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Do you think Rune Wars will kill Warhammer Fantasy?

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It's already dead dumbass.

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You can't kill what's already dead.

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Nigga this shit looks kickass! I for one welcome our new runic overlords.

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It won't convert any die hard Warhammer fans, but I seriously doubt any newbies in the mini war game fantasy market (which is niche as hell to begin with) will probably go with Rune Wars over Warhammer because FFG has shown it can make a pretty easily accesible minis game with X-wing and Armada in terms of rules and mechanics. If they bring such things to the fantasy field then there is littler to no reason for any just getting into the hobby to throw money at GW's stuff (although GW makes unquestionably better looking models).

Of course, I am also of the same mindset when it comes it to Guild ball and Blood Bowl.

I won't be getting into either camp, but if I were, GW could get fucked and I would go with one of the other offerings.

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I think he meant Age of Sigmar.

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The minis are built but you still have to paint them.

This will turn ALOT of people off already

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I did.

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those jigsaw bases are pretty ugly

And probably not. Not a matter of quality, but you need an easy draw to get the kind of numbers you're thinking of. Runewars ain't star wars.

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Stop. Please. Desist.

Say what you like about GW, but at least Warhammer had cool landsknechts.
This shit is just vomit-inducingly generic.

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Everything on this pic is awful. Why can't anyone make nice knights?

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>look at out unique custom bases!
>look at our unique shitton of markers and tokens!
>look at our unique measurement and maneuver tools!
>look at our unique 10 kinds of dice!

It won't kill shit.

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Well he should've fucking said Age of Sigmar. It's like calling shit chocolate.

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anon, this thread is bait
I expected the pic to be ,KoW

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Why couldnt FFG make an infantry based Star Wars game?

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Eh, I don't care that much.
Besides, I want to get the RW minis. Preferably just to paint so the money flows the right way. They (some) looks pretty fun to paint but I know I'd get burned out hard with the shit FFG does nowadays with a billion expansions, buy that huge useless piece of shit to get a strong card you'll use in your basic unit, a ton of tokens and ~unique~ play aids, the list goes on. And I'm not convinced about the jigsaw bases and movement templates for a land game.

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To be honest, the best things in this pic are skeletons. I can't really pretend to be original here.

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This is the worst part of all FFG:s games. Special dice, markers and assorted giblets, all different for each game. Whats wrong with teh simple d6 or d10?

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you can hardly sell normal dice for extra $$$ and sell them only in large boxes so you sit on an assload of dice when you lost just one.

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AoS already killed Warhammer Fantasy, so no

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It's called Imperial Assault

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Confrontation did. It was too good for this world.

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>>look at out unique custom bases!
>>look at our unique measurement and maneuver tools!
Actually it's really nice things.

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>Proprietary movement trays

No thank you. If I want a WHFB clone I will just play KoW or something else.

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I'd rather play KoW with my Copplestone halflings and Perry Bretonnians. These models look like Warcraft human footmen.

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Same. I use a lot of GW and Rackham demons in my army. I wish more games were as proxy friendly.

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There are some nice historical knights that would be okay for Warhammer if not for scale. Perry Miniatures.

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I think I threw up in my mouth a little.

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>would be okay for Warhammer if not for scale

That is the story for pretty much everything :(

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They are the same height, it is just that the proportions are pretty different. GW doesn't do truescale outside of LotR.

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Are Perry miniatures too big or too small?

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They have almost truescale proportions.

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Neither of the starter factions interest me. What are the others?

I'm definitely into human factions being a Bretonnian and Empire player since 3rd Edition. The current RuneWars human minis look shit. The undead look good.

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Runewars also has an elf faction, which is more wood-elfsy with a splash of high thrown in. And a demon faction. There are of course the typical gamut of other fantasy races, but I don't recall them ever being more than off-shoot heroes in the Runewar universe.

The main thing this game will do, is fill the niche of heroic-scale fantasy strategy using blocks of infantry and cavalry lines. GW dun fucked up when 8th made fantasy into "E-Z mode maneuvering, and then Sigmar got rid of it entirely.

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No. FFG never does well with original properties.

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Will it fulfil my craving for a dirty Teutonic peasants battling ravenous beasts and cosmic horrors fix?

Because Warhammer Fantasy just ticked so many of my boxes in a way nothing else every did.

The earlier incarnations from my childhood anyway.

Ho Hum.

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I prefer 9th age and KoW over another proprietary game that needs those exact models. They don't even look that nice.

Check the 9th age website, they've got some good miniatures lists that show all the models you can get for specific roles.

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It did look like GW might have been trying to appeal to new players by making the BB teams in the starter set out of colored plastic and seemingly easy to assemble, but that appears to be all they were willing to do looking at the available Skaven team and what they have planned for the future.


It will also interest a lot of people. I briefly looked into X-Wing and the fact that the minis were already painted and easy to assemble was a plus. Not to mention that just as some people do with X-Wing, you could probably repaint the models.

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>?It will also interest a lot of people. I briefly looked into X-Wing and the fact that the minis were already painted and easy to assemble was a plus. Not to mention that just as some people do with X-Wing, you could probably repaint the models.
I think you think these models are pre-painted, which they aren't.

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Ah, my mistake. That is a completely different thing then.

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Fool! You cannot kill what doessss not live.

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Where are the bottom right knights from?

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My main problem with the fantasy replacement is its lore and its stupid touched up pseudo super hero look.

Along comes this, also with a cartoony look not inspired by actual history.

so yeah ill pass on this one for the same reason as i pass on AoS.

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GW is oversized crap anyway.

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Aren't the ones in the middle Sigmarines from AoS?

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tactical regimental combat was too hard for casuals before so why would that have changed?

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>kill Warhammer Fantasy

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Yeah there is a definitive lack of some down to earth fantasy with dirt, blood and real struggles. KoW, AoS and Runewars have much lighter style. WFB with all its ridiculous scale still had this nice look - definitely fantasy but grounded in real designs. There were strange elements but they were balanced by more reasonable features.

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Fantasy was an extrapolation of the already crazy baroque shit they had going on in the time period it was aping. AoS/Runewars is just more of generic chunky design that was popularized by WoW.

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To be fair, I'd guess that Warhammer Fantasy did a lot to create those boxes in the first place, so it's hardly surprising that it ticks them. Unless you completely independently developed a liking for Renaissance-Germany-meets-generic-fantasy-meets-cosmic-horrors, which seems... unlikely but possible, I guess.

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It is a nice time for some fine armor and ridiculous but 100% real clothing.

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Those minis remember me more about Warcraft 3/WoW than about AoShitmar

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What's TG's opinion on 9th age anyways?

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A good successor for whfb (which i didn't like).

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It's okay, but their fatal flaw was continuing 8th Edition, instead of starting from 6th.

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Agree, but it's moving away from 8th as well to become something of its own. I quite like it.

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But the star wars dice are fun and people buy special giblets for fantasy,warmahordes, infinity anyway, whata wrong with the parent company being the one to make the giblets rather thana third party?

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> special proprietary dice
Into the trash it goes.

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I like it already. Looks like it's gonna be the best rank and file game on the market soon. Good aesthetics, easily built and painted minis, the command dials from x-wing, easily picked up rules, and it's unique movement trays will make it into a damn fine competitor for Fan wank age and KoW.

Only thing I don't like is the unique dice.

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Right along with Age of Sigmar!

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In order to sell people their miniatures, they need things which are crazy and different so people can't just use figures from another range. I just play Kings of War with Perry historical figures and generally ignore the actual aesthetic.

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>people are still this salty about a tabletop game

Top kek.

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