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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Alter Ego Edition. How ridiculous are your identities?

If you want build advice make sure to say what 3pp you can use, if any.

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/JTj1yEmU

Avowed Playtest: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5HkyGRtGZy3SWVhdWFBWERWWjg
Malefex Playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W3LrE8WyIxxYRr8d9dHsWioeUk_-HZaSMqVWRnzc9Fc/edit?usp=sharing
Legendary Kineticists II Playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/11_w1o5dSef2tzu2GDLnJKElHY3uyETzuzFHDAjI6P6k/edit?usp=sharing
Creation Handbook Playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kitAB8sHgmuD3fvOMuI_KyV_dxpO2wrxQmbnCoRgglA/edit?usp=sharing
Dark Handbook Playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zHRZyaMh_QwWcQ-ROGCjQyCdflD6cbm9VdEOJMpC06I/edit?usp=sharing
Mind Handbook Playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Kp4acH7zTk4e3DfPdYDfTk1jJClly3yp27Jfrf3FRWw/edit?usp=sharing
Time Handbook Playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xrcVb8f4isNrnf0c4A-ek9AmU8UD9nNULJF5v6dRwNM/edit?usp=sharing
War Handbook Playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wKYQDiexOl7efIFLp_1nfJIlj9ky04senq8l6WbweQk/edit?usp=sharing

Gear of Power Playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zIomq0TFP7uPdlFB8VRAIWQEjAXLV5CYpP3HmjySynU/edit?usp=sharing
Wild Magic Handbook: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xBfoH6YcTdD3kwjn3ikItWPBGzIm9g3SVkVvUQD1yUw/edit?usp=sharing
Wild Magic Tables: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NU5bK1Dyzu66KgIdrHNaaXBw1eHVpcHZHOh5BDaxMzU/edit?usp=sharing

Old Thread: >>50809705

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Mine is a skinny person.

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Holy fucking playtest, batman!

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What spheres would a psyforensic investigator want besides divination? Fate seems interesting. And I like the idea of energy blade + improved energy blade + focused blast group, but that might be a shit idea.

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Mind might be good. Or perhaps Time to get tht free Time Divination without having to get the talent for it if you have Divination. Light and Dark are also good. Enhancement could also help in some cases

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Oh so they nerfed the shit out of Entropic gloves.

Disappointing, but understandable.

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Look at that glorious twelve foot tall axe chucking motherfucker. LOOK AT HIM.

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Is there a guide to replacing the Brinewall Legacy with Burnt Offerings, or should one just run Burnt Offerings into the Brinewall Legacy when using it as a prologue to Jade Regent?

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What did they used to do?

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How would you rate the Destruction combo thing earlier? Too expensive for that low kind of damage?

Mind might be nice, what talents are good in it? Time seems like a good idea as well. Would a small dip into life for greater restore be worth it?

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There was a lesser and greater version

Lesser was a Flat +1 Damage per die on Destructive Blasts

Greater was 3 Damage per die on Destructive blasts.

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This is kinda stupid but how would i go about making Excalibur from Warframe?

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Aegis is the warframe
Soulknife is your melee/secondary/primary + Exalted Blade.

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Christ on a bike. What are they now?

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Once a round, +1 damage per die on any damage dealing Sphere ability. Free action.

80,000 gp.

Ability is sensible, but a bit too expensive imo.

>> No.50814939

I dont see the need for aegis/metaforge. Soulknife does the job fine by itself. Excalibur doesnt have anything youd need aegis for.

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It would highly depend on your CL. For a Low or Mid caster though, if you are getting Energy Blade and Improved Energy Blade, you ay want to ignore Focused Blast Type Group unless you only plan on using one elemental type, which really isn't what you want.
For a Low or Mid Caster, taking Energyblade and Improved is for bumping the potency of your melee attack, as well as giving you something to either sneak past immunities or hit weaknesses.

Really, I can't say more without knowing your class and layout though.

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i came here... lookin for booty.

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Is the public face the skinny person, or is it the masked hero?

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No one can tell anymore. Not even her.

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Yo, if you were interested in the one on one Jade Regent (Burnt Offerings into Brinewall Legacy) vaguely ERPish thing (in the sense that because it's one on one, there's no need to break to a private channel for lewds, and thus the game's flow doesn't get interrupted), here's the listing.

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How do you prevent your players from falling into the trap of just RPing as themselves?

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the booty is essential. and should be considered as vitally important to all character builds.

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>The "Calling Card" Vigilante (Serial Killer) ability now applies to gruesome scenes of sexual violence, as well as ordinary violence.
Well, see I was gonna ignore this. But now I have to make fucking Rapeman.

Thanks a lot.

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Avowed Question:
Does Embodiment of Aether replace ONLY save DCs, or would it, for example, add your Strength instead of your Charisma to Mystic Reflexes or let you use your Strength on Sense Motive with Celestial Pact's hostility sense, the attack bonus for On My Command, or Aether Rampage's Damage Bonus?

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>Fighter of Consent-Man
>Champion of the loin
>You're a master of Rohypnol, and Friendship, for Everyone

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>The rule I meant to take out because it was in there for the Lamashtan Serial Killer Vigilante in the HV game I'm running is the thing that's attracting players.


I'd be a hypocrite if I said I'm against that sort of thing. I'll allow it.

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You can do better than that.

Give him Riven Hourglass.

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Does Quick Draw affect how quickly you can ready a shield?

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What's the best way to play a near-naked catfolk thief?

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goddamnit charlie!

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Completly naked

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Rogue and nab the Prescient Dodger rogue talent. Or anything that can get rogue talents.

>> No.50815340

5 Wisdom Catfolk rogue with 16 Cha and Prescient Dodger talent from Spheres


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The Snake Oil Salesman archetype.


Lotsa Charisma. LOTSA CHARISMA! Plus, prescient dodger for Charisma to AC, so you can make your enemies miss you because they're distracted by your tits.

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Without a skeleton.

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No SoP unfortunately.

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desu senpai I'd rather play with that Nord girl.

>> No.50815418

Dip 2 levels of Scaled Fist before going Rogue for Monk CHA to AC bonus. Not as good as Prescient Dodger (which scales with your Rogue Level), but still works. Plus lets you Unarmed Strike halfway decent.

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A gestalt game in which everyone is a vigilante, the only races allowed are the following

>Androids, Gnolls, Lizardfolk, Tengu, Kitsune, Catfolk, Skinwalkers (and variants), Tieflings, Kobolds, Ifrits, and Ratfolk
>Humans had great empires spanning back for a long time
>They cut deals with devils who weren't so benign
>Their empires went into a downward spiral
>Demon worship went viral
>The empires imploded upon themselves
>All that's left are pages on bookshelves
>In the vacuum, all the other bestial races
>Took this opportunity because it was aces
>And made their own citystates and nations
>Using old human rules as their foundations


>These citystates are infested
>And have a lot of crime uncontested
>The many races that make these places
>Can't agree, not even in market spaces.

OKay enough rhyming. Basically, a gestalt vigilante game set in a citystate that is beset by gang warfare, corruption, and other fun stuff, with no humans* at all. Instead, you've got weird monster races: Gnolls, Lizardfolk, kitsune, etc. To make up for the fact that you can't play a human, all races get an extra feat at 1st level.

*Of course, there's humanoids. It's just that there are no more pure-blooded humans left. They all either died, became Androids by uploading their minds into robotic constructs (and promptly erasing the traumatic event that caused the extinction of humans), became Ifrits and retreated into volcanos, or the nobles retreated into Hell and became Tieflings after being there for many generations (with the slaves and low-caste individuals managing to escape to the "Real World" so to speak)

There'd be some significant fluff changes for most races to fit into the setting, which would be some kind of late 1700's-early 1800's city adventure in a vaguely American-inspired city with magic, guns, and gang warfare (the grimmest of grimdark settings!)

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Oops, forgot to ask, but would ANY of you play in this? I need to know so that I can plan it for the future.

>> No.50815490

Yeah I'd play it.

>> No.50815502

So if I full attack something, am I still allowed to make a swift action?

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Post character creation music.

>> No.50815514

Hell, could be fun.

+1 if the Kitsune are all Yokai. +2 if there's a society of them that's pretending they're DEFINITELY humans.

>> No.50815524

sounds like someone needs to be the law...

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They're actually French, they pretend to be humans, and they're major assholes. Like, supermassive assholes.

>> No.50815576

>and also assholes

Are you perhaps implying that they need a beacon of light to show them the way?

>> No.50815599

Werebat Serial Killer Vigilante + Vivisectionist Alchemist.

The Alchemist then goes into brewkeeper & master chymist. He qualifies for Brewkeeper because his social identity is CG. His Serial Killer Mr. Hyde Mutated Form identity is LE.

The first reveal is where I mutate with master chymist. The second reveal is where I also have a bat head.

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Curious why only Ifrits and none of the other elemental types, but not a dealbreaker...for the moment.

>> No.50815648

This one got a laugh out of me.

Because none of the other elemental types are all that interesting, and nothing is cooler than an Ifrit living in a volcano.

No I'm implying that I really don't like French people. But also I really wanna get away from Kitsune being all Japanese weeb-bait.

So from now on they will be called Renards. Because to be frank I hate Kitsune.

>> No.50815706

>get away from Kitsune being all Japanese
Are you retarded?

>> No.50815719


Gears turning in your head as you wrack your brain for ideas.

>> No.50815743

>I really don't like French people...
>... to be frank I hate Kitsune
>yet you are also including them in your setting

If you hate them so much, why bother adding them?

I mean, I guess there are foxes in places other than Japan, but that part is kind of dumb.

>> No.50815790

Nigga there's OTHER cultures with trickster canines. The North Africans with werehyenas. The Native Americans with coyotes. Fuck even the FRENCH have trickster foxes. I'm using the goddamn Kitsune because, hey, guess the fuck what, they happen to be FOXES that are also TRICKSTERS AND I REALLY DON'T WANT to have to FUCK AROUND TOO MUCH WITH stats jesus fucking Christ.

Niggggggga, I hate the word "Kitsune" not the idea of tricky fuckin' foxes like this shitweed I posted here. Besides, I don't really have very many strong opinions on French individuals, but it seems fitting to make the asshole fox people French because Frenchfags get stereotyped as assholes, and there happens to be a pretty FUCKIN FAMOUS folktale about some shitweed fox named Renard who was French.

>> No.50815795

>see that
>immediately check if it's a high quality rip

>> No.50815819

Boy, are you mad. Did foxes bully you at the playground.

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>> No.50815850

>focusing on Reynard

>> No.50815853

Nah I'm just messin' with ya, foxes and French people are okay. I just decided against having the Kitsune/Renards be Japanese. They're French, now.

>> No.50815866

Honestly, I'd probably go google translate "hidden" and "fox" into french and mash shit together or something for a race name if that's what you're doing. Renards doesn't really roll off the tongue for a race name.

>> No.50815885

Well it's what google translate gave me for "foxes" so

Yeah I guess that will work. Thanks for the suggestion!



>> No.50815886

How dare your furry waifu not be the nationality you want her to be.

How. Dare.

>> No.50815904

I dunno. Renard works for me.

>> No.50815931


>> No.50815936

It's more that it's retarded to want to use the East Asian mythological shapeshifting, trickster foxes and not have them be East Asian.

>> No.50815949

Japan doesnt have a monopoly on shapeshifting trickster animals, nor are we in any way beholden to mythology.

>> No.50815962

Nigga, actual pathfinder kitsune are hardly accurate to mythology anyway. Who gives a shit if this faggot wants to make his kitsune be french bread?

>> No.50815979


The Native Americans had mythological shapeshifting trickster coyotes. The French had mythological shapeshifting trickster foxes.

I'm saying Kitsune. Use the stats for Kitsune. But in the fluff, they're French. Understand? >>50815962
This nigga understands.



>> No.50816006

>East Asian mythological shapeshifting trickster

>> No.50816007

It let's you crop cha out for str for class features(packs count as such), dcs yata tata. So yes.

>> No.50816027

At least cats are better than frogs.

>> No.50816046

I need pictures of kitsune dressed in catholic robes. The French are/were catholic, right?

>> No.50816047

>he doesn't like frogs

>> No.50816062

You fuckin' shitweed, kill yourself.

>> No.50816080

>tfw you will never play a Grippli Hidden Blade and use Grig Jig to force people to dance with you

>> No.50816102

Try DeviantArt.

>> No.50816111

Frogposters and "JE SUIS MONTE" shitters need to fucking leave and stay leave

>> No.50816126

I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy why would you suggest that?

>> No.50816129

>Not vishkanya


>> No.50816147

Yeah, FA's a way better resource.

>> No.50816169

Gotchu famalam

>> No.50816213


>mfw I remember exactly what I was listening to on loop while I made each of my characters



(Basically the entire NieR OST is character-building gold!)

>??? (for Molthune Knights)

>> No.50816270

That's where I get character art from, but I don't normally go looking for anthropomorphic humans.

>> No.50816286


This man speaks wisdom.


Deviant Art is a fantastic source for character art, you just need to be good at sifting through the shit and picking out the gems.

>> No.50816313

Honestly, Pixiv is super nice if you like weeb art.

>captcha: mistral park
Worst MGR:R boss

>> No.50816383


Isn't that art from the guy who did the badonk monk?


Weeb art is very glaring when paired with western art, you either need to make everyone use one or the other.

>> No.50816405

>kitsune art
I'll take the glaring differences then.

>> No.50816415

What bonuses do you give for cooking /pfg/?

A hearty meal should give mechanical bonuses!

>> No.50816429

About to go to bed but might as well dump some of what I've been listening to lately, which may or may not fit characters I've made/been making.


>> No.50816450

>Cooking bonuses


Here you go senpai

>> No.50816478

>yfw 2hu signs up for the Molthune game to ruin it

>> No.50816489

I'm not sure what you're talking about, so check for yourself:


>> No.50816518

Alright /pfg/, did some work and here we go; camp follower-turned-knight for valor above and beyond the call of duty. She's in a little over her head and still double-checks every morning that she isn't dreaming, but she owes Molthune everything and by the gods she's going to pay it back a hundredfold and again. She's going to be the best knight she can; but she's going to make sure she never forgets where she came from.

Thoughts and feedback are appreciated.


>> No.50816534


It's just strikingly similar art to a monk with the same style and pose showing off an incredibly thick and wide booty!

>> No.50816557

>yfw witchhunt anon literally can't stop himself

>> No.50816616

I'm thinking of building a Warder around tripping people and using his attacks of opportunity to wreck them as they get up, eventually picking up Felling Smash and Greater Trip.

Am I retarded, or is this not a bad idea?

>> No.50816648


I love you, anon.

Not because of the post itself, but what the post triggered.

I need to make The Iron Chef, a portly cook in the Molthune military elevated to knighthood after using his ample strength to hold back a vicious ambush.

>> No.50816684

It might not work at higher levels since the enemy's CMD goes up faster than your CMB.

>> No.50816692

2hu will ruin the game if he joins.

>> No.50816695

That's true, but none of my characters ever survive that long.

>> No.50816698

It says
>Prerequisites: Aether pulse class feature.
Benefit: You can use your Strength instead of your Charisma to determine the save DCs of your aether pulse, clause, and pact abilities.

So I think it might only be saves.

>> No.50816754

A Warder might.

They were designed to be the hardest to kill.

>> No.50816837

Question for you folks

Has anybody ever designed a template or other quick way of making Initiating Enemies?

>> No.50816871


Give them 1 Strike or 1 Boost, 1 Counter, and 1 Stance for every 5 CR. Their recovery is to spend a move action to recover 1 maneuver.

>> No.50816899

I found DHB's initiator class in the pastebin. How is it? I thought he only did paizo martial stuff.

>> No.50816937

Which class is that?

>> No.50816955

The Scholar


>> No.50816976

My GM likes killing my characters specifically because I build to be hard to kill.

This is my first Warder though, so I'm not sure whether or not I can do this well.

>> No.50817033

Your own boasting aside, I don't think any GM should be happy to kill one of their player's characters.

As an aside, what are your suggestions if I want to enact some DIRTY DEEDS, DONE DIRT CHEAP?

>> No.50817035

Someone posted initiating templates a few months ago.

They were kind of like the monster options from Pathfinder Unchained.


My next game, I'm just going to use the monsters from the Codex, but with the initiating archetypes.

If the PCs can handle that, some NPCs will have initiating classes.

>> No.50817043

Never mind, the actual document calls it the physician.

>> No.50817055

You've made a literal whore knight. This is fucking stupid. No society would make a whore a noble just because they fucking saw an ambush. This is a stupid pile of mary-sue fuckery and you're a goddamn shitstain on the hobby for even conceiving of this bullsarse.

>> No.50817102

Wasn't trying to boast about it. I just try to be hard to kill to the point that I end up not being very good at killing things.

>> No.50817150

>Another tactician
Maybe I should just give up now and start all over.

>> No.50817182

...Wait a minute

>> No.50817208

I mean if that's your goal, and if your GM allows 3rd party material, I'd say make a Cynean Warder with money boosting traits and 18 Int, if you buy Full Plate, a Tower Shield, and give yourself 12 Dex for that +1 you can have 32 AC at level 1.

>> No.50817228


She's not really a tactician, anon; she's a bard, sure, but her head for tactics is only within the limit of what she picked up before, she's got no formal studies of it or anything. I'm actually not sure where you got tactician from on her sheet or description, actually, it's certainly not something I meant to get across!


You need a hug, anon.

>> No.50817271

It probably ought to do stuff for other abilities, but as written it only works for saves. It was an oversight when writing it but we'll need to do some number crunching before the next update to see.

Can't do that now cus I'm at work all night (took a break and saw this). Thanks for the feedback though.

>> No.50817272


>> No.50817323

Season Two WHEN

>> No.50817330

>More tactitians.

Motherfucking Sun Tzu wont know what the fuck to do with us.

>> No.50817381

>not playing a tactician
>not even playing a soldier
>playing an old spy
Espionage is a dangerous game.

>> No.50817384

That doesn't narrow it down.

>> No.50817410

I need some advise on how to help a player. He's playing a Mesmerist. He's a great face, but he feels useless in combat and gets frustrated. I'm going to give everyone in the party magical items to help cushion their weaknesses for Christmas, but I can't think of what to give him.
My best idea was to give him an intelligent weapon that uses CHA to hit. Maybe a crossbow or a sword.

Any other ideas?

>> No.50817433 [SPOILER] 

I don't know much about the Occult classes, but try giving him a mind controlled servant.

>> No.50817443

But is it the most dangerous?

>> No.50817444

Well... Depending on when, you may or may not have a "muscle avowed" played.

BTW barrage is the only shape with no feat of its own and arguably no FCB either (I've never heard of nor could find a Sthein).

FCBwise; there are 3 or 4 rampage related ones, but no wrath, grasp, cascade, retaliation or swarm ones.

>> No.50817469

This is kinda funny because a nation avowed eventually gets a bunch of boost-order abilities as well such as giving allies a free pulse-boosted attack as a swift by 12th.

So there's like, at least 3 flavors of tactician already?

>> No.50817524

Okay so lets see.

We have a teamwork feats/Instant Order cavalier.

We've got nation pact.

We've got a... bard?

>> No.50817681

There's a Warder in there too

>> No.50817712

How do I make a faceless old man?
I'm leaning towards an Inqisitor with charm of wizdom feat.
No 3pp allowed.

>> No.50817714

Now there's an idea. Although, that may be better to give to the Psychic. I'm not sure I want to stroke the Mesmerist's ego that hard. My idea for the intelligent weapon was that it would be antagonistic, so fights would be a more social encounter for him to emphasis his strengths.

>> No.50817794


A bard is not really a tactician, at least not always, IMO.

>> No.50817874

Sounds like a blast.

>> No.50817918

I'm considering who makes the best spy? Inquisitor honestly seems like a good choice. Their spell list is good for espionage. For a full caster the Witch probably has the best espionage spell list, paired with hexes. On the no casting side UC rogue is obvious. For an initiator Stalker is the most inherently sneaky probably.

UC Rogue

Which do you all think I should grab for my Old Spy character for the Molthune Knights game.

>> No.50817919

generally speaking, how useful is
>Reveal your Secrets
clause, in a party? I mean identify seems useful but it also seems to me that most parties are already going to have 1-2 who either have such high spellcraft or know-arcana that they'll just instasniff it out, or actual identify spells too...

>> No.50817927



>> No.50817939

>antagonistic intelligent weapon

Will it whisper prophecies of doom in a seductive voice?

>> No.50817960

>tfw this is the first thing I saw when opening link
I never asked for these feels so soon after coming back from fapping

>> No.50817962

It's Carvin Marvin.

>> No.50817991

>that quote

Oh. So I'm already dead, then.

>> No.50817995

Vigilante is also an idea instead of UC rogue.

Is there an initiating vigilante?

>> No.50818032

Omai wa mo shindeiru

>> No.50818075

Does Abadar have a Divine Fighting Technique?

>> No.50818076


I don't think so yet, actually, which is a shaem, but desu Vigilante is simply one of the most fun and *good* paizo martials even without initiation.

>> No.50818110

Playing my first ever Pathfinder campaign tomorrow. Haven't done any pen & paper RPGs since D&D 3.0.

Playing an 8000 year old Arcanist Android. My GM actually picked the age, so clearly the rules are more like guidelines. I'm considering a back story where I learned a reincarnation technique from my creator, in order to explain the insanely old age.

>> No.50818153


There is an Initiating Vigilante archetype. Not officially released, so approving it might be dubious.

>> No.50818195

Guys pls.

>> No.50818223

why do you want to be a faceless old man?

>> No.50818237

Thanks buddy.

>> No.50818243

I don't really "get" alignment on a macro scale. How does a town where pretty much everyone registers as evil survive, let alone prosper over generations?

>> No.50818303

What do you think?

>> No.50818307

You're an android. Well made constructs are basically timeless if they're competent at self-maintenance

>> No.50818322

Because you're a faggot and making a meme character?

>> No.50818353

This is true. I was reading the rule book, though, since I'm completely unfamiliar with Pathfinder, and it talked about Androids having souls, thus only living for up to 85, though this applies specifically to the soul. I think it could make for an interesting story, anyway.

The group I'm campaigning with are a pretty goofy bunch, as is the GM, so I'm not too worried about the number crunching.

>> No.50818369

What if I just made a Spheres/Courtly Hunter||ZS/OD Warder.

>Intelligent animal companion, have its first feat be Transformation
>Share skill ranks, so the animal could snag initiating if it needed to
>Don't have to worry about being effective because I'm already a ZS warder

Now I just need to figure out what kind of character this mess is.

>> No.50818442

So every sixty years part of your maintenance cycle involves either the cleansing and renewal of your soul, or every eighty involves the forcible ejection of the old one and the theft or generation of the new.

You're going at it from the wrong perspective. Given that you're a thousand old robot, how you still exist is your job to define.

>> No.50818481

Exactly! So, how about some aid?

>> No.50818494

Good point. Cheers.

>> No.50818575

As a GM who enjoys dice rolls, I would take something like >>50818442 and have you roll to see how far in the 'cycle' you are.
Take a d100 if you're lazy, most likely it will be irrelevant unless you want to press it. An extreme roll means either you're well past due for a change, or its your first 'cycle' it took you a very, very long time to wake up.

>> No.50818695 [SPOILER] 

Several classes get Alter Self. Do you want to be a faceless old man to the core, or do you want to be a dipshit youngling who is out for a good time and has no fear of consequences?

On a totally unrelated note, how do y'all roll for boob size?

>> No.50818700

Alright, /pfg/, how do I Gul'dan?

>> No.50818750

Rolled 3, 2 + 3 = 8 (2d6 + 3)

You put "dice+xdy" without the quotes in the options area.
For example: dice+2d6+3. In the option bar will roll 2d6 and add 3.

>> No.50818778


Find your race or ethnicity, add con, divide by 2. compare to alphabet.

>> No.50818849

How to modify gestalt so it does not increase power but still mixes classes better than multiclassing

>> No.50818882

You're hunting the same white whale as everyone else, anon. Some people will claim their own method is best, but the truth eludes us still.

>> No.50818922

Pick one class as a base, and the other as your Secondary. Base determines most of your level-up stuff, and every other level you gain abilities of your secondary class, treating 1/2 of your character level as your level in secondary class for purposes of abilities. Taking secondary class requires you to sacrifice half of your feats.

So in other words, a less horribly built version of the VMC system

>> No.50818931

Probably tomorrow would he when the next update happens. Sthein are bloodforge.

>> No.50818985

Balls to the wall faceless old man. Ideally I want to have cha for a dump stat but great social bonuses.

>> No.50819026


>> No.50819040 [DELETED] 

No whammies!

>> No.50819055

Rolled 9, 10 + 2 = 21 (2d10 + 2)

Let's see what we get

>> No.50819059

Put it in the options field, dumbass! Not the comment field!

>> No.50819074

I hadn't wanted snake-eyes, but I didn't actually want Kazuma to be quite like that.

>> No.50819081

Making a Witchwolf Bardadin.

Level 5, most 3PP allowed. 25 point buy.

Any suggestions?

>> No.50819088

I never heard of anyone swearing by the Eye of Abendigo

>> No.50819106

By Lamashtu's Twenty Tits!

>> No.50819132

Zon-Kuthon's Zigzagging Cock...

>> No.50819135

I thought that one was for dick size

>> No.50819137

But where is the butt size roll?

>> No.50819147

Pretty sure dick size is just the roll result + Con modifier in inches.

>> No.50819150

A Devourer Thaumaturge.

Thaumaturges can supercharge their magic at the risk of harming themselves with backlash. There's an ability they can get to attempt to fob off that backlash onto someone else if they fail a will save.

Devourer Thaumaturges jack the chance of backlash up SIGNIFICANTLY, but if something dies near them, they get to use their supercharge ability with zero chance of backlash.

tl;dr, kill people, use their deaths to fuel your magic. Or attempt to do it before they die.

GraphiteKnight does good shit. Even if that animation isn't by him, which I don't think it is, whatevs.

>> No.50819174

Sunnuva Sober Cayden

>> No.50819204

This legit is gonna make me ask my GM to let me play a Warcraft troll. There's no way he'll say yes because it's retarded but I fucking love Zul'Jin. The trolls are one of the few things I really like in Warcraft.

>> No.50819205

Torag's Turgid Tadger.

>> No.50819221

By Iomedae's Tremendous Twisting Trumpet, you all sure do love your Golarion Swears

>> No.50819229

A half-giant with a con bonus can run out of letters......

>> No.50819231

By Sarenrae's scorched scimitar that is one succulent and sinful sweetheart.

>> No.50819242

Y'know what? It's funny enough that I think I'm gonna keep this roll.

Lucky thing I learned to cast grease

>> No.50819264

Could just be double-something, or triple-something failing that.

>> No.50819271

Rovagug's festering fangs, that's ridiculous!

I had to.

>> No.50819278

Dang girl, by Calistra's Calloused Cock she got some beefers

Sweet Norgerber's Knotted Knickers!

>> No.50819295

Remember: All Paladins are a walking pile of psychological insecurities. A head full of martyr complexes and a chronic hero syndrome.

They WANT to get hurt, they WANT to be defiled and mindbroken and subjugated to pain and dehumanized.
Because they think they're doing it for the sake of others.

>"If I'm the orc village cumdump, I saved 10 other girls from this cruel fate."

But the truth of the matter is - they're just repressed masochist sluts who want any excuse to be raped and defiled every night by monsters with dicks bigger than her womb can accommodate.

They want to be seen as an image of chaste and purity, while fucking orcs and trolls and drinking their cum with all three of her holes.

>> No.50819311

Horny weebs leave leave now reeeee

>> No.50819338

This is what happens when a god burns away a mortal's fear.

The mind required that stimulus to maintain the fight-or-flight instinct.

Therefore, the Paladin will seek another stimulus to replace it.

>> No.50819352

>Swear you posted a question asking if the zon-kuthon requirement for the battlefield surgeon trait would be enforced.
>Come home, go to check if answered
>Can't find post anywhere.

I think I'm going mad.

>> No.50819371

It was, said that if it's on d20pfsrd it can be re-fluffed to just anything that fits. And to PM for further discussion on that point.
> The feats/traits on the SRD that are usually god-locked are pretty open following the more general restrictions that d20pfsrd gives (like "a god of light" or "an evil deity")

>> No.50819395

In all seriousness, though: What's a good spell loadout for a Scaled Fist|Sorcerer gestalt look like?

I think I'm good enough for raw damage that I won't need more than a blast or two every couple spell levels, so I'd probably be focusing more on buffs and area control spells.

Current spells known are tentatively as follows:
0: detect magic, ghost sound, mage hand, prestidigitation, spark
1: color spray, grease, mage armor, snowball

>> No.50819400

Oh hey, I recognize this Pasta

>> No.50819417

Warcraft trolls are large creatures. Was debating giving them powerful build because fucking everything in warcraft has powerful build... except for the gnomes and dwarves.

They get 1 point of fast healing for every 3 hitdice they have (minimum 1). This can be upped by a racial feat that increases it to 1 point per 2 hd (requires level 7).

Quick racepoint rundown.

Monstrous humanoid (3rp)
Large (7rp) (+2str, -2dex)
Normal speed (0)
Specialized ability score (1) (+2st +2dex -2cha)
Standard languages 0
Advanced Dexterity (4rp) (+2dex)
Fast healing (6+rp).
Bite (1rp) (1d4)
Hatred (1rp) (Humans, Elves).

Total guesstimate: 23+ RP

I know RP are a poor guideline, but Warcraft trolls are kind of fuckoff powerful. Maybe you could get it approved by dropping the bite and hatred. They're kind of a giant ball of stats.

>> No.50819426

Heroes of epic proportions require quests of scale to match.

First, you must liberate a legendary tailor from the clutches of retirement.
Having won their favor, they'll explain that you need to find a cache of cloudsilk worms to harvest for fabric. You'll also need to find a sky-iron mine for the underwire.

If you come out with enough for your own figure, you'll have a masterwork Heaven's Cloud bra to keep your bounty supported.

If fortune is on your side, you'll usher in a new age of anti-gravity bras for the outlandishly endowed, and retire a hero.

>> No.50819433

>Read it as chests of scale to match
>Turns out it's talking about gigantic tits anyway.


>> No.50819457


>> No.50819531

Is an enemy with dex 14 or less that gets entangled considered flat footed since being entangled denies their dex bonus to AC?

>> No.50819542


>> No.50819545

Does a flat footed foe get a bonus to AC if his dex modifier is negative?

>> No.50819559

No. You lose your bonus, if any, but only if it's actually a bonus.

>> No.50819560

flatfooted means his bonuses do not apply.
If this means he gets a higher penalty due to heavy armor or a spell, then it drops his AC even lower.

>> No.50819574

It negates the Bonus. If there's no bonus then it's ac is the same minus the dodge bonuses if any.

>> No.50819596

>Realize I'm looking in the Molthune Knights forum for a question I asked on RotJR

God I'm fucking dumb.

>> No.50819599

But do you have the best Tactician?

>> No.50819602


>> No.50819637

Normal play, but give a free VMC (AKA give the benefit of VMC to each PC without having it cost them feats).

>> No.50819715

IF this is RotJR, Onryou has finally been topped!

>> No.50819791


>> No.50819794

VMC is fucking awful anon

>> No.50819802

**VMC is fucking awful even for free in the context of an alternative to gestalt

>> No.50819805

I could see VMC working for something that needs only a few feats to excel at its role, like a basic bitch Strength build or a Wizard, but otherwise...yeah, it really is.

>> No.50819900

Now she finally has someone to symmetrical dock with

>> No.50819910


But on, she only rolled an 15

>> No.50820056

So what race would be the easiest to at least visually refluff into a typical WoW troll? Was going to make a Saurian Druid and use a combination of my nature magic and turning into various dinosaurs to suit the needs of the party at given moments.

>> No.50820067

Could you pretend that not everyone here plays WoW, and rephrase your question with more detail?

We're only familiar with the Draenei porn.

>> No.50820106

Ok so they are tall, have tusks and long pointed ears, are typically tribal warriors, usually use voodoo as well as nature magic. Range in color from greens to greys to blues, with vibrant hair colors. Also horrendous but fucking hilariously racist Jamaican accents. How would you go about it?

>> No.50820131

How might an Erastil worshipper join a large, organized military? I can't really imagine a way it wouldn't conflict somehow. Either he doesn't have a family, or he has one but leaves them alone (or with a house servant at best) for months at a time. Neither one really seems in character for an Erastilian.

>> No.50820162

Find a race that fits most of the criteria listed here >>50819417

Large, Monstrous humanoid, +str, +dex, -cha. Bite can be refluffed to gore (or dropped entirely).

Fast healing optional but recommended. Troll's love throwing weapons and should be proficient with throwing spears, throwing axes, throwing knives and nets at the very least.

They also absolutely hate elves (at least for the forest trolls).

Jungle trolls (wc3 / wow) are the smallest at between 7foot 4 (females) to 10 feet (upper end of male height). Forest trolls (warcraft 2) are the biggest at around 10-13 feet. Barring the exceptional dire trolls ofc (gurubashi berserkers for example).

Forest trolls have a thin layer of moss that grows on their skin. Jungle trolls have a thin coat of blue/purple fur.

>> No.50820184

Ensure that your home is cared for, and have a dedicated group of messengers.

Start here:


I would also make an orc variant that favored divine magic.

>> No.50820203

Both of those miss troll berserking though.

>> No.50820251

Well, the Jungle Trolls you can get away with being just Medium, probably.

Orc Males in Pathfinder get up to 7'1'', and those trolls are notably lankier, so you could get away with Medium if you REALLY wanted to.

Also worth considering is that the size of people in Warcraft is variable as fuuuuck. You can have a human dude who is like double the size of your average human WITHOUT the muscles.

>> No.50820263

Humans and Orcs both have powerful build in warcraft, and orcs are mostly better represented by a half-giant statline.

Tauren are actually large sized though being 10.5-12 feet tall (for males) on average. That totem they swing around weighs around 1500-3000lbs (depending on the wood).

>> No.50820274

Basically what I'm taking away from this is that Warcraft sizes are wonky as heck and often misrepresented.

Like, weren't Orcs also Large if you go by the movie?

>> No.50820306

Durotan is in this picture, he was called "little chieftain" by other warchiefs because he was smaller (the adult orc male ranges from about 7 feet tall to around just under 9). Orcs fall within the realms of medium creatures but they often wield large sized weapon and count as large sized creatures when it would benefit them, like half-giants.

Trolls (even the fuckoff tall forest trolls) work as medium sized creatures (with powerful build).

>> No.50820330

>Basically what I'm taking away from this is that Warcraft sizes are wonky as heck and often misrepresented.

But yeah, that's mostly correct. People tend to draw a lot of their sources for height from WoW itself... which can have a regular sized human mage standing next to a 15 foot tall Jaina... and in warcraft you cant fuck with the actual size of units too much otherwise you encounter issues like tauren being unable to enter buildings (especially when on mounts) and they're scaled to only 9 feet in WoW.

The best source is cinematics (not ones using in-game models) which tend to do a fairly good job of portraying size.

Eg, this pic where the orc is hunched over, slouching and exhibiting like seventeen kinds of bad posture and he's still fucking gigantic to the already gigantic human male.

>> No.50820373

What if my race isn't on here?

>> No.50820439

>get into the Hell's Vengance game

>are not able to play the first two sessions because of extenuating circumstances

This is real suffering. Fuck life.

>> No.50820451


Just pointing out that "Humans" in wow are not earth humans but are a mutated off shoot of Giant Robot Vikings who were hit with the curse of flesh.

>> No.50820466

How will 2hu ruin the Molthune game?

>> No.50820478

How will Witch-hunt Anon ruin another thread?

Oh wait, I know. With pointless fucking bitching.

>> No.50820483

Dear /pfg/, what's the most fun 3rd party class that's neither an Initiator or Psionic? Has to be on PFSRD but I'm curious what other fun gems are out there.

>> No.50820532

It's not a witch hunt if it's true.

>> No.50820562

You've bitched about 2hu more recently than 2hu has posted at fucking all, shut the goddamn hell up.

>> No.50820702

>Molthune GM banning shit just because it's in playtest

Is there any bigger red flag of him being a shit tier GM?

>> No.50820708


>> No.50820711

Whats wrong with banning stuff in playtest?

>> No.50820722

It's stupid.

>> No.50820726

>It's stupid


>a gm doesn't feel like being a test bed

What a shitlord

>> No.50820728

>It's stupid to ban stuff that's still in development and not finished.

Something's stupid here and it ain't the DM.

>> No.50820742

It's reasonable not everyone wants to test shit, hell the last time I ran something play test it was horribly broken.

>> No.50820749

Tell that to the PsyArm, OD/ZS, etc.

All that shit made it past playtest.

>> No.50820751

Quick /pfg/, tell me about your characters and those characters who ALMOST existed in a game!

>> No.50820759


Seeing as I'm statting 4 waifus right now, I'll keep that in consideration.

>> No.50820764

Those have been in playtest for approximately one tectonic fucking era.

>> No.50820769

And they still made it past playtest.

>> No.50820777

Are there any classes 1st or 3rd party that combine a rogues skill set with magic? Specifically looking for the ability to disarm magical traps and sneak attack or at the very least the ability to disarm magical traps, and either 6th or 9th level casting preferably arcane.

>> No.50820813

Eldritch Scoundrel


>> No.50820893

Archeologist Bard loses sneak attack but their Luck ability isn't that far off.

There's also Rogue/Wizard into Arcane Trickster. You can do Rogue 1/Wizard 4 with Accomplished Sneak Attack and then head into AT.

>> No.50820932

Trap Breaker Vivisectionist Alchemist.

>> No.50820998

Wait does this class actually expend its level 0 spell slots?

>> No.50821021


What makes you think that?

>> No.50821030

It does not have the cantrip class feature.
Fucking Paizo

>> No.50821032


>An eldritch scoundrel can cast only a certain number of spells of each spell level per day. Her base daily spell allotment is the same as the magus class.


>Cantrips: A magus can prepare a number of cantrips, or 0-level spells, each day, as noted on Table: Magus under “Spells per Day.” These spells are cast like any other spell, but they are not expended when cast and may be used again.


>> No.50821065

>She learns, prepares, and casts spells exactly as a wizard does, including adding new spells to her spellbook and gaining two additional spells known (of any level she can cast) each time she gains a rogue level with this archetype.
For Wizards Cantrip is a separate class feature from spells.

>> No.50821077

Don't be a fucking pedant, anon.

You know perfectly well that Eldritch Scoundrels get cantrips and you're arguing otherwise just to be a contentious little fuckboy.

>> No.50821093

No it actually seems like something that paizo would do to 'balance' the archetype. It fits in well with their poor understanding of how their own game works.

>> No.50821118

They LEARN, PREPARE, and CAST spells as a wizard. Their allotment is as a Magus. For Magi, Cantrips is part of their motherfucking spellcasting feature, even by your goddamn asinine reading, they get cantrips.

>> No.50821210

Can we all agree to lynch anyone who tries to join a /pfg/ game as a wizard or arcanist?

>> No.50821241


I'm actually kind of sad nobody makes wizards anymore, I want to bully those dorks before defending their honor with my life!

They might be gangly losers, but they're MY gangly losers!

>> No.50821312

Which race of humans have the best butts?

This is important.

>> No.50821352

Anyone who makes a wizard or arcanist in any /pfg/ game should be shot.

>> No.50821369

Your mum

>> No.50821398


Best as in... What? Shoanti have the most muscular asses while Taldan got them fat jiggly rears. Are you looking for simply the most aesthetically pleasing, a proper bubble booty cut over years of diet and exercise?

The best booty begs us to ask which country has both the luxury to offer their people fine foods and the expectation of physical exertion - simply put, we need a wealthy region with hard-working women.

With that in mind? The women of Qadira and Osirion probably have the greatest asses, theirs are rich countries of horse riders and belly dancers, where many women take on strenuous hobbies safe in knowing they don't need to sit on their butt all day clinking coins, that's what daddy or hubby is for!

Meme answer: Belkzen humans and the Kellids in general, because Orcs and tribals prefer taking women from behind and that means the best ass is the best fuck.

Bonus Round: the race with the best ass in general is the demon-blooded Tiefling or the Angel-blooded Aasimar, +Str +Cha is form and function, heft and shape. Truly, they have righteous rears or deviant derrières.

>> No.50821403

So a Qadiran Assimar? Sounds kinda right.

>> No.50821455

>tell the GM you can't play in the HV game for the first two sessions, so feel free to pass over if necessary
>don't get in, which is fine
>other person who gets in can't play for two weeks

This is pure suffering.

>> No.50821456


You gotta go Hermean for the most genetically pure callipygous people.

>> No.50821516


>For Wizards
That should have answered your question right there.

They learn as a wizard. Their spell alotment - including 0-level spells, which magus gets more of than wizards - is that of Magus.

RAW they gain 0-level spells as a magus does, and cast them as a wizard, which means they cast them at will and do not expend them, because wizards do not expend 0-level spells.

Basic grammar.

>> No.50821542


They've got the good genes, they've got the leasiure for physical hobbies, and the diet,they're not exactly opulent, but they've got good nutrition.

I think Hermea is hogging all the good ass.

>> No.50821544

>Realize Molthune campaign is catered towards pfg.
Fuck me I almost didnt notice. I usually play with tg but no way in hell am I playing pf with you queers. This shit where everyone creates new accounts so people don't know what theyre walking into is starting to get old.

>> No.50821546


Hermean is technically the best answer, but they have always been exceptional and kind of the easy mode answer, in fact I'd go so far as to call it cheating (just like saying a Pure Azlanti has the best ass - sure it's true, but those sorts are impossibly rare.)

>> No.50821566


The answer is to invade Hermea.

or for Hermea to invade.

>> No.50821585

its pretty much maximum suffering

>> No.50821594

Post hermean bitches.

>> No.50821604

to be fair, not being able to play two when you thought you could sucks extra, it seems like he was legitimately blindsided with LIFE

>> No.50821605

Disregard Hermeans, post Low Azlanti

>> No.50821615


Im making an admixture wizard for the molthune campaign!

Art "Artillery" Gerschwind

>> No.50821617


Hermea is not a country, it's a nature preserve built and protected by arguably the most powerful dragon alive. It is neither going to invade or be invaded, the scant trade that goes on is done at ports designed to hide the cities from outside view - hell, the only people that leave Hermea are the rejects!

Hermea have the greatest asses but they are asses you will never see beyond maybe one or two exiles a year. Good for a PC, not good for a practical case of "they got them nice butts, mhm, I wanna marry me one of them."

The quirk is that Hermeans are very open, loving people. This is known through their traits that have penalties to sense motive but bonuses to knowledge or initiative.

>> No.50821644


Woo! Wizards are best!

>> No.50821656

Interesting determination of attitude through traits.

>> No.50821693


>A wizard casts arcane spells drawn from the sorcerer/wizard spell list. A wizard must choose and prepare his spells ahead of time.

>To learn, prepare, or cast a spell, the wizard must have an Intelligence score equal to at least 10 + the spell level. The Difficulty Class for a saving throw against a wizard's spell is 10 + the spell level + the wizard's Intelligence modifier.

>A wizard can cast only a certain number of spells of each spell level per day. His base daily spell allotment is given on Table: Wizard. In addition, he receives bonus spells per day if he has a high Intelligence score (see Table: Ability Modifiers and Bonus Spells).

>A wizard may know any number of spells. He must choose and prepare his spells ahead of time by getting 8 hours of sleep and spending 1 hour studying his spellbook. While studying, the wizard decides which spells to prepare.

>Starting Spells (See Spellbooks below): A wizard begins play with a spellbook containing all 0-level wizard spells (except those from his opposed schools, if any; see Arcane Schools) plus three 1st-level spells of his choice. The wizard also selects a number of additional 1st-level spells equal to his Intelligence modifier to add to the spellbook. At each new wizard level, he gains two new spells of any spell level or levels that he can cast (based on his new wizard level) for his spellbook. At any time, a wizard can also add spells found in other wizards' spellbooks to his own (see Magic).

>Spells Gained at a New Level: Wizards perform a certain amount of spell research between adventures. Each time a character attains a new wizard level, he gains two spells of his choice to add to his spellbook. The two free spells must be of spell levels he can cast.

Cantrips are not part of a wizards spells, it is a separate class feature.

>> No.50821706


I always imagined Hermean women being delicious brown, with blonde-ish hair wearing an almost sheer silk toga at all hours, having a good old time frolicking in between becoming experts in their chosen fields.

>> No.50821712

>Starting Spells (See Spellbooks below): A wizard begins play with a spellbook containing all 0-level wizard spells

Did you even read what you were quoting?

>> No.50821728


Sense Motive is used to detect falsehoods and ulterior motives. A region that lacks either of those things will raise people who simply can't pick up a lie as well as a mainlander!

There's also something to be said how every Hermean feat, spell or trait focuses on the cultivation of skills - not an extra attribute, not a bump to saves, but either being quicker or simply "better" at a thing than someone else.

>> No.50821742

Do we also kill anyone that applies as/with a Warlord, Bushi, Broken Blade, Scarlet Throne, Psion, or anything in a similar vein?

>> No.50821749

Did you even read what you were responding to?
They expend their level 0 spells that was the original point, or are you just arguing to argue?

>> No.50821751

What about a Bushi Warlord with Broken Blade and Scarlet Throne?

>> No.50821764

None of those are as bad as wizards or arcanists.

>> No.50821765

Oh yes, ban everything, no one can have bad wrong fun well pfg is around!

>> No.50821772

They have cantrips, therefore they don't expend cantrips when they cast them. That's not a feature of the cantrip class feature, that's a feature of Pathfinder as a whole.

>> No.50821774


>Delicious brown

They're more California Gold than Tropical Chocolate; Hermeans come from all over the world after all!

In fact, their program isn't limited to humans; did you know Mengkare recruits Aasimar for their divine blood, and Elves to inject some longevity into their program?

Guh, imagine being an Elf on Hermea, over 500 years of having kids and living in paradise. You want a tropical brown elf? There they are.

>> No.50821780


What would a Hermean campaign be like? Search for worthy candidates for the Glorious Endevor?

>> No.50821786

A bushi warlord is far worse then a wizard/arcanist, at least a wizard/arcanist can run out of spells, and can do so easily at low levels, no one gets to high levels so those are largely irrelevent, hell most APs end at like level 16 or 17, meanwhile you do not have the same issue with a PoW character.

>> No.50821795

>Bushi Warlord is worse!
>He can do it A L L D A Y!

>> No.50821801

>Cantrips are not part of a wizards spells
Except the wording for Eldritch Scoundrel states that the Eldritch Scoundrel uses the Magus Spell Alotment, which includes 0-level spells.

And just to make you sound even MORE stupid:
>Cantrips: A magus can prepare a number of cantrips, or 0-level spells, each day, as noted on Table 1–1 under “Spells per Day.” These spells are cast like any other spell, but they are not expended when cast and may be used again

So the Eldritch Scoundrel gains the cantrips, as they are alloted to the magus.


>> No.50821809

What are the odds that the Glorious Endeavor is actually designed to restore the extinct Azlanti bloodlines? Mengkare wants the Ultimate Human yeah? Well the Azlanti fit that ticket.

>> No.50821817

>> No.50821819

They gain the slots but they expend them when they are used as they do not have the cantrips class feature, note that cantrip class feature does not give you the ability to cast them just to not expend them when they are cast, so they can cast level 0 spells, they even have slots for them, but the are expended when used like in 3.5.

>> No.50821827


Mengkare thinks that getting to "Azlanti tier" perfection is Step one. Then the real work can begin.

>> No.50821828

Well no shit he's trying to restore the Azlanti. Mengkare is a Veiled Master.

>> No.50821842

Show me the wording that states "0-level spells are expended when used" please, as that would be the case of "specific rule overriding general rule". Otherwise the general rule of 0-level spells are not expended when cat overrules your interpretation.

I'll wait.

>> No.50821851


Getting Mengkare-Sama to notice you is not a campaign goal, it's a character goal; half a dozen people are recruited for the program every year, which is enough for an entire party but they all must be people Mengkare would want in his Endeavor.

How do you get Senpai to notice you? You just have to... Exist, really. He's after good genetics and a better temperament. A campaign where we all go to Paradise would be a full campaign of us getting comfy, loving each other and protecting a village or three from the forces of evil.

>> No.50821852

>I'll make up a bunch of bullshit that doesn't even make sense to prove my nonexistent point
You write like a third grader as well.

>> No.50821862



[Angry fish noises]

>> No.50821868

It doesn't say spells are expended anywhere so using this interpretation hey guess what no spells are ever expended.

>> No.50821880

>I can't read or make an argument so I will just blather on about nothing.
Come back when you have a point to make.

>> No.50821881


I've always been telling people that but they just ignore me; the shape has and always will be more important than sheer size (though size and shape is perfection.)

>> No.50821922

It does say specifically that 0-level spells are not expended when cast in every instance of 0-level spells being cast, unless they are used as spell like abilities.

Specific rule overrides general rule.

>> No.50821938


Well Hermea isn't exactly well liked and several organized religions have denounced it.

Maybe Mengkare is doing a little PR work, picking a few from his stock to go out and do good works for the glory of Hermea and its Endeavor! Then more people would be willing to lend their support.

>> No.50821988

>A magus can prepare a number of cantrips, or 0-level spells, each day, as noted on Table 1–1 under “Spells per Day.” These spells are cast like any other spell, but they are not expended when cast and may be used again.

They gain their 0 level spells from their list of spells, not as a separate set of cantrips, unlike a sorcerer or wizard. Because they gain the spells as a magus does and not as a sorcerer or wizard does this exception also applies to the eldritch scoundrel.

>> No.50822041

Not sure if dude or dudette.

Not sure if I care.

>> No.50822047

New thread

>> No.50822060



>> No.50822099

Dude. The eyebrows give it away.

Of course, otherwise kitsune poster wouldn't be able to spam his shitty memes.

>> No.50822424

Girls have eyebrows too anon.

>> No.50822840

Not like that.

>> No.50823193

Some of the stuff is early alpha, and most of what he's refused is stuff that's borderline abandoned and has stayed in playtest for quite some time, or in one or two cases is shit that leaves the "comfy" theme far behind like living-nightmare or whatnot.

He's allowed some beta-playtest materials like the guy making an Avowed, but that class is pretty clean and clear.

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