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Someone just link the new epub already edition

Old thread: >>51220159


>Freshest Rules in Epub (Use Readium for PC or Kobo on Android)

>Not always current PDFs:

>Up to date FAQs

>40K 7th Edition Quick Reference Sheets:

>Forge World Book Index:

> The Black Library (soon the clowns will come back, with friends!)

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Why isn't the new Lord of Change among the new stuff GW put on preorder for Tzeentch?

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2nd for Guard best

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Second for Guard, we'll stand forever!

Next week, and the week after.

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Hey, what does everyone think of this star phantoms list? The captain is supposed to be zhrukal androcles but the list builder doesn't have him so I added random gear to a captain to make him the same price.
Also the dreadnought will be embarked in the stormraven.

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is there an online army painter thing you can muck around with?

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What army?

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Great minds think alike, isnt that right fellow loyal guardsman?

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Can someone possibly make up a cheat sheet of what I can shoot at different movement amounts for DEldar vehicles? The combination of being fast and skimmers is fucking me up, plus it changes depending on if it's the vehicle shooting or the guys on it. I always end up either losing movement I could take and shoot, or moving and have to lose shooting.

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So I'm trying out the new Hoplites. I really like the models, though I know I oughta have 20, not 10. In due time.

Is this too much lightning? What's Admech's answer to a horde army anyway?
Don't say Peltasts

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I thinking about Sons of malice warband. How to paint them and what roster must looks like?

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Then no, sorry.

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So, how badly would this get spanked in 1k?

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what painters are there, anyway?

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I have this dumb template that I made in MS paint. That's about all I've found. It's not great, but it worked for me.

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SM, SM Scout, IG, Eldar, CSM, and maybe one more.

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Space Marine Painter

Chaos Space Marine Painter



Sisters of Battle

Imperial Guard Painter


Fire Warrior

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I think you could swap the boltguns on the sergeants out for pistols so you've got something you can fire before assaulting, should it come to that.

Beyond that it looks fun, although I've been out of it for a while so I can't comment on effectiveness.

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> Captain taking a Thunder Hammer + I1 Axe
Bruh, just take Lightning Claws instead of the Thunder Hammer, it'll still give you the +1 attack, but now you have the points to take Artificer Armour on your Captain. Artificer Armour is practically mandatory for your captain so he isn't a free kill-point for challenge characters.

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Where links?

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Seriously, where is that Fall of Cadia? Searched the previous threads, there was nothing expect someone constantly posting space sharks book as a joke when anyone asked about it.

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Any input on what I could change is appreciated.

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My great mind is weeping because half my army is unpainted but it's the same size as my grey knight friend's whole army.

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No daemons and marks. Probably no cultists too. No god related units and no raptors and dark apostles. Oh, and no daemon engines. So just a shitty CSM list.

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>Space Marine Painter

>Space Marine Painter w/ Beta Wargear

>Chaos Space Marine Painter



>Sisters of Battle

>Imperial Guard Painter


>Fire Warrior

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Realized I was posting a reply in the dead thread
Fall of Cadia rules (pdf)
Stop fucking asking already
No we do not have an epub of the full book yet

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I can understand all but
> no raptors
makes me cry. More reliable on venichles army? Like iron wariors but true atheistic

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And mine is weeping becasue I cant paint for shit, and I should be doing highlights on my CCS now but Im shitposting.

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time for another day of cleaning ork bits

what is everyone working on?

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No marks of any of the gods, no god specific units, if you take Daemons, paint them in Malal's scheme and say they're bound Daemons, as Malal's followeres were oft to do, remember that your primary enemy are CSM, everyone else is secondary. No Cultists, maybe.

You're going to want to prime white, not black. Quarter off the sections that are going to be black with tamiya 2mm masking tape or carefully pencil if you don't have any/don't feel like buying it for some reason.

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I still don't like it.

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Hey, PDF is thousands of times better.

Epub is garbage tier

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Guard should get a mobile suit type unit


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Raptors are the guys who like to go so fast they gave into chaos. Plus they are a Night Lords thing, but Sons of Malice might like Night lords because they arent really into the whole chaos stuff.

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That good or a montage of marines getting killed?

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I'm converting Plastic Ahriman into a Chief Librarian for my dudes. I just recently finished filling in/out all of his Ksons Iconography, and now he's somewhere else waiting for his primer to dry so I can paint him.

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I like this plan, but how ill show hate to csm and daemons?
And maybe paint some of marines in Alpha legion colours?

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No thanks, all suits are GHEY.

>> No.51224711

Couldn't you just nab a tau suit, slap a leman russ paint coat and gun on there and call it a stand-in-as?

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Paint up a knight.

>> No.51224725

They have one.

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>He fell for the liquid green stuff scam

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Nope, we already have Sentinels.

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There's also this one that lets you do this. I've uploaded it to dropbox in a .rar but if you don't trust me it's called Chapter Generator and it's made by Russians but it's pretty hard to find.

It can do Razorbacks and Dreadnoughts and shit too.

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What's wrong with it?

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Thats actually pretty good, Alphas are also not the biggest fans of the big four. As for hatred of daemons and csm, maybe some CSM helmets on spikes and make the daemons have visible wounds?

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What's wrong with liquid green stuff?

>Raptors Anon is at it again
hoo boy

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Forgot link

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No. But I think they should have two things. Taurox should have been open topped so you could have shotgun vets assault out of it. Same with ogryn and bullgryn. Then they should make assault sentinels.

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Against other marines it would do just fine.

Against a Tau gunline you will get raped.

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Sons of Malice hate all CSM, doesn't matter if said CSM hate Chaos as well, they'll still try and kill and eat them. Nothing saying that SoM Raptors aren't just Malice-blessed or Warp-tainted.

I meant the bit as in the Sons of Malice primarily target CSM and Daemons over most other faction. Don't do some dudes in AL colors, as the Sons would just try and kill them, fluff-wise.

Iirc, there was a Fire Raptor in Sons of Malice colors in a FW book where the description had a confused bit saying that there were trophies of CSM rather than SM on it.

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cadian shock troops, a leman russ vanquisher and a commissar that needs painted. i'm looking forward to painting the leman russ and the commissar but the shock troops are just monotony, even if they do look good when it's all done.

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You have to eat all the eggs.

>> No.51224796

I did figure that the real lack of long range would bite me in the rear when it came to more shooty armies.

>> No.51224813

Came by ownership of am unassembled this thing.

Don't play AoS, don't like the faction so don't want to just build and paint the fucker.

Anything interesting I can do with the parts?

>> No.51224817

Doing highlights of my CCS, and fixinf all the mistakes I made while painting them. Waiting for my 2 boxes of Cadians and 3 chimeras.

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> Raptors Anon is at it again

>> No.51224823

Allied Knights

>> No.51224825

>tfw you have no idea about colour theory

i've fucked up here, lads.

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heresy stuff

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I used one to make a kit bashed Vaylund Cal for my Iron Hands counts as army.

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please anon this isn't a time for being upset

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don't know how big the model is but i'm sure that trumpet would be put to good use in IG regiments.

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>Iirc, there was a Fire Raptor in Sons of Malice colors in a FW book where the description had a confused bit saying that there were trophies of CSM rather than SM on it.

I remember this. I think it's the most recent reference to Malal, actually.

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Daemons can be wounded? I thought they just return to warp and bodies made by warp

>> No.51224849


As I said in the previous thread(apparently it is autosaging already), you can cut the vet sergeants from the ranged squads and give them grav gun + grav cannon instead of lascannons, drop pod them in. You'll get extra reach this way.

>> No.51224852

Use a fucking colour wheel, know your neutral colours, job done. It's not hard.

What have you done, Anon?

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He's like a pinky width taller than a space marine.

>> No.51224860

Stormcasts are bigger than Terminators.

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>> No.51224870

hmmm... clip the arm off and have a massive fuckin trumpet mounted on a tank, so that you can announce your presence the the enemy through music.

>> No.51224880

Ok, maybe not wounds but like wards and things to make them bound? Those things that the daemon hosts have.

>> No.51224882

What's so bad about Liquid Greenstuff?

>> No.51224889

Nigga did you even read the text along with this? I added random gear to a captain to make him cost the same as Zhrukhal Androcles because the list builder doesn't have him.

>> No.51224895

they are pretty similar in size I find, maybe a little taller, but their proportions are different. They have thinner legs and bulkier torsos. They look like extra big dudes rather than dudes in a lot of armor

>> No.51224898

Iirc there was old fluff where the Sons of Malice bound Daemons to fight for them, using Malice's power and corrupted them into pseudo-daemons of Malice by warp-torturing them or something like that. I know I read something like that somewhere.

>> No.51224909

Ah, I may have missed that.
Sorry about that.
I can do that change.

I've been out a while so I'm trying to get back into it.

Would it be worth making one of the melee squads into a large shooting one so it can provide some mid-range support as it moves up with them or should I remain all in with the melee config?

I figured that multiple, smaller unites would be better than trying to blobs of 20.

>> No.51224910

Nothing, yet. I have a couple weeks before the stuff I ebayed turns up. But it hit me that I have no artistic experience, at all.

>> No.51224912

Sounds like good source
I need many chains...

>> No.51224927

it dries when it contracts, requiring multiple passes

it you don't use it right (with water) the surface will end up very rough

a lot of anons don't know that it needs to be filed down and smoothed like anything else

>> No.51224929

they can be wounded in the same way you can wound a puddle of slime. it's not really doing anything, but it looks like it's doing something. And because daemons act like people think they're going to act because of warp physiology, they die when you shoot them because you think they'll die when you shoot them. I think. It's all a lot of heresy.

>> No.51224936

I legitimacy think that the Devastator Assault Marine formation would be a good addition instead of the 17 Devs and maybe a Cent Squad if you need the points

>> No.51224942

Stick to an established theme, then. Pick one you like.

>> No.51224962

Also, I just realized that I had no real reason to shove a sword brethren in those squads like you said.

Are the days of fist sergeants done due to the advent of challenges?

>> No.51224967

Nothing bad, it just fails to act as people expect it to.
Rather than act as easy spackle for small gaps it's pretty much just paint on primer.

>> No.51225004

Sounds like warp work this way. But why daemons not defeated by SoB and SMs? I mean, some of them in warp and fight

>> No.51225082

Rate me

>> No.51225097

needs a warboss/10

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>> No.51225114

Not him, but I find Liquid green stuff simply inferior to the real thing. For one, it can only really be used for minor gap filling, and even then it has a tendency to shrink as it cures so you often need to do multiple applications to a joint. Further,the best way to hide a joint is often no a smooth finish, but with a little sculpting, like a little bit of fur over a gap or something. LGS is useless for this. GS, unlike LGS, is also useful for major gap filling due to radically changing a model pose, or mounting magnets in a cavity, or something similar. LGS is useless for this. There's a multitude of other things GS does that LGS cannot and nothing the other way around. And even the gap filling LGS was designed for it's kinda sucky at.

Basically LGS was created as a stopgap by GW so they could point customers at something to deal with all the bubbles and shitty casting in their early finecast. At this point that use case is basically gone and people should stop using it. Learn how to use real green stuff. It's ten times more useful and opens up the possibility of way more conversion work.

>> No.51225119


I've had decent results with fist sergeants as Word Bearers(so far at least), but we're talking a guy with T5 and Hatred. Loyalist fist sergeants are pretty meh for the reason you described.

Power Fists in general are something to be wary of because of the difficulty in reaching close combat against many lists. On the flip side, they can be a lifesaver against walkers and superheavies after the FAQ declared you can only use one grenade per unit per phase.

>> No.51225124


Liquid green stuff is not green stuff, the name is a misnomer.

>> No.51225126


It shrinks, it needs more layers. I just fixed Magnus hairline with it and then used a sculpting tool to remove the excess, looks great now.
All spackle shrinks

>> No.51225153

So how the fuck do I use green stuff? I need to join a space marine melta to a lower half of my grenade launcher so my guardsmen can use it.

>> No.51225156


>> No.51225172

Well in a way.
They can be hurt with conviction.
Banished with a blade of will.
Crippled by concepts.

>> No.51225173

>liquid greenstuff can only be used for minor gap filling

you mean what it's specifically sold for?

>> No.51225176

>One grenade per unit per phase

I remember hearing about that, kind of a curious decision.

Well, I wouldn't mind handing out swords to sarges after sticking them with fists for as many games as I did back in fifth.

>> No.51225177


That kinda makes sense, the way I've always seen it is when you shoot a daemon, you're not actually damaging the daemon, you're dissipating the physical matter that it has manifested into. The only way you can attack the daemon directly is with a banishing ritual or a psychic weapon.

>> No.51225185

kaldor draigo is the only space marine in the warp atm i think, anyone else who gets sucked in dies pretty quickly, but kaldor has such a psychic presence that he literally twists the warp around him to fit what he thinks should be there, but that power doesn't extend to permanently killing daemons. I think it should though, the fact that chaos is an unbeatable enemy is bullshit.

>> No.51225187

>power fists

maybe if challenges didn't completely invalidate the 25 point upgrade

>> No.51225193


That is bullshit. Daemons have corporeal forms that they need to act in realspace. If that form is destroyed they return to the warp.
They have invuls to show that their form is shifting between realities, but when you hit them its hitting flesh. Not because you think youre hitting it, thats dumb dumb

>> No.51225194

I've been reading the Angels of Death short story collection and I have to say the Mentors are pretty much loyalist Alpha Legion.

Hich got me thinking that pretty much everything CSM have has a loyalist equivalent. Which is kind of hilarious when you consider that the Chaos gods hold positive and negative aspects equally for all their domains.

>> No.51225211

With all those immobile gunz and lootaz its pretty weak on the concept.

>> No.51225217


>> No.51225224


>> No.51225229

yes but the reason they exist in the first place is because people's psychic power made them. they choose what they do with it but their base power was determined when they were made. it's like the daemons laws of physics.

>> No.51225233


That's the problem that I'm talking about, the power fist will lose a challenge to a power sword even on another sergeant or a librarian, unless you have an iron halo/mark of nurgle/etc. to protect you.

>> No.51225241

>advertising the guard to kriegers
i've never seen a poster worth less than the paper it was printed on before.

>> No.51225247

i'm having difficulty in finding colour schemes, do you know a reliable source?

>> No.51225260

what army do you even have man

>> No.51225263

-Glue the bits together.
-Mix up a smallish piece of GS
-Take a chunk of that and roll it into a sausage shape
-apply the sausage along the joint
-Wet a pointy stick like a toothpick or your hobby knife and use that to squish the GS into the gap and smooth it out.
-Cut/scrape away any excess with a knife

For bigger gaps stick a ball of stuff in there and then smooth it out. Use the pointy stick to texture the GS to match the surrounding area. Sometime it can be easier to work with if you let it cure a little bit. It will be stiffer and less sticky.

>> No.51225282

Yes. And which it does a shitty job at, and which green stuff can do better.

>> No.51225286

This. Their flesh is warp energy made corporeal and needs a contact with a warp source to maintain itself. That's why daemons can be banished with anti-warp weapons as you sever their connection to the warp and they cannot maintain themselves, and why daemons can't exist for long periods of time in real space, unless it's in the vicinity of a warp source.

In WHFB there was a story of some dude studying a daemon's corpse and when he was away, the body vanished since it was just warp energy and in time it too dissolved back into the warp.

Daemons can exist longer, even indefinitely in real space if they're tied to something physical, like bound to a weapon or a machine. Since this "body" is not warp based, they don't have to maintain it and since they're bound to it, they cannot return to the warp from their own free will.

>> No.51225297


>> No.51225300

Thanks man, you did a service to the Guard, and therfore the Empreror himself.

>> No.51225306

Skitarii. Sorry, I thought I'd mentioned. my bad.

>> No.51225314

You say that like the Imperium wouldn't waste resources to do just that.

>> No.51225320

Read your codex.

>> No.51225323

no, no it can't, if you're tying to put greenstuff into a gap you need to mix a minuscule amount of greenstuff and even then you usually waste a bunch

>> No.51225342

kriegers aren't recruited, they're cloned

>> No.51225349

i suppose it's alright for boosting morale, but i've never seen the happiness of a krieger rise above the level of a damp cloth before.

>> No.51225365

isn't whfb warp different from 40k's warp though?

>> No.51225387

No, they still go through recruitment testing. Conscription would just take them blindly but Kriegers are filtered carefully for suitability.

Maybe it's for the morale of the Comissars since they're not Kriegers?

>> No.51225408


yea fuck that rule

>> No.51225414

the commissars from krieg are still kriegers, they're just there to make sure the kriegers aren't too overzealous and get themselves killed before they can be useful, rather than executing them for running away or insubordination like usual. the entire planet of krieg is populated by colonel jurten and some unnamed female anyway, they just all have different roles.

>> No.51225425

So what's the verdict on Celestine, Cawl and Greyfax? Are they good? Shit? Broken? Who's the best, and the worst?

>> No.51225441


>> No.51225450


Greyfax is very expensive for someone so easy to kill, she is good at fighting genestealers and other psykers and that's about it.

Celestine and Cawl are at a pretty ridiculous power level though.

>> No.51225456

cawl is pretty good, his canticles affect vehicles, which is great. you can give em fnp or an invuln save.

>> No.51225468

>Celestine, Cawl
Extremely good, potentially broken for their cost.

Too expensive for her abilities. Typically will just be used to represent other inquisitors.

>> No.51225473

Been out of the loop for a while, last thing I know about lore-wise is the big clusterfuck happening around the Octarius system. Did anything happen afterwards? I'm inclined to believe not

>> No.51225484

is greyfax good against psykers at least, just overspecialised for her job?

>> No.51225494

Cadia blew up, the Eye of Terror is expanding to consume the galaxy, Fenris is turbocucked and the Planet of the Sorcerers is in realspace, heralded by the return of Magnus and promises of the other traitor Primarchs too.

>> No.51225505

Which one, Anons?

>> No.51225511


She's not good at fighting GSC - Cult Ambush isn't infiltrate.

>> No.51225517

A is literally the same as the scheme my group picked for an Only War campaign, so... Hope you like drop troops.

>> No.51225547

She has useful stuff. Fucking with infiltration is good and denying overwatch is excellent. She's just not much of a killer personally and costs a bit too much for her utility. At 100 she'd have been an interesting choice, at 150 though she's a bit weak.

>> No.51225553


I like C the most - no justification, just the one I like.

>> No.51225571

Funny because the Kriegers novel has Commisar as attached personnel, not native ones.

>> No.51225643


>> No.51225644

Krieg Commissars are not from Krieg. All Commissars come from Schola Progeniums, and unlike other Commissars, Krieg Commissars are there to help keep morale of other regiments up, as well as act as liasons due to the Krieg brand of autism.

>> No.51225689

What in your opinion are worst 40k(and 30k of course) mysteries that has been revealed?

>> No.51225723


The whole Alpha Legion subplot.

>> No.51225755

>>51225723 literally beat me to it as I was typing out a whole response.
Just fuck anything involving the Cabal, really.

>> No.51225757

chaos as a concept. it reeks of edge.

>> No.51225766

Only reeks of edge if you think chaos = BAD GUYS

Also, who the fuck says "edge"

>> No.51225771


>> No.51225775

oh my, guess I have some catching up to do. Thanks

>> No.51225803

Wouldn't it have been much cheaper to just buy a librarian instead of converting him?

>> No.51225818

Magnus is the size of a Knight.

>> No.51225829

It was drummed up on the 80s.

>> No.51225850

What was his mystery?

>> No.51225861

Fucking Manlets. When will they learn?

>> No.51225886

I already own every librarian model, except for the special characters.. This is me trying to mix things up, since this new librarian is going to be my last one before I have the entirety of the Librarius for the Raptors. I won't be buying any more librarians.
> 2 Librarians in Terminator Armour
> 4 Dark Vengeance Librarians
> 1 Plastic Librarian with Force Staff
> Resin Librarian with Plasma Pistol + Axe

And plus I already got the Plastic Ahriman model from buying BOP, so I'm just trying to use the model in a creative way since I don't play chaos.

>> No.51225894

Why Rubric are bad? They are overpriced?

>> No.51225895

Based on core concepts from the 60s

>> No.51225908

Yup, by at least 10-15%

>> No.51225909

>They are overpriced?
Pretty much

>> No.51225910

His long lived nature.

>> No.51225927

Well it's easier to say edge than "try hard attempt at catering to outcast teens who think the world is against them and they're the only one who feels this angst"

>> No.51225998

So...Goth edge or emo edge?

>> No.51226001


Daily reminder: show up and support your armies, or else GW will squat them


>> No.51226012

Whats the point of the Grand Convocation detatchment if the War Convocation is still gives you all that free shit.

>> No.51226020

Do Thudd Guns still murder dreams or has that crown been given to the Wyvern?

>> No.51226040

>this poll again
>it's actually the same poll
Dude, the same people frequent this general. You're going to get some very skewed results if you keep posting the same poll over and over.

>> No.51226042

How much of this do you actually own or have ordered?

>> No.51226049

Post that shit on reddit, and Facebook and shit, get some variety in.

>> No.51226058

GC is more flexible, although not as rawly powerful obviously.

>> No.51226082


They pay far too much for abilities that can be mitigated or outright ignored with ease.
To gain these very mediocre abilities, they lose out on any customization or ability to operate outside of their extremely tiny niche.
Even within this tiny niche, they are massively outclassed by other units within the army list even before resorting to allies.

They are just a terribly designed unit that does nothing well. Rubricae need a total redesign, not only to function as a playable unit, but also to reflect their fluff.

>> No.51226085

it prevents me from voting over and over, are you guys resetting your ips to dodge bans?

I don't really use facebook, but anyone could spread this link if they were so inclined

>> No.51226110

Any list worth running that are comparable to a WC?

>> No.51226126

150 points for 5 marines with ap3 bolters.

That means 24 inches, rapid fire, and for some reason they can't overwatch or run.

They come with a 4+ invulnerable save but that doesn't mean much given that they're T4 with one wound.

Nevermind the fact that their aspiring sorcerer is level 1 and has no options to kit him out, he has to roll on the specific tzeentch table which makes him super bad

To get the assault cannon you have to go up to a full 10 man and then buy the assault cannon which puts 10 marines at 250 points or so, for a unit which is more expensive than a riptide by a great deal and nowhere near as dangerous

>> No.51226145

Why are people bitching about the LoC so much? i think it looks nice

>> No.51226178

For tournament? Probably not.

>> No.51226188

Converting 4 mek gunz from a trukk and mek gun sprue (hopefully)

>> No.51226189

Nostalgia over the days of muddled details and monsters being shit sculpts in general.

>> No.51226201

Mainly just complaints about Kairos.

>> No.51226212

goth edge, because it's aggressive, not self deprecating.

>> No.51226220

I feel like even 3 Bullgryn at 145 points is a better buy and they aren't very good.

Rubrics should go back to having 2 wounds and maybe give them EW so they can't be ID'd.

>> No.51226244

what was the revelation?

>> No.51226257

Daemon sword that drains life from victims to him.

>> No.51226267

Artificer Sargent

>> No.51226276

It's almost certainly Necron tech.

>> No.51226277

Just make their primaris not shit.

As it stands, difference between Rubric squad that rolled lmao beam of AP1 S9 and anything else is just sad.

>> No.51226318

Making them cheaper is enough.

>> No.51226332

That's a start I guess.

>> No.51226376

I can live with that then. Angry at the world is better than being a depressing fuck.

>> No.51226410

Anyone have any good "count-as" army ideas. I've been itching to start a project with more than just "slap paint on model and claim victory" project and was wondering if people had ideas/suggestions.

>> No.51226434

How does this look?

>> No.51226440


Catachans counts as GSC.

>> No.51226443

Orks counts-as GSC is my favorite idea I've seen thrown around here a few times. Mostly ironically, but it has potential.

>> No.51226457


As a rethink for the unit;
> Squad is fairly expensive as a base unit, maybe ~120 for 5
> Additional models are ~14pts each, up to 20 can be added
> Rubricae are simply CSM with I1/Fearless, no additional abilities inherent
> A few heavy/special weapons allowed.
> Sorcerer can take a Familiar and ML2
> Sorcerer is exempt from Champion of Chaos and auto-passes LoS!
> Dead Men Walking: Rubricae are S&P. If there is a psyker in the unit, this is replaced with Relentless.
> Gain Deep Strike (Warp rifts)

Now the real fun is that the Sorcerer always gains an additional spell; 'The Sorcerer Commands'. This is a WC1 Blessing that affects his unit and bestows a single buff from the list;
> Inferno Bolts- All shooting weapons in the unit gain Soulblaze and reduce their AP by 2.
> Rift Bolts- All Bolters inflict an additional 2 hits for every roll of '6' To Hit.
> Warding Seals- The unit gains a 4+ Invulnerable save.
> Ghost in the shell- The unit gains Feel No Pain (4+).
> The Twisting Path- The unit is immediately removed from the table and placed into Ongoing Reserve, returning via Deep Strike.

>> No.51226468

>Implying that the Ork physiology wouldn't just loot the Genestealer's DNA and WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH the Hive Mind

>> No.51226484

...So GSC with Catachan base models instead of Cadian?

>> No.51226496

Come back with a simple preview. I'm not reading through all that shit just to find your list.

>> No.51226497

A Dark Mechanicus force? You could even make some Counts-as stuff for the FW robots in IA14 without looking like a cheapskate, which I envy.

>> No.51226516

Holy fuck, is this guy a idiot:
>Thinks Celestine could be a primarch
>Thinks CREED is a side Character
>Doesnt understand why Abaddon has to fight through Cadia
>Trazyn the "eternal", and doesnt understand why Trazyn would cone to Cadia, IE, to collect shit

And thats ONLY within the first few minutes, meanwhile, he goes on and on about how much of a faggot abbadon is. God, he is insufferable.

>> No.51226518

BA with BT allies count-as Sisters
except you use all the BA/BT rules and just throw in lady heads

>> No.51226526


Yeah - use GSC rules, Catachan models, pure strain Genestealers are Cold Ones from WHFB. Patriarch is possible Chris Pratt from Jurassic Park.

>> No.51226528

"GSC but different base models" doesn't sound all that exciting to be honest.

>> No.51226543


That's literally a counts as army. You use 1 set of rules and use a different set of models.

>> No.51226545

Well then what are you looking for? If you really want a challenge, do Guard/archaeo-Imperial force counts-as Tau/Eldar.

>> No.51226546

Very tempting. Would it just use Ad Mech/Skitarii rules then?

>> No.51226560

The most common idea and best idea is Catachans as Genestealer Cult. Basically Catachans are known for being good in close combat, known for surprising and ambushing, and generally being super hard asses, but unfortunately they are 3 across the board on the tabletop. Being WS4, S4 and I4 and showing up right behind enemies and using knives on them sounds more like Catachans in fluff.

You could also use some Guard units, Sentinels and Dreadknights to do some kind of count as Tau army.

An idea I would have liked to do is if we had plastic SoB units. I would have liked to do a Tyranid army where Penitent engines were Tyrants or other bigger MCs, Repentia has Hormagaunts, Ogryn/Bullgryn as Warriors or Ravners and I dunno what else.

Tau counting as Tyranids could also work. Crisis suits being Warriors/Ravners, Kroot being Hormagaunts and Fire Warriors being Termagaunts and all the big suits being the various MCs.

>> No.51226562

...But I already own like 2.5k of Sisters (plus a Shadowsword).

>> No.51226585

Most of YouTubers who is talking about 40k fluff have no idea about what they are talking about, they mostly uses 40k Wikia with is not reliable source of information. They probably never read any codex or black library book.

>> No.51226589

Okay here you go. Selected the simplified view and had it remove the rules.

>> No.51226595

Daemons of Emperor

>> No.51226600


Not so much 'counts-as' but there are some really fucking cool IG armies out there,
Like this Best Korea army.

>> No.51226619


>> No.51226634

Crusader squads can put the Power Fist on a regular marine. You should never put it on the Sword Brother as it will just be challenged out.

>> No.51226643

Is there a list of the decent Warhammer books? ive almost finished the 3rd Cain novel and ill likely finish them then move onto the Gaunt stuff. I just want to know if there are any other decent books (preferably Imperial Guard) and which should be avoided completely. Sorry if its somewhere obvious butt i couldnt find a /tg/ one

>> No.51226646

I was looking for a conversion project not a "use or army as another with no real changes" project.

>> No.51226659

Probably, mine does, although I haven't managed many conversions yet as it's mostly for the 30k Mechanicum. You could mix in some Chaos stuff if you don't mind Come the Apocalypse, though.

>> No.51226661


or fuktons of vanguards (with some nuclear inquisitor for hordes ID)

>> No.51226662

So Legion of the Damned?

>> No.51226673


>> No.51226687

tau count as gsc. the theory that because of the tau's strict breeding structure and caste hierarchy making gsc nearly impossible to propogate beyond one generation is interesting to me, they can't call in the hive fleet, they can't propogate, all they can do is fight until they dwindle.

>> No.51226698

True but is it worth the price for one fist attack (two in charge)?

>> No.51226703

You're going to need to explain more since there are factions that fit that description already.

>> No.51226707

so imperial saints but with more body horror?

>> No.51226713

Not sure how I feel about footslogging MSU noisy boyz or a single spawn. Neither seem set up to do their job too well at that points level.

>> No.51226724

I've heard both Baneblade and Stormsword are good, 15 Hours is also a good one.

That's all I really know for the guard books, sorry.

>> No.51226729

Peltasts are super cheesy though. Taking more than one squad is like a middle finger to low point lists, right?

Also their guns are shite. I might just convert my own and get the backpacks off ebay.

>> No.51226744

Faith in Emperor maked this daemons and they not bound to existing gods
more like "bloodletter of light with aquilas and other shit"

>> No.51226754

depends what you use the squad for

punching rhinos? yes...?
punching MCs? no/yes/maybe??
sometimes that one punch attack will ID something funny, like a HQ

>> No.51226757

Not really. Just go by authors. Usually. Abnett, Mitchell, ADB, to start. You can also look up a book on goodreads. If it's rated 4-5 stars it's probably worth a shot. If it's closer to 3 stars stay away.

>> No.51226774

What about Andy Chambers? I'm reading the Dark Eldar series and it's pretty fucking good.

>> No.51226783


> Daemons of the God-Emperor
> Blind and chained
> Combat style is screaming hatred and flagellation
> Killing them only makes the unit fight harder
> Blind and drain the life from nearby psykers
> Anathema to Chaos Daemons, unbinding aura

Like all the worst qualities of a Paladin.

>> No.51226790

What i have done?
Hey /tg/s
i´m painting my orks and i wash them with water and soap. Than I priming it with the citadel paint ´imperial primer´ and i let it dry for 1 hour.
after i print it green i see that the primer on the feet is gone (see pic)
what i have done?

>> No.51226797

One of the go-tos I see a lot is a CSM force made by converting fantasy models. Lots of room to mess around with that, except for your power armored units.

>> No.51226815

You don't need to wash plastic with water/soap, it's just the resin stuff.

Get a spray primer.

>> No.51226816

Don't forget Anthony Reynolds, either. I haven't heard anything bad about him yet.

>> No.51226822

More Pics

>> No.51226828

I haven't read any of his Black Library stuff, but I'm skeptical given he's a games designer rather than fiction writer by profession. Still, all that matters is if you enjoy it.

>> No.51226839

it looks like the primer isn't sticking evenly due to the soapy water, it looks like you didn't clean off enough of the soap before putting the primer on

>> No.51226846

Yeah that's what I as afraid of. Guess I could swap the Noise for the Warband. that way I could make use of some Rhinos. I was thinking of adding a Raptor talon or fist of the gods with 2 preds (1 las, one AC with gargoyles, and a vindicator). Thought the noise marines would be fluffier though.

>> No.51226858

You rubbed his feet a whole bunch. Citadel primer actually doesn't hold very well. It's very short cure time doesn't lend itself to creating strong bonds with the plastic. If you plan on sticking with citadel, expect paint to rub off without a varnish at the end. I'd suggest army painter if you want a more robust primer, but it does have a 24 hour cure Time and is more affected by weather conditions.

>> No.51226865

It can be alright, but in an optimised list I wouldn't get it myself

>> No.51226866

Guys, given that these are meant to be Imperial knight sized, how do I make a Hell Knight of Slaanesh?

Because I really need a daemon engine flamingo in my life.

>> No.51226868

path of the dark eldar is really good

>> No.51226871


GSC as Catachans
GSC as a civilian uprising
GSC/Orks as Mad Max Warboys
GSC as Nod
Renegades & Heretics as a zombie plague
Infernal Tetrad as the four horsemen
IG as Adeptus Arbites
AdMech as Dark Mech
GSC/Tyranids as Enslavers

>> No.51226886

I love/hate Abnett.
His writing style is awesome, but he has tendency to rape fluff, it was him who made khornate psykers, made Alpha Legion betray Emperor because xenos says it is for the emperor, etc, but his writing style is so damn good.

>> No.51226899

If you don't want to be That Guy, then ally with Cult Mechanicus

>> No.51226911

Word Bearers can get Khornate Sorcerors. Was he Khornate?

>> No.51226914

>Infernal Tetrad as the four horsemen
Who's who? Nurgle makes up like three of the four classics.

>> No.51226920

start with stormsurge legs, use eldar bits

>> No.51226922


Just remembered: I do own a spare set of imperial knight legs.

I don't have the pelvis, feet or shin plates, used those. But I did make a chaos knight with a Maulerfiend instead of legs a while back.

So yes, those parts can go towards a daemon flamingo. What else would be good?

>> No.51226924

A Mk1 "Thunder Warriors" Space Marine force out of Sigmarines would be pretty cool.

>> No.51226925

Graham McNiell seems to be the Mechanicus author for the BL at the moment, his stuff is good. Doesn't make them inefficient and ignorant to the point of comedy, but doesn't make them noblebright techno-wizards either.

>> No.51226926

I plan to. How do they deal with hordes though? Don't tell me priests.

>> No.51226936

>Was he Khornate?

Meant was he a Word Bearer. Fuck's sake.

>> No.51226941

>nurgle is three
Conquest, War, Famine, Death

>nurgle is three


maybe he's faminine, khorne is obviously two, death is obviously none of them

>> No.51226954

No they aren't cloned
They are mass bred in artificial wombs - think factory level test tube babies which aren't reimplanted

>> No.51226957

Is Gathering Storm in any of the folders yet?

>> No.51226958

massed fire

>> No.51226961

Conquest as Slaanesh cause its lust and Deeath it Tzeench cause fuck you

>> No.51226973

i'd say nurgle is death and famine. conquest is tzeentch, war is khorne.

>> No.51226975


Pauldrons seem super wrong for power armour.

>> No.51226978


War- Khorne. Duh.
Famine- Slaanesh, focus on gluttony and flagellation rather than the usual tropes.
Plague- Nurgle. Duh.
Death- Tzeentch. Process of elimination, some kind of robed gatekeeper...

>> No.51226989

No it was Blood Pact, his(Abnett's) very well organised khorne cultist army(no csm), they have khorne psykers, they were called gore mages i believe. They were fighting against Tainth First and Only.

>> No.51226998

Noise marines are great, but they need to be able to effectively chase things out of cover. I prefer running them either CAD with 10 men and icons or a 6 MSU kakophoni for that bonus damage.
You could probably make room for some rhinos and more spawn if you dropped the knight, but that's just personally what I would lose first. Super-heavies are nice but havocs behind a defense line allows you to better flesh out your boots on the ground.

>> No.51227001

famine is the opposite of slaanesh dude. famine is a lack of things, slaanesh is all about excess.

>> No.51227010

Khorne doesn't mind Blood Magic. It's how a lot of their Daemons get summoned.

>> No.51227015

Anyone got any ideas for good conversions for Secutarii Peltasts?

I want to field them just so I can rape shit with 80 shots at BS7 on turn 1 but their forgeworld models are uninspiring as fuck, Skitarii with different guns and heads. Not even really distinct guns or heads.

I thought of using Thallax as proxies but they're too big.

>> No.51227023

Excess of a lack of things. :^)

>> No.51227024

Any source about clonning or artificial wombs?

>> No.51227027


You could actually do the four horsemen as aspects of Nurgle. Fits way better than trying to make them fit one God each.

>> No.51227030

he doesn't care if it's for summoning forces which then fight in melee. he cares if you're killing people with magic. it's not honourable and you can't counter it unless you're a psyker, which most people aren't. not to mention it doesn't produce a lot of blood or skulls when your molecules are just blasted apart.

>> No.51227031

plasma/flamer destroyers

Incendine Kastelan with protector protocol (don't get your datasmith shot down)

>> No.51227032

Tzeentch doesn't fit death, he's all about change, mutation and life, death is final, absolute and ends all those things.

>> No.51227035

Just do what I'm doing and use different guns. Really all that's different is the backpacks. The guns look like 2nd ed garbage.

>> No.51227048

Tell that to his AoS priests. They use his power to boil blood inside people and shit.

>> No.51227050

alright now you know that's fucking stupid.

>> No.51227054

Khorne's cool with Blood Magic and Blood Rituals, just not Wizard magic. See AoS Bloodbound and 40k Khorne Daemonkin. No psykers, just dudes channeling the Blood God's power through killing.

>> No.51227059


>> No.51227080

Isn't GSC neophyte body parts compatible with skitarii ones ?

>> No.51227087

Really, Khorne's whole 'honour' thing is just a throwback to his old fluff when he wasn't just the blood god but also the god of warriors and combat in general.

Now he's less a god of war and more a god of slaughter, him being utterly fine with defenceless innocents being cut down (cares not from where the blood flows etc etc) doesn't really gel with him suddenly getting upset because causing your enemy's brains to explode in a geyser of blood isn't sporting.

I have no problem with Khornate magic provided it's suitably blood/gore focused, utterly direct damage focused and not about buffing or debuffing.

>> No.51227092

Which SM Chapter does footslogging infantry best or least bad? I imagine none are as good as Death Guard, but I'm still curious.

>> No.51227104


That can be said about almost every army out there.

>> No.51227109

The thing is he's right. The entire horsemen story is viewed in an 'imperial' context which lends itself quite nicely to the 40k. Famine in the empire is caused by the rich placing an unfair tax burden on the poor and keeping everything for themselves, becoming gluttons in the process. Sound familiar to you? Not only that, but as the guy said in his answer, though not as eloquently, chaos gods are about extremes, Slaanesh is about extreme sensations, not just pleasures. Extreme pain sure is his boat and starvation does cause that. Combine that with the fact that conquest is sometimes (especially in fictional settings using the trope) described as pestilence and death is the subversion of that empire, it fits the chaos gods and the setting perfectly.

>> No.51227113

Why do they need to chase things out of cover? Their guns all ignore cover so why would I care if my enemy is hiding in the scrub?

Anyway here is an alternate build using a Raptor talon with 2 raptor teams and 1 warp talon. First group is for just a bit more tank hunting. Second group is for shutting down units like path finders. Third group is a blender.

>> No.51227146

>cares not from whence the blood flows

this isn't about killing innocents, it's more that he loves seeing his own followers die just the same, with his presence bleeding into battlefields even during failed rituals as his followers are being overwhelmed and killed

he still spurns weak offerings such as killing the weak and defenseless.

>> No.51227154

Nope, he just appreciates stronger offerings more.

>> No.51227164

Footslogging as in charging the field or as in no transport gunlines? Because Imperial Fists are pretty good at the latter.

>> No.51227165

>Khorne has over time changed from honor in battle and glory in war to just mindless slaughter and who can kill the most
>Khorne daemons have been known to fall to Slaanesh when they begin feeling joy in the kill and not just killing for the sake of killing
>Bonus: Keeper of Secrets looks like a giant bloodletter

Could Khorne be slowly falling to Slaanesh?

>> No.51227174

>then why the fuck do I get spawndom when I kill commissars in battle

>> No.51227198

It's a gift. In it's own way.

>> No.51227211

Is it ever stated whether or not you can combine Avatars of Khaine given that they're essentially fragments of the same being?

Also, how cool would it be if Forge World released a Gargantuan Creature Avatar instead of more Wraith Constructs?

>> No.51227215

Because you couldn't handle your apotheosis and devolved into a beastly lump of flesh.

>> No.51227227

Make Count's as Dark Eldar with Eldar Exodites on dinosaurs

Guys riding fuckoffhuge Dinos as Talos/Cronos
Guys riding Pterodactyls as Venoms
Beastmasters with actual beasts

>> No.51227236

The term isn't literal. the chasing out of cover comes when a unit fails morale and gets shoved off a position. But without a transport, deep strike, or infiltrate it takes too long to get noise marines on foot to all those cover positions.

>> No.51227241


Iron Hands is probably the best. Still not very good though.

>> No.51227255

>catchan assault
>catchan uprising

this sounds fucking awesome

>> No.51227257

>his old fluff when he wasn't just the blood god but also the god of warriors
his oldest fluff is him as just the blood god, caring only for slaughter and carnage

The whole honourable aspect is just his followers making up shit to justify themselves, and constantly mentioned as being nothing but their own delusions rather than any restriction placed on them by khorne himself.

He'll strike down honourable combatants and dishonourable combatants on the same kind of whimsy any chaos patron strikes down their devotees. There's no real pattern to it.

>> No.51227268

Black Templars or Mantis Warriors.

>> No.51227269

Ideally charging up the field, with either Sternguard in pods or the Skyhammer formation to sort of make up for how bad I've heard footslogging marines are.

>> No.51227278


It's quite doable. You just have to be brave with the hobby saw. I've found that chopping up the tray the boyz ride on is a good source of parts for the rear of the gun.

>> No.51227280

Would these work as better weapons for them? Without the scope probably. Or are they too mariney? Not like the regular gun is very Admech.

>> No.51227289

but power armour always has pauldrons

>> No.51227310

Yeah, Khorne hating magic makes no sense.

His daemons are made of magic. His daemons must be summoned by magic. His followers carry magic weapons, wear magic armour, are magically blessed for good service.

It's already apparent that Khorne doesn't hate magic, he hates tricksy wizards who do not even lift.

It should be made explicit and clear how things actually function, and he should be given an unsubtle and non-tricksy spell lore that relates to blunt force and even lifting.

A Psyker deciding to follow Khorne should be fine so long as he practices proper Khornate behaviour, summoning daemons, spewing angry flames as he charges about screaming and punching people.

>> No.51227317

How old were the primarchs when they were scattered? Maybe a better question is what normal human age analog were they?

Like the Lion got dumped in a forest... how did he survive? All the art shows them as babies in tubes. Was a little 2 foot baby tearing across the forest to take down a warp beast and eat it?

>> No.51227328

the babies are magical chaos gods that's why

>> No.51227333

There is actually a Khornate warband that worships spawndown over Princehood.

>> No.51227335

>> No.51227340

So is porn of fem-bloodletters heretical even to chaos?

>> No.51227349

Head cannon alert:
>by the time they arrived on their planets different amounts of time passed, some of them were older

>> No.51227352

>not posting raptor anon's garbage
>not posting deathwing
>his powerfist isn't even as fuckhuge as normal powerfists

that a trash image

>> No.51227356


You did good, anon. I'm saving this post for future anons.

>> No.51227364

Not him but that seems alright

>> No.51227374


>> No.51227376

Muscle wizard casting FIST and bodying dudes? Or that D&D copypasta about the barbarian thinking he's a wizard holding a regular old tree branch and when his 'spells' didn't work he'd get enraged and beat his victims into a pulp with it?

>> No.51227387

Daemons don't need psykers to be summoned. Big enough carnage, orgy of madness etc can summon daemons, khorne hate psykers and his followers are causing them to offer them as sacrifice.
Last time in AoS they made khornate mage, lets hope they did not made khornate psykers in 40k.

>> No.51227404

I'd go with Pteradactyls as Reavers over Hellions. Mainly because I think Reavers and the dinos both come in boxes of 3 and have smaller squads, while Hellions have more standard large squad sizes.

>> No.51227418

Is there a copy of IA14 available yet?

And now I am wondering if Skitarri or Ad Mech codexes would be more interesting (daemon servitors vs experimented on Skitarri) or just taking Cawl and that FoC list.

I have a soft spot for a faction who'd stick a daemon into a toaster just so they wouldn't have to plug it in.

Couple of edition's ago I was tempted to make them using Servitors and the Ork codex, then later using the Inquisiton codex...But the Mars based rules are probably best.

>> No.51227419

Yeah might have to settle for a pure drop pod list instead.

>> No.51227431

>skipping leg day

>> No.51227453

Even Khorne has a waifu.

>> No.51227471


>> No.51227479

Anon, the whole point of Khorne Daemonkin is that you don't even need filthy wizards to summon Khornate Daemons, only slaughter.

>> No.51227488

Is hatefucking a corpse a slaaneshi act or a khornate one?

>> No.51227495

I always wanted to use her as Celestine in a Chaos Sisters style army.

>> No.51227532

Yesterday I could see some boxes folded (without content) but. Like the other time I could not see until they were opened, but something I've been able to see.
A box I saw clearly indicated the name lion el'jonson primarch of the dark angels, for the image uses the base of a dreadnought, with a very elaborate armor and in a dynamically superb pose. I was surprised that the armor is black instead of green.
A box of the legion of the damned, but I do not know if they are in plastic and the models really look like the current in resin, so I'm not sure.
A box of marines of chaos with heavy weapons that are not the current ones.
There were more boxes that contained other references so they would be from other things just printed, but I had to go.

>> No.51227534

>chaos Celestine
>chaos sisters

What the fuck are you smoking Anon?

>> No.51227544

If you go pure footslogging Raptors or Red Scorpions CT are your best bet.

>> No.51227556

Propably FoN to fight against forces of the Imperium

>> No.51227578

I mean FtN Forge the narrative

>> No.51227607

>surprised that the armor is black
You were surprised that he'd be in his Legion colors? You must be trolling

>> No.51227633

The idea that Chaos could have cultists running around in power armour after looting a shrine world isn't that insane you know.

>> No.51227635

You do realize that Chaos Sisters are a thing, right?

>> No.51227643

Shouldn't be Keeper of Secrets WS 10? Fight supposed to be art for him/her and he/she would strive to achieve perfection in its art.

>> No.51227655

I'm making a renegade and heretics army, I want more renegade, less chaos coruption for my guys. I'm using cadians as vets, and chaos cultists as regular guys.
As far as vehicles go, should I make "Converted" civilian vehicles? A heretic uptop on a bus with a vehicle mounted weapon, with makeshift metal sheeting armor welded on the sides, etc. Technicals and the like, too. Or should I stick with looted leman russes and chimeras?

>> No.51227661

They literally aren't, outside of Miriael Sabathiel. Keep /tg/'s fapbait headcanon out of this.

>> No.51227670

>Miriael Sabathiel is a former Sister-Superior of the Adepta Sororitas' Order of Our Martyred Lady who is the only known Battle-Sister in the history of the Imperium of Man to have willingly turned to the service of Chaos, in this case becoming a Chaos Champion of Slaanesh, the Dark Prince.

>> No.51227675

Basically. Screaming "heretic" gets tiresome and sometimes you want an army of crazed cultists who nicked a bunch of Sisters equipment, defiled it and now wage war like a bunch of warp fueled fanatics.

>> No.51227696

Anon, he'd be wearing black, Dark Angels wore black armour for a long time.

>> No.51227707


I am an occasional player using chaos, I know that dark angels are painted in green and I suppose their primarch would also go green, not black with red and silver details.

>> No.51227712

paper dolls are fun

>> No.51227720

Iirc, there actually have been several Khornate Sisters warbands as well, though fluff-wise they're said to have been scrubbed from all records as to not stain the Sisters' reputations of being uncorruptable.

>> No.51227721

Willingly. She turned a bunch via brainwashing.

>> No.51227731

>this blatant non english speaking poster pretending he's from the uk

pull the other one

>> No.51227741

Anon, the Dark Angels wore black until the end of the Heresy, where they switched to green, but with the Ravenwing and Deathwig still wearing black, until the Deathwing switched colors in M32-34, iirc.

>> No.51227747

If you can find good wheels for it, you could convert some Tauroxes to look like stolen Arbites/PDF vehicles. Go nuts with the graffiti and jury-rigged weapon placement.

>> No.51227757

At no point did he say he was in the UK.

>> No.51227758

Green is their post Heresy color. Ravenwing wear their original chapter colors of Black and Deathwatch wear bone in memory of some even I forget the name of.

It's like you didn't even read your codex.

>> No.51227785

>Yesterday I could see some boxes folded (without content) but. Like the other time I could not see until they were opened, but something I've been able to see.

hoo boy, but. Like.

but. Like.

opened, but something I've been able to see.

>A box I saw clearly indicated the name lion el'jonson primarch of the dark angels, for the image uses the base of a dreadnought, with a very elaborate armor and in a dynamically superb pose. I was surprised that the armor is black instead of green.

dark angels, for the image uses the base of a dreadnought

>A box of the legion of the damned, but I do not know if they are in plastic and the models really look like the current in resin, so I'm not sure.

this one isn't too bad actually

>A box of marines of chaos with heavy weapons that are not the current ones.

marines of chaos, yep, mmhmm, marines of chaos

>There were more boxes that contained other references so they would be from other things just printed, but I had to go.

>> No.51227803

well given that GW doesn't print in china there's no way this ESL FUCK would be walking around looking at models at the gw hq

>> No.51227804

Not a bad idea.
Also, I forgot that wheeled chimeras are a thing in fluff. I plan to have aquillas scratched/grinded off, and to airbrush chaos symbols on so it looks like they're spraypainted.

>> No.51227824

>People don't employ foreigners

>> No.51227825

Do you really think that? Do you think someone would tell lies on an anonymous Mongolian horse wrangling forum to farm replies?

>> No.51227840

I am not english, I work in england but I am Latvian, I forgive if I do not yet master of english speaking.

>> No.51227858

that's a scary thought. imagine if all the chaos gods fused into one

>> No.51227869

And leave the roof off.

>> No.51227888

Or 3 remaining chaos gods became Slaanesh's sex slaves.

>> No.51227903

haven't you read ciaphas cain, hero of the imperium? Varan has a retinue of them.

>> No.51227907

You'd get the Nega-Emperor?

>Spikey Emperor who wears black armour, has a goatee and replaces the eagles with Chaos symbols

>> No.51227923

do they pay you?
how much do they pay you?

>> No.51227936

So it'd be an emperor that wants people to worship him but nobody does?

>> No.51227958

I don't want to imagine Nurgle and Sex Slave in the same sentence.

>> No.51227975

Why not?

>> No.51227977


>> No.51227979

That and after Guilleman gave him a hug 10,000 years ago he's healthier than ever and spawns 1,000 psykers per day.

>> No.51227993

I'd say Khornate, since hatefucking is not about sensual gratification, it's about an act born of anger and dominance through hatefull revenge.

>> No.51227999

>Female Empress literally gives birth to 1000 psykers a day.

>> No.51228001


>> No.51228002

going by how the fluff reads, if any of the chaos gods turned their full attention from the warp to the material universe it would be instantly conquered with no hope of anyone or anything stopping it.

the only thing which keeps the chaos gods in check is their own petty rivalries as they war with one another across the infinite boundaries of the warp.

For none is so capricious as to entirely abandon their heavenly domain in the subset of the warp to conquer the pitifully small "great" wheel

>> No.51228017


Actually the Daemonifuge comic has what are either the possessed mortal forms of Sisters of Battle or mutant Sisters.

>> No.51228029

With stripper heels on his boots too I bet.

>> No.51228030

>streching and expanding the image to make it blurry

why though

>> No.51228052


>> No.51228057


>> No.51228066

[Spoiler]"Oh yeah baby. Ram your force spear right into my quivering entrails and fuck my boils hard!"[/spoiler]

>> No.51228085


That cheeky ultrasmurf doing an exterminatus stare on that ass

>> No.51228087


>> No.51228095

Your bloody, pus-laden smegma makes AMAZING lube!

>> No.51228097

That was just a phase he went through.

>> No.51228116

...I think my sense of humanity is broken. I just laughed at that instead of throwing up in my mouth.

>> No.51228133

>the god emperor of mankind went through a snowflake tumblr phase
i don't even want to imagine that. i'd turn to chaos in a heartbeat

>> No.51228141

Is there Imperial Guard in 30k?

>> No.51228143

is it beleel or bel-eye-al

>> No.51228153


>> No.51228162

imperial guard properly got set up after the horus heresy. before it was just a few humans who manned the artillery while the space marines did all the infantry fighting

>> No.51228163

Oh you KNOW he did. Probably was a furry too. Explains Russ and tge emo tendencies of some of his sons.

Double score bonus if he had a "men are rape" phase too.

>> No.51228174

There is the Imperial Militia. Pretty much the same thing. And there is also the Solar Auxillia, pretty much a whole fighting force of stormtroopers.

>> No.51228177

it's bel-eye-al

>> No.51228187

The Imperial Army which was later split into the Guard and Navy after many of them split and went traitor during the Heresy.

>> No.51228188


It's called the Reunification War.

Gotta smash the post-apocalyptic patriarchy

>> No.51228197

just one more reason why spacehulk deathwing is fucking shit

>> No.51228199

Interesting. So are you able to play that Imperial Army/Militia?

>> No.51228203

Solar Auxilia

Imperial Auxilia are the normal troops, but they don't have 30k specific rules.

>> No.51228211

TIL that the Emperor's true goal was to end "Patriarchy".

And of course he doesn't count because he can't sexualize anything since he's actually a post human lady in a man's body.

>> No.51228224

who is the worst primarch and why is it Curze

>> No.51228238

Yep, Imperial Army is probably the most versatile list in the game. You can have a whole army of screaming cultists that all have zealot and rending, or you can make your very own pseudo space marines that have T4, 3+ armor, and 30 inch S4 lasguns firing at BS 4.

>> No.51228245

Yes. You have full Imperialis Auxilia (imperial army) and Solar Auxilia (elite imperial army) army list in Horus Heresy.

>> No.51228263

That's awesome. I wanted to look into 30k a bit.

>> No.51228295

Be prepared to lose a lot of shekels

>> No.51228320

I do not understand the reason for this question

>> No.51228330

Any non-plastic 40k army will run you many Shekels.

>> No.51228331

because he's the only traitor primarch who decided not to become extremely powerful and immortal by ascending to daemonhood and becoming probably the SCARIEST daemon primarch. And also for being an angsty edgelord.

>> No.51228366

seriously, imagine if Kurze has become a daemon primarch. Imagine his rules.
Lord of Fear: Any fear tests caused by Kurze automatically fail.

>> No.51228383


>> No.51228403

Too bad Dear is fucking worthless as a rule.

Just like him and the Night Lords.

>> No.51228417

I love combat,boarding and storm shields and I want to use as many as possible
Without assuming any specific chapter, how can I use the most shields in my army and what is the most useful application for them?

>> No.51228426

Make new general pls

>> No.51228436

how fun is it to run a pure skitarii army?

I've seen some mention that they have a few issues when fielding without allies.

>> No.51228438

fine, what rules would you give daemon primarch kurze to make him good

>> No.51228443



>> No.51228447

Any feedback for my list?

>> No.51228459

New general here!

>> No.51228460

well, they don't have any hq's, so you can run pretty much anything you own.

>> No.51228464

Look see, all you need to do is spam Vanguard, Vanguard with the Haywire guns, and Crabs with loadouts that vary upon what enemy is needed. No flyers? Use the anti-cover saves Phosphor cannon. Flyers? Icarus array. All you need.

>> No.51228471

Adding to >>51228443

You'd want chapter tactics that really benefit a larger number of tactical squads, like Red Scorpions for the FnP, or Raptors so their bolters have a rending mode for taking on a wider variety of targets.

>> No.51228506

New thread:

>> No.51228522

reading through this right, really interesting
might have to through even more money at forgeworld
although having no bikes is a bit of a bummer because those would be next up in my favorite equipments after the shields

>> No.51228827

you're wrong. the imperialis militia and cults list.

>> No.51228957


- Eldar big box:
Yriel, Sylandri Veilwalker, Gyrinx, Iyanna Arienal, Valossian Sythrac & grav plataform, a Sentinel of the Black Library.

- Eldrad Ulthran clampack

>> No.51229025

I thought that was why Slaanesh wasn't liked by the other gods. I'm sure I read somewhere that since each of the gods represents and extreme of emotion or action, and Slaanesh is the god of excess, they all feel slightly uneasy that they may be feeding him/her/it with their own followers.

>> No.51229042


>> No.51230442

Any 40k/30k will run you many shekels.

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