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"It's a 106 light years to Terra, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of Imperial heroes, it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses."

"Hit it."

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Nice to see drawfags are still fighting the good fight.

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Am I imagining things or is the Castigator an incredibly good weapon?

I feel like Invuln saves screw me over big time a lot these days.

Same goes for the Rechlusiam sword relic. Spending those 20 points on the Burning Blind just to kill myself with it annoys me.

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Draw me a toaster burning heretical bread.

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So am I right in thinking the only way to get Traitor Knight rules in in Traitor's Hate?

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>I feel like Invuln saves screw me over big time a lot these days.

It's a neat little toy, but it's only a St4, 12" range shot. Basically if you fancy throwing a Plasma Pistol on your commander, for the same price, you can give up St7 in exchange for not overheating and ignoring Invulnerables.

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So Deathstrikes, yay or nay? Im thinking of adding two to my Black Templar force.

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>Not charging into nuclear fire

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Is there a good way to make a Hawk Lords army without being annoying and massing flyers under 1000 points?

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God fucking dammit /tg/, I feel like a scumbag. I've been a CSM fan since I found out about them. I thought they were the coolest shit ever. And I always hesitated on pulling the trigger on actually buying them, because their rules sucked and I'd like to play a decently balanced game.

Then Traitor Legions comes out. "Finally!" I say to myself, "They seem to be on the level!" /tg/ was excited, my FLGS who had let me play proxies and hang out as long as I bought a few RPG books was excited. It was great. There was a bit of a wobble when my Death Guard boys ended up looking a bit TOO strong, but I got over that.

Now, not a month after finally ordering my first army, and painting my first models, GW gives the Imperium a formation which allows them to have epic last stands back-to-back with great allies. Everything my dick gets hard for, but for the faction I didn't pick.

Now I'm looking at my first model - my very first Death Guard - and I'm bitter. "Why can't you stand shoulder to shoulder with your brother legions in the same formation?" I ask him. "Why can't you have your own codex, with unique Death Guard units? What the fuck is so great about Space Wolves, and Blood Angels, and the whole damn Imperium, that they get fifteen codexes to build this formation with, and you get nothing but daemons?"

It wasn't until I could hold the model in my hands that I realized the true bitter saltiness that CSM players experience. I actually thought about selling them on the down-low and buying an Imperial army. I don't want to be That Guy, /tg/.

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That one flyer, Stormtalon I think? The one with Rhino armor and guns and it's a tiny little box.

Those are relatively easy to glance with autocannons, etc.

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Thats why Im thinking of getting two but I just wanted to know what everyone thought of Deathstrikes. To me they are awesome and the idea of charging with a creeping barrage of nuclear fire is 40k as fuck.

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I want pics of terrain and dioramas. Doesn't gotta be your's but it is welcomed.

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Sounds like you should play IW.

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IW don't have anything the DG doesn't, faggot.

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There's also Chaos Knights but I think you're better off with the Renegade Knight rules.

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It was a meme.

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Did the Thousand Suns ever scavenge any of their equipment lost as Prospero?

I don't remember it being said that Russ ever did.

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not 40k related but still good

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Oh... Right... Bitter Iron Warriors...

I'm sorry anon, but I'm not in much of a memeing mood...

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I was looking at GW and stumble upon this beauty

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I still feel like that much air power is going to be annoying, especially for people who aren't expecting it.

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Adeptus Titanicus soon

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take a normal space marine army and paint them like hawk lords?

Like, chapters use basically every bit of gear. They aren't at MAX GIMMICK ALL DAY ERRY DAY. For a 1,000 point army, just take some marines. Airborne units in real life take tanks and shit (the thunderhawk even used to have the ability to carry a rhino in the front ramp, locust style), so anything really goes.

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This is exactly what I imagined.

Now draw heretical bread burning a toaster.

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isn't the old version like mechwarrior?

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the new version will also be like mechwarrior, except somehow more convoluted

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good photoshop

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Don't worry, you can afford that. Enjoy yourself a little some time.

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>don't have Traitors Hate
>it's fucking valueless now that Traitor Legions exists
>need Traitors Hate if I want to play with a £95 model
Good job GW, dataslate rules fucking when

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Maybe. Depends on the meta.

Just start with a battle company or similar. Go from there.

>> No.51174823

>it's fucking valueless now that Traitor Legions exists
So buy it from Ebay for cheap, retard.
IK: Renegade came with the rules in a booklet, too, so either find that somewhere or, again, buy the booklet for cheap from a third party.

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Because those "brother legions" lack the ENDURANCE that Mortarion demanded.

Where other legions would waiver, The Death Guard thrived.

Where other legions would cowardly approach flanks, The Death Guard anchored the battle line.

Where other legions would use the crutch of technology, The Death Guard trust in the bolter and the chainsword.

Where other legions would concede to sorcery, The Death Guard believed the only good witch is a dead witch.

Now go, fill your lungs with the smell of phosphex and plague in the morning.

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Random bug actually. Reloaded the page and it got solve.

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It's okay anon. Hazard crotch understands.

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how convoluted are we talking? i already need a spreadsheet and laminated paper for my daemons

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When are mixed weapons units ever useful? Deathwatch with mix of assault weapons and melee weapons?

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Chaos Knights are better than Renegade Knights in a KdK list since they give Blood Tithe.

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Arguably grav cannon + combi melta. Immobilize tank, then do 2 HP if the melta damages.

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Instead of just spamming flyers you could spam assault squads AND flyers, like take a Bladewing formation supported by Raptorwing acting like a tax of sorts so your force isnt that one dimensional. Why Assault squads you ask? Because I think they're related to a flyer heavy force as they are either being dropped from fliers or being supported by flyers, same goes for drop pod marines.

Fire Hawk CT are nice for such a force but you could use UM/RG CT.

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I appreciate that you drew me as a Death Guard marine.

That's not a bad speech.

Suppose I do have a pretty bad case of "grass is always greener". Might as well see what 8th has in store.

Thanks, /tg/. You guys actually made me feel better. Even >>51174706

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Every time I see a WWII tank I have flashbacks to Warthunder

Crossing bridged with people behind me. It fucking stressing now, any time now the fucker behind me will ram my car into the river.

>> No.51174901


Never. Constraint of how the game works.

>> No.51174926

I'm gearing up to do a close quarters combat/melee Guard army for fun and I am stuck wondering what I should make the HQ. I'm torn between using Straken or Yarrick.

Straken has better buffs for the army. especially because I'll have at least 90 bodies with Priests and Psychic buffs to make them more resilient, so Straken's offensive buffs would help round them out, but he's such a point sink. I've considered running him and his squad basically bare bones, but at the same time I'm tempted to make a big Straken death star.

Yarrick doesn't offer as much benefit, but he has a really hard time dying, especially in a blob of 30-40 men. A bit cheaper than Straken and his unit and easier to keep alive, so I feel like I could take more. I could also run him with the Bullgryn.

Straken is the one I want to bring more, but I feel like the points saved from taking Yarrick or just a Lord Commissar, would allow me to have a stronger army over all. Does anyone have any experience with either of those characters in 7th?

>> No.51174947

Hmm...I see what you mean. I'll have to look through some other units to find some good stuff that fits.

I had been considering a couple assault squads for a bit of variety, though I may need to focus on them a bit more heavily.

Fire Hawks seems like a good option. Better than my idea of Mantis Warriors for +1 to reserve rolls at least.

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>Straken is the one I want to bring more


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Chaos boys don't have the comradeship that loyalists do. You picked a faction of backstabbing muppets. I read a story today about Death Guard that attacked Word Bearers without provocation. Enjoy your bikers, you git.

>> No.51174986

Make sure to take some Sentinels too.

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This, I made a manticore over deathstrike, and he ap 4 is kinda lame; only good against vehicles when fighting meqs

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So as a general rule of thumb, how many special weapons, heavy weapons, and/or fire bases do you need to do well in a a) casual army, b) average army, c) WAAC netlist?

For example, a firebase would be something like a Wraithknight, Riptide, Stormsurge, or Imperial Knight. Something with either tons of guns, or only one or two guns but can fire all of them and will probably be firing all game long.

As another measurement, the Eldar scatterbike list has 18 Scatter Laser heavy weapons, a WK firebase, and a lot of Warp Spiders. A Space Marine Battle Company will have 6+ transports which fire 1 heavy weapon and/or special weapon each, and Space Marine bike armies have 2-3 special weapons per troop.

My casual army only has like 4 LC Devastators and a meltagun and plasma gun at 1850 and 2 TLLC from a Land Raider so I'm kind of worried I'm going to lose every single game when people are bringing 3 Riptides or 20 grav guns.

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So you either were a fan for years and never played, or you were a fan for years but played an army you didn't like as much because it had better rules. Either way you're a faggot.

>> No.51175044

Perhaps it is good to go with the gut feeling. Thanks.

Definitely. Sentinels are great. I'm considering doing the Emperor's Talon because boss Sentinel sounds cute.

>> No.51175051

Make the right choice, anon. If you love DG for their looks, lore and crunch, continue on the path you started.

If there's even one of those three you don't care about, then turn your back on our grandfather, and play the armies of ignorance. He will not forget.

>> No.51175054

Even for mixing assault weapons and melee? Either way the goal is to charge.

If an ordinary space marine had relentless a bolter would be better than a pistol + ccw even for assault, since bs4 s4 ap5 usually works out stronger than ws4 s4 ap-

The frag cannon and infernus bolter are both assault weapons, and the deathwatch shotguns have like three different firing modes including template.

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>I thought they were the coolest shit ever. And I always hesitated on pulling the trigger on actually buying them, because their rules sucked

Grow up you big baby, DG are probably the best legion for Chaos and you get access to demons as allies. You dont start an army because its meta or OP or whatever, that makes you a fucking faggot! You start an army because you like the fluff, you like the way it looks and you would like to get a game or two with them as you work through painting whatever. Shit I started Black Templars back in 5th when they had an FAQ/Errata as big as their codex, they sucked shit and I lost all my games throughout 6th-7th because their rules always sucked shit BUT ITS MY ARMY!

Own your army, its a project, its a hobby, enjoy it because rules may change but they will always be YOUR DUDES!.

>> No.51175141

I don't like the aesthetics or lore of death guard, and the idea of foots logging plague marines sounds dreadful boring, but I love the idea of having Relentless on everything.

>> No.51175149

So, anon from the other thread. How's this look for a non-convocation list? I'll probably make one but I'd also like to have a 'fun' list full of all the units I like. Wish I had room for Kastelans somewhere but I don't. Blah.

>> No.51175151

>implying that the blood angels unique codex is good

>> No.51175189

Great anon now i gotta go buy an entire dark eldar army. Thanks ill write you the bill

>> No.51175204

Define "casual." Casual in my meta might be average in yours, or viseversa.

Really it depends almost entirely on your meta.

>> No.51175223

>mfw faggots who get supplements and shit whine about them not being good enough or "not enough rulebooks" when some chapters don't even have a chapter tactic or named IC or unique models or any supplement at all

>> No.51175227

then get out you powergaming faggot. We don't need more like you tarnishing our reputation.

>not liking the lore or aesthetics
why fucking bother, you may as well be that "Death Guard blood angels" goon that IG guy who can't resize pics was playing against

>> No.51175238

>when some chapters don't even have a chapter tactic or named IC or unique models or any supplement at all

is... is a space marines player actually whining that SPACE MARINES don't have enough rulebooks?

>> No.51175243

well if you're facing stuff like that you gotta up your cheese or ask them to do more casual lists

those lists you listed were cheese and commonly found in tournament lists. a casual eldar list might have bikes but 1 scatterlaser per 3 and not as many warp spiders.

>> No.51175253

>then get out you powergaming faggot. We don't need more like you tarnishing our reputation.

>death guard

>not power gaming trash


>> No.51175263



>> No.51175269

Some of us enjoy their history, looks, and conversion opportunities. 100% Footsloggers and no bikes for me. Don't need them :^)

>> No.51175278

>you can't use 99% of those rulebooks
>but they count as yours anyway

Is a CSM player whining about not having enough supplements when they have like 4 supplements and two primary faction codexes?

>> No.51175296

>mfw these dumb niggers don't realize Chaos Space Marines are also Space Marines and everything they're saying actually applies to >>51174585

>> No.51175304

Why are you retards so angry that people start up factions because they are meta? Stop being bitter children and grow up

>> No.51175307

Personally every faction should have at most two books.

One for the vanilla version and one for the flavoured versions.

For example: Codex Tyranids and Codex Hive Fleets
Codex Eldar and Codex Craftworld
Codex Imperial Guard and Codex Regiments of the Imperial Guard
Codex Space Marines and Codex Angels of Death.

Any more than that is just adding bloat for bloat sake.

>> No.51175308

I like the idea of an ever advancing mass of putrid flesh that just won't die. Including some Daemons and Nurglings because that's fluffy as hell. The big 4 need to be fluffy, not power gaming trash. Otherwise you're wasting possible narrative and converting potential.

>> No.51175323

yeah and like codex chaos space marines and traitor legions, I'm with you, I get you man

>> No.51175330

>codex: Regiments of the Imperial Guard
If only anon... If only

>> No.51175335

Exactly. Lore exists for a reason, it separates those who enjoy the hobby as a whole from the WAAC goons.

>> No.51175338


Yeah, a Star Phantoms player has the right to tell a TRAITOR LEGION player whining about not having enough rules to shut the fuck up. All those Blood Angels and Space Wolf releases sure are useful for those Star Phantoms, I tell ya hwut.

>> No.51175350


>> No.51175352

>Star Phantoms
>a real chapter





>> No.51175355

>Personally every faction should have at most one book

Fixed. And I play Space Marines. It's ironic you faggots are now crying about Space Marines having too many books when really you're just jealous you don't have a lot of books.

>> No.51175360

I own the tau and kauyon books. Amidoinitrite

>> No.51175371

When is the next Made to Order iteration due?

>> No.51175375

What should i take in a 1,000pt imperial fist list? noob here, just wanna know what to buy.

>> No.51175376

They have rules

>> No.51175393

Tac Squads and Devastators are your bread and butter.

>> No.51175401

They do have rules for them anon

>> No.51175403

You said your making it for fun right? Go Straken.

>> No.51175417

Playing around with the Necron book and came up with an interesting list.

Living Tomb Formation.
>Monolith = 200
>Monolith = 200
>Obelisk = 00

>Cryptek = 65
>Cryptek = 65

>Warriors X 20 = 260
>Warriors X 20 = 260

Heavy Support
>Heavy Destroyer = 50
>Heavy Destroyer = 50
>Heavy Destroyer = 50

Total 1500

Pretty mean turn two alpha strike with everything but the destroyers being a guaranteed turn two deep strike with the monoliths being able to come in on point if with in 12 of the obelisk, and then the warriors being able to pop out of the monoliths.

>> No.51175419

Oh, so the Star Phantoms should have their own codex before the Legions is what he meant?

>> No.51175422


This is why /tg/ is shit these days, the ignorant run their mouth too much. Where do these retards even get this confidence? Dunning-Kruger effect?

>> No.51175425


Angels of Death
Champion of Fenris
Blood Angels
Dark Angels
Grey Knights
Space Marines
Space Wolves
Angels Blade
Shield of Baal
War Zone Fentris

>> No.51175438


And which chapter deserves their own chapter tactics rule or IC/unique models?

>> No.51175450


Only Angels of Death is Space Marines. All the rest are GK/BA/SW/DA and can't be used by any army except those.

>> No.51175452

no, no, you're right, it's the anons that are wrong

all of these chapters http://www.ironhands.com/chapters.htm deserve their own official codex book

No, you're right, anon is wrong, your totally important and relevant chapter deserves special rules.

>> No.51175461

>fall of cadia
>no love at all for guard

this would literally be like if there was a campaign called "battle for Titan" and there was no Grey Knight love, or "war for commorragh" with no Deldar

i love what GW has done this past year and really think they are on the up but really? not a single guard formation? no new rules for creed or something?

>"but theres a cadia supplement"
that was forever ago plus plenty of older dex's (CSM, Wolves) have had multiple supplements

seriously I'm not even mad, it just baffles me, like flavorfully it makes no sense, can someone point out what I'm missing?

>> No.51175470


Chaos Daemons
Khorne Daemonkin
Chaos Space Marines
Black Legion
Renegades & Heretics
Imperial Guard
Traitor Legions
Traitor's Hate
Crimson Slaughter

>> No.51175471


you can ally them you dipshit

>> No.51175488

>Star Phantoms
>made up chapter

Yeah, you were wrong, deal with it you butthurt faglord. Wanna know how to be less wrong about shit so you stop getting BTFO on /tg/? Stop posting.

>> No.51175491

It's not good, but it's a bit of a laugh.

>> No.51175501


You can ally anyone in 7E. The fact that you have to ally them proves they're not the same army, unless you think all armies are the same since they all can ally in 7E.

And if you want to say Battle Brothers, Carcharodons are Desperate Allies so I guess let's make a bunch of Carcharodons codexes by your strawman logic, right?

>> No.51175506

>the most played faction gets too much attention!

stay mad, minority

>> No.51175512




>> No.51175519

>thinks Star Phantoms are a fake chapter
>thinks Faction: not-space-marines is Faction: Space Marines because they have a 3+ save
>calls other people dipshits

So SoB are Space Marines because they have 3+ armor?

>spells it armour

Daily reminder that moot was right about European and Australian being 100% shitposters ruining 4chan. Daily reminder that their education system is even worse than Americas.

>> No.51175521

stop replying to bait

>> No.51175524

>You can ally anyone in 7E
tsk once again /tg/ proves that it doesn't even know the basic rules of 40k

probably why you're posting here

>> No.51175535


Replace Star Phantoms with Death Guard to see why everyone's face in this thread is simply laughing at you. Stay mad, CSM babby. I called it years agot that even if they got traitor legions back like they always whined about from 3.5 they'd still be massive complaining faggots.

>> No.51175537


They played a large part in the Badab war, and were responsible for breaching Huron's last fortress. Huron himself got fried by a Star Phantom's combi-melta.

>> No.51175539

>my arguments is being destroyed
>well uh uh y-you d-dont know the rules
Nice response

>> No.51175540


>> No.51175554

>space marines whine that they don't have enough rulebooks and supplements
>everyone points out that they have the most
>people assume this is complaining

/tg/ you have terrible reading comprehension

>> No.51175557


Let me guess, faggot, you're just pretending to not know how allies work in 7E. I think the real story is just that you don't know anything and are constantly wrong.

>> No.51175563

Re-posting my Word Bearers list; dropped Flamers from the Cultists, to give the Rhinos Dirge Casters and to give the Sorcerer the Malefic Tome. I feel this rounds off the list quite nicely. It's fast, almost everything is Objective Secured, it reliably gets two summons off each turn, and it's fairly MSU-ish.

I'm thinking of writing an Iron Warriors list too as a "template" for a friend. Someone pointed out that since Iron Warriors can buy a shitload of fortifications, and for each fortification you can buy 3 Tank Traps, you can actually render a large section of the map immune to Drop Pods for not that many points.

>> No.51175565

So what exactly are Dark Eldar relations with the Imperium. They are probably the major faction I know least about. I know craftworld Eldar are sometimes "friendly" sometimes dicks, with eldar corsairs generally being dicks (I think), but I thought the Dark Eldar were basically evil Eldar, basically Chaos Eldar without being Chaos, but now it seems they are willing to help the Imperium?

>> No.51175567

GK and DW are Inquisition lap dogs no idea why they made them their own codex just say they are no longer Inquistion attack dogs.

All space marines should be lump into one book.

Maybe GK could be a side note in an inquisition book.

>> No.51175579

The funny part is he's not even right.

>> No.51175581

The dark eldar do as they please. If helping the imperium furthers their goals they will do so.

>> No.51175586

>present across many wars
>have large parts in huge amounts of stories
>even some of deathguard is part of black legion
>aka part of the big campaign right now

>somehow this means they're irrelevent
>somehow they're equal to made up paint-your-own space marine chapters

cool so you were part of one war? yeah that means you're as important as A FOUNDING LEGION WHICH IS CRITICAL TO THE OVERARCHING PLOT OF THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE

>> No.51175595

>space marine player who can only use vanilla codex and Angels of Death points out that Death Guard player has far more supplements available than some players
>everyone starts mentioning random Space Wolf books

Sort of like you?

>> No.51175607

They probably negotiated a price in millions of slaves. For the Imperium, it's a small price to pay.

>> No.51175627

>Why can't you stand shoulder to shoulder with your brother legions in the same formation?
Because CSM hate each other?
>I actually thought about selling them on the down-low and buying an Imperial army.
Well that's a bit extreme. But there is nothing wrong with starting a loyalist space marine army after you finish your DG.

Loyalty is it's own reward, come home brother

>> No.51175632

dark eldar see humans as insignificant meat who can never match the eldar in terms of grace or martial prowess

that said the dark eldar aren't too keen on letting chaos overrun everything because there's this tiny thing where slaanesh wants to devour their souls and that's quite a pickle

so if dark eldar needed to help humanity beat chaos, well then, they would have no choice but to assist the stupid mon'keighs

>> No.51175643


This was what inspired me, actually. Or maybe it was the post that requested the gif.

>> No.51175649

the dark eldar are asshole predators looking for kinks and giggles, they're helping out the humans because if the imperium falls the game is done and there's no more fun to be had

when they're not being helpful they're about as threatening (to the imperium as a whole) as the tau if not less. slave raiders in av 10 and skimpy outfits aren't designed for prolonged conflicts

it's mostly because GW couldn't be bothered to make them anything new

>> No.51175650

dammit guys stop letting these couple faggots derail the entire thread

to try and steer things back on track who is the most versatile single model unit for their point cost in your alls opinion?

my money is on coteaz because of the retarded amount of shit he can do
>shoots at anything that comes in from reserves with his unit at full BS over and over
>2+ armour
>MC daemon hammer
>ML2 and can roll on most if not all tables
>rerolls the seize die
>100 pts

>> No.51175656

All this S4, T4 Sv3+ disgust me. Mutants all of you!

You disgust me like this unfit Sister of Battle!

>> No.51175669

Coteaz is pretty bueno.

Cawl looks like he could top him.

I think Karamazov beats all other uniques, though, just because he can call down hellfire on his own dudes.

>> No.51175683

>eldar see humans as basically animals
>call them mon'keighs
>mon'keighs is pronounced almost the same as monkeys
>they even call us monkeys
so how fucking retarded am i to only now realize GW did this?

>> No.51175686

saint cheesestine, patron saint of FAT PIGS OINK OINK

>> No.51175704

you're so incredibly retarded

>> No.51175712

Does the community generally look down on bringing models from other games to play with certain factions that are not demons

>> No.51175713

Question would would sexy Torquemada special rule work against teleporting shit like the Necrons? Not sure how the hell those things work

>> No.51175714

>keeper of secrets
>access to telepaty
>preferred enemy all elves

you're 20 years late. have you heard that Captain Typcho got killed?

>> No.51175718

mega crab man has just so many abilities, and he just gives the middle finger to anyone who tries to kill him with anything short of D

I love it

>> No.51175727

>Captain Typcho got killed?


>> No.51175732

If they arrived from Reserve, yes.

>> No.51175734


Not if they look fitting.

>> No.51175744

Nop, if they do, they are not worth playing with.

It is clear enough what the fuck is counting as and it is painted for at least table top I do not give a damn

>> No.51175746

most people look down on people who don't buy models from whatever store they play in

pay where you play, if you're not going to help keep the store open you don't deserve to play there, you can sit in your basement alone

>> No.51175758


That guy is just behind the times. He hasn't heard that Captain Tycho was just wounded, and comes back with a mask to hide his scars!

>> No.51175762

'ow many powa klaws is too many powa klaws?

>> No.51175764

if they come in from reserves he shoots at them, no stopping him if he has LOS

>my cup of tears of sky hammer players who think my parking lot of tanks is easy pickings is never empty

>> No.51175774


>> No.51175793



>> No.51175804

Guess the Necron teleportation does not work like "deepstriking from reserves" and it is just "deepstriking from somewhere on the table"

If my fucking trio ever ships Im just using Gayfox as a sexier Torquemada. Since she is pretty bad for how much she cost

>> No.51175874

Bump for me? Think I got lost in the rules and marine wank

>> No.51175897

Codex Chaos space marines should include the rules for legions

Codex tyrannids should include rules for the hive fleets

And so on

All these supplements are a poor attempt at a patch system for shitty rules

>> No.51175906

>As Warp storms rage across the galaxy, the armies fighting desperately in their baleful glare find themselves subject to the whims of fluctuating empyric events. Some events are empowering, and others less so – especially for those attuned to the Immaterium.

>This is a set of 36 gorgeously-realised cards, detailing the Empyric Storms events from The Gathering Storm: Fall of Cadia. Usable in any games of Warhammer 40,000 featuring any army, they add psychic rules and effects to your battles.

wait, what the hell are these cards and why do get the feeling like no one's been talking about these? i kinda want these because with warp storm i could see things getting really crazy

>> No.51175923

>mfw my original deck of tactical objectives with the DA on them is unopened
>mfw the C:SM specific deck of tactical objectives with that Ultramarine on them is unopened


>> No.51175941

So if I've already got an army I shouldnt bring it to a new store?

>> No.51175944

>the faction that gets the most attention gets played the most

Do you even chicken and egg?

>> No.51175952

depends, is it fucking chinaman resin?

>> No.51175953

quit your bitching. "ohhh my iron hands don't have a special character", "Ohhh regular marines suck". The new supplement, just adds formations, re-did a few things, and added only TWO new units. Not their fault you chose some back water shit chapter

>> No.51175957

>wait, what the hell are these cards

Random effects that you can add to your games, like a warzone trait or something for a campaign. Its a cool option to have.

>> No.51175959

i know that feeling anon. i got the daemon cards, the regular tactical cards, and the supremacy cards

>> No.51175960

This is an early draft, something I may want to try later. I'm not really feeling it though, just because it's a slow army and 40k doesn't reward turtling.

Armored Crates are to help Havocs shoot better, Fuel Tanks are to turn the Bikes into budget Hellhounds.

Brimstone Horrors are basically limpet mines. The Soulgrinders go without saying.

The lack of mobility is definitely a killer though, just because Warp Spiders, Eldar Jetbikes, etc are a thing.

>> No.51175969

it's just a book avalanche cash grab before 8th gets dropped on us

>> No.51175977

so im gonna play an apoc game this sunday based on fall of cadia, was hoping for some input, want it to feel like a legendary final stand as the only victory is the defiance of holding back the end for a moment longer

>Imperium gets 20-30% more points to start with
>imperium starts in the middle in some sort of heavily defended fortress, complete with my void shield generator
>chaos deploys on any board edge
>at the beginning of EVERY turn chaos gets all of its units back, they just walk on, and auto come in for deep strike on turn two since the space around cadia is totally controlled
>game goes until every single defender has been removed
>basically the first turn or two the defenders just rape the attackers, but each loss is permanent, so after a few turns they will be outnumbered and get more and more desperate


was thinking about giving each faction little buffs
>daemons always cause fear, no ATSKNF or fearless will stop it
>CSM have preferred enemy (loyalist space marines)
>cadian guardsmen are fearless and cadian vehicles have IWND (6+)
>black templars have +1" to their charge range
stuff like that

game will probably be about 4000-6000 point each side, ill post pics afterward if you guys want
also should i make a thread for this? i think it'll attract enough interest

>> No.51175981

>mfw chaos got 3 new books in a row, and all the others did was make the other ones look like shit until it got to traitor legions

>> No.51175991

Book Avalanche? It's Traitor Legions and Imperial Agents.

Not sure what else you're talking about.

>> No.51176001

What kill team is the best? GW or Herald of Ruin?

>> No.51176013

Good thing I play in my shed

>> No.51176020


For pick up games? GW
For a campaign or more organized play? Heralds or FW's Victory is Vengeance campaign.

>> No.51176031


well GW you can slap down 200 points whenever

HoR has a whole campaign system to it

you really can't compare the two

>> No.51176033

Well the problem is that the Games Workshop store is so expensive. However it is the only place that I can find games all the time 4 Warhammer. What should I do?

>> No.51176048

buy one box, build it, assemble it, paint it, love it, play with it, when you can afford to buy the next one do so

>> No.51176049

>So expensive
>30$ a month for a box of doods is too expensive.

>> No.51176050

Poor as shit and just want to dab my feet into the hobby with two other friends if that helps. Just wanted to make a small army and play off of that.

>> No.51176051

So what are the new spoilers?

>> No.51176072

Not use unofficial models?

>> No.51176088


>> No.51176089

Ik the feeling, being a poorfag is kinda hard, but you could occasionally get stuff from their.

>> No.51176094

play killteams

also, GW stores will give you a free marine and teach you to paint it if you're actually legitimately new to the hobby

they also have a battlebrothers thing where if someone introduces someone to the hobby (a new person) who buys a starter set both people get a coupon

if you show up to a GW and explain to them you're on a budget and want to get started and learn more about the hobby they will do their best to help you.

The should have introductory battle events or something, where multiple people show up with a couple hundred points of models and fight out a battle some afternnon during the weekend or something, as a way to teach new players the rules.

Get involved.

Paint some cool things.

Have some cool fun.

>> No.51176097

>implying vanilla gets a lot of attention these days

You literally had like 3 years of non vanilla marine releases, including huge hits like GSC, DW, CSM, and 1KS. Space Marines are going to be popular no matter what, just like Jedi are even in the Clone Wars and other non-Jedi Star Wars media.

You're either a newfag or some meme-spouting newfag if you think Space Marines aren't going to be forever popular no matter what.

>> No.51176114

old spoilers

>> No.51176121

>tells people to quit bitching
>bitches about the release he JUST GOT
>the release that followed A WHOLE BUNCH OF OTHER RELEASES

No, fuck you, YOU quit bitching, the only reason anyone is even bitching is because YOU SHITS started it and won't shut the fuck up.

>> No.51176126

Chinaman resin? It's plastic and metal.

>> No.51176127

Well how fucking new do you want your spoilers, because that's all of the book at this point.

>> No.51176129

Thanks for the help man! My friend actually gave me a Christmas gift of a squad of plague marines and a Nurgle DP. So that right there is the basis of my army, Im not sure ill be able to fit the DP into kill team though. My other friend has a random box of tyranids sitting around we will try to make an army out of while the third spends another 6 months figuring out what the fuck to play.

>> No.51176145

Do we still have the proportion of GW income that come just from Space Marines standard tactical squad kit ?

I was something ridiculous a few years ago.

>> No.51176156

nah a kill team would be some of your plague marines, but you can agree to have like "super kill teams" or w/e where you both take a big monster (your DP) and a kill team and then fight it out

>> No.51176170

I mean, it's not like the imperium can just mix and match any model from marine/ gaurd/ sisters, to just take the most OP shit.

>> No.51176179

are primarchs allowed in 2500 pt 40k

specifcially curze

>> No.51176183

Wasnt there something new with Creed?

>> No.51176184

does the pound falling help or hurt burgers when it comes to models?

>> No.51176186

Give BT that wulfen rule where they can attack even if they were killed at a higher initiative

>> No.51176191

he's in a pokeball

>> No.51176199

Help, we enjoy cheep forge world

>> No.51176202

you know what to do

>> No.51176204

Help, especially FW.

Crazy Trazy got him.

>> No.51176209

it helps burgers and it helps GW

it helps burgers because FW is cheap right now and it helps GW because they make EVEN MORE MONEY off space marines

>> No.51176210

No, because I just want to play my own army in with my own stuff.

1v1 me anon!

CAD only, Final Destination, 1500 points.

I play CSM

30k only.

Helps everyone.

>> No.51176232

>is it ok if I'm over by four points

>> No.51176233

More like being a Jew.
>sells for 30 in a GW
>everyone plays there
>weird store down the road sells it for 24
>it's all MtG, only 40k game I saw there was 2000pt beautiful Ork army vs unpainted Tau
It was like a /tg/ green text horror story, I literally did a double take when I saw it.
I'm still kicking myself I didn't take a picture to troll /tg/ with.

>> No.51176240

>Got into the hobby 7 or so years ago
>Loved the 1K Sons
>Hated the fucking models
>make a different army and lose interest a year ago
>come back now
>see the new Wrath of Magnus lineup
oh dear oh dear oh dear. How do they fair on the TT now?

>> No.51176243

30 a month from where? Is there some sub service or are you saying to buy random things from there

>> No.51176252

So the list builder got updated so it no longer shows 2 columns apperantly.

>> No.51176261

Any chance you just used a different preview style anon?

>> No.51176264

thinking of dropping haywire on Archon so I'll be at 999. I play in a casual setting so it would okay regardless

>> No.51176266

Dont bother with any extra fnp or iwnd in an apoc game, shit will take way too long and be forgotten.

Stuff like BT get hatred for all Chaos would be cool. Maybe Daemons auto regain d3 models if they wipe out a unit.

>> No.51176267

Coteaz is pretty cool, there's no doubting that. Within her point range though, Celestine is pretty amazing. The only thing she can't do is carve through AP 2, and she can simply solve that by granting Relentless to Grav Devastators for a turn.

As for my personal favorite character, I'm a fan of the following: Herald of Tzeentch. ML 2, Paradox, Exalted Locus of Conjuration. Sometimes with Disc, but I've been running without a Disc lately.
>Only perils on Double 6s when summoning.
>You have the option to either "fish" for powers, or to just go "Summoning/Prescience/Flickerfire" and call it a day.
>Can auto-cast a power if you throw (2X-1 dice at it where X is the base WC cost)
>Can buff, summon, or shoot. Witchfire is basically equivalent to a squad of Eldar Jetbikes firing Shuriken Cannons.
>Can "move after fire" of course.
>120 points.

Add a unit of 11 Horrors for another 55 points and you've now got 4 Warp Charge for under 200 points, scoring presence, and tanking Overwatch (They shoot you, you just split into another unit), and are just a general nuisance/toolbox.

Force Weapons are still a thing. :3

>> No.51176268

If anyone's taking IG, remind one of them to bring the Tactical Auto-Thingy of Mr. T.

In big games with lots of orders, you can put the thing in the company command squad ordering an Emp's Wrath Arty Company. Congrats, if you order the artillery first, you have a 1 in 3 chance each turn of all your orders in the ENTIRE ARMY going off without a hitch. Thats a lot of reliable Bring It Downs and Rank Fires!

>> No.51176276

the rubrics are as shit as ever, the terminators are pretty ok, magnus is FUCKING INCREDIBLE, tzaangors are really good

there's also a formation which is just 4 wizards so that's really good

ultimately 1k sons suck because they're still tied to a shitty old codex, but maybe in 8th they'll be better

>> No.51176278

get another venom for the incubi because on foot they are dead. all your anti tank is 2 dark lances and the jetbikes. i would bump up the incubi squads to 2 squads of 5 in venoms

tons of ap3, still slow, magnus is back, some new units. over all they're about the same

>> No.51176281

No, its that I don't want t pay 82$=tax for 10 assault marines when I can buy the older ones for 60 for 10 on the other end of town. Plus the older Dev. Box comes with 6 guys, as well.

>> No.51176290

One last question for you, how do the Kill Team book and Traitor Legions book work together?

>> No.51176292

Buying a box or two of guys a month isn't that expensive. You or the guy I was replying to was complaining that buying from GW was too expensive to buy from.

Buy it slowly and there's no problem.

>> No.51176302

my intention is to have a squad of 5 in a venom deploying normally and another 5 dropping with the archon's webway portal. Kinda don't want to buy another venom for now

>> No.51176303


same way kill teams works with anything

Any detachment can be a traitor legion detachment, kill team is a detachment, you get all the traitor legion goodies if you're a good boy

>> No.51176307

Pretty garbo.

But you can make a 1500 army quite easily with them.

>> No.51176314

I'm bringing guard but only have like 60 guardsmen in all, was thinking of giving creed that apoc rule where his orders have infinite range, didn't think that would be too OP with all the shit id give other factions

>> No.51176321

general consensus is that they're too expensive to be an effective force. But I didn't let general consensus stop me from building an army of my favorite faction, (Imperial Knights), and neither should you.

>> No.51176331

So, now that at the cost of an additional HQ and 2 troops, its legal for marines to take leman russ tanks. Bonus if one of them is a tank commander

>> No.51176341

I mean, if you focus on magnus, wizards, tzangors and maybe a squad of terminators it's really really strong

>> No.51176345

that could work maybe, but if they were in my backline they wouldn't survive being hit by flamers

>> No.51176347

>But you can make a 1500 army quite easily with them.
That's a nice way to say "they're stupidly over costed."

>> No.51176360

they always could have allied with guard, but guard is shit so why would you ally with them

>> No.51176372


Additional marine HQ and Troops? Because you could always take LR tanks by just taking an IG HQ and 2 IG troops. Hell you can just take an ABG detachment and have tanks for no tax.

>> No.51176376

I felt like being polite.

>> No.51176388

>but guard is shit

>> No.51176389

If they're playing Apoc point levels, the Cadia Battlegroup actually works then, as there's enough points to actually bring an Emperor's Fist, Blade, generic Platoons, etc. The Guard player won't actually *need* the Auto-reliquary as much, since Ld checks for Orders would be on 3d6-drop highest die.

>> No.51176396

the fact that you can take 4 leman russ tanks in for battle cannon spam just to lead marines in metal boxes

>> No.51176415

With the castellens detachment. You can take a Russ and marines with no tax and become that guy

>> No.51176419

Well I'm actually quite glad to hear that, because I think they look pretty cool. I just remember a lot of complaining when they were released.

>> No.51176442

A leman russ doesn't even benefit marines that much as they're not very good at supporting it.

>> No.51176448

>/tg/ complained about a new release

I'm sorry anon I'm gonna need some proof for such a tall tale

>> No.51176476

guard allied with wolves is actually pretty competitively viable and has taken tourneys, wolves get up close and personal while the guard does its thing and drops tons of high strength and rapes shit with wyverns

they really fill each others weaknesses nicely

>> No.51176492

Well, atm, with my local shop being filled with noting but marines, Ap 3 pie plates help

>> No.51176494

They can take it in the rules but... How would I even model a marine with dual pistols?

All the pistols are clearly right handed.

>> No.51176495

i know it almost like /tg/ was reasonable

>> No.51176499

Hello, I see Trimvirate of the Imperium is back in stock for preorder. Do I have to buy this now, or will it be around for some time?

>> No.51176501

Do you have any idea how many chapters have been made up over the years? Considering lorewise, there have been TWENTY-SIX foundings?

Only the original 18 legions should have chapter tactics or legion rules. Everything else is a successor, and should use the rules of it's founders, or what most closely resembles it.

If it's unknown or not obvious, that's your tough luck. Successors and warbands that have a paragraph or two written about them are simply to fill out space in books.

Getting butthurt over no snowflake special rules for a filler chapter you happen to like is flat-out retarded.

>> No.51176502

They're garbage-tier. Standard Rubrics arguably got *worse* and they were one of the worst units in the game.
>Aspiring Sorcerer only has access to Force Staff. Loses the ability to take a Force Sword or Force Axe.
>Lore of Tzeentch updated so you still have a 1 in 3 chance of getting a shit spell, but now only have a 1 in 6 chance of getting Doombolt (the really good spell).
>Siphon Magic lets the Sorcerer gain additional dice to use as Warp Charge for the turn when nearby Psykers successfully manifest powers. However, the Sorcerer can only cast one power per turn, making Siphon Magic useless.
>Treason of Tzeentch is awesome until you face a melee-happy army, like Wulfen/Thunderwolf Space Wolves, or Genestealer Cultists.
>Thousand Sons units can take a single Soulreaper Cannon at 10 models. This brings the unit to almost 300 points for 10 models by the way, and the Soulreaper cannot shoot at a different target to the rest of the squad, so if you want to shoot, say, a 35-point Rhino, that's 260 points of unit doing dick.
>You can replace your AP 3 Bolters with AP 4 Flamers...for 7 points per model. Let's not forget that Thousand Sons are Slow & Purposeful and cannot Overwatch with Flamers, and if you fail to kill your enemy with said Flamers, chances are you're going to *give* that enemy unit Feel No Pain. Basically, you're paying to replace an AP 3 gun with a not-AP 3 flamer that makes it harder to kill your enemy.

Rubrics are...tolerable. They're still not good, but they're tolerable.

Tzaangors make Ork Boyz look good for their points. That's all I need to say about them.

Magnus is amazing. Ironically, the best way to run him is in a list with no actual Thousand Sons units in it.

>> No.51176504

It's not a limited release.

>> No.51176510

Thousand Sons themselves are pretty bad, especially with their ridiculous points costs, with Magnus being their only saving grace.

>> No.51176516

Space wolves, Dev. Sgt, assault squads, commander box. They are hard to find. but trust me, its always funny to have a 30 point sink to give a Sgt/Captian 2 plasma pistols

>> No.51176522

>dropping loads of high strength, inaccurate blasts on the enemy
>as your allies get close to them
Sounds like a friendly fire bananza sempai.

>> No.51176535

Take it if you want too, but it's going to be really vulnerable to deep strike melta just by itself.

>> No.51176536

Here's how I imagine Castellans will go down:

>Stormtrooper Command Squads/Guard Command Squads as HQs.
>Stormtroopers or Veterans as Troops
>Dominions as Fast Attacks.
>Wyverns as Heavy Support

Extreme MSU/cover-busting. Round off with an Eldar CAD with Autarch & Scatbikes for capping objectives.

>> No.51176560


Good thing that conversation was about DG getting butthurt over not being special snowflake enough, faggot. They should just remove all chapter and legion rules if you want to be real.

>> No.51176581

In theroy, they are amazing. If you play nothing but some asshat who spams marines like guard spams infantry, You are going to have a field day. But unless you spam 5 man units with warp flammers in rhinos, don't use them againt anything else, too expensive. Min-max them is the way to go.

>> No.51176600

ok mr store nazi. Riddle me this, what if I bought a second hand army from a player from another store. Would it be so bad for me to go and play at a completely different store?

>> No.51176611

I'm up for wasting points so double inferno pistols on a drop pod sargent.

If by some chance he survives the return fire he gets to go Kung fu.

>> No.51176626

Are you going to keep buying new stuff from different places while continuing to use their space?

>> No.51176630

>tfw you take a heavy flamer/flamer and laugh as horde shit themselves as you drop 4 templates in one squad.

>> No.51176644

>TFW when you face a horde, only 4 models out of 100 are actually in range, you only kill 4 models, and grant Feel No Pain to the rest.

>> No.51176657


I would ask you to buy something before you played, doesn't matter what it is as long as the owner has some cash.

>> No.51176669

what would give feel no pain outside of the Tyranids warlord trait?

>> No.51176673

>they nerfed template rules


>> No.51176678

Tzeentch flamers are retarded.

>> No.51176684

r8 my perfectly reasonable and viable guard army.

>> No.51176698

Garbage. Replace everything that doesn't have legs with Deathstrike Missiles. Make your opponent work for that victory.

>> No.51176701

Oh man that would be great. 26 hormagaunts with feel no pain.

>> No.51176704

I will only buy stuff from one place and that is it my friend. I refuse to buy from the other game places cause they charge full price and arent even games workshop stores while the other places are 25% off of all GW stuff

>> No.51176710

they could be mounted on a retarded cow and hurt your army a krak missile heads their way

>> No.51176713

7/10 perfectly reasonable and viable guard army to play at 1118 pts

>> No.51176727

Funny, I thought it looked like a would-be powergamer crying over an already well-fed army not having even more ways to cheese.

Remove all variants and supplements, btw? It's almost as if you hate customization and fun.
>no chapter/legion tactics
>no craftworld rules
>no variants of any kind
>final destination

Still waiting on Ork Klan rules, tbqh famalam.

Tyranids definitely shouldn't get anything though, as they have no personality and evolve based on location and opponents, not heritage.

>> No.51176736

can nids atleast get a new codex? is that allowed?

>> No.51176738

>Hive fleets don't have general strategies that they adapt from later"

Nah, you're a cunt.

>> No.51176741

Reposting this list for shits and giggles. This is my "second army" project, for more laid-back games compared to my Warband build.

The Defiler is my Warlord because Word Bearers traits are hilarious on it; with Cursed Earth, it can also get a 3++. I call my Warlord the Crabthedral.

Palanquin Sorcerers are for Summoning and Nurgle buffs. Herald does Prescience and Summons.

Forgefiends are for popping armor/blasting Void Shields. Yay reusable Daemonforge. Ectofiend is for cracking the odd 2+ save now and then.

Cultists bubblewrap, make a nuisance of themselves, outflank when destroyed to cap objectives. Warpsmith took a Combi-Melta so he can double-tap a target.

>> No.51176762

I think needs need a Decurian style detachment that gives one of the two main biomorphs(toxin sacks/ Adrenal glands) for free to everything in it and give it a random adaptation

>> No.51176780

Different anon buy I'd purge a mothetfucker for some Sister Order rules. They took the time to give them flavors (mostly ranging from "stoic" to "raging like they have PMS") so some small bonuses to go with it would be nice.

Then again not getting rules on par with CT as one off rules we need to test to use would be nice.

That said I would never want to delete armies or flavor and that CSM poster deserves a Penitent Engine socking (since Dread Socking doesn't work anymore).

>> No.51176784



>> No.51176810

We don't need ork clan rules. Clans are barely supported in the fluff, and most armies described in the fluff are conglomerations of different "clans." The clans are basically just different breeds of orks that occur within ork ecosystems.

I'd rather have wacky army creation rules with fun tables and character creation.

>> No.51176813

Well make it something general
+1 BS/WS on gaunts
+6" synaps
Feel no pain +6 or +5 to flamers

>> No.51176825

i hear hyper competitive armies (pre traitors hate CSM, orks) love randomness

>> No.51176842

I'd also be cool with Sisters getting more toys that are thematic with them being the "Bolter/Melta/Flamer" trinity, while still giving them options. Be it sniper teams with Stalker Boltguns, "Golgothan Walkers" (think like a midway point between the Throne of Judgement and a Dreadknight) with an Avenger MegaBolter/Boltcannon, or even a "Hellhound" equivalent of the Immolator.

I mean, for an army that sure loves flamers, it's hilarious they don't have a single Torrent weapon.

Getting more "support-piece" units, making the assorted Ministorium units more than just roadies for an Inquisitor/Priest ("A unit entirely composed of Death Cult Assassins gets Hit & Run, may Run & Shoot, and ignores intervening models when moving"), etc, would help round things off.

>> No.51176843

When can we hope for the first list builders to include the new models and formations?

>> No.51176862

They deserve a very good codex after the years they've had since 4th.
Their bodies evolve based on their situational needs. General strategies are usually confined to their special characters and particular theatres of war they struggle in. A Nid version of chapter tactics, sure, but not a fucking supplement. You're a cunt too, btw.

As stated above, everything should get an equivalent of chapter tactics to keep armies of the same codex varied. Sisters need a book first, which me and a mate are waiting on tenderhooks for.
>dread socking
Haven't heard that term since 2006, and haven't seen in used anywhere except the Waaagh forum. I like you.

>> No.51176864

its weird how it works sometimes, battle scribe took like a month to get deathwatch in, but if i recall correctly traitor legions or wrath of magnus was updated the same weekend of the release, guess it just depends how dedicated people are and if shit gets leaked early

>> No.51176880

This army is "totally" competitive. I mean, look at it. It's 48 Warp Charges, duh! It also makes 73 pre-game rolls to determine what powers it has! 36 rolls for Psyker Powers (and with each one, you can take a few minutes to determine if you want to swap to the Primaris), 36 for Lesser Gifts (and for each one, you can take a few minutes to ponder whether you want an Etherblade), and one Warlord Trait.

Take it to a tournament, and you will never lose a game, for how can you lose a game when the round ends before the game even started?

>> No.51176891

It'd be really nice to see more weapons in that vein. A Torrent flamer tank would be sweet, as would a squad with Stalker Boltguns to offer them some more long ranged firepower.

Maybe something like a Vindicator, but with a huge gatling bolter in place of the main cannon? Or Meltabomb-missiles to give them another long range anti-tank option that isn't the exorcist.

Honestly, there are a ton of things you can do while sticking to those limits.

>> No.51176932

Speaking of list builders, is Imperial Agents in Battlescribe already? Just updated my files for it but don't seem to have it in there.

>> No.51176939

how do the skiitari communicate? They look like a bunch of retarded robo people

>> No.51176953

>Own your army, its a project, its a hobby, enjoy it because rules may change but they will always be YOUR DUDES!

Fuck. I needed this reminder. I've been caught up in worry about starting a new army based on both crunch and fluff/asthetics but forgot that crunch isn't the most important part.

Thanks for the reminder Anon. It reminds me why I started Sisters and what I should be looking at for to pick a new army.

>> No.51176954

fuuuuuuuuuuuck people who use these kinds of lists

theres a person at my LGS who runs tzcheench(fuck that spelling ) daemons, he spends like 30 minutes generating psychic powers and rewards, he's a low key cheater too so you have to watch him to make sure that two doesnt get mistaken for a three or whatever he wants it to be. makes tourney games miserable with him.

even worse he doesnt know how to manage his psychic phase, so in big apoc games when he has like 20+ warp dice he takes like an hour to do his phase as he thinks about what to do instead of knowing what it is and rapid firing them really fast

>sorry to vent but he's about to get a b& for running a list like that in the gayest way possible

>> No.51176960

Vangaurd still have mouths, rangers don't. More then likely through though linked vox networks. they all have antennas on their gear

>> No.51176963

Tzaangors bad huh?

So no point rebasing my fantasy beastmen then

>> No.51176966

they speak gothic through vox grills, they also speak in binary by sending out bursts of static to transmit lots of information to each other very quickly and secretly since the rest of the imperium can't understand it

>> No.51176967

>don't need clan rules
>clans are not like-minded orks that focus on one particular facet of their psyche who then flock together with other like minded orks

They had klan rules before, they deserve them again, just like the traitor legions. ANYTHING to give ork armies and players motivation to not be pigeonholed into boyz spam, bike spam or walker spam

>army creation rules
>fun tables
>character creations

Yeah, it ain't fourth anymore. Making up your own chapter or giving your guard army doctrines will never happen again. 40k is convoluted enough as it is, and giving players the opportunity to cheat to secure a few extra universal rules is far worse than simply giving named factions within factions universal rules that make sense with their history and backstory.


>> No.51176968

They all are linked to the noosphere and speak to each other through there, iirc.

So technologically telepathically.

>> No.51176972

Cellphones which are integrated into their dicks.

>> No.51176975

Find a way to either get sisters of silence near them or, the tried and true gaurd tactic of Wyrens!

>> No.51176991



>> No.51177001

>It reminds me why I started Sisters
kill yourself, sister models are ugly trash

>> No.51177002

bruh, that is retarded. why in the world would anyone play them. They seem stupid

>> No.51177013

Yeah. I wouldn't say orks really need tables or anything like that.

Some more benefits to running a thematic list, whether by offering Clan-rules, offering clan-thematic formations, or a mix of both would help out a lot. Similar to something from Traitor's hate, it would be awesome to see the various clan types get a couple universal rules, some relics, and a fitting formation.

I think aside from that though, Orks have bigger underlying problems with point costs and lack of options. That said, I feel like if Traitor's Hate could bring CSM from low to Mid tier, something similar could bring up Orks, Tyranids, or Deldar to at least a more passable level.

>> No.51177030

Hey guys, I am a big fan of playing relic knights. However, I was considering getting into warhammer 40k with eldar or dark eldar. I was wondering how easy the transition would be going from relic knights to wh40k. That is if anyone knows or is familiar with RK

>> No.51177035

Exactly. I dislike rolling for more powers than I absolutely have to. I'm the dude that runs >>51175563 by the way and am working towards >>51176741

I usually roll 3 random powers tops on the first list. A mandatory one for the Horrors, a mandatory Nurgle one for the Sorcerer, and another one for the Sorcerer either on Nurgle or Malefic. My Herald simply takes Summon & Prescience.

For the second list, it's 3 powers tops. 1 Nurgle for each Sorcerer, and they just take Shriek & Summon. The Herald just does Summon & Prescience.

Either way, shit like that "73 pre-game rolls" list are why I fucking hate random powers, and I write such lists just to show why. "You could be stuck facing that guy."

Don't be that guy.

>> No.51177056

I want FA tanks which are Fast Vehicles, rock 12/11/10 armour and come with a Melts Cannon, Avenger Bolt Cannon or Inferno Cannon. Sponsor options would be the Heavy Bolter, Heavy Flamer or Multi-melta respectively.

Basically it's be a light support tank that could be fluffed as a Immolator that had been given heavier front armour and a larger ammo supply to support it's heavier weapons.

Of course they should squadron and get bigger templates for having three (Flamer to Flamestorm, small blast to large blast, and twin-linked the bolt cannons).

But that's just my fanwankery and wishlisting.

>> No.51177073

Cancer guns, AA tanks that rip part just anything that doesn't sit on the ground. and an entire army of rentless men who are hellbent for the enemy

>> No.51177079

>relic knights

Not to familiar with it, but on a cursory level, it seems to be a more skirmish scale game?

40k is pretty easy to pick up, though I would recommend starting with Kill Teams. Essentially, very low point games (around 250 or so) with some unit restrictions and more squad-based combat.

That's the sort of thing you could start with only a box or two of models and will help give a feel for if you like it or not.

>> No.51177087

>I like you.
Awwww, thanks anon. I'm glad someone remembers the days of yore when you could kill someone with your all metal Dreadnought.

Granted I can still kill a bear (well maybe just a small bear) using my Sister's army.

>> No.51177113

Agreed wholeheartedly, those 3 armies are in desperate need of attention. Thankfully though we have rountree now, and all 3 haven't had new books in a while. It is my hope that their time will come, with non-supplement rules for Klans, Cabals and Hive-Fleets are not too far off in the future.

>> No.51177117

What is that Sorcerer model?

>> No.51177143

>using my Sisters army
bundled up in a pillowcase, no doubt. Nisa-chan is made of faith and pewter, and even without modern rules can still bring tabletop justice to the Emperors enemies.

>> No.51177147

Basically, Tzaangors are Ork Boyz that cost one point more in exchange for -1 attack, not having Furious Charge, not having access to transports, special weapons, or a character that can hide a large Choppa instead. They get +1 Initiative (which is admittedly ok; however, they don't have grenades, so if they charge through cover, the Orks strike first anyway), and +1 Ballistic Skill (which is pointless since they have no guns; you "could" pay an extra point each to give them laspistols...but you don't want to do this). But they get a 6+ Invulnerable! (Ha!) I mean, Orks are terrible but even a large unit of them can take a Painboy or something...

You "could" take their special formation which gives them Fleet, Run & Charge, and +1 Strength/Init if they roll a 9 for Charge Distance. The problem is you can't actually attach any characters to them or they lose Run & Charge, and their leadership is so bad they'll get swept afterwards.

Don't forget their champion the Twistbray actually doesn't have any options. No Powerfists, Meltabombs, nothing.

Sadly, from initial list-crafting, the best ways to run Magnus are either in a "non-Legion" CAD where you run a bunch of other stuff (Bela'kor as an HQ, or maybe Typhus + Plague Zombies), or to run a Purge Detachment with Daemon Prince of Tzeentch, and 2 Helbrutes...that last one is technically legal because while Purge can only have the Mark of Nurgle, it isn't restricted to only having Daemon of Nurgle. Fill the rest of your points with Blue Horrors and Heralds Anarchic to provide Warp Charge for Magnus.

That's how bad Thousand Sons are. When the entire discussion about how to play Thousand Sons is "what is the least amount of Thousand Sons I can take to field Magnus?"

>> No.51177167

>Flamer to Flamestorm, small blast to large blast, and twin-linked the bolt cannons
It was sounding reasonable until this. Oh well, there's always next time.

>> No.51177170

I started for the magic that is the Exorcist tank. Everything else was just a side dish.

>> No.51177183

Some days it feels like more pewter than faith.

>> No.51177194

The Palanquin of Nurgle is basically a Hedonismbot throne being carried by a bunch of Nurglings. I'm modeling it as a Warshrine-like throne for my Sorcerer to summon stuff from.

The main reason I take it is because it gives +2 Wounds, raising the Sorcerer's wounds to 4. This gives me more wiggle-room to work with Summons, and to not give as much of a fuck about losing wounds to Perils. Plus Lore of Nurgle is now actually a pretty awesome support discipline, and one of the funnier things it has is a blessing that lets you heal a model's wounds by D3 points.

So you can be like a Vampire Count player in 8th going "I miscast/hit with Irresistable Force? Big deal, I just heal myself"

>> No.51177209

You'd have to take and have three of them for that. It's the same level of bonus stuff you see from taking three Bindis in a Marine list (the go from a large blast to a 10" apocalypse blast).

>> No.51177224


i don't play him much anymore, he's about to get banned from apoc if he doesnt heed the warning i gave him after that 30 warp dice debacle or whatever it was, now a days when i play him i usually rpae face because my wyverns just rape anything and ill one shot fate weaver if he starts the game and i get first turn, still just really cancerous to play against

>> No.51177229


>Siphon Magic lets the Sorcerer gain additional dice to use as Warp Charge for the turn when nearby Psykers successfully manifest powers. However, the Sorcerer can only cast one power per turn, making Siphon Magic useless.

Don't Thousand Sons detachment rules let you cast one more than usual?

>Treason of Tzeentch is awesome until you face a melee-happy army, like Wulfen/Thunderwolf Space Wolves, or Genestealer Cultists.

Couldn't you use cheap Tzaangors to tarpit elite melee units?

>> No.51177231


Wishing I could get 2-3 to make a Doom Marine space marine captain

>> No.51177245

Yeah, sure, except that in the Marine squadron only one Vindicator actually shoots. The way you worded it made it sound as if squadding three of them up just applied a passive buff to the entire squadron.Melta pieplate spam notwithstanding, Hellstorm Torrent is one hell of a drug.

>> No.51177260

Stupid armies ahoy!

849 points

Castellans of the Imperium

Chapter Tactics: Black Templars

- Chaplain [Castigator, Melta Bombs] (110 Points)

- Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor [Power Armor, Psyocculum, 2x Servo Skull, Condemnor Boltgun] (79 points)

- Crusader Squad [5x Chainsword + Bolt Pistol] (70 points)

- Crusader Squad [4x Boltgun, 1x Missile Launcher (Flakk Missiles)] (95 Points)

- Crusader Squad [5x Boltgun] (70 points)

- Crusader Squad [9x Chainsword + Bolt Pistol, 5x Neophyte /w Shotgun, Land raider Crusader] (426 Points)

I'm ready to get stomped!

>> No.51177262

I reall want to buy Crawl and Celestine but Im in the process of building my first army. besides I really dont want to get called a cheesy neckbeard because Im not running footslogging chaos cultists only or as many pyrovores as I can.

>> No.51177272


>boyz spam, bike spam or walker spam

Spam period is an occurring thing I've noticed with Orks.

You practically have to go ass backward with the amount of anything you bring just to have it all perform in a viable manner.

And, for whatever reason, GW seems to support this lack of innovative list building.

Though I suppose it adds challenge if you play Orks.

>> No.51177274

So the Castellans detachment had me thinking of an army concept (this is just the minimum build list):

Scion Command Squad (in a Taurox Prime)
4x Scion Squads (with Taurox Prime's)
Sentinels (probably the armoured kind)

Kind of an Inquisitorial Strike team build. What else could fit in the list without it turning into a mess?

>> No.51177294

For the Grand Coven, yes. The problem? Since you *have* to generate a single power from the Lore of Tzeentch, robbing you of the chance to get a Psychic Focus from another discipline (ex: Psychic Shriek), and Tzeentch's Firestorm is debatably one of the worst Psychic powers in the entire game. You "could" use it to cast Force on your unit and cast another power...problem being Warp Charge are at a premium and you don't want to do this.

>Couldn't you use cheap Tzaangors to tarpit elite melee units?
No. Tzaangors have shit leadership and Init so when they lose they break easy, and even if you hide an Exalted Sorcerer inside their unit, the Exalted Sorcerer CANNOT refuse Challenges due to Champion of Chaos, does not ignore marine armor, and when he dies, the rest of the unit soon follows. Not to mention, many melee deathstars worth a damn have Hit and Run anyway.

>> No.51177301

Valkyries and Vendettas for air support. I forget if there's away to actually get a Vendetta as a DT but take Valkyries for your Scions, then buy the Tauroxes they will actually be riding in separately as FA choices and enjoy respawning air support.

>> No.51177306

Centurions in drop pods or some sort of artillery, one gives you hard bodies to balance the T3 4+ army and the other gives you more firepower so the fact that your army is nothing but T3 4+sv doesnt matter as much when the enemy is being bombarded to shit.

>> No.51177307

A vulture with punisher cannons sounds like its almost exactly what you want then

>> No.51177308

Hey guys, veteran ork player here.
I just got a bunch of money from a long term investment and am looking to finally change armies, or at least diversify my collection (I don't think I can ever stop playing orks fully).

I was wondering what the best melee army is right now, or at least the best army that can revolve around melee while still being versatile and I don't mean melee as in just spamming wolfen

I will never consider a marine army
>inb4 orks are a melee army

>> No.51177314


They're like $1.50 from Germany with $1.71 shipping.

>> No.51177319

I was meaning you trade the shooting like the Marine one. Sorry, bad wording on my part.

>> No.51177331


on eBay

>> No.51177333

>inb4 GSC has a high skill floor

>> No.51177343

>Many melee deathstars worth a damn have hit and run anyway
>Tfw your grey knight paladins with M3 Lib, Grand Master, and Allie war priest just out right fuck over anything the momment they get out of their land raider

>> No.51177359

>spells it armour
Like in the rule books? Or do the Seppos get their own special edition to save on the letter u?

>> No.51177366

>those numbers
looks like you're choice has been made, lad

>> No.51177371

I have some 300 dollars of models in the mail, and they cannot get here nearly fast enough

>> No.51177375

Company Command Squads, Wyverns, other "cheap" supportpiece units. Maybe Bullgryns if you want to keep the "Carapace Armor" theme going and don't mind playing fluffy.

Stormtalons would be cute too, especially "modded" with Stormtrooper crew/equipment. Think of them like Cobra gunships or something like that.

>> No.51177380

Like the Wyvern?

What about taking some Ogryns as meat shields?

Eh, with 0-6 FA slots and spending some of them (or maybe all of them) on Sentinels I would rather run the flyers out of their instead of using the DT slot for them. Especially if I end up taking a lot more troop slots (as the Scions are likely to be MSU builds anyways).

That's always been on my shopping list. All I have right now are two Avenger Strike Fighters.

>> No.51177381


Daily reminder that moot was right about EU and AU shitposters.

>> No.51177402


Way late but,I'll still take the bait.

Because codex daemons and the daemonic incursion detachment are good.

>> No.51177407

Switch the Sentinels to the Emperor's Talon Recon company as a formation alongside your Castellan detachment. This frees up your FA, and lets you have Outflanking Armored Sentinels (as well as being able to issue orders to the Sentinels, so they can either shoot & move, get precision shots, or run faster).

>> No.51177415


Okay, I am really liking the sound of a Sisters tank with an Avenger Bolt Cannon or two strapped to it. It'd be easy to homebrew too by just factoring the points cost of one and swapping it for the Autocannon on a Pred.

As far as I can tell, an Avenger Mega Bolter is only 25 points, but I'm not sure what 2 extra shots and AP 3 for the Bolt Cannon would o to the price.

I'm not sure if I'd put it on par with a Vindicator though. That'd be a 55 point gun.

>> No.51177416

Fucking rip, I guess I'll be a FotM fag then

>> No.51177435

To be fair, with all this Imperial wank on its way in, followed by Eldar shittery and maybe some Chaos crap, GSC are going to be slightly overshadowed soon. Still competitive but FotM no more.

>> No.51177436

Time to embrace the space dino bug mutants.

>> No.51177473

What are you lads favorite space marine chapters and why?
mine is/was black templar, but they are slowly becoming more and more pussified by GW

>> No.51177477

Yeah and it's not third edition anymore either.

Orks are rarely described as operating as a single "clan." The bikes are speed freaks, the tanks are Goffs, the fire support are Deff Skulls etc.

>> No.51177482

Tfw I'm the ork Kommando guy from the last thread that fucking hates GSC
But kek has spoken so I must comply

>> No.51177487

Silas. Motherfucking. Alberac. Model when? Also they're the closest thing to my Grey Knights, but not a pile of hot garbage on the table.

>> No.51177488

Raven Guard because I like Corvus, the general idea of them, and a lot of their fluff.

>> No.51177496

Blood Ravens

>probably TS gene seed
>lots of psykers
>lots of drop pods
>cool colors
>vidya and Vidya

>> No.51177498


GSC were never FotM. Even with all the hype you faggots give them they're just not that popular. Even less presence than DE after they got their plastics, and they're going to last about as long in popularity.

>> No.51177505

>have to go ass backward with the amount of anything you bring just to have it all perform in a viable manner

Agreed, although that's mostly because I think a lot of Ork units are overcosted for their survivability, BS, niche roles or a combination of the three. Kelly set Orks on the road to hell with aspekt boyz, unit customization was eradicated.

If you want an ork unit to perform, you have to take more than one of them, and that's uncreative as fuck. I sincerely miss the huge, varied target saturation they used to offer, where EVERYTHING was scary in it's own way.

>can't ignore the slugga boyz, their choppas ruin armor saves
>can't ignore the battlewagon, it has 7 guns attached to it and is filled with shoota boyz
>can't ignore those zzap guns, they wreck tanks and instantly hit
>can't ignore the grots, they tarpit and speed the boyz over terrain
>can't ignore the looted vehicle, it's a BS2 leman russ
>can't ignore the lootas, they have 4 plasma cannons
>can't ignore the warboss, when he charges he hits with his choppa at I8 and then will be powerklawing survivors if there are any

Everythings been watered down across the board and they need a writer who will seriously think about how to bring them up to par without making them overpowered, severely undercosted, or both.

Hopefully they're biding their time for someone who knows how the fuck to accomplish this.

Until then unfortunately, me and my mates sate our old-school Ork lust with Gorkamorka, as the last 2 codexes have had no real viable builds that, as you said don't rely on spamming.

Also fuck Ghazgkull he's boring as shit, bring back my boy Nazdreg, I want playable Bad Moons again.

And fuck Nob-statted Flash Gitz. Boyz who were obsessed with dakka spending all their cash on gunz and ammo was the best. Prestige-seeking rich Nobs buy fucking Mega Armour.

Fucking Phil Kelly. Fucking lame-ass Goffs.

>> No.51177506

Build the Bladed Cog so you can convert Skitarri for your dudes.

>> No.51177507

Exactly in the same spot as you.
Hoping for a revival in 8e or at least heavily revised Chapter Tactics and uses for Crusader squads.

>> No.51177522

>he never played games in the first couple months following GSC's release
They were hot shit, doubly so after everyone realized how good they were. At least in my meta

>> No.51177523

If it wasn't for all the wolf refences, space wolves.
First army, plus vikings. who doesn't love vikings?

>> No.51177530

Alberac is a fucking boss. And massive even for a Marine.

>> No.51177531

I'm really not sure anymore. There are so many cool marine chapters out there that I can't even decide on just one.

>> No.51177536

Bumping again for some critique. Anyone?

>> No.51177537


>tfw plays dark eldar and gsc

>> No.51177543

I know you said you don't want Marines, but if you love combat, consider World Eaters. 1st turn charges are a thing again, Maulerfiends have terrific range and vehicle killing power, and their unit comps+artifacts can thrown out a shitton of decent attacks backed up by the stats and armour saves needed to survive the journey, even if it;s the one turn footslog to the next melee.

>> No.51177553

There should be nob flash gitz and smaller boy variant.

Also lootas should be able to upgrade their guns to at least one other variant. I remember DoW2 you could upgrade to "beamy deff guns" which were basically lascannons.

>> No.51177555 [SPOILER] 

>I skimmed last thread so I don't really know
Condolences my man, but god on you for getting out there and giving something new a go. Who knows, maybe you'll grow to like them.

>I literally cannot stop getting dubs
I'm out, peace

>> No.51177561

Fuck kek outside of certain boards, he holds no power here.

I know you said you don't want Marines, but if you love combat, consider World Eaters. 1st turn charges are a thing again, Maulerfiends have terrific range and vehicle killing power, and their unit comps+artifacts can thrown out a shitton of decent attacks backed up by the stats and armour saves needed to survive the journey, even if it's the one turn footslog to the next melee.

>> No.51177572


>> No.51177574

I meant imperial marines but I should have made that more clear
Actually I kinda love World Eaters, but how are they getting 1st turn charges?
Would you run them with bezerker troops or what?

>> No.51177575


>Striking Scorpions for stealthy infiltrators that can chop up with chainswords
>Howling Banshees for no overwatch Marine killers

Even Storm Guardians or Shining Spears can do decently, since they're still high-initiative combat units with good weapon skill. Storm Guardians can get two meltaguns for much cheaper than many troops overall, and Shining Spears are still jetbikes with power weapons.

>> No.51177590

Holy fuck the numbers keep coming

>> No.51177595

>finishes with dubs AND trips

>> No.51177602

The ability to customise guns on a personal scale, units scale, or preferably both, should definitely be a thing again.

>> No.51177619

Just finished the first book of the NL Omnibus.

Fucking Talos is such a boss. Why is his character so great?

>> No.51177633

blood angels because i like vampires sue me and i like the "noble with a dark side" trope

>> No.51177638

I think just expanding the basic weapon options would be a good start, but adding more neat guns to that would be nice.

Like, being able to pay some extra points to twin-link some special weapons should be a pretty basic thing. Or adding a wider variety of kombi weapons that could be taken.

They don't have to go full custom with it, but it's annoying when Crisis suits have far more customization than any Ork unit.

>> No.51177659

Are you the 1000 points anon from last thread?

I would probably try to save some points on one Arc Mauler and maybe one Arc Rifle to get the Cognis Manipulator for one of those Dunecrawlers.

I'd also move the Scryerskull to your Dominus Maniple, as that one will be on the table turn 1 guaranteed for maximum scrying. The armor pen re-rolls also won't help your Breachers, so there's no point in waiting for them either.
Might also reconsider the Conversion Field on the Requisitioner Dominus. His Breachers will always be close to him and with I3 the chances of passing the test are probably too low to be worth the risk of your frontline tank-cracker going down to 1 BS.

>> No.51177666

nah the creator of the sight posted about it on here

>> No.51177667

flash gitz would be better if they rolled AP per shot rather than once for the whole unit. Even if it average out to the same, it would make them more reliable.

>> No.51177675

unfortunately I don't have the rules to hand and they're not a legion i've followed so I can't quote anything, but I know they have assault-related movement coming out the ass, something allows them to charge during the opponents turn, and their footsloggers are some of the (if not the fastest) chargers in the game. with marine statlines, fearless and extra skills/wargear, it only gets better

As for running with Zerker troops, Im not sure on that either. They're definately better than CSM with the Mark of Khorne, coming with an AP4 chainaxe and WS5, but I don't know their costs so I couldn't tell you.

Sorry mon, though I hope I piqued your interest. From what I've seen, read and heard, they look quite fun for an assault army.

>> No.51177692


>not Wych Cults

>> No.51177706

Come to think of it I haven't seen a game with Striking Scorpions all edition.
Is that because the codex is just too cheese to ignore or is it that they're a bit shit?
Looking over them they seem pretty good
I really like the idea of wraithblades and lords but I'm kinda intimidated by painting them...

I honestly didn't even consider them when the legion shit was released to be honest.

Cheers dudes, I think I'm gonna look into one of these because fuck GSC

>> No.51177721

I agree with everything except mass-twin linking, the Dakkajet seems to have gotten everyone in love with that idea, and to me it just seems like a copout, in both rules and fluff

>fire so many bullets they always end up hitting
>they never run out of ammo because ork psyche
>they're not just firing their guns at every opportunity for the kick in their hands and the noise in their ear

Orks are BS2 for a reason, very few of them have the skill, equipment or discipline (like Nazdreg and Flash Gitz) to hit targets reliably. Twin-linking their best stuff seems uninspired and I'd prefer to have more shots, but that's just me personally.

>> No.51177735

Hilariously, Silas Alberec is stronger than Abbaddon, and is likely Primarch sized, or at the very least even larger than an Ogryn.

>> No.51177751

One personal thing I homebrewed as a kustomizable "War Rig" was:

A Big Mek that does not take a Warbike may be mounted in a Mekboy Speedsta for +65 points.

Mekboy Speedsta:
BS 2(3), Armor 13/12/10, HP 3. Type: Chariot, Open-Topped, Fast.

Wargear: 2 Kannons. These may be swapped for other Mek Gunz at appropriate costs. The Speedsta has +1 BS due to Grot Gunnerz.
Special Rules: the Mekboy Speedsta and Mek are a single model and count as each other for purposes of measuring distance for abilities. For example, if the Mek takes a KFF, the field radiates from the Speedsta. Inversely, a Mek whose Speedsta is within 2" of a Fuel Relay may use Torrent on his Kombi-Skorcha. Etc.
Options: Access to normal Orky options.
May take a Emergency Red Button for + 15 points (once per game, the Mek&Speedsta may fire as though they had Interceptor)

It's simple yet elegant, as you can either run the vehicle as a basic "Predator-lite", a mobile anti-air vehicle, or a poor Ork's Hammerhead (Shokk Attack Gun) or Command Barge (you "can" give the Big Mek Mega Armor...)

>> No.51177758

shit forgot them. Agreed. Haven't played DE since 4th though, back when wych weapons were fucking amazing and they had 4++ in close combat, so please forgive their absence.

Fucking Phil Kelly, ruining all that I love. I won so many Medusa V games with those bastards.

>> No.51177764

I love the flavour of the orks and think that if GW just implemented actual flavour not just shitty tables then they would have something.

Like for instance:
>Flashgits let the battlewagon they're in broadside with a bunch of explosive rokkit launchas or some shit like that
Something actually fun unlike the Shokk Attack Gun which is """""""""""""""""""fun"""""""""""""""""""

>> No.51177766

Think about how you could do that and not take an hour with a max squad

>> No.51177773

I've seen a few games with Striking Scorpions used, mainly earlier when the book came out in Aspect Warrior focused lists.

They aren't bad at all. Indeed, they're probably the best of the melee focused aspect warriors. It really more boils down to all the WAAC and cheese lists focusing on jetbikes, wraithguard, and wraithknights. Plus they don't seem to be as popular in aspect host armies as some of the other options.

I can't offer much advice on Wraith units, but overall, while a melee focused Eldar force is one of the weaker ways to run the codex, it's still a very strong and viable army options just for how much the book has going for it.

>> No.51177793

Yup yup, that's me alright. I was considering giving the Icarus Dunecrawler the Cognis Manipulator since he's going to be all alone and is basically my only anti-air. I'm not sure how common it is in my meta, but it's backup.

I think I fixed it without causing too much asymmetry. I hate if I don't take all the options the same on everything. I'll end up using something I don't have or something like that.

Also just ordered a pair of arc rifles from france for about 10 bucks. I'm not sure if that's a steal or not honestly. But in the US they're 10 bucks WITHOUT shipping costs.

I do hate that at the end of the day I'm probably going to have to build me a War Convocation. At least Knights look fun to paint.

>> No.51177796


Run their detachment, which gives a free scout that isn't scout 2D6 movement for all infantry at the start of the game. All units get veterans of the longwar for free and all units WITH veterans of the long war get every rule that berzerkers have. So you can take chaos marines and get cheapo berzerkers with better weapons at the low low cost of having WS4 instead of 5.

Then you just msu yourself a bit and find that you'll likely get one or two squads within turn one charge range (very likely if you take bike squads, and even more likely if there's a character using the relic that gives +3 to move run and charge).

Everyone has fearless, furious charge, rage, etc. Most of your army is in pistol range turn one. It's pretty baller to play and play against, can confirm.

>> No.51177808

fine then do the equivalent thing

>Successful armor saves against shnazzguns have to be rerolled once.

>> No.51177836


>> No.51177837


I love the idea of a sisters heavy weapons team that mimics the guard, but heavier. Like, the guard have a team for a Lascanon, right? The sisters set up an Avenger or Inferno canon mounted on a tripod with another sister managing the belt/promethium feed. There's also SoB mortar teams that rain melta bombs or incendiary bombs.

As an elite choice, they can mount them to exorcists who's launcher was taken out of service, so they have a sturdy platform with a man operated turret.

>> No.51177838

Yeah, unfortunately the War Convo is the only real meta-viable list for any AdMec troops. Really hoping they rebalance things properly for the next edition or the combined codex to keep their low point builds fluffy, fair but also as powerful as now while fixing that just about every unit loses a ton of value once you mass them, since none of the other formations scales really well.

>> No.51177839

Well, I mainly suggested it due to the precedent, as more armies get the option to twin-link a gun when it comes down to 'strapping another gun to your gun'

I'm not saying to just slap the twin-link rule on things. I'm saying it from the framework of Bolter to Combi-bolter in the CSM book. Pay 3 points, get two stappled together.

That said, it could also work just fine by phrasing the upgrade like a hurricane bolter, being counted as two guns fired as one. Buy a 'double Big Shoota' for some more points more than a normal one and fire 6 shots instead of 3.

>> No.51177848

That's a T H I C C wych.

>> No.51177859

yeah, they went all-in with random tables and animosity related rules from fantasy, and they need to get rid of that shit.

The lolrandumb xD shit is another factor why I think a lot of Ork stuff is overpriced. It's costed for when it works or works spectacularly, which at best usually 1/3 of the time.

Put the tactics back in the hands of the Ork players, and not the fucking dice gods.

Dakkawagons need to come back. 3 TL-Big Shootas, 5 bolt-on Big Shootas and 20 Shoota boyz riding inside with 2 more Big Shootas. That was a lot of dice, and more than satisfying to broadside a unit with (bring back S5 defensive weapons plz GW)

>> No.51177862

I think I might need to see a list to understand what you mean...
So are you taking them all in rhino's or something to get that range?
Or are you just deploying 12", getting 2D6", moving 6", then charging?

>> No.51177866

Sisters using heavy weapons like that sounds cool, though I do feel like it might be crimping on guard's style a bit much. Granted, so is just adding in more Rhino chassis tanks kind of just stealing from Marines.

I do like the idea though, sisters setting up a gun emplacement with a massive bolt weapon, acolytes helping to ferry crates of ammo while the Sisters use power armor to actually operate it.

>> No.51177870


Why he's are still 4++ in combat, but the problem is that they die in overwatch before they reach combat, and then are largely ineffective when they get there. Compare them to pure strains and its laughable. Hell, Kabalites are cheaper and more effective.

that doesn't stop me!

>> No.51177877

Wazdakka Gutzmek needs a comeback. I read his Titan-slayer story last night and holy shit. He's awesome.

>> No.51177896


Exactly. They're the in-between guard and Marines, right? Why not capitalize on it?


>acolytes helping to ferry crates of ammo while the Sisters use power armor to actually operate it.

Holy shit, yes. That's perfect. I didn't even think about that.

>> No.51177898

Yeah, I think honestly I'm going to shoot for lists below 1850, probably 1500 max. I just want to have fun and have fun painting my army, too.

At least in Admech there's not a lot of spamming of the same unit. You need every tool you can get. And the formations are fun for low cost games. Like a Cohort Cybernetica in a 1500 point game. Sounds brutal, to me.

I just love Kastelans so much.

>> No.51177900

>bump limit reached
I only have ire with Twin linking everything because since last November I've seen plenty of "how to fix Orks" threads that are usually filled with unimaginative gits whose only ideas are "twin-link fucking everything" and "stat increases fucking everywhere"

Nothing personal, Im just sick of seeing people thinking Orks need to become Tau / Space Marines 2.0 to be fun/competitive again

>> No.51177904

>Okay, I am really liking the sound of a Sisters tank with an Avenger Bolt Cannon or two strapped to it.
Sisters of Battle actually have existing access to the Avenger Bolt Cannon through their FW flyer, which is a pretty decent unit all things considered.

>> No.51177913

So I rolled for my Ad Mech Forces. Does this make sense for fluff?

Forge World Perturbator, An Orthodox force of the Ad mech, forgotten as it sits on the very edge of the Imperium and the Tau third ring of expansion. It manufacturers of special variants of Imperial Super Heavy tanks, such as the Malcador. It shows strong self pride for itself threw its Blue Cloaks, as they view themselves as finders of lost knowledge. Its force is that of the Skitarii (Mars pattern) it sits at above average force, waiting for the day the Xeno's dare to invoke the wrath of the Omnissiah

>> No.51177915

that's something to change right there then. their 4++ counts against overwatch too. If they're close enough to see the whites of their eyes, their close enough for their gladiatorial experience to come into effect

>> No.51177916

I've always thought that the Ork codex should be full of random Fun (TM) that's actually Fun and not "on the roll of a 1, random bad shit happens to you."

>> No.51177950

Got a poll for you, lads.

Tried to make it as thorough as I could.


>> No.51177967

eh marines have artillery, eldar have artillery and orks have artillery

i would argue that DE lost a lot of their bite due to edition changes

striking scorpions are great. psuedo hammer of wrath attacks each turn, s4, shrouded, 3+. exarch is a serious threat since he gains additional attacks if he's faster then his foe and his power fist hits at initiative. if you need to butcher some orks or hordes they're your guys

>> No.51177970

>Thorough as possible
>No option for people who play more than 1

>> No.51177988

>only allows one option

fuck you

>> No.51177993

Once ran one against my friend's DKoK.

He wiped almost my entire army just to get about 1000 points of infantry grinded to death against just a Cybernetica with Auto Caduceus and lost because I blasted him off the objective markers in the last shooting face of the game.

He now doesn't want to play DKoK against me anymore if I bring a Cybernetica and instead uss his Imperial Fists with 2 Grav Centurion squads and a Lysander tarpit.

>> No.51177995

3rd ed book didn't, so I wholeheartedly disagree with you there.

40k Orks aren't retarded. When they go to war, they mean business. They ain't mukkin about. Ask Armageddon.

>> No.51178002


Use your primary faction.

>> No.51178006


Honestly, they shouldn't get the assault canons, but should get the Avenger in its place. However, it shouldn't be available on immolators. It should be like how a predator is related to a razorback.

>> No.51178012

no, I choose not to vote in your shit poll

>> No.51178015

well I main IG, but they're Blood Pact from the Gaunts Ghost books. IG gets a vote in spirit, but it's really a vote for Khorne and the glory of Chaos.

>> No.51178020

I don't play the game at all, but I collect the models and enjoy the lore. Where is the option for that?

>> No.51178021


>not playing Maelstrom of war

>> No.51178025

They should be under Lost and Damned then, surely?

>> No.51178026

Yeah, it's a really cool idea. Sorting out models for it would be a bit tricky, but it's a glorious mental image.

I've heard good things about that. Still, having a cheaper, land-based alternative would be something I'd like to homebrew for use with friends.

Right now I'm feeling 110 points on a Predator chassis, but I'm not sure if that's too little or too much.

>> No.51178032


I'm glad I picked this army. Just gotta wait for the rest of my stuff to come in the mail, and then pick up some paints from GW. I feel wrong for not using their paints, for some reason. Praise Duncan.

What Forgeworld are you doing your guys? I'm going Metalica, except I'm doing purple details instead of red and basing them on a Lava world.

Maybe say they're primarily bodyguard for a mining excursion on a death planet .

>> No.51178045

Do you have a single faction you prefer? Pick that.

Also I forgot the fucking DKOK.

Maybe I should redo.

>> No.51178069

It was and we had the one where markers count as 3 points at the end.

>> No.51178072

I collect a little bit of everything

except elves. Fuck elves.

>> No.51178074


110pts for a predator with options for a thermal canon, avenger, or inferno canon and no sponsons seems decent.

>> No.51178082

Whats your excuse of not using Cawl? He's massive force multiplier in admech armies. He's especially good in Holy Requsitioner or Dominus Maniple.

But he's the best in War Convocation. But thats moot point since everything admech has to offer is best used in War Convocation.

>> No.51178085

remake this with the more than one option. I voted deldar, but I also play orks

>> No.51178090

far too disciplined and equipped for that.
They have Comms on par with IG, a lot of renegade IG commanders leading/teaching them, and they control at least one Forge World, allowing them plentiful access to IG weapons, equipment and tanks. Their devotion + lack of fear is probably better than IG too.

Blood Pact without orders? Surely you jest

>> No.51178096 [SPOILER] 

Mine is a custom one. Still trying to get a feeling for how I'm painting my white robes, so this Dominus is a bit experimental (as you can also see on the Eradication Ray's coils) but it's still in acceptable range.

>> No.51178104

Pretty sure Blood Pact are listed as an example Lost and Damned force.

>> No.51178105

Fine, and I'm putting in all my damn autism so it'll be real fucking thorough.

>> No.51178109

I don't like using power-formations or power-heroes just because it feels unfair if the opponent is also not using them. But if they're being a turd and pulling trash out like that? Fine, I guess I will too, you know?

>> No.51178121

Alright sweet, a predator army sounds pretty fuckin cool. What is the consencus on wraithlords? Are they cheesy?
Also is there a way to get the aspect warriors as troops ala CSM?

>> No.51178123

>that thick white

i know your pain anon, doing Biel-tan is harder then i thought it would be and it's playing havoc with my perfectionist nature.

>> No.51178129

>tfw you're getting these for cheap on eBay to convert into Tzeentchian cultists

>> No.51178141

I wish renegade/traitor guard was in an actual GW book and not locked away in a 100 dollar FW book which is sold out forever anyway.

>> No.51178152

I don't care. I fell in love with them for their implied competence. They didn't fuck up an entire sector for no reason.

These dudes aren't the shambling random Ld chumps the lost and the damned are.

>> No.51178158

I like it though! I was going to do ice bases too but I thought white on white would be a bit too much. I like your blue armor though. Honest, my Dominus is the one I'm looking forward to painting the LEAST.

Lord Duncan says
Rakarth Flesh Base over black primer
Agrax Earthshade
Layer Pallid Wych Flesh
Highlight White Scar.

I sure hope it's as easy as he shows.

>> No.51178161

Hmm...I feel like of those, the Thermal cannon could stand to be a bit more pricey, as it's nearly a Vindicator at that point.

It'd also help to balance it out if the guns were forward mounted like a Vindicator instead of on a turret like a Pred.

I'm also unsure about the Inferno cannon, since it doesn't feel as strong as the other two options, but Hellhounds are 125 points. I suppose fast might be part of that, and maybe I'm underestimating Torrent or Ignores cover.

>> No.51178162

The worst part is that it's only that thicc because I thought "why not do this slow and build up through a million thin layers".
Still got plenty of Skitarii to train on and another unassembled Dominus though. I'm just telling myself that the robe in-univers is also that super fucking thick because it's an ice world and even a Dominus has to be careful not to catch a cold.

>> No.51178169

Really makes you think about all that 'Khorne makes you angry' business.

The Blood Pact are the prime example that 'Chaos corruption' doesn't fucking exist.

>> No.51178189

Focus real hard. Apparently, TG is full IG and DE players

>> No.51178192

Only if it comes with Shield of Faith.

A standard Pred w/ Autocannon is 90.

>> No.51178204

You should probably just go tau. :^)

>> No.51178209

they're okay but heavily overshadowed by the other wraith units, except the flyer (which has D blasts) and the wraithseer. they're okay but their guns are expensive. there isn't a way to make the aspects troops but there is a formation which is really good.

admittedly i haven't played a game with them yet as i want them finished. i want them to be unlike my daemons who are in every state of completion.

>> No.51178210

I wish there was a reason to ever take predator tanks without sponsons

>> No.51178213

You're a despicable creature.

Besides, those three are XBOXHUEG, iirc.

>> No.51178215

No rhinos needed or wanted, actually, which is another points saver. Basically in the detachment, all non vehicle units get a free 2D6 movement before the game starts after deployment (like scout) but this doesn't affect your ability to charge (unlike scout). They also reroll charge distances (the other detachment bonus). The end result is that if you take a bunch of 5 man squads of world eater chaos marines, you're getting 13 inches across the board on average with your whole army - bike units obviously benefit even more. There's also a fantastic relic called the talisman of burning blood which gives the bearer's unit an additional 3' to move, run, and charge. Combine that into a bike squad and you're highly likely to get that turn one assault.

A nice example army would be a chaos warband core with juggernaut or biker lord, 2-3 bike squads, a chosen or possessed squad, a melee havoc squad, and 2+ squads of melee chaos marines, then bring a spawn squad or whatever as auxiliary. You'd be surprised how many men you can fit into a low points level because you're saving heavily on transports and not paying for overpriced berzerkers. Additionally, even without charging turn one, you're often in pistol/special weapon range.

>> No.51178217

>think about friends long gone that used to play back in 5th
>closest friend played CSM since 3rd
>Emperors Children
>another close friend played Space Wolves
>fast forward to now
>shop is long closed
>haven't seen either in years
>grabbed the HH boxes for cheap
>making them NL because my friend always joked about the batmans
>the leader will use the SW claw from the BoP hero that he claimed as a prize

Memory of those days will live on.

>> No.51178229

A standard pred with autocannon is 75. Still, these are pretty nice guns to be slapping onto it.

>> No.51178232

Khorne is also about martial prowess and honor in combat.

>> No.51178234


Hrm. Well, make it cheaper with the inferno canon as the base?

>> No.51178238

Seriously mate, FW's traitor guard upgrade sets are based off of the Blood Pact, iirc, and they even have rules for Enforcers and stuff like that.

>> No.51178249

The only cheesy Wraithunits are Guard, Knights, and the Hemlocks.

Wraithblades and Lords don't have D weapons, so they're fine there.

No aspect warrior troops, aside from Dire Avengers, but there is a formation where you can take any 3 aspect warrior units.

>> No.51178259


I just said fuck it and switched to airbrush paint for whites.

>> No.51178264

Oh I agree, which is why I said to give it SoF standard at that cost. AW and a 6++ is a good buff without getting crazy.

I you wanted it cheaper then drop the FA to 12 or 11 to compensate.

>> No.51178274

I ran out of fucking poll slots.

>> No.51178300

Blood Pact don't have Enforcers, and FW renegades are not based off of them. No Grotesks, no steel bowl helmets, no decent equipment. That pic is fan artwork based on the FW kits, not the other way around.

It just happens to be the only other non T-D Blood Pact art I have on this HDD, which I chose to post because last I checked, /tg/ doesn't like him or his art.

>> No.51178301


So, Vindicator armor/HP, Shield of Faith, Inferno Cannon...put that at say, 100 points? Then +10 for the Avenger Bolt Cannon, and +20 for the Thermal Cannon?

I think that seems okay. Maybe a tad undercosted. Perhaps 105 as a starting point. No other weapons, aside from the typical vehicle upgrades.

>> No.51178309


>> No.51178328

Having to cut down considerably.

>> No.51178332


The big thing about it is that it will lack sponsons that predators get, no PotMS, not fast, ect.

The real question is how much a sisters HWT will cost.

>> No.51178338

New thread where? This one's older than the current sisters sculpts.

>> No.51178340

maybe SKITARII and MECH shouldn't take up three slots

maybe instead allow people to pick multiple armies ot begin with

>> No.51178376

I had 10+ Imperial Guard choices in the new one until I cut down to just 6. I had all the Loyalist Legions and major SoB Orders. Cut them all down.

>> No.51178384

Ah, thanks for informing me!

And yes, I myself hate T-D's art. Something about it just doesn't feel right.

>> No.51178398

ohh, nice. i'm doing something like this, only i'm doing washes of caliban green

>> No.51178409

Yeah, I think it strikes a good point. It isn't quite a Hellhound or Pred. The closest comparison is a Vindicator with the Thermal Cannon, but even there I'd say they match up somewhat nicely.

As for the HWT, giving them an Avenger Mega bolter can help there, as that could probably be 25 points on a stationary unit like that. From there, it's 12 points a sister, so that would total to just shy of 50 points.

I'd say to also give them the option to buy acolytes to carry ammo. Same stats as Repentia, minus the sword, for around 5 points or so, giving re-rolls of 1s to hit as a bonus or the like. Maybe cap it at 3, and have them serve as a firepower bonus along with extra wounds.

>> No.51178427

You say that like it's a problem.
Tzeentch can give many boons to a man, can they not?

>> No.51178443

I used this strategy for mine. A bit more intensive with the number of steps, though I was only using it for a couple squads.

>> No.51178451

So I'm seriously considering building a melee eldar list right now...
> Just realised that the formation I'd use is pure fucking cheese, +1BS or WS is fucked
What would be the good units in the codex to compliment a build of mostly wraithblades, a wraithlord and some Scorpions?

Do terminators work in that formation?
Does a list like this work very well against Marines? It kinda feels unflexible as your combat units are relying on ap4 or special weapons...
Though honestly I think I'll have to do a lot more research.
> Also is this the formation that gives the retarded warlord traits?

Thanks you guys for being really helpful, its guys like you that make /tg/ actually good

>> No.51178480

That's cool anon. I think the dislike has more to do with him self-proclaimed neo-nazi status, but whatevs.

I just welcome and appreciate fanart of underrepresented factions I like. Who made it has nothing to do with it.

>> No.51178498


>same stats as repentia

Repentia don't have their old saves. They're just 6++/FnP.

Give acolytes their armored robes for a 4+ save. I could also see celestians with shields in the group, too. No. Repentia. I like that image.

In front stands the shield wall of martyrs, acolytes scrambling in the back with ammo, while a PA sister fires the turret. The whole squad is more than capable of moving if needed because of the PA gunner and acolytes.

>> No.51178503

Actually holy fuck does this formation make non-winged daemon princes viable?
A terminator and daemon prince army backed up by multiple squads of bezerkers would be fucking ace

>> No.51178517

Nah, I mostly just don't like his art style. There's something that just feels wrong about it. Too bright, maybe? Too many sharp lines, perhaps?

Have a Maulerfiend and a Forgefiend recking Ultramarines.

>> No.51178518

I'd take some Maulerfiends + Helbrute in a Warpack. That 2d6 goes really well with the Maulerfiend's 12'' move.

>> No.51178525

An Autarch is a good fit for any Melee list, and a Spiritseer combos well with Wraiths.

Some Guardian troops might help to hold backline objectives with their turrets while your melee guys advance.

Some anti-tank might be a good call, though you can find that in anything with a Bright Lance.

An Avatar of Khaine might be fun to throw in at higher points, though he is a Lord of War.

Aside from that, the big thing is just ensuring the Wraithblades get across the board quickly, though outside of Wave Serpent Taxis there isn't a great method for that, I don't think. Scorpions can tie up some of the heavier ranged firepower though to help them across. Plus they're surprisingly durable anyway.

>> No.51178533


>> No.51178543



Someone point out how I fucked this one up.

>> No.51178562

You forgot Daemonkin.


>> No.51178567

>tfw Khornate Word Bearer
>play KdK
>WE rules come out
>all them bonuses
>LOVE Maulerfiends
>This makes them even better than Daemon of Khorne, which does nothing for them because they're already S10
But I musn't, Lorgar would double smite me then. Already, he would smite me for worshipping one of the Four than all of them equally.

Also, Magma Cutters or Lasher Tendrils?

>> No.51178569


>> No.51178573

>No Grey Knights
I know we're forgettable and laughable on the table, but damn, nigga.

Also, there's no way to tell how many people own 1,2,3,4,etc armies.

>> No.51178578

I suggested Repentia because it was the first thing that came to mind for 'unarmored acolyte'.

I had also been thinking two gunners manning it, to put it in a similar spot to Guard artillery pieces, since it is a lot bigger even with the Power Armor. I'm also not sure how well this would work as a squad, unless it was akin to a Tau Drone Sniper team where you just bought up to 3 HWTs and up to 9 acolytes for the group to share.

It's a very nice mental picture though.

>> No.51178580

>holding fanart to the same standarts of paid GW artists
There's your problem right there. GW wants generic, non-stylized, impersonal artwork that doesn't clash with other artists when it's put in books.

I appreciate T-D's personal style, because as a fellow amateur artist, I have my own.

>> No.51178586

maybe just stop if you're too fucking retarded to post it right

>> No.51178591

You should be able to, I didn't tick the box on this one.

I know there isn't, it's why I didn't allow it in the first one. And I ran out of spots. >>51178562

>> No.51178601

ya know, i didn't consider a layer of rakarth flesh first. this is pretty helpful, thanks

>> No.51178602

Khorne Daemonkin are a legitimate army!


I just want my Maulerfiends to live in peace.

Maybe feed them some Ultramarines.

They don't really need to eat though.

But they like to anyways.

>> No.51178606

I cant get over it how edgy that guy is. Like holy shit.

>> No.51178617






>> No.51178620

dude edgy lmao

>> No.51178621

KDK should be in the other poll, please don't be sad Mr Khorne Seal.

>> No.51178622


Have repentia with a shield and "Wall of Martyrs" rule that means they can LoS

1-3 turrets
2 sisters per turret, one to man, one to help move and provide bolter fire

And acolytes running around with ammo.

>> No.51178635

>Actually is good

Hoo boy, you dun fucked up in there. And I posted the other two.

>> No.51178639

True enough, though I was more making a comparison to the art style. Besides, there is a lot of fan art that, in my opinion, can rival or is better than GW art.

Like the person who drew this, and her collection of SM characters and Primarchs.

>> No.51178643

Here, have one that portays the Pact in a more human light. Sure, there's some weird ones, like the bayonetting of a Commissar in the mouth where the description calls it a "mockery of a blowjob" and then you get stuff like this.

And as a BP player, I'll always appreciate his contributions that inspire my own conversion/art ideas.

>> No.51178655

>DE leading
all other armies confirmed for COMMORAGHKEKED

>> No.51178657

> The Ork segment isn't green
What the fuck

>> No.51178666


>> No.51178670

Not showing up for me?

>> No.51178673

you got me there, satan

>> No.51178676

New thread?

>> No.51178679

non vehicles get the bonus.

But if you're trying to bring back the WALKERS AREN'T VEHICLES memefight, that is a terrible thing to do to a thread and you should feel bad. Your mother raised you better than this.
You could footslog some for the movement bonus, but I'd keep it cheap and limit to massed power armored guys. The terminator annihilation force as an aux choice might be neat - 3 squads with claws and a combi melta maybe, get that nice free terminator armor for a chaos lord...

You basically just overwhelm the enemy. You're getting a great deal of S5 attacks, you have hatred space marines across the board as well. Give sergeants power weapons or chainaxes to deal the damage. As far as warlord traits go, I don't know what the local opinion is but I think the world eater traits are pretty cool. One funky one you get just get an extra attack as your reward instead of rolling on the boon table. This combines humorously with the warband formation's bonus of double boons.

>> No.51178691

I mean the artist. Just google him and find his DA-account. Duuuude. Someone needs a chillpill.

>> No.51178692

>Not Slaanesh
Come on, man. You're supposed to be initiative 5.

>> No.51178693


Trips declares Commorekt

>> No.51178703

Whoops, meant to link to the poll, sorry mate. Dunno who you're talking about.

>> No.51178708

Cutters are generally better for the single fact that you don't have to pay extra for them.

>> No.51178713


>> No.51178718

Hey where in the hell in 7th rulebook does is say that you must keep only 50% of your list off the table in reserve? is this still a thing?

>> No.51178726

Seems good, although I think the Repentia would need to be more expensive depending on what sort of Shield they were given.

Right now it's looking like:

Judgement Heavy Weapon Team
2 Sisters in a team with 2 wounds, Avenger Mega Bolter, 45 points
Add up to two more teams for 45 each
Add up to 6 Acolytes for 5 points each
Add up to 3 Repentia with 5++ invuln (Brute shields) for ~7 points each.

An acolyte can spend their shooting to give one HWT rerolls of 1 for the turn.
Repentia can LoS for the heavy weapon team.

>> No.51178738

>not taking tendrils so you can hold fellow walkers/mc's arms down while you punch the fuck out of them

>> No.51178741

Fuck chaos
Fuck xenos
Ave imperator

>> No.51178743

Not a thing.

>> No.51178745


>> No.51178758

>non vehicles get the bonus.
Exactly, so Maulerfiends would be getting them just fine.

And walkers are not vehicles anon.

>> No.51178797

you can null deploy if you want but if at the end of turn 1 you lose due to not having any models on the field

>> No.51178804

This sort of behavior isn't acceptable even on page nine.

>> No.51178836

Not an argument.

>> No.51178840


I like that.

>> No.51178943


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