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Chaos aren't invading realspace. They're fleeing Doomguy.

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Not possible. Nothing lives long enough to run away from Doomguy. There is only annihilation once he's been unleashed.

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Hah, reminds of those ultrafags we fucked millenia ago. I'm not fleeing from that wussy faggot. I've got my shoulder-mounted heavy bolter and 10,000 rounds to go with it. Bitch better have some terminator armour if he wants to go toe to toe with me.

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>The Chaos space Marine was found dead later that day, having choked to death from the hundreds of Bolter Rounds that had been shoved down his throat
>This actually had nothing to do with Doomguy, But was just rather the usual brand of Chaos Worshiper shenanigans

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There used to be Ten Chaos Lords.

Only six were home the last time Doomguy visited though.

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>its this thread again

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It's a good thread, on occasion.

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I'll be fine. I unleash a tide of bolt rounds on his ass and ascend to daemon-hood with my shoulder-mounted heavy bolter. Hell, if he even has terminator armor he won't survive the barrage of ass smash descend upon him. I'll shoot him into his grave.

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The tyranids aren't invading. they're fleeing Samus

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>doomguy pops invincibility sphere

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>trying to shoot doomguy
That guy can casually outrun rocket fire, and can rip cyberdemons in half with his bare hands. Plus he does have his Invincibility sphere.

Sorry bub, but your ass is grass

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I still got my shoulder-mounted heavy bolter and my 10,000 rounds. Your the target, I am the shooter.

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Doomguy blows your head off with his Railgun or BFG while running around as fast as a car

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Hmmph. Then this is just unfair.

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Now, I am headless. Grrrrreeeeaaaat, how do I expend sector-bankrupting amounts of ammo now?

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Welcome to Doom, the original cheese.
It's stupid, crazy, ridiculous, and we all love every second of it

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>Gun is staticly fixed to shoulder
>Have to physically move and bend to aim
Buddy, you ain't gonna hit jack shit with that thing. Plus, you'll look like a retarded dancing bear a
While trying to use it. Just go back and get a regular gun that'll at least let you die with some dignity.

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Invincible for 60 seconds bruv. BFG.

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>BFG and a plasma gun that doesn't overheat
You lose.

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You guys just underestimate the power of the shoulder-mounted heavy bolter.

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You underestimate the power of someone that gives demons PTSD.

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Doomguy used his Unmaker

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You underestimate the power of invincibility.

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Doomguy regularly fights demons with shoulder mounted rocket launchers

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>then I'll whisper in soothing voice
>>psh, nothing personell

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What, if I got a bigger shoulder-mounted heavy bolter. Like, dreadnought sized. That'll surely fuck him up.

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I was thinking of that at the time of writing.

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>Says the guy who put his gun ON top of his shoulder instead of in front of it so that it could take the recoil.

As you switch on to Full-Auto (and believe me, with how ridiculously difficult It's going to be to aim that thing, you will) you're gonna fall flat on your ass and everyone's gonna laugh at you, even the Nurglings.

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I didn't aim on Istvaan. I ended up killing a two dozen astartes with that thing. Most of which were in my squad...

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Here is Doomguy killing a dreadnought sized Demon with a plasma cannon for an arm.
This should help inform you

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>This is what chaos marines actually believe

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Okay, Okay. What if I made a little bit bigger (heavy weapons platform size) and gave it really comfortable grips.

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I fucking love threads like these and watching 40Kids crawl out of the woodwork to defend their setting and how BADASS and BETTER it is than everything else.

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This is a part of Hell called the Titan's Realm. This is because it used to be ruled by an absolutely huge demon called the Titan, until Doomguy came along.

That's the Titan's skull there.

Making it bigger won't save you.

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It's my headcanon that Doomguy is what will pop out when the Grey Knights finally open that little box of theirs.

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Bruh, just give it up already. When Daemon Princes fear this man, there's no shame in running away.

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You are better off forgetting the platform, and instead just dropping a Cruiser or a moon on him, just like the Demons in Doom did. It won't kill him, but it'll stop him for a thousand years before he breaks out

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Meant for>>50940685

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Kay. What if i got some of my Iron Warrior buddies, like a platoon full of them and we all unleash hell upon him

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But anon, why would any sentient being be moving away from that body?

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You think that the Titan just fought him alone? Hell had a literally inexhaustible army and they couldn't klil him.

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>unleash hell
>on Doomguy
This is like unleashing donuts on Homer Simpson but even more counterproductive.

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>tfw Ciaphas Cain lived & died without ever discovering SamASS

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Found the flaw in their tactics. No shoulder-mounted heavy bolter = no victory.

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They had plasma cannons though

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>inb4 le Reddit
I know, I know, but just read this.

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You are going to get a very good look at your own colon.

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Sounds like your being counter-productive, your just shooting down my suggestions. I hall you know I have shot THUNDERHAWKS with my buddies before.Well, Word...Bearer...Thunderhawks...

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Spongy has single handedly destroyed whole layers of hell, and several space stations

Doomguy isn't a soldier, he's Exterminatus given physical form

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But anon, I thought SamASS was the walking Death Star.

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They both are, as expected of the two Lost Primarchs

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I've only seen any of my organs once at the apothecaries' quarters and that was after getting shot in the heart. You never told me Doomguy was so kind as to take us to the apothecary after he beats us to a pulp.

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>tfw a single X-Parasite can potentially fuck up the entire galaxy

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Have it your way then non-believer, I will write your name in my book of "People who I need to shoot in the face with my shoulder-mounted heavy bolter". You will reap what you have sewn.

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You misunderstand. He's going to conk you on the head so hard your head will shoot out of your own asshole.

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>Against Doomguy

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Still what a kind soul. I should give him the Book of Lorgar. Maybe not even pulverize his very essence with my shoulder-mounted heavy bolter. Hopefully, he will find faith in the four. If not I'll just burn him at the stake(which probably won't kill him right?). ( =

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This was a productive image search

Needs a filename

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>Shitposters exit the threads, leaving only the productive anons

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>Chaos aren't invading realspace.
Why would Chaos want to invade real space? Realspace for them is like space for humans. It is an environment that is fundamentally different from their own, they cannot even safely exist there without a lot of preptime and shit that keeps them together. They are much more restricted in realspace, the laws of physics that do not exist in the warp are like chains, they are hugely disadvantageous for Chaos, it weakens them considerably.

Chaos doesn't want to invade realspace, they have no incentive to do so. Their only incentive is to keep realspace in constant war to feed on the powerful emotions that come from it. Invading real space would mean burning down your own food source, it is stupid and suicidal.

You are full of shit.

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"HE GONNA KILL US" said the lesser daemon

"I WILL SHOT AT HIM" said the soulgrinder and blew up the wall

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You won't be able to catch him. He'll punch out your ribcage and use your vaunted heavy bolter to murder the rest of your brothers.

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You know daemons invade real space all the time, right?

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He'll use it! Golee, where is he I will give it to him right now. He will be able to murder my kin with superiority above all. Fuck killing him. I haven't seen a single legionnaire use these since the Heresy it's been so long. YES, YES, YES!

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That's not Sylvania invading, the undead are just fleeing from Corvus.

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>Dabbing as you jump out of a window

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Doomguy is the second Death Star. He's bigger and he doesn't have the exhaust port.

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>Doomguy was the 2nd primarch
>RIP AND TEAR'd so much big E sent him into another universe out of fear
>Samus was the 11th
>Emps sent her off to fight the tyranids, hence why they're on the run

Last piece of the puzzle remains, how do we fit Megaman into this

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Going a bit off topic, but that image is from "Event Horizon", correct?

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You do realise that 40k already has their own Doomguys. The Primarchs.

What's more badass than Doomguy? 20 Doomguys fighting each other along with their armies of Doomguy "clones".

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Destroyed dealing with the Iron Men, who were lead by Wily and Protoman.

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No. It's from Hellraiser.

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>"no john, you are the chaos"
>and then john was a daemon

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Slannesh's favourite movies

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Funny how the Doomguy has now transformed into the Doomslayer, who for all intents and purposes IS a demon inhabiting UAC Space Marine armour.

It's pretty clear. Bound inside a stone slab in Hell, stuck there for who knows how many years, with no food, no water, no oxygen. Doomguy stopped being human ages ago.

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Warp exposure and hella willpower will do that to you. He at least looks human, we can see that in the waking up scene.

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He got supercharged by angels at one point, which might have made him immortal.

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>It's not that he's so badass that he can't guys. It's that he's a perpetual that retains the memories of his past lives, so every time he gets killed he just wakes back up and starts killing again.

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>Doomguy "clones"

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Adeptus Astartes.

Also, don't fucking say Quakeguys. Say Rangers.

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Two shoulders, only one bolter?

WTF you doin man?

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Doomguy is what's in the box on Titan.

>May your thirst for retribution never quench, may the blood on your sword never dry, and may we never need you again.
>Corrax Entry 7:17

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Can I get a sauce on that nuclear wasteland one?
My image search failed.

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>Spaces Marines are bunny-jumping to the enemy while saying "HUH" by each step .
Thanks for the mental images.

Now I have the urge to write a Quake/40K fanfic. Reading some awful Doom/40K ones are not helping.

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Well, the whole of Quake (1) can be pretty much seen as the last survivor of a Space Marine strike team desperately fighting through hordes of cultists in order to close a Chaos Gate.


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Oh boy, here I go killing again.

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>Ranger was the only survivor of an AdMech attempt to make a humie webway gate. He somehow perma-killed a Undivided Daemon.
>Bitterman, Grunt, Mayor and Kane were dealing with a uprising of living servitors in the same planet where the incident with Slipgate happened. Bitterman and Kane got transformed in the process.
>The Eternal Arena is somewhere in the Warp and the Vadrigar capture the warriors not owned by any of the different Gods. They are still pissed at Khorne for getting Tuska before them.

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He has soaked in demon gore for so long that there's probably not much of man left in him, besides the burning thirst for vengeance.

Which is why the best hell could do was sacrifice all their strongest just to distract doomguy long enough to magically trap him and drop a temple on him, and that only worked till the newest game.

They even changed their pentagram symbol thing for hell to include an image of doomguy. He is what demons have nightmares about.

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Where would Turok fit into 40k?

At first he seems like your average catachan but with the shit he goes through he has to be something special.

A perpetual on catachan, where every time he dies he learns from it and is driven to survive even more bullshit?

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Something like this?

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Hellraiser is literally Dark Eldar and 4th edition FB chaos.

In the 4th movie hellraiser actually goes to space.

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Story of Archaon the Everchosen in two lines.

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wouldn't it be
>"no john, you are the daemons"
>and then john was a necron

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dark angels scout

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If memory serves, Turok is a title that's passed down from warrior to warrior, so it's not the same guy every time. Hell, in Turok 3, there wasn't even a real Turok, since Joshua dies at the beginning.

Having said that, I've always wondered why Tal'Set is considered the most powerful Turok. The biggest bad he put down was the Campaigner. Joshua took down the fucking Primagen, and two not-Turok relatives destroyed Oblivion.

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Why not both?

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My headcanon just decided that Hellraiser and Event Horizon happen in the same universe.

Which means Hellraiser happens in 40K now.

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Im a 40kfag and those assholes ruined everything about 40k lore for me

>> No.50949757

Don't they just mimic everything perfectly anyway? How would you know if they were taking over?

>> No.50949777

>Which means Hellraiser happens in 40K now
erm, dark eldar?

>> No.50949925

They mimic abilities and intelligence, but in many instances just alter their creation anyway for whatever reason - see Zombies and a bigger deadlier Ridley X. They also quickly developed the ability to organically interface with data transmitters, collect an upgrade meant for Samus and gained its power, which is all kinds of fucked. And they all move with unified goals: they literally tried to blow up the station they were on to eliminate Samus alone, because X on SR388 would then conquer the now-metroidless galaxy without obstacle.

Really it's too bad they ended all the X with Fusion, because the X parasites are just this titanic level of threat to galactic civilization that would be worthwhile sequel material.

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Just cause they dress in bondage gear doesn't make them Dark Eldar, when they're quite clearly daemons.

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This thread has made me want to do a cyberdemon conversion for my Iron Warriors. What models do y'all think would be good parts fodder?

>> No.50951369

>ITT: Manchildren wank to their respective fandoms in a smellier, fatter and generally more disturbing parody of the common "my dad could beat up your dad" argument heard in most playgrounds.

>> No.50951456

Maybe a bloodthirster as a base, with a plasma cannon for the arm?

>> No.50951552

Knowing the feds, I wouldn't be surprised if they had the surgical equipment used on Samus & the protective gear the surgeons wore.

>> No.50951689

It's not "My dad can beat up your dad" when my dad is Doomguy and yours is a sales accountant.

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File: 357 KB, 816x1200, sc_metroid_v02_ch0100.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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this fool's arm is the nastiest looking thing I've ever seen

>> No.50951883

Honestly I'll never like that shit because of how stupid the aesthetics look. It feels like it's marketed towards the preteen, sexually confused boy who listens to the most metal music his mother allows.

>> No.50951916

Oh he has an exhaust port it's just a much tighter fit

>> No.50951954

Imagine what the baby Death Star would look like.

>> No.50951980

welcome to 90's comic book art

>> No.50952063

>The Chaos space Marine was found dead later that day, having choked to death from the hundreds of Bolter Rounds that had been shoved up his ass.


>> No.50952066

Is there porn of them fucking yet?

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File: 452 KB, 631x344, But no porn with him and Samus.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's porn of them holding hands >>50948469, there's porn of Doomguy fucking his BFG, but no porn of Doomguy and Samus fucking. This is sad, internet. They're perfect for each other. It's a match made in Hell.

Maybe Hell and the space pirates are actively trying to prevent them from meeting while Cupid (Or Pit) tries to bring them closer.

Why has nobody made a Brutal Legend version of the "That's brutal" meme?

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who can say?

>> No.50952289

Oh, and this was actually brought up in the same thread (by me, I think, or maybe I was just helping) that made the hand-holding picture you see now it was a /tg/ thread. Suck on it, /v/. It's sad, really.

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Link to the full version?

>> No.50952356

Wait wait wait, is that BFG Raifu?

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File: 854 KB, 782x1102, __bfg_9000_doom_game_drawn_by_monorus__1fc290f7c08cbbd31d3c4be94bb764d1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look up bfg_9000 on Danbooru, you'll find it easy. Not like there are eighteen petabytes worth of Doom porn.

Yes. Doomguy is literally fucking his BFG. It's the classic one too.

>> No.50952393

Doomguy and/or Samus are always, I repeat, ALWAYS a valid subject matter, on any board, ever. Just try telling them otherwise.

>> No.50952409

>gun waifus
I am honestly surprised it took this long for me to hear of this

Gotta wonder, are there any Waifu versions of other guns, like the M1 Garand or Moist Nugget?

>> No.50952420

>not being a broken hermit somewhere after leaving his people to die

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>Gotta wonder, are there any Waifu versions of other guns, like the M1 Garand or Moist Nugget?
Upotte! Go watch it. Now!

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Destroy it yourself.
Samus and Doomguy love animals.
Samus brings her boyfriend everywhere.
They're both in comics
Samus and Doomguy fight supernatural horrors together.

>Gotta wonder, are there any Waifu versions of other guns, like the M1 Garand or Moist Nugget?
Look up Upotte! I'm sure they'll come up.

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Why did I ask?
What horror have I come across?

Fuck this, Inna go watch something more wholesome, like Revolutionary Girl Items, or something's that wont make me feel uncomfortable whenever I look at an AR15 from now on

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>> No.50952552

Garand, yes, not sure about the Nugget.
The Thompson is a busty sensei.

>> No.50952563

I hate my phone

>> No.50952594

Don't worry it's not really lewd, except for maybe one scene... Unlike some of the derivative works >>>/h/4440482

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Isn't this the same anime with that one creepy elf that I see gifs of all the time?

>> No.50952639


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You mean happy elf?

>> No.50952658
File: 368 KB, 960x540, really turned on elf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finnish lesbian elf yes

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>What models do y'all think would be good parts fodder?

The Cyberdemon model by Reaper.

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File: 23 KB, 240x319, Samus_in_her_Zero_Suit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ass you say?

>> No.50953645


Tal'set is the OG protag from the comics dating back to the 50's, and is apparently the only Turok skilled enough and accomplished enough to retire from a job whose occupants die long before they even consider settling down.

>> No.50953901

The girl was Turok in that one.

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File: 27 KB, 472x464, descargar-shadowman-pc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Legion might be a daemon of Tzeentch, but what does this make the Shadowmen?

>> No.50955142

Even so, I think in terms of actual accomplishments, Joshua was the better Turok. If he didn't an hero himself to save Danielle and whats-his-face he'd have probably been the one to stop Oblivion, and would have probably had a bit of an easier time.

He'd have an even easier time if he had access to all of the same weapons from Turok 2. Easily the most powerful arsenal of any Turok game.

Firestorm Cannon for life.

>> No.50955188

There's generally only one guy who's ever serious about it, and he's really easy to spot because he throws the same autistic bitchfit every time

>> No.50955654

>He's no problem, I just shoot him!
>He killed 6 of your gods
>Then I shoot him a lot!
That's kind of a retarded response, but it's also the same kind of response Doomguy would have so now I'm not sure.

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File: 49 KB, 500x375, tumblr_mhfy2gkq2J1s2j7imo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The tyranids aren't invading. they're fleeing Samus
Why did the Chozo even develop "turn into a ball" technology?

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File: 64 KB, 1087x649, saNRx6b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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There are currently 5 Mega Men playing absolute hell with the Necrons.

>Mega Man kicked the Silent King out of the galaxy
>Mega Man X is the reason Imotekh never kills anyone personally
>MegaMan.exe AKA the virus keeping the Necrons from fully uniting
>Mega Man Geo has the Celestial Orrery and won't give it back
>Mega Man Volnutt is trapped digging up Tomb Worlds and won't ever be fucking rescued

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If you believe concept art, turning into a ball is just a thing some Chozo can do naturally. Along with super jumps and the shinespark. THE SHINESPARK.

>> No.50955858

So Samus's suit and gene-modding by the Chozo isn't so much a super soldier project as much as giving a handicapped person some prosthetics.

>> No.50955903

M8, Amberly was pretty clearly based in part of Samus.

>> No.50955936

Doomguy can only kill so many daemons at once. The question is, does his kill-per-hour out weigh natural growth of demon population?

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So I heard you guys were talking about OP stuff transported in to 40k. Thought I drop by and build a metal extractor or two on some backwater planet.

>> No.50955951

Shut up and lose already so you can implode the galaxy or something.

>> No.50955965

If we are generous and say that Doomguy is killing one demon every second, in one hundred years he will have killed ~3.15 billion demons. While impressive as fuck, that does not sound like extinction to me.

>> No.50956267

Thing is he's not killing them randomly, he's going to the production centers and leadership. Which means they're sending their armies directly at him. Demons in general might survive but everything that's in power will not.

>> No.50956433


That is... amHUHzing.

>> No.50956450

IIRC demons in hell are infinite. Hence why the UAC wants Argent Energy. It's infinite energy coming from infinite demons.

Doomguy might be unkillable, but Doomguy cannot possibly kill an infinite amount of demons.

>> No.50956474

>Doomguy cannot possibly kill an infinite amount of demons.

What if we clone him 9 times?

>> No.50956500

In the grim darkness of the far future, there are no heroes left in man?

>> No.50956659

Have you ever played a slaughterwad, mate

>> No.50956676

No, that's going too far. One doomguy needed the combined forces of hell to slow him down, two doomguy's would make hell literal hell for the demons themselfs. Third doomguy is when some serious warp safety mechanism-fuckery kicks in and a new hell is created in order to avoid multi-dimensional implosion. This new hell is where the demons go when they die.

Fourth doomguy is in that new hell.
The demons can't even wish for death without doomguy waiting on the other side.

>> No.50956709
File: 84 KB, 250x188, 250px-PFUB2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I liked ddom guy more back when he was juts a marine seeking to avenge Daisy instead of mythical force of destruction.

>> No.50956724
File: 136 KB, 588x722, latest[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


40k already has a doomguy.

Really, if the whole "chaos problem" gets to be too much just send Kais into the immaterium and call it a day.

>> No.50956734

It doesn't matter how many demons Doomguy kills, the amount of death and carnage that Doomguy can cause is finite. Doomguy cannot kill infinite demons, because there are always infinite more demons for Doomguy to kill.

Are you faggots retarded or do you not understand the mathematical concept of infinity?

You cannot subtract from an infinity, because an infinity is... infinite. You cannot lessen its value, you can only make it larger.

>> No.50956738

Pretty sure that guy is strapped to a slab kept under complete sedation until eventually the Ethereals give the order to just drop him in a chamber filled with boiling plasma.

>> No.50956739

Being the former makes him become the latter, as the demons do a head count after Doom 1 and 2.

>> No.50956763
File: 58 KB, 581x590, ShasoKais[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


He showed up in DoW2 multiplayer in a crisis suit.

>> No.50956792

No, he didn't, you moron. And That's DoW 1 DC.

Shas'O Kais was a commander during the Damocles Crusade. He as frozen alongside his sister-student Shadowsun after the Damocles Crusade finished and was let out later.

La'Kais, the hero of both the novel and game, was born 200+ years after the Damocles Crusade. The events of the game/novel were his first day on the job.

>> No.50956934

I like to imagine the X had used escape pods in hopes
some person would recover the pods eventually.

Imagine if the Feds rock up and recover a few escape pods and the X take over the federation ships?

>> No.50957188

You sound like a cerebral bore.

>> No.50957199

I don't think they were being serous

>> No.50957651
File: 9 KB, 228x250, 1464895251768s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You cannot subtract from an infinity, because an infinity is... infinite. You cannot lessen its value, you can only make it larger.
Fucking watch him faggot

>> No.50957703

Ah yes, the "Muh Primarchs" and "Muh Flashstep" guy.
That motherfucker.
What a tool.

>> No.50957770


>> No.50958171

Given how much more advanced the Chozo are, basically yes. They even gave her some of their DNA.

>> No.50958199
File: 28 KB, 460x276, 5sbcjegEv1rk4kk5o5_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>3 shots a minute in all conditions

>> No.50958364

It's obvious, isn't it? Sex no longer has visceral meaning for the likes of Doomguy or Samus. No, their exhilarating release, intimate bonding physical activity is sharing in the genocide of threats to their galaxy and realm.

>> No.50958388

The relevant value isn't "demons on hell", H it's "demons which have crossed over to cause trouble in our world", W.

If an infinity of demons crossed over all at once, we'd be fucked. But there's a bottleneck. Even if H->infinity and W >infinity, they can have different rates of change depending on how big the bottleneck is. Putting 1 Doomguy guarding breaches between worlds slows the rate of change quite effectively, but mine Doomguy might slow the rate to infinitesimal growth, relative to the lifespan of a typical human. That's how you fight infinity: you slow its growth and let everyone else be content with finite demon free lives. Mars and Earth will be dust by the time 9 Doomguys let a demon slip through.

>> No.50958430

The Prime trilogy portrays it as becoming molecular soup inside a sphere, but still being aware of surroundings, utilising something like sonar. I wonder if the advantages were entirely just mobility in small spaces. The Chozo were pretty tall right?

I also wonder if Samus was more capable of teleportation through the temples and portals on Aether because of this kind of Morph Ball affinity? I think some logs mentioned it took the Pirates a fuckton of power just to use them, but it does sound like something that'd have come up before now.

>> No.50958493
File: 125 KB, 1193x669, samus_vs_endbringers_by_imskeptical-d8vadoc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Many Chozo devices appear to be designed to be operated by bombs/morph balls, maybe the Pirates lost a lot of power efficiency adapting their tech to the Chozo's.

>> No.50958620

Orks aren't looking for a WAAAGH!, they are running from peace, because their entire society would deteriorate into meaningless infighting and slaugher if they had no common enemy.

>> No.50958677
File: 12 KB, 230x219, Sergeantpaddy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not wielding a Nochidermus pattern rifle

>> No.50959098

>implying orks fight for anything other than love of the fight
>implying orks are capable of that kind of high-level, long-term thinking
Typical humie thinkin/10

>> No.50959154

>Doomguy is green
>Doomguy is fighty
>Doomguy is killy
I feel like he would make just as good of a WAAAGH! leader as the Hulk. Maybe better.

>> No.50959980

>Da Hulk
>Bein as ded killy as Doomguy
0 outta 10, youz a squig-brained grot

>> No.50959994

Yeah, everyone knows the Hulk only kills buildings.

>> No.50960343

Ev'ry grot's 'erd uf Warboss Doomkilla. 'E's so tuff Gork 'n Mork fink 'e's 'ard. 'E's so killy da Kaos gitz run 'n 'ide frum 'im. 'E's so fast da spikey panzies don even botha troi'n. 'E's so kunnin dat da prissy panzies look dum. 'E's so shooty dat da bloo panzies wish dey 'ad dat much dakka. 'E's so choppy da big 'umies don know wut ta do wif 'im.

Warboss Doomkilla's da orkiest fing evah! And 'e's a 'umie!

>> No.50960666

One every second? Have you heard of the BFG?

>> No.50960708

If demons are infinite, why do they make former humans and zombie sarges instead of throwing more imps at whatever problem they have?

Sure, icon of sin can make more, but there's only one of him, and he can't make infinite demons all at once, but over time. Also, doomguy killed him. Supposedly it was satan, but they retconned it later to like satan's buddy or something.

>> No.50961072

>If demons are infinite, why do they make former humans and zombie sarges instead of throwing more imps at whatever problem they have?

Because zombies are cool.

>Sure, icon of sin can make more, but there's only one of him, and he can't make infinite demons all at once, but over time. Also, doomguy killed him. Supposedly it was satan, but they retconned it later to like satan's buddy or something.

Demons aren't made. They just are. They are infinite. That's all there is to know.

>> No.50961147

If demons are infinite, then is hell infinite?

My understanding of the deep doom lore is that hell's not infinite, just multidimensional, so there's an infinite amount of hells, just not infinite demons in each hell. Someone said that this was a way of canonising all the wads people made, and that every doomguy is actually the same one just killing a slightly different hell every time the game's played. It makes more sense than having just one hell, since if there were infinite demons in the one hell, the hell would either be infinite meaning presumably it'd be impossible to get around or just so full of demons that they'd all be crushed to death by each other

Presumably that means there's also an infinite number of not hells, or where we live, but there's only one doomguy.

Also, that doomguy's great grandfather is the guy from wolfenstein. Or he's just the emperor again.

>> No.50961156


No. They outright said that's how the demons explain him being so fucking outrageously badass. It's the only thing they can comprehend making him insanely deadly to them.

At the same time the humans go 'he's a demon' because thats their comprehension of his feats since how the fuck does a normal earth marine butcher his way through Hell when a handful of demons wiped out Mars base and Phobos?

DooM 4 was pretty obscure on what his reason for being an outright rape engine was. The robot guy at the end was just convinced he was a rage elemental that couldn't be stopped hence why it portaled him away so he couldn't return without help.

Doomguy is just ANGRY. The new game just super charged him from being a badass soldier into being a badass with Halo armour at the behest of the defacto leader of humanity's future.

>> No.50961596

Pretty sure that all WADs are just tiny fragments of Hell as a whole.

>> No.50961608

Of course Hell is infinite. Infinite space, infinite energy to be tapped.

If Hell wasn't infinite, there wouldn't be a reason to tap some finite resource from Hell. It wouldn't be worth the risk.

>> No.50961722

It wasn't actually an infinite source of energy, all of the "hell energy" was just Wraith energy from Argent D'Nur. It wasn't infinite it was just so much more than they could ever hope to process at the time.

>> No.50962718
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