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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Imperial Edition

Also, looking to make a game for /pfg/ pls answer below.

If you want build advice make sure to say what 3pp you can use, if any.

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/JTj1yEmU

Avowed Playtest: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5HkyGRtGZy3SWVhdWFBWERWWjg
Malefex Playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W3LrE8WyIxxYRr8d9dHsWioeUk_-HZaSMqVWRnzc9Fc/edit?usp=sharing
Legendary Kineticists II Playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/11_w1o5dSef2tzu2GDLnJKElHY3uyETzuzFHDAjI6P6k/edit?usp=sharing

Old Thread: >>50760974

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>tfw red dragon burns down your city then forces you to throw a parade to celebrate it burning down the city
Dragons are a bunch of pieces of shit

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Find a copy of Dragons of Faerun.

That's pretty much what happened when Tchazzar returned to his kingdom at the end of the Dracorage.

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So. Did people follow through with that 'roll for a RotJR character and talk about them' thing?

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it was ditched after the first one when everyone when "that's pretty alright" and immediately got bored.
Some dude rolled a party out of the app list. Nothing came from that yet.

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>paizo sets up a scenario in ap that is actually dire and players feel real tension due to it
>ap also says "but if they get in real trouble, use this massively powerful dmpc to help them"

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Which scenario is that?

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Consider the following campaign premise: A hexcrawl/colonialism game except magic is dangerous and the expedition discovers a mecha forge. PCs rely on robutts and ancient tech for scaling more than magic users/items.

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Shattered Star
End of book 4

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Which tech rules are you using?

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>d20 Star Wars RPG's Wounds were equal to CON

>Pathfinder's Wounds are equal to CON x2

Is this because PF players are pussies?

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What now

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PF Wounds and Vigor doesn't really work at all anyway, so who cares?

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Star Wars people don't get hurt, everyone just misses.

Pathfinder people do get hurt, but are less affected by it.

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I'm considering homebrew alteration of DSP's Arcforge playtest (divorcing mechs from class features) combined with stingy use of Paizo's tech rules. And more homebrew on top of that.

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Help me out, guys.

The bbeg of my next campaign is an artificer with the goal of making an entire race of clockwork people to serve his needs and begin his ascension to godhood. I plan on having at least one of them show up halfway through to set the idea on my players that he would have the ability to basically build a new life, but I'm not sure how to do it.

I want them to be a playable race, but I'm not sure how to go about it. My first two options were applying the clockwork template to humans and hoping for the best. Alternatively, I could just change around the Android race rules a bit and call it a day. I want this to be something my players genuinely consider making, so I want it to look good, any ideas?

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There's a Kobold Quarterly article with something like this for Pathfinder.

If I can find it later this morning, I'll post it.

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How do I learn to be good at this game? I have no idea how to learn how all the talents interract

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Okay. 9-hour holiday shift done. Catching up with feedback done. Just pushed another update to the avowed. This one with a table of contents as well as some bug fixes.

How are you doing, all?

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Here's hoping that wasn't the GM.

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I feel that's what plenty of GMs would actually do--either that or BS a way for them not to have a TPK so you can continue the campaign.

Just seems kinda disillusioning that they'd actually put that in the AP, not totally a bad design choice. But even then, gotta remember that their first priority is to keep the reader buying the books.

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Alright, awesome

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I'm finishing up a 60 hour week in a few hours.

I get two days of rest before working five, 12 hour days in a row.

Maybe next year, I'll have enough time to run a game.

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I'm pretty fine. Although I do have to ask, what happened to all the DSP folk? Now that I got more time to keep up with the threads I haven't seen them in weeks.

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So my DM wants to run us through a Tucker's Kobolds oneshot.

Basically we have to fight against an army of intelligent, organized, disciplined goblins under the leadership of a HobGob Hitler

DSP not allowed and neither are full casters.
What should I roll, /pfg/?

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Roll whatever Goblin Slayer is, he's your best bet against the gob reich.

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Something with AoE of any sort. What level are you starting at? Barb's can get some shouts that shake and panic large groups, no? Stuff like that if you want to be the damage. Otherwise, Rogue with hella high perception and disable device and acrobatics for weaving around the noncombat portions and clearing the way for the party.

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GS is a Ranger in heavy armor. Put everything into favored enemy: goblin

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Alright /pfg/, I'm about to go to bed, but before I do I want to ask a question: how do I build a character who's a turbo-masochist that gets off to combat? What races and class would fit a high-Con "HIT ME HERE" character who fights harder the more hits they they take? Everything else is just kind of incidental, though having things to do outside of that is probably a good idea.

Assume 1pp and DSP. Gestalt is optional. There's preference for TWF and maximum edge, as well as dexfaggotry, and hopefully not falling back to stalker again.

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>Goblin Slayer anime anounced

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There's a Barb archetype that gets angrier the fewer his HP.

There's a Sorc bloodline that blasts harder when he sacrifices his hitpoints

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Goblin Slayer is a fighter. He doesn't have really pass for a ranger.

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Are you on drugs? He's a slayer.

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Oof, that sucks. I've only got about 45ish myself this week. Hope you manage to find the time to run a game, though.

Can't really say right now; mostly just people are busy, life is hectic, and I'll leave it at that.

What about FFS? ;-;

For paizo-only games, I really like Kenku Thug URogues. Get Blade of Mercy and Enforcer, and you've got three primary natural attacks that each proc sneak attack, debilitating injury, autosicken, and free demoralize (with extra synergy from Thug).

If you count FFS as part of DSP, Old One avowed has the ability to explode and heal back up when hit with enough damage in a single round.

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There isn't enough love for GS in /tg/ despite the fact that the manga veers closer to tabletop fantasy gaming territory than KonoSuba

>> No.50767971

It makes sense since it is one great power trespassing on anothers turf
But it does eat the "oh shit" value of it

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does GS have waifus?
KonoSuba wins then.

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tfw no games for two weeks

how do you cope /pfg/?

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You want a Dynamancer. They gain Momentum whenever they deal or take damage, and taking damage gives them a scaling AC and Damage bonus for a round.

They're from Gonzo 2.

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Embrace the inevitable and surrender to despair is how.

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We might play on new years day
In total hangover after eve

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there's plenty of love for it considering it has barely started up and gets brought up every other day

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>Start reading Goblin Slayer
>"Giant eyes with their unhallowed names"
>Read: Copyrighted


As far as I've read so far, like half the waifus have been murdered by goblins.

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>He doesn't fit as a Ranger outside of Favored Enemy
>Rangers don't even get Heavy Armor.
>Wasn't there a rangery Fighter archetype?
>Vengeful Hunter
>No Favored Enemy
>Also loses Heavy Armor
>Also loses Weapon Training completely.



I tell you what though, he COULD be a Vigilante. Use the Consumed archetype from the jollybooks. He's not whoever he was before, he's just The Goblin Slayer.

>Focused Hunter Archetype
>Favored Terrain, not Enemy

So close to perfection. Ah well.

Pretty sure there's a trait or something that gives you a minor bonus vs goblins.

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Why is /pfg/ so whiny and demanding why when it comes to chargen?

/pfg/ demands that games be high point buy, level 3 gestalt games with all Spheres and DSP allowed, and like half a dozen free feats. Because all characters should have no weaknesses and be retardedly strong and flexible?

/pfg/ then wanks to theorycrafting about the awesome builds you can make with that generous chargen. But then, when someone else comes along and uses DSP and Spheres to completely bust the level 3 gestalt balance, /pfg/ throws a tantrum and whines about overpowered characters, even when /pfg/ was theorycrafting gestalt builds earlier. Big fucking surprise, DSP + Spheres is stupid strong at its level 3-8 sweet spot.

What's the obsession with gestalt + high powered chargen in general?

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As with every time someone says 'why does /pfg/ do X, but then does Y'

It's almost like /pfg/ isn't just one person.

Also as for the first part, hanging out here and being vocal enough to have input on them means that an individual is likely well versed in 1pp stuff and is branching out into 3pp for better/different material.

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It's a lot of power at their fingertips/claws/tentacles/hooves brony. People want it and think they deserve it after all the work they put in.

But no GM would ever allow it for long.

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This is my favourite /pfg/ meme.

>> No.50768309

1. were not one entity. i personally dont mind playing without any of that shit.

2. its mostly because the baseline of optimizing here makes it so certain people on pfg are going to create no weakness characters even if its only level one with a 20 point buy and 1pp.

making a level 3 campaign with these bonuses make it so pretty much any builds decently viable so people can focus more on playing the character they want to play rather than worry about whether theyre gonna have fun or not.

because lemme tell you playing with a level 1 wizard with INT to every skill that matters, cheesing a craft build and having ~5,000 gp when you just want to play a regular martial isn't very fun.

>> No.50768324

>a level 1 wizard with INT to every skill that matters, cheesing a craft build and having ~5,000 gp when you just want to play a regular martial isn't very fun.

Level 1 wizards are really weak, and they can't even take Craft Wondrous Item.

What are you smoking, pal?

>> No.50768328

Even with that said, figuring out a way to make something really powerful from as early as level 1 is always gratifying in a way starting out at later levels will never give.

>> No.50768334

>making a level 3 campaign with these bonuses make it so pretty much any builds decently viable

It also makes the upper power ceiling insaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanely high for level 3 chars.

>> No.50768366

If DSP is allowed, then you just make a level 1 initiator who ALL DAY murders every enemy better than a Paizo martial ever could.

>> No.50768371

>Mapping for my next session of Iron Gods
>One of the monsters in the way is a thing called a Ghelarn, an alien aberration from another world that survived in the biodome of the crashed ship
>Cool gimmick monster, 30 ft tremorsense, trap you in sticky goo then eat you up like a Sarlacc pit monster
>10 dex, combat reflexes

Fuck it, I'm just giving it Weapon Focus (Tentacles).

>> No.50768379

>1. were not one entity. i personally dont mind playing without any of that shit.

Hah, yeah right.



Both of these guys got bitched out because "reeeeee no PoW/no SoP/no full casters/no full manifesters, even though other 3pp is allowed."

Why is /pfg/ such turboautists about having such a retard strong power level?

>> No.50768389

That's why people get bent out of shape when someone takes advantage of it to do that.

Some people see an opportunity to experiment with weird and wonderful builds that normally you just can't do without being completely inadequate involving things like swashbucklers or rogues or fighters, taking inefficient or just plain bad archetypes or feats and still doing okay.

And then others just see a chance to make their numbers even bigger.

The first party gets upset at the second party for this.

>> No.50768396

>Both of these guys

You know, when people say /pfg/ isn't just one person, that doesn't make it just TWO people either, dumbass.

>> No.50768397

>Some people see an opportunity to experiment with weird and wonderful builds that normally you just can't do without being completely inadequate involving things like swashbucklers or rogues or fighters, taking inefficient or just plain bad archetypes or feats and still doing okay.

These guys would be better served by a gestalt game that DIDN'T go "lol, use all the DSP and Spheres you want!"

>> No.50768402

It's not two guys bitching.

It's two guys getting bitched at by THE REST of /pfg/. Look at that ton of responses.

>> No.50768406

If someone bitches about you not letting them be OP in a GESTALT game, then just ignore them.

On a different topic; How cute are Barbarians allowed to be?

>> No.50768410

They work differently. In PF, being at half wounds is equivalent to being at 0 HP.

>> No.50768411

>level 1 wizards are weak

this meme again

color spray invalidates 90% of the shit youre gonna fight level one

i dont do crafting so i couldnt tell you how it worked but i know that he had half on items via crafting it.

i dont find making martials from level one 1pp very fun personally mostly because theyre the biggest recipients of "rusty dagger shanktown" since they gotta be the ones in melee range checking all the shit.

plus youre mainly restricted to just hitting people with a big stick.

yeah, yeah. but it makes the floor a lot higher too.

we have shit like living grimoire and spiked chain users in hv and rotjr because the painful unviability of their builds are supplemented with all of the extra shit.

>> No.50768415

No no no.

These two guys were separate GMs banning options like full casters, initiators, etc.

The rest of /pfg/ bitched them out because "Reeeeeee I wanna be an initiator/a full caster!"

>> No.50768419

Well pfg is dsp fanclub because people fantasise about playing not-dnd fantasy...
With dnd ruleset still as base

>> No.50768430

>color spray invalidates 90% of the shit youre gonna fight level one

1. You have to get close. Go make that concentration check, boyo.
2. They can make their saves anyway. Anyone who survives will gank the wizard.
3. Doesn't work against anything immune to mind-affecting, like skeletons and zombies and shit.
4. Party unfriendly.
5. Spell slots are limited as fuck.

It's certainly less effective than sending in the PoW guy to murder everyone ALL DAY.

>i dont do crafting so i couldnt tell you how it worked but i know that he had half on items via crafting it.
Horseshit, wizards can't even have Craft Wondrous Item at level 1 or 2.

>> No.50768451

How good are Color Spray/Grease/Sleep at level 1 really?

Don't wizards have few spell slots and take a whole round to cast Sleep?

>> No.50768452

>/pfg/ demands that games be high point buy, level 3 gestalt games with all Spheres and DSP allowed, and like half a dozen free feats.

Low point buy nerfs all the weakest classes while doing almost nothing to hurt wizards and clerics. And many people do not, in fact, care much for rusty dagger shanktown, so level 3 is a reasonable starting point.

Everything else you said is just flat-out bullshit. Although I wish I could find a GM who allows psionics without playing with autists from /pfg/ or having to beg for it.

>> No.50768462

i made good use of it even in an eberron campaign - and eberron is like 90% undead and constructs which are immune to most of that shit

>> No.50768465

>Low point buy nerfs all the weakest classes while doing almost nothing to hurt wizards and clerics.

Up until, like, 25 point buy, yeah.

But then you have retards like >>50758619 who want 32 point buy gestalt, which is completely fucking unnecessary.

>> No.50768469

So basically, you just spammed Grease at level 1?

Big deal, an initiator could've been one shotting like two CR 1s at a time, maybe even CR 2s with the right stance.

>> No.50768470

Does anyone actually follow the rules regarding cure potions having to be shoved down the throat of a creature for it to take effect? I mean, it's essentially a concoction that draws from the realm of positive energy, so ruling that it HAS to go down what your equivalent of a throat is seems a bit silly, magic-wise.

The only reason I ask is because recently my group was in a bit of a pickle with undead and one character wanted to throw a potion of Cure Light at the zombo to deal it Positive Energy damage. Our DM ended up ruling against it but apparently by RAW you have to swallow it to have it do anything.

>> No.50768475

hence the 90%

they can make their saves is irrelevant, POW guys can just miss all their strikes by that logic.

if you aim properly being party unfriendly doesn't really matter.

plus you can still pop shots with a crossbow or acid splash if you want.

this might be personal preference but ill take the dude who can stun an entire mob and end 2-3 encounters singlehandedly rather than some dude who can cut everyone down one by one.

and i don't know what he did. i legitimately don't. but i'm not a liar and can try to dig up his sheet if you want.

>> No.50768481

32 point buy outside of D&D, which starts off your point buy so that you go up from 8 instead of 10, is completely absurd and anyone who suggests it should be mocked heartily.

>> No.50768492

Potions are to be drunk.

OILS are applied to the outside of something. So if you threw an OIL of Cure Light Wounds at a zombo, it would work.

>> No.50768494

>they can make their saves is irrelevant, POW guys can just miss all their strikes by that logic.

PoW guys' strikes are more reliable, actually.

>plus you can still pop shots with a crossbow or acid splash if you want.
You mean doing jack shit.

>this might be personal preference but ill take the dude who can stun an entire mob and end 2-3 encounters singlehandedly rather than some dude who can cut everyone down one by one.
Bitch, please, go look at the initiator in a damage stance popping three enemies in one turn with Minute Hand + Scything Strike/Tidal Blade.

>> No.50768495

>Color spray

I know that sleep and color spray are popular as spells that are OP, but let's be honest, they're save or die still. Most of the time, there's gonna be a 30-20% chance your opponent's gonna save at the bare minimum, and we all know that means 100% of the time when it's actually time to play because everyone has shit rolls. Know what else kills a creature at level 1? A raging barbarian with 24 strength hitting at +9 for 2d6+10 damage.

At level 1, a wizard is weak as fuck if his nuke fails, which is somewhat likely. Much more likely than his chances of evading that barbarian's swing.

>> No.50768510

Does /pfg/ play society at all?

>> No.50768514

forever DM syndrome is killing me guys
i want to play my qt witchwolf magus that just wants to study leylines

>> No.50768515

Way to waste a potion when your characters should just be packing around holy water.

>> No.50768522

i was never talking about wizards vs initiators.

i was talking about a 1PP campaign where i tried to play a martial. hence no initiating, so i'm not sure why that's in the conversation.

the thing is that whilst the Barbarian probably has shit for social skills, knowledges and all that other shit. the wizard also has usefulness out of combat, particularly if they also use that INT to CHA stuff as well.

>> No.50768530

/pfg/, how do you avoid getting lost in the weeds of character creation and end up not liking the final character you put together? Especially for games that don't start at the very low end I feel like I spend all my time in character creation making something that's mechanically fun and then I have trouble getting into the actual character when it comes time to play.

How would you make an interesting high-level pathfinder character and still feel connected enough to them that you can roleplay as that character?

>> No.50768531

DM also ruled that those in the immediate area got healed 1 HP with the splash so it wasn't all bad. That said, we had no idea we'd run into undead so it's not like we had time or resources to prepare.

>> No.50768548

Is that like the DnD play groups? How do you look them up, 'cause this dude/tte >>50768514 looks like they could use it.

>> No.50768550

Always pack holy water, alchemist fire, and rope.

>> No.50768556

and a cold iron dagger for the fey mishaps that may occur.

>> No.50768569

Apply to a game on roll20 my dude

>> No.50768570

I don't know about anyone else here, but personally I work off of some kind of gimmick that my character has and base his personality and life around that. For instance, one character I'm playing for my group's Vengeance campaign is a loony Cleric of Urgathoea that my DM has likened to Robby Rotten in personality, and I built his backstory around the fact that he's an Undead Lord, saying that his personal undead minion is his brother.

Another option is to go the "build a pop fiction character" route, which I got help with a few days back. I essentially wanted to build Sanji from One Piece, and in doing so created a build based around what I think would be fitting for that character.

Now granted, both of these are low level character creations, but the same general idea still applies. Just try not to overthink things and let the creativity within you flow, and whatever you think sticks, just roll with it.

>> No.50768579

i don't like strangers anon
they bully me for my stupid accent

>> No.50768586

>i was talking about a 1PP campaign where i tried to play a martial. hence no initiating, so i'm not sure why that's in the conversation.

If it's 1pp, then there's no way the wizard was crafting much at level 1, let alone earn 5k gp.

>> No.50768591

Seriously, 2 GP is gonna save you a lot of headaches when it comes to killing that CR 1/2 fey with DR 5/Cold Iron.

I keep reminding this lesson to my players.

>> No.50768603

Who said you need to talk to anyone. Find a game that let's you use text.
The dealing with strangers is something you might need to suck up if no one you know wants to GM for the group.

>> No.50768613

people.... do this? how do you even keep track
like how do you know when people are doing stuff in character or out of character
and wouldn't combat turns take forever

>> No.50768619

it was something with stacking gold gen traits, ruling an ion stone as a "piece of jewelry" for some sort of other shit

i dont remember the specifics dude. i dont even remember if it was wondrous items or not, nor did i specify it.

>> No.50768630

Color Spray ended encounters, full stop.

>> No.50768632

The standard practice is to have different rooms. One in character, one out.

Also, combat CAN potentially take longer, but it can also take less since there's less tangents.

What CAN take longer is RPing. Not for the time it takes, but the amount. A lot of people (myself included) find it much easier to RP over text, being able to express themselves in a MUCH wider variety of ways and as different characters. So for those people, text frees them to do a lot more RPing.

My 3-person party has spent entire SESSIONS dicking about and RPing.

>> No.50768633

Once you're used to it, text can go real fast.

Of course, this depends on everyone knowing what they are doing. The more abilities and maps you use, the longer it takes.

>> No.50768636

>like how do you know when people are doing stuff in character or out of character
Generally you either mark the OOC stuff in some way (like putting it in parenthesis, for instance) or use a separate channel for OOC.

>and wouldn't combat turns take forever
Only if you have indecisive or inattentive players, and even then it's not THAT bad.

>> No.50768651

i guess i'm just confused as to where you'd split chat
only IC stuff in like, roll20 chat, and OOC in something else?

and what about the DM, do they tell people it's their turn, or do you have to look at the turn counter?

i've RP'd in MMOs before, but this just seems confusing

>> No.50768672

Well, we personally didn't use Roll20's chat for anything but rolling. It's too cluttered for actual words of any length and widening it chews up map real-estate. We used IRC for the actual chatrooms.

And Roll20 does have a turn-order tracker, so you generally keep an eye on that. And pay attention to the turn order and who's doing what basically.

Initiative doesn't change for the most part, so when Throdgar goes, and you know you're after Throdgar, then you know when you're going don'tcha?

>> No.50768678

oh see i've never used IRC
that sounds like it would be easier with 2 monitors, huh

i guess i could try joining a game at some point

>> No.50768681

I like maptools
If only it wasnt java based

>> No.50768690

It would be easier with two monitors, but I made do with just one.

The icon for my irc flashes when there's new messages, so I only need to tab over when I know someone's said something.

A webclient IRC would also alert you when something new is said, and then you're only popping between tabs, not windows.

>> No.50768700

i see
i'll have to join a game and see how everyone else talks and get a feel for how i'd need to do it
my autistic little french ass will go now

>> No.50768710

If it's a french accent, I wouldn't make fun of you for it. And anyone who does is a spod.

And hey, once you figure out IRC, you can just come hang with us if you want. It's just #pfg on Rizon.

>> No.50768734

Limited slots, wizard has to get in close for a concentration check, any enemy who makes the save will fuck the wizard, etc.

>> No.50768737

I've run a few, I can send you a few logs and maps if you're interested.

>> No.50768755

that would be helpful so i could at least see what it's typically like

>> No.50768760

"But x spell..." seems like learned helplessness
Even mtg legacy bans cards
Why not ban disruptive wizard spells?

>> No.50768773


>> No.50768792

I do.

Paragon Surge and the Create Pit spells are banned in my game.

>> No.50768793

Because level 1-2 wizards are total shit.

>> No.50768811

Make magic missile into cantrip

>> No.50768835

What if you take the archetype to become HOLE ALCHEMIST, THE ALCHEMIST OF HOLES?

>> No.50768863

They can do better than a Marvel D-list villain.

>> No.50768886

I have a decently extensive banned spells list. Basically anything that is unclear in its description or its interaction with other spells.

>> No.50768915

Boo-fucking-hoo, you know how you "beat" an initiator like that? Throw mobs at him. If he deletes 2 goblins a turn, throw 8 goblins at him.

You know who loves that? The wizard with Color Spray, Grease, and Sleep, who now have all these juicy targets to fuck over so the other party members (BECAUSE AGAIN, TO GET THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULL, THERE'S A WHOLE PARTY HERE AND NOT JUST WIZARD + WARDER) can murder the goblins.

>> No.50768926

Why are your only enemies low-Will schmucks who bunch up together?

>> No.50768933

It's honestly better on resources to just have everyone plain kill the bad guys.

Grease, Color Spray, Sleep, etc. help, but they've all got their downsides, and a level 1 wizard has seriously limited spell slots.

>> No.50768937

Is there a high-will schmuck at level 1 that's handy? Low levels almost always seem like hordes of little shits to me.

>> No.50768944

Tell me what high-Will enemies are around at 1st and 2nd level. Also ones that are both high Will and high Reflex, since you'd still have Grease to mess with things. Seriously, even Skeletons get fucked over by Grease.
And you're complaining that "oh no an initiator is so much better than a wizard" when it's clear that each one has their niche. Wizards get rid of or otherwise incapacitate groups, Warders kill bosses/individuals dead to make sure the wizard doesn't get shanked.

>> No.50768991

Question for any one from Dreamscarred or just anyone who is around who'd know: can the Rubato Bard enter Animus Adept without picking up the Tap Animus feat?

Rubato Bards qualify for one of the pre-reqs (Animus Healing) without needing Tap Animus; the feat specifies having an animus pool or equivalent ability (such as a rubato bard's tempo class feature), but the Animus Adept class itself doesn't include that language and says that you 'must possess an animus pool (either by a class feature or the Tap Animus feat).' On the other hand, the class itself goes on to talk about how 'if you previously had levels in a class that grants an animus pool', blah blah blah, so maybe it's not required.

Either way it looks like Rubato Bards end up with two/three pools of points to track, namely bard song charges, tempo and animus. Is that right?

>> No.50769013

Fey - Atomies, Brownies, Gremlins, Nixies

Monstrous humanoids - Griorths, Mongrelmen

Bards, Investigators, Monks, Vigilantes

I'm reaching with a lot of these.

>> No.50769032

How high of a Will save are you looking for?

>Fort +5, Ref +2, Will +5

>> No.50769064


See myth 3

>> No.50769097

He says that but I don't really believe it
Every powerful spell is not disruptive

>> No.50769115

It's not just about disruption, it's about doing entire regions of things that noncasters can't, while noncasters have very little to call their own.

>> No.50769119

>limited slots
5 minute adventuring day

>wizard has to get in close for a concentration check
15 foot cone. You can stand just behind and to the side of an ally and still hit up to six enemies in front. Even if circumstances permit say, half of that, that's usually most of an encounter at that level

>any enemy who makes the save will fuck the wizard
why? The caster's done nothing to open himself up more than usual except move a little bit closer - and not every spell even requires him to do this. And if he hasn't moved yet, he can just fuck off behind the tank.

>> No.50769161

That is okay as long as it does not leave people bitter
Editing spells is not a sin

>> No.50769216

>5 minute adventuring day
Literally not a thing.

>15 foot cone. You can stand just behind and to the side of an ally and still hit up to six enemies in front.
This is only sufficient if you're adventuring in the tightest dungeon ever.

>The caster's done nothing to open himself up more than usual except move a little bit closer
By "a little bit closer," you mean "within 15 damn feet."

>> No.50769238

Arcforge was annoyingly incomplete and abandoned. This made me sad, but it is fact.

*stingy* is paizo's tech rules main problem, so being stingy with the tech is pretty much the exact opposite of what would fix it.

Homebrew.... you'll need much of.

>> No.50769250

>5 minute adventuring day

When would there be a 5 minute adventuring day

what the fuck

>> No.50769253

For reasons that aren't furry, I really fucking need to make a magical beast anthropomorphic or close enough to it. How the fuck do I pull this off

>> No.50769268

>how cute are barbarians allowed to be?

The answer is yes.

>> No.50769274

>Literally not a thing.
Maybe not LITERALLY, but games where you have one, MAYBE two combat encounters over the course of a day with possibly some wilderness stuff or traps thrown in for a good measure are depressingly common.

>> No.50769284


We might seem like a bunch of turboautist retards who are so gamestarved we'd suck cock for dice, but even WE have SOME standards, anon...

>> No.50769329

I... wait.
How do you end up with a character you don't like?
This is genuinely confusing me, and actually there's ONE person in a group I'm in who's doing that as well, and all I can think of is that it's a combination of them being THAT much of an asshole and hating themselves THAT much (both of those *are* verified) that their brain cannot accept the concept of ever being satisfied with something that it sabotages them every step of the way.

>which would explain the whole 'istrans' diatribe it keeps spouting when, as it turns out, getting its dick chopped off and replaced by plastic surgery fixed nothing of the things it had very loudly and consistently told us was the problem that needed fixing

That person HATES themselves. Maybe you do too?

Because when I make a character, I'm selecting everything every step of the way; at any moment, ANY MOMENT AT ALL I can go "well that I don't/wouldn't like let's go with this instead", and can slowly cut or add things (it's slow because we gotta choose carefully to stay within the rules, but I was gonna waste that time anyways right?) until I can stand back, look at it and think "that's *right*"

So, does your brain loathe you deeply? might that be it?

>> No.50769347

Is there something wrong with it? My FLGS runs Pathfinder Society on Mondays and I was thinking of joining in, since I'm new in the area and I figure I need to get to know the local gaming scene before I try starting something of my own up.

>> No.50769368

>literally not a thing
literally not an argument

>This is only sufficient if you're adventuring in the tightest dungeon ever
so aside from the fact that dungeons are very often 5 or 10 feet wide, melee enemies will constantly crowd around your tank for a juicy AoE. It's just how squares work.

>By "a little bit closer," you mean "within 15 damn feet."
that's still farther than a martial can full attack in the same round, or even move without provoking from the fighter next to you. Being a wizard doesn't mean you don't still have to pay attention to battlefield positioning (except when you don't) but generally unless you're close enough that they can 5ft step to you, they're not getting past in the one round it takes for you to back off. And color spray is a really short range spell. At levels 1-4, your 'Close' Range is roughly 35 feet i.e. longer than the average person can reach with a move action.

>> No.50769371

they are no fun allowed personified.

>> No.50769372

Text is best ... once you're used to it? I had no idea you even needed to get used to it it's just so... default.

Here's the advantages:
>IC/OOC can easily be split either from marking off (shit in "quotes" vs *actions* vs OOC shit in [brackets]) or from having separate rooms/channels outright. Less confusion, less timeloss from tangenting

>The GM WARNED us he couldn't do accents. But in text, you can use your imagination, instead of every bar-wench, every prostitute, every dragon and every king sounding exactly like Quagmire.

>That lusty princess-knight paladin in your party? You can imagine is one now. Because when the player talks, it's less "princess" and more "Stop Mumbling, Mr.Bean"

>People who spend all day at their computer type pretty fast, and most of the party may be a lot more eloquent with text than they would stumbling over half those words with speech.

>> No.50769387

I'm having the same problem at the moment. I had a character I really liked, I had motivations and personality, but one day I decided 'I'm going to change all this around for no reason' and ended up with a character I'm having trouble connecting to. I tried to get him killed but the dice wouldn't allow it. The character was originally a catboy (like the Mi'qote from ffxiv because I thought they were cool) with a genuine love for adventure who worshiped Cayden Cailen and I was extremely worried the people in the group would make fun of me for basically playing an anime neko.

>> No.50769393

I'll take your word for it, but is there anywhere I could read up a bit more on complaints people have had, or get a bit of elaboration on what exactly they do wrong?

>> No.50769397

While everything's better with two monitors, I have no trouble at all following, and I'm on a 13" workbook.

I got tabs to my character sheet and relevant classes/systems, I got the pdfs open in foxit, and I got a window with roll20 (could be a tab but faster reflex to just alt-tab between it and sheet so I do that), and of course I got IRC or Skype depending on the campaign.

>> No.50769401

Well, do you have any better ideas?

>> No.50769404

You need animus healing but it counts.

>> No.50769422

As a matter of fact...
If you're not going to be using mechs anyways, and you're going to need homebrew anyhow, this here was/is a better version of both incarnum AND the newer akashics that's tech.


The power level is on par with newer psionic archetypes, initiating archetypes and the like so don't pair it with two CRB monks and a Daevic, though.

>> No.50769426

Just to note it's late-era 3.5, so you'll need to do the skills-compression/swap when looking at classes (like "spot/search/listen are perception in pathfinder) but that's about the extent of it.

>> No.50769430

>literally not an argument
Tell me when you have 5 minute adventuring days.

>so aside from the fact that dungeons are very often 5 or 10 feet wide
You know that even Paizo's dungeons have rooms wider than that, right?

>melee enemies will constantly crowd around your tank for a juicy AoE
Great, now your melee friends are in the Color Spray area.

>that's still farther than a martial can full attack in the same round, or even move without provoking from the fighter next to you
Full attacks don't matter at level 1 unless you're a natural attacker or a Rapid Shot guy.

>> No.50769442

I don't get to, the cleric tells us that.

Also anyone who can't aim their AoE's is trash and doesn't deserve to even be playing. I mean that. They, as a person, were tossed out from under a shoe by the other scum because even it has standards.

>> No.50769451


Eh, nah. I think I just have problems where I get caught up in the character building metagame but lose sight of 'making something I'm going to have fun playing/relating to'; I can write up a background for the character but it feels artificial, and once I get into actual play it feels shitty.

>> No.50769455

>I don't get to, the cleric tells us that.

You mean the initiator with Silver Crane giving unlimited noncombat healing for free with a level 1 strike.

>> No.50769458

Pathfinder Society has hyper-restrictive extremely rigid rules, rules which often lead to the largest complaints about 3.PF edition.

Many of the '3rd party' classes and stuff fix a lot of issues with pathfinder, and PFS doesn't allow them. They also get otherwise sensible feats nerfed into the ground because some faggot abuses them (weapon cords with guns) and because its a PFS game they can't say "no" to that particular thing, thus it gets nerfed.

The few people that *do* play it, tend to be total char-op faggots and will absolutely show-up your [poorly built gnome fighter] and rub your face in how you shouldn't run that thing (which you shouldn't but these guys tend to be extra dickish about it).

They *MUST* adhere to the PFS book. Which means rule 0 goes out the window, and rule 0 and the broad amount of options that the what 14 years of 3.5/pf compatable stuff and 3rd party has put out are what makes this edition actually fun.

It goes back to basically what amounts to 3.5, core rulebook only, worst / most retarded interpretations of rules.

>> No.50769460

Never give up on your catboy dreams.

>> No.50769505

Make the character before the background, and fit the background TO that build.

Thing is, a lot of classes and abilities, when you look at them have/require a certain mindset.

Take a wizard for example. Does a person who abhors studying and has no intellectual curiosity become a wizard? FUCK NO! They have no aptitude for it other than possibly a high intelligence score, AND they'd hate every fucking second on the way to becoming one.

Likewise, developing certain kinds of powers can either stem FROM having a particular outlook or system of belief, OR can lead to one. It's not just a matter of "and then lilly panicked, incinerated the bad person, and discovered she was a sorcerer, the end". Shit like this *CHANGES* you at your core. The ability to waggle a finger and have all the laundry does completely alters how you view chores, both in terms of "why is everyone taking their fucking time" and in terms of "why would I pay someone else" or "you can't even do THAT instantly? oh, you must be one of the slow kids". And that's just fucking prestidigitation.

What happens when a child produces light at will? Try getting your kid used-to and no longer scared of the dark when they can dispel the natural one at-will. Try convincing your child NOT to take some insane risks once their psychic ability starts coalescing into some kind of pseudo power-armor. MOMMY WOULD REALLY LIKE IT IF YOU DIDN'T SWIM IN THE VOLCANO JIMMY

Even fucking styles; you don't start specializing in Scarlet Throne maneuvers willy-nilly. You had to take interest in it AND its weapons... People don't do shit in a vacuum. Most decisions we make are on the backs of previous events and decisions.

>> No.50769518

So, I'm running a Barb/monk gestalt with no alignment restrictions.

I'm thinking about going for huge DR DR by going into the Student of Iron feat tree to gain Untwisting Iron Strength and Untwisting Iron Skin, combined with barb's DR nets me 13 or more DR at level 13, 15 or more if I spend a ki point on more DR. As for the item breaking requirement, I'll probably just carry around a few metal bars at all times, and snap into a slim jim whenever necessary.

I'll probably also pick up Flesh Wound which will effectively allow me to nullify any one attack that deals less than 40 dmg, per round.

I'm also planning to go for the Come and Get Me stuncheese, but I'm sure there will be enemies with high enough saves to still hit me, hence why I'm stacking DR.

My GM has okayed this idea, but what do you guys think?

>> No.50769519

Long as he's hitting a creature, you mean.
but HP doesn't recover yer smites, nor ability damage, nor spell slots or even his own "infinite counter use for 1 round once today".

>> No.50769552 [SPOILER] 

You sicken me anon. You could have been a spartan catboy drinking merrily and curling up by the fire with you're best adventuring pals. What is wrong with you?!

>> No.50769561

That moogle's humping the mailbox

>> No.50769566

What do you intend to do that's actually useful though? Hell, what level are you even playing at, cause you might never even see a level-13-payoff for your trouble.

>> No.50769579

Currently level 5, GM has said that this will be a fairly long campaign.

As for what I'll be doing aside from being hard to damage, I'll have a bunch of options for mobile full attacks, like pounce if I have a straight line, and flying jump kick if I don't. I'm still considering what other ki stuff I'll want.

>> No.50769593

But the whole point was fantasy game + robutts.

>> No.50769604

Well this offers cybers,etc, and is a good fit for robots.

If you wanted mechs, that part of arcforge IS functional, but the weapon systems for them aren't (you'll have to mount bigger normal ones and the slot system was kinda subpar).

>> No.50769612

Good morning /pfg/!

Bumping these for those who might still be interested in a game


>> No.50769649

Don't worry you've got plenty of interested.
I've been meaning to ask for a while, but if 'some' 3pp is allowed, will that include legendary kineticists or the avowed?

I wanna try something not psionic and not initiating... but fuck vancian with a 10ft pole, I just wanna blast all day without having to think about it. Thinking's for intrigue.

>> No.50769668


In all honesty, I have not read those yet. I have been meaning to. I read the vigilante one and I think it is the same person doing those two so I will prolly allow it. It looks like it will be a knight/intrigue theme though so I am not sure how useful all day blasting really will be.

>> No.50769690

It is.

As for how useful you might as well ask how useful knowing how to sword would be.
We'll worry about that.

>> No.50769707


Not so sure knowing how to sword will be all that useful either! Im going to spend some time tonight and tomorrow writing up a sort of path I want the players to take and then work on fleshing it out. I think it will be fun.

>> No.50769726

dude you may want to avoid "all talky all the time" especially with the danger of things like diplomancy builds.

"he has +60 but I have +70" by level 6 will be pretty much a mind-control dickwave contest.

>> No.50769808

Really if you want to run a campaign that doesn't make at least semi-regular use of pathfinder's combat system, you should run it in a system that isn't pathfinder.

PF doesn't have a solid enough ruleset to support anything out of combat without either homebrew systems or defaulting to freeform.

>> No.50769847

You need rules to tell you how to roleplay, anon?

>> No.50769857

Yes and no. You don't need rules to talk, but when it becomes "alright, roll diplomacy see how you did", there's this vast gulf between "fighter almost managed to say words" and "the bard instantly convinces them to chop off their own balls and do the chicken dance".

It's... not great for nuance when focused on too much.

>> No.50769894


No stop. I dont want anyone figuring out my formative ideas again. It should be comfy and fun, not meta'd and boring.

>> No.50769898

So your gripe isn't the rules, but the manner in which they are applied.
To wit, how is that different from other games where dice rolls determine your success? WoD has a fairly robust social subsystem, but the same gulf applies between a mortal legbreaker who has very little towards social skills and talents, versus a BP 4 Daeva who can charm a pissed off werewolf in killing form (long enough to run like hell).
I will agree that there are far less... niggly ways to add a shitton of +1/2s to your dice pool compared to 3.pf, tho.

>> No.50770046

Two questions /pfg/

My PC has currently turned into a amazing magical beast. I want to keep all the benefits of this form but also like have hands and stuff to use my sword with? help.

Related to the above, my base land speed is now 300ft. The flying fuck can do with a high speed in PF? is there any way to convert that into damage at all?

>> No.50770054

Actually that IS a problem in WoD often enough as well: while it's generally considered unacceptable and just-not-done to use socials against fellow players (lest some attacks start being OOC), it can easily mean that the one ultra-focused character always gets his way.

If you have several "lords" each with their own counties,etc, then one of them will always have laws/etc/etc/etc going his way, while the others just suck it.

One horrific example would be an Exalted game I was in where at some point we were trying to run a city.

Or, as we very very quickly found out, the Zenith ran a city, and anything we said he didn't agree with simply did not get to exist, and such ideas supporters suddenly never agreed.

It lasted about 3 sessions from that point before we just quit.

>> No.50770121

>while it's generally considered unacceptable and just-not-done to use socials against fellow players (lest some attacks start being OOC), it can easily mean that the one ultra-focused character always gets his way.
It's actually far more accepted in WoD because the game IS strongly about social circumstances, and there are actively defenses you can take against the aggressions of others, compared to 3.pf where you have no real recourse. Everything from your native defenses against outside influences, to rotes, charms, even something as banal as spending a point of willpower to shrug them off for a scene.
Add to that, the npcs of a setting are just as often opposed to someone building influence in such a way, and will plot to strip them of their throne.
A social genius in WoD is far easier to deal with, due to the both the rules AND setting of the game, than a diplomancer in 3.pf.

>> No.50770300


The campaign idea isn't ruined because we figured it out, it still sounds amazing. It's kind of like how we all know what happens in Jade Regent, but we're eating each other for a spot because the journey to those ends are just SO COOL.

>> No.50770331

>we're eating each other

Eagle pls

>> No.50770361


Monsterhearts does PvP social combat near-flawlessly, for whatever that's worth.

>> No.50770635

>compared to 3.pf where you have no real recourse
What retard GM lets one PC use Diplomacy to influence another PC? Even Intimidate shouldn't be able to do more than demoralize a PC in combat.

>> No.50770719

B-but gay conversion

>> No.50770747


Personally I'm just excited to see the characters /pfg/ plans to make for it!

>> No.50770791


I cant believe someone is excited to run one for /pfg/

>> No.50770902

>not allowing social pvp so players can abuse each other and you can subtly kill your shitty campaign and go back to wishing you had a good players

>> No.50770912


What makes you say that? I've been in three separate campaigns with /pfg/ regulars and all of them were a blast.

All you've gotta do is bop them on the forehead if their overactive imaginations try to create characters beyond the scope or tone of the campaign.

>> No.50770921

I mean in total.
Npcs in 3.pf have no great individual defenses against social-fu, whereas in WoD, it is inherently contested

>> No.50770964

Well Anon
They did make a whole book
about just introducing social defences, social dueling and such and such

>> No.50770974

No wait, wrong section.

>> No.50771110

>15 point buy for stats. This is Reign of Winter! This AP is meant to be hard! Now, having said that, I would highly advise against min/maxing your stats. Not only could it hurt you, but the GM will see through your shenanigans and will likely not consider you.

>> No.50771177

While that's technically true, it'd take a real dumb/lazy GM to just treat Diplomacy as a "you win" switch.

A PC can't waddle around going "suck my nuts fuckmunch" and then say "B-b-b-but I rolled a 45 for Diplomacy!" when the GM has them sic the town guards on you. You're still supposed to be being persuasive and convincing, you don't get to use mind control just because MUH NUMBERS MUHFUGGA.

>> No.50771184

Don't let your GMs get burned too hard, too often.
Early intervention can save hobbies.
#GMSanityAwareness #Woah #Wow

>> No.50771234

What game is this? The fuck does this even mean?

"Whoops, the wizard has a 14 intelligence and a 13 charisma, a real roleplayer would have a 10 in intelligence and a 20 in charisma. Nice try, satan!"

>> No.50771240


I always felt this was the case. Sure your numbers are high but that doesnt mean you can mind control people. No matter how high you roll you cannot convince certain people of certain things. You cannot convince someone that their home is now yours. You can persuade the king to go on a crusade but not give up his wealth and become a beggar.

>> No.50771248

>What game is this? The fuck does this even mean?

It's a PbP on Myth-Weavers made by a guy that clearly doesn't know what he's doing.

I'm looking forward to the horde of thirsty applicants.

>> No.50771325 [DELETED] 

A'ight, awake enough now, damn I had bad ideas last night. Maybe I can scrape this together into something entertaining, but now that I cleared my mind it seems like it'd be more hassle than it's worth. I need to broaden my mind when it comes to byild, because every time I do anything with PoW it involves stalker. In this case, Urban/Invulnerable Barbarian||Bushi Stalker, which doesn't hit the mark beyond "can take punishment"[/spouler]

I'll have to check it out. Is it worth asking for a TL;DR on what Avowed (and the old one pact) can do, or am I better served by waiting until I get time to just look for the pdf myself?

I remember that, dunno if the rest of it's something I want, though. It had love beams or something, right? Only archetype was greaser iirc, which is lame but has potential.

>> No.50771353

Unfortunately it's that exact kind of abuse (and a newbie DM) that got Diplomacy essentially banned back in the first game I ever played in. One guy just spent the whole campaign bumping up Diplomacy with every feat, item, and "misunderstanding" (yeah, sure you did fucker) of the rules he could find.

DM got so sick of his shit that interpersonal skill rolls got ruined for everybody and suddenly a bunch of awkward high schoolers had to get a crash course in debate and public speaking. Not all that bad for roleplay, in a trial-by-fire sense, but shitty for anyone who wanted to actually put work into playing a charismatic character.

>> No.50771372

I'd play any Reign of Winter game on earth. But I won't play that.

Even Greta ain't worth that shit.

>> No.50771379


That is another thing, I would never penalize solid roleplaying with bad rolls.

>> No.50771395

A'ight, awake enough now, damn I had bad ideas last night. Maybe I can scrape this together into something entertaining, but now that I cleared my mind it seems like it'd be more hassle than it's worth. I need to broaden my mind when it comes to build s, because every time I do anything with PoW it involves stalker. In this case, Urban/Invulnerable Barbarian||Bushi Stalker, which doesn't hit the mark beyond "can take punishment"

Hot damn did my first try at posting this fuck up massively, let's try again.

>>50767969 #
I'll have to check it out. Is it worth asking for a TL;DR on what Avowed (and the old one pact) can do, or am I better served by waiting until I get time to just look for the pdf myself?

>>50768024 #
I remember that, dunno if the rest of it's something I want, though. It had love beams or something

>> No.50771451


Greta is a dumb Wolf and probably smelly too. She's a terrible waifu and only earns any recognition for actually being aggressive for the PC dick.

>> No.50771471


>> No.50771475

Wolves aren't dumb or smelly!

>> No.50771507


I don't know, I think she's pretty cute.

Who would you rather waifu?

>> No.50771649

>remember I had a chance to play in a pretty sweet-looking RoW game but it flopped
>it could have been my fault in some part

>> No.50771662

Tell us more, sempai.

>> No.50771676


>> No.50771696

Already did in another thread, no use in agonizing over it further. It was just a miscommunication between players and GM.

>> No.50771703

I vaguely recall the option of using Vitalist/Tactitian Collective members' senses/position to manifest powers. Does that exist in DSP material or am I thinking of a different 3rd party?

Is there any way to survive a Life Leech Vitalist's Drain Health ability other than getting out of range or killing the Vitalist?

>> No.50771734


Greta is a mangy mutt that is so desperate for a man she's willing to toss herself at the first one to walk through those gates with a silver tongue and furry coat! The first one!

She's a huge dork that thinks big two-headed axes are actually useful, and her hair is ugly! Who even wears chain that tight? Look, they had to make it two separate bolts of chain because she just *had* to get the girls all perky and prominent, the hussy (or should I say, husky? Hurr hurr.)

>> No.50771759


Ah. So you're a Baknarla fan. Say no more!

>> No.50771788


Dont forget, she is also small for a winter wolf, literally the runt of her pack

>> No.50771800

Don't bully dogs!

>> No.50771829


Greta is not a dog, she's a wolf! You can bully wolves!

>> No.50771853

Don't bully wolves either! They're nice!

>> No.50771863


You ever wonder if Greta and Baknarla get into arguments about what it means to be a wolf? I'm sure Greta doesn't appreciate Baknarla's slavish devotion to her husbando! She stole him first like a proper filthy scavenger, and she won't give up that bond without a fight!

>> No.50771879


Wolves are cowards that only pick on creatures weaker and sicklier than them. They're the bullies of the animal kingdom, and bullies need to be bullied! Especially Winter Wolves, the biggest bullies of all!

>> No.50771896

Picking off the weak and the sick improves the herds. And by bullying the wolves you're now the biggest bully!

>> No.50771913


I'm just not seeing it.

>> No.50771931

I want to houserule the Agathiel Vigilante archetype to not be shit. How do I base it off the Transformation feat from Spheres of Power in such a way that it remains cool and unique? Obviously it should stay a "you have this one form that you can adjust slightly" archetype, but should it get more traits than would normally be available? How many talents (that have no SP cost) should it be allowed to take?

I was thinking something along the lines of
>At 2nd level, you gain Transformation and Hybrid Transformation instead of the 2nd level Vigilante Talent
>at 4th level you get Improved Transformation and can pick one talent with no SP cost to pull traits from
>instead of the normal scaling traits of improved transformation (1 every 5 levels) you get 1 + (1 every 4)
>can take a vigilante talent to bump this up by 2, but only as a one-time deal
>can pick an additional talent every 2 levels to pull traits off of, treat your level as your caster level, but you get no actual spherecasting

>> No.50771955

You could just use that animal transformation archetype from Legendary Vigilantes.

>> No.50771981

You mean the wildshape one that has a similar goal but is functionally completely different? (Single versatile transformation vs "Spell-less druid")

>> No.50772042

>teamwork is cowardice
how about you stop being alone bitch

>> No.50772079


Wolves do hunt together; maybe they'd get along.

>> No.50772104

It's untyped damage, so, hilariously enough, what you CAN do is get a source of hardness to protect you from the brunt of it.

For most intents and purposes however there's no choice, you just have to nuke the vitalist. Remember that by attempting to murder you with drain health, even if it's not very visible, THEY threw the first punch, and I recommend not giving the rest of the party a chance to misunderstand the situation: use something like Scarlet Throne's Blade of Perfection to end it then and there.

>> No.50772118

>you get flanked by two bitches, and now they both have a bonus to get you prone

>> No.50772276

Sometimes I wish I could draw, so I could make a funny scene involving this.

>> No.50772315

>Greta and Baknarla both take Tandem Trip

>> No.50772320


Aren't wolves monogamous, and Greta explicitly wants an exclusive, long-term relationship? I don't see this ending well; they'll bring you down and then fight each other for mating rights.

>> No.50772345

Actually, I kinda wonder what types of men each of them prefer, because the two of them to feel like widely different types of girls. I'd imagine Baknarla would be for the "heroic savior" types, while Greta wants a strong man who knows his place on the totem pole.

>> No.50772379

Hey all, few small updates from the playtest so far since I'm sorting through comments.

>Onslaught Blast now clarifies you only get static damage bonuses once per target (such as con bonus/Deadly Aim/etc).
>Focused blaster buffed at 19th level and also at 11th, letting you get some reduction if you standard action at 11th or 19th level.
>Focused blaster clarified that you get extra blasts for both haste and rapid shot.

There's probably going to be more changes as things go along, but these are the big ones at the moment.

>> No.50772384

>same .gif twice

>> No.50772393

Now you've GOT to tell us!

>> No.50772417

They're different speeds

>> No.50772421

How do you get Hardness on demand?

>> No.50772440


There's plenty of websites that can help you with that.

>> No.50772453


Slow and steady works best for me. Rough is nice too sometimes

>> No.50772483

>offered a temp job by a family member
>it's mon-friday nights, 7-9 PM start to anywhere from 6-10 AM the next day
>not a whole lot of pay but it would be SOMETHING to do and I know what I'm getting since I already did it for free for a week as a favor
>mfw I would have to tell my GM that I can basically no longer make sessions during the week until the new year, and that's if I'm lucky
>mfw we can't do games on saturday because the other player GMs that day
>mfw sunday the GM and I are in a different game, albeit one I'm not having as much fun in
>mfw have to choose between staying a jobless NEET or missing out on getting to play my autistic robot hunter

"Get a hobby" they said, "it'll be fun" they said. Clearly they didn't mean it.

>> No.50772529

Get a job you depressing NEET

>> No.50772550

My concern is from the GM side. The range can be absurd and doesn't need line of effect, so you can just establish the link and hide while draining the life out of them. I'm not seeing an effective countermeasure, so the archetype is likely to get banned outright.

>> No.50772569


Greta is a Winter Wolf, through and through - her interests are in a tough man with a clever tongue and cruel fingers, someone that could either please her or dominate her. It's part of her society's way of doing things, Winter Wolves are effectively equal rights Drow in that it's endless backstabbing and violence to be top dog, which means Greta would be either a rough top or power bottom, perfect for a Barbarian or, better yet, Paladin.

Baknarla is an Adlet, whose culture is vaguely similar to that of the Winter Wolves in that they believe their people are the best, only in this situation Baknarla is a bit of the odd one out in that she practically worships the newcomers from beyond the stars as her people's saviors. If you're asking me, you're right on the money that she'd want a valiant savior.

>> No.50772578

Robots have feelings too you asshole so get a job.

>> No.50772593

You're complaining over having more games than time... Welcome to adulthood.
Either rotate the weekend schedules to fit it or find a job that doesn't require you to work the coveted hours.

>> No.50772648

For that particular way of using it there ARE no countermeasures; you can try to break out of the collective. However you only get one will save per 24hr (if it fails), on average an hour of which is more than enough to just slaughter someone through it with the drain.

Anyone can leave at any time however if the vitalist does not have Unwilling Participant: The will save is ONLY for those forced into it this way (otherwise you just jack out): Even on a fail you can save at the same DC against any collective action you want to resist to be considered unwilling against it (but only that one time).

>> No.50772739


>Bitches love paladins

>> No.50772763

Perfectly reasonable, it was merely something sprung on me right after waking up, which I would then have to start on tonight. Needed to take a moment to clear my head, and shitposts are usually good for that, though this one was sloppier than usual.

In the meantime, how did everyone else's weekend go?

>> No.50772895

My group's GM was unavailable, so one of the players stepped up and did an arena style multistage encounter for us based on Monster Hunter. It was great, and I got to test out my backup character to find that Cornugon Smash is not that good for him.

>> No.50772912

Only if they're designed badly.

>> No.50773036


I went to the far side of town to see my mother, my grandmother, and various visiting relatives. It wasn't pleasant.

On the plus side, I've got a new game starting mid-January. Plenty of time to think about what to do for that!

>> No.50773047

Human Slayer
Heavy Armor Proficiency
Gruesome Butcher (Story)
Dedicated Adversary (Goblin)
Seething Hatred: Humanoid (goblinoid)
You could go Fighter 1 first to reduce the feat tax a bit.

>> No.50773065

I only have the physical copy.

Look for "Ecology of the Gearforged" by Henry Brooks. It was in Kobold Quarterly, Winter 2011, Issue 16.

>> No.50773070


>Witchwolf Paladin of Kurgess

You better believe there's going to be headpatting.

>> No.50773115

Are multiclassed characters ever stronger than just sticking to one? What are some examples? No gestalt.

>> No.50773134

Doing some kind of soulknife or aegis 4 into an initiator 16 with practiced initiator and the feat to get 4 more levels of mindblade/astral suit progression can be really nice.

>> No.50773159

Holy shit I have CRB and APG, slow down, slick

>> No.50773163

So? This is standart poinbuy for paizo-predegenerated character.
>It's a PbP
This is really a problem!

>> No.50773167

Actually, Vanguard Slayer fits pretty well considering how much he instructs his allies and keeps them out of trouble.

>> No.50773194


Some builds like to dip one or two levels into a class, usually fighter for some bonus feats of if you want a certain PrC but in PF usually going the straight class is the best route.

There are VMC (Variant Multi-Class) rules, which are kind of a mesh of two classes that can be fun.

>> No.50773233

I forgot basic aspects of character building and failed at combat.

>> No.50773249

I wanted to make a van helsing (Gabriel, not Abraham) character, and I was thinking of inquisitor, but dipping alchemist for a level or two for the bombs and flexibility of the extracts, and free brew potion feat. I didn't know if I'd be hamstringing myself, though.

>> No.50773274

They CAN be - for instance, Alchemist/Barbarian can reach silly high strength scores while still having utility from extracts and rage powers. Wizard VMC rogue/Arcane Trickster is arguably stronger than a single-classed Wizard, since wizards don't get much in the way of class features, with the caveat that levels in PrC don't grant free spells to your spellbook, so you'll need some other way of gaining them which can be problematic if your GM restricts availability of scrolls and other wizards.

In general, though, multiclassing is a bad idea unless you know exactly what you're doing.

>> No.50773297

Sorcerer (Crossblood Dragon and Orc) and Arcanist Wizard.

>> No.50773298

>free brew potion feat
Don't know that someone using this.

>> No.50773316

I like making consumables for the party ;~;

>> No.50773370

Consumables are just pissing money away. Wondrous items and fungal implants are where its at.

>> No.50773401

>fungal implants are where its at.

>Willingly getting a yeast infection

>> No.50773411

Never even heard of fungal implants. Doesn't sound like something my character would want.

>> No.50773453

Okay. BASIC rules and combinations make multiclassing bad.

Like, if you go half fighter half wizard, you get a guy who's less good at fighting than a fighter, and is always WAY behind on save DCs for his spells making it easy for enemies to just laugh them off, plus doesn't have very strong spells AND had to split his stats like four fucking ways (three of them are fighter though).

However, this is where system mastery and optimization start to show themselves. The RIGHT combinations, supported by the RIGHT choices of feats, traits, archetypes or even race or weapon, can be *much* more capable overall than either alone.

An Aegis (3rd party class that creates a highly customizable armor system from psionic energy around itself) combined with a Warsoul (Path of War soulknife) can use two of his feats and one of his traits to keep everything running at full capacity on the soulknife, with a powerful low-level "boost" in mobility, utility and even a bit in defenses, from the Aegis. Even the Saving Throws are helped in this case too!

As you learn the system you will find many combinations - sometimes it's a specific pair of archetypes while the main classes would have utterly destroyed your viability - other times entire classes just love each-other to a level that will rot your teeth.

>> No.50773454

20 is the standard for APs.

>> No.50773476


Yeah and 20 PB just breezes through them, it's too much.

15 provides a challenge, something you people don't seem to be interested in, and better yet the DM is vetting anyone that actually tries to min-max. He's going to be having fun with a tough, cinematic experience whose white-knuckle combat and nail-biting tension during high-stakes social events will leave you on the edge of your seat, begging for more.

>> No.50773494

>cinematic experience

>> No.50773518


>> No.50773540

niceme.me faggot, you earned your (you) this time

>> No.50773627 [SPOILER] 

And this guy is why I roll stats.

>> No.50773631

>15 provides a challenge,
>implying it actually stops the minmaxed Str dumped wizards
>implying this doesn't punish martials who actually want to have decent mental stats while actually being able to do theri jobs
7/10, got me to respond

>> No.50773634

How many tries does it take you?

>> No.50773656

Basically this. As an example without 3rd party material, there's something called the Oradin, basically an Oracle+Paladin. This combination uses the Lifelink from the Oracle (link to one or more allies, and you take over the damage they got) and then keeps itself healed using the Paladin's Lay on Hands. This is a swift action, so you will keep the whole party healed while still having your Standard action and Move action left.
A combination like this would not be possible without Multiclassing, but you need to be very precise in what combination you use.

>> No.50773683 [SPOILER] 

One or two because I'm not a pussy who flakes out of a game due to bad rolls.

>> No.50773686


The main reason why PFS players are such assholes is that the DM generally can't kick out problem players. This means that all the players in an area who are so awful that no other group will have them end up playing PFS.

>> No.50773696


You idiots don't seem to understand the appeal of 15 PB.

15 PB emphasizes flaws, it brings out the wrinkles and warts that make a character more realistic. Oh boo hoo, your Wizard has 7 Strength! You know what that means? The tough, herculean 14 Strength Barbarian has to carry it for you now, that can be roleplayed out! That very same Barbarian is probably not too bright since he's had to dump Intelligence, which means hey look, look! He's got flaws! Something the DM can exploit and the party can play off to make a rich, engaging experience full of heartfelt encounters and beautiful experiences.

>> No.50773733

Turns out they're called Fungal Grafts (from Alchemy Manual).
Implantable wondrous item effects without the feat requirement.

>> No.50773746

>Tough, herculean 14 strength

>> No.50773763


When the Barbarian is raging, they're now at 18 Strength.

That's basically the height of human conditioning, people just can't get higher than that unless it's explained through magic. It's absolutely herculean.

>> No.50773773

>5 PB emphasizes flaws, it brings out the wrinkles and warts that make a character more realistic.
That's what good RP is for anon. You know, the thing you do when not in combat where you act out your character's personality and traits?
>14 Str Barbarian
That makes him barely able to fulfill his function as a martial, and chances are he'll be unable to do much damage at all to compete with escalating combat encounters

Flows don't have to have a mechanical origin, and there are still the flaws inherent in the system that can bring those out too. What you want is to make it so no one aside from the wizard who dumped all his physicals is even capable of doing his job properly, and that type of environment only fuels and incentivises minmaxing and munchkinning characters just to be able to function.

You seem to be confused, and think that only gameplay mechanics can control if you can RP a flawed but unique character, which is completely wrong and speaks of some weird inverse stormwind fallacy

>> No.50773776

You know you can have character flaws without being crippled mechanically.

>> No.50773783

Except hercules is a demigod, not a human. "Herculean" would be something like 50 strength.

>> No.50773807

t. Stormwind Fallacy

Mechanically strong characters do not imply weak roleplaying, and mechanically weak characters do not imply strong roleplaying.

>> No.50773824

>14 str is herculean
>implying gimping any potential for a martial to have a decent ability score spread is good
>implying a character has no flaws at 20, or even 25 PB
>implying "realistic" is level 1 with 15 PB
>implying it's fun to always have to dump Cha and Str in order to keep up with appropriately-scaled encounters
>implying the average party of iconics can even deal with the encounters in an AP without GM fiat

A barbarian raging is exceeding the normal human limits, either through some mystic trance or just straight up getting that mad about something

>> No.50773874


>> No.50773912


Good RP stems from realistic characters built with qualities and shortcomings. Are you telling me a 32 PB character can have shortcomings when they've got positives in every attribute and probably some bullshit 3rd party class that makes combat and non-combat a breeze? APs are meant to be challenging, and they won't be challenging if you remove all the challenge from them.

And as I said, 14 turns into 18 during combat which is plenty strong for a martial, I'd even call it overpowered; that's enough to one-hit a bandit, and where's the fun in that? Combat should be about intense, adrenaline-pumping decisions where the valiant heroes are locked in mortal combat with devious foes. Where is the danger when a Barbarian can just cleave through everything?

You seem to be the confused one, acting like a mechanically strong character can still have shortcomings - oh boo, the slayer can carve through an entire room of monsters and talk his way out of anything, but he's still got problems? How? And now the party's falling apart because, since everyone can do anything, nobody has a role. What's unique about the strongman when everyone can carry their own stuff? What's the point in being the genius when everyone can make those Knowledge checks right alongside you?

>> No.50773938

Bruh, 14 strength is doable with the fucking NPC array.

That's the array fucking farmers and shit use.

>> No.50773948


>> No.50773949


Fuck you, i dare you to apply for that Myth-Weavers campaign. You're going to find out it's more fun than any of these power fantasy wankfests that go on here.

>But my character will die!

The risk of death should always be there.

>But I have to dump STR and CHA

The DM explicitly said he'll ignore people who do this without a solid backstory reason. He's giving you free backstory. Use it!

>> No.50773955

Why are people even indulging the troll?

>> No.50773969

Nothing better to do.

>> No.50773972

Because I'm a NEET, and it's 2:30 on a Monday. There's not really anything else going on in my life.

>> No.50773973

>What's unique about the strongman when everyone can carry their own stuff?
>What's the point in being the genius when everyone can make those Knowledge checks right alongside you?

What's wrong with you?

What can a barbarian with 30+ strength do? Flip a fucking tank over with his muscles out of sheer anger.

The Rogue might be insightful about who's the best local wench, but the 26 int Wizard is a living encyclopedia.

If anything, it allows people to be more unique and bring more flavor!

>> No.50773987

>He's giving you free backstory

Hah. Free.

You're funny.

>> No.50773990


Would you rather talk about which RotJR character is a size queen?

>> No.50774002

Awinita! She loves big meaty things!

>> No.50774010

Farmers can have 15 strength with the base NPC array.

>> No.50774012

What about the playtests?

The avowed is looking pretty cool, and it looks like N. Jolly's a part of both the other playtest; has anyone actually made a malefex yet?

>> No.50774021

No. I'd be fine with RotJR discussion if it didn't always revolve around the same damn people and what they have/enjoy between their legs.

>> No.50774032

Do we wanna try rolling for someone to talk about again?

>> No.50774034

If anything, giving martials more power in their main stat gives them more versatility

A barbarian with 14 strength at game start vs one with 20. The one with 14 strength will always pretty much be dependent on the Wizard for any utility, but the 20 strength one can actually punch, tear, crumble, crush and squeeze problems into submission!

>> No.50774041

Stormwind fag alert.
Lower point buy encourages dumping because the game demand's compatence.
Countless failure a fun game this does not.

>> No.50774042

Fuck it. Sure.

>> No.50774045


Yes please, I'd rather like to grill someone on their character.

>> No.50774053

>roll minimum for everything
>fail at everything
>hold the party pack
>have no fun

>a sign of bravery

>> No.50774063

Who had the list?

>> No.50774064

>Are you telling me a 32 PB character can have shortcomings when they've got positives in every attribute and probably some bullshit 3rd party class that makes combat and non-combat a breeze?
1: Yes, because there are personality and character shorcomings that are not represented by mechanics
2: with 15 point buy you'll still have the Wizard ending combat and non combat forever and breaking the game over his knee, so your point about "bullshit 3rd party class" is even more problematic in Core without those 3pp classes

>Barbarians are overpowered
You are an idiot and have no idea how game balance or tiers work, please never play this game again.

>You seem to be the confused one, acting like a mechanically strong character can still have shortcomings - oh boo, the slayer can carve through an entire room of monsters and talk his way out of anything, but he's still got problems? How?
By good roleplay, personality traits, and by the fact he's a martial meaning his ability for narrative control is still stricly limited. And by the fact that even then a Tier 4 or 3 class will often still have party composition niches they can't fulfill, making room for those niches to be fulfilled by other character.
>What's unique about the strongman when everyone can carry their own stuff? What's the point in being the genius when everyone can make those Knowledge checks right alongside you?
What's the point of being a scientist if everyone has the internet? What's the point of being a martial if the wizard can end combat in one round or prevent it all together? What's the point of going camping if eveyone is capable of carrying their own sleeping bag, tent, and gear?
You're adventurers, not NPCs, you're supposed to be able to carry your weight and add a meaningful skillset to the party. Its the same reason why if you go out camping, you should carry your own shit.By your logic no one should even try since all resources are already available to anyone with time and money

>> No.50774068

Rolled 45 (1d51)


>> No.50774093


Ooh! Di! The dutiful Kitsune from Molthune whose status as party mascot was upgraded to party leader!

>> No.50774101

Name: Di, the Fox of Fort Ramgate
Race: Kitsune (Yokai)
Alignment: LN
Class: Warder(Bushi/ZS)||Unchained Rogue(Kitsune Trickster)

>> No.50774116

Why do you equate "strongman" with "being able to carry a backpack"?

>> No.50774124

15 Point buy Human Paladin

16 (14) Strength
12 dex
13 con
10 int
10 wis
14 cha

That doesn't sound too fun to play. ;/

>> No.50774133


I love the Avowed, it's everything I wanted from the Kineticist with the added flavor of being a filthy freeloader from some patron.

>> No.50774149


Everyone knows Amalthea is probably the size queen, bigger dicks pump their loads closer to the babymaker after all, and thicc chicks often equate to needing thicc dicks to satisfy them.

>> No.50774150

Once a simple fox, mascot for a group of Molthuni soldiers, Di rose to command of the Ramgate Irregulars after her awakening. Tragedy marred her promotion, as shortly after her group was ambushed and decimated. Choosing to retire, Di made it her goal to tell the relatives of her former subordinates about their deaths.

I'd love some feedback on Di.

>> No.50774151

>And as I said, 14 turns into 18 during combat which is plenty strong for a martial, I'd even call it overpowered; that's enough to one-hit a bandit, and where's the fun in that? Combat should be about intense, adrenaline-pumping decisions where the valiant heroes are locked in mortal combat with devious foes. Where is the danger when a Barbarian can just cleave through everything?

...why are you posting in a Pathfinder thread again, when something like AD&D or 5e would clearly be more suited for your style? In fact, I'd even go so far as to say that with your tastes, you should absolutely refuse to even entertain the idea of playing Pathfinder.

>> No.50774153

Same reason why weaponcords were nerfed. Because he's a lardass nerd who's never been out camping and can't carry a backpack on his own and cannot comprehend what even rudimentary physical fitness is like

>> No.50774157

Want me to be an asshole?

15PB Angel-born aasimar paladin w/ immortal spark

Str: 18
Dex: 12
Con: 12
Int: 10
Wis: 10
Cha: 16

>> No.50774174

Can I get some pictures of some FUCKING DRAGONS?!

>> No.50774175

>APs are meant to be challenging

APs are not playtested for challenge or even much of anything beyond staying within a theme. They exist as guidelines for a GM, or for GMs who don't want to build campaigns from scratch.

>apply for a mythweavers campaign
Haha fuck no, play-by-post is awful and I already have two games, though one of them is pretty sporadic.

>The risk of death should always be there
t. man who has never played pathfinder. A 25 PB has not stopped any of my characters from getting their shit kicked in during combat because of bizarrely designed AP encounters, or from having constant close call fights that get determined by a single hit. Going from fighting a couple sinspawn to "three monsters with mindrape auras burst from the wall" like in Shattered Star would fucking annihilate a party of iconics unless they were extremely lucky.

>b-but the DM said he'll ignore people who do this, and adjusting your PB to be in line with your class is bad
And that game looks shit and not like anything anyone here cares about, beyond telling you to stop pretending it's good because of its shitty chargen rules. Hell, with 25 PB, my investigator is a genius capable of snaking her way through narrow passages, but she's still a turbo-autist drug addict that creeps the hell out of everyone around her.

We're bored, and this is still less cancerous than half the shit we've discussed before.

>> No.50774176

>15 pb
>Allowing aasimar

>> No.50774182


I like her, really! She's a Kitsune wise beyond her years trying to mark off her regrets with a tour across Avistan.

9/10 would comfort with cuddles.

>> No.50774195

The avowed is a port/fix/revamp of the Warlock from D&D. It's got a bunch of at-will abilities, potential for being fully gishy, and a lot of different subpaths.

Old One pact has an emphasis on control and debuffs in close range, and their level 1 ability affords them protection from massive damage. If you take enough damage in a single round, you can turn into smoke and heal back up a portion of it over the next 2 rounds.

>> No.50774198


>> No.50774201

I like that, if I'm honest. I'm terrible at feedback, but I know what I like, and that's it. Also implies that if she IS in a group of people again, she'd be very concerned with their well-being.

I like how any kitsune we've gotten aren't crap.

>> No.50774202

So why do you guys play this game again if all your fun stems from how good your character is? Why not just freeform in that case and make up big numbers in your head? Or just add a 0 behind every stat to make them bigger.

>> No.50774204

APs weren't meant to be anything. They have 0 playtesting.

>> No.50774208

Rolled 20, 35, 14, 29 = 98 (4d51)

Rolling for a whole party, will reroll dupes if any

>> No.50774212

Speaking of Avowed, is it bad if I actually think the idea behind the Otyugh pact is kinda neat?

>> No.50774219

Seems fine to me, nothing really bad here.
Dare I say, a Good Kitsune character.

>> No.50774234

>cute trash dog
Not at all.

>> No.50774242

Because we're actual people, not strawmen.

>> No.50774243

i have so many dragons

That is a gross oversimplification of the issue. For most players, the fun stems in part from being /competent/ at their concept. /pfg/ just theorycrafts excessively, and prefers higher-concept games.

Personally I think I enjoy more down to earth, but still badass stuff. My group's been experimenting with a weird E6 gestalt concept that delivers that fantasy; 4e does as well.

>> No.50774253

So Agni, Agatha, Ceri, and Aster.

>> No.50774254

>tfw about to hit 12,000 hours in Roll20

At least I'm GMing something now.

>> No.50774260

That's not where the fun comes from, it's having the minimum requirements to avoid an early TPK - i.e. to make the game playable.

Like having enough hard disk space for the game you want to install from Steam and enough processing power to run it at more than six frames per second.

>> No.50774262

>character concept boils down to "this anime girl I got picture off and she throws ki energy ball like from dbz"

>> No.50774273

Man, you are trying REALLY hard, ain'tcha?

Look, my desperate, DESPERATE buddy, here's the skinny. When you can do whatever you want and set whatever numbers you want, you're down to schoolyard anti-everything shields and anti-anti-everything-shield-lasers.

When you establish rules and guidelines, everything starts to mean more. There's baselines for ability, measures of how far that ability can take you, things have weight far in excess of that provided by schoolyard shenanigans.

2/10, try harder.

>> No.50774292

I need big scary dragons!
This is really cool!

>> No.50774307

Does she have daddy issues?

>> No.50774319

>tfw killed best kindergarten friend with anti-anti-everything-shield-laser

I miss you Rob

>> No.50774323

What would be the comfiest RotJR party? One that hits that perfect blend of lewd and fun and RP that is just a delight to read the greentexts of?

>> No.50774324

The fun comes from the character builder minigame, taking the character you made and putting them in the game, and seeing how they interect and react with the world around you.
Your argument essentially boils down to "If you like playing videogames so much, why don't you just go into the woods and play pretend with someone?"
A good game must have rules, guidelines, and consequences implicit with those rules and guidelines, otherwise there's no bloody point. Its the same reason why sports have rules, and not just to shame you for being the fat kid in gym class

>> No.50774325

I've got one more. Not big and scary, but also cool.

>> No.50774327


>> No.50774336

I'm sad that Bartran's player gave up. I feel like he could've built something really decent, if he bothered.

>> No.50774348


No memes, Lilin, Silvia, Rubio, Gallius

>> No.50774365

Honestly, all of the characters seem pretty decent.

>> No.50774379

He said he might be down for GMing, so maybe there's the chance he'll reuse the character as an NPC?

>inb4 "no gestalt, Pow, or SoP REEEEE"

>> No.50774382

Pretty sure he gave up because he got into one of the other games that tossed around.

>> No.50774385


Girls with daddy issues are just plain dangerous.

>> No.50774414

Then why cry when somebody likes stricter guide lines. Admittedly that guy (the PB15 guy, because I am the freeform baiter) can't articulate an argument beyond BadWrongFum, but his point stands on one merit: What fun is there if the character is physically and mentally flawless? There is no fun being useless, but there is no fun being a Mary Sue either. Isn't the point of the adventuring and looting to gain experience to either enhance your already strong points so much that your flaws are insignificant in comparison, but still present, or to correct those flaws? There is no fun buying a lego castle that is already built inside the box.

>> No.50774429

Are you fucking retarded?
You can end up with a character you don't like by starting off with one you thought was cool, then the rest of the party is flat-out better than you and so you've got no purpose in it.
Maybe you thought a personality was good, but now that you're playing it you don't like where it's gone.
Maybe the mechanics looked cool at first, but then you played them and realized they're shit, but you can't ask the GM for a rebuild this late into it.

>hurrdurr transphobic comments
Oh, so you're a shit human being as well as a retarded autist. Good to know.

>> No.50774431

My 15 PB middle aged human wizard stat block

Str: 9
Dex: 12
Con: 12
Int: 18
Wis: 14
Cha: 10

Sure is restrictive.

>> No.50774433

>What fun is there if the character is physically and mentally flawless?
The problem is that you guys keep equating stats as the only thing that determines character flaws and not, most importantly, actually character traits

>> No.50774438


In my opinion, you should post her for the Molthune knights campaign and see if she is or isn't accepted.

>> No.50774455

High point buy and gestalt doesn't mean a character is without flaws.

Just as low point buy doesn't mean people are gonna RP well, high pointbuy doesn't mean they're going to RP poorly.

A lot of characters built for RotJR have flaws. A lot of them have character. A lot of them have problems.

And if you WANT flaws to have mechanical impact, there's drawbacks for that.

>> No.50774461

>You don't have to use it tho, you're the GM.

>> No.50774464

1) There's a spectrum, it's not either yokel with a shovel or God Emperor of Mankind.
2) A character sheet can not be a Mary Sue.
3) RP is the lego castle making in your analogy, and RP potential of a character is orthogonal to mechanics.


>> No.50774470

Greta's actually smarter and more charismatic than the average winter wolf, and ends up being only slightly-physically weaker.

>> No.50774489

>12 CON
>d4 HD

Enjoy failing your Fort saves.

>> No.50774496

>Basically we have to fight against an army of intelligent, organized, disciplined goblins
Sounds tough...

>under the leadership of a HobGob Hitler
Oh, EZ mode then.

>> No.50774504


No link yet, the guy's still figuring it all out.

He said he'd post it in the next two weeks though.

>> No.50774513

>D4 HD


>> No.50774519

Someone rolled me!

>> No.50774531

Even that faggot pervert I.Drive's?

>> No.50774536


I want to roll you too, anon~!

>> No.50774542

Rolled 10, 49, 27, 51 = 137 (4d51)

Forced reroll on account of Ceri
insert meme here

Not gonna lie, Sieghard, Amandia, Khair, and Rinka sound like they'd be a blast.

The 15PB guy is claiming that anything above those guidelines is a character with no weaknesses or flaws. His statement is objectively false, because 20 and 25 PB has plenty of room for flaws, and characters can still have plenty of areas in which they're incompetent.

>> No.50774544

Ah, I thought it might have been posted. Yeah, I'll probably be moving Di to the Molthune game and removing the loss of her soldiers and keeping Lilin for RotJR.

>> No.50774559


I. Drive seems to have a fun balance between obvious lewd and function. I'd play in a group with Zeldana, same with the Centaur!

>> No.50774564

Yeah, ignoring that he made so many of them. In a vacuum they're alright.

>> No.50774576


>tfw no tough officer vixen to Make Nirmathas Great Again

>> No.50774582

>zombies are immune to color spray.

>> No.50774584

Any lewd is too much lewd. And he's made too much of all of them. He's a tryhard faggot and his characters are nothing but fetishbait faggots and he's everything wrong with this hobby.

>> No.50774589

>Caelum, Agna, Amandia, and Jean

Who the fuck is Jean. I can't keep track of all these characters.

>> No.50774592

They ruined Crane Wing so never.

>> No.50774595


Zeldana is literally just a dumb young girl trying to be Righteous, and the centaur needs a Senpai.

>> No.50774604

Jean is the ??? gender 4th dimensional thief.

>> No.50774606 [SPOILER] 

Pain Taster PrC.

It's more for guro fetishists than masochists, though.

>> No.50774612

Cheating and powergaming both have the same result, having more power than the printed rules assumed.

Even if the methods are the same, the result is the same, thus both are just as guilty.

>> No.50774616

>You seem to be the confused one, acting like a mechanically strong character can still have shortcomings - oh boo, the slayer can carve through an entire room of monsters and talk his way out of anything, but he's still got problems? How?
He's an alcoholic and needs to work through that. She's mourning the loss of her husband and gets dangerously-sentimental around anything that reminds her of him. He has a code of honor that enemies can exploit.

>> No.50774640


>> No.50774657

>letting the wizard whisper to the queen


>> No.50774658

You had a shit GM.

>> No.50774659

Not him, but you do realize that we are talking about DnD here and in DnD the only conflict that matters is combat

>> No.50774669

Well, overcoming alcoholism is a fort save that is DC 14.

>> No.50774672

And one more.... sort of.

>> No.50774681

>Cheating and powergaming both have the same result,
Which is why we should ban 15pb and Wizards, since there's no way to not power game with those.
Seriously, are you gonna keep doing this everytime someone refutes your statements and you have no answer? just post more nonsequitor statements and ignoring the constructed arguments layed against you because you in turn have no argument?

>> No.50774682


>Mourning the loss of her husband

There's something really wrong with either me or society when a woman that actually gives a damn about her dead husband feels like a fresh concept.

>> No.50774685

Zeldana only exists to be a dumb slut and a warm hole and the centaur's only there becuase hurr horse pussy memes, you can't fool me you sick fuck.

>> No.50774690

I'd love to play in that party. It sounds like it could be full of heroes and justice but I'd want Gil in there too.

>> No.50774703


Marriage is just glorified robbery for men at this point.

>> No.50774706


Okay okay, we know the comfiest... however, let's get deadly serious here.

Who do you think *deserves* to get in?

>> No.50774707

15PB is under assumed power. 20 is the assumption.

>> No.50774712

>muh damage

>> No.50774717

This can only end in salt and sorrow.

>> No.50774726

What would be the most volatile party combo?

>> No.50774731

The printed rules don't even know what they assume.

The printed rules have it that +1 to attacks of opportunity is just as powerful and effective as +1 caster level.

The printed rules tell you the following is not only a good idea, but is just as valuable to a character as Quicken Spell
>As a standard action, you can use the Lunge feat to increase the reach of your melee attacks by 5 feet until the end of your turn, without suffering a penalty to your AC. You cannot use this feat if you carry a medium or heavy load.

>> No.50774735


There is literally nothing wrong with being the party cum dump.

>> No.50774741

Creativity can also result in effectively becoming more powerful than assumed, therefore the only allowable actions in combat should be moving and using standard action to attack an enemy once.

>> No.50774758

A fine example is longbows.
>Oh, that's kinda cool, I can shoot two arrows at once like in the movies!

>> No.50774763

Parties should not have cum dumps. Parties should not have sexual or lewd things in them. Lewdness is the cancer destroying this hobby in the public eye. Lewdness and memes.

>> No.50774769

That's a dangerous game to play.

>> No.50774771

Yes it was intentionally provocative.
We can say that the rules are bad, that it is not fun to play by the rules, etc.
That is what is always feels like it boils down to. Everyone is dissatisfied with 3.5, but we still play it.

>> No.50774777

Wait, Wizards get d6's now?

Neat. Not that it matters.

>> No.50774783

>Forced reroll on account of Ceri
No bully!

>> No.50774789

No one. THe game deserves to burn and take all of you with it. If I could I would lock everyone involved in that game and lock them in a burning church.

>> No.50774790

>he literally doesn't know how Pathfinder works
Just leave.

>> No.50774792

So, here's a question for the normies Non-ERP people here.
Would you go through the whole deed (not fade to black) if it was leaning more towards a joke game, just for the keks? Like disturbingly funny fetishes, hilariously specific STDs and the like?

>> No.50774802


>> No.50774825

Are you Nightfall or Virt? Perhaps BUILDPOSTER with a different name?

>> No.50774828

>would you go through the whole deed if it was leaning more towards a joke game
>disturbingly funny fetishes

Anon, what do you think the reason I gave up on caring about "lewd" in the first place? Morbid curiosity caused me to say "yea, sure, I'll play this out". Everything after that was me thinking "no, surely they won't go further".

>> No.50774831

Creator of Gallius and Hikari here.
I honestly don't really care one way or another if I get it. Creating the characters and learning how to into mythweavers was by far the best thing about this whole experience.

If the time table proves incompatible with my schedule, I'd be more than happy letting another person play with my characters, though granted if such a thing happens I'd love to receive records and transcripts of their fun adventures

So yeah, I have no problems at all not getting in.

>> No.50774832


I don't care, give us the deets.

>> No.50774846

Nothing wrong with aasimars in da "Standaяt fantasy"!

>> No.50774847

>as a standard action
>there's no attacks in lunge
>standard action until your turn ends
>you never got to attack with extra reach, and you never had it available for AoOs
>literally waste turn

>> No.50774852

102 Point Buy Human Paladin

20 (18) Strength
18 dex
18 con
18 int
18 wis
18 cha

This sounds like alot of FUN. :D

>> No.50774854

I'm one of the early posters, but if I don't get in then I am alright with that; I created a character with what I consider a fun gimmick that isn't awful, so with that I'm already satisfied. Being in a game would be pretty nice though!

>> No.50774876

The anon behind Lilin made the IRC and the list of characters. If working to collaborate people means someone deserves to get in, then they deserve it.

>> No.50774883


Same here, if I get in then I will be happy, and if I don't get in I'm fine with it!

All I want is for my fellow anons to be happy and have fun!

>> No.50774886

How would you rank our local trip/name/avatarfags?

>> No.50774888

So, what's the problem here?

>> No.50774894

nice strawman

>> No.50774895

What is a "stormwind fag"

>> No.50774928


>> No.50774941

>Forrest is good people.
>Gareth is am asshole.
>Depressed Homebrewer is okay.
>N. Jolly is chill.

Anyone I'm missing?

>> No.50774943

nice reading comprehension

>> No.50774944

Someone that Mechanics are attached to role-playing and vice versa. Some that thinks a "powerful" character can't have weaknesses.

>> No.50774949

>implying I have anywhere else to go

You are funny man.

>> No.50774954

The Stormwind Fallacy is the belief that mechanical power and roleplay potential are inversely correlated, that is, the stronger a character is mechanically, the weaker it is story wise, and vice versa.

A Stormwind Fag is someone who actually believes the Stormwind Fallacy to be true.

>> No.50774964

Some people are convinced that the more *MECHANICALLY* flawed a character build is, the better a roleplayer they are, and vice-versa.

You usually find out in-game. One asshole might refuse to get a bunch of basic abilities, and only after they go last and can't do anything because they don't fly, have no reach, have no range, have slow movement and crap initiative, do they throw a fit and claim that unlike the rest of the party THEY wanted to build an memorable character instead of just throwing out anything interesting in favor of "but this class does it better"

>> No.50774972

No problems. As well as 15PB Paladin.

>> No.50774974

Probably not.

If I wanna do ERP, I have an F-list for that. Which is honestly far more conducive since I can know that my partner and I are on the same page when it comes to kinks.

>> No.50774982

Same here, f-list is pretty baller for that and its hella comprehensive.

>> No.50774985


>> No.50774994


I mean I can't even dispute this, I haven't used my trip to any great degree for a while. Just like I haven't accomplished much homebrew-wise for a while.

I should fix that.

2hu's not a tripfag, technically speaking. No trip to be seen.

>> No.50775007

>Gareth is am asshole.
Because he saying A-word. Autistic retard - our friends.

>> No.50775008

Okay, why not give your lists then to show who I forgot? I figured I was pretty comprehensive on my end.

>> No.50775018

The actual problem is too high saves or too high damage.
Too high saves makes characters ignore events that lead to roleplaying and tension, too high damage fucks with pacing of combat and encourages more rocket tag.

Interaction is important.
On the other hand, too high hp helps pacing and too high attack bonus just makes you hit reliably, making combat more consistent.

>> No.50775020

But the question was also about avatarfags and 2hu counts for that.

>> No.50775040

here's the list of RotJR character again. For those that don't care, a friendly reminder the "Hide Post" button exists.

>> No.50775048

The too high of saves I agree with, but the too high damage should just turn encounters into dynasty warriors, which isn't a bad thing.

>> No.50775054

>tfw I'm universally ignored by /pfg/
>tfw when people notice me, they hate it

How do I get you guys to care?

>> No.50775065

Who the fuck are you?

>> No.50775068

>tfw when
also who?

>> No.50775073

Rolled 31, 17, 18, 17 = 83 (4d51)


Rev up the meme machine!

>> No.50775077

Nah, you're comprehensive of the ones with any kind of regularity. I only ever show up every like two weeks or something, make two or three posts, then take it off again, since my stuff doesn't spark much conversation usually.

>> No.50775079

First of all, Dynasty Warriors is stupid (not as important)
Second of all, adding just more and more mooks to a fight is annoying and massive busywork for GM to handle (very important)
DnD is not fit to be Dynasty Warriors

>> No.50775092


>Amalthea and the Bull

I unironically want a pastebin of this.

>> No.50775104

I think this should only happen when the party is summoning. Even then there are more than enough cookie-cutter sheets for mooks. It's hardly busywork for a competent GM.

>> No.50775109

>DnD is not fit to be Dynasty Warriors
So casters can be gods of reality but warriors can't cleave tons of people? GMs can always take the mook design of 4e and just make them do a set damage on hit and only have 1 hp, so they soak up attacks.

>Dynasty Warriors is stupid
Someone doesn't like fun

>> No.50775113

Can you realize you're under a compulsion/charm effect without necessarily passing it?

Like "I know you're playing me, but I'm going through with this anyway?"

I need to know for backstory reasons.

>> No.50775121

I am chill, aren't I?

>> No.50775142

I just started bringing in troop rules. Very fun in making your PCs feel badass while reducing bookkeeping on the DM end.

>> No.50775146

So many characters and not a drop of quality among them.

>> No.50775150

...you know what, why even have a trip? It's needlessly tricky. More work being done on the dragon book, and don't wanna spoil stuff, but the new dragon race can let you be part catfolk or kitsune.

>> No.50775161

This game starts NEVER.

>> No.50775162


Exactly, but when you see me you hate me!

>> No.50775163

I care about your opinion.

>> No.50775168

Well that's a baldfaced lie and you know it.
Casimir, Gil, Ricktor, Lilin, Silvia, Rinka, and Di all have quite a bit of quality!

>> No.50775169

"See, the funny thing is? I know you're playing me... but you're right."

>> No.50775179

>Can you realize you're under a compulsion/charm effect without necessarily passing it?

>Like "I know you're playing me, but I'm going through with this anyway?"

Well the answer is quite simple, y-

>I need to know for backstory reasons.
Oh, fuck off then.

>> No.50775182

Is you the same nigga what writes them guides for classes and whatnot?

I read those before I actually read the d20pfsrd page

>> No.50775184


>> No.50775186

>tfw made the quality list
M-maybe there is hope yet. Do I dare to hope?

>> No.50775191

Yes yes I know, but it is not really a solution to just give up and go "all of these guys, all of them just die from one hit so just ... I dunno, walk around and kill stuff"

Also I have never gotten the fun of Dynasty Warriors, it seems a bit naff

Also to >>50775104 and >>50775142, it is not the mooks even that are the problem. Outside of cheating numbers, creating big bosses are the real difficulty of DnD since action economy. Especially when you get new gms who are like "ooh ooh I wanna run a DARK SOULS GAME!"

Too much damage, things happen too fast. Combat should be a dance, it should last more than a gunshot.

>> No.50775194

Surely you're the next hemingway.

Shit when has fucking proto-apps been an indicator of "quality". That's not something that can really be caged until actual RP happens.

>> No.50775196

>made the quality list twice
What did I do to deserve this?

>> No.50775200

Otyughs are pretty great so I dunno. You should read their writeup in Dungeon Denizens Revisited; they're adorable trashdog information broker questgivers!

>> No.50775201

You're mixing hate with confusion my dude.
Anyway, hope you like the you's.
Let's play a game sometime

>> No.50775203

The very same; I was a guide writer before I was a 3p writer because I just really love guides.

>> No.50775210

Then maybe you should follow your Dork Souls games and just git gud.

>> No.50775212

You made a fetish/waifu most likely.

>> No.50775213


>> No.50775217

>Jolly posts Guilty Gear
>then posts a confirmation on dragonblooded catfolk/kitsune race

Have you found time to play Xrd/Revelator, or do you just enjoy that it looks rad as hell?

>> No.50775218

you know if we combine metal dragons and kineticists...

I'm just sayin.

>> No.50775219

How to make AM-chan in PF?

>> No.50775231 [SPOILER] 

Harbinger does it I believe.

Also works for kassadin too!

>> No.50775235

>Oh, fuck off then.
It's not really for a fetish.
This is pretty much what I had in mind.

>> No.50775236


I'd love to play with you!

>> No.50775255

Ok, ty. Where did the name stormwind come from, though? Some kind of wow reference?

>> No.50775256

Probably time for a new thread, we're nearing like 500 replies

>> No.50775263

Would you say there's anyone utterly without merit?

>> No.50775280

All those mooks don't need to be fodder though.

Depending on how you design the encounter they can be the key piece that stops the typical beat down that is the boss fight in DnD. Mooks meant to mititgate the damage dealt or taken, mooks that slow down those things happening too fast, etc.

I don't see how you couldn't run a Dark Souls like game in Pathfinder, it'd be pretty easy for a new GM and players who don't like dying. Namely because Dark Souls mitigates any significant impact of death into "lol try again but ur hollowed until u win."

>> No.50775283

Let me pull out the ability to show you what I'm talking about:

>History of Humanity The blood of dragons flows weaker in the veins of some wyrmtouched, leaving little clue as to their draconic heritage. Such a wyrmtouched doesn't need to succeed at a Disguise check to appear to be a creature of their subtype and count as humanoid (human) as well as dragon for all purposes (such as humanoid-affecting spells like charm person or enlarge person). If they wish, the wyrmtouched can instead choose a different subtype such as catfolk, dwarf, elf, goblinoid, kitsune, orc, reptilian, samsaran, vanara, and vishkanya, while wyrmtouched with the wyrmling alternate racial trait can select gnome, goblinoid, halfing, ratfolk, and wyrmtouched with the monstrous growth alternative racial trait can select giant. The wyrmtouched may not select other racial traits that would grant him obviously draconic features (such as the adamant scales, brutal dragoon, clawed hands, powerful tail, or wyrm wings alternate racial traits, although some subtypes can ignore these restrictions with GM permission). This ability alters the wyrmtouched’s type and subtype.

I have, it looks gorgeous, and as a Sol Main, I deeply enjoy it.

Check out the bestial kineticist, it could actually make something like that with drakes viable.

>> No.50775285

Combat being a "dance" is what leads to sessions that are 50% boring combat that is "5 ft step and full attack" or chargepouncelance-ing. Not a great dance, in my opinion. And I hate long combats. Rocket tag is better than the boring-ass 8 turn "difficult boss encounters" I see some GMs throw out.

>> No.50775291

The dude that came up with it said basically "if it sounds cool it's more likely to gain traction and will be more memorable". I think the dude played wow but idk.

>> No.50775297

User on the WotC forum named Stormwind was the one who first put it in words.

>> No.50775306

It's the hot new /pfg/ meme they run to anytime someone contests the idea of not playing 15 PB.

>> No.50775312

>No Kobolds


I hope you haven't actually FORGOTTEN the true scions of draconic legacy.

>> No.50775320


>That list

O-oh, thank you! Thank you!

>> No.50775329

As far as the chart read, there wasn't a kobold or tengu subtype listed on the SRD, although I'll look again.

>> No.50775346

Literally not trolling, I thought 15 point buy was normal. When I roll characters (4d6 drop lowest), I'd use the closest possible 15 point stat line to see how well I did. I thought one 8 in a line was just sort of a thing. I guess most people like 20?

>> No.50775349

Not literally dark souls, but the mood, ambushes and big scary bosses
We moved year ago to new action economy to mitigate it and it worked fine enough.
Sometimes I wish Paizo was brave enough to try multiround actions.
Dragon breaths that rev up on his round, and begin the next one. And it would be super powerful like this, pretty much killing anyone who does not find a way to survive it. Either by just running to cover, acrobatic, magic, big shield ,whatever.
Standard action economy is to blame for lot of boring things.

>> No.50775354

New thread


>> No.50775363

Never mind, I'm retarded, they just use Reptilian. Didn't notice it was subtypes not races.

In all seriousness though, got anything up your sleeve for 'bolds?

>> No.50775371

>new meme
It's from 2007-2008, which makes it older than you.

A lot of people still do have one 8 in their stat line, even at 25 PB.

>> No.50775377

Well that's pretty sick, to be perfectly honest.

>Sol main
As someone who mained robo Ky in AC+, and uses Ky a lot in Sign/Revelator, I want to duel the fuck out of that. Unfortunately I am become faggot, destroyer of fun, and have evolved into a Raven main.

>> No.50775382

5ft step and full attack/chargepouncelance-ing is the epitome of rocket tag though. Hell the only thing missing are the SoS and SoD.

Honestly that's the most boring way to play this game, especially when the GM is lazy/uncreative and just throws one big monster at a party who's racing just to contribute.

>> No.50775414

So why hate on initiating if it breaks up that monotony? I literally advocated initiating and multi-enemy encounters and you we're like "lolno that's dumb and it needs to be a dance"

Are you that same anon?

>> No.50775428

I'd like to give them more, probably some 'babby wyrmtouched' sort of thing, easier pathway into getting a breath attack, and things like that. Possibly a new smaller base race of wyrmtouched kobolds.

I'm a 'main character' player, so I main Sol and Ragna because having actual skill is difficult and I won't lose what little I learned in the force training mode.

I also main Ryu in SF.

>> No.50775497

I don't think you're replying to the right anon.
My argument was in favor of mooks meant to stop combat from devolving into rocket tag. I don't know anything about initiating.

>> No.50775511


>That list


>> No.50775544


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