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Pic related is now your adventuring group. What do you do?

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Laugh if I am a player.

Cry if I am the GM.

That said, the arc with the Dullahan was the single best fucking representation of having a caster in the party I have ever seen.


"As soon as he leaves I cast remove curse and we literally never think about him again."

Like, god DAMN spells like remove curse just suck all the fun out of life.

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Get excited because KonoSuba is my favorite anime

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guess I'm neutral good now, because I'm going to kill all 4 of them

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the red one looks cute

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She's underage but has really good taste in underappreciated memes.

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>When yo magic so strong, it got recoil.

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The question is how do you balance a party of a sub-optimal tier 2 and two tier 4s with a demigoddess cleric?

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This is my party, I would welcome the change.

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Bully Aqua.

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By making her a demigoddess in title only?

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be a bro with the dude
and become an alcoholic

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she is also best girl

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Too bad it was ruined by being paced and presented horribly.

Like, your text description of it was funnier than the show itself.

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don't bully pls

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Pic related is now you adventuring group.
>Level 1 Magic-User, with low Wisdom
>Level 1 Magic-User, with low Wisdom
>Level 1 Magic-User
>Level 0 Magic-User, with low Wisdom and high Intelligence
>Level 0 Magic-User, with low Wisdom
>Level 1 Magic-User, with low Wisdom and Body Weaponry psionic ability (special permission from referee, even though they're not a Fighting-Man/Thief)
>Level 1 Magic-User, with low Wisdom and high Charisma
What do you do?

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Wait for them to get themselves killed, so I can loot their bodies and sell anything of value.

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Find someway to turn Kazuma into a girl, obviously.

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Bully Aqua
Bully Megumin
Bully Darkness
Team up with Kazuma to bully more effectively

Also, I rewatched the first episode of KonoSuba yesterday in preparation of season 2. Anyone ever figure out why they use the pause screen in the first episode, but never again after that? I thought that was going to be the series' commercial transition: pausing the game until after the commercial break. It would've been kind of neat if they did that.

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These guys
and these guys
and these guys
are now all competing to find the ancient, wish-granting macGuffin at the top of an ancient, 100 floor tower. Who gets there first?
Only the bottom floor has goblins.

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Wasn't there a translation of ths image which basically proved that these girls were either goofy, crazy or in love with their brother?

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Gonna be honest, Darkness seems like an absolutely incredible sub.

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Probably so Kazuma could draw the maximum amount of Schadenfreude from that sight.

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kill the dude, drug the one in the red dress and sell her into slavery, lock the blonde one away in a rape dungeon, ask the blue haired one if she wants to get something drink and eat, make conversation with her and have instinctual primal sex in the bedroom of an inn, leave her a single rose in the morning and leave before she wakes up, send a hand written letter exactly one month later telling her that she was my greatest love and I will never be the man she deserves, then go rape the blonde one again.

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I'm okay with bullying Aqua, who has it coming, and Darkness, who gets off on it, but Megumin? What did she ever do to deserve this?

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Chuuni's exist to be bullied.

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>Bullying chuunis with violence
>Not bullying them by getting them to reveal their true, caring nature
>Not bullying them by being embarrassingly lovey-dovey towards them in public
Git gud, man.

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All of the aforementioned are enhanced by the subtle and restrained application of physical force.

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Had an idea about this once. Instead of what's his ass, the MC going alone/with that Goddess, someone who's a tabletop gamer dies and ends up going with him and Aqua. He picks a wizard class with the intent to break the setting by finding out what the equivalent of a lvl 20 Gestalt Monk/Battledancer/Sorceror is.

Basically grumpy fucking wizard who keeps looking for ways to grind/min-max, and wants NONE of that fucking Chuuni girls shit because she annoys the piss outta him.

recently thought about having his 'wish' before going be
>I'd like a players guide/DMG
And take advantage of the fact that Aqua is a stupid bitch and would do that before asking, "What's a DMG, by the way?"
>you'll find out bitch.

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Most of the reason I thought of this was for various freakouts as the guy tries to figure out the mechanics of the setting.
>I spent HOURS throwing firebolts at tree stumps in the woods, but it didn't count for upping my Proficiency!? Fuck, it must have some bullshit about valid targets!
>Okay, I'm finding a monster trainer or rancher, because if I can find a monster who's immune to fire damage and hit THAT with the bolts, hopefully it'll count, even if it doesn't do any damage.

Then again, I had all sorts of bullshit ideas before I got far enough to see how the skills work in that setting.

My idea: Use a skill enough, incrementally boost the damage, drop the cost by %. Max proficiency allows someone to customize a spell in certain ways.
>Metamagic! FUCK YES!!!
And spells/skills would work in a similar fashion to Diablo 2, where linked/related skills get incremental boosts for mastering and/or hitting the milestones in others.

Mostly, I got the mental image of a "fire Dart" first level single target spell being spammed enough that he get's to customize it.
>Split Ray

And now he's effectively a human gatling gun that fires giant flaming bullets. And that's with the weakest fire spell in the world.
>I think I'll call it the 'Dakka Dakka' spell.
>Dakka Dakka? What's that?
>.....I fucking hate you all...damn plebeians...

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You could easily tell that by recognizing the series..

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Gob-slay party.

They demolish the tower to use it as a deadfall.

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Your party now consists of:

>Human Swordsman who wears parachute pants and (barely) wields a sword as tall as he is

>Dwarven cleric who's facial hair is so thick he looks more like a ball of hair with beady eyes and an axe, with the voice of picard

>Elven ranger chick who thinks all animals are adorable and need to be protected and that violence is so bad so I have these special arrows that don't hurt but make meanies go to sleep

>Human bard who doesn't really speak much, but is rather polite when he does. Everyone thinks he's super mysterious but in reality he's actually really shy. Directly confronting him for too long can make him drop his spaghetti and he starts talking about how much he loves anime and video games.

>An overweight dragon that eats and drinks a lot, tells funny jokes and is incredibly racist. He and the dwarf are best friends.

>You, who is replacing the stereotypical heroic paladin that died by being overzealous and thinking his god would protect him when he jumped off a cliff to try to plunging attack the bbeg lich and his posse

What kind of adventures do you have?

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Autistic ones.

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What kind of evil things could I use to send them on a one-way trip adventure to the grave, while causing maximum trauma and nightmares to them?

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>drug the one in the red dress and sell her into slavery
please, why would you do that?
also you don't need to drug her, just ask her, if she could show you her explosion magic

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why, EXPLOSIONS of course!

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>Probably roll a ranger since survival, tracking, etc is the only real hole in that party.
>Try to waifu Megumi. Probably fail and try to waifu Darkness.
>Probably fail and start visiting the succubus brothel whenever I'm in town.
>Who am I kidding? I was doing that anyway.
>Probably spill a bunch of spaghetti and get labelled as the creepy pervert even though Kazuma regularly uses magic to steal pantsu.
>Travel the world and go on adventures as part of a tight-knit clique of friends
Sign me up.

If you're selling then I'm buying.

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>not autistic to begin with

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I'm right now watching this anime.

This is the lowest of the low, right? I'd commit suicide and hope I'll never get reincarnated again. If the DM doesn't want me to quit, I'll tear the character sheet in half.

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Be the hero they need, anon.

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Alright, I'll tell Megumin I have the greatest MR stat ever and tell her to use me as a guinea pig for bakuretsu. That should be a "heroic" death for the setting, right?

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>survival, tracking, etc
Scumzuma has that covered.

>Try to waifu Megumi.
>fail and try to waifu Darkness
Scumzuma has that covered.

>start visiting the succubus brothel
Scumzuma has that covered.

>spill a bunch of spaghetti
Scumzuma has that covered.

>get labelled as the creepy pervert
Scumzuma has that covered.

Be less redundant.

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I look for another group. Weebs are fucking cancer.

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I love KonoSuba, it's one of the few anime I deemed worth a rewatch (going through all the episodes a second time to prepare for S2, and it's just as fun as I remember it) but there's one thing that upsets me about it.

Darkness is a fun, but kind of stale character. In fact, my two favorite Darkness moments are pretty out of character for her.
1. The "human wall" moment in the last episode
2. That part in the OP where she saves Kazuma from falling on his face.

It's kind of sad when the entirely uncanonical OP animation makes me like Darkness more than anything else she does.

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Pic related is now your adventuring group. What do you do?

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Molest and waifu are not the same thing, creepazoid.

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I waifu the lady in the glasses.

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>not wanting to punch chuunis
what are you fucking gay?

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LMAO! Still better than my current group.

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Okay, that's decided: if I EVER end up like Kazuma, I'd punch the shit out of Aqua until she can no longer move a muscle.

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Pic related, your adventuring party.
What're you going to do.

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Make meta jokes about not being a puppet.
Also, stand back a ways to get the perspective right.

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I know that's some kind of Korean puppetry show.

I know it's got pretty exalted/awesome moments.

I know FUCK all else about it. Source?

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Are you serious m8?

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Thunderbolt Fantasy, Taiwanese puppet show, script written by Urobuchi.
It's pretty hype.

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Fuck Darkness already.

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And then you found out that it's entirely based on putting skill points into skills?

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ask what happened to my previous guild

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What is the sauce for that card game?

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>Butcher is the DM
Hide somewhere and wait for the 7-way betrayal to pass in hopes that I survive. Then buy a pipe and spent days being a pothead with wapeduck.

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Boss Monster.

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Looks like garbage.

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It's a lot like Munchkin, in so far as the cards are funny once and the gameplay has no replay value.

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>ask what happened to my previous guild

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Explosion magic.

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>the gameplay has no replay value.
Fuck you, Boss Monster has great replay value, even if only thanks to how many ways there are to dick over the other players in every new playtrhough.

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Why was I made to feel?

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>tfw I somehow started thinking "Judeau" was French for "Jew"

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Oh well, this anime got boring as fuck after episode 7. Glad it's over.

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>Glad it's over.

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>how many ways there are to dick over the other players
You never have enough resources to do that meaningfully.

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Oh I knew there was a second season. But it'll be without me.

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Pick a random hair color not already represented.
Roll for an endearing personality flaw that makes me effectively useless.
Make Kazuma's life a living hell.

It had to be this way.

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So are you a token trap, or what exactly?

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>Every harem has a tsundere
>Kazuma's harem doesn't have a tsundere
He will be a tsundere trap bard who inspires others through song and dance. He just insists on having Kazuma know at every possible opportunity that he's totally not dancing for him but just feels like dancing and it's only a coincidence Kazuma is closeby. Usually these thinly veiled excuses take so much time the battle is already over by the time he starts dancing.

Kazuma also stares at him blankly whenever he speaks Japanese in a feminine manner.

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>Barbarian gets mad
>Bard sings
>Psyonic stuns himself
>Sorcerer dies
>Fighter cries
>Elf gets into prolonged fight with a dog.

My guild is the best, I am currently taking the sorcerer back to the mount home we came from will have a proper wake and burial for my friend.

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Thanks, anon

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They wake up with a book of vile darkness.

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Cry more, bitch nigger.

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