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Fantasy Flight Games’ X-Wing and Star Wars: Armada Miniatures Games

Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars RPG System (EotE/AoR/FaD)

Other Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Tabletop (Imperial Assault, Star Wars: Destiny and the Star Wars LCG)

Fantasy Flight Games Dice App (Works with X-Wing, Armada, the Star Wars RPG system and Imperial Assault)

Older Star Wars Tabletop (d6, d20/Saga, etc.)

Reference Materials & Misc. Resources

All Canon Novels and Comics (via /co/)

Just What IS Canon Anyways?

The Clone Wars Viewing Guide


Shipfag's hangar


PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: We are Release Day+4 on Rogue One. Please exercise proper spoiler usage when discussion it. That is all, people.

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>Rogue One release
Krennic/Mendelsohn fucking made that film for me. What a champ.

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So how good is the U-wing in X-Wing? I can't make up my mind as to whether or not I want one.
While on the subject of X-Wing, I've ruled out the Partisan X-Wing as SWX58.

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Why've you ruled out the partisan x-wing?

I'm probably gonna pick up a U-wing after christmas, I don't think it will be a high priority though. Still want HotR (unless I get it as a gift)

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It's only seen on the ground as a background element. My current guesses for 58 are a new aces set or the Hammerhead as an epic ship.

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So when are we going to get some new FFG Star Wars rpg material guys? Seems like it has been forever since they released any news. I have been waiting on a Mystics book for FaD and a Spy book for AoR.

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So I'I new to FFG Star Wars. Just now looking at the EotE Core. Do the armor values look a little too small, or is it just me? How do they turn out working?

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A Spy book would be pretty timley, what with R1 just comming out. That, and I'd really like some new Spy specializations.

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Decent Endless Vigil scans fucking when

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They work fine and represent what we see in the movies.

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It's the Scum epic (whatever form it takes).

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I want it to be an X-wing + Y-wing set, which would make it a nice tie in with the film since Y-wings actually do something

Plus the Y-wing could do with some more pilots

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Speaking of Hammerheads, do we think THAT ONE was one of the ones Leia brought to Lothal in Rebels?


This is perfect.

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Anyone else kinda excited about The Corellian Conflict? I should be able to play it with three friends but I'm kinda new to the game and wanted some feedback on a list before I buy a few more things. I know Armada isn't very popular so figured I should ask before just dumping a list.

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I'd be happy to look the list over. Would you like suggestions to include known CC and wave 5 stuff since its out in a week or two? also, will this list be for Conflict or just a one off game?

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Force Hold your horses, I can play as a Space Otter?

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Conflict from what I've been told but I didn't get much elaboration on what that entails.

Objectives: Targeting Beacons, Fleet Ambush, Solar Corona

Commander: General Tagge

Flagship: ISD II
Boosted Coms
Electronic Countermeasures
Leading Shots

Interdictor Suppression Refit
Interdictor Title
Governor Tua
Electronic Countermeasures
SW-7 Ion Batteries
G-8 Experimental Projector
G7-X Grav Well Projector

Gladiator I
Ordinance Experts

5 TIE Squadrons
Valen Rudor

Sorry about the wait, my list cleared itself and I had to rebuild it.

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I love to hate and hate to love K-2SO.
He's obviously the merchandise fodder, but they wrote the character well enough that it upsets me to realize I love his character.

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When copies are common enough for someone to feel like DESTROYING THE BOOK.

To create a 'decent' scan requires taking the binding apart so you can scan the pages individually/flat.

Alternative answer; when you get a copy and scan it to provide to the /swg/ community.

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I agree actually. Of all the good guys, that robot was the only one who had any personality or any character development.

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Truly someone like that is the hero we need, but don't deserve.

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but seriously, someone please get me a clear(er) picture of this schway motherfucker.

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Chiss are old and busted, Pantorans are new hotness.

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Honestly, I'm not sure why they brought the Chiss back into canon. Pantorans were basically Chiss without the red eyes.

I know it's because of thrawn, but still

>> No.50760457

And that gold marking is just so much sexier than red eyes

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Don't have a scanner (Or a will to destroy my book, desu), but if there is any info you want from it, I can drop it in thread

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I'm still waiting on the Rogue One visual dictionary and Friends Like These

>> No.50760788

>Not wanting as many space waifu races as possible

>> No.50760834

if you could give me a clear pic of this pantoran, I'd be very grateful.

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>I'm still waiting on the Rogue One visual dictionary and Friends Like These

I'm hoping for a scan of the artbook. But since there hasn't been a scan for the Art of the Force Awakens either, I'm not super optimistic.

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Care to expand on this? Because I haven't had the opportunity to play yet, and they look weak.

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>they look weak.

Armor works in the game just as well as it does in the movies.

How well does it work in the movies?

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Well, R1 got me in the mood for more gritty Star Wars soldiering, so I dug Republic Commando out of my backlog. Just finished the Prosecutor-chapter and wow, I see why this game comes so highly recommended. A shame Disney won't touch the prequel era, I'd watch the shit out of a Delta Squad movie.

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So then yeah, it's weak. It doesn't work for shit in the films, and had at least a noticeable presence in the EU. That's more what I'm looking for.

Are there any easy fixes beyond just giving most of the actual combat armors a point more soak or so? Am I the only person who's bitched about it?

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RC was pretty bomb. Wish a lot of the foes felt less like bullet sponges (without the easy mode side-effect of you being invincible).

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I'm so fucking mad we didn't get this motherfucker as crew and pilot in the U-Wing expansion, instead we got a fucking space koala who appeared in 4 frames.
Anyway, any hopes they will realease yet another imperial shuttle and blue xwings in the near future?

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>Am I the only person who's bitched about it?

Pretty much.

It doesn't matter if it had a presence in the EU, because the entirety of the EU is in equal parts shit and non-canon.

Normal armor is basically there to (hopefully) turn a hit that would otherwise definitely kill you into a hit that might only badly injure you. It is not - ever - something to rely on or significantly build around unless you're getting access to something particularly noteworthy (like a full set of Mandalorian gear). Not getting hit at all is still the only defense that matters. Why do combat characters even bother with armor then? Because - since they're combat characters - eventually they're going to get unlucky. It's a surety. Therefore, they wear armor to help them survive the time they get unlucky, not to run out in front of an AT-AT and tank its fire.

Improving armor can be a thing you choose to do. However, if you do, you're certainly moving away from canon and the whole point of writing a game in a licensed universe. Tanking hits simply isn't "Star Wars".

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I'ts kinda weird, he piloted the ship most of the time, and was the best character in the movie but didn't get either pilot nor crew card. Droids truly get no respect.

>> No.50761904

If you want the true Republic Commando experience, play through it on Hard.

Those fucking SBDs man. I'd rather take on a droideka then a SBD in Hard mode

>> No.50761921

It does protect you from glancing hits
(light blaster pistol 4 + 1 success) - (2 brawn + 2 armor) = 1 damage

it cant stop a direct hit from a rifle very well, but it does downgrade a killing blow into a merely wounding one

in the movies, most people are put down with a direct hit, but the rebels are shown dying to near-misses because of the tine explosion they make while stormtroopers go down only to chest shots

the new movies shot it a bit better, although generic stormies still die in 1-hit due to plot reasons, there are many scenes where better tech shows that a hit to your armor does lessen the impact RIP Baze

so basically space kevlar, it stops medium hits at medium range, or light frag, but is not reliable at stopping rifle-sized hits

>> No.50761929

Which... really isn't at all how SBDs are depicted literally anywhere else. They're tough, but not boss-level tough.

Which is one of my few annoyances with RC.

>> No.50761983

Being what is commonly referred to as "Shit at games", I'll stick to medium, this game is kicking my ass enough as it is.

It's especially jarring since I've played so much BFII, where they are on pair with regular clone soldiers. Then again, in RC even genosians can tank bullets. They've just made all the enemies tougher in general to better sell the horrors of war, I suppose.

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Some people got me into the X-Wing game from FFG. They already play Rebels and Imperials, so I thought on getting the Scum/Villany faction. Now I'm wondering what to pick. I'm usually the sneaky rush player (heavy and fast movement, ambushes and stuff) so what ships would you recommend me (or maybe another faction for my playstyle)? Also, as a second question, d I need the basic box even if the dudes have both a basic box (they said I might need them for rulers and tokens)?

Thanks in advance anons.

>> No.50762311

it works wonders for Baze malbus, who has heavy combat armor

he is hit multiple times in his breast plate without dying, the blow knocks him on his ass, but he survives everything but the grenade

>> No.50762384

He would have been neat. Who the heck was Heff Tobber? I'm hoping for a Veterans style pack with an X and a Y. The X could do with an obligatory fix/title and a mid-PS generic with an EPT, the Y's could do with more pilots and maybe some ordinance utility upgrades (crew, bombs)

IG-2000 sounds like it's just right for you. It's a large-base but it's fast and nasty. Every ship comes with any tokens it could use, dice are sold on their own but rulers & maneuver templates are only with the base game boxes, however it's really nice to get a set of acrylic templates made on etsy or something.

>> No.50762395

Most Wanted is a great Scum starter, with dials for Z-95s, Y-Wings, a HWK-290 and a Firespray, but it lacks the rules, dice, and range ruler. Grabbing a core set is recommended, but if you don't want TIEs or X-Wings, you can trade them. Not sure if Ebay has the dice & tokens for cheap, but it could be worth a look.

Scum has a lot of tricky options, and a few rather fast ships, like the Mandalorian Fang, the Shadow Caster, the Jumpmaster and Agressor.

>> No.50762502

If you only ever play with those other guys, you'll be fine without a basic box.

One of scums specialties is out-aggressing the enemy, as in fucking up his shit faster than he can fuck up yours, so they might fit you. There isn't really any sneak-mechanics in the game, but cloaking devices exists, they temporarily raises your agility. Scum gets a budget-cloaking device as an upgrade that they can put on a few different ships, while Empire have the only ship in the game with a built-in one.

For fuck-you-turbomurdering, the big ships like the agressors, the jumpmaster, the hound's tooth and Slave I* all work, with protectorate-witness-meee-starfighters bringing the small ship firepower. If tricky dicky is more your play, Mist hunter and HWK* seems like good choices.

If you tell us some more about what ships you enjoyed flying when you tried it out, we might be able to provide som better advice.

*Need a Most Wanted kit to use with the scum faction. But you probably want one of those anyway.

>> No.50762683

I suppose it mostly depends on what your group wants. My group is more fond of body armor that actually acts like it is described in a great deal of the EU--you can bitch about it all you want, but quality aside, there are portrayals of it acting like proper body armor, and some of us like the EU--so we run with slightly-improved armor. You still won't find any soak tanks (unless you run into something stupid, like a Wookiee in Mandalorian besker armor), but everyone feels a bit more survivable.

My personal suggestion is to increase the defense of certain heavier stuff (like heavy battle armor or laminate) to 1/3 instead of 1/2 (or in the case of laminate, 0/2). This gives the more in-between armor of padded it's own actual place as honest-to-God medium armor, and it gives soldiers armor that gives it a bit more of a survivable feel; but it doesn't turn soldiers or mercenaries/bounty hunters into tanks.

You'll obviously find individual pieces that are crazier (I ran one Death Watch nemesis with beskar armor worth 1/5, and deeply regret it. I ended up downgrading it to 1/4 for their next encounter without telling them), but I find this change doesn't through the game too out of whack.

>> No.50762708

3 brawn and 3 soak, makes the standard blaster pistol only deal scratch damage

>> No.50762720

Yea, checked the Aggressor at the wikia. Damn the movement looks really good with all the greens. Does the title stack on 2 aggressors, like they give their ability to each other if both got the title IG-2000, or are titles exclusive?

Probably gonna buy the basic box then and maybe trade away the ships in the end to reduce the cost. Thanks for that info. Gonna check the ships later I guess.

Outperforming via aggressive movements is just my style. I haven't played yet (watched a round and a half) while getting a bette grasp at the rules. Usually playing stuff in other tabletops which is agile with movement so I can bully stuff which moved in a bad position or cruising solo. I like the "go fast, kill fast" approach while I outspeed my opponent.

In the end, I should go for a basic box where I probably sell most of the figures and either the Most Wanted set or 1-2 Aggressor depending on my playstyle. Guess I gotta play some test matches to get a grip on the playstyle I wanted.

Thanks everyone, really appreaciating this.

>> No.50762722

Anyone got the U-wing pages from the Visual Guide? I'm going to try and stat it

>> No.50762751

>Does the title stack on 2 aggressors, like they give their ability to each other if both got the title IG-2000, or are titles exclusive?

Yes, they stack. What exactly would the point of the title be if it didn't?

>> No.50762765

Oh yea, misread that. Thought it only grants the abilities of other IGs, not only IG-2000s.

>> No.50762777

Aggressor Bro-Bots is a very viable build and was really popular before the JumpMaster came out.

>> No.50762819

I need more space otters in my life.

>> No.50762859

>Smart enough to build starships and blasters.

Nothing about Coneships is smart

>> No.50762880

What if you need something to put ice cream fighters in?

>> No.50762882

I basically intended it to be around a level IIIA (or borderline III) equivalent, capable of reliably saving your life from pistol-sized weapons. Changing it to 0/3 or 1/3 does so with someone with a brawn of 3 or 4. Considering most soldier-types my players fought were between 2-3 brawn, it felt pretty good for all involved, and was more true-to-form to EU survivability in our eyes as opposed to the film's near-hyperbole treatment of body armor.

I'll admit this isn't playtested exceptionally thoroughly; I've only run a couple of games. But in those games it hasn't provided that much of an issue, since most foes my players found themselves going up against had anything from heavy blaster pistols up, and my players did not often have their own hands on top-tier kit. They were often running about with padded or just heavy clothes.

They were very wary against fighting soldiers or fully-kitted bounty hunters, and only did so when they had the advantage or could bring to bear weapons (carbines or higher) that could reliably harm guys in military-grade armor.

Personally, I felt that was really comfortable. It was a minor change, but provided just a little bit more tension to fighting things like stormtroopers or bounty hunters or mercenaries. My players reacted well, and the one time they got their own hands on the equivalent kit, they understood that it was a lot better against smaller stuff; but having brought down enough soldier types with heavier weapons, they understood that they couldn't run out in the open like Astartes.

>> No.50762912

Oh didn't know that! I assume JumpMasters are a hard counter or strictly better than Aggressors, or any other reason?

Guess I'll go with the Aggressors if the gameplay is like my expectation.

>> No.50762946

>6 soak storm troopers
oh god, we are all doomed

>> No.50762969

QUCIK, someone strain them to unconsciousness with SCATHING TIRADE

>> No.50763000

I have a Jedi wth 7 soak and 3 defence, who can parry or reflect up to another 7 damage each.

And he still gets wrecked on the reg.

Groups are brutal. I.e. Stormtroopers.

>> No.50763069

What are some good entry level Vader stories/comics I can get into?

>> No.50763092

your trips are impressive, jedi

what the hell is hitting you? blaster rifles should only be reduced to about 2 damage each

>> No.50763216

The Force is strong with me.

Recently Geonosian Zombie hordes, then a (quite literally because we made the fuckin story go this way) Megazord robot piloted by Sullustans.

The latest fight was a gruelling slug match versus a Togrutan with a flail, so I couldn't parry it at all. On top of that I missed with almost every single lightsaber attack.

>> No.50763252


Oh and the droid snipers and walking tanks.

E-11s Rifles and 5 Brawn Vibroaxes were tough.

Not to mention the Hailfire Droid things. We lost two PCs to those in two sessions (same guy lost both characters, now the GM is terrified of killing his dudes).

>> No.50763285

>won't touch the prequel ere
They brought back Rex and Ahsoka into Rebels, so they'll touch prequel things.
Hopefully they will do more with the actually pretty interesting prequel era, and just never touch the prequel movies.

Now I'm thinking about if the movie Anakin behaved like TCW Anakin. I think I might have actually believed some of his emotions and cared about the character.

>> No.50763425


He's hit two times, and is clearly down and incapacitated after the 2nd hit. The armor at most let him tank 1 blaster hit - which clearly still injured him - more than anybody else.

>Do you want screencaps for proof?

Dropping on the 2nd hit instead of the 1st is not "tanking" by any reasonable standard. In Star Wars, if you get shot, it's going to really suck for you, armor or no.

>> No.50763496

Noob question here, is there any real difference to the FFG RPGs other than focus? Like can you mix AoR, EotE, and F&D to have mixed party characters and not have to do any conversion work?

>> No.50763501

well, he survived

>> No.50763536

>can you mix

We do it all the time in my group

>> No.50763590

The newish Vader comic called Darth Vader. It's pretty good.

>> No.50763639


So does this guy. Blaster hits aren't always fatal. In fact, this guy and Baze took hits to their upper left chest, just under the collarbone. Basically the same place. And they both survived. They were also both down on the ground and clearly out of the fight shortly afterwards.

>> No.50763646

I have a question for those of you here who play Armada. Friend of mine has the core set for armada and the irregular squadrons pack and plays rebels. I got the imperial squadrons pack and an Imperial Star destroyer. Looking to get him a rebel ship for Christmas so he doesn't feel so under gunned in starship firepower, any recommendations? Been eyeing the Assault Frigate MKII because they were cool in Empire at War.

>> No.50763647

Followup question, did FFG sell them as separate and complete games just as a cash grab? There doesn't seem much reason they couldn't have just been splats for a single core game.

>> No.50763660


Goddamn it. Upper chest; same place, just opposite sides of the body. Clearly torso hit.

>Sorry, I mirrored where Baze actually got hit until I went back and recounted the number of times he got shot, just to make sure I didn't miscount in >>50763425

>> No.50763671

Is that Kanye West?

>> No.50763674


Get him a Star Destroyer and name it after the captured ones from Dark Empire. Nothing else is going to come close, save for maybe the MC90.

Rebels are *supposed* to be outgunned as shit.

>> No.50763677

you could compile it, but then it would have to cut out all the lore sections, which are actually fun to read

otherwise it would be 1200 pages long

>> No.50763681

Yeah probably. But the focus of each game is a bit different. Similar to what they did with 40krpg

AOR is more Rebellion Fighting focused
EotE is more Murderhobo focused
F&D is more Force/Lore focused.

>> No.50763688

I think that might just be how the Rebels do. The trick is to realize that for all their firepower the big Imperial ships handle like bricks and cost an arm and a leg.

>> No.50763697


I don't think so. He was never onscreen beating up Jyn.

>was it just me, or did Felicity Jones playing Jyn look a LOT like Sarah Michelle Gellar (with dyed hair)?

>> No.50763737

I don't exactly expect anything from the Rebels to be able to outgun an ISD short of New Republic EU ships, but what are opinions on the larger Alliance warships?

>> No.50763774

All the lights are green, sir.

>> No.50763838

Where's that homebrew starfighter module you guys like so much around here? And can someone tell a noob why you have that module in the first place?

>> No.50763908

Read Catalyst for more Krennic fun.

>> No.50763914

because regular starfighter combat is a recipe for TPKs

>> No.50763951

I'm familiar with the generic complaint. I was hoping for more of a detailed descripion alongside the PDF in question; I'm not intricately familiar enough with the game to understand exactly how it's so dangerous.

>> No.50764018

RAW, shields are next to useless, so any solid hit can one-shot almost any ship. Which makes it awfully easy to TPK a PC fighter unit. /swg/ has created several house-rule fixes for the issue; here's Emperor Norton's.

>> No.50764022

an A-wing has 1 defence and 2 armor
the average attack has a difficulty of 2 dice, upgraded to 3 if the A-wing takes evasive maneuvers
as long as the enemy is rolling at least 3 dice, your A-wing is dead, since a single hit from a TIE fighter can easily knock it dead, since it deals has 6 damage, twin-linked

so basically playing instagib on quake

>> No.50764029

Here's another.

>> No.50764046

And a third proposed solution. Use whichever suits you best.

>> No.50764068

well, in X-wing, shields are just as tough as hull, although at that point they are just extra hitpoints

>> No.50764087

So topic for discussion, what are peoples thoughts on the new movements being brought into XWM.
They started with the basics, but introduced stops, S-loops, T-roll, and now the reverse.

My thoughts.
S-loops and t-rolls are kinda varients on the k-turn, as you end up basically facing backward. The difference is that they give you a lot of lateral movement on top of that, so rather than setting you up to return from a joust to do it again, you set up a flank.
The new techs that let you boost/barrell roll after those make it so you can close to facing your starting position head on.

The stop is a very different beast, it makes the battlefield move around the ship. It proably catches me the most off guard when I face it, as it really throws off the rhythm of the game.

>> No.50764109

I imagine the dead stop looking like an airplane deploying its airbrakes, causing the guy behind him to appear to shoot right past him

>> No.50764146

>Gauan Dahun

How the hell do I pronounce that?

Also, Imperial ghost?

>> No.50764153

Sorry for the late response. Keep in mind that for conflict you're going to have to keep fleets alive through multiple battles. It can be really important then to prioritize defensive upgrades as you receive the points for them.

I think you might want demolisher and APTs or Assault concussion missiles. I wouldn't suggest spending points on a gladiator until then. If you're dead set on having something like the gladiator, a raider would probably be better, especially with an anti-fighter upgrade or two to help the ties out in their job.

Keep in mind that when it comes to the corellian conflict, killing a few of your opponents things and avoiding much more fighting than that is a reasonable play considering fleets carry over between battles. Kill an ace squadron, they're scarred. Kill a scarred ace, its out for the rest of the campaign. Nothing like nailing Jan Ors early on and leaving your opponent's faction without one of their strongest aces.

>> No.50764192

>gah-hoo-ahn dah-hoon
That's the closest it seems to me.

>> No.50764220

Is Jyn the new best girl?


>> No.50764247

>Tanking hits simply isn't "Star Wars".
Not that anon, but my biggest issue with the state of armor in games like EotE is more that it's pitiful defense for a combat system that's already vastly dissimilar to the films. In the movies, you see the heroes evading a barrage of gunfire from pretty sizable squads of foes. Stormtroopers might have supposed to be deadly-accurate shooters, but they never were when it came to our heroes escaping or going toe-to-toe with them.

This isn't likely to happen in FFG's line of Star Wars games because the character's combat defense is extremely passive. The attacker rolls against a static difficulty depending on range, which is usually 2 purples for short and 3 for medium. The problem is any somewhat-competent opponent is probably rolling between 3-4+ dice for an attack, so the odds to hit are always in their favor. This is further complicated by the game's minion rules, where more dudes in a cluster increases their chance to hit because their skill goes up. In a system that's supposed to feel like you're a major hero like Luke or Han, those Stormtroopers suddenly don't seem as laughably inaccurate when a minion group of 5 are shooting you with blaster rifles.

I have no problem with the EotE and other systems being really lethal; it's actually a nice change of pace. The problem though is that such swingy combat means there's not much you can do to really brace yourself for an attack. Why isn't Dexterity adding to your dodging capabilities? Why not have opposing dice pool combat rather than the antiquated "AC to hit" method that completely excludes the defender from the action?

>> No.50764275

*meant Agility, not Dexterity

>> No.50764276

or run into them, which doesn't fit because the rules for bumping are necessary game abstraction, but don't really fit reality unless the bump is a close one.

Like if you bump and up in very close to the position you were going to, but lose your action and possibly attack, it feels like a near collision forced you to divert. But when you lose half the distance you were going to travel, it very clearly a game thing.

But most of the time, yes, it's like you described.

>> No.50764395

>Pantorans were basically Chiss without the red eyes.
Physically, sure, but drastically different, culturally.

Not that it matters, since Star Wars cultures tend to be homogenized into, "Like humans, but with minor differences."

>> No.50764553


Well, Tallon Rolls and Segnor's Loops are terms with description in the greater starwars universe. S-loop is a tactic where you basically loop around and double back to pass through the same space going the other direction, and Tallon Roll is a 3D movement to stay behind a target doing a 2D movement to turn and break away from you, which kind of reflects how you do a hard turn then turn in, ideal to kind of tuck in on an opponent who did, say, a tighter turn or bank in front of you.

K-Turn is the same thing actually, I think it comes from the Thrawn Trilogy. Slam to full throttle, then jut and maneuver so you basically pivot around while momentum keep the fighter moving forward (i/e the Monty Python maneuver of many 2D space games). These maneuvers are reflected in the game, situations where you can gain additional maneuvers on an opponent, typically at the cost to the pilot or the space frame.

Stops, and now Reverses are interesting. Actually doing a dead stop in space (or in atmo while remaining airborne) is pretty tough, you have to cancel all of the inertia of the ship without doing any turning around and just pop a hover - probably why all Stops not infused with some technical aspect are Red (though, theorycraft topic - imagine a ship with a white stop. Or a Green stop). Reverse in some ways is easier than to stop, and while annoying will probably be easier to wrap tactics around, except most ships are not built so their primary thrust axis can be two directions - they have to do K-Turn maneuvers and the like. One could argue the Stop is supposed to be the full Top Gun Maneuver, but that's more of an action ethos anyway - tactically in X-Wing you can just use a slower maneuver (especially if you know an opponent lacks it) to force them to bump or overshoot. Only big landers can nominally pop a stop because, well, they're supposed to.

>> No.50764586

>white dead stop
so like a ship with boosters facing backwards?

>> No.50764605


I'm interested to see where maneuvers go from here. With just the templates they have, there are still some interesting options - besides just the fact of making additional reverse maneuvers. Reverse Turns (you know they'll happen some day!) are one thing, but imagine a reverse K. You do a straight back then rotate 180 degrees, the power retreat.

But also, given that ships are, y'know, really flexible with this whole space and anti-gravity thing, you might even do some more interesting techniques. Imagine a Tallon Roll where you don't turn back around, but instead stay forward - a power slide around obstacles. Or a banking template where you turn in from, opposite your bank, a "slip" which can carry you out of the enemy line of fire but line right up your shots.

>> No.50764672

It's cool, no real rush.

So in theory I could focus on locking out a threat or isolating a target with my Interdictor to knock it out then just retreat once the damage is done to try and attrition the rebel players. Sounds fun. Is the raider actually decent? Its apparent frailty kinda has me leery of it. Same with the gozanti and I'm not sure how I feel about the light cruiser. I also just sorta have the ISD already so that's a good part of why it's there. I was planning on making sure I have electronic countermeasure on both my larger ships at least and should have synergy with Tagge, I noticed accuracy results hurt a lot last couple of games so being able to get it on my Interdictor with Tua has me excited.

At the moment I was just planning on grouping all my TIEs into a single reserve deathball with Rudor to try and alpha other squads with an ace as they engage my capital ships and maybe that'll buffalo an opponent expecting them to just screen.

>> No.50764707

the striker kinda does something like this by forcing you to chain a manuever before your manuever.
There is more they could do with that. U-turns where you have to do two hards of the same speed and barring.
Or bank where you have to do a barrel roll to the outside of the turn at the end.

>> No.50764721

>ctrl f Chirrut
>no results

>> No.50764749

This is why old WEG's emphasis on dodge as a defensive skill was better

>> No.50764780

We're still grieving

>> No.50764789


Well, I mean, some of the actions already take care of that sort of stuff. For instance, if you can SLAM, you can U-Turn by just chaining 2 turns together. Actually double moving without a SLAM or some kind of other upgrade is probably unlikely.

>> No.50764816

The Force is with me, I am one with the Force.

>> No.50764822

I actually cared about his fate. :(

>> No.50764826


>> No.50764838


I wasn't that enamored with the character overall, but I liked some of the individual bits he did. In the end, I guess it was a Wash.

>> No.50764849

that's why I added in restrictions. instead of you can choose, it's a you must.
Like the striker isn't just being able to perform a boost action before their movement, it's unless you have the special ability. (also technically not a boost action, it's a manuever so that changes things).

I mean, turning around after a bank is basically the use of the lightning reflexes upgrade, but it's a manuever now.

>> No.50764878


Well, you could just leave off the Title, but then the Striker has a weirdly slow dial for a superiority fighter.

Which I suspect if FFG does a TIE/SK to add crew/bombs in line with the visual dictionary will work out quite nicely.

>> No.50764891


>> No.50764892

The raider is not amazingly tough, but never get too leery at a Gozanti. between its cheapness and a scatter, the Gozanti will survive far longer than you'd expect. The new Arquitens can be durable if you play with it as a floating gun barge going at long angles with the enemy. Most ships can't match 3 reds if you're only in red range, and having an evade helps win trades at that distance.

If you did want to run a raider, you should run it as something to beat up transports or act as a squadron support vessel. both its titles help it kill squadrons, which could be very useful in your list. It can also act as a buffer if your opponent brought an MC30 or wants to go nose to nose with you in a fight.

an ISD is almost never a bad buy, my biggest concern with that is using boosted comms. I'd suggest packing expanded hangar bays since its the same price and would let you activate your entire fighter wing in one move.

As to your fighter wing, it works perfectly fine, especially with how the conflict will encourage you to add to your fleet. Howlrunner will help immensely as an early upgrade once you secure the points, and I expect you'll frequently cost your opponent more than what you spent on fighters.

Mind if I ask what you currently have available? that might color my suggestions a bit.

>> No.50764950

Sure, but you might have an unwanted visitor.

>> No.50764972


>> No.50765013

Personally, I preferred the philosophical differences between Chirrut and Baze. It was a real battle of Whills

>> No.50765142


I don't know, but that's certainly a big guy she's with.

>> No.50765146

At the moment I have Core, an ISD, a Gladiator, the Interdictor, and the first Squadron Pack. Was planning on getting a cruiser just for the new cards and I kinda like it's looks even if I'm unsure what to do with it. Older cards I don't have I should be able to draw from our pool since we're not treating it like an arms race.

How could a raider act as a buffer exactly against that? Also nice catch on the ISD, definitely switching to expanded hanger. I'm also kinda hoping if things go well I can give it turbolasers and ion upgrades to give it more teeth since it feels a little bare. Howlrunner is a great idea for expansion too, maybe with a extra advanced squadron for insurance. At the moment I'm not super worried about Rudor thanks to his ability but I might just be worrying too much. Do you think I might be overspending on defense between an Interdictor, countermeasures, Tagge, ect or will I still have enough bite in my list?

>> No.50765156


Can you imagine them in a debate show talking about that? Say...an asian cooking show with a sideline in debating the nature of the Force, broadcast over the internet/holonet. The only problem is that the Star Wars universe already contains E-woks.

>> No.50765206

Is complete vehicles cross section canon? I'm looking for some numbers on ship lengths and sources all seem to disagree.

>> No.50765212

>Not that it matters, since Star Wars cultures tend to be homogenized into, "Like humans, but with minor differences
I never understood this complaint. Like, what are you expecting? They're cultures written by humans for humans, they're going to be written from the human perspective based on human experience for humans to understand. Nothing "alien" written by humans is going to truly be alien unless you just don't describe it at all and footnote that it's beyond human comprehension.

>> No.50765217


If you remember, Stormtroopers are technically elite forces. If you want swarms of NPCs for your Rebs to chew through, use Imperial Army Troopers.

>> No.50765252


It is canon...but it also disagrees with clearly observed sizes of ships on film (when those ships are compared to objects whose sizes are objectively measurable). And obviously the stuff onscreen is also canon.

Basically, assume that <no> ship measurements in Star Wars are canon, and ballpark it yourself. If the difference between a 42m long ship and a 43m long ship are going to fuck up your campaign, then you've got some other pretty major structural issues in your game.

>> No.50765258


>> No.50765277

When are we getting scans of the new AOR adventure?

>> No.50765307

they do tend to be a bit 'planet of hats'
which is okay for worlds that are just stopovers. Because there the surface is all that we see or need and it would drag the book down to spend chapters on that world YES DAVID WEBER I AM TALKING ABOUT YOU.

But shit like the bothan after or other worlds where were they're important to the overall story I feel like they could have had a bit more variety and depth put into them.
Maybe they do, I haven't read all the EU, but I'm over a dozen in, bothans have had a major character in at least 6, and they are all very similar with one exception and basically no time was spent on why she's an exception. Is this also normal among bothans and we haven't seen the rest. Is it class/status based, is it causing problems for her.

any recs for good books that actual delve into alien cultures in SW?

>> No.50765326

>Basically, assume that <no> ship measurements in Star Wars are canon, and ballpark it yourself. If the difference between a 42m long ship and a 43m long ship are going to fuck up your campaign, then you've got some other pretty major structural issues in your game.
Naaaah. I'm just trying to figure out how in or out of scale certain things are in X-wing, specifically the U-wing (which seems to be monstrously smaller than it should be).

>> No.50765388


Oh, then yeah. It is. Xwing minis are <kind of> in scale - Xwings, Ywings, TIEs, and Awings are basically all in scale with each other. That's it, honesly. Pretty much nothing else is in any sort of scale; they want just them to fit comfortably above a base of "X" size and look good.

And judging from what's onscreen, the U-wing should have dimensions not dissimilar from the Falcon (when the wings are forward, it's close to as long as the MF, when the wings are extended out, it's as wide as the MF). Obviously the model is nowhere close to that.

>> No.50765434

Flying your raider alongside your ISD or Interdictor on the side the MC30 is looking like it wants to jump onto means they either shoot it, trying to pop a 50 or so point ship and maybe not killing it, or shooting through it at a major target and having the shot obstructed. In either scenario, if the raider survives it tosses a good amount of dice out of its nose, then moves to let his buddy get a clear shot and blast the dumb little bastard that tried to murder snuggle it. This also gives the benefit of having a 2 black anti squadron attack next to your bigger ship, helping shoot down a squadron swarm in case someone thought to bring 9 Y-wings or so and your tie defense is overwhelmed. plus the impetuous title is only four points, and lets you double tap your anti squadron armament to kill an ace if you really need to.

The biggest concern you should have list wise is getting overwhelmed with targets. The ISD II has THE arc in the game when it comes to one shotting dumbass ships that dare to get within firing range of its big guns, but the interdictor is somewhat underwhelming when it comes to shooting. Its not terrible, it actually puts out the same number of shots in a double arcing situation as a victory (with more blues than reds) but its not going to solo targets. You might cut the SW-7 ion cannons off of it and strap on ion cannon batteries, considering a crit means you either mess up plans or get an additional damage in. With those smaller shots, you'll want to be using all those accuracies you roll to be preventing braces or redirects.

I'll be honest, Tagge seems like a poor man's Motti considering you'd be getting 5 hull at minimum, possibly 6 or even 7 depending on your third ship choice. Tagge works with your selection, but I worry opponents will bring something like a Y-wing or Rieekan ace spam list along and just overwhelm you while also mitigating your options when it comes to defense tokens. Maybe try him out and see if you like him.

>> No.50765457

Firespray is pretty close to in scale.
After that large ships are much larger, and ships closer to the firespray in size got shoved into small ships.
Measurements are so important to the game they kinda had too or they'd have to severly limit the numer of ships.

>> No.50765466

>tfw zero Bothans died to bring the Alliance the Death Star plans

>> No.50765496


>> No.50765504


wrong death star

>> No.50765529

we're gonna either have people genuinely asking why there weren't any bothans or people shitposting asking why no bothans were in rogue one for fucking months aren't we?

>> No.50765548

I believe the further you get from Waves 1 and 2, the further you get from any semblance of scale.

>> No.50765558


Years, mate.


>> No.50765589

>And judging from what's onscreen, the U-wing should have dimensions not dissimilar from the Falcon (when the wings are forward, it's close to as long as the MF, when the wings are extended out, it's as wide as the MF). Obviously the model is nowhere close to that.
The Wook seems to list it at about 24 meters long, so about twice the length of an X-wing, though it doesn't say if the wings are included in that or not.

>> No.50765613

MC80s have less guns but I've seen them over power imp 1s. Ive seen assault frigate destroy victorys in the first volley. I've seen arc-170s take down corvettes with the tail gun. Dont discredit the ingenuity of the rebellion

>> No.50765628


I think it would be hilarious if one of the future anthology films is actually about the Bothans who leak the info of the second Death Star.

Bonus points if they call it Rogue Two.

>> No.50765650


Lucasfilm seems to give FFG the stats, and FFG makes models accordingly, so obviously if they can't keep that stuff in order then you'll get discrepancies, but if you see a disparity between say, a "classic" EU measurement and an FFG mini, it's probably because somebody at LFL gave them a different scale, possibly based on a newer media (like TCW or Rebels).

That said, even then most of the models are roughly in the 1/240(?) scale the game starts as. The U-Wing has a smaller body, but with the long wings and for mechanical purposes it acts better as a large base ship, as opposed to a K-Wing or ARC-170 which technically might have similar wingspans or higher mass, but are clearly small crew combat vehicles not transitioning to like, a space C-130 or anything.

>> No.50765732

Hey, is Baze wearing Guavian Death Squad armour?

>> No.50765814

Alright, thanks a ton for the help. I'll see about including a raider and playtesting a bit with my teammate once I get home from Christmas to get a feel for it and if Tagge is worth it. Not to mention I have a feeling he is going to want to use Motti. As for the ion battery I was guess I could see that, I'm really going to be relying on the ISD aren't I?

If it doesn't work out I could maybe try out my Victory from core role and possibly fit in a generic or mostly bare Arquitens to flank slowed or isolated targets out at long range. That could help if the ISD would have to do too much heavy lifting.

I'll work out a revised list either tonight and tomorrow and post it after, before I go have any thoughts on the wave 5 squadron pack? Lambdas sound really cool to me but I just couldn't fit one in that list.

>> No.50765962

although the FFG books were made before episode VII

rouge one and rebels show stormtroopers doing work down to the lowest level, from patrols to guarding prisoners

>> No.50765977

the classic would be admiral ackbar broadsiding
that can totally overwhelm most ships that isnt the ISD II

>> No.50766069

>Ive seen assault frigate destroy victorys in the first volley
The someone really fucked up the rules.
Even attacking from the rear, you have to get through 1 shield and 8 hull points with at most 5 red dice and one blue. So that blue couldn't remove more than one defense token from play.

>> No.50766097


So was he gay? He and the blind guy seemed real close.

>> No.50766109

M-Maybe he means across all mediums and games, like Empire at War.

>> No.50766110

They're not gay, but that won't stop the tumblrinas from shipping them.

>> No.50766128

That wasn't gay, that was more than gay. That was Bromance.

The force is with me. I am one with the force.

>> No.50766134

Yes they were in love

>> No.50766145

Just saw the movie today. How was Admiral Fatbar so based? Everyone pussying out except him.

And how did they hyperdrive inside a planet's atmosphere? Isn't that impossible?

>> No.50766150

its pretty clear that they need each other, its not my place to say what that makes rhem
badass C3PO and R2D2 maybe

>> No.50766178

he must.
because he has the ARC-taking out a corvette, which sure that can happen after enough attacks, but even with the max combo i think that maxes at 5 hits. Which isn't even getting though the shields in one hit.

>> No.50766182

So we've established this is basically the Brian's Skyline of Star Wars, right?

>> No.50766199

>Isn't that impossible?
No. Just dangerous. Even more dangerous to come out of hyperspace in one, but that happened in TFA.

>> No.50766318

>based on Winston Churchill
>immediately jumps to assist the only operatives willing to take a risk against the Empire
>subscribes to the Gurren Lagann philosophy of smashing your opponent with their own stuff, RIP Imp-Is

A shame his flagship caught a bad case of Sith Lord before it could bug out.

>> No.50766341

maybe his escape pod was picked up by the ghost
since he was replaced by admiral ackbar, he prolly dead

>> No.50766353

Has nucanon released any demographic info on Raddus' "ethnic group" (for lack of a better term)? How common is his skin coloration compared to the classic Admiral Ackbrown?

>> No.50766370


He's from the polar regions.

>> No.50766372

it used to be, but no hyperspace inside a strong gravity well (and no comm contact inside hyperspace) was a Legends thing. Disney has ditched these elements
which is weird, because they also recanonised Interdictors.

>> No.50766375


He's from the north pole of the world so his skin is darker.

>> No.50766408

I didn't read it as anything more than a strong teacher-student bond. Even if Baze wasn't formally his student, he certainly approached Chirrut with the respect and awe with which approaches a teacher (or a parent).

>> No.50766411

>all those pure white Mon Cal on the Profundity bridge
I knew that had to be deliberate.

>> No.50766414

>North Pole Mon Cal introduced in a December film

>> No.50766418

obviously the interdictors project heavy gravity, like suns and black holes, while planets only put out light gravity, which doesn't interfere with hyperspace as much

>> No.50766431


I know in a previous thread we were discussing how in Legends the Battle of Yavin convinced the Mon Calamari to officially join the Rebellion but I kind of hope in NuCanon they amend it to make it at least partially because of Scarrif and Raddus.

>> No.50766434

my memory might be poor, but i'm pretty sure I get a drastically different santa in x-wing

>> No.50766472

Not how it was in Legends, and the mechanism hasn't been explained in Nucanon. So take your 'obviously' and stuff it.

>> No.50766491

The visual guide section on the Profundity mentions that it was part of a wave of "residential projects" on Mon Cal that took off and ran to the Rebellion for military refit as soon as they got an opening. Maybe the North Polers were less willing to give Imperial occupation a chance and lead the first wave of emigrants?

>> No.50766515


Those arctic motherfuckers knew winter was coming.

>> No.50766535


>> No.50766543

I read it as more of a guardian thing. Baze struck me as Chirrut's guardian (since Chirrut was so uniquely strong in the Force, and it seems Baze's connection was weaker; yet he was packing so heavy), and they grew as close as brothers during their time together. The only thing we both concretely know is they were both Guardians of the Whills, so they were likely brothers in the clerical sense.

>> No.50766552


>> No.50766624

I agree. Discussing it later with friends, we came to conclusion that Chirrut was a long-time member of that temple order, and that he might have lured Baze into the monastic life from some seedier profession (hence Baze's top-tier weapons and fighting skills).

>> No.50766642

>Saw with a white beard and a literal candy cane
>naughty Imperials keep trying to intercept his hoversleigh full of presents/thermal detonators
>constantly pausing to take a therapeutic huff of pressurized Christmas Cheer

>> No.50766803 [SPOILER] 

Press F

>> No.50766954

Nah, I've considered upgrading it too. Not by much, only 1 or 2 point.

>> No.50766957

Yeah he did a good job, I would have liked Saw/Whitaker to be a bit more crazy though, maybe he should have watched Blue Velvet and went for the whole Frank Booth huffing gas.. but that's not very disney, hell its not really suitable for anyone

>> No.50766979

Maybe it's true for commiserating about the gqme and feeling accomplished, but even on easy every enemy has at least *slightly* more HP than in any other depiction, including the movies.

>> No.50767019

>any recs for good books that actual delve into alien cultures in SW?
Not really, aside from the Zahn books focusing on the Chiss. Star Wars as a whole tends to ignore the alien cultures and just keeps them all as stereotypes.

>> No.50767095

FFG books are 90% EU 10%nucanon.

>> No.50767172

Ok, how would Big Boss work in Star Wars? Would he be a Mandalorian who was betrayed by the Empire?
Or maybe a mercenary for the Rebellion who became disillusioned after the fall of the Empire and the Alliance's failure to destroy the First order?
I have a weird fixation on playing Snake in different settings and seeing how well he'd fit.

I mean, I already know C-3P0 is the canon Snake of Star Wars...

>> No.50767221

I really love this new Helmet, but I can't tell if I like it more or less than the Rebels imperial driver helmet.

>> No.50767271


I like it more

>> No.50767277

Alderanian Imperial Operative goes on a mission to retrieve plans stolen by the Rebellion, finds out it's the original Death Star plans. Is hailed as a hero by the Imperial propaganda machine, but knows that the plans will serve as the basis for the second Death Star. Leaves to start his own rebel cell, but despite initial successes he learns he's been manipulated by the Empire who used him as "bait" to lure rebel sympathizers. Manages to escape, but loses his base in the process. Tries to build his own mercenary unit in the Outer Rim after that, becomes something of an independent warlord. However, because of his image and success as an operative and leader, he's secretly cloned by the Empire, who use these clones to track him down. In a twist of fate, the successful clones end up joining different factions: Rebels, Imperials and Mercenaries.


>> No.50767312

Sweet fucking hell was Rogue One awesome! I just saw it, and now I need a new change of pants! I ruined them when the rebel fleet showed up and Pops fucking called in! And Ion Torpedoes! And fucking hammerhead hammering shit! And oh fuck my pants are a sticky mess!

>> No.50767321

They loved each other in a pure greco-slavic heroic nonsexual man-love way.

>> No.50767362

We call them bromances.

>> No.50767380

Now Krennic's obsession with Galen on the other hand....

>> No.50767381

Or just having friends. You know, like people tend to do when they're not basement shut-ins.

>> No.50767389

>hyperdrive inside a planet's atmosphere? Isn't that impossible?
My take is that it's pure-D kamikaze work, impossible on a computer, something that's pure intuition, only the best alive, maybe the best ever could pull it, and even then only with a hyperdrive with every last safety protocol stone gone. Not a thing that could be ever replicated, and even less by someone who's not ready to accept the nobility of failure and take a 99% chance of pure death because they think they're good enough and it's certain death on the line anyways.

>> No.50767403

Rewrote my Corellian Conflict list, but I'm about to crash out.

Objectives: Targeting Beacons, Planetary Ion Cannon or Fleet Ambush (both seem kinda cute with the grav well generator, thoughts?), and Solar Corona.

Commander: General Tagge

Flagship: ISD II
Flight Controllers
Expanded Hanger Bay
Electronic Countermeasures
Leading Shots
Heavy Turbolaser Turrets

Interdictor Suppression Refit
Interdictor Title
Governor Tua
Electronic Countermeasures
Medical Team
Ion Cannon Batteries
G-8 Experimental Projector
G7-X Grav Well Projector

Raider I
Ruthless Strategists

5 TIE Squadrons
Valen Rudor

4 point bid.

Definitely feels better overall. The larger ships look more consistent at doing damage while the TIE deathball got even meaner thanks to expanded hangers and flight controllers on the ISD, which with the help of the Impetuous with ruthless strategists should chew through squadrons at an alarming rate. Alternatively I could drop the less effective anti squadron card for a better bid or something I might have missed.

>> No.50767404

Well now that's just rude.

>> No.50767409

I don't think you understand bromance, broheme.

>> No.50767426

>He doesn't have a bromance partner

>> No.50767455

>you will never have a bromance this amazing because you're the group mom and straightman of the friend group.

>> No.50767473

I could get behind this

>> No.50767485

My thinking is that he started life as the padiwan of a master who was born pure warrior, perhaps mando and carried that to her apprentices, only to, a decade before the clone wars, fall victim to one of the OJO's oddly appropriate No-Backup, No-oversight, No-ethics, No-limits lunatic undercover jobs, ending the MGS III way. Ten years later, he's a mercenary on the eve of the clone wars, sympathetic to the CIS. He runs into one of sheevy P's earliest dry-run superweapons. In the first year of Space MSF/Outer Heaven 0.1 , first the Emperor's Hands and supercommandos hit his station, put him in a nine-year coma. After that, it's present-day game time, who knows which way it's gonna ho?

>> No.50767505



Although, to be honest, I feel that jumping out should be somewhat easier (not "easy", just "easiER") than jumping *into* a planet's gravity well. Still nothing you want to do regularly, or even being your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th choice of options.

>> No.50767531

the real reason he killed his wife all along

>> No.50767554

Reading Catalyst actually seems to imply this

>> No.50767565

so a bit like Adama jumping into atmo.
Only Adama didn't need to shut down as many safety proticals as the computer system was basically frankensteins monster by that point.

>> No.50767571


Are you kidding?

Endless Vigil is perfectly legible.

Savage Spirits pdf is absolutely fucking not.

If someone could get me a picture of each spec tree from Savage Spirits and the two signature abilities, that would be great. None of the text is legible in the pdf.

>> No.50767836

not who you're responding to, but boss and bigboss being jedi or related to the jedi order feels wrong to me.

>> No.50767867

bromance is more than just friends.
its the platonic equivalent of a romantic couple

>> No.50767910

I agree with this one:>>50767836

I feel like Big Boss/Snake are very much "warriors" in a way that Jedi aren't. Like, on a spiritual level war is a part of him, while Jedi are great warriors despite being spiritually peaceful.
Still... I do like the idea of a Jedi from Mandalore. Is that too fanfic? I could see playing up the contrasts between the two cultures as something fun, and feeling kind of torn or disgusted by one or the other.

>> No.50768032

>Still... I do like the idea of a Jedi from Mandalore. Is that too fanfic?

Eh, Jedi are giant mary sues by definition. As are Mandalorians. They can't NOT be mary sues, so you might as well go for a concept that combines their sueness, since you aren't going to be able to avoid rightful claimed of playing a sue anyway.

>> No.50768073

>They can't NOT be mary sues

I disagree.

its entirely possible to make a normal Mandalorian character.

>> No.50768192

I'm my cell's combat specialist so this makes want to make a Mandalorian as my backup character in case of death.

What do you think of a tired older Mandalorian rebel from the clone wars who just wants to make sure Mandalore is sovereign and doesn't believe the Empire would ever really allow that? Ground down by the conflict between the death watch, protectors, new mandalorians and the rise of the Empire he doesn't care what faction has power anymore just so long as it stabilizes and the Empire buggers off. To that end he's just going to follow the tenants of his culture the best he can, keep out of the politics, and focus on the kind of merc work he knows best. This workable or no?

I'm not really an expert on them so I don't know if this is already one of their many factions or characters. Any suggestions or advice?

>> No.50768224

>This workable or no?

Very workable.

>so I don't know if this is already one of their many factions or characters

Legends canon had Fenn Shysa trying to dislodge the Empire from Mandalore, but he was basically "good guy irish boba fett"

As of current canon, we only really have two confirmed Mando factions (Imperial Mandos and Concord Dawn Protectors), with maybe a third (according to Friends Like These) who are just resol'nare mando folks who don't cleave to either side.

>> No.50768319


One must die and one must live. No victory, no defeat. The survivor will carry on the fight. It is our destiny... The one who survives will inherit the title of "Darth." And the one who inherits the title of "Darth," will face an existence of endless battle.

I'll give you ten minutes. In ten minutes, TIEs will come and bomb the hell out of this place. If you can beat me in less than ten minutes, you'll be able to escape in time!

>> No.50768360


The Blue Leader X-Wing Pilot was a General, so Raddus wasn't the only based as fuck Flag officer.

RIP Blue Squadron, you fucked up those Camel motherfuckers.

>> No.50768365

>Legends canon had Fenn Shysa trying to dislodge the Empire
I remember something about that, he was their Mandalore at the time right, or was it a friend of his?

>we only really have two confirmed Mando factions (Imperial Mandos and Concord Dawn Protectors), with maybe a third (according to Friends Like These)

Wow that's a big change from what I remember when I was younger. Any canon information on the clans or no? Could use some reading before bed.

Basically I want to fit him in somewhere where he screwed up somewhere along the line and it pained his sense of mandalorian honor and duty during the clone wars. Maybe he just wasn't with his clan when shit went down on Mandalore due to the exile of those who followed the old wars, or (because my GM loves PC secrets for drama to the point he mandates one important one be turned in with every character sheet) he fought with the Death Watch. That was still a thing in the clone wars cartoon right? I think I caught some of that while it was on.

That starts to feel edgier though and I dunno how I feel about that even if it's an easy secret to give the gm. Although I'm curious what he'd do with it. Apologies for rambling, half asleep but can't quite get there while thinking about things.

>> No.50768435

>Any canon information on the clans or no?

Not really anything solid, but Rebels does mention Clans and Bloodlines (for instance, Clan Vizla). Its assumed its still an aspect of mando culture.

>That was still a thing in the clone wars cartoon right?

Oh yeah, the Death Watch were kind of a big deal in TCW. In a nutshell, they were basically the only "true" mandos considering the culture had gone post-ww2 japan and embraced peace. They exiled everyone off world, and that eventually became the Death Watch. Unfortunately, Darth Maul killed their leader (Pre Vizla), and took over, led them to reclaim mandalore, and then got his shit kicked in by Sheev - Maul fled, a portion of the Death Watch revolted, and in the end, Mandalore kinda fell apart. 16ish years later, its ruled by Imperial Mandalorians, most of which were part of the pro-maul hardliners.

In your characters case, he probably was the "mandalore for true mandalorians" type, but when Pre went full on warcrimes, only to be killed by a sith lord, you probably left. In the end, shit went out of control and you might regret not having been able to be a positive influence on things. Regrets magnify the older you get.

>> No.50768499

I would kinda agree, really. This Big Boss would have been mentored *by* a jedi, though a very tenuous one by OJO standards, though I would say he wouldn't be considered an actual one by anyone in his day, either, just a failed apprentice who went merc rather than take life as a forced farmer.
Mostly, I figured that the OJO, in the absence of The Philosophers, would be the only ones pure-D crazy to come up with an undercover horrorshow like the Virtuous Mission/Operation Snake Eater

>> No.50768581

This should round out the character concept nicely. Looks like I finally need to stop procrastinating and watch the Clone Wars too. Appreciate the insight, Anon, it's been a huge help.

It'll be a very different experience from my angry Alderaanian I'm still rolling with from the premade so that should be fun in its own right. I think I'm going to go with green armor with grey trim to signify duty and mourning, or at least that's what a little blurb I just read on the wook told me the colors mean. For iconography on the armor I think I'm going to go with the symbol of Mandalore itself and something for his clan whatever that is in blue maybe rather than personal icons? Sounds like what he's more or less about would be apparent to another Mandalorian if not his motivations, but they always struck me as the sorts to wear their loyalties as a pledge and self affirmation of sorts anyway.

>> No.50768624

Just a random thought, since y'all are for EoTE and therefore for obligation percentages: what if this mando is also drunk as fuck? He is always on the liquor, and the drunker he gets, the more uncompromisingly old-school fett-buddy supercommando he gets, and how drunk he gets and therefore his reactions are very slightly unpredictable

>> No.50768712

I like it, but we're AoR. I was thinking joining up with a cell to fight the Empire itself would be the most direct way to make sure Mandalore is free in an old soldier's mind. I could set the character aside as an autotake if anyone runs EoTE but is it possible to split between obligation and duty? I've never really considered that before as a possibility.

>> No.50768766

Hey, are there any talents or force powers in this game to represent the ancient jedi/sith art of taunting people into losing their shit and falling to the darkside/redeeming into the light? I can't remember the technique's name but the Emperor was supposed to be a master of it, and telling people to FULFILL THEIR DESTINY as an actual thing instead of just general RP might be fun.

>> No.50768790

As a kid, I replaced the red bricks with blue in my X-Wing LEGO set and called myself Blue Leader.

MFW I see it on-screen as an adult.

>> No.50768795

The biggest thing i wish R1 had was monkbro trying to take on vader and getting his shit kicked in. I was really worried they wouldn't have vader do anything worth a damn, but holy fuck those last 5 minutes

>> No.50768802

Pretty sure the joke just went over your head.

That's okay, it was a light joke. You only sense heavy jokes.

>> No.50768853


if monk met Vader it would have ruined the mystery/mysticism of what he was, ie was he some wayward Jedi survivor, an untrained sensitive, a normie the will of the force was operating through, or just plain dumb lucky other than being a blind samurai badass? Leaving it unclear was what made it work in the context of this Military Movie For Solider Guys Who Have No Time For Ancient Religions.

>> No.50768874

>but we're AoR

Soldier, Trailblazer, work toward Unmatched Courage for that tough old soldier that ain't got time to die.

>> No.50768922

>a normie the will of the force was operating through

It makes me wonder if the Force isn't blood parasties that let you do magic, but is instead a fate engine that makes things happen

All is as The Force wills it

>> No.50769036

I have a question about Rogue One's final space battle, why did the Rebels bring GR-75 transport to the battle, aren't those things suppose to be an unarmed?

>> No.50769042

Sounds good to me! Have a good night or whatever time it is, Anon.

>> No.50769067

Boarding actions and Melee combat?

>> No.50769093


Its like 3am.

Good luck on your Mando'ad, vode. Tell us all how he does.

>> No.50769156

They had melee combat locked down pretty well to be honest

>> No.50769163

I've been toying with the idea that this is pretty accurate.

We've seen it time and time again in Star Wars media: groups of Force-users manipulating or seizing control of governments, especially to attack rival groups of Force-users solely for ideological reasons.

Kreia was right, the Force is insidious.

For there to be a Chosen One, the Force must CHOOSE. For the Force to choose, it must make decisions - it must be alive. And what is the purpose of life? To propagate. So the Force itself chooses its "carriers," those who are allowed or encouraged to use it, in an attempt to meddle with the events of the galaxy to make itself more important.

When is the Force most important? When are people who have the Force able to best influence the galaxy? When there's conflict. War. A Star War.

The Jedi character in my campaign is in for some fun.

>> No.50769183

Rogue one stuff when? WHEN WHEN?

Especially for Imperial Assault

>> No.50769217

So here's a rough draft of an idea for an Imperial Assault mission based on this https://a.pomf.cat/cajpbx.webm

map is a long ass hallway with a jammed door and then some more closed ones after that

One guy gets Vader with an additional defense die and 6 more health

The other gets a shitload of rebel troopers

One trooper in the closet group to vader gets the plans a token that can be passed along, all vader has to do is kill the guy, grab the plans, and make it to his end of the map

The rebels just have to try and get the plans to their end of the map

>> No.50769231 [SPOILER] 

Newly leaked Rogue One book pages mention other Force traditions/religions that note how the Force shapes destinies. Pseudo-confirmation?

>> No.50769275

to provide support

>> No.50769288

All I know is from that goddamn ending, I NEED (NEED) **NEED** A GODDAMN DARTH VADER ANTHOLOGY FILM


>> No.50769308

Darth Vader the jedi slayer, fucking fund it Disney!

>> No.50769354


So basically "Purge" the film?

That would be wall to wall Order 66.

Shaak-Ti would probably be in it

>> No.50769546


>> No.50769600

>Pins guy the roof
>Fucks his shit up on the way past

I swear the whole cinema took a collective 'ooh' when that happened

>> No.50769602

>You're a legend in the eyes of those who live on the battlefield. Now go! Let the Legends come back to life!

>> No.50769873

The MC75 looks pretty cool, like a big Nebulon

>> No.50769909

I can't fucking wait for this to come out in BR so I can watch that scene in HD a hundred times a day.

I love how the soundtrack to that scene is called "Hope". I know it refers to the rebels escaping with the plans, but there wasn't a lot of hope for those guys on the wrong side of the door...

>> No.50769935

Practically unarmed though, 12-24 Turbos at most.

>> No.50770198

The point was that everyone died, but hope.

>> No.50770288

Yes, Selonians are in Suns of Fortune, the Corellian Sector sourcebook. Even without space otters, it would be a fantastic book.

>> No.50770320

what special powers could it have to compensate?

>> No.50770363

Torpedoes I guess. Here's the weapon block.

>> No.50770371

>Killing Shaak Ti a 4th time


>> No.50770394

It triggers me that they wont bother using the correct way of indicating kilometer per hour by writing it like this km/h.

>> No.50770397

how bout
F:1 red 2 blue, 2 black
S:2 blue 1 black
R:2 blue 1 black

AA:2 black

>> No.50770414

>Clingy: Roll an extra die each time enemy ship tries to disengage from melee range
>With its 6 tractor beams it can pull itself to the side of another capitol ship and then deploy the boarding tubes

>> No.50770438

Which makes them best canon

>> No.50770462


Remind what the other three were?

The Force Unleased and Deleted scenes from the RotS and... the novelisation?

>> No.50770568

my buddy has played a space otter in our games since 2009. It really is a fun species to see in action

>TFW he plays a stealth otter as the parties rogue / techie

>> No.50770761

Sooo, a cruiser that is barely better than Corvettes and Frigates in firepower?
Big Nope.

>> No.50770943

I recently released that the galactic republic is the very antithesis of the empire of man

>> No.50770983

Where did you release this?

>> No.50771049

So, what do you guys think about Pablo including the old WEG "60 Heavy Turbolaser Batteries" and changing it to just "60 heavy turbolasers" for the ISD 1?

>> No.50771167

I recently released that skublords can't help but cram their skub into everyone else's holes.

>> No.50771231

Only the most degenerate skub users stick it in holes, most just absorb it at skin deep

>> No.50771284


Ultimate Star Wars gave the ISD 60 batteries so I'd say that number is still canon and the R1 visual guide is just a mistake. The Wook still goes with batteries as well.

Which means it could also be argued that these guys >>50770363 are better armed as well.

>> No.50771318

>Using skub at all
You people sicken me!

>> No.50771426


I completely forgot we already had this perfect shot of the Rogue One Rebel helmet.

>> No.50771458

It was AoR.

>> No.50772346

It's called Dun Moch.

I'd go with talents that generate strain when you talk to people, like, say, Scathing Tirade. Force them to use their trump cards early, rely on destiny points more, going dark for Force Powers and all that.

>> No.50772445

>Rebels using modded M1 helmets
New Republic PASGTs, MICHs, and/or LWHs when?

>> No.50772508


Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, according to an interview.

>> No.50772911

Apparently Mads and Mendelsohn had a real fun time filming Rogue One in Iceland https://twitter.com/theofficialmads/status/810450835683610624

>> No.50773084

I wish the scene had actually moved at that pace. In the actual movie I felt it went too fast to really bring home the level of menace they were going for.

>> No.50773701

Whelp /swco/ and /tv/ threads are a bloodbath after RLM released it's RO review.

Help me /tg/ you're my only hope of a civil thread.

>> No.50773736

Really? I got the opposite effect. I felt the pacing was slow and menacing after all the dogfighting and rush to get the plans off. So when Vader steps in and starts non-chalantly wiping the floor with the deck crew, while Mook McBout 2B Murdered is frantically trying to pass off the plans, it felt like they were up against an unstoppable force of nature.

>> No.50773751

Literally who?

>> No.50773922

>60 seconds in
Well, I'm done. Don't know what I expected from the hacks, but the fact that they openly praised TFA for being ~just original enough~ and now try to call out Rogue One for being derivative nostalgia bait in the most immature opening I've ever seen in a YouTube video tells me I'm not going to get much out of watching the remaining 30 minutes.

And fuck those guys thrice, Admiral Raddus was awesome.

>> No.50773971

They probably got blasted for being too positive on TFA and are trying to get their audience back.

Or maybe they expected the Side Stories to be even less standard Star Wars and were legitimately disappointed?

>> No.50773989

Caisa Alilie

>> No.50774072

>Taking YouTube video reviews seriously.

And this is what is wrong with /co/ and /tv/.

>> No.50774228

The fucking cult around RLM has reached the point of self parody.

At this point it's practically "MEMBER PLINKET REVIEWS?"

>> No.50774245

Sometimes, ordering ice cream, and getting ice cream is perfectly fine and enough.

I wanted an entertaining film where I could just chill out in the Star Wars universe for two hours and see cool shit. And that's what I got. A fun war film meshed with Star Wars.

I do hope they'll try new things and introduce new elements (I think the strongest suit of the prequels was to add new things into the universe). But with "only" seven - now eight - Star Wars movies in 40 years, I'm not yet tired with the franchise. So, playing with familiar stuff is just fine by me.

>> No.50774278

>The best Star Wars fan film ever made
I mean, they aren't wrong.

>> No.50774350 [SPOILER] 

So...there's maybe a chance for pic related to come back.

>> No.50774440

>recutting the R1 trailer with Rebels' Tarkin

>> No.50774518

Okay I do sorta like their idea of Cassian in a holomask being CGI Grand Moff Tarkin, but they're mostly full of shit.

>> No.50774549

I dunno, I like RLM quite a bit, but disagree with them on some stuff. I loved Captain America: Civil War and they shat on it, but their FemGhostbusters review was spot on so at the end of the day its just >Opinions.

I do find it funny that the /tg/ SWG thread has the biggest concentration of Legends Grogs is one of the places most pleased with R1.

>> No.50774597

>I loved Captain America: Civil War
Opinion discarded.

And yeah, I generally agree with their position on R1. It's a serviceable film with numerous glaring errors that ultimately coasts by on nostalgia. R1 is a solid 7 or 8 out of 10, but it sure as shit ain't no Episode III (in the wake of Clone Wars), IV, or V.

>> No.50774692 [DELETED] 

Not gonna lie, I 100% agree with Mike on the fact that I originally thought R1 was going to be a caper movie in the vein of Oceans 11 with them breaking in and stealing the plans in a slick, maybe spy-themed heist.

>> No.50774742

Not gonna lie, I 100% agree with Mike on the fact that I originally thought R1 was going to be a caper movie in the vein of Oceans 11 with them breaking in and stealing the plans in a slick, maybe spy-themed heist. A fun heist with a few well-developed characters would have definitely been more enjoyable than a dour war movie with cardboard cut-outs that all die at the end.

>> No.50774808

7/10 is about right for Rogue One and opened up a bunch of new corners to explore in the setting, which Ep7 didn't do effectively.

As a sourcebook, R1 is fucking great.

As soon as Kyle & Jan were removed from the equation I figured it was basically going to be the Battle of Toprawa, only without three books of character development for Not-Bria Tharen so you feel an emotional attachment for her sacrifice

>> No.50774830

All the difficulty setting does is change the damage multiplier you have.
Easy makes incoming damage x.25, medium is x1.00, hard is x1.75.
It doesn't change how your squad takes damage so on hard your squad is significantly more durable than you, for no good reason.

>> No.50774902

Huh? I thought it also changed enemy HP and made your DC-17 peashooter even MORE pathetic.

>> No.50774927

Yeah. The film is basically like a bad adventure in Age of Rebellion where your party are nothing but combat monkeys that solve literally every problem with more violence.

I agree 100%. But then again, I also give TFA a failing grade as far as the films are concerned. R1 manages to slide in just shy of RotJ. The world-building is -- and RLM gives them props for this as well -- great and it really helps expand the feel of the universe in the films.

I would say that I think they're right about R1 really not going much to expand the appeal of Star Wars, though, as this pretty much just a film for people that either like dour war movies where everyone dies or pop a boner at the sight of chickenwalkers. I think the biggest criticism I have for the film is the fact that I'm the sort of fuckwit that has the Imperial alert claxon as my alarm, and I left the theater giving it a 7/10.

>> No.50774955

I'm with you. I popped a boner when I saw that Juggernaut on-screen for 4 seconds.

>> No.50775000

The thing that frustrates me about RLM is their word is taken as fucking gospel.

They're often quite right about things, but so many people take them so seriously they even reverse their own opinions to align with their glorious god-emperor RLM.

>> No.50775006

Fucking seriously. That was probably the biggest hype movement for me as far as the surprises that the film tossed out. But then consider that shit. One of the most exciting moments was seeing a vehicle that you recognized.

>> No.50775247


Thats the reason I walked out disappointed. The only parts I liked were the space battle and seeing chicken walkers/ a juggernaut tank/y wings do stuff for once

Once I took all that I way I realised I didnt actually enjoy the film.

>> No.50775613

Go home /tv/, you're drunk!

>> No.50775639

(That new guy here again)
So, after playing a few casual rounds of X-Wing, I think the fast approach of Aggressors are exactly my playstyle. I like how you can just outspeed the opponent and screw them over from the side or back, it's really fun.

Currently I'm thinking of buying the standard box, where the guys recommended the red one because "we all play with that and it's the old time zone" where I would see both the TIEs and X-Wing (and probably the cards) to just get the tokens for basically free, and for me the 2 Aggressors. Would that be playable with just the cards from the Aggressors, or should I check around for some upgrades of cards? I could check Ebay for additions of special cards which aren't available in the standard box (might save some cards) or in the Aggressor set either?

Thanks so far for helping me out on this.

>> No.50775683

Midichlorians were never the Force. It's only filthy casuals who think that.

>> No.50775735

He was a leaf on the wind ;_;

>> No.50775776


>> No.50775803

The Jumpmaster surged in popularity on it's release mostly because it had two torp slots, a crew, a salvaged astro, a PS 3 generic with EPT for cheap, and a nice asymmetrical dial. That was effectively a recipe for disaster, as it gave rise to the "triple U-boat list" that packed torps with Deadeye, R4 Aggromech, and Guidance Chip. It wasn't particularly beastly against Aggressors, but it was really good in the opening moves against damned near everything else.

Anyways, Aggressors would be a good start. You won't need "too much" more beyond two packs of IG-2000 to begin with. The red starter is good, and it would be worthwhile to keep the Ties and X-Wing in the long run (I regret not keeping the Ties). Otherwise it should be noted that the timeframe is open completely. You can totally run Blue starter if you desire, as both are viable and intermixable. Indeed there are some great upgrade cards in the TFA kits, like Juke. But the main things you will want for upgrades and as a Scum faction player, is probably 1 Starviper (worth having anyways, they're fun), and a Most Wanted pack. It doesn't have to be all Aggressors all the time, and the Shadowcaster does add some synergy for non-Agressors ships to fly with IG-88 (due to the IG-88D crew card).

>> No.50775806

Get the blue one.

The damage deck in the red box is cripplingly bad for aggressors.

>> No.50775887

Yes and no.

The main difference is the damage cards that remove a secondary weapon, and kill your pilot ability. Otherwise some of the blue box cards can be crippling as well, such as the one that doesn't let tou go straight when you really want to go fucking straight.

>> No.50775935

I've seen that. It felt weird, I can't really get a grip for it to begin with. Guess I gotta check some more pages on the wikia about the stuff. Probably not going to keep the TIEs and X-Wing in the end sadly.

Probably staying with red if there aren't really that much difference to be sure to not cause any "rule trouble" with them.

Anyway, any recommendation besides the 2 Aggressors starter pack as a Scum/Villainy player (probably not going to switch since the guys heavily play Rebels and Empire up to 200 points as a single army, lol) which isn't going to rip a hole in my pocket, like 2 Aggressors are around 40 Euros right now which feels cheap.

>> No.50775978

The difference is the red deck's way worse for that particular list.

Aggresors will be turning/banking and boosting a lot, plus, they have a bunch of green banks, the forcing them to turn crit is not bad for them. Losing their cannon or pilot ability can cripple the list.

>> No.50776044

Well you can never go wrong with a Jumpmaster. Shadow Caster and Hound's Tooth are also pretty good. If you wanna play 3 ship lists sometime, decide if you prefer Protectorate fighters or the Y-wings as escorts to a big guy

>> No.50776065

1st animated Clone Wars series finale.

>> No.50776090

Eh? She survived that.

>> No.50776106

Is anyone here experienced with Saga. I may DM a game in it and i eanted to know if there are any useful tips.

>> No.50776134

There aren't any major rules changes between the two starter sets. They both run off the same FAQ updates, as well. The key difference is the pilot cards, different ships, and upgrades (like BB-8 and Wired).

Scum are rather spoiled for options. Only real ships to stay away from (theoretically) are the Khyraxxz, and generic Starviper pilots. Although Guri and Xizor make that fucking ship incredible for different reasons and builds. Scyks are playable now with the FAQ adding a hull point for taking the title, but they aren't jaw dropping. The Jumpmaster was nerfed by making Deadeye a Small Ship Only upgrade, but they're still really fucking good. Shadowcaster is a weird, fun ship from Rebels. Hounds Tooth is Bossk's "Party Bus", and is noteworthy for being a flying brick with 3 fucking crew slots. Firesprays are actually usable with Scum, but you need Most Wanted for theil pilot cards. Kath Scarlet in particular can be crazy good with the right build. Most Wanted is nice for Y-Wings, HWKs, and Z-95s. And the Mistrunner gets you what is effectively a Scum B-Wing with a cloaking device and two of the best crew slota Scum have available.

>> No.50776157


Well fuck me then.

>> No.50776172


It was actually the "finale" (if you don't count the story reels) for The Clone Wars CGI series, Yoda gets a vision after a long journey that shows a bunch of Jedi getting killed, one of the scenes included is very similar (but not identical) to her death at Anakin's hand in the deleted scene from RotS.

>> No.50776185

So Jumpmaster + X instead of the 2 Aggressors as a starter pack? Gotta think about my first purchase as this will be my major playstyle for a lot of games.

Sounds like a shitload of options, anon. Really makes me glad to pick a versatile faction as Scum/Villainy.

Still looking for some kind of starter list right now.

>> No.50776216

I'd assume the three were TFU and the two from RotS.

>> No.50776254

Jumpmaster + two Protectorates are really good. Manaroo in the jumpmaster supporting Protectorate aces who are fast, killy and maneuverable but die if you look at them wrong. Stick with the Aggressors if you like their fast and straightforward playstyle.

>> No.50776280

>Sounds like a shitload of options, anon. Really makes me glad to pick a versatile faction as Scum/Villainy.

Eh, Scum aren't as versatile as they look, since most of their faction unique small base ships suck hard.

The Starviper is massively overcosted for what it does, The Scyk is better now than it used to be but still an incredibly fragile expensive glass cannon, and the kryraxshfjhasjdas is a worse x-wing for the most part.

Protectorate Starfighters are great though

>> No.50776426

Something nobody talked about with respect to rogue one is the appearance of a juggernaut

It's nice to see one of those again

>> No.50776464


Was it just me or did that seem WAY smaller then it should be?

>> No.50776503


Scyks are alright with their hull point addition to the title, they're just not stupid good. The only Starvipers not worth the cost are the generics. The two named pilots are both worth using. Khyraxxz are a 1-pt cheaper X-Wing that trades torp for missile and astro for illicit. They're "meh" like the Scyk, but certainly useable. Talon works quite well with a cloaking device, And doesn't need much more.

Best small scum ships are the protectorate fighter, starviper named pilots, Zs, and Ys. But none of them are "unplayably broken" now.

>> No.50776505

>Something nobody talked about with respect to rogue one is the appearance of a juggernaut

Are you illiterate or just stupid? It has already been discussed by two Anons in this very thread and has gotten at least one comment in nearly every thread since the film came out.

>> No.50776510

There was nothing around for scale

>> No.50776528

I was in hiding since the movie came out and only skimmed the thread just now

So, stupid is the appropriate label

>> No.50776546

Pablo said it was "A model of Juggernaut" before going Mum on Rogue One.

It may have been an adjusted version of the A5 with the same general weapon shape as the A6.

>> No.50776553

>Jumpmaster + two Protectorates
Gonna check that out, thanks. What's the usual playstyle with them? Are the Upgrades coming from their boxes good enough for strolling around, or anything specific from other sets to look for?

>Protectorate Starfighters are great though
Checking them out. Are they good out-of-the-box, or rather "meh" until you buy additional boxes for upgrade stuff?

>> No.50776577

I might be a bit hyperbolic with the scyk and the Khyraxx, but the named starvipers are just as bad as the generics. To really make them at all usable, you usually end up throwing 40+ points at them, and they still tend to die right quick.

>> No.50776723

Protectorates are good outside the box with the exception of Autothrusters which are pretty much auto-include. You will get both you need in the Starviper set. The Most Wanted expansion will have a ton of upgrades you will need as a Scum player so it would be wise to get that too.

Playstyle wise, Manaroo hangs back and uses her pilot ability and the Attani Mindlink upgrade to support the interceptors while Prots go forth and try to destroy everything while protecting Manaroo. They are fast knife fighters best used at close range and can outmaneuvre most opponents, but a single mistake can mean a lost ship.

>> No.50776748


Fenn Rau (32) + Attani Mindlink + Concord Dawn Protector + Autothrusters

Old Teroch (30) + Mindlink Concord Dawn Protector + Autothrusters

Manaroo (34) + Attanni Mindlink + K4 Security Droid + Unhinged Astromech + Feedback Array

>> No.50776763

Sounds spicy. So it's either 2 Aggressors or that JumpMaster + Protectorate Aces (I assume Aces mean the ships without a unique pilot, only those names "Something Something Ace", right?)

>> No.50776794

I didn't remember seeing the deathtrap sensor tower Juggernaut are supposed to have.

>> No.50776822

Aces usually refers to unique pilots with high Pilot Skill, yes. They are both really good lists but the Agressors (or "brobots" as they are known) are much simpler to use.

>> No.50776847

True, but both of them had that tower in one form or another, I'd imagine it's removed on back like garrison units like prison-transports.

>> No.50776893

>with the exception of Autothrusters which are pretty much auto-include
Damn, too bad I need to buy them extra. But the rest sounds good, thanks.

>Aces usually refers to unique pilots with high Pilot Skill, yes
Thanks for that info.

Also, in the end it's not about "simple" lists and stuff, but stuff that can keep my interest in this game up. If "Brobots" are really that simple and straightforward, I probably won't be playing them often (and may be hated to play such an easy mode setup I guess?). Is the Manaroo+2 Protectorate Aces more versatile, or evenly streamlined?

>> No.50776914

To this day, I still have no idea why the fuck that thing even had a crow's nest. Why not just use an unmanned camera? Or a recon droid?

>> No.50776942

Yes and yes. Jumpmaster is solid even by itself or with just a Most Wanted pack. Protectorates need nothing more than their pack and possibly Autothrusters and/or Push the Limit, depending upon how you wish to fly them. They can get by just fine with Fearlessness on the lower end ships.

Yeah, no. It's a fucking Starviper. You don't field it without expecting it to be at least 34pts. Both named pilots work well, with their main problem being that they both tend to want the Virago title (and thus don't necessarily work well together).

Guri at her cheapest should be about 33pts for Atanni Mindlink and Autothrusters. Going above and beyond that she will typically run you 38pts for Autothrusters, Sensor Jammer, title, and Mindlink/Fearless/Wired/etc. Keep PtL off of her, and swap down for Advanced Sensors if you care less about survivability and more about curb-stomping lower PS ships. She's a bully who gives no shits about your fucking precious turrets, and will ruin a jouster's day. Just don't let her 1v1 Fel or Omega Leader.

Xizor is a different beast, and the challenge between the two is that the same builds generally don't work between them. Xizor usually wants something like Autothrusters, title, Fire Control, and Vet Instincts. At his lowest he comes out at about 35pts, and generally wants some Y-Wings, Z-95s, or a Jumpmaster... That latter point is to be noted, because Xizor works well with Manaroo. Give Xizor Vet Instincts, title, Advanced Sensors, and Autothrusters (38pts), and build Manaroo for support however you chose (Recce Spec, K4, or Intimidate Bumpmaster). Use Advanced Sensors at PS 9 to troll the shit out of everything, and Manaroo to provide that fucking megolomaniac with any focus/locks he needs. Add expendable ships to fill points.

Starvipers are good. They could use some more pilots and a points break for generics. But I've been terrorizing my LGS with the named pilots since it came out.

>> No.50777020

Protectorate Manaroo is very dependant on your ability to fly. It can tackle most opponents if you know what you're doing, otherwise you stand little chance.

Brobots are far simpler because they can take quite a beating but I wouldn't call them "easy mode". They are great but their main weakness is that they can get outmaneuvered, usually by fast interceptors like the Protectorate fighters.

>> No.50777039

Drones did not really enter the popular mind for a few years

If it was done today it would probably have a drone

In universe wise: a distrust of droids?

>> No.50777071

But in the end, Brobots need more additional stuff to get the party started in comparision to Manaroo+Aces, right? Or would you say they are equal when the get out-of-the-box without any addtions?

>> No.50777098

Brobots is functional at the least by just getting a starviper.

Not optimal, but functional.

>> No.50777126

Brobots need way more stuff to run optimally, some of which is not found in the scum faction. If that is a main concern I would pick up the Jumpmaster and Protectorates.

>> No.50777166

Yea, so I would need 2 Aggressors and a StarViper for the start at least...

>some of which is not found in the scum faction
Goddamnit. Yea, that's a major concern right there. I didn't want to spend too much money for my basic workstuff in the beginning. So JumpMaster and Protectorates will be a thing then.

Thanks for helping me guys.

>> No.50777190

Eh, the Republic seemed perfectly content with throwing these around like candy. And if we discount vidya, there's always the possibility of satellites, ship-borne orbital feeds, or AEW&C ships. Hell, an AWACS-type craft would probably be good merch fodder.

>> No.50777697


Because Clones aren't real people, Anon.

>> No.50777719


Oh I would totally dig the idea of fixing a radome atop a sentinel class or something.

>> No.50777845

Does anyone have a link to the starship combat re-balance? Lost it and need to send it to someone.

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