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>Freshest Rules in Epub (Use Readium for PC or Kobo on Android)

>Not always current PDFs:

>As current as the FAQs get

>40K 7th Edition Quick Reference Sheets:

>Forge World Book Index:

>The Black Library (Insert Eldar memes here):

>List Builder if BS doesn't add enough bloat for you

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The Edition is a Blank Canvas For You To Project Your Own Edition On edition

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Oh fuck, I've been living under a rock. When the fuck did this become a thing?

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Like September, I think.

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So, do the Armoured Assault Boxes not have special formations? Was finally hoping that a devilfish might be worth the points.

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4th for OP new Black Templar decurion.

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Will new Celestine get nerfed or buffed?

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>Led by Celestine as HQ

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Why would you think a troops choice and a dedicated transport have formations? Does everything need formations?

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>Troop choice

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Are they any good?

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>implying I know anything about tau
>implying that I wasn't just making a generalization based off of most of the boxes being troops and a DT

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No, Still only 1W 3+Sv in an edition with tons of high strength low AP.

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Planning on kit-bashing some Dark Eldar Wyches, Kabalites, Wracks, and Daemonettes to make some counts-as Chaos Cultists for my Slaaneshi Chaos Marine warband.

Fluff-wise, they have a bunch of Eldar slave-troops because they raided a near-crippled Craftrworld and plundered the absolute fuck out of it, and took every child Eldar they could as a slave as well as stole a ton of Eldar wraith-constructs and vehicles. They love to use these broken, half-insane Eldar that they have corrupted to Slaanesh as slave troops against other Eldar, and revel in the glorious corruption of Eldar technology to fight the Eldar.

Would people have a problem with me doing this? Rules-wise they just Cultists, but I could see some people getting pissy about it.

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How would you fix Berzerkers?

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Point decrease, 2A.

Assault in general needs an total overhaul.

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Are they at least fun to play then?

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That is relative. Do you like marines? Then play marines.
>What is google?

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+1 Attack is all they really need to be a good choice. They'd still have some flaws, but any good unit SHOULD have some flaws.

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Just asking some questions, no need to get upset my dude!

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New WD info
Cadia will fall. Inquisitor Greyfax has been realised by Tranzyn from his tesseract vault. Tranzyn will be on cadia, phalanx will show on cadia(fist will fight daemons will fight daemons), Belisarius is trying to undersatand cadian pylons.
Image is showing Imperial forces reatriting from cadia guided by the Celestin's vision.

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2A base profile.
Chainaxes are a free swap for Specialist Weapon / Shred.
Can take Power Weapons mixed into the squad. Champion additionally gains Chainfists, Eviscerators and maybe a few exotic ones.
Introduce a new vehicle with Assault Ramps that comes in below 150pts.

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Chainaxes should be +1S like in 30k, there is literally no reason for it to be different since they're AP4 in 30k too.

Also give em' FnP. If Death Company has it I don't see why they shouldn't.

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And I forgot to mention no new model to Abby

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40k gettin age of sigmared!

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Making a Ravenwing list (1000 to begin with), should I go with a CAD or is the Strike Force good enough to give up OS?

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So. Elysian Long Range Scanners. Do these prevent Genestealer Cults Cult Ambush on turn1 when they use Infiltrate to Cult Ambush?

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Somewhat 40k related but are there rifle grenades that could destroy tanks? I want to do pic related for some of my tankbustas but i want something to go off of incase someone gets anal that "That cant be s8 ap3!"

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Anything that stops infiltrators also stops Cult Ambush. So yea, fuck with genestealers.

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Sure, why not?

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mega lame, but expected

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Loses Independent Character. Gains Bodyguards. Unchanged besides that. Points not listed.

Source: White Dwarf

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Can you state why this happens? My opponent is rules lawyering faggot and unless its a RAW, he doesn't take it.

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GSC is infiltrate. End of discussion.

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Cult Ambush is still Infiltrate. It even says so in their Cult Ambush rule that it's a form of Infiltrate.. So again, anything that fucks with infiltrate will fuck with it.

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Doesn't sound like much fun to play against

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Ah true! Cult Ambush says
"Units with this special rule that Infiltrate, or that arrive from Reserve or Ongoing Reserve,"
So they are not deploying via Infiltrate (so Servo Skulls dont work if they would be in the game anymore anyway) but Scannr has 4+ chance to stop and 4 scanners roll 4x4+ to stop every Cult Ambush. So on average only one of every 16 unit could pull cult ambush off on turn 1.

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Anyone have any experience with this? It's the last day it's on sale, and I might grab one.


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They are still infiltrating/arriving from reserves, and are affected by rules that target those methods of deployment. That's why cult ambush can still trigger things like interceptor.

>Servo Skulls dont work
they do, but only on the units attempting to infiltrate. Multiple scanners would be a more complete solution, though, since they shut down infiltration completely AND mess with the reserve rolls later in the game.

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Does it explain the presence of the Dark Eldar? Is he allowing the Imperial forces to retreat through the Webway?

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> Ctrl f "Warhammer 40,"
> Ctrl f "40kg"

This is why. People who put in Warhammer 40,000 General are fucking mongoloid fagniggers that should just shoot themselves to cleanse the genepool

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>Cawl, spends 10,000 years trying to understand Cadian Pylons. Doesn't. Cadia Falls. Trazyn shows up claiming to know shit about Pylons, Cadia falls anyway

Looks like 13th Black Crusade (attempt 2) is off to a great start for the Empire

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Well at Battle Brothers this year it wasn't so I'll take an official GW tourney over you, thanks anyway

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On the one hand, anon has an edition, gay as it was. Also included previous thread link, which is nifty, but high maintenance for low payoff.

On the otherhand, does not use my method of attaching Spoiler Tag to draw attention to list builder, and uses an older version of basic general that's missing a few factions.

Both have Warhammer 40,000 General in there. searching 40kg is guaranteed not to proc non-general threads. Filters will take you further, but there are limits especially if you like other content TG has to offer.

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I know im I2 but...

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>Brothers retreat into the Webway! But first Imma take this sick ass selfie, Greyfax, Brother Marcellus say "heretic" <click> awww yiss, that's going on BattleBrotherBook

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Just make it count as Tankhammer. The ork is not shooting it, he's using it as a spear.

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For the sale price, certainly worth it.

I love pluck foam trays, and at 5 a pop it's a great deal. Even $25 for the bags is pretty decent if you want to one-stop-shop. I just wish there were more bags to pick from.

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tankhammers are fucking garbage

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If I have a unit of 3 Incubi, an Archon, and a Succubus. Can they all be 1 unit inside a dedicated Venom? And does it have to be specifically someone's Venom, or can any of them take it as the dedicated transport and be lumped in there?

>> No.50973745

So what, are they worse Grey Knights?

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They can all be inside the Venom, and it doesn't matter who's Venom it is.

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Drop veterans with four frag cannons WILL destroy way more than their points. I have lost hundreds of points to them with no effort on my opponent's part whatsoever. Absolute bullshit on a stick.

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Ey lads, what's a decent Skitarii force? Say 1k points? I'm probably just gonna buy SC boxes and sell the tech priest so if the list uses a few dunecrawlers it's even better.

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Eradication box and a domnius maniple box.

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You hear the latest and greatest from bell of lost souls? That imperial guard hammerblow formation that's been for sale the last year is a new product from GW!

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Guys do you think there are full kits in it, or just tervigon variant?

>> No.50974867

Most likely the complete kit. The only internally-modular kit they've made is the rhino, where they just provide an extra sprue based on what kind of tank the kit is meant for.

You can doublecheck the tervigon sprue to see how difficult it can be to limit it to tervigon-only.

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First you buy some clanrats and some warpfire throwers, then you get a doom bell and a Boneripper.

>> No.50976396


I guess I'll pick them up. What size is what, though?

>> No.50977070

Anyone know where I can find some cover/scenery for cheap? I have to cover a 6'x8' table and need a shit ton without breaking the bank.

I looked into Streets of Malifaux and it seems almost perfect, but I'm not sure how many boxes I would need to build it.

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>go to Walmart
>buy Styrofoam blocks and gray spray paint

>> No.50977112

Would prefer the option of them not looking like shit.

>> No.50977134


Then don't make them look like shit

>> No.50977205

This is how people have been making scenery for decades and it works fine if you know what you're doing.

>> No.50977286

they'd had to have completely remade the tervigon sprue to make it anything other than the complete kit, so it's probably the complete kit.

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Played a 2000pt Imp Guard vs Death Guard game today /tg/. Against extremely sick looking Death Guard I could say. Would you lads be interested in some more pics? I have a few more I can dump. And show me your games too anons.

>> No.50977426

>you know what you're doing.

Precisely why I would rather just buy something.

>> No.50977499

Threads dead i don't see why not

>> No.50977515

>not wanting to improve yourself as a hobbyist

>> No.50977531

Do it GGA.

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hi guys, I mostly frequent /wip/ and havent been here in months, but I just finished some custodes and found out they had 40k rules. My question is, how well would a squad of 5 custodes go with a pretty mishmash IG force in a game of around 1200-1850 pts? worth taking?

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We ded soon

>> No.50977598

They'd have no assault transport so you'd have to foot slog them or risk deepstrike to get into assault so it would be a bit hard to support them well.

>> No.50977624

i was thinking i might field a chimera in a fast attack slot, park it next to them and jump them in turn one. as allies, they can use transports, right? just not start in them, since it's not a dedicated option?

i'm not too familiar with the rules.

>> No.50977638

Dumping now. If you want I can batrep it too. It was really close at the beginning. Couldn't hit a thing with all of my shooting.

>> No.50977647

>If you want I can batrep it too

Please do.

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>> No.50977660

Can a chimera take non-IG bulky models? If so that could work to get them forwards faster.

>> No.50977672

Augur Array on ANY IG vehicle (I stick one on my Leman Russes for my Tempestus Scions). As long as it is one of your units, units arriving from deepstrike within 6 inches of a vehicle with an Augur Array do not scatter.

>> No.50977675

What lists did you guys run?

>> No.50977681

You can let them use a dedicated transport, but the fast attack option is probably best. I can't remember if a unit has to start in its dedicated transport.

When Custodes get into assault, they are fucking monsters. T5, W2, S5, makes them a brick wall falling on whatever they assault. Spears give them even more durability by blocking dangerous attacks that might break their armor. Sentinel blades are okay, if you want a bunch of attacks with powerswords, but I'd just give them Spears for STR 6 AP2 at initiative.

>> No.50977708

Ayy lmao

>> No.50977720

Those plasma troopers must be shitting themselves.

>Oh god we brought the wrong special weapons what do we do!?!

I'm busy experimenting with Chimera Chassis so no games for a while, but my army's got a third tank now and depending on how the Chimera turns out I'll probably move on to the special weapons troopers soon. Once I finally have a midfield presence I can go back to the tabletop.

>> No.50977736

afaik bulky is no problem on it's own, it just means they take 2 slots, so a chimera with space for 10 can hold 5 bulky models. >>50977681
i dont think they can take dedicated since itsnot on the custodes wargear, unless theres some addendum about imperial allies im not aware of. and taking it as dedicated is the only way to start in it, i think

>> No.50977743

> shit painted IG versus shit painted chaos.
How about no

>> No.50977749

I meant having an IG dedicated transport to free up FA slots.

>> No.50977758

We played Maelstrom and started off with Night Fighting and him getting first turn. He shot his Land Raider's lascannons at my Chimera destroying It's multilaser and fired the rest of his units at my Guard blob and scored one point for controlling an objective. My turn 1 could get no psychic powers off or hits on ANY of his units. Ended up just running up my Guardsmen to grab three objectives and scored two points.

>> No.50977759


I'm new to 40k, sorry if this question is dumb.

When I read that certain Space Marine units can take vehicles as "dedicated transports" does this mean that the vehicle ends up being "free" in terms of points? Or is the only bonus that you can start with them inside the vehicle on the first turn?

Also if you have a 10 man tactical squad can you still choose a Razorback as your dedicated transport? If so how do you handle the other five marines that don't fit?

>> No.50977787

>forgetting edition
>forgetting to link the other threads so people know there's a new thread
What a bunch of faggots you are

>> No.50977792

Post better.

>> No.50977793

the bonus is they start in the vehicle, and it doesnt take up a fast attack slot in your force organisation, meaning you wont be chewing up a spot for other fast attack options. you still pay full points costs for the vehicle and it's wargear

a friend and i played for MONTHS before i started auditing his lists and worked out he was fielding 3-4 drop pods for free

>> No.50977809

>Or is the only bonus that you can start with them inside the vehicle on the first turn?
that's it

>Also if you have a 10 man tactical squad can you still choose a Razorback as your dedicated transport?

> If so how do you handle the other five marines that don't fit?
they have to walk, or you use the razorback as a 55-point mobile heavy weapon instead of a transport

>> No.50977821

>Or is the only bonus that you can start with them inside the vehicle on the first turn?


>If so how do you handle the other five marines that don't fit?

They have to walk, best not to do this.

>> No.50977825

12. Chimera has 12 transport spots. Everything in the IG codex has 0, 6 or 12 transport slots.

>> No.50977834

>If so how do you handle the other five marines that don't fit?

Split the squad in half, a 5 man squad with a special weapon stays in the Razorback and another with a heavy weapon starts on some ruin or objective.

>> No.50977840

Post your army and recent games, then.

>> No.50977847

Few are artists, all are critics.

>> No.50977865


Got it, thanks.

If you did have a ten man squad and took a Razorback and five of them had to hoof it do they still have to try and maintain cohesion?

>> No.50977877

I'm saying the idea that just because they're visibly female that they're sexualized is wrong and implies that it's impossible not to think of the female body as anything but a sex object.

Their armour is supposed to make them look FEMALE and to make them look POWERFUL.
It's supposed to be female empowerment, not 'fap bait'. That fact that some people get off to it is meaningless.

>> No.50977884

no, you'd have to split the unit via the combat squad rule

>> No.50977892

You'd have to split them with the combat rule. Two squads of 5.

>> No.50977896




Generally speaking are attack type vehicles worth the extra points cost and lessened transport capability, or is it better to have more Rhinos playing Crazy Taxi driving your squads around?

>> No.50977910

No, the rule called Combat Squads has you split into two squads of 5.

>> No.50977916

>look FEMALE

Choose one.

>> No.50977937


>> No.50977955

down to preference

I hate razorbacks compared to rhinos, others swear by them.

>> No.50977972

>forgetting to spoonfeed thread links because 4chan baby can't read catalogue or use filters

>> No.50977989

Where muh sexy gurls @

>> No.50977993

>look FEMALE
>Choose one.
Mordian Women.

>> No.50977994

Is basing your units a big deal for you guys?

Mine are all just black because I think they should blend in with whatever terrain I'm fighting on, otherwise you get stuff like rocks and grass when fighting inside of a Space Hulk or red Martian dirt when you're fighting in a green field.

Holy shit am I autism?

>> No.50977997

They at least have dreadknights and termie troops

>> No.50977999

Empowerment doesn't necessitate overly sexualized features.

I am just saying that they shouldn't be overly sexual intheir appearance. They should look heroic, not like pin-ups. I mentioned Joan of Arc because she served as an inspiration to those who followed her, just like the SoB should be. Joan of Arc is dignified, strong inthe face of adversity. Bayonetta, which I feel is what some want the SoB to be, is slutty and stupid, and is basically something a 12 year old boy wants.

It's possible to look female and not look overtly sexual.

>> No.50978002


>> No.50978014

No. Anyone who says otherwise is a faggot.

They're not placed with Infiltrate, they're placed by the Cult Ambush special rule.

>> No.50978020

good female csm

>> No.50978021


>> No.50978023



>> No.50978030

You must be a roastie, sorry Heather, but men do not consider women intimidating.

>Look significantly less powerful than the men
>Don't even look very feminine

>> No.50978044

Not sure how decent this list is but it's 3 SC boxes + 1 Skitarii Vanguard box. You'd still have ~80 points left over for upgrades and stuff.

>> No.50978046

Right here

>> No.50978059

what are the movies 40k setting is somewhat based on? I know its really alot of things and more old books and sci-fi archetypes.
I'm watching dune now and am looking for more movies somewhat like that. (sick sci-fi animes are always accepted)
>also it would be nice if they were easily accessable

>> No.50978066

Black bases won't match with anything you're fighting on so you might as well give them a base for some decoration and cohesion. It's surprising how basing a model will improve it's overall look too.

>> No.50978069

>Look significantly less powerful than the men
>Don't even look very feminine

>> No.50978073

Starship Troopers if you haven't.

>> No.50978080

Event Horizon, Starship Troopers, Alien/Aliens, Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

>> No.50978087

Kingdom of Heaven

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>> No.50978118

And I'm saying the sisters and their power armour are not sexual. Just because their form is clearly female it doesn't make them sexual.

People only kick up a shit about them because they get triggered by shitposters saying they're fapping to them every night.

>> No.50978125

>Shit movie reuses soundtrack from much superior 13th Warrior

>> No.50978133

Predator, Catachans fight an unknown Xenos.

>> No.50978142

They're kinda like an entire army of Sternguard Veterans. Expensive dudes with tons of cool toys, but they die just as easy as any other marine.

>> No.50978148

>spray painting styrofoam
i guess if you want a puddle of poison waste, id seal it first with watered down white glue

>> No.50978178

Mad Max series

>> No.50978190

starship troopers is great
ill all those thanks alot anons

>> No.50978195

I'd second Event Horizon, Starship Troopers and Dredd

>> No.50978204


>> No.50978218


Such a good movie. I like that it was literally just a 'night in the life' of a Metro City cop instead of a big narrative thing like the Stallone movie was.

Starship Troopers is pretty much IG vs. Tyranids, you can follow it up with the Roughnecks TV show if you want some more narrative stuff instead of just BUUUGS!. Someone mentioned Event Horizon, excellent movie if you're looking at what The Warp does to humans. Mad Max Fury Road is Orks on Wheels.

There are also some direct to DVD CGI 40K movies I guess.

>> No.50978242

>> No.50978252

predator 2 is the fucking shit
I figured as such as well, but who hasnt seen mad max (I guess someone who hasn't seen dune yet)

>> No.50978259


>> No.50978270

The Dark Mechanicus/Chaos Space Marines are growing ever stronger.

>> No.50978322


>almost totally unfathomable
>basically describes him as the rapechild of a human and a mechanical tentacle monster


>> No.50978329

How do you represent Dark Mechanicus on the tabletop?

>> No.50978340


>Now is the Time of Ending

Why do they not grasp why hinting at an apocalpyse, and using that phrasing in particular, is only going to alienate fans?

>> No.50978344

I don't, since I don't play 40K. I just collect, convert and paint.

>> No.50978367

The new sisters look like fat pigs.

>> No.50978371

It's been the time of ending since about 4th edition.

>> No.50978378

Do you have a picture of your DM models?


>> No.50978382

>art shows thin celestine
>model is fat

>> No.50978383


>alienate fans

I'm seeing more fans than ever giving a shit about the setting.

>> No.50978388

Your lacking in the Antitank department, and will need to throw all your points into that for it to work.

>> No.50978392

I want to play orks. I know that they suck, but damn if I don't love the bastards and I find myself wanting to make orky shit.

Is there any way to make the current ork options viable on the tabletop?

>> No.50978397



>> No.50978402


>>model is fat

If Celestine is fat then your mother is a few steps shy of a supermodel.

>> No.50978420

Do the GSC have any skyfire abilities? Or methods to bring down fliers?

>> No.50978428

More like celestine is THICC

>> No.50978438

I should rephrase it to being
the new models are fatter than every single bit of previous artwork and models of sisters in the past, as well as this artwork shown >>50978242
defend it all you want, but the old sister designs where perfectly fine in my opinion, they just made them thicker in the stomach area.

>> No.50978447


I'm seeing more fans than ever bitching about the setting. I suppose you could call negative investment a type of investment.


And after the massive backlash the end times caused, it's pretty clearly time to retire that phrase.

>> No.50978453

>Why do they not grasp why hinting at an apocalpyse

We've been on 'Time of Ending' since 5th edition at least, the whole point of 40k is simultaneous massive apocalypses on a galactic scale so quit crying over a sentence.

>> No.50978457

ADL, Allied Guard, lots of TL Autocannons.

>> No.50978461


>I'm seeing more fans than ever bitching about the setting. I suppose you could call negative investment a type of investment.

Comic book industry does it all the time.

>> No.50978464

Also allied Flyrants

>> No.50978468

Unfortunately not on this computer. I'm using a blue and purple colour scheme, with orange for all the lenses and energy surfaces. Belisarius Cawl will be a tremendous addition, shame that he's only available in a triple-kit last I heard.

>> No.50978475

>And after the massive backlash the end times caused, it's pretty clearly time to retire that phrase.


>> No.50978480


>> No.50978483

Exterminator autocannons with heavy bolter sponsons and hull on a leman russ

>> No.50978489


>but the old sister designs where perfectly fine in my opinion

The older designs were fine, but they definitely needed more variance in body types aside from the slim supermodel look. There should be big grizzled battle veterans who are all about the red meat. A little more beef on these sisters just makes them beefier than Wonder Skinnywoman.

>> No.50978492


>> No.50978504


They're upselling the chaos apocalpyse hugely since the first Fenris book. Like, not "Chaos will flood into reality, Nids will eat everyone" but rather chaos progressively making direct headway towards an endgame it's hard to trust them on.

Let's face it, barring people who -want- to see Age of the Emperor, the best case scenario here is Abaddon getting team rocketed again and this all being an anticlimax.

And that is a pretty fucking shitty best case scenario to have. GW are writing themselves into a corner here.

>> No.50978509


>> No.50978526


>> No.50978529

All the 40k stuff that's leaked so far.

>> No.50978544


>GW are writing themselves into a corner here.

Where have you been for the past two decades?

>> No.50978552

Chaos apocalypse has not been upsold recently, it has been the doom of the entire galaxy for multiple editions.

>> No.50978569

Are those some new BT models or just conversions?

>> No.50978581


>> No.50978601

>new mission

Unbalanced shit that requires specific models and favours the loyalists

>table me or lose
Are we playing a mission?
>yeah I get fnp see
Fuck off

>> No.50978607



>> No.50978625


What kind of points is that?

>> No.50978632

(10) a Marshal, that's new, right?

>> No.50978634


Because burning your fanbase once, then doing a long, drawn out tease where you offer some assurances you're not building up for a second burn with one hand and hinting in the lore text at the exact same direction as the burn with the other...

Fucking trainwreck. It's -exhausting- waiting to see how they fuck up next. Whether it's going to just be a roll your eyes fuckup, or a "Yeah we're not going to be actively supporting the game we sold you a metric ton of shit for anymore. Please, feel free to use our models in a game with no lore or rules relation to the old one" level of fuckup.

They've promised to not AoS the setting, it'd be business suicide to AoS the setting, but they could still surprise us with something almost as stupid, and they're not transparent enough to be trustworthy.

>> No.50978636


Relax. its just a blood angles gene seed collection bank.

>> No.50978641


5K point game obviously

>> No.50978644

Huge game, and narrative, so they give no fucks about balance.

>> No.50978654


>getting new models
>black templars

Choose one.

For real they gave SOB players some spooge to lick up with the new celestin. i doubt the black templars are getting much.

>> No.50978656


But the mission rules basically implies the 3rd company is wiped out.

>> No.50978659

You'd have to be some kind of tumblrina to get this triggered over them using a phrase they've been using for years.

>> No.50978666


You get $55 box sets to kitbash your special snowflake Black Templar company, bitch.

>> No.50978669


>> No.50978683


I've been watching them do the eye of terror and storm of chaos campaigns, undo them because they were a trainwreck, learn nothing, redo storm of chaos but infinitely worse, and now ramp up to redo eye of terror.

You don't see where I'm fucking exhausted with their bullshit? I just want to play their damn game and maybe read a few crappy tie in novels once in a while.

>> No.50978691

Yeah that's fine, have the mission revolve around wiping or one side, but if you are going to do that you need to boost the army that is required to table the opposing army. It's pretty simple balance really.

Instead they make the army that has it easy to win tougher.. Fuck gw

>> No.50978692


I know some BT players that would be happy getting something since the last black crusade

>> No.50978710


It looks like someone spilled mustard and ketchup all over that land raider

>> No.50978716


>You don't see where I'm fucking exhausted with their bullshit? I just want to play their damn game and maybe read a few crappy tie in novels once in a while.

Clearly you're not exhausted because you're clearly still playing after these editions and clearly still reading Black Library.

>> No.50978722

Probably 5500 but they didn't max out points because they don't want to win so much as tell a good story/get this over with and go home.

>> No.50978725


I'm "triggered" over them treating a broad setting like it's a single story and hyping that it's the final fucking chapter. This is going to be a vapid waste of time anticlimax at best, a softer version of the AoS reboot at worst.

>> No.50978730

Looks like the old commander box plus black templar bits, theres nothing new in there unless its a new conversion kit.

>> No.50978801


Its worth asking, since almost all of them are robed. I can see GW repackaging kits into a Black Templar Strike Force box set which is basically just Dark Angels + Sternguard bodies with recycled sprues.

>> No.50978819

>I'm "triggered"

We can all see that.
What they're doing is using a story to advance the setting, a story named after a time period that they have already established.

If you don't like what happens then complain about it then, but don't get your panties in a bunch because the words time and end are used.

>> No.50978828


I mean that the news they're choosing to release of the setting leaves nothing but a weary, bitter taste of ash in my mouth lately. That the investment I have binds me to being unable to just tune this shit out until I know what stupid end to the campaign is coming, not in specifics but in what it means for my continued ability to enjoy it as an active member of the community rather than a crusty oldfag grumbling in the corner as the playerbase of other crusty oldfags dwindles and none of the fiction targets me anymore.

You know how hard it is to get a game of fantasy here nowadays? Everyone either does historicals, X-wing or goes to the local GW for 40k. There's almost zero fantasy community and even less AoS.

>> No.50978861


My basic complaint, boiled to a single sentence:

Their attempts to build hype and anticipation build only irritation and dread.

That's my complaint. Pretty much the rest of my rambling since the initial post is just clarifying that.

>> No.50978867

>Chaos guaranteed to go first unless Seize

You realize this is a huge benefit to the Chaos player, right?

>> No.50978872



Yesterdecade's news, at best. Sounds like you're just being upset just to be upset. You have the freedom to be eternally butthurt, so be it.

>> No.50978888


Yeah fantasy dead for my group too, oddly though AoS is pretty big. All the 40k guys have an Aos army now, they never had fantasy

>> No.50978894


>Their attempts to build hype and anticipation build only irritation and dread.


>> No.50978909


AoS is getting a lot of hype in battle report channels now, I wonder why. It feels like baseball to me - seems really fun and wacky to play yourself but otherwise a total bore to watch and appreciate.

>> No.50978915


>Yesterdecade's news, at best

Yes or no, they have begun a "13th black crusade wrecks face across the imperium" story, are describing it as "the time of ending" and we haven't seen the endgame of where they're going with this series of campaign books.

>> No.50978934


>we haven't seen the endgame of where they're going with this series of campaign books


>> No.50978938

>I'm "triggered" over them treating a broad setting like it's a single story

40k has always been told as if the Imperium was the protagonist and while its besieged by a thousand enemies their main enemy has always been Chaos, since like Rogue Trader/2nd edition, the whole thing started with the Horus Heresy and with the Emperor being a weapon against Chaos.

If there's a final chapter to 40k then thats going to be Imperium vs Chaos, that has always been the premise and as far as your complain goes its a bit unfounded as GW has already said everyone will get something and in this one book we already get Necrons and some DEldar thrown into the mix plus the previous campaigns that have moved the story forward.

Grow a fucking pair and get your tits untwisted or burn your fucking army because a single sentence triggered you.

>> No.50978993


>because a single sentence triggered you.

If you mean this literally rather than as a fantastically obtuse insult, you're a fucking idiot.

There is a metric shitton of stuff bothering me about this, that phrase alone would be meaningless.

>> No.50979005


Not to mention the Fist player can have no Reserves (so no drop pod antics) and the Chaos player can set up anywhere on the table that's 18 inches away from an enemy model, essentially giving them all Infiltrate with no downside.

For a World Eater player, that's more or less GG right there.

>> No.50979017

Hellraiser 1+2

>> No.50979022


>that phrase alone would be meaningless
>constantly gives meaning to that phrase

stop posting and adopt a new years resolution to improve your mental well being

>> No.50979034

There used to be a BT chapter upgrade kit that would get you about 10 initiates and 5 or so terminators worth of conversion bits, but they stopped supporting that around the end of 6th or beginning of 7th.

>> No.50979075


>If there's a final chapter to 40k then thats going to be Imperium vs Chaos

You know, it's actually kinda bizzare how much GW ignore how much they've grown their setting out.

The Galaxy has seen races rise and fall many times, the idea that the fall of the current top dog territory holder is the end of all things is pretty lame now even if it wasn't back before things got fleshed out more.

Just me? We have the old ones falling a jillion years ago, the Eldar falling now, humans about to fall and Tau on the rise.

Cycle of history rise and fall of empires is way more interesting than "Lol Khorne's gonna eat the universe"

>> No.50979098

I assume they mean that we've been here before with the EoT book.

I'm with you. Rather than excite me to play 40k, it's basically killed my interest for the time being.

>> No.50979121

Would 40k players be happy with a consistent ruleset and reasonably balanced codexes and no more updates from there, except sprue updates and supplements? GW would just exist to sell kits and BL books.

Or would you rather advance the setting in an Age of the Emperor way?

>> No.50979127


You're the one monofocusing on it, buddy, I've posted a bunch of autistic walls of text covering a broad bunch of reasons I have my pants in a twist over a bunch of rules and fluff incompetent Nottingham modelmakers.

Curse the shiny allure of their judge dredd/Elric of Melniboné/dune crossover fanfiction.

>> No.50979135

It still is on the webstore, its a great upgrade kit with a bunch of shit but its also stupid old and all the connecting bits are male so its a hassle to make it work on newer kits like the tactical box.

>> No.50979140


The Imperium has always been the focus of the story.

If I remember right the rulebook literally says "The fate of Mankind is in your hands". Whether that means you're protecting the Imperium or destroying it, it's still going to be the focus.

>> No.50979142


Orks don't sell.
Tyranids don't sell (anymore).
Eldar have been written off as a jobber race so GW has an excuse to merge Eldar and Dark Eldar army lists.
Tau are experiencing their own 13th Blackpocalypse right now with their empire halved in two and the Tyranids about to om nom everything.

If anything, expect major developments along the lines of Imperial elements exploiting the Webway to make deals with the Eldar (already happened) and Tau to forge an alliance of mutual survival over the next decade.

>> No.50979144

I'm surprised noone mentioned Galaxy of Terror

>> No.50979156

>Cycle of history rise and fall of empires is way more interesting than "Lol Khorne's gonna eat the universe"

I don't think so. Cycles are boring if they can't be broken.

>> No.50979182

Only if the Spess muhren player is a complete idiot. You can have a line of expendable chaff to keep the enemy back and let them die in that turn 1 charge. Afterwards just scoop the enemy with those sternvets and their AP3 bolters.

>> No.50979189


Then break them up, not break them down.

Final Fantasy 10 ended with Sin dying, not Sin eating the world.

>> No.50979211

It's still available to buy online, but it's very outdated; the torsos don't fit with new space marine torsos.

>> No.50979214


>entire strategy revolves around dying tacticals and bolters

This is why the IFs keep dying out.

>> No.50979222

>Final Fantasy 10 ended with Sin dying, not Sin eating the world.

Not every story needs to end happily ever after you big babby.

>> No.50979232


It's Final Fantasy X.

Not 10 you dribbling fuck.

>> No.50979249


Technically it didn't, since Tidus died, Yuna went insane and fucked his corpse, and Yuna went off on a quest to revive Tidus by reviving Sin.

>> No.50979265


>Not every story needs to end happily ever after you big babby

Massive amount of breathing room between a happy ending and the end of the universe.

Hell, the universe ending is actually -less- Grimdark than the status quo. An end to the suffering.

>> No.50979279

>Hell, the universe ending is actually -less- Grimdark than the status quo. An end to the suffering.

Holy slitwrists

>> No.50979343

>thinks you should only pick tacts

I said sternvets you fucking dingus. It wouldnt hurt to have some Anti-air and Cents.

>> No.50979376


Well what were you going to use for expendable chaff? Boxnought spam?

>> No.50979406

>Boxnought spam?

Best kind of expendable chaff.

>> No.50979413

does anyone know how many fusion blasters you get in each box of stealth suits?

>> No.50979423

If the imperium falls then why do you think Tau will be the next great empire?

If the imperium falls chaos will rise to the absolute hight of their power, chaos will rule the galaxy.

>> No.50979441

Scouts with a single flamer.

Having tacts sitting out of LoS and/or in a reinforced ruin also helps because even a single model on the table in the end means you win.

>> No.50979444


Because he hasn't read the latest lore, obviously. Tau are stuck in their own annihilation event and will probably be forced to flee into Imperial territory if they don't discover their own death star.

>> No.50979450


>Chaos managing to run a stable, Galaxy wide society


>> No.50979475

I don't keep up with fluff too much, why are the Tau so fucked?

>> No.50979485

No, necrons are literally in the middle of their own great crusade of unification.

Nothing anyone but the Eldar have comes close to their technology and only orks, chaos and humans rival their numbers.

Except necrons are immune to chaos, intimidation, attrition, exhaustion etc.

>> No.50979493


>> No.50979496


>> No.50979500

Tyranids, Necrons, Orks, Imperium all on a collision course to explicitly fuck them into extinction.

>> No.50979510

omfg the jews.

i need 6 of those fuckers for my squad.

>> No.50979519

Ive got some Biel-Tan eldar lying around and Im trying to get back into the game, all I have is the 6th edition rulebook- what supplements should I get and what units are best now?.

>> No.50979533


Necrons might not have to worry about falling to Chaos but that doesn't mean that Chaos soldiers can't rip them to pieces physically.

That, and isn't there some old fluff about the ultimate goal of the Necrons (or at least some of the Necrons) returning to flesh?

Also, if they really want to regain the empire they think is "rightfully theirs" odds are they'd rather get it while it's still in good shape instead of after Chaos takes a fat chaotic shit all over it.

>> No.50979535

Oh shit, it was gone for a while. I just gave up on it. The male connection doesn't bother me, I just trimmed it off and made it fit myself.

Time to order a few.

>> No.50979547


Well the Necrons kept fucking with them and caused the loss of a few worlds.
The orks never really left them alone.
The Imperium just completed their second invasion, killed their leader, and left the empire heaved in two as a cherry on top of their pyrrhic victory.
The Tyranids are about to shove their collectively dicks into each half of the Tau to finish them off.

The Tau Empire will die horribly, and Farsight will end up taking his Enclave along with those Tau who would flee with him through some Webway gate because he is the only Tau in the galaxy who has an inkling of what the fuck is really going on in the galaxy.

>> No.50979560

>Tyranids don't sell

Clearly you don't know how well GSC did. There are a ton of fans who would shell out for good shit.

>> No.50979565


>> No.50979582

>and Farsight will end up taking his Enclave along with those Tau who would flee with him through some Webway gate because he is the only Tau in the galaxy who has an inkling of what the fuck is really going on in the galaxy.

When the Warhammer TV guys talked about The Gathering Storm for the first time, they mentioned that there would be something in it for everyone's armies. Which got me thinking about how on earth the Tau could get involved, seeing as they're on the other side of the galaxy. Farsight showing up there via the Webway actually makes a fair bit of sense, especially as, like you say, he actually does have an idea of just how major the Fall of Cadia would be to the state of the galaxy.

>> No.50979585


Yes, but GSC is not Tyranids.

>> No.50979602

you do realise not all the stealth suits can take the fusion blaster right ? iirc its only the leader guy or 1 in 3 guys that can.

>> No.50979603

Is it just me, or are devastators kind of shit (outside of skyhammer)?

>> No.50979612

That's true, but that doesn't change the fact that Tyranids are a huge line and people buy a lot of shit from it.

>> No.50979616 [DELETED] 

The Cult Ambush rule literally says it applies only to infiltrating units. If you can't infiltrate, you can't Cult Ambush.

>> No.50979619

oh god you are right

i need to remake my list. shit.

>> No.50979620


Devastators are supposed to be an affordable option for players who can't/won't into buying $50-80 tanks.

>> No.50979621

Most space marine units are shit.

>> No.50979625


No argument there, I just preodered two of their armoured assaults. Now I will have 9 tervigons and over 250 guants

>> No.50979630

Sorry lads apparently my IP was blocked for a bit.His turn two. He shot my Guard some more shot my plasma vets just enough to knock them off the objective to score a point. Then he had some crucial charges: His terminators and lord managed to make into combat with my Guardsmen but he failed his charge against my plasma vets on double ones.

>> No.50979637


>> No.50979643

They don't come onto the board using Infiltrate though. The rule is that if you would place a model using Infiltrate, you may place it with Cult Ambush instead

>> No.50979655

Orks are just being Orks to them, there is no huge WAAGH threatening them.

Don't know about crons threatening them, only a few lost worlds.

The split isn't that bad as it's not a real civil war and farsight still comes to the aid of the empire when shit gets real.

The imperials just finished doing what damage they could and fucked off so they're no longer a threat.

The only real threat they have to worry about is tyranids because a fuck huge hive fleet is heading right for them and genestealers have apparently infected a ton of their worlds.

>> No.50979662


No one is reading your posts because your screencaps are the size of the murals in the Sistine Chapel.

>> No.50979682

Dude are you retarded? Are you that faggot from the other thread that lives on a farm?
Just turn on image hover you stupid newfag

>> No.50979683


omg so big.

Also fuck you, what are you contributing to the thread other than shitposting? I have been reading his stuff the last few threads and it's nice to have, you know, actual 40k stuf in the 40k thread.

>> No.50979686

Then my plasma vets wrecked shit. Killing his entire unit of multilators while only losing one Guardsman to Get's Hot. The rest of my shooting was terrible but I managed to score first blood which scored me another point. My outflanking Demolishers and Melta vets in a Chimera only taking off two hullpoints from his Land Raider and my other Russes immobilized a Rhino while he continued killing Guardsmen in melee.

>> No.50979688


Whats wrong with big pics? its not like they take a long time to load or anything and they have good detail

>> No.50979692


And then Farsight had to leave immediately to stop the Tyranids from om noming his Enclave worlds and making penetration into the actual Tau Empire. And then the Tau was taken down from the height of its power to a military in tatters with its territory divided in two and ready for devouring.

If the Imperium are 10 seconds til midnight, the Tau are 3 seconds til midnight. Unlike the humans, the Eldar don't have any special reasons to save the Tau.

>> No.50979700

woops was meant for

>> No.50979717

My outflanking units.

>> No.50979719


well, I guess you gave me a (You) so all good

>> No.50979729

Don't listen to them. Even if we automatically accepted all of their criticisms as valid your still infinitely better than the 12 other guys who spend all thread bitching about the next update. Keep Going.

>> No.50979740


The Creed is strong in this one.

>> No.50979742

>Outflanking Demolishers

This is what dreams are made of!

>> No.50979747

Right, civil conflict isn't the problem it's the tyranids.

>> No.50979762


god that fucking land raider is hideous and not in a good way

looks like some fuck spilled ketchup and mustard all over the fucker and then decided not to use any wash.

>> No.50979769


Its one hole in many holes on the sinking ship of the Tau Empire. And one hole is bad enough.

>> No.50979779


What if its the player's blood? Like if he literally painted it with drops of his blood? You have to respect that, right?

>> No.50979798

it wouldnt look like that though

>> No.50979800


I've seen blood dripped on models and it looks way fucking better than that garbage

also if the red is his blood what the fuck is the yellow? his piss?

>> No.50979806


The only things I've seen that bleed yellow are pimples and bugs.

>> No.50979817


man this guy is going way out of his way to mark his land raider with his blood and pimples

>> No.50979828

That's not quite how it works. Screen resolution, photo clarity and focus, etc will all make it pretty much moot to post a raw sized picture with the average camerawork.

>> No.50979830

Guardsmen (barely) holding the line.

>> No.50979834


Yeah, the Tau seem to be doing basically okay. There's a hive fleet on the way, but that's basically always happening to the Galaxy since they turned up.

>> No.50979850

Okay now those terminators just look awful. I almost didn't mind the land raiders, but wow.

>> No.50979864

Wheres your shit then michaelangelo?

>> No.50979870

Is that guardsmen drunk? Kek.

>> No.50979874

You don't need any supplements. Wraithknights, Wraithguard, and Jetbikes are very powerful at the moment. Don't spam them and you can still make friends.

>> No.50979877

Does that Land Raider have ketchup on it?

>> No.50979880

Wow, the Saint is tiny

>> No.50979890

Dont bother he won't respond. He's probably a grey tau player.

Can we get an answer to the random blobs though? They do look pretty weird.

>> No.50979907

I'll admit that I've not finished a single model yet, but I don't need to be a master to know that splotching on color like that doesn't make it nurglish just like splattering red randomly on Berzerkers doesn't make them Khornish.

>> No.50979915

>Can we get an answer to the random blobs though?

Its Death Guard, its supposed to look like shit.

And if its not Death Guard, then I don't fucking know man.

>> No.50979928


Filthy pepsi drinking scum. Get the fuck out!

>> No.50979931

>my expensive luxury hobby is supposed to look like shit

I hope you get hit by a car so we never see your terrible grey guardsmen on mars again

why the fuck did you paint their legs with the texture paint?

did they fall into a swamp on mars?

>> No.50979936

Well now we know what the Guardsman from last thread is doing: Backpedaling in fear!

Also, c'mon, Commissar! At least have the decency to turn around and help!

>> No.50979947


>muh healthy at every size
>fatass sjw cuck detected

They're fat.

>> No.50979950

anon, don't use pure white. Start with Celestra grey and layer up ulthuan grey.

Only use pure white for highlights.

>> No.50979952

I quit drinking soda a couple years ago when I decided it'd be nice to be able to run 3 miles without dying. I never knew what people meant by Pepsi being too sweet until I tried some after like a year.

Best decision I've made yet.

>> No.50979958

Codex Craftworlds. Saim-Hann and Iyaden's specialties are the current OP bullshit.

>> No.50979989

He managed to kill one of my Demolishers with a lascannon from his LR but by now it wasn't enough. Melta vets get three pens and explode his Land Raider(killing some of their own in the process). Then Demolisher actually becomes fucking useful and explodes a Rhino giving me a point for armored assault. Then my Battle Tank wrecks the fuck out of some Plague Marines,taking about half of their unit out with a Direct Hit. Then Vanquisher and Executioner wipe another unit out leaving only one survivor. And plasma vets melta bomb a Land Raider and explode it scoring me two points for destroying three enemy units.

>> No.50979996

I keep getting stuck on whether I want a bone white for a withered look, or a more pearlish look like they maintain their armor like I'd imagine space knights would.

This is all just an excuse to never paint them, because I still can't decide on how to paint black.
I do like how the almost charcoal gray-black looks in this though.

I just can't figure out how to make it look good, and I don't want to use much edge highlighting outside of weathering on vehicles or something.

>> No.50980010

Yeah, the black is nice. Problem with pure white is it ends up chalky.

>> No.50980017


Buy artificer tint set.
Mix the artificer white with ironbreaker until you get metallic white
Paint shiny white armor

>> No.50980023

It's dust it gets on everything faggot.

>> No.50980043

>> No.50980059

Found that out the hard way. And the thing is, I don't really want it looking pure black. Maybe I just need to finish up a test model so the black doesn't look so prominent. Otherwise I'll trying shading it a dark gray with lines where light would hit.

Any examples for the result? I may use that for swords or Sisters if I go with a white armor theme.

>> No.50980062

And then this.

>> No.50980064


>deadly guns filled with a mix of ketchup and mustard

kill it now

>> No.50980078

So Im assuming this formation is basically

2 Platoons
2 Crusader squads
0-X Assault Squad/Sternguard/Ogryns/Bullgryns

With everything else added via unbound or another formation, if thats the case then that could be nice I guess.

I wonder if the "Marshall" will be a new unit or if thats just a name they gave the captain/chapter master to fit the narrative of the White Dwarf. Personally I hope Marshalls and Castellans come back, would not mind getting a Marshall that can nominate a Sword Brother to be a Castellan and they get some bonus out of it.

God damn it I cant fucking wait, havent been this hyped since fucking forever.

>> No.50980079

Anyone have pics of the result of this?

I use Ulthuan grey over some Vallejo light gray I had left over for my Templars.

>> No.50980088


>Any examples for the result? I may use that for swords or Sisters if I go with a white armor theme.

The set is too new, but check out the official GW demo video.


>> No.50980109

They aren't fucking fat, Anon.

>> No.50980112

I really want a Marshall model, and a plastic Emperor's Champion.

A plastic Grimaldus would be awesome but I doubt we'll get that, seeing as he is tied up on Armageddon.

>> No.50980124

I think it's a model, because they make it clear that Sword Brethren are Sternguard.

>> No.50980127

Its so nice coming back into the hobby now that I am not 13 anymore.

I don't feel the need to BUY BUY BUY. I'm just buying one thing at a time, taking my time to clean it and paint it so it looks nice, then I'll play with whatever I have.

>> No.50980137

After he finally killed the last of my blob he consolidated his Warlord to go after my command squad to kill my Psyker and score a point but by this time there really wasn't any way he could catch up with my lead since he had so little on the table. So after turn five (even though the game would have continued) he called it there and conceded. It was a fun as fuck game and I hope you enjoyed my batrep of it /tg/. It's rare to face another fully painted and based army.

>> No.50980163

Thats pretty fucking cool looking. Think it would work with black or dark gray?

>> No.50980185


Where did he paint his terminators, 31 Flavors?

>> No.50980205


Its ironbreaker so it would work period - although ironbreaker is already greyish.

>> No.50980214

The model itself looks like this guy but with Templar bits, could mean we get the Deathwatch treatment of normal Marine kits plus a new conversion kit thrown in just like we did in 3rd edition when the current kit was released OR Templars get nothing and its just this model with the current conversion kit.

I wouldnt be unhappy if thats all we get as Im more interested in rules.

>> No.50980216

>the plot is moving forward
I don't know how to feel

>> No.50980222


>run 3 miles without dying

Fuck man, I couldn't run out of sight.

Maybe I should stop drinking soda.

>> No.50980235


>Black Templar regrouping in the Webway

magical things are about to happen

>> No.50980241

>people bitch about noone having fully painted and based minis
>guy posts a game where both armies are

stay fucking hypocritical 40kids

>> No.50980266

Recommend me a book that isn't the Comissar stuff or some beginner-friendly HH book.

>> No.50980277

Stop drinking soda, eat more meat and vegetables, squat.

>> No.50980278


You must be a chubby-chaser.

The new models are fat. Adding too much armour under the corset ruins the look.

Sisters of Cattle is more appropriate.

>> No.50980282

>stay fucking hypocritical 40kids
>implying those are the sample
>implying that in some instances they demand excellence.
>implying that those colours were horrible,
>thin paints.

>> No.50980298

It's the smell of shit and AIDs anon. It makes even the strongest Guardsmen queasy.

>> No.50980301


His army is grey and looks unprimed/unpainted in literally every picture taken more than 6" away from them, and the Martian Ironearth looks like shit because the contrast between it and the models is too high.

The other guy has a bunch of units that look like a clown jizzed all over them. Those red and yellow splotches make no sense.

I'm glad to see a couple of fully painted armies but still.

>> No.50980322


Index Astartes
Horus Heresy Books 1-6
Imperial Armor: The Badab War Part I-II

>> No.50980328

It feels good to improve yourself like that. Use the couch-to-5k plan and pace yourself carefully. Give it 2-4 months and you will be able to do quite a bit.

How dark should I mix it? Should I basecoat with leadbelcher? I'm excited by this tint set.

>> No.50980330

So more like this?

>> No.50980338

>Adding too much armour under the corset ruins the look.

So you admit they aren't fat and that it's just armour. Like I was saying.

>> No.50980340




>> No.50980363

It's painted anon. I've painted and based everyone of my models. It's not plastic Grey I don't know why you'd see it that way.

>> No.50980368

Magical, violent things.

>> No.50980410

yeah my dust is chalky and covers parts which constantly move (my legs)

just because your mammoth chunk trunks happen to be coated in cheeto dust doesn't mean your models should suffer too

>> No.50980416


Read that post again. He didn't say your units were unpainted, he said they looked unpainted, you know, because they're gray.

Remember when you posted your tanks like five threads ago and three people told you to paint your shiiiiiiiiit, it's because they looked like gray plastic.

Props for not doing just another brown/tan/olive camo IG army like everyone else does, but gray is just a poor color choice for 40k in general.

>> No.50980424

DEldar/BT bro-op? GW HELLO?

>> No.50980434

I too can spraypaint my toys and then roll them around some house paint

that doesn't make them painted

>> No.50980452

Its ok battle-brother, we'll kill them later.

>> No.50980453

Except it does, Anon. Badly painted, but still painted.

>> No.50980457

Is Simple Green the be all and end all of stripping plastic crap? Or is there a better alternative?

>> No.50980471

Bro It's on the fucking boots.

>> No.50980475

I'm sorry, but I cannot be your brother...I play Eldar

>> No.50980476

Purple Power is infinitely better.

>> No.50980491

>no contrast
>old "ochre" scheme which photographs poorly
>basing is sand and forget

the green text is true but they're not hard turn offs, ironically the drab colour makes great clothing for actual army personal but looks like shit in photographs.

Actual criticisms are that the white is a bit thick in some places (not a big problem) but the washes are pooling all over flat surfaces (big mistake, looks like shit)

That said it's basically a 6/10 or 7/10 army for tabletop purposes and is miles ahead of this grey guardsmen

I just want to say that the grey guardsmen are actually offensive to look at, I know actual children who frequent my store and have much better painted minis than this retard who can't even apply texture paint correctly.

There's weathering boots and then there is covering the legs like you're a toddler with a crayon straying past the lines. LEARN THE DIFFERENCE

>> No.50980493


Simple Green got nerfed years ago. Dettol is the nuclear choice, but read about what you absolutely should not do with Dettol first.

>> No.50980500


They still look fat, so they're fat.

>> No.50980504

>it's painted

yes we can see, but it's painted poorly, extremely poorly

>> No.50980523

Anon, that's fucking retarded.

>> No.50980533

>implying the bulky armour is something new
Hahahaha what a new fag.

>> No.50980539

Does anyone know of good 28mm robot dogs to use as Arbite Cyber-Mastiff's to run alongside infected GSC neophytes? Just for a fun flavour for the unit.

>> No.50980548

no, no it isn't, your mammoth chunky fingers have inadequately controlled the brush.

This "dust" is clearly caked on above the boot cuff, which makes it look like he was lying down in mud.

Also I've included the backpack in this screen cap because HOLY SHIT IT LOOKS BAD

It looks like you used craft paint.

There's a reaon why duncan says "two thin coats" and nevermind that the fucking rhino looks like it was dipped in a pool of duck piss.

You've got white highlights on boots (don't highlight with white) and your bases aren't even correctly rimmed.

The guy on the far left of this picture also has "dust" on his leg

actually this guy with the backpack has an ok amount of dust on his boot (the sarge beside him, out of frame of this crop has a retarded amount which looks like he actually glued dirt to his boot)

Now I know that you don't go outside, but believe me when I say that you don't get dust like that from hiking/walking/marching

>> No.50980573

Have you ever trudged through martian dust, Anon?

>> No.50980583


Wow you're such a fag anon-kun.webm

>> No.50980591

you're so fucking stupid

NO, no I haven't been to mars, but guess what, it's not a wet climate where the red dust clumps like mud as you walk through the air

>> No.50980595

Moral of the story children
Never post your army on 4chan

>> No.50980601


Pipe down, chubs. It's almost time for your insulin.

>> No.50980603

It's just the texture. I had to put it all on with a brush because that's all I had. It's hard to get it to look crackly while avoiding getting it on the model. And people complained before there wasn't enough texture so sorry for offending anyone.

>> No.50980604

Good thing I wont post my army, just an HQ!

>> No.50980633


>autistic lardass detected.


>> No.50980639

he's a bit simple for an HQ but he's miles better than cheeto-dust guardsmen

>> No.50980646

So given that krak grenades are small enough to fit 2 or so in that grenade, its yes. Add in ork brain magic handwave stuff, most definitely

>> No.50980648

dangerously cheesy

>> No.50980650

you do know that >>50980491 is talking about the tau right?

>> No.50980651

Fuck off, huh? Anon'll go to WIP if he wants painting advice.

>> No.50980656

Im thinking of adding things like Servo Skulls and more 'techy' things on my characters. Thoughts?

>> No.50980665

well anon can fuck off posting ugly pictures in a thread which I happen to be reading

>> No.50980669

i like that, did you use one of the mk 3 fists for that power fist

>> No.50980677

yeah, you should add a bit more to the basing of your heroes too and I guess servo skulls would do that

your scripture is really good, the colours just look really flat, which makes me feel like he's a normal marine (even though he's obviously a libby)

>> No.50980688

You add nothing to this thread. He has a proven track record of posting pics, battle reports and starting discussions.

>> No.50980690

Read the bottom of his post.

>> No.50980694

Hes just a Librarian Terminator. I chose not to use the Stormbolter bit for it.

I tried to go for a drybrush heavy army, maybe I should use Praxetti White instead of Longbeard Gray then.

>> No.50980711

Why people gotta hate on GGA :(

>> No.50980720

anyone got any suggestions for this??

>> No.50980728

Eh, I personally would've used a Drybrush to simulate the dust. Wet brush is better for mud.

Of course, when I got around to basing I learned the mud base stuff was the exact same color as Dyad Bark (it looked darker on the side of the pot) so now my trooper's boots match the mud. Honestly? I don't mind. Makes basing even easier. and I cover it in flock anyways. In short, I have no right to judge anyone else's basing techniques, ever.

>> No.50980729

I always try to paint, but I never base

>> No.50980740

No army being posted here. Just a proud father and his two delightful children.

>> No.50980747

I'm adding valid criticism which is constructive if he wishes to improve.

which is better than adding lazy shittyily painted models which doesn't add anything

>> No.50980748

I don't know man, people trying to be superior, I guess.

>> No.50980758

Very pretty, I like the skin.

>> No.50980778

No, you're being a dick. It's all about tone.

No one would have a problem with the stuff you're saying if you didn't sound like you hate him for posting them.

>> No.50980783

>why are people offended that I shit all over the place?

>> No.50980792

but I do hate him, his models look like shit and he should feel bad for having shitty looking models

>> No.50980798

Post your shit then, asshole.

>> No.50980799

Ah well, since I'm on and know GGA is also on, I wanted to ask his opinion about this alt-chimera. Can anyone think of something good to stick on the right-center track guard?

And no, it's not done. I've only given it the green, black, and red basecoats. Don't tell me my painting's shit...yet at least.

>> No.50980807


I'm new to painting and know that it shows in my minis and don't give a fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck come at me preferably with constructive criticism or helpful tips bro

>> No.50980810

Yeah Rakarth Flesh does pretty poorly in photos. The background and lighting certainly aren't optimal either.

The wash pooling though is 100% my fault. I smashed these guys out to the "3ft rule" for a upcoming campaign. Under close scrutiny yeah they look like balls but on tabletop they more than suffice.

Here is a better pic for the first two Tau I painted.

>> No.50980821

still better painted than cheeto-dustguard

>> No.50980828

GGA here I like it anon. And apparently the dubs like it too. And maybe a Lasgun if you have any spare ones from the Heavy Weapons kit.

>> No.50980839

I'd say just give it a wash or two, maybe drybrush it. Isnt that bad though, I cant see any brush strokes.

>> No.50980840

Post your obviously well painted models, or tell us about your last game.

>> No.50980841

your model is really flat, you should look into washing the recesses/lower edges and then highlight the raised edges, your red is pretty good as a starting point

>> No.50980860

hey man, we all started somewhere, pooly wash is a common mistake which is thankfully very easy to fix and you can fix it up whenever you feel like it, so there's no rush.

I'd like some grey tufts or two myself for the bases but I know lots of people prefer minimal bases because "why would the grass move with them"

my one buddy would put on like teal tufts though for maximum contrast, he's a nutter

>> No.50980864


It's got some agrax earthshade on it right now, but it's hard to see because my lighting is shit.


What's a good highlight color assuming that base is Mephiston Red?

>> No.50980874

>What's a good highlight color assuming that base is Mephiston Red?

Evil Sunz Scarlet is what I use over mephi red

I think duncan/gw go evil sunz scarlet and then put an orange on top of that for their blood angels

>> No.50980875

Evil sunz scarlet

>> No.50980881

Evil Sunz Scarlet and then a fine highlight of Wild Rider Red. Though you could use Fire Dragon Bright instead.

>> No.50980909


Ok so it looks like the next time I hit the shop I'll grab some Evil Sunz Scarlet and go trawl through Warhammer TV and find a video on highlighting.


>> No.50980959

My last two games were a couple of unpainted kill teams because my store is having an event in january for race-painting the squad.

so I played my one thousands sons kill team which is super casual because I'm not looking to make enemies.

I brought six rubric marines and the aspiring sorcerer giving three of the rubrics the specialist upgrades, ignores cover, feel no pain, and preferred enemy.

My other lists involve deathguard with five CSMs and three bikers. The lists swap around a heavy bolter on the CSMs with meltabombs on the biker champion for dealing with vehicles while the other list runs one of the bikers with a plasma gun.

The specialist loadouts for the nurgle lists are pretty flexible and usually involve preferred enemy plasma, split-fire heavy bolter, or machine saboteur on the biker champion.

My buddies list is a space marine list which I tuned for him, it's 12 marines with two heavy weapons, usually missile launchers, but he opted to bring heavy bolters without telling me.

Thousand Sons got absolutely obliterated, I managed to kill his three specialists and his leader but that was about it. Highlights included snake eyes on my second volley of AP3 death trying to wound with my ignores cover rubric marine.

The death guard games weren't too bad, a lot of it was dampered by his frustration of T5 and T6 as I prioritized the heavy bolters and had some funny outflanking ruin his day.

Here's some orruks I speed painted if a day for the AoS campaign

>> No.50980991

Nice. See, this is good content. We need more stuff like this. Less getting mad at people and arguing about rules.

Should have gone for something more competative than TSons though for Kill Team. Very overpriced.

>> No.50981047

It's just for fun though, another guy brought some nightlords so I'm not too fussed for smashing people in kill teams.

I'm looking forward to the other events they have planned for kill teams though, some arena fight with an HQ of 200 points or less and some other stuff with extra vehicles and other things.

It also gives me an excuse to paint these rubric marines because they're:

1. the first minis I ever bought
2. the hybrid metal/plastic kit from before finecast
3. never used in any other list because holy crap rubric marines are over priced

That's why I also had the death guard, for a more "competitive" list

That said if you are into skirmishing with low models, rubric marines aren't bad at all in HoR, you'll only get two or three of the bastards but Ap3 is very tasty.

>> No.50981066

I might get round to it but honestly at the moment I feel no compulsion to. I paint all my guys to tabletop standard and to a level where I'm happy.

If there's an in-store painting competition or for instance a Deathwatch RPG campaign with my buddies I'll paint a guy to the 9's.

>teal tufts
What a madman.

I'll be getting an Ironjawz battalion soon and since they're such a low model count compared to my 40K army I can afford to paint them to a higher standard. I don't know if you've seen it but the Orruk Brute painted by Emma on Warhammer TV is what my guys will end up looking like.

I'll be having a few games tomorrow so I'll take some battle pics and post them up here for you guys to look at.

Here's one from the other day.

>> No.50981093

Sounds pretty comfy.

>> No.50981096

Here's an old pic of a game I played against a Knight army. He was the same guy I played today who was running Death Guard.
Are the bases better here thread?

>> No.50981124


I'm fairly new to 40K and I'm kinda wishing I had gone Orks instead of Space Marines because if I decided to really get into kitbashing there are a shitload of options for customizing an Ork army between 40K and Age of Sigmar.

>> No.50981129

Yeah my friend put purple tufts on the mars red, it works pretty well

That ironjawz box is mighty tempting to me and emma's brutes are pretty simple and nice.

It reminds me that I really need to get some new brushes, might pickup one of GW's "essential" line because my FLGS has a great deal

I need to find something for scripture and eyes though, hey anon >>50980604 what brushes do you use for scripture?

I know previously I've used toothpicks for eyes, but I want to get better at shading and highlighting eyes, then maybe work on wet blending the cock suckers

>> No.50981154

I mean, unless you've got a TON of space marines you can still go orks, their box of boyz is a pretty good price and you can just keep getting those and hoarding bitz

Like 10 boxes will kit out a bunch of boyz and a good 10 man tank busta squad which is a solid starting point

and with Armour assault you're saving like $20 off each trukk you want

>> No.50981161

My scripture was just wrote on using a gel ballpoint pen, believe it or not.

>> No.50981191

I've used artisan pens before to ill effects, they're usually not wet enough to write on acrylic without tearing paint off

I'll need to look into gel pens for the future, thanks for the tip

>> No.50981226

No problem, just dont put too much pressure on and youll be golden.

>> No.50981317


I'm poor as shit, so basically it's too late now. No sweat though, if things ever change in the future its not like Orks are going anywhere.

>> No.50981335

>Them childbearing hips
Oh sweet Emperor...

>> No.50981379

Awh, bummer, I dont have any of those. "I got aspect warriors like a LOSER

Huh, Ill look at them but I prefer to keep things fluffy (especially with how unbalanced the meta is now... all you can do is play for fun), so Ill probably play with Biel-Tan rules.

>> No.50981411

I'm guessing he kicked your ass, right? Don't think you can kill 36 effective HP from the front as guard before he mincemeats you with D-blades.

Incidentally, what are the limits on heirlooms of conquest and other unique wargear? I mean, the RAW say only the Company Commander and Lord Commissar can take this stuff, and the Cadia supplement only makes special provisions for the tank commander's voxcaster. Does that mean I can't give, say, Yarrick the Emp's Benediction?

I ask because got 5 points left on an army list and was thinking as a joke sticking the Wrath of Cadia on a Tank Commander:
>Enemy Riptide Sighted! Firing Vanquisher Round!
>Oh Emperor it's still coming what do we do?!
>Hang on a sec.
>Don't worry guys I got it!

Like I said. Silly.

>> No.50981450


> Intentionally replacing your dick with machinery when there are chicks around that look like that

The Mechanicus are fags

>> No.50981476

>not replacing your dick with a 2 foot long cyber dragon dildo with piston action


>> No.50981506


These guys probably know enough about the brain that they could feel such mundain pleasures whenever they wanted. They're beyond such things.

Then again, what happens in the motor pool, stays in the motor pool.

>> No.50981552


I bet you they have mechanical sex ALL the time.

I mean holy fuck am I the only one that gets hard thinking of the holy rituals used in lubing up those big battle machines, christ.

>> No.50981597

Don't tell the magos but this is from my private stash fellow tech priest.

>> No.50981605

My IG regiment's colours, the Veritian Fortunates.


>> No.50981653



>> No.50981655


>> No.50981667

Drab is for suckers! Come at me Xenos!

>> No.50981687

Better fighting Xenos in bright red than dying of radiation back in the mining pits of Veritia.

Besides, like thier motto says, luck is always on their side.

>> No.50981706


didn't know IG had X-Wings that's cool

>> No.50981717

And they say the tankers have it easy.

>> No.50981729

Does it resemble X-wing pilot gear or something?

>> No.50981740

01001001 00100000 01101000 01100001 01110110 01100101 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01110111 01100101 01101001 01110010 01100100 01100101 01110011 01110100 00100000 01100010 01101111 01101110 01100101 01110010 00100000 01110010 01101001 01100111 01101000 01110100 00100000 01101110 01101111 01110111 00101110 00101110 00101110

>> No.50981761

and just for the fleshguys that wish to ingest the holy machines so that they might gain a bit of their power, praise be to artificer scriptus

>> No.50981834

>They're fat
>I've never seen a woman before
>What is a boltgun?
>pfft who needs muscle for that? It's not like it takes two men to shoot a heavy bolter mounted to the ground.
>muh exosuit tho, ignore it's covered in cloth and ribbing between the limbs and they're wearing gauntlet-ed gloves with only servos on the arm holding it in the air.

Kill yourself kike. You wouldn't know fat if it settled into five different chins from your hooked merchant nose to your extruding sternum.

>> No.50981844



>> No.50981847

Man usually women who lift weights aren't cute, but she looks nice.

Would cuddle

>> No.50981868


>> No.50981963

Can I leave models indefinitely in Purple Power or is there a time I should take them out?

>> No.50981973

I have always stood by isopropyl alcohol as the best way to strip acrylic paints from anything.

>> No.50982070

> Thinking about subscribing to White Dwarf
> Check the subscription price
> $90 for 12 issues

I haven't checked print media prices for a while so I looked around at some other magazines to compare

> PC Gamer $24 13 issues
> National Geographic $15 12 issues
> Finescale Modeler $39.95 12 issues
> Penthouse $39.95 10 issues
> Better Homes and Gardens $5.99 (not a typo) 12 issues

Holy shit, why does everything GW do have to be so fucking expensive?

>> No.50982075

My guys are painted like this too

>> No.50982088

Shut up nerd buy more models and shut up some more

>> No.50982095

Ive had some stuff in for weeks, no ill problems, just be careful with resin, havent tried it out too much.

>> No.50982131

Are meltabombs just single use per phase or single use per game?

>> No.50982235

Single use per model

>> No.50982573

>Man usually women who lift weights aren't cute, but she looks nice.
objectively false, see pic related. the problem comes when they try to cut to low bf% because they're jealous of men and end up letting all the testosterone boosted features like cut jaw out

it's muscle. I bet you're one of those people who depict "female space marines" like this: >>50977989 ,


stupid fucking fatty apologists are almost as bad though, christ

>> No.50983081


You have to understand that you get quality for the price

Those other magazines are pretty much just set up to sell advertisements. White dwarf actually has a shit ton of articles and original pictures that make it worth it. Yeah white dwarf is basically one huge advertisement but at least it's tasteful

>> No.50983596

>> No.50983952

>Slaaneshi Eldar

>> No.50984567


There's no fucking way in hell the Loyalists can loose at this point.

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