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/tg/ takes the bait edition

Old bait: >>51217728


>Freshest Rules in Epub (Use Readium for PC or Kobo on Android)

>Not always current PDFs:

>Up to date FAQs

>40K 7th Edition Quick Reference Sheets:

>Forge World Book Index:

> The Black Library (soon the clowns will come back, with friends!)

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First for sisters

>> No.51220182

First for Fall of Cadia epub already

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3rd for the Empire!

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Third for Abaddon gets his ass kicked by girls

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Man. I was thinking I am shitposter with, FoC epub...
It's nice to knew I'm not alone.

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>someone saved your shitposting and turned in to a general image

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True, but the price is a bit of a deal-breaker. I'd be better suited making my own, I think. Kataphron arms/head, but what body? Maybe GSC enivironment suits? Those look OK.

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Nope. Empire.

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seventh for the better empire ( the human one )

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nth for Vespid!

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Just got back into the game recently, is there a new SM battleforce in the works? I saw there was a box of 30 marines and three drop pods, but is that it? Not a lot of variety considering what the old battleforce at least had, or something like the Ultima box.

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There is no human empire in warhammer 40k

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What would happen if everything in the Tyranid codex was classified as a Beast alongside whatever they currently are now?

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The imperium is also an empire
calm down fag

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>is there a new SM battleforce in the works?
No. They just did the most recent round of big Battleforces and included Deathwatch rather than vanilla SM. The smaller battleforce boxes have been replaced by the "Start Collecting" boxes which are a very good value off retail. the New Armoured Assault boxes are good value too and each flavor of SM have one.

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Imperium secundus, impire of Huron, crimson slaughter. Continue?

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Yeah, I picked up the DA one and I'm making some Crimson Fists, but I saw the old stuff had like a predator (or razorback idk) and more variety with troop choices.

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Thousand Sons Detachment Rules

>Aegis of Fate: Models with VotLW gain a 6+ Invulnerable save and the Fearless special rule.

>Channeling: At the beginning of your psychic phase, roll a D6 for each of your Thousand Sons characters on the table. Each result of a 5+ grants you an additional Warp Charge that turn. Psykers may add their Mastery Level to their roll.

Grand Coven Rules

>Lords of Arcane Might: Reroll Warlord Traits on Tzeentch table.

>Prosperine Cults: Each Psyker from this detachment must choose one of the following cults. They automatically gain psychic focus in that cult's associated discipline, and may reroll all failed Psychic Tests and Perils of the Warp result when manifesting or attempting to manifest Psychic Powers from their cult's discipline or from the Discipline of Tzeentch.
>[Cult]- [Associated Discipline]
>Pavoni- Biomancy
>Corvidae- Divination
>Pyrae- Pyromancy
>Raptora- Telekinesis
>Athaneans- Telepathy

>Chaos Space Marine Warband is added as a core choice for the Grand Coven

Does this seem fair and balanced?

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Are IG Valkyries able to operate in vacuum?

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Looks like 30k Mechanicus is getting a new open topped transport and more Secutarii. Fingers crossed for ia14

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if i remember correctly they are able to do that

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485/500 points
Librarian (1) - 135pts Psyker Master Level 2
1 Librarian: Force weapon, Storm bolter, Digital weapons

Tactical Squad (5) - 80pts
1 Sergeant: Bolt pistol, Chain sword
1 Tactical Marine: Heavy flamer, Bolt pistol
3 Tactical Marine: Boltgun, Bolt pistol
Razorback (1) - 90pts Dedicated Transport
1 Razorback: Lascannon and twin-linked plasma gun, Dozer blade

Tactical Squad (5) - 90pts
1 Sergeant: Bolt pistol, Combi-plasma
1 Tactical Marine: Meltagun, Bolt pistol
3 Tactical Marine: Boltgun, Bolt pistol
Razorback (1) - 90pts Dedicated Transport
1 Razorback: Lascannon and twin-linked plasma gun, Dozer blade

Force sword/Force axe on the librarian?
Do I add a marine on to the heavy flamer squad for my last 15 points?

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They'd go really fast and stuff.

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If true, an open topped transport would single-handedly make Electropriests viable.

Turn 2 charge then you have a 3++ combat blob camping in the enemy deployment zone.

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That channeling thing is WAY overpowered.

Getting extra warp charges on at worst a 4+ on top of the warp charges they already get for just existing is insane.

Having a strong Psychic phase is nice, but this just completely shuts out any other army except Tzeentch Daemons.

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Ofcourse they can. You didnt played Fire Warrior?

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>Fist for Sisters

Well fuck, I'm on board. And does anyone have a link for the list builder?

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Thousand Sons are a unique army. Making them more like a normal warband doesnt help at all. What they actually needed was a unit redesign and for their formation not to be ruined by the number 9. Too bad though cause GW writers are hack and favour their own armies.

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Grain of salt rumors.

Also includes a fast attack and 2 elites for 30k.

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Lore question:

Do Chaos monotheists exist? I know there are people that worship just one Ruinous Power, but are there any that outright deny the existence of the others?

I dunno why, but I'd never thought about it before, and I kinda like the idea of some backwater planet embroiled in a succession of holy wars over whether Lord Khorne of Tzeentch Most High is the one true god.

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I've been waiting for Fires of Cyraxus for an absolutely painful length of time. So long I've burned out even frustrated anticipation and will probably feel nothing but cold and unfulfilled when it's finally in my hands.

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>Fast attack

Pls be Arlatax model pls be Arlatax model.

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It isnt, it'll be some variant of Secutarii

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No. No one has the link.

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Been getting into warhammer the last couple years looking to start a tabletop army, I'm wanting to play orks mostly looking on tips on what to get (were to get) maybe some strats to help someone new to get acclimated. I remember some people saying to focus on getting a squad of bikers and ive read on getting between like 30-60 boyz. Also really loving the Stompas especially since ive been reading the Sanctus Reach books.

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That's still only 1.5 average Warp Charge per Rubric Marines unit, which is 100 points per Warp Charge.

Sure, it gets better with IC psykers, but you can only take so many of those before you start running into issues with having enough boots on the ground.

This only happens on your turn, so it does nothing for trying to shut out the other guys psychic phase.

The current rules leave all Tzeentch CSM stuck in shitsville, and there's no reason not to have rules that offer some benefits for non-Rubric marines. Thousand Sons use allied Tzeentch warbands in the fluff.

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orks are a melee focused army so you're gonna wanna get lots of nobs and grots. you're welcome.

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>orks are a melee focused army

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I actually GMed a Dark Heresy game that featured Space Valkyries for quite some time before I quietly realized they
>aren't airtight
>fly by way of fucking jet engines

Luckily the group I was running the game for wasn't as acquainted with 40k lore as me so I quietly made up some variant of the craft that was void-capable and nobody cared. But no, the Valkyries as you know it couldn't even get to space, let alone fly there.

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many flyers in 40k are able to operate in the void

the tyranids' too for some reason
the only ones I can't remember being able to are the recent tau ones

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Any rough idea on how many nobs and snots ill need? I'm hopefully gonna start with a 500 point army and then try to move up to 1000 points as i get more acclimated

>> No.51220595

I heard even raptors can fly in space

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To the anon making PDFs out of 1d4chan's fandexes:

When you get to Tyranids, just fucking leave out the Cruddace Instinctive Behavior chart & use an older, better, simpler one instead.

I'd suck dick for a decent Nid book.

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Ogryns are fun! FUN!

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Aegis of Fate is silly. Channeling slows the game down. One idea I'm thinking of is redoing Blessing of Tzeentch as follows:
>Legacy of the Rubric: Models with Veterans of the Long War have Fearless. Non-Character models with Veterans of the Long War have Slow and Purposeful, UNLESS they already had Relentless. ("Second-hand Rubrics").
>Blessing of Tzeentch: May alter the results of Perils as well as Psychic disciplines learned by +-1. (Don't ever get stuck with Siphon Magic on a ML 1 Sorcerer again!)

Make the Grand Coven's bonus:
>Mastery of Arcane Knowledge: When attempting to manifest a Psychic power, after spending at least one Warp Charge on the power, you get an additional "free" Warp Charge to use on that power.

Replace Oracular Guidance on the War Cabal with: "Psychic Contagion:" When a friendly Thousand Sons Psyker successfully manifests a blessing on a unit from this formation and the opponent fails to Deny the Witch, you may automatically apply this blessing to another unit from this formation within 6".

>Re-do the unit compositions in general. Add clauses preventing Transports, add more unit variety.

Make the Warband an Auxiliary Choice.

I...actually have a largish initial homebrew I had been working on for 1k sons, that also added/redid certain formations:

Spireguard Besiegers, redid the Warherd to the Metamorphic Mob, etc.

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If i want to play as autheistic chaos warband i need to read traitors hate and angel blade?

>> No.51220718

Meant for >>51220694 to be a response to >>51220321 btw.

Should there be a 40k homebrew General by the way, considering how "how to fix Sisters, Thousand Sons, Tyranids, Orks" are all things? /hbrew40kg/ or so?

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>tfw you play Eldar and know your army will never need to be home brewed to be good

>> No.51220755

id totally use tg homebrew fixes for all factions, also chaos sisters of battle please

>> No.51220765

Blood for the blood god! Bon only once per month

>> No.51220769

i too would and have sucked dick for trivial things but the xeno threads are over in >>>/d/

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Inquisition superfriends hyper-fluffy list.
The deathwatch form a furor kill-team

The inquisition warband acolytes are a couple of stormtroopers, a sister of battle, a PDF captain, and some mystics that I haven't though of any fluff for.
Next I just need to figure out what kits I need to model everyone from.

>> No.51220788

Nobs are total shit, get meganobz instead.

Boyz and grots are useless at doing things themselves but are very useful as meat shields to hide other units behind and deny overwatch.
gets several squads of them, take as many as you wish but don't bother with upgrades (other than maybe a big choppa for the nob so he can smash up rear armour) like armour, transports or special weapons but ALWAYS get a nob leader for the boyz.

Tank bustas, mega nobz, lootas, bikers, mek gunz, trukks, dakka jets and battlewagons are all good units.
Some other units are not that good but usable but regular Nob squads are just beyond terrible.

>> No.51220791

> PDF captain
But its jpg

>> No.51220813

im not sure that is a legal list, why two mystics? crusaders are good for assault inquisition henchmen

>> No.51220854

I don't like crusaders, they're not very good in close combat and they cost as much as a death-cult assassin that can wound easier and hits at a higher initiative

>> No.51220864

Why not just use the old Inquisition warband?

>> No.51220901

Orks are in a bad spot right now but if your play group is casual as fuck you might succeed on having fun.

Here's a list that won some tournament if you want to play hard ball.

>> No.51220916

>falling for obvious bait
come on now

>> No.51220923

Aegis of Fate is intended to make MoTz actually worthwhile for all the CSM units that don't already have an invuln.

Channeling adds like thirty seconds tops per friendly psychic phase, and I could see just making it a static 4+ to make it even faster. WHFB had Channelling and it wasn't an issue.

I've never seen a canon example of second hand rubrics. Source me, senpai.

>no transports
Holy fuck, what?

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This canned response never gets old.

>> No.51220997

they arent for damage moron they are there to sit up front and make those 3++ saves so your death cult assassins can make it to combat

>> No.51221001

@ Crusaders and 4 DCA are great though senpai

>> No.51221012

Shit 2, not @

>> No.51221019

Is this a list that can give and take a fisting?

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>> No.51221035

>no power fists, not even on the Dread
It can't give one.

>> No.51221036

perhaps you should play a few games on tts or vassal before you commit to an army

>> No.51221046

We're going to be starting a league at my shop next month and I'm trying to solidify my list. I'm thinking of the following currently:

Eldar CAD
>Farseer - Singing Spear
>Farseer - Singing Spear
>20x Guardians - 2x Starcannon
>20x Guardians - 2x Starcannon
>7x Warp Spiders - Exarch
>Wraithknight - Glaive and Shield

Corpse Thief Claw
>5x Talos

>> No.51221070


>> No.51221071

Why bother? Just bring more Spiders. The Claw is a meme for pure DE players to put something tanky in their list but you already have the WK for that.

>> No.51221074

>Reading is difficult

>> No.51221091


Mostly because I don't want to buy more Spiders and I already own the CTC.

My store takes forever to get Direct Order stuff in.

>> No.51221092

>thinking I didn't notice the barebones Termie squad
They can't not have fists so they don't count. He didn't put a single fist on anything that could take it, and the Dread swapped out both of its fists.
Would not fist/10

>> No.51221101


Not worth running in the ITC environment which is the ruleset we use.

>> No.51221111

it's really more of a modelling project, I'm gonna scratchbuild the warband.

>> No.51221115

Getting back into 40k after a very long hiatus. Please r8 my list

>> No.51221129

>I only know memes
Jetcouncil is shit in 7th.

>> No.51221132

Are Devilfish worth taking? They're over 100 points with disruption pods for that 3+ jink, but they don't seem to have much else going for them

>> No.51221141

It stacks with other blessings, Skyshield Landing Pads, Armored Crates, etc (stupidest example: Allying in Orks and a KFF Mek. It works on enemies!). It's more niche, but it is what it is. Being able to adjust rolls to see what powers you know by +-1 would help too, and optionally, that +-1 roll could also apply to Mysterious Objectives, Armored Crates, etc. Just as planned.

Pulling from 1d4chan but I could have seen it on lexicanum either; ymmv:
>Since the Rubric of Ahriman, the Thousand Sons have lost many of the Rubric Marines, but they still manage to keep their numbers at near thousand. Two main theories that they either perform the scaled-down version of Rubric on other marines, or reanimate fallen ones by pulling their souls out of Warp and putting them into repaired/new sets of armour (The latter theory has been confirmed by Phil Kelly, but he also mentioned that the Black Legion uses the former version to make their own Rubric Marines).

That's what I mean by second-hand. Either "repaired/reserviced", or "knockoff Rubrics"; one could flesh out (ha!) the fluff for these fleshless automatons of course.

The "No Transports" is mostly because I would be interested in adding Rhinos to the Legion Armory auxiliary, and it simplifies "weird interactions" from formations/odd side effects (like Genestealer Cultists taking the Demolition Claw only so they could get Infiltrating Tank Hunter Goliaths, etc).

>> No.51221152

Not really. The 12/12/10 and Skimmer type sounds good compared to the Chimera, until you realize a Wave Serpent is only like 20 points more, has better guns, is Fast, and has a retardedly good bit of wargear in the Serpent Shield.

>> No.51221155

Deathwatch kill team stuff: should i bother with anything but spamming frag cannons? Do I make kill teams with bikers and footslogers in the same group?

pls help me build these, i have way too many options.

>> No.51221178


What formation are you building?

>> No.51221184


>> No.51221200


I misread, I dunno bout that, good luck.

>> No.51221213

Raven Guard: Talon Strike Force
2000 pts

*Pinion Battle Demi-Company*

Captain (1) - 210pts
1 Chapter Master: Jump pack, Digital,Artificer Armour, weapons, Swiftstrike and Murder

Tactical Squad (5) - 80pts
1 Tactical Marine: Meltagun

Drop pod (1) - 35pts
1 Drop pod: Stormbolter

Tactical Squad (5) - 80pts
1 Tactical Marine: Meltagun

Drop pod (1) - 35pts
1 Drop pod: Stormbolter

Tactical Squad (5) - 80pts
1 Tactical Marine: Meltagun

Drop pod (1) - 35pts
1 Drop pod: Stormbolter

Assault Squad (9) - 126pts

Devastator Squad (5) - 135pts Armorium cherub
4 Space Marine: Missile launcher

Scout Squad (5) - 59pts
4 Scout: Sniper rifle

*Shadowstrike Kill Team*

Scout Squad (5) - 65pts Camo cloak

Scout Squad (5) - 65pts Camo cloak

Vanguard Veteran Squad (5) - 155pts
3 Veteran: Bolt pistol,Power weapon,JumpPack
1 Veteran: Power fist,Storm shield,JumpPack

Vanguard Veteran Squad (5) - 155pts
3 Veteran: Bolt pistol,Power weapon,JumpPack
1 Veteran: Power fist,Storm shield,JumpPack

*Raptor Wing*

Land Speeder Squadron (1) - 45pts
1 Land Speeder

Stormtalon Gunship (1) - 115pts
1 Stormtalon Gunship: Skyhammer missile launcher

Stormtalon Gunship (1) - 115pts
1 Stormtalon Gunship: Skyhammer missile launcher

*Skyhammer Orbital Strike Force*

Tactical Squad (5) - 85pts
1 Tactical Marine: Plasma gun

Drop pod (1) - 35pts
1 Drop pod: Stormbolter

Tactical Squad (5) - 85pts
1 Tactical Marine: Plasma gun

Drop pod (1) - 35pts
1 Drop pod: Stormbolter

Tactical Squad (5) - 85pts
1 Tactical Marine: Plasma gun
Drop pod (1) - 35pts
1 Drop pod: Stormbolter

Land Speeder Squadron (1) - 50pts
1 Land Speeder: 2 Heavy bolters

>plz help idk what I'm doing with Raven Guard

>> No.51221219

>idk what I'm doing with Raven Guard

>> No.51221228

poster here.

Kill team formation compositions. I have the battleforce. I might ally them with some inquisition further down the line. I wanted advice on how to model up the minis I have for wargear, etc.

>> No.51221260

>thinkin he's posting about Kill Team when he's not in the Kill Team thread
Muckin' about

>> No.51221265

Generally, no. The main reason you would want them would be to deliver Breachers, and that's mostly if you're running a Hunter Cadre. The FAQ lets the Breachers shoot as normal even if the Devilfish jinks.

Problem being most Tau armies focus heavily on suits, with the Riptide Wing and Rapid Insertion Force being popular and the Optimized Stealth Cadre having a cool gimmick versus "heavy armor" armies, that falters against stuff like Decurions/Warpspider spam.

>> No.51221269

well I have 55 beakies at the moment. but I'm not sure how well I can deal with heavy armour. 3 melta pods seem good, but I'm doubting if it will be enough

>> No.51221287


I would avoid anything that doesn't use special ammunition myself.

There's a dude who gave all his guys Storm Bolters, motherfucker can't even use his magic bullets

>> No.51221333

Should I bother with infernus bolters? I figure I can model them to proxy for more frag cannons.

I was thinking a team with shotguns/frag cannons, a team with stalker bolters and normal bolters, and the third squad I don't know. Maybe more of the first. The CC options seem a bit underwhelming.

>> No.51221340

Yeah ive been looking lootas and trukks a lot too any priorities on what i should get first and why?

>> No.51221353

Whats wrong with orks right now, ive heard about tyranids being kinda bad right now but like ive said ive just started getting into tabletop

>> No.51221361

Phil Kelly is a yffer that doesn't know shit, and I'm extremely skeptical about unsourced claims about what a random GW author did or did not say. Is there a single canon example of a secondary rubric? Ahriman barely managed to almost cast his second rubric, and it was a massive clusterfuck.

If you're going to pretend that current MoTz is worthwhile because it will occasionally stack with other shit, there's not much point in trying to hear you out.

It's ironic that you complain that a couple seconds of Channeling would take too much time but then espouse a time consuming process of choosing to ad or subtract one from a whole bunch of rolls.

If you want to keep weird transport formation interactions to a minimum, word shit properly. Separating Dedicated Transports into a different slot is asinine.

>> No.51221396

Lootas are good because they have a ton of s7 ap4 shots.

Tankbustas pop vehicles, instant death T4 models and ignore space marine armour but they NEED to be in a transport of some kind.
Trukks are good but battlewagons are better.

You need some kind of squad you can rely on so I'd advise some kind of biking HQ with a bikers or a HQ on foot with some meganobz in a trukk.

>> No.51221447

Inquisition Chimera 2x HB with S6 Ap4 Heavy 3 are fun.

>> No.51221456

Devilfish is a nice transport, rather good I'd say even. Problem is there is nothing good to transport. If your terrain has lots of vertical climbs then it can save turns/buy distance against fast ground enemies that can't scale the vertical distance.
Before the errata it was nice to use as a popemobile for ethereals but you won't get the buffs anymore if the ethereal is inside.

There is 3 uses for devilfishes:
-Breacher assaults
>It's nice and can surprise people but in the end crisis suits are better shock troops
-Motorpool tau for maximum vehicles
>If you really like them tau skimmers
-2 fire warrior teams on a 3+ jinking transport to make them really durable
>this was a sound tactic in 6th edition when only troops scored, not so much anymore.

>> No.51221492

Oh cool i wasnt really too sure on Tankbustas or not I thought they were kinda cool, so what really makes the battlewagon better other than more weapons? And Hq building has been kinda confusing to me but a biking Hq does sound pretty damn cool

>> No.51221495

Thanks. I decided to drop them for a fifth Hammerhead, a third Pathfinder team, and Sensor Spines across the board. Seems like a better investment.

>> No.51221503


I'm not afraid to buy more models so I model all my Infernus and Frag Cannon.

I bring em to roast low AP from a Drop pod

>> No.51221515

Horde of boyz is bad, melee sucks if you are not at least 2/3 of super fast, super durable, or really cheap, most upgrades and some units are too expensive in points (nobs, flash gitz) or in money (mek guns, good thing is you can convert them). Formations are mediocre at best. Those to name few problems.

>> No.51221563

Scroll riiight to the top of the thread, and read

>> No.51221584

My friend and I have been in a Space Marines v Necrons arms race for about 4 months now.

>> No.51221585


You know I was looking at that list and as i was reading it I began to feel hopeful that someone had posted a craftworld list that wasn't a meme

then I saw the wraithknight and CTC and was immensely disappointed

>> No.51221586

What are the rules for conversions? And if melee for Orks is that bad cant i make up for it with more ranged units? How often do rules change for armies anyways cause I really do want to field an ork army

>> No.51221610

>How often do rules change for armies
Unless you're fielding specific cheese, you shouldn't worry about this at all

>> No.51221614

Fuck I forgot to put the special weapons for my sternguard down! They've got a missile launcher, a flamer, and a melta.

>> No.51221625

Speaking of electro-priests. Has anyone seen any good alternative models used for them. I was thinking empire flagellents, but was looking for ideas because they are more expensive than I am willing to pay for a sub par unit i will only use against things like weak armies.

>> No.51221640

I love that, the early arms race between you and your friends armies. Mine was an IG vs Tau arms race. He bought lots of pathfinders and drones, I bought a deathstrike missile launcher. It's fun.

>> No.51221649

>Game 3: 5 Riptides, 2 Knights

>> No.51221671

Cheese? Not sure what you mean but ive heard tyranids are currently terrible and have heard orks arent faring so well either and I want to get Orks and then Tyranids but can honestly wait on tyranids for a while if theirs a possibility of the armies getting a revamp at some point

>> No.51221686

IG is fun. I also run Praetorian Guard as allies to my Black Templars occasionally

>> No.51221705

Fucked around in a listbuilder and knocked out this

2000 points of the combined admech stuff from FoC

1 Cawl
1 Enginseer

3 Kataphron Destroyer (3 Heavy grav-cannon)
10 Skitarii Vanguard (2 Arc-rifles)
10 Skitarii Vanguard (2 Plasma caliver)
5 Skitarii Rangers (2 Transuranic arquebus)

5 Sicarian Ruststalkers (The Omniscient Mask)
10 Secutarii Peltasts

3 Sydonian Dragoon

3 Onager Dunecrawler (Icarus array)

1 Knight Errant

Engi hangs out around the Onagers to fix them while Cawl joins the Destroyers feel free to shit-talk it

>> No.51221716


This list has already been discussed.

>> No.51221730

IA 8 2nd when?

>> No.51221743

technically illegal/10

>> No.51221772

>Pretend it's worthwhile.
One could argue the same thing about pretending that giving rank-and-file Power Armor marines a 5++ would matter, especially since 5+ cover is the norm, and most models die from weight of failed armor saves (Scatpacks/Spiders, mass grav, Burst Cannon/SMS Riptide Wings, HYMP/SMS Broadsides, even Venoms).

>Add +-1 for a whole bunch of rolls.
It's a lot faster than deciding whether you want to re-roll, and the result is mostly at army creation. Most of the time, you want the Skyfire result for Mysterious Terrain, or something relevant for the Armored Crate. And you NEVER want to lower your die result for Perils.

>Word shit properly:
GW, where weird interactions lead to Maugan Ra double-firing Macro-Cannons, mind-control makes Riptides shoot up to 5 times per turn, and you can use Writhing Worldscape to hijack enemy Void Shields...

>> No.51221792

But sir I literally made it like a hour ago. Dont know if someone has posted a similar one then.

Also still looking for feedback. Please help

>> No.51221811


> Look at these cool guys we have! I bet mine are better!
Nuh-uh! Mine are better!
> Now I've got some more dudes, but these guys have better guns!
I have a god damned nuke. Ave Imperator, bitch.

>> No.51221825

M8 pray to Gork & Mork they don't make one using the current Cruddex as the base. It's irredeemable shit, & not even FW love could save the Boyz. Just box 'em up until a new book hits.

>> No.51221834

I wish GW paid more attention to their lesser known guard units. surely they could've updated all the IG regiments, at least one nice new unit of models for each.

>> No.51221850

yeah basically, our games are just us two roleplaying and spouting memes at each other.

>> No.51221860

And they thought Tau players were WAAC.

>> No.51221871


I think you should play it, learn from it, and tweak it as you see fit.

>> No.51221872

We all do.

>> No.51221884

Friend and I were considering splitting pic related, him getting the Deathwatch and me getting the Eldar.

I don't really like Harlequins that much, though my current Eldar force is somewhat focused around jetbikes, so I would be pretty happy to have some others that I don't have to reassure people aren't running scatter lasers.

I'd probably just be taking the Skyweavers and a Starweaver, sticking a Death's Jester alongside my Dark Reapers to serve as a mini-Maugan Ra. Is that a decent inclusion? Should I also throw in some Harlequins? I figure I could model them as guardians or something.

>> No.51221914

Inriam's Spectre (his rules are from the Death Masque book) is a DJ with Shrouded, all for a mere +5 points. If you're taking Harlies, and taking a DJ, take him instead and stick him in a covercamping Eldar squad for fire support and constant Conceal, or a Troupe for 2+ in any cover.

>> No.51221926

>tfw your valhallans will always have potato face and sausage fingers
why can't all our models look as good as they should

>> No.51221939

So I gotta ask.
I'm looking to get back into 40k and I used to run BT in the old days.

Looks like they've been rolled into the standard SM codex and I was wondering, whats the best use for Crusader squads today?

Multiple 'small' units (7/4 split between marines and scouts) rushing forward or big ol' blobs?

>> No.51221940

Free shrouded? That's even better. My Dark Reapers usually hang back, so they'd appreciate the extra cover save boost.

Do I need to use any special formations to gain access to him?

>> No.51221981

It's tougher and can bring a nice killikannon.

The problem is your bustas are about as tough as wet paper and your trukk is around the same, only the battlewagon gives them any kind of real survivability.

>> No.51221990

Checked my booklet just for you. He, any all the other named squads from the book, can replace any generic version of himself in any formation. So, whenever you could take a DJ, you can take him instead, so you can stick him in any Harlequin formation or detachment.

While I'm at it, The Blades of Fate are a decent pick if you're looking at Skyweavers. They can reroll Jinks, but come locked into Zephyrglaives and a squad size of 2.

>> No.51221999

There isn't any official rules for converting but in general (1) the converted model should be as close as possible to the size of the "real" model. Making things bigger or smaller affects certain things like getting cover saves, and (2) (converted) models should be easily recognizable to avoid confusion. So if you want in example make a guard army with Napoleon era aesthetics, your heavy weapons should still be somewhat easy to tell apart (big long cannon for lascannon etc.).
If you looked at the tournament list I linked it had several tanbusta units in trucks and yes you can make up by shooting a lot.

As for the rules changes, editions have changed like 2-5 year intervals and can have really big or really minor changes. New(er) GW seems to give out new codex for every faction per edition at some point of that editons lifetime. As for now there shouldn't be anything to radically change orks or tyranids, maybe some supplements to add more rules/formations/models but nothing radical.

>> No.51222004

>tfw not even sold anymore

I know the feeling, brother

>> No.51222024

Not technically, 100% total illegal.

It's bad enough people trying to make bikes into troops in the Castellans detachment but Peltasts aren't on the list for the Convocation at all.

>> No.51222037


B... brother?

>> No.51222050

They would be if GW wasn't incompetent.

They'd be elites, however

>> No.51222058

I had been planning on Zephyrglaives anyway, and I'll only have the two bikes regardless, so that sounds like a fantastic option.

I'll take a look at some formations to see where I can try and slot them both in. I'm guessing I'll need to take some of the basic troops for that though.

Thanks for all the advice!

>> No.51222066

No, they're a FW unit, and following the long, long tradition of isolationism that GW and FW have, aren't listed in GW products as options. You cannot take Peltasts in the Grand Convocation until FW puts out a supplement that erratas them in.

>> No.51222067

>Because another faceless NPC faction was boring, that's the Tyranids thing
>Tyranids always had recognisable creatures assigned names which is different from having personalities, agendas, goals and subverting the entire factions ethos

I hope you like new-nids, where the tactical genius swarmlord operates as a fully humanized entity with distinct personality.

>> No.51222071

It's not like anyone else got their forgeworld stuff in there. GW do try to keep some division between the studios. Maybe it's not the best idea but whatever.

>> No.51222075

A 5++ is twice as good as the 6++ they have now. I'm not really a fan of the current MoTz as a whole, but it's what we've got.

Yes, GW is a bunch of incompetent jobbers. Sad that you domn't feel capable of surpassing them.

>> No.51222087

any thoughts on my thousand sons list?

>> No.51222094


>> No.51222096

It's Forgeworld.

>> No.51222099

I like that picture. Really shows how ballsy the imperial guard is. I hope he got lucky.

>> No.51222100

How stupid/cool would it be to have my archon standing on the nose of his Venom?

Deepstriking at mach speed standing on the nose of your personal transport with your arms folded seems like the perfect mixture of stupid and brave to appeal to Dark Eldar.

>> No.51222103

If the Necron Pylons are the only thing holding the Warp bursting and consuming the galaxy, then what has the Emperor been doing all these years?

>> No.51222109

Would you guys mind looking over my Iron Hands list? I don't really know what I'm doing and just sort of put together what seemed useful/cool. I'm expecting to fight 'Nids and a Tau player with a Riptide at some point if that helps at all.

>> No.51222121

Remember Champions of Fenris, that detachment that's an HQ and 2 to 8 Elites, with FA support?

You can now include Celestine as one of the HQs. Join her, and two Ironpriests to a Fenrisian Wolf unit, and you now have a unit that is majority T5, is wounded on Grav on 6+s, has Hit and Run, has a LOT of Look Out Sir (the Geminae are Characters), AND can split off or re-combine as needed to either be a deathstar (for purposes of Endurance/Invisibility), or MSU for purposes of engaging multiple targets, as needed.

Do we call it the bitchstar?

>> No.51222124

Nth for Mark Strong for Eisenhorn in the hypothetical live action film

>> No.51222125

Victorian miniatures have Mordians, Pratorians and space Australia. Along with Not! Cadians with female models for everything mentioned.

>> No.51222135

Yes, that isolationism is what I'm calling retarded.

>> No.51222156

Active exclusion is a new level of nonsense

>> No.51222164

I would keep the autocannon on the predator and replace the sorcerers AodG with a SoC

>> No.51222182

Harsh, man. Agree to disagree and all that. I'd honestly they made MoT a 5++ if no previous save existed without requiring them to be Thousand Sons, but it is what it is there.

>> No.51222186

Looks solid and fun to play against. You may want grav instead of plasma against to riptide.

>> No.51222196

I love you you glorious sadist bastard

>> No.51222207

As long as you won't call it the cow star...

>> No.51222211

Don't forget some penal legion models!

>> No.51222222

Excellent! Thanks!

>> No.51222253

oh fuck nice digits

>> No.51222263

i thought about that but if i remove the lascannons from the predator won't i have too little firepower against tanks?
And i chose the AodG over the SoC because as thousand sons i get the 3++ through if i cast a spell on my own unit

>> No.51222298

Kek, same on my end anon
>roomate is a taufag, but quite a fluffy one (only one riptide for now)
>my IG army backstory is that they are currently stuck on some random planet stuck in a cold war beetween imperial alligned nations and taufags weeboos as a peace keeping force costantly involved in small national conflicts and proxy wars Ala korean war.
>every battle just adds more autistic fluff to both armies

>> No.51222321

Just buying my BA first company successors now. Whatcha think?

>> No.51222333

What does /tg/ generally think of the Blood Angels strike force based around the Archangels Demi-Company, besides the fact that it does Deathwing Assault better than actual Deathwing?

I'm asking this because I defeated one with a foot marines list of Word Bearers

>> No.51222335

>that pic

>> No.51222336

A battlewagon for the tankbustas it is but how viable are trukks as transports

>> No.51222340

>Captains with 2 storm bolters

>> No.51222342

Yeah forgot the formation benefits. But the tl lascannon won't blow up land raiders and the autocannon is nearly as good against light vehicles. For the 25 pts you could give your sorcerers melta bombs for antitank... Hm

>> No.51222362

so take the autocannon with lascannon spontoons?
and then probably heretch psyonics on one or two sorcerers against heavy tanks?

>> No.51222373


>> No.51222376

tis a bug on the builder! :(

>> No.51222391

That could work yeah. With the disk you should be mobile enough to haywire some hullpoints off and turboboost away in the shooting phase.

>> No.51222410

Raven Guard have their own formations? Where?

>> No.51222412

Bring Bikers as your CC. Cheap power weapons for everyone!

>> No.51222413

No models of that unit are T5
You could have it if you give the iron priests a TW and have them take a few cyberwolves. However in that case there's the risk that the unit wouldn't be wounded on 6+ by grav anymore, but on a 4+, if you take too many of the latter

I'm not really used to the majority rule, since I don't encounter that often, so maybe I got some of that wrong

>> No.51222414

okay i will do that thanks for the help

>> No.51222419

I did look at the list you gave me I really appreciate it. So what about competitions do they have rules on conversions I mean does Gw have any real official stances for using conversions. So as far as new rules or supplements how do I find out when new ones are added?

>> No.51222420


Angels of Death

>> No.51222423

ForgeWorld uses GW codexes as a base for unit profiles. They probably won't fix Mob Rule, or even replace it--though making an IA:8 v2 that did so would make my Choppa arm buzz with Waaagh! energy.

>> No.51222429

My gunline weeps.

>> No.51222435

Very good at transporting things but they die to a stiff breeze.

If you've got meganobz you can put them in a trukk and have it turbo boost in to the enemy lines. The trukk will then be blown up but the meganobz armour should allow them to survive to next turn.

>> No.51222442


>> No.51222446

This picture shows why I love the guard. The heroes we need but dont deserve.

>> No.51222450

No probs. Good luck!

>> No.51222471

>Read Angel's Blade
>Astorath the Grim, calls to war
>hope for some his images, some fluff because there is very little about him in codex
>entire 5th company gets black rage
>BA 1th and 2nd company + shittones of Deatch Company fights against Crimson Slaughter, Kahrns Butchershorde and Black legion
>Death Company Chaplin duels with Kharn and survives
>more fights, book ended.
>no Astorath.
Hope is first step on road to disappointment

>> No.51222498

find an angels of death suppliment pdf or something.
run medusa strike force. much better buffs for everyone

>> No.51222514

it's the best way to do 'your dudes' desu. me and my tau friend did like 8 games, simulating a campaign over a tau controlled world that the IG were trying to liberate. Ended up with some awesome story for my commissar and the infantry and leman russ'

>> No.51222518

So whats the best way to get groups of boys across the fields then more of the weaker trukks or less of the battlewagons. On a side not I cannot fucking wait to start building and painting ive really been digging ork fluff

>> No.51222531

I don't play at gw stores but usually they don't like 3rd party models there. In tournaments always check with the organizers with any conversions.

GW's official site for this is pretty good to catch on on new releases:

>> No.51222533

> 5 Drop Dreadnoughts
You are an amazing person anon. I still fondly remember when some blood angels player won a MAJOR tournament as the underdog as fuck "9 dreadnoughts" army. He even tabled a tau player who brought only 3 storm surges, because they couldn't handle getting charged with 8 attacks at S10 AP2.

I've got a Leviathan that seems to be doing awesome on the tabletop. He's like the MVP of nearly every game I bring him in, and he even survived the entirety of an apoc game after killing 2 superheavies on his own!

>> No.51222545

Just dropping in to express how objectively fucking retarded it is that Tyranids, a codex made entirely of animals, has exactly TWO "Beast" units.

Also, especially with all the new stuff like Trygons and whatnot, they had perfect opportunity to make Tyranid-specific Monstrous Beast units that are 12" moving MCs.

Fuck you, Cruddace.

>> No.51222551

What's the best sky fire option for marines for the points invested?

>> No.51222602

Why not make your own overhaul of Tyranids? You did a really good job of unfucking orks, what if you just unfucked tyranids in the same 'simple' style of your ork dex?

>> No.51222606

Grav-Cents in an army that features Cawl, with an attached Librarian with the Skyfire relic. Preferably in a pod and joined by another Libby with the Hunter's Eye.

>> No.51222625

Just ignoring the flyer probably. If you want to shoot it down bring your own flyers or a stalker/hunter.

>> No.51222636

In my opinion you don't buy them any transport.
They're cheap, expendable troops. Even trukks are too many points to spend on them.

Run cheap shoota boy mobs on foot in front of other vehicles/troops to provide a cover save to things standing behind them.
Run cheap grot squads in front of the shoota boyz to provide a cover save to your meatwall.

Sluggas aren't as good but I guess it's not like you were expecting them to do much anyway if you want to run them.

>> No.51222641

This SWAGnought cool not only at posing? And why you didnt make gold rings on his fist?

>> No.51222648

>Death Company Chaplin
you mean like this?

>> No.51222688

Get a Deredeo, and give it the War on Murder legacy of glory. It's easily the deadliest anti-air unit in the entire game, and can do things like bring down a Flyrant/Daemon prince in one round of shooting. In fact, it can kill every flyer in the entire game in just one round of shooting, and that INCLUDES FMCs.

It's biggest advantage though is that it has Skyfire+Interceptor OPTIONAL. A Deredeo with no flyers to molest with it's copious amount of guns can just switch to molesting tanks with extreme prejudice.

My old Deredeo once went through an Apoc game against imperial guard, where he scored 9 tank kills in 5 turns.

>> No.51222694

Yep. Just like in the book.

>> No.51222733

Depends on the list. If you're running a Gladius, the AA suppression force works because you're also getting a fair few cheapish armored hulls to go alongside your metal boxes.

Steve Sisk got 3rd at LVO last year with a White Scar Gladius, 12 Razorbacks (mixed options) and an AA Suppression Force with 3 Stalkers and a Hunter.

His Devastators only took 1 Grav Cannon and Armorium Cherub each, his other stuff was a mix of Meltas, Plasma, the Assault Marines got flamera, etc. He ran surprisingly little Grav, and kept most his stuff boxed up while letting the tanks do most the work.

16 boxes at 1850 pts is a bitch, especially when almost all of them Scout.

>> No.51222742

>It's Valentine Anon
As big of a fag as this man is, he speaks the truth, more or less. A Deredeo is rape on wheels for anything with flying in the description, and War on Murder patches its only deficiency.

>> No.51222763

> Someone instantly recognizes Valentine by the description
Huh. I really should stop posting so much on this board, or at least stop shitposting so much. People are starting to recognize me as Raptors Anon in real life, simply by looking at my models. I've had 3 people in the past 2 weeks go up to me while I was at the geedubs, and ask me if I'm raptors anon after spending a minute looking at my models.

>> No.51222764

I don't think I've ever seen a Tau player bring their flyers into a match, other than the Memeta in apoc games.
I'm looking at their formation and it looks like they can't even be shaken and can potentially heal all their wounds every fucking turn. Are Sharks really that shit?

>> No.51222768

How can i take leviathan drednought in csm army?

>> No.51222779

You can but as a count-as hellbrute : ^)

>> No.51222784

As with most things in the Tau codex, it really is a matter of Riptides and Battlesuit spam being a much better option.

The Tau fliers aren't bad. They're somewhat mediocre, but pretty serviceable as far as most air units go. But why take that when a handful of points on a Riptide, a Missileside team, or a Crisis Missile Team can give you a fuckload of Strength 7 shots that can be skyfire whenever you please?

>> No.51222798

But i want exactly this drednought

>> No.51222802

Fall of Cadia epub yet?

>> No.51222812

This guy, but with my allies attached

>> No.51222819

Run your army using the 30k rules. Pick a legion and start playing. 30k CSM get to take Leviathans as Talons, which means you can cram up to 3 Leviathans into a single force-org slot, and they all split up into seperate units at the start of the game.

There's sadly no rules for Chaos Leviathans in 40k, so your closest method to doing it is to bring an allied detachment of Space Marines, consisting of a Techmarine(for unlocking the MANDATORY ROA slot), a scout squad, and a Leviathan Dreadnought.

>> No.51222845

And i can play as 30k legion vs 40k players?

>> No.51222858

I guess I don't really have the time or experience/history with Nids to do that. There's also some debate as to the quality of the unfucking I did for Orks though naturally most of it is from rectally rustled entitled Tau, SM, & Eldar players & should be ignored

>> No.51222880


You need a Platoon command squad for those infantry squads.

You only need one vox-caster if you're going to have them blob up.

A Priest to keep them fearless would help too.

Don't mix weapon types in heavy weapons squads or devastators.

Never take plasma pistols on anything ever.

Beef up the captain, give him a relic blade.

>> No.51222892

Yes and No. Technically yes, you're still playing the same game as them. It's still Warhammer 40,000, and you use the 7th edition rulebook with some modifications

Unofficially, you're playing a totally different game mathwise. 30k armies aren't intended to be played at the points levels 40k is played at. 40k is balanced around 1500~, while 30k is balanced at 3000+. Anytime you try to play a 30k army at a game of less than 3000 points, you're at a severe disadvantage because every unit has a Tax attached to its force org slot. The first set of models in a given unit costs 50% more than the extra models.

>> No.51222894


Space 0din, save Dark Eldar.

>> No.51222897

>spends all his time getting mad at how awful Orks are
>Picks up Tyranids, another awful army
>Gets mad at it
Jesus just pick up a good army like Daemons or something or at least Iron Warriors so people will get a rise about how bitter you are (HA, MEME!)

>> No.51222905

>40k is balanced
>30k is balanced

>> No.51222906

So thats why legion marines sold 20x only

>> No.51222913

So any tips on fielding a stompa cause I really fucking dig the look of ork meks but especially the stompa

>> No.51222939

I only took the plasma pistol because I was out of bolt pistols. But thanks. I should beef my captain, I like to punch out Necron Overlords with him.

>> No.51222954

Relax dude, just take criticism in stride as you have been doing. Someone figured out how to break your formations, so you fixed them. There's not much else to it.

Yea, Legion tactical squads are 150 points for 10 dudes, but every additional dude is only 10 points per model, and they have no options at all. So every army has a mandatory 300 point tax right out of the gate. At that point you might as well bite the bullet and just spend 500 points on 40 dudes, just to fill out your basic mandatory troops choice.

For reference, 40k space marines can just skip the troop choice altogether and take 2 scout squads at 110 points, then go straight to filling their army with delicious goodies like centurions, tanks, and fancy characters.

>> No.51222966

There's several good fandexes for Tyranids on TheTyranidHive

>> No.51222971

What do you guys think of this Star Phantoms list? It's fluffy and as far as I can tell decently powerful. The captain is supposed to be Zhrukal Androcles, I just gave a stock captain random gear to make him the same price because the lost builder doesn't have him lol.

Also, the dreadnought from the CAD is gonna be embarked on the stormraven.

>> No.51222978

You should rather melt half the arm of and tell you Opponent that he once had a plasma pistol.

>> No.51222987


30k is pretty decent, you can break it, but it's not inherently broken.

>> No.51222989

Thanks, but i have 1 more question. I heard as CSM i can choose legion and gain some advantages like imperial venichles as Iron Warriors. Where i can read them?

>> No.51222994


>> No.51222999

Traitor legions. You won't get vehicles but you can play minecraft and spam fortifications.

>> No.51223001

Battlewagon or Deffrolla Battlewagon?

>> No.51223003

3+, 4+ the game?

>> No.51223015

Ive read somewhere about venichles. like basilisk, manticore, etc. Or it can be just random fan codex?

>> No.51223016

I love doing stuff like that. Like one time when I ran out of arms for my marines. Stole my one of the arms to my buddy's Necron warriors and stuck it on my marine

>> No.51223023

Is there any situation where a Taurox is better than a Chimera as a troop transport for IG?

>> No.51223026

New-ish player (only played some proxy games) starting with Dark Eldar.

How is this for a 1k list? Archon joins the Incubi in the venom and deepstrikes using the webway portal.

>> No.51223031

Can't Tauroxes be carried in one of the IG flyers? Pretty sure Chimeras can't.

>> No.51223032

deffrolla is tragically shit.

Ram and killikannon I say but you can also buy 5 more rokkits on it for those 30 points.

>> No.51223046

No advice on that from me my dude.

Never used a stompa but there is some kind of "custom stompa" from forgeworld that's good, ask someone in the know.

>> No.51223052

That was like 3.5 - 4 editions ago. When chaos didn't have vindicators normally. IW could get that.

>> No.51223060

That's one of the reasons why it's better balanced, most armies have the same baseline.

But the individual legions do play in very different ways. Play against Iron Hands and Raven Guard and you could swear that you are going up against 2 different codexes.

>> No.51223066

This book right here contains all of the rules needed to run 30k Space Marines. The important thing to know about Legionnes Astartes is that for your customization, you pick your Legion, your Allegiance, and your Rites of War. All 3 of these have different effects on how your army behaves on the tabletop. Your Legion gives army-wide rules, your allegiance determines how you behave on the allies chart, and your rites of war handles Force Org Fuckery.

Like for example Raven Guard get army-wide Infiltrate. You can be a traitor group within the raven guard as well. And the "Pride of the Legion" rites of war removes your ability to take certain units, but in return makes Terminators a troop choice.

Special Characters also have a Stamp on their page that determines their allegiance. Like for example the character Garviel Loken(a Luna Wolf/Son of Horus) has an Aquila on his character page. He's a loyalist, so he's essentially treated as armies of the imperium.

While traitors have an Eye of Horus as their symbol.

>> No.51223069

I didnt much care for the look of it but anything specific on it?

>> No.51223074


Your Archon cannot join the Incubi in the Venom because the Venom only has transport capacity 5.

>> No.51223078

Forgot the link

>> No.51223109


Alright, so I drop one of the Incubi.

So I have 29pts to play with. That horrible gap of a significant amount of points, but not enough to spend it on something new.

>> No.51223114

But i will need much more money for 30k army? Its very important for me cause i have right now only 1 csm squad and thinked about kill team

>> No.51223133

He could have been in the Death Watch for some years. Their health insurance seems to cover xenos prothesis.

>> No.51223137

>You can be a traitor group within the raven guard as well.

Forge World retcons were a goddamn mistake.

>> No.51223152

Not this shit again.

>> No.51223157

Is this a decent cron setup?

>> No.51223173

I was thinking of starting a Dark Eldar Army with maybe some Eldar allies to provide psyker support. Are Scourges any good? I was thinking of using them as some Anti-Tank infantry with their Haywire rifles. So far I really like Dark Eldar. Also, are there any new Eldar related things coming out?

>> No.51223192

There's no fluff behind it, it just allows a small force of Raven Guard to for whatever reason be traitor. Let's the players put more "your dudes" into their army if they want.

>> No.51223212

Why? The Raven Guard aren't one of the super loyal legion like the space wolves or dark angles ...

>> No.51223217

>a Dark Eldar Army with maybe some Eldar allies
Sounds good, just make sure it doesn't turn into an Eldar army with DE allies.

>Are Scourges any good?
They're pretty decent. Haywire Blasters are the go-to.

>are there any new Eldar related things coming out?
Fall of Cadia ends with everyone making nice with the Eldar and going into the webway, so the next book in a month or two will probably feature them. There will be new models.

>> No.51223219

Drop the monolith. 200 points for something you can spend elsewhere that can do a better job. Have you thought about More Lychguard?

>> No.51223221


If you're interested in - what I think - is a better start to playing Dark Eldar (and a better place to expand from).

Basically your next addition is a Corpse Thief Claw from here.

>> No.51223224

> dark angles
0% traitor

>> No.51223229

In the 41St millennium, fuck sakes annon we havent even colonised it yet, and your already waiting on it to fall.

>> No.51223240


It destroys the tragedy of the Dark Angels. Oh, you had half your legion go traitor, creating a dark, shameful secret that must be hidden to the modern day? LOL NO WORRIES so did everyone else, and the traitors had the opposite problem!

>> No.51223250

It has all the same rules as a standard ram but costs 5 more points in exchange for a rule that is basically "if an infantry unit you try to ram decides not to get out of the way and fails to stop you ramming them they take d3 hits"... which will never come in to play ever.

>> No.51223253


Its a slippery slope going from DEldar with Eldar allies to going to Eldar with DEldar allies. That said having something like a Bikeseer + 2 Scatbike units isn't a bad addition to a Dark Eldar army.

Also - scourges aren't bad at all, it really depends on how competitive you want to be. Ultimately the accepted Dark Eldar strategy is heavy MSU spam, basically you take a ton of fast shit and a Corpse Thief Claw and just funnel stuff into a CTC.

>> No.51223255

There was never tragedy. The Dark Angels just have sticks up their asses about it.

>> No.51223262

Trust me, I'll be focusing on Dark Eldar ever since an in-store manager told me how good they can be if played right. I really like the look of them as well.

>> No.51223266

>all legions that are not the Dank Angles were either 100% traitor or 100% loyalist
fuck you

>> No.51223278

Sorry for a noob question, but what does MSU stand for?

>> No.51223279


>in-store manager told me a thing is good

That's called selling. I know because I worked for GW for 9 years and did it on the regular. Dark Eldar can be better than people think they are but they are by no means a top tier army no matter what you do.

>> No.51223281

No, but not a bad idea. I thought liths were good?

>> No.51223282

So I keep hearing that Cadia is gone, why is Cadia gone?

>> No.51223295

Not for a long time. You'd be better off with either a ghost ark or night scythe.

>> No.51223305

It isn't gone. It's right over there. And there, and over there, and here...

>> No.51223306


MSU stands for 'Multiple Small Units' it is basically an army composed of lots of small units. Generally they are fast and use the fact that they have lots of units to leverage the game in the direction they want. They are the intellectual opposite of a deathstar.

>> No.51223308

They're... alright. They're tough yes, but have mediocre firepower and you'll find it hard to give them a purpose in your army. It's a good distraction carnifex though. Virtually everyone will say "Oh shit, a big green pyramid thing? better go kill it!"

>> No.51223314


Honestly, I'd rather do the Raider gunboats, just because GW have the box set for kabalites and raiders, and it's a signfiicant saving.

Plus there's just something cool about gunboats.

>> No.51223319


Multiple Small Unit i.e. lots of squad, smallest size possible, that still score.

>> No.51223320


Fair enough - maybe try something like this then.

>> No.51223324

Ahhhh I see. Thank you. I heard about Trueborn being a thing. Taking 3 blasters and 2 Splinter cannons is no joke. Not sure if I'd take them over Kabalites though purely because of the points cost

>> No.51223331

Anyone have Red Tithe epub?

>> No.51223333

Fall of Cadia released yesterday and still no epub. What the hell happened?

>> No.51223335

Hm not really. The other traitor loyalist are unorganised, few, desperate, have been csptured by the night lords etc. Luther just said fuck you and even helped the greatest psychic superheavy tank to ever lead the Death Guards first company repairing his ships after the loyal DA shot them to bits and helped him to find his nurgle zombie friend and become a better person.

>> No.51223345

There's a difference between 2/3's of the legion going traitor and a small force attached to one of the traitor legions getting absorbed into the warmaster's forces.

I guess at the end of the day it's what lore you like. It isn't just Forgeworld that does this however. Black Library had a loyalist Tson working for the White Scars.

All I can say is go read about Kyr Vhalen. He was a loyalist Iron Warrior that was attacked by Alpha Legion and some Mechanicum. The closing fluff from the only survivor is some of the best written lore in years.

>> No.51223348


Because you touch yourself at night

>> No.51223350

Drop the big 20 man blob and consider Trueborn or haywire scourges

>> No.51223354


Its also tough because you can't make them troops anymore. For MSU Dark Eldar I really like 5 Kabalites w/Blaster in a Dual Cannon Venom. It is a small, effective scoring choice that is (primarily) anti-infantry but can threaten vehicles if needed. I usually use 4 of those as the core of my Dark Eldar armies.

>> No.51223362

Word Bearers have any loyalists?

>> No.51223365

Or eBook or whatever

>> No.51223393


I wouldn't run that list at all - I was making alternate suggestions for the new Dark Eldar player. I play pretty normal MSU stuff. About the only weird thing I ever do is run a 4 Sslyth Court with an Archon because it ends up doing more than it should.

>> No.51223395

I'm looking for an actual answer though, did Abbadon finally defeat Cadia? I haven't read the new Chaos Codexes so maybe I missed out on something.

>> No.51223399

That's... a smart idea actually. I might take that in my upcoming force I'm gonna build.

>> No.51223400

>Black Library had a loyalist Tson working for the White Scars.

He became Janus of the Grey Knights, by the way. He's part marine, part Magnus, part tutelary daemon now, after malcador magic.

>> No.51223401


>> No.51223411

Excuse me Farseer, but if Ahrimann getting into the Black Library would be a setting ending event, but the Eldar have had access to it for thousands of years and are dying out, then how can the Eldar even compete?

>> No.51223412

No, WB are literally the only things unable to be loyalists

>> No.51223416

Posted it in previous thread http://www3.zippyshare.com/v/QBKuaKeU/file.html
Fall of Cadia when?

>> No.51223425

This is the best Death Guard list, prove me wrong

>> No.51223428


Its a decent building block - only ends up running you 480 for 4 of them so it isn't a huge investment. I've been playing DEldar since the 3rd edition starter box so I'm committed to doing whatever I can to keep them relevant and fun.

Most of DEldar lists theses days run similar elements - I also really like Harlequin allies - they provide a wonderful anti-elite punch that I find DEldar are missing.

>> No.51223432

The Raven Guard also have Chaos Spawn within their ranks during the heresy. They called them Raptors, and shoved the ones that could function into power armour, while they used the rest as cannon fodder. It would be prudent to assume that more than a few of them fell to chaos during the interim...

After the heresy, the surviving members of the Raptors were given a ship and told to fuck off to the other side of the galaxy to form their own chapter.

Officially the word bearers don't have any loyalists remaining. Although since lots of crusading ships were lost to the warp, it's not that hard to say that maybe a Word Bearers crusading ship that was lost to the warp somehow escaped the whole "loyalist purges".

>> No.51223433

Source please.

>> No.51223443

Don't know, but it wouldn't be hard to come up with a reason. Perhaps they were attached to a different legion when Lorgar went crazy. This particular band of Word Bearers believe that Lorgar is committing heresy for straying from the God-Emperor. It could work.

The thing is, if you have a legion in 30k and you decide to be a different alignment, you lose pretty much every legion specific unit your legion had. No gal vorbak, no Lorgar.

>> No.51223446

I found this fun. Everybody can betray Emprah/Primarch expect WB

>> No.51223450

BL advent The Last Son of Prospero

>> No.51223451


Not gonna try to prove you wrong - looks like a very solid DG list. Brings all the really solid elements, takes advantage of all the benefits, good unit choices. All in all I think that's a strong DG list that will compete.

>> No.51223454

Someone posted a PDF a few threads ago

>> No.51223455

What the fuck.

I thought Chris Wraight was decent too.

>> No.51223461


>> No.51223463

Pylons got activated which broke IG's morale but not Chaos's (???), Abby got femdommed and had to run away, Creed got caught in a Pokeball, then the pylons blew up Cadia but no one important died
the end

>> No.51223477

They all have to became BL monsters. Ruin our dreams for HH and 40k novels.

>> No.51223485

In a mega in the OP? On mobile can't check.

>> No.51223486

And no spicific units for diffirent allignment?

>> No.51223487

Sounds great. Harlequin allies sound interesting... Not sure what I'd take though. I haven't looked into Harlequins much.

>> No.51223491

What the hell do you mean?

>> No.51223497

Has the epub been leaked yet?

>> No.51223507

Apparently a few threads back, if you find it, repost it here.

>> No.51223509

Yes you can, get the mega app you shitlord.

>> No.51223512

What don't you get?

>> No.51223520


Nah, I don't have Tyranids--I just borrowed some from a friend and marveled at how they got their shit pushed in when she played against her girlfriend's Tau.

Tyranids don't have D weapons, as an army. Their 500-1000 point models don't even have ranged AP2. They used to have the only MCs in existence outside of Daemons, but now they're awful compared to anything else. GCs used to be theirs alone, now they have the worst & most overcosted Apoc/SH/GC in the game.

They can spend literally almost triple Imperial or Tau and end up with inferior units that job to mediocre LoWs. Like, at this point, I wouldn't begrudge a Nid player getting 50% more points & D guns on all the Hierophants & Hierodules.

A buddy and I ran a theoretical combat against a pissant basic bitch Imperial Knight using a Bio-Titan; got D'd to death before attacking at all. What the Christ? 275 offing 1000 points is dumb--rocket tag, dude.

>> No.51223526

>noone important died in the end
fuck you asshole

>> No.51223532

The pokeball and why Abbadon got femdommed.

No see he was on Desktop all along, he just wants to be spoonfed.

>> No.51223534


>> No.51223541

Pretty much all of the 30k legion specific units have a traitor/loyalist alignment. All of the word bearers stuff is traitor specific. So if you run a loyalist word bearer army, all of your units would be generic legion units. Certain traitor legions have loyalist only characters. The Iron Warriors have Kyr Vhalen, Death Guard have Garro. There's a few more, but you get the idea.

>> No.51223548


I run a formation called Cegorach's Jest - it's basically an allied detachment of sorts. You get a Troupe (basic unit), their transport, a unit of bikes, and a 'heavy' (for Harlequins) tank. It'll run you about 400-450 points.

>> No.51223560

Fuck you and fuck your space sharks.

>> No.51223570


Pylons cut off everyone from the Warp, which shut down Celestine, all the psykers and all the Chaos fuckery.

This killed the Imperial defenders' moral, because their faith was strong only because Celestine was there, glowing and kicking ass.

She turned back to a normal human without Emperor Warp power. Imperial Moral plummeted, but Chaos saw it as proof the Emperor is a false god, and kept kicking ass, since they're supersoldiers.

Abaddon nearly kills Creed, gets backstabbed by human Celestine, and injured.

Most of both forces leave as the Pylons start getting overloaded and the power of the Warp comes back. Abaddon smashes his Blackstone Fortress into Cadia, destroying it.

So yeah, Cadia has gone boom, completely dead and shattered. The Eye of Terror has grown three times in size.

>> No.51223579

And Pokeball is Trazyn took Creed for his collection. Colour Sergeant Kell died.

>> No.51223580

They did the story from the end of the old eye of terror campaign - guard retreat to one kasr
Basically Celestine and Templars turn up
A weird archmagos turns up and trazyn helps him supercharge the pylons
Daemons disappear but loyalists squad broken
In orbit phalanx blew blackstone fortress apart
Abaddon gets stabbed whilst gloating and he runs away like a coward
Somehow in the 10 seconds they had warpsmiths fitted engines to the fortress frags
They slam into cadia
Eye was receeding but then with pylons gone and at the same time a surge from the warp they all explode
This with the fragments means the planet breaks apart but some get away
There are other planets in the system though and Celestine and friends lead the black legion chasing them into an eldar ambush on one of them and run away to start Grand Alliance : Not Dickheads

>> No.51223582

That stops me from choosing a traitor allignment but roleplay as loyalist and use demons of Emperor? I think if Argel Tal changed side it will be cool

>> No.51223591

I only use Bullgryns, but I really love Ogryn too. God, I'm going to drop so much money on Ogryn and Bullgryn and use them not much. I wish they would make Ripper Guns better and give Ogryn a 4+ save. Like Assault 4 18 or 24 inch range.

>> No.51223595

Creed is getting stone cold stunnered by Abby when Celestine checks his termie toughness with a sword to the spine, but he rolled to save.

Pokemon Master Trazyn comes to bargain, pulls an army out his ass, convinces Cawl to turn on the Pylons, then later on puts a dying Creed inside a teseract or whatever to add to his collection before rusing away.

>> No.51223605

The tutelaries were shards of Magnus - thats pretty much stated

>> No.51223608

Notes taken. Not sure how I should run my Archon once I get the Start Collecting DEldar. I like the look of Parasite's Kiss.

>> No.51223612

Wow, thanks alot! Not the response I was expecting at all. I went through about 20 revisions of this list and I've been spamming the generals for long enough that if I couldn't find a solution I never would.
How do you think it would compare to the popular white scar/serpent spam etc lists that are used now

>> No.51223626

>run away to start Grand Alliance : Not Dickheads

Can't be, they have Dark Eldar in there.

>> No.51223629

According to one of the imperial armour books they have a service ceiling

>> No.51223631

I wrote one for fun, it's more fluff-rape than the other ones though, but has reliable summoning as well as dakka.

10 WC base btw. The Heralds roll on Lore of Change, so I have 3 chances to either get the D or to summon Burning Chariots. 2 separate Shriek vectors of course. VSG to compensate for not using a Vectorium.

>> No.51223656

>Abaddon nearly kills Creed, gets backstabbed by human Celestine, and injured.

Abaddon was mind bulleted by Greyfax which rendered him temporarily blind him. This saved Celestine. Then Creed charged Abaddon and got fucked up. Celestine gets up and backstabs Abaddon.

>Most of both forces leave as the Pylons start getting overloaded and the power of the Warp comes back. Abaddon smashes his Blackstone Fortress into Cadia, destroying it.

The pylons did not overload. The cracking of the planet by the Blackstone damaged the Pylon network and reversed everything the pylons did.

The Eye is now growing swiftly towards Terra. Eventually it will consume the whole galaxy, according to the text.

>> No.51223675

As an IG player. I can understand the morale thing. You know why? Because Chaos are crazy frakkers. That's their whole deal, if they still thought like normal people they wouldn't be worshipping chaos

>> No.51223688


I like an Agoniser/Shadow Field for a cheap Archon who can still chop up most things. Slightly more expensive but also more fun (I think) is the classic Husk Blade/Soul Trap/Shadowfield set up who drives around finds shitty 'characters' (i.e. champions, sergeants, etc) to bully and get swole.


I think you can compete with those style lists. You pack a very reasonable Deathstar so you can bully around a ton of ObSec units very effectively. You've got your own ObSec choices to compete with Battle Company in a lot of respects. I don't think it is an easy game but if you play well you can win those games consistently.

>> No.51223691


WHy are they squatting guard? Why do they want to age of skubmar 40k too?

>> No.51223692

kell died?! oh fuck no. that's not right. kell was fucking awesome. how'd he finally bite the bullet?

>> No.51223700

Are these faggots gonna make a "emprah ded,chaos wins lul" ending? I`d be fucking angry if they did.

>> No.51223703

Top man!

>> No.51223705



>> No.51223713

IG had like three dudes swap their plot armor for a t-shirt
Chaos literally had entire squadrons dying mid-battle in front of everyone

>> No.51223724

But the pylons caused all their daemon engines to to become inanimate, all daemons to be banished, all marines relying on chaos to survive such as possessed or particularly decayed plague marines died instantly.

You've the enemy collapsing and dying all around you and you're discouraged by this?

>> No.51223726

The Eldar have a plan to prevent this from happening. Also Cawl's ship contains something that might put a stop to Abaddon's plan which is also related to what the Eldar are planning.

Trust in the Eldar.

Cadia was the ending. Now it's time for a new beginning.

>> No.51223736

It was pretty awesome. He carried injured Creed into a valkyrie, actually pushed him in there and then shouted at the pilot to get him out of here. Then got his leg fucked up by Failbaddon, who picked him up, taunted him, to witch Kell just said "Cadia stands" and then Abby just crushes his spine. He died doing what he did all his life in the guard, protecting Creed. A true hero.

>> No.51223745

Anyone got a link to the Fabius Bile audiobook download yet?

>> No.51223746

>all daemons to be banished,

Not all. Most of them were banished. Some of them, the powerful ones, remained.

Also the text says the Black Legion, who are more loyal to Abaddon than anything else, got a "I told you so" boner. It doesn't comment on how the other warbands felt.

>> No.51223767

Thank you based anon

>> No.51223770

Fair enough. In my first few games I won't even care if I get smashed. Learning Dark Eldar will be fun.

>> No.51223771

>2000 points of the combined admech stuff from FoC
Better idea:
Ad Mech War Convocation:
1 Cawl
2x 3-man Kataphron Destroyers (Heavy Grav Cannons, Cognis Flamers)
1x 10-man Skitarii Vanguard Squad (Alpha w/ Power Sword/Arc Pistol/Conversion Field/Digital Weapons, 3x Plasma Calivers)
1x 10-man Skitarii Ranger Squad (Alpha w/ Power Sword/Arc Pistol/Conversion Field/Digital Weapons, 3x Plasma Calivers)
1x 5-man Sicarian Infiltrator Squad (Alpha w/ Phospheonix/Infoslave Skull/Digital Weapons/Conversion Field, Squad w/ Flechette Blasters/Taser Goads)
1x 5-man Sicarian Ruststalker Squad (Alpha w/ Conversion Field/Prehensile Dataspike/Digital Weapons, Squad with Chordclaws/Transonic Razors/Grenades)
1x 3-man Ironstrider Ballistarii Squadron (Twin-linked Cognis Lascannons)
1x 3-man Onager Dunecrawler Squadron (Neutron Lasers, Cognis Heavy Stubbers, Smoke Launchers, Mindscanner Probes, Cognis Manipulators)
1x Knight Crusader (Rapid-Fire Battle Cannon w/ Heavy Stubber, Stormspear Rocket Pod, Meltagun)
Enginseer Congragation:
1x Enginseer (Melta-Bombs)

Alternately, drop the Enginseer and two of the Ballistarii and take an Inquisitorial Representative Detachment with the new Special Character Inquisitor in it. You'll be 5 points short of 2000, but, eh. Doesn't matter that much when you're getting hundreds of points of wargear for free.

>> No.51223776


They're not squatting Guard. Cadians are still flung across the galaxy, there's like a dozen New Cadias to draw Cadian forces, and there's a ton of other regiments that could get kits.

Calm down.

>> No.51223781

Before we had the whole book, leaked pages suggested Cawl was directly responsible for it by overloading the pylons, having been rused into it by Trazyn or Veilwalker.

/tg/ either doesn't know that we know more or is purposefully incorrect.

>> No.51223797

Had a long search but can't find anything

>> No.51223802

Where did you get the idea they're squatting Guard from, Anon?

>> No.51223804

Those knife-eared bastards better do something, I just started Guard as my first army and I dont want to get the same treatment as particular short and bearded gentelmen.

>> No.51223808

>Not all. Most of them were banished. Some of them, the powerful ones, remained.
You mean mary sue sword?

>> No.51223822


It'll take some getting used to - they're an odd (and admittedly not amazing) army but if you keep up at it you'll get to where you can consistently compete. And when you get there it feels great, being able to win against 'top tier' armies (especially when piloted by players who are counting on the list to win) with a 'bad' book is a good feeling.

>> No.51223834

I mean daemons. The text says not all of them were banished.

There are 2 Million Cadians alive. They ain't going anywhere.

>> No.51223893

I actually did a fun thing with my regiment, that a lot of Cadians are now enlisting to it, becasue it hails from a world that was a world where some Cadian vets would stay after they conquered it so they use Cadian stuff. And now they are taking in the refugees.

>> No.51223894

Red Hunters chapter tactics and give 1+X amount of turns played units Skyfire or a bunch of other bonuses.

>> No.51223970

Since 4chan is full of Trmupbots the later obviously

>> No.51223997

>There are 2 Million Cadians alive.

There are more Cadians around the galaxy, but 2 million sure is small especially for IG who go through men like McDonalds goes through fries.

I feel for my Cadian bros.

>> No.51224019

Anon, I'm sorry, but the Word Bearers legion rules specifically state that you cannot play them as Loyalists.

One of the things to remember fluff-wise, is that their geneseed makes them predisposed to fanaticism and obeying Lorgar.

>> No.51224036

>Space Wolves literally cucked out of any chapter recruits for a long time/forever
>nobody sheds a tear
>Cadia loses their homeworld but has many fighting men spread across the galaxy

>> No.51224039

Can someone possibly make up a cheat sheet of what I can shoot at different movement amounts for DEldar vehicles? The combination of being fast and skimmers is fucking me up, plus it changes depending on if it's the vehicle shooting or the guys on it. I always end up either losing movement I could take and shoot, or moving and have to lose shooting.

>> No.51224058

Nobody cares about space yiffs, go away. If it wasnt for you it would be 8 traitor legions, not 9 you fucking faggots.

>> No.51224070

shoot two niggas at once. shoot one nigga twice

>> No.51224072

So I built a 1k templar list just because I'm thinking about getting into the the game.

What are everyone's opinions on how effective/not it is?

>> No.51224079

no, because as i've already mentioned, they're fucking crazy. why are we trying to rationalise the actions of an army that is literally called chaos.

>> No.51224083

Maybe it's because space wolf players are a bunch of furry faggots with a lot of stupid overpowered crap.

Also you have a dumpster tier primarch.

>> No.51224087

Are Grotesques a good investment? I had an idea of running an Archon with 3 Grotesques

>> No.51224109

I don't play SW or Guard, I'm an outsider looking in. One side is full of autistic manbabies crying a meme they don't even understand. And on the other side are the SW players who do have problems with their story but those are actually justified, and the bitching has pretty much fully subsided now

>> No.51224118


Plus Dark Eldar are the sort of army where if you lose, you lose hard, but if you win, you've fucking dominated. When everything aligns, it's a thing of beauty..

>> No.51224132

Yes. Grotesques make excellent bodyguards.

>> No.51224134

Shut up. No one cares what you have to say. Stop posting. Seriously, go do something else, you don't belong here and you're not welcome.

>> No.51224153


Haha actually not so much in recent times myself. Often I'll win with very very little left on the board. Fearless after turn 5 is huge for MSU style armies

>> No.51224157

You know what GW can do right? Just look at Tomb Kangz, they squatted them for no reason. And since they are calling it "End times" in 40k that might happen agian.

>> No.51224171


I've not had a ton of success with them personally but I have a friend who swears by them. I generally like to go with things that fit in a Venom so I've steered clear.

>> No.51224177

>t.Butthurt Furry

>> No.51224179

>t. an autistic manbaby
Nice one m8, you sure showed me!

>> No.51224215

godspeed kell. i'll buy the first round when we meet again.

>> No.51224228


>> No.51224242

New player, I'm trying to put together a non-cancer Tau list by spamming Hammerheads instead of Riptides
Does this look alright? I'm hopping the two Skyray will be enough to deal with air. The Crisis Suits are mainly to harass and act as a priority buffer for the tank line.

>> No.51224257

man you seem really upset considering all you did was talk about a kids game

>> No.51224267

Not involved until right now, but you're a faggot and should take your own advice.

>> No.51224271

This just shows who has the biggest balls in the setting. ;_:7

>> No.51224274

Why are you even posting here, if that's going to be your response? Get out.

>> No.51224286

Follow your own advice my dude.

>> No.51224313

>battlesuits and markerlights

I'd take like 2-3 ionheads in the mix.

>> No.51224314

I wasn't even a part of the conversation, the dude was just being a massive faggot and should leave here. People like him aren't welcome.

>> No.51224330

>why are you even posting here
because it's fun :)

>> No.51224332


Fuck space yiffs. Bunch of mutants that have been manipulated by chaos since the heresey.

>> No.51224333

dude, Im also an IG fag, but at least try to have some arguments.

>> No.51224349

That's actually a pretty interesting army. A little one-note thanks to more than half of it being tied up in tanks, but definitely not something you see every day.

>> No.51224356

looks good yeah...I would consider replacing one of the pathfinder teams with either some guela or a kroot squad if things get close and personal.

>> No.51224401

New thread

>> No.51224428

Actually you aren't welcome, you're being an utter sperg and are the one who started this by just attacking some dude because of some personal issue.

>> No.51224452

Thank you, I wasn't expecting this sort of feedback
Ions are for lighter armor and infantry with the large blast, right?
I don't think I can afford Kroot without dropping some upgrades
Thank you again, though

>> No.51224507

Imagine having to spend £160 to bring 8 large plastic pods that only allow you to deepstrike.

>> No.51224510

Fag who doesn't play skimming this thread, can I just say I don't know what the fuck you guys are arguing about but you're all spergs. SW, IG, both of you faggots. Now I know what armies to not pick, at least.

>> No.51224535

Ionhead is riptide-lite. Instead of fucking up everything it fucks up marines which is basically everything, yeah and it has better hp damage output against almost every vehicle.

>> No.51224569

Seriously, where is that Fall of Cadia? Searched the previous threads, there was nothing expect someone constantly posting space sharks book as a joke when anyone asked.

>> No.51224597

go skitarii, trigger people.

>> No.51224615


>> No.51224624

But that AP1 gives me a 33% chance of exploding on pen
I'll switch two of them to Ion and see how it works
Thank you again

>> No.51224649


Fluffy and not too terrible, will have lots of trouble with stuff like Tau though. Also why are you taking sword brother sergeants in your lascannon teams?

If you want to make your list a "harder" list for more competitive games, give your captain Cataphractii armor, take a squad with 4x grav cannons and drop pod them all in to fire 20 grav shots into your opponent's heaviest unit on turn 1. If your meta is casual though, don't do this, because it revolves around an exploit in the cataphractii armor's rules and is cheesy.

>> No.51224668


What do you mean 'crying a meme they don't understand'

>> No.51224930

Levithans where terra made during the heresy, so they'd be rare for tratiors to have even back then.
And 10,000 years later, given how levithans tend to do over long periods of time, there'd be maybe one or two chaos levithans.

Needless to say, because of this FW did not make chaos levithan rules

>> No.51225099

Just how overpowered is a Dual-Gladius Battle Company? It's pretty fluffy (I play Ultrasmurfs) but I don't want to stomp my friends. We're just getting back into 40k, they play Nids and Grey Knights.
can I do anything to tone it down?

>> No.51225341


Make an 1850 pts list

>> No.51225409


I would get rid of the Tzaangors, they are to pricey for what they are.

I don't see any good counter for flyers. Seems like you would struggle with vehicles as well since you only have the predator to tackle armour.

>> No.51225540

you could forget that it gives you free vehicles and pay for them

>> No.51225611

Is this a legit list? Don't expect it to be competitive but with some upgrades it should be a 1000pts out of deathwatch box and some hybrids.

>> No.51225939

Rate my list, need suggestions

>> No.51226176

This pleases the Lion.

>> No.51226193


I don't really see any way to deal with flyers in your amy. And your aberrants are so-so anti vehicle units that are pricey for what they are.

I think you need genestealers too.

>> No.51226388

Guys, what if Admech IS Squats.

>> No.51226429

Yeah wasn't sure if you can upgrade the units in the ghosar detachment since it has a specified points cost but hopefully I'll have some genestealers soon. The genestealers don't seem to have any beneficial detachments apart from first curse but that is ridiculously expensive and means I can't benefit from the Patriarch in a coven.

>> No.51226509


By default I tend to build armies unbound and then after I have something I like I'll look at formations that align fairly close to what I have and then consider changing it to fit.

By default I don't really like most formations and detachments.

>> No.51226809

definitely last time I played 40k was 6 or so years back and it's all totally alien. Seems like cults and some newer factions rely on special rules so the detachments look really beneficial.

>> No.51226819

Anyone thought about making an anki deck /memrise course to memorise rules?

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