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New Tyranids codex leaks, no more cruddace edition

>Previous thread

>List builder with nice pictures and shitty point values STOP FUCKING ASKING

>Freshest Rules in Epub (Use Readium for PC or Kobo on Android)

>Not always current PDFs:

>Up to date FAQs

>40K 7th Edition Quick Reference Sheets:

>Forge World Book Index:

>The Black Library

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Wait what?

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What's this about tyranids?

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Have they said when the Fall of Cadia book drops?

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>New Tyranids codex leaks
If youre trolling me right now.....

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I tried making a list using the new castellans detachment. r8

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I want to believe

But I'm still waiting for plastic Troop choice. Soooooo.

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anon if hes trolling us right now im going to be very livid and might even start a petition to get him removed from my 40kgen safe space

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here's the detachment in case anyone missed it

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he troll

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Nth for SOT are good, but rubrics are shit

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No Tyranids, but at least we're getting something.

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>*He's a troll
You have to be above 18 to post here

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GSC aberrants outside of the DW:O box when?

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Does anyone have the Dark Communion except?

Or the one about how a random CSM champion became a Daemon Prine?

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you troll

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Repeating a lie doesn't make it true. S.O. are shit. Expensive, terrible in melee, bad at shooting, bad at casting. There only strong point is that they have the potential to be as durable as TH & SS Terminators.

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>Nth for SOT are good
Scarabs suck tho? Their weapon options are terrible and they're too expensive to termicide with?

In what way are they good and how do you use them?

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Seems like Scions (since they can Deep Strike) or Crusader Squads (since they'd best use Hatred) are the top picks for the Troop slots.

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>all this arguing about whether or not a shit codex is shit
>mfw my DE are regularly called cheese by the resident Marine/Skitarii player
Have I walked into bizarro /tg/?

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Naked Scion sound best 70 points for 5 rapid fire S3 AP3 with Objective Secure sounds nice.

Add some Valks as DT and enjoy respawning flayers no idea it that is good but sounds funny

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It's possible for a list to be cheesy in a particular meta despite the codex being shit overall.

If the meta is a bunch of Deathwatch and Thousand Sons and Grey Knights players playing games of "who has the most overpriced MEQ's of all," then a green tide style Ork list could very easily shitstomp them all.

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> its vect

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Bad players call everything cheese

For fuck sake my Seraphim, old Celestine and Dominions where called OP and Broken. From a guy that had 3 Riptides at 1000 point games.

Bad players find everything broken if their net list is not winning

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How does the lost and the damned work A tide of traitors rule work? It says they get outflank and go into ongoing reserves but units in ongoing reserves dont get to use the outflank special rule. So is it RAI that they get to outflank or did GW just give them a useless rule?

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the troop scions don't get obsec from the detachments and the fliers don't respawn because they are not troops.

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With full unit, you get 3++ rerolling 1s unit with instant death and jump, plus additional buffs from another discipline. They are really good at running down and killing certain models, such as Thunderwolf Cavalry.

It won't work against everything, but it's pretty respectable.

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I think there is no use for this detachment without Coteaz, so it's okay assume every non-vehicle has OS.

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only the soc has ID, and they are what 500 points? and one of the spells goes on tzeench?
still pretty crap IMO

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What the fuck? Favored of Tzeentch is a benefit from having a full formation, not a full unit. The Scarab Occult have Power Swords, not Force Swords. The Jump is coming from a relic, so it necessitates the involvement of a 100+ point character.

Figures that the people defending S.O. have only the vaguest idea of what the unit actually is.

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seems reasonable, but I fear it may be FAQ'd out some time later, but fliers would still not be able to respawn even with Coteaz

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Dedicated Transports take on the battlefield role of the unit you buy them for, so actually yes, the Valks are troops.

You could also take Crusaders and give them a LRC that respawns, too.

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>With full unit, you get 3++ rerolling 1s unit with instant death and jump
The fuck you talking about nigga? None of that is true. You get a 3++ if you give them a blessing. Jump if a sorc uses the relic. And rerolling ones in a formation thats maxed out. Youre entirely wrong.

Thunderwolves would eat these alive.

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> You get a 3++ if you give them a blessing

>> No.51183577

What of it you retard? You still have to waste WC's on it????

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I'm willing to bet that those two "mysterious eldar" mentioned are Iyanna Arienal and Asdrubael Vect. Would make perfect sense. Iyanna has strong drive for "end times" and Vect controls most of the Dark Eldar race.

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by now you guys are just getting baited for (you)s id stop while you are ahead

>> No.51183586

>wasting even more of your scant warp charge to increase your invuln by one
Fuck off, retard. You embarrassed yourself last thread.

>> No.51183589

>gaining a 3++ and ID
Fuck off WAACnker

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i wanted to call BS but I looked it up

>> No.51183601

DT transport for Troops are Troops, the ones bought for Fast attack are fast attack and so on

Geez /tg/ doesn't really play 40k

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ID on one character. You dont even know the unit youre 'defending'. Fuck off retard.

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It's a mysterious ally who had armour resembling both the craftworld eldar and the dark eldar.

So most likely a new character that will tie the two factions together for an 8th Edition Eldar Undivided faction.

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But he said he was buying Valks as DTs for his Troop choice Scions. Are you retarded?

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So, what are the odds that the next specialist / boxed game is going to be Necromunda?

If it is, what are the odds that we get a new guard regiment for 40k and it's Necromundans?

What are the chances that we will get Arbites? Significantly better if we get Necromunda?

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I miss linked for some reason. Want this guy... the fuck he deleted the post

>> No.51183648

Actually that makes a lot of sense
I'm still rooting for new vect/drazhar modell

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Nowhere does it say in any codex besides inqusition does it allowvalks to be taken as DTs. And int codex inqusition every choice is takes an elite slot, so valks counts as elites in the =]I[=, so no respawning valks.

>> No.51183700

Can you buy Valks as DT for the troops in the IG or Scion codex? If yes then welcome our new respwanjng flayers if not

Have not have some unpainted Nids!

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>being THIS retarded
jesus, why is tg so bad at 40k?

>> No.51183723

Still offering no argument. Why are (You) so retarded?

>> No.51183724


There are rumors of a Valossian Sythrac model, and a new Kabalite Trueborn kit that came from sources that predicted the triumvirate and tzeench releases.

So we're getting something my fellow Commorite, I can feel it.

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I'm going to guess that he is whatever got spawned by Eldrad's ritual which was meant to produce a new Eldar god but got screwed up by the Deathwatch.

>> No.51183741

i gave you mine, you just gargled piss

like a retard

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Nobody on /tg/ actually plays 40k. Everyone comes here to bitch, and some of us buy the models. A small portion of those who do, paint.

>> No.51183746

>Chaos tattoos
>partially painted nids
EgoQueenAlexis detected

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Arbiters would do well with an army similar to Scions - an army based around one troop box and one vehicle. Hopefully that vehicle would be a Repressor and actually have bits for Sisters of Battle.

>> No.51183760

You thought Scarabs got rerolling 1 and jump lmao. Go be wrong somewhere else.

>> No.51183761

Who? I just posted a random image I found in an older thread

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I'm not sure about this "app reduces instead of ignores armor saves" idea. I mean, if ap1 reduces an armor save by 3, doesn't that mean marine armor can tank a vanquished shot to the face?

>> No.51183768

Tranny youtuber that loves Slaanesh and GSC

>> No.51183779

When did the 40k general become the worst thread on /tg/? It wasn't always such a shitfest.

>> No.51183783

I've just read both codices, and there's no option.

>> No.51183787

when someone trolled us by saying there was a new nid codex

>> No.51183789

When CSM gets Chosen outside DV

>> No.51183806

>running down and killing certain models, such as Thunderwolf Cavalry.

Infantry unit... running down a cavalry unit?


>> No.51183807

Because when there's nothing to talk about the thread just devolves in to bickering and shitposting.
The bickering and shitposting lowers the standards of people who visit the thread.
And thus people are more willing to bicker and shitpost when there is something to talk about.

It's a vicious cycle.

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Awwww bummer I just wanted respawning deepstriking Scion or Veterans

Yah Scion are the better option.

Immolators are not a bad choice either.

>> No.51183826

I thought Termie-armour equipped models couldn't perform sweeping advances

>> No.51183838

This is the dumbest shit I've seen since the walkers arent vehicles guy.

>> No.51183839

What's the difference between Fleshbane and Poison 2+?

>> No.51183842

Scions are Troop choices in Codex: Stormtroopera (Militarium Tempestus)

Scions can take Valks as Dedicated Transports

Dedicated Transports take on the role of the unit that bought them

Those Valks bought for Scions are Troops

Casts of the Imperium Detachment let's troops respawn on a 5+

>> No.51183845

But anon they aren't :^)

>> No.51183850

Fleshbane isn't effected by rules that effect poison, such as GCs only being wounded by poisoned on 6.

So not much.

>> No.51183858

Ignore this. Just doubled checked MT. They can't take Valks as DT.

My b

>> No.51183868

Poisoned also lets you reroll to Wound Rolls if your Strength > Their Toughness

>> No.51183877

Poor moderation. The same issue that plagues most forums. Heated opinions and arguments are one thing, but people openly shitposting should be banned.

>> No.51183886

This is my tzeentch daemonkin theme song. does it fit?

>> No.51183895

So me and 3 friends are setting up a 2V2 match soon, don't have many details but would like peoples opinions?

1000 points each, so 2000 vs 2000
>Me and ally - Death Guard and Night Lords
>Opponents - Thousand Sons and World Eaters

All I know is in the 1000 point list the WE player has chaos warband and raptor talon formation so I assume he is taking everything pretty bog standard.

How do me and my ally fair? Can we win? Fair fight? Stomp?

>> No.51183910

the "new" eldar guys armour apparently looks like some strange mix of dark eldar and craftworld according to cawl but isn't on record, most likely the exodite 3rd of the triumvate

>> No.51183923

It's probably even imo
With me thinking DG+NL has the advantage...

Unless the TS is a twat and brought Magnus. In which case gg.

>> No.51183925

But only in melee

>> No.51183935

>That moment when someone asks how to start their Ork army and random anons start telling him to take Boys, Trukks, and Nobs.

>> No.51183956

Why would Exodites have mixed Commorite and Craftworld gear? They're meant to be primitive dinosaur-riding spiritual hippies, not high tech space pirates and monks.

It'll either be an established character like Arhra who has a reason to have gear from both, a Corsair character, or (probably most likely) some asspull OC donut steel Eldar.

>> No.51183968

Death Guard on on another level compared to the others and will probably carry the day. The TS player will probably do nothing if the NL guy is smart as night fighting and shrouded on the first turn and rubrics with no overwatch should make for a bad time.

>> No.51183978

I saw this in the last thread
I wanted to correct him but
All true ork players must start with these units

>> No.51183980


Exodites have enough technology to give every single dude a jump pack. They have technology.

>> No.51183983

I keep seeing advise the start collecting kit + a 'naut to transport his nobz in.

>> No.51183985

They have the technology
they can rebuild the Dark Eldar codex

>> No.51184008

You might be getting confused between Exodites and Corsairs

>> No.51184014


>person new to the hobby asks for help
>lets give him the most WAAC list ever

>> No.51184029


>> No.51184035

Repost from last thread, sorry. Didn't get any nibbles. Casual games with poorfag Tau player.

DC Strike Force - 1000 pts

DC Chaplain - 125
6 DC marines, Rhino - 165
7 DC marines, Rhino - 185
7 DC marines, Rhino - 185
1 DC Dread, Talons, Drop Pod - 170
1 DC Dread, Talons, Drop Pod - 170

>> No.51184039

>lets give him the most WAAC list ever
That would be all kinds of forgeworld bullshit.

People mostly just advise them to take things like biker boyz and tankbustas in transports.

>> No.51184051

>That would be all kinds of forgeworld bullshit.
Are you talking about Orks specifically here, or FW in general?

>> No.51184078

Reposting from other thread hoping for feedback.

So I've been messing around with the new Daemon formations in WoM lately. Seems pretty legit.

This list has 24 WC, 2 FMC and the units in the Pandemoniad all have a 4+ invun. Thoughts?

>> No.51184091


Things that have no place in casual games like the custom stompa and that one bikerboss who has a powerklaw without unwieldy.

>> No.51184094

Orks, their WAAC list is to abuse old rules.

Real advice would be to field bikes, grots and tankbusters as bare minimum.

>> No.51184099

Isn't that custom stompa really out of date? Back when it was designed for apoc only.

>> No.51184102

>New Tyranids codex leaks, no more cruddace edition

>> No.51184106

anon we can lynch him together later

>> No.51184115 [SPOILER] 

>mfw Necrons are so far pretty chill in the End Times
>mfw my list is fun too
Can't wait to see if the Silent King appears

>> No.51184124

Nothing wrong with boyz as long as you don't spend any real amount of points on them.

85 points gets you 10 shoota boyz, a nob and a big choppa to wreck rear armour.
You dont need a transport or anything, just run 2 squads of them behind some 40 point gretchen squads for cover and they can actually cause some trouble.

>> No.51184127

The Tyranids will never be safe so long as Cruddace draws breath

>You know what you must do

>> No.51184136

anon i can only write so many emails to GW

>> No.51184153


Most of their WAAC lists abuse old rules from back before they got a royal fucking in the codex department.

>> No.51184177

The writers don't like/don't understand Orks and Tyranids and have proven themselves incapable of writing good rules for them.

Even if they got a new codex it would be shit.


>> No.51184188

I don't play Orks. Why is this memetically bad?

>> No.51184195

Looks pretty solid. What sort of opponents? Do you put a lot of terrain on the table?

>> No.51184200

Can you bitch a moan for me? I'm still waiting for orders from last years. Compete email silence and got blocked from their Facebook.

Did costumer service went to shit out of nowhere? Maybe that is how they made their 18% profit?

>> No.51184209

>The writers don't like/don't understand Orks and Tyranids and have proven themselves incapable of writing good rules for them.
Two words: Genestealer Cults.

The problem isn't "the writers" as a whole, it's that fucking cocksucker Cruddace who somehow got landed the duty of doing nids twice while Phil Kelly who wrote the greatest nids Codex and one of the straight up greatest Codexes of any army period of all time, still works there.

All they need to do is to put him back in charge of nids.

>> No.51184212


Nauts aren't assault vehicles. So if you want to attack after being carried in a naut, you essentially are forced to spend a turn being shot at.

>> No.51184227

But even GW ignore this rule when playing their own studio games by charging out of rhinos, so you should just do the same and tell your opponents "its more cinematic that way".

>> No.51184241

Huh. Maybe they had the idea that your nobz could take a turn of shooting-

Oh who am I kidding, I play Guard. That's about as dumb as ogryns in a chimera.

>> No.51184252

ah thanks.

>> No.51184284

>tfw play KdK
>use Rhinos to ensure my dudes get to where they need to go
>have to spend a whole turn of shooting and no melee in addition to the turn(s) they spent in the Rhino

>> No.51184293

>Do you put a lot of terrain on the table?
Yeah a good amount. As for armies its mostly marines and eldar with a sprinkling of crons and DE.

The biggest problems I see with Tzeentch daemons is that they dont do much outside of the psychic phase. The list has the potential to summon a lot however.

>> No.51184309

'nauts are terrible units for their points
Nobs are terrible units for their points

Put them together you get an assault unit in what is basically the land raider's retarded, low armour brother but can't assault out of it.

>> No.51184312


That's why you play World Eaters instead, sweet sweet turn 1 charges.

>> No.51184313

But now its a 170 point investment.

>> No.51184332

Why not just play GSC with Ork models. It sucks but hey Ork GSC are a thing

>> No.51184334

Any grots that the opponents waste time shooting at have instead of something more useful have already made back their points.

>> No.51184342

GW is advancing the plot because
>Declining sales
>constant demand for story progression

So basically the fans and players are the cancer killing the setting

>GW nukes fantasy and advances 40Ks plot
>sales are up and GW is back in green again

You guys are enabling them, you fucks

>> No.51184346

Some of the writers are okay, some are shit. Pretty much all of them fuck over factions that they don't like. Look at the difference between the Daemon and Thousand Sons halves of Wrath of Magnus, or between Thousand Sons and the rest of Traitor Legions.

>> No.51184347

>warbiker mobs are $40 for three (3) models
>I need 7 more boxes to have a good number of them
Th-thanks GW, I'll just put all my boyz in the trash

>> No.51184362

This hobby is expensive, is this news?

Also, gradual purchases. Nothing forces you to roll out $4,000 in an Ork Army at once.

Buy it slowly, buy it frequently, and you'll actually have a painted army as you grow it.

>> No.51184363

Because I acutally like playing my Orks and do ok with them.

I don't use 'nauts or nobz though.

>> No.51184372

I don't really care what GW does with the setting, as they've always been hit-or-miss with fluff. I just want them to start giving a fuck about the rules. It's just baffling how they seem to completely ignore one of the biggest facets to the hobby.

>> No.51184383

Let's replace it with a standard IG platoon . It has got really expensive, I'm happy to have bought all my 150 plastics grunts when it was "only" 25 euros for 20 guys.

>> No.51184386

complaining about what you just said is like people on /v/ complaining that steam users keep buying skins from valve, killing half life 3.

>> No.51184399

Yeah TS was kind of inexcusable. My only defense for that is maybe it was written with an unknown 8th edition psychic phase and points rebalancing in mind.

>> No.51184404


Reminder that they could do some good fluff not so long ago.

>> No.51184413

Shutting down overwatch and providing support in melee
Camping objectives
Plinking lots of s4 shots in to enemy squads
Providing cover saves to units standing behind them
Smashing up the rear armour of transports

I think they're worth 170 points.

>> No.51184449

That doesn't really make sense either. The amount of shit that would have to get completely reworked to turn rubric marines into a decent unit is absurd. The new powers for Tzeentch are actually pretty good, it's mostly the legacy powers that fuck everything up.

If the new TS stuffs lack of Spell Familiars is an indication of the future, then the faction is going to be even shittier come 8th.

>> No.51184460

>Yeah TS was kind of inexcusable.
I was so excited for WoM. Fuck them so hard. Compare Ahriman to Cawl or Celestine lmao. How the fuck was WoM released like it is.

>> No.51184478

Honestly, rework of cover mechanic could really make Rubrics not completely trash.
Magnus still looks amazing, and that's what matters the most.

>> No.51184504

So I've got a big pile of scions and I want to run a Castellans detachment.

But their only transport is the Taurox Prime, and I only have one. AND it's a rubbish vehicle and I had to go through a lot of trouble to make it a model I wasn't ashamed to play (pic related).

Is it okay to run Scion Castellans without transports? I mean, I suppose I could use Valkyries, but Valks are kind of crud in terms of armament.

>> No.51184507

I think Ahriman is fine. He's expensive, but he can be one hell of an artillery piece, I don't think there's a GC or MC in the game that can take triple psychic shriek.

>> No.51184521

Magnus is pretty mediocre. Way too big, the two sets of horns are too much, and the armor doesn't really match the rest of the line.

Even reworking cover wouldn't help that much. The big issue is how expensive the Aspiring Sorcerer is and how ineffective he is as a psyker.

>> No.51184523

This is why I play Tau. Sure, I'm paying $75~$150 a model, but each model's practically an independent army on its own
I can buy pretty much any Tau box and I'll be able to use it at its full power by itself

>> No.51184552

You're exaggerating how many wounds an average P. Shriek will do.

Ahriman really just needs a Spell Familiar and the Tzeentch lore to not be so crappy. A minor price decrease wouldn't hurt either, but it's not the pressing issue.

>> No.51184564

>I think Ahriman is fine.
No spell familiar, harnesses on a 4+, the disk helps but now he's 260 points in an already overcosted faction. I mean how do you run this guy successfully? Honestly I want to know.

>> No.51184573

You do know Scion can deepstrike? 70 point deepstriking shit. If you run them as troops and fit the 100 Coteaz you have deepstriking Objective Secure and respawning shit for rather cheap.

Add the hellrain formation so you can actually equipped worth a damn

>> No.51184581

I know, I'm being salty. I bought a heap of AoBR boyz off eBay when I didn't know what I was doing, and now they just sit in a coffee can. Fortunately I don't think I spent more than $1 per model

>> No.51184614

You stick him into some other list as a problem solver. Renegades and Heretics for example.

>> No.51184615

Also since you need atleast 2 HQ, pick Inquisitor from Codex: Inquisition and give him Servo Skulls. Deepstrikes are much nicer when you only have to scatter 1d6".

Also if someone is going to say "you cant use old codex inquisition in Castellans detachment", check the unit list. It states you can either use IA or I versions. You cant even take Henchmen from codex: Imperial Agents as your elite choices, you have to use I versions.

>> No.51184630

But I don't want to play World Eaters.

>> No.51184652

...It also sucks to notice that whoever made the..
..dint get the memo that old Codex: Inquisition is still valid. Sigh.

>> No.51184654

>Not playing Snakebite Clan Orks
>Not using Boarboyz as Bikers

>> No.51184661

Ooh, nice! And I just picked up Coteaz from a friend.

I'll use those wierd skull-cable thingies from the Guard Command sprue to make some servo skulls.

>> No.51184668

It's only valid in the most technical sense.

If you're taking it to ally in a 50pt inquisitor with 3 servo skulls and nothing else, people can, should and will refuse you games.

>> No.51184696

>I mean how do you run this guy successfully? Honestly I want to know.
You dont because TS are overcosted garbage. Compare these two list and weep.

>> No.51184729

Hold on though, if anon does that he can't take Agents Coteaz, which means none of his units will have Obsec!

>> No.51184746

At that point level, I think you'll be okay. Being outmaneuvered would be my biggest fear.
You're resilient enough to tie up any objective/unit with that Horror invuln, and the amount of charges you have is gonna demoralize anybody.
Make a big Tzeentchy showing at the start and your opponent will feel like he lost already.

>> No.51184749

It's true in both cases.

>> No.51184758

I did told him he is an idiot that think it is not valid.

No it is not technically valid you twat. The new FoC makes references to 6e SoB codex, Inquisition Codex and Imperial Agents Codex.

You now have can now pick and choose which versions of Acolytes and Unique Characters you want to use.

Since the new formation you can have 4 HQ bring the cheap Inquisitor for servo-skulls, Coteaz for Objective Secure and make men and women rain into the enemies of the God Emperor! When ever one of us fall, ten more will take their place!

Lasers, Bolters, Meltas, Flamers and Artillery raining into the Heretic, the mutant and the Alien!

Age of the Emperor is here bitches!

>> No.51184777

Here's 988 points of another army from the same guy who updated thousand sons.

>> No.51184787

>No Coteaz

>> No.51184792

>Way too big, the two sets of horns are too much
Anon, Magnus has looked like that since day 1.

>> No.51184813

I was the anon that suggested the SC! box in the other thread. I also suggested trukks for the mobs, since they're cheap to buy and easy to build.

As a true ork player, I recognize nobz suck but they can be fun to use in a decent meta.

>> No.51184824

To add to this, the Scions have to come from the IG book, not the MT book.the formations state what the source book is for each unit that can be used.

>> No.51184848

Except Scions (MT) are a valid troop choice.

>> No.51184868

And scions they can't receive guard orders if they come as troops only MT orders. interesting trade off, guard orders or respawns and mt orders.

>> No.51184882

Thanks for the info anon.
Scions (MT) is a troop choice.
The only reason to take the elite one (AM) is to get the benefits from AM orders which are not as worthwhile as obsec.

>> No.51184887

Yeah, I checked it and saw my error. The Wrathful Crusade formation requires a Tempestus platoon from the Astra Militarum book. That's what mixed me up.

>> No.51184888

Returning player here, used to play nids but my first return game into 7th edition was awful and deciding to switch. Hear this War Convocation is pretty gay and I wanted to try out an army with ACTUAL armor saves for once. Advice? Replace the Dominus with Cawl and this site doesn't calculate the free wargear options with the formation so its left blank here.

>> No.51184901

Troops don't get obsec in these formations. You need Imperial Agents' Coteaz for any obsec.

>> No.51184921

Which is a problem for me, because I only have one inquisitor model and I want to be able to take servo skulls.

The alternative is to take auger arrays on my tanks, but those are pricey and make my tanks and even bigger target.

>> No.51184932

Okay so how does this sound for tyranids? The longer the game goes on the better your units get to signify them adapting to the enemy.

>> No.51184946

I meant to say respawning.
Coteaz makes the detachment great.

>> No.51184947


But people aren't buying AdMech, Genestealer Cults, and Deathwatch because the story is progressing

>> No.51184953

Do it like 5th DE's Power from pain
>The more units you kill the better they get

>> No.51184959

>"Lower the toughness of every Tyranid MC? Sounds good. Warriors will also be T3."

>> No.51184967

Oh my fucking god read the fucking list!

You can take either Coteaz Inquisition one or Imperial Agent ones

Is not hard to understand and English is my fucking 4 languages for fuck sake

>> No.51184978

Dammit cruddance get the hell out of here you smug bastard im trying to make nids better

>> No.51184993

What army builder is that?

>> No.51185001

What the fuck are you being hostile over, EFL-kun? I'm not saying you can't take coteaz from C:I. But imperial agents is the only inquisition book I have, so I referred to it. Calm the fuck down.

>> No.51185007

Tyranids aren't borg, they don't adapt by physically mutating the creatures on the battlefield in a matter of minutes/seconds (except in rare outlier cases), they adapt by tweaking the genetics of the next wave which, by the time they reach the battlefield, the previous engagement is long over.

>> No.51185015

>"I'm just making sure those OP Tyranid carnifexs never threaten my glorious IMPERIAL GUARD LEMAN RUSSES. I wonder how Tau could out adapt Tyranids..."

>> No.51185016


>> No.51185017

I don't want to take him, but the more I think about it, the more I think it's unavoidable.

>> No.51185018


Tyranids should have 6++ in a synapse, and the Flock to the Front Line rule but every time an unit comes back it gets +1 to its synapse invulnerable.

>> No.51185029

This, the individual Tyranids aren't adaptable in the slightest, in fact they're the complete opposite and often over-specialised, it's the Tyranid race that's adaptable, which makes them a nightmare to deal with in protracted engagements.

>> No.51185043

Use the OP problem solve is not hard.

Print the pages you going to use if you do not want to be with books or tablet.

Fucking simple

>> No.51185054


Synapse should grant behavioural benefits, like Counter-attack, Preferred Enemy, Stealth, Rage, Hit & Run, tactical things like that (but obviously not all at once).

>> No.51185056

This is why the Tau outadapted them. Each Tau and suit are able to adapt at the drop of a hat.

>> No.51185065


I can't tell if you're being cheeky or actually baiting.

>> No.51185067

What is the single most competent elite unit in the setting fluffwise?

I can't imagine anything really outskilling a squad of grey knight paladins

>> No.51185075


4e synapse granted Eternal Warrior, there is a precedent. If that was still there Tyranids wouldn't be such garbage, my idea is actually weaker.

>> No.51185078

Dammit, i thought i had actually thought of something fluffy that would help. Hmm gotta rethink this now.

>> No.51185093

I know what 4e synapse granted, I've been playing Tyranids since Genestealer Cults had metal models and rules in the Tyranid Codex.

Invuln saves from synapse is stupid. It's not a matter of stronger or weaker. People who cannot separate design from balance have no business doing either.

>> No.51185095

>Out-adapted Tyranids

No, the Tau used their adaptation to prevent being completely steamrolled after the first few engagements, but it doesn't suggest that they out adapted them, consider that the Tyranids basically didn't stop until they ran into the Tau/Imperial warzone.

>> No.51185096

What is the coolest faction and why is it Genestealer Cults?

>> No.51185101

>Bad players call everything cheese
Lots of people calls me a forgeworld cheeselord the few times i win with my death korps (or when the drill does some damage with a lucky scatter)

>> No.51185111

Tyranids should be able to choose from a list of army-wide buffs during deployment so as to tailor "against" whatever it is they're fighting.

>> No.51185112


>I think Ahriman is fine
>Ahriman is fine

Seriously, when the fuck did mediocre become the motto here? Its fucking Ahriman! This guys should cost points, don't get me wrong, but he should also be able to snap his fingers and make models like Tigerius bleed from eyes, ears and rectum alike! While the latter is chief librarian, he is a fucking baby in comparison.

Take my note with a bit of salt, I have only glanced over the rules. But it just bugs me that the heroes of the Imperium always gets dope rules, because "yay heroes!", and while the villains might be described as the ruler of all but still come out with "meh" rules....

>> No.51185115

>4e synapse granted Eternal Warrior
Except it didn't. It granted immunity from Instant Death caused by double strength.

>> No.51185120


Old Celestine had ONE scenario in which she was hilariously OP.

When they released the mission books, the Grey Knights got one where an enemy HQ got +1 to every stat every round and they auto-won if they ended the game alive but auto-lost if the grey knights killed them.

St Celestine was only considered dead if was tipped over last turn. At which point she'd be +5 to all stats and the grey knights were basically fucked unless they had the devil's luck.

>> No.51185122

If we take specific units, Abaddons terminator bodyguards are probably each equivalent to a chaos lord.

Farsight's Eight are another example of a named hyper-elite unit.

>> No.51185134

>Not glorious tau
Fucking degenerate

>> No.51185138

Treat Tyranid reserves as waves and allow them to pick/roll from a growing list of buffs that gets stronger, more specialized entries for each turn that passes.

>> No.51185140

Assassinorum Killteam or a detachment of the higher-tier Harlequins basically steamrolls any other squad in the setting.

>> No.51185149

That would be a neat Formation rule, of Hive Fleet Tactics for Gorgon, not something they should have as an Army-Wide.

>> No.51185162

>of Hive Fleet Tactics for Gorgon

>> No.51185169

Fuck off animu fag

>> No.51185171

Alright EFL-kun, let's try that reading thing you claim to be better than me at.

My original comment was that you needed AM Scions for Castellans, which I confused because of Wrathful Crusaders specifying AM scions only. The guy who said that MT scions were better because obsec mixed obsec up with respawning, and I corrected him saying you need coteaz for obsec in Castellans. He agreed and we peacefully cleared up all confusion between us. Then you start screeching about me being unable to read after it was resolved. I never said you can't take C:Inq Coteaz.

>> No.51185180

Giving reserve squads Preferred Enemy against the factions on the table sounds really fluffy to me, and definitely wouldn't break the Tyranids in their current state. Fluff it as the Hivemind looking up the biological blueprints it's used against the enemy faction before then sending the specialised units in.

>> No.51185206

No I wont hold on. The list states: "Coteaz (I/IA)". So you can pick which version you want.

>> No.51185212

>Ahriman should make Tigurius look like a bitch
I'm not a marinefag by any means but I think you're wanking too hard, m8. Tigurius is the only known psyker to make contact with the Hive Mind and live, he's easily a match for Ahriman.

>> No.51185217

Don't play Admech solely for a broken ass welfare formation. It's about the only way our army can compete at all and it's full of enough cheese to kill the French. And even then it's only got a small chance of winning. Even with 760pts of free wargear and two turns of 4+ cover.

>> No.51185221

Or better yet, simply let Tyranid swap out their reserve units each turn for others before they deploy.
Enemy has lots of skimmers? Suddenly your reserve is all Hive Guards.
They can't deal with air? Good thing your Tyrant adapted some wings between turns.

>> No.51185228

So at the WHL twitch stream yesterday they discussed knight scions for a little bit and I had this idea for a narrative game:
>Fortress Assault rules
>Imperial forces defending
>Knights at half price (or some other discount) for imperial side
>The knights start off disabled, scions have to make it to them from their bedrooms
>Attacking side gets to send infiltrators to try to kill the scion
>Defending side gets to deploy forces as bodyguards for the scion
>Tactical objectives outside the fortress as well

How do I go about making this proper fun?

>> No.51185234

>he's easily a match for Ahriman.
Only because hes a 'hero'. Come on man be realistic.

>> No.51185235

This is too complex and meta and would slow games to a halt calculating points (or, if it ignored points, it would be utterly rife with abuse).

>> No.51185239

You said you only had the Inquisition book. Like just look at the OP other books are there.

>> No.51185244

To be fair, we're talking about should rather than does, Ahriman has many times the experience, multiple supernatural buffs, a shit load of knowledge on the Warp on top of his already ridiculous natural capabilities, while Tigurius is just a Chief Librarian with an incredible amount of natural talent.

Consider this; from a narrative perspective Tigurius is just SO GIFTED that his natural gifts put him on the same level as a genius Psyker who's been researching and practising his art for many times Tigurius' entire lifespan, on top of supernatural buffs.

It's the same problem with Tau Commanders/warriors out-planning/fighting Space Marines, all it serves to do from a narrative perspective is make the Marines look like absolute trash and a waste of time/resources.

>> No.51185249

>Tyrant adapted some wings between turns.

That implies your Tyrant was some flighless degenerate to begin with.

>> No.51185251


This is a defense mechanism. I have a friend who literally starts to whine straight of the bat about everything you just brought to the table. "Oh man! I might as well pack up and leave, as you brought X-unit!" "Dude, whats the points cost on that unit right there? Only X points?!? Tell me your kidding me, *compares it to something more expensive in his army*".
This goes on and on, and if he wins its "Oh man, I'm so fucking good I beat your cheese list!" And if he looses its a "Told you so!".

No matter how you twists and turns, its never his fault see. And he can go about his day and feel good.

>> No.51185265

>Commies calling others degenerate.

>> No.51185269


Your friend sounds like a faggot. Tell him I said that.

>> No.51185275

Had a dream where I was in a game store talking with a girl about warhammer.

hold me /tg/ I want to go back

>> No.51185277

Just have specific specialized formations that have to be reserved and can be swapped out with each other before they deploy if you roll right

>> No.51185284

I think you might be buying the "literally ten thousand years old" Chaos meme a little too hard.

Everyone conveniently likes to forget that time distortion in the Warp means almost none of the Chaos Traitors are actually that old.

>> No.51185285

>and that one bikerboss who has a powerklaw without unwieldy

Yeah, would not want orks to have something on par with marines and eldar in their basic books. They just exist to be our punching bags, fuck them.

>> No.51185286

Can I get some critique?

>> No.51185299

>How do I go about making this proper fun?

Allow charging out of rhinos, it forges a thrilling narrative

>> No.51185304

Then for Tyranid players to get the most of their army they have to collect every possible Formation of models in their line?

It's fluffy but it's just too meta and comes with a lot of mechanical issues.

>> No.51185306

I'm not even suggesting ten thousand years, Tigurius isn't even a millennium old and Ahriman was centuries old by the time the Heresy came about, unless Warp-shenanigans have cut his time by 10 he's still got more experience than Tiggy's entire lifespan.

>> No.51185312

>collect every possible Formation of models in their line

Just like Daemon summoning

>> No.51185314

Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster.

WS and BS10.

>> No.51185315

Or they could be twice that old. Dont force it to go one way because it suits your argument.

>> No.51185316

Alright I will concede Ahriman should be more powerful as a character but I think the "snap his fingers and make him bleed out every orifice" thing might have been too much an exaggeration.

>> No.51185317

The book I have is a non issue. It literally did not matter, because all I said was that coteaz was needed for obsec. That's all.

>> No.51185324

I'm doing my hardest not to just meta-game it and have fun with the hobby. I really wanna just run Skitarii and Knights because I really like how they look and its a big leap from Nids that I used to play

>> No.51185325

>Tapped into the Hive Mind's Power

>Can't find a library after searching for 10,000 years

>> No.51185328

Court of the Phoenix King, Omniscient Oracles, Rehati War Sect.

>> No.51185334

It would be cost-prohibitive but it's mechanically simple.
>Bring three trays of units to the game
>"Tray A is my default option, but if I roll a 4+ when deploying I can swap it out for B or C"
And it wouldn't be every possible formation that could do it, just some specific special ones that have these rules.

>> No.51185336 [SPOILER] 

I know. Just being an ass.


>> No.51185339

To be fair he DID forget his library card

>> No.51185340

>>Tapped into the Hive Mind's Power
fuck this lore for everything its worth

>> No.51185349

Yeah but it's a lot more reasonable to swallow that the Chaos Lord who just ate it to a fucking random Eldar jetbike #34275 wasn't a 20,000 year old veteran.

>> No.51185351

Oh I agree, any powerful and skilled Psyker should be able to counter any of the 'ez instagib' capabilities of other Psykers, but Ahriman should completely outclass him in terms of actual capability.

Kinda the point of the conversation, Anon, Tigurius has just happened to be able to do all of this stuff by being a ridiculously gifted Chief Librarian, while another ridiculously gifted Psyker with supernatural buffs, many times the experience and much more knowledge apparently isn't outclassing him in fluff for no reason other than he just doesn't.

>> No.51185352


>> No.51185361

This lore goes back to the original Tyranid writers, it's a thousand times better than anything shat out in the Cruddace era.

>> No.51185365

>>Can't find a library after searching for 10,000 years
Well he's found it a couple of times now. As of WoM he has a map of the webway stolen from there that allows him to travel to Fenris when ever he wants. Dont worry the SW fans this will never be followed up on ;^)

>> No.51185366

How do guys think rounds of combat are in the actual lore? is it all just the same day that the battle takes place or is each round a seperate day/week?

>> No.51185367

Right, but I only have one Coteaz. If I take the Agents version I can't have servo skulls, and if I take the Inquisition version I can't have Obsec.

>> No.51185373

It's just too fiddly and probably not worth it.

There are a ton of other ways to fix Tyranids that would be more elegant and more effective.

>> No.51185377 [SPOILER] 


Stupidity aside how do we waac the fuck out of this formation? Personally beside the funny 5+ respawn I think it needs too much stuff for it to be abuse

>> No.51185378

I should clarify. I have the Coteaz model, but I only want to take one INQUISITOR.

>> No.51185380

100th Duncan!

>> No.51185383

Actual engagements in the TT take no more than 10 seconds a turn, it's not entirely fluff-accurate but bodies start dropping fast in these kinds of engagements with this level of technology, Anon. Remember that a 20,000 points apocalypse battle, providing you don't use Eldar/Space Marine variants and take a pure lore-list, is a standard-issue engagements in the fluff.

>> No.51185388

Each game is about four hours, with opposing armies waiting still for their turn. Guardsmen who don't go to the bathroom BEFORE a battle get written up.

>> No.51185397

>no reason other than he just doesn't.
Because Ahriman is too focused on becoming the Chaos God of Dust.

>> No.51185399

The fuck is a gyrinx?

>> No.51185401


Then have the 6++ and returning units be independent of synapse.

Or make everything far cheaper than it is now (Maleceptors need a 50% reduction in cost if nothing else changes) so there's a chance to make a horde.

>> No.51185410

Wrong. Gorgon was unique in it being the most adapative hive fleet. No other hive fleet ever possessed its powers. This means the Tau are more adaptive than 99% of the Hive fleets.

>> No.51185417

is each round a seperate day/week?
>Dear diary
>This week I turned on my flashlight for a few seconds
>Then I got stabbed exactly once
>The orks are still in base contact, one is actually reading this over my shoulder
>He'll be here until next friday, which is when we'll try to stab each other again
>Looks like it takes about a week for the Wyvern to reload its one shot, hope it doesn't splash onto me this time

>> No.51185419

>or is each round a seperate day/week?
What? What the fuck?

How are you even asking something this ridiculous?

Do you really believe it takes a day for a Rhino to drive around a single building and unload its troops? Let alone a fucking WEEK?

>> No.51185421

Well, I play Admech and I too like Knights and junk. But realistically they only have a fair spot in games over 1500 points, and if you're taking the War Convocation, you're adhering to the meta and are playing to win, against someone else that's playing to win. It's built to compete with the power armies like Eldar and Wolves. Or well, that's the intended purpose I imagine.

Start small. Don't get carried away and try to have fun without the War Convocation.

>> No.51185423

0/10. It was old 3 years ago.

>> No.51185425

Quick google search says it's an Eldar cat familiar. Probably a "sneek-peek" into a new release.

>> No.51185433

Ahriman couldn't damage Be'lakor in a mage fight. Ahriman sucks. imo.

Also he was taken out by a single flying Thunderhammer to the side.

>> No.51185436

Rhino driving is a union job

>> No.51185442

>Gorgon was unique in it being the most adapative hive fleet.

There's literally a part of that blurb that says the Tyranids might have just been adapting more often because their enemies were changing up themselves, which is a reasonable assumption. If we're not allowed to take that sort of statement as evidence then we also have no evidence to suggest that the Tau were as adaptable as the Tyranids.

>> No.51185444

One of the rumour models ya git

>> No.51185448


>> No.51185450

sorry wasn't thinking very much when i posed the question. Was just trying to clarify something i guess you are right in that it wouldn't make sense.

I cant stop laughing at this

>> No.51185452


Bitch please. Open the Tyranid 7th ED codex. It says that Gorgon adaptation was the best among all encountered hive fleets before and since.

If the Tau ran with Gorgon on an even level adaptation-wise, then the other Hive Fleets stand no chance.

>> No.51185456

>overpriced MEQ with no high S, the list

>> No.51185461

Thanks for clarifying, I was just going to start calling you names.

But basically when you play Castellans detachment, you start with -100pts. Because you take Coteaz. Always.

>> No.51185464

Yeah sure thing mang. Really top stuff.

>> No.51185469

There is literally no need for a 6++ on basic non-Zoey-tier Tyranids that doesn't even make sense.

There are a thousand other fixes nids need, points adjustments won't do shit. People need to stop doing this retarded blanket band-aid "lol just give them this thing that doesn't even make sense" or "lol just make everything cheaper but leave it unable to actually fulfill it's role."

>> No.51185480

All Hive Fleets are adaptive. Gorgon was just the best of them at doing it. That's it. It's not hard to understand.

The Tau faced literally the most adaptive hive fleet ever and they managed to give it a run for its money. The other hive fleets can't compete.

>> No.51185481

I'm not really a WAAC-off type, but honestly I don't think it is quite strong enough for it vs Eldar and Cult mech, white scars might be able to cheese it with respawning bikes en masse, but 5+ is just too unreliable without masses of units. I'm not really sure what the major strengths are yet. Hatred could be nice for mass suicide infantry, but I almost think Deathkorps would do it better.

>> No.51185486

>His name is Pork from the Bad Moons Clan
>He's actually quite calm now that we called battle for the week. We've been talking about our hopes and dreams
>I told him about my wife and kids
>He's been stockpiling teeth and almost has enough for a snazzgun
>Says he's almost big enough to try for being his Mob's Nob. If he survives until the end of the battle (at least a month)
>I kinda hope he does.
>but I got to go, he invited me and my unit to a game of blood bowl vs his mob

>> No.51185489

Oh Duncan you troll, thats unreleased miniature.

>> No.51185492

>Dear Diary
>Reinforcements are coming
>I can see them
>There's a Chimera about ten yards from me
>It's been idling there for three days now
>The Ork won't stop calling me a git
>I really hope the Chimera hurries up

>> No.51185496

>If the Tau ran with Gorgon on an even level adaptation-wise, then the other Hive Fleets stand no chance.
Except they didn't. They lost over two dozen planets and were slaughtered in every engagement. They were practically on the verge of extinction and the Imperium bailed them out.

>> No.51185498

>Ahriman couldn't damage Be'lakor in a mage fight.
Retarded fluff surrounding Be'lakor? Surprising stuff.

>> No.51185500

I know, right? So can we all agree that the Tau are more adaptive than the Nids? good.

>> No.51185513


Most things get taken out by a thunderhammer. That's kinda the point of a thunderhammer. To allow a dude to shatter tanks or monstrous creatures.

>> No.51185518

This is what's going to happen.

He's talking about a story from the 5th edition codex where Cruddace gave the Tau a sloppy blowjob by describing, in painful detail, how the Tau baited the Tyranids into maladapting to every situation so they could be blown away at the Tau's leisure.

It was something like "The Tau first attacked with small arms and then retreated to a fortified position. The Tyranids evolved larger, heavier armor, but the Tau anticipated that and had long range, armor-piercing weapons ready."

Every time the Tyranids adapt to a current situation, they find the Tau a step ahead and already occupying a niche that directly counters the Nids. Or in other words the Tau were more flexible and faster adapting than the Tyranids, who for some reason evolved away all their speed and stealth the minute it was convenient for the Tau for them to do that. The Tyranids were slaughtered in that story.

That was in the Nid codex, mind. Cruddace writes about the Nids getting fucked to death in their own book.

>> No.51185520

If i want to run it i need to spend at least 235 europoor coins in scions


>> No.51185525

Say it again Anon say it again.

>> No.51185537

Hahaha. Clever.

I guess that pretty much confirms the rumours about the Eldar getting their own "Triumvirate" box of new heroes, then?

>> No.51185541


>> No.51185547

>> No.51185551

All that fluff was overwritten in the following Codex which has a long timeline of Gorgon BTFOing the Tau at literally every opportunity up until they get their asses saved by the Imperium at Kel'shan.

>> No.51185552

I fucking want one, I don't even like elves and I want one.

>> No.51185556

Wrong on three accounts. One, the fighting was in a single Sept as in a single system. The Tau have dozens of systems. Losing one system is hardly on the "verge of extinction".

Two, the Tau figured out Gorgon's weakness and this began to turn the tides of the war. The Hive Fleet would have been defeated even without the Imperial assistance. it just would have taken a longer time and cost more lives.

Three, they did. It was Gorgon's numbers that were overwhelming the Tau of the Kel'shan Sept. The Tau can adapt to the Tyranid armour and weaponry but the numbers were another thing.

>> No.51185557


Mind you, I'll admit I do prefer 'The nids need to make sacrifices for adaptation' rather than how most fiction treads adaption as magic costless 'It won't work on me twice'

>> No.51185560

Let's be real - the consistency of leaks lately screams controlled leaks, as in teasers

>> No.51185562

Cool to see another thing pulled from the Rogue Trader fluff.

>> No.51185567

Worst of all. If I recall that story correct. The Tau make it a cycle aka shifting back to small arms fire > anti armour and the Tyranids make THE SAME MISTAKES AGAIN, trying the EXACT same tactics that failed the first time

>> No.51185569




>> No.51185571

>Wrong on three accounts. One, the fighting was in a single Sept as in a single system
The Codex literally states "lost dozens of worlds" in no ambiguous language. Pretty much those exact words. I'm not even going to read the rest of your post if you can't get facts straight and are just going to make up bullshit to suit your bait arguments.

>> No.51185576

This, the new Codex doesn't even mention Tau adaptability nor makes comparisons, it just has examples of them using different weapons against the bioforms that had adapted against them.

>> No.51185587

Have the Nids ever shown any semblance of foresight? Genuinely asking, I know very little Nid fluff.

From what it sounds like, they just start off by sending whatever, then the next wave is specialized against what they encountered, and so on.

This is a retarded strategy. Unless your entire army is literally a single type of unit, it sounds like even a child could beat the Nids. You always know exactly what they're going to send next wave.

>> No.51185588

Carnac in the flesh. Eat a dick homo.

>> No.51185592

Well Bike Troops can't be use.

Why do people have trouble following the list of the formation.

Do you see bikes? Terminators? No

>> No.51185594

Yes I see your outdated fluff, it doesn't apply anymore. Read the 6th edition timeline of Gorgon vs Tau.

>> No.51185615


Eldar Corsair with Gyrinx mini CONFIRMED!

>> No.51185632

Force org modifications don't work with Castellan.

>> No.51185633

And the codex says the fighting was in the Kel'shan sept. Whatever worlds that was consumed before coming to the sept must have been colonies or newly settled worlds. We have picture of the area nommed by Gorgon. It didn't even breach to the Tau core septs. Who are you trying to fool.

Also consider yourself losing the argument by ignoring the rest of the post.

>> No.51185634

>Unless your entire army is literally a single type of unit, it sounds like even a child could beat the Nids.
If you know exactly what your opponent is bringing does that still mean your army can hold a candle to theirs? Not necessarily.

Nids adaptation is an advantage on top of the fact that they're already hyper-evolved hyper-efficient predators on a macro-cosmic scale which often eradicate well-defended planets with just the first wave.

>> No.51185635

We End Times: Khaine now?

>> No.51185636

>NPC faction jobs, more news at 11
The hive mind is a joke, come back when he's done something impressive.

>> No.51185641

Nids generally win by retarded oversaturation to the point that even if a child could defeat them tactically, no force could hold out for that long on sheer weight of numbers.

What's sent out first is generally 1. Infiltration force of genestealers long in advance, 2. Lictors to supplement them and hopefully cut the heads of the resistance, then 3. Whatever the Hive Fleet specializes in. In Leviathan's case, it's aerial units, gargoyles, flyrants, etc. in Behemoth's case, it's gigantic gant swarms, so on and so forth.

>> No.51185645

So basically don't tare servo skulls and work around the deep strike problems.

Okay...I'm thinking Auger Arrays on my Leman Russes (they're durable enough to stay on the field long enough to make a difference) and put the Scions in a Flyer Wing of Vendettas to make sure they all come on at once.

>yfw 9 twin-linked lascannons come onto the board in a flight pattern that gives them Tank Hunters/Ignores Cover, then shit out 3 squads of Stormtroopers with Melta/plasma that have Obsec and won't go away after you kill them
>meanwhile TORQUEMADA hands out buffs and Leadership to a gunline in the back, and if you deepstrike near him you eat 50 bodies' worth of full-BS shooting
>Or maybe LRBTs/Exterminators with Lascannons n Multi-Meltas for versatility?

>> No.51185650

Omission =/= retconning.

Try again.

>> No.51185651

Coteaz Makes it competitive I think. Without him it's not that great.

>> No.51185654

>Carnac thinks anyone cares that they are considered """losing""" the argument for ignoring his autism

>> No.51185674

>responds poorly to the first point
>ignores the rest
>not lost the argument


>> No.51185675

Probably because
>The Red Brethren: Any army which includes Tyberos may take a single Terminator Assault squad entirely armed with lightning claws as a Troops choice.

There's no reason that Red Brethren shouldn't work.

>> No.51185677

Phil Kelly should write all the codexes

>> No.51185687

Lmao are you retarded? the fuck kind of shitty argument is that? Not even that guy but wow.

>> No.51185692

rep info:

new 2 eldar models:

- Iyanna Arienal
- Prince Yriel

>> No.51185694

Yeah, in the 4th edition stuff the Nids were startling cunning, and it took everybody by surprise on a regular basis. In the original "Anphelion Project" the Imperium managed to capture a bunch of non-synapse Nids and tried to study them. They watched them pass through a generation and while at first their evolutions seemed kind of random, they pretty quickly realized they were all developing concerted strategies to escape captivity.

One cell block evolved astonishing camouflage and had the habit of holding still or tying to hide constantly, so it became difficult for researchers to keep track of how many Nids there even were in there or when they were laying eggs.

Eventually there was a Hive Tyrant on the planet. I don't remember how it happened, but either the Nids managed to attract one from Space or they made a new one from plain old Nid sex. After that the entire area was organized and all the abilities they'd adapted to deal with captivity became a nightmare. The Nids got loose, combined their specialties, and ate everything.

Post-Cruddace the Nids really aren't that smart and they lose a lot of their threat potential. They start jobbing a lot to prove how cool other factions are for beating them.

>> No.51185699

Well he is half Eldar

>> No.51185706

>Nids adaptation is an advantage on top of the fact that they're already hyper-evolved hyper-efficient predators on a macro-cosmic scale which often eradicate well-defended planets with just the first wave.
Well, that's just it. If your army can't even deal with the first wave, the adaptations are just pointless overkill.
But if your army CAN deal with the first wave, then you know exactly how to hardcounter the next wave since their strategy is childlike.

It sounds like the first wave exclusively is what decides the outcome of the battle, unless you fuck up and force them to play armor when you don't have anti-armor or something.

>> No.51185714

Each codex omits some stuff that can before it. It doesn't mean that the stuff was retconned.

Unless something was specifically overwritten, it goes.

>> No.51185722

Who's worse in their faction-asskissery? Cruddace or Ward?

>> No.51185728

>meanwhile, anytime GW tries to shed light on how they work, retards yell "THATS NOT THE POINT OF TYRANIDS YOU ARE RUINING THEM!!!"

I just want an adaptable alien monster race that also has a horrifying hive mind beyond comprehension. Anytime we get any light shed on how they work, people sperg out and it sucks

>> No.51185743

In your opinion ;^)

Honestly you seem like a very special individual. I can just tell.

>> No.51185745

Hoo boy. A Gyrinx.

>> No.51185753

Cruddace is malicious to factions he dislikes
>See Tyranids and Tomb Kings

Ward is an ascended fanboy and has solid crunch that is balanced amongst itself, but considered strong when compared to other writers (tho considering 6e/7e Tau and Eldar it would probably be on par). Awful fluff

>> No.51185758

Unless it's Vect or new Drazhar i really don't care

>> No.51185760

>Orks+Necrons+Eldar+humans+Tau are allying against Chaos

That leaves the Tyranids. What are they going to do or what is anyone going to do about them? They seem ignored in the gathering of the story

>> No.51185761

So. I guess that second Eldar triumvirate is real.

>> No.51185770

>Declining sales
>when recently was show that 50k basically saved GW of a horrible year because AoS
>40k is totally losing to AoS
>this is what AoS fags actually believe
Are you stupid?

>> No.51185773

Ain't an opinion. If we go by your logic, then there is no fluff build up in 40K.

Also AD HOM!

>> No.51185780

One of the reasons I like the Ciaphas Cain books. By virtue of Cain pretty much always escaping by the skin of his teeth, the nids are genuinely dangerous in every book they show up in.

>in his very first engagement the entire company he's with gets COMPLETELY wrongfooted by a swarm and only manage to avoid being meat by sheer luck
>pretty much every time thereafter he treats them as extremely dangerous and constantly reminds the readers that purestrain Genestealers can rip TERMINATORS to shreds
It's refreshing.

>> No.51185783


>> No.51185787

The new report says they are getting good sales in all fronts. AoS, 40K, 30K.

>> No.51185789

Again read the list. Are those there guy in the list?
Stop trying to cheat

>> No.51185798

You mean if we go buy a twisted version that you can strawman. But do it keep giving me (You)s. In fact I'd like another.

>> No.51185806

Theyll eat baal then a couple other undefended world and then get btfo by chaos or something.

>> No.51185809

What are you even saying? You seem flustered.

>> No.51185811

Oh god fuck this meta atm

>> No.51185819

So I just checked the WH twitch stream. Has the AdMech vs Tzeentch daemon game already happened or?

>> No.51185820

Everything was designed around Magnus himself, I'm not surprised at all, TS are glorified chaos GK equivalent, a small force of psyker elite units.

>> No.51185821

Oh, Ward was so much worse. Ward writes like a child trying to explain why his favorite guys all have special wizard armor that blocks bullets and gives them mind rays. This is a setting where people really do have wizard armor and mind rays, so you have to get pretty stupid and over the top to pass into "What the fuck, that's too much" territory, but Ward went there. In the 5th edition Marine codex, every one of the Ultramarine's characters was the "best" in the universe at whatever their job was - it didn't matter what that job was nor the capabilities of other races. Then don't even get thinking about Draigo, because there was a Marine who hung out in the Warp kicking its ass from the inside.

Cruddace's problem was that he seemed to like the down to earth factions, like Tau and Guard, and on the tabletop he seemed to have a real issue with Nids because of Nidzilla. Nidzilla was hard to kill because at that time, you couldn't get more than three heavy units unless you were Nids, in which case you could have six. Very few lists packed enough heavy-hitting heat to deal with that until 5th edition buffed vehicles and made the heavy armor more widely available.

You could tell Cruddace hated everything about Nids when he nerfed the Lictor. Jesus Christ. The Lictor was this poor bastard step-child that everyone agreed was cool but useless, and he removed its ability to ambush units. It drives me crazy that the things now appear, but have to wait a turn while the enemy douses them with a flamer before they can attack. How is that a surprise attack if the enemy gets a whole round to react to them?

>> No.51185832

Same logic is they (or bikes) aren't listed as Troop choices for Space Marines
Thus any Space Marine player that has used Bike troops / LC Terminators have been cheating for years

Good job anon we've uncovered the SM Cheating Syndicate!

>> No.51185836

>finished gyrinx
>he didn't do the collar or bracelets

Damn GW, you don't have to lead us so hard we know you got fun things planned and designed.

>> No.51185841

Since you're new to nid fluff let me give you the rundown.

Weeks before the Hive Fleet arrives in orbit, you are psychically cut off from the Astronomicon due to the Shadow in the Warp. If you're on some average Imperial planet which has average-rated Astropaths and psykers, you are now in full information black-out, as even the most skillful and powerful of Space Marine Librarians have to strain to penetrate that shit and can still burn out and die in the attempt. Also your psykers all start going insane, killing themselves by smashing their heads against a wall until they collapse or babbling like madmen and chewing off their own tongues, it's ugly stuff. This doesn't help with the whole "we're on our own" hit your troops already took to their morale, and is further exacerbated by the fact that the Shadow also has a slight discomforting effect even on non-psykers. It's some seriously Lovecraftian shit.

They start by dumping an astronomical cubic shitton of alien spores into your atmosphere. These comes in a variety of types - necrotic, toxic, viral, mutagenic, carcinogenic, invasively efficient autotrophs - that choke out, poison, hybridize with, parasitize or kill via disease most of the native life on the planet. Before the first shot is fired you are already at a massive resource disadvantage because outside of the water and rations you have stored and sealed, there is no more food or clean water on the planet within a matter of days, meaning the 'nids have put you on a clock. And you better hope you have enough gasmasks for everyone if you plan on fighting outside in the open air.


>> No.51185843

So now Cawl allows us some serious optimised firepower, what do you want for Admech in Fires of Cyraxis, fellow Archmagi?
Probably won't get another GW release for a while, and all the formations and detatchments were fairly useless. Hoping the Triaros mentioned in FoC means it will be there, and pray for it in plastic.

I wouldn't mind Thallax, Vorax and Myrmidons, although the latter is rather unlikely. I know the Thanatar will be there, so nabbing one for my Ordo Reductor in a month or two might be nice.

>> No.51185846

Another (You) please sir.

>> No.51185850

>That tiny amount of terrain in the center


>> No.51185861


>> No.51185886

Idiot this formation list exactly what you can take.

You can take scouts and tactical marines in the troop choice that is the only option in this formation in particular for marines.

Having bikes as Troops is one thing. This thing outright says what can be Troops, and bikes are not option

Fuckig retards

>> No.51185903

Here you go, love.

>> No.51185906

Cruddace wrong the Nids codex but didn't they confirm he also write the crunch for the GSC codex?

Was it good because they use guard alongside Nids?

>> No.51185914

I found a SM Cheating Syndicate member

>> No.51185919

It seems that autism cant help but speak!

Plz another (You).

>> No.51185923

That isn't how detachments like this work.

You can use EXACTLY what is in the book and nothing else.

>> No.51185942

Purestrain Genestealers can rip apart Terminators like they're nothing, anon.
Oddly enough, they're still one of the weaker GSC options, the local player runs MSU Acolytes and spams Chimeras and Goliaths outflanking as Magi summon fucktons of bad guys with actual heavy weapons. Don't think I've played against a single Genestealer yet. He tends to completely slaughter me since I've only been playing a few months and Admech are not really equipped for that. I need some more Vanguard. Possibly a War Convocation next time, too, since I got the Knight for Christmas and still need to build him. Probably as a Warden.

>> No.51185978

I want Trains, Planes and Automoata.

Thallax would be nice but Castellax are what I really want.

>> No.51185985

Oh for fuck sake have your (you)

>> No.51185995

Then the mycetic spores hit, and unleash the actual combat beasts. The smallest and LEAST threatening of them are six-razor limbed, toxic, lightning fast, cracked out xenomorph-velociraptors that swarm in their millions and come pregnant with hundreds of eggs each and they just rampage across the surface tirelessly going fucking nuts on anything that moves. They squeeze through vents, burrow underground, swarm through tunnels, overrun outlying settlements, stalk through the fungal alien forests of carnivorous plants that sprung up practically overnight and choked your entire farming complex with overgrowth, and so forth.

The winged strains fly out ahead of these and corral and shepherd any stranded forces that aren't dug in in a fortification, herding them towards designated killzones where they get surrounded and slaughtered like cattle. Fortified areas instead get a solid, relentless barrage of spore mines, which are living bombs that specifically home in on warm fleshy targets and will actually avoid detonating if they miss and float around to find prey so they are much more effective saturations than usual artillery bombardments. The Tyranids play the terrain to their advantage - amphibious creatures ambush from swamps and coastlines, burrowing strains undermine defensive lines and attack from behind, they cut off supply lines to isolate the defenders into small pockets with no way to support or rescue each other. Within the first couple weeks there's nothing left but a few islands of well-armed well-stocked resistance holding out surrounded by an ocean of Tyranids.


>> No.51186004

I want stuff other than Cybernetica, since I want to play Ordo Reductor in 30k and the units I want are not usually robots apart from Vorax. Probably going to get both automata and Thallax, at least.

>> No.51186042


Kelly wrote fluff and Simon Grant wrote the Crunch

Cruddace was kept far from this release.

>> No.51186049

EFL-kun, we're back to square one again. I straight up said I'm not a waac-guy and don't try to squeeze out whatever cheese I can get. I'm a Black Templar player. I'm just going to fill it up with Crusaders and respawning land raiders for keks.

>> No.51186050

But you wrote what is the coolest, not cheatiest bullshit turn one ballgargling crap. Enjoy being the new eldar punching bag.

>> No.51186063

Angron's personal guard of 12 Bloodthirsters.

>> No.51186068

new triumvirate like box for eldars:

Sylandri Veilwalkir with Gyrinx, Yriel , Iyanna Arienal

>> No.51186070

That's not even the worst of it
Tau still wins

>> No.51186075

Who wrote Traitor Legions and Wrath of Magnus?

>> No.51186086

I want all non-unique 30k mechanicum units in there. ALL. YOU HEAR ME? ALLLLL!!!

Then I want mention that they can be used in Grand Convocation. That would make it real detachment.

>> No.51186116

sure, you keep telling me that with your grav-cents with hunter's eye and wraithknights... and tell my how op ork stuff is

>> No.51186125

You'd best not be lying.

>> No.51186132

how does power of the machine spirits work when applied to squadrons?

>> No.51186155

More like curiosity. I want to see where this goes.

>> No.51186159

Warden is indeed best one for War Convocation.

Also use Cawl. Try rending through 4++ you mutant-xenos fucks. Or baxillion I10 S4 autohits.

Sicarian Infiltrators will also have field day with their I4+1 and another Bazillion attacks.

>> No.51186170

At this point it comes down to attrition, and obviously we know who's going to win that. Now that the nids have footholds on the surface, brood nests start sprouting up, fed constantly by the biomass harvested in the secured zones around them to make more nids. They can do this indefinitely even if the bioships stopped dropping reinforcements - they have basically supplanted and commandeered the entire planetary ecosystem and biosphere and turned it into a death world under the control of the Hive Mind.

Successive iterations of strains will be selectively bred to test out different genetic capabilities and they will adjust birthrates accordingly to use the most efficient. Larger and more powerful Tyranids will start appearing to smash through the remaining bulwarks while the small ones are still harassing and attacking in waves all the time to wear down the defenders and exhaust their ammunition and morale. The attacks are relentless - you never have an opportunity to sleep for more than an hour or two, they'll attack around the clock with no warning and each time it'll be something different that you aren't sure how to deal with or what it's capable of. If most of the world has already been lost to the nids then you're only still alive because they're toying with you to test out new creatures - at any time they could spawn a fuckton of bio-titans and just steamroll the survivors, but they're content with fucking around while munching on the biomass across the rest of the continent, the few meatbags sitting in a fortified position aren't exactly high priority. Most people will have starved, run out of ammunition or just killed themselves from despair before getting this far.

TL;DR I'm not sure how you're expecting it to just "be easy" to counter an opponent that has the advantage in practically every broad strategic aspect of war before even getting into a dick-measuring contest on who can adapt faster. Most of the time it doesn't even matter.

>> No.51186171

That might actually be feasible if Tau don't nick too much space. I know I want Irrad Engine Myrmidons, those guys are brutal.

>> No.51186197

possible, duncan painting a gyrinx


>> No.51186203

>Only 2 factions
Hell nah nigga, its gotta be har/CWE/DE. So Iyanna, Veilwalker and Vect.

>> No.51186209

what you meant to say was, 2 melee knights (gallant?) is the best option for a war convocation.
Although now with cawl, its best to take a crusader

>> No.51186246

lol a pet for a shadowseer

>> No.51186247

I'm looking to put everybody in a stormlord and fuck shit up with a black&white horde of swords with hatred and too many attacks. I think it'll be fun.

>> No.51186255

That model alone makes me want to start Eldar, and I don't even care about Eldar.

>> No.51186289

Reminder that mysterious Red Dude is getting a model

>> No.51186296

I need this as a full story with back and forth with the orks

>> No.51186297

What? No and no.

Gallant is subpar since it misses out on shooting buffs convo gives.

Crusader is subpar since you want to maximize stuff in your army that can get free wargear.

Warden is best since it gives you the sweet delicous Gatling and also D-slapper. Both are things that convo needs.

>> No.51186323

WoM was Simon Grant on rules, Phil Kelly on Fluff. Traitor Legions is unclear, although differences in the writing between KSons and the other legions suggest it may not have been Grant on TL.

>> No.51186331

>this same butthurt guy is in every thread
Give it a rest, man. Most people like GSC you're not going to convince them otherwise. On a scale of Tau to the Imperial Guard in terms of respected/popular, GSC are pretty far towards the latter end.

>> No.51186336

>WoM was Simon Grant on rules
Well hopefully he's fired soon then. What else has he done?

>> No.51186359

Why does GW keep shitting out new factions instead of improving the already existing ones?

>> No.51186369

Never forget anons

>> No.51186371

Space Wolves, Genestealer Cults, Fall of Cadia, he seems to be the main rules guy right now.

I don't think he did Imperial Agents, though.

>> No.51186383

Because Chapterhouse. they want to secure their IPs with models.

>> No.51186386

Yeah thats why so many ork fans are so happy with 'thier dudes' right Anon?

>> No.51186389

> For some inexplicable reason the video is STRUGGLING TO LOAD AT 144p
> All of youtube is struggling to load for me at 144p.
> I have 1gb/s connection, I should be having 120fps at the full 4k mode.
What the fuck, is someone DDOSing youtube right now?

>> No.51186394

I've liked everything he's done except Thousand Sons, and that one may have somewhat been a case of being stuck with the shitty legacy rules of the Chaos Codex.

>> No.51186402

yes and yes, this isn't theoryraft here. 2 melee knights with 2 turns of stealth/shrouded and scout. just run them up the field man. anything to keep the heat off your grav.
its a 5 point defference in upgrades between warden and crusader for upgrades, not a big deal.
run 2 gallants and call me in the morning
>until you get cawl

>> No.51186404

Their fault for going generic as fuck.

>> No.51186415

The same guy who wrote GSC and Cawls rules wrote the TS supplements? Did Magnus kill his parents or something?

>> No.51186417

All that stuff is old fluff, though. The Tyranids haven't been that cool or dangerous for years. These days they drop down a reasonable number of mooks for your machine-gunners to kill, and if it's called for, they send the Swarmlord to lose to your important champion.

>> No.51186420

Built a Castellans detachment with the models I own.

+ HQ +

Company Command Squad [Camo Gear for Veterans, Carapace Armour]
Company Commander [Camo Gear, Carapace Armour, Close Combat Weapon, Orders]
Laspistol [Laspistol]
Master of Ordnance [Close Combat Weapon]
Veteran Lascannon Team [Lasgun]
Veteran w/ Regimental Standard [Lasgun, Regimental Standard]
Veteran w/ Vox-caster [Lasgun]

+ Elites +

Militarum Tempestus Platoon
Militarum Tempestus Scions [3x Tempestus Scion, 2x Tempestus Scion w/ Meltagun]
Tempestor [Hot-shot Laspistol, Power Axe]
Militarum Tempestus Scions [3x Tempestus Scion, 2x Tempestus Scion w/ Meltagun]
Tempestor [Hot-shot Laspistol, Power Axe]
Militarum Tempestus Scions [3x Tempestus Scion, 2x Tempestus Scion w/ Meltagun]
Tempestor [Hot-shot Laspistol, Power Axe]

+ Troops +

Infantry Platoon
Infantry Squad [5x Guardsman, Guardsman w/ Flamer, Guardsman w/ Vox-caster, Lascannon Team]
Sergeant [Close Combat Weapon, Laspistol]
Infantry Squad [6x Guardsman, Guardsman w/ Flamer, Lascannon Team]
Sergeant [Close Combat Weapon, Laspistol]
Infantry Squad [6x Guardsman, Guardsman w/ Flamer, Lascannon Team]
Sergeant [Close Combat Weapon, Laspistol]
Infantry Squad [6x Guardsman, Guardsman w/ Flamer, Lascannon Team]
Sergeant [Close Combat Weapon, Laspistol]
Infantry Squad [6x Guardsman, Guardsman w/ Flamer, Lascannon Team]
Sergeant [Close Combat Weapon, Laspistol]
Platoon Command Squad [4x Guardsman w/ Sniper Rifle]
Platoon Commander [Close Combat Weapon, Laspistol, Orders]

+ Fast Attack +

Vendetta Squadron
Vendetta [2x Twin-linked Lascannons]
Vendetta [2x Twin-linked Lascannons]
Vendetta [2x Twin-linked Lascannons]

+ Heavy Support +

Leman Russ Squadron
Battle Tank [Augur Array, Heavy Bolter]

Leman Russ Squadron
Battle Tank [Augur Array, Heavy Bolter]

+ Fortification +

Aegis Defense Line [2x Barricades, Gun Emplacement with Quad-gun]

++ Inq Inquisitorial Detachment (Inquisition: Codex (2013) v2005) ++

+ HQ +

Inquisitor Coteaz

>forgive the format

>> No.51186421

Well he did do an amazing job with GSC. I honestly think WoM was a result of GW's decision to not change the rules for cult marines until next Codex.

>> No.51186422

oh well i guess they don't get scout. my bad

>> No.51186428


>> No.51186430

He's a big Space Wolves fan :^)

>> No.51186434

they'll be like death in AoS... All alone with their GSC

>> No.51186437

I just saw it at 720p with no problem

>> No.51186443

What a fucking joke.

>> No.51186447

Which is why no one with a brain gives any credence to Cruddace's actual fighting fluff, considering that the Tyranids modus operandi is still described as working the way I outlined even in the modern books.

>> No.51186456

what books? if its BL then its not cannon :^)

>> No.51186464

It's 2d6 attacks, not hits in this case. So you still need to roll to hit with them.

>> No.51186470

The Codexes.

>> No.51186471

Notes I couldn't fit in the first post:
>formatting is due to battlescribe, it doesn't have the Castellans detachment rules yet
>scions ride in on the Vendettas, which in turn are in a DFtS flyer wing
>Coteaz embeds in the 50 man blob and uses psyker power/high leadership to make their lascannons super killy
>PCS babysits the quad gun and offers sniper support

>> No.51186479

Also, unless you're playing as Ultramarines, even most of the Canon chapters are intentionally left with vast swathes of their history blank. Even the Canon chapters can be made into YOUR DUDES.

I play Raptors, and for the past year I've spent writing in my own history and my own characters. I've got about 30 or so characters in my box who all have their own backstory. These dudes are mine, because I assembled, painted, and named them. And I even name a few of the non-character models if they do something badass enough. Like Mantis here is my heavy bolter scout, and he earned his name by scoring 11 frags in one game of a kill-team tournament. Eventually their sergeant(scout with purity seals on his bolter) will probably earn a name someday.

Solidus became my Chapter Champion after he killed 2 Mutilators with a KNIFE.

>> No.51186484

He's talking about Litany of the Electromancer, I believe, which is automatic hits.

>> No.51186517

It seems kind of against the spirit of the formation to just use it to make "Guard, but with Coteaz"

Also it doesn't have a fortification slot, so no ADL

You could at least mix in a unit of Marines or something.

>> No.51186520

They may say that's the Tyranid MO, but sadly there haven't been actual stories showing that since 4th edition. The Tyranids are generic badguys now. Their attacks can easily be handled by any well-armed planet and there's no longer any need to divert resources towards stopping them.

I get how they're supposed to be as an artifact of the days when Tyranids were actually a neat faction, but it's just not how they've been written in maybe a decade.

>> No.51186528

Blood for the Blood God!

>> No.51186533

Just watched the gyrinx on warhammer tv is suspiciously mounted on a base for another model that does not appear in the video

>> No.51186545

I don't own marines.
And it is a problem to be unable to take the fortification. Maybe I'll use Exterminators and run 3 of em instead, then use on-field ruins.

Or Bullgryns.

>> No.51186546

Oh, he mentioned Cawl specifically so I assumed he was talking about the Hive.

>> No.51186563

Ay yo what's with the tabbards. You been jacking my brother templar's shit?

>> No.51186589

Getting lucky with ruin placement You ARE having a third party set up terrain right? doesn't happen often and isn't something to base a strategy on.

>> No.51186594

Possibly, I bought the models secondhand and made some modifications to them. I tried scraping off the black templars iconography to make them into sort of camo cloaks, but the combination of washes and drybrushes brought back the details.

I do still have some black templars bits in my box, and I occasionally use their bolters for my stuff.

>> No.51186606

Not him but i let the tau player set up terrain usually

>> No.51186645

Truth, but Bullgryns are pricey and without a fortification I don't have much choice.

Would give me an excuse to ruin the Rampart detachment, though.

>> No.51186655

Sorry, yeah i meant Electromancer. Cawl just makes Convo much more sturdy against GSC since convo lacks melee protection. 4++ is basically big "fuck you" to GSC.

>> No.51186661

Nice one, autocorrect. I meant RUN.

>> No.51186662

But that's what I'm saying, it's a product of bad storywriting, while the Codexes still TELL us that's how Tyranids operate, they're just not SHOWING it in the prose. In otherwords, they weren't retconned to be weaker, the writers just cannot write for shit and should be ignored the same way C S Goto is with his Space Marine multilasers.

>> No.51186663


I thought the Morkanaut was better than a Land Raider?

>> No.51186674


>> No.51186692

>Imperium gets an infinite troop detachment
>Orks dont


that doesnt even make sense

>> No.51186700

Fuck that. Buy your own ruins. Its 20pts and you aint gonna use that Fort-slot anyway.

>> No.51186721

>*not unlike the standardised Terran Imperial calendar, but containing heretical months named after non-Ecclesiarchy approved pagan gods.


>> No.51186739

> Letting the Tau Player setup terrain
Holy shit that's retarded. You really need to have a third party player setup terrain for a standard, fair configuration. A good board needs to be like this. This is the configuration that my own gaming group prefers, since it's the most fair for all parties, and offers lots of strategic decisions because of terrain.
> Ovals
- Large pieces of FULLY LOS BLOCKING terrain
> Rectangles
- 4+ Cover pieces, preferably medium or large
> Grey lines
- these are your standard deployment zones. The terrain needs to be placed with respect towards them so that no matter what, every army should have access to LOS blocking terrain, hard cover, and soft cover.

Also, 50% of the entire remaining space needs to be soft cover. So 5+ and 6+.

>> No.51186756

What you "pagan"? Emps totally was Jesus and Santa Claus.

>> No.51186778

He doesn't HAVE a fort slot, because he wants to use the new Crusade detachment. So he can't buy ANY terrain. You can't just buy ruins to place like that.

>> No.51186782


>> No.51186783

So on the twitch stream the daemon player is running 4 pink horror squads with only 10 guys. The fuck level of casual shit is this?

>> No.51186798

Oh. Well then. Sucks to be Black Templars.

>> No.51186803

I would say that's a good set-up, but also there needs to be something in the exact center.

And if you want to get really in-depth, don't forget that good terrain should include verticality as well - there needs to be high ground for units to take firing positions on, and low trenches where models can avoid being spotted except by those in the high ground.

>> No.51186806


You mean Pentagons?

>> No.51186813

Kinda new to tabletop warhammer been looking to start an ork army any tips about what units to start collecting? I'm not really sure about the difference between a ranged or melee army really but I do like both a lot

>> No.51186815

Dat killing ground in the middle

>> No.51186831

I'm gonna assume you meant pentagons yeah, that looks good.

>> No.51186836

Worse armour, worse guns, worse bs, worse capacity, not assault and more expensive.

>> No.51186850


I'd put either an oval or a pentagon in the center.

>> No.51186852

Genuine mistake, I meant pentagons

Hence why we usually have the 4 mandatory Hard Covers be 3+ story buildings.

Killing ground in the middle gets FILLED with soft cover. Also if someone has trouble with getting shot to death going through the middle, they can literally just go AROUND it on either side, because the LOS blockers would stop someone gunlining the center from shooting someone going up the edges of the board.

>> No.51186853

>and that one may have somewhat been a case of being stuck with the shitty legacy rules of the Chaos Codex.
A, they straight up altered shit from Chaos Daemons in the same book, so that's no excuse.

B, that doesn't explain all of the new shit being ineffectual and/or overpriced garbage.

>> No.51186883


The Mokanaut gets a better Invulnerable though doesn't it?

>> No.51186893

New thread when?

>> No.51186904

Never. This is the last thread.

>> No.51186906

when you make one

>> No.51186912


>> No.51186920

It's basically got the same battlefield role in that it's a huge vehicle with decent armour that lumbers around the table with lots of firepower and the ability to transport troops.

Nauts have worse Bs and armour and transport capacity and isn't an assault vehicle but it can charge in to combat!

>> No.51186949

It can buy a 5++ for 50 points.

>> No.51186981

For 50 points extra.
Then it's more comparable to the Spartan that carries 25 and ignores melta.

A plasma cannon and a handfull of heavy bolters is not lots of guns.

>> No.51187002

Might pick up Cawl tomorrow, going in to the GW. If hes not sold out, of course.

I plan on the Knight Warden so I can benefit from Cawl's BS buffs as well as smack stuff with S:D. The local Tau player is prone to overhyping his Stormsurge, and the only time I fought him was when I was a massive newb (~4 games under my belt, if that) and REALLY couldn't deal with Stormsurge+ Riptide at 1200. Now I have Sicarians and Dragoons, I plan to target his Drone Net first since I didn't know how to do that. I have the feeling he's not actually very good, he just stood there, shot and jumped out of Grav LoS.

>> No.51187221

R8 my totally legit and 100% legal i swear officer list

1850 points list
Armored battlegroup-combined arms
>(warlord)Company command tank: command vanquisher (255pt)
-Artificer hull (20pt), co-axial heavy stubber (10pt), beast hunter shells(15pt), camo netting (20pt), lascannon (15pt), improved comms (10pt).

>Company command tank: command battle tank (215pt)
-Artificer hull (20pt), infernus shells (5pt), camo netting (20pt, improved comms (10pt)

>Leman russ battle tank (150pt)
>Leman russ exterminator (170pt)
-sponson mounted heavy bolters (20pt)
>Leman russ executioner (250pt)
-sponson mounted plasma cannons (40pt), camo netting (20pt)

Death korps of krieg siege regiment-allied detach
>Company command squad (125pt)
-Master of ordnance (20pt)
-Flamer (5pt)

>Infantry platoon (190pt)
>Infantry platoon (190pt)

>10 Combat engineer squad on hades breaching drill (170pt)
-power sword for the watchmaster (10pt)
-Melta gun (18pt)

>Hellhound (135pt)
-hull mounted multi-melta (10pt)

Im thinking about dropping the co-axial stubbed on the vanquisher so i can turn the exterminator into a commissariat tank with a nice ld 10 bubble, im also undecided if i should keep the power sword for the krieg engineer, or get something like a meltabomb for them

>> No.51187303

>Not converting

Kids these fucking days.

>> No.51187516

He means that GW was declining in sales before they rebooted fantasy and got their heads out of their asses marketing wise.

>> No.51187568

>In the 5th edition Marine codex, every one of the Ultramarine's characters was the "best" in the universe at whatever their job was
To be a little bit fair, he did the same thing for every other chapter's character he wrote in that book. Lysander tore through an entire Iron Warrior fortress to escape and managed to avoid Chaos corruption during his extended stay there.

>> No.51187621

AoS is massively more successful than fantasy, 40k never had to save AoS

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