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Walls Are Hard Edition

>Old thread: >>51194093


>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck’s strategy and card choices.

>Another resource for commander discussion; they have an entire forum dedicated to discussing decks. People often make primers, which go into detail about how they built and play their deck.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commander’s color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

Good offense or strong defense?

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I'm building Edric. What's my wincon if I don't want to use infect?

>> No.51214254

I prefer a good offense, but the problem is that makes you look like a threat.
Which in a multiplayer game, is a great way to lose quickly.

>> No.51214365

Biomass mutation can steal the game if you've got a good amount of mana to dump into it.

>> No.51214387

Can't decide on my next deck.
It is for a semi-casual multiplayer meta and I have a budget for ~$100.

Choices are:

>Mogis Punishment
>Anya Groupslug
>Trostani Lifegain

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That's a fun card in Gwafa Hazid

>> No.51215346

>tfw there will never be another block like Time Spiral
It hurts to live.

>> No.51215368

Is it just me or does life from the loam in gitrog make it too easy to win?

>> No.51215379

Welcome to Dredge, friend

>> No.51215405

But its the only dredge I run in gitrog, does it still count?

>> No.51215491

Is eternal dominion worth playing?

Is it fun?

>> No.51215519

Meh, I tried it in my talrand deck for a bit of late game fun but only casting one spell each turn wasn't great and there were only so many threats to steal.

It was pretty tedious.

>> No.51215549

Epic spells are usually trash unless you can hive mind them.

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They're never going to reprint Doubling Season, are they? I don't even play Atraxa, I want it for Ghave

>> No.51215774

Does anyone use partner commanders? I've been brewing up a silas/kraum grixis artifacts list but I haven't tested it yet

>> No.51215803

Mythic rare in eternal/modern masters 2017. And you better be thankful and grovel at wotc's feet for their benevolence you filthy peasant

>> No.51215911

Been working on a Ghave list today. Still need to cut about 11 cards. Anyone got any tips?

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Him plays dat

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>Good offense or strong defense?
Defense imo. Most of my games are 4 player pods, so it makes more sense to be slow and cautious early game rather than draw too much aggro. My meta isn't super cutthroat though?

What are must-haves for mono black, and this OG zirself?

>> No.51216247

take out all the lands, shuffle shuffle shuffle

then draw 11 cards face down, don't ever look at them for as long as you live.

>> No.51216318

oops meant to post

>> No.51216336

this might be fun for Braids.

>> No.51216431

Retribution of the Ancients
Hour of Reckoning
Second Harvest
Abzan Ascendancy

>> No.51216686

Monoblack? Urborg, Cabal Coffers/Magus of the Coffers, Withering Boon, boardwipes.

For the gontmeister itself? Panharnonicon, Conjurer's Closet and Necromancy

>> No.51216938

Post Meta.

Also I'm thinking of making a second Dragon deck but I'm worried it'll feel/play the same as my other dragon deck. (Thinking of Intet the Dreamer)

Anyone have experience building two decks with similar themes? And is it still enjoyable to play both?

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whats your list for bolas? i am interested in building him

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You've got a gay beard

>> No.51217130

Here you go.
This is my list from a month ago, atm I'm trying to work in more artifacts and make my curve nicer. So I havent had a chance to upload that yet.

>> No.51217136

Multiplayer generally, but my Tymna and Vial Smasher is better for 1v1

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>> No.51217161

thanks broski

>> No.51217264

what they be?

>> No.51217316

What's the deal with every femanon having a major hardon for angels?

>> No.51217331

Because they're all shown as strong independent woman. Dur.

>> No.51217349

Akromas Memorial
Concordant Crossroads

That's it unless you count single target stuff, like equipment or Hall of the Bandit Lord.

>> No.51217381

i though its mostly just GW in general

>> No.51217391

What's the deal with every redditor having a major hardon for rick and morty?

>> No.51217400

whats the best way to ruin any edh pod?

>> No.51217509 [SPOILER] 

dats me.

>> No.51217575

that's cool
>Norin chilling at a tavern
>Wizard smoking a pipe near him
>the wizard makes the slightest movement
>Norin flips his table and dives out the window breaking it
>the window was next to an open door

>> No.51217577

Some people like stuff because they find it fun.

>Good offense or strong defense?
Good offense. Strong, consistent, early threats are the best way to break parity in group singleton. Not to mention combos are fun.
Speaking of fun who else here /combo/?
What's your favorite kind? Storm? Eggs? Doomsday? Infinite mana /draw/damage?
I've been playing mono green storm for some months now and it's just the funnest edh I've played. Every single game is unique, many different ways to victory, some requiring very tight conservation of mana.

Getting pissy about how another member of the pod chooses to enjoy EDH. Be it infect, superfriends, pillowfort, stax, ramp, control. Whatever. EDH is about individual expression and nothing is more annoying than that guy at the pod playing Mayel/Kaalia degenerate nonsense and complaining that "control has no place in EDH." As of there's a level of honor cheating big things into play has that other archetypes are bereft of.

>> No.51217629

hahaha, hes my only commander i have. run stupid shit like mindmoil, moonring mirror, and spiral embers/fateful showdown. you know, for when you want to take half your deck and throw it at someone.

>> No.51217674

>went to work at the bar
>things are going fine for most of the night
>suddenly, fights everywhere
>some guy literally got his teeth knocked out
>I got sucker punched pretty good trying to pull two other guys apart
>immediately hit the guy back as hard as I could square in the chest
>he made this slack jawed stunned face, crumpled, and started whimpering like a bitch
>had the strange realization that this is the exact reaction I want next time I play EDH
What deck should I build anons? I want to absorb a hit, and then hit people so hard it makes them lose their will to live. I was thinking something Jeskai could be pretty cool, maybe Ruhan? I've never built Jeskai, is it fun?

>> No.51217790

Do you consider it a win for your deck if it wins while someone else is playing it? Conversely, do you feel like it's a win if you're playing a deck someone else made and it performs like it's supposed to?

Basically, what's your stance: how much of a win is the deck and how much is the player?

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>> No.51217849

Want Jeskai? Narset. Otherwise play passive aggressively and play stax. That's the best way for others to lose the will to live

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>> No.51218180

You could build a fairly efficient Vela the Night-Clad deck within that budget.

>> No.51218972

For Gonti, just put Panharmonicon and Conjurers Closet. Other nice cards are Squelching Leeches/Nightmare (Good in any Monoblack) Also, it doesn't hurt to have an Exotic Orchard so you can use your opponents activated effects.

>> No.51218994

>Atraxa Infect
So what you are saying is that you are literally the worst kind of person.

>> No.51219028

Atraxa infect isn't that great in Commander. Specifically because if people see anything with Infect, then they immediately drop what they were doing to make sure that the infect player dies right now.

>> No.51219383

Currently making a Ravos/Kydele deck and have no idea what to make my win condition. I was thinking of using things that draw big and then maybe using one of the Hyrda's or Hangarback.

>> No.51219495

You really overestimate infect. If you somehow get a poison counter to each opponent to proliferate for 10 turns it's just bad. If you want to play good infect, it's either Skittles or Mimeoplasm and the latter will be a copy of Skittles anyway and it's an instant win anyway unless you're a retard.
Atraxa infect isn't even good because the proliferate is super slow.

>> No.51219521 [SPOILER] 


You want to absorb hits and hit back AND you want Jeskai? Boy oh boy if only there was a commander in those colors and that can potentially use combat shenanigans

Giving something double strike in response to casting deflecting palm works, right? I'm not exactly sure

>> No.51219614

>10 turns
Dude, he overestimated, you underestimated. My Atraxa Infect can easily give everyone 10 in 3 turns or less.

>> No.51219773

can you clarify what you are looking for? fun/viability/uniqueness? to me, the boros one seems the most interesting but boros is painfully bad so maybe not

>> No.51219791

I have a Momir Vig deck, an Angry Omnath deck, and a Sydri deck.

Am I that guy based on my commanders?

>> No.51219795


I'm legitimately curious how you'd do this now.

>> No.51219819

Yes but it's okay, I'm that guy too

>> No.51219825

What's skittles?

I think people dislike infect because it's incredibly easy to pull off a one-turn kill out of the blue.

Like a Lost Leonin in a Kemba deck. Killing all three players in a single turn is pretty amusing.

>> No.51219836


Literally the only girl I've ever known who plays Magic. Favorite colors: G/W, favorite creature types: Angels and Cats

>> No.51219839

So I picked up atraxa, and I kind of want to do a +1 counter theme, but I have also wanted to do a super friends deck. Would combining the two work or should I just pick one or the other, and which one would be more fun.

>> No.51219847


Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon

>> No.51219849

Once I have an infect counter on everyone, it's just a simple matter of
Atraxa, Contagion Engine and Contagion Clasp. The deck has a lot of draw and control, meaning that getting all 3 out at the same time and keeping them out isn't immensely difficult, especially since I also have Padeem giving the engines Hexproof.

>> No.51219858


Damn, that was meant for >>51219795

>> No.51219894

So you rely on the fact that no one has any removal and they just sit and take it letting you do your thing for 3 turns straight?

>> No.51219902


But how are you doing all that by turn 3?

>> No.51219920


Have in mind, in 3 turns =/= in turn 3

I see it hard, but plausible if he has enough protection for the engines, but not even near magical christmasland or something

>> No.51220031

That Guy Uprising when?

>> No.51220053

hence why I said:
>The deck has a lot of draw and CONTROL
Lots of counter-spells, because I was sick of people countering my shit.

>> No.51220311

Just made a Gitrog deck, any tips mate? Got life from the loam as well already.

>> No.51220448

>turn 3
>have atraxa, contagion engine and contagion glasp and everyone else is dead to poison
I won't believe that. I don't think it's possible to kill everyone else (assume 3 players) with poison that early.
Sure you can entomb and reanimate skittles, and best you can the do is with fast mana to play Unspeakable Symbol, but having a hasted Skittles on the field you need at least 5 black mana with the symbol.
It might be doable, but really a stretch.

>> No.51220710

Don't forget lifeline

Lifeline is fucking funny with Gonti

>> No.51220902

I hate that the card text is completely different from oracle text: the effect is in fact, symmetric even thpugh the text in the card seems to imply the opposite

>> No.51220962

Infect is the combination of Poison and Wither, can't you have a Poison deck that doesn't even have Infect?

>> No.51221004

You mean "poisonous" which was keyworded only with that one sliver unless I have missed something.
You can have the old poison cards and make a deck without infect, but infect is way more powerful that it's silly to not include it.

>> No.51221052

What are some nice commanders that isn't shit on a budget? (100$)

>> No.51221055

spicy secret snek

>> No.51221112

damn I thought it had Flash

>> No.51221150

What are some staples in Rakdos group slug?

>> No.51221247

Enduring Ideal does work.

>> No.51221323

angels are basically a big old female power fantasy

they're powerful without having big ugly mussles, they're beautiful in an otherworldly divine way and they're thin and graceful

>Lifeline is fucking funny


it usually ends the game by the time it has gone a full turn. i'll often have something like sidisi on board when i cast it, and then i'll just tutor 3-4 cards and win. but it's such a meme card with certain other cards (gray merchant, sidisi) that i'm probably going to cut it from my deck soon

>> No.51221472

Getting mad because one of the people in my new online playgroup insists every deck everyone plays be free of tutors.

I have several toolbox and combo decks I love that I can't play, which is aggravating because I worked very hard on them. I am this mad.

>> No.51221499


again, the original anon said in 3 turns, not in turn 3. That's what I was talking about

>> No.51221506

your friend is right you know. i'd agree to "no tutors" rule in an instant if someone in my group suggested it, and i run like 14 tutors in my 3 decks

>> No.51221587

Pick one, trying to do both will water down the deck and make it perform poorly.

Superfriends is costly and gets boring quick

+1/+1 counters is done much better by ghave

Go infect atraxa

>> No.51221636

I know it's a long winded combo, but Myr Battlesphere + Nim's Deathmantle + Sac Outlet + Two Artifact sources that make 4 mana or more together is an infinite combo, right?

>> No.51221719 [DELETED] 

Who /monoblack/ here?

>> No.51221729

That's not impressive at all though.
My Oloro deck can win in a single turn if I've got the right cards in hand, so can my sen triplets deck, my Kami of the crescent moon deck, my lazav deck etc.

That doesn't make them good.

>> No.51221737

ashnods as your sac outlet cuts off the last part.

>> No.51221753

Late reply but I have a friend who runs this and the green epic spell in Kruphix as his wincon, ideally twincasting it as many times as possible. The deck is all mana acceleration, twincasts, and flash enablers. it actually works pretty well but there are obviously more Spike ways to win.

>> No.51221806

Reporting in

>> No.51221810

Who /monoblack/ here?

>> No.51221823

Seconding this. Sunforger is great with him (it gets deflecting palm too)

>> No.51221842


It's just killspells.dec because I got sick of losing to creatures due to lack of removal. But with all the mana doublers I got people usually kill it first cause it can get scary.

>> No.51221852

Meant to reply to

>> No.51221862


>> No.51221873

Why yes, I monoblack

>> No.51221886

Do you run any board wipes?

>> No.51221900

Hell yeah. Fuck opponents and their lifegain

>> No.51221909

It's a reanimator shell. Korlash is just awesome because he just gets bigger the longer the game progresses.

>> No.51221912


Vampire Tribal with some Stax reporting in.

>> No.51221919

Any deck that includes boros should honestly make room for sunforger. It's such a degenerate fucking card, people never know what's gonna happen.

I once countered someone's craterhoof with a mana tithe fetched by sunforger, the look he gave me honestly made me rock hard.

>> No.51221942

I want to make demon tribal with this guy but I don't want to buy all the artifacts that make tribal good

>> No.51221979

Ok guys I had the most fun in commander with my Kami of the Crescent Moon deck. It works as a group hug but if left unchecked it lets me usually play with 40+cards in hand and win. What i'm asking is: are there other mono colour commanders are fun to play with and against it? Which ones would you reccomand?

>> No.51221984

I run a mono-Black Gonti deck as a "For shits n giggles" deck. Lots of "Everyone sac" and "Return from grave to field to make sure Gonti is hitting the field as often as possible. Last game, I managed to piss off everyone by stealing a Platinum Angel, a Mogis and a Havoc Festival

>> No.51222198

When I sit down with new people I always tell them that my KotCM deck is group hug, while it's actually disgusting stax + stasis

>> No.51222252

I was going to switch from bant to this guy but I only have black sleeves, should I go full obnoxious?

>> No.51222281

Discard outlet + Dakmor Salvage lets you dredge & draw (it's important you draw) your entire deck then you can just do whatever reanimator shenanigans you want. I'm particular to necrotic ooze fling with Jarad, but other fun things include:

>four horsemen with an eldrazi Titan of your choice. Just keep looping your deck until you can reanimate it with haste via goyro's vengeance (or even just reanimate)/hard cast it (harder but doable, need rituals etc).

Also fast mana is your friend if you want to power Froggy out quickly.

In a truly cutthroat meta, Gitrog can reliable pop-off t2-t3 because your deck is essentially a Hermit Druid combo that takes advantage of one of its pieces being in the zone.

Hope that helps!

>> No.51222290

I'm ready to RIP!!!

My nigga. I ran him as pure stax, he's pretty good for it.

>> No.51222312

Don't forget Snake Cult Initiation.

>> No.51222313

>Kaseto's new best friend

>> No.51222358

and their boards, and their lands, and their cards in hand

>> No.51222379

I don't know, I don't like him in the front seat, just in the 99.
>that feel when dropping him turn 4 against guy with bunch of fetches and Birthing Pod.

>> No.51222394

Good offense or strong defense?
I'm a red player. An overwhelming offense is the best defense.

>> No.51222434

You dirty monster.

I love it!

>> No.51222509

If you had mindslaver that's evil.

>> No.51222618

Underrated card desu

>> No.51222659

Isn't that just a tier-2-fuck-you board wipe?

>> No.51222731

it's been a "reset the game" card for me in most cases and put me ahead enough to seal the win.

>> No.51222765

Of course. I made originally an assumption that he meant in 3 turns and not by turn 3, so I thought he meant the opposite. Besides, I can kill people in a single turn with my Monoblack Skittles with poison. It's not really that hard.

>> No.51222783

That would be Blight Mamba. That one does just 2 poison whenever it connects.

>> No.51222850

>ask about edh groups at prerelease
>one group has a no stax, MLD, and mill house rule
>Meta has animar, narset, meren, ghave
I don't know if I should join.

>> No.51222889

Do it, run Kiki combo-control, and be the best that ever was

>> No.51223132

Pulled this in the prerelease.
Wat do?
Should i sell it now or wait until price goes up or trade it for something nice?
Any help is appreciated D:

>> No.51223135

No mill? What the fuck? Mill is weak as shit in EDH.

>> No.51223189

Sell it unless you are keeping it for the long term.

>> No.51223196

the house rules are obviously to get rid of anything people think feels bad
I think house rules are fine, but house rule bans are bullshit

>> No.51223200

>wat do?

Learn how to use a camera, you complete waste of genetic material.

>> No.51223206

One time a guy apparently milled everyone out at the same time and they hated it.

>> No.51223220

You sell the modern staple and buy things you need or want, as opposed to shoe-horning it in somewhere and having it inevitably be underwhelming

>> No.51223299

Angels are hot.

>> No.51223301

altar of the brood? they should see it coming now

>> No.51223341

My group's only houserule is this:
When mulliganing, you either Partial Paris with no scry, or Vancouver and get your scry. We also strictly watch eachother to make sure we're Parising correctly.

>> No.51223353

what's a good commander for duel commander if I want midrange/combo skill intensive deck?

>> No.51223453

then they should man up.

>> No.51223474

Favorite card to cheese with?

>> No.51223523

When a buddy of mine killed the Spike-iest player we know with a 30-life Hatred out of nowhere, the Spike stormed from the table for a smoke break and didn't come back for twenty minutes.

It was glorious.

>> No.51223528

Random Boros commander anon here. Threw this together out fo stuff I had, and kind of have a good feeling about it. It's tough, trying to include enough stuff so that each commander is worth it, but I think I'm on the right path. Feel free to give me any feedback.

It's basically a tribal/equipment subtheme with legendary tribal. Don't have either Avacyn, but might pick them up.


>> No.51223554

Not yet. I was considering Chainer

>> No.51223590

Awesome man thank you so much!

>> No.51223681

mono black is love mono black is life

>> No.51223752

Who do I build next, lads?

>Hidetsugu brinkmanship
>Alesha hatebears
>Arcanis massive draw/LabMan

>> No.51223759

reporting in

>> No.51223763

Maybe just a few spells that target your own creatures for Anthrax and Cyanide. Launch the fleet and a few good auras should do.

>> No.51223772


>> No.51223789

Thought about slipping in Zada, Sunforger, Launch the Fleet, and Brute Force but I wanna see how the deck works as is. Anax is like Kalemne, where they're still good just suited up. Thanks though.

>> No.51224101

no need for manslaver, the guy took like 20 from it.

>> No.51224105

Fair enough. Zada with launch the fleet is spicy though.

>> No.51224234

>tfw got recently BTFO by a 30-life Hatred on turn 4 after playing a Spikey deck
The guy wasn't playing an Emrakul deck, was he?

>> No.51224254

>Good offense or strong defense?
For me? Good offense. Probably more universally true? Strong Defense. Magic is a reactive game. Making the first move can often spell disaster.

I built this deck originally because I wanted to do something with King Macar, and it kinda snowballed from there. Thoughts, critiques, suggestions? I know mill is sub optimal, but I'm finding it kinda works well as a creature deck the longer the game goes.


>> No.51224301

“That is what they say I said when they found me in the blackness after three hours; found me crouching in the blackness over the plump, half-eaten body of Capt. Norrys, with my own cat leaping and tearing at my throat....When I speak of poor Norrys they accuse me of a hideous thing, but they must know that I did not do it. They must know it was the rats; the slithering, scurrying rats whose scampering will never let me sleep; the daemon rats that race behind the padding in this room and beckon me down to greater horrors than I have ever known; the rats they can never hear; the rats, the rats in the walls.”

>> No.51224367

Black Reanimator, standing by

>> No.51224554

Any secret tek for Geth? I want to play stealeveryone'sstuff.dec without resorting to the hate magnet that is Memnarch.

Amulet of Vigor seems like a must, and Mesmeric Orb looked like it had potential for filling people's graves. Altar of Brood seemed slow but okay.

>> No.51224593

sell now, the masterpiece price isn't going anywhere but down

>> No.51224922

Hand-attack tribal, reporting in

>> No.51225006

Is there any way to generate an infinite Gravestorm count in monoblack?
I'm building Toshiro Umezawa and it seems like a good card in general, even better if you can strip everyone's entire deck

>> No.51225027

Short term you mean.

In 5-6 years they will be MUCH higher than they are now, assuming no reprints for the cards.

>> No.51225044

Ashnod's Altar, Nim Deathmantle and any undying/persist creature works well for example

>> No.51225075

Gravecrawler+Phyrexian Altar as long as you have another zombie in play

>> No.51225092

no they won't
look at the zendikar expeditions. they'Re slowly but steadily falling in price and the same will aply to masterpieces if there isn't a mjor buyout or something

>> No.51225120

Glad to see all the monoblack love ITT

Whats the one black card you put in every deck? Not an essential card overall, but a card essential to you for personal reasons

>> No.51225137

What commander flies so far under the radar that opponents don't take it seriously, but can pull off overwhelming wins unexpectedly?

>> No.51225139

Weird way of spelling elves.

Yup. I have a nice little Rhys, The Redeemed deck sitting around for when a stray girlfriend shows up to play. They love it and one time one of them even bought a couple cards to put in it. It's pretty neat. I like getting new people into the game, even just casually.

>> No.51225147


>> No.51225152

Nothing in black, that's for sure. Every multiplayer game I get grouped up against

>> No.51225186

Something mono-red that isn't Daretti or Purphoros

>> No.51225214

I have no idea why, but 8.5 tails. People don't pay attention and then suddenly no one can play Magic anymore and everyone's dying from commander damage 2 points at a time. Super frustrating.

Also, my Omnath, Locus of Mana tends to do that. But that's mostly because it can go from zero to 60 in one turn, not because it's low profile.

>> No.51225253

Can't think of any reason not to. Hardly ever gets enough attention to get blown up, but nets you consistent card advantage (and a nice boost to devotion for Gary) at a negligible cost.

>> No.51225288

>starved for card draw in Slobad
>can't find space for more draw spells and engines

>> No.51225413


I love this.

>> No.51225434

You need some Hidetsugu in your life.

>> No.51225490

Dictate of Erebos, Phyrexian Reclamation, and Vampiric Rites

Such a good value engine. You get free edicts, card draw, and reanimation.

>> No.51225491


So, all you need is Dictate to the Twin Gods and "Tap = Win"

>> No.51225507

You'd blow yourself up too. Hence why things like Glacial Chasm and Fortune Thief are must-haves on your field if you're going to drop the hammer.

>> No.51225523

No, because he would kill you as well... Now, if you put that in a Gisella deck, then yes, it's "Tap, all opponents take their life-total as damage, You take 1/4 of your life as damage"

>> No.51225544

Gratuitous violence, curse of bloodletting furnace of rath etc.. is probably a better idea if you don't want to suicide yourself while your doing that.

>> No.51225549


>> No.51225566

Nevermind, I just remembered furnace effects all damage like dictate of the twin gods does.

>> No.51225797

Phyrexian arena in any deck that can consistently get double black early enough for it to matter.
Grey Merchant is just so good. Even if he etbs and drains each player for 2, he's a decent card for the cmc.
Geth's Verdict and Butcher of Malakir to show my voltron friends that I can still interact.

>> No.51225810

Depends on how you define winning. You want to give him lifelink with equipment or else you kill youself too.

>> No.51225857

>Tfw turn 1 wheel of for tune with Alesha when going first
>discarding Master of Cruelties and Anger

>> No.51225930

Turn 1 Wheel is a truly magical feeling

>> No.51225935

>and still the Spike did not suffer enough

>> No.51226008

Finally built a semi-budget Mizzix combo deck, would anybody be able to offer any ideas about how to improve it? Outside of expensive stuff that I dont have like flip jace or snapcaster, I have few ideas about how to further tune it.

>> No.51226313

Tainted strike. Yes I am a scumbag.

>> No.51226396

Do you have a lot of people in your meta that go tall, or do you find it sits dead in your hand a lot?

I think about including it in my decks from time to time, but I never do because I can't think of the last time a guy was being hit for 9+ by a single creature and wasn't already being murdered.

>> No.51226431

That's pretty much how I play Sidisi too, she is such a sweet waifu.

>> No.51226451

If you do that and none of your friends had the same idea, then you have shitty friends.

>> No.51226491

what are some fun red cards to fuck an entire board? some of the ones i already have are scrambleverse, thieves auction, and decree of annihilation., plan on cheezin out big spells at random with omen machine, wild evocation, or possibility storm.

>> No.51226627

It happens pretty often in my meta that someone just gets a big creature through some +1/+1 counter strategy, tribal strategy, big dumb beater strategy or what have you.

Also, I always have a few ways to make it work too. But yes, it does tend to sit dead in your hand for a good amount of turns, but in probably about 70% of games where I have it in my hand for a reasonable amount of time I can take someone out with it.

Also, my decks tend to draw a lot of cards, so even if it is dead sometimes, it doesn't matter that much.

>> No.51227053

>finished out 2 decks last week
>spent a not-small sum of money on them
>already feel the burning desire to build more decks

Holy shit HELP ME

Goddammit I hate this hobby sometimes

>> No.51227084

mtg is the most pay to win game there is, sure you can crack packs, and hope for what you need, but in the long run, youre goin to your local gamestore or online and picking the cards you need, and the most fun ones are fuckin expensive.

>> No.51227135

i bought breya and now all the best pieces are fucking expensive as shit

>> No.51227175

What are the "best" pieces?

>> No.51227337

That's fucking artifacts for you.

>> No.51227478

When is the banlist updated?

>> No.51227514

>tfw tooled my breya when she first came out
now I'm buying a bunch of weird janky shit trying to pull of some weirder combos.

Breya's the best 4 color commander.

>> No.51227586

Dunno. Why, what are you hoping for?

>> No.51227604

I know this feel. Playing is fun, but building is more fun. Finding goofy old shit that works well with your build is the most fun.

>> No.51227719


I like it, but minor changes

I'd change desperate ritual for seething song and archaeomancer for mnemonic wall and maybe fuel for the cause for something like summary dismissal

>> No.51227743

Not him but:
>unban tinker
>unban tolarian academy

>> No.51227755

I've done something like that before. we played with a guy with a foiled up teysa 1.0 combo deck that had every expensive tutor and was generally pretty spikey compared to the rest of our decks. so he combos and kills us on turn 5 or 6 two games in a row, and we ask him to change decks and he says "naaaah I need to play test this more, guys just kill X and X and X and counter my Y and i can't win lmao". then I had a nutty hand that went

>T1 land sol ring signet
>T2 land commander sphere dragon tempest
>T3 land, cast moltensteel dragon, it gets haste, swing at teysa, pay 32 to pump to 20 power, cast berserk
>next turn moltensteel eats artifact removal, die turn after because I blew my whole hand nuked myself doing that

that's the most magical christmasland hand I've ever had and it didn't even win me the game.

>> No.51227942

My mind went right to Geralf's Messenger, but that would kill them before Bitter Ordeal. Still a great card to put in the deck though, so I'm for sure going to do it!

>> No.51228139

i love goofy old shit

>> No.51228173

Honestly either tolarian achademy should be unbanned or they should ban gaea's cradle.

>> No.51228220

But it must have been a satisfying loss though.

>> No.51228343

I never see this happening. It'd be bonkers if they did it; I think the RC knows just how out of control artifacts can get.

Plus I can't use either in Slobad

>> No.51228461

Yeah, artifacts are easier to build up than any other type, even creatures.
Though I do think bazaar and cradle should be banned. Not sure of much else that deserves it off the top of my head.

>> No.51228485

nothing, really

>> No.51228509

How do you like the station packages?

>> No.51228562

Recently built a Zada deck, only to realize I have NO creature removal because I didn't RTFC re: Fall of the Hammer and friends. I don't want to take this whole thing apart, so how does mono Red do removal in EDH?

>> No.51228614

Damage. You hit things.
Alternately, you Arcbond Zada and obliterate the entire LGS.

>> No.51228650

Obliterate, Decree of Annihilation, Smokestack + Kher Keep or Goblin Warrens

>> No.51228681

sins of the past

>> No.51228689

>EDH is fun, but I feel like it would be much more fun if Esper/Breya artifact decks raped me in the mouth some more

>> No.51228715

>Alternately, you Arcbond Zada and obliterate the entire LGS.
Rules question: if my copies of Arcbond produce enough damage to kill every player on the board, is that a draw?

>> No.51228719

I would, but my other red decks already want those
Might use the Kher Keep idea, though

>> No.51228748


>> No.51228760

Damage. Incinerate, roast, five alarm fire, bolt & bros. Avacyn's Judgement.

>> No.51228788

I'm honestly not sure. I also can't remember if it still works without at least one indestructible creature on-board. I think it's a draw without lifelink, though.

>> No.51228825

Use Vedalken Orrery, so you can stack all the Messenger triggers in a way you can exile each other players decks before Messenger's triggers resolve and then end the turn with sundial of the infinite.

>> No.51228923

An exchange effect doesn't move any things unless both of them are still there to trade.

>> No.51229003

2 indestructible creatures make it go "infinite" but use the stack to see which player dies last. If you die, the arcbond triggers stop resolving.

>> No.51229014

If you're going to win, win in style.

>> No.51229056

>tfw no regular play group
>live in middle of nowhere without a local game store
>drive ~2 hours to the closest metro area and just pick a game store at random
>almost never play with the same people more than once

rover wanderer nomad vagabond...

>> No.51229067

Tel-Jilad is "own", not control. You exchange, then get your shit back.

>> No.51229072

How do you run Heartless Hidetsugu without killing yourself?

>> No.51229111


>> No.51229123

very carefully

>> No.51229133

Yup, works then.

>> No.51229134

Was this mentioned earlier? Put loxadon warhammer, basilisk collar on him, run platinum angel and emperion, glacial chasm, Ali from Cairo if you don't mind proxing it or spending 60 bucks on old jank. Etc..

>> No.51229158

>Glacial Chasm
>Fortune Thief
>Ali from Cairo
>Dark Sphere
Stuff like that.

>> No.51229180

>love one lgs
>they can't host our edh nights since the store closes early on Mondays and hosts events every other day
>forced to go to another lgs that I hate just to play EDH
>no one else even likes the store,
It sucks. The workers at the second lgs are terrible and get mad when we ask for non-standard legal cards

>> No.51229201

>get mad when we ask for non-standard legal cards
Why not buy at the store you like?

>> No.51229224

gotta love stuff with "own" in the title IE

>> No.51229271

Oh I do whenever I can. I'll check there if I'm there during commander nights. If someone suggests it for my deck. I've since stopped asking personally. Others still do though.
The other store has better prices too. I get stuff for usually 75% of tcgplayer prices. Including duals and such.

>> No.51229281


>> No.51229502

do you have the template?

>> No.51229613

I want to build 8 rack in edh any generals besides leovold to command and build around?

>> No.51229621

Combo Oona is underrated.

>> No.51229934

Just got done sleeving up Saskia and that piece of shit they sold as a deck with Marath in it a few years back because I hate myself and want to play something bad, but Saskia seems like it's going to be fun as fuck

>> No.51229995

i like having my 1 mill card in edh.

>> No.51230068


Rats were so badass in Kamigawa.

>> No.51230069

>wins via an infinite mana combo
>she isn't part of this combo, so you still need at least 2 other cards to win

Don't see how it's better than just putting kiki-jiki and the 10 or so creatures he goes infinite with in a deck.

>> No.51230100


>mono black is love mono black is life

Sure, if you like edges.

>> No.51230105

seconding this

>> No.51230107

That's cute anon, I think I'll just play Grixis and recreate Broken Jar or mono-U and hightide.

>> No.51230153

I guess the general point was artifact decks in general really don't need any extra help in this format, as far as I'm concerned. Makes me wonder how many times Wizards has printed accidentally broken artifacts compared to how many they've printed in any other card type.

>> No.51230164

This is how I feel, senpai.

>> No.51230165

Anyone here working on or achieved Club 32 (one deck for each color combination, including mono-color and colorless)? If so...

1. Which decks do you have of the 32?
2. How long have you been working on it/did it take you?
3. Which color combinations were the hardest for you to build?
4. Which color combinations surprised you by being more fun than you expected? Less fun than expected?
5. Which color combination have been the hardest to choose a commander for?

1. Isamaru, Hound of Konda (W), Jalira, Master Polymorphist (U), Erebos, God of the Dead (B), Heartless Hidetsugu (R), Yisan, Wanderer Bard (G), Gwafa Hazid, Profiteer (WU), Dralnu, Lich Lord (UB), Borborygmos Enraged (RG), Krond the Dawn Clad (GW), Karlov of the Ghost Council (WB), Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest (BG), Brion Stoutarm (RW), Kruphix, God of Horizons (GU), Sedris the Traitor King (UBR), Shattergang Bros (BRG), Bruse Tarl + Tana the Bloodsower (RGW), Tariel, Reckoner of Souls (WBR), Yasova Dragonclaw (URG), Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest (RWU), Sidisi, Brood Tyrant (GUB), Breya, Etherium Shaper (WUBR), Scion of the Ur-Dragon (WUBRG).
2. Been playing EDH/Commander since 2009 or ‘10, but working on Club 32 for about 2 years.
3. Hardest for me to build were Kruphix, Dralnu, Tariel, and Gwafa. Tariel is just difficult to work, and for the others I’m not much of a blue player; I’m black mage, through and through.
4. That being said about me and blue, my mono-blue Jalira deck is way more fun than I expected, but it definitely isn’t a normal mono-blue deck, either. And my Mazirek deck is not as entertaining as I had hoped.
5. Having a hard time choosing a commander for rakdos, esper and bant colors. Any suggestions of commanders that might be fun? I generally don’t play control, if that helps. Tsabo Tavoc seems like an interesting RB choice.

>> No.51230182

Has nobody else here noticed that the damage Hidetsugu deals is rounded down? Even with one doubler out everyone with an odd life total survives
Sounds like the thing to do is run a bunch of pingers

>> No.51230240

Rakdos, lord of riots is a fun commander. For esper, Merieke is fun, but I saw a sick halfdane voltron deck a while ago.

But you thought Tariel was tough to build? I made a tariel deck and just turbed it into reanimator wrath tribal with loads of boros combat tricks to make my shit indestructible, and a side dish of tribal angels.

>> No.51230247

third. anon demands template.

>> No.51230284

It just doesn't feel right without one.

>> No.51230310

summoning station?

>> No.51230321

Kind of a shame that black does less of this kind of thing now

>> No.51230418

yeah, for real

>> No.51230433

Nigga did you just call Toshiro Umezawa edgy?

>> No.51230483

Is there any better feeling than being on 1 life with everyone trying to finish you for almost the entire game, and then pulling exact lethal out of your ass from nowhere?

>> No.51230517

No. You vastly underestimate the power of fast, brown-based mana. The creature type is the easiest to deal with in game. The reason why Serra's Sanctum is allowed is because you can't effectively ramp with enchantments to the degree that you can with artifacts/creatures.

>> No.51230577

That's what I've tried to do with Tariel, but the curve seems too high every time I play it. That, and half of her reanimation is based on what everyone else plays.

>> No.51230692

Oh man that's spicy as Fuck in ghave.

>> No.51230803


>> No.51230818

shit ratchet bomb. sell now.

>> No.51230843

post trostani list

>> No.51230869

kalemne is an objectively shittier gisela

>> No.51230880

I just got back from prerelease, all of this unplayable garbage for the format. At least the paradox engine is pretty

>> No.51230924


>> No.51230926

paradox engine is pretty good and lightning runner could have been a sick voltron commander if it was legendary, such a shame

>> No.51230930

New green staple?

>> No.51230937

My playgroup is very new to EDH, and they all like big plays/huge creatures, so my scratch-built Alesha, Who Smiles At Death deck had an absolutely insane first showing yesterday. I threw in Grenzo and Gonti for some thieving mayhem, and kept swinging with waves of 1 and 2 power first strike/deathtouchers. It's only a matter of time before they start answering it properly, but I'm going to enjoy the shit out of this deck while I can.

>> No.51230971

Yeah, but Gisela makes a pretty shitty Giant Tribal Commander.

>> No.51231007

Got no decks that are good for paradox engine bro

>> No.51231016

I know I'm getting one for my Omnath, Xenagos, and Karametra decks. It's damn good. Maybe not

>> No.51231049

Hey everyone, so My prerelease was mediocre other than picking up a Hope of Ghirapur...I kinda wanna build a voltron deck with him.

Anyway, I'm actually here to ask which deck would be better to throw the Eldrazi I have into. Rashmi or Jhoria?

Rashmi would be elf ramp, Jhoria is usual time shenanigans.

>> No.51231093

not really directed towards you, but feel free to answer if you want
I pulled a foil one of him, I've been wanting to make it a commander ever since. I rarely play black so I'm not too familiar with the better cards that it uses. I'm considering getting the monoblack prebuilt commander set as a base for the deck, should I or not?. Also what are some good combos with him? Thanks in advance

tl;dr: how to kalitas as commander?

>> No.51231101

I really need to update this list now that I'm redoing Ruric Thar, but whatever, I'll get there eventually

>> No.51231127

>not running volatic key, sol ring, and everflowing chalice among other stupid managen artifacts
>not having like 20 lands in ur edh.

>> No.51231129

make one then

>> No.51231130

Show me Gisela coming out turn 2 swinging and I might agree with you.

>> No.51231135

The sideways picture meme is old as fuck m8. Nice shiny pokedex tho.

>> No.51231153

Rate? http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/one-too-many-gobbos/

>> No.51231160 [DELETED] 

So me and my buddy went down to one of our LGS tonight for the first time in years to try to find some new people to play with...

After we're there for a few hours, some black dude with dreads challenges me and my friend to 2HG commander against him and his buddy.

We sit down, and the black dude pulls out this fucking tower of a deck. Like, the tallest thing I've ever seen. It's triple sleeved, apparently. He's playing Narset and his friend's playing Kaalia.

Me and my friend were quickly obliterated 5 times in a row without even taking lethal damage. What does one even do in this situation? They even had an obnoxious little nickname for their duo (apparently they play a lot of commander 2HG). They called themselves "Milk Chocolate" (the other dude was white)

And the entire time we're sitting there losing, there's this sweaty little fat guy in the corner making terrible image macros on his phone about how foolish it was to challenge the great MILK CHOCOLATE to a match.

>> No.51231200

Play lockdown?
Also Fuck 2HG EDH

>> No.51231227

fateful showdown + library of leng.

>> No.51231231


>> No.51231245

Deleted my post since it suddenly occurred to me one of the people mentioned might post in these threads.

Dudes were cool enough but fuck, those decks, man.

>> No.51231260

not going to lie, I'm kind of curious what was deleted now. Mind filling me in anon?
Also, does anyone know how that would ever work? I've never hear of 2HG commander before.

>> No.51231278

That's a shitty combo.

>> No.51231318

>How does 2hg EDH work?
poorly...it usually results in a fucking landslide victory for one side.
Long story short the Anon showed up with his buddy at a shop and was challenged to play 2HG EDH against a swaglord running a narset deck and they literally went 0-5.

>> No.51231343

how? "Deal damage equal to the number of cards in your hand, discard any number of cards from your hand, draw that many cards."

>> No.51231393

Hidetsugu is my jam. Tied with my Scion deck for the oldest deck I own (circa 2009 - to present). But those pingers are a tad unnecessary. In reality, Hidetsugu goes HARD. It is probably the only viable way to run a red-deck-wins deck in this format. It's so mcuh fun. Of all my decks, it has the most kills, and a big chunk of that list is myself.
1. Play Hidetsugu
2. Play a doubler
3. Tap Hidetsugu
4. Allahu akbar

>> No.51231421

Which is why you run burn spells to get everyone to even life totals, and put yourself at an odd total, before dropping the fucking nuke and blowing out the table.

Never underestimate the power of a Bolt or a Gut Shot.

>> No.51231509

Is that a fucking pokedex

>> No.51231620


>> No.51231621


>Not playing Erebos, God of Ramp

>> No.51231696


>> No.51231984

Decklist for Sigarda?

>> No.51232072

Dropping this on a 9+ power creature really fucks with people's brain.

>> No.51232073

So after having some fun with the Yidris precon for a while, I've decided to upgrade it. Is this worth it or should I just take it apart and use the cards in other decks?

>> No.51232171

Let Kydele captain it and go crazy.

>> No.51232173

>posting gay ass 1 cost black spell
>not glorious green rape

>> No.51232248


>> No.51232249

So what you're saying is just to build an entirely new deck.

>> No.51232300

This man gets it.

>> No.51232330

I sat close to a guy who pulled one. Makes me wonder, anon.

>> No.51232336


>> No.51232399

It's got some good cards in it. If you just want to build from it as a base, it's got what you're looking for. It's got a sacrifice subtheme, so you can get a lot of value out of the deck just with those value engines.
Make sure, whatever you do, that you get Cabal Coffers. It makes every monoblack commander infinitely better.

>> No.51232486

i can only imagine the rage of someone who pulls ornithoptor as their invention.

>> No.51232545

I mean it's $50 right now on TCGPlayer, I wouldn't hate it if I pulled it and immediately sold it for things I actually needed

>> No.51232593

Well I don't know how that image got there but have a reply, friend >>51230803

>> No.51232631

>anon asks whether or not he should upgrade a precon deck
>dude just have a commander that isn't in your current commander's colors and in its archetype and run that instead!
Fuck you

>> No.51232740

>Or should I take it apart and use it for other decks
I'm not even that anon. I think he should just upgrade ydris, but you could see how the answer makes sense.

>> No.51232766

>but you could see how the answer makes sense
anon here, what do you mean by that?

captcha: euro road

>> No.51232780

>playan Slobad
>Vintage-player friend let me borrow his Mishra's Workshop for a game
>T1 Metalworker, never want for mana again

Jesus Christ. What were they thinking.

>> No.51232843

Uhhh, wait, I actually do have that one
http://tapped out .net/mtg-decks/sigarda-multirole-1/
not sure how 4chan handles links so remove the spaces between tapped[]out[].net

might be some minor variance but that's more or less the deck as it was pre-Kaladesh iirc, not too much changed and it's really to taste given how budget my shit is

>> No.51232876


Here's my Kalitas list. I won't pretend it's the best in the world, but it puts in some solid work and is probably my most consistent deck. I packed in as many stax effects and sac outlets as I could with some tutors to pull out combo pieces for the big wins.


>> No.51232891

The answer of "Use Kydele instead and go nuts". There's certainly pieces of Yidris that can slot into Kydele, especially if you just partner her with Vial Smasher and use her for wheeling and fat mana making,

>> No.51232977

>What were they thinking.
Not about how disgusting that card would be. Wizards has never quite cracked the "balanced artifacts" formula.

>> No.51232981

I was speaking more so in terms of cost-efficiency. I was wondering which one would be more cost-efficent: just making an upgraded Yidris deck or instead just making a new deck. Your answer did not answer my question.

>> No.51233106

They're both going to cost money. Neither are super expensive, though. The most expensive in the decks will probably be Wheel of Fortune and Sylvan Library. If you like Yidris, build 'em. Both are 'worth it' in the sense that they do their things well, and investing money into them gets you a fun deck in return.

>> No.51233204

>Nuke the fucking table with Hidetsugu
>bathe in the hate-filled tears of shitters who think that no board presence makes me a non-threat

Fortune Thief was my only creature, as a Morph, for most of the game.

I am playing this deck until I die.

>> No.51233219

I'm going to copy your power/fun style, I'll make my own later

>> No.51233241

I don't want to build Kydele though. I was thinking of just building a completely new "regular" commander deck.

>> No.51233395

Alright, my slobad shit is on route.

Still in early phases, no mycosnyth, blightsteel, or even wurmcoil.

Shitload of mld, boardwipes, mana rocks, artifact creature token creators, etc. I feel like I'm going to win through boardwiping enough and swinging with thopters post-apocalypse,or with colossus of arkos, or darksteel forge or something.

My question is, should I include anything like manabarbs, ghirapur aether grid, and other enchantments that are similar?

>> No.51233409

Then that's ultimately just your decision. If you have fun with him, Yidris is very upgradable. If you are feeling burned out, there's a ton of budget commanders out there.

>> No.51233532


>> No.51233545

I wanna build something that's as close to lantern control as possible in edh. Who should I use as my commander?

>> No.51233626


Hope you're willing to drop 25$ on field of dreams

>> No.51233704

Toxic Deluge

>> No.51233710

>fellow Slobad bro
You are an undisputed patrician. Post list, lemme see what you workin with

>> No.51233737


>> No.51233751

I run Aether Grid and Clock of Omens as a way to tap down my Winter Orb effects

>> No.51233768

So for Arjun, how many mana rocks do you run? I'd imagine that you need quite a few for the guy. I'm asking because I'm thinking about building the guy myself.

>> No.51233810

Vela the Night-Clad

>> No.51233946

Haven't put list online yet because the crap is still on route and honestly I have no idea how many boardwipes I should run, how much mld, how many rocks, how many ""wincons""

I'm just excited to build something staxxy, and an excuse to do dumb shit like make nevvys disk indestructible. I'll build a list sometime tomorrow if you'll still be around on edh general then :) no pressure!

Smart, I have clock of omens, aether grid as well, and I'm running winter orb and static orb. As well as smokestack.

I've got a shitload of artifact creature creators,what do you think thopter assembly, whirlermaker, metrognome, golem foundry, diamond kaleidoscope, conservation chamber, golem foundry, pentavus, etc?

>> No.51234025

>if you'll still be around on edh general then :)
These threads are my lifeblood, anon; they are the best

>> No.51234105

Oh god I said golem foundry twice

Alright, I'll probably get to it tomorrow. Don't judge too much!

Quick question.
Iron Maiden?

I have a foil rackling but I doubt it's even close to worth a slot

>> No.51234156

I don't really play a lot of token creators, when I wanna sac to the Stax I usually just play cheap fodder artifacts like what /i would sac to Slobad like Mycosynth/Ichor Wellspring, Mana Rocks and cheap utility like Voltaic Key or I'll have Crucible.

>> No.51234175

Ooh gotcha. I just figured I'd run out of shit to cast,and may as well have something to pump all that extra mana into while I wait.

I'm not running mycosynth or crucible due to budget, do you think I should still run artifact token generators?

>> No.51234208

When I say Mycosynth/Ichor I meant Mycosynth Wellspring and Ichor Wellspring. If you're gonna use token generators you should use ones that make creature tokens so you can Skullclamp them, like Myr Turbine in my opinion. I think the best token "generators" are creatures that bring tokens with them like Meatball.

>> No.51234241

Mono red is cancer.

>> No.51234256

I honestly don't know why metal worker got unbanned. That guy is too good in artifact decks.

>> No.51234281


I'm Goin to assume that's battlesphere.

That's very sound advice, thank you. Any advice you can give me in general that playin the deck really taught you? I heard he runs out of gas fast.

Maybe, definitely is a challenge.

I'm normally a black and blue player, so I'm pretty psyched to try something different

>> No.51234328

>I'm normally a black and blue player, so I'm pretty psyched to try something different
me too and I like the burn archetype in casual but red in edh is either jank or goblins or artifacts if you want to be somewhat competetive and I'm tired of timmys jacking off to red

>> No.51234348

I use pretty much every looting effect I can get my hands on, Faithless, Tormenting, Reunion, Wild Guess, and Wheel of Fortune to dump chaff and fill up on gas cards.

As for advice I'd say that you don't always have to have a lock set up before dropping a Smokestack and ticking it up. I've won games where my plan was to have more permanents than my opponents, I ticked up smokestack to 3, racing it by spamming cheap artifacts and in the end I had a Steel Hellkite and my opponents had no permanents. Having a decent amount of burn also helps you pull through, Lightning Bolt, Shrapnel Blast and Galvanic blast are all great. Just because you're playing Ruination doesn't mean you can't play any nonbasics, especially lands that sac for effects like Crystal Vein, Buried Ruins, Dwarven Ruins and of course Strip Mine/Wasteland/Tec Edge/Ghost Quarter/Dust Bowl.

>> No.51234352

how do we accomplish this?

>> No.51234420

My first attempt at something part red was wort (RB) goblin tribal.

Fun as fuck, simple to pilot but funny to see go.

Now I'm comfortable enough to give mono red a shot, I'm excited for pic related

Thank you for the advice! I'll keep that all in mind. Would you consider lands that turn into artifact creatures? Like stalking stones?

Every "players play with the top card of their library revealed" card available, alot of futors, alot of control,and most importantly, notion thief.

My attempt at lantern control also incorporates hand control and heavy discard elements, with my win conditions being the rack, wheel of torture, skullcage. Maybe even triskadekaphobiaIt's a challenge, and it ain't going to win consistently, but when it does, its going to be legendary.

>> No.51234439

post lantern list senpai

>> No.51234462

Been playing with consecrated Sphinx in my marchesa deck for a while, but it feels like I never get to cast the thing because I always have to make sure I have protection for it in place, otherwise I won't draw any cards off of it, it will just be killed/reanimated/stolen or worst of all cloned (One of the shittiest Things that can happen to a game, it's why they banned trade secrets).

In short, it's strong but too much of a hassle and I want to replace it with other draw spells in grixis. I was thinking of either Disciple of Bolas, Slithermuse, or Windfall.

If anybody else has suggestions for creature based draw (etb abilities preferred) I am all ears too. I already have stuff like Mulldrifter and baleful strictly, and a bunch of tutor creatures (imperial recruiter, Sidisi, runescarred, trinket mage).

TL;DR: What's the best creature based draw in grixis other than consecrated Sphinx?

>> No.51234479

I do splash red in a few of my decks, though I usually end up with less than 10% of the cards having red mana symbols and after buying Planechase there isn't even a reason to splash red for warp world or scrambleverse for chaos since there are planes emulating the effects.
I also don't think red in general is bad but mono red jank decks that timmy loves to build to turn creatures sideways

>> No.51234555

Daily reminder that Blue is fucking OP

>> No.51234558

doing post'em

Can't decide what to do next, Zedruu maybe? really want to build Jeskai or something with Tymna

>> No.51234574

Honestly, I would if I was comfortable with how it plays, and the version I have online is outdated.

It only wins 1/3 of its matches, and the ones it loses always comes down to one (or more) of these cardinal mistakes

1) I vomit my hand early due to natural low cmc and immediately begin to control. Before I can empty the opponents hands, someone boardwipes and I have no response, leaving me helpless and fragile in front of the 3 people I was trying to control, I get pummeled to death and lose

2) I have 3-4/5 of the following during that game, and due to my lack of money tutors, I have no means to finding what I need and I get crushed by opponents (1.things to look at the top of my opponents libraries, 2. Things to pillowfort 3.ways to see opponents hands 4. Ways to remove tops of libraries. 5 things to slowly bleed opponents to death)

3) opponents immediately realize I'm going to try to lock the game down and gang-rape me (due to who's in the command zone or prior matches)

In this case, id heavily recommend swapping the commander with nebuchadnezzar and putting circu in the 99.

4) I do not get graveyard removal (tormods crypt, relic of progenitus, scrabbling claws,or phyrexian furnace ) and the dredge player rapes me through reanimation. Keep in mind, circu exiles off the top, but many effects that remove the top card of a library just mills it.

There are more mistakes that will instantly fuck you up, but those are the big ones I've run into.
Hope that helps abit, sorry for not posting what I have

>> No.51234580

First of all, because its really fucking fun.
Alternatively, since she does it at instant speed, if you infinite mana her you have a sure win, without boardclearers fucking you up or any sort of removal, combat, damage holding, life altering or permanent wiping tricks. 3 card combos are also pretty accessible and not at all uncommon in games that last a fuckwhile (kiki-jiki's combos are usually 3 card combos too.). Oona is also a creature that's really cool overall, in terms of play and lore. On play you kill everyone at the beginning of their turns and you still has a lot of faes to do whatever retarded janky sac creatures-generate-mana or sac-boardclear you want, and finally, the whole Lorwin thing was cool as shit.

>> No.51234594


Notion thief
Rhystic study
And last but certainly not least

Mystic remora

>> No.51234629

loving it in my meren deck. it's a nice little inconvenience for everyone

>> No.51234638

Do you think itd be worth in endrek?

>> No.51234647

Trips don't lie

>> No.51234861

I love notion theif, but I can't bring myself to run it again after being killed by Sphinx with it. And before you say to run more low cost instant speed removal, know that if you don't draw it in the first 62 cards you die anyway to triggers on the stack.

My group actually pays for rhystic, so it is not a great draw spell. Still a good enchantment, but it won't net you any cards.

Also was looking for creature based draw because it's easier to recur for me by a lot.

>> No.51234922

Can you even tap down a winter orb before its effect goes on the stack on your turn? Your untap step is literally the first thing in the turn, wouldn't winter orb always trigger?

Or does it not trigger if you tap it down in your opponent's end step?

>> No.51234949

Winter orb doesn't use the stack.

I have no idea what you are trying to say.

Do you?

>> No.51234950

>find full Aether Revolt list

>no legendaries that do energy

what the flying fuck wotc

>> No.51234964

good desu, no time was wasted on a shitty energy legendary

energy = shit

>> No.51235040


>> No.51235146

Energy is a bad insular mechanic and you should feel bad for wanting anything to do with it.

Or worse, I hope they print a monowhite commander that creates energy whenever an artficer enters the battlefield or something equally terrible with no way to spend the energy except the monowhite energy cards already printed. That way you can see how bad it is after you blow the money on it.

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