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Last time in CCWC thread ( >>>>>51108339 )
>Werewolf radio-operators
>Soviet engine design
>Inuit pooping myths

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The basic premise from the OP of the first thread:

>Your PCs are a team of couriers and mail-carriers tasked with delivering supplies and communications between remote mining and fishing communities in the frozen northlands.

>Together, you crew a large crawler vehicle, designed to haul cargo through the snow and provide comfortable if cramped shelter for its operators as they make their appointed rounds.

>As the government's presence and ability to respond to incidents and accidents in this region is tenuous at best, the PCs are often asked to help with a wide range of situations.

>Most of these are mundane in nature, like delivering a time-sensitive letter to the next town along their route, checking in on an elderly prospector or repairing a faulty generator.

>Sometimes though, the situation is more creepy, like running across a "cursed" unfinished rail line, like investigating mysterious disappearances or sighting otherworldly creatures.

What are some potential cozy or creepy quest hooks, happenings and set-pieces for the crew of a roving snow-crawler to come across as they traverse the great white north?

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>Pcs heading to the only safe mountain pass in the area
>encounter military blockade
>troops are friendly enough but deny them access to the pass due to an avalanche or something
>if they take the long way they'll fall behind schedule
>if pressed troops become vaguely threatening, there are hints that something weird is going on
>one party member who knows the area knows
of a secret path through the trees some distance away that would get them around the blockade and into the pass

Do they take the secret path or take the long way around?

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Oh ome on! Bumping?

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I like larger, older looking machines.
>mechanic sleeps in a hammock near the soft hum of the engine
>Crawlers Commander is taking the new guy through how to use the radio set and what to check for at night
>one guy is cooking some food up as another sets the table
>last guy is closing up the cargo bay after it's been checked and locked down

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>mechanic sleeps in a hammock near the soft hum of the engine
Why not ON the engine? I remember sleeping on the lid covering engine block was the best place to sleep on a yacht during arctic sailing, because it was the only place that was warm in a reliable way. The clunking of the diesel wasn't a problem in the slightest, because you were too tired anyway to react.

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I like how there's a reason beyond obligingly jumping on the plot hook to face the creepy shit.

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Go for it. Make him the oldest of the crew. The mechanic and the captain started at the same time through the mechanic was older. Mechanic turned down a crawler of his own to keep serving with a captain he likes. Captain respects him and often asks him for advice or tasks him with the most important job. Is always professional and tactfull until his crawler breaks, someone fucks with his pet cat, or they fuck with his crew.

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Are these guys part of a larger corporation or are they freelance? I get a kind of Firefly vibe but it could be interesting to have to occasionally deal with people with authority.

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An overworked, cigar smoking dispatcher with high blood-pressure and a short temper. He doesn't cotton to this supernatural nonsense but is willing to go out on a limb for his crews when dealing with clients and bureaucrats.

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I'd think Faceless Government Office. Their employers stay somewhere safe and cozy and don't think about the crawler crews unless a) there's some sort of complaint and they need to make sure everything is running or b) something important needs to be done and they have to divert a crew to do it.

Nothing's gone wrong on either side? You have your circuit, follow it. No I don't care about this 'supernatural' bullshit, just get the mail delivered.

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>Party arrives at a seriously distant outpost -- could be anything as long as the npc count is like a half dozen at most
>Getting to civilization on foot, at least given the current weather, is not plausable
>Crawler is damaged while they stay overnight. Looks like a mechanical fault, parts and knowhow are present but it will take some time to fix and outside working hours are pretty low.
>Shortly after, Radio Silence ensues. The radio isn't dead as well as anyone can tell and if they can power both the base and crawler radios at once they can talk to each other, but the outside world might as well not exist.
>Random party members suffer insomnia, get private notes about things they see or play out encounters alone in the middle of the night
>If the PCs compare notes, their 'delusions' have some similar threads. NPCs don't want to talk about it. Like, creepy don't want to talk about insomnia, night, or anything outside.
>The longer Crawler repairs take with cascading faults and just plain need to do a lot of work, the more it looks like sabotage
>Radio silence continues.

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>Some viking reenactors have set up a long house just north of a small village.The crew are charged with bringing them supplies for a big party on the winter solstice and invited to stick around for the party.After one too many beers a number of drunk reenactors setout to raid the village.Can the crew (now drunk as well) round up the rogue vikings before they either kill someone die of exposure or get shot by town police

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Fuck no. I fucking hate the whole "let's put freelancers with equipment worth billions and apparently barely making any wage" bullshit backstories. If you operate gear this costly, you either are rich as fuck and own it, or it belongs to your employer, whoever that would be.

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Or you could just have a mortgage on it that you have to pay off.

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>Mortgage on equipment that wear and tear
Either you are stupid or banking system in States is.
Or both.
Unless you are talking about leasing.

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In the first thread, there were three dispatchers that worked rotating shifts:

>Rough, gritty and mildly racist old tank driver that knows these crawlers well.

>Eloquent but neurotic younger guy with panic attacks and bouts of paranoia.

>Kind but quirky young woman who sends the PCs off on rewarding errands.

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>The crew have to transport ice cores from a mining town to a research station in another town
>Due to a mechanical fault in the crawler, the ice cores melt while in the cargo bay
>The cores contained a dormant disease that the PC's are now the carriers of

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House does wear and tear yet people mortgage them all the time.
Also insurance on complete loss of the team.

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>Comparing a heavy-duty machine with real estate
Yup, it was you being retarded all the time.

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>Let's make a post out of short film OP posted!
>Nobody will notice!

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>PCs see smoke
>If they investigate they find a cabin burned down with a young woman in the snow nearby
>She's asleep/unconcious at first. Some symptoms of exposure but nothing super serious.
>Assuming she gets roused, she wants to go somewhere.
>It's not off the route, per say, but it'll be a while to circle there.
>Maybe an obscure little town they find on their map, near somewhere they're scheduled to go but not itself a place they meant to visit
>She's pretty affable in general but dodges questions about her past and outright refuses anything about the burned out cabin
>Personal Dark Secrets about the girl could be just about anything from here. Could be nothing. Could be top tier creepy fuckery.
>If she's successfully brought to her destination, either massive cozy homecoming, massive creepy revelations, or massive feels hit from the place being toast can ensue.
>I'm leaving the payoffs vague because I feel like it's something the GM could fill in to best mess with their party's heads or skew the game the way they want it to go.

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The land is the most valuable asset and it increases in value all the time

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This might shock you, but average house is expected to have longer life than 10 years.

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>A town the crew passes through with some regularity is home to two incredibly Slavic brothers who enjoys shooting drinking big tits and building hilariously dangerous contraptions. The crew are alternately employed by the brothers to get parts and the rest of the townsfolk to try and fix the latest disaster they have caused

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Leasing or whatever. I don't really know shit about business.
I'm referring to the system that Traveller uses where people don't really own their starships.

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>the system ... where people don't really own their starships.
It's called being an employee.

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>Crew find a broken down crawler in the wastes
>In the cargo bay is letters, hundreds of them, addressed to the town their route is currently taking them
>Neither snow nor rain nor gloom of night, amirite?
>Crew delivers mail to town successfully
>It's propaganda for a rebel government/enemy nation, and the PCs have just been played 'Operation Cornflakes' style

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>Players sight -- or think they sight -- shadow people
>Could be a hiker, trick of the light, whatever.
>Not much reason for people to be out this far...
>Some look like they're moving
>Slow burn creepy, spend more than one session having random perception, by roll or not, spotting the fuckers
>Gradually increase the average number of shadows spotted and decrease the distance. The first sightings might be solitary figures a mile or more off, then small groups become more common as the sightings creep in to a couple hundred yards or such
>At first shadows vanish when you blink, later on they linger better.
>If players investigate the shadows they don't find beings, but maybe they find something: Anomalous tracks, items in the snow, not anything that explains what they saw but correlated with it.
>Lost Souls following the light? Murderghosts scouting their prey?

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>They should own it!
>But they don't own it!

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The closest common analog would be a privately owned vessel (boat).

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In Traveller, you play space tramp freighters. You occupy the spaces that large corporations don't fill. It's like buying a home, business and 18 wheel delivery truck all at the same time. Some parts you buy outright, other parts you have a mortgage on.

That's a good comparison. Boats are large and expensive to maintain.

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You still use a ship that is not yours. You don't own you and it's not leased to you either. You are just an employee.
Like a tramp freighter, who doesn't own his truck either, but just works for logistics company

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Literally what for? The entire point is being a company employee, having dispatches, mission control and all that. Without it it's just pointless roaming the arctic for no real reason. As in - better sell the vehicle and move somewhere warmer.

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>New Dispatcher over the radio, after PCs have gotten used to the usual suspects.
>Well-spoken male, sounds like Orson Welles plus a multiple pack a day habit
>Crawler can't seem to raise anybody else from home for a bit but this guy seems legit, coming in just like any other dispatcher.
>Talks to them like a boss, telling then what they'll be doing not asking or offering. Not nasty, just very business and knows his place
>When other Dispatchers come back into the lineup they seem nervous, out of it, or otherwise not on their 'A' game
>Some of new guy's assignments seem a little shady.
>They also seem to lead to more 2spooky4you stuff than average, and/or the spooky is more dangerous than normal.
>If the PCs have any spooky friends (because this is cozy as well as creepy) they're either really disturbed by this guy's voice or can't hear it.

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>You don't own you
Okay, now that's slavery.

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>PCs notified that their loans/mortgages/leases are being transferred or their company bought out
>New Managment becomes interested in the spooky goings on
>In a shocking twist, New Managment isn't spooky, and is instead willing to offer PCs a bounty for playing paranormal investigators on the side of their deliveries.
>Dispatchers are a world-weary ex-waitress who likes to talk at the PCs and isn't a very good listener...
>A kind of obsessive Mulder type who's low key but intense, thinks spooky is very real and very dangerous. up to the PCs to decide if he's fucked in the head or the only sane man...
>And an energetic younger woman who is absolutely enamored with a romantic vision of being out on the ice and in the wilderness and is probably some kind of new ager who thinks most of the spooky stuff is either benevolent or at least harmless if approached with respect. May blame you if you get attacked by murderghosts.

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>and is probably some kind of new ager who thinks most of the spooky stuff is either benevolent or at least harmless if approached with respect
>She is god-damn right 9 out of 10 times

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Glad to see we have a new thread! I love this stuff, /tg/, when we all just brainstorm.

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>She is god-damn right 9 out of 10 times
>The 10th time... just fucking run. And blame Mulder because he probably got you into that crap.

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>She is god-damn right 9 out of 10 times
>The 10th time, just fucking run. And blame Mulder for probably being the one to get you into that shit.

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>When it's the 10th time, it's a situation that at first glance looked cozy and safe, so nobody was expecting it will go brutal and/or dangerous

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>most of the spooky stuff is either benevolent or at least harmless if approached with respect
>is god-damn right 9 out of 10 times
You know that's actually a pretty good way of balancing comf and creep.
Just enough uncertainty/danger to keep you on your toes but not so much it just turns into a straight up horror campaign.

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Not exactly related with this particular thread subject, but last year I was running a long campaign for my players centered about complete wilderness with just few people within weeks reach (no settlements, just a bunch of lumberjacks here, a hermit there and an abandoned military outpost here), but played up the creepy value by the fact their target eluded them and the entire area was anything but the stories they've heard, not to mention crazy stuff, like lack of bridge they were supposed to use as a landmark or road suddenly turning into a regular, wild forest that just couldn't grow up in last two years (that's how old their intel was).
They've ended up so freaked they were afraid of approaching just about anything. And if they've spotted human activity, they spend literal days in-game on carefully observing and probing before approaching, with dozens of fail-safes prepared in advance.

Was kind of fun, even if exhausting.

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>balancing comf and creep
What, the ghosts and spooks and shit? Nah, they don't bother us without a reason. They ain't stupid - our crawler's solid metal, lotsa light and smoke and fire. They hate that shit.

Y'know, most of the time, they ain't all that bad. Oh, sure, they're dangerous an' all, but...really, most of 'em just want to be left alone. Sure, there's a couple scary fuckers out there - heard about a native spirit tearing shit up out there a few years back before some crazy bastard ran it over - but most of 'em just want to be respected and left alone. Be nice, and some of 'em might even take it into their heads to be nice back. Still want to be careful - spooks helping looks a lot like spooks hurting - but it's handy to stay on their good side.

Understand? Good. Now go take that geo-whatsit shit off the back. What? Yeah, I said to stay on their good side. That don't mean being stupid enough to invite them in, greenstalk!

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Apologies if it's already been said but has OP or anyone else figured out a good RP system(s) for running this idea?

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>"yeah Rover 3-1 we got a ping from a distress beacon... just over that ridge to the north.... umm 54 North, 22 West, and uhh... the beacon doesnt have- doesnt appear to be registered. do you copy Rover 3-1?"
>"Rover 3-1, we copy"
>"Copy Rover 3-, go and check on that distress call. It's not uh too far off your route. go ahead and alert the nearest forward station of what you find out there... not a lot of options, its so empty... there's a station north of it... uhhh... sign APS-541, located about 50 from the ping. Over"
>"Dispatch, this is Rover 3-1. We can check it out, will alert Station 541 of our approach. staying warm in the Dispatch?"
>"Better than being out there, Rover. Dispatch, out."
>"Rover 3-1, out"

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It can even include the infamous Vehicles, since it's that kind of game that really needs it.

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That's literally the thing about GURPS, though. Describe any scenario and you can run it in GURPS.

This seems like one of those rabbit holes of needing 78 sourcebooks though. Last thread some anons suggested reskinning Call of Cthulhu or one of the many other Cthulhu games to give a nice backbone of mixing mundane with spooky. Given the number of "At the Mountains of Madness" takes cthulhu games have to provide cold weather rules, it seems a legit call.

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>This seems like one of those rabbit holes of needing 78 sourcebooks thoug
Nope. You need High Tech, helped with Vehicles and MAYBE Horror. Maybe.
That's 3 books total.
And Vehicles are only required to get all the stats of your specific vehicle, which if I recall correctly, can be even done with use of Basic Set.

People GREATLY overestimate the complexity of GURPS and what it takes to use it. I know I can run almost all of things from this thread with just GURPS Lite.

>reskinning Call of Cthulhu
Only if you want to have a failure-heavy gameplay, since CoC rules are literally designed for failing.

>> No.51172470

That is the problem with Call of Cthulu. And besides, it's not comfy enough.

Not sure if GURPS is quite right, though. Maybe a WoD game, though I'm not sure if I know enough about them - are there any that focus almost entirely on the mortals, without the mortals having to know much about the supernatural to be remotely effective?

>> No.51172540

>That's literally the thing about GURPS, though. Describe any scenario and you can run it in GURPS.
As if it was a bad thing.

And like the other anon said, you need High Tech for all the gear you will use, Basic Set to make characters and if you plan on actual spoopy things - Horror.

Vehicles are for 3rd edition, so they are pretty much useless and Basic Set with High Tech will be more than enough to design any kind of snow crawler.

>> No.51172862

>As if it was a bad thing.
Oh, it's not.

But generally if there's something decently specialized, it'll do the job better than GURPS. "Jack of all trades, master of none" applies.

Base - High Tech - Vehicles - Horror wouldn't be too bad though, and this is otherwise pretty niche.

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The best way to balance comfy and creepy would be to have everyday comforts reimagined by someone with only a faint understanding of the intent and purpose of them, crafted using only what's available to them.

In the last thread I brought up the idea of having gifts randomly appear outside the crawler, with no indication of where they came from or how they got there. Some ideas in that vein:

>A tin of hot cocoa mix with a human tooth buried inside somewhere.
>A glass figurine in the exact likeness of one of the crew
>A crudely stitched fur hat that was never tanned or treated properly, as if someone skinned an animal and immediately made a cap from it
>An item that went missing from the crawler eight months ago, discovered 1000 miles from where it was lost.
>A racy set of hot pink lingerie.

Honestly it reminds me of Sunless Sea. I'm working on a Lady Blackbird reskin for SS, maybe that would work here too?

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So what system would actually be good for this?

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so has anyone mentioned 'Stand Still. Stay Silent.' in these threads yet? I know it's not exactly the same, but probably some reasonable inspiration in it.

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It was mentioned near the end of the last thread.

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It's similar, but for the fact that everything spooky (up until the recent introduction of GhostHorse(TM) and the other spooks) is just virally-created monsters called trolls. Make everything a little more "civilized" and exchange trolls for nature, and you might have something interesting there.

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You know, I'm stealing those ideas. Or rather their general intent - a well-meaning "Something" that wants to be friends with the crew, but has a pretty hard time fully understand humans, so it all ends up deep in the uncanny valley.

I guess I will be the third person who will tell - GURPS. In the last thread one of the anons posted Unity Rover from Alpha Centauri, which is pretty much a job already done when it comes of making comfy, all-terrain vehicle that fits such campaign. If you want more "used" aesthetics, then the same supplement had Formers, a terraforming vehicles, with lots of tools, lots of space for cargo and not much comfort for a crew, who acts and behaves as if it was a submarine, with hot bunks and things like that.

>> No.51173411

Honest to God question - on a scale from 1 to early Order of the Stick, how good it is?
Or rather - on scale from 1 to Kill Six Billion Demons how overrated it is?

>> No.51173513

Would fit the battletech universe, in my opinion, as long as you keep it on a forgotten periphery iceworld, far from the major powers. BT seems to have the right mix of frontier spirit and high/low tech.

>> No.51173666

I just started reading today, up to chapter 4. The first chapter is all fluff that has no real bearing on the main story but otherwise I love it.

>> No.51173690

In my opinion I'd give it a solid 8/10 on quality though with some excellent visuals and a 7/10 on overhype.

Definitely good but not as utterly amazing as a lot of the more vocal fans make it out to be.

>> No.51173766

It's pretty solid. Neat setting, good writing, good visuals. I don't read a shitton of webcomics but I've never been tempted to drop it. I think it's gotten a ton of disproportionate hype, though, since some people can't be level-headed when giving praise (or criticism, for that matter, but I feel like SSSS has generated more excessive praise than excessive hate)

in a meta sense, the most interesting thing, I think, is the contrast between characters and pacing that skew comfy and a world that skews grimdark.

>> No.51173954

I'm not deep into the webcomics community, so I really don't know how others react to it.

I think it's well drawn, decently engaging, and enjoyable. 7/10, would read over most shit that passes off as long-form webcomics anyday.

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I'll check these out. Not familiar with the contents of that GURPS supplement, but I'll check it out.

>> No.51174089

I get it - early years Zombie Hunters. Can dig on it then I guess.

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What is this thing called?

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Dig on:
If you are familiar with Alpha Centauri, then it shouldn't be much problem to navigate. Warning - this is a highly-compressed PDF, so things might look weird. The "normal" version weights roughtly 150 mb.
Either way, it has all sorts of vehicles from the original game with stats, description and proper fluff, so it's worth a look. After all, the main difference between ideas from this thread and The Planet is presence of snow.

>> No.51174179

A crevasse.

>> No.51174206

This is one of early models.

And you don't want to use it. Believe me, you don't want to use it.

>> No.51174848

Why's that?

>> No.51174925

The old models - extremely unreliable mechanically, which is literally the last thing you want in arctic climate
The new models - extremely overpriced snow groomers, while there are much cheaper machines doing the same workload in the same conditions

I've switched my military conscription time for working in far north as a guard. You don't want stuff that can break down or cost gorillions out there. Especially stuff on which your life depends.

>> No.51175268


>> No.51175634

In all seriousness, they could be pretty germane to the thread.

>> No.51176270

Nothing special, really. A as a glorified guard-slash-janitor. Done almost a decade ago. My job was to attend all the existing installations in case of a dispatch message and work as rudimentry search and rescue. Nothing comfy, nothing spooky, mostly boredom.
Still better than the same time spent in barracks, still would pick it again if I had to chose.

Things that actually can be related with the thread:
>You can get used to polar night pretty quick. The days are getting shorter and shorter, until one day sun never rises again. For next 5 weeks. Pretty freaky at first, but after the initial shock dwindles, you just go on your biological clock rather than time of the day
>Warning - biological clock has a "day" set as 25 hours long. If you are not careful, you can fuck up a lot of things if not making use of alarm clock and remebering this trivia. You don't want to fuck up things because you confused hours while operating time-sensitive machines
>Getting outside in any other conditions than daylight in pristine weather (no wind, at least 3/4 of the sky clear, lack of fog) is equal to suicide; getting tethered turns it into a suicidal attempt
>There is almost no wildlife around; if you notice any movement - that's why you are carrying a rifle on your shoulder. Armed, get out of that place. You don't want to make sure if it was a polar bear or a rabbit. You want to get the fuck out.
>Engines need to run non-stop when the temperature drops below -20 Celcius. All of them, even those in technically "warmed up" sheds or rooms. This makes a lot of noise, but that's the only way to be sure they will be working


>> No.51176511

>Even if you are not a mechanic and have no technical knowledge, learn how to fix engines. While they are running or at least still warm. This might be a life or death skill. Stuff used in such conditions is the most basic kind of mechanics, thus you can learn that with a manual at hand
>Everything vital - and I mean EVERYTHING - needs to have a replacement stored. Preferably a replacement that isn't "one fit all" kind of deal. You don't want to have a single replacement and then realise you need the exact same part to fix another thing, but the logistics only outfitted you with one
I had to improvise how to get an elastic hose, 2 meters of it. You don't want that to happen to you
>Take a lot of flares. Unless it's the polar day, you want to have those things handy
>Crop your hair, but in the same time get a beard if you are a guy. You can't wash regularly, so long hair are a problem, but you don't want to be bald. Facial hair really helps, but again - keep it short. No "viking beard" bullshit
>Psychical evaluations are a thing. You are profiled before you are sent in. And you should be profiled after the polar night. And you are profiled after a return
Remember about that. If you want to spice campaigns - just add a crew member or an NPC that wasn't profiled lately
>It's cold and you are always hungry. Even if you eat for two, you will still lose weight, because you can burn 5000 calories while pretty much doing nothing
>Taking a piss is painful when you are outside. Really painful
>Not wearing eye-protection? Enjoy irreparable eye damage!
Which is a good hook for a blind dispatcher in campaigns. You know, the old fart that can't leave his cabin, because he went blind due to youthful stupidity
>You want eat your food spicy, because after a while, you can't feel any other taste. And it's not about just quality of rations. You can feel three tastes after a while: spicy, fat and nothing. And fat gets boring pretty quick, plus not all things have this taste

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As for dispatches. Nothing really interesting, seriously. Let's make a mental list of all things
>Regular runs to see if the anthenas are intact
>Few times to check if an emergency landing plot is clear after blizzards (no ice shards, frozen snowdrifts, etc)
>Regular runs to see the few and in between settlements, since it was technically part of the duty
>All sorts of emergency dispatches: people not showing up after they should, supply truck not coming on time, guys went surveying and still not getting back, this kind of work
>Actual emergencies - got a bunch of guys freighting fishes got trapped after their truck ended up on broken ice, as it was "spring" and they've overestimated the thickness of ice. Nothing bad happend to anyone, but they were unable to get the truck out by themselves. When I've arrived next morning, they were tired, since they were all too spooked to go sleep inside the truck, since they weren't sure if it won't go under the ice completely.
But most of the time - nothing really happend. I've read all my books in first 4 months, expecting them to last for entire year. Learned a bit of German, since I've carried a textbook and a dictionary "in case of boredom". You know it's boring when you are reading dictionary to kill time.

Also, you pretty quickly learn all the faces of people you met at least twice. I'm not a "face guy", but there are so little people, you just memeorise them, even if not talking with them.

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What kind of engines did you use that it could run 24/7? I want one in a truck.

>> No.51176856

Just about any engine can do that. No, really. The real point is for how many months/years you want it to run. Techically you don't need for it to run longer than 4 months, which as far as I'm concerned, even a regular car engine can do. At least the diesel ones (just make sure it doesn't go off, or you won't be able to restart it in case of diesel under -30 or so).

Also - avoid automatic transmission. You won't be able to fix that in case of failure, unless you happen to carry a portable car workshop with a lot of specialised tools and even more replacement parts.

>> No.51177693

I'm loving this thread.

>> No.51177899

Kind of a side note: I feel like the Cozy side is actually harder to run than the creepy. Because it's kind of easy to trade in paranoia, isolation, darkness... and still get the drama for game running, but Cozy isn't a skill you develop nearly as quickly. Any thoughts?

>> No.51178071

Give characters good conditions. You know, the crawler is spacey, actually warm and with enough space to not only avoid hot-bunking, but having actual cabins (even if shared, still not everyone sleeping in the same room).
I know for sure from sailing that good living conditions can easily make things comfy. And it's in may ways similar experience - limited space, can't exactly leave your vehicle, stuck with bunch of people in small, confirned space...

>> No.51178248

Adding to this - make a conscious effort to describe the crawler as home to the players. Make them feel it's safe (unless they carry some nasty thing in their cargo bay), secure and truly theirs. Mention a lot in descriptions how the temperature is lovely, how good it is to sense smells (you can't smell in cold air), how familiar and known the inside of the crawler is. Make it pristine, but not like from IKEA catalog, in the same time avoid making it greasy and with lot's of noises.
Best way to make it cozy is to describe how calm and silent it is inside, while they can see through the windows and ports the mad blizzard outside.

In short, creepy can be achieved by WHAT you are telling. Cozy is based entirely on HOW you are telling it.

>> No.51178705
File: 210 KB, 1500x1000, Rusty Model T Snow Mobile.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

From the previous thread:

>Imagine this ride, supped up, with a bunch of bandits in big coats and hats with ear flaps, wielding government surplus rifles, holding on for dear life as they fly over a snow bank in pursuit of a crawler.

>> No.51178856


>> No.51178880

>My name is Max, and my world is ice and lead.

>> No.51178993

Spoilers - beyond just setting up the catastrophe, it turns out they're all the ancestors of the main characters.

>> No.51179518
File: 1.42 MB, 1848x3702, 1460455101481.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How has no one posted this yet?

>> No.51179760
File: 251 KB, 774x1031, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What weapons do these guys have?
> Mechanics Wrench
> Flashlights (for monsters repealed by light)
> Ceremonial Aborigional Knife
> Antique War Rifle
> Flare Gun
Nope. Old thread idea with Ryutama style operators still best idea

>> No.51179864

>Cozy campaing of zero aggression
How about no?

>> No.51180341
File: 385 KB, 899x1270, Golden Kamuy - c001-007 (v01) [EHScans].zip-[EHScans] - Golden Kamuy V01-[EHScans] - Golden Kamuy V01C04-0 126.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>portable floodlights for very tough darkness-element creatures, powered by a large backpack battery on the heavy
>very large tin-snips
>bolt-actions with bayonets
>an owl, for hawking
>frozen contents of latrine
>commercial flamethrowers (also good for when you bottom out)
>that old cavalry sword a prospector gave you that you probably should have sold already
>club with a taxidermied bear paw on the end of it
>"The Snowball" yo-yo
>punch mittens
>crampon on a string
>blades on the sides of the crawler's wheels chariot-style

>> No.51180867

I still like it being a government operation, but
>after two sessions with each new speaker, they go back to the capital, and get contacted, being asked why they haven't been responding or doing their job
>find out that the regular dispatchers are still in business, they haven't been bought out
>then who the Hell are these new guys?
>look for them, but now unable to find them
>occasionally get a strange signal, hear their voices

>> No.51181010

>zero aggression
No, 33% aggression.

>> No.51181125

Great stuff.

>> No.51181660

No, 5%

>> No.51182313

10% and we can have a deal

>> No.51182924

>rover heads into cave to shield from a huge storm
>entrance gets blocked
>finds that the cave is super deep
>have cave adventures

>> No.51183200

Let's talk settings for the sort of game we've been designing here...

>Default Canadian/Alaskan/Scandinavian/Russian backwoods
>Good news! You can use modern/period earthly expectations
>Spooky stuff is very likely to be disbelieved/denied
>Get plenty of touchstones to work with
>Con: Everybody thinks they're an expert

>> No.51183235


>Post-apocalyptic world
>Yeah you can have a cozy post-apocalypse
>You do this by assuming people are basically good and willing to work together to survive and rebuild.
>You get ruins!
>Spooky stuff is PROBABLY disregarded by most folks, but believers could be more common and more serious
>Great excuse for schizo tech levels between having the Crawler and interacting with folks who seem stuck in the 19th century a lot.
>Have to be fucking careful with where you are still
>Have to be fucking careful with defining the apocalypse.
>Tons of mundane or quasi-mundane explanations for 'spooks', this is both a pro and a con.

>> No.51183293


>We full scifi now
>Inhabited ice world/moon
>Place is poor as shit by interplanetary standards, so outside of whatever city hosts their main starport you don't see a ton of scifi tech since that shit takes specialized maintenance knowledge and probably import spare parts.
>You can still probably excuse varying biomes enough to have pine forests and mountains and shit, not just ice flats
>You have a whole goddamned planet, there's always more space to put new shit.
>Can use scifi excuses to make things a little cozier.
>Get to get away from earthly stereotypes
>Spooks can be mundane, magic, imaginary, or legitimate aliens
>On the other hand you have to do more work both to build your scenario and connect your players with it.

>> No.51183390


>"Fantasy" world. Obviously not D&D/Tolkien because you're driving a crawler around but the point is that this world is not related to our earth.
>You can determine the biomes and seasons as you desire to get as much time and space as you want to play with this.
>Twist: Monsters are real and everyone knows it. That's why you bridge the gaps between (fortified) settlements in an Armored Crawler
>Monsters aren't spooky. Really they're just one more 'natural' hazard to add to everything else that can kill you in the cold, and they can't scratch the crawler so you can feel safe inside.
>Shooting one monster only really serves to make the rest mad, though. that's why, beyond the possibility of personal weapons for emergency use, it's not an *armed* crawler
>Since monsters aren't spooky, spooky things can still be spooky
>Especially spirits, ghosts, and anything that could exert influence inside the crawler or a town/base
>High contrast between dangerous and safe areas
>Lots of room to adjust it to your wants/needs
>But you have to make all this shit up yourself and get your players to connect with it.

>> No.51183412

>>Con: Everybody thinks they're an expert
How's that?

>> No.51183423

Good, 8/10
Overused and boring, depressing too, 3/10
Depends on the GM, 8/10
Fuck no, -1/10

>> No.51183477

I'd guess it's that some autists REALLY don't like the contrasts between abstractions for gaming purposes and a setting "in the real world". If you game with those people... I'm so sorry.

>> No.51183538


>Just plain alternate earth
>Call the setting Lemuria, Mu, whatever the fuck. Point is it's Not!Earth
>Works just like Earth as we know it with tech and probably society but geography and politics are up to the DM
>Spooky gets the same range of reactions as from the world we know
>Can even pillage earthly myths
>Use if your players are the kind of arse that fact checks a fucking RPG.

>> No.51183547
File: 69 KB, 358x392, 1279696118.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You explained shit, while hurled a low-brow ad hom. Congrats.

>> No.51183738

This thread gives me a big 30 days of night vibe.

>> No.51183827

Like I'd mentioned in the last thread, I've sort of been been imagining this setting as one part Meiji-Era Hokkaido, one part Yukon Alaska, and one part Cold War Siberia.

In my mind, the Indigenous People of the northland are part Ainu and part Inuit, with some influences from the Pacific Northwest tribes and other, more fantastical sources. The Colonial miners and fishermen are mostly inspired by Yukon Goldrushers of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, and the far-away Government is based, just a bit, on the Soviets, if only for their old vehicles, weaponry and technology that are prone to breakdowns but that refuse to die completely.

It's like a 1920s-1950s setting with throwbacks to the last century.

>> No.51183974

Settle down anon, no one is trying to get you.

>> No.51184071

Speaking of which, the animation was pretty dope

>> No.51184134

I was thinking about this one the other day. If the crawler crew are government employees, chances are that the one in charge has a key to a weapons locker with some rifles and at least one pistol. Chances are that most of the other crew members aren't even aware of the existence of said firearms.

Until things get really bad and the captain has to open the locker.

>> No.51184190

This is where I'm at too.

>> No.51184222

Sounds fishy to me. And highly depending on what government employs them. For example, Russian ice-breakers, at least those under Navy, have regulations about firearms being reduced to OFFICER service handguns, all locked up, with captain and first officer (and in the Soviet times - political officer) having keys to the locker. Also, a SINGLE large-caliber hunting rifle in case of bear.

>> No.51185495

I love the idea that the Northlands is this vast expanse of frozen wilderness in which anything might happen under that aurora. It's a frontier and a borderlands between man and nature, native and colonist, old and new, the natural and the supernatural, life and death.

>> No.51185731

See for me i don't find most of this hard except the specifications

How many towns would be a good number? would the team on average stop into a new town every 1-1.5 days? or maybe its every other week
can they only get food from rations they buy? can they hunt? how do they cook in the rover does it come with a kitchen?
what do they do with their money do i create a rover upgrading system?
There is a lot to think about

>> No.51186200


Seems pretty cool and fitting, what would your pitch to a gaming group be like?

>> No.51186406

I'm probably not on the same page as everyone else but as I see it...

>There are as many towns as you need to keep with fresh faces while still bringing it back to the familiar. Don't give the PCs a region map handout, retain the ability to fudge it.
>at least mentally divide the towns into sets: home base and its environs that are all within a day of each other and 98% non-spooky,
> Then there's an inner band where the PCs will be expected to spend a lot of time, things are d3 days apart (with 1 being potentially less than a day) and normal/cozy the vast majority of the time with only a small chance of pretty harmless spookery,
>Then an outer band the PCs visit with some regularity that feels more sleepy hollow/lovecraft county backwoods and things are d3+3 days apart and kinda spooky.
>And then there's the 'boondocks' where you go for special assignments, things tend to be 3d6 days from sanity at least by trail conditions, and getting at least a little spooky description during the journey is almost manditory.
>Crawler is cozy: It has a postage-stamp sized (But good enough for the crew's purposes) kitchen and a larder that lets them restock food with the same "you're gonna be in town by the time you need it unless otherwise noted" logic as gas
>The pay's not great though room and board are basically covered which makes it a little better. If a character has a hobby they can probably indulge, the better to take comfort in. Or maybe someone's motivation could be saving up to marry his small-town girlfriend, go on a big honeymoon somewhere warm, and move to if not the big city at least a bigger town with the starting capital to make money doing something they love. If the players want to buy crawler updates/nonstandard gear, let them, with an amount of fun/complication getting them related to whether they're talking about a hula girl doll, a hunting rifle, or an installed periscope. (Even home base is the ass end of nowhere to everywhere else)

>> No.51186616

This does give me a lot that i was looking for i thank you for this

if your still around i have some further ideas
How about a less "populated" area and slightly more scary but still comfy version like the group is still couriers and stand in sheriffs when needed but they do come across abandoned buildings since there are only about a couple thousand crawlers (maybe thats a generous amount) in use

im thinking like they can get good loot and good money and get paid for their discovery's if they decide to search them but they are often full of good reasons as to why they are abandoned
im also thinking something that can be a reason as to why they would carry guns at all because most of the creeps would be unkillable or just so otherworldly that they probably would not think to shoot

>> No.51186672

i did forget to mention

The way i plan on running it is often pretty chill but they get into situations every 2-3 sessions where there is a spooky that is genuinely a issue but i always want it to go back to that comfy and chill feeling of being safe within the crawler (might even make it so as long as they are within the crawler they are safe)

>> No.51187291


I'd say that I'd modify the original OP (>>51165866) somewhat and throw in a little more flavor (>>51185495).

>> No.51187700
File: 74 KB, 1024x857, 21arrival1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.51187747
File: 238 KB, 1679x1120, 214bc8aa3f335ba1c775969e59048f03.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.51187771

>One small town is built up against a rather sheer mountainside
>There's a cave mouth, well within town 'borders'. In front of it there's no snow, scraggly brown grass instead
>Townsfolk seem to come and go from there, including the possiblilty of seeing some sneak off at night.
>Turns out that it's a fairly expansive, not entirely natural system with geothermal activity
>Snow is melted by warmth. grass is brown and scraggly because you're in the northlands in winter
>No hazardous gasses (though locals keep track of that with a detector or two near most steam sources) but the whole place is warm and steamy
>The larger pools are basically a public park, complete with permanent lighting fixtures, picnic tables and food vendors
>Teenagers treat the more back tunnels like Lovers' Lane, hence the sneaking off late at night.
>Nothing spooky. Worst downside is that getting back to your vehicle/back home SUCKS.

>> No.51187797
File: 4.22 MB, 3579x2500, Oversnow_heavy_tractor_Kharkovchanka.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.51187822

so what you're saying is that it's ridiculous to have a weapons locker in the crawler because Russian icebreakers have weapons lockers

>> No.51188625

No. More like making an entry to note how ridiculous it was to have an entire arsenal, including TWO flame throwers, like in The Thing

>> No.51189660

Post moar cozy or cozy/creepy plots

Here's some cozy/creepy

>While making a long, lonely sort of run, Navigational equipment seems to be acting up, gps and compass readings don't agree with the map don't agree with what you see outside
>As this keeps up, a little girl's voice starts to be heard on the radio. At first just a super static-y "hello?" then nothing
>Girl is able to hold more and more of a conversation
>Meanwhile, plotting the actual course you're taking while trying to go 'out' by landmark seems like you're going in an arc.
>Girl is able to roughly describe her location.
>It's near the center of the arc, if not at it.
>She wants to know if you have anything for her
>Adamantly insisting not lets the players drive away and continue their scheduled deliveries
>Going towards her location brings the players to a pretty run down house with a little radio equipment evident.
>There is a little girl there. Same voice as over the radio and seems to be super happy to see you
>Let into the Crawler's cargo area, she finds a small, OLD, mislabeled package in the corner
>She clearly thinks its hers and opens it up. Contains a doll, plushie, or other effect and maybe a letter. "Grandma's present!"
>Girl thanks everybody profusely
>Can handle denoument lots of ways; by having her disappear and the house while driving away look like an obvious ruin; by hearing her occassionally on the radio thereafter, always chipper and sometimes helpful; or if you're going more hard into supernatural with a sweet edge the ghost girl becomes an unofficial teammate. She won't manifest while around other people but is pretty much just a sweet little kid who happens to be the undead as long as her present is kept aboard.

>> No.51189782
File: 436 KB, 1270x1693, ultimate hfy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love this greentext.

>> No.51190141

Actually flamethrowers are pretty standard on arctic bases it's just that they're considered/designed to be ice clearing tools rather than weapons.

>> No.51190669

Not him, but I would seriously like to get some source on that. Because it always puzzled me how much weapon was crammed in The Thing. I mean sure, 'Murrica and stuff, but it was just weird for everyone running with Flammenwerfer and werfen Flammen.
Yes, I waited few months to make that stupid joke, sue me

>> No.51191542

New anon a bit of google-fu failed to net anything concrete but I've at least heard accounts of flamethrower like things being used to de-ice runways.

>> No.51191734

Speaking of, great soundtrack to use for atmosphere.


>> No.51192552
File: 1.76 MB, 3648x2736, original-129.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.51192748
File: 118 KB, 1052x641, raphael-lacoste-antarctica.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>There are tales told of a ghost ship that keeps drifting along the coastline and fjords, narrowly managing to avoid getting crushed in the ice, year after year.

>> No.51193246
File: 550 KB, 1857x1857, sacha-austin-y-v4-haircam-hair-12a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>Kind but quirky young woman who sends the PCs off on rewarding errands.

>> No.51194069
File: 625 KB, 1920x1080, 18916_winter_snow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.51196933

Offering one wintry nudge.

>> No.51197026

do we maybe want to look at aeronautical stuff too? either at sea during the winter, or bush piloting during the warm months? Flying Boats would lend themselves well to it, particularly larger ones like the Short Sunderland, or BV 238.

>> No.51197134

While I really like flying boats and bush pilots, I wonder if they'd fit this sense of... "cozy claustrophobia" that seems to have come up a lot in these two threads.

>> No.51199421

One shot about the crew that has to make a christmas delivery but the crawler is broke.

>> No.51200435

Assuming one would use GURPS to play this kind of game, let's put down some general things for those of us less experienced in that system:
>TL is generally 7, but often 6 in the countryside
>PCs start at around 50 points, being the top of the average
>Starting wealth Struggling to Comfortable
>Status 0 (or maybe 1, since the couriers are quite important for the scattered settlements)
>Little to no combat-focused advantages or skills

continue if you will

>> No.51200545

Well, flamethrowers as de-ising and dynamite for 70s style geological survey - sure.
But placing in a highly isolated location with no real dangers entire cupboard full of shotguns and more than one handgun? The film shown precisely what happens when single person goes "crazy" and starts wrecking the place. Guns aren't exactly helpful and they had to wait till Blair runs out of bullets and he's still extremely dangerous.
You don't put guns in place where you need to go through psych evaluation once per 3 months and where there is no sun for half a year.

>> No.51200554

>PCs start at around 50 points, being the top of the average
70, but those 20 from disadvantages? And I'm talking about stuff like Sense of Duty or Addictions rather than making them compulsive thieves and similar.

>> No.51200597

Yeah, sure, there should be some prescribed disadvantages like Sense of Duty. And since the crews probably have to pass some psych evaluation, a lot of mental disadvantages should be excluded.

>> No.51200648

>And since the crews probably have to pass some psych evaluation, a lot of mental disadvantages should be excluded.

Anyone who brings Armageddon-tier "quirky" character gets booted

>> No.51201525

I like frontier moon, first inhabited by a mad scientist who released tons of creatures.
At the equator, it's like Northern Mediterranean temperatures, moving out to temperate, then with large poles.
Mainly land, like 70%, but a sea in the middle, in both of the temperate zones, and at both poles.
Capital in on the Equatorial Sea, then the raillines run to cities in the temperate zones, but stop at the poles, because most of the abominations live at the poles.
Something like 100 million people. Big bandit problem with a few revolutionaries, which is why the military bases are needed.

>> No.51201984

While not a bad setting, I guess it's better suited for less cozy and more adventurous style of play. Not necessarily Borderlands-level of adventure, but still. Too much monsters, bandits and army involved in my opinion.

>> No.51202044

Well, without those, it'd be 100% comf, no adventure.
100% comfy is like wearing a sweaty in front of a fire. You'd sweat and get uncomf.

>> No.51202489

>Unless you have a high-brow conflict, it's boring
Can this meme finally die?

Remember HTTYD? The first 2/3 of it? A story about a boy and his pet dragon?
Cue the final act, where out of nowhere you have big-ass war, because Americans are so fucking brain-dead that either you throw outright combat into it, or there is no conflict for them, while they are taught from the young age that you just MUST have a conflict to have a story.
The sequel ramped up the conflict to the absurdity and sucked balls.

Go and watch "Flying Witch". There is no conflict in it, 100% comfy. And it's good, entertaining and funny. While also creepy and weird.

>> No.51202498

>Inb4 stop bad-mouthing Americans for no reason
Sorry, there IS a reason. They are hell-bent on pretending the only way you can have a story it to be three-act long heroic adventure with predictable set pieces and big-ass action sequence left for the final, with inevetable combat.
I'm sick and tired of it, especially when it migrates to my hobby.

>> No.51202589
File: 245 KB, 1920x1080, Snow Crawler.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't think that the three-act structure is bad in and of itself, but there's certainly room enough in the hobby for other sorts of stories to be told, and there's room within this setting idea for both extremely cozy adventures as well as spooky, more action-oriented sessions or sequences. I think that the ratio of comfort to danger can be tweaked and adjusted depending on the group's preferred play style.

>> No.51202686

I'm not saying the three-act structure is bad by itself.
I'm saying that American way of doing story-telling is just plain horrible. And it's harmful for the hobby, because when you face burgers as players/GM/participants in the discussion, they will insist on the most possible formulatic solutions as THE ONLY possible way of doing things, while repeating shitty elements from shitty film. As they say around here - what the shell was soaked in at young age, emerges later.

>> No.51202691

Well, do we all need exactly similar sessions? I like some spooky monsters or dangerous bandits.

>> No.51202714

And I want a cozy game with creepe vibes, which the thread is about.
Not combat-heavy slog where I plow through anonymous bandits, because apparently RPG means combat and combat means killing people in droves.

Ever occured to you you can run entire long-runners without a single fatality? Or, going step furthere - have you even sit and think about such possibility ever in your life?

>> No.51202785
File: 425 KB, 1920x834, dmitry-kremiansky-42.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're certainly entitled to that opinion, but I don't think that it's quite fair to say that all Americans will invariably make those same formulaic choices in any given situation, even if many might. I swing toward the far-comfy side of the spectrum in this thread and more often than not prefer more easy-going, heartwarming stories in general, I'm an American.

>> No.51202838

Not even the original anon, but you are in (oblivious) minority. And it's regardless of this specific thread, but how discussions about story and story progression go in general on /tg/ with American players and GMs. It's pretty much always the same way of doing things, while also blowing through mooks. Even if the subject was described as "non-combat" scenario. And don't even get me started about le "without a conflict there is no story" meme.

>> No.51202846

There's more than enough room in the thread for both. You can have instances of dangerous conflict within a game without making that conflict the game's primary focus.

>> No.51202880

>Cozy Creepy Winter Campaig
>Room for combat heavy scenario

>> No.51202890

I'll agree to disagree on this matter. I really don't want to turn the remainder of this thread into a national and ideological debate on the merits of basing storytelling on conflict. I'm sorry that your experiences with American players and GMs has given you such a low opinion of us.

>> No.51202994
File: 280 KB, 612x1270, 1482357280567.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How about you take your incorrect and unproductive opinions to your own thread, pal.

>> No.51203011

... aaaand we had such a nice thread.

How about you ALL shut the fuck up and post creepy plot hook?

>> No.51203021

How about you step up, you whinny bitch, and prove they are incorrect?

>> No.51203036

Because this is /tg/ and not /pol/.

>> No.51203051

I'm not exactly following? On /tg/ you don't need arguments, while they are required on /pol? Not only this is incorrect bullshit, but also direct opposite of what's going on.

>> No.51203114

>This is /tg/, I won't provide /tg/ related content when asked for it nor in a thread about it.
You were saying about /pol/?

>> No.51203157
File: 27 KB, 500x332, 59_big.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let's have some pictures instead - this is Ratmanov Island border outpost in Bering Sea. Looks like a nice example of the outposts in our setting, no?

>> No.51203170

Why it's in a hill? Does it go inside? Or the hill works as wind-catcher?

>> No.51203185

I think that's actually a promontory surrounded by (frozen) shoreline.

>> No.51203190

>One particular town along the PCs' route has made a special request of the couriers to bring them a large supply of some non-vital luxury item like a particular brand of premium coffee that proves to be fairly hard to acquire. It's up to the PCs how much effort they want to put into acquiring it.

>> No.51203201
File: 22 KB, 400x300, 23_big.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, it's a promontory as >>51203185 said. Better seen in this tiny picture

>> No.51203225

It's a wind-catcher. That figure walking toward the base is going down-hill, while the outpost is located between 2 outposts, at a shoreline. The top of the hill was originally a lighthouse (still used for that purpose)
The hill itself is (at least as far as official data goes) not drilled inside.

>> No.51203230

I like that it adds a potential element of danger to resupplying it. There is one safe, overland route toward the town, but if the PCs get turned around in a snowstorm they could find themselves driving over sea ice that may or may not support the weight of their crawler.

>> No.51203249

These threads are a regular thing now? Fuck yeah.

Did we ever settle on a system? I was thinking Powered By the Apocalypse or maybe Cypher. For maximum rules light comfy role playing.

>> No.51203313
File: 715 KB, 500x255, neLDVG7.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honestly, for as crunchy as some part of GURPS are, you can streamline out elements you don't want and still have a nice means of creating characters and resolving conflicts. Plus, it has a ton of splat for vehicles, creatures (spooky or otherwise), and the like already made. I wrangle GURPS into a rules-lite system all the time, and it works really well.

>> No.51203575

Can GURPS accomodate some mechanic for Sanity? It would be nice to have something like that for the creepy parts. With warm cocoa raising San a bit, returning to HQ a lot etc.

>> No.51203579

>One PC comes down with a bad infection from an injury sustained during the trip, forcing the rover to return to the nearest base
>Rover has to settle in a ghost town during a heavy snow storm, delaying return
>PCs venture to an abandoned hospital to retrieve what little supplies may be present
>spoopy ghost stuff while in the hospital (shadows moving, faces in windows, stuff falling, etc.) but nothing that manifests phsically, just the hint of something spooky
>return to rover

>> No.51203599

>Cocoa decreases Anxiety, increases Fatigue
>Coffee increases Anxiety, decreases Fatigue

>> No.51203614

I like that, actually.

>> No.51203755

speaking of fatigue, someones gotta be awake to drive the damn rover. whos all driving this thing?

>> No.51203811

Settle down anon, most of the comfyposters in these threads are burgers.

>> No.51203840
File: 179 KB, 1250x639, sector_3_by_polosatkin-d6z2c5i.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pilot and navigator, but they don't need to be running 24/7 unless it's an emergency delivery.

>> No.51203902

whats the headcount for this thing?
Theres gotta be a captain
mayb elike some sort of first tie "Package Handler" or whatever to act as an exposition vessel

>> No.51203917

As someone who's been on /tg/ since day 1, I can say with certainty that the moment people in a worldbuilding thread start insisting on "picking a system", the threads are doomed. This is the first sign of fracturing.

After this we'll get some tripfags who put themselves in charge of "maintaining canon", there'll be a split between the GURPSfags and the AWfags, someone will focus way too much on their waifu the radio girl, someone will make a quest thread using their preferred rule set, and that'll be the end of the whole thing until 2019 when someone posts "hey remember those comfy crawler threads we used to have when /tg/ was still good?"

>> No.51203950

The best setup is to have at least 3 peoples, REGARDLESS of vehicle size. Just like sea-worthy watches, consisting of watch officer for decision making, hesman and "spotter". So one person is doing navigation, one steers and one looks where neither the navigator nor driver looks. And they should change their posts, to not spend hours doing the same thing.
In land travel you usually don't need spotter, but since we are going for creepy stuff too, spotter is important. Crevices are also a thing in arctic situations, so is ice and alike.

>> No.51203969

Well, adding to >>51203950, you want to have AT LEAST two watches, so people can sleep. The preferable situation is having three watches, 3 people each, plus captain. So 10 people.
But I've been sailing with crew of 5, including captain. It was just really tiresom, so keep that in mind.

>> No.51203992

Im thinking 5 should be good
1 Pilot
1 Navigator
1 Captain
1 On-Site Mechanic
1 Newbie for exposition

>> No.51204206

And how you will split that on watches? What? Stopping for sleeping? Having a dedicated driver that gets tired, sleepy and with twisted spine due to a hunch? All while everyone else is just doing nothing?

Watches exist for a simple reason - to keep people busy. As harsh as it might sound, either you get busy, or you get insane.
Pretty quick, too.
Read about Shackleton expedition and then compare it with "experience" of Franklin. You will quickly realise the importance of a semi-hierarchical order and giving people tasks, instead of designating the same person to do everything. It looks fine in TV series, but sucks IRL

>> No.51204230
File: 551 KB, 245x220, YpmGF4p.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Great. Thanks for your contribution to the thread.

>> No.51204232

>you get busy, or you get insane
why couldnt that be a part of it?
crew runs out of things to do, cabin fever sets in
spooky happenings

>> No.51204250

>Pilot, Navigator, Captain operate the craft during the day
>Mechanic does routine maintenance, keeps watch at night when the craft is stationary
>New person is a wild card, depending what direction the story is going

>> No.51204275

It's true, though. Mechanics posts aren't contributing to the setting at all, just thinking out loud about how they want to play it.

>> No.51204408

You don't want to get cabin fever. You really, really don't want that. I've once spent with my crew 6 days doing literally nothing, because the wind died and we were in the middle of Atlantic. We run out ouf crosswords by day 3. By day 4, I was reading the cook book to kill time. By day.

>> No.51204416

*by day 5 we were busy playing domino, because turns out it was in the survival kit.

>> No.51204427

What campaign were you running?

>> No.51204465

No campaign. I'm a certified sea helmsman, sailing as a hobby. I've tried to play a story-tell with people, but they weren't interested, while I've lacked even d6 dice on that specific cruise.

>> No.51205572
File: 14 KB, 800x400, Crawler Level 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's my idea of the original OP's Crawler interior.
>Level 1:
>1)Engine Room
>3)Exterior Stairs to second level
>4)Fold down work table and tool cabinet
>5)Ramp door thingy whatever it's called
>6)Cargo Bay

>> No.51205621
File: 13 KB, 800x400, Crawler Level 2 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Level 2:
>1)Crew Beds-Stacked 2 high(6 beds total) but more similiar to rooms in a capsule hotel than traditional bunk beds.Contain locker and pull down screen for privacy
>2)Exterior stairs to third level
>3)Personal lockers for Crew
>4)Fuel tank
>5)Water Tank

>> No.51205821
File: 12 KB, 800x400, Crawler Level 3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Level 3:
>1)Command room-Contains crawler controls,radio and crawler computer
>2)Washing machine
>4)Survival and weapons locker-Contains firstaid kit, fire extinguisher, survival kit and weapons.
>5)Bathroom-Contains sink, mirror cabinet, toilet and shower.
>6)Couch table and stools-storage compartment is located underneath couch cushions.Contains boardgames,pillows and dvds/vhs tapes
>8)Kitchen Counter-Contains cabinets,sink,oven,hobs and presses.
>Also I forgot to mark it but the rectangle on the wall is a television

>> No.51205849

There done.What kind of tools do you guys use for this kind of work because i used an online tool and this took me far too long and ended up abit shit

>> No.51206091

I sketched out an expedition truck on graph paper before, I'll see if it's fit for company. You can get AutoCAD free if you have a .edu address.

>> No.51206181

Thanks I'll give it a go.Mo .edu address but i am a student and apparently that means its free aswell

>> No.51206199
File: 28 KB, 400x562, 1483389328484.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>someone with actual skills on /tg/

Nice. Ever get in a spooky situation on the water? How do you maintain chain of command on a non military vessel?

Also, what's with these threads and their phobia of combat? Pic related. RPGs are a storytelling tool. Stories have conflict, sometimes that conflict is physical. Sitting around a campfire in the snow is nice, and atmosphere can raise tension, but if there's no real sense of danger--a sense that the Spooky Things lurking out there can really hurt you--the story would deflate very quickly, no? As a writer that's why I always make sure I know what my monsters are capable of--because sooner or later, it's going to try and eat a straggler, or someone's going to try and throw firecrackers at it or something. You need to keep the teeth in your story's tension nice and sharp, and sometimes physical violence will happen to characters.

I'm not saying you need to handwave it or force it in. But sooner or later players will grow weary with "crawler and vodka simulator" and start looking for something exciting to do. You can't put it off indefinitely.

>> No.51206208

*No .edu adress.
Also please do post your sketch I'm sure its grand

>> No.51206380


>Washing and dryer machine

That's a bit silly. Where do they get detergent? Why not just have clothes washed and cleaned at settlements? Gives them more of a reason to stop and explore instead of just living in the crawler all the time.

"When's that town coming up, helmsman? My long johns are so stiff I could ski on 'em."

>> No.51207107
File: 80 KB, 1024x768, Manufacture 404S.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.51207123

>Ever get in a spooky situation on the water?
No wind is spooky, when you are in the middle of ocean or just some sea, far away from shore. Because with proper weather you can't even tell where sky starts and water ends. Which might sound poetic, but is disorienting as fuck.
Storms? Forget what you see in the movies. You end up cuddled in your bunk, praying to survive through it. And I'm sailing since I was a little kid. Normally if you have free time in sailing vessel, especially at night, you go to sleep, because sleep time is precious. During storm you are too busy listening to all the crunches and cracks the yacht makes, especially since there is just this thin layer of wood/plastic/steel separating your bunk from raging ocean. Bonus points if it has a natural leak and you don't know if it's due to the storm and it will burst next five seconds, or it's leaking just because.
The most freaky stuff? When in the middle of Bay of Biscay we ended up scrubbing at something with out keel. Entire crew instantly was on their feet and watch stations, because there should be over a kilometer to the bottom, and yet we scrapped on something. That's not normal. That's not even spooky. That's just downright horrifying, because there is no fucking way it could happen and it endangers the hull integrity.
The most strange, but harmless stuff? A seal crawled once on the board and ended up basking in the sun for half a day, completely ignoring our activity. Granted, it was a small platform on the stern, but still.
Also, we ended up once with the same pidgeon landing on our deck, since it was carrying the sane number on it's leg and looked the same. We were probably the only landing spot it could find.

In next post - keeping chain of command

>> No.51207164

Speaking from sailing experience - washing and drying machine? Are you nuts? You will be lucky if you will have two chamber kitchen sink and an electric pump for the water, rather than pumping with your feet. Forget about heated water, too.
You are talking about stuff that is so luxurious it just doesn't fit. Think about this vehicle like some sort of 70s Winnebago van, not a 4 star hotel on wheels.

>> No.51207204
File: 329 KB, 1869x1137, 6jZmExW.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.51207302

>How do you maintain chain of command on a non military vessel
Each cruise has a pre-described captain. So you know who's in charge from the get-go. Captain has the ultimate authority over what's going on, who is going what etc. He can in any moment decide that he/she doesn't like you and discharge you in nearby port, end of story. And we are talking about full civilian cruise for fun, where you are technically a customer paying for the joy of the sport that is sailing
At the cruise start, before leaving the port, the captain decides who will be a watch officers. Usually it's based on experience, usually there are three watches, usually first the 3rd one is manned by a "green guy", usually officers have also proper papers (captain by default has them). It helps when the captain knows you from before, as this makes you both trusted and tested, but still someone else might be picked over you. And in general, you don't want to be officer, especially the 1st officer, because you are taking responsibility for EVERYTHING during your watch. Not as fun as it sounds, trust me
So you end up with pre-assigned captain, assigned officers and everyone else is pretty much randomly assigned to watch under each officers. Relatives are usually kept together, people familiar with each other too and so on. Each watch is made with the intention to be efficient, so you don't make for example "all girl watch" (there might be exceptions due to their experience) or "all greenhorn watch" (no exceptions). Call it sexist or callous, but life of everyone on-board depends on how each watch performs REGARDLESS of any circumstances

In short - even if you don't have a military unit, you still maintain military-style chain of command. Officers give orders, captain can overrule them, if you are a crew, you do as told. People who are trained in sailing and it's not just their first time on sea to "see how it's like" are TRAINED to behave this way, so they instantly fall in

>> No.51208392

You said
>I'm not saying you need to handwave it or force it in. But sooner or later players will grow weary with "crawler and vodka simulator" and start looking for something exciting to do. You can't put it off indefinitely.
But what you really meant was
>If I'm not smashing monsters/raiders/whatever, then I can't have fun, which means nobody can

If you can't find joy in combat-less games, it's literally your own problem. Not this thread. Yours

>> No.51208708
File: 59 KB, 552x433, 1483279524462.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>I'm just going to put words in someone's mouth to start a shitfight over nothing

Oh come on now. Don't construct a strawman for the sake of an argument no one is opposing.

I'm a foreverGM, not a player. And what I'm saying is, sooner or later the players will disagree on something. Maybe they've run out of food, maybe they're going stir crazy while the crawler is becalmed. Or maybe they just decide Shifty Sue the party cook is looking at them funny, and is a little too quick to pull out the cleavers.

Long story short, something bad happens. The situation gets violent. And a player wants to attack another player, or an npc.

What do you do?

Based on what you're saying, you have no plan for what happens if a situation boils over, short of a boring DM fiat to stop the fight. You literally refuse to accept violence as a solution to ANY problem--which is really odd, given that this is a harsh cold world where cannibalism and squabbling over resources could easily break out with one missed delivery to an outpost.

It's not about "I can't have fun without violence." It's about "violence is a type of conflict, and games have conflict." Denying that is like saying you want a game where all players agree, all the time, with all NPCS and each other. And that's not possible.

>B-but you're hamfisting violence into my setting!

No, I'm saying it's a possibility, and as a player or GM you should be ready for it. Get your head out of the snow, fool. Sometimes, bad things happen in the North.

>> No.51208754

>I'm just gonna whinne for the full capacity of the post
You've finished? Call us when you are finish and post something thread-related

>> No.51208757

Finding the wrinkly graph paper, I learned that it was only ever a starting point, more of an attempt to grasp the dimensions than anything else. I might try to draw it in tegaki later on; the details aren't fleshed out yet.

>> No.51208771

I kind of see what both of you are saying, I think? Because there should absolutely be some sort of stakes in any given game, and times where the outcome of your actions is not guaranteed and the game's conflict resolution mechanic is applied. But that doesn't have to be combat. You can easily have a fun, engaging game with 0 battles by applying skills and having players unravel mysteries.

That said, I think "Cozy, Creepy Crawler RPG" isn't obligated to be zero-combat. You could run sessions or games that way, but you could also, just as legitimately, run scenarios where the PCs have to face off against the occasional wendigo or murderghost. It's hardly going to be a BIG part of game time, but it could be included.

>System or no system?
I think the thread probably benefits from just working on the setting. But if people want to actually run this they're going to need some system legwork so it's hardly an illegitimate question to ask. My thought... /tg/ has made things wholecloth before...

>> No.51208817

This. It's not a system thread, it's a setting thread. Ideally we'd get threads popping up later with "I tried the snow crawler setting in Savage Worlds/GURPS/some anon's homebrew and my experience was x." "Our guest DM brought in a zombie army and I didn't like it because y." That sort of thing.

>> No.51208858

>Sometimes, bad things happen in the North.
The probability of them involving any form of fighting is so low that you are literally more likely to attend a shotgun wedding or making an improvised self-surgery than having to fight.

Because there is nobody nor anything to fight there with, you stupid moron. And no amount of word twisting or lame-ass salty memes are gonna change that.

How exactly you imagine violent situation in places where populatio is counted in tens, hm? You gonna what? Have a good old bar fight? With the entire base, population 12? Or maybe you gonna meet some bandits, who not only exist in unpopulated piece of ice, but also somehow someone is supplying them and there is anything worth stealing there? Oh, let's not forget to at least have a 20-people strong gang of said bandits, so you can split them at least into three encounters, because people are growing on arctic birches out North. Or how about that dangerous military raid, where your crawler crew is going to attack well-guarded military installation for no other reason because "WE NEED TO SPICE IT UP WITH VIOLENCE" and get brutally mowed down, because there is enough guards alone to blow them into kingdom come, not to mention the remaining 400 people under weapon and a small squad of airmen that is stationed there with their machines

Son, you are so out of the fucking depth of the possible setting that it's not even funny.
You can't push violence just because you "assume" or "think" it's inevetable.

Oh, and because you even got some bright ideas about them - Inuits are THE calmest people on this fucking planet. As in - certified, most calm people on this planet. Because in their conditions getting hot-blooded is literally impossible, but then comes culture, upbright and other shit that makes them further into what passes as stereotypical buddhist monk.

tl;dr - you are full of shit and should feel bad about it.

>> No.51208883

>I am going to stink up the thread with my idea of how the setting should be disregarding dozens of conversation threads that I disagree with
delete your post brah

>> No.51208897

>I have never heard of contractors

>> No.51208909

>I will make a claim that your ideas are wrong with the thread content
>Never mind I brought to thread labeled as "COMFY" ideas for combat and violence

Delete your fucking self I guess

>> No.51208922

Contractors don't use their own equipment other than what they can literally carry AND are employees.
Rings you a bell how this makes your "argument" invalid?

Seriously, this thread was doing really nice. Cue American daytime.

>> No.51208928

I didn't even suggest any kind of violence, I'm just reminding you that this is creepy too. If you want it to just be Etotama then run that for your group, but violence has been part of the setting since early in the first thread.

>> No.51208944

Yep, so much for comfy thread, we shitposting now.

Thanks a bunch for not posting ideas and instead doing bullshit arguments about who's bigger piece of shit.

>> No.51208964

Citation needed. Because right now you are busy moving goalposts so hard you are setting them back to their position.

>> No.51209034
File: 853 KB, 1280x1628, 1478697578603.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel like a Dying Earth setting would be an interesting backdrop for this world. Would explain why it's so damn cold everywhere and why there are so few people.

>> No.51209071

>as he posts the idea for...
Now would you please just go away and stop trying to be thread commissar?

Something like a less edgy Fire Punch? I guess that setting's hardly fleshed out, though the cargo plane in chapter 0 was actually pretty neat.

>> No.51209078

It didn't feel like the canyon walls were so close when I read it. More like there was a world on the canyon floor and an even worse one above.

>> No.51209084

>Rather than discussing ideas for such campaig, comfy and creepy ones, let's make baseless assumptions about actions and decisions made by purely hypothetical group of players playing such game, assuming in advance that they are not into comfy and creepy things, but somehow ended up playing such game in the first place.
>Let's then based on those baseless assumptions make a scenario that involves highly improbable situations that not only stretch the willing suspension of disbelieve, but turn the comfy and creepy into what can be best described as over-reaction and massive, jumpy escalation of conflict from bad look to instantly trying to kill each other
So let me get this straight: we are playing with group consisting of bunch of idiots who accidently played along for a while and now want to slaughter each other PCs?
Or did you just said that any form of disagreement must lead to inevetable fight, probably for kill?
You know, as much as I think he's a stupid asshole who knows shit, here, go watch this, you imbecile:
Because when even Lindybeige has more common sense than your post, something is definitely wrong with you.

>> No.51209108

>Wendigo attacks
Not him, but you know this is a TPK, right? You literally can't kill wendigo or fight it.

>> No.51209144

No, I will fucking won't move, because it's not me pushing stupid shit in tune "BUT WE MUST HAVE FIGHT! TO THE DEATH!"

So kindly, stick to your own words, stop trying to be thread commissar and get the fuck out.

>> No.51209178
File: 107 KB, 750x503, This thread right now.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Both of you - shut the fuck up. Nobody cares about your dick-measuring competition, you are both massive cunts anyway.

>> No.51209201
File: 2.96 MB, 579x8192, fire punch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hey guys what combat system should we use for bears and crap lol

Fire Punch managed to be comfy even when it was ultraviolent.

>> No.51209224

Not him, but you know this is a TPK, right?

>> No.51209230

>You literally can't kill wendigo or fight it.
Depends on the source material. Different versions could be killed with fire, particularly by managing to forcibly melt their heart-made-of-ice. They might also be driven off by having your greatest champion roar louder than the Wendigo roared. Of course, also depending on the story none of that might work, or it just might undo the current manifestation while the real manitou Wendigo just sort of buggers off for future villainy.

>> No.51209243

Not him, but which part of "this is not system thread" you didn't get? We've been over this in this very thread three times already. This is setting thread. Not a system thread. Want discuss system - find a new thread for that.
And we are not discussing this stuff here, becase as you might notice, it's a "bit" polarizing thing.

>> No.51209305

As much as I love the Night Land...


You know what, actually I feel like this could work in a Dying Earth scenario. I personally prefer Alaska/Canada boondocks or, as the case may be, Not!Alaska/Canada boondocks (Set it on an alternate earth to trigger fewer autists regarding geographic or cultural realism), but I could totally see this working in a setting where there IS no bigger civilization, and the frigid north setting is just what exists. Of course, this could also be done with the scifi-colony variation.

>> No.51209341

It would be nice to have a larger civilization if only for the Sears catalog, to order something for four sessions away so you can actually spend your back pay.

>> No.51209392

>Fighting bear
>Polar bear
Any system that ignores realistic movement speed of bears and humans, replacing them with pure abstraction, thus giving PCs a chance to flee.
Alternatively - the one where PCs can operate high-caliber or even outright anti-material weapons.
Polar bear is by necessity the most dangerous predator on this planet, even more fearsom than human being armed with a gun. Do you understand what it means? It's not some sort "grizzly bear is a killing machine". We are talking about animal that is capable of turning a snow crawler upside down, because it felt like it, while piercing through the walls. We are talking about animal that can literally shrug off being shot multiple times with large-bore hunting guns and ignore injuries like chopped-off paw.

You don't fight polar bear. You move the fuck out of its sight, unless you brought high explosives with you or use outright magic.

>> No.51209434

* machine" meme

>> No.51209453


Could have both, where the planet the players are on is slowing down on its axis or something. But Company _____ still insists that outposts are maintained and delivered to... because profit, that's why.

Although the Sci fi backdrop begs the question: WHY do the the players stay on this hellhole? If there are other planets, inevitably people will start trying to leave once they've done a bunch of crawling and earned a couple bucks. How to enforce the isolation of the setting without making it feel railroady?

>> No.51209498

There are people right now living in the Yukon who could be living in Malibu.

>> No.51209536

Depends on how much a "couple bucks" is. An off-planet move could be a huge investment, the kind that maybe you can undertake after a few years of crawling if you're good but not if life gets in your way. And since this is a cozy (as well as creepy) scenario, there's probably the fact that while Crawling isn't the world's best job, some characters might honestly like it, traveling around their world, meeting new people, and running deliveries. It's a nice life if you value humanity in passing.

This is no resort world, but the settlers, miners, and scientists that colonized it have made it a fairly happy home.

>> No.51209645

Let's say the simpliest reason - the fee to get out is astronomical. It's that simple.
Alternatively - they were born there, so this is their home.

Both can be used in the same time - they live there, because it's home and they can't leave it anyway.

Think about it - they are doing their living by being, say, freighter crew on ice planet where they were born anyway. They make their living, and pretty comfortable living all things considered, but to even TRY to get out they would have to save up for next 10 years. With no real reason to assume the life on other planet will turn better. After all, they know this place, know people here, got job here.

Also - they migh actually ENJOY this hellhole. I know a guy who became an oil-rig worker just because he enjoyed the place. A highly-placked, extremely lound place with almost no personal space and accomodations, working 12 hour shifts doing dirty, dangerous job.

They might be also too old for this kind of shit, since they are past their prime and would rather finish their work and retire than at this point of their life trying to take chances.

And as biased as it might sound - not everyone is American, thus not everyone has a mindset to constantly keep moving, looking for chances.

>> No.51209690

I've actually had a setting dormant for a while based around snow crawlers in an icy environment. Hadn't thought of human outposts because I miss easy details, but it was a colony planet with extreme seasons that led the inhabitants to expand across the plains in the years-long summer and retreat to crowded, heated tenements in the years-long winter. The planet is teeming with megafauna with furs incredibly useful to industry, and family groups drive out in linked snow trains to bring in furs in the winter.

The lifecycle of the megafauna was a mystery, so something the trappers could be looking into; there was also a race of post-humans that left after the original ship did, got to the planet faster, LARPed as the Round Table for a while and went somewhere else when they were bored, so they've got ruins spattered around the planet.

I think there was also a pair of supercomputers in orbit; the more powerful and personable one is on a low equatorial orbit and so is friendly with everyone that doesn't leave the cities, while the one that botched the terraforming is on a Molniya orbit and is capricious, easily picking favorites and often trading navigation aid for thoughts on random subjects or an attempt to solve a riddle.

Also the post-humans were beloved of the Fae. it's going to be a fun novel someday.

>> No.51209749


That's a cute idea. I like the idea of there being a planetary identity and community.

>Rumor has it another species is also prospecting the ice flats...

>> No.51209789
File: 66 KB, 551x509, Supply_crawler_in_design_workshop_(SMAC).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There are people, in this very thread, who make claim that working as a supply crawler crew is not the finest job possible.
Bunch of drones

>> No.51209983

>running a supply crawler between boreholes in Planet's arctic
>so cozy you can't even breathe the air
>all sorts of faction discontents keeping their noses clean up here
>worm-witches, missionaries, mad scientists, a Hive exile longing for his feeding bay
>stocking observation posts and staying the heck away from fungus

>> No.51210166

>a Hive exile longing for his feeding bay
I've kek'd harder than I've should

>> No.51210213

>mad scientists
We prefer "University Talents"

>> No.51210300

And I take offense with the worm-witches, but got used to nobody taking Gaians serious, so quit complaining, Yevgieny, and eat your greens...
... before they eat you. You've got navcom duties today anyway

>> No.51210312

All colonists attempting to conduct scientific investigations without University approval are classified as "mad scientists" and are subject to mental evaluation and treatment on capture.

>> No.51210725


>Bounties are posted for their capture

We Cowboy Snow Bebop now

>> No.51210776

But isn't listening to bebop a sin? We must dissent!

>> No.51210888
File: 141 KB, 500x667, tumblr_inline_oj4k0mhHff1r81v31_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>A sin

And this is how fights get started aboard a crawler.

>> No.51210895

>The Long Delivery
>PCs are in town. Any time they're away from the Crawler is a fine start
>When they come back, a somewhat large, nicely-wrapped package is waiting at the door of the Crawler
>It's got proper address and postage if necessary
>Address is a long way off, and it'll be their only delivery in that locale.
>On arriving in the delivery locale, plot!
>Either the package address appears to have changed when they arrive, now showing somewhere else distant, or a new one shows up after the previous one is left at the indicated, possibly very strange location.

>> No.51210963

When did I say that? They're postmen. Occasionally, a bandit might try to highjack them, or a revolutionary might try to convert them. Did I say every session would be fight, fight, fight?
Why are you so stupid?

>> No.51211203


He's already assembled his strawmen, anon. Give up. He will continue to rant and rave against this nonexistent debate opponent until he dies of high sodium levels.

Ignore him. Let's focus on our 90% cozy-uncanny, 10% cold chilly run-n-drive ratio world. Should each crawler have its own personality or should they be carbon copies?

>> No.51211261

What do you think most of those installations are for? The planet is still being terraformed sure it's a frozen hellscape right now but given a few generations of running those greenhouse gas generators and seeding stations the planet will be nice and comfy.

>> No.51211279

>Should each crawler have its own personality or should they be carbon copies?
The more variety, IMO, the healthier for this enterprise.

>> No.51211319


>Due to high tech levels the Hab units are very well lit, warm and intimate. But the minute you step outside the cold steals your breath and the oppressive dark stuns you in its enormity
>It's all too easy in the Hab units to forget the kind of desolate, brutal wasteland that lurks outside

That's creepy as hell honestly. So simple to get lulled into a false sense of security.

>> No.51211378

Always bring some dice on your cruise! And a deck of cards.
Depending on the cruise, you might have have a washer dryer. Less likely on sailboats under 60 feet long.

>> No.51211470
File: 53 KB, 900x562, Polar-Snow-Crawler-1930s-inspired-9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Some crawlers are brand new, sprightly masses of orange hi tech metal
>Others are old but more reliable rusting hulks, powerful and resistant to change and danger

Anyone use the rogue trader ship generation system? I would honestly just steal that for this setting. Good stuff.

>> No.51211578

>snow crawlers decorated like Filipino jeepneys

>> No.51211592


>Snow crawler decorated for Christmas



>> No.51211671

>normally covered in conifer branches like the van in Gods Must Be Crazy 2 https://youtu.be/rxieWxSKbzo?t=10m52s
>was once decorated with bulbs and tinsel and a star/angel by a client, nobody's gone out there to take it down yet

>> No.51211735

>We don't understand what "arctic" means
>We seriously just think it means "cold"
>We seriously just think it means "habitable"
Not even him, but consider the following

To have bandits, or revolutionaries, you need any meaningful population, with meaningful supplies and ability to survive on your own outside established bases and settlements.
In other words - it means a LOT of effort and organisation, not to mention resources, spent on robbing people from supplies, rather than, say, moving to warmer places. Or not coming to such god-forsaken place in the first place for banditry.

But if you think in terms "Hey, that's a cool element to have" and "All settings have some bandits" rather than applying common sense - your choice.
Giving people strange looks when they time and again explain you why this is shit idea - now that's when you are intentionally acting stupid.

The whole fixation on "we need bandits", when there is already enough dangers in form of wildlife, weather, the place itself AND established bases and settlements in case of something goes wrong with them is not even just nit-picking. It's focusing on superflous thing rather than expand on what's already there and doens't sound illogical or jarring.
Unless any of you wants to make a claim that it's reasonable to rob supply crawlers in the middle of arctic, spending before that millions on vehicles, hideout and what not, while sitting in extreme isolation with no real profit in it.
Because you are aware it takes to be profitable to rob people, right? That bandits need to eat, sleep, relieve themselves, get drink, meet other people, get their loot and have means to spent it...

Seriously, apply reason rather than rule of cool and you will instantly figure out why the concept is just plain stupid, straight from GI Joe.

>> No.51211752


>this crawlers group of couriers has been crawling for decades and is the most hardened brutal crew on the planet

"Beware the Yule Crawler, boy. It comes but once a year..meddle not with its parts, lest it smite our whole village with God's fury."

"...Also, it brings gifts."

>> No.51211859

Thanks for the quest idea anon

>> No.51211868

>apply reason rather than rule of cool
but seriously just read "sub-arctic" instead or something, geez, stop being such a wet blanket.

>> No.51211890

The crawlers are probably worth tens of millions. The loot inside them, still tens of thousands.
Anyway, if everywhere here is cold, then there's really no where else to go.
Also, if there is less competition, that'd be good for the few bandits who do hang out up there, and since there would be little law enforcement, that'd be great, too.

Anyway, I just want >>51178705

>> No.51212048

Yeah i get what you mean i was looking for reasons for my players to need to buy weapons at all and not get bored of the lack of combat after like 5-10 sessions

Then i realized if you tone up the more spooky aspect a bit so every 2-3 sessions they are running into some spooky shit or coming into weird stuff then you kinda feel that need for combat

>> No.51212054

Sub-arctic doesn't change a thing. What latitude are you living, boy? How many days a year it's snowing there? Do you have ANY idea what permafrost even is and how hostile environment it is, harsher even than tropical deserts, because human body at least can radiate heat out due to sweating and other mechanisms we have due to thousands of years of evolution, none of them suitable to survive in arctic and subarctic? Well do you?

In short - you want to play outright fantasy out of it, just to cram in bandits. Literally for that and nothing else. Apparently facing a motherfucking windigo is not good enough for you. Neither is angry polar mama bear. Or a terror from outer space, trapped for thousands of years under the ice.
No, you think that group of malnourished, half-frozen thugs with pea-shooters is what such setting needs. Because nothing garnishes setting more than generic raiders doing generic raids.

And the best thing is that you are so fixated on this concept that you are physically unable to notice how ridiculous it is.

>> No.51212089

1) Change players to someone else than millenials with attention span of 5 games on an original setting which needs to be trivialised for them, because they just can't grasp it otherwise
2) Bears
3) Seals
4) Reindeers
5) Supernatural stuff
6) More bears

>> No.51212108

>How do I change entire setting to accomodate particular group of players
If you can't see how stupid this is - you are fucking helpless.

>> No.51212124

Oh yeah they have a short attention span because after spending 20+ hours in a campaign and all that happens is letter delivering they will not begin to question where i intend on going with this.

>> No.51212149

What in the hell is wrong with you people?

This was all about a central idea because i put a spin on it so my players enjoy it more the hell is wrong with that?
The main idea beforehand was literally mainly chill stuff and then every couple of sessions they encounter spooky shit

>> No.51212155

>implying I'm not fixated on this concept because of how ridiculous it is

>> No.51212164

You are saying you are so bad at storytelling as a GM the only way you can keep your players focused is making them roll for combat? I think that's the most pathetic thing I've heard this week. And it's pretty much Sunday already, so go fucking figure.

>> No.51212187

I want you to reread when in the hell did i ever say "combat" i said spooky/supernatural things

I do not intend on their being combat every fucking 2-3 sessions its supposed to be a comfy and chill game i do however intend on something supernatural happening every 2-3 sessions

>> No.51212203

Yep, you are fucking helpless.

You want to change a "shared setting" build by all the anons over two threads to make it accessable for your own group of players.

Let me put this into some more flashy example. Imagine you are rolling into Call of Cthulhu general (even if we no longer have those for past few years) and ask people out there how do you make it more like D&D to make it more interesting for your players
And then act suprised when they either laugh at your face or outright chew you.

>> No.51212228

>No, you think that group of malnourished, half-frozen thugs with pea-shooters is what such setting needs. Because nothing garnishes setting more than generic raiders doing generic raids.
Just because your imagination is generic doesn't mean mine is. I don't see malnourished, half-frozen thugs, I see a Pirate King with a nuclear icebreaker, hiding from the Navy in frozen coves. I see a nuclear silo kept warm with coal from its nearby slave-driven coal mine, with neo-Viking raiders riding out on their jalopies to steal weapons and supplies from outlying villages. I see prosperous towns that send their boys out on raids if the mine starts to fail, I see deserters from the war with the ice giants clinging to their cursed tanks as they bear down on outposts, I see humans surviving and thriving in any environment even if you think ten minutes on Wikipedia proves this is more impossible than stealth in space.
>you want to play outright fantasy out of it

>> No.51212251

Explain to us all - who this shit adds up, aside moving goalposts everyone anyone points at you that you are simply stupid?
No! I don't want combat! I just want excuse to buy guns!
No! I don't want combat! I just feel my players will be bored without it!
No! I don't want combat! I just want to face supernatural, which obviously requires guns and combat!

This thread is nothing else but your continous bitching and new batch of people arguing with you every two hours.
For last 100 odd posts we had just a single idea, based on SMAC gameplay joke.

Thanks a bunch I guess.

>> No.51212256

this may be a new and interesting concept to you, anon, but just because that anon is talking about adapting it to his table *does not mean* you are obliged to apply his adaptations to yours
It's true! In fact, you can even hit the little minus button beside his post so you don't have to listen to his ideas anymore!

>> No.51212271

Yeah i'm helpless

A guy is obsessed with putting combat into his game and he wants to have bandits so i advise him that if you just put slightly more supernatural stuff the need for combat and conflict is filled but no fuck advising on how to run the world lets just yell at people who try to divert from our original idea.

>> No.51212277

>If my raiders are special that makes them unique
And your post is a testimony that you both missed the point of this entire thread AND that Fury Road was a mistake.

>> No.51212310

ideas can branch, anon
they can branch
we're not wrapping this up and sending it to get published
we're not getting paid
we are brainstorming
calm down
just calm down

There is no single point to this thread no matter how much you want to make it so, dear anon. In fact you've missed the point of /tg/ if you think that.

>> No.51212325
File: 936 KB, 644x644, where.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you can even hit the little minus button beside his post so you don't have to listen to his ideas anymore!

>> No.51212349

>not using 4chanx

>> No.51212358

>Hare we have a setting that already can be combat-heavy in any given second
>Yo dawg, you know what this setting needs too?
>It needs wacky Borderlands bandits and raiders! That will make it soooo much better!

How the FUCK I'm suppose to not yell on moron like that?

>> No.51212370

OK let me explain this to you real slow

1. I don't intend on letting my players buy guns i said i thought this was an issue but solved it by including more supernatural
2. I don't want combat like i said when did i ever say i wanted combat i said i had solved the problem of never having combat
3. I really want you to rethink supernatural cause most of the monsters discussed here for supernatural have been close to unkillable
The fucking wendigos where the first idea and they either require being burned alive or destroying an ice heart

>> No.51212375

>Using 4chanx
>Using Chrome in the first place

>> No.51212378

You continue to scroll down.

>> No.51212388

Nobody gives a fuck at this point, this is shitstorm thread now, so lift some manure rather than trying to make points when it's way overdue

>> No.51212393

I'm not even the guy who was so obsessed with combat that he was willing to disregard their entire ability to survive just so he could have bandits in his world

>> No.51212397

but I'm using 4chanx on Pale Moon, anon.

>> No.51212402
File: 22 KB, 330x280, 1484100286108.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>This one anti-combat samefag spamming and shitting up EVERY single thread like a screaming autist

Literally the actual authentic explanation of why we can't have nice things.

>> No.51212409

Well there is no other content in this thread for 120+ posts, so kind of hard to scroll if there ain't anything else.

>> No.51212417

you were so obsessed with realism you were willing to tear apart the thread just so we could know you had a big dick

>> No.51212429

>This is a conspiracy of single guy to ruin /tg/ forever!
>Not just this thread, but entire board!
Tinfoil hat already on?

>> No.51212431

But there is, you're just apparently incapable of reading posts without (You) in them. And even if there are 120 bad posts, please don't ever make it 240 bad posts again.

>> No.51212440

Ok Fine i tore it apart sure

Can we at least get back on rails lets discuss quest ideas, advice for first sessions, monster ideas Literally anything other then this

>> No.51212453

Actually, I'm the guy "obsessed" with realism, not him. Or at least I've made the arguments based on simple appeal to reason and logic.
So kindly - fuck off, my dick is bigger

>> No.51212478

OK, sure. No need for snow crawlers because we have bush planes and radio, gents. Thread over, you can go home.

>> No.51212502

The thread kind of IS over. Both due to not producing any meaningful content for few hours AND reaching bump limit.
So yeah, nothing to look for here.

Either way, I'm surprised the first 150 or so posts contained actual content, since I was sure the first thread already had all possible ideas.

>> No.51212562

dude you literally ignored a bunch of good ideas
the christmas crawler
You could be talking about the Yule crawler right now, how there's a gruff old man in it that all the children think is Santa, and he used to hate it but now he goes all out. How there are Christmas songs about the Yule crawler. You could be talking about the Sun Crawler, full of idealistic southern youth out to do some good in the world, actively investigating every weird claim with too much money and not enough brains, so the PCs have to try and beat them to some destinations. You could pick up on the SMAC jokes and talk about what time period of the game snow crawlers would be best in, RP as a prospector talking about weird lights in the fungus, but instead you tore down other peoples' ideas, back and forth, when you could have just STOPPED.

>> No.51212567

>Just because your imagination is generic doesn't mean mine is. I don't see malnourished, half-frozen thugs, I see a Pirate King with a nuclear icebreaker, hiding from the Navy in frozen coves. I see a nuclear silo kept warm with coal from its nearby slave-driven coal mine, with neo-Viking raiders riding out on their jalopies to steal weapons and supplies from outlying villages. I see prosperous towns that send their boys out on raids if the mine starts to fail, I see deserters from the war with the ice giants clinging to their cursed tanks as they bear down on outposts, I see humans surviving and thriving in any environment even if you think ten minutes on Wikipedia proves this is more impossible than stealth in space.
And I see a fucking moron who apparently confused threads.
And pills.

Also, tell me - how exactly le insane punk weirdo bandits aren't the most generic thing ever in modern and futuristic settings?

>> No.51212588

Actually the most generic thing ever is humans, we should be making this setting in Noumenon.

>> No.51212591

Have you seen any discussion about that? Or maybe it died after two replies, because boys around were busy with dick measurement?
What about that pretty funny SMAC re-skin of the setting? Going anywhere, or covered with further dickling?

>> No.51212613

>When I can't answer simple question, I will just change the subject
Eristics: 101
Unfortunately for you, this works only on literal children.

>> No.51212616

Do you think we're all getting around a table to play this? No, we're all having different games with different people. I don't see why you need to eliminate all dissent. Let him talk about what he's gonna do, since there are other people in the thread who're going to do the same thing.

>> No.51212669

>I don't see why you need to eliminate all dissent.
We must dissent!

And more seriously - this thread is not about "let's create ice world setting". A big, bright and in bold sentence reads: "A Cozy, Creepy, Winter Campaign"
Bandits aren't cozy, nor they are creepy. They are just bandits. And pushing them to "add some action" in a setting that already has it defeats the fucking purpose. If this thread is used for brainstorm - throwing most generic ideas into a brainstorm is a big no-no.

And answering your question - I've already run a testing one-shot when the previous thread was on it's last leg.

>> No.51212686

>Bandits aren't cozy
What if they're bumbling?

>> No.51212703

>throwing most generic ideas into a brainstorm is a big no-no.
Actually throwing all ideas into a brainstorm is the point.

>> No.51212707

My God, why are you so stupid? Some people do think a winter adventure to escape from bandits is cozy, in a way.

>> No.51212741

i mean you can make them mind controlled by a hive mind creature that is just a mass of dead bodies stuck to some sort of old nuclear waste

>> No.51212743

Then we are going to ground zero - what and why they are doing in this place in the first place? It's a vicious circle, really. And you can't justify their presence, unless you dismiss any form of logic for the campaign setting.
And if you do - the entire thread was pointless, because it was based on assumption we are trying to use logic. Apparently it was wrong, so maybe we really need that dishwasher and dryer in the crawler, after all logic went out of the window. I guess we don't need to bother with mechanical failures now, settlements are now common and each of them has a workshop with all kinds of stuff, since well, no need to care for logic, right?

See where it is going?

>> No.51212754

>Having bandits in campaign
>Having campaign to not have bandits in it
>This is the same
You were telling something about stupidity, I guess?

>> No.51212763

This thread has been ruined by fags that can't just pick and choose what they like best. By fags that have just appeared, and hate all forms of combat. No, after two sessions of interacting with people cozily, and two of interacting with monsters creepily, you can't race away from the Snowmen Bandits into the abandoned military base that used to be the center of the Rebellion.

Where was the hate for combat earlier, last thread? I saw it come up a few time, but it wasn't so hated, then.

>> No.51212771

Truly you have a dizzying intellect.

>> No.51212780

Where in the OP did it say "NO BANDITS?"

>> No.51212853

I don't know how you stay on this board for any length of time without realizing you crap up threads if all you try to do is subtract. I don't think anybody was convinced.

I mean, if you give a bad idea it just gets ignored. But if you tell anons they have a bad idea they get defensive and it goes back and forth and here we go. Maybe they justify it by saying they've improved the board culture or something, or some corny excuse like "I thought you were smart like me but I guess I was wrong lol for the five millionth time."

>> No.51213320

I AM OP, you bloody moron.

>> No.51213398

Unrelated question. Should it be 5th million time or 5 millionth time?
And I'm serious here

>> No.51213436

I'm OP, you halfwit.

5 millionth. The number is "five million," the th is a suffix.

>> No.51213509

I'm OP, You nimskull

>> No.51213537

Note to anyone still around:
If you see someone pushing some wack idea:
"Haha, well, you know, if you're going for realism that wouldn't be a good idea, because of these factors, but do your own thing I guess."
"Haha, kid, you know NOTHING about the real world, because if you did you'd have realized that Warcraft-style chaos corruption generates a LOT of heat, GTFO moron."
"That aspect can be played well, I'm sure, but I was hoping we'd develop more ideas along these aspects to fit the tone we'd established previously."
"Look, punk, the holy words inscribed in OP must only be interpreted in this way. If you try to defend your ideas I will attack them to kingdom come."

>> No.51213556

The true OP is in your heart.

>> No.51213725

The crawler gets repeated distress calls from a poor, failing settlement to rescue their hunting parties. The settlement was never prosperous, but they have been there for generations and probably can't afford to leave, or be welcomed in another town. Maybe the mine ran dry or the farms failed due to plague, and the lingering memory of quarantine keeps outsiders away. The settlement has to send people out farther and farther every year to survive. And when all of men are out hunting together, rumors of banditry spread. Nevermind that bears often break into isolated buildings, it was bandits! The military threatens to get involved. Did the settlement participate in the Uprising? And the PC's keep having the option to return frostbitten, starving men to their sad, starving wives, or look away and do nothing to help.

>> No.51213899

Is the collective will of our hearts going to start a third thread, then?

>> No.51213905

Before the thread drops off the board, someone's archived it on Sup/tg/:


>> No.51214141

Time for some (N)PCs

>Drunken Savant. Older middle aged male, always smells faintly of hooch, tends to wear kinda ratty looking clothes. Always seems to know what's up and lends spooky tales credence not necessarily because he's a believer but because he's at least going to show a little respect to anybody who's going to talk with him. Kind of an odd-jobs man with a lot of life experience and a wide smattering of skills

>The Firecracker. Younger woman with a lot of knowhow and a massive positivity. Really wants to be here. Really excited to do her job. Always gets up in the morning energized and ready to go. Probably has a higher sugar and caffeine intake than she looks like she should be able to take. Probably a technical type, like a mechanic or engineer.

>Tradkarl. Tradkarl is a wandering merchant who crosses paths with the Crawler at various points. Older gentelman with a big viking beard, big furry coat, big furry hat, and assortment of just about anything to sell from certainly-not-bootlegged media to imported tea and coffee grounds to hula girl dolls to wing nuts and rubber gaskets. Extremely genial, heavily superstitious and a firm believer in the supernatural, and more likely to have a good laugh than to hard sell you. Travels by overloaded dog sled no matter how strange or anachronistic that may seem and swears by it and his extremely friendly dogs. Seems to get to and from places faster than he should by dogsled and even opens up shop to the Crawler Crew if he happens to pass them in the wilderness.

>> No.51214304

All these are cool.

>> No.51214857

Thanks, I know this thread is on its last legs, being on autosage, but I figure I can repost anything people like if there's a next one and if not, better to get it out there.

>"Granny", an elderly woman who used to be a whaler and is still a crack shot with all sorts of harpoons and spear guns. And yes, she still keeps plenty of such equipment around. Tough as nails, brooks no nonsense, and thinks it's hilarious how 'soft' the younger generations are. Massive repository of local history, gossip, and legends though she doesn't believe in the latter.

>Younger male, mechanic/engineering type, claims to be ex-navy but he's scrawny enough that he probably didn't pass entrance if he even tried. Knows his stuff and swears like a sailor though, but that last part might just be early twenties and not past the phase where swearing is the new hotness. Big fan of percussive maintenance, but when it works...

>The conspiracy nut: Mid-twenties woman who is bored, bored BORED with mundane life. Practically begs the crawler crew to tell her anything that's actually interesting. Absolutley eats up tales of cryptids and the spooky/supernatural and circulates digests of everything she picks up to like-minded folks and relatives throughout the north. Both she and her newsletters are decent sources of facts about the spooky, but there's a LOT of fiction rattling around there as well. Really wants to have a personal encounter with the supernatural. Be careful what you wish for.

>> No.51215614

Your characters are all really solid and enjoyable contributions, quirky and memorable without feeling over-the-top.

>> No.51216308

No new thread? Too much shitposting?
Maybe we should let it cool off for a few days.

>> No.51216472

Sure, let this one die then start a new one on Tuesday or something. Post http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/51108339/ in the title.

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