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Whatever happened to the littlest phaeron?

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Killed by the Emperor's most stubborn loyal son

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2 smol

cant find her back

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From what I understand, waifufags.

Thereby confirming what we have long since suspected. The worst part of any piece of media is the fanbase.

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People who couldn't operate the built-in board filters whined really hard and got the games moved off of the game board.

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Was Xeno /tg/'s original waifu or did Cultist-Chan come first?

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Was on cadia when the pylon blew

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>implying she isn't already in Trazyn's collection

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>necrodermis maid outfit
>has to dust the relics
>Trazyn has weird fetishes for an undead robot skeleton

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thick hips require thick diapers

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There it is.

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>Beautiful Cinnamon Roll Too Good For This World, Too Pure

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Cultist chan came first

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>Cultist chan came first
But only because Xeno is also a vibrator.

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Thrown into the heart of a super-massive black hole along with Cultist-chan, never to be heard from again.

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You sure?

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so, you're saying, she Kaptoored Te Blakh Hole Fhor Kay-oss?

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Please die.

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She's retired, like all memes eventually, just like Cultist-Chan, Blue, or Love Can Bloom.

It's not like you can't bring her up now and again, though you will attract complainers no matter what.

Also, former /tg/ waifu thread?

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She's in hibernation. Her Cryptek's keeping an eye on things while she snoozes.

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It will never die, have you learnt nothing?

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I do not know of this and 1d4chan offers me no information. Who is this qt3.14?

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xeno, a tau that was actually a necron.

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I also am curious, any sources, writefaggotry/drawfaggotry to draw on /tg/?

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She was a survival/horror quest protagonist in /tg/'s early days. She got to be popular and a lot of people drew pictures of her, some of which were quite good.

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thanks man

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that things cool is that Cryx or something wargames exclusive is wipping up?

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Tau Quest, an ancient quest thread that very quickly ran off the rails as the Tau protagonist became corrupted by weird necron scarabs and turned into full fledged Phaeron.

Then it went further off the rails, the quest stopped abruptly but the waifuposting continued unabaited for a few more years, spawning anti-xeno posters who despite hating her with all their being also had collected vast folders of weird fetish images of her, specifically ones where she's in a diaper and doing that crotch chopping motion from wrestling due to being hypnotised.

Last known location was heading towards cadia to fix the pylon that Matt Ward blew up along with Cadia itself in a recently canonical book.

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My gut says Warmachine, the style of base and aesthetic details match the game - but with some relatively minor changes, she'd make a fantastic Necron.

Wargame Exclusive actually did do a model based on Weaver, one of the characters from Tau Quest.

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Spergs whined loud enough and now the board that once boasted the most creativity now withers away as one with little.

Now this board is just shitty general threads.

If you didn't know a purge would be bad after the first nazimod purge, you're either an idiot, a newfag, or both. It fucked this board HARD and it happened again.

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> Last known location was heading towards Cadia to fix the pylon

This explains so much.

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If you want something make it happen. Look at the Love and Krieg fags, i mean that was an old forgotten meme/bit of creativity, and they've (kinda) brought it back and have actually (sort of) been getting shit done recently.

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>the littlest phaeron
How little are we talking?

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>If you want something make it happen.
I used to run a big name quest here. I loved writing non-quest stuff for /tg/ too. I'd even drawfag here from time to time.

/qst/ is fucking alien to me. I have zero desire to do anything there.

It would be like playing anything else with a group of friends and then suddenly getting booted to the curb and told to play 5e with a bunch of randos.

I don't and never have come here for any of what now fall into the general threads. If I want to talk 40k tabletop or 5e theories or some shit, I have plenty of real life people to do that with. Usually while actually playing.

I stayed through the first purge and the board was worse after it. The subsequent purges have left this board a shallow husk of the original and I find myself coming here less and less frequently.

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Also for the record I also blame shitty animu "quests" for being awful and contributing heavily toward the stigma against quest threads as a whole. /qst/ might have served as a place to shove aside quests based on seasonal anime and shit.

But just purging the board entirely? Dumb. Dumb the first time and dumb every fucking time after that too.

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Remember when Shas'o Tau'quest got banned and complained to Moot, and then we got a sticky about how quests were /tg/?

I miss those days. I miss Moot.

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of only they could do necron lady heads that didn't look like mecha gruntilda

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But I agree. Place has gone to hell with hiroshima at the helm.

Things were at their best when every board was allowed their own quests instead of everything being shoehorned here. I miss the old days, but I've been through enough purges to know that holding out hope for a renaissance is pointless.

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so we have only the agonizing decline to look forward too? I guess we should just leave now

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Best waifu reporting in

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She cap-toored my heart

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I wish >>51179873 was animated like >>51179865

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Do you suppose he keeps her mind shackled?

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Of course not. How would he enjoy her embarassment and ineffectual attempts to make the uniform actually cover anything if that was the case?

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>ineffectual attempts to make the uniform actually cover anything
Xeno doesn't wear pants, normally. Her formal attire consists of a few decorative scraps of green silk, at most, most of the time she doesn't wear anything more than a cape.

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Wargame Exclusive have a heap of sculpts based on art posted to /tg/..

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That's why it's ineffectual. There's nothing to cover.

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She got slightly popular and thus like all original content that gains a certain extent of popularity she was doomed to eternal hate, scorn and exile from /tg/'s general audience.

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I unironically adore this piece.

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You mean people tried to spam her as if she was popular, and got hit with backlash because she falls into a niche of "The 40k audience doesn't like her, and everyone else doesn't like 40k."

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I know for a fact there's no such pic.

I would have saved it if it existed

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>I know for a fact there's no such pic.
Technomancer did a LOT of Xeno diaper porn, bro. I don't know if he did that specific image, but I know I've seen it around.

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you didn't see shit and he made only one or two diaper pics of Xeno

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No, there was definitely a pic like that but I don't think it was specifically Xeno. It might have been some other short-haired Tau gal.

The Xeno ones featured more dismemberment.

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I have no idea why people hate in diapers. They add to the qt-factor and highlight the hips and bottom.

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Well, I can't speak for everyone but I dislike the explicit infantilism and urolagnia/coprophilia. I don't find the notion of a grown woman messing herself to be particularly cute.

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Hang on. What?

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One of the people who started to waifu Xeno has a fetish for diapers, and thus since he wanted to add his fetish to his waifu, drew Xeno in diapers, sometimes pissing herself and shitting herself.

Please bear in mind she has no digestive system since she's a robot.

The pictures were decently drawn, but the material did not endear other people to Xeno, especially when the artist's work got reposted a fair bit by detractors - leaving the first taste of Xeno in most of /tg/'s mouth being a tau necron shitting their diapers.

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That sucks.

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Yeah man mental sicknesses are cute.

Shit anon you must be fucking adorable.

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where did this "cinnamon" roll thing come from?

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First saw it on tumblr five some years ago, then again I wasn't on 4chan back then so who knows.

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It's from the Onion, originally.

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Well, next time someone ask me why waifufags ruins everything, I will remember this post.

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This is /tg/'s best waifu. All other waifus a shit.


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Flarefag please go and stay go

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yes, mental sicknesses ARE cute when attractive girls have them.

Cuteness is ridiculousness + attractiveness

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Blue >>> Xeno

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tristan get the fuck off my board

>> No.51196180

Shit with Corn vs a Sloppy Wet Shit.

Both are still shit.

>> No.51196204

Not as shit as /tg/ tho

>> No.51196260

that is a pretty nice looking cinnamon roll

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Blue is to orks as Xeno is to 'crons. There's literally no difference between them, except maybe that it was an original idea when Xeno did it. Blue's just a poseur.

>> No.51196366

it was not xeno
it was not a short-haired tau
it was not a diaper pic

so you're full of shit

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There's some things that need to stay buried.

>> No.51196954 [SPOILER] 


there were diaper versions. I remember the days they were spammed on this board.

Nya-mirez the imperial guard from cat-achan a best

>> No.51196973

no there weren't and you remember wrong because you want an excuse to be mad at something

>> No.51197007

Naw, I remember it, too. Also, you're kind of a shit.

>> No.51197043

well you remember wrong too. Sorry for pointing out that you're wrong and that you aren't as justified in your buttmadness as you think you are.

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>yfw GW decides that the miscellaneous Xenos need to start teaming up the way that the Imperium, Chaos, and Eldar do within their various factions, and make Xeno canon as part of making Tau and Necrons Battle Brothers

>> No.51198169

thats warmachine its epic mortanebra a new cryx warcaster >>51178629

>> No.51200717

So basically you repeated what I said?

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>She was a survival/horror quest protagonist in /tg/'s early days
>in /tg/'s early days

Why must you make me feel so Go-damned old.

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Because Tau Quest started in 2010 and it's now 2017. It actually preceded the 2011 Newcron codex that it was seemingly based off of by about a year.

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There's clearly someone at GW who visits here, between that, Love Can Bloom becoming canon and Macha's face stripes...

>> No.51203196

I recall LIVII getting a quote in one of the bonds bit that's hardly making LCB canon.

They did make Boone canon though. That was nice.

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>> No.51203323

>tfw you go full Necron
No, Xeno, you don't ever go full Necron!

>> No.51203443

I remember these pictures, I remember...

>> No.51203510


>This thread is pure nostalgia, and I'm having an overdose

>> No.51203619

This, unfortunately. The only real complaint that filterfags had (besides "90% of the board is quests") was the prevalence of poorly-written anime railroading quests after they got shoveled onto /tg/.

>> No.51203686

Technomancer was the THAT GUY of drawfags, if I need to crawl through the archives to prove it I will, but damn take a chill pill son.

>> No.51203825

Haven't you figured it out, yet? >>51197043 IS Technomancer. He's drawn to these threads like a fly to shit

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>CF, lolcron and etc. will never return.
>/tg/ will never be the neckbeard board it once was

>> No.51204894

Her hat is a reaper, your argument is invalid

>> No.51205478

>Reaper crown
That is pretty cool, actually

>> No.51207407

I'd like to hear more about this character's back story. For reasons.

>> No.51208192


Because le old /tg/ would be cringy as fuck in the modern meme age

>> No.51208227


knock yourself out

>> No.51208792

>Giving a shit about cringe
This place is lost

>> No.51209322

That's a VERY low bar you're setting.

>> No.51209493

That's fascinating, but it doesn't really tell me much that >>51178535 didn't already.

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>> No.51209694

Got cancer and died

>> No.51209773

They made Boone canon?

>> No.51209921

2nd paragraph

>> No.51209933

Kinda vague. Nice to hope that it's true, though.

>> No.51210253

It's pretty on point, actually, considering that's exactly Boone's backstory.

>> No.51210505


Wouldn't exactly be the first time.

>> No.51210527

>a fetish for diapers
> a tau necron shitting their diapers.

I'm not sure if this is an oldfag fap thread or a waifufap thread anymore.
All i know is exterminuatus is the only answer
that's weaver's work?
I'm supprised.

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Culexus never really left. It just seems that way because every once in a while he randomly disappears for several months.

I think Lolcron is the guy who's doing that really popular "Draw Your Party"-based series.

Miko is presumably still gone forever.

>> No.51210937

>Miko is presumably still gone forever.
She literally dropped off the face of the internet in 2012. It's a shame, I always loved her style.

>> No.51211741

i have a special place in my neckbeard heart for Cultist-chan.

>> No.51212051

I wish I was here before 2015.

>> No.51212850

Yeah, that doesn't make LCB remotely canon.

The only /tg/ thing that was made explicitly canon was the story of the hive scum named Grendel since Fantasy Flight turned it into some sort of report about him being a potential psyker or Chaos agent or something.

And that's ignoring how dubiously canon FF is to begin with, seeing as how previous editions of their RPGs had fucking Dr. Who cameos in them. And Rogue Trader Obi-Wan Sherlock Clouseau.

>> No.51212897

>And Rogue Trader Obi-Wan Sherlock Clouseau.
That was first edition 40k, not Fantasy Flight Rogue Trader.

>> No.51213249

>Hive Scum
Fucking hell, were you even here for Grendel?

>> No.51213304


I thought it was inquisitor Obi-wan Sherlock Clouseau.

>> No.51213749

What was /tg/ like between 2008 and 2012 anyway? Does anyone have stories of what you could find on an average day that we wouldn't know from the archives?

>> No.51213817

My favorite part is that at any given time you could get thematically relevant drawings and sometimes porn of pretty much any given /tg/ property.

>> No.51213824

It was, >>51212850 is mistaking Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader for Fantasy Fight's Rogue Trader RPG.

>> No.51213838

And they were NEW too, made just for that thread!

>> No.51213993

I wish I was on this site when basically every thread could be a drawthread.

>> No.51214002

>cracks open old flash drive
>mfw I still have my little pile of Scraplootaz stuff
>mfw I haven't touched this unfinished writefaggotry in three years

How do I have nostalgia for this shit

>> No.51214018





>> No.51214036

Can't stress this enough, the whole "/tg/ gets shit done" meme was based entirely in fact. Until the purges began in 2012, we had an incredibly robust creative community.

>> No.51214125

what caused the purges?

>> No.51214134

You missed a lot of good stuff. You also missed spammers, avatarfags, reposted 3DPD camwhores, 40k/D&D/MTG choking out all other subjects, and a higher concentration of furries than /trash/.

>> No.51214203

An increase in whiners leading to nazimod.

>> No.51214207

m8 it's been like five years since any of this was relevant
who the hell even cares anymore?

>> No.51214229

Overzealous moderation. There was a crackdown, actually starting in late 2011; when people talk about Nazimod, they're talking about that. All original content, drawthreads, quests, anything that wasn't an actual, published board game or RPG was at risk. Shas'o Tau'quest was actually banned at one point for "unrelated fetish bullshit" (actual description in the ban notice).

>> No.51214417

It was "unrelated fetish crap," actually, and it was a little earlier than you think.

>> No.51214454

This was actually one of several bans for trying to run Tau Quest.

>> No.51214752

>mfw this thread

>> No.51216216

Creative people are like Kleenex. You ban one and another pops up in his place.

>> No.51216693

Too bad that never happened.

>> No.51216788

That rarely happens. And when it happens, the result varies depending on the quality and personality of the replacement.

>> No.51216835

My 550+ Cultist pictures dare to argue.

>> No.51216868


This anon has it, the Drawfags of old are still with us, they just moved on from being visible personalities to hiding in their niche interest threads. This is mostly, I believe due to life changing for them all, and the general attitude of the board has become far more critical of its content.

Culexus is most certainly still doing stuff behind the scenes, and he's still drawing. I see him now and then in some of my haunts.

Lolcron admitted once that he draws the Draw Your Party Necro/Paladin group, because the gamestore on his side of town closed so he moved from 40k to 3.PF

Miko is believed to have settled down with a comfy job related to her art.

Things change, it's been literal years.

>dear god ive lurked here for 6 years..

>> No.51216963

CF still posts on DA.

>> No.51217133

I wish it was legal to just shoot degenerates like you on sight.

>> No.51217216

Sheesh, and I thought it was unecessarily harsh when I got banned for calling some guy a nigger once

>> No.51218486

>the whole "/tg/ gets shit done" meme was based entirely in fact

>> No.51219695

We do.

>> No.51220585

Laugh of you want. It was a golden age of draw and write faggotry. Threads would runneth over with original content. Before the dark times. Before the moderators.

>> No.51220634

fucking stop with your reddit talk
99.99% of the shit we got was incredibly lame and cringe-worthy
at best we got semi-decent smut and the occasional competent sketch from a freelance illustrator.
And all of the writefagotry was horrendous.
The nazimod was a huge piece of shit but stuff wasn't better before.

The REAL difference between pre-nazi /tg/ and now, is that before, there was TONS OF FURFAG SHITPOSTING AND PORN AND SCAT SPAMMING. You think two or three pictures of tau chicks in diapers are bad, you don't remember what /tg/ was like in 2009.

Or you're a furry.

>> No.51220829

>The REAL difference between pre-nazi /tg/ and now, is that before, there was TONS OF FURFAG SHITPOSTING AND PORN AND SCAT SPAMMING.
Yeah, that isn't true.

>> No.51220877

>I'm 12 and everything is cringe
underage get out

>> No.51220918

Underage children aren't allowed.

>> No.51221025

It's now 2017. This faggot could have been born in 1999 and still be old enough to post here.

>> No.51222029

You are so full of shit the Ganges River's got nothing on you.

>> No.51222065

Oh, sweet summer child.

>> No.51223470 [SPOILER] 

She was cast in Steven Universe .

>> No.51223583


Eh, there's wasn't that much scat spamming by scat spamming standards.

>> No.51224578

Hi Nazimod

>> No.51225174


>> No.51225809

I know, right?

>> No.51226036

I was actually here during that time, you are greatly exaggerating the downsides.
Also your reddit shit makes me think you are pretty new here.

>> No.51226647


Nazimod would explode if they went near enough to reddit to pick up the "cringe" meme.

Man would be mailing sheets of paper covered in hand drawn exact scale replicas of the 4chan ban message with his personal comments on them until he went bankrupt and was made homeless and then the real nightmare would begin.

>> No.51229564

Did... did Xeno steal Trazyn's ornamental shoulder pads?

>> No.51230158

Bullshit. It was always a handful of people like Viral or Scripy that got shit done. /tg/ as a whole just wanked about how cool it is. Not all that different from now, except we didn't have eternal Filename threads.

>> No.51230261

oh look, a fake oldfag with fake arguments.

>> No.51230287

>Cringeworthy waifubait is removed
Not seeing a problem here

>> No.51230629

Oh look an actual newfag with no arguments.

>> No.51230675

>N-no u

>> No.51230693


It was an epic fight, too epic for pictorial representation also she cheated and used water balloons

>> No.51230941

>Tfw, wanted to do a Kill La Kill quest for a while.
>It will never be as good as this.
>Even had naming puns that hinted story by basically plugging in sewing tools into google translate and making them into Jap names.

>> No.51231024

You would have had to have followed in the foot steps of Anaru Quest.

>> No.51231051

I have no clue what that is.

>> No.51231199

The very first thread is hard to find. I'll do some digging though. The pompadour is important.

>> No.51231269

>There is rebirth versions of the quest.
>There were people excited to see it.
Okay then might as well give it a read then. Thanks this will certainly help if I ever actually get around to making that thread.

>> No.51231304

Hey I got here in 2014. I need this old /tg/ gold to know what I missed.

>> No.51231363

Spend a few hours on suptg and 1d4chan. You'll learn so many things.

>> No.51231441

Oh I have, and will. I just come across so much incomplete writing. I'll take any opportunity to encourage people to finish what they started.

I wonder though, I've only hung around /tg/ have other online communities made fanworks impressive enough that they get mentioned by official media? Like that image above us with the vindicare assassin and the eldar farseer.

>> No.51231681


There's an old saying: 4chan is the new USEnet, whose old Recs.Art. (or was it Art.Rec?) subforums were very akin to 4chan, complete with cat memes being spammed and raids by the sillier subgroups on others, as well as more "productive" groups that /tg/ resembles by all accounts.

(in between usenet and 4chan there were of course the online mailing lists and Livejournal and before usenet there were the zines, and letter pages of official magazines)

/tg/ makes me hopeful because it shows that whatever /tg/ and its predecessors do, it's something fundamental to humanity that we will eternally recreate spontaneously.

>> No.51231715

By the way can you help me with a naming thing I'm trying to do for my quest?
I'm planning on having the main characters names translate into sewing tools, because I thought that'd be kinda neat. I'm just having trouble deciding on the Mother's name that is based off of the Japanese phrase for Pin Cushion.
What do you think sounds better, Pinkusshu or Pinku shi?

>> No.51231912

Pinkusshu. Pinku Shi just sounda vaguely racist t me for some reason

>> No.51232239

Man I feel nostalgic, and I wasn't there, thank khorne for suptg and 1d4chan, but is it true, you got to go trough a lot of shit for this?

>> No.51232310

>fucking xeno thread
>all the worst of /tg/ immediately comes out
>fucking flarefags and sergalfags come back from the dead posting
>people keep tempting fucking technomancer to come back from the dead and shit up the thread
i swear to shit /tg/, things fucking get murdered and buried for a god damn reason.

>> No.51232326

For every decent thread there's 20 terrible. 4chan is a pot of idea were the good ones survive and the terrible ones die, aka memes.

No fun allowed.

>> No.51232354


My filter list has grown quite a lot, but maybe half its content is still from that era.

Still, there was still some fun to be had even in the worst threads occasionally. It was much more 4chan back then, people were in on the joke, and that joke was that they were the joke if they took themselves seriously. Occasionally we'd take a troll thread to an illogical conclusion, and that was fun for a laugh. It's why we know how many spiders can theoretically fit inside a drow's vagina.

>> No.51232390

never forget blue.

>> No.51232409

i'm sorry but your diaper fetish retardation is bad and you should feel extremely bad. certain things on /tg/ are moved on for frankly dumb reasons and some of it seriously needs to die.
Xeno is one of the latter.

>> No.51232419

I agree, go with Pinkusshu

>> No.51232482

To be fair Pinkusshu sounds allot like Pikachu

>> No.51232490

Orks care

>> No.51232887

I can't unhear that now. Shouldn't be a problem though.

>> No.51234289

Blue a best.

>> No.51234360

So, do you have any opinions that aren't based on yellow journalism?

>> No.51236254

>seeing this again
Goddamn, I am having MEMORIES
This board has been here a very long time

>> No.51236255


>> No.51237319

What the fuck?, I tried to acces the archive foolz of this quest but it says I cannot acces.

>> No.51238225

Foolz is dead.

>> No.51238477

Shit, I forgot

>> No.51238488

Oh, wait, you're SERIOUS! Let me laugh even harder.

>> No.51240445

This takes me back.

>> No.51240519

the rancid semen of a trillion neckbeards rusted her necrodermis to the point of desintegration

>> No.51240561

piece of shit

>> No.51243484

You should stay there, then.

>> No.51244523

>2017 is the year of the fire cock
Could we see the pompadour come back to /tg/ in our lifetimes?

>> No.51248089

>> No.51250083

Back to a time that you'd run another Tau Quest?

>> No.51250151

There will never be another Tau Quest.

>> No.51253132

But there was a second tau quest.

>> No.51256891

Don't be pedantic.

>> No.51257990


That which happens twice can happen again.

When the mods align and the stars are feeling merciful.

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