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PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: We are Release Day+5 on Rogue One. Please exercise proper spoiler usage when discussing it. That is all, people.

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we really need an X-wing cartoon, like the clone wars

based entirely around fighter combat, and with a rouge one tone (but less bleak and more "top gun" minus the gay overtones)

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Alright, /swg/. I'm wondering what you guys might think about uh... about the character I have in a game of FFG Star Wars I'm playing in.


So the game my friend is running is ABY 12 and follows Paelleon's Remnant and basically, as part of a MASSIVE PR move (and a way to get a shit ton of territory) the Imperial Remnant is going after a dual sector controlled by noble houses who's main past time is chattel slavery.

This is has several effects: They will show the Galaxy they aren't Palpatine's New Order, they will gain a truck load of new space to work in, and most importantly, the New Republic can't do a damned thing about it.

Anyway. The character I am playing is one Orrel Starthane, a member of the Emperor's Royal Guard, formerly of the Red Guard of the Supreme Chancellor, and before that a member of the Senatorial Guard.

His backstory is simple, he impressed the Supreme Chancellor enough to be inducted from the Senatorial Guard into the Red Guard and then was made into a Royal Guardsman after the Ascension of the Empire.

A friend described the character as an Old SS Trooper, believes the Party Line as Gospel, but also that Politics are For the Emperor.

In fact, Orrel was at the Battle of Endor! Stationed aboard the Majestic (the Emperor's personal Star Destroyer) and during the fight, when retreat was sounded, the captain of the Majestic ordered that they open a channel to the Home One, that perhaps the victorious rebels would be gracious in their surrender.

Unfortunately for the unnamed captain, he did this in the presence of the head of the Royal Guard cadre stationed on the Majestic, and Orrel proceeded to spill the man's entrails on the deck of the Majestic's bridge. "We fight." There was no word of offense from the rest of the bridge crew.

Either way, Orrel bounced from one Imperial Warlord to the Next, trying to find someone that he believed would be worthy of reuniting the Empire, but has so far found them all to be lacking.


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>Someone on Tumblr pointed out that the mainline Star Wars movies are stories being recounted, thus the opening crawl, and that Rogue One, since it didn't have an opening crawl, was a story lost to history. The untold story of the unknown heroes.

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Starthane had also spent a good portion of the intervening 8 years killing off a select few no name fighter squadron leaders and starship captains of the New Republic, and in fact has a bounty large enough on him that one of the other PCs (a bounty hunter) commented that Starthane's bounty is the kind of score that one can retire off of.

To which Starthane replied to her: Dying is no way to make one's living.

But I digress. Honestly, the character is essentially Barristan Selmy IN SPAAAAACE as a bad ass trooper. It's a knight level game, so he's built to charge into blaster fire and jedi alike and come out for the better.

I just thought I'd ask /swg/ what they though tof the dude.


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If anything, I'm hoping we get a new cartoon following Luke and everyone from the period between RotJ and TFA. I know they are deliberately keeping stuff vague for Episode VIII but we seriously need to start exploring that specific era.

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If by cartoon, you mean "anime done by the Macross Plus team," then yes. Fuck yes. Sunrise is an acceptable runner-up.

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>minus the gay overtones

yeah go full gay

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What are some good adventure ideas for squadron-based campaigns?

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>Knight level game

Ok that makes more sense. As a starter character Not-Kir Kanos feels a little snowflakey but it could work at higher XP levels.

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That would definitely be cool but almost certainly isn't happening as they are gonna slow burn the secrets of that era over the whole trilogy.

My dream shows are:
1) Live action scum and villainy themed show about space trucking or bounty hunting
2) Star Wars Black Lagoon

I've basically resigned myself to the fact that the movies are gonna be great but the other media for nucanon is gonna be mediocre to shit with maybe a few nuggets of greatness. Same as it ever was

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>Strike & Fade missions
>convoy hijacking
>run CAP/CAS for ground teams
>hunt down enemy Aces (and maybe cash in bounties)
>defense missions
>armed recon
>starfighter theft
>test out new prototype starfighters
>trenchrun the superweapon of the week

stuff to rip off/get inspired by
>U.N Squadron / Area 88
>Top Gun
>Tie Fighter
>X-Wing Alliance
>Wing Commander
>ALL the Ace Combat (except Assault Horizon, fuck that game)

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>down with the empire

Say that again, scum.

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Sure would be a shame if you guys bumped into each other flying so close

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I think the Bacta War would be pretty cool for a CGI adaptation.

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I've come to accept that, for whatever reason, the people of Star Wars don't undersand the concept of reconnaissance or even security cameras. At least in the on-screen portions of the franchise.

There are the security cameras in the DS detention bay (and apparently only there) that Han shoots out in the very first movie and some probe droids in that market where Cassian meets his informant with the most recent movie but that appears to be it. Otherwise people seem to be able to just walk around in or near the most important security installations in the galaxy without being seen unless they mive into an actual person's line of site.

I just remembered the Jedi Tenple had cameras so that's three instances I guess.

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meta-reason is that when it was made in the 70s, they only had vague concepts of security cameras, and didnt grasp how prevalent they would become

in-universe reason: cameras are a waste of money, when droids exist

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I honestly think he's distinct enough from Kir Kanos to be his own character.

Especially since he missed out on the Clone Emperor's call.

Well, less missed and more flat out ignored, telling the rest of the cadre that the Emperor was dead and that they will find nothing but death with the Clone Emperor.

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But if he's a true believer in the party line and feels that "Politics are For the Emperor," wouldn't he be the first guy to jump on that train? It's the literal rebirth of the New Order.

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For the curious, this is what they're talking about:

The last one in particular is really good.

I would also love for them to introduce a few new fighters to get fresh blood flowing. Not another TIE offshoot or something-Wing, but honest-to-God fresh designs.

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Go on. Step into the escape pod. Quickly.

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That's a clever take on it

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Well, hence why he went from warlord to warlord. He was looking for a new emperor to serve. The Emperor is Dead, long live the Emperor. In a lot of cases, the warlords he found lacking, he'd leave dead thinking he did the Empire a favor.

Also there's the whole he was tracking down a rebel captain and was too busy smothering the man on his death bed in a hospital on ORD Mantell when all that happened.

("Killing a man that's already dying... was it petty? Was it spiteful? Oh, absolutely. But it was right.")

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I like that the rebels did not just go straight alohah snackbar

It was eased into position and then went to push. It was way more believable to me

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Man, i loved so much the nods to old canon, that, monkbro, and motherfucking Vader just made the experience such an internal squee fest.

>> No.50780568

I have seen this several times and always enjoy seeing it again.

The only thing however, is those Star Destroyers at the end, making a fucking 90 degree turn on a fucking dime.

>> No.50780577

Cameras are either so shitty as to not be worth it, or good enough for scavengers to rip it apart from its blind spot and sell it for scrap. Indoor cameras are basically replaced by droids.

>> No.50780610

Cameras can be sliced and footage replaced. Mk.1 eyeball is the only thing you can really trust

>> No.50780637

My brother found rogue one too cheesy, I am horrified but respect his opinion. Some of the deaths were a little over the top (Partly I believe to preserve the Romatic/Heroic nature of the franchise amidst all that grit.) and the speeches were definitely cheesy, plus the Father meeting was a bit Schmaltzy.

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>Mk.1 eyeball is the only thing you can really trust

Goddamn right

>> No.50780671

>Over the top deaths
>cheesy speeches

Sounds like every war movie to me baka fampai

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Rate my epic list

Bombers streak out of the Gozanti and immediately cream any huge ships or large ships around(one automatic hit from guidance chips+two rerolls from Jonus=5 damage per round per bomber on average) while the aces keep the enemy fighters busy. Gozanti is a big target that provides some supporting fire and also has Fleet Officer for focus support.

>> No.50780871

Rogue Squadron, or a Wraith Squadron type thing would also be dope.

>> No.50780965

So are the epic expansions for x-wing subjectively good, or should one get armada if they want to blast shit with big ships?

>> No.50781002

I really like the rebel transport for its fucky support options. But I also unironically fly Porkins, so I don't think my opinion is relevant to any sort of meta.

>> No.50781024

It can't be easy to hold this thing if the barrels are both supposed to reciprocate.

>> No.50781069


>mfw Y-Wings saved the entire Rebellion by knocking out a Star Destroyer

I still resent the X-Wing hogging screentime from the workhorse of the Alliance, but at least they gave us that.

>> No.50781181

I mean, if you only use your second hand to support the blaster for increased accuracy when aiming down the sight for short bursts, you should be fine

>> No.50781238

>Got a ship battle game
>Got a fighter battle game

I would kill for a DZC style star wars game.

>> No.50781257

It's still gonna be jerking your hand back and forth.

>> No.50781405

>yfw Rogue Squadron styled game starring Poe and the Black Squadron.

Please god make this happen

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Imperial Assault is cool and all but I want to field AT-ATs on a tabletop.

>> No.50781435

As if /tg/ isn't used to that and/or hasn't built a muscle memory for just that motion

>> No.50781498

I would want that too...speaking of X-Wings, anyone try out that VR mission for Battlefront where you are in an X-Wing?

>> No.50781567

Are the Poe Dameron comics any good?

>> No.50781589

Is Chirrut a temple guardian with a lightsaber pike that has accepted that the jedi order has fallen ?

>> No.50781598

I want to waifu Karé

>> No.50781613

>Rogue Squadron
Think bigger, anon. Think Ace Combat. Think co-op. Or think XWA. Either works.

>> No.50781640

I am so hype for that.

But god damn it, it also makes me want a Rogue Squadron game so badly, too.

>> No.50781884

So I've got my Imperial Remnants game running this wednesday at 3:30 PM EST irc.thisisnotatrueending.com room #Randomremnants

If you want to bully slavers as imperials and mercenaries disguised as other mercenaries you can join in, or even join right now to go over things.

>> No.50781954

Short-recoil stuff was always a bit fucky and I dunno why you'd bother on something like a blaster unless they 'had to' use some kind of mechanical process and two barrels will up the weight considerably.
Course, wouldn't be the first time a military has adopted something really dumb!

>> No.50782001

So, I found the stats for this thing, but on the other side of the goddamn book.

BUt it raises as many questions as it answers because it says it's a 500 meter Bulk Transport with Eight Dorsal, Six Port and Six starboard medium turbolasers on top of the 10 quad lasers, per side and if it's 500 meters long those are some fucking huge Quad lasers.

And it mentions a starboard bridge-fin.

>> No.50782025

Look at this shit.

>> No.50782035

That's kind of comparable power to give most frigates a bit of a bothering

>> No.50782135

Do I need to know how to play or anything?

>> No.50782239

I mean preferably it's FFGSW, I can I guess try to help.

>> No.50782286

I've never played any RPGs before bruh. I might just watch, see if I can get a feel for it.

>> No.50782324


I'd prefer a novel series but yeah that too lol.

When will they write the books following Luke's academy

>> No.50782408


I would KILL for another X-Wing game. But man, an Ace Combat with X-wings would be the shit. And include the Jedi fighters and Naboo fighters too.

>> No.50782424


We are running a campaign like this. It's fucking baller.

>> No.50782465

How are the gay overtones?

>> No.50782480


Doesn't seem to be, yet. Macross tho. Most of the people are females.

>> No.50782502


Is it a one-of-a-kind-fuck-your-shit-up mobile?

And btw, what do the Zygerrians look like in that book? Kinda pissed they aren't playable.

>> No.50782577

>Lesbian Fighter Jock Star Wars Series
I'm here for this

>> No.50782612

>Most of the people are females.
>Starships are usually female by default, too, with the exception of the E-9 Dickboat
Yep, definitely lesbians.

>> No.50782729

It always bugs me that they wait until AFTER jumping into the system to scramble the pilots. Why not have the pilots podded and the crew already at battle stations before the jump?

>> No.50782958

>Top gun minus the gay overtones.
What's the point then?

>> No.50782962

Needs more Volleyball.

are the players female, or the characters?

>> No.50783251

I can story time some parts, I have detailed session notes. The yuri isn't really apparent in my notes as I am GM, but I remember enough.

They will be... They WILL be.

Males. And I can get them into a volleyball tournament.

We have:

A male Mirialan - Mussan (the hotshot, playboy, wanna be ladies man)
A female Human - Trevine (the bookish, accidentally sultry engineer)
A female Arkanian offshoot - Thurora (who used to fuck her superior officer)
A male Squib - Caem (a rogue and thief who was ditched by the Squib Consortium to the Rebellion cause he was annoying as hell)

Then there's Pixy, the Zeltron who everyone lusts for but can't get.

Cipher, her Zabrak wingman who watches over her like a sister. He is the object of much female desire on base.

Yukat, the Ithorian Quartermaster who wants to bang most of the males around the galaxy.

Crew Chief Lorn Brenko, the Lannic Mechanic, who speaks with a New Yorker accent and hates almost everyone who acts like a hotshot.

Miona, the Songstress Across the Galaxy, who just entered the competition of the same name to bring peace through music.

Medical Officer Colhkar, who IS M*A*S*H

And finally General Vebbar Thalu, the Mon Calamari commander who only staffs his bridge with women. He's Russian sounding.

You can probably guess the PC love interests.

>> No.50783304

>all these alliyums in the Empire

>> No.50783313

>Crew Chief Lorn Brenko, the Lannic Mechanic, who speaks with a New Yorker accent and hates almost everyone who acts like a hotshot.

So hes basically Micklin from Black Sheep Squadron?

>> No.50783315

>Squib Consortium to the Rebellion

>> No.50783326

Fuckin stoked someone realized. Many internets to you sir.

>> No.50783334

I meant to aim this at you >>50783315

>> No.50783340

Is that from friends like these? How would you rate the adventure?

>> No.50783351

>a squib too annoying for other squibs


Top tastes in Arkanian Offshoot waifus, though.

>> No.50783352


>Hey Brenko, hows my X-Wing?
>Yours? Hah, lemme get somethin' straight with you College Boy. This ain't your X-Wing.
>Its MY X-Wing
>And if you bring it back with any dents, I'm gonna put dents in YOU!

>> No.50783379

Literally session one.

>"Lemme learn you a thing, kid. This is MY Z-95, an' I'm just seein' fit to loans it to ya to shoot down every single xeno hating piece of kriff the Empire parks in your path. And so help me, if you bring this beeeeeYUtiful bird back with so much as a single scratch, I will pretty you up to look just like her, then fix her to look NOTHIN' like you. Capiche?"

>> No.50783414


Haha, yes!

>> No.50783536

Okay, I can understand repainting your x-wing minis for customization/battle scars, but do people usually go all war hammer and splice shit together? I came across a guy's blog who did that, and I was a little disgusted by it. However he did have some pretty sweet 3D debris and shit for obstacles, so does that cancel it out?

>> No.50783662

How much should a crew card cost with the ability "At the end of the combat phase remove 1 stress token"?

>> No.50783732


>> No.50783760


>a weapon to surpass metal gear!

>> No.50783766

I heard some people are shitting on Jyn as a protagonist because she doesn't have much agency in the events of Rogue 1. Are there a ton of war movies where the MC has agency? Isn't the point of war movies generally to show someone who is making their way through events largely out of their control in an effort to make some small difference before the end?

I wish people were this eager to find flimsy pretexts to shit on Marvel movies

>> No.50783782


Are we doing Metal Gear Star Wars again? Because nobody laughed at my "The survivor will take the title 'Darth,'" Snake Eater gag in the last thread and it made me sad.

>> No.50784018


I was rather surprised Diego Luna found some balls, and was actually convincing as a Rebel Captain. He's usually a soft spoken timid little mexican guy who flinches if you make arm movements in his direction

>> No.50784061


didn't know that was a thing

>> No.50784836

I exist only to hatefuck Abeloth into a submissive, quivering mess.

>> No.50784863


>> No.50784882

>that upper cut he does behind him to cut that guy's guts

fuck I didn't catch that, they got rekt

>> No.50784891

If she had lived it would be a bigger deal

but with her death, I imagine it's fine we've never heard of her until now

>> No.50784949

Also I just read through all the Darth Vader comics, it was actually pretty good, over the top, but good. I feel a couple things could have been changed to make it better

>space whales? come on m8
>just one deathdroid, and don't make it a C3/R2 parody
>that crazy geonosian robot cloner
>the nutty nature of Vader's "replacements"

Also I think my favorite thing to come out of all this is that the Raiders probably were scared of Obi Wan in EP IV because they thought he was Vader.

>> No.50784997

>space whales? come on m8

>> No.50785041

Well there's a multitude of reasons I don't like rebels either (the show or the actual scum themselves)

At least they did the Ahsoka/Vader some justice

>> No.50785070


>rebel scum

>> No.50785092

ugh even their graffiti is ugly

>> No.50785108

Never forget

>> No.50785135

Start with a squadron full of rejects, new recruits, and bush pilots (the PCs). Have a few easy missions, but don't let the squadron be particularly successful. Just small things, like escort duty for transports, or keeping pirates from finding the hidden Rebel outpost. Make the squad love the CO NPC, who rejects the occasional mission and reports it as "attempted and failed" if he considers it too dangerous. Anything for his men.

Your squadron has become a dead end post in a small corner of the galaxy. High Command punches the numbers and determines that, unless something drastically happens to make the squadron productive, it will be disbanded and the equipment repurposed for other duties. To that effect, they send a new, hardass office to relieve your CO of duty and replace him.

Effective immediately, no gambling, no drinking. Bring all your droids in for diagnostics and wipes. Repaint all craft in standard livery, with no personal identifiers. Curfew after dark except for those on-duty.

And he volunteers the squadron for only the hardest missions from that point forward. Those who want to transfer to a different unit are given one opportunity to do so, pending medical evaluation. Anyone who requests a transfer is told that there's no proper medical personnel for the requisite eval. They're stuck.

But he flies with you into battle as [squad name] Leader, every single time (unlike your old CO), and celebrates the PC's accomplishments. Soon, they feel proud.

And as this continues, so long as the PC's are successful, the CO begins relaxing regulations. Gambling is back. The base cantina reopens. The CO begins to care. He's less of a hardass.

But High Command still isn't convinced, and starts sending suicide runs. Outwardly, the CO stays confident. But as KIAs rise, he cracks. He barricades himself in his office and refuses to let the squadron make this worst-than-all-the-others suicide run.


>> No.50785143


Do the PCs go on it anyway without him, and save the squadron? Or do they have their pride and progress thrown in a trash compactor.

Watch the movie 12 O'Clock High, it's on Netflix.


>> No.50785189

Shout out to the dude who, after getting disarmed, has the presence of mind to get his buddy's gun and keep trying

>> No.50785204

No, he's a blind Guardian of the Whills with a ceremonial kyber-tipped staff who has accepted that his Kyber Temple has been looted by the Empire.

>> No.50785211

Anyone else play GTAO? The Technical is pretty much the car equivalent of the Falcon.

>> No.50785214

>> No.50785221

>> No.50785243


shiut why is that bone chilling to watch with the music?

>> No.50785248


>> No.50785257

oh look, /tv/ trying to shit up a thread

>> No.50785261

Kare is qt af. Why do they give the best girls to the rebels?

>> No.50785263

...but Jyn (a) gets the message from Saw, (b) single-handedly encourages special forces guys to join her in a suicide mission the Scarif, effectively stopping the Rebellion from breaking up, (c) identifies the proper data file, (d) independently climbs the tower to transmit them. Without her contribution, there's no rebellion, no battle, no Death Star plans, no ANH.

All agency.

>> No.50785271

is that deleted scenes or what?

Will TR-8R make a return? he was way cooler than captain ''into the trash'' phasma

>> No.50785294


>> No.50785328


Only if you believe, Anon

>> No.50785335

>is that deleted scenes or what?
One of the more famous bloopers. Those poor bastards couldn't see shit and were barely able to move in those costumes, it was amazing that managed to do it.


>> No.50785350


>> No.50785384

Let's see if it works with other songs too...


>> No.50785564

Made this
Me and my party watched the prequel reviews after a game once and when this line was said we had a laugh and I knew I had to make this

>> No.50785595


Amazing considering everytime I run FFG Star Wars, thats basically what happens

>> No.50785694

I wish this wasn't so true

>> No.50785708


I've had a games where the smartest person in the whole group is a 70 year old R1 droid NPC with a busted set of tracks and even it wasn't exactly a genius either.
The depths of stupidity get reached, they hit rock bottom and drag out a mining drill

>> No.50785709

After watching Rogue One I wanna get a cool RPG for Christmas, so my friends and I can play as cool rebel commandos, A-Team style. What should I get, Age of Rebellion or Star Wars D6?

>> No.50785733


Age of Rebellion, but grab the pdfs for everything because all three books work together

>> No.50785785

we need more technical landspeeders

>> No.50785793

He took a bowcaster shot that flipped him head over heels

>> No.50785921

Anybody know where I can find star wars audiobooks? I have a long commute and want to get into the xwing books

>> No.50786063

All right I've attempted to post in the server. Never uses IRC before so...
Isn't it semi common knowledge that stormtrooper armour protects rather well against blaster fire though? He probably just has a *severe* concussion.

>> No.50786087

sadly a bowcaster has more than enough force to punch through

>> No.50786250

I'd imagine Admiral Rass... R... Raddish. Whatever.

Had some amount of fighter support with what he brought with him, but what, the Frigates are the only other carrier-capable craft since the transports and corvettes sure aren't.

I imagine he went on his own "who wants to come" thing and then rolled out all Leeroy Jenkins.

The rest of them back on the planet were like "Oh shit, he's going in. SCRAMBLE THE FIGHTERS!"

They could have been smarter about this and actually sent whatever massed fleet they had at Yavin since they totally make a show that Yavin is waaaaay busier than it is in ANH and pretty much everyone who is anyone is around. I assume after the events of R1 they scatter the "Combined Fleet" leaving us with the smaller contingent seen in ANH.

Though they don't nail every continuity hook up in R1, the shit goes deep and can be rationalized on some level.

>> No.50786259


"I see you Boy-ing-TON! We come to get you now!"

>> No.50786312

it is admiral Raddus

he literally jumped into his ship, and took his part of the fleet with him

i am pretty sure that they planned everything while in hyperspace

>> No.50786433

This is what plays into vader's helmet:

>> No.50786474

Well now we know what's going to happen to saw in the geonosis two parter.

>> No.50786922

I finally got to see it last night, and I loved it. There hasn't been a better Star Wars movie made in my lifetime. I won't get into everything, but I thought the easter eggs for diehards were at just about the right level. There was only one that felt forced, Ponda Baba and Evazan in Jedha City.

>> No.50787053

So I got my first deck of Star Wars: Destiny today, along with four boosters. Overall, I got a few good extra cards, but the only Villain dice I got for my Kylo deck was the Sith Holocron. I am confused about its Special Ability.

Am I to understand, with the wording, that I can play the Holocron for 0 Resources, then have a card such as Mind Probe in my hand, and instead of paying the 4 Resources for it, just replace the Sith Holocron's ability with that of Mind Probe? Granted, it's free, but the dice itself isn't that good, even with the two Special results. But am I right in my reading of this card?

>> No.50787134

The holocron has the type "upgade" and subtype "equipment" look down there under the name box.

When you use the Special Ability you can put the holocron back in your had then put a Blue Upgade with the "ability" subtype into play where it was, for example Force Choke.

>> No.50787309

Two FFG questions;

When doing chargen it's better to spend XP on characteristics instead of skills. Is it just more dice for those skill checks that are relative? I'm rolling up a Kubaz Gunslinger (B1 C3 P 2 A 2
I 2 W 2) and am thinking about raising Brawn and Agility to 3 as I took Space Piloting and Ranged Light. Good/bad idea?

Also where's the link to the homebrew (shipfags?) space combat rules that make things not paper.

>> No.50787355

Focusing on Characteristics at start is smarter since it's much easier to rank up skills later, as for Characteristics you need to buy the Dedication Talent in your spec tree, of which there usually is only one of in each tree, at the bottom. Skills can be ranked whenever you can afford it. Higher characteristics also gives you a better pool for more skills unlike if you only specialised one skill very well. A high Agility lets you shoot well, and pilot a ship equally well.

Right, re-reading it I think I understand it now, and I'm not sure if I like it *as* much then. In your example, if I roll the Special Ability, I swap the Holocron for Force Choke, would I then be able to pay that 1 Resource and immediatly roll the Force Choke's dice and put it into play? Is that it?

>> No.50787395


Stats are always, forever the best choice at chargen. Dump as much as you can in stats and then use whatever is left on other stuff.

>> No.50787411

Only thing I really remember him in is Elysium, and while he was soft-spoken, he still stood up to Krieger with nothing but a pistol.

Even if he got stabbed into the ground for it.

>> No.50787427

Here's a question: What's better? Getting a 4 and 3 for Characteristics, or getting 3 Characteristics up to 3?

>> No.50787455

Well if you're gonna focus on being a gunslinging pilot, then Agility is surely your thing to focus on, and if you're alright with not having as much soak or wounds, then definitely go for 4 agility.

>> No.50787474

Oh no, I'm not that anon, my bad. I just meant in general; trying to get a head for the system.

>> No.50787494

Oh well, disregard what I said, I suck cocks.

>> No.50787519

>Right, re-reading it I think I understand it now, and I'm not sure if I like it *as* much then. In your example, if I roll the Special Ability, I swap the Holocron for Force Choke, would I then be able to pay that 1 Resource and immediatly roll the Force Choke's dice and put it into play? Is that it?

That is in fact the exact wording on the card.

>> No.50787612

Right, well thanks then, now I understand it. And it seems it can be quite a good support card if you have the deck for it.

Shame I didn't pick up any other Villain characters in the boosters though..

>> No.50787624

I'm that anon.
Kubaz Gunslinger (B1 C3 P 2 A 2
I 2 W 2)
Kubaz start with 1 rank of Perception and 1 rank of Street Smarts.
100 Start XP
Career Skills; Perception (C), Space Pilot (A), Streetwise (C), Vigilance (W)
Spec Skills; Outer Rim (I), Ranged - Light (A)

What I'm thinking of now is; B 2, A 3, W 3 and taking Quick Draw, Improved Quick Draw and Quick Strike.

This would give me 11 Wounds, 14 Strain and 2 Soak.

Thoughts on this?

>> No.50787635

X-Wing epic is a different beast. Armada is a whole other game with its own flow, epic is just a fuckhuge game with some new stuff but it's still X-Wing.

It's for the spectacle more than anything. If you played 40k, it's the equivalent of Apocalypse.

>> No.50787657

Get yourself a big pistol and make sure your first shot is the last one needed and go have fun.

I'd argue that perhaps boosting your Vigilance later on would be good to help with getting high slots of Initiative but perhaps somoene else in the party has it - the good thing with the system being that character groups share slots so even if you specifically roll low, you could potentially use another player's slot who rolled higher.

>> No.50787768


I'm doing one too, though its more Wraith Squadron then Rogue.

>> No.50788073

So, how would you stat Death Troopers for FFGSW?

Rivals or just really elite minions? Baze' blaze of glory seemed to effectively be the Soldier signature talent for wiping out minions so maybe they are just really elite minions. (Also i vaguely recall even Dark Troopers were minions but may be misremembering, I don't have the book in front of me)

>> No.50788103

I'd probably use the Stormtrooper Sergeant as a base and change his ability slightly. But that's me.

>> No.50788383

Still, using the holocron, you can throw that Force Choke on anyone. That scrub stormtrooper your opponent has been ignoring for most of the game? Suddenly he's throwing blue dice like Darth motherfucking Vader. Holocron is currently considered one of the best cards in the game, and a prime candidate for the nerf bat, so enjoy it while you can.

>> No.50788476

Oh, shit. I didn't even think about that. Jeez, yea, I can see how it can be dangerous then.

>> No.50788607


According to some Legends material, Akbar completely rewrote the Rebel's Fleet Doctrine sometimes between ANH and Empire to keep all their Capitals together as one big mobile gang that could do their own variant on the Tarkin Doctrine (which makes sense for Tarkin's personal slave/secretary), only fighting when they had overwhelming force, only allowing a max of 25% of their forces out of the main floatilla at any one time for other operations, and otherwise staying hidden and mobile so "The Rebel Fleet," would become a mythical symbol for people resisting the Empire throughout the Galaxy.

I always kind of liked that concept.

>> No.50788699

The "General Syndulla" reference has created debate among Rebels fans, since Hera’s father, Cham Syndulla, is already a resistance general on the show – and she’s not. It turns out, this a tease of things to come on Rebels. “I can clarify that’s absolutely Hera being paged, not her dad,” Filoni says. “The movie gives that away, but I would rather have all the [references] be right. Hera will eventually become a general in the Rebel Alliance.” But how? That storyline will remain a mystery for now.

http://ew.com/movies/rogue-one-rebels-references/rogue-one-and-rebels-6/ on panel 7/9 they confirm who the mentioned Geneeral Syndulla is

>> No.50788782

Does anyone have the hombrew rules for x-wing mariokart?

>> No.50789341

>Tarkin Doctrine
Anyone running star wars in the rebel era really needs to knuckle down, read this it and realise that after Tarkin's reforms its not just about 'fear' by having scared peons not fucking around, doing all that rebelling and shit. What it did was make oversectors that have highly mobile, frighteningly powerful fast response forces to anything that threatens Imperial rule. While a lot of people might like to see a stardestroyer in every system, its barely able to put a beat to shit customs vessel with no hyperdrive in every port- sometimes!

Most imperial presence in a static role has one job: wave the flag, do general duties and last long enough to get a message out that its all fucked up
Then the over-sector command sends out a response force, crushes everything and some low ranking mooks get a new job mopping up the remains of the last team there and settling in. Course in larger, more important places, there's more mooks to do the general duties and help out with any 'Readjustment' that needs to be done, but by a couple of years before DS#1, the rebels where able to land on planets, fuck up the Imperial forces and spray graffiti or what-not around the place. So its important to note that when depicting Imperial forces is that yes, you might kill a lot of them, but they arent the huge immovable wall... that comes later when they kill ALL of them and the Empire just rolls in an interdiction fleet.

The DS#1 was an important part of that doctrine in that if it was still rolling around, in a matter of days if you where messing around bad enough the Empire would just put it in system and you get a choice. Keep fighting, being difficult and we'll melt all of your shit!

>> No.50789404

>Dat filename


>> No.50789473

Nah and that jives with what I was thinking: They scatter and run, reassemble on Hoth, repeat again and make the big muster at Sullust(?) around the time of RotJ for the Battle of Endor.

Some people were like "well maybe the Rebels built a buttload of ships." I know the DSII is allegedly built on in the 4 years between ANH/RotJ and you have literally half a year between The Battles of Hoth and Endor.

The Rebels never stay in one place, which is what would take time for ship production while their supporters are busy trying to build them shit while keeping the Imps off their backs too.

End of Empire to the Battle of Endor is where they have to call everyone in for the Big Win.

>> No.50789595

They fucking told me there were going to be fucking A wings in this movie! Now I've got blue balls for Green Squadron.

>> No.50789675

First time I heard it. Who are "they", exactly?

>> No.50789769

I think you are thinking of Episode VIII. Also I will gladly pick the brand new U wing over A wings since it actually expands the universe

>> No.50789902

The A-Wing was a post-Yavin design, though.

>> No.50789917


not in nu-canon

>> No.50790119

Scene gave me a nerdgasm.

>> No.50790246

Yet another alternate theme

>> No.50790391


I spliced my Z95s, but thats all Ive done

>> No.50790392

RIP Sato

>> No.50790417

Funny, i thought this was what was playing inside his helmet.


>> No.50790440

I mean Sato's an Admiral I thought. But Thrawn is definitely killing Sato and/or Cham

>> No.50790468

fug, meant to post this link.

Please, give me a new MC death asap! The show would be improved significantly.

>> No.50790479

The movie is shit.

>> No.50790991

Spicy opinions bro.

>> No.50791084

I'm tempted to agree, the first 1/2 of this movie is horribly paced and jumps around too much to actually be good.

Also they couldn't find a consistent them for most of the movie. I was really hoping they were going to portray Saw as a extremist compared to the Alliance's freedom fighter especially after the whole brain monster thing they used on Rook. But he just ended up being some guy she knew.

Last part was the only part you need to watch and that was just for the action.

>> No.50791200

>Last part was the only part you need to watch and that was just for the action.

So just like ANH then?

>> No.50791272

X-wing list thought?
E-Wing: · Corran Horn (35)
Veteran Instincts (1)
· R2-D2 (4)
Engine Upgrade (4)
Y-Wing: · "Dutch" Vander (23)
Dorsal Turret (3)
Targeting Astromech (2)
ARC-170: · Shara Bey (28)
Any advice would be great since I'm super new

>> No.50791455

Star Wars Battlegrounds Expanding Fronts just came out 4 days ago, and its incredible. I'm working on a Rogue One campaign and just finished, a map on Wobani (Where they break out Jyn from the Juggernaut/CTT). I need to fill the History Section and this is what i came up with so far. Any ideas how to expand on the idea?

"Wobani is a cold, desolate, backwater Mid-Rim world, with a Prison Complex equaly as miserable. As Most inmates only spend a short time here - mostly for petty crimes -, the planet has no meaningful labor intensive infrastructure in place to have them occupied. Prisoners spend the majority of their time within the main compound, only to be taken out for work when one of the mostly automated carbon extractor facilites is in need of manual repairs. As the facility suffers from being chronically underfunded and overlooked by the Imperial financial authorities, this happens ever more often. Breaking out Jyn Erso will require executing an ambush during such an excursion.

(English is not my first language btw.)

>> No.50791601

>Star Wars Battlegrounds
Haven't played this game, is it good /tg/?

>> No.50791637

It's old as heavens and i have only heard good of it.
So, if you don't mind a bit dated graphics and have a computer made after 2000 you should be fine.

>> No.50791739

Do you like Age of Empires II? Because its an officially licensed total conversion of that engine.

And yes its very good.

>> No.50791804

Def get Expanding Fronts. Even if you are not interrested in the scenario edtior, it adds widescreen support, 60fps, and sound fixes, which makes it infinitely better.

Ironically the gungan Campaign is the best in the game.

>> No.50791832

Do you get to remove duck face?

>> No.50791942

Bad b8, m8.

>> No.50792027

Well you got a whole lot of target locking but not really any good way to leverage them. Dutch is going to have and be getting his own target locks with actions and the Astro so he's not really going to need to take Shara's, and if you want Corran to be getting locks from either Shara or Dutch then he's gotta stay pretty close and can't really be boosting around too much so the engine upgrade seems a bit non-synnergistic.

I would consider maybe an R7 astromech instead of the Targeting Astro, then you could be getting a little more out of all the locks you'll have instead of just using them to reroll what's going to be mostly 2 die attacks. With Shara you'd have some choice over who you forced rerolls on. I'd personally probably swap out the E-wing for something cheaper to clear up points to put some torpedos on Dutch or Shara to also use those target locks and some upgrades on Shara so that if she ends up peeled away from the others or being the last ship standing she's not just dead points.

I'm not particularly experienced either though, so take all that with many grains of salt.

>> No.50792057

ANH is some ropey fucking shit with good visual design up until the last half-hour which is basically perfect.

If R1 does nothing for you then ANH should make you choke.

>> No.50792086

Oh. You're actually retarded. Ok.

>> No.50792142

Okay see how you feel now?

That's how this summery >>50791084 makes me feel.

>> No.50792193

Nah, you're still a retard. He's right that the first half of R1 was horribly paced. The movie is well over two hours but needed a lot more time to establish the characters, especially Jyn's relationship with Saw, to make the ending effective.
I know this was supposed to be a self-contained story, but it needed two whole movies.
And actors who could pull off some charm rather than moping about through the whole fucking thing.

>> No.50792233

>The movie is well over two hours but needed a lot more time
>it needed two whole movies

And just to check, I'm the retard in this situation?

>> No.50792246

You are if you can't comprehend that having two movies gives it more time to sell its story.

>> No.50792301

Why would you make it 2 movies when the plot is just stealing plans for the Death Star?

>> No.50792304

>I can't imagine things getting done in the time allocated and truly believe this side-story would have benefited from whole another film
>Just like my favourite trilogy The Hobbit

Riveting life tales from Anon the Fucking Troglodyte.

>> No.50792305

Has anyone snapped some pictures of Friends like these?

>> No.50792343

Why would you make one movie at all when all you needed in 1977 was a handful of lines saying the plans were stolen?
If you're going to expand on the universe to tell a story, tell a good one. Rogue One managed to tell a simple story in a mostly entertaining way. That doesn't exempt it from criticism. You're just sperging out that people don't think it's perfect.
Things could have been done in the time allotted. They were in fact done in the time allotted. They just weren't done as well as they could have been.
Cute strawman, by the way.

>> No.50792354

It needed its time budgeted more carefully, like cutting the length of the weird psychic squid by removing said squid and putting some electrodes on his head.

There are a few other parts that coulda been cut to give more time for interaction, in just a short amount of time Baze and Chirrut seemed much more likable.


>> No.50792365

What would have made the movie better then?

>> No.50792395

Better pacing. Better development of the characters. The characters growing and changing. Giving them time to breathe in between set pieces. Giving them all proper motivation. Giving them actors who look like they want to be there.

>> No.50792451

>Rogue One managed to tell a simple story in a mostly entertaining way
>The movie is shit
>I'm tempted to agree

Are not consistent statements.

>> No.50792462

>>The movie is shit
>>I'm tempted to agree
Not the same person, idiot.

>> No.50792514

Holy shit, people are still modding this? That game was so great

>> No.50792522

We'll yes but one is need to give the other context, and if you're not at least one of those anons it would kind of disappointing and odd.

>> No.50792531


>> No.50792637

That fucking scene, i wasn't ready for it. And at first i thought it would just be the saber lighting up and then everything shown "behind backs" and not so brutal. Goddamn that scene alone was worth the ticket price

>> No.50792655

Did anyone here like Director Krennic?

>> No.50792698

He was pretty good, even if they cut his "POWER" line.

>> No.50792724

...dammit JJ, did you really need that Beastie Boys reference?

>> No.50792733

I did, I have limited managerial experience from university Societies but even that made me empathise. Still a little sad we didn't get "The POWWWER we are dealing with."

>> No.50792756

If you count Robot Chicken as canon that would be true.

>> No.50792767

It concerns mostly the history of the Gungan Grand Army, so jar jar boinks is not heavily featured if at all, I can't remember for sure.

>> No.50792769

I did in the sense that he added a bit of variety as far as star wars villains are concerned while still feeling like he belonged to the setting. He didn't feel super threatening but his motives and presentation were nice imo.

>> No.50792783


>> No.50792790

He was a wonderfully petty managerial cunt, it was great.

>> No.50792793

>Expanding Fronts
Tell me more.

>> No.50792806

What did you find so unique about how motives?

>> No.50792828

Not the other guy, but I feel Krennic could have been really good if we had gotten to see more of his early years with Jyn's dad and see him in a more sympathetic light. Understanding he's a bad guy, but still having sympathy for him when Tarkin yanks his dream project away from him.

>> No.50792841


>> No.50792889

I felt like there was a sense of entitlement and self delusion that played up his petty status given he lacked the sort of backing the A-list baddies like Tarkin, Vader, Duku, Grevious, ect. It gave a sense of him being actually rather insecure in his status which to me is why he was so desperate to one up Tarkin and cling to the success he had.

>> No.50792918

>A-list baddies... Duku, Grevious
Yeah, no.
Those two are worthless sacks of shit and add nothing to the franchise. Only detract from it whenever they're involved. Especially in the mostly mediocre Clone Wars cartoon.

>> No.50792978

Just started reading it, seems alright but not the easiest to adapt.

These two are from it, haven't got much more of interest. >>50782025

It's overall just kinda okay, not super great.

>> No.50792981

I don't really count the cartoon due to that mediocrity. Duku was fine in the comics from what I remember and Grevious was sweet in the shorts. Not canon I know but still.

>> No.50793070

I'm thinking of doing a Death Trooper campaign in between Catalyst and Rogue One, with Krennic as a central NPC.

>> No.50793167

I like that he wasn't just a bad guy because being a bad guy is cool.

He's just an ambitious asshole who steps on people to get where he wants to be and the heroes just happen to be obstacles.
He never really gets angry, just curious and is more of a villain of happenstance rather than design (which is actually awesome0.

>> No.50793231

They were just either beatstick or fallguy respectively.

Other than "dey foight reel gud" there isn't any depth.

>> No.50793274

Why does cannon fodder need fleshing out? You can say fleshing them out is what made the first act slow, the best part of the film is the ending with the Vietnam style fighting, not the character development

>> No.50793378

Any movie needs characters you care about. Characters you want to survive and succeed.
Killing them has no impact if we don't know who they are or give a shit about them. Just look at Saw Gerrera and his band of nobodies.
They were just a blip on the radar and then gone.
If the movie had established Jyn's relationship with him, there would have been some emotional connection to him when he died rather than just marveling at the special effects set piece that the scene became.
Same with all the main characters. Their death should have been a gut-punch of emotion. But no, there was no impact.
Just, "Hah! Disney actually greenlit an ending this dark? Great!"

>> No.50793472

I guess I am being generous. I think it ties in with what this anon said >>50793167

Duku and Grevious were expected to stand on the merits of their positions and apparent prominence to back up through audience being told they were big deals in the prequels, which didn't really work given they were shown to be sort of shmucks anytime the protagonists came along meaning they had no kind of menace to them. Krennic didn't feel very menacing either, but he didn't feel forced or that the writers were trying to play him up as more than he was.

>> No.50793485

Is it the sandbox aspect or just the story structure that's hard to adapt, or is the module just poorly written/structured?

>> No.50793685

Ooooh boy it's a 24 or was it 48 hour time limit to gather people from nearbye planets to hold off an invasion by a Gladiator SD and some Raider corvettes for another six to eight hours. Thankfully there's some subterfuge that's used to prevent orbital bombardment so you get a ground phase, and the enemy captain of the Line is trying to keep the operation a secret so he can grab prestige.

>> No.50793797

K2 got to me, he was affable and I understood him.
The Guardians had a nice double act between the hopeful and the cynical.
Cassian had his arc of going from being cold as his was in his very first appearance to doubting to rejecting to seeking redemption.
Bodhi didn't have too much, my main feelings for him were just overwhelming pity for so consistently being punished for doing the right thing.

In a cast it's size I think R1 gave me things to identify with and hold on to. I don't think I needed any more. It was a war film and everyone got as much as I would expect from characters in such a film.

>> No.50793875

I'll give you K2 and the Guardians.
But my biggest issue was really Jyn and Cassian. Yes, Cassian has his change of heart, but the actor really couldn't sell it. Couldn't sell Cassian as a grizzled veteran with a lot of bad deeds on his shoulders or the change when he chooses not to follow orders and forge his own path.
And Jyn... fucking Jyn. Never had any expression except mild puzzlement and flashing her gigantic buck teeth every time she opened her mouth.

>> No.50794026

Good choice anon.

>> No.50794058

Cassian seemed tired from all the years of fighting for the Rebels, seemed like he just wanted to get out. Jyn too seemed sick of her life, she was basically devoid of emotion from being on the run her whole life, when she finally finds out her father wasn't the traitor everyone was making him out to be and him dying made her change her mind as to fighting against the Empire.

>> No.50794085

I know that's what we were supposed to think. I'm criticizing the actors for being bad at acting.

>> No.50794113

You know who should have been in those roles? De-aged Jason Court and Angela Harry.

>> No.50794137

Only if they escaped on the Moldy Crow in the end.

>> No.50794252

White male? In Star Wars?

>> No.50794268

Oh fuck off.

>> No.50794390

Why? Why do people obsess over the prologue level when the rest of the series is so much better?

>> No.50794470

His death caused a bit of stir in the audience both times I was watching R1.
I guess because:
1/ it was "on the run", no build-up, no dramatic monologue, nothing heroic, just another victim of the conflict (which was great from my perspective, actually)
2/ Some people started to realize that this could be a suicidal mission with no survivors, no happy end with main actors getting away, and only few secondary characters dying. I think the moment the shuttle exploded, the whole feel of battle changed, from that brief optimism (yeah, our fleet is here, we have air-support, they destroyed the AT-AT's!) to the realization, that Empire still has crushing advantage and will win in the end.

>> No.50794580

I agree thoroughly with this post.

>> No.50794698

You could just see him thinking, "Oh that's not fair."

>> No.50794709

Agreed on both counts. K2 was a dramatic last stand, and the guardians were essentially religious martyrdoms (it was nice to actually see the force as a religion thing, as a side note), but Bodhi was just... killed. He was sheltering from a battle, people were fighting and dying to protect him, and then he was killed. Barely enough time to process that he was going to die, and then he was gone.
And the loss of the shuttle absolutely ramped up the desperation from 'oh man how are they gonna get out of this' to '.../are/ they gonna get out of this?'

>> No.50794734

>Introduced with the other tactical operators in the rebellion
>An alien that is an adept spy, saboteur or assassin in an empire controlled galaxy, or such a goddamn good soldier he gets a pass for his inability to infiltrate
>has a rifle custom built, possibly self made, that has no recoil so he can blast stormies at full power while casually walking about
>Isn't shown dying, meaning he could have even survived the suicide mission of Scarif
>Probably making any future Scarif patrols hell with nothing but his hands and his huge brass balls, killing any stormtrooper dumb enough to enter his new territory of laser blasted beaches

Why is Pao the best new character in Star Wars?

>> No.50794808

He may have survived the Stormies, but there's no way he survived the Tarkin.

>> No.50794873

Did you miss the Death Star killing everybody in the Security Complex on Scariff?

>> No.50794874

His species is amphibious anon. Who knows, he might have decided to fuck the mission for a game of larks and gone for a swim deep enough he wasn't flash fried. After that he has to subsist on stormtrooper flesh, but he might have been doing that from the start.

>> No.50794890


I mean I like Kyle Katarn bc he's Kyle fucking Katarn, I could give less of a shit about white supremecy BS, pls go back to tumbly bumble

>> No.50794932

Nobody in that facility died from the direct beam. They died when half a continent's worth of rock and dirt fell directly on them.

>> No.50794940

Right after the movie I wished admiral Raddus could have a badass death-scene.
But I guess it would decreased the impact of Vader scene, so I'm ok with it in the end.

>> No.50794963

Sure, but you can always have myths in the Empire about local worlds. And a cannibalistic alien that survived a death star blast sounds hilarious and true enough to life, similar to other absolutely insane spooky stories you could hear while out in the middle of fucking nowhere.

>> No.50794975

Have anyone else noticed that the DS1 actually managed to hit precisely the main citadel on Scariff?

>> No.50794986

>we'll never get a scene where Raddus moves his ship to screen the rest of the fleet from the Devastator, buying them enough time to jump into hyperspace.

>> No.50794998

Anon, the Imperial Complex of Scariff was obliterated along with big chunk of the planet.

>> No.50795000

I did! Mostly I noticed how by doing that the actual impact point on the ground was miles away, not that it mattered for the end result.

>> No.50795004

It hit the tippy top, not the main facility. It miiiiight have finished off a mortally wounded Krennic, but the only other two people that were up there were seen on the ground, watching the debris cloud storm at them.

>> No.50795034

Deathwatch scum. Kill her and the rest.

>> No.50795043

We will not, because Devastator raped those ships moment after coming out of hyperspace (those poor Nebulons). There was simply nothing to protect.
But I wish he had some more lines emphasizing the sacrifice of the spacefleet above Scariff, a fact, that I think was lost to most "normies" watching the movie.

>> No.50795048

>go all war hammer
Last I checked star war was filled to the brim with uglies, franken-ships, hotrods, and other crazy modifications or prototypes. Being sick because people have fun with that is more befitting a warhammer mindset.

>> No.50795081

Saga d20. Best system.

>> No.50795102

My point was about the precision, because I heard some people complaining that the far impact point was "bullshit for dramatic purposes", and "why didn't they hit the Citadel itself".

When in fact they did.

>> No.50795152

Shhh, let him dream.

I'm inclined to agree. I don't think either lead was really able to sell the emotional drama of their arcs as much as they should have. Jyn's crying after seeing her dad's hologram was especially unconvincing. I didn't hate either performance, they were just kind of okay, but when you compared that to Karate Farmer and I-Am-Heavy-Weapons-Guy, it pales in comparison because their sacrifice felt more meaningful, even if they were much less central.

It was pathos. Bodhi was basically a civilian truck driver who got in way over his head and decided to do the right thing despite being scared shitless. He's a glimpse at the little guys crushed under the Empire's boots. His victory was being able to live the rest of his life with dignity.

>> No.50795423


>> No.50795471

I agree completely

>> No.50795590

Because that particular part of the campaign is immediately relevant to the discussion, and Jyn and Cassian are basically a poor man's Jan and Kyle. If it had been about a movie about the Dark Trooper project, competent Inquisitors, or Rosh Hour, Kyle and Jan would still have been discussed.

>> No.50795676

So im running a starwars game with my local rpg group. They want to play starwars in the Imperial era. I agreed to run it and had them be a rebel cell/commando group. They ran around looking for old CIS droid fleets to use similar to the Katana fleet. Then they travelled to ryloth to find a hutt that might sell them ships, but instead ended up killing the hutt, creating a huge power vaccum in the slave trade of twileks by playing spartacus in a slave pit-fight. Now i want them to infiltrate the empire to try and find out if the Empire has found the Echo base. The time period is between 4 and 5. I had them see the Executor taskforce due to circumstances, but how do i let them infiltrate the Empire to act as an early warning system?

Also willing to talk about former sessions if anyone thinks its interesting.

>> No.50795718

I agree they should have been Kyle and Jan.

Just so they die.

>> No.50795844

I don't know, some are okay looking, but I think what gets me is breaking shit to have "custom ships" for a game about aerial dogfighting. How do you stat that shit?
Like a TIE cockpit with four b wing engines and the main foil, what the fuck do you do? What's even the point?

>> No.50796003

>how do i let them infiltrate the Empire
Pose as slavers or bounty hunters/mercenaries?

>> No.50796007

Hey there /swco/.

>> No.50796009

It would have been a better fate than sinking into irrelevance or being humiliated by the most embarrassingly awful Sith Lord in all of Legends.

>> No.50796080

>or being humiliated by the most embarrassingly awful Sith Lord in all of Legends.
Do you mean Edgy Jacen or that one WotC adventure pack where a Vong Sith or Dark Jedi corrupted the Jedi from one of the Adventure Journals/Tales From books (The one with the stormtrooper personal shield factory that got nationalized and then blown the fuck up by the owner's daughter or granddaughter and her force sensitive fiance.) and somehow captured Kyle.

Yes, this was an adventure path. Apparently once ONE Vong asspulled force sensitivity in the finale of the NJO all bets were fucking OFF.

>> No.50796212

I came to the movie not even knowing any synopsis of it and i have to say it's sub par. It's more like star wars : the adventure of the supporting characters, featuring cameo of characters you care about.
I mean i was a star wars nerd so i get the premise of the movie half way through, but god help people who go to it thinking 'hey star wars, should be something filled with action and space ships.'

>> No.50796270

>should be something filled with action and space ships
Well for me R1 was filled with those, actually.

>> No.50796301

>but god help people who go to it thinking 'hey star wars, should be something filled with action and space ships.'

Why? That's literally what they got.

I mean, sure, if they wanted a Episode film they were probably disappointed, but in those cases fuck them for not bothering to look into anything before they spend money on it. THere's a lot of people who wanted a fucking film set in the Star Wars setting that didn't focus on goddamn Jedi and the Force for once, and R1 delivered wonderfully.

>> No.50796309

Any predictions for Armada Wave 6?

>> No.50796335


I predict overpowered EU-sourced bullshit that's packaged with 1 good card each so we're forced to buy more shit to stay competitive.

>> No.50796376

A movie should cater to everyone, not just fans of the series. Just saying that it's not good when a quarter of the people left at half time, not much but still not good for a blockbuster movie.
Anyway, i see reviews online and people seemed to like it so maybe it's just people from my area.

>> No.50796433

>A movie should cater to everyone, not just fans of the series

If people need the 'main characters' around to enjoy a Star Wars movie, maybe don't go see a Star Wars movies that doesn't have them in it? It's not like they were shy telling people what this movie was about.

Also...no, a movie should NOT cater to everyone. That would be bland as fuck. The Star Wars saga movies are made to cater to a wide audience, R1 was made to cater to people who like war films or the star wars universe.

>> No.50796555

Why mandalorians suck so much in edge?

>> No.50796571

Overreaction from the Traviss-tier Libertarian cringe.

>> No.50796576

Does Friends Like These have stats for Zygerrians? One is on the cover.

>> No.50796595

EotE? they're entirely what you make them, whether as players or NPCs. Just give a competent enemy a Heavy Blaster Rifle, Heavy Armor, and Jetpack and you've got a threat as is.

>> No.50796791

You are a sad sack, an old potato, a drone whose sense of wonder and curiosity has been washed away by statistics and memes. Sage for off-topic brow beating.

>> No.50796962

>Like a TIE cockpit with four b wing engines and the main foil, what the fuck do you do
TIE/LN cockpit as the main hull gets you 3 hull and 0 shields. B-wing engines mean B-wing dial and 1 green die. 3 red dice because it has the two TIE cockpit lasers and one B-wing laser (3 red is standard for craft with 3-4 lasers). I'm not sure how to assign point values for PS, EPT slots, pilot abilities, and all the other gubbins slots, but there's definitely a way to estimate their value based on existing cards.

>What's even the point
It's fucking fun, that's what.

>> No.50797073

filename made me laugh.

>> No.50797284

>A movie should cater to everyone, not just fans of the series
I disagree. That is exactly the kind of mentality that causes producers and executives to develop bland and watered-down stories.

>> No.50797311

I liked it. But it was archived

>> No.50797322

I actually dont like overly niche films, broad demographic appeal is what made the OT so classic after all

>> No.50797370

There's a balance to these things between "Adam Sandlers Film # 46" and "Elan Sel'Sabagno: A Star Wars Story". Only a Sith deals in absolutes.

>> No.50797388

>ONLY sith
are you a sith too?

>> No.50797401

I laughed at it anon, but I had an exam incoming so I didn't have time to reply. Sorry :'(

>> No.50797427

bitch I might be

>> No.50797670

I feel like that fact that these are Star Wars movies almost automatically exclude them from being considered niche. Adding a callback plot and yet another planet destroying superweapon, in my opinion, puts The Force Awakens at completely unacceptable levels of safe.

What I've always wanted out of a Star Wars spinoff movie was a tone and feeling distinctly different from the mainline episodes. To prove to people that there can be more than just one kind of Star Wars story and show what a big place that universe can be. And there are some things in R1 that I was not a fan of or thought could've been done better but I feel the movie dared to do more and delivered on that.

>> No.50797713

Like it or not, Rogue One had the balls to do something different with the franchise, and you've gotta give it credit for that.

>> No.50797775

Rogue One is not even close to perfect, but still my favorite Star Wars movie.

Also, K-2SO is my favorite droid.

>> No.50797801

>a little girl giving pep talks to all of alliance leaders

>> No.50797850

>They all ignore her and don't change their votes

>> No.50797855


Well maybe if they werent all pussy bitches she wouldn't need to.

>> No.50797892


No I don't. If you can't pull off being different perfectly, you shouldn't try.

>> No.50797912

If they do i'll probably stand up and scream at the screen or something.

>> No.50797918

A New Hope was different from the movies coming out at its time, it isn't perfect, and yet it spawned the entire Star Wars franchise.

>> No.50797927

>The one guy who actively agreed went to do the mission on his own and it was only a coincidence that Rogue One was there first

>> No.50797940

admiral raddus is a loose cannon, but he gets the job done

>> No.50797954

That's my point exactly, the only people who helped were the ones that were going to help already.

>> No.50797970

the fat squid

>> No.50798016

>mon mothma in r1
garm was right

>> No.50798184

I was really hoping we would get more of this guy. The man is ranked a General, but flies front-line in an X-Wing squadron, that's some potential for a seriously cool character. He's clearly a keepcalm and carry on plucky brit type of dude, I was surprised that he didn't end up being one of the ones to come up to Jyn after the death star meeting and say that if they were going, with or without the alliance, they would need fighter cover.

When is spoiler time over?

>> No.50798188

Garm was missing :(

>> No.50798259


what's his backstory? Anyone with visual guide want to share?

>> No.50798368

It's nice that we have a tribute to Jek Porkins, in the form of another fat pilot sent to his flaming death.

>> No.50798378

Maybe it'll open the door for more different movies, like ones that have nothing to do with the mainline story at all.

Like Old Republic movies.

>> No.50798396

>The man is ranked a General, but flies front-line in an X-Wing squadron

Where have I seen that before, Disney? Make it happen before Lawson dies of old age, goddammit.

TotJ TV series and Mandalorian Wars documentary when?

>> No.50798471

Hell I hope so man.
>tfw you enjoy writing screenplays in your free time and R1 gives you just enough hope

>> No.50798480

Wasn't Jek "I'm Alright" Porkins in R1 but skinnier due to pre PTSD?

>> No.50798511

Pretty sure that was just /swg/ posters cracking jokes.

>> No.50798528

I know they mentioned red 5 who got spaced but did they mention red 6? iwanttobelieve.exe

>> No.50798575

He didn't show up in the film, as far as I know, but he's listed as one of the participants according to the Visual Guide citation on the Wook.

>> No.50798655

just don't be fat in star wars universe or you're dead.

>> No.50799010

I think he means the Mandos in AoR's "Friends Like These" Which are for a "Human Variant" not very good compared to Corellians.

>> No.50799051


>Darth Vader scene goes with everything


>> No.50799102

Unless it's Legends, in which case, you still have a shot.

>> No.50799301

clawcraft in X wing when?

>> No.50799432

I meant that the B wing hull plus the main foil would be mounted on the sides, top, and bottom for a total of four massive wings on this itty bitty cockpit

But if you went against someone with a squadron of these patchwork ships that were a hideous mass of glue and minis of the highest rated parts of a multitude of ships, how would you feel?

>> No.50799564

I'm actually doing bit of this because my group is making a HotAC scum campaign, so uglies are a thing.
Not many, because I don't have enough parts, and I'm limiting myself to uglies described in the novels, because they go into detail about what they are capable of.

Working on how to do the dials, but it's HotAC rules, so I don't need an actual dial, just a the grid of manuevers on a printout.

>> No.50799636


>> No.50799691


>> No.50799862


Pre-Endor A-Wings are R-22 Spearheads - Endor A-Wings are RZ-1's, basically hotrods.

It's like the difference between a 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback with a 302, and a 1967 Shelby GT500 with a 426 Cobra

Nu-canon supports this, as the A-Wings in Rebels (based on McQuarrie designs), match the chassis and hull configuation of R-22 Spearheads, mentioned (and shown) to be parked at the Massassi Temple pre-Battle of yavin (as shown in the Temple Cross Section)

>> No.50799895

lawson wants nothing to do with the universe iirc

>> No.50799930


True, that's my "head canon" anyway

I run a saga edition game and have incorporated some nu-canon elements and that's my explanation why the pre-yavin rebels have em

>> No.50800042

The rebels modified them, ROTJ A-wings aren't stock

>> No.50800134


Which I said, with the Mustang example.

Do you not know what a GT500 is?

>> No.50800136

Just got back from R1, did anyone else see a gozanti-class cruiser carrying Ties on scarif? I thiiiink it was during one of the scenes with Krennic in the citadel command center. It could have been one of those larger shuttles seen near the gate, but I'm not 100% sure

>> No.50800278

I can't get my friends to play FFG star wars, /swg/.
Tell me stories of your games, to commend me in my pain. Tell me about your characters. Tell me about fun sessions. Tell me about plots your players ruined.
I just want to feel alive again.

>> No.50800285

No, he's just said that he isn't up for cameos, but he'd be happy to come back for a decent-sized role

>> No.50800312

Yeah but why even bring up Spearheads? They're just A-wings modified or not.

>> No.50800363

Okay, new movie idea: Red Leader.

An older Lawson returns to the Galaxy Far Far Away as Wedge Antilles, war hero and ace pilot, who must come out of retirement to help the Resistance in its darkest hour.

>> No.50800369

just got a pirated copy. I didn't see it in the theater but i'm def gonna peep this

>> No.50800415


Because technical details are important. Considering Rebels "A-Wings" look different from Endor "A-Wings" and theres a reason for that.

>> No.50800889

105xp Extra wound and an extra combat skill with the same 2 cap isn't great.

Just fuck it let them take that or male them gun/brawl/melee corellians.

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