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"What would humans know of our suffering, the Creator has favored your people since the beginning."

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OP, go fucking kill yourself.

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Oh, yes, because YOU'RE the ones who had to steal the fur off other animals' backs and /still/ freeze their own genitals off for a good half their existence.

Because YOU'RE the ones who get old and die in less time than it takes a bunch of snobs who look down at you to BLINK.

Because YOU'RE the ones who had to breed like rabbits just to have enough farmhands survive past the age of five to MAYBE pass on something of your legacy.

Because YOU'RE the ones whose ancestors look down on the easy way you live after all their struggles even though the entire POINT of everything they struggled to create was so that you would not HAVE to do so.

Because YOU'RE the ones whose lives in their teeming masses will amount to nothing when the Old Ones awaken.

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>M-Muh privilege
Are elves the SJW of the fantasy world? It would explain why all of them are effeminate, brightly haired, beta prissies who probably never worked a day in their lives.

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Fucking kill yourself.

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Oh boy, love me some shitposting threads based on elves, because these always work, you can't just not take the bait. But despite OP having made several bait threads with the same image, this may be a joke about humans being the plot-race in almost every setting, the creator is the writer that puts the humans in the spotlight.

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Just eat a gun already.

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>>M-Muh privilege
What privilege? Where did anyone say soemething about privilege?

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The fact that Humans lose their grandparents young while Elves get to be X-great grandparents.

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You first, faggot.

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Why don't the three of you eat a gun, /pol/cuck first?

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High quality thread guys.

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>be elf
>grandpa and grandma stil around
>bore you to death with stories you have heard a million times over the course of hundreds of years
>will smugly proclaim what's right and wrong because they think they have done it already
>will stiffen any kind of advancement, you can't just wait until they die to revolutionize a single aspect of your life
>will never let you inherit
>will never let you hang around with other races
>you can't even put them in some kind of retirement home because they are still young

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/pol? really? How is anything I posted /pol/ related?

Go ahead and just do it, no one will wish you anyway.

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no u

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Said the elf.

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>Elves are beta mos who always have a chip on their shoulder
>immunity to sleep, -2 on trigger rolls

it's sad

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I want to tug Marcille's ears

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The suffering of being long-lived, naturally talented with magic, and beautiful?
Suffering my ass. You don't even have population worries due to the low birth rate. I can't even fuck my wife without worrying if we'll have another mouth to feed.
Or maybe it's that we've gone from club-wielding savages to developing industry in the course of a single elven lifetime. You could have had that, but you were too busy prancing naked through the trees.

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Bitch please.

We got two gods to make us and the evil one decided to kill his sibling, the good one, and then rule the nine hells. And because of that more humans are corrupted into that plane of existence more than any other races because Azmodeus knows us too well.

Don't act like everything's so fucking peachy princess. You at least know baby eater has your best interests at heart.

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Isn't thus true in Tolkien myth where only humans (and maybe halflings) get to hang out with God?

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No, nobody knows what happens to the humans after they die.

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yo dingleberries would you like to swap places and live with my glaucoma and faulty knee and bad bowels as I rapidly approach the clutch of death in my meager 100 years

what's that fruitcake you're good with being an ageless fuckdoll with powers yeah wow cool thought so

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In tolkien mythology Wizards were an analogue to Angels, Tolkien is sort of the Anti-Lovecraft in that, while Lovecraft used his literature to subvert and mock Christianity, belittling it, Tolkien promoted it, idolized it and made it central to his inspiration as a symbol of power and virtue. Elves afaik are an extension of that heavenly presence on earth, which is why I dislike Tolkien elves, they are meant to be a greater than all races race, which works in Tolkien literature but becomes very stale when brought into tabletop RPG's (keeping in mind tolkiens novels revolve around some of the weakest creatures in the world)

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Why are Human Men and Elven Women the biggest sluts in the universe.

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>lives three times as long as a human MINIMUM
>typically more skilled with magic
>faster reflexes
>more likely to be born attractive

>still scum-sucking effeminate fags in dire need of some god damn protein (and not the kind they get from sucking cock)

Perhaps my people earned their favor, fag.

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>Elven Women
>biggest sluts
Have you any source for that?

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>inb4 muh japanese hentais

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Glad you understand that, pale monkey

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I want to fug Marcille's ears

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Ask ANY elven man or human woman, they're total fucking sleeparound sluts as bad as human men

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>not providing any source
>using Deedlit for your elf-slut meme post

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I said ask any human woman, anon.

...you DO know some human women, don't you?

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I don't see you denying the cuck part.

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I don't want you to role-play, it's not funny, creative or interesting and I've seen it a million times. Give me some citation. I can even think of two settings in which there is something to the elf-slut meme. Can you or are you just parroting this meme?

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Tbh the male is more fuckable out of two of them.

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>humans and elves finally get over one another
>orgy lasts a whole human lifetime
>fast forward
>entire planet is now halfies just like the gods planned all along
>dwarves drink and watch with stone-faced horror from their keeps

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Alright anon, we get it. You've watched so much porn and been so long without contact with the real world that you are now only capable of seeing things in a hypersexualized light.

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>Imply that wasn't dwarf end game.

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uuhhhh ohhhhh someone called the fun police

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What if it's my fun to expose that you are just meming around?

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>watching porn instead of solely fapping to poorly drawn cambobian cave paintings

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that's a very sad idea of fun

post some elf titties anon, it's the holidays and you're not getting any younger

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>distinguishing between hentai and porn

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Can you just fucking kill yourself already? There's 52 elf virgins waiting for you on the other side.

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>post some elf titties anon
Fuck it, I'll post male elves.
And I'll sage every post because this is a shit thread.

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Here, have some high quality elven fap material as an early Christmas gift. https://exhentai.org/g/994143/e76ba354ac/

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>MILF elves
>fat elves
>japanese elves
>big titty elves
>elves that look like humans with pointy ears
Oh boy, I sure do love these "elves".

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I am sorry I hit a nerve so hard anon

Make elves are good too

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>Social Justice Elves

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>Said the magical, ageless, immortal, unnaturally beautiful woman.

Fuck Elves. All the benefits you could imagine and still can't keep your shit together.

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Esplains why they're a dying race.

>Orcs aren't evil!
>What right do we have to judge their violent tendencies by our own cultural standing.
>Drow lives matter!

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>all this while sitting in their own elves only gated woods and drinking horribly overpriced dishwater coffee

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>The Dark Lord is rising in the east!
>Oh, don't say that, it's problematic.
>We prefer to call him the Lord of Nonalignment Specific Coloration.

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Considering we cause a great deal of that suffering? I'd say we know a lot.
I don't have a proper smug reaction face since im posting on my phone. Would someone do it for me?

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And this is why we tried to salt the thread.

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If you're going to shitpost a thread to oblivion you'll need more than just couple posts of elven beefcake.

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To be fair, we inflicted a lot of that on ourselves. I mean, the elvish word for the concept of death by natural causes roughly translates to "a elf jumped out of a bush and stabbed him."

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I think it's pretty funny desu.

Can't think of any more SJW memes to shove elves into.

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Dark elves

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>not recoiling in horror as /tg/'s toxically retarded headcanon concerning elves grows ever more cancerous

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>getting triggered over overused memes

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Funny way of spelling "disgusted and annoyed" you have there.

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Elves have always been cancerous. They attract the worst sort of players.

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Elves are the first step on the road to horrors like half-vampire kitsune ninjas.

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Like a gateway race to full Mary Sue-dom

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>elves bitching about suffering from within their golden forests of bountiful resources


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If that were true you would just hide and filter elf threads, like everyone else does with threads they don't like.

Instead you are here, throwing a tantrum and trying to reverse years of collective memery by whining about it and insulting the people who disagree with you like a child, thinking that this will somehow convince people to side with you and disavow the meme. You are as triggered as a minefield during a stampede.

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>If that were true you would just hide and filter elf threads
There isn't a point. The cancer that infects 4chan where everyone drinks their own kool-aid until they become the kool-aid itself permeates everything. It's all turned to shit. Just take a casual glance at /pfg/. Granted, it was always shitty, but once upon a time they actually talked about the playing the game. Now it's nothing but waifufaggotry, ERPG and memebuilds. And while you're out looking, take a peek at a "let's roll up an X" thread, wherein you will see people rolling dice, consulting charts, connecting dots and then congratulating themselves like they've created some sort of masterpiece.

The days of digging through a pile of shit looking for gold nuggest is the past of 4chan. Now it's the era of digging through mountains of shit for gold flakes.

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>I don't want you to role-play,
Did you forget which board you're posting on?

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Do you drive while posting on /o/?

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>entire planet is now halfies just like the gods planned all along
So anon, you're giving me bag flashbacks

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No, but I read comics on /co/. Because that's something I can do without major hazards to my health. Your example is bad, and you should feel bed

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Jokes on you you dumb fucking nignog, sage doesnt work with image posts. Thanks for bumping.

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>he things I will fall for this lame trick

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If elves are SJW, does that make dwarves pol?

Makes sense with all the grumbling and grudge keeping.

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Did you try, you know, flushing it real hard?

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That's like the opposite of how elves act in every setting

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Be silent, only headcanon and memes allowed.

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It's pretty standard for them to ignore threats until it's almost too late.

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You can always count on elves to be the self righteous preachy cunts in a setting; somehow convinced of both their cultural/moral/martial superiority and bereaved victim status.

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That unleashes the kraken.

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>Where did anyone say soemething about privilege?
>the Creator has favored your people since the beginning

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We don't know shit about your suffering because WE DON'T CARE. Fuck off back to the forest, we're gonna get drunk with the dwarves and do manly shit like make swords and build cities.

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How can dwarves be /pol/ when dwarves are usually Jews

>> No.50831988

>manly shit like make swords

Yes because elves have NO history of making impressive swords or other smithing works.

>> No.50832439

How do we make elves badass again?

>> No.50832441

Exactly, history.

As in, maybe if they were still at it they'd have something better to do than condescendingly bitch and moan. It's bad enough when one person is doing it, when it's a trait you can accurately ascribe to an entire race there's something deeply wrong.

>> No.50832463


As opposed to dwarves who are busy 'Digging too deep' and 'Refusing to talk to anyone'?

>> No.50832528

You Fool,

/pol/ is the jews.

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Uh... yes?

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Drop there civilization right next to a mana wasteland. Lets see how connected they feel with nature when nature is spitting out twisted abominations hourly and temperature fluctuates between -10 and 130 degrees in less then five minutes.

>> No.50832917

>Be human corn farmer
>Eating corn when elf girl climb down from her tree and start yelling at me about how I was a dirty ape and that I should keep my dirty ape pawns away from her
>Pretty sure she was trying to buy some corn but couldn't say it
>I ask her if she wants to buy some corn
>She stopped talking and bought some corn

Why do elves always beat around the bush when they want something?

>> No.50832969

Knowing typical Sylvan elves, they'd find some way to green the place up. No, it doesn't have to make any fucking sense.

Then they'd build shiny cities with elaborate architecture, then let it fall to ruin and live inna woods and complain about how spoiled and short sighted everyone else is.

>> No.50833012


...It occurs to me that despite being young for much longer than any human ever is elves probably seem to humans like the annoying old relative that won't shut up about how much better things were when they were young while describing how much worse they had it.

>> No.50833277

Men (and hobbits) have the Gift of Death, where they can pass beyond the walls of Ea, which is where Eru is, but nobody knows what happens after that. Elves, Maiar and Valar are stuck until the end of time, and show up in the Halls of Mandos.

>> No.50833376

Hmm or if elves are litterly connected to nature and changes depending on there surroundings where they pick up behaviors that coincide with there environment.
So nature worship, coexistence and balance in a forest and, in the case of a mana wasteland, unpredictable, pragmatic and malevolence or apathy toward life.

>> No.50833405


how do i upvote this post

>> No.50833688


underrated posts

>> No.50834045

Elves live a long ass time and for reasons known only to them have these shitty rules about how you go about conversing with someone and even worse ones about how you ask for something
Most of them only know the rules for asking a fellow elf though, the xenophobic pricks, so they try to follow the rules while talking and acting like how they think humans do

>> No.50834094

>the world is always mostly by humans
>biggest empires and confederations are human
>all the shit in the world is sorted out mostly by humans
>most mortal BBEGs are humans
>elves wonder why gods trust humans to solve the world's problems

Oh, I don't know, elf, have you tried, like, doing something?

>> No.50834115

>Elves living on the barrier between worlds, protecting it from outer incursion.

If you only knew how much they really do.

>> No.50834161

>Implying the borders need protecting
>Implying that if anything got through to our universe it wouldn't have a 99% chance of falling apart because the laws of physics are different in our world than in its own
>Implying that 50% of the creatures that don't explode upon contact won't just be dungeon dimension-esque creatures that have no idea what the fuck they're doing.

Oh yeah, reeeeally important task you're doin there.

>> No.50834167

>Elves living on the barrier between worlds, protecting it from outer incursion.
>If you only knew how much they really do.
So just as much as any other race? Like rality-bending demons from another dimension and eldritch abominations isn't the sort of shit everyone deals with. Except for the fact that it's somehow another fucking human hero and his friends that save everyone when elves fail at doing what everyone did for thousands of years.

>> No.50834190

Oh, while I'm at it, I don't remember any dwarf complaining about his race fighting an eteranl war against eldritch abominations miles beneath the earth. Or humans for that matter. It's always the elves acting like uppity cunts about it.

>> No.50834222


The only reasons the Dwarves don't bitch is that they're embarrassed that they never learn not to delve to greedily and too deep no matter how many times they do it. There wouldn't BE any war under the earth if they would just dig sideways and altruistically!

>> No.50834266

Bitch we're designed to live short, painful lives of conflict. The desire to murder our neighbor over sheep is literally built into our brain and there's fuck all we can do about it but try to do the best we can and hope we don't fuck up too badly.

Elves get out reeeeeeeeeeeeeee

>> No.50834302

>digging sideways
What kind of fucking disgusting faggot piece of shit does that in the name of our Lord and That Smiling Faggot?!

>> No.50834374

> "What would humans know of our suffering, the Creator has favored your people since the beginning."
t. Lucifer

>> No.50834421


But that's why you're so favored!

>> No.50834441

"I call it a fair advantage. Cry harder."

>> No.50834484

Hold up one minute! I thought it was the elves who the Creator favored!

I mean, look at you! A hundred fifty and still young? Meanwhile, we're the guys who have to do all the dirty work. I'm pretty positive you're the favored.

>> No.50834532

...you dont???

>> No.50834551

Needs helm.

>> No.50834611

>all that elf fuckboi posting in the thread
>implying any of them look "badass" or "manly"
Fingolfin can stay, though. Him I respect.

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>> No.50834720

If they look anything like this, I'd say Drow lives do matter.

I also find it amazing that even this political movement has a porn parody associated with it: Black Wives Matter.

>> No.50834739

>That feeling when a Elf is hanging out on your tree
>And the elf isn't coming down when you ask them

Goddamn Elves gotta stop climbing trees they don't own

>> No.50834802

>Communists elves claim your tree is communal property, as is your house for that matter
>AnCap humans claim you have the right to shoot the elf with your recreational rocket launcher (for self-defense only) because she violated the NAP

>> No.50835472

>Fantasy setting
>But all the races are aligned to really goofy and extreme modern political systems

I can get behind this.

>> No.50835914

/tg/ - om nom nom delicious bait

>> No.50835983

>waah! how do people dare to talk about things that I don't like

>> No.50836045

>all these delicious elf ears

>> No.50836069

Tfw no elf ears to tease

>> No.50836203


HFY faggots need to leave

>> No.50836224

Elves need to stop being whiny bitches and start doing their job properly.

>> No.50836232

How are they not?

Give me citations, none of this homebrew world roleplay bullshit.

>> No.50836317

How about you name me five (5) settings where an elf hero saves the world?

>> No.50836321


>> No.50836323

My homebrew setting 1
My homebrew setting 2
My homebrew setting 3
My homebrew setting 4
My homebrew setting 5

>> No.50836335

And that's why it's not HFY to assume that humans are the master race.

>> No.50836601

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>> No.50836728

who is this qt patootie?

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>> No.50837018

Have them actually do something with their obscene lifespans. Make it so that despite their long lives, they still feel seconds in a day tick by like normal humanoid races, and feel the need to eliminate boredom at the same rate as said humanoids.

>> No.50837035


>> No.50837050

>yfw elven 'magic' is superscience due to their ages upon ages of research

>> No.50837060


>> No.50837077

>and feel the need to eliminate boredom at the same rate as said humanoids
They will soon run out of things to do and end going as crazy as dark elder. DnD does it well by making them want to experience and enjoy all kinds of different things, but knowing that they have time and no need to rush from one climax to the other.

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>> No.50837348

that would actually be a neat way to flip things on its head a bit with the difference between divine magic druids vs arcane wizards in a fantasy setting that has such a distinction. Have the elves link up trees to communicate like computers and have spells that work on a permission system from the grid (praying to nature), at which point "nature" responds by diverting some of its self-defense resources (earth elementals made of nanites, wild animals controlled by supersonic frequencies, genetically modified war-plants) towards the targeted threat as need be.
Not necessarily. Because of their lifespans and magical prowess, they could pursue much greater feats during their individual lifetimes, and so projects they could start to cease being bored could take literal ages. This actually sets up potential cultural interaction and enlightenment for settings, because maybe due to the fact that goals elves achieve in their lifetimes usually take generations upon generations of other mortals to achieve, the elven system of handing down knowledge to the next generation might be stunted, and communication between elven settlements not as great a thing as with other mortals, because the need had never arisen for them to develop such systems.

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>> No.50837485

>Because of their lifespans and magical prowess, they could pursue much greater feats during their individual lifetimes
I think a lot of settings are neglecting this because they don't want elves taking over the world and must have humans as the center of their writing. If you think this through it's only logical that you end up with elves on top or the whole world teaming up to stop them. TES is kinda doing this with the Aldmer controlling the empire from within.

>> No.50837494

Because I'm starting to get duplicate files and it's fun to be an asshat for so long I will post some girls like initially requested.

>> No.50837529

But, as I also said, this could backfire for their culture as a whole, in that because pretty much any feat at their scale can be achieved by an individual of their race within their lifetime, the need for the communication of learnings or skills to others is less needed, and therefore might develop at a significantly lesser pace. While I personally hate the trope of tech vs magic, this might actually be a good way to explain it in a setting, with the lesser mortal races having developed weapons and machines to equate to the function of magic for their cultures as a whole, while the elves still rely on their own phenomenal personal magical power which they developed themselves. Hell, this tech by the other mortals could be itself magic, setting up a sort of a wizards vs sorcerers conflict.

>> No.50837547


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>> No.50837642

So they are basically hardcore individualists, gotcha.

>> No.50837673

yeah, probably, but that's just one idea for an answer to a really broad question.

>> No.50837681


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>> No.50837786

That would explain why they're almost extinct. Fantasy race-mixing.

>> No.50837798

I bet my left ass cheek that there are no three settings in which there are more half-elves than pure elves.

>> No.50837809


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>> No.50837916

is that Liv Tyler as a ranger?

>> No.50837923


Silly anon, Liv Tyler is not an elf.

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>> No.50838057

Yeah nah, you're a cunt
Maybe if all you elves stop being cunts the creator would favour you more.

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>> No.50838117

Now you have only about 50 posts to beat OPs conveniently set up stupid strawman without epic reaction images.

>> No.50838145

OP is a faggot lmao

>> No.50838189

what the everloving fuck is an NAP?

>> No.50838206

non-aggression pact? just inferring from context clues

>> No.50838209

Non aggression principle.

>> No.50838220

Non-aggression principle
>No one may threaten or commit violence ('aggress') against another man's person or property. Violence may be employed only against the man who commits such violence; that is, only defensively against the aggressive violence of another. In short, no violence may be employed against a nonaggressor. Here is the fundamental rule from which can be deduced the entire corpus of libertarian theory

>> No.50838224

Think of all the cookies and foods you will get from your grandparents though.

>> No.50838248

Those ancap memes are starting to make more sense now.

>> No.50838253

>all of my grandparents died before i were born

Sorry, can't imagine that. Could you perhaps offer a description of these grandparent food donations that you're talking about?

>> No.50838259

That's the joke. Draw a girl, call it a boy.

>> No.50838303

>And this is why we tried to salt the thread.
You could also try pretending to be a big boy and learn how to ignore the things that you dislike instead of expending effort on trying to drag a thread down.

>> No.50838310

Thats Ciel from Megaman Zero.
I dont know why this astur wall drawing has her saying these things thougg

>> No.50838315

If /tg/ were capable of that we wouldn't have Editions Wars or /qst/.

>> No.50838325

Ellerianna please not this shit again. Last time we had to cheer you up we were ambushed by the dark elves. Can't you at least leave the moping for when we're in the tavern? I'm sure Sir Roderick will be more than happy to comfort you when he's out of his full plate as well.

>> No.50838363

Muh verisimilitude

>> No.50838413

Oh, please.
Everybody knows that Old Ones will be either destroyed, or captured and used as a weapon or a power source by your kind.
You constantly one-up your ancestors, that's why they are angry.
You accomplish in your lifetime far more than most of us will in tenth of our lifespan.
Lastly, we have to take fur as well.

>> No.50838455

>If /tg/ were capable of that we wouldn't have Editions Wars or /qst/.
Fair point.

>> No.50838499

It's an ancient tradition for grandparents to load the grandkids up with sugary treats and spoil them rotten, then send them back to mom and dad to deal with the sugar rush and hyperactivity. Grandparents acquire their sustenance from the karmic justice that ensues. "Yes, yes you ungrateful shits, now you know, now you know..."

>> No.50840796

>AE 151
>still murdering for sheep and not shiny rocks

Fucking savages you should all be exterminated

>> No.50841542

Because we're cuter.
Maybe you should try being cute someday.

>> No.50841747

>P L O W E D

>> No.50841801

You know, that's the good point. Creator favored us since beginning. Love us even. But your pride and history of stagnation seem to forget one thing. Creator is Father, not the Mother of universe.
And love of Father is love that is demanding. While your punny "mother nature" will provide you food, heal your wounds and make you shellter, All-Father will kick us in the middle of frozen wastland with breakable bodies and little or no resources. And then he will burn all what we bulit with single lightning and say "Do it again".
Love of Father is love that implies partnerhood. While your punny gods will be your shield and sword, your fortrest and helper, Father of Creation will say nothing and treat us like adults while in reality we are baby among races.
Love of Father is love that express disgust. While your punny spirits of forest will justife and frogive every action of even the greatest of evils if it's done on behalf of your race, Eternal Father will punish us, sooner or later, for the littlest of sins, no mother if it's aginst fellow human or other of his creture, or was it comited in the name of Good or Evil for the punishment of Father of Justice shall come.
We are favored as fuck but it doesnt mean that it's comfortable situation for us. Creator favor is gift of greater suffering. And through suffering we have endurace, through endurance we have character and through character we have hope that and promise that we will place ourselves in the our rightfull place among gods.

And now get the fuck out of my way, forestnigger.

>> No.50842050

>Book from which 90% of modern Elf concept comes from makes sure to state that Elves are firstborn race and MOST BELOVED OF THE GODS.
>Pointy-eared elf-like people from beloved vidya are portrayed, in early games, as MOST BELOVED OF THE THREE GODDESSES, and in later games, as DIRECT SERVANTS OF THEIR OWN PERSONAL GODDESS.

>> No.50843734

What happens if you rub and massage their ears?

>> No.50843764

Better prepare either to marry them or commit sudoku.

>> No.50843781

>page ten
I'm sure that was worth the save.

>> No.50843928


>> No.50845093

make them azteks. Hard to not be bad ass whilst sacificing the hearts of your enemies.

>> No.50845282

Aztecs are so overused, go with Moche instead.

>> No.50845394

After reading their wikipedia page it seems to most profilic part of their culture was their obsession with buttsex, is there anything important that I missed?

>> No.50845639

He has?
Is that why we grow old and die?

>> No.50847139

Weird how people make enemies out of nothing.

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