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What are some good mythical races and creatures which can meld well within a human society? No magic. No need to hide what they are from others. Renaissance tech civilizations or earlier.

Hard mode: no elves or dwarfs.

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Hard mode: Halflings.

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Sexy snek women.

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Driders / spidergirls etc.
They need a lot of food, and are scared of fire. They can provide string and if large enough, very strong and durable.

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Doppelgangers and changelings, of course.
Plus some variations of feys.

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sexy horse women

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Do centaur females have four boobs? One set on the human half, and another set on the horse half?

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Gnomes, maybe.

Or warforged. Possibly as artificial laborers. Or a local baron imports a few as bodyguards to show off his wealth.

hardmode: sauce

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Nope. The things at the horse half are udders.

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>Renaissance tech civilizations
1. Can we convert them to Catholocism?
2. Can we fuck them?
If the answer to both is "yes", they'll very easily fit in with renaissance Europe.

I also want to know the context behind that picture, and whether it makes more sense than just "lol elf rape"

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Canine people. I'm not kidding. Cynocephali are an old medieval myth of dog headed people. They even have a Christian Saint, St Christopher. Though his origins as one of these is based on severe mistranslations but we can ignore that.

Tie this together with an already established medieval/Renaissance race, the Lupin of the Savage Coast D&D setting, and you have french canine people who live in a country called Renardy (a reference to Reynard the Fox which is Fox the Fox in French).

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>Overzealous, overqualified and enthousiastic guard doggirls that are extremely vulnerable to headpats
Thank you based France

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The source is Drifters. The context is that a faggot nobleman has arrived, so the elven boys must hide to not get raped.

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And the joke is when the nobleman and his entourage arrives, they are disappointed how mundane, non-gay and non-magical the elven lands are.


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To follow up on this, mermaids and other sea-people.

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Sauce? iqdb and saucenao don't yield results and I don't trust google to be reliable.

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sauce is read the fucking thread you inbred mongoloid

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Basically, two wizards are bored, and start dicking with a fantasy world by sending dead heroes and villains from our history to the fantasy world to basically play Risk meets Deadliest Warrior.

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lmao at faggot nobelman

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>Risk meets Deadliest Warrior
I still remember that episode where they argued Washington was a better general than Napoleon.
Though there is some reasoning behind it that almost makes sense. In an earlier season they matched up US Marines against I think Spetznaz and the Muhreens lost. This led to such a massive viewer backlash that the productive team decided Americans were never again allowed to lose on the show, no matter how ridiculous. Turns out their new strategy worked.

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That is unreasonable though, "spetsnaz" is a worthless umbrella term that doesn't refer to anyone specifically and even the best of them are overrated as fuck.

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But spetsnaz is a cool word.

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fucking furries get out of my christian kingdom.

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You mean like anything else from the american military?

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Many I imagine, depends largely on the history and culture of your setting.

Terry Pratchett discworld could be good inspiration for you he has, Ogres, Goblins, Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes, Vampires, Wherewolves, Golems, Zombies, Ghosts, Orc's all living relatively happily along with each other

wouldnt be a stretch to include other races like Kobolds, Various types of fey, Tieflings, Elementals etc

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Arcanum does a good job fitting a bunch of different races into an early 20th century setting. The magical aspects of the setting are practically non-existent in the higher technology areas.

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I can deal with the Ameriwank, I enjoy the meathead science, but their shitty actors playing experts killed the show for me.

They should invite Lindybeige to be their expert on everything. Shit would be hilarious.

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That video introduced me to MGQ.

Too bad my pc is kill and I lost my savegame. I was at the bossfight with the monster lord...

I miss that game
I could see gamorreans/porcs in elaborate platemail as guards

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First episode, world war 2 British machine gun team against German machine gun team

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Other anons already responded, but do check out Drifters at some point. It's only a dozen episodes but seeing historical figures interact with one another and the fantasy world they've been dropped into is entertaining.

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sound like fate stay night.
is there also bland protagonist and needless fanservice, that overshadow the cool things ?

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Fawns and Satyrs can work if you tone down the "belligerent rapist drunks" and related aspects.

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I don't think so? But, it does have a butch lady-looks-like-a-due Joan of Arc that can shoot fire at people, and a musket obsessed Oda Nobunaga.

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The main character doesn't want to be the main character so you end up getting (a fairly accurate, for once) Nobunaga carrying most of the plot. A large chunk of the historical characters are Japanese but there's a fair amount of European ones too. There is some fanservicey stuff (for either sexual orientation) but the meat of the content is good action scenes and war strategy. The guy writing the manga also did Hellsing, if that helps temper expectations.

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Though they, especially most fey, are very much magical creatures.
I find they lose a lot of their appeal if you don't want magic.

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>US Marines

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I still remember the Indian against the roman legionnaire. 99% of the episode is rendered pointless because at the last minute the Indian pulls out a rifle and shoots the roman.

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Since cats are often significant in human culture, catgirls, too.

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>which is Fox the Fox in French

In fairness, the French word for fox was originally something to the effect of "goupil", from the Latin "vulpes" (somehow). But the stories of Renard the Fox were so popular in France that "renard" replaced "goupil".

So Renard the Fox in French is more properly "Renard the Renard".

"Renard" comes from Germanic and means something to the effect of "brave/hardy advice".

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>In fairness, the French word for fox was originally something to the effect of "goupil", from the Latin "vulpes" (somehow). But the stories of Renard the Fox were so popular in France that "renard" replaced "goupil".
You now realize that in English, the equivalent of this linguistic development would be "Pooh" replacing the word bear.

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Does the massive Jap-wank from the mango make it into the animu

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Or "teddy"?

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At least it seems to have survived as a surname.

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It's not a civilization with whores

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Greatest american ever to walk the face of this country. somehow soon, Nasu is going to make him a Rider class servant

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The answer is always beast-folk.
You can have Lion-Folk and Eagle-Folk mix with the nobility, Dog-Folk and Horse-Folk serve as a hardworking middle class and Oxen-Folk and Donkey-Folk be the dock/factory worker grunts. Snake-Folk are clearly foreigners.

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>Literally just Alfie but Green.

C'mon anon.

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Why does Joan looks like Zorin Blitz to me?
>Hellsing guy wrote the manga
Ah, so that's why I have the pleasure of seeing this. Also, accurate Nobunaga is best Nobunaga.

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Remember: British officers don't duck for cover. Ever. They stand up, take bullets against their stiff upper lips and inspire their men.

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>Reynard the Fox which is Fox the Fox in French
It actually replaced the world for fox in french due to its popularity. The origin of the name means 'to rule' or somethin

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From wikipedia:
Reports of dog-headed races can also be traced back to Greek antiquity. In the fifth century BC, the Greek physician Ctesias wrote a detailed report on the existence of cynocephali in India, known as Indica.[2] Similarly, the Greek traveller Megasthenes claimed to know about dog-headed people in India who lived in the mountains, communicated through barking, wore the skins of wild animals and lived by hunting.[3] Herodotus reports claims by ancient Libyans that such creatures inhabit the east of their lands, as well as headless men and various other anomalies.[4]

The best estimate for the place where the battle between the Argonauts and the Cynocephali took place is modern day North Serbia, or South Hungary.

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Mares have teets.

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I'm surprised this wasn't the first reply.

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I see new players always reaching for cringy Mary Sue races for no good reason other than muh snowflake. How do you get around the noobs who want to play Aasimar or Draconic in every setting?

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US marines have problem units, and ones that piss off everyone.

The speznat has literally never operated effectively. It's a shiny toy for the Russian brass to play with that puts the 'special' in 'special forces'.

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Without evidence of their success compared to others, as for now, US marines are worse than Russian special force which succeed in Syria compared to the big failures shown during Osama assassination in Pakistan and the image on the previous post.

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Varl from banner saga are pretty cool. They're immortal Vikings that are twice the size of men. The horns are distinctive imo

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Their lore are pretty boring and hamfisted though.

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No reason not to replace it with a home brew origin/concept.

I like them better than elementals or not-angels or not-demons.

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Satyrs & centaurs, easily, beastfolk if there is a history of their inclusion. Really the biggest thing would be maintaining a balance between xenophobia and social acceptance.

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half-centaurs and half mermaids for example

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Hey, a gob's a gob

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This is getting out of hand.

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The Russians don't have anyone breathing down their necks about collateral damage.

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>Two Wizards

I read it as God and the Devil

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Murasaki and EASY are pretty obviously both subordinates to someone or something - Murasaki is seen doing deskwork and is dissed by EASY for being below her, while EASY wears a nametag and is also dissed back by Murasaki for being two-bit, which she honestly seems to take offense to.
I'm saving the actual spoiler for when it comes up in the anime, since the anime is considered to be a lot better even in Japan, but deciding that two opposed mysterious figure must be God and the Devil is a bit too easy. There's no evidence in favor of it, either.

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So, explicitly exactly the same as marines?

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Tengus/bird people would be easy. They'll be bitchen postal workers

The undead get resurrected as skelington that do labor and check things off things from their bucket list.

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