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so...who has the most advanced active technology in the year 999 M41?

Is it the mechanicus, trying to salvage remnants of the golden age of man?

Is it the Necron dynasties, wielding ancient superweapons from the ancient days of the Necron'tyr?

Is it the Craftworld eldar, and their beautiful psychic tech?

Is it the Comorrite eldar, their tech improved to compare to the craftworld eldar, and maximized for pain?

or is it the Tau, growing and adapting under their watchful ethereals in order to spread the word of the Greater good?

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Depends on what the field of technology is. In most cases, Necrons are the best, though Tyranids have the best bio-engineering if you want to count that as technology.

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Comorrite Eldar
Dark Age Imperium
Craftworld Eldar
Horus Heresy Imperium
"Current" Imperium

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Otherwise agree, but I'd switch DA Imperium and Craftworld Eldar. The space elves have been around longer than us, after all.

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Eldar are technologically stagnant much like the Imperium. The Commorite Eldar are higher up because while they share this trait, they're remnants of the empire that fell, and not ascetic warrior-monks like the Craftworld Eldar. Dark Age Imperium had some crazy shit like time-manipulating black hole guns, shit that only Dark Eldar or Necrons could consistently surpass.

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the comorrite eldar are also still constantly improving their shit to be harder, better, faster, and more pain-inducing.

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Totally agree. While not as elegant or practical as dark eldar tech, dark age human tech was approaching it in capability.

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There was a story where a DA ship fought an Eldar one. The DA ship won whole handidly, using tachyon beams to send the Eldar ship back in time any time it dodged a shot, ensuring it got hit.

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Also current imperium slightly ahead of tau. While common tau tech is better than common imperial tech, the outright extreme imperial tech is well beyond tau technology even though the knowledge of it is reserved for the wealthy or initiated.

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and at the bottom you got the orks.

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[x] = no longer around

War in Heaven Necron [x]
Old Ones [x]
Eldar Empire [x]
Necron Dynasties
DAoT Humanity[x] (see that ark mechanicus vs eldar fight)
Commorite Eldar
Craftworld Eldar (other way around for psyker tech)
Mechanicus (at their best)
Orks (at their best)
The bulk of imperial tech
Orks (most of the time)

Orks can do amazing things with force fields, and they build war machines equivalent to their imperial counterparts in most regards - though obviously more ramshackle, and with little repeatability.

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Tau have a higher floor, the Imperium has a higher ceiling.

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the gun was more devastaing that that

It created two instances of time, in which the ship had moved. it had moved less than the length of the ship, so the ship, as we observe when firing, was trying to occupy two spaces at once, the atomic structure of the two ships collided at a level not physically possible and the resulting reaction onehitted the eldar

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If you're claiming that DAoT Humans and Pre-Fall Eldar were on par, or even close, then you're completely wrong. The Eldar had all of Human tech + aeons of experience in Warp bullshit. It's explicitly said in the lore that Humans could not take them on at all before the Fall.

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>the atomic structure of the two ships collided at a level not physically possible and the resulting reaction onehitted the eldar

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Why do those threads always devolve into DAoT vs. Eldar Empire shitposting?

Hey fa/tg/uys, it's make believe, their relative power levels depend only on the writers. Discuss it as much as you want, but don't get angry over it, there's no point.

At the very top you have the 'Crons. They were on par with the old ones, despite their tech focusing on vastly different domains.

In the middle, you have the 3,5 middle factions : Eldars, Imperium, and Ork. None of them ever realize their full potential.
The Imperium has lost the knowledge.
The Eldars have lost the infrastructure, and more than often the will to produce it as well (Exodites being space amish, Craftworlders being restricted to their paths, and the DE being utterly uninterested in anything that isn't used to cause pain).
The Orks vary, if only because their fluff changed a lot (gretchins being the retarded descendants of aliens that created the orks as slaves in 2E, for example), but in the end they have no means to reproduce their creations. In that sense it's not really tech, but superpowers.
A mek could make a weapon that could snuff out galaxies like candles, and it would surpass everything anyone has ever produced in 40k, until it explodes.
And tech isn't linear. Orks have awesome tractor beams and force fields, for example.

At the bottom, you have the Tau, that actually have the shittiest tech but understand how it works.
Here's a shitty comparison with tanks: The Imperium is using an advanced gun with autoloader and computers everywhere, but the crew is completely untrained and loads by hand, doesn't use the FCS, and mentally links the controls with results instead of functions; meanwhile the tau is using an old tank from the 60s with analog controls and giant transistors, but has a veteran crew that know their machine perfectly. Only the nids are less developed.

And Chaos is going all "It's warpstuff, I ain't gonna explain shit"

They're narrative devices more than civilizations.

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True. For a more apt order it'd be.

Necron / Pre-Fall Eldar (As they did both fight a war that shattered the galaxy on fairly even terms for an untold amount of time. They must be fairly comparable.)
Comorrite Eldar
Dark Age Imperium
Craftworld Eldar
Horus Heresy Imperium
Tau (Higher Floor)
"Current" Imperium (Higher Ceiling)

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