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Do you like biopunk?

What is your favorite setting? I only know of two both set during WWI: Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld and Twig by Wildbow. Do you know more?

What do you like in the genre? What is your favroite biopunk monster? Would you set a game in it?

My favorite monsters were doctor spiders from Twig. cat sized beasts that enters the houses at night and operates on sleeping humans by sewing together limbs and body parts at random. The human is drugged to not wake up during surgery. All the damage is easily reversed by a skilled doctor but the horrifying impact on the popualtion is devastating.

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Pretty much anything written by Bacigalupi. And the best monster are of course humans in his stories, modded so hard they rarely can still qualify as the same species.

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By best monsters I also meant best body mods.

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Doesn't he write pretty exclusively politics-motivated anti-corporate manifestos under the thinly veiled guise of fiction?

You're not really reading a book for enjoyment at that point, you're listening to fictional girls recite how much they like Marx upon a backdrop of William Gibson's making.

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Still counts then. I mean... surviving on eating sand?

>If you write bad about corporate business, then you are a godless commie mutant traitor
I guess Gibson was a hardcore communist too then.

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>I guess Gibson was a hardcore communist too then.
Not at all. Gibson's work was entertaining and a novel setting. Bacigalupi is obvious propaganda built on Gibson's back.

Where Gibson was about the characters' personal struggles in an uncaring mechanized world, leaning on drugs and false personas to cope... Bacigalupi is about "global warming is a comin' to get ya!"

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>Bacigalupi is obvious propaganda
[Citation needed]

Because so far it sounds like you never read anything of his. Or miss the point of biopunk and consider it just "cyberpunk with bioaugmentation rather than electronics"

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>Almost 2017
>Complains about punk genre no longer being novel

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>[Citation needed]
Have YOU read The Windup Girl and The Doubt Factory?
The latter being almost a literal copy of "Merchants of Doubt", by arch-Marxist Ms. Oreskes.

Now I am certainly not a religious person, but I can identify the religion of leftist dogma suffused within this writing.

I prefer more realistic settings, like The Martian (despite the windspeed glossover), or the purposeful biopunk of 40k. Eversor assassins could fit the OP's request nicely.

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>purposeful biopunk
Care to elaborate what the fuck that even suppose to mean?

Not to mention you come off as insufferable 17-year old who learned yesterday about anarcho-capitalism and sniffs commie conspiracy on every step.
No, seriously, blaming ANYTHING in punk genre as being leftist is missing the point so hard it's not even funny. The entire thing was created as a manifesto against big corporate business taking over and nobody worried in-universe, you dumb fuck. Right from Gibson.

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The hell being religious has to do with left-align politics? What? Feeding hungry and helping needed is now evil communism?

Fucking neck yourself

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I have read the windup girl half way and lost interest.

Does it get better after the first half? Or it is the same? Probably got bored of absence of good conflict.

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It does. Pick up pace REALLY slow, but finally delivers in the ending.
It helps if you read Pump Six And Other Stories first, since half of the setting is described there and the book is much more digestable with that.

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Oh no, corporate business taking over is a realistic concern. But "evil corporations and global warming" parsed to echo actual anti-capitalists is absolutely propaganda. You might not see it as such if you believe it's all true, however. Although I also imagine you'd call the middle-aged US senate majority "insufferable 17-year old"s for having a similar opinion about media attacks on Western industry.

>Care to elaborate what the fuck that even suppose to mean?
Sure. Biological modifications what have well-composed survivalist reasons for existing, rather than author-contrived designs for the purpose of horrifying a reader.

40k, though fictional, often does recursively spell out why Magos Biologi act the way they do. Especially beset as they are by alien enemies at all sides.

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>Global warming is not real
Get out

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>Biological modifications what have well-composed survivalist reasons for existing
Then read "People of sand and slag", one of his most famous stories, you fucking manchild.

Seriously, at least TRY not to sound like a pretentious fedora tipper.

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>I trust what lobbied politicians say about climate change and not the scientists
Sometimes I feel like we are already living in a cyberpunk world. Only without cool implants and flying cars, but still with invigilation, megacorps and endless sea of human stupidity.

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I defy you to cite demonstrable evidence that CO2 is a 'permanent danger' to Earth. I've actually seen the geological record.
I'm all for solar power, but I can see people trying to force bureaucracy and greedily overpriced tech on us.

You missed the point. Much of the climate change movement speaks in 'religious terms', because they cannot supply evidence of their claims beyond simulations.

That said, religions don't feed the hungry, farming does. With technology that was curiously suppressed for a long time.

I do find it curious that we don't see many biopunk novels about the opposite theme to Bacigalupi:
That Big Government uses a global catastrophe hoax to take over, stripping biotechnology away from citizens under a Non-GMO movement, only to use it themselves.

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Hey, dipshit. Ever occured to you not everyone is American watching Fox News?
You know, the world outside your country?

And don't tell me you are not American, while using US senate as your argument, because that would be just clinical retardation and not just 4chan bant.

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I'm done.

You are not pretending. You are actually, for-real stupid

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Twig have bipunk tech strictly controlled by the governent. Having bioscience books can get you exectuted.

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>>I trust what lobbied politicians say about climate change and not the scientists
So tell me, have you heard of Lysenkoism? If you believe a group of UN and Govt funded scientists are above reproach, you're deluding yourself. The politicians can just give their mouthpiece a degree. Have you checked the evidence yourself?

>while using US senate as your argument
The US is the first to move against the new 'command economy' polemics. With Brexit, the UK will probably follow.

But as I said: It's entirely possible to run a biopunk story on the opposite premise of 'big corporate':
'Big Socialist Government'. Again, see the Soviet Lysenkoist era.
You could even do a historical fiction where Lysenko himself invents a 'vernalizing modification' of the human body.

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Indeed. You also have it so that becoming a bioscientist is highly regarded, but you can only do it by attending the Approved Academies.
Which actually end up being indoctrination schools.
If you're not to their liking, you get the run around in academia forever, only having minor access.
Maybe the protagonist is one such person in the run around.

>pretentious fedora tipper
If only image memes could solve every problem. They seem just to be used to insult people for telling the truth, though.

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Came in here to recommend this.

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>Calling Lysenko scientist
Anon, he didn't even have a fucking degree. He was a literal hack with a degree from tsarist agronomy school, meaning he finished a high school for farmers.
And as a guy living in a post-commie country (where Lysenkism was an official doctrine till fucking late 60s), I can't believe you are so fucking stupid to even try to claim Bacigalupi is commie propaganda.

>Everything is a commie conspiracy!
>Telling the truth
Pic related for you

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>ITT: People denying global warming based on US Senate statement

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>he didn't even have a fucking degree
Read your history man. Lysenkoism was a period of Soviet history where state scientists, yes with degrees, were opposed to mendelian genetics for political reasons. The doctorates awarded were not even voided after the passing of Lysenko's power base.

Are you telling me you believe big corporate conspiracies by not government funded science conspiracies? Please.

Never mind the fact that scientists can simply be wrong, yet defending their theory out of pride. Case in point, 100 scientists versus einstein, or joule versus edison on jacobi's theorem. Academics wrong in both cases, despite being high profile. Thomas young's electromagnetic theory of light was LAUGHED out of physics by Poisson.

So you see, people who know history can see it repeating in the modern day.

We have evidence that tobacco smoking is hazardous to health, and covered up by corps. But we don't have the same LEVEL of evidence for the very gas we exhale.

And even more curious is the fact that corps are the main antags for most Biopunk, while politicized science gets off almost without a hitch.

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Biopunk monsters ideas.


Humanoid. Whole body is covered in thick red hair. Hair is not flammable and not burnable. Since many termoprotections are fibrous materials able to create isolated air pockets to stop temperature spread I believ it makes sense.

Have a reserve of flamable oil in a sac near stomach that can be spitted at few meters using a syphon located in its tongue and hands. Tongue is longer then usual. Oil is odorless and can be used to make traps. Its fingernails and teeth are able to create small elctrical sparks to ignite the oil.

Sometimes it licks itself to cover the pelt in oil so while attacking the opponent it can set itself on fire to distract and disorient the opponent. No use of firearms due to risk of explosion, prefers monomaterial (to better survive temperature chnages) metal blades.

Can resist great temperature changes. Uses its tongue in a dog manner to radiate ecces body heat (not able to radiate through skin due to termal isolation). Hence the tongue is big (Thinking about adding radiation via ears/tail for the fox theme but not sure. Opinions?).

Wears googles as its eyes are the least fire resistant part of his body (still ahve an additional pair of flame resistant eyelids it can close in case of necessity).

Not sure if make it male or female.

Comment - nitpick -suply your own

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>Being this fucking stupid.
You've just declared Stalin-granted degree has any scientific value. Congratu-fucking-lations for yet again proving you are a stupid piece of shit

Why are you even here, and not just shitposting on /pol/, where you rightfully belong with your delusions?

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People have been doomsdaying that the weather will kill us all since the dawn of recorded history.

According to the same "science" that gave us the so-called global warming crisis, we should all be underwater right about now and the temperature in northern America should be in the 70s and 60s during the winter.

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I could never justify biopunk outside of a fantasy or science-fantasy setting. I just can't get it through my head that a society capable of technology that can genetically engineer organisms to function as technology wouldn't just make machines to serve the same functions.

"My airship is actually a flying whale!"

"Why not just make a regular airship that you don't have to feed?"

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The US House science committee cites Breitbart as a scientific source.


Crazier things have happened.

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>For past 50 years the global average temperatue rised by 2.7 Celcius
>This surely is just a hoax!

Kill yourself

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You are missing the point here anon. It's not "why not make a ship I don't need to feed". It's "make a ship you can just feed rather using oil that run out decades ago"
Because average biopunk setting is post-oil peak and usually post some serious disaster. It also greatly depends from cause to cause, so you can still have a high-tech advanced society that is fully biopunk, because, for example, it's cheaper this way OR avoids the rejection issues a man-machine grafting would have.

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I'm not denying that the climate is changing.

I'm denying that it's going to be as apocalyptic as people are saying it will be.

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I still say his "Alchemist" was the best, even if not being his trademark biopunk at all. Sappy, yes, but with great world-building.

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>It's not happening, it's part of a natural cycle, we didn't do it, it's not a bad thing, it's cold in winter, it's too late to do anything about it, but snow, solar flares, but china hasn't fixed it yet, ooga booga liberals.

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>For past 50 years the global average temperatue rised by 2.7 Celcius
No it didn't. The data was doctored. We've known this shit for years now, just google "climategate." Cat's out of the bag, the only reason that it's still a thing is that the MSM is trying to keep it alive despite all reason and politicians want something that will give them an excuse to continue pushing for more globalism and socialism even though that has done nothing but make life worse.

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Yes, because loss of phytoplankton in the oceans due to them turning into a soup totally won't wipe out 90% of life on Earth within a decade.
And premature blooming in the middle of winter totally is not wrecking flowering plants and insect population right now, seriously unbalancing entire ecosystems or outright killing them.

Seriously, I get that people can be ignorant, but this is not your average ignorance. That's outright suicidal overconfidence.

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> 2.7 C
Oh no, a whole 2.7 degrees, surely this is the endtimes. REPENT!

The temperature has fluctuated by more than twice that much in the past without the world ending. Look up "medieval warm period."

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Not even the original anon who's debating this, but Bacigalupi is absolutely a left-wing commie hack, even by his own admission he's far left and he injects his crude politics into everything he writes. Which is why his biopunk sucks.

>Yes, because loss of phytoplankton in the oceans due to them turning into a soup totally won't wipe out 90% of life on Earth within a decade.

No, it will not, you histrionic moron.

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Since at the start biopunk was easier then real science a lot of inventions nver came to be and people invested in biopunk tech instead. If you have glwoing mushrooms why would you think of extremely energy inefficent eletrical lamps?

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For a moment I was considering posting Morgan as the image, but you are too fucking stupid to pass for Morgan's greed

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>dark surreal digital art
...That's a barrel with strawberry and raspberry jam accordingly. I mean, yeah, she probably murdered someone in that barrel, but I fail to see what is dark or surreal about that.

t. Slav

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Medieval warm period lasted for 800 years, with an average change of 0.1 Celcius per 30 years.
Compare that now with 2.7 in 50 years.

Rings you a bell how fast it is or your tiny brain is absolutely unable to comprehend the scale beyond your own, relatively short life?

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The world isn't going to end, go tip your tinfoil fedora at someone else. Even if the apocalypse was upon us, what the fuck do you want us to do about it, faggot? Run around waving my arms over my head spouting doompaul memes? That seems productive.

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>All oceans dead
>This won't affect anyone and anything!
And you have the audicity to call anyone a moron?

>> No.50724643 [DELETED] 

>what the fuck do you want us to do about it
Not speeding this shit? I mean it's like you are in a gas chamber and opening the valve to get everyone killed faster, while sitting in the chamber yourself and asking what should you rather do.

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> go tip your tinfoil fedora at someone else
Hey, don't associate that guy with us. We are perfectly respectable people, aside from being somewhat paranoidal, and we don't care about bullshit like climate change.

t. tinfoil mad hatter

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>The only option is to either do nothing or being histerical
t. false binary choice

>> No.50724705 [DELETED] 

>He thinks 2.7 is not fuck-huge for such short period
What are you? Insane?
To qualify for start of an ice age, you need a global average dropping by 0.2 degrees per 100 years. Here you have a 2.7 warming in FIFTY and try to shrug it away.
Just to put it into more accessable numerical value - it means 27 fucking times faster rate than a massive climate, game-change event.

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Wow, okay good idea. Let me just call China, India, Russia, nearly all of Western Europe, South Africa, Mexico, Canada, and most of South America and tell them to reduce their carbon emissions and industrial waste down to the level that the Pious Church of Global Warming mandates. That should work.

>> No.50724740 [DELETED] 

If it becomes a real problem, then there will be money to be made fixing in. When that happens, the market will develop what we need to deal with the changes. The idea that this is something to get worked up about is ridiculous fear-mongering, nothing more.

>> No.50724744 [DELETED] 

>Implying Canada, Western Europe and South Africa aren't doing exactly that
>Implying even Russians slowed down and Chinese started to considering shit might be fucked up if there is a problem to find drinkable water now that all the rivers turned into sewage
Burger, why are you putting the blame on everyone else, while your country produces more of all sort of waste and toxic shit than REST OF THE FUCKING PLANET COMBINED

>> No.50724757 [DELETED] 

>more of all sort of waste and toxic shit than REST OF THE FUCKING PLANET COMBINED
I call bullshit on that. You're going need some proofs there.

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>Free market will solve that!
Yes, because unrestricted, corporate business and institutionalised greed is totally not the very reason why we are dealing with this shit in the first place

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Read The Windup Girl. That's actual biopunk, and it's quite good.

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who knew tg was so full of lefty faggots

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Every aspect of modern society is a product of that "unrestricted, corporate business and institutionalised greed" that you're so quick to condemn. If you want to go back to living as a fucking savage in some jungle, go ahead. Just stop trying to drag the rest of us along with you.

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>ITT: Climate change is a liberal hoax
/pol/, why are you so /pol/?

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>The only alternative is living in a cave
Yes, because moderation doesn't exist and there are only two extremes, with absolutely nothing in-between.

Funny how Scandinavians are doing it with shitload of environmental protection laws and regulations, almost no pollution of any kind and yet providing the highest standard of living on this entire fucking planet.
Surely they are all cavemen!

>> No.50724810 [DELETED] 

It's not as bad as /co/. Over there they drink the kool-aid from a fucking fire hose. Especially since fucking Steven Universe brought in those god damn tumblr refugees.

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Who knew /pol/ is not welcomed here with its stupid, pointless shit

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> Scandinavians
Which is basically living in a cave, complete with a shitskin fucking your wife while you watch and jerk off.

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>if you disagree with me you're /pol/

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>Pretending denying global warming is not the favourite past time of /pol/ when they are not busy doing nigger memes and "Hitler was the good guy" posts

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If you reject capitalism, then you reject all the good that it produces. Scandinavia has been able to leech off of more productive nations because there are still some people who haven't completely embraced marxism. Once those few holdouts are gone, there will be too many people trying to ride in the wagon and not enough people pulling it. At that point, modern society collapses and you end up living in a cave.

So yes, there are only two extremes. You either are willing to defend capitalism and thus modern society, or you're trying to destroy it.

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Look out, burgers being salty for American dream being done not only successfully on national scale, but also outside America

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I hope you are just pretending being stupid. Jesus, I really hope you are just pretending being this fucking stupid.

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> successfully
When the state takes 60% of your income and gives it to Jamal so that he can spend his time roaming the streets raping women, there's a word for that and it isn't "successful."

>> No.50724880 [DELETED] 

Pull yourself by your boothstraps.
Preferably over your neck.

>> No.50724885 [DELETED] 

Typical for liberals to just resort to general name calling when they don't have an argument.

>> No.50724897 [DELETED] 

Look out, eurocucks being salty about the fact that they're stuck cowering in their homes while mudslimes are murdering people in the streets.

>> No.50724901 [DELETED] 

Also, when almost everyone earns the same, what's your problem in the first place?
Or is it the classic "it's better to be a selfish piece of shit and pay 10% taxes, so you can then bankrupt yourself when you need to visit a doctor or send your kids to school, while complaining about income disparity and fiercely defending low taxes, because this way you can save few bucks per year" bullshit?

>> No.50724911 [DELETED] 

>hurr hurr you have the same opinion as X so you absolutely must identify as a member of X
Only a Sith deals in absolutes

>> No.50724925 [DELETED] 

I'm a Pole.
Last time I've checked, the entire Muslim population was counted in three digits.
And they are around here since fucking 17th century, completely integrated.
And not a single refugee.

But hey, entire Europe is a single country looking like a Austrian refugee camp, because Fox News told you so

>> No.50724939 [DELETED] 

And only /pol/ denies climate change

>> No.50724940 [DELETED] 

> wanting everyone to be equal
Missing the point. Equality is a lie, some people are more worthy than others. People should pay their own way, then the successful will rise to the top and the weak will die off. That's just evolution at work, fighting that is a waste of time.

>> No.50724944 [DELETED] 

>The world will end in 10 years!
>Anyone who doesn't believe this is stupid!

Wow, man, you are truly delusional. Get help.

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>Every aspect of modern society is a product of that "unrestricted, corporate business and institutionalised greed" that you're so quick to condemn.
This is what capitalists actually believe.

>> No.50724958 [DELETED] 

Because Poland refused to accept any "refugees", unlike Germany which took in 1.2 million and will have to deal with the nasty consequences forever.

>> No.50724969 [DELETED] 

> Pole
Oh cute, you think you're people. How's it going, living under a German boot again?

At least the Russians understand that there is no such thing as an "integrated" mudslime. You fucks are so brainwashed that you don't even realize what is happening to your own fucking country.

>> No.50724987 [DELETED] 

Name a part of modern society that wasn't a product of "corporate business and institutionalized greed."

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!!! DANGER !!!
This thread is CANCEROUS and is now under QUARANTINE. Do not reply to the above posts, and do not post in this thread without proper protection.

Repeat, this thread is CANCEROUS and is now under QUARANTINE.

Thank you for your compliance.
!!! DANGER !!!

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>That said, religions don't feed the hungry, farming does. With technology that was curiously suppressed for a long time.
Please explain us the relation with farming, global warming and this entire bullshit.

Because last time I've checked, farming in arid regions was fucked, because said regions are getting progressively more arid due to the average global temperature raising, further increasing the issue of starvation.
But hey, better blame liberals!

>> No.50725035 [DELETED] 

>How's it going, living under a German boot again?
Don't want to break it for you, but the elections from last year were won by Polish version of Trump and one of the first thing they did was cancelling most of the deals with Germans and openly treatening them.
So your "data" is a bit off.

And I'm not sure you even know where Poland is or what's going on or how stauchely anti-refugees it is.

>> No.50725040 [DELETED] 

>And only /pol/ denies climate change
That simply isn't true. Perhaps you should take a moment to reflect on the fact that people won't blindly accept your opinions as some kind of religious gospel.

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!!! DANGER !!!
This thread is CANCEROUS and is now under QUARANTINE. Do not reply to the above posts, and do not post in this thread without proper protection.

Repeat, this thread is CANCEROUS and is now under QUARANTINE.

Thank you for your compliance.
!!! DANGER !!!

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>Equality is a lie, some people are more worthy than others
Thanks, now I have a solid reason to gas such subuman trash like you. After all, you are worth less than dirt, so why waste resources - other than the gas - on you?

>Current year
>Unironic, 50s "pull by your own boothstrap" bullshit

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>> No.50725105 [DELETED] 

Have you notice the subject of this thread? I bet you didn't even care to check.

This is why everyone hates you, /pol/. You bring your stupid shitlifting nobody asked for to just about every board and every thread to shitpost your socio-political believes nobody wants to hear or read about and then call it opression and censorship when people simply tell you to shut the fuck up and stick with the subject.

The hell this entire discussion has to do with biopunk and using it as a game setting?
Then kindly shut the fuck up.

>> No.50725108 [DELETED] 

Climate change is not a hoax, but it is way too overblown. The "save the planet" supporters talk about 20-30 years time period, after which the planet will go to shit, when in reality it's more like 300-400 years. Anthropological factor surely has its influence upon the planetary ecology, but it's so negligible we are more likely to invent FTL or bomb ourselves into oblivion before it has any meaningful impact.

>> No.50725125

I mean I get the whole firefox joke, but why exactly fur and not just some smooth surface?

>> No.50725132 [DELETED] 
File: 17 KB, 300x199, hazmat.suit_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

!!! DANGER !!!
This thread is CANCEROUS and is now under QUARANTINE. Do not reply to the above posts, and do not post in this thread without proper protection.

Repeat, this thread is CANCEROUS and is now under QUARANTINE.

Thank you for your compliance.
!!! DANGER !!!

>> No.50725135 [DELETED] 

Talk biopunk or shut up

>> No.50725144
File: 146 KB, 1024x683, metroid__fusion_suit_redesign_by_imdrunkontea-d6xxtov.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Metroid Fusion. There's your biopunk.

>> No.50725147 [DELETED] 

Last I checked, it takes two to tango. Scapegoating one side of an argument while acting like the other has done nothing wrong is illogical. Arguments happen and threads get derailed on 4chan. Whoopity fucking doo, someone pass me a hanky and a tub of ice cream becasue I feel a good session of crying is coming on.

>> No.50725162

vacuum and air pockets are better to isolate then whole materials. Reason people use foam. So his body grows a structure that features air pockets, hence fur.

>> No.50725164

Speaking about non-flamable weir-ass creatures

Why not Rus "firebird"? You know, just like Bacigalupi and his Cashire cats, why not have a literal firebird as some sort of pet to have when you are wealthy enough to afford having and keeping one without getting own house torches.

For non-Slavs, that's a peacock-like bird that can spontaneously burst into fire. One of the stock elements of Russian fairy tales.

>> No.50725168
File: 8 KB, 198x254, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck I came here hoping to talk Bio-punk and wax over my mad post-apoc setting where bakelite reefs replaced carbonate ones and the planets become a mad-dash of insane genetically modified organisms gone amok but fuck this shit.

>> No.50725174

So the "hair" are empty inside? Neat. And makes sense, or at least a semblance of one.

>> No.50725178

And, in any case, biopunk is just a different way of evolution. Think [PROTOTYPE] franchise and Lamarck's theory of evolution.

Humanity evolved via using tools - technological evolution. It created the tools and shaped the environment with them to fit their bodies.
Another race in another time and place evolved via changing themselves - biological evolution. It changed itself to fit the environment, transforming into numerous different forms, yet still retaining the unity of being one race.

That's what biopunk is in a nutshell - that another race.

>> No.50725188

So, I don't know much about biopunk as an aesthetic - are there any settings that really embrace it?

>> No.50725191

Five words for you, my friend
People of sand and slag

Literally everything you described, only ten times more fucked up. I still remember I had to re-read the first page, because I wasn't sure if I didn't miss something or maybe I translated it wrong.

>> No.50725222

Entire settings or just aspects of it?
Because the "radical" biopunk is never the
"mainstream" element of any setting.

To elaborate - average biopunk is pretty tamed and even if it contains entire factions and races that extensively use bioaugumentation and organic technology, they are on the outskirts and outside the main focus.
Also, for whatever reason, biopunk is favourite technology flavour of villains. Guess comes with the perception of evil as something literally visceral.

>> No.50725224

By Bacigalupi? I found a 'free' version of it I think ...

>> No.50725234 [DELETED] 

Exactly. It's a standard 'undisprovable' doomsday prophecy. Scientists are not immune to groupthink.

No, you know what, I choose not to believe the government paid 'scientists' researching how to levy a carbon tax on us when they produce no evidence of an impending doomsday.

There's you're fucking biopunk monster: Science cultists brainwashed into instantly obeying a degree, no questions about academic integrity or proof.

It even works too. Give em some sheepskin grafts to the brain for flavor.

>> No.50725235

Wait is that a short story where they find a dog?

>> No.50725237

Yep. Read it. Really neat story, but it takes a while to fully graps all the implications of the presented setting. Then it hits you like a tonne of bricks.

>> No.50725253

Yes, that one.

And with Hawaian beaches covered in barb wire and dark ocean glistering with sometimes burning oil.

>> No.50725268

Yeah I remember that story christ that was a fucked up mess. I think I described it as disgustingly beautiful to a friend of mine.

>> No.50725270

The entire setting. I can see bits and pieces of what I think are the flavor, but it seems like going all in with my limited understanding and knowledge leads to some difficultly.

>> No.50725290 [DELETED] 

It seems pretty simple. Carbon dioxide molecules allow light to pass through them, but the wavelength changes when it hits the surface and the new wavelength can't pass back through on the way out.

Digging up buried carbon and adding it to the carbon already in the atmosphere means there's more of it in the atmosphere than there was previously.

Anyone who's ever parked their car in the sun with the windows rolled up should be able to understand the process.

>> No.50725304

I don't know any setting that goes all in. But then again, I don't know any punk setting that goes all in. They all just stop at certain point, as if the authors were afraid this stuff would end up being too alien to the audiences.

>> No.50725315 [DELETED] 

Why are you replying to him?

Didn't we already establish that talk biopunk or shut the fuck up and not replying to the posts above?

>> No.50725323 [DELETED] 

And volcanoes produce thousands of times the CO2 that humanity does. No one denies that CO2 can change the global temperature. It's the idea that humans are somehow to blame and that more government is required to stop it that is totally unfounded.

>> No.50725327

Difference Engine goes all in with the ending. One of the better twist endings pulled off.

>> No.50725338 [DELETED] 
File: 31 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

!!! DANGER !!!
This thread is CANCEROUS and is now under QUARANTINE. Do not reply to the above posts, and do not post in this thread without proper protection.

Repeat, this thread is CANCEROUS and is now under QUARANTINE.

Thank you for your compliance.
!!! DANGER !!!

>> No.50725349 [DELETED] 

And you have no argument :^)

>> No.50725361 [DELETED] 

I absolutely know and agree with the greenhouse effect. I also know that water vapor does the same thing.

The problem I have is the claim that it's leading to doomsday for Earth. Which contradicts the geological record of Earth's molten formation. Guess where all that carbon was.

How is releasing fossilized tree carbon back into the atmosphere for modern plants to use a problem? We just don't see any demonstrable negative effects. They're all paid simulations.

And that's what underlies the villain of many stories, including biopunk: The belief that what you're doing is morally right when you just don't have the evidence to prove a benefit in the face of doubt.
The villain will resort to mocking, and insulting, and appeals to legitimacy, but in the end, where is the benefit to the people?

>> No.50725364 [DELETED] 

>[continued whining]

>> No.50725390 [DELETED] 

>And volcanoes produce thousands of times the CO2 that humanity does

Source please.

>> No.50725403 [DELETED] 

Dude, shut up. You're more annoying than the furfag at this point.

>> No.50725404 [DELETED] 

Not am argument.

>> No.50725411

Maybe the one from UFO: Afterblank series? Especially first two games were REALLY into unrestricted biotechnology and going all in, with best equipment in the game being pretty much a living organism you don as a battle suit and a gun literally growing out of your arm.
Bonus point of it all being grown out of xeno-organisms, further fuelling the nausea feeling, since it wasn't even Earth-based tissue compatibile with our biology.

>> No.50725418 [DELETED] 

Except Scandinavia has a > 50% tax rate.

>> No.50725419 [DELETED] 

>We just don't see any demonstrable negative effects.

Check the size of the glaciers, matey. You can watch 'em shrink, year by year.

Mark the height of the oceans, boyo. You can watch 'em rise, year by year.

Measure the heat of the summers, pal. You can watch 'em get hotter, year by year.

>> No.50725422 [DELETED] 
File: 29 KB, 564x376, hazmatz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

!!! DANGER !!!
This thread is CANCEROUS and is now under QUARANTINE. Do not reply to the above posts, and do not post in this thread without proper protection.

Repeat, this thread is CANCEROUS and is now under QUARANTINE.

Thank you for your compliance.
!!! DANGER !!!

>> No.50725435 [DELETED] 
File: 143 KB, 800x1000, 1458745581522.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>All those fuckers still desperately trying to keep the thread derailed

>> No.50725438 [DELETED] 

Give a counterexample then.

>> No.50725448 [DELETED] 

First day on /tg/?

Protip: If you want to "fix" this thread, try posting something interesting about biopunk, rather than whining about what someone else is posting.

>> No.50725465 [DELETED] 

All effects of normal climate cycles. Or bullshit facts made up by Jewish scientists.

Your pick.

>> No.50725472 [DELETED] 

No, third year on, but this shit is still pissing me off.

I'm doing half of the posts in this thread about the actual subject, thinking hard about the "all in" biopunk settings.
But when you need to report and hide 10 posts between each on-subject post, it's more than fucking annoying.

>> No.50725478 [DELETED] 

>Source please.
Well first, let us ask you, do you know exactly what fraction of CO2 is produced by humans relative to other natural processes?

How much does human industry do relative to wildfires, microorganism fermentation, etc.

Consider as well the carbon sinks and negative feedback cycles, such as in this peer reviewed publication: "Greening of the Earth and its drivers, Zaichun Zhu, et al." in Nature.

>Check the size of the glaciers, matey. You can watch 'em shrink, year by year.

Certainly. I have seen all such things happen in the geological record between Ice Ages.

Can you link it to 'oil companies' through all those millions of years?

Or perhaps Earth is one big alien oil company biopunk conspiracy. Could be an interesting tale.

>> No.50725481 [DELETED] 

>Your pick.

Not really? Gotta be one or the other, friendo.

>> No.50725487 [DELETED] 
File: 44 KB, 706x674, fuck off pol.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.50725490 [DELETED] 

Haha, I love it when liberals get blown the fuck out so hard that they resort to essentially plugging their ears and yelling "LA LA LA CAN'T HEAR THE DUMB MEANIES LA LA LA."

>> No.50725501 [DELETED] 

>reporting posts

Jesus, I bet you whine about quest threads too. Stop trying to police the board, faggot.

Don't lump us in with that tool.

>> No.50725505 [DELETED] 

>/pol/ is one person

>> No.50725516 [DELETED] 

Fucks like you are the reason this thread not only produced any meaningful content, but also is going to be pruned before it will have a chance to get said content.

Congratulations, I hope you are proud of yourself by ruining it for everyone else.

>> No.50725531 [DELETED] 

I actually miss quests and still don't understand why they were removed.
But not reporting /pol/ threads and /pol/ posting is being literally worse than they are.

>> No.50725541 [DELETED] 

It's a doomsday cult. And when it's over, it'll be great fodder for the literary topic of this thread.

You can clearly see the cult behavior in the willingness to jump to "you filthy unbelievers", "your pretentious fedoras", "the consensus says you're EVIL!"

While they all donate their money to Thermogeddonite Climatologists. "Taxes will save us all! Tax the filthy humans! Tax!"

>> No.50725556 [DELETED] 

>Stop respecting rules of this board!
Kill yourself

>> No.50725570 [DELETED] 

>145 posts
>Less than 20 of actual content
>Said content is already a serious stretch of being /tg/ related
Quest died for shit like this.

>> No.50725574 [DELETED] 

>Well first, let us ask you

Nope, that's not how it works. Provide sauce or shut up.

>> No.50725595 [DELETED] 

Right, and you've never used an uncalled-for catchphrase on 4chan. Was arguing about board rules in a biopunk thread part of your plan, big guy?

I don't report threads on /tg/ because I don't want the mods looking at this board if I can help it. We don't produce quality content because triggered babies on either side of the spectrum hammer the report button and get threads shut down before anything interesting can arise.

Learn to ignore the furfags if they're bothering you that much.

>> No.50725613 [DELETED] 

Okay, how about this:

Maniacal Green cultists hybridizing themselves will plant matter to get closer to Gaia.

They'll stop global warming by absorbing all the evil carbon into their own BODIES!

The problem, it's killing all the other plant life that uses CO2. But they still think that's due to global warming. They've lost all human empathy, and serve a selesnya like 'consensus'.

"Quick, get the indoctrination leaves!"
Non-cultists are used as a labor force kept on legalized drugs and wage slavery for them.

See. We can come up with fun "stories" and future biopunk monsters.

>> No.50725614 [DELETED] 

discuss twig waifus.
Jessie a best, Evette a cute, Helen a very cute, Lillian a decent choice, Mary a decent. sy is a fantastic choice too tb h

>> No.50725635 [DELETED] 
File: 11 KB, 261x191, 5f0c3e22.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.50725645 [DELETED] 

>discuss twig waifus.
? ? ?

>> No.50725649 [DELETED] 

I'm surprised this thread made it to 150 posts without talking about an organic sex doll being held down and getting forcibly brought to orgasm over and over by a jade dildo.

I mean, if you're gonna bitch about Paolo being a libtard, sure, but that was hot as fuck.

>> No.50725660 [DELETED] 

>Thread goes from biopunk setting discussion to /pol/-tier global warming denying within 10 posts
We should fucking NUKE IT FROM THE ORBIT and send yet another clear message to /pol/ to fuck off, you fucking /pol/tard.

Learn that you are not welcomed with your shitposting.

>> No.50725673 [DELETED] 

Considering it's better than the "oil everywhere" tripe in the rest of the thread, sure. It's even got an MTG reference. I know you like that. Yes you doooo.

Why don't you provide proof of your doomsday cult's claims? I don't believe you can, since we're not all under water yet. Your 'priests' do so like to avoid debates on the geological record too. But I don't mind if you don't want to educate yourself on the carbon cycle. It'll be your loss not knowing why you're getting taxed on it.

>> No.50725691 [DELETED] 

you know, the web serial in the op.

>> No.50725699 [DELETED] 

It's not working this way, you stupid asshole. It's you making a claim that this is all made up hoax.

>> No.50725706 [DELETED] 

Anon, this was me >>50725448

Either get busy typing or shut the fuck up

>> No.50725711 [DELETED] 

Jessie was a mistake. Would totaly Lilian and Helen. I loved how Helen wanted to defeat the Devil with a hug.

Fuck Twig should be a RPG setting. You have a team of experiements with possibility of upgrades if the job is well done. It is perfect.

>> No.50725716 [DELETED] 
File: 81 KB, 800x531, 1455735972493.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I have no arguments, citations or data
>Yet it is you who need to provide them
>So I can just call them hoax

>> No.50725723 [DELETED] 

Can't prove a negative anon. Might as well prove god doesn't exist.

>> No.50725730 [DELETED] 

That's not how the burden of proof works at all. Your cult wants to tax everyone and shut down industries. You've gotta prove it's a benefit. If you can't do that, it's by default "made up".

>and getting forcibly
Do tell us about this biopunk monster: What brought on such lewdness in the land of liberalism?

>> No.50725742 [DELETED] 

For some reason I can't acces Twig page. Wtf?

>> No.50725760 [DELETED] 
File: 239 KB, 1044x770, absolutely.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Burden of proof is entirely on one side
>Meanwhile I can claim whatever I want
>Using constant, concentrated personal attack, doing retarded "if you are not supporting me, then you are a hippy wanting to destroy civilisation" binary bullshit

>> No.50725765 [DELETED] 

Why don't you just look it up yourself?

I bet you thought I was talking about your first statement.

>> No.50725767

>would a lillian
in a few years, anon
>would a helen
why is this even a question? Is there anybody who wouldn't a helen besides ibott at this point?

I love bio, and the self-contained setting and weak experiments working together are fantastic to the point where I've been planning a quest for two weeks already

>> No.50725775 [DELETED] 

Funny, because you just claimed your entire argument boils down to "I'm right, prove me wrong".

>> No.50725781

self-contained is kind of a weird way to put it. the neat boxed episodic mission format.

>> No.50725794 [DELETED] 

>I can't provide arguments or citation myself
>S-search for them themselves!
>W-what are you? A baby I need to spoon-feed?

>> No.50725801

>Ctrl + F
>"orc stain"
>0 matches

>> No.50725809
File: 458 KB, 333x250, 8wYOL91tec.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>This thread
>Expecting content

But honestly - never heard about it. Care to elaborate?

>> No.50725812
File: 233 KB, 1025x1626, 152832_1149439184_large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and now I will start browing /quest/ waiting for it.

need a hand with designing getting feedback on accademy NPC, nobles, experiements and general worldbuilding?

>> No.50725813 [DELETED] 

But how is it, that you can claim the Earth will be 'permanently damaged' by carbon dioxide, then pretend the burden of proof isn't upon you to back up that claim in a demonstrable manner?

Why are we expected to disprove your frankly religious claims about humans 'destroying earth' using the compound all plants breathe to live?

You're just asking for spoonfeeding to wear out the opponent as a classic argument tactic. You may as well ask us to "disprove ghosts" too. There's insufficient evidence for your claims, especially in light of the ice age event record. You do I need to cite peer reviewed documents demonstrating what ice ages are?

>> No.50725839 [DELETED] 

I never made any of such claims.

Why you are literally putting words to my mouth? I've just joined your discussion. But you are apparently too rabid to grasp the sole fact you are demanding proofs from one side without providing absolutely anything supporting your side.
In short - you are using emotional-charged eristics rather than proper argumentation.

Not to mention it has absolutely zero bearing with this thread, since you are basically shitposting unrelated stuff.

>> No.50725861 [DELETED] 

>I bet you thought I was talking about your first statement.
I knew it would be the second.

Unfortunately, >>50725794 didn't.

But instead of looking it up, I will guess:
It was likely some tripe about it being threatening, yet having one weakness, its design for PLEASURE. (Evil corporate pleasure, of course.) Either that, or it had information/macguffin. How's that? Can't have sexy scenes without the wry vengeful anti-wealth propaganda of course.

>> No.50725864 [DELETED] 
File: 29 KB, 500x500, 1362941250455.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Still not providing any argument
>Still doing personal attack against the other side
>Still claiming he's right, because he says so
>Still escaping from just answering the questions

>> No.50725916 [DELETED] 

>I've just joined your discussion.
Then you should be aware of the topic I was replying to.
>absolutely anything supporting your side
Popper falsifiability, the null hypothesis, and the precautionary principle. You know them?

Yet he has not produced evidence of the human fraction of the CO2 cycle. Shifting the burden is a common religious taxtic.

I'd recommend a theme of monstrosities being the product of natural evolution that has begun to overtake humanity, as may yet happen in real life. 'Evil science' gets done a bit too much.

>> No.50725944
File: 988 KB, 2303x1785, orc stain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Biopunk fantasy about orc tribes. Most of gear is made of creature parts, some of them still alive. Cities inside huge monsters, still alive and in drugged stupor. Potions are small creatures consumed alive. Many utility tools are actually purpose bred creatures. Culture obsessed with penises. Nymph whores. Poisoner Hag best girl.

>> No.50725949 [DELETED] 

>I still don't have argument or proofs
>Here, let me add some more empty claims!
You are not helping yourself, you know?

>> No.50725968

So basically yuuzhan vongs, but orcs?

>> No.50725978

I'm not sold on biopunk. It's too slow. Why wait 9 months for a designer baby and who know how many years for a super-soldier when you can spend a year at most making an attack drone that can cause just as much damage and not run the risk of cancer?

Think about it: unless you have magic baby-growing machines, flawless surgery, in-vitro tissue growing, and vastly more knowledge about the human genome than we do now--all available for pennies on the dollar--"fleshcrafting" or whatever you want to call it is a pipe dream. This isn't "STEEL OVER FLESH" crap, this is basic reasoning. Biopunk is a wash.

Stupidity-wise though, it pales in comparison to "solarpunk". That isn't punk, that's straight-up utopianism. I'm surprised it's even a word.

>> No.50725980

Speaking of which:
>180 posts in
>Not a single Yuuzhan Vong mention

>> No.50725995

What kind of shitty biopunk setting doesn't have accelerated gestation?

>> No.50726008

>Why wait 9 months
Who said you need to wait more than few hours?

>unless you have magic baby-growing machines, flawless surgery, in-vitro tissue growing, and vastly more knowledge about the human genome
... which are all hallmark of even most primitive biopunk fiction...

No, seriously, do you even biopunk, mate? Because reading your post is like meeting someone who never actually had any contact with biopunk and just assumed a lot of stuff reading most basic description in the net.

>> No.50726025

But isn't that how all cults work Anon? "You still don't have proofs that ghosts don't exist." It's flatly invalid.

>I'm not sold on biopunk. It's too slow.
They'd want to come up with faster growing stuff to be honest, or magic.

Fullmetal Alchemist had chimeras, the Alien franchise had bioweapons. They could work. But really, omitting cybertech is just asking to lose. Like humans without guns versus with guns against lions.

>> No.50726049 [DELETED] 

Why the fuck is /pol/ raiding my biopunk thread?

>> No.50726055

When I hear the term "biopunk" all I can think of is Wind-Up Girl.

>> No.50726057 [DELETED] 

It's just two guys. One's a teenager and the other thinks using proper grammar makes up for a lack of argument. Just ignore them and talk about biopunk.

>> No.50726067 [DELETED] 

Because /pol/ is cancer personified?

>> No.50726079
File: 1.48 MB, 3319x1575, DrownedCities_Jacket.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>When I hear the term "biopunk" all I can think of is Wind-Up Girl.
Daily reminder to be sure and read both Ship Breaker and The Drowned Cities for a better look at what North America is like in that setting.

>> No.50726121

just putting the finishing touches on Lambs, working on intros, and planning a couple of future missions.

Nobles are going to be fun as hell. Maybe we'll even have a Primordial interlude~

The facility is powered by geothermal energy, far beneath the surface of the earth. It's the work of a genius, written in proteins rather than thread; each individual cell requiring adaptations that its neighbor finds inhospitable; permutations beyond permutations. The creches themselves are sealed in a layer of something like carapace; collapsible at a moment's notice. Each lasts a week at most before the doctors allow the pressure to crush it and the next is seeded.

Nothing enters, nothing leaves. Some of the Crown's most brilliant minds live there by choice. They have access to anything they could require in their central pod and communicate with the surface only by telegram wires.

The creches are observed by crude technology: sophisticated eyes transmit signals through metal in one language to a projector, read by another set in different code entirely to prevent contamination.

You have no name. You know only the drive to live, and in order to do that, you'll need to escape.

>> No.50726123 [DELETED] 

>One's a teenager
But aren't we discussing fiction primarily written for teenagers? >>50726079 are all "young adults" stuff.

Though I mean presuming someone's age as your argument does seem to invalidate your criticism of other arguments.

>> No.50726149 [DELETED] 

It's because quests were mostly kicked out by /pol/ trolls.

>> No.50726167

Daily reminder Calorie Man was twice as good as those both combined and was only 20 pages long.

Seriously, it all feels like Bacigalupi peaked with his early short stories and then just tried to pull and stretch them to full-blown novels. Reminds me of Sapkowski somewhat - great short-story writer, utterly shitty novel author.

>> No.50726173
File: 70 KB, 900x1350, 1395505364775.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I will bite.

This specialy designed organism can be afforded only by rich as the continuesly sustained fire requires quit a lof of fuel which costs money.

Maybe the bird burns something at extremely low temperatures so it consumes less. Or the flames get weaker when it sleeps.

Bird physiology requires for a high body temperature. Bring zharptitsu to room temperature will kill her in a hour.

>> No.50726191 [DELETED] 

I talked with a mod about this yesterday.
They keep banning the /pol/fags and antiquestfags, but the bans keep being evaded.
They just had to lock threads with /pol/ shitposting, because banning them did nothing as /pol/ has no morals.

>> No.50726195 [DELETED] 

>/pol is 9 people in a giant cat costume, with a jetpack and laser eyes

>> No.50726196

And since whan my post was a bait?
No, seriously, what the hell?

On the other hand, nice description why it would be a perfect "status object", since it would require being rich not only to get one, but then feed one and keep it alive.

>> No.50726214 [DELETED] 

Tell me why you think we went from exactly three scientists believing in global warming when the idea came out, to 97% of the American scientific community. Do you think the men and women who expressed strong skepticism over the decades since the idea came out just... aged out of the scientific community? Changed their minds *without* rigorous examination of the facts?

Tell me why you think Shell and Exxon have been admitting the existence of global warming in private communications since the eighties. Are their boards of directors kale-eating hippies? Do you think the investors fantasize about eating the sunk costs of pipelines, fractioners, and other infrastructure?

Tell me why you think India and China, two countries that could give their economies explosive growth through fossil fuels, claim global warming exists. Do you think they're more interested in sticking it to the US than helping themselves? That Beijing would rather claim a pyrrhic victory than secure itself as a world power?

Why are literally the only people claiming global warming is a hoax by the International Jew those who are being directly paid to say so?

>> No.50726223 [DELETED] 

I think it's mostly manpower issue. There are just not enough janitors on /tg/, so when they are flooded with reports from threads, it's easier and faster to just prune the thread than delate 2/3 of the posts in it, especially if the number of posters is pretty high, so you can't just attatch that to few IP numbers for quick cleaning.

>> No.50726249 [DELETED] 

I wonder if there is any legal recourse to ban evaders.
Can you be fined for e-tresspass?

>> No.50726255

>"Why not just make a regular airship that you don't have to feed?"

"Why make a regular airship that can't repair itself? Why make a regular airship that requires extensive training to pilot, instead of essentially the skills of a ranch hand? Why make a regular airship that can't make more of itself?

>> No.50726268

Nice. Will be waiting for it. Probably will miss it.

>> No.50726304

>No, seriously, do you even biopunk
One man's nightmare can be other man's utopia.

>> No.50726335

I can't recall a single biopunk setting that wasn't at least a seriously fucked up anarchic dystopia, only going worse from there.
And I'm really trying here.

Not saying there aren't people who would find such setting appealing, hell, there is a sizable chunk of audience that loves any zombie apocalypse setting you can give to them, but biopunk is pretty much by default just horrible.

>> No.50726345

>not wanting to live in a world where anyone could be a trap
wind-up girl got one thing right.

>> No.50726375

>Wind-Up Girl
>Not just The Fluted Girl
Shame the guy stopped writing adult stuff and moved to kid friendly territory, but who can blame him, if he makes mad dought on that demographic

>> No.50726460 [DELETED] 

Whoah! What a clean up!
Mods = Gods

>> No.50726464

>The Fluted Girl
Well shit never heard of this but I know what I'm reading tonight. Thanks anon!

>mods caving in to the whineposters
Jesus Christ.

>> No.50726486 [DELETED] 


>> No.50726533

Well, that still depends. If the only food source is to be soy pelets and everything you can smell the scent of animal dung, then there is no fun in that.

Speaking of which, it always baffles me in Bacigalupi settings (at least those where humanity weathered apocalypse rather than ignoring it due to self-augmentations) about the energy sources. They still can grow plants, they are planting extremely high-efficient GMO breeds, they are fully depending on farming...
... nobody just destills alcohol to use it as a fuel. I mean it's not a rocket science, you can literally turn any carburator-based engine into alcohol powered one in your own garage. This is definitely more efficient than using draft animals to turn some magical screws and even more magical spring-loaded mechanism to power everything.

>> No.50726552

And let's not forget about methane, too, since they are so relient on animals. Single cow produces enough methane (not just by manure) to provide heat and electricity for entire household

>> No.50726610

It's not that surprising, Most biopunk stuff is a pretty direct offshoot of cyberpunk, where the dystopia is carried over but the technology is changed.

>> No.50726616

Biofuels take more resources to produce than they're worth.

>> No.50726651

Did I said anything about bio-fuel? I'm talking about regular, high-proof alcohol. If you have a carburator-based engine, you can pour in just about anything that burns when sparkles are added.
Hell, ignore alcohol, you can use wood gas, which is just as efficient as car fuel as propane. And I didn't hear anyone complaining about propane.

Plus are you really going to argue it's better to use donkeys instead?

>> No.50726676

Half of rural 3rd world machines - aka what usually is the setting of average biopunk post-apo setting - are running on ethanol. The other half is using bicycle pedals.
So if it works IRL, why it doesn't work in fiction? Aside of course the writer wanting to add weird elements to the setting, that is.

>> No.50726695

>Plus are you really going to argue it's better to use donkeys instead?
Not him but I'd argue in a biopunk setting a "donkey" may be more efficient than an engine, can't think of how without the explanation being technobabble or assuming they are REALLY bad at making engines, can't be they never discovered alcohol as I'm pretty sure that's up there with fire and the wheel

>> No.50726702

Where do you think alcohol comes from

>Half of rural 3rd world machines - aka what usually is the setting of average biopunk post-apo setting - are running on ethanol. The other half is using bicycle pedals.
>So if it works IRL, why it doesn't work in fiction?

I didn't say it doesn't work, I said it takes more to produce than you get out of it. Haiti clearcuts their forests to produce firewood. It works great for cooking, but it's unsustainable because they cut trees down at a faster rate than trees can grow back.

>> No.50726775

Animals need feed. Even if you argue they are augmented to barely eat and stuff like that, they still need to feed.
Just to point out how ridiculously efficient alcohol production is, you can get 1 liter of 95% ethanol (the highest possible proof you can get without and still being able to store it) from 1.6 kg of grain. In retarded that means you get 1 gallon of alcohol from 13 lbs of grain.
Said alcohol can be used as a fuel with about 18% of efficiency for oil-based fuel. So you our mileage will dicrease to roughtly 1/5, but who fucking cares, if literally nothing stops you from planting just more grain and destile it.

And don't ask me why the fuck we didn't convert all engines to burning alcohol IRL, because I don't fucking understand either.

>> No.50726799

Ever heard about fast-growing plants being used as bio-fuel for heating?
Like bamboo? Or willows?
They can be harvested on weekly basis.

Seriously, it never cease to amaze me how inept people are when it comes to most basic renevable energy. But then I recall most of people in the net come from States, where the level of green energy is so marginal it's not even funny. No bashing, just pure statistics.

>> No.50726821

Anon, you can literally use straw to heat your still. Or just about any fiber plant that matures within a month or less.

>> No.50726844

I've never been interested into the aesthetic before but this thread did get me curious.

Are there any good bio punk systems out there?
And is Twig a good story to get into the genre?

>> No.50726852

I think it was due to a mix of a higher energy output per pound for oil and lobbying once the auto industry took off

Gasoline was originally a waste product that those who made it really wanted a decent way to get rid of and it working REALLY well as a fuel was a happy accident

As >>50726799 and >>50726821 pointed out there's better shit than wood, it's just often more convenient for some people, also I thought Haiti clear cutted for farmland and just used the wood cause it was left over

>> No.50726901

>Where do you think alcohol comes from
Preferably grain-based mash, but just about anything with high concentration of starch will do. You can destill alcohol from just about anything that contains starch, really. And you need: starch source, water, source of heat, two containers and few pipes.
If you are going to use grain, then you can use straw for heating. If you are able to live in given area, then it means it has water.
Oh, and watch might be helpful, but is entirely optional with a bit of experience.

Diesel engine was originally using peanut oil. And it still can use just about any form of burnable oil, with NO conversions or changes in the construction. So you can technically run your car on frying oil.
Which is how boats in Brazil are powered. The smaller ones are using gas-engines, but powered by sugar-cane based alcohol as fuel.

I personally think the main reason why this never shows up in fiction is authors ignorance to this stuff going in real world, so they don't try to put that in fictionland.

>> No.50726928

The only notable exception I can thing of is Thunderdome, where they are using methane as universal source of energy. They even wisely picked pigs that, while much less efficient than cattle in methane production, are capable of living in literal dungeon, eating literal wood scraps and dirt.

>> No.50727027

>Ever heard about fast-growing plants being used as bio-fuel for heating?
>Like bamboo? Or willows?
>They can be harvested on weekly basis.

Right, but as you guessed, I live in the part of the world where these plants don't grow quickly. Sugar cane biofuel works great in the tropics, but it's too energy-intensive to produce in usable quantities in the parts of the world where it snows. You end up expending more resources creating and transporting fertilizer than you gain from the end product.

>> No.50727072

>Living in an energy poor zone
Better have resources to trade with the fuel barons

>> No.50727091

>Better have resources to trade with the fuel barons
Sure, we have blonde women and delicious clean drinking water.

>> No.50727116

>I said it takes more to produce than you get out of it
Then you are wrong. Really, REALLY wrong. In case of non-mechanised agriculture and without fertiliser, you can still gather between 1 to 1.5 tonnes of grain from hectare. Assuming it's maize, you get another half a tonne.
If it's mechanised and fertilised, you can get from 4 to 5 tonnes, another 1.5 if it's corn.
Using non-grain parts of the plants as fuel, you should have more than enough biomass to fuel your still, since destilation doesn't really demand that much heating.
From each tonne, you will get about 600 litres of ethanol.
That roughtly translates to 450-500 litres of gas.

So you have enough fuel now to plow, tend and power all the farm equipment for another year, while using only single hectare of your entire farmland.
To translate into retarded: 2.5 acres of farmland provide between 120 to 130 galons of gas.

Rings you a bell how absurdly efficient it is?

>> No.50727138

I get the feeling you're an engineer and not a farmer.

>> No.50727182

>Part of the world they don't grow quickly
Anon, willow is a plant that grows quickly all over the world. It's doing just about fine on equator and on fucking polar capes (assuming it will have soil there).
>Sugar cane biofuel works great in the tropics, but it's too energy-intensive to produce in usable quantities in the parts of the world where it snow
Corn has comparable efficiency when turned into alcohol.
>You end up expending more resources creating and transporting fertilizer than you gain from the end product.
Ok, let's take a look on this with math and shit.
To transport a tonne of cargo by horse over 20 km, a range average pack horse will pull your cart for a day, you need to feed the horse 2.5% of its weight in feed. Which will mean 13-15 kilos of grain.
And then you need to return.
So the horse ate from 25 to 30 kilos of grain.
Now translate it into alcohol.
You would get from 25 kilos of grain about 15 litres of ethanol, which translates to roughtly 12 liters of gas.
Using 12 litres, you can move a 3.5 tonne truck, which can carry 15 tonnes of cargo, over 100 kilometers.

Thus using the exact same amout of grain, you've moved 15 times more cargo over 5 times longer distance.
Assuming this was a diesel truck, you can skip the lost conversion rate, so you have 15 litres of gas, thus managed to travel another 20 kilometers
What are we discussing here, really?

>> No.50727207

I'm after agriculture school. It means I've got a high school diploma with title of Technician, in field of agriculture. And currently studying agronomy on the university, 2nd year.
My father has a 30 ha large farm. 5 of it is used to produce biomass, used high-energy willow mixed with flax. The entire steading is powered by energy we get ourselves, from heating to electricity.

>> No.50727277

Well shit guys, I used to think biofuel was a scam perpetrated by the corn lobby, but you're turning me around. I appreciate all the info!

>> No.50727282

And I also take a personal offense with the suggestion farmers can't have theoretical knowledge about the shit they do for a living and only use some hillbilly wisdom.

>> No.50727292

>And I also take a personal offense with the suggestion farmers can't have theoretical knowledge about the shit they do for a living and only use some hillbilly wisdom.
That's the exact opposite of what I meant. It was actually a jab at engineers.

>> No.50727303
File: 138 KB, 900x900, assume_a_spherical_cow_by_rook2pwn-d4l7jyo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic related one?

>> No.50727369

Anything using corn is a scam perpetuated by gubmint money.
But biofuel itself works. Biofuel isn't the weak link, corn is.

>> No.50727375
File: 957 KB, 500x418, contemplate this for a moment.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw reading all of this
>Bacigalupi and his entire stuff about donkeys, megodonts and springs
I kinda lost the respect for the guy

>> No.50727401

Still, you can't grow sugar cane in central Europe. But you can use maize instead, getting close results when it comes to final product.

>> No.50727408

That's the one!

>Biofuel isn't the weak link, corn is.
Good to know I wasn't completely wrong about everything.

>> No.50727520 [DELETED] 

You know, in the end the thread did came up with some good content.

>> No.50727597

Why would you ever grow corn with america flooding the market? Surely you can use other crops?

>> No.50727651

>america flooding the market
Ever heard about protective tarrifs? You should, assuming you are American, since that's how half of your economy can exists at all.
Imported grain has price set high enough you can still profitably plant your own, including corn. It makes a great feed for the animals, too. Especially if you got good grain for planting, rather then buying untested stuff.

>> No.50727655 [DELETED] 

No, it didn't.

It came up with basic science and /pol/shit because you want to make /tg/ into /pol/, and you're a /pol/ apologist.

Good content? Four years ago we built a fucking setting based on biohorror that makes this thread look like exactly what it is, a couple of /pol/shitters pretending to be /tg/ relevant.

The people who ruined this thread is why threads like that can't exist on /tg/ anymore, because creativity is outright shouted down and ruined.

>> No.50727672 [DELETED] 
File: 138 KB, 500x215, and then there's this guy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.50727740

And answering the question about other crops - potatoes are the best source of starch, all things considered. But if you plan to use the plant fibres as fire fuel, then potatoes' green parts are almost useless.

>> No.50729007

>a fucking setting based on biohorror
Link? Was it the one based on Giger works?

>> No.50729168

You mean Mundis Carnis? There's a google doc here:

>> No.50731655

What are the coolest biopunk monsters/modifications?

>> No.50731918

the kid that can eject phermones and alter human emotions is the most original I have seen so far.

>> No.50732581

Have you ever saw eXistenZ? The game pods and the entry ports in the spine column for them were the right balance between cool and plausable modifications.

As for the monsters, my head-canon for the Black Ones from the Metro verse is that they are not just random mutants, but purposefully engineered species.

>> No.50732604

I like wesker.
Wesker is a good ultimate bio weapon.

>> No.50733482

I really like the Twins from Twig: Two noble ladies whose sisters fold right into their bodies.

>> No.50734113

How about tokyo gore police for inspiration?
It's over the top and silly but in the right thematic spirit.

The alien franchise pretty much revolves around bioweapons. The xenomorphs are rogue bio weapons and even humans were created by a bio-technologically advanced race that may not care for robots.

Heck, an airship is an example that could make more sense than say a bio-car. It's not that big a stretch to imagine a bio-airship that could make its own gas from a more plentiful/cheap "food".

>> No.50734466
File: 39 KB, 482x698, WITT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>confusing biopunk with body horror

>> No.50734493

>What's going on
You've missed the real party.

Also, newsflash - biopunk tends to come with hefty helping of body-horror 9 out of 10 cases.

>> No.50734847

Fucking awesome. I love the 6 armed man short story and the guy in the streets that murders people, his faces on his cloak laugh with him.

>> No.50734863

What's the difference? Level of discription?

>> No.50734871

>>Bacigalupi and his entire stuff about donkeys, megodonts and springs
>I kinda lost the respect for the guy

Me too.

Lefitst writers aren't known for their engineering, science or math skills, and it shows.

Thank goodness we have actual engineers and scientists running our energy production and not daft climate hysteria activists.

>> No.50734923

I love how edgy it is nowdays to believe there is no man-made climate change. Almost as much as I love the idea of discussing it on this board about games.

>> No.50735014

>someone disagrees with me!
>what edgy bait!

>> No.50735334
File: 64 KB, 235x650, 1365622751871.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're not mutually exclusive.

Please fuck off to /pol/ with this shit and talk about the topic.

>> No.50735532

How viscreal it is. The more open, skinless, oozing, pulsing tissue, the more body horror ranks.

>> No.50735696

Body Horror has more lovecraftian stuff usually, like the stuff in Amnesia: The Dark Descent.
Biopunk is usually very much like cyberpunk, but with more gene-modding and the like.
To be honest, you run into the issue that cyberpunk already includes a ton of biopunk elements.
So to differentiate itself, it's usually trying to go more into Body Horror with 'meat everywhere' and the like.

>Please fuck off to /pol/ with this shit and talk about the topic.
Right, so here's the issue, and it's the issue that started it at the beginning of the thread:
We've got people heavily promoting Bacigalupi here, which IS /pol/ posting. It's like if you took X ideology and wrote vaguely genre fiction about it to get it "on topic".
This was going to happen from the moment people brought EXTREMELY political authors into the topic.

And I happen to agree with many of the other assessments. Like >>50727375, it just doesn't add to the genre.

I'd much rather discuss adding the Kingdom Death monsters to a biopunk setting, since all that's missing is some higher tech levels.

>> No.50735823

>We've got people heavily promoting Bacigalupi here, which IS /pol/ posting.
You can talk about some guy's stories without having to rant about modern politics even if the author themselves has an agenda. I've seen people discuss stuff like atlus shrugged
in the context of fictional game worlds here without it devolving into /pol/ shit.

If I talk about sky-whale bio-airships is it an anti-peta political statement?

I mean it's fucking fiction, imagine it's a different universe with slightly different rules of reality if it triggers you so much.

>I'd much rather discuss adding the Kingdom Death monsters to a biopunk setting, since all that's missing is some higher tech levels.
Then discuss it instead of whining about how liberals or conservatives are dummies who don't understand science and buy into the climate change/denial conspiracy or whatever shit.

>> No.50735965

>Then discuss it
Well, Kingdom Death is already a vaguely biopunk setting. Like the White Lion, largely lion-like but with humanoid hands. Hunts prey and makes clay sculptures.
You could possibly phrase that setting as if it were the aftermath of a prior biopunk setting, with the lanterns emitting a wavelength certain genemods were made to be fearful of.
Then with the use of the Body Horror-esque stitching together of monster parts, you could have a secondary biopunk evolution from that setting into its future.
It fits decently well with the existing rapid child growth mechanic it already has, and the strange disappearing/aging of 'Saviors' as being potential latent gene compositions.

>without it devolving into /pol/ shit
I'll make one note on this: Certain authors, like this one, have a /pol/ goal ABOVE any fiction crafting.
Starship Troopers has /pol/ stuff for example, but does much more apart from it, like the military tactics descriptions.
That's not happening with this author, hence the /pol/ bleedover. But I'm happy to leave it mostly behind.

>> No.50736203

>Do you like biopunk?

>What is your favorite setting?
Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, though the punk aspect of it is lacking. That's the problem with biopunk, there are so few settings where both aspects are represented enough for them to serve as good examples of the genre.

>What do you like in the genre?
If you make use of the heavy modifications tech in a biopunk setting, not just cosmetic shit, you're apparently fearless enough to mutate your brain's function and risk losing your 'humanity', so why the hell would you take baby steps or stop at what's socially acceptable? A biopunk is going to live by the morals he respects and nothing else. Get enough biopunks together and they'll create a society mostly from wholecloth, implementing social policies nobody else has the balls for. And it'll be so, so fucking weird. I like weird.

>What is your favroite biopunk monster?
The planet from Alpha Centauri.

>Would you set a game in it?
If I weren't burnt out from being a Forever GM.

>> No.50736351

just read the fluted girl
one of the best short stories ive read honestly, thank you anon

link in case anyone else wants to enjoy it

>> No.50737218

>Do you like biopunk?
yeah, it's pretty good. I prefer it in a blend of other technologies and without the -punk. Nothing good comes from -punk that isn't Cyberpunk, and even that's hard to pull off these days.

>What is your favorite setting? I only know of two both set during WWI: Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld and Twig by Wildbow. Do you know more?
Not really. It tends to creep up in the darker corners of stuff sometimes, because for some reason people can't see the difference between a gigeresque nightmare and biotech. It's like they think the first thing society would do with that technology is do anything BUT medical or cosmetic shit. Or that the future would forget features like user-friendliness or 'needing to be marketed'.

Also Leviathan went to shit once the inevitable romance kicked in.

>What do you like in the genres
I like seeing society adapt to solve a problem, and then act like their necessity is the most natural and good thing in the world. Creates good, organic, worldbuildy tension. Nothing creates longer lasting traditions than 'temporary' solutions.

What is your favroite biopunk monster?
Humans are the scariest monster.

But no actually it's the Akkorokamui. Wouldn't really call it a 'monster' though.

>Would you set a game in it?
I am garbage, so no.

>> No.50738331

The things I love about biopunk is that it doesn't violated the 1st law of thermodynamics.

It make a little bit more sense usualy then other supernatural stuff.

>> No.50739287

Ever read Fluorescent Black? It's a comic book series set in a future Singapore. The story isn't much to talk about, but I think the setting is alright.

>> No.50739349

Describe the Fluorescent Black future Singapore setting.

>> No.50739900

>We've got people heavily promoting Bacigalupi here, which IS /pol/ posting
Funny, because you are the ONLY person who focused on his political agenda, while everyone was discussing the freaky stuff from "People of Sand and Slag" and compared efficiency of his weird spring-loaded machines with real-world biofuels

But hey, let's complain about politics and start looking for commie conspiracy, that's soooo productive and on topic of biopunk!

I think the main issue that was ommited so far in this thread was WHY they are using this stuff in Calorie Man and all his later stories and books. The springs are somehow breaking the rules of physics, as they allow to store almost 100% of the energy produced by muscles as useful, mechanical power, thus allowing to translate every joule from grain eaten by animals into joule of useful mechanical power. And probably store it for longer period of time
Do I need to point out how this shit is simply impossible, but cool as fuck?

>> No.50739948
File: 71 KB, 550x442, Cool-story-bro0_h.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Bacigalupi is blatant /pol/
>Heinlein is not

>> No.50743045

I liked the rebreather in Leviathan

the whole suit seemed like something they'd try in WW1

>> No.50743182

i think he was refering to solarpunk as a utopia.

>> No.50743417

Twig is pretty solid, though the general BioPunkness takes a back row seat to the characters. As it should be, but that's not say there aren't some incredibly cool monsters and world building. Overall, I'd highly recommend it.

>> No.50745603

Does SLA Industries count as biopunk?

>> No.50745723
File: 940 KB, 1280x1024, 3134522-1749898595-BioBo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, there is Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor.

Japanese manga/anime about a teenager that by accident discovers some living alien weapon system that some evil corporate shadow society wanted to use to take over the world.

The boy tries to become some typical superhero alterego, but the bad guys quickly deduce the boy's identity and start killing his friends and family, and then the plot really starts getting crazy - since the shadow society has pretty much infiltrated every aspect of human society with (sleeper) agents that can transform into bigass hulking monsters with all kinds of crazy biomechanical weapons, like organic missiles or laser cannons.

And for added /pol/ value, one of the villains is pretty much Donald Trump. Except not a useless sack of fat human meat.

>> No.50745732

I tried reading that, but couldn't get into it.

>> No.50746849

surprised this hasn't been posted yet

>> No.50746919

>And for added /pol/ value, one of the villains is pretty much Donald Trump. Except not a useless sack of fat human meat.
Careful with that edge.

>> No.50746925

I can't recall the title now, but there was once a short story in a near future, slowly and carefully observing a career of a sociopathic pilot, in his climb from being a regular Joe to eventually getting into the position of planetary president.
In said short story, rather than discovering alien species, humans modded themselves the hard way to get bodies more suited for each planet they've tried to colonise, doing really freaky stuff, like turning entire colony into almost literal ant colony.

I know I really liked the story, because it was one massive fuck you to furfaggotry, without going into HFY territory. And probably someone established wrote it, since it was published in Polish sci-fi magazine and they usually are doing reprintes of old classics.

>> No.50747072

This isn't biopunk at all though, there's no punk in it.

>> No.50747434

honestly at this point the punk part no longer means the traditional meaning when people use it for describing genres, it just means that the setting or story has a focus on whatever punk has been attached to(which I'm fine with because the traditional meaning is incredibly limiting and most people suck at writing it anyways)

>> No.50747605

The punk literary genre revolves around characters that either feel the need to rebel against established power structures or completely ignore them. And they carry a manic, reckless, dismal flavor that results from the characters' willingness to be destructive to not just their enemies, but also themselves. Frankly, this attitude is so manifest in the people I socialize with in real life that I have no idea why it'd be hard to write a book about it. I'm not a punk and neither are my friends.

>> No.50748558

I've played the vidya game Let It Die recently, and all I can think of is how I can make that shit into a tabletop game. Some sort of dungeon runner that has a biomechanical and splatterhouse aesthetic.

>> No.50748893

>t. cogfop faggot looking for excuses
Get lost. You've literally killed steampunk with your sperging and now trying to put your cancer in entire punk genre

>> No.50750169

Efficiency. Logistics. Self repair.

Let me see, I could build a factory that makes car engines. I would have to pay people to work in that factory, I would have to purchase machines which would need constant maintenance to do the work in the factory. Or I could get a handful of seeds genetically engineered to grow into organic car engines and plant them in a field. Then I would just have to wait.

To say nothing of the ecological impact. Genetically engineered technology could produce waste products such as clean oxygen, fresh water, digestible food paste, fast fermented alcohol. No smog, no radioactive waste, no ground water contaminants.

I often say that until we see a major Leap Forward in genetic engineering technology space travel even within our home system will be exceedingly difficult. We need to engineer something that can consume our waste products and produce things that we need in return.

>> No.50750202

Several species of animal have hollow fur. Kind of a cross between Fur and Feathers. They use this for insulation.

>> No.50750352

>I could get a handful of seeds genetically engineered to grow into organic car engines and plant them in a field. Then I would just have to wait.
You do know crops typically have to be tended to by actual human beings?

>> No.50750445
File: 130 KB, 1280x720, goto9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is how I Biopunk.

>> No.50751506

All you need to do is check if it's not withered in dry weather, rotten in wet weather and check for pests. Rarely, a disease can attack, but that's rare and you can do shit about it anyway.
In short, tending boils down to waiting in 90% of cases.

The actual labour is harvest, even in case of heavily mechanised farming.

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