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New Eldar toys soon edition

Old thread: >>51213277


>Freshest Rules in Epub (Use Readium for PC or Kobo on Android)

>Not always current PDFs:

>Up to date FAQs

>40K 7th Edition Quick Reference Sheets:

>Forge World Book Index:

> The Black Library(Clowns r scury, stey awey)

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Lelith is cute!

too bad she's very shy in bed and always needs her partner to take the lead...

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2nd for most loyal marines.

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2nd for fall of cadia download when?

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She escorts for Vect. There's absolutely no way this is true.

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I really want to start 40k using Dark Eldar.

Terrible idea or terrible idea?

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that's only because the Kabal of the Black Heart has assassinated everyone who divulgates that information, in order to maintain Lelith's public image.

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sorry you didnt post us.
on a side note anyone know an easy way to do that design on the cape it looks amazing

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who dat?

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How do we make dark eldar good?

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This squatting position is retarded. Why are their legs so far apart? How can anyone play Space Marines when they all look like they are about to take a shit?

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terrible idea

play inquisimunda

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Make fear good?

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Fall of Cadia epub yet?

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>on a side note anyone know an easy way to do that design on the cape it looks amazing
Those are converted from DE sea dragon cloaks.


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>Dark Eldar can fire at full BS while travelling flat out.

Done. There's no justification for why they can't, and buffs their specialist skill (being the fastest army).

>> No.51217800

Make their offense scary again. It would also be nice if PfP went back to rewarding Alpha Strikes(DE are good at this) rather than attrition(DE are terrible at this). Both of these things were true in 5th ed., and despite still being a fragile army they were very good.

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>New Eldar toys soon edition

If the red armoured Eldar dude really is Arhra, I hope it paves the way for more PL models and they do away with the conventional PL statline. Demi-gods of battle with 10k years of experience and the combined skills and strengths of thousands of Aspect Warriors really ought to have better BS/WS than a generic Archon. Hell, if Illic and Lelith can net BS9/WS9 you'd reckon even older gestalts would be a clean 10, right?

Then again, with Belsarious Cawl out dueling dedicated melee heroes I'm not holding out much hope.

What are some other examples of fluff/crunch dissonance that grind your gears?

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>whole CSM book
>whole DE book
>whole Nids book

Should I go on?

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Fall of Cadia epub when?

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>Kabalites get Plasma Grenades. Trueborn also come with a Rifle, Pistol, and CCW standard.
>Wyches can make their 4+ invulnerable save against Overwatch and gain a new special rule: "Dances of the Hekatarii": Each round of combat they choose between +1WS, +1St, or +1 to their Inv save. Can't choose the same bonus in two rounds simultaneously, stacks with combat drugs.
>Lelith counts as being under the effect of all three at once. In addition, enemy models must re-roll successful attempts to hit her in CC.
>Scourges gain Relentless and can make a Thrust move in the assault phase just like Jet Infantry.
>New army-wide Special rule: "Unmatched Agility"; auto-pass dangerous terrain tests, no penalties for moving or charging through difficult terrain.
>Disintegrator Cannons increased to St6, Dark Lances up to AP1.
>Wracks are FNP (4+).
>Talos and Cronos Engines gain Scout.

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Ok I have several questions to ask about dfts
What exactly is an air superiority detachment:

Is any squadron-able aircraft available to be a flyer wing?

Asking specifically for Remora drones: can be taken in squadrons of 1-5, can I take them in a flyer wing with a wing leader? Can they use attack formations? Can they be taken in an air superiority detachment?

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PA meaning jackshit nowadays.

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>Belsarious Cawl out dueling dedicated melee heroes

No one out-duels Sigismund!

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Always bugged me that Bikes are the better option for durability compared to Terminator armor in most cases. It's lame to see Nurgle lords that should be trudging around in the heaviest armor possible doing wheelies instead.

>> No.51217891

>Trueborn also come with a Rifle, Pistol, and CCW standard
stormtroopers getting their pistols back when

>> No.51217907

Scoria, any of the Primarchs.

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As an Ork player, let me tell you, Fear IS good. It's an absolutely devastating rule against melee focused armies, and even against shooty units its decent if you can close the distance, since it makes for a more devastating charge and less chance of injury.

The problem is half the armies in the game are immune to it, and most of the rest either have high leadership or are just so good that they don't care (looking at you Eldar and Tau).

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>Talos and Cronos Engines gain Scout.

Everything in the army should get Scout. DEldar attacks come from nowhere, that's their whole MO. So everything in the army should be already moving by the time the battle starts.

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I decided to sell all my Tyranids and play AdMech instead. Good or bad idea?

And ally them with sisters when they get an update

>> No.51217947

The Adeptus Astartes is entirely made up of space Slavs

>> No.51217981


>Deldar losing their fluffy and cool drive by slashing rule on reavers in favour of generic HoW
>Chosen and VoTW suck
>Synapse is a curse more than a blessing

It burns.


The +1 toughness on bikes has got to be the most annoying universal thing in the rules.

>> No.51218002

Hmm maybe implied what i meant wrong. I meant to make fear useful again as in make it where it actually has an effect in games

>> No.51218013

>allying AdMech with the one Imperial organization they hate most and vice-versa

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>Always bugged me that Bikes are the better option for durability compared to Terminator armor in most cases.
How much am I putting myself on the back foot by going Termies for my Death Guard rather than bikes? Termies look far cooler, like Typhus is probably my favourite single model around.

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>I field 1 sternguard of 4 combi-grav as the only grav weapons in my entire army
>opponents pull out their WAAC lists

Should I just give in to the dark side? Its not like I'm finding any other hygienic players who want to play fluffy battles.

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It would make more sense that he would have a high ballistic skill, low weapon skill, high strength, but low initiative.

What is this fucking statline?

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Myself and many others agree with you and wonder the same thing. It isn't because of the design of the models, because old assault marines had running legs, and new assault marines/other kits have two part legs to remove the squat. Forge World also includes 2 running legs and 3 squatters for every 5 man marine kit.

Personally my army is almost entirely made of running leg from FW or assault marines.

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>Fear IS good. It's an absolutely devastating rule against melee focused armies, and even against shooty units its decent if you can close the distance, since it makes for a more devastating charge and less chance of injury.

>> No.51218087

Bikes are better for a number of reasons, but DG Termies are still quite solid.. FNP adds a lot to their survivability vs. both AP2 and massed fire.

Keep in mind that since they're I3 you want to go Power Axes for any power weapon you aren't upgrading. Personally I like three man squads with combi-melta and one chainfist.

>> No.51218109

The master of duelling with swords should have low WS? Kys

>> No.51218112

The general rule of 40k is you should match your list to your local environment. If your playgroup does fun, narrative lists, do likewise. If everyone plays all out competitive, do the same.

>> No.51218114

What's the difference between a Feudal World and a Feral World? I've heard of both having up to black-powder weapons, while Feral Worlds have been described as Mad Max like.
Is the difference the lack of central government? Or the lack of fiefdom?

>> No.51218120

can i run carchadons as count-as World Eaters?

>> No.51218126


Loyalist terminators = unplayable
Loyalist bikes = everywhere

DG terminators = loyalist bikes, but slower and no jink
DG bikes = ???

>> No.51218130

It's because of pic related.

I think the sculptors were trying to imitate the low/wide stance, not necessarily knowing what they were looking at.

>> No.51218134

Yeah I know (certain) AdMech would probably shoot the Missionaria before shooting Eldar but they're my favourite Imperial factions so they'll have to deal with it.

>> No.51218136

fall of cadia epub yet?

>> No.51218149

Feral Worlds are hunter-gatherer-tier societies, while fuedal ones are medieval-tier. That's the main difference. In a Feral World the planetary governor likely rules from an orbital station and has very little to do with the planet itself beyond rounding up the most dangerous tribes to be conscripted into the Guard and controlling psykers, while a Feudal world is likely to be ruled in a more conventional fashion.

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Why did they change crons from scary spooky skeletons to "give our souls back" robots?

>> No.51218162

But they didnt Anon, thats just your autism flaring up again.

>> No.51218164

Oldcron lore was fucking obnoxious with the way it tried to shoehorn the C'tan into every unexplained mystery and oddity in the 40k setting. Andy Chambers has a lot to answer for that particular blight. The Newcron fluff isn't great either, but at least it's easier to ignore.

>> No.51218169

I actually prefer the new necron law. It's the whole reason I started collecting them.

>> No.51218171

They didnt, they simply added the opportunity for the race to have more character. You can have your spooky skellies and your crazy space pharaohs instead of JUST spooky skellies.

>> No.51218172

>while Feral Worlds have been described as Mad Max like.
While there may be worlds like this, it's not typical. Stone/bronze age tribes are more common.

>> No.51218182

Because they're more relatable now.

It also makes modifications to your army more sensible fluff-wise.

I don't really like it

>> No.51218186

>Andy Chambers has a lot to answer for that particular blight

Change C'tan to Xel'Naga and you have SC2.

>> No.51218189

wrong picture

>> No.51218194

Not the guy you both replied to.

Where does it say that in the old codex?

Where does it say you can do that in the new codex?

>> No.51218205

Oldcrons were effective Tyranids 2: Electric Boogaloo as far as the setting is concerned. Just another faceless existential threat.

>> No.51218213

So I picked up Dark Vengeance and the starter paint set, with a friend today, as our first entry into 40k.
I got the Dark Angels side.

What do I need from here? I know I want the dark green paint, what else?
Where would I go for building a decent army with em, to play outside the DV scenarios?
Anything else I should pay attention to, or pick up?

>> No.51218218


Shut your flesh hole, jive turkey.

>> No.51218226

Dont mess with Chambers ¬_¬

>> No.51218227


Didn't get enough responses yesterday?

>> No.51218228

Pretty much. I've been playing since 3rd edition and while it's true that Chambers did a lot for the game, he doesn't deserve to be viewed with the sort of nostalgia which people regard him. He was obsessed with forcing the setting down a path of his choosing, and left in a tantrum when the higher ups told him he couldn't.

>> No.51218229

Any army builders that have added the Castellans of The Imperium yet or am I stuck going through every book for all the possible points costs and options?

>> No.51218234

Anons, is Red Tithe in epub yet?

>> No.51218242

>Where does it say that in the old codex?
In the fluff section? C'tan went from the name of the Callidus's sword to the Deceiver being responsible for almost everything. It was annoying.

>Where does it say you can do that in the new codex?
Rank and file Necrons are still mindless skellies, You now just have differentiated leaders rather than them being completely faceless as well. And if you want your armies leader to be a stoic doom of worlds, you can do that.

>> No.51218248

Er you go.
Fall of Cadia epub when?

>> No.51218250

Nope, I got one, and it answered just the one question.

>> No.51218256


>In the fluff section? C'tan went from the name of the Callidus's sword to the Deceiver being responsible for almost everything. It was annoying.

Can you be more specific please? Thanks.

>And if you want your armies leader to be a stoic doom of worlds, you can do that.
Are there any examples of this in the codex, or other currently canon material, or is it more a case of building your own fluff?

>> No.51218277

>Are there any examples of this in the codex, or other currently canon material

Maynarkh Dynasty in the Fall of the Orpheus book is pretty much oldcron dynasty.

>> No.51218287

>Can you be more specific please? Thanks.

>The Deceiver created untouchables in humanity, so they could be harvested and turned into Pariahs (back when they were a thing) when the Necrons woke up again
>The Nightbringer is why every species in the galaxy is afraid of death
>The C'tan were behind the disappearance of the Old Ones
>The then-mythical War in Heaven was due to the Necrons and C'tan
>The Void Dragon is buried on mars and gave rise to the Adeptus Mechanicus
>The Outsider was implied to be influencing the Tyranids in some way

And that's just what I can remember off the top of my head. There could well be more that I've forgotten.

>> No.51218325

I liked the idea how Deceiver lurded Abaddon into Gothic War to get rid of Blackstonefortress.

>> No.51218332


>The Nightbringer is why every species in the galaxy is afraid of death

It was even more obnoxious than that. Chambers tried to spin it as the reason the Eldar empire fell even though that makes no fucking sense for a reincarnating race. Their entire problem was they were complacent and feared nothing.

>> No.51218338

>What do I need from here?
More models. The DA armored assault box would be a good deal (https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Dark-Angels-Gauntlet-Tactical-Squad). Rhinos are good. But as for what else to buy exactly, that's up to you and what you want to play. When you're just starting out I'd pick a few things from each slot you like the look of. So in your case grab some Heavy Support. Maybe a Devastator squad, or Devastator Centurions.

>I know I want the dark green paint, what else?

The above videos will show you how to paint your dudes to a basic tabletop standard. Look at the other tutorials in the channel for ideas of where to go with advanced techniques to improve the shading and highlighting from there.

>Where would I go for building a decent army with em, to play outside the DV scenarios?
Most of this is just experience, but you may want to look at other peoples armies posted to forums like Dakkadakka or Bolter and Chainsword.

>Anything else I should pay attention to, or pick up?
Please learn the rules of the game and your army well.

>> No.51218343

thank you anon!

>> No.51218358

What is the conventional wisdom regarding Death Guard Aspiring Champion weapon load-outs? You're already hitting after MEQs, so is it better to go accept your fate and take a power axe? And if you're taking a power axe, should you just go for broke and take a power fist instead?

>> No.51218363

Christ, I forgot about that. Then again, with all this Time of Ending/Gathering Storm bollocks GW is forcing down our throats these days, maybe Chambers had the last laugh after all.

>> No.51218375



You're I3, basically everyone is striking before you, there's no reason not to.

>> No.51218377

Who/what are Exodites? People were talking about them in that thread about the gyrinx model and all I could pick up was 'dinosaur-riding wood elves in space.'.

>> No.51218389

Champion, thanks.

>> No.51218391

>>The Outsider was implied to be influencing the Tyranids in some way

Nope. don't lie.

Eldar legend which are often said that are not based on historical fact.

>> No.51218394

Naked or just Melta Bombs.

>> No.51218398

Wood elves in space.

>> No.51218402


That's basically it. They're Eldar who left the craftworlds after the Fall, but never went to Commoragh. They went to Maiden Worlds instead, and became hippies. They're 40k's Wood Elves.

>> No.51218403

Axe is just the budget fist, it all depends on what else you could spend those 10pts on.

>> No.51218405

>Bayonets Intensify.gif

>> No.51218407



>> No.51218410

>'dinosaur-riding wood elves in space.'

Yeah thats it, they're Eldar living in Maiden Worlds which are basically virgin planets.

>> No.51218421

Posted this in another thread before, bit did Forge World stop selling Imperial Armor One? I can't find it on their site anywhere.

Also which book is the renegade guard in? Someone said IA 8, but isn't there some in Vraks as well?

>> No.51218422

You are correct.
They are eldars that leave empire long before the fall. They live on exodite worlds sometimes they help craftworlds, and basically are wood elves in space that rides dinosaurs.

>> No.51218428


>> No.51218431

The C'tan were the face of the Oldcrons.

But anyways people said that Newcrons diversified the Necrons so cite me a single example of a Newcron dynasty working for or worshiping the C'tan. Where is this option?

Notice that the people who like the Newcrons are either Eldarfags who are total cunts or Nidfags who are total hypocrites because they rage at every new fluff that pops up.

>> No.51218432



Dammit. I was hoping for badasses, not pot-smoking, patchouli-wearing, unwashed fops to stoned to get out of their van to put up a fight.

>> No.51218434

>but isn't there some in Vraks as well

The Vraks one is a variation of the generic list in IA8. Get Vraks if you want to use The Purge detachment otherwise just get the IA8 one.

>> No.51218435

>Also which book is the renegade guard in?

>> No.51218436

When the Eldar culture first began to slide into degeneracy, long before the Craftworlds were launched, a number of Eldar grew disgusted with the path their society was taking. They abandoned their home systems and went to found isolated colonies throughout the galaxy, keeping themselves pure through hard, honest work. Those are the Exodites - after the Fall they developed a symbiotic relationship with their worlds, weaving Wraithbone through the planet and creating a 'world soul', basically a sort of gestalt sapience spread across the ecosystem. They trade with other Eldar, exchanging goods that can't be grown or manufactured on the Craftworlders in exchage for soulstones and protection when invaded, and are well known for raising and training large lizards for both food and war-mounts.

Basically, they're Amish/hippy Eldar that ride dinosaurs.

>> No.51218437


>Eldar legend which are often said that are not based on historical fact.

No one is saying it's hard canon, just that it's a stupidly contrived way to play up Crons as a big threat and shoe horn them into a setting that existed fine without them.

>> No.51218449

>Who/what are Space Marines? People were talking about them in that thread about the marine-inside-marine model and all I could pick up was 'SPESS MAHREEEN.'.

>> No.51218467

It's stupid to take it as fact in-verse because the harlequins stories are like water. They change with every telling adding details or removing to make the story more appealing to the crowd. They are not historical records they are shows and the entertainment is ore important than facts.

That story is just meant to show that the C'tan were there during the WiH and were a serous threat. Anything else is just space clown being showmen.

>> No.51218477


I feel like you didn't even read the post. I specifically said no one took it as hard canon. The fact it was trying so hard to make crons seem a serious threat in ways that didn't make sense was the exact thing I criticised.

>> No.51218483

>Been running Green Tide lists on and off
>Just realized that if I roll on Strategic Traits and get Master of Ambush I can Infiltrate the entire Tide.
>Orks also get a relic that gives a free roll on Strategic Traits
>2 chances with rerolls to get this

Sure it's not certain but if that goes off it'll be fun.

>> No.51218503

Still gotta be a fair distance away, especially if they can see you, and they definitely CAN see at least some of your horde no matter how dense your terrain is.

Also all it takes to fuck that over is an Inquisitor with skulls or Greyfax with her 24" 'no infiltrating pls' bubble.

>> No.51218518

>new faction being introduced in the WD
>they hype it up in the issue


And you lie. You took it as fact that the Nightbringer was responsible for the fall of the Eldar.

>> No.51218524

>I can Infiltrate the entire Tide.
At that point you should just give up and play GSC.

>> No.51218535

Oldcron fluff was universally reviled when it came out anon.

>> No.51218543

>Gathering of the Storm confirms that the Necron Pylons are the only things keeping reality afloat from being dragged into the Warp and consumed

Does this confirm that all other galaxies have been drowned in the Warp? So that's why the Tyranids are running. They fleeing galaxy after galaxy as the galaxies collapse into the Warp.

>> No.51218550

Not by the guys who played the Oldcrons and DOW 1 games.

>> No.51218559


>> No.51218565


>> No.51218577

Does anyone ever get into arguments with people who have little knowledge of the rules?
Some guy I played kept asking why his AP3 bolters only wounded on 3s, and I explained twice that AP only effects armour.

>> No.51218578


You're still not actually addressing any point being made. No one is saying you can't hype up the new faction. They're saying you can't hype up the new faction in a way that makes no sense and pretends they've always been there whilst creating plot holes and necessitating retcons.

>You took it as fact that the Nightbringer was responsible for the fall of the Eldar.

I literally said the complete opposite. Twice. No one takes it as hard canon. It's a legend, but what the legend tries to suggest by saying, "the seed of the Eldar's downfall was sown, and ultimately, the way of reincarnation was closed to them forever", makes no sense and tries to fill a niche that never needed filling.

If the only response you can give to a legend is that it's probably wrong then it's worthless fluff isn't it?

>> No.51218582

Looking at Celestines blessings I've had an idea.

Take an Exalted Court of Imperial Knights, then take a barebones detachment that you can smack Celestine in. The wording of the LoW blessing is unique in that it lasts for the rest of the game. So start Celestine within 12" of the entire court and they all get IWND for the rest of the game.

Then just chuck Celestine at the nearest enemy I guess.

Never get a game ever/10?

>> No.51218590


At worst it gets you 6 inches closer. And an added bonus is freeing up more of your deployment zone. Generally when I deploy with a Green Tide list it's quite difficult to find room to put down my other units.

>> No.51218602

>Never get a game ever/10?

You're taking an Exalted Court. Anyone willing to actually play against that isn't going to be phased by IWND showing up.

>> No.51218604


Cheers for that.

So with Traitor Legions, is it ever worth taking Plague Marines over MoN squads?

Also, if you intend to footslog would it be better to take a heavy weapon rather than doubling up on special? Mechanised squads I would go double plasma/melta, but I sort of love the idea of an infantry horde slowly marching across the board to take advantage of relentless /FnP/maybe stealth.

>> No.51218618

>is it ever worth taking Plague Marines over MoN squads?
Only if you're trying to do some weird strat with Plague Colony,

>> No.51218621

I don't know, people tend to get especially salty about wounds/hullpoints coming back.

Just look at the reaction to Cawl, half his rules involved avoiding damage or repairing himself and he's talked about in the same tones as Riptides.

>> No.51218634


since it appears there are old cron lore folks here I have a question that's been bothering me for ages.

The Necrotyr developed their hate for life because they are stuck on a radiation blasted armpit of a rock correct?

My question is how the necron because such a widespread threat if the grand total of necrons were a single planet's population that was converted by the C'tan.

I don't asume post transformed necrons had any way of reproduction, so the whole war in the heavens should have been on a very limited scale since the necrons were a finite force right?

If they could get off world and escape their planetary shitbed, and build vast empires, why go the full "fuck life, let's go to war with the eldar and Old ones!" if they were busy cultivating life through empire building?

I'm honestly curious about this, the newcron atleast give an half arsed political angle to work with if nothing else.

pic unrelated.

>> No.51218635

>I literally said the complete opposite. Twice. No one takes it as hard canon.
See >>51218332

How can you say one thing and mean something else. Double think here people. The WD and Tau codex that introduced the Tau has an Eldrad quote that basically says that the Tau will take over the galaxy. Are you going believe that as well?

How can you lie like that? The first post shows your intention. You cannot change it

Anyways, they can hype a faction in whatever way they want. All factions get hyped up like the best thing ever. And ACTING?PRETENDING to be bothered by plotholes and retcons in a setting so rife with them because the author simply don't care is stupidity itself. You have no leg to stand upon. Oldcrons weren't the first or the last retcon. Certainly weren't the most sweping setting retcons out there. You have the HH series for that.

>then it's worthless fluff isn't it

Worthless in anything but the gist of it. C'tan are old. They are a threat.

>> No.51218641

>Also, if you intend to footslog would it be better to take a heavy weapon rather than doubling up on special?
Probably yes. Assuming you don't want to MSU.

>> No.51218643

>the necron because such a widespread threat

Correction, became.

>> No.51218674

God the English in your post.

You can download and read the goddamn Oldcron codex, you degenerate.

Suffice to say that Old-Necrontyr, who wretched and short lived, after meeting the Old Ones, who were immortal and magnificent, flew in a rage over the injustice of fate and started a war of genocide against the Old Ones.

The war went sour and then the Necrontyr found the C'tan Gods noming the stars. A few deals later, the Necrons were created. The trillions upon trillions of Necrontyr were transformed Necrons. The Necrons vastly outnumbered the Old Ones and their allied races and so the war went. The Old Ones drew more on the Warp to fight back but exploded. The Necron seeing their ancient enemies destroyed by their very own magics that granted them immortality felt vindicated that their cold science was superior.

The C'tan ordered everyone to sleep since the warp horrors were cleansing the galaxy of sentient life. The rest is history.

>> No.51218675

>Don't lie
>You're lying
>G-guys, stop l-lying!

I see the Necron Internet Defense Force has arrived, right on schedule.

>> No.51218685


This is either a whole new level of shitty reading comprehension or you're just baiting. What exactly am I "lying" about?

>> No.51218690

I guess you could call them retcrons.

>> No.51218701

>Nobody cares it as hard canon
>right after he took it as hard canon

Please just stop.

>> No.51218711

Why won't they just lie? The other guy said that Outsider was responsible for the Tyranids in some way when it's never stated anywhere.

>> No.51218715

how many reees would I get if I painted by salamanders to look like they are of European decent?

>> No.51218717


Where did I take it as hard canon? I said 4 times it wasn't.

>> No.51218722

You've made your last pun, Mexico

>> No.51218729

None. Their geneseed changes their skin and eyes, not their facial features.

>> No.51218742

Speaking about lies.

Anon keep saying that the War in Heaven is what screwed the Warp and filled it with daemons and warp monsters. This is false.

The Old Ones constructed the Webway to circumvent the Warp which they viewed as dangerous (Talon of Horus). The Old Ones also built massive planet sized warp prisons to imprison and contain trillions of daemons and warp entities way before the War in Heaven happened (Traitor's Hate/Angel's Blade).

This shows that the Warp wasn't a cheerful and peaceful place as anons claim. But anons will keep saying that bullshit because it fits their C'tan/Necrons did it narrative.

>> No.51218749

hey guys i started watching gameplay videos of eisenhorn xenos (i know the game sucks i just wanted to see how they portrayed the characters etc. as I read the book). now there is an eerie chanting around the cockpit area in the cutter right before they took off for the sun dome. where does it come from? it is not explained in the novel

>> No.51218750

well I meant paint them white

>> No.51218751


Because another faceless NPC faction was boring, that's the Tyranids thing

>> No.51218759

So you are saying that the tyranids are boring?

>> No.51218778


Tyranids always had recognisable creatures assigned names which is different from having personalities, agendas, goals and subverting the entire factions ethos

>> No.51218794

Can I just take a moment to lose my fucking shit over the fact that they had a chance to make a good Eisenhorn game with Mark Strong as Eisenhorn and how Colossals they managed to fuck it up?

>> No.51218800

>Where does it say you can do that in the new codex?
Destroyer Lords and most lower rank Crons are effectively the old unthinking kill-bots. There's also no reason why you have to adhere solely to GW precedent, you can fluff your Dynasty/Tomb World as being under control of a C'tan shard and having the upper echelons filled with Destroyers if you want to recreate Oldcrons as closely as possible within the new lore.

>> No.51218810

Lelith is such a fridge

>> No.51218834

Why does everyone hate finecast?

>> No.51218846


They're wearing power armour. That's the comfortable way to stand with four inches of ceramite between your thighs.

>> No.51218851

>Destroyer Lords and most lower rank Crons are effectively the old unthinking kill-bots.

The fuck? The Destroyer Lords and basically all destroyers are sentient and they can talk. In fact, they coo and laugh as they kill the living. A destroyer character was humming as he was flaying the living. They are lunatics.

Also the most important part of the Destroyers is that they don't acknowledge no authority save their desire to purge all life in the galaxy. They bend their knees to no one partly because they gave no knees!! This what I why you guys lie. You intetionally try to make the Newcrons something that they are not.

And I can can fluff my space marines as girl marines and fill them with ratling shotas and it would be as canon as a C'tan following dynasty.

>> No.51218863

Because resin's fragile, toxic, and easily warps it can often be a pain to prepare.

Finecast in particular because GW had plenty of problems with their resin casts in the early days while they were still figuring it out. There were plenty of horror stories of bubbles, flash, and miscasts floating about online. I guess the reputation has stuck.

>> No.51218867

Was it just gameplay they fucked or is the dialogue horrible as well?

>> No.51218877


Give them their 5th ed codex back, but change Webway Portal to the current iteration.

Holy shit the new Webway Portal is so good. Venom of blasterborn with one is hilarious.

>> No.51218880

Because it always comes warped, with huge chunks missing from bubbling or missing parts. Assuming it doesn't come with any or all of the above, it will warp if your country has any sort of decent heat during summer. It's soft and easy to break and it gets marked up in price for no fucking reason. Yes I know this is b8.

>> No.51218882

> New army can do the best things that the orks could do better
> In a flexible way
> MSU enough to not just get wiped out
> Rending
> Did I say rending
> Have Better deffrollas than orks
> Not I2.jpeg
> First turn assault
> Still better at shooting (with their at guns at least)
I just want to die, it's like I'm fighting a war against GW and they keep trying to sell me models that I don't want

>> No.51218889

>melee focused armies

>> No.51218890

They fucked up the gameplay. It was literally a mobile game they ported so it was one button combat. You can't fuck up dialogue when you're copy and pasting word for word the Eisenhorn books.

>> No.51218891


So marines have a permanent ceramite wedgie?

>> No.51218896

First and only resin model I bought was a finecast Castellan Crowe, and his entire hand and the pommel of his sword were bubbly as fuck.
We're talking beyond my ability to repair. I ended up sawing off said hand and pommel, threw the model away two months later because I got so sick of the sword breaking off all the time.

Finecast a shit.

>> No.51218900

Not, just asked because I was looking into getting Coteaz and saw the he was finecast. Wasn't sure what the huge problems were.

>> No.51218902

Finecast is non-toxic. My guess is GW doing a non-toxic formulation is one of the major reasons it's so much more fragile.

>> No.51218903

Does it sound convincing, though? Or did people give overly flamboyant performances that make it cringy to listen to?

>> No.51218905

Coteaz's metal.

>> No.51218910

>And I can can fluff my space marines as girl marines and fill them with ratling shotas and it would be as canon as a C'tan following dynasty.
Sure you can anon, they're your dudes.

>> No.51218917

do warlord traits stack ?

>> No.51218919

Can unbound and formations be used in the same list? E.g. unbound chaos plus a helbrute mayhem pack?

>> No.51218928

Yep, but the point is what is canon-wise. You cannot write C'tan worshipping Necrons and claim it's fluffy.

>> No.51218929

Not anymore Famalamadingdong. >>51218900
You're better off tracking down a second hand metal version. If a model can be found in metal and it's the same sculpt, just do it. Save yourself the hassle of dealing with Realistic Battle Damage (TM).
From what I saw of it Mark Strong did an ok job at it but that's just his voice in general. Apparently the rest of the cast is hit and miss

>> No.51218930

plus they somehow managed to make the character models and animations as bland as possible.

>> No.51218931

No, I have him myself, bought him in October and he's Finecast.

Mine came out fine though.

>> No.51218933

They've worked out most of the kinks in finecast these days. The major downside with it is that it's extremely fragile, more so than normal resin.

>> No.51218939

I have him in my hand it's resin.

>> No.51218940

I may take a look at the cutscenes then, if anyone's bothered to sit through the entire game and compile them on youtube.

>> No.51218945


The most toxic material I've worked with has to be Milliput. I touched my eye whilst handling it and my eyelid swole almost completely shut for three days.

Use Kneadatite kids.

>> No.51218952

its also the environments. everything looked the same. for example the Sun Dome in Hubris is described to be almost too bright ot even open your eyes with a plasma ball imitating sunlight. however, in the game it looks like a street lamp

>> No.51218965

Hi guys, need ideas here, kitbashing my friend a deathwatch libby out of grey knight, black templar(this is on purpose) and sternguard bits, he's getting a staff but I don't know what to give him in his other hand, at first I thought shotgun but then I saw libs can't take em, any other ideas? He's in power armour not termie if that helps.

>> No.51218975

Can unbound and formations be used in the same list? E.g. unbound chaos plus a helbrute mayhem pack?

>> No.51218976

xth for what I wouldnt give for a movie adaptation of Eisenhorn with Hugo Weaving as Eisenhorn

>> No.51218977

Wish the people who had made Space Marine took on Eisenhorn instead. Fuck, I'd be immensely happy to see an Eisenhorn movie trilogy, but that's hoping for a bit much.

Maybe in the future we'll get the Eisenhorn game we deserve.

>> No.51218978

Fall of Cadia epub when?

>> No.51218986

then they're not salamanders.

>> No.51218987

What models i can use to convert in Maiev?
Maybe DE incubis?

>> No.51218993

Weaving's getting a little old now.

I'd prefer Cumberbach as Eisenhorn, Keira Knightley as Bequin, Mark Hamill as Aemos and Tom Hiddleston as Ravenor.
Not sure who'd play Fischig, but Cherubael would definitely have to be played by Andy Serkis.

>> No.51218996

Yes, but you can't have unbound and Detachments.

>> No.51219003

What do the rules say?

>> No.51219004

Formations ARE detachments.

>> No.51219010

Now if somebody tells me what's the thing in Cawl's ship that got Abaddon so worked up that he stopped drinking wine from clone Horus's skull and broke a table in two before ordering the Black Fleet to sail after them with haste.

>> No.51219018

Kneadatite and a loaded gun

>> No.51219020

Living Sigismund :P.

>> No.51219021

Nobody knows.

>> No.51219023

His arms

>> No.51219025

Dont understand this joke

>> No.51219033

You can't have the command benefits of the detachment. Rendering most such non-formation detachments pointless.

>> No.51219034

I'm gonna do it anyways

>> No.51219040

There is a way of thinking where both the Mechanicus and the church should work together.

Can't recall the name

>> No.51219041

Then why ask about others people opinion on it ?

>> No.51219044

Are DEldar as totally unforgiving to play as 1d4chan makes out?

Because I'm new and really want to play them, but I don't want to spend every single game getting dicked on. I know they're fragile, but that page makes it seem like every single game with them is an uphill battle.

>> No.51219048

do the people in the adeptus mechanicus actually have sex or are all the people vat-born?
sex seems like the most blasphemic thing to do for them

>> No.51219050

Celestine or one of the Gemini plus a Kabalite helmet would give you a fairly close match, then all you need it to sculpt a little with greenstuff.

>> No.51219053 [DELETED] 

Got word from a GW employee that a new Necromunda is in the works. Can't wait.

>> No.51219064

No they are kinda durable to small arms fire, they will perish against strong weaponry but by the time it can mulch through your stuff you will likely have destroyed it

>> No.51219068

idk. I really just want to paint them green and care about the common man fluff wise. maybe ill just make my own chapter

>> No.51219085


>No they are kinda durable to small arms fire

ha ha no

Everything in DEldar can die to bolters. They're probably the army that's most vulnerable to small arms.

>> No.51219088

Unless he can put 3 wounds relaiblly. In a 1v1 scenario with them just using their data sheets and nothing else.

Celestine wins by attrition.

>> No.51219092

It was the something heresy, which was a civil war that ended up purging any who thought the Ecclisiarchy and AdMech should become one, iirc.

>> No.51219093

> Don't understand this joke.jpeg

>> No.51219100

So long as you keep your units cheap (as much as they can be without compromising their usefulness), small and mobile you'll have no problems.

Remember to always target artillery and markerlights first. Anything that removes your cover is a big issue to every flavour of Elf, but you especially.

>> No.51219105

I disagree with Cumberbach simply because I hate his face. Something feels alien about him.

>> No.51219107

After playing against my friends DE army since 5th I tend to find the thing that screws over DE the most/easiest is flamers, any kind.

>> No.51219109

I thought your post was asking how you'd convert a model of Maiev, and that was my suggestion.

>> No.51219116

I recall there still some left. You can fluff the AM, S and AS working together using that.

>> No.51219117


They're even more vulnerable now. If a flamer even touches a gunboat, D6 hits.

>> No.51219120

Genestealer, then?

>> No.51219127

Oh yeah its not like all other armies have units that can easily die to bolters
> Guardsmen
> All orks
> Cultists
> All little 'nids
> Grots
> Scouts
> Rangers
> Howling banshees
> Guardians
> Storm guardians
> actually all eldar units that aren't used in comp lists
> Trukks
> Most (unused) walkers
Oh whats that? Most of these units are unused since they die to bolters

>> No.51219129

Old celestine? This can be good idea. And i didnt write this >>51219093

>> No.51219140


Want to play that game with Dark Eldar?


Oh no, your cultists will die to bolters! That must be terrifying for your T6 bikers.

>> No.51219146

Cumberbach would work amazingly as an Eldar. Distinctly humanoid but something is different about the face that makes him kinda alien.
Didn't Ravenor work with an Eldar?

>> No.51219157

Ravenor sucks ass (both the series and the character).

Only the first two Eisenhorn books are good.

>> No.51219161


Cumberbatch and Tilda Swinton would both be perfect as Eldar.

>> No.51219164

The point was that a lot of those units you'll find are quite viable.

Dying to bolters doesn't mean shit if you can blast from longer than they can or faster than they can retaliate.

The point is that units aren't bad because they die easily.
Have you seen an eldar CAD without storm guardians

>> No.51219175

im really new to the 40k universe. why are people hating on the recent fall of cadia storyline? is not as good as the ones before?
how often does such a development occur?
is this now considered the 8th edition?

>> No.51219181

I think what pisses me off most about the new Thousand Sons rules, is that they do absolutely fuck all for regular Mark of Tzeentch Chaos Space Marines. +1 Invuln when Blessed does fuck all when only a tiny fraction of your army will ever be blessed.

So, what do you do for Thousand Sons legion rules that help Rubric Marines and Sorcerers but are also worthwhile for other Tzeentch CSM? I think giving everything with VotLW a 6+ Invulnerable would help, since that way all the power armor CSM would have at least a 5++, but that doesn't really help that much.

>> No.51219182

I use Storm Guardians as discount melta/flamer delivery regularly
They're actually pretty effective, and actually decent in melee if you give them power swords. The Stormhost makes them a fairly viable choice imo

>> No.51219189

Only loyalist scum hate it

>> No.51219198

I was saying that they were good

>> No.51219203


>Dying to bolters doesn't mean shit if you can blast from longer than they can

That's the problem. Now Dark Lances are garbage, DEldar now have to get within their opponent's range for that famous alpha strike. Except it means the alpha strike is garbage because they open themselves up to retaliation.

>> No.51219210

> web way portal
> Venom with double splinter cannons and blasterborn
> Opponent survives

>> No.51219213

They are good but nobody thinks they are, they get memed on as the worst unit in the codex all the time
Sorry for the misunderstanding friendo

>> No.51219228


New DE book soon? with buffs and good again?

Shit, there goes my savings, all into minis and whores, because gotta have some orgies to celebrate that.

>> No.51219236

> Worst unit in the codex
> but guardians exist
> also 2 5 point special weapons at an 8 sized squad with ability for an excellent transport
It actually annoys me how good the eldar codex is when these guys are considered bad

>> No.51219239

As long as we can't clone Bowie.

>> No.51219251


Alright, let's add this up.

>Archon with WWP
>5-man Trueborn, 4 blasters

265 points. For one unit to be killed, before the DEldar unit gets wiped out turn 2 because you've put yourself in range. And the archon is probably warlord too, so even more benefit to shooting at the unit ASAP.

Oh boy, I sure do love paying more than a land raider to help the opponent win the game.

>> No.51219255

>im really new to the 40k universe. why are people hating on the recent fall of cadia storyline?
Certain people like different stuff hate different stuff. Some people wanted Abaddon to be more badass/successful/personally responsible for the fall, some people wanted the storyline to be more logical as a military campaign, some people wanted Cadians Shock Troopers to be a bigger part, some people don't like women in their 40k. There's no one reason. Almost all fluff will have people who don't like it for one reason or another.

>is not as good as the ones before?
It's pretty typical writing wise. The events seem like they will matter more long term though.

>how often does such a development occur?
Campaigns have been occuring every year recently. But the past ones have mostly just been "Imperium wins at the last minute things go back to normal". A more advancing plot with lasting consequences is a new thing.

>is this now considered the 8th edition?
No. Editions are denoted by a new main rulebook release.

>> No.51219266

TFW we will never see Bowie as Eldrad

>> No.51219287

>New DE book soon? with buffs and good again?
No, the next Gathering Storm campaign book has a bunch of Eldar special characters and presumably eldar detachments. Still a good new detachment could help out DE a lot.

>> No.51219288

> 2+ invuln when you disembark
> delete a squad per turn
> delete a vehicle per turn
> implying that this is the only unit you have on the board when you could have three of these squads, all eliminating high threat targets
> 265 points is too much for a unit that can do stuff
> This is just the codex creep talking here, the unit is fine if it weren't for new waac shit appearing

>> No.51219295

Aren't Venoms only 5 man capacity?

>> No.51219299

>Abaddon to be more badass/successful/personally responsible for the fall,

Abaddon is responsible for the Fall. He crashed the the moon sized remnants of the Blackstone Fortress in Cadia. Destroying the planet and ruining the Pylon plan.

That's why Abaddon tells Creed that the planets fate is sealed regardless of what happens on the ground.

>> No.51219303

>mfw Eldar Gathering Storm revives Vect's Wraith Raider Rental
>mfw Banshees in Venoms
>mfw nobody will care if it's cheese because Eldar was already top cheese

>> No.51219318


Yeah. I think both sides got a decent showing in it.

The Imperials pulled out trick after trick and showed some real skill. Abbaddon actually won though by flipping the table over when he didn't like how it was going.

>> No.51219319


Again: You get literally one turn if your opponent isn't suffering from a massive head injury. Because they'll realize "Hey if I so much as look at that unit with S7 weaponry, which every army is dripping with now, it'll disappear".

You get one turn to work, which is one unit deleted, before they get deleted themselves.

Yes, it's a unit that can do stuff. For one turn.

>> No.51219323

You can deep strike the venoms regardless and you can still pull the same tricks with one of jabbas lost barges a raider

>> No.51219333


Also, you can have one of these units. Because the WWP is necessary to pull it off, and those are unique.

>> No.51219334

Don't worry, bro, I'll gladly have cripple fights against you with my Thousand Sons.

>> No.51219341


I'm coming to steal your shiny golden goodies!

>> No.51219342


>No Ziggy Starbane and the Warp Spiders from Altansar

Stop making me sad...

>> No.51219357

Strange question,
Should storm bolters be buffed?
I know a lot of units have the option for them but they seem to be really crap to the point where no unit outside a rhino uses them.

Its really a shame because terminators with storm bolters are so cool

>> No.51219369

I wanted to pick 40K but now I am not so sure...

>> No.51219374

Sure, bump them up to Salvo 2/4. Makes them worthwhile as an upgrade for dakka Sergeants, gives Terminators an offensive output more commensurate with their cost, makes the Stormbolters strapped onto all Imperial vehicles less of a joke.

Then, just give Grey Knights their own special boltguns, like BA with the Angelus.

>> No.51219376

I think Heavy Bolters and Storm Bolters could use a buff.

>> No.51219387


And Heavy Bolters should be Salvo 3/5.

>> No.51219395

Between psybolts and force weapons being canon, you'd think Grey Knights would have some way of buffing their own weapons through psychic powers of some kind.
That would probably require a new psychic discipline but hey, space marines already have like 4

>> No.51219404

I think Heavy Bolters should be heavy but devs should be able to salvo them.

Maybe if they had some kind of explosive ammunition or pinning or something cool like that?

>> No.51219410

Pretty much all of the Space Marine heavy weapons should be Salvo. Make all the single shot ones just Salvo 1/1, and make the Heavy Bolter Salvo 3/5.

>> No.51219416

Talos/chronos dieing to bolters?
Burn your dice mate.

>> No.51219422


>Salvo 1/1


that's just Assault 1

>> No.51219432

You can't charge after firing a Salvo weapon. It's a huge, pointless nerf that makes bolt pistols pure garbage.

And I say this as a xenos player who's only ever been on the receiving end of them.

>> No.51219433

S4 Vs T7
Will blend on 6s.

>> No.51219452

Can't charge, and it gives the weapons a variable range based on whether you moved or not.

Nice reading comprehension.

>> No.51219463

> heavy weapon
> bolt pistol
He was talking about devastators and the ilk

>> No.51219465

Death Guard bikers will also be wounded on 6's.

>> No.51219467

I think it was more like Armless the Harmless pussed out like a bitch. It was only the Imperials overreaching that caused their own loss.

>> No.51219492

Don't buy centurions, dark angels can't field them. What you have to do is simply visiting gws website, clicking on warhammer 40k and checking the dark angels box on the left. Then pick the stuff you want and buy it somewhere else where you'll get %.

>> No.51219493

Abaddon was defeated by an old man missing an arm and a wounded, powerless and weakened woman.

>> No.51219502

Can't charge after salvo, also half range if move.

>> No.51219513

Don't be a jackass. The Imperium had nothing to do with them losing. Abaddon crashed the Blackstone on their heads.

The guys who reported the pylon was the thing that caused Cadia to expolde were wrong. The Pylons didn't overload. The destruction of the planey caused the pylon network to shattered and the black beam that kept the Eye away to cease. The Eye surged worth and consumed Cadia.

Abaddon won but he couldn't break Cadia's spirit so he resolved into breaking its back into two literally.

>> No.51219544

>power creep has left X behind so let's buff X up to new extremes
This mindset is what's killing 40k, nerf the relentless, ignores cover, ap2.

>> No.51219555

its called horse stance. little known fact, but space marines also practice kung fu

>> No.51219564

>give infantry shoot'n'scoot rule from Eldar, sicne DE should be faster anyways

>> No.51219569

Don't be a retard. Abby the armless ended up jobbing again so the Imperium could scrape another non!defeat.

>> No.51219589

Don't forget the ecclesiarchy relic that gives 4+ invul and no deepstrike bubble

>> No.51219591

Cadia Broke before the Guard.

That makes Abaddon an even bigger failure.

>> No.51219594

Care to elaborate?
I met him last month and he seemed like a nice fellow.

>> No.51219604

Can you elaborate on Chambers' path that he wanted to force 40k down?
I started playing in 3rd edition, so I don't have an idea of how Chambers changed things.

>> No.51219609

If DE are dismounted they're probably in enough trouble that d6" of movement won't help them.

>> No.51219610

I think heavy bolter devs have always been left behind autocannons and lascannons.

I was just proposing a way to actually internally (within the squad) balance the weapon.

Its the same reason no one takes termies because storm bolters are bad. The units need to actually be able to compete with eachother to be playable, and that can be achieved through buffs and nerfs, but I think TH/SS termies are fine right now so the other termies should be able to compete with them in a meaningful way.

Yes I completely agree with you that ignores cover and ap2 is way too prevalent, but heavy bolters and storm bolters don't bear relation to this and have never actually been equivocal to their other weapon choices.

>> No.51219620


>Abaddon's aim is to destroy Cadia
>Cadian's job is to defend it
>Cadia blows up

>> No.51219643


This desu, would at least work better for Deldar. Also Inquisimunda needs to be more popular.

>> No.51219647

What's the easiest faction to paint

>> No.51219654

Might help them get into some cover and not get chopped to haggis.

>> No.51219658

Ok, if Khorne has a great brass scorpion, what do the other three have?

>> No.51219659


>> No.51219661

Space Marines. Specifically metallic schemed ones like Silver Skulls.


>> No.51219663



>Spray silver
>Wash Nuln Oil


>> No.51219664

Space Marines. Plenty of large, flat surfaces and most of their details are pretty big.

Or Tyranids, since you can just prime with white and paint everything in washes and still achieve a nice look.

>> No.51219671

Silver Tower
Plague Hulk

>> No.51219672

space marines

but not Space Wolves or Blood Angels or Dark Angels

>> No.51219688


>> No.51219694


None of those seem to be animal-themed superheavy daemon engines.

>> No.51219699


>> No.51219706

Why said anything about animal-themed?

>> No.51219709


>> No.51219719


>Fire lord

>Gigantic Phoenix-plane with flamethrower wings

That's more like it!

>> No.51219726


Reminds me, what is 40kg's thoughts on Inquisimunda?

>> No.51219727


I thought that was implied in specifying Brass Scorpion, but I can see how it could have been interpreted wider than that so won't call you an idiot.

>> No.51219732

>nurgle tzeench and khorne get cool things

>slaanesh just gets knights


>> No.51219741

it's shit, inquisitor was never good, the FFG 40k RPGs are better

>> No.51219746


>Hell Knights are the Doom Flamingo of Slaanesh

I think I'm in love.

>> No.51219752

What I meant is if your loosing talos/chronos to bolters your failing your 3+/5(4)+++ so much you should burn your dice and start again.

>> No.51219759

so you fuck lelith, then die. a reasonable trade.

>> No.51219767

Maybe not Cumberbach, but then who? And you're forbidden from nominating Hugo Weaving purely because of the cover art.

>> No.51219770

>you will never get to play a D10 skirmish 40k game based on FFG RPG rules

>> No.51219798

The Imperium was defeated, you cunt. HE blew up Cadia.

Except we have NUMEROUS examples in the book of Cadians breaking and fleeing for their lives. It was only Celestine's powers that kept them afloat.

Only the 8th regiment stood its ground to the last because they had faith in Creed more than anything.

>> No.51219800

>plague tower
>cauldron of blood

>> No.51219809

Why does Khorne like scorpions anyway, poisoning (venom-ing?) people doesn't seem like his thing.

>> No.51219814

Someone phone forge world and tell them to put literally everything on hold so their entire staff can work round the clock to bring us slaaneshi daemon engine flamingoes in imperial knight scale.

>> No.51219816

Yeah he should really like crabs, they even have 8 legs


>> No.51219823


Scorpions have 8 legs, and unlike spiders also have huge fuck-off claws and a stinger.

>> No.51219835


Shells for the shell throne

>> No.51219850


No no, crabs have 10 legs, two of which are specialised as claws.

Scorpions on the other hand have 8 legs, but their claws are actually overdeveloped mouthparts.

Khorne can appreciate how metal it is that Scorpions have evolved a mouth that can punch, stab and crush you all at once.

>> No.51219854

>Fall of Cadia released yesterday
>nowhere to fucking find
how can it be?

>> No.51219867


Also, if you put a drop of alcohol on a Scorpion's back, it will stab itself to death with it's own stinger.

That is how much Scorpions distain slaaneshi decadence like drug abuse.

>> No.51219872

nah nah nah. you're getting it all wrong. long ago, khorne watched the first animals fight. the scorpion won, so khorne adopted him. simple.

>> No.51219886

Which fuckface made the "newest" DEldar codex again?

>> No.51219901


Observe this decadent slaaneshi fuck.

Pointless ornamentation. Wallowing in trinkets whilst being a fat smug fuck who eats fish all day.

I bet he does not even lift. Disgraceful.

>> No.51219916

How is GW doing financially recently?

>> No.51219917


>> No.51219921

they've managed to convince a horde of sweaty nerds to pay exorbitant amounts of cash for plastic models. how the fuck do you think they're doing.

>> No.51219932

Would this help Dark Eldar?

>All units recieve a One-Use Combat Drug
>Wyches increase charge distance and gives +1 WS
>Warriors get +1 BS and Precision Shots
>Incubi get Feel No Pain(5+) and +1 Attack
>Other units get one of the above, or slight variations

The idea is that Dark Eldar become THE alpha striking army. If units get into position, pop their combat drugs and choose the right target near the beginning of the game, then they can cripple the enemy enough to coast the rest of the game. If they muck up though, then you'll be struggling to scratch out a win.

>> No.51219942

"Now look at this Iron Cage, that I just found, when I say brap, be ready to trap!"

>> No.51219943


>> No.51219944


They've upticked under new management.

Turns out the dumbass everyone said was running the company into the ground was in fact running the company into the ground.

Who knew?

>> No.51219945


I'm a IG-player and I really enjoyed reading the book. And here is the problem, I read the book. Most people who hate it did not.

>> No.51219948

So I had my first game against Genecults yesterday, allied to another Admech player (Who was a dick) who brought Cawl.
Cawl is good, toasted a Chimera, two Sentinels and really didn't care about anything.

Genecults got both of my Skitarii units, my Inquisitor and half my Kataphrons by turn 2, I spent a lot of time walking around the store while the other guy shot stuff or genecults threw ineffective autopistol fire at the Breachers and Kastelans. Had to end it at the start of T3, just after all my units had finally got in a position to do stuff. I spent most of the time talking to the Nids player allied to the genecults, who was cool while the GSC summoned about 45 Genestealers for free. Not the best game ever, I will say.

>> No.51219956

I said scum, not normal peoples

>> No.51219957


>Doesn't fit the pacing of the song
>Referencing a successful villain plot with those guys
>Not an Alpharius reference


>> No.51219962

read the filename dude. it's b8

>> No.51219964

I just hope I get a powerful formation that I can run with just DE/Harlies. I'd like to avoid Craftworld Eldar as much as I can.

>> No.51219968

Let's hear your's then, fag

>> No.51219986

The thumbnail made it look like a HUE face.

>> No.51219993

>Implying that a critic has to be good at what they're critiquing.

It helps, but it's unnecessary.

>> No.51220001

Psst...Lamenters or Crimson fists

>> No.51220004

Have a 750pt game coming up and need help filling in the last 100pts of my list, can anyone help?

>> No.51220018

33 Brimstone Horrors.

>> No.51220024

see >>51219010

What's inside the box?!

>> No.51220038

Sorcerer ML2 mark of tzeentch

>> No.51220048

Plot Armor

>> No.51220063

Pics of when Abaddon was in a 30k frat doing weird shit.

>> No.51220067

i dont play fantasy but arent those knights from bretonnia, an army that is currently not being sold anymore?

>> No.51220072

How does this look?

Worried about the Sorcerer though, most guys at my club don't know how to deal with psykers and i'd feel a bit cheaty to have him there.

>> No.51220094

>3+ hour long game
>at most 10% of matters
Sounds like loads of fun.

>> No.51220105

>implying most games aren't decided turn 2, 3 at most
>implying this isn't doubly true with DE

>> No.51220108

Where's a good place to get servitors? I need some for my Baneblade's Autokrator crew, some to man the artillery and some to work with the Enginseers, and that adds up to about 15.

>> No.51220116

I want Creed to return soon (hopefully with a new mini)


>> No.51220117

Bits sites and/or someone breaking down Techmarine boxes on Ebay.

>> No.51220127

So taking Magnus is fine, but a ML2 Psyker is over the line for Psychic powers?

>> No.51220130


>> No.51220138

Wow, easy troll!

I guess it's true /tg/ is the easiest board to troll.

>> No.51220139

>taking bait this obvious
To what standard has /tg/ fallen that shit like that actually gets (You)s?

>> No.51220157

You can get the FW servitors, but that would cost a fair bit.


REAAAAL expensive.

Look sexy as fuck tho. Same with their Tech Priest.

>> No.51220169

New thread
Leave bait at the door
>hurr we aren't even on page 10
Thread has slowed down, time for a new one

>> No.51220171

Fall of Cadia epub yet?

>> No.51220175

So, what you're saying is that the Old Ones fixed everything, and then the Necrontyr ruined it all?

Thanks for clarifying the situation.

>> No.51220185

Surely I would have to be mad for that to work, I was just puzzled at the logic behind it. It's not like there aren't people that ignorant.

Now i see it was designed that way.

>> No.51220190

Looks good.
Don't worry, they will learn or they will lose.
Have a nice game.

>> No.51220362

That didn't happen because it was fucking stupid.

Chaos forces fueled by chaos lose their chaos power. Are now stronger than the dude that do not use chaos... The fuck?

Can we just agree the FoC was retarded as fuck. Not because Cadia exploded but how everything that happen there was so mentally retarded it hurt to read.

>> No.51220640

So, you can't come up with a better one?
Then shut up and take my bad parody in your ass.

>> No.51220988

only loyalist scum chapters worth playing are marines malevolent and space sharks

>> No.51221051

>look everyone, I'm edgy

>> No.51221221

>liik ivryin, I'm idgy

>> No.51221547

well warhammer wood elves are pretty badass, so wood elves in spehss may be too

>> No.51221718

why not ? just say it's a shard that mind-control the space-skellies. I mean, there is nothing saying it can't be in the new lore.
The whole point of the newcron is that you can make your dudes, why limiting yourself ?

>> No.51221780

>e was obsessed with forcing the setting down a path of his choosing, and left in a tantrum when the higher ups told him he couldn't.
Why haven't they told Crud and Ward the same thing?

>> No.51221859

Just give everyone an aura of daek glory? And let them upgrade their sargent to a psyker for 25 points.

>> No.51221965

Well it really shows the degeneracy of the imperium and how desperate they are. To even out the fight they have to rely on the powers of the chaos gods more than the black legion has to. Similar to the Rowboat/Alpharius incident

>> No.51222006

Poison or random ap might help.

>> No.51222014

Litreally Mark Strong

>> No.51222909

Even without their warp bullshit, Chaos Space Marines are still Space Marines, and they were fighting a bunch of normal humans (with a relative handful of mildly superhuman cyborgs thrown in).

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