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Pathfinder General /pfg/

What was the last thing your characters did when they stopped by the town or the city? Did they meet any cuties there? Touch any fluffy tails?

If you want build advice make sure to say what 3pp you can use, if any.

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/JTj1yEmU

Avowed Playtest: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5HkyGRtGZy3SWVhdWFBWERWWjg
Malefex Playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W3LrE8WyIxxYRr8d9dHsWioeUk_-HZaSMqVWRnzc9Fc/edit?usp=sharing
Legendary Kineticists II Playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/11_w1o5dSef2tzu2GDLnJKElHY3uyETzuzFHDAjI6P6k/edit?usp=sharing

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Tell me about moments of horror where you realized your character was in over their head. Those sort of "oh shit" moments where you suddenly realize you underestimated the enemy or that you poked the sleeping bear.

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>engaging in romance and other frivolities
>instead of doing what the living cannot and removing Demons

You lack conviction.

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None so far. Closest was when my character got temporarily potato'd by a wizard, but he got better and proceeded to utilize the wizard's ass as a temporary scabbard.

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When I was playing a skald and it came down to me v. the boss solo. If I ended the rage song, everybody dies.
I crit the gecko-riding goblin with a ranseur, shit was cash

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>What was the last thing your characters did when they stopped by the town or the city? Did they meet any cuties there? Touch any fluffy tails?
My character as a routine when he gets to a city.

He goes to a local money lender and gets all the cash he has changed into something portable, save for a small bit (or if there is a bank or group that does business with the bank he actually uses he goes there to make a deposit).

He then goes to satiate his drug addiction (if he ran out on the journey he may even do this before the money).

He then goes to a brothel and hires a prostitute.

He then eats at the best place he can find.

That evening he kills a prostitute, or other woman if a prostitute can not be found.

Finally he goes out at night to hire more prostitutes or go to a fightclub. If that is not available he does drugs and drinks all evening.

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>Not bringing a dozen or so young crusaders into the world with your waifu between demon removal quests

You lack responsibility.

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Anon, did you even see his pic, or his "what the living cannot" spiel?

Clearly he's a death-knight of some kind.

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>That evening he kills a prostitute

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Do death-knights have dead dicks?

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their knighthood's pretty dead.

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Idk, maybe he can make Dhampir babies

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Only if he can get rigor mortis

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Thinking about small unit tactics

Troop compositions will always be:

1 reach weapon
1 ranged weapon
1 close weapon + shield

Additional units will be:

1 reach weapon
1 spellcaster
1 close weapon + shield

And so forth

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What, you think living a tortuous existence between life and death means you don't have to think about having a family? That you can spend all your free time just sitting in the dark corner of a tavern, looking gloomy? Well, as long as there's magic in the world and you're able to speak complete sentences to a young lady, you're perfectly capable of slaying demons AND being a dad. So get your black-armored behind in gear, meet a nice girl, and get to work on those grandchildren.

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DSP pulls a Pathfinder on the Paizo crew. They take Pathfinder and streamline literally everything, with psionics and initiating being the norm.

How blessed would we be if that happened?

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Maybe if they bring on some new people, the current DSP crop isn't as strong as the old ones, especially if Forrest jumps ship.

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Something's certain to go wrong; pathfinder went wrong, and we don't deserve for it to not go terribly wrong anyways.

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This is true, but still

I'd playtest a game wherein psionics and initiating were the law of the land :>

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>streamline anything

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Okay, follow up here; what devs would you want working on a new version of 3.5?

>> No.50780430

Somehow I can actually see an Erastilean cleric saying this.

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>you're able to speak complete sentences to a young lady

>> No.50780529

DSP, N. Jolly, Forrest, and some folks from the Legendary Games crew

>> No.50780530

We met three little girls with superpowers, killed a cosmic horror empowering them, and my PC romanced another PC.

It was fun!

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Forrest could do it.

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>There are people who can't speak complete sentences to a young lady

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Death tends to have strange effects on the mind.

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Well I hate initiating, so not very.

>> No.50780656

Some of DSP does, too! Pretty sure Forrest does, anyway.

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Has anybody had a chance of playing the spheresinger? Or crunch the numbers? Is it actually any good aside from giving you bigger options for movement through wanderer's hymn and butterfly?

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You know that a level 20 wizard is still way stronger than a level 20 warder or warlord, right?

Why do you hate martials?

>> No.50780718

Nah, Forrest is just outspoken in her belief that some of the initiators IE Warlord are overpacked with abilities. Initiating itself, it seems, isn't her problem.

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Who owns those ears?

>> No.50780730

>no one's applied to RotJR with a wizard||warder
It's like you hate people hate optimization.

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Just came across this:


It's very creepy and cool and I'm definitely putting it into my campaign, but what does it actually do? Is it just a cat that costs 10000 gp?

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This is such obvious bait I dont even know what to say.

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Bah, there's always one of them-they'll never go to a festival unless you force them, and then they'll just stand around moping, mumbling, never looking anyone in the eye, going on and on about "conviction" and "deathless loyalty". They need to get out, get some fresh air, cut that mangy hair of theirs. If they tried looking less like a soulless abomination, maybe they wouldn't find it so damnably hard to smile and say "hello" to a pretty girl.

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Would building a dex Paladin into the new Devoted Muse prestige class be worth doing? Suboptimal is fine, but I don't want to be garbage.

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Please, this is what /pfg/ actually believes when someone says they don't like PoW.

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Look at what happened to 2hu.

>> No.50780807

They literally do. Seriously, storm wind came in full force with this shit.

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One guy optimized, so they literally bullied him into committing suicide

>> No.50780824

Who now?

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>implying he's dead
>implying anyone takes /pfg/ witch hunts seriously

>> No.50780840

How much of the criticism has been 'your character can't be good because it's too strong,' and how much has been 'you're hamstringing your chances of getting in by building so far above average'?

>> No.50780851

He was already dying from heart problems, he probably just ended his own suffering

>> No.50780856


It's all literally just been bitching because optimization.

>> No.50780893

I hope for your sake that you're not trying to tell some kind of joke.

>> No.50780896

That's not Stormwind.

>> No.50780898

Free 'Immortal' Cat Pet who looks creepy and will get the party at the very least suspicious looks.

Not useful but is a flavor item.

>> No.50780914

>Free 'Immortal' Cat Pet who looks creepy and will get the party at the very least suspicious looks.


>> No.50780918

Just garden variety PF faggotry then.

>> No.50780929

No I just wish that fucker would die.

>> No.50780939

Or maybe it's that people don't want overoptimized builds or else DMs will stop offering generous chargen rules.

>> No.50780942

What the shit did he do to you. Really?

>> No.50780956

>Or maybe it's that people don't want overoptimized builds
That is utterly subjective.

>> No.50780966

one or two people on here have been completely insane about'im. Like some kind of twisted love.

>> No.50780970

Why do you keep trying to run this one man witch hunt? seriously, no one bloody cares, your the only one who feels this way, and it makes you look like a lonely salty asshole.

>> No.50780973

Tell that to the people who keep saying "I could build something better than every RotJR applicant in every aspect."

>> No.50780989

aka "Someone uses a build/mechanics I don't like"
Like that guy who's obsessed with hunting down 2hu?

>> No.50780992

Do you think its the same guy as 2hu's witchhunter?

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>lonely salty asshole.
My second favorite asshole next to christmas hole.

>> No.50781008

You mean that one guy who was obviously just trolling?

>> No.50781040

Erastil please calm down.

>> No.50781043

You don't seem to understand. I'm happy with the applicants. I would consider exactly 0 of them overoptimized.

There have been multiple claims that a more optimized build is possible. None have been posted, something that I'm fine with.

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>> No.50781077


Erastil is always on, all the time!

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>What was the last thing your characters did when they stopped by the town or the city

The same thing he usually does, carefully hid a few grimoires of pact magic and binding around the area with a little spirit bound into them so that they'd only be found by someone desperate or in need. He's got to make sure the art survives him, and people who see the spirits as helpers and saviors are the best to help the art grow and spread.

One of his favorite hiding places is in the basement of a church, since that's where he found his when he got trapped there during an orc attack that collapsed the rest above him.

>> No.50781112

Perchance, what spirits does he leave information on how to bind?

>> No.50781145

If /pfg/ doesn't want overoptimized characters, then why is it doing super high PB gestalt with all DSP and Spheres allowed and a six-pack of free feats?

>> No.50781162

Because nobody feels like putting in the effort to be optimized when they have that many things to play with. We've literally said this every fucking time you bring it up and your autistic mind cannot seem to comprehend it.

>> No.50781165

>tfw optimized pretty heavy but nobody noticed yet.

>> No.50781170

Stat me!

as a large/huge rideable mount.

>> No.50781175

Unspoken social agreements

Similar to 'If a buffet restaurant doesn't want someone to just take a dozen platefuls of the most expensive dish and leave none for the other customers, why don't they impose limits instead of saying 'all you can eat'?'

>> No.50781179

All the easy ones he knows, and all the safe ones.

This translates to all 1-2nd level spirits and a smattering of higher level ones that aren't evil or have outright evil abilities. So no Ethaniel Midnight, but Catha of Codex is just fine. A lot of his treasure goes into creating the grimoires and he's constantly updating the design to feature more spirits and let the book act as a mentor.

>> No.50781186

>tfw optimized as hard as you could and it's not even that strong comparatively

>> No.50781189

Nice pixiv picture OP. Even if you didn't get it from there.

>> No.50781196


The super high PB and all the toppings are for making our dreams be real.

>> No.50781202

Was version 1 NToRacle even that strong?

People were telling DHB to kill himself left and right.

>> No.50781203

Git Gud, you fucking scrub. Jesus Christ kys, nerd!

>> No.50781209

"It's here to take" doesn't mean "you MUST take it". Just like "please take some candy" does not mean "pour the whole bowl into your bag".

>> No.50781218

The whole point of allowing all of those things and Gestalt is that it enables you to build around a character concept you like/want without having to minmax or super optimize for said character to do their job efficiently.

Basically, by putting them in a situation of abundance and opportunity, it takes away the pressure and stress to HAVE to make everything super optomized.
Heck, just look at characters like Gallius or Hikari. They are both built around specific concepts using the Gestalt system and a lot of 3pp, yet neither of them is well optimized at all.

>> No.50781222


Optimizing super hard is like masturbating and tossing your jizz-covered boxers in the laundry.

Your mum knows you've been having a cheeky wank, but she doesn't want to confront you cuz asking if you've been stroking the bologna is awkward.

>> No.50781225

His entire fucking character is basically "let me jank Diplo as high as possible"

>> No.50781226

We want the buffet, but we still think it's dickish if someone gets nothing but hugeass plates of the crab legs six times in a row.

>> No.50781229

You don't need such an extravagant, fat-filled buffet/candy store in the first place.

>> No.50781235

This. The GM offered something nice, people are taking the nice thing. People could use the gifts given to break the system, but now they've got a broken system.

>> No.50781239

W-what character do you think I am?

>> No.50781242


>mfw I just get platefuls of the vegetable lo mein and sweet n' sour chicken



>> No.50781254

Gestalt increases optimization pressure on everyone who isn't going to be a martial type or a full on control caster. Especially with Path of War involved. It's SUPER fucking easy to fall behind the rest of the party in Gestalt, especially if their concept plays nicer with gestalt than your concept.

>> No.50781255


>> No.50781264

It's the concept of "hey, you can have this if you want it, but don't make it worse for everyone else who doesn't", you know?

You'd know that if you actually played in a real game.

>> No.50781266


I don't know, we'd have to know what their underwear looks like before we can guess.

>> No.50781272

>he's not kidding. MSG is in fact a taste

>> No.50781274

If the buffet is big enough, then there's enough for everybody. But if one guy is gonna be the Mt Everest Maker, then everyone has to be or they miss out.

>> No.50781278


Man, MSG is delicious.

Why do so many people hate MSG?

>> No.50781280

Having played in a gestalt game with initiators, this is very much the case. The only non-initiating build that held up in combat was a wizard|alchemist due to hard debuffs and control.

>> No.50781284

Proposed game:
>no fullcasters
>no full manifesters
>no full initiators
>some feattax rules, but my own
>magic item creation changed, no longer requires being a caster, but more limited (craft wondrous got broken up into small categories)
>race list includes Human, Orcs, Half-orcs, Goblinoids as they are all that exist in setting
>outsiders don't exist, replaced them with new stuff
>background skills
>using custom vice rules (acts like corruption but not retarded, tied to character vices)
>major themes:
>body horror
>the long journey
>political & criminal intrigue
>lewds will not be catered to, if you wish to do that you may do that on your own time

>> No.50781286

The issue is, it's super fucking murkey and subjective as to what "taking the whole bowl" or "taking all the food entails". Because it's completely fucking subjective and there is no way you're going to make something that meets the expectations of 60+ fucking people all of different skill and experience levels.

>> No.50781291

Why do so many people hate mushrooms?

Well okay I hate mushrooms. A lot of people love them.

>> No.50781297

Why are you still so ass-ravaged over it desu?

We like options. And high pointbuy enables more options as long as no one violates the unspoken social contract to not break the game over their knee like it's balsa wood (I mean, its easy enough to do that with low pointbuy, moderate optimization, a powerful class and some system knowledge).

>> No.50781298

Kon from Tokyo Ravens.

>> No.50781299

Is there something wrong with Gundam?

>> No.50781305

This is a reason im not a fan of PoW. It's hard NOT to do that since it forcefeeds you competence until you disgorge it violently at the slightest provokation whether you like it or not.

>> No.50781308

Incorrect, he could jank ANY skill that high.

He had a floating +38 to any dex/cha skill.

>> No.50781310

Eh, sounds like it'd be cool. A little disappointed that I can't be an Oracle, but 6/9ths and 4/9ths are still perfectly-viable and fun.

>> No.50781318

Why even play pathfinder at that point?

I don't see how underwear has to do with guessing who I am.

>> No.50781320


>> No.50781324

Health scare linking MSG and cancer.

Classic Tragedy of the Commons. Everyone can get along for mutual benefit, or everyone can compete for mutual loss.

>> No.50781325

Hey there DHB.

Your love of goblinoids is your own undoing.

>> No.50781329


>mfw rump roast, tavern-style gravy, carrots, cut potatoes and mushrooms right at the end
>mfw cook up some rice
>mfw that's the best fucking thing you'll shove in your mouth

>> No.50781332

Any other 3p available? Maybe N. Jolly stuff so I can make a non ass kineticist?

>> No.50781338


>> No.50781349

I thought DHB liked fullcasters though?

>> No.50781351


Underwear was a code-word for the optimization-soaked "thing" that would tell us who owns the character.

But giving us a clue on your character's crotch-covering garments would be good too!

>> No.50781369

No it isn't dear, we both know that isn't possibly the best thing you can have in your mouth, filling your stomach

>> No.50781378

I'm not going to tell you either one! I will be pure! Also I want to see if you can guess.

>> No.50781384


>> No.50781388

Because monosodium glutamate is like putting super concentrated sodium and sugar straight into your body, causing al manner of health issues involving sodium regulation, nerve issues, cation storage capacity, dehydration, painful pissing, hastened tooth decay, and diabetes.

Seriously, people need to stop cramming so much trash in their bodies. Whatever happened to eating your greens and a cut steak from the local butcher?

>> No.50781399

I would personally say it is by demand. You need to ask me before hand and I would review it. The main issue is I am not willing to learn large new subsystems and how to build encounters around them because I don't want to put in that effort. If it isn't a big subsystem and it isn't grossly unbalanced I'd probably say sure.

I personally like oracles as well and considered banning full prepared casters only, hard to decide.

>Why even play pathfinder at that point?
I'm still using most of pathfinder.

Goblins are great though.

>> No.50781420


Anyone who is posting characters for RotJR cannot be pure!

Also I'm guessing Karis? Your post style is too sweet for the usual suspects. She's pretty fun!

>> No.50781434


But it's tasty.

>> No.50781443

All of the things you've listed are issues caused by eating processed foods, not specifically MSG.

>> No.50781461


How can a cock beat a well-cooked roast slathered in gravy and served on a bed of rice soaking in the juices?

>> No.50781464

It's all a myth.


>> No.50781473

the average person doesn't have foodgasms

>> No.50781487


With some lardons, mushrooms, a bit of garlic, and a nice Burgundy, of course.

>> No.50781494

The economy, for the most part.
In the lower classes, wages in many cases remained stagnant for over a decade, while inflation did its job.

So that steak is now the same % of your paycheque as putting a meal into your entire family's belly.

Problem is, the price difference is more than just a little padded by cut corners and profiteering. Since it's a captive audience, the imitation-mac&cheese is filled with filler we never even thought could exist, and has its taste overloaded with those chems so it actually tastes good enough that we do not complain.

It's like when I was a poor student: I could either have 2 packs of Mr.Noodles every day, or I could skip a day and have some on-sale fresh meat and some tomatoes and celery on the other.

>> No.50781497

Not them at all! But thank you for the compliment! They do seem like a cutie.

>> No.50781505


When should I add the Burgundy? I typically add the carrots and potatoes five hours into the slow cook, and the mushrooms riiiiiight at the end.

Garlic and lardons seem like a big obvious one though! Duh!

>> No.50781525


Anon please! Now you're just piquing my interest. You wouldn't leave someone hanging like this, would you~?

>> No.50781526

Rolled 4, 8 + 9 = 21 (2d10 + 9)

I am the real monster and am optimizing for lewdness as a player in RotJR.

So first of all he is an Devil-spawn Tiefling Mutation Warrior Fighter/VMC Barbairan. The other side is an Enhancement Wizard heading into Demoniac for a profane bonus.

28 con. Let's see mates what we get.

Here we come double 1s.

>> No.50781531

Rolled 40, 48, 42, 1 = 131 (4d51)

I don't even know what we're talking about anymore. Is this still pathfinder?

Rollan another party, I guess. Bully whoever ends up in the party.

>> No.50781537

High point buy is fine.

30/32 PB in Pathfinder is retarded.

Competent characters are fine.

Throwing DSP, Spheres, and gestalt into a blender is stupid.

>> No.50781553

Reminder that morale/alchemical bonuses don't increase dick size.

>> No.50781557

>not 72 point buy

No but I agree. I vastly prefer 25 point buy.

>> No.50781574

Damn. Is there anything bigger than tiefling?

>> No.50781575


Anon... We've established quite a while ago that sheer girth and length does not a lewd character make.

It's not just the size, it's the swagger of the one wielding it. Women want a big dick, but they want strong arms to carry them, a hard chest they can stroke and a solid personality.

>> No.50781577

>not 104 PB
Might as well play -5 PB commoners only.

>> No.50781606

Haha, I'll never tell! I'll remain a pure anon forever!I somewhat don't want to say for fear of ridicule.

>> No.50781611

>rotjr shit-fetishing still going on

>> No.50781625

Just hide and filter it, nerd.

>> No.50781627



>> No.50781637

better than the stormwind shitposting from earlier today desu

>> No.50781651

No, but you might need a birb to calm you down.

>> No.50781667


>> No.50781675

>gonna apply to RotJR
>decided to be an asshat and be the most special snowflake main protagonist character ever

Chosen One Paladin and Destined Bloodrager combined.

My blood is full of destiny and the gods chose me. Gonna be a human with a heart full of courage and a brain full of hope.

Or should I be edgy and do the same thing, but as a Anti-paladin?

>> No.50781682


>> No.50781694

What do you think is the most controversial character in RotJR.

>> No.50781697


Do it! Do it! Do it! Be the hero we need *and* the hero we want!

>> No.50781706


>> No.50781716


>> No.50781731


Amalthea has been the subject of so many ass-ravaged discussions that I can't not choose her. She is the birth-mother of the THICC plague on RotJR and by extension, /pfg/.

>> No.50781736


If we're going to discuss be specific

>> No.50781739

Multiclass into a sorcerer for a second destined and then take skald for Fated Champion. You are literally so destined to be something that not even gods can deny your destiny from you.

>> No.50781741


>> No.50781744


>> No.50781745

That actually sounds really cute!
Shizuka, she's so boring and useless, USELESS!

>> No.50781756


Ricktor was the character that popped Ameiko's cherry when she was like 14.

>> No.50781773

>Gives actual name of the meme man himself
>"but be specific"

>> No.50781775

Oh.I thought he was the 22inch dong guy.

>> No.50781781

That's no one, and you're confusing him for Corwin who was accused with that.

>> No.50781792


Nah that's Roku, who's just kind of... There?

>> No.50781797

The character name doesn't describe or detail the controversy.

>> No.50781799

I mean, there is a legitimate chance he did. He's been sneaking into the Kaijitsu family estate since he was like 11 years old. He has best friend, gave her things, in his back story "comforted" her.

How have we never seen this before? NToRacle could have NTR'd everyone long ago. He had us in checkmate since before we began playing.

>> No.50781803

Who's the least cute RotJR character?

>> No.50781814 [DELETED] 

[spoilers]... wait, are there multiple meat mallets?[/spoiler]

>> No.50781824

You! You're ugly and rude!

>> No.50781833


>Taking someone's virginity means you're NTRing everyone else that takes the pleasure cruise through the fun canal

That's not how it works!

>> No.50781835

Technically that only means he's NTR'd Omza an Rubio, since those are the only other PCs I remember having a thing for Ameiko.

>> No.50781836

It's NToRacle.

You anon.

>> No.50781841

No that's Corwin, Ricktor is better known as NToRacle.

>> No.50781847


>> No.50781852



>> No.50781854

The one that's actually two characters at once

>> No.50781859

It's what you get for trying to bully the cute anons!

>> No.50781860

... wait, are there multiple meat mallets? I thought the only one was apprentice

>> No.50781865


>> No.50781880

NToRacle doesn't NTR you with his dong, he steals their heart with his diplomacy bonus.

He doesn't steal her virginity, he steals her heart.

He's also probably insane. He's CE right?

>> No.50781892


Apprentice has a reasonably-sized meat mallet now, around 12 inches. The Oni-Blooded Tiefling gladiator's got a 19 inch dong and Roku's packing a 22 incher.

Which character(s) would you want to play with?

>> No.50781919

What's so bad about Ricktor? Did he do nothing but say "I fucked Ameiko" in his backstory?

>> No.50781933 [SPOILER] 

>Which character(s) would you want to play with?

Ones that round out my characters inadequacies and make for interesting party dynamics

>> No.50781937

His original backstory had an undertone of "I would do /anything/ to Ameiko if my judgement tells me it will make her stronger."

>> No.50781938


Concentrated autism at him being basically the best diplomancer ever and guaranteed a place between one of the NPC's legs.

>> No.50781941

Made by a trip and was deliberately built to piss people off because they made fun of DHB in thread

>> No.50781945

>DHB a shit
>he had multiple characters with a monster bonus to any skill 1/day, with plans on using it to cheese the gift game for the relationship system
>really obsessed with ameiko with rapey backstory

>> No.50781946

>Ones that round out my characters inadequacies and make for interesting party dynamics

>mfw that ass

W-What are your inadequacies, and which characters do you think would be the most interesting for party dynamics?

Do we have any characters with amazing asses? Who's got the best booty in RotJR?

>> No.50781955

You're probably going to get some thiccfag responses

>> No.50781971

Amireh (the jel) has the best butt, and she likes to use it. Not listed in the game though because she hasn't been submitted yet

>> No.50781974 [SPOILER] 

>which character(s) would you want to play with?

It still amuses me how someone said they wanted to play in a party that had both of my characters.

>> No.50781989

multiple characters?

how high is the bonus?

wait what?

What's it now?

I thought most people didn't even want to romance a NPC?

>> No.50782000

>people didn't even want to romance a NPC
>When like 1/3 of the applicants are really tied to the NPCs

>> No.50782009


I don't believe you! Her ass can't be that good!

>> No.50782012

So people are angry that he's better at romancing the NPCs than them?

>> No.50782020

People got upset because it was cheesing a thing that should just be roleplay in the first place. Paizo making it a relationship system was a mistake.

>> No.50782027

That seems... appropriate, somehow.

>> No.50782057

He made a dwarf with a similar gimmick.
See the points made previously. The character was made to piss /pfg/ off because they were messing with DHB.

The first draft of his backstory was also, really, really goddamn rapey. That leaves an impression on people. A bit of power gaming is one thing, but someone who thought that was appropriate is another.
This too.

>> No.50782070

The thing is events matter more than gifts. Events make up roughly 60% of the available relationship points. Gift giving fill in the gaps to get you to the score you need. If he fucks up the events the gift giving doesn't mean anything.

>> No.50782074


Assuming it was a roleplayed system, who do you think genuinely deserves to get hitched with Ameiko? Shalelu? The adorable party action-girl?

>> No.50782085

>The character was made to piss /pfg/ off because they were messing with DHB.
So it succeeded? How was /pfg/ messing with DHB?

>> No.50782087

The events are mostly skill checks/communal things though, i.e shit the party would be doing regardless.

And DHB literally can't fuck up skills. He's the ultimate skill monkey.

>> No.50782090

True, but you can't get the NPCs without playing the gift game, which is retarded.

>> No.50782099

Still Ricktor as both thematically and character wise he works well with Ameiko, also his character and personality works well as a foil for hers. They have parallels and you can see how the two went in different directions. Overall Ricktor makes sense for her. Of course I am talking about current Ricktor, not version 1

>> No.50782100

>i.e shit the party would be doing regardless.

And if you can't or are unable to invest in Diplomacy?

>> No.50782106

Literally impossible to know because we haven't seen any of them, actually fucking roleplay and to my knowledge the only NPCs being crushed on are Ameiko and Sandru.

>> No.50782116

Pack it up and go home.
Go home, DHB.

>> No.50782120

>And DHB literally can't fuck up skills. He's the ultimate skill monkey.
Building a skill monkey, the fucking nerve of that guy.

>> No.50782126

When it's +40 to any skill 1/day, a little.

>> No.50782130

I'm not really making a judgement one way or the other.

>> No.50782132

Everything on her is somewhat pliable to some extent, cause of her race. While she's not physically perfect between her 17 dex, 16 con and 16 cha, its safe to say she probably has a really nice one. She's also a total buttslut who has worked frequently as a sacred prostitute of calistria. She can also hold her breath for close to 7 minutes at a time. Most of this was unintentional.

>> No.50782141

And what, +23 every other time of day, right?

>> No.50782142

>Pack it up and go home.

Or just fuck another PC? It's not like there's a shortage of women.

>> No.50782153

>Go home, DHB.
Nah I'm the guy who suggested Ricktor and Ameiko are thematically like Shizuru and Tsukiyo

>> No.50782154

Maybe the GM should've put limits on character creation so we wouldn't get stupid optimized gestalt builds like this?

>> No.50782158

Yeah something like that. The issue is that it invalidates most rolls for those skills, as DCs tend to not be higher than 25 or 30 EVER and he'd have a 70% of hitting a 30.

>> No.50782168


The modifiers for ass quality are STR/CON/CHA, DEX has nothing to do with it.

A high CON, high CHA ass is like... Really thick, with a whole lot of jiggle. Not really bubbly, but definitely something you could grab and enjoy for the night.

>> No.50782171

That was going to be my second guess.

>> No.50782173

My favorite part of all this is that DHB said he wasn't even going to play any of the characters, he was just twinking shit for theorycrafting purposes. Even the backstory was just a thought experiment last I checked.

>> No.50782174

Someone post NToRacle's character sheet.

>> No.50782176

Nah, you just don't be an asshole about it and it's not an issue.

>> No.50782179

>stupid optimized gestalt builds
>it's still just one build being bitched about
>it'd drop like a rock in combat

>> No.50782182

Except you cant outside of just banning material because asking for a solid optimization limit is like asking for Gareth to play a blinkling.

>> No.50782190

Would /pfg/ play in a non-Pathfinder online game that recruited from /pfg/?

I mean, if you guys hate Pathfinder and all...

>> No.50782192 [SPOILER] 

Like li-ming there but this is the character portrait.

>> No.50782197


>> No.50782204

>Except you cant outside of just banning material

Just fucking ban full casters and Spheres.

You're already gestalt, what more do you need?

>> No.50782219

anything would be better at this point, except possibly FATAL unless the GM's really good.

>> No.50782222

what even is this thread

>> No.50782226

Depends on the game, I know a few play Ryuutama, 5e and 4e.

>> No.50782229


>> No.50782235

If I recall, NTRdorf was an inquisitor and an initiator.

>> No.50782246

The improved version was an oracle.

>> No.50782247


>> No.50782253

So a character that could easily contribute in a wide variety of situations?

>> No.50782256

He's a Rogue/Oracle.

>> No.50782258

>/pfg/ plays 4e

How would this go down?

>> No.50782264

what have you in mind?

>> No.50782267

Oracle revelations are where things get really stupid.

>> No.50782280


More like salty coins and milk.

>> No.50782281

NTR cannibal Dwarf that wanted to bang Ameiko was an Ordained Defender Fiendbound//Inquisitor.

>> No.50782289


>> No.50782294

I thought it was salty milk and coins.

>> No.50782320

He got trapped in a cave and was implied to have killed and eaten his friends out of insanity/corruption.

>> No.50782322

Depends entirely on the game.
3.5, 4e, 5e, GURPS, Hackmaster, Fantasy Craft, Dark Heresy, WHFRP, all sorts of options out there.

>> No.50782335

He definitely ate people, he was exiled for it. It is implied he might have murdered another survivor out of fear/paranoia. Strangled him to death and what ever happened down there is how he got his fiend grips.

>> No.50782343


Whatever, I don't know what spunk tastes like!

>> No.50782347

Nah. He ate his dead friends to stay alive. He strangled a survivor to death since he thought they were a monster, possibly spurred by encroaching madness.

>> No.50782351

I just know memes man.

>> No.50782384

Ooh! Here's a question.

Who's got the "coolest" build? Like, when you imagine them at work it's just plain fun.

>> No.50782394

Rolled 23 (1d51)

Can we please talk about literally anything else, we talk about Riktor and DHB's alternatives every thread and it's getting tiresome.

>> No.50782407

It was better when DHB talked about it too, but then he killed himself.

>> No.50782411

Overblown meme whore.

>> No.50782418

Well there's no need to be rude.

>> No.50782419

Post your face when the RotJR GM says "Sorry guys, I can't GM this."

>> No.50782428

Sweet relief

>> No.50782433


>> No.50782434

Rolled 47 (1d51)

>try to roll for a conversation piece
>get the one other character that actually had a ton of discussion that wasn't solely memes

>mfw the game is hitting a "TOO BIG TO FAIL" critical mass
>mfw that just means the show will be even bigger when it does

>> No.50782436


Lilin's confirmed pure though.

>> No.50782440

Lilin would be better as a Lilim.

>> No.50782441

Pure shit maybe

>> No.50782448

Wouldn't it be a relief because then you wouldn't have to suffer the pain of being rejected?

>> No.50782453


Lilin pleases old men for money!

>> No.50782455


>> No.50782456

Based on amount of discussion who would be in the party?

Not when NToRacle is done with her. Don't tempt him into rolling diplo.

>> No.50782462

Liln was one of the biggest fucking memes.

>> No.50782467

Good thing diplomacy doesn't work on players.

>> No.50782469

Would you rather be quietly accepted into a campaign without /pfg/ caring about it, or have a super-popular character app for a high-profile /pfg/ campaign (like RotJR) that everyone cheers for but doesn't make the GM's cut?

Does everyone memeing over RotJR prefer the latter?

>> No.50782473

Lilin, Ricktor, Casimir, Amalthea.

>> No.50782481

I will be happy when that meme dies.

>> No.50782483

>tfw you wouldn't want to be #5 in that party.

>> No.50782484

Still think Onryo got more discussion than Amalthea, hard to tell at this point.

>> No.50782493

Hear, hear!

>> No.50782496

Based on the lack of discussion who would be in a party?

>> No.50782499

Honestly everyone is fine except for Amalthea. Replace her with Onryo like >>50782484 said.

>> No.50782512

>Keeping swimmingfetish in the party
>wanting to play with DHB

>> No.50782513


I'd prefer to get in and typefuck my waifu, fuck the code and fuck being poplar.

>> No.50782526


But Amalthea/Casimir was super cute!

>> No.50782532

This isn't about preference. Just fact.

>> No.50782543

>mfw Di gets rolled
>mfw Lilin gets rolled
>mfw I get no feedback for either one

>> No.50782555

Oh hush, you've shilled your characters enough here and gotten plenty of feedback. Let someone else have a turn.

>> No.50782563


We can't give you any feedback because they're both excellent characters. There isn't anything to remove or refine.

>> No.50782565

>tfw kinda want feedback, but in the middle of writing the final draft of backstory but having trouble seeing it through.
>and you know the ones you posted are kinda crap.
Like personality and shit is set in stone. I'm also considering doing the backstory in a "day in the life" kinda way just to see how it goes.

>> No.50782571


Speaking of shilling, are there any characters that get mentioned a lot and did not get the fine-toothed comb of /pfg/ autism?

>> No.50782578

Didn't you get into HV too? Why do you keep tormenting us like this?

>> No.50782584

For all their memeing, there hasn't been much in-regards to how the rat, the spider, or the bookworm are built.

>> No.50782593

I wish I could accept that at face value, but there's this doubt in my mind, this feeling that I'm missing out on a huge potential development.
I did. And I'm sorry. Turns out I'm a massive attention whore!

>> No.50782595

>fine-toothed comb

>> No.50782599


If I remember correctly, Tyran did a pretty cool way of doing his backstory; you start your post with a paragraph dedicated to how they're seen by the village, what they look like, and the tone of the character. After that, the rest of the backstory is, well, backstory.

>> No.50782617


The only huge potential development Lilin or Di missed out on are their chests! They're flat! Flaaaaaaat!

>> No.50782618

Maybe if you weren't such a faggot about it, we'd be inclined to help more.

>> No.50782619

Detailed and analyzed intensely.

>> No.50782623

Big bad barbarian king going on a fey-hunt to help the party's druid. I'm happy to chop some heads, feed some ravens, all that jazz. We get led by a lying little bastard we failed our Sense Motive checks against right into an Ice Linnorm.

We were level 8-ish.

We fucking ran as fast as we could, and I think we still needed to hide and patch ourselves up once that was done. GM didn't generally pull punches, but that time he let us get away.

>> No.50782627

Uh... Aranha, Omza, Sarka, Sieghard, and Ceri? Or do you mean characters who have not gotten talked about in the thread EVER?

RotJR isn't a game at this point, it's a character building exercise.

The majority of characters haven't really gotten the fine-toothed comb treatment. At best some have gotten a light shakedown, with half a dozen getting the full treatment.

>> No.50782629

When will we get to go over one of 2hu's characters with a fine-toothed comb?

>> No.50782632

Is that in a build sense or a backstory sense?

>> No.50782634

No helping that one anon! This is /pfg/ after all.

>> No.50782637

Both, mostly backstory though.

>> No.50782638

Jesus Christ you people are the biggest DSP dicksuckers I've ever seen. It's almost embarrassing to witness.

>> No.50782639

No bullying!

>> No.50782645


Take it at goddamn face value or we're going to facefuck you with it. Di is great for the Molthune game. Lilin is great for the RotJR campaign heck, you're already in HV! You've got a solid track record but you're being waaaaay too audible about it. None of the other poplar characters are this needy for Senpai to notice them.

>> No.50782653

Can't you see that we're already shit talking each other? You don't have to start this.

>> No.50782655


Better than Paizo Stockholm syndrome.

>> No.50782668

Yeah I considered that or a first person sort of thing, but that might get cringey. I think it could be fun though.

>> No.50782673

Except it isn't, it's just as bad you fucking cockgobbler.

>> No.50782686

Okay, that message got through loud and clear.

>> No.50782698

Nothin' wrong with suckin' a few dicks, senpai.

>> No.50782716


So why dont you make a paizo only game and run it for us senpai?

>> No.50782720


First person is cringe, as is narrative. You need to do it in like... third person omniscient, where the first two sentences paint the scene and the rest describe how the character is perceived both mentally, physically and personality.

>Music is never far from the Rusty Dragon, every Friday night you can hear the twang of a samisen coming from the lacquered doors, the musician a lovely young Tien girl...

Etc. etc. that kinda framing.

>> No.50782726

It's not bullying if it's 2hu.

>> No.50782735

Why? Where did I specify I like Paizo content only? Holy fuck, you people are so fucking delusional.

>> No.50782743

It's mean and wrong!

>> No.50782750

Then what, exactly, do you mean?
Fuck off, nobody likes you or your fake-cutsie attitude.

>> No.50782754


Is Di flat? She's got some itty bitty titties in the character art but, then again, it's really all about the writing.

>> No.50782760

>as is narrative.
Isn't that pretty much how everyone's backstory is.

>> No.50782765

Since when was going over a character critiquing?

>> No.50782769


Then what do you like anon? You can tell us.

>> No.50782772

>Then what, exactly, do you mean?

I was stating that /pfg/ are DSP dicksuckers, that's literally all I said but apparently you're incapable of following a conversation or you just have no reading comprehension.

>> No.50782795

Let's bully DHB! He deserves and he's fucking suicidal too, we can get him to kill himself!

>> No.50782812

Please don't even joke about that.

>> No.50782817

Why not just put DHB and 2hu in the same game as containment?

>> No.50782822

I mean, /pfg/ likes initiating and psionics, 3.5 ideas and not necessarily DSP. They've stated in the past few threads that DSP is kind of a bunch of shitters now that Forrest left.

>> No.50782836

You first! And then we'll be rid of you, and DHB can live in-peace without you!

>> No.50782846

Fuck off, DHB is alright the only people that need to kill themselves are cuteposters and that wannabe 2hu troll.

>> No.50782851

I don't even hate DHB but the internet defense force is out hard tonight.

>> No.50782868

But I don't wanna die ;-;

>> No.50782884

>tell you to not joke about suicide
>this is somehow DHB defense force

how about you kys instead, my senpai?

>> No.50782886

2hu deserves trolling.

>> No.50782887

How about not telling anyone to do that.

>> No.50782916

>2hu's autism was all part of some long con to drive us insane with trolling and shitposting
Who would benefit from this? Paizo? WotC for killing the last thing holding back their control over the popular fantasy TTRPG market? Da joos?

>> No.50782917

Really, what has DHB ever done for /pfg/?

>> No.50782928

Have you not read the thread? He deliberately made a character to trigger /pfg/'s autism and boy did it.

>> No.50782929

He... tried making homebrew classes?

What has he done TO /pfg/ anyways? Or did you just need a trip, any trip, to latch on to after 2hu stopped?

>> No.50782932

Is the spheresinger prestige class any good?

>> No.50782934

>prestige class
Take a guess.

>> No.50782941

wait wait, if it's one of the new ones from that not-exalted-deeds book, it actually IS. They're damn good, the classes in that.

>> No.50782950

>He says this in a post-prestigious caster world.

>> No.50782967

>tfw he triggered /pfg/ for actually a month straight

>> No.50782978

The last time DHB posted was over a week ago anyway. We already ran him off.

>> No.50782984

>people STILL ask "what did DHB even do?"
I get not following the threads closely but after a point it becomes willful ignorance.

>> No.50782993

It's the holidays though! maybe he's busy.
Then again suicide rates are up around this time of year

>> No.50782996

What's a good schtick for a Demon-Spawn Tiefling Monk (Scaled Fist)|Sorcerer to have?

The whole "channeled destructive impulses into martial arts" chestnut was my first idea, but I feel like that's biting Onryou's style too much.

>> No.50783005

As that the feat that gives you 1 more advancement in spellcasting levels if you don't get one from the first level of the prestige class`?

>> No.50783012

People are asking "what did DHB even do?" because it's been a fucking month since he canned it. I'm pretty sure he's not even going to submit an app. People are just looking for an excuse to be mad and blow up about him. It's tiring, and it blows 50+ posts of every other thread with bitching and "lol suicide".

This is why I want RotJR to die. Maybe if it does, it'll take the DHBposting with it.

>> No.50783024

See, I was in the thread at the time. From what I got he didn't do it maliciously. More like a "see how high I can make this bonus guys!" thing. The rapey backstory was something he was too autistic to see and changed when people pointed it out. Heck he nerfed himself several times from the initial version as well.

I have never seen DHB be anything but good natured towards /pfg/ despite getting shit on.

>> No.50783028

If you dont get a level from ANY level of a prc. It can make up for ANY lost spellcasting progression due to prcs, as long as that prc gives you at least some.

>> No.50783033

I wanna be bullied instead, I can take it!

>> No.50783034

This is the first time it got this bad since the character was posted.
Just go nuts. Not like you guys will be in the same party.

>> No.50783047

Well spheresinger only has two levels with dead space in them so, but I guess two levels still is a massive loss considering.

>> No.50783048

That's a lie, It gets like this every few weeks. Pull your head out of the sand.

>> No.50783051

A couple of jackasses are trying to make their pathetic existences seem more special by shitting on other people.

It makes them feel tall because poop falls down you see.

>> No.50783059

Are we really having a "bully the depressed autistic kid" thread?

>> No.50783065

Uh-huh, and what does calling people "assholes" make you? The meta-shitposter?

>> No.50783069


Merry fucking Christmas.

>> No.50783078

>tfw depressed homebrewer came to the thread and posted how he finished off the last archetypes
>tfw he thanked everyone for their support
>tfw two people told him to kill himself
This is why we don't deserve nice things.

>> No.50783083

He and 2hu deserve it.

>> No.50783084

Nah, just a commentator.
I'm not even an applicant to those two games.

>> No.50783086

This may be the worst it's been since then, but that doesn't mean it hasn't been bad bad and consistently a thing.

We're having a "we're fucking sick of this one faggot insisting we bully a depressed autistic kid" thread at this point. It sucks that it once again devolved into this, because we almost had a discussion about characters who didn't get much time in the spotlight.

>> No.50783090

Calling them assholes with pathetic existences s doing the same thing you're deriding them for.

>> No.50783101

The world would be a brighter place indeed if you took your own advice.

You're basically scum.

>> No.50783117

Honestly, we could do without the three of them.

>> No.50783124

It's not "turtles all the way down" anon; you don't have to be a complete jackass to point out when someone's being one.

Seriously though, "I know you are but what are they" in this day and age?

>> No.50783137

>mfw this thread

almost makes me wish I had the night shift

>> No.50783143

>"saying a cliche as my argument will surely be well thought out!"
>Implying that saying is a counterpoint to being a hypocrite.

>> No.50783153

At this point you're just grasping at straws.

>> No.50783162

Not an argument

>> No.50783163

Nah man, calling out people on being assholes proves that you're the real asshole

>> No.50783170

Yeah. Only a complete fuckwad would ever go "dude, you're being an ass".

>> No.50783183

New thread

>> No.50783185

It really looks like you're just arguing to argue for no discernible reason.

>> No.50783193

Sweet lords I go to take a piss and was going to ask for some advice on a character but this thread has devolved into dribble. This is just absurd.

>> No.50783198

Calling their existences pathetic might have been a bit much though. I mean all us here are; we don't need reminding.

>> No.50783210

Oh is THAT what trigglypuffed him then?

>> No.50783236

Maybe? Either that or the childlike responses on both parties. Going "I know you are but what am I" OR being told that is pretty much a dead end for rational discussion.

>> No.50783248


>thread still on pg 5
>gee I bet it is an anime poster

Not even surprised anymore

>> No.50783259

Did you want more of this asinine discussion then? What would have been gained?

>> No.50783283


How about just not posting asinine discussions? You know you can hide posts right?

>> No.50783526

I mean, that's not wrong. Just having all the abilities and no initiating alone would be better than a Fighter.

>> No.50783685

This question confuses me. If I'm given 6 free feats, I'm much more likely to take something dumb and circumstantial because I've got more fat to burn. If you have 2 options, there will be optimization. If you have a thousand? Fuck that, I don't have the energy.

Same reason DotA II still works as a game.

>> No.50783726

Yes, but strong arm, hard chest and solid personality all being equal, a lady would prefer the dick of pleasurable size.

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