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Humans are the most stubborn, enduring, and strong of the nonmagical races, but when it comes to magic, they're essentially retarded and the most even gifted among them can only barely perform even the most basic cantrips.

Because Humans don't have any magical abilities, they were driven almost extinct by magical species, and were driven to the far north in ancient times. In modern times, they hover on the brink of extinction, living in primitive xenophobic nomad tribes, barely eking out an existence in the frigid, unforgiving wastes.

They still resent the more magically gifted races for what their ancestors did, and many tribes raid southern civilizations to supplement their hunting and gathering during the cold season. Despite their magical inability, Humans are still extremely good at killing things, and many of the more civilized races fear that eventually an ambitious Human chieftain will arise and unite all tribes under one banner, forming an unstoppable horde.

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the magic using races once resembled humans, but repeated exposure to magic energies slowly turned them into very, very strange beings.

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Some old legends say that they WERE humans, once.

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One of these races is the deep ones

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Some humans, in order to make magic socially-unfavourable, continuously spread propaganda against necromancy and other forms of magic. Despite not reaching to the scale originally hoped for, there are some small communites to thia day that treat most types of magic as taboo.

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I had a similar idea once.
Except wizards were slowy turned into alien liveforms more adapted to magic, and priests into planar beings.

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Because magic can only be conducted through flesh and bone, all artifacts and magical devices are built from once living (or in some horrible cases, still living) magical creatures.

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Dwarves are the most intellectually advanced race and are quite good at magic, especially enchantments.
They highly value skilled jobs and education and the social status of a dwarf is mainly dependent on how much educated he is.
Low skilled workers and farmers are the lower classes, semi-skilled are middle class and upper classes are highly skilled and scholars.

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>satan trips demands we encase ourselves in flesh and bone
While common animal bones are suitable for minor magical items -temporary light sources, directional tools, one-use 'ammunition- nobody has ever managed to make a powerful magical item with anything other than the body parts of a thinking being.
This creates some demand for corpses in areas with numerous enchanters of skill.

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Most dwarves believe in a kind of platonism or benevolent gnosticisme where a creator god, the Architect, created a Demiurge called the Maker and charged him to subcreate the world under his direction.
Dwarves considered themselves to have been chosen by the Maker and charged by him to multiply and create civilization as the Demiurges within this world.
They believe they will be reincarnated in this world until they accomplish their task, and then will ascend to the Realm of the Architect with the Maker as a reward, while the other races will live forever in this world, but transformed into a terrestial paradise.
There is no dogma about whether or not non-dwarves have an afterlife, the most traditionnalists thinks they cease to exist after while moderates thinks they reincarnate as non-dwarves for all eternity.
Altough this is mostly folklore, most dwarves thinks bad dwarves will have to expiate their sins before being allowed in the Realm of the Architect.

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*after deah

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The Elves of this setting are known mostly as magnificent farmers and winemakers as they have mastered magics of agriculture.

They have been best friends with the Dwarves since the War of Human Exodus as their combined armies faced the Human masses together, like brothers and sisters.

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Magic uses its user's life force to manipulate the world around them. Casting spells causes physical and mental exhaustion, and casting too much caused potentially terminal conditions, such as heart attacks, aneurysms, and lung collapses.

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Elves often participate in magical rites at important points in their life that involves the manipulation of their own life causing them to live for centuries.

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Particular old elves deviate from the normal body shape significantly; their flesh twisted to extend their lives beyond which nature ordained. Still usually quite pleasant chaps though.

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>on how much educated he is.

Low class detected.

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Despite their primitiveness and low intelligence, kobolds have a huge innate magical potential they can instinctively use in very crude yet relatively powerful way.
They mainly hunt and fight among themselves using primitive spells.
Social hierarchy is established with ritual magical combats.

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It isn't correct to say "how much educated", it's "how well educated" or "how much education they've received".

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There is once once mighty race that, from over use of magic, have deformed into loathsome creatures. They were once on par with the elves and dwarves in their cities and agricultural projects. (They in fact resembled elves in almost every way and are speculated to have been elves once.) But they in their might they became greedy for power and were constantly casting rituals to increase their might; whether in physical strength or in willpower or in durability, and wenecer they increased in strength they captured more land for none were quite as strong or clever. But this over use of ritualistic and primal magic became almost like an addiction. And the more they used it the more they hated themselves and the more power they wanted. Eventually it got to such a point that they seemed to have overloaded and could not cast even the simplest of spells that it should only take a child to comprehend. Seeing their chance the mighty dwarves beat back their oppressers who were now reaped of all their powers and were now weak in comparison to all others. The dwarves with the aid of a few elvish kings destroyed their cities and forced them underground. Where they hid, hating all who use magic for it reminds them of their former glory.
Ancient records are sketchy so no-one really knows their real name. Perhaps the records were destroyed as a mockery or even a curse towards them. But today they are known by the Dwarves as Ztunzka by the Elves Yrglin and by the human world as Goblins.

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Dwarvish is considered a crude and simple language amongst other magical species only consisting of a relatively small number of words. It functions enough to get meanings across but lacks variety causing well read Dwarves to seem unintelligent to outsiders.

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in the wilds in between the Northern Wastes and Magic Countries there is a vast mountain range with many passes and valleys. Here resides the Troll Tribes. ALthough most believe trolls to be brutish, mindless beasts they are in fact almost a civilised as humans. They use a language that seems to be a mixture of Haumic (the human language) and Dwarvish, with a few other words tossed in there.

There are four variations of trolls:

Hill troll: The largest race of troll. They live atop high hills and upon heaths, usually living in large stone brick houses of their own creation, they are generally slow witted, but they aren't stupid.

Cave troll: They generally live underground and as a consequence they are quite small in comparison to other trolls (although they still tower over other civilized races). They are even dimmer than hill trolls and can be considered morons by any standard.

River troll: These trolls live in dam like homes similar to beavers. Their homes sometimes closely resemble bridges which causes travelers to try to walk over them. To some trolls this is a nuisance, but to others it is an opportunity for a constant supply of food (not all trolls eat people). River trolls are the most intelligent (surpassing most humans) of trolls because their diets mainly consist of seafood.

Night Trolls:Greedy hunters that always have a taste for blood. In the day the sleep in shallow caves and dark forests, and in some cases abandoned wells. At night they seek out for blood, being careful to avoid other trolls' territory. They conniving tricksters which only seek to taste blood. Rumors say they snatch naughty children from their rooms.

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Sky whales exist.
Immensely difficult to hunt due to their habit of 'swimming' in the highest reaches of the sky, as well as innate spellcasting abilities.
Incredibly magical, body parts are equally prized and reviled. Prized due to their suitability to the construction of magical items and reviled due to their place in many religions as sacred.

Many legends and myths have a hero either riding atop a whale or being granted a bone weapon willingly by the great beasts. Some say there exists a people who live in the sky alongside them or even atop their backs. They are usually ridiculed by anyone with a telescope, but the legend persists in stories and plays.

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Although they are called "sky whales" by some they more closely resemble a manta ray. With a vast wingspan to keep them in the sky for weeks or even months, only landing on the highest points of mountains where they feed on nutritious minerals which replenish their magic.

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While humanity largely exists as nomadic tribes, an interesting relic remains of their previous kindgoms and holdings; a semaphore relay.
Originally commissioned by some leader who's name has been lost both due to time and the natural loss of information and culture that arises from a near genocide, the towers were likely designed to convey important matters of state across the northern lands without the aid of magic.
Signallers, as they are known, send messages from tower to tower on a network still largely based on the ancient towers of the lost kingdom allowing the various travelling tribes to retain a connection despite the physical distance they require to have a large enough hunting ground to sustain themselves.
Almost arcane in their own right, eyes straining to peer through lenses and hands dancing across ancient and patchwork contraptions. Signallers have a wary respect as handlers of messages sent hey chieftains and their own mechanical knowledge required to maintain their towers.
Attacking a tower remains one of the few ways to get warring tribes to set aside their differences long enough to destroy the offender. In part due to it being one of the few tangible links humanity has to a past greater than their current state, and in part due to the fact that refusing to defend a tower will lead to the Signallers cutting you off from the network.

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I drew up a simple map of what I think the world would look like. Feel free to take it and edit it it.

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Orcs are an oddity among the magical races as they are utterly unable to canalize magic on their own but are devoted priests and have a strong affinity for the spirits of their ancestors.
Most of them live in the less populated regions of the south and have migrated in these regions well after the War of Human Exodus.

They tend to be physically stronger than humans but are generaly less resilient and very risk averse.
They are already adult at 12 but are already old near 40, and die quickly after 60.

Fighters tend to specialize in both fighting and priest/shaman magic, especially self-healing.
Many of them try to integrate (and very willingly, almost disturbingly, assimilate within) elven or dwarve communauties, with varying degree of success but always with enthusiasm. (maybe the anon who wrote about elves has an opinion about it, I wrote the dwarves.)

Their religion is based on the worship of a few deities revolving around basic elements of their live (Godess of Fertility for both females and agriculture, god of war, god of tribal authority,ect..) but very predominantly the cult of their ancestors.
The inclusion of a poorly understood and bastartized Maker is common among the dwarves wannabes.

Most of them are organized in groups of agricultural and exogamic clans, ruled by a tribal king elected for life by the chiefs of the clans.
Some of the most advanced tribes are revolving around a small town whose need are provided by the agricultural clans.

They are matrilienal and patriarchal even if not in a very dominant or rigid way.

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Can you edit the map to show where the orcs live?

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Ah sorry I wrote about the orcs all this time, where do you think would they fit ?

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Southern waste.

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Yeah sounds alright.

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They are not very agressive though so they are not mere evil hordes.

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Is everything ok with what I wrote about orcs ?

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In Elvish society, misuse of magic is punished by deanimising; a provess wherin the unlucky mage is transformed into a usually stationary piece of architecture or device, to pay back their debt to society through use. They are usually conscious (in a sense) during this process, and re-offending rates are extremely low.

It is rumoured that some elvish kings have the foundations of their palaces formed of the most hardened of criminals, those for whom their crimes are so great that they will never be changed back.

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I like it.
Although I'm usually opposed to using generic creatures such as "elf" or "dwarf" or "orc".
But it can't be helped now.
What you wrote was good.

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Nothing stopping you making some giant sapient pond skaters that surf on the ocean or whatever.

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Dragons are rare in the world. But are supremely powerful. They come in many variations but few of them are true dragons. The umbrella term used is Wyrm.

Drake: 4 legs no wings
Varhillius: 4 wings no legs (aquatic)
Wyvern: 2 wings 2 legs
Gorudrim (lesser dragon): 2 wings 4 legs
Darukrul (true dragon): 4 wings 4 legs

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The "Ghash" orcish clan of the southern waste are known for their heavy militaristic like doctrine keeping peace between the clans. Their main home is a mining town build into the sides of a large ravine. They hold power by trading the Dwarven clans a highly explosive power for their superior Dwarven weapons and tools.

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Dragons were bred by the race that eventually became the goblins at the height of their power, to be guard dogs and protectors. The dragons however proved too willful and turned against their masters during their fall, striking out on their own. A portion of this guard dog behaviour remains however, as dragons will frequently guard items of extreme value, and jealously horde them away from outsiders.

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The dwarf government is a Republic supervised by a religious council.
There is one elected Consul, 55 Senators, a representant of the lower and middle classes with a limited veto right, and a five representants of the official cult of the Maker with a greater veto right. (Dwarves don't directlty worship the Architest as they believe they are directly supervised by the Maker)
The religious council also has a lot of influence and is independant of the Senate for all religious matters.

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Good work around.

How available do we want metals to be in this setting? I think an Iron scarce world might be interesting.

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When the world was yet unformed and the powers of chaos lay still in the sky, the earth was a infertile plain of stone which was watched over by two supreme beings, one of stone and flame and one of gemstone and ice.
These two supreme sat at either side of eternity, watching the world and loving it for it was perfect. But in perfection there is balance and balance cannot be kept while chaos exists. One side: the earth, perfect and flat. The other side: the sky, imperfect, everchanging and writhing. The two dragons sat for an eternity, but eternity is too short a time to achieve perfection. And so out of the sky came an imperfect wyrm into the perfect plain. This wyrm was the embodiment of change, now introduced into the world. This angered one of the dragons, but not the other. For they were opposites as the land and sky. The angered dragon of ice and gemstone was named Acrynahl. Justice was swift upon the wyrm as Acrynahl smote it with a talon and swallowed it. But somehow Acrynahl's rage was not sated and so set upon the land. The wrath of Acrynahl disrupted the plain with storms of ice, tearing it apart, creating canyons and mountains in its wake. At the other end of eternity Xylthios saw Acrynahl's rage upon the land and was sad for it. Xylthios gathered all power that was available, and became great, dark and terrible to behold. When Acrynahl and Xylthios met at the center of eternity, they collided with such a terrible force that the world was cracked from every corner. Their battle wreathed the land in flame and ice, and then in water and soot. Until finally Acrynahl defeated, which could not have happened if the Void wyrm had not weakened his will. Acrynahl's body fell to the earth and shattered into countless pieces and from those pieces int aeons to come the first peoples of the world emerged. Xylthios roared up into the sky at the void in rage and sadness. Seeking to destroy the void. But the writhing void retreated and went behind the world...

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What do you think elves, dwarves, orcs and trolls think of each other ?

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And behind the world it sat, afraid of the wrath of Xylthios. And so they forever chase each other over and under the world, creating the cycles of day and night.


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The trolls are reclusive and don't care what other races do as long as they don't come within their territory.

The dwarves would look down on (irony) other races for lacking their skill and education (although they may also feel charitable in pity).

Elves might have enough trouble dealing with their own inner economic, social and criminal stress and feuds to worry about other races.

Orcs would generally be glad to be accepted into any society, usually as a hired hand or merc. Although some orcs would prefer to remain solitary and act as bandits (much like the humans do).

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Well, it seems a lot of things might actually be built of organic materials as they're the only things that can be worked with magic.

Bone, leather, enamel and wood would all be commonly used while steel might shunned by everyone but the humans, as it is too "static".

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Sky whale bone and dragon bone would be the most sought after building materials (as well as their hides).

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Let's not forget to update this map!
This is only a crude outline.
We need place names and forests and mountain ranges. C'mon people.

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The dwarves are a republic though.

>> No.51257626

Interesting take. Iron is plentiful but largely under-utilised beyond mundane items.

Do we have dunmer-esque elves with chitin and bonemold used everywhere?

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A species can have multiple factions with different systems of leadership.

>> No.51257780

The main heresy of the dwarf religion is the Universal Adoration of the Creators, born from the most liberal movements within the Cult of the Maker and the ressentiment of the lower classes towards the classism of the Dwarvish Republic.

The UAC differs from the main cult for :
Including non-dwarves (all those working as "Demiurges within this world" will ascend to the Realm of the Architect and not only dwarves)
Dwarves and non-dwarves alike need a time of purification after a bad life before being reincarnated.
The works of all "Demiurges within this world" are important and not only the greatest, the important is to do as much as you can and those with less opportunities and capacities shouldn't be seen as lesser.
All beings are equal in the eyes of the Architect and of the Maker.
The Maker already ascended to the Realm of the Architect and both the Maker and the Architect should be directly worshiped. (Unlike the main branch where the work of the Maker is not finished until the one of the dwarves, and the Maker is the only one to directly supervise them)

They have a focus on social justice, charity and evangilization of the non-dwarves.

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Just that Dwarvish Kingdom was only writen on the map and I wrote something about a Senat and religious' council

>> No.51257840

Might be a figurehead king that's functionally ruled by a senate/council

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The sea between the Northern wastes and the 'Forsaken Isle' (Folks, that is continent size!) is ringed with mountains and lots of offshore islands. Dangerous shoals, etc as you go north. Humans are mining ore and becoming sailors to advance. They even have settlements in the northern parts of the Forsaken Isle.

The Forsaken Isle is a misnomer. There are several large islands that have been so poorly explored that the western lands consider it one smaller island. No 'map' has been explored there. A number of offshore islands boast 'anthro-beastman' races such as Gnolls and Broo (Glorantha) that war constantly. The islands are all small and rugged, sharing the name of Beast Islands.

The north coast of the Dwarf lands is a vast moor that separates the Trolls from the Dwarves. Each side raids, trades and herds on the moor, but heavy fog and overcast are the main weather, so one can get lost out there.

The Dwarf lands are riven by numerous mountain ranges of small size, dozens of small, but strong, rivers and falls sheltering fertile valleys that are heavily terraced. Roads and tunnels lace the landscape.

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British style Constitutional Monarchy, perhaps giving an elected king emergency powers? The 'senatorial body' is appointed by each regional or 'hold' based political sub-unit? A confidence vote can unseat a king/queen (chosen from the nobles/highest caste). Laws and non-emergency stuff goes through the senate.

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The Forsaken Isle gained it's name largely from the well-known explorer "Grante Raley", an ancient human from the times in which they had true holdings.
In the year of the Swallow of the fifteenth Cycle, he set off to plunder the Tomb of the Forsaken Isle -now commonly known as Tomb Island- but was caught in a storm and found himself on the Eastern Continent. Believing himself to be on the Forsaken Isle he searched his surrounds for the Tomb but merely came up with previously undiscovered plants and animals as well as a near-death experience with one of the native tribes.
Electing to return to charted waters and make a second attempt at a later date, he set of West again and made landfall on the original Forsaken Isle, where he was loudly ridiculed by the native Dwarves upon retelling of his travels.

The story continues as a joke against the humans but also their tenacity and stubborness as Grante and his crew was the first to make the journey to the eastern continent and without even the aid of an arcane sailing vessel. These days only the rare vessel with a whalebone keel dare to make the journey.
And thus he endures as both the butt of a joke and a folk hero.

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Sounds cool to me.

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Do the trolls and elves have a religion ?

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Who wants the western island ?

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Elvish religion is based around the concept that their own society is in fact their creator spirit, and by making their cities and towns and roads are in fact "recreating" the body of their god. This is one of the reasons they treat their criminals so harshly (>>51256855) as not only is the offender a criminal, but a heretic against their god.

Worship of this god comes in the from of civic duty, doing your job and doing it well, and doing things "for the good of everyone".

They believe that the dwarves have their own society/god, and due to their close allyship, that their society gods are close friends/lovers or siblings (or both). They do not believe the humans have a society god however, which is one of the reasons they think they have such a barbaric way of life.

>> No.51259565

Surprisingly similar as the dwarves believe they are in this world to achieve it by developing their own civilization. (other races are here to be permanent residents)
They probably find the whole society god idea a bit weird but elves probably think the same about the Architect - Maker thing of the dwarves.

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One of the few common human magics -when the tribe has a mage worth speaking of in human terms- is the spirit whistle. Fashioned from the bone of an ancestor; the mage blows the bone whistle to gain insight the ancestor may have possessed, or occasionally an elemental or primal spirit.
Along with retellings of their near extinction, this connection to the past maintains humanity's grudge against the other more populous races with ancestor spirits who were killed in the purging being summoned at major events to recount their tale for as long as the mage can keep them summoned. Which usually isn't long, a scant few minutes is seen as a good show with some lasting only seconds as a symbolic gesture.

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Trolls are shamanistic and indulge in ancestor worship. They often talk to rocks and trees, ask an ancestor for advice and each is riddled with superstition. Others laugh at them, but they seem to possess some form of inherited wisdom or racial memory.

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> Based cartographer.

>> No.51263613

Dwarves still call themselves Kingdoms although their kings have been mostly just figureheads after the UAC Heresy, when King Ronnac of House Morfir actually _sided_ with the heretics. Afterwards no King has been given total power.

There is some UAC dwarven cities in the far west, in the shores near elven farmlands

>> No.51264393

Dwarves rarely use metal weapons and armor, preferring organic materials they can enchant. They are constantly mining, and have an enormous surplus of metal and stone.

They use the metal and stone they gather to build vast, awe-inspiring monuments, as a testament to their architectural skill and prideful culture. The Dwarves also believe that it is a religious duty to build monuments, to further their civilization in the eyes of the Architect and the Maker.

Many Elves jokingly claim that the Dwarvish monuments are an attempt to compensate for their short height, (and among vulgar Elves, to compensate for their small "assets") which irritates the Dwarves architects to no end. (Perhaps because it hits a little close to home.)

Dwarves also shape metal into armor, designed to be covered in enchanted leather, and into studs, blades, and spikes to attach to enchanted organic weapons.

Metal jewelry and other crafts are also heavily popular, and most Dwarven nobles wear masterfully crafted jewelry to advertise their wealth and prestige. Noble, and Commoner Clans can be identified by the pattern and type of jewelry their members wear.

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>Humans are the most stubborn, enduring, and strong of the nonmagical races,

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What would make it better? Genuinely curious.

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I see the Trolls are migrating...

>> No.51264805

He's just being a contrarian, ignore him

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Humans being the physically stronkest and TUFFEST race always reeks of HFY-tier wish fulfillment.

Humans can be strong, humans can be tough, humans can be enduring and stubborn, but they shouldn't be at the top when it comes to those traits.

What's even the point of having other races if humans can just easily blow them the fuck out to the point where they can only retaliate with magic, as if they're pussies and without magic humans would wipe them out?

Keeping things relatively competitive between the races makes for more interesting storytelling.

>> No.51264968


The Trolls and Humans absolutely HATE each other, as during the War of Human Exodus the Humans fled trough the lands of the Troll Tribes, causing widespread destruction. Particularly Hill Trolls are not forgiving them, for so many houses were burnt.

Humans in turn hate Trolls for taking over some of their old lands and they fear the Night Trolls as human flesh is one of the favorite meals of them.

>> No.51265021

If the other races act like shadowrun adepts, being the strongest nonmagical race isn't saying much when any elf can magically turbocharge their muscles and outmatch a human strongman.

>> No.51265047

Humans are aliens, it is why they suck at magic

Humans are slowly adapting and beginning to learn magic. This is very distressing to human society

>> No.51265136


Both Orcs and Trolls are stronger than Humans, Dwarves are more intelligent, better craftsmen and longer lived, Elves live far longer, are better farmers, and are more agile. If the setting didn't have magic, Humans would be a major race but they wouldn't be the dominant race by any means. It isn't HFY, the surviving Humans are exceptionally stubborn and tenacious because those who weren't were exterminated during the War of Human Exodus, and they've been living in a frozen hellhole since.

Read the Thread

>> No.51265191

Did you even tead the rest of the thread? Humans have been btfo basically the entire history of the setting

>> No.51265289


Before the War of Human Exodus, Human mages had begun to approach the other species in ability. The fear that the warlike Humans would eventually reach and surpass the magical ability of the other Races is a major reason for the War of Human Exodus, and during the War magically capable, (by Human standards) mages were almost exterminated.

In the centuries since, Humans still haven't come close to their former power. Their paltry, limited magical ability isn't nearly as important as physical and mental prowess in the frigid wastes, meaning that natural selection is slowing Human magical evolution tremendously. Among more xenophobic tribes, Human hatred towards magic and mages often results in the lynching of fledgling mages before they can pass their magical ability on to the next generation, further slowing magical Human evolution.

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On the (island? Continent? How big are these?) in the west, a relatively young race appeared, as if by magic. They started off as just a small tribal community at first, but then they grew quickly, as their lifespans were short, and as egg layers, they reproduced relatively quickly.

They were small, roughly 3 feet in height, and about 7 feet long, and spritely. They were had scaled skin and toothy maws, and sharp claws on their hands and bird-like talons on their feet. They were like feathered raptors, and they worshipped the savanna sunlight.

They were physically fast and vicious, and they had a gift for 'growth' related magic. They grew their homes from seeds, encouraging the plants with their magic. They named their homeland Lesia, and they were Lesians.

>> No.51265985


The Lesians have little ability to manipulate their surroundings, and have borderline Trollish intelligence, but are much more sociable. They have an eye for shiny objects, and are carnivorous natural predators, inspiring many Lesians to become pirates and raiders, using crude plant/flesh golem-ships to raid the western coasts, and beyond.

Their language is almost incomprehensible to other races, as it depends on hissing, beak clacking, and cawing in a rapid pace syllabyllic dialect. Lesia is a rough translation of L'hs'iy'ah. Very few Lesians have the mental capacity to learn other languages, and those that do see little reason to communicate with the other strange and fragile races.

Their society is gathered into several dozen anarchic tribes, each composed of several dozen clans, each composed of several dozen mating pairs and their offspring. Due to their predatory, competitive nature, Lesian tribes and clans often fight over resources and familial disputes. To a Lesian, his clan and tribe are sacred, mates are less revered because they change seasonally.

>> No.51266262

The reason for their crude intelligence, is in fact due to their culture and behaviour, rather than any biological limit. In fact, they are capable of greater intelligence in many ways of life compared to the other races. However, their lifestyles and habits mean that they are not open to the other races, and also they are not open to learning as readily as other races are. If these things were put aside, they would flourish and blossom into a highly intelligent race.

Alas, language barriers and culture shall keep their intelligence down, at least for a time.

>How many races do we have now?

>> No.51266583


Right off the top of my head, we've got

> Humans
> Dwarves
> Elves
> Orcs
> Goblins/Ztunzka/Yrglin
> Four Troll Subraces
> Kobolds
> The several Beastmen races in the Eastern Islands
> And of course, the Lesians

We've also got Five Dragon Subraces and Skywhales but those aren't intelligent.

>> No.51266862


The Orcish Ghash Clan is infamous for their Thunder Staffs. A Thunder Staff is essentially a large metal pipe, (called the boomstick) that's been hollowed out, bolted to a primitive wooden stock, with a somewhat complex trigger system underneath the stock, all coming together to form a ridiculously impractical but terrifying contraption.

To use a Thunder Staff, its Ghashish Orc wielder pours a pouch of explosive powder down the boomstick, sets the latch system into place, pours a handful of rocks or bits of scrap metal or whatever's handy down the boomstick, points the Thunder Staff at whatever the Orc is trying to kill, and pulls the trigger, causing the latch to spark the explosive powder in the boomstick, causing a deafening explosion that violently hurls the contents of the boomstick at whatever is in front of the Thunder Staff, usually missing its target, but occasionally hitting and maims, if not outright kills on impact, the target.

The Thunder Staff is seen by non-Orcs as overly complicated, insane, and suicidal to use, (as the Thunder Staff often backfires) and horrifying due to the extreme damage it causes. Almost all non-Orcs want nothing to do with it, and while Humans would probably love to get their hands on it, the Ghash Clan isn't willing to give away the secret of their explosive powder to anyone.

Dwarves use Ghashish powder for large scale mining operations, and some particularly destructive and suicidal individuals use it as an explosive in war, by filling a metal orb with the powder, and lighting a fuse, before throwing it at the enemy and running the other direction.

The Ghash love explosions, and (extremely) crude fireworks are a staple of their culture.

>> No.51267563
File: 611 KB, 910x722, ForTG_Map.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Had some free time, updated the map Drayeloth made. Have fun with this anons!

Looking fun. some Cities? What has happened since the War of Human Exodus?

>> No.51267598


>> No.51268165

What program did you use to make that?
Could you post one without names or clouds?

>> No.51268293


> Damn, that's one of the best fantasy maps I've ever seen, and almost all of the maps I've seen were professionally done! Kudos to you Anon, you've made my day.

> As for your question,

When the Lesians evolved sapience, they drove the Western Orcs from their homeland in a long, and bloody war. The Western Orcs were primitive, used stone-age technology, and have an extremely bloody culture.

The Western Orcs aren't inherently any more violent than other Orcs, they just believe that blood is sacred and is the source of life and magic. They believe that everything needs blood to exist, and to keep the spirits of their ancestors alive, they ritualistically shed their own blood, and the blood of sacrificial animals in ceremonies to feed their ancestors.

When they wage war, they sacrifice the prisoners of war to their ancestors, and when they die, their family and tribe consume their body, so that their blood will live on through them.

In war, the Priests of the Western Orcs summon the spirits of their ancestors to possess them, and fill them with an unstoppable rage, increasing their strength and courage to unnatural levels, and weakening any magical attacks against them.

They view actual magic as dangerous witchcraft to be avoided, and destroyed in any way possible if it threatens one's family, clan, or self.

When the Lesians evolved, they quickly spread and conquered Lesia, and the Western Orc Tribes united to fight them, and fought well, but eventually lost. Despite the Western Orc's strength and rage, the Lesians were apex predators, and could replace their losses much easier.

> (cont)

>> No.51268320


With nowhere else to go, the remnant of the Western Orcs fled to the East in primitive rafts and crude boats. The Western Orcs zealously began to conquer themselves a new homeland, and an alliance of the magical Races, most Eastern Orcs included, wages war against them. After several years, the Western Orcs were nearly driven extinct, and they fled to the ends of the world to survive.

Both the Northern and Southern Wastes, the Watery Moor, the Troll Lands, and even the Forsaken Isles are home to the former Western Orcs.

The Western Orcs resent the Lesians and the magical races for attempting to exterminate them. They are called the Blood Orcs, for their dark red skin, bloody religious customs, and their extreme hatred of the other races.

Now, they're an extremely rare minority, and are scattered across the world. They make an effort to avoid other races when possible, but constantly raid them for Blood, metal, supplies, and to avenge their ancestors. They live in nomadic tribes to avoid being wiped out by other races. Many tribes and individuals work as bandits, pirates, and mercenaries.

>> No.51270950

I think this is starting to become a very good, full and fleshed out setting. So what do you guys think about me creating a 1d4chan page on this setting?

>> No.51271082

I think first we should have a name for the setting/universe.

>> No.51271942

Very cool.

>> No.51272061

I agree.

>> No.51272671
File: 585 KB, 910x722, ForTG_Mapv2_NoNames.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Go ahead, name would be good.

Here you are. Also added more clouds surrounding The Known World as otherwise it was quite unbalanced. Insert some cities, borders, roads/rivers and so forth?

>> No.51272979

Not sure I like this. Goes against the tone of the rest with humanity a mere footnote in the modern age.

>> No.51273067


Between the Northern Waste and the Forsaken Isle, there's a slowly melting set of ice caps, primarily empty, but with small settlements of different races largely disconnected from the rest of their kind.

Occasional necessary trade takes place, but they largely subsist on water from the caps themselves, and a healthy supply of fish.

>> No.51273089

Maybe make North of the Northern Wastes and North of the forsaken isles covered in thick ice to form northern ice cap? Maybe make Trolls Bridge(that connects Troll tribes with Northern Wastes) even smaller so they can take toll for those who want to pass through it

>> No.51273107

Ice to the north, temperate in the middle and desert to the south. Makes you wonder if there's more to the south of the maps the elves and dwarves produce, another temperate band perhaps.

Not suggesting we change the map, but how about... Strange travellers occasionally turn up on the southern ports on chitin-hulled sailing ships, clad in thick robes that hide their form. Coming with odd magics and trading goods, they trade it away largely with pointing and simple gestures, clearly not speaking any known language before leaving. Hint at something beyond the borders of the map but leave it a mystery.

>> No.51273164

Language-based naming procedure (drawn from other posts):
>Dwarvish: basic, crude
>Lesian: clacking, bird language
>Haumic (human): standard, as real world
>Troll: Mix between Dwarvish and Haumic

Accordingly, potential place names for areas with proximity to each race:

>Town: Gron
>Town: Col
>Town: Sot
>River: Wer
>River: Foa
>River: Sok

>Town: Ktah
>Town: Shrekekk
>Town: Stee
>River: Cokoar
>River: Crah
>River: Tektak

>Town: Grimbridge
>Town: Gronham
>Town: Sandbank
>River: Caulder
>River: Smoke
>River: Stern

>Town: Carntan
>Town: Stenbo
>Town: Setn
>River: Unda
>River: Wodburg
>River: Begten

>> No.51273170

West of the Northern Wastes should be covered in forests that humans use to build ships to raid Lesians and Elvish coastal cities and houses. Human chieftains even made their craftsman build boats that can ride through tundra or sail the seas, by adding and removing wheels from the boat

>> No.51273225

Odd that haumic is deemed the common language if humans are northern exiles.
Suggest either changing to elven...

...or we can assume that pre-fall humans were extremely widespread and premier merchants thus their language became the de facto trade tongue. Clearly humanity had contact with trolls to influence their language and likely others.
This may also partly explain why the Lesian language is difficult to understand -aside from biological differences- as it evolved entirely independently of Haumic. No loan words, nothing.
If we do use this, then there are likely to be human ruins all over the continent. Not necessarily as impressive as tombs with loot, but long since destroyed trading outposts and the crumbled bases of semaphore towers.
Modern Northman Haumic may have changed somewhat from the Trade Haumic in the meantime, but once you've got your head around the different accents you can generally muddle through.

>> No.51273257

Apologies, when I say standard, I mean compared to real world, rather than common.

My approach assumes that we're going from human stance, and specifically English. That is, if we were inserted into the world, we would be humans by default, and we would basically understand that each placename has some sort of meaning.

i.e. what the Haumic names mean to those humans are what realworld names mean to us.

I can convert to some sort of foreign (and make them unintelligible as per the other races), it's just usually useful to have some sort of Common language to work from as the 'official' naming system.

>> No.51273342

>>"there are likely to be human ruins all over the continent"
The humans wouldn't have been traders, in them fearing magic and magic users, and also still being hunter, gatherers at the time.
Although the humans would have had the smallest presence in the world, their ruined homes would still be more common than dwarvish or elvish ruins, since elves mostly build out of organic material which rots and degrades, and the dwarves would stay in the homes their ancestors built only improving them never moving. But there would be ancient Goblin ruins absolutely everywhere (they reached such magic advancement that they could enchant stone, making it a useful resource to them (the enchantment of stone or metal hasn't been achieved by any other race making their ruins easy to identify by magic users)).

>> No.51273363
File: 636 KB, 910x722, ForTG_Mapv3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There ye go. Added major river to Elven Kingdoms.

The other races, or at least some, could in fact been humans once. I'd say that Old Haumic is likened to latin, yet elvish is the trade language.

Anons, hit some of those to the map, they sound cool! Insert some details as well!

>> No.51273408

Further breakdown of language bases from this:

>Dwarvish: dominated by consonants, short, single-syllable words. Primary letters: d, g, n
>Lesian: dominated by dental sounds, ending in shrieks or 'caws'. Primary letters/sounds: k, kt, st, t
>Haumic: (revised as per >>51273363) akin to Latin, therefore common -us, -a, -um endings, hard c sounds, soft v (as 'w') sounds
Therefore revised placenames:
>Town: Bridium
>Town: Gantus
>Town: Bancium
>River: Vilola
>River: Caldam
>River: Siteram
(if map-bro has already implemented the previous ones, they can be elvish in origin and we treat elvish as the pseudo-English as per >>51273363)

>Troll: even usage of corrupted Dwarvish and Haumic, primarily Dwarvish words with Haumic endings, e.g. Wod- as Dwarvish, (assume -burg as Elvish influence as per new adjustments), preference for -a and -un endings as easy corruptions of Haumic

>> No.51273502

Elvish Kingdom looks least protected from Troll, Orc or Human invasions or raids. I think they would build major fortification, maybe like a huge wall from sea to dwarvish mountains to protect themself from orcs

>> No.51273549

>Humans being the physically stronkest and TUFFEST race always reeks of HFY-tier wish fulfillment.
From what I'm seeing, this is more "Humans suck, everybody else is better" not "HFY". Read next time mother fucker.

>> No.51273589
File: 189 KB, 1024x768, barbarian-structure-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Humans are northern barbarians with no magic, you're probably blind but they are not in the spot to shout HFY

>> No.51273626

Rumour has it that on the westernmost island, a Lesian who forsook the sun has delved into necromancy. They say that she has many undead followers now, each put to work to build a mighty fortress for her. The other Lesians despise her, if the rumours are true.

They say she found an old artefact, a font that when touched, returns her to her youth. What does this mean for the other nations? Is this necromancer a threat? Who knows....

Also, the sex of a Lesian can only be identified by Lesians, as they are differentiated in gender purely by ultraviolet patches of feathers on the females.

>> No.51273643

Of all organic materials, teeth are the best to store charms and curses. It is common in elvish society to wear necklaces made of your own milk teeth, with the rich getting each one individually enchanted with some small boon.

There is also a degree of "sympatheticness" to magic: you can enchant anything organic with a enchantment to prevent breakage for example, but the bones of creatures that are themselves tough are easier to enchant. Human bones and leather, oddly enough make for good magic resistant materials, which some scholars believe is one of the reasons the human genocide began: dwarves and elves were hunting humans for materials to improve their own defences.

It should be noted that while human bones and leather take anti magic enchantments well, living humans have no particular resistance to magic.

>> No.51273662

How is the elvish language ?

>> No.51273702

Orcish : Phonetically similar to Korean, but the dwarvish alphabet is used for its written form.

>> No.51273753
File: 640 KB, 910x722, ForTG_Mapv4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Standard orcs do not seem that warlike (of course some raids do happen) so wall between them and elves/dwarves doesnt seem so likely.
Blood Orcs, in other hand were bloody but now mostly dead for a good reason.

>Sot, the Dwarven watchtower.
Created by an alliance between Dwarves of Col Mountain and Elves of the Samcin Kingdom, the monumental watchtower of Sot was built two hundred years ago by the dwarves and manned by eagle-eyed elves to watch out for troll or human ships from the north.

Idea for elvish language: It is not written down (although originally from possible proto-haumic sources) as writing it would "freeze" it and lessen its value to the Society. Therefore their vocabulary, placenames and many others change frequently as dialects and names change.

The old elves would probably either learn new words as time flew, became venerable storytellers of old tales/names or just became hermits.

As such, most places use dwarvish/combined names as they are easy to remember and already frozen.

>> No.51273760

Bones of the long dead are used not only by elves and dwarves but by human raiders when they sail to the elvish shores.

Those warriors wear skulls and bones upon their leather clothes striking fear in villagers and soldiers alike.Though they are mostly not enchanted in any way their fearsome look turned them into legend of "humans of ole coming back from the dead and repay in blood those who wronged their kin"

>> No.51273769

OP here, awesome work everyone, I hope this thread's still up when I get back from work.


What if the Deep Ones were the mysterious merchant race? Eldritch and mysterious fish men traders from beyond the known world, they're called "Traders" because the people of the world know nothing else about them.

>> No.51273770

For elvish speech, if we're going with humans as the antecedents, it makes sense to suggest elves are the closest magical descendants of the early humans, and therefore have the most 'English' language.

>> No.51273784

Would that be effective? If everyone wears organics it's not that scary to wear bone. Wearing steel armor with skull designs might be better.
"They wear dead, lifeless metal into battle as if they themselves were dead!"

>> No.51273799

Agreed, this might be better, if humans had enough metal for this

>> No.51273808

In ancient times Goblins at the height of their power created many fearsome and powerful maneating beasts, the most powerful of which were the Dragons, but many of these unnatural beasts have survived to modern times.

They are the Monsters of the world, and though Goblins lack magical ability, they are able to tame them like no other Race can.

>> No.51273829
File: 1.41 MB, 2048x2048, the_witcher_3_wild_hunt_armor_helmet_sword_101560_2048x2048.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This, spooky as hell

>> No.51273842

If the magical races are the descendants of humans, then I guess Orcish should be closer to Haumic (pseudo-latin)

>> No.51273861

Iron is cheap, as it's mostly for the poor and basic tools. Doesn't seem impossible for humans to get their hands on enough for armor.

>> No.51273867

Wealthy human rulers, often Kings or Warlords or Chieftains, often show of their wealth by wearing iron or steel if possible. A terrible abomination for any other race, it strikes fear to their enemies (and wards of weapons) to see such unorganic foes and knowing that the humans willingly wear such cold armor.
Surely the iron freezes their hearts as well!

>> No.51273908

Right between the borders of the Elvish Farm-Kingdoms and the Dwarven Mountain Republics is situated The Great Citadel, primary holding of the human and goblin hunting Order of Nos.

>> No.51273939

Because of long past hunt on humans bones nowdays touching the remains of the dead is blashemy among the northern tribes and they believe if bones are not put to rest in the ground the spirit will never rest. Wearing bones is punished by death sentence as humans vow to "bones to earth"

For that humans build many tombs that hides peasants and kings alike, hidden beneath snow and traps miles away from any safe city, only brave and foolish would venture for such treasure

>> No.51273955

>Standard orcs do not seem that warlike (of course some raids do happen) so wall between them and elves/dwarves doesnt seem so likely.
Blood Orcs, in other hand were bloody but now mostly dead for a good reason.
Yeah I think standard orcs like to play it safe.

>> No.51273963

The Origin of the Magical Species.
One of the most ancient tales (now often speculated to be fabrication) states that a millenia after death of Acrynahl and the start of Civilisation, a Trade was made between one wife of a fisher and a Merchant of the Mists.
She wanted her man to be with her more often, as she missed him on his long fishing trips.
The Merchant gave her power to do just that:
She suddenly had the power to Command her husband to do whatever she wanted. Yet the now mentally-slaved husband was not what the wife had wanted and she commanded the husband to kill them both.

Usually the tale is used to warn about strange merchants and the usage of mind-controlling magic, but it some (mostly older) versions of the tale also mention that _every single one_ of the current magic using races is direct offspring of the wife.

Tales do not agree on what was the Cost to the Trade as it depends between cultures and variations.

>> No.51273971

>On the southwest coast of the southern wastes lie the great black dunes
>Not much is known of the actual landscape of the black dunes as few have ever braved, but those who have call it a desolate place, incapable of sustaining even the smallest amount of life
>The expansive black sands are said to burn the foot and hand of man and beast during the day and drink the light of the stars and moon at night
>Some Orcish tribes live as close as one can to the black dunes, considering it a holy place. A ceremony in which the orcs collect large amounts of the black sand and bring it to their villages is performed every few years. the black sand is used for building and pits are dug into the earth to house the black sands, which the orcs use for cooking and sacrifical rituals alike
>Among those who sail the coasts, tales of distant Black spires and dark magic is commonplace
>Though this has been disregarded by those who use magic, as one needs bone and flesh and blood to cast dark magics, and of course the black dunes are devoid of life.....

l meant to post this earlier in the thread but l keep getting "connection error"

>> No.51274026

Now, what proportions of populations ever race have(since we won't count numbers of them)? I'd say
Humans: medium numbers if add all tribes
Elves: High
Dwarves: High
Trolls: Low?
Orcs: Medium
Lesians: Medium
Everliving: Low
Beastmen: Very High

>> No.51274035

Among the Human tribes one is particularly hated and feared by the magical races and their own people they are the ones known as the "Grave lords". They do not care about the taboo of wearing bones and in fact they like to use the rumour of being haunted to inspire fear, They live in the western isles of sea between the northern Waste and the Forsaken isles and they are mostly pirates and fishermen.

>> No.51274047

Humans should be lowish,even by adding all the tribes since they are near extinction.

>> No.51274069

The Dwarvish universities are the intellectual capitoles of the Dwarves Kingdoms.
There is many types of Scholars : Philosophers, theologians, historians, archaologists,ect...
Even Art is considered a form of scholarship. (and not one of the least, especially architecture)
Dwarve scholars are eager to collaborate with and seek the knowledge of the elves elders even if they deplore the lack of formality and oral nature of the elvish knowledge, which mainly even push them further to record it before it is lost.

>> No.51274070

>and many of the more civilized races fear that eventually an ambitious Human chieftain will arise and unite all tribes under one banner, forming an unstoppable horde.
Why would they be low numbers if the first statement of this thread talks about the other civilizations fearing humans uniting.

>> No.51274092

umm... indeed you are right.

>> No.51274121

I would say medium population, but with spikes of high population now and then (good hunting/raiding season, not a lot of inner tribal warfare, etc).

>> No.51274149

Gryphons are the main means of transportation among the Dwarves due to the difficult terrain of the mountains.

>> No.51274171

Anyone got a compilation of all the data anywhere? Starting to lose track of what we've got in place.

>> No.51274172

Dwarven professors of Humanic Studies have estimated that "if humans are given even one generation worth of good harvests and raids followed with strong leader who unites the tribes the Elves and Dwarves should fear the the Return of Humans".

Fortunately for the Races, no such thing has occurred so far.

Rumors of weather-controlling rituals employed by Elves (who always seem to have good summers, but they say it is the weather of their plains) to hinder the humans are sometimes spoken but widely ridiculed by everyone... except the humans.

>> No.51274182

most humans believe in winged goddess, mother of all humans. Upon their death she pulls out soul from the bones and leads them to paradise. Though should their bones be disturbed she won't be able to pull soul out, that's why they are so protective of the bones. It is also believed if you reclaim (or die trying) bones of the disturbed your sins will be forgiven.

This leads to many criminals and alike to atone for their sins and go south with raiding party in one or several men crusade. Even Grave lords will be forgiven should they ever join

>> No.51274191

Gryphons being made up of two different creatures I would say that they were created by the goblins.

>> No.51274198
File: 581 KB, 910x722, .Map without Names.png-autosave.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It seems we were editing at the same time and have diverged.
>Maybe someone could merge our maps?

I added mountain ranges, volcanoes and a big ass canyon (for scale this canyon is around 100 miles long and 8 miles wide, assuming this main landmass is around the same size as Britain; based on the size of the rivers and moors).

>>I was greatly delayed in my posting this

>> No.51274223

Centaurs are a subrace of humans. Legends say that during the War of Human Exodus Elven and dwarven great scholars casted an experimental curse based on goblin magic on some fleeing the humans that was supposed to erase their legs, instead what ended up happening was that the fleeing humans combined with their beasts. Most centaurs are half horse, while a very rare subset of them are half-donkey. Centaurs are very sought after by other humans due to their great strength.

>> No.51274239

>assuming this main landmass is around the same size as Britain
sounds a bit too small for 5 races to live on and have 3 different climates on

>> No.51274245

Given we don't appear to have a compilation as yet, can we divvy up some info-merging?

Could do with one person for each race compiling all info relating to said race, one person on geography, one on global history.

Any volunteers?

>> No.51274253

looks to me about the size of the americas

the frozen wastes are shaped a lot like the usa desu

>> No.51274254

I didn't think about the climate zones.
Then it's more like half of europe (not including russia).

>> No.51274268

I'm going to write a 1d4chan page on this topic.
But I can't start until I have a name for the page...

>> No.51274283

I am autist who can't think of anything when it comes to names so can't help with that. Maybe something to do with hoomies?

>> No.51274302


Northen Exodus?

>> No.51274306


Looks like the size of Europe to me.
I would say the main mass is half of Europe and the southern wastes are roughly the size of half the northern coast of Africa.

>> No.51274317

The Second Human War ?

>> No.51274328

The most commonly used name for the main land mass is Kulmorost.
The origin of this word is unknown and does not belong to any living language.
It is theorized to belong to the ancient goblin.
Its meaning has bean lost to time.

What do you think of the name?

>> No.51274331

Main mass = elves, dwarves and trolls.

>> No.51274348

As a confirmation, a revitalised human Kingdom wouldn't just steamroll the magical races, yes? I don't think anyone here wants to get into bad HFY territory.
It's more of a domino effect and a destabilisation of the political world.

If Humanity came back into power, they'd no doubt try to reclaim the more fertile lands to the South of their old Holdings to secure food, trade and defend the bottleneck to the Northern Wastes.
To do so, they'd either have to evict the current Troll tribes who would be forced to flee South en masse and destabilise the continent, or ally with them creating a new, large and powerful faction relatively overnight.
Both scenarios create uncertainty and will likely be to the detriment of the Dwarf-Elf lead current state of affairs.

As a counterpoint though, some scholars theorise a controlled revitalsation of Humanity could lead to an economic boom with the return of their old trading empires and nonmagical communication networks.

>> No.51274351
File: 600 KB, 910x722, ForTG_Mapv4_NoNamesFerDrayeloth.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For here, you seem to create more detailed maps for now, keep up the good work. There is the black dunes added and I smoothed the elvish farmlands for you. I used GIMP, btw.
Hope you have the details as one layer so can change it easily!

For size: I thought about Europe as well.

The (Haumic) Exodites of Kulmorost ?

>> No.51274355

Setting name =
Kulmorost Divided?
Exodus in Kulmorost?

>> No.51274364

Looks cool but that river in the elvish kindoms looks a bit unnatural.

>> No.51274367

Remember this setting isn't about humans. They are just one aspect of it.

>> No.51274373

The Races of Kulmorost ?

>> No.51274382

Those rivers are far too large for a land the size of europe. It makes it seem closer to the size Britain.

>> No.51274387


Seeing a favouring of Exodus/Kulmorost - given the Haumic Exodus has sort of already happened to produce the current state, and >>51274367 is true, I'm inclined towards more post-event names.

Might be a bit on-the-nose.

I like (>>51274355) Kulmorost Divided.

>> No.51274396

Kulmorost Divided then.

>> No.51274402
File: 96 KB, 800x533, 800px-Alignments.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is the settings place on the grim/bright/noble/dark spectrum?

>> No.51274412

>Kulmorost Divided
Vote added

Maybe they're not to scale?

>> No.51274425

I'd say somewhere between Grim Bright (civilised places) and Noble Dark (uncivilised wilds) without touching True Neutral.

As an unrelated note, can I just express how pleasant and fun these threads are? Almost no idea is rejected out of hand, and everyone's creative input and talents are added into something to make it unique.

It makes me appreciate my fellow fa/tg/uys more.

>> No.51274426

Well they should be to scale even if just in length (width doesn't matter as much) but length is important.

>> No.51274431

As Humans are quite temperamental and unpredictable species, what the the Return of Humans will depend too much on the Uniting Leader to be really sure what kind of event it will be.

If the Leader is warlike, there will be major bloodfest within few years. It most likely will not end in complete destruction of any races but like the War of Human Exodus: too many devastated towns and chaos.
If the Leader is charismatic, they might ally with Trolls/Lesians or try to break Elf-Dwarf alliance. Also further migration of Humans south is likely later on as human populations became unsustainable in the cold north.
If the Leader is adventurous, they even might follow Raley to The Forsaken Isle(s) and populate them, resulting in problems later on.
If the Leader is merchant, there might be the before stated economic boom yet it also causes confusion and change of world balance.

> In any way, it is most likely not good for continued Elf-Dwarf alliance and the current status quo.

>> No.51274436


>> No.51274464

My bad choice of words there, I assume those are major rivers that the map maker deemed important enough to list on the map but if they were accurate they'd be nigh invisibly thin strands, so they've been artificially thickened as a visual aid.

>> No.51274472

>Dragons are created by gobbos
>Dragons created shit
Nigga wat

>> No.51274482

That's what I was thinking. Humanity coming into strength would be bad for Elf-Dwarf alliance, but could be good for the smaller races. It really depends on the leader and the situations that follow.

>> No.51274490

I'm not sure I see how it would be better for the orc/trolls.

>> No.51274497

Which is where we join the setting, I suggest. On the brink of troubles, with a new ascension to the human... throne? What's the current governance system?

>> No.51274500

I wrote the thing about dragons creating the world.

Someone else wrote about goblins making dragons.

Fix: Goblins made imperfect dragons attempting to copy the true dragons.

>> No.51274505

Centaurs do not reproduce with other kinds of humans as the offspring born of those unions results in monstrosities with random human and horse characteristics.

>> No.51274515
File: 32 KB, 500x500, avatars-000060784953-j1qrio-t500x500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.51274562
File: 604 KB, 910x722, ForTG_Mapv5_NoNamesFerDrayeloth.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This better? I thought it like the Elven kingdoms are vast plains of fertile soil (perhaps originally forests but now mostly converted to plains) and they need large source of water for all that agriculture. Linking the <Vast Sustaining River> (name changes depending on the flow) to the Dwarven mountains futher enhances the pact between the races. And yes, they are too wide - that is for artistic reasons.

Kulmorost Divided is splendid name.

>> No.51274572

Nomafic tribal chieftains for the most part, loosely in communication via the monastic Signallers.
There are probably some fishing and raiding towns on the coastline however, considering they have ships.

And here's a little addition to consider; Humanity used to be a fragmented number of Kingdoms and Republics. In truth not too dissimilar to the Dwarven Lords or the Elven Princes but without any supposed loyalty to an overlord King.
In part, this lead to the Exodus with no human Lord or King able to command their armies in totality which lead to a fractured defense.

>> No.51274586
File: 65 KB, 400x325, 1471818933697.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

now humans have their own river!

>> No.51274603

How about:
It is possible to gain greater magical powers by consuming the flesh and souls of other sentient magically adept beings, the cost of one's mental stability and health.
At it's peak someone who does that will become a trembling husk barely able to stand but capable of summong city-destroying magics.

>> No.51274614

Hence what happened to the goblins. Except that their rituals somehow counteracted some of the effects but at the same time sapped them of all magical essence.

>> No.51274624

The following is an excerpt from, “On Corsairs – A Study of Piracy in the Modern Age,” written by Zul-Far-Kun, 717 MA.

It is widely considered alarmist, overly reactionary, and a satirical piece due to an absence of academic language. Nevertheless, it has formed a shared cultural image amongst the Dwarves of the blood thirsty human pirate.

“It is of no question that Men thrive on raiding and piracy. Left without sufficient agriculture and rich neighbors to their south, the race of Men is famous for their exploits of violence and hatred. Nowhere else is this more personified then by the many piratical clans roaming either the western Val Ocean, or the Eastern Straits of Tahalaca.

“Festooned in iron, steel, damascus, and whalebone, they reave through settlements great and minor in search of bodies, wealth, and blood sport. These activities are always carried out with the primary, almost myopic intent, of causing fear.

“Some pirates conduct themselves in complete silence, leaving only the sounds of their swords and spears cutting through sinew to carry their message. Others, often from further north, ingest psychedelic substances and chant in garbled tongues while enraptured in combat and slaughter. Different ships, different clans, different methodologies, but almost always with the same result – death and carrion.

“Woe to those who hire such creatures to do their bidding. Many a foolish Elven prince, or princess, have found themselves cornered within their own palaces, cowering in fear, as the Men they hired turn on their former masters for the smallest slight, or perceived breach of contract, or betrayal. Seemingly fickle, but in truth constant, these pirates value one form of currency above all others: blood.”

Not sure if it's any good. Definitely not my finest piece, but it was fun as fuck to write.

>> No.51274646

that's what happens on the isles of everliving

>> No.51274647

Anon you replied to, I like it.

>> No.51274659

I would say that where the setting begins, a lot of things can/are going to happen. Maybe the possibility of a Lesians invasion onto the Elven Kingdoms, a new Dwarf overking is going to be elected but many petty kings want the title, Maybe new exploration of the Forsaken Isles or maybe the Beastmen are starting to raid the eastern shores more commonly and with larger numbers.

>> No.51274679

Human rivers best rivers.

Also elven cartographers don't bother to map our rivers. Maybe because we kill them when they try to map our rivers.

I liked it.

>> No.51274684

Maybe also an ambitious human trying to form a tribal confederacy.

>> No.51274724

I like that, not too human-centric. One possible plotline can be a new human overlord emerges, but there's nothing wrong with humans just existing on the outskirts and not directly influencing much.

>> No.51274761

Thanks, man.

>> No.51274762

Hmmmm, how about this idea for a campaign. Lesian invasion onto one of the Elven kingdoms on the shore. The invasion can end poorly or succeed, but the Lesians used Human mercenaries in the war, and one of these Humans get's an idea about tribal confederacy from the Elven kingdoms they were fighting in. This is where the ambitious human comes in, the possible alliance between Lesian and Humans, and other shenanigans.

>> No.51274800

I would say, it depends on what the GM want's. Every faction in this world has different ways the can go. Sometimes, it only affects the faction you're playing in/as. However, some actions can cause a domino affect through out the world.

>> No.51274898

What about archiving the thread on sup/tg/ ?

>> No.51274976

I copied and pasted the thread into a word document for me to work off of (while writing the wiki page). Just in case it doesn't get archived.

>> No.51275038

I agree

>> No.51275108
File: 607 KB, 910x722, ForTG_Kulmorost_v6_NoNames.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now we just need to combine the maps... I have tried to stay away from mountains of yer map, Dray.

>The River of Death
Although Elven and Dwarven scholars do not have detailed maps of The Northern Wastes, even they know about the River of Death.

It flows from almost always frozen lake with many dark names. The Dwarves call it Lake Gbu, the Dreaded. There is also the most northern Monolith of Dwarves, built there before the Exodus by joint a almost-disastrous Dwarf-Human expedition. Even now human tribes shelter in its shadow, yet they are uneducated to the history of the Monolith of the North.

The River of Death gets it name from the fact that it flows northwards: to follow it means almost certain frosty doom. Few human tribes even worship the river, saying that it carries the souls of the dead.

Yes! Also Dray is putting this on 1d4?

Grim Bright (elves & dwarves and such) or Noble Dark (wilds, Humans?) I'd wager.

>> No.51275109

I would say Grimbright. The world seems full of wonder and excitement (and you generally don't die by breathing the air). But the people in the world make it have an underlying sinister feel...

"Oh elves and magic!" But then you see the elves wearing your cousin as magic bunny slippers and you realize it is not a nice world.

>> No.51275155
File: 6 KB, 173x215, 15823217_1254971954580040_3074936116716340606_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've created the page: https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Kulmorost_Divided

I wrote a little bit but now I'm going to sleep... It's 3 am where I am.

Feel free to contribute to the page (please).

>> No.51275246

Title : Kulmorost Divided
Description : fa/tg/uys create a fantasy setting.
Tags : Kulmorost Divided, Kulmorost, worldbuilding, setting, fantasy, humans, dwarves, elves, orcs, trolls

Good enough ?

>> No.51275364

Excerpt from, “Anthropology - Know your Enemy Vol.2: Settlements,” written by Valko Tiamare, circa 300 MA.

A very old series of books written by an orc explorer that used to roam the human lands before orcs were seen as enemies of humanity like elves and dwarves are. The books are a well respected source on human behaviour and culture.

“Humans live in all kinds settlements in the Northen wastes. Settlements of all sizes above the ground some permanent and others seasonal some humans live in small underground settlements. That said, ironically, their biggest city lies within a massive cave system with sea access on one of the coasts near their southern border. From what I have heard, there is only two official ways to enter and one of them being a cave that gives access the city's harbour. I didn't gain access to it but the city seems to have within it's limits a great market and a great forge.”

“...once your men start falling to traps, you will know that you are near a underground human settlement, locals seem to know the placement of all the traps, while travellers usually will blow their goat horns when they feel they are near a settlement to ask to be escorted inside. No one enters an underground settlement without being invited in.”

“Palisade walls protect even the smallest permanent settlements above the ground, all permanent settlements have guards on standby ready to rain arrows on all approaching threats. Always approach with extreme caution.”

>> No.51275378

Would anyone be opposed to Sharkfolk and sapient Giant Squids populating the seas?

>> No.51275390

Not me.

>> No.51275408

Sharkfolk sound like ancient Goblin Experiment gone wrong. Why not.

We already have flying "sky whales" so gigantic squids sound fun!

Blessed Dray! Sleep well!

Just fine.

>> No.51275432

I don't oppose, so long as there's a reason. The Sharkfolk could be raiders of the Forsake Isles which ever now and then, can be seen raiding human settlements, or gods forbid, working in tandem with human raiders on the Dwarven kingdoms.

>> No.51275457

I like the idea of humans and sharks banding together.
Imagine humans with viking-style long ships raiding the coasts alongside their shark brethren.

Also as for an origin the goblin experiment suggested
here sounds like a good idea.

>> No.51275458

It's done.

>> No.51275532

So, how do magicians work in Kulmorost? We've established that a LOT of magic relies on body parts but little else.
Can a wizard point their hand and shoot lightning or do they instead create an enchanted item that shoots lightning when held by a wizard? Is magic comprised of runic marks, a song, found in dreams or the stars?
Everyone likes magic, right? How should this magic work? Or do we want to keep it intentionally vague?

>> No.51275537

How come the island on the west is a savanna if its that far north? Active volcano?

>> No.51275546

The power of a magic item is directly tied to the intelligence of the being in its life. The corpse of a farmer is less magically valuable than that of a well-educated noble. Sometimes, people will use their ancestors or dead relatives in the creation of a magical 'family heirloom' of sorts.

>> No.51275563

There is only one human nation, Humanistan.

>> No.51275566

The organic objects are needed just to enchant and create a permanent effect according to other posts.
I'd say that magic is an energy that can flow through an organic vessel, but not through inorganics.

Possibly a wizard can then channel this energy to cast a lightning bolt or store it "preprogrammed" into an organic item.

Maybe this could also mean humans wearing their metallic armor have some resistence to certain types of magic;

>> No.51275572

Magic itself is a mystery. Magicians tend to have vague incantations and intentions, as the more you attemp to define it, the more the magic resists.

Magic cannot be a science, as it actively works against definition.

>> No.51275580

You really don't want to know what happens when an archmage dies and eyes turn to the corpse.
Most wizards include in their will how they wish for their body to be distributed however.

>> No.51275591

Furry God is the strongest

>> No.51275617

It's intuitive and works more on philosophy/vision of the power and subjective feeling of the forces at work.
Meaning you can study it but not through the scientific method.

>> No.51275619

Don't forget to vote for our thread here.

>> No.51275627

Some say the last act of the Goblins when they were masters of magic, was an attempt to weave life into dead stone and steel and their current state is a punishment for their attempt to pervert the laws of magic and life.

>> No.51275660

So, can enchantment exists or not ? I wrote that the dwarves are quite good at magic, especially enchantment at the beginning of the thread.

>> No.51275661

Take yours with
And they tried to find a way to use magic on inorganic vessels to create new life, perhaps some of the goblins even tried to transfer themselves into said objects.
But how to fit both together? Maybe the metals and such are simply not conductors but they tried to "up the charge" until they could force them into "conducting" magical energies.

Something something magical nuke.

>> No.51275672

The posts after yours said they do exist, it's just they use enchanting on items coming from other living sentient beings (e.g. bone knives, bone armour)

>> No.51275683

Basically Goblins are Dwemer but they fucked up in a different way and got nerfed instead of freezing themselves.

>> No.51275687


>> No.51275698

Wizards are mystical erudites.

>> No.51275715

What about these guys from the early thread ?

>> No.51275761

Maybe we should fold that into Lesians? They're sort of like this setting's kobolds.

>> No.51275815

Just bumping this as it makes no sense to me at present.
For some reason, humans born with little to no mental capacity are strangely in tune with magic, capable of sustaining and warming themselves with it, and can occassionally prophesize the future with visions in the ice.

>> No.51275842

Early goblin experiment in terraformation.

>> No.51275873

The hot water steam comming from unknown depth keeps this island warm all year

>> No.51276129

Been updating the wiki: https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Kulmorost_Divided

BTW, do we have a lot on human religions? Do they have some myth about the return to south or what about the Exodus? Why they are bitter about it?

>> No.51276162

Standard savior/great uniter/messiah myth about a person being born to rule.
Maybe with some specific conditions to their birth like an eclipse during the last day of the year or being marked by the ancients (whatever that means).

Maybe they're some kind of animist that believes in the spirits of all things, even inanimate. Would fit well with their unique use of inorganic weapons and armour.

>> No.51276166



>> No.51276186

I've seen only two takes on humans religion

>> No.51276205

l've got something for the goblins, kind of. but it could be maybe why the humans lost ability or anything, someone give feedback or change it around to fit something else

>The southern-wastes as they are called now where not always so, before the rise of the orcs and the great feuds between the races. the goblins, as easily forgotten and powerless as they are now called this land theirs
>Some say they were punished by their gods for the misuse of magic, that they tried to give life to that which is not meant to have it and for that they were struck down
>Few know that they succeeded
>The great mages gathered where mountain met the sea, bringing forth sacrifices of beast and men and goblin, dragon and the great beasts of the sky, they used their magics to pull behemoths from the waves. For weeks they, spilled the blood onto the earth, weaving great incantations as they did pouring the very essence of their race into this spell
>And at last it did rise
>They had made God. A god of stone and molten rock pulled itself from the earth, a mountain bent to the will of these mighty spell weavers
>No one knows why it fell, And the names of all who brought it fourth have been cursed and taken from the tales

The black dunes are where the beast fell, (which makes the sand itself the remains of a once living being)
also maybe the gap between the eleven land could be where the great beast was made and raised from, just spit-ballin here

>> No.51276250

I just realized this setting would be filled with civilized people wearing wood, leather and bone.

While the "barbarians" wear fucking metal armor.

Yeah that's a nice idea.

>> No.51276360

From those it would seem that human religion as well is fragmented, like their tribes. Makes sence, yet The Winged Goddess/Valkyrie sounds sufficiently cool.
So is the fixation with bones, which suits Kulmorost extremely well.


One more to the book of "Why the Goblins made this world a horrible place"

>> No.51276385

The Lesians seem like theyre almost set apart from the rest of the world. How do we involve them more?

>> No.51276427

How long are our elves ear ? >>51274208

>> No.51276442

Loose alliances of Human tribes, Sharkmen (Selachim?), Kobolds and Lesians.

Maybe have these destitute peoples forming the main groups of adventurers and sellswords, with multiracial companies of mercenaries being famous.

>> No.51276445

We not using >>51261151 ? Okay.

>> No.51276459

Rolled 5 (1d20)

Let luck decide?

normal human ear + dice cm

That one fits with the other animism/shintolight post.

>> No.51276469

It goes against the original premise of the setting.


>> No.51276472

Sorry I just didn't see it.

>> No.51276502

How so? It literally sets them as being formerly important but no longer son.

>> No.51276516

The original premise is that everyone but humans have magic because humans cannot use magic worth a damn. You're changing a fundamental part.

>> No.51276524

It also doesn't set them as being strong at magic, just that they could learn to adapt. I'm not sure I like it, but it doesn't set them as magically adept nor does it go against them being a footnote in history.

>can't use magic
>humans once could
How are these two contradictory?
And I'm not the guy you were referring to dingus.

>> No.51276581

Plus there's already the Goblins to fill the niche you were trying to of formerly powerful magic species is now crippled and shit.

>And I'm not the guy you were referring to dingus.

I've never understood this thing. The entire point of anonymity on 4chan is a rolling conversation.You can't just jump into the reply chain and then act indignant when someone assumes you're the person they were replying to.

>Before the War of Human Exodus, Human mages had begun to approach the other species in ability.

It was implied, at least to me, to be innate that Humans could not use magic.

>> No.51276595



>but it doesn't set them as magically adept

Also there was

>Human mages had begun to approach the other species in ability. The fear that the warlike Humans would eventually reach and surpass the magical ability of the other Races

part. Sure, you can argue that it was a baseless fear, but knowing how these things tend to go...

>> No.51276612


I wonder what the Dwarves think of these myths.

>> No.51276624

Irrational fears seem like a good reason for genocide.

Except it literally says in the OP that they can use magic, bud.
They don't have great powers, but they can use it.

Saying "well every good mage got killed and now humans hate magic, plus they live in the shit and have been selected for hardiness rather than magical ability" is not that bad.

The difference from Goblins is that their downfall was their own greed and pursuit of power, while one could say for instance that Humans were cut down because others feared they'd be the new goblins.

Just an hypothesis.

>> No.51276797


One more thing: If the Humans are actually the baseline species, and at least Elves and Dwarves, perhaps Orcs and others too are just races of them, it would have been REALLY worrying for them to realize that these quite fast multiplying handymen we have around could be a danger for them soonish.

Yet it is also understandable why they could get better at magic, as the other races had done it already.
The Magical races might have went little overboard with the "lets not allow humans learn magic" though...

Just like this.

>> No.51276907

Do our elves have to have particularly long ears? It is their stuff yes, but given >>51256221

they could have some other defining trait as well. They almost feel like changelings to me now, as their culture is constantly changing and their bodies might too during the ages.

Something like their affiliation with the plants? Some elves as they age, become more and more like plants: first some leaves among hairs, then their bones begins to turn to woodish substance and so forth?

Or as their bodies are changing as well, they have to mark themselves with runic tatoos so that old friends can regonize each other?

Not to forgot the teeth-necklaces >>51273643

Whistles sound cool. Literally.

>> No.51276925

All adult male dwarves must have a beard as only dwarvien solders can and must have their hair and beard shaved.
The small minority of dwarven men unable or unwilling to grow a beard must wear a distinguichable necklace so they can be identified as non-soldiers.

>> No.51276941

Maybe they grow branch-like horns and their skin starts to become rugged like tree bark.
Perhaps their ears become longer with age too. starting at just pointy and ending at maybe thrice a human ear?

>> No.51277050

Despite the legends, female dwarves never have a beard (at least, not more often than elvish or human women) and dwarves have a roughly 1:1 gender ratio with a little more of females than males.

>> No.51277179

Some elves never truly die instead they simply become ancestor trees. Trees whose wood is extremely good for enchanting and that can communicate via telepathy between themselves while being able to communicate with visions to their living descendants.

>> No.51277288

Alcohol consumption is seen as distasteful in the cities and higher classes.
Cheap alcohol is very popular among the working poor and the rural folk though.
Elves like good wines, and low alcohol elvish wine is the only alcohol appreciated by the high classes and the nobility

>> No.51277356

Thinking about the history of this world...

creation >>51257172

-- long time?

Origin of Magic (rumoured) >>51273963

-- looong time? The races evolve?

Goblins are evil in so many ways, are killed by the Dwarves >>51256403

-- Not that much time?

The War of Human Exodus. Particularly Elves and Dwarves fight the Haumics to north.

-- then:

Commons Orcs migrate to South, to the former lands of Goblins

Lesians rise to power and drive Blood Orcs from Western Islands. >>51268293

-- Recent Events

Orcish Ghash Clan invent Thunder Staffs

Necromantic Lesian Queen takes over the Westernmost Island>>51273626

-200 years ago: Watchtower of Sot built. >>51273753


Current Times

Lesian Invasion of Elven Kingdoms is soon to come

Any others?

>> No.51277505

How about Dwarven infighting or something like increase of Orc/Troll aggression, which is the reason why Dwarves can't send their forces to help the Elven kingdoms from the Lesian's.

>> No.51277514

Where does the Architect and the Maker fit in this creation myth ? is the dwarf religon completly false ?

>> No.51277691

Well the dwarves are the only ones with mentioned internal conflicts, so why not ?

>> No.51277787

The Goblins are responsible for the creation of many creatures, made for many different reasons, but while people remember the mighty Wyverns and the useful Gryphons they often forget the humble Halflings.

The Halflings were originally humans, kidnapped by the goblins as children and bred to be pets (and occasionally snacks) for their goblins overlords, made to be short and dumpy as this was cute to the Goblins. However when the war against the Goblins started they made a horrible discovery :their halfing's inherent magical abilities had grown. some believe this was due to constant exposure to the Goblin's twisted magics, others believe that all souls have a certain amount of magic in them and that in making the Halflings small they concentrated their pets magical abilities.

Inevitably the truth matters not. The Halflings, led by Grobal the Butcher (so named as he murdered his Goblin master and constructed staves from its remains) rebelled against their masters and aided the dwarfs in defeating them. In return the dwarfs offered them some few lands to call their own. Some rejected this offer, traveling the world in small caravans or becoming citizens of other nations as opposed to their own sovereign land whilst other accepted the offer graciously.

Those Halflings who accepted the offer are known as Gnomes whilst those who rejected it are known as Hobbits

>> No.51277796

Maybe that's just one version, maybe the true origin is a mystery.

>> No.51277797

Do wwe have any firm details on elf governance? Princes and Princesses seem to be a form of Lord for them but little else as I recall.
Might be fun to make them a mageocracy.

>> No.51277862

Orcs, Kobolds, Lesbians -> tribal
Human -> diverse, mostly tribal
Dwarces -> theocratic republic
Elves -> ruled by the elder trees? Magocracy then
Selachim -> under water city states
Gobbos -> dunno

>> No.51277886

Sounds good. From what I'm seeing here, Both players and GM's have great areas to pick from. The Elven kingdoms probably know the Lesian Invasion is going to happen, so people are already getting ready. The Lesian's are preparing to conquer the Elven coastline, and in turn are hiring Human and Sharkmen (believe someone called them Selachim) as mercenarys to beef their forces. Dwarven poltical scheming and backstabbing is rampant in the kingdoms after the death of the Overking, and there's even the possibility of civil war. I just don't know what the orcs and troll kingdoms would be doing at this time. Maybe orcs and trolls are hired as mercenarys for the Elven kingdoms? Also, ideas about the Forsaken Isles?

>> No.51277919

Dwarves often replace Acrynahl with the Maker.

The Myth of Acrynahl and Xylthios is an old myth, that is for sure. Yet even the Dwarven records do not go that far that they can be certain.

Given that it might be that Dwarves are *somehow* a race of Humans Maker might have been one of the first humans. But this is heretical talk according to most Dwarven priests.
Universal Adoration of the Creators in turn, can see wisdom in the old Myth. But even they are not sure.

Note: is there a reason why early history is so clouded? Did the Goblins hide information? Was its lost somehow? Did the races come out in time of myths before records were invented?

There is Elven Kingdoms, so many realms. Mageocracy for some of them is cool!
Others , perhaps more primitive or damaged by wars so trees have been felled realms might have more traditional kings / councils

>> No.51278056

Meanwhile, red-lipped, white haired women in black dresses have begun to appear strolling on the ice sheets north of human lands... what are they, and what does their apperance mean? Are they friend, foe, or neither?

>> No.51278098

this is blashemy, none would surivive on ice in such clothes

>> No.51278155

Some say that they are a fusion of Acrynahl and Xylthios purest shards that have started to awaken from millennia of slumber. For what? we do not know...
But this is indeed regarded as incredibly blasphemous words and no one takes it seriously.

>> No.51278403

I like to think that at the start of the Gobbo empire that it was a full blown democracy. and it later turned into an anarchistic society filled with power hunger and greed that people just try to bully each other to come out top gobbo

>> No.51279048

If eating your own kin flesh makes you more potent mage (as someone had idea in thread) but degradates you as person that could potentially cause this

>> No.51279389

Yes, the goblins: Noble origins, but alas how far they fell.. and then they went even below that. Almost makes you to pity them.. but then you remember what they did and just cannot forgive.

(and most of races have forgotten the noble part, now just remembers the horrible latter times)

>> No.51279461
File: 27 KB, 300x414, 4203930403030d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


At the First Beginning was and yet wasn't, the Architect.
Then the Architect was.
His sole Presence turned The Void That Never Was And Cannot Ever Be into the Primordial, Unformed and Chaotic Matter.
The Perfect Architect saw potential in this Imperfect Cosmos.
Unlike His pure Essence, the Matter was made of two muddled Substances, a higher one and a lesser one.
The Architect conceived a Perfect Model of the World to Come and His First Action was to separate the two Substances from each other.
His Second Action was to create the Maker from His Essence in a guise made of the higher Substance and to place him in the Higher Region of the World.

>> No.51279532


As it is hinted that Goblins might have been race of Elves in the beginning, there can be a reason why the Elves (willingly?) turn to plants instead of flesh eating to archive long life and even then they are not immortal. They most likely have forgotten the real reason (not again goblinism) but have some sort of strong taboo against it.

>> No.51279552
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At the Second Beginning, born and yet unborn was the Maker.
Then born was the Maker.
His Vision revealed the Lower Region of the World.
The Architect instructed him with the Plan of the World to Come, and promised he will be able to join Him as a reward once his work is done and the World is made Perfect.
And the Maker began his work.
He shaped the Higher then the Lower Region to the exact specifications of the Architect, yet the World was still imperfect.
The Maker felt frustation and anger, but the Architect calmed him down before he wrecked the Cosmos in his rage, and explained to him why the World still wasn't perfect.
Souls like the ones of the Lower Region had to be created, but made like the Maker of the Essence of the Architect itself, and had to achieve the World by fructifiate and create civilization within it, guided by the Maker.
The Third Action was to create these souls made of His Own Essence and make them reincarnate in the Lower Region until their task is done.
Then the World will be purged of all imperfections and these souls will ascend with the Maker to the Realm of the Architect, for all of the two Substances and the Essence will be in its right place.
These souls are those of the Dwarves, and so we will be reincarnated in this World until our task is done.
The Imperfection is the cause of everything bad in this World : Evil, diseases, hunger, natural disasters, weakness in both mind and body,ect..
We must endure all of these sorrows because once our work here is finished, this World will be perfect and we will get our reward in the Realm of the Architect.

>> No.51280400

So basically the whole species went full starscream

>> No.51280528

they went starscream rout if he was Eldar in not grimdark setting

>> No.51280580

What if humans tribes are further divided by those that follow "hands off the graves" and "whistle, whistle my bones", not like all humans have to follow one religion

>> No.51280635

and if you think about it they actually work together quite well. The spirits in bones that remain separate are called on by those spiritual summoners and they can tell the tale of past. But if you connect them Goddess would take them away to paradise

>> No.51281301

Humans ride wooly rhinos into raids. Cause its badass.

>> No.51281373

the rhinos are also used for their fur coats, their milk makes good cheese (and is occasionally brewed into a potent alcohol) they make excellent beasts of burden and their meat is of high quality.

they're just as beligerent, hostile and stubborn as humans are, and twice as hardy to boot. The humans would not survive without them

>> No.51281567

Why not ?

>> No.51281867

Skywhales are intelligent, that's why their bones are so useful. But no other race has figured out their language and their nomadic wanderings makes them look like nothing more than migrating animals. Their minds are somewhat alien and they make no attempt to communicate with the other races, partly for this reason, and partly because this usually ends with someone aquiting new skywhale bone weapons. With no mode of communication with non-whales, no visible markers of civilization, no crafted items, most people assume that the skywhales have no intelligence. But in reality their songs are them singing the history and culture of their people.

>> No.51282050

Only the Lesian necromancer has made this discovery, which is surely problematic.

>> No.51282403

Original OP here. /tg/, you've surpassed my expectations yet again!


The bone whistles are only made from the bodies of willing Human priests and cunning warriors who want to pass their knowledge on to future generations. The title of "Whistle-Bearer" is sacred, and they function as wise men, doctors, and shamans in Human tribes.

Not all tribes practice whistle blowing, but as whistle blowing is entirely consensual and extremely beneficial, it is tolerated by tribes that do not practice it.

>> No.51282596

History of the World :

Creation :
>>51257172 # (Draconic creation myth)
>>51279461 # (Creation myth of the Dwarves / Genesis and Subgenesis)

-- Long time ?

Origin of Magic (rumoured) >>51273963 #

-- Looong time? The races evolve?

Goblins are evil in so many ways, are killed by the Dwarves >>51256403 #

-- Not that much time?

The War of Human Exodus. Particularly Elves and Dwarves fight the Haumics to north.

-- Then:

Commons Orcs migrate to South, to the former lands of Goblins

Lesians rise to power and drive Blood Orcs from Western Islands. >>51268293 #

-- Recent Events

Orcish Ghash Clan invent Thunder Staffs

Necromantic Lesian Queen takes over the Westernmost Island>>51273626 #

-200 years ago: Watchtower of Sot built. >>51273753 #


Current Times

>> No.51282710

Whats everyone's favorite region and race? l'm starting to dig the Goblins desu

Goblins did nothing wrong

Welcome Back!

>> No.51282733

I'm quite fond of these subtle body horror elves

>> No.51282789

Dwarves master race

>> No.51282945


A Scholarly Dwarven Treatise on the Kobold.

"The Kobolds are a particularly prolific Beastmen race that have managed to spread across the Eastern Coats, (especially the swamps) in large numbers.

They speak an incomprehensible garbled babbling language and don't have the vocal cords or intelligence necessary to pronounce any more than the most basic words of or more advanced languages. Kobolds are extremely energetic, and are very good at expressing themselves through pointing, exagerated body language, and mostly harmless spontaneous magic.

Kobolds stand at one third the average height of a Human, and weigh anywhere from 30-50 pounds. To get an idea of what a Kobold looks like, imagine if someone took a small puppy, a tomcat, a salamander, and a rabbit, combined them all into an unnatural abomination, made the abomination anthropomorphic, made it look endearingly adorable, and gave it all the intelligence of the sun sum of its parts, along with a difficult to control but extremely powerful magical potential, and a burning lust for valuable obejects.

That is a Kobold, and many wise scholars theorize that in ancient times a particularly twisted Goblin did just that. Kobolds live for only a decade, a decade and a half at most, and reproduce absurdly quickly, by both laying eggs, and giving birth to live young annually. Many scholars have puzzled over this biological impossibility, the humble author theorizes that egg layers and birth givers are simply two nearly identical subspecies that live with one another, but the truth may never be known. A breeding pair of Kobolds can produce well over 200 within five decades, it is for this reason Kobold nests are destroyed whenever found.

Alone, Kobolds are cowardly and flee from danger, but in large numbers, they become fearless, and use swarm tactics in battle. Kobold hordes are a minor danger, but are a pressing one nontheless."

> (cont)

>> No.51283002


"Kobolds are reknown for their impressive arcane abilities. Fortunately, only 1 in 50 Kobolds is capable of using magic, these gifted Kobolds lead their society. Kobold mages are incapable of subtlety and precision, instead, they recklessly, (and often self-destructively) wield extremely powerful lightning, wind, water, and fire magic, capable of destroying entire small armies on their own.

Fortunately, Kobold mages are very predictable, and a skilled practitioner of the arcane arts can easily counter even the strongest Kobold mages, though large groups may prove to be overwhelming, and they often distract mages from the hordes of nonmagical Kobolds.

Kobolds are carnivorous, and are able and more than willing to consume and subsist off of anything even vaguely meat-like. They can consume bones as well, and many Kobolds find enchanted bones to be extremely delectable. It is for this reason, their extremely low intelligence, prodigious birthrate, and their vandalising, kleptomaniacal tendencies, that Kobolds are regarded as pests by most civilized peoples, and are to be destroyed if this world is to reach perfection in the eyes of Our Maker."

- Urist Woodgut, Year 453 Of Our Maker.

>> No.51283006

>Dwarven scum

The Black earth rises again, we will have our vengeance

>> No.51283047


> *Only 1 in 50 is capable of using Magic on a grand scale, the rest are comparable to Humans.

>> No.51283104


Humans are my favorite, they are metal as FUCK.

I just realised something. Would Goblins and Humans be friendly, or at least, less xenophobic to one another? After all, both hate the magical races, both use metal weapons and armor, both have tamed enormous beasts, and both have extremely violent tendencies.

>> No.51283305

As the Humans were around during the Goblin Horrors, I would say they do NOT like the Goblins, no matter how enemy-of-my-enemy the situation would be. Actually, as both live underground >>51275364 they are in direct combat about the living space down there as well.

Of course, some particularly backwards tribes could have forgotten the old Haumic stories, or just do not connect these cave-goblins to the Ancient Attempted-God-Creation-Yet-Failed Monstrosities of the past ages.
> The sheer horror when Dwarves and Elves realize that some Humans and Goblins are working together

>> No.51283325

>Would Goblins and Humans be friendly, or at least, less xenophobic to one another?

l think to a degree yes, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Although l feel the Goblins would betray humans as soon as it seemed like it would be beneficial to them, especially if it could help in restoring their past magical abilities

though l doubt humans and goblins have ever actually met each other, one living in the northern wastes and the other hiding out who knows where after their homelands were invaded and turned to waste

>> No.51283488


The universe is made up of three substances :
1. The Essence of the Architect, his Realm, the "soul" of the Maker and the souls of the dwarves.
2. The Higher Substance, the substance of the higher region of the world and of the "body" of the Maker.
3. The Lower Substance, the substance of the lower region of the world and the souls of the non-dwarves.

These substances are perfectly separated with the exception of the Maker (Essence in the Higher Region of the World) and the souls of the Dwarves.(Essence in the Lower Region in the World)
But the Maker and the Dwarves will ascend to the Realm of the Architect when their task will be done, establishing a true total separation.

Beings have an essence and a hypostasis (personhood)
The Architect, Maker and Dwarves share the same essence, but are different persons even if they will be in perfect communion in the Realm of the Architect.
Non-dwarves have the same essence (the lower substance), and are all different persons.
There is an hypothetical category of beings who exist in the upper region of the world and have its essence.

The existence of Evil and the flaws in the world are caused by its imperfection as the world is not wholly finished until the dwarves have completed their task.
The Dwarves thus believe they are progressing towards the completion of the world by developing their civilization, quite litteraly thinking they are the final touch in the creation process.
They believe they are always going in the right direction in the long term because they are guided by the Maker but they don't reject responsability and the possibility of decadence in the short and mid time.
The elimination of the imperfection of the world is seen as a spiritual process completly unrelated to magic whose effects on the world are not gradual : the world will become perfect and the dwarves will ascend in a single and sudden event caused by the dwarves's efforts.

>> No.51283558

*caused by the the sum dwarves's efforts.

>> No.51283580

of dwarves efforts

>> No.51283848

What will we do when this thread will be autosaged ?

>> No.51284088

Original OP here.

Bullywugs should be a Beastman race in the Beast Isles, that occasionally raid the main continent, and have a few heavily fortified warren-colonies in the swamps.


Presumably, start a new thread. We should put a link to this thread's archive in the 1d4chan wiki page. This is the best setting /tg/'s come up with in a long while, and it's got a lot of depth. I'm eager to see what comes of it.

>> No.51284272

I've made a world similar to this one so I'll contribute something to yours

Legend says that there is a small settlement even beyond these wastes where the storms are strongest. In this settlement no magic at all exists, it is said that they are some of our ancestors who were alive when we were prominent in the south. My grandfather told me that one day they will come and gather us all, all of us humans, we who are hunted, used as slaves, sport, or cattle. they will come, and when they do we will rise.

For they have a gift, they are the ones who can destroy magic, they are the old ones. My grand father told me, that they were searching for a way to have us all gain their gift. So wait my child, soon one day, we will strip the knife ears of their pride in magic, demolish the ancient cites of the dwarves and annihilate the other beasts that have forced us to live this way. so wait my child, wait and grow strong. For soon the bloodied shall come. I only hope I can live to see that day

>> No.51284476

The Dwarvish calendar is solar based and composed of 19 months, each with 19 days and 4 or 5 intercalary days (depending on the year) inserted between the 18th and 19th months.
Intercalation was once a practice forbidden by the Cult, but the old calendar had to be recalibrated and changed to include it after centuries of use.

>> No.51284606


Nice Dwarf lore. What is the plural for Dwarf in this world? Is it Dwarfen, and Dwarfish, or Dwarven, and Dwarvish, or is it debated among Dwarf scholars and linguists?

>> No.51284859

I think the plural should be dwarves and the adjective dwarvish ?

>> No.51285000

Dwarvish is already used a lot of them here and on the map anyway.

>> No.51285226


The Dwarven language is harsh and simplistic right? Here's an idea, the Dwarves refer to themselves with Dwarfs, Dwarfen, and Dwarfish, but other races refer to them using Dwarves, Dwarven, and Dwarvish.

To the Dwarves, other races have absurdly high voices and flowery accents, so they don't mind, seeing it as a harmless mispronunciation and/or poor translation. Occasionally an overzealous Dwarfen scholars gets irritated and corrects a foreigner, but that's seen as poor tact.

Dwarves are dedicated to perfecting the world by removing Evil, right? I think there should be an order of elite Dwarfen Paladins called "The Fists Of The Maker" that crusade against what they seem is Evil or imperfect. Most Dwarfs view them as fanatical and misguided, for their extreme methods, but they are respected for their unflinching devotion to the Maker, magical prowess, and combative ability. Other races fear and hate them, especially Goblins and Humans.

They operate on their own, but during times of War, or when a major threat to Dwarfkind arises, the Council and/or the High King can call them to arms against the enemies of Dwarfkind.

>> No.51285459

I feel that necromancy would be very interesting in this setting. Do different species' flesh and bone have different properties?

>> No.51286493

Dwarvish society is divided between the nobility and the commoners but the former are far to have all the wealth and power with many striving and highly developed urban centers.
Nobles are still privileged and own most of the farmland but more than two-twirds of the cities are independent and more than half have their own army and they collectively have more soldiers than the nobles for the first time in the dwarvish history.
The clerics are not celibate and generaly come from the nobility or the upper classes, middle classes clerics tend to become mere priests and often in the rural or suburban areas.
Merchands are a very wealthy yet somewhat despised class as they are seen as too much succesful in comparaison to more skilled or well educated dwarves.
Scholars and highly skilled workers are very valued.
Middle classes are fully respected as true dwarves.

>> No.51286510

The working poor are utterly scorned for their relative individual uselesness and holding jobs that needs little to no education and could be done by barely civilized beings.
Most dwarves don't have any notion of "deserving" or "undeserving" poor and almost invariably hold in higher esteem criminals from higher classes, even heinous ones as they, at least, are not punished without a trial.
There is a huge conservative movement against them in the Cult of the Maker, and the religious authorities in many cities refuse to take care of the bodies of the their dead as many theologians think that according this honor to them despite them not deserving it would be a sin; instead they are collected by the public authorities so their bones can be utilised for enchantments (Dwarves are quite magical after all), and the general population content with them being useful and involved with a true job for once, even if only in death.
Because is it only in small scales and a lot of medical progress resulted and is still resulting from it, the use of a few living ones by the faculties of medicine is even tolerated in the most shady cities, improving their ability to save more precious lives that can actually help towards the completion of the dwarvish task in this world.
The situation is worse for the rural folks, as the general indifference towards leads many former populations of serfs to become serfs again and in the most backwater areas this is considered socially acceptable among the local nobles to hunt them for sport when there is too much of them in the farmlands or the mines.
This is one of the major reasons why the UAC heresy exists >>51263613

>> No.51286563

Wrong link for the UAC >>51257780
But the fact the king sided with them is interresting.

>> No.51286586

The nobles also own most mines.

>> No.51286645

Flesh and bones from different species having different species is interresting.
Dwarves are quite good at magic, especially enchantment.
Elves have mastered agricultural magic, lifespan extension magic and have body modification and becoming trees.
Orcs are shamans, priests and healers.
Trolls are shamans too.
Human bones once enchanted are resistant to magic.

>> No.51287176

Every few decades, a traveling elf or dwarf is alarmed to hear about magical blades in the Northern Wastes. In truth, these are the secret techniques of human blacksmiths who pass down their knowledge to their apprentices. The blades produced by these humans are extremely sharp and tough. Although these blades have strange swirls, they have no magical properties at all. So far no other race has been able to replicate them.

>> No.51287294

In the deepest parts of mines, a dwarf will rarely find an entrance to strange tunnel system that seems to predate Dwarvish civilization. These tunnels have no logic to their design, veering at random angles or ending abruptly. Several end in fractals. The walls are almost universally smooth. A strange script is embedded into the very rocks, but no scholar has been able to decipher them. Some dwarves think of these tunnels as one of the Architect's plans, but Dwarven kings have banned any exploration warning over the potential danger. The few accounts that exist indicate strange magical monsters, a sickly magical aura, and dangerous artifacts of incredible power.

>> No.51287778

The Drunder Tribe is one of the orcish tribe geographically closest to the Dwarves, more specifically near the region where are the few UAC citied, and are know' for being "Dwarfizer" , orcs that try to mimic as much as possible the Dwarves since they were converted by UAC missionnaries.
The name of the Tribe and even those of most of the clans are dwarvish instead of orcish and their tribal town is named Drunderburg.
Their religion is a odd syncretism of the UAC heresy and the orcish religion : Both the Architect and the Maker were given the functions of their old gods as attributes with a tendency for the Maker to have the practical ones and the Architect the more abstract and "civilized" ones (Maker the Midwife, Architect the Scribe, Maker the Warrior, Architect the Ruler,ect...and even a Architect the Architect)
They still worship the spirits of their Ancestors, but now believe they are spiritual avatars of their Tribe and clans created by the Architect the Shaman to help them, to the confusion of the ancestors themselves but the Drunders managed to convince most of them to play along and even "converted" some of them.
Their theology is simple : Architect and Maker created the world and heaven, Architect is the intellectual one while Maker is the one getting his hands dirty.
When they die, they will go to heaven but if they are bad then they will punished by Architect and Maker beforehand.
They don't really understand the Task and the Imperfection of the world, but they got a vague notion of the elvish spirit-society from their interactions with the elves instead and used it as their justification for their ancestors worship and their desire to become civilized.

>> No.51287882

They are infamous among other orcs to put their fellow dwarvish UAC believers above pagan orcs.
They have recently betrayed a neighboring clan to prevent a raid against the UAC city they have the closest relationship with by warning them then attacking the clan by surprise with an overwhelming numerical superiority.
An action that gave them the friendship of the city and a good reputation among the dwarves the region, but a bad one among other orcs.

>> No.51287895

The reasons behind the Halfling spilt are unknown to most non-halfings. Most assume it had something to do with the quality of the land they were offered (for while it was costal and bordered dwarf lands it also bordered the southern wastes and Halflings relationships with Orcs have always been a little strained), but the reality has less to do with other races and more to do with Halflings themselves. You see, Halflings believe that, at some point or another, a war will be fought - a war that if lost will doom all life but if won will bring freedom to all creatures of the world.

Hobbits believe this "End-war" was fought and won against the Goblins, so they might as well spend their lives seeking, finding and living in contentment, rather than waste it worrying. Gnomes on the other hand believe either that the war against the Goblins is not over till their are no Goblins left, or that the End-war was not the war that was fought against the Goblins. Either way they spend their time preparing their lands and people for this inevitable war, stockpiling weapons and fortifying their cities, so that they may have a chance of winning

>> No.51287959

Sedentary Hobbits generally speak the language of he lands they live in whilst more mobile Hobbits and Gnomes speak Norune, a language with its roots in the human language but heavily influenced by Dwarvish

>> No.51288000

What are the religious beliefs of Gnomes / Halflings ?

>> No.51288337

It's page 9, soon our threat will meet the maker. I can say that threads like this are beacon of hope among shitposting and /pol/-posting

>> No.51288339

Added to Wiki. The post/pre End war split works wonderfully!

>> No.51288341

They believe in a kind of tame Valhalla. When you die you are sent to a great city where you can live in comfort and contentment (the two things all halflings wish for either themselves or their descendants) for the rest of time. Unless either A: you were bad, wherein you get to watch everyone in the city be happy for about ten years without being able to feel it yourself and then get reincarnated so you can try to get into The City properly or B: the end war is lost, wherein The City ceases to be and all souls will be destroyed in the tumultuous chaos that will be left behind.

They also believe that the first Halflings are the caretakers and administrators of this city, so there's a subtle respect for them, but not worship, because that would be like worshipping the milkman

>> No.51288389

Wow, the thread's still just about going.

Wonder if mapbro will come back around, we need some updates.

>> No.51288443

>Why not ?

>> No.51288503
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You called?
-Orc tribes
-Ocean names (named the Elf-SouthWaste bay the Godless Bay per >>51276205, of course only rumored)

Still had not inputted the mountains of DrayMap >>51274198, lets see If I have time for it..

>> No.51288552

New thread ?

>> No.51288631


New Thread:


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