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Show me your playgroup Edition


>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck’s strategy and card choices.

>Another resource for commander discussion; they have an entire forum dedicated to discussing decks. People often make primers, which go into detail about how they built and play their deck.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commander’s color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

>Thread Topic:
Just how good/cancerous is your playgroup? Do you wish you had another or are you fine in the one you're in?

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1st for What's the most fun commander you have ever built?

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>Just how good/cancerous is your playgroup? Do you wish you had another or are you fine in the one you're in?
they are ok. me and my buddy who have been playing magic for forever and 2 guys who just started playing this year. i wish i had another play group with people who were willing to spend more money on it, it gets a little boring playing against budget decks that never really get anything good in them

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Not explicitly commander related but can you specify a specific basic land art on tapped out or just the set.

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>Show me your playgroup Edition

>Just how good/cancerous is your playgroup?
The best guy left a few months ago. The rest are 2 wanna be spikes and a piece of shit whos decks are cheap and dont interact with the board at all. I basically spend all my time removing threats. I hate it now.

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That's a matter of opinion but I think my playgroup really likes the "romance of the three kingdoms" decks I made for us to use. Personal favorite out of those Comes down between Lubu and Lady Zhurong...and I'm not sure if I could choose between them because they are both super fun to play in their own way.

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>looks at image

I'd rather spend time playing MTG instead of having to do homework for you Anon.

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Alright, I'll bite.

>Just how good/cancerous is your playgroup? Do you wish you had another or are you fine in the one you're in?

They're all terrible players, but my LGS only has turbo-tryhard spikes, so they're the best I've got.

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r8 my Phenax bullshit, thanks. If anything obvious looks like it's missing, it's probably because of budget reasons.

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what's the best artifact recursion for grixis colors? even returning it to my library will work

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Look at some Breya decks on tapped out. They run some good stuff.

Also, Trading Post.

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Braids seamonster deck is my favorite deck on a budget (I got omniscience in a draft)


My Phage deck is the most fun because I splurged to get the deck in order


I have to say that Braids is the most satisfying general to win games with because nobody expects you to shit out massive seamonsters and ruin their day

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12th for discord circlejerk


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>T1 Trinisphere
>T2 Lodestone Golem
I am not a nice man

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1st for all I want for Christmas is for Braids, Cabal Minion to be legal in group EDH.

And come January it still won't be.

Someone hold me.

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I'm sure you could find a group that'll allow banned cards.

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Make a case with your playgroup to allow banned cards.

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I like wort,bogart auntie

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Yeah I can allow braids in EDH.

But not as your commander. Fuck that.

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That feel when half your cards are somewhere else and you didn't pay attention to the legendaries you had

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That Braids deck looks real fun.

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yea boi

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Time for that guy story

>Be only blue player at the table
>two combo decks and a vampire player opponents
>durdle about with bouncing a etb tapped land from the nekusar player until i draw into a counter to stop his wheels with venser and riptide lab
>vampire player tries to strip mine my riptide
>stifle it
>he proceeds to then throw all his removal and swing at me every turn he gets
>tell him he should worry about combo players
>he says i'm being obnoxious by telling him what to target and that i'm the person at the table preventing him from playing cards, mind you the only counter i used on him was stifling an effect targeting my land
>use removal on his shit
>combo player combos off and kills vampire player

Dipshits with terrible threat analysis just astound me. Did he legitimately not know that Scion and Nekusar are combo decks or was he that much of a troglodyte to see red when I didn't let him pop my lands?

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It's tricky to pull off but I think you can do it.

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How was your Christmas lads? I hope yours was splendid.

I pulled a Masterpiece Painter's Servant from one of the packs my bro got me, so that was nice. Too bad it's not EDH legal though.

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tunnel vision is a hell of a thing, anon. People get weird when you fuck with their shit

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Sup dudes, filthy casual here looking for some help.

I run a stock standard Open Hostility deck, and for Christmas my roommate gave me a bunch of his spares so I could fix it up. Problem is, I have no idea what to get rid of. Help please? Here's what he gave me:

Elvish Mystic
Llanowar Wastes
Primal Wastes
Karmic Guide
Swords to Plowshares
Martial Coup (shiny)
Ruric Thar, the Unbowed
Overwhelming Stampede
Rakdos Charm
Purphoros, god of the forge
Hammer of Purphoros
Ob Nixilis, Unshackled
Night's Whisper
Animate Undead

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some people don't have good situational awareness all it takes is for combo decks to push their shit in for them to learn.

The smart person at my table targeted me when I was playing my Saffi deck and everybody else was durdling around.

Then I combod Saffi, sun titan and milled everybody out. your guy sounds inexperienced.

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Sorry, I meant Primal Rage, not Primal Wastes

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No contest

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What is this? Daretti, Ragnar, Kami of the asscrack, Chandra, Isamaru? Can't figure ot the girl with glasses (unless it's Jaya Ballard) and the blue chick with white hair.

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Can anyone tell me of other cards games which require/support 3-4 players?

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I'll share one as well

>5 man game
>that guy is playing a precon Kalemne
>plays a boardwipe, think it was earthquake, with only 3 creatures out and on turn 4 of all things
>later in the game everyone has an established board besides him
>his turn comes and he plays fumiko ehile controlling only fumiko
>everyone else doesn't want to lose their creatures since we're all pretty much even so they swing at kalemne guy
>he gets pissy and claims everyone is picking on him

I could go on about that guy but that's the most recent game involving him

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My friend made me a Naya deck for Christmas with the partners. I haven't played it yet but I think it looks pretty nice.

>Show me your playgroup
I'm green/[other] though frequently mono green, mostly just a timmy.

My friend's mainly green too but he branches out a lot more often.

Most of the rest of the people in our playgroup are some flavor of control.

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This doesn't even sound bad. What gives?

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>overhear argument between local That Guy and someone he's playing EDH with
>That Guy claims that Possibility Storm is a really fun spell
>When asked why he's running it in his deck, he says 'because it's fun!'
>He's running 'upgraded' Yidris
>From playing with him prior, I know he's also running Knowledge Pool

Why do people find removing all strategy from the game fun?

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>last thread, people said slow duals are good in EDH
>other threads, people have said slow duals are trash


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Careful now, one of the resident autists with his tier chart will call you a faggot for implying that chaos isn't the pinnacle of EDH.

I think they do it because they're bad and chaos gives them an excuse not to win. Same with kingmaker group hug players.

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People like him are playing a different game than everyone else sitting at the table.

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Anyone else really wish they'd make a ninja commander that can ninjistsu from the command zone?

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New to commander, are all decks supposed to feel like half the turns you aren't doing anything or is my deck just bad?

>> No.50880441

Depends on the deck. Does it require alot of colors? Is it a fast or a controlling deck? You can figure this out for yourself.

>> No.50880470

The first two turns aren't generally too important in an EDH game, and past your first two land drops it's functionally an old dual, so...

Pls print me B/G slowland wizards

>> No.50880643

This is my first deck, can someone please take a look at it?


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Why no Koskun Falls?

>> No.50880803

What would you swap it out for? And if I'd go harder on the pillowforting, whoukdn't I put in sphere of safety as well?

>> No.50880816

Serra Ascendant, because it's a bullshit card that should've been banned in the format years ago and I'd punch you for playing it

>> No.50880822

But anon, otherwise it would just collect dust, it's not like it's playable in any other format.

Other cards I could swap out?

>> No.50880842

Cryptolith Fragment perhaps
>turn 1 baneslayer slayer because lol edh
Stay classy, white

>> No.50880914

The draining is really damn useful though. It never flips but when I get it out decently early it often does 10 damage around the table. I mostly play 4 and 5 player games, so it does tons and tons of work.

Not to mention that using magister sphinx on myself when everyone is below 10 to style everyone to death is enormous disrespect, which makes my table salty as hell.

I realize that I sound like "help me edhg, what should I swap? Oh not that one though, that one is good" but both of these cards have proven themselves very well.

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Fumiko forces people to attack.

If they attacked each other, they would lose their creatures. So they attacked the guy with Fumiko, and he got mad.

He was just bad at explaining it.

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Possibility Storm and Knowledge Pool are really fucking annoying, but they do not remove all strategy from the game at all, they just change it up.

I win pretty much every game someone casts a Possibility Storm as I start repeat casting creatures until I hit Teferi.

>> No.50881136

spoken like a true level 1

>> No.50881381

>The Meathead's hair

>> No.50881440

I'm making a「Scary Monsters」deck, I'll probably have Saskia as my general.
Recommend me some super creeps.

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>> No.50881619

Dude, this Braids deck looks really cool.
Is it good? Do you manage to win often?

>> No.50881809

What are some good beaters for yidris?

>> No.50881827

that looks like a fun play group, kinda jelly

>> No.50881830

Consuming Aberration and Lightning Reaver

>> No.50881849

fast duels only matter on turn 1 or 2 and even then the chances of you actually putting them to use is next to nothing most of the time unless you run really low on the curve. if you just happen to have fast duels from other formats or more money than sense use them but if not you wont really notice a difference. its not like anyone even really does anything in edh for the first like 5 turns anyway

>> No.50881905


Add Blind Obedience for the Extort triggers.

>> No.50881926

Swapped for what?
For authority of the consuls?

>> No.50881972

Marches-anon here from a few days ago.
Initial draft of (probably) a shitty deck looking for feedback and advice.
Thanks all!
Deck: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/queen-marchesa-v10-1/

>> No.50881998

>lightning reaver
Holy hell that's cool af, thanks

>> No.50882023

I think Knowledge Pool is fun to shoot instants in to flash creatures, I'll ask the shop when I finish the deck

>> No.50882058

Don't you have another meme chart to design to justify your awfulness?

>> No.50882136

It depends on the style of deck you run. If you've stacked your deck with answers and want to be prepared for any attacks, it would fit the bill. Kruphix is sort of like that. Play defense until you've banked enough mana to pop off.

>> No.50882226

>there are people in this thread that not only take the chart seriously but are still butthurt from the last thread when it was jokingly posted

Good lord you people are sad.

>> No.50882234

Actually it's more like my deck is half pillowfort/O-ring enchantments for 3-5 mana. I just don't know what cheaper options for a similar effect I should include (Zedruu)

>> No.50882285

I have tasigur, is it that great? I also have yasova dragonclaw but I love my wife

>> No.50882319

this took me like 30 minutes to make in MS paint

holy fuck im bored

>> No.50882325

I have a few suggestions for pillowforting in those colors if you'd like to hear. Even in aggro decks, I think a solid defense is a valuable part of long term games. Look into crawlspace, ghostly prison, norn's annex, propaganda, collective restraint, dissipation field, and aurification. Do you have a deck list? What are some of your win cons?

>> No.50882388

Do you have any tips for Bruna? I've had one that I've been meaning to rebuild for a while. It's always been inconsistent so I took it out of service.

>> No.50882450

Haven't transferred my decklist to computer yet, but I use Ghostly prison and Propaganda.

I'm still working on getting good wincons, but presently Laboratory Maniac (w/ Thought Lash), Felidar Sovereign (which never works and I'll probably replace him), Words of War, Transcendence in a pinch, Shared Fate, and some stealing/chaos effects like Thieves Auction.

>> No.50882496

i basically just stuff the deck witha bunch of board wipes, self milling cards, tutors, and aura. the rest of it is pretty much just some spot removal and low drop creatures that get value from enchantments. everyone know that if i get attacked ill just board wipe so they stay away from me most of the time. the whole idea is to get your auras anywhere but in your library and try to make sure you get indestructible and an unblockable enchantment out. eldrazi conscription is basically your game ender and that one blue enchantment that give you infect

>> No.50882591

>Show me your playgroup
I'm not filling out the summary for each deck and all that shit.

We also have the 20 Infect Rule but thats our only houserule.

>> No.50882658


>> No.50882693

I really like stealing effects in a deck like that. It gives you more options for political play. For example, you'll be able to ally yourself with someone by giving him a permanent you stole from the threat on the board. I'd take out Felidar Sovereign unless you have intense life gain. It paint a target on you, and most people consider a win with cards like that aren't 'true' victories. Are you playing group hug? If not, I'd replace Shared Fate with Rhystic Study. It gives you better draw power for cheaper and doesn't help your opponents. How does the deck stand when it comes down to the final two? Pillow forting is great, but it'll be hard to pull out a win if you deck doesn't have any teeth to it.

>> No.50882694

>Self proclaimed only spike player in group
>Only plays blue decks

Checks out, how much fun does everyone else have?

>> No.50882812

Probably not very many since the infect house rule seems to specifically benefit his matchup against Atraxa.

>> No.50882842

Why do people like you even bother with EDH?

>> No.50882946

thanks senpai!
I do! I play it more casually and I have cards like timesifter in there in case people are running goodstuff decks. people don't try to kill you because braids allows them to play a card or two for free. You combo Great whale, capsize, extraplanar lens, and Mind's Desire and shit out your entire deck on the board/gain infinite life with kraken's eye. You are welcome to give it a try, it doesn't break the bank.

>> No.50882991

>there are people in this thread who take anything against them seriously, but insist everything they do is all for larks


>> No.50883014

Gitrog or Rasputin. Gitrog, because it's basically a hermit Druid deck where my Druid is in the command zone + dredge is insanely busted. Rasputin, because it's draw-go control/permission that finishes with an eleborate yet elegant combo.

>> No.50883038

But you're my kind of man. Prison and taxes are the best way to bend a group to your will.

>> No.50883074

This is probably the closest you could get to 「Scary Monsters」

>> No.50883082

what chart?

>> No.50883084

My mom wanted me to tell my "online commander friends" that she's a part of the "club" too.

She bought a precon, mat, dice, sleeves, box, dice bag, etc.

She's practiced for quite awhile and has been borrowing my decks to play with my brother and i, (and our friends!).
She's going to try to get my dad into it too,
should I be worried?

She's playing gisela in place of kalemne.

>> No.50883117

thats pretty cool anon, i wish my parents would give it a shot instead of telling me to stop wasting money on "stupid card games" even though i make more money than both of them combined

>> No.50883121

Your mom has godlike tastes, encourage the fuck out of this anon.

>> No.50883123

be worried, you know thats how parents stop their daughters from being sluts and twerking
Instead of condemning what is cool and putting an end to it, they choose to engage in what is "cool"
By engaging in that behavior their children get burned out and then their parents don't have to worry about unplanned pregnancies
Just be aware that your mother may be trying to engage in this game in order to get you to go outside more.
But if you are aware of the method, it doesn't work so well

>> No.50883142

also your mom is hot, would bang and be your new daddy

>> No.50883180

Would play against

>> No.50883185

Gentlemen, question for you. When "Crowning" a deck what do you do for cards that either do not have a foil or a foil is simply not available (I.E. you can't seem to find it anywhere).

>> No.50883220

Use the coolest sleeves you have, get foreign versions if you're into that and get the version of that card with the best artwork if you don't already have it.

>> No.50883223

One of two things:
>high quality full proxy
>most expensive and nicest version you can find.

Can't get a foil version of an old card? Get the NM alpha version. Oh it's $450? I'm sorry, I thought we were pimping our decks not playing the sand box in our new dresses.

>> No.50883298

haha, yeah fair nuff. I ask this question because last night I decided I was going to Crown my Lu Bu deck after seeing that all 5 of the swords are going to get masterworks now and wanting an excuse to get them. My concern is that things like Masterwork of ingenuity and Lu bu himself don't have foils

>> No.50883315

Lu Bu does have a nice Prerelease version though, which I have and use So I figured that counted.

>> No.50883435

Shared Fate is in my experience fucking amazing in Zedruu. Screws up enemy strategies and allows me to steal enemy wincons for myself. I need to refine my manabase to support it better though, less "regular" dual/triple lands and more City of Brass shit. Plus if they decide to take permanents from my deck, they only give me more Zedruu brownie points.
>How does the deck stand when it comes down to the final two?
Very badly. It's mostly a slugfest of an unarmed pillowfort vs. an enemy slowly whittling me down.

>> No.50883454

Not gonna lie, super tempted to give it a whirl. Might nab some of the stuff from my half built Sun Quan and see how it rolls with a few clone effects added in.

>> No.50883667

Mirin that braids deck senpai.

>> No.50883703

>new player that uses sleeves
She's already 2 years ahead of newbies in my group

>> No.50883708

Do you have this in the deck?

>> No.50883755

If nothing else I would for the sake of Brion throwing a WOLF IN A MECHSUIT at people.

>> No.50883765

Same, irks me to no end.

>> No.50883801

The best part of it is that she now may give you EDH-related gifts. And you will always have at least two other people to play with.

>> No.50883960


Luminarch Ascension

>> No.50884051

Not that guy, but I think making 4/4 angels whenever you want for 2 mana, is better than draining everyone for 2 and gaining some life for 2 mana.

>> No.50884298

Thanks, friend.
I was wondering what to build for my 2nd commander deck, and well, now I know!

>> No.50884454


So, remove Bloodchief Ascension?

>> No.50884511

There's a reason that it's 6 bucks, it's a very good drain card.

Honestly, blind obedience seems unnecessary just for the extort trigger.

>> No.50884540

Working on a Dimir Ninja tribal with Vela at the helm, anything special I should consider?

>> No.50884568

What's the point of putting wheel effects in Yidris decks? I really don't get it.

>> No.50884579

I wanna build a deck with all the crazy color hate stuff from way back when. What would be the best general for it?

>> No.50884610

no idea but that sounds like a cool idea

>> No.50884612

Rite of replication is a straight 30 life loss for your opponents if you kick it on Vela.
Also use lots of creatures with ETB effects but that's obvious (I personally love Nekrataal because you can have it deals First strike damages and then Ninjutsu it with a ninja and get the normal damages)

>> No.50884671

It's a chaotic play and fuel grave strategies and also gives draw for more spells to cascade.

>> No.50884720

Well okay, but that doesn't has much to do with the commander. You could as well just put in card draw.

>> No.50884739

I do run both. You can always play all card draw and drain effects like Psychosis Crawler. I like the wheels because I get to fuck around each player's hands and to use stuff like Nath.

>> No.50884751

It serves as cheap explosive card draw to keep your feed your engine resources while storming off.

>> No.50884783

Alright, makes sense.

>> No.50884785

>Possibility Storm is on the field
>The only strategy you have to get rid of it is to chuck spells until you randomly hit enchantment removal from the top of your library
>You can't plan around anything in your hand until it's off the table, because nothing in your hand will resolve

>> No.50884792

Yo what do you guys do when you run outta steam. I've done all i find fun in edh. Creature combo, birthing pod stuff, reanimator, graveyard recursion, I've done hard mono blue control and stax and I just cant find anything fun anymore...

I don't want to stop playing but I'm getting really bored

>> No.50884810

>keep your feed your engine
holy shit it's 3:30 in the afternoon why am I typing like it's 12 hours from now

>> No.50884977

take a break for a month or two

>> No.50885219

Mono blue aggro

>> No.50885247

Take a break or start borrowing other people's decks, new perspectives go a long way towards making the game fun. Hell, even tweaking an established concept goes a long way.
Take reanimator for example, what if you played it for value not combo or vice versa?

>> No.50885463

I just got off a break thats the thing that sucks

that sounds silly

If my group was large enough to borrow decks I would but its a pretty small scene. I've played all flavors of reanimator.

>> No.50885494

play other formats

>> No.50885559

That's cool anon. I wish you all happy family times! And gisela is one of my favorite commaders.

>> No.50885612

Shu Yun threaten tribal in a craw wurm meta!
"Traitorous Instinct your Darksteel Colossus, pay RR to give it double strike, swing?"

>> No.50885673

>that platinum angel

Forgive my slowness I've been with family these past 72 hours.

>> No.50885698

What are some good ramp spells for a yidris deck trying to get fatties on board?

>> No.50885700

Derevi, but it's an EoT ninjutsu instead of combat

>> No.50885738

Gisela. It's really fun doing 2x,4x, or 6x damage. I should really remake that edh someday.
The art is so good.

>> No.50886047

Thanks to the masterpieces, I learned that Defense Grid was a card that existed

That shit is going straight into Wydwen Flash.Dec

>> No.50886083

I usually seek out alternate/supplemental art.

>> No.50886101

Oh hey I had that same idea. I am gonna build it some day with Child of Alara at the helm so that the commander is hate too.

>> No.50886483

Is she single?

>> No.50886572

The best things in magic are silly.

>> No.50886684

The effect is symmetric.

>> No.50886748

Making a bestow deck would you wreck it?

>> No.50886794

wreck it meaning?
if by wreck it you mean take the deck apart probably yeah

>> No.50886823

>a bestow deck
Not for a 100-card singleton format.

>> No.50886871

There has been some chatter lately about Nath so I decided to take a crack at a possible Nath Elfball deck I may try in the future.

Any advice?

>> No.50887303

Narset build that doesn't abuse timewalk effects?

>> No.50887341

Mono R or Rx creature agro. Channel your inner Timmy! That's what I do when I get bored. IOr take a break from Magic altogether. I go binge on Diablo or Gears of War whenever I'm bored or there's no good sets coming out.

>> No.50887429

So if I have season of the witch and silent arbiter, then all creatures that didn't attack are destroyed but with propaganda or ghostly prison and season of the witch they don't right?

>> No.50887516

Anyone have a hatebears list for pic related?

>> No.50887652

Master of Cruelties.
58 other hatebears.
40 lands of your choosing.

Bam, done.

>> No.50887762

Sorry, no. While it's a cool idea, I prefer to have my deck functional. So far it's been really flexible and won several games pretty nicely.
Faith's Reward is definitely a gamechanger.

>> No.50887977

>No red
What's your excuse, boyo?

>> No.50888031

1x Atraxa, Praetor's Voice
1x Arcane Sanctum
1x Breeding Pool
1x Canopy Vista
1x Command Tower
1x Drowned Catacomb
1x Exotic Orchard
1x Flooded Strand
2x Forest
1x Glacial Fortress
1x Godless Shrine
1x Hallowed Fountain
1x Hinterland Harbor
1x Hissing Quagmire
1x Island
1x Isolated Chapel
1x Lumbering Falls
1x Opulent Palace
1x Overgrown Tomb
1x Plains
1x Polluted Delta
1x Prairie Stream
1x Reflecting Pool
1x Sandsteppe Citadel
1x Seaside Citadel
1x Shambling Vent
1x Stirring Wildwood
1x Sunken Hollow
1x Sunpetal Grove
1x Swamp
1x Temple Garden
1x Vivid Creek
1x Vivid Grove
1x Vivid Marsh
1x Vivid Meadow
1x Watery Grave
1x Windswept Heath
1x Woodland Cemetery
1x Ajani, Mentor of Heroes
1x Ajani Steadfast
1x Dovin Baan
1x Elspeth, Knight-Errant
1x Elspeth, Sun's Champion
1x Elspeth Tirel
1x Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury
1x Garruk, Apex Predator
1x Garruk Wildspeaker
1x Gideon Jura
1x Jace, Architect of Thought
1x Jace Beleren
1x Jace, Unraveler of Secrets
1x Kiora, the Crashing Wave
1x Liliana Vess
1x Narset Transcendent
1x Nissa, Vital Force
1x Ob Nixilis of the Black Oath
1x Ob Nixilis Reignited
1x Sorin, Grim Nemesis
1x Sorin, Lord of Innistrad
1x Tamiyo, Field Researcher
1x Tamiyo, the Moon Sage
1x Teferi, Temporal Archmage
1x Tezzeret the Seeker
1x Ugin, the Spirit Dragon
1x Venser, the Sojourner
1x Vraska the Unseen
1x Doubling Season
1x Humility
1x Oath of Gideon
1x Oath of Liliana
1x Oath of Nissa
1x Pernicious Deed
1x Austere Command
1x Bring to Light
1x Call the Gatewatch
1x Deploy the Gatewatch
1x Farseek
1x Nature's Lore
1x Regrowth
1x Savor the Moment
1x Skyshroud Claim
1x Temporal Mastery
1x Terminus
1x Tezzeret's Gambit
1x Wargate
1x Chromatic Lantern
1x Coalition Relic
1x Contagion Engine
1x Fellwar Stone
1x Nevinyrral's Disk
1x Prismatic Geoscope
1x Sol Ring
1x The Chain Veil
1x Brainstorm
1x Cyclonic Rift
1x Mystical Tutor
1x Nissa, Vastwood Seer
1x Peacekeeper
1x Spike Weaver

>> No.50888052

Stop posting forever, please.

>> No.50888073


So it's... Atraxa superfriends?

>> No.50888075 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 

Feel free to [spoiler/] FUCKING STOP

>> No.50888086


>> No.50888108

I hope you get a Heart Attack.

>> No.50888115

I tried making it more original. Don't want to be the guy playing a netdeck Atraxa list

>> No.50888156

Going subtle with the trolling there I see.

>> No.50888177

Is Vela ninjas fun? I was looking over the Planechase Anthology I got, and they look like tons of fun. I don't expect to win with them. Just drain a lot with Vela and move shit back and forth between my hand.

>> No.50888221

>group despises my nekusar deck and kills me any chance they get
>dismantle it due to the hate and build kaervek from the remains along with new some new additions to make it an eldrazi subtheme
>group claims its too powerful after I pull off the jank combo of chandra's ignition + basilisk collar + viscious shadows to win and I should be banned from playing kaervek

>> No.50888243

Sounds like a shit group. I fail to see how you are at fault here. I would bring the most disgusting stax list you can afford and make them cry for real

>> No.50888261

How about you show them some leovold fun ? :^)

>> No.50888311

Well you failed.

>> No.50888358

I'm working on the same thing. As an FYI, there are very few good leave the battlefield effects.
Thalakos Seer is the only one worth speaking of.
Also, Ambuscade Shaman is fun, since it gives all your Ninjas enough of a boost that they are more likely to survive instant speed burn.

>> No.50888394

>Thalakos Seer is the only one worth speaking of.

>> No.50888395

It took me a year to realize I like mana rocks. If you have things in hand that are too expensive to cast, gut your deck, put in mana producing artifacts, and then one at a time add back in those cards you like the best and play games to test in between.

>> No.50888401


Here you go, pal. In my experience, it can still get oppressive, but people can still have fun playing against it.

>> No.50888429

They were responding to me. I run mono or two color decks so its not as important for me. If you're running 3 or 4 color decks, good lands are a necessity.

You'll want at least 5 non basic lands you're really crazy about though. Most decks have like 8-15 non basic lands I guess.

>> No.50888460

Actually, probably should run more lands. Stuff like Crypt of Agadeem that will crank out mana mid-late game AND then more early ramp.

>> No.50888495

And you can play artifacts AND lands on the same turn, but you can only put out ONE land. Get to like 8 mana ASAP. That's my two cents anyway.

>> No.50888512

Using a few slow dual lands is ok. I usually limit it to only 1-2 of them, any of the just enters tapped and gain life ones. Or you could just get amulet of vigor and not give a shit about slow lands

Mono color nonbasics are vastly different from duals. Mono nonbasics usually have a utility to warrant playing

>> No.50888514

Given that you tack on 1-5 for the Ninjutsu cost, yeah, any CMC above three is a bit much.
You want cheap unblockables, and while Nevermaker does have some evasion, it's not really cheap enough to be repeatedly castable. But I focused on that aspect of Vela Ninjas, you do you.

>> No.50888603

Goddamn this took too long.

Not pictured:
Me: Yidris (mostly stock)
Trashman: Roon, Nekusar, Talrand, Newzuri
Diaperdick: Breya (mostly stock)

>> No.50888802

should've called it /soc/ edition

>> No.50889008

>possibility spell
>not an extremely powerful, disruptive spell in Ydris
You must be retarded.

>> No.50889010


>> No.50889100

I love this card, one of my "strongest" casual decks was this with Galepowder Mage and Venser.

>> No.50889141

It's still strategy.

You can look at your hand, think of which cards you are most likely to benefit from the most, and cast those spells.

Say you have 2 creatures in hand and only 3 more creatures in your deck. Then you are way more likely to control which one you hit than casting a random sorcery when you run 15.

I absolutely fucking hate possibility storm, but it doesn't remove all strategy. It just changes the approach.

>> No.50889256

i just dont find red fun to play in EDH. i have decks that have red in them but they generally take a back seat to the other colors because red isnt really that great out side a few cards imo

>> No.50889345

What a shit group. What do they even play?

>> No.50889346

>hey faggot, hope you like goblins

i dont know why this made me laugh

>> No.50889458


What you're missing is that the player who casts it can build his or her deck with the strategy of only or mostly running cards that are less hampered by possibility storm, and rely on the fact that most of his or her opponents will be using cards that require precision and are therefore ruined by possibility storm

>> No.50889475

Chaos performs best against combo. The only people that fervently dislike it are the ones whose decks it hoses most often.

>> No.50889502

>bitching about a White card

>> No.50889518

too many house rules for my, other than that it looks cool
comfy/10 you should buy the asian dude a precon
you seem like the type of player that would make me stop coming to the play group
honestly 10/10, would totally play with

>> No.50889552

>signature cards crypt and necro

Wow made me think

>> No.50889595


>> No.50889609

I opened a pack of Eternal Masters and pulled a Shardless Agent. Worth a slot in Edric? It's mostly just simic goodstuff.

>> No.50889666

kys tripfag

>> No.50889721

vintage memes edition

>> No.50889741

I'm stealing the idea of the guy with the three red commander

>> No.50889821

What else do you run besides aforementioned combo in it?

>> No.50889872

Ooze tribal

>> No.50889873

>Magical Christmas Cash Infusion letting me finish my artifact deck

>> No.50889878

It was a really bad deck

>> No.50889887

Alright, in hindsight I probably should have put myself down as Spike/Timmy. My endgames tend to be Timmy's wet dream, but the route there is full of Spike cards doing Spike shit.

>> No.50889904

>not buying 3D sex

>> No.50889920

You all look miserable to play against desu

>> No.50889938

my gimmicky Yasova deck, am I missing anything obvious before I order it?

>> No.50889942

Probably either Kaalia or the perennial "not actually a legendary" Ink-Treader Nephilim.

Ink-Treader's great because somehow nobody ever sees it coming the first time. It's by no means an optimized deck but people just let me durdle and cast Spawning Breath into Act of Treason and Sigil Blessing and stuff like that. Brightflame and Prophetic Bolt take ages to resolve but I try to be quick about it and they're so powerful with enough creatures on the battlefield. The deck basically runs on 2R Insurrections and U: Draw 30 cards. It's silly and swingy and very fun but it's definitely not an "every night" kind of deck.

>> No.50889947

>using partner commanders but not mixing colors


>> No.50889982 [SPOILER] 

Boros thuglife

[Spoiler]Xmas gift haul?[/spoiler]

>> No.50890022

Akiri is early voltron
Bruse pumps Akiri

They synergize well

>> No.50890062

Y-you too

>> No.50890140

>28 planeswalkers

>> No.50890322

Yea, I know, but I can take advantage from it a lot more.

Pox is symmetric too, that doesn't mean I won't use it.

>> No.50890353

Spent fucking ages making this.

The playgroup looks a bit worse than it actually is since I only included our "top decks", which is generally our most powerful ones.

We also have a ton of janky fun decks, like Elemental creatures only Horde of Notions, Snake Tribal, Perverted Priests, Meren Creature Only, Exile-Mill, 5 color sexy lady, etc.

>> No.50890365

Foil Queen Marchesa.

>> No.50890415

>The playgroup looks a bit worse than it actually is since I only included our "top decks", which is generally our most powerful ones.
i had the same problem

>> No.50890618

Promo Black sun's zenith

>> No.50890722

$15 subway giftcard
I bought myself a natural order

>> No.50890878

Finishing off my Sharuum.

I'll post it when it arrives

>> No.50890984

>cast this
>cast one common spell
>win the game

>> No.50890992

I need a Doubling Season, should I get old or new art?

>> No.50891003

wouldn't split second make cascade not work? cascade says you "may" cast the spell, and split second says fuck you eat shit

>> No.50891038

> Gisela
My man.

>> No.50891084

I wouldn't ask too many questions.

>> No.50891120

If you're not looking to change the strategy up too much, you can have a few game enders in the deck and just hold onto them for late game. There are a few cards like Demon Pact that will hand you the win, but hold onto them for as long as possible. If you start dropping them early game, the other players will take you into account.

>> No.50891124

I prefer the newer art myself

>> No.50891168

> Cards riding bare back
We share a few beers and chips when we play. It blows my mind people aren't willing to drop a few dollars on card sleeves.

>> No.50891237

>sit down with 2 friends and friend of a friend who i've never met
>he pulls out karametra
>figure it's just turbo ramp fatties like every other god damn karametra deck ever
>he drops aluren
>wait waddafuck?
>casts whitemane lion and finds every god damn basic land in his deck
>his amulet of vigor untaps them all
>green sun zenith for some assclown that lets him draw a card when he casts a creature spell
>draws his deck
>drops a mana doubler, early harvest untaps his lands, another mana doubler
>e-witness the early harvest
>ends up with mana in the hundreds, not necessarily infinite
>he's keeping tracking and announcing numbers occasionally, we all stopped caring.
>casts most of his deck
>there's some creature that makes tokens when something is bounced to his hand
>infinite 1/1 tokens now
>that one old ass green enchantment that gives everything haste. something crossroads.

And that's the story of how I got blown the fuck out. I'm only posting because it caught me off guard. I've never seen aluren combos in EDH (maybe just don't play with spikey enough people?) and I never really thought of GW as combo colors or karametra as a combo commander. God damn I'm ordering a torpor orb right now.

>> No.50891276

>gets btfo
>adds hate cards

You're a good person. Just make sure that your hate isn't too narrowly focused on what specifically beat you. Instead build to prevent possible unforeseen degeneracy.

Torpor Orb still isn't a bad pick.

>> No.50891308

Yeah, Aluren does that.

>> No.50891316

Literally a single enchantment removal or counterspell could have stopped all of that. What the fuck were the rest of you doing exactly?

>> No.50891352

You don't always have untapped mana, or instant speed removal.

>> No.50891378

trying to keep niv-mizzet from resolving niv-mizzet. and our other friend plays saskia samurai tribal and is generally unimpactful.

>> No.50891434

>Saskia samurai tribal
Kamigawa was a mistake

>> No.50891504

got one myself. I got 2 masterpieces from friends for xmas.

>> No.50891609

Every color is a combo color

>> No.50891688

took awhile, damn.

>> No.50891692

>no noncreature spells of any kind

>> No.50891699

Why cast something once when you can cast in a fuckload of other times.

>> No.50891863

My fucking man.

>> No.50891897

Niv-Mizzet was also my first EDH deck.

>> No.50891954

Saskia is so hot

>> No.50892015

I know this is a retarded question, but...
>Playstyle: Spike, Johnny, Timmy.

...what does that mean?

>> No.50892032

Spike is a guy who plays to win, Johnny is a guy who plays to find novel interactions and combos, Timmy is a guy who plays to see huge spells resolve. It's a bit more complicated than that but that's putting it simply.

>> No.50892034

Only competitive, combo, Big Creatures/Flashy/high CMC spells

>> No.50892079

Spike has an 'efficiency' tag as well.

I'm more of a Vorthos. Since I only collect. And only crack boosters and Fat Packs.

>> No.50892101

Oh, I see.
Thanks for explaining!

>> No.50892112

You only play efficient cards because you want to win.
Vorthos/Melvin is an entirely different scale
np m8

>> No.50892307

I would appreciate some feedback on my Surrak deck.


I have been tossing around the idea for some cards to put into the deck but I only have one cut so far.

Probbaly take out Trickbind
>Sword of Feast and Famine
>Nature's Will
>Bow of Nylea
>Tomorrow, Azami's Familiar

>> No.50892317

I don't know what happened to the layout of that post, but lets try the link again.


>> No.50892428

what's that on your shirt?

Is the second guy wearing a beret or have a Pompadour?

>> No.50892433

What are some good political cards for Tasigur?

>> No.50892473


Have A Nice Life maybe? Good band if so.

>> No.50892834

Yeah, it's Have a Nice Life.
And yeah, his hair is sort of pompadour-y, I just couldn't be bothered to spend more than 12 seconds drawing it out properly honestly.

>> No.50892919

Found out I had a Braids, fuck yes this will be a fun "group hug" deck, thanks for posting it.

>> No.50892969

Spent more time than I imagined doing this.

>> No.50892986

This looks fucking great. I have a Braids and some sea monsters from an old 60-card Ula's Temple kitchen table deck that I could dig out for this

>> No.50892997

Hey guys, first time making an EDH deck and I've decided to go for a warrior tribal because I enjoy tribal synergies


This is what I came up with, any obvious cards I should be including?

>> No.50893061

Dead link bro

>> No.50893071

Oh, sorry, had it set on private

It should work now

>> No.50893261

Is there a straight up benefit replacing your basic lands with snow lands?

>> No.50893284

I think people do that for Extraplanar Lens, I don't know any other reasons off the top of my head.

>> No.50893296

And Scrying Sheets and maybe Skred.

>> No.50893424

When you go Turbo and run 9 fetches, would you say Crucible is a good idea?

>> No.50893446

Or the ones who came to play magic.

>> No.50893559

Yes. Especially if you also have strip mine plus exploration type effects

>> No.50893645

I am not a fan of strip mine, but I do use Ghost Quarter, I like the utility of it.

>> No.50893913

magical Christmas combo that came to mind after seeing some aether revolt spoilers:

>krark-clan ironworks and the new scrap trawler in play
>also junk diver and myr retriever in play
>also any 2 of tormod's crypt/Mox Opal/Mox Diamond/mana crypt/sol ring/Dispeller's capsule/executioner's capsule/skullclamp/Hangarback walker

Okay so I sac the 2 cheap artifacts, floating 4 mana.
sac the retriever and diver, floating 8 mana
Trawler triggers return the 2 cheap artifacts, diver and retriever triggers return each other to my hand
Cast them all for 5 or 6 or 7 mana, still floating 1 or 2 or 3
Repeat for infinite mana

Totally realistic

>> No.50893923


Ghost quarter is cool but strip mine goes in every deck. Is that why you're not a fan of it?

>> No.50893950


Man conspire would be sooooo broken and awesome if you could conspire any number of times

>> No.50893965

>Man free spells would be sooooo broken and awesome if you could play infinite free spells
This is exactly why they put a limit on it.

>> No.50893969


The anon only had Karametra + amulet in play before he went off. It wouldnt be reasonable to tap out against that board, you can't always play around some nutty Aluren combo.

>> No.50893992


It would be even more broken if it wasn't a triggered ability, but instead an activated ability, tap 2 creatures that share a color: copy target instant or sorcery of that color

Then you could second harvest, copy it, when the copy resolves you'd have more guys, tap them to copy it again, etc etc

Still fun in wort to conspire a second harvest though, the numbers get pretty silly real quick

>> No.50894016


Token deck: old art
Super friends: new art

>> No.50894025

This is exactly why I play Wort. Forking ramp spells is just so much fun

>Crop Rotation, copy
>Get Valakut and Vesuva, let Valakut ETB first
>play Prismatic Omen and tons of ramp
>Boundless Realms for every remaining basic in the deck

It can win with tokens + Craterhoof or a huge Fireball but the Mountain Bomb is just so much more unexpected and fun

>> No.50894240

What do you call a player who durdles and grows larger quietly in the background, while helping folks here and there?

>> No.50894261

Second place.

>> No.50894337

Is "I swear its not broken" literally me?
Only difference is the top decks but I also have an expensive cube that I build from as well as a binder full of staples.
I wish we could talk about qube here

>> No.50894423

Id cut all the non-combo mill cards as mill is shut unless you're decking someone.
Also cut the walls out, you're not milling.
Add in some wraths, crux of fate and especially life's finale. Also add dire undercurrents, that card is sweet. Add elixir of immortality for arcanis+mind over matter combo.
Otherwise it looks ok. Nothing exceptional and a lot of sub optimal cards but functional for sure

>> No.50894505

Fairly good fun group, just hard to find time to play!

>> No.50894528

>no Deepglow Skate

>> No.50894584

Players can still lose the game with this.

>> No.50895443

>got 354€ for christmas
>no idea what to buy

This is suffering. Kind of want a jace the mindsculptor tho so I probably get one.

>> No.50895961

Is this tech spicy for GB?

>> No.50896340

It's good but draws a lot of hate, so most of the time you are paying 4 to trade for a 2 mana kill spell or counter

>> No.50896358

>tfw im that last guy but i know how to play

i just borrow peoples decks and get wasted while i play

>> No.50896384

so i wanna build nekusar, do i just jam it full of a bunch of wheels?

>> No.50896453


>Dragon shield sleeves

That's amazing

>> No.50896582

Hey, I am building a Vorinclex stompy deck. What are fun, giant tramplers?

>> No.50896637

Something that fits the survival theme, like Vorapede, different Wurms, the big bug that copys itself

>> No.50896757

Cards like Possibility Storm and Blood Funnel are what make off cards playable commanders, Mishra for example. I am all for playing these cards when it help your strategy, however throwing cards like Omen Machine or Scrambleverse into your deck because "it's fun," is only sadistic.

>> No.50896818

>just got the Atraxa precon from my gf for Christmas
>I'm going to build either Ghave or Mimeoplasm out of it with the singles
Which would be more fun anons? I really want to make a dickass BUG infect deck, but ghave token swarm could be pretty good since I have a spare doubling season and parallel lives. I've never built either of these commanders, what am I in for?

>> No.50897038

please fucking ban this card already

>> No.50897091

I'd rather they ban Eternal Witness

>> No.50897120

This card makes me wish Balance was legal.

>> No.50897195

>google "cyclonic rift edh ban"
>"9/10 times I cast Rift it's because I'm forced to because the wrong thing got hexproof. If you let people hold this card until the end of the game where it's all they need to win, chances are the game you just played had no huge threats to deal with, which is your own damn fault. Play cards that demand answers, then give them hexproof. The Rifts will fly fast and early."

is this what playing blue does to people's reasoning?

"it's ok that rift is an "i win" spell because it can only be cast once"

>> No.50897231

>it's balanced because you win instantly when you cast it so you can't keep casting it again and again

I understand now

>> No.50897405

>shitters who can't handle rift
O y v e y

>> No.50897469

Found the filthy blue mage

>> No.50897492

Any "spikes" in the thread? What are you guys running? Im currently running Karador Boonweaver combo. I so far am really liking the early turn 3s the deck can pull of but still have a fun game with everyone if it doesnt go off.

Need to pick up and entomb and SotF and then thats the full list. What are your guys's next purchases?

>> No.50897498

I regret drawing this

>> No.50897510

>It's only legal in MonoW/Boros decks

We will sieze the means of salt production in this format and it will be glorious.

>> No.50897523

I guess I'll just play sunder instead

>> No.50897548

That's a lot less relevant at instant speed and would generally only make the aggro player happy

>> No.50897624

I suspect it's a lot easier for any deck splashing blue to win after a resolved sunder compared to a cyc rift.

You'd have to be a turboshitter not to recognize that.

>> No.50897626

Ghave my friends a massive fuck your arms race "competitive deck"

>> No.50897657

Where does the line between casual and serious commander go? I built this Oloro deck with some prison shenanigans like Winter Orb and Static Orb, and my opponents on Xmage just quit the table one by one, calling me an idiot for bringing the deck to a casual game. And they did bring artifact destruction to the game, but spent it blowing up each other's Sol Rings. What's with that? It's not like I'm playing infinite combo decks, which are plenty about.

>> No.50897685

That depends entirely on what's on the board already.
Its the same as an armageddon except playing it during another person's turn isn't that great unless you have some means to flash in the rest of your hand with your unused mana

>> No.50897702

They aren't the same card? Not him but I just have one and not the other

>> No.50897714

Hard Stax isn't considered casual, believe it or not

>> No.50897742

Ghost Quarter destroys a land but the owner of the destroyed land is allowed to get a basic land out of their deck untapped.

Mine just gets rid of it entirely.

>> No.50897747

playing winter orbs in casual games doesn't make you a tryhard, it just makes you a dickhead. you're just slowing the game down to a grinding halt and that's pretty awful for anyone trying to enjoy a nice smooth game of edh

>> No.50897759

She's fucking one of your friends that play.

>> No.50897853

>each other's Sol Rings
Fucking wait for torpor orb

>> No.50897862

Ah I forgot. Bad player

>> No.50897873

>playing basic lands


>> No.50897874

Not knowing a card doesn't make you a bad player, just means you don't see it all the time.

I have turned into an encyclopedia of jank cards and combos because of EDH.

>> No.50897894

I've never lost to Nekusar when im playing a deck that's not just jank. 99/100 times you're just going to give the opponents the resources to kill you

>> No.50897937

Would I be a dick to play Yasova?

>> No.50897952

I forgot my own card but I haven't actually played edh yet. I don't think I have any game winners besides mirror entity

>> No.50897966

Almost all the cards you would want can be found on EDHREC.

Tainted Strike, Grafted Exoskeleton, Helm of the Ghastlord, Mindcrank, Phyresis and Glistening Oil are all cards that speed the game along.

>> No.50897991

RUG is cancer, regardless of commander

>> No.50897999

Playing Yasova doesn't make you a dick, just make sure you use her right.

Blink effects that say return under your control are what you need.

Cards that weaken your opponents creatures/ones that buff yours are key.

Finally to ensure that you can in fact get ahead with her, you run cards that animate lands and artifacts.

>> No.50898002

funny how you can take something as beautiful as gruul and add blue to it to make it the most obnoxious shit ever

>> No.50898009


>> No.50898045

>playing a deck so shitty you can not only find room for this, but also run a ton of basic lands

I could beat this with just my rocks. I don't need lands to beat shitty decks

>> No.50898050

*taps mana*
"you think that is enough?"
*flicks a cryptic command at your dumbfounded face*
"i choose modes: 1 and 4. check and mate."
*flicks cards in hand and leans back*
"i take it you pass your turn? your poor manabase cannot support another spell."

>> No.50898120


>> No.50898236

I just don't want to play this way but I have her, I should trade

>> No.50898290

Sol ring can tap for two colorless as in diamond, right? This kinda new mana is wacky

>> No.50898305

>mexico's finest
You play with travis woo?

>> No.50898544

colorless mana isn't new at all.
there has always been a distinct difference between it and generic mana, only now it's represented properly.

>> No.50898827

> thinking your artifacts are safe from a red deck

>> No.50898837

Do you consider Possibility storm unfun as well?

>> No.50898854

you forgot your
"pfft... nothing personal, kid"

>> No.50899001

>not playing Zedru "Whose spell is it anyway?" the Greathearted chaos deck
As long as we're playing a casual format, I won't let you tell me that I'm not having fun

>> No.50899067

>t. Buttblasted Johnny

>> No.50899074

How do you feel about letting someone at your table run a planeswalker as a commander? They are usually easier to kill than creatures as they can be attacked directly by all players.

>> No.50899100

thats adorable anon

my dad has been playing with my brother and i since we where kids(around legends)

he likes playing archenemy type decks

>> No.50899104

>playing boardwipes or removal in casual games doesn't make you a tryhard, it just makes you a dickhead. you're just slowing the game down to a grinding halt and that's pretty awful for anyone trying to enjoy a nice smooth game of edh

>> No.50899135

I got the planechase anthology and a man hyped as fuck. Me and the usual playgroup are gonna get into commander. I'm gonna be running karlov and without the help of the planechase deck krond. I'm pretty hyped to start playing EDH/planechase.

>> No.50899173

Adding to this, the playgroup most likely likely going to be me+ gay Greeks group hug/ sliver tribal/ atraxa goodstuff.

>> No.50899223

if the planeswalker says it can be your commander at the bottom of it I don't see why not

>> No.50899286

>red elemental blast

>> No.50899356

> burnout

The flavor text alone should give you two cards

>> No.50899363

My new voltron deck did well for its first few times


>> No.50899380

Man this thread had a lot of douchebags in it

>> No.50899389

I want gold sleeves, should I go for KMC Super Gold or Dragon Shield Gold?

>> No.50899403

>just dropped 370€ on cardboard

Christ this feels bad. bought a Jace the mind sculptor and a metal worker for my edh deck, which is almost done and put together a casual death and taxes deck.

>> No.50899490

Don't Johnnies like that sort of effect though?

>> No.50899547

>tfw you cant escape the gruul life
built two gruul commanders already and ive been considering another one.

>> No.50899565

You can't really do your combo if nothing in your hand resolves. Admittedly, if you build your deck to get the most out of Possibility Storm's disruption, you can still have some cool/complex interactions.

>> No.50899578


>> No.50899587

I feel the same but with U/B/x

>> No.50899608 [SPOILER] 


>> No.50899624

Rude. ;_; at least it isn't U/G/x

>> No.50899693

I'm so sorry, my brain somehow mistook that B for a G

>> No.50900476

Now it is a specific cost, you can't just tap any basic land like artifacts. What else had it?

>> No.50900569

Like what if Sol Ring costs diamond instead of 1, that would be polarizing

>> No.50900881

>Sol Ring now costs one anus

How is the format changed, better/worse?

>> No.50900966

i wouldnt mind it.

>> No.50901089 [SPOILER] 

I think I found the most damaged necropotence.
Bought it from a damaged binder,

>> No.50901198

I hope you plan on running this amazing alter.

>> No.50901214

Pain/filter lands etc. still exist.

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