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Can an elf choose to sleep?
Going into a trance is great and all, but sleeping is super comfy.

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Is there a system in which they do not require sleep? I've never played in such a system, so in my experiences, yes. They can and must sleep.

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D&D elves do not require sleep.

I played an elf who was addicted to sleep spells once. It was fun.

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DnD is not a setting, though.

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>I played an elf who was addicted to sleep spells once. It was fun.
But elves are immune to those.

Sleep tight, elfer.

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*wobbles hand*

It has established flavour for its classes and races and expects you to insert those into whatever setting it offers or you make.

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Depends on the setting

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So? If it says in the rulebook "elves don't sleep" then the presumption is that in all settings that D&D is used, elves don't sleep.

Eh, it was houseruled that you could opt to lift spell resistance type effects if desired.

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>*wobbles hand*

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Maybe? Elves can be knocked out, so it's not like they physically can't be unconscious.
Though you have to wonder if trancing is an bodily function or learned skill in that case.

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Huh. I didn't know that. That's interesting. The closest I've come to dnd is Pathfinder, and it doesn't mention not needing sleep. As what I looked up said they don't "need" to sleep, I would say they still can.

There was no mention of D&D as a setting.

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OP didn't mention using D&D, but at the same time that IS where elves trancing instead of sleeping comes from. So it's a perfectly reasonable assumption.

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I can't find anything about elves not needing to sleep in Dark Sun.

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each D&D edition comes with its own setting.

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It's not in the D20.org page, which says they are immune to sleep spells, but see here;

Per the players handbook, elves in D&D trance for 4 hours instead of sleeping for 8 hours.

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Sleep Immunity is not Spell Resistance, however.

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>Elves are short and slim, standing about 4- 1/2 to 5-1/2 feet tall
Awesome, and in Dark Sun they are between 6 1/2 and 7 1/2 feet. In pathfinder as well are they taller, but have the sleep resistance.

It's almost like "DnD elves" share some similarities, but not everything.

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Aren't d&d elves outright immune to sleep effects? How did that work?

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Is there anything lazier than a sleeping elf?

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He spoke of system, not setting, you illiterate fuck.

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And not all elves that use D&D have sleep resistance.

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That was a good thread. I choose to believe elves sleep just so that Ribbon can have comfy dreams.

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What exactly is the point of elves cannot sleep?

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Yes. But the ones that do, appear within the D&D system. What's your point?

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It may be a carry-over from Chainmail, like elves being immune to a ghoul's paralysis.

But, overall, it stems from Tolkien himself, with Legolas "resting his mind in the strange paths of elvish dreams, even as he walked open-eyed ing the light of this world."

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>What's your point?
Being nitpicky.

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Less likely to get ambushed during the night.

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>>big titty elf dreams
>>magical realm
Tell me more.

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Their ears.

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A goblin asked to do something.

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At least in DnD, being immune to sleep effects means they can't sleep.
They can't even nap.

This leads to the image of the party's elf watching the others as they sleep, wondering what it is that the 'lesser' races find so interesting in their slumber, gently wiping drool from the paladin's face.

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>At least in DnD, being immune to sleep effects means they can't sleep.
>They can't even nap.

Going into a trance is basically a nap.

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They are completely aware while in trance

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>big titty elf dreams

The best kind.

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An elf chose to sleep with me.

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Better question; who the fuck cares about the sleeping patterns of Elves?

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Elf is the 2nd most popular player race.

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>not wanting to know when to snuggle with her
>not wanting to know when to have breakfast ready for her
>not wanting to know how often she dreams of you
>not wanting to tuck her in

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Another question is whether or not Half-Elves sleep like their human parents do, or trance like their Elf parents do?

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Clearly the only option is a 6-hour rest with only minor penalties to senses.

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If the half-elf was raised by an elf parent, than they can learn how to trance, though it's not quite as restful as the trance of a full-blooded elf since half-elves are even more distant from the scarce fey blood that allows elves to trance at all.

If the half-elf was not raised by an elf parent, than it i much harder for them to learn how to do it as an adult, though it is still possible since they do still have fey ancestry.

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>This leads to the image of the party's elf watching the others as they sleep, wondering what it is that the 'lesser' races find so interesting in their slumber, gently wiping drool from the paladin's face.

Elves really are the best in the end.

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In the Forgotten Realms, drow sleep, because they can't trance: their culture and mindsets render them incapable of entering the meditative state that surface elves can, so instead they sleep 8 hours like other races.

However, they are still incapable of dreaming, as are all elves.

(How they don't all go batshit insane - by which I mean, full-on hallucinations that render them utterly incapable of any kind of interaction with reality, not simply the run-of-the-mill sociopathy that they already have - the way a lack of dreaming and REM sleep would do to a human, isn't explained. Best guess: elves aren't human, they don't function the same way humans do, they don't go insane just because they aren't dreaming)

By the way, my source on this is Elaine Cunningham's "Tangled Webs", the second of the Starlight & Shadows trilogy. The fact that Liriel Baenre sleeps (not trances) but is physiologically incapable of dreaming is actually an important plot point in the book, since it reveals that another character is lying (that other character was standing over Liriel when she woke up and said "you were having a bad dream, I was checking on you"; said character was unaware that elves don't dream).

This seems to have been forgotten/retconned, however, as in 5e's Out of the Abyss mention is made of drow trancing at several points. Personally, however, I prefer the older way, mostly because I like including things that remind us that elves, dwarves, etc., aren't human.

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>gently wiping drool from the paladin's face.

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Side but related note: my character in D&D is a drow thief, but she was raised by humans, knows absolutely nothing about drow that an ordinary human wouldn't also know, and honestly if given the option would probably allow herself to be permanently turned into a human.

Being raised by humans, she also would never have learned how to trance, and therefore sleep; however she still wouldn't dream, since while the former is cultural, the latter is physiological.

If she's ever actually turned into a human (or pretty much any other race) through one round of shenanigans or another, and goes to sleep, she's gonna end up dreaming and have no idea what the fuck is happening to her.

The following morning should be fun to RP.

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The main mentions of drow in trances that I remember were mostly stuff like priestesses actually meditating.

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Since I'm the DM running it, I plan on ignoring it and having drow sleep when relevant anyway.

Among other things, it'll be an interesting warning sign when Sarith Kzekarit starts complaining about hearing a strange song in his dreams. I give it 50-50 odds that my players are smart enough to pick up on that.

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my players trusted that damn drow all the way to the grove

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I hate to break it to you, but your players are fuckin' dumb. Even if Sarith wasn't...what he is...trusting a drow is a fucking stupid idea.

Tell me he at least succeeded in killing one of them during a fit of madness.

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He burst into treats. The infection was one save from killing the fighter before they were able to get a cure.

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Good enough. In my run through I'm having each of the 10 NPCs be statted out with actual PC classes; Sarith has been changed to be an Oath of the Crown paladin, a knight of Selvatarm; though with the new UA Paladin Oaths I may change him to either Oath of Conquest or Oath of Treachery. Should make for an interesting time.

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>Personally, however, I prefer the older way, mostly because I like including things that remind us that elves, dwarves, etc., aren't human.
Every mammal dreams. Not dreaming doesn't just make them inhuman, they aren't even part of our class of animals.

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Could a half-elf dream?

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Yeah, elves in the plurality of D&D settings were created from the blood of Corellon Larethian that he shed while trying to save Araushnee from Gruumsh.

In my own setting, they were grown from the ground, emerging from trees that had been watered with starlight.

I really, emphatically do not care about animal classifications in the context of D&D. Or fantasy in general, for that matter.

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I don't know, maybe?

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But are they PCs?

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As long as you realize this gives us more in common with dogs than elves, and that it's perfectly alright to genocide those freaks who can't dream

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Were you the shitposting hfy fag who commented in any yhfead invplving nohumans a while back?

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In my setting, yes.

Humans were made when the gods breathed life into dust, in a manner completely unrelated to how things like dogs were created.

For the record, dwarves were forged from metal, gnomes were assembled contraptions, orcs came from blood, giants carved from stone, kobolds created from dragons, and halflings were just sort of found in the shadows one day.

Fuck, intelligent wolves predate humans in my setting, albeit solely by dint of the first ascended mortal being an albino wolf that the Goddess of Chaos imbued with divine power for what amounted to shits and giggles.

What part of "ridiculous world of magic" don't you get?

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>doesn't even hunt elves

C'mon now.

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sleep would probably feel as awful to an elf as sleep paralysis does to a human.

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He half-dreams half a dream.

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