would have a very limited culture. Generally godless creatures, they hang out in small packs and move within tunnels to different locations. Whilst some of them give the species a bad name for being thieves, the majority of the species is generally on friendly grounds with all species, even acting as deliverymen when required. They prefer the underground over anywhere else, and only seem to care heavily about their own species, meaning it is very rare to see one of them become friends with any other species. Politically, there have been numerous cases of them becoming soldiers-for-hire when times got tough, mainly because of how good they generally are at hand-to-hand combat and stealth.

What do you guys think?

>> No.51369927

I think we already have enough races, and we need flesh them out more than add more and more "wacky" and highly specific races.
After all, we still don't flesh out much fucking elves and Trolls.

>> No.51370665

l agree with this, l mean we had Elves, Dwarves, Humans, trolls, Goblins, Orcs and Hobbits all on one island. Not to mention the Beastmen, traders of the mist and The lesians

Now people are wanting flying bird people and mole people? Don't the Lesians fit the role the bird people want to fill? they're lightly feathered reptiles with beaks right? And the Goblins fitting roles of the mole people? Living underground in tunnels doing like... underground stuff?

Theres really no need to be adding in a bunch of intelligent races that are going to overlap with aspects of already existing races. It'll just end up as complete cluster-fuck

>> No.51370760

Right, fair enough.

I'll just focus on developing the goblins instead of the mole people.

>> No.51372644

Laffu are a fun addition, but I am not sure about the two other new ones.

Hmmm.. what the Laffu have told of their background to the other Magical Races sound quite much like Goblin Cataclysm..

The stories the untrustworthy Laffu told us of their origins have raised concern among scholars, as the similarity to Goblin cataclysm is eerie. Most think that it is complete lie to play with the myths of the past. Yet it is known that Goblins created many kind of creatures...

>> No.51373004

Though not everyone accepts this behavior among those pirates. More orthodox followers of Valkery refuse such pirates entry into ports or villages, while zealot warriors or greedy for spoils can even launch "crusade" against "hedonistic scum who left light of the Goddess and were seduced by elven sorceress"

>> No.51373176

Indeed, we have no idea what trolls believe, how they live or...Anything for that matter.

Even if they look like classic trolls

>> No.51373480

Trolls believes depends on which tribe you ask.
Hill Trolls don't really believe in gods and spirits, but their beliefs are egocentric and individualistic. They Live, therefore World Live. Other Trolls alive because I can smash them. Animals live so I can sate Mine hunger. Other races here for Mine amusement. The bigger My home, bigger Mine world.
Cave trolls are animalistic at best, but their main concern is survival.

>> No.51373551
File: 5 KB, 197x256, faraam.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Enchanted Arms and Armour of the human Species -

Its said that the one thing all the races of Kolmorost would agree upon is that nothing quite fits in the hand of a human quite like a well forged sword. Its not surprising then that even with the humans limited abilities in the magical disciplines that they would attempt to imbue their primitive killing tools with what magic they could.

One thing common of both early and later stage Human weapons is the use of human bone in place of wood for the handle, which was then wrapped in some kind of leather or rope. the carvings on the handle itself seems to act as some kind of a magic bonding rune, binding the weapon to either those of a specific bloodline (in early examples) or to the human race itself. In essence prohibiting ones enemy from gaining any benefit (however slight) from using the weapon.

In most cases the magic was relatively small changes to how the weapon handled in a humans hands, early examples are said to simply make the sword lighter in those who are able to use it. Later examples became increasingly intricate, including inscriptions in silver embedded on the length of the blade, giving one much more substantial protection against magic attacks and magical attempts at disarming. Its said that after extended battles the silver inscriptions on these weapons glow a faint, dull red.

Even at the height of human metal-working these swords were rare, making the value of these weapons among skilled human warriors priceless

>> No.51373746
File: 95 KB, 400x565, Troll.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Trolls, the thick-scaled monsters of the Neck of Kulmorost, have been there for a long, long time. At the Citadel of NOS, there exists a dusty dwarven treatise on killing Trolls which has been dated pre-Goblin Cataclysm.

Currently it is believed that Trolls are actually a stable race of beastmen who migrated from Forsaken Isles long before the Fall, and separated to their four variants only after arrival. Reasons for this migration (and variants) are unknown, as no written source has survived from their arrival nor the Trolls themselves seem to know (or at least tell to non-Trolls).

>> No.51374353


No I couldn't, that's not my art. I got it off of a two minute Google search.


I'm sorry but giving a race of Beastmen modern airships in a laregly medieval setting sounds ridiculous. If they're so few in number and their flying islands move so slowly why would they have a monopoly on the air trade, and considering the nature of magic, would there even be an extensive air trade? Also, what exactly is strategic about being located on the fringes of the known world in the Forsaken Isles?


Please no, we've already got Goblins, Halflings, and Kobolds as underground potentially thieving races, there's no need to glut the setting with a hundred varieties of Beastmen. This isn't Pathfinder and I feel it would ruin the tone of the setting.

>> No.51374560

Actually there's no mentions of either halflings or kobolds living underground. But I agree that filling Kulmorost with beast folk is a bad idea

>> No.51375408


I think mole-men would detract from the setting but I do like the a dying race of theocratic bird-men pirates. As long as the Eld'wani are extremely rare, I feel like they're a good addition.

>> No.51376875

Yeah the Laffu are nice and being strangers that don't exactly fit is part of their core concept but the other new races really don't fit at all and I feel like the setting is being degraded for the first time by it.

>> No.51377064


The Laffu are as fragile as Elves, with none of their grace and sorcery, instead they overcome their enemies with an unbridled rage and relentless ferocity, ignoring the most agonizing mortal wounds as if they were mere papercuts, and fight like rabid animals, fighting to kill their foes with everything they have, not ending until their bodies simply cannot continue. Laffu are the the size of Elves, roughly five feet tall and weigh only 150 pounds on average, and are as easily damaged.

They have massive muscles for their size however, and are as physically strong as the average Human. When they go into battle, their unthinking fury grants them unnatural strength. They go into battle naked, as they believe nakedness in battle is a sign of courage and honor. Laffu typically wield curved bone greatswords, spiked bone battleaxes, or hooked bone spears, shaped from the bones of their enemies by their bone smiths.

Laffu weapons are crude but effective, and almost all are imbued with a peculiar and perhaps blasphemous enchantment, when the Laffu's blade pierces or cuts flesh, the enchantment absorbs their life force and channels it into the Laffu wielder, replenishing their stamina and healing their wounds. The Laffu blade absorbs the runoff from the life force, and uses it to strengthen the enchantment. When a Laffu blade is first forged, cutting a foe has little effect, giving the Laffu wielder enough stamina for a short sprint and healing minor cuts and bruises, when a Laffu blade has cut thousands of enemies cutting a foe has a devastating effect, giving the Laffu wielder every drop of stamina the foe had in their body and healing mortal wounds with ease.

Laffu blades glow when they cut into a foe. Newly forged blades glow dimly, while legendary blades shine like the sun. As time goes on, Laffu blades change color, they start off with a dull orange color, but eventually become a shade of white-hot crimson.

>> No.51377212

Some Gnomes believe that when the End-War begins the souls of the dead living (if that is the right terminology) within The City will return to the realm of the living to fight in the End-War.

The exact semantics of this return are not universally agreed on. Some believe that some piece of the dead must remain in the world of the living (leading them to carve crude effigies out of the bones of the dead) whilst others believe that the dead will only return if their bodies are encased by an element (leading to them burning/burying/dumping in a lake the bodies of their dead).

These religious deviances are tolerated partially because they aren't unacceptable harmful but mostly because no ones 100% certain that the deviant beliefs are wrong or right. Better safe than sorry I suppose

>> No.51377271

sorry about long delay, had a lot of shit to do.
Cave trolls being most dumbest 'civilized' species in the world (they on par with kobolds) dont really have any kind of culture or even language, they can communicate only in grunts, whines and kicks. No inborn magical abilities are not helping. They can use only most basic, crudest tools available to them, they fear fire and usually easily frightened creatures. In several cities "dumb as troll" similar to a "dumb as rock" thanks to the Cave Trolls. Only their redeeming quality of Cave Trolls is their cunning viciousness, making them a dangerous predators when they agitated and their ability eat almost everything. Cave Troll can eat and sustain themselves on many kinds of things - from raw meat and leaves to dirt and even feces, but their preferred diet is a meat and warm blood of idiot who stumble into their caves, and they are not above from cannibalism.
For every other Troll Tribes, Cave Trolls are fucking disgrace and shameful cousins, who will always live in their own shit and eat it.
Mountains which divide Human and Civilized territories are CRAWLING with Cave Trolls. Nobody knows how much them, but this numbers are usually worrying. Thankfully for every other species on Kulmorost, direct sunlight harms their sensitive eyes, and ordinary campfire usually more than enough to scare them off.
Dwarves are offering monetary reward for every ten heads of Cave Trolls bringing to them.
Some say a Night Trolls, most feared of all troll tribes, actually a tribe of Cave Trolls which attained are true intelligence and formed their own culture

>> No.51377502

Where do they live now ?

>> No.51377646

All other new races can be shafted to forsaken isles, which were created FOR beastfolk

>> No.51377684


The Laffu are scattered across the southern coasts of Kulmorost, the refugees tend to settle wherever their makeshift vessels land, although many take to piracy instead. They are few in number but they have small, hidden, and heavily fortified villages scattered along the Orcish and Gnomish coasts, there are even a few along the southern Elf/Dwarf coasts and the Laffu have a large presence in the southern Forsaken Isle.

The natives of Kulmorost make an effort to exterminate them wherever they're found, but they never destroy them all, and each year, more and more Laffu refugees arrive, replenishing their losses.

>> No.51377707


I think the Eld'wani fluff is interesting enough to merit the existence of the species in-setting, but I think mole-men are just ridiculous.

>> No.51377761

They bring piracy, they bring violence, they are mercenaries and rapists. We going to build a wall and we will make Lafu pay for it. -prominent dwarf highking

>> No.51377796

At this point it would be better to develop the Forsaken Isles even if they are mostly unknown by the Kulmorost races.

>> No.51377846

So how many end times scenarios we have?
Lesians ravaging through Kulmorost, humans uniting and doing same, orcs too, undead spreading from Island of Everliving, Laffus whole fleet arrives, Mole-peole, goblins return to their , beast-folk invade from Forsaken isles

>> No.51377978

Goblins became Great Again.
Humans get their shit together.
Lesians fucked up.
Dwarves fucked up. For the good of the realm!
Dwarves meets their Maker and Architecth.
Dragons woke up.
Elves fucked up and they like it.
Possibility are endless. Dwarves can't take it.

>> No.51378112

Technically the Dwarves have a end time but this is not an apocalypitic event. (The Task is completed and the world is transmuted into a terrestial paradise by it, dwarves cease to be able to produce a new generation and they ascend after death to the Realm of the Architect with the Maker and the non-currently incarnated souls of the Dwarves.*)

*The question of whether or not the last generation of Dwarves will be so large that all dwarvish souls will be incarnated during the completion of the Task was controversial before the religious council voted and made canon the fact it will not be the cause.

>> No.51378128


>> No.51378319

Apparently the Laffu have superior technology. Any more details on that?

Also, what do humans and Lesians think of them, and vice versa? Would they ever meet?

Also the Laffu invasion marks the only currently ongoing war/active conflict, right?

>> No.51378410

I don't think Lesians would be relevant anywhere but west coast of the Kulmorost. After all, all foreigners for Lesians are stupid and useless, so, Lesians would think about Laffu like about everyone else - stupid soon-to-be-dead foreigner.
Please stop push Lesians into EVERYWHERE.

>> No.51378517

It's not invasion. They are not here to kill and steal, but run away from something.
The thing is, is thing they running away from will come after them or not?

>> No.51378588

Hey, I just like them is all, and its interesting to think about how the different peoples view each other.

On the other hand, is there any reason that Laffu wont land on Lesia?

Lets leave that ambiguous.

>> No.51378617

Literally Tyranids 2.0, sharpen your bone-swords bois, it's time for some goat hunting

>> No.51378630

What is this setting FOR? Will anybody use it for anything?

>> No.51378642

Are you blind to the joys of creation ?

>> No.51378652

Lesians and humans are likely to meet. Hell, humans might be raiding Lesians from time to time, they are at least not protected by watchtower, unlike elfs

>> No.51378691

Anon wanted to create world were humans lack magic and are driven into northern wastes. So here we are

>> No.51378765

And now we have a nazi-dwarves, elves which will turn you into a flowerpot for wearing socks with sandals, orcs are being too nice and Halflings who behave themselves like typical rednecks in Middle US - making bunkers and filling them with guns.

Oh, and also magic works only though blood and bones of sentient beings, you can cannibal someone for greater magical powers at price of making you a drooling comatose vegetable and fucking scaled-feathered necromancy wanna murderrape elves.

>> No.51378779


Random Anon here. Once this setting is fleshed out I'll probably use it for a GURPS campaign, also, it's just fun to Worldbuild. We should seriously archive this and get a new thread up pronto before this one is lost to the void forever.

>> No.51378798


Original OP here, I fucking love you /tg/, never change.

>> No.51378810

Do not worry fellow anon. It's already archived

>> No.51378957

Why not have a human clad residing on the coast of northern Lesia, coexisting with the Lesians somewhat? >>51362580 already seems to support the idea. Of course, nobody in the rest of the world believes a word of this.

Thats so cool! I hope it goes well!

>> No.51379693

I'm curious about the Gnomes, why do the Dwarves think of them always preparing for a war ?

>> No.51379884

*what do they thinks

>> No.51380147

Some racial stereotypes of the Dwarves. (Vizualize it like the maps of the Atlas of Prejudice for better effects)

Elves : Only True Allies (but wilful idiots); Lotus-eaters lazy farmers; Here are the elders-trees worshippers weirdos; Those halfway between beasts and Dwarves; So much wasted potential.

Humans : Northern angry barbarians; The beasts that walk on two legs; The stupidest Race; the Magicless and Souless.

Trolls : Buffer Zone; Who ?; (Southern Dwarves only) Beware of the Dwarves-eaters monsters in the riveers.

Gnomes : Paranoid, skinny and rural dwarves; Here is the backwater Gnomish Union (in contrast of the Dwarven Union); Rednecks who should invest more in education and less in weapons.

Orcs : Southern friendly barbarians; Willing to learn but too stupid to understand; decent tribal folk; the Ghashs and the red ones are crazy.

Lesians : Birds, not people; primitive bird people; annoying pests in the elven lands; The new western barbarians

Laffu : Horrid-looking savages from the sea; pests in the coasts that must be killed.

Beastfolk : Eastern Barbarians; half-animal people; At least they leave us alone.

>> No.51380303

Hobbits : Jovial gypsies; Epicurean tourists; Harmless but base people only concerned with pleasure.

>> No.51380500

Do the Luffa are linked to the Goblins in any way or do we assume the world is just wider than Kulmorost itself ?

>> No.51380832

I reckon the Luffa aren't connected to the goblins/proto-Goblins, They're just from a different continent.

>> No.51380861

Also: New thread

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