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「 I A M T H E L A W 」 Edition

Previous thread: >>

>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck’s strategy and card choices.

>Another resource for commander discussion; they have an entire forum dedicated to discussing decks. People often make primers, which go into detail about how they built and play their deck.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commander’s color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

Thread Topic:
>How do you lay down the law?

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Here's the link to the old thread for the truly autismal.


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I run a very strong Brago list, but it has the same problem that every Brago deck does: it's incredibly boring.

What should I convert it to that's slightly less reliant on the commander? GAAIV seems like a good choice, but I'd be willing to go tricolour if the deck is fun enough. I'm just looking for a deck that will slowly make people lose their will to live, but wont fold the second the commander is countered twice.

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>How do you lay down the law?
At some point I realized countering 3 other players spells wasn't an option, so instead of going after their spells on the stack I went after the mana they used to cast them.

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Yes... yes. Come to the red side.

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>Grand Fagiter Fagustin IV

commanders who just sit there-tier

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Please help me make my burn deck playable.


I don't care much about winning big games, I just want to set everyone's shit on fire.

Recently switched commander to Akroma to try her out. I generally have a lot of red mana hanging around and a firebreathing commander sounded fun.

Thinking about switching to Hidetsugu, but I need to trade for him.

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reposting my Nekusar wheel deck from the last thread. Any thoughts/recommendations from people? Some combos and spicy deck tech I should put in?


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He can't dethrone the king of just-sitting-there.

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>The land continues to burn
Circle of Flame is thematic and cool

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>this arrived today
>no idea what to do with them yet
>look up thraximundar on edhrec
>people only use him for zombie tribal

Well. Sedris reanimator sounds sweet tho.

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Why not just ashling the pilgrim as a commander?

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How good is Rosheen Meanderer as a commander? Is she pure jank/hydra tribal or is she actually good?

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friend already runs her for his sweet casino deck. i don't wanna step on his toes.

yes. this is exactly the theme im looking for.

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X spells do more than hydra tribal but I still wouldn't call her "actually good", just an interesting casual option

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Making a Lazav Voltron deck.

How big of a bad idea is this?

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>How do you lay down the law?
Frequently, and without mercy.

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How are you going to make it? What parts are the voltron parts, and how are you getting things into the yard?

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>Your creatures can help cast this spell.
Weird and cool reminder text? I can't wait for more Improvise cards. I seriously can't fucking wait. I love Convoke and I love Artifacts.

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>How do you lay down the law?
Pic related and All is Dust in my colorless deck. Priceless.

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I mean since shes RG you can only really do hydra tribal and fireball/board clear spells. Not much else you can do with her. That being said, she is an interesting RG commander.

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Playability is low, because there's better RG options.

Fun is high, because X spells and hydras, plus you get to name your deck 「 X G O N ' G I V E I T T O Y A 」

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>plus you get to name your deck 「 X G O N ' G I V E I T T O Y A 」
Classy. I would have said 「O N E I S T H E L O N E L I E S T N U M B E R 」

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Might just get her because of how fun she sounds.

Here's my decklist if you're interested: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/rosheen-requires-fireballs-and-hydras/

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>how do you lay down the law
subtlety is not my strong suit.

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>「 X G O N ' G I V E I T T O Y A 」
Fuck that's good.

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>How do you lay down the law
We live in a communist society after all.

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>How do you lay down the law?
Swiftly and without mercy for puny blue mages.

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>How do you lay down the law?
I used to be the only one who did it. And then Iost because I would waste all my ressources on keeping people in check, while everyone else just masturbated. So now I just try to go off before the rest gets to do their "fun stuff".

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Hey gA, if I give a creature flash, say heartless hidestugu, does it also have haste, or do normal summoning rules still apply?

Can I tap that bitch on my opponent's turn the turn it comes out, assuming it has flash?

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>how do you lay down the law?

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Nope, it loses the sickness after the first of your upkeeps during which you already controlled the critter. So flashing doesn't grant haste, but makes it be tappable as soon as you start your next turn.

>> No.50696732

Flash doesn't do any more than it says- it lets you cast the spell under the same timing restrictions as an instant. It won't naturally give Haste; but it will let you flash in Hidetsugu at the end of your opponent's turn so he's ready to go during your turn.

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UW in general is incredibly boring. Good luck anon.

>> No.50696798

Thanks comrades, I wanted to set up some filthy flash shenanigans, but now I just need to do it on my endstep instead of in the middle of combat. Slightly less cute, but still functional.

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Sedris is out-fucking-standing as a deck that abuses ETBs. Things like Panharmonicon in him are just disgusting.

>> No.50696813

>after the first of your upkeeps during which you already controlled
Not quite. "Summoning sickness" applies to all your permanents (not that it DOES anything to noncreatuers) unless you've controlled them continuously since the beginning of your most recent turn.

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>Things like Panharmonicon in him are just disgusting.
I'd say so. How is that giant weird clock battery thing going to fit?

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GAAIV is what you want but be warned it is the friendship killer, shit is the most boring thing to play against.

So for summoning sickness purposes you consider beginning of the turn and not upkeep, got it.

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Right. It's mostly a pedantic nitpick, but, well...

I am me.

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>How do you lay down the law?

Cyclonic Rift, Blasphemous Act, Rolling Earthquake. I got bored of trying to do diplomacy as a spellslinger with no boardstate, now it's just periodic spells that hit everyone.

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What? No.

>> No.50696892

Glad you like it.

It's honestly a stupid story of how I started that nonesense, but everyone seems to enjoy the end result.

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>How do you lay down the law?

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delete this

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Rate, hate, appreciate? I wanted this to be a mid-tier budget Lazav deck with a splash of tactical wheeling, but I have "deck builder's glasses" and I can't quite separate the jank from the nonjank.

As a note, I know there aren't any colourless rocks, the idea is to pop lazav t4 as many games as possible, because I know he sucks to remove, and instead of skimping on the deck for the landbase, I did the opposite and hoped my omnirocks would fix things.


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Lemme get in on this.

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I really wish there was more cards like this for my monoG omnath deck.

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Did someone say "bullshit low cost cards that can completely fuck over certain types of decks"? I nominate Urabrask lite. Why? Well, it may not be as flashy, it may not be back braking, but holy shit-covered-toast batman has it won me a lot of games.

>> No.50697228

I need a 5-color deck. What should I build lads?

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I mean, Blind Obedience does almost the same for 1 cheaper (and is much harder to kill), and Kismet does a lot more for 1 more mana, and is much harder to kill.

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>go-fish breya
>just tutor out ashnod's and nim deathmantle
>instant win
>watch my friends get super salty as i win a game that was going really well for them
it's great. in 1v1, they think they're shutting me down.

in multiplayer games, im so quiet everyone forgets im there.

people are starting to really make faces when i bring her out though. i think it's almost time to put her up on the shelf until people forget how it works.

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Here ya go.

>> No.50697389

>Kismet is 5 american pennies.
Jesus christ, why don't more people run it?

Yes, enchantments are generally harder to remove, but Thalia fits an important niche. She not only slows your opponent down by tapping their creatures and fancy lands, she also throws a body out there to soak up damage until you can play fancier things.

>> No.50697402

>Throws out a body
On a 3/2 in Commander, that is a detriment more than it is a boon.

>> No.50697405

Dear god, why doesn't that see more play?

>> No.50697426

horde of notions. everything else is shit tier

>> No.50697440

Because as soon as it appears in a playgroup people stop feeling that it's worth it to play anything graveyard-related, possibly leading to a lessened variance in the meta.

>> No.50697443

Just so I understand that right the combo is: sac breya + thopters to altar then pay four for nim, effectively creating infinite mana, then shooting the table by creating infinite thopters to sacrifice with breya? I need to try that.

>> No.50697479

I like child of alara because you get to build whatever deck you want in 5c without trying to build under a commander's ability too much cuz your commander is just a boardwipe instead of a linchpin.

>> No.50697504

Yeah. Pop the Thopters for CCCC, pop Breaya for CC and use 4 of your 6 floating to get her back. Net gain: 2 mana. Repeat several thousand times, then start JUST saccing her, paying the 2 you made and 2 from your reserves to bring her back, netting 2 Thopters each time. Once you have enough thopters, start throwing them at people.

>> No.50697534

>3/2 first strike
>more a detriment than a boon
Depends on many factors, but mostly, whether or not you're in a creature heavy meta. I've never had a problem personally, but I have a different philosophy about these sorts of things. In general, if someone is wasting removal on something I played t3, that's a good thing because it means they're going to have less removal for my better stuff.

>> No.50697538 [SPOILER] 

Unban when? Make r/w chaos great.

>> No.50697560

Authority of the consuls is 2 cheaper and does a lot of work too, + lifegain. Harder to kill than Thalia too.

>> No.50697591

>Wasting removal
No, you can't move the goalposts like that. If you're playing her as a cheap way to disrupt your opponent, then making her the single most vulnerable card type is a WEAKNESS, not a strength. If you're playing her to disrupt your opponent, her 'ability' to chump block is not much of a perk, because you only chump with her if you HAVE to (and your opponent's not gonna be poking at you with a 2/2 utility guy while a 3/2 first striker is there). She's small enough that all she'll really do is ward off a couple of early utility-pokes, or sponge up one big hit, but that's not the ideal situation.

Even in a creature-light meta (which aren't very common), it's not necessarily that they'll "waste removal" on her, or you'll be forced to chump; it's the fact that she's so likely to just be INCIDENTALLY hit by a Wrath effect, whereas Kismet or Blind Obedience wouldn't.

>> No.50697630

yes exactly. it is some of the most fun i have had ruining magic.

save all your counter-spells for that moment too. the looks on people's faces is priceless.

>> No.50697661

Eh. I won't fault you for it, but I tried to make a combo-laden artifact deck with Sydri and I fucking hated it. I'd get my free wins out of nowhere (I had multiple 2 and 3 card instant-win combos in the deck), but I hated winning that way. I don't like games to end all at once like that, even when I'm winning them.

>> No.50697710

I feel the same way, I used to run test of endurance, felidar sovereign, leyline of anticipation and vedalken orrery in Oloro. Just made games very boring.

>> No.50697735

I'm building an artifact control deck so I can switch commanders between sen triplets, sharuum and sydri. The one thing I want to do is shoot the entire table for 50 each with lifelink aetherflux reservoir.

>> No.50697758

I mean, I -put- instant-win stuff into most of my decks, but it's a Nuclear Option. They literally exist for the purposes of "This game needs to be over" when nobody's willing to just scoop so we can go eat, or they're some convoluted six-card combo that can easily be disrupted so it takes some setup to get to that point.

I don't like "win all at once" because it feels, to me, like it invalidates the whole game up to that point. I know there's the whole "Bait their disruption, find out what's safe, etc etc, then go off" 'dance' and all, but when you're literally resolving one spell and saying "This game, which was not in immediate danger of ending, will end if nobody has 4 counterspells in their hand right now to stop this AND my 3 counterspells"... it sucks. It's like someone walking over halfway through a fun game and knocking over the table. Yeah, it's over now, but not in a fun or interesting way.

>> No.50697799

>Playing RUG Lands
>Have Plated Geopede and Rampaging Baloth
>EoT Realms Uncharted for Strip Mine, Glacial Chasm, Depths and Thespian. Get given Thespian and Strip Mine
>Untap, during upkeep Intuition for Oracle of Mul Daya, Azusa and Loam
>Get given Oracle, Dredge Loam
>Play Strip Mine, Mine someone cast Oracle cast Loam getting Strip Mine, Glacial and Depths
>Win with landfall triggers and Marit Lage beatdown
This is actually pretty fun.

>> No.50697874

I'm looking for suggestions for more commanders like these. Where they are very open ended when it comes to the deckbuilding and also have a high amount of variance in gameplay between games. I posted this a few threads ago and got told Maelstrom Wanderer fits but I didn't update the pic to include him

>> No.50697876

Honestly even for a 'landfall matters' deck I think Plated Geopede is pretty mediocre.

>> No.50697927

Wanderer does not remotely fit for 'open ended when it comes to deckbuilding'. I don't feel like Riku is, either. With Wanderer you build it with dumb shit to cascade into and ways to get Wanderer back into your hand to be recast. With Riku you just do big dumb shit to copy.

>> No.50697974

Fair enough, like I said, Kismet is a super spicy meatball, I was very impressed, but blind obedience doesn't tap down nonbasics in addition to creatures, even though. I had to think real hard, because I play in a silly meta full of rich fucks with fancy lands, and those few tempo plays you can squeeze out are extremely nice, but niche. The only other thing I use thalia for is stopping Kiki-Jiki combos, but those other thing would too. I guess I'm much more worried about chumping a big swing, or deterring an attack for a few turns to set up my real control.

That being said, I admit some colours have more problems dealing with enchantments than others. I personally run a shitload of enchantments just for that purpose, but where I use Thalia is in Uril, with my buddy Urabrask, so I can understand how I'm a little biased.

>> No.50697997



>> No.50698025

It's not amazing, but it's a beater that comes down early. I've had game where I had Oboro or Ghost Town with an Exploration effect and it's consistently been a 3/3 or 5/5 first striker.

>> No.50698044

And is "consistently a 3/3 first striker" really worth a slot in an EDH deck?

>> No.50698070

Look, it fits into my theme and curve. I'm pretty happy with it's performance so far.

>> No.50698183

You're opponents are dumb.

>> No.50698228

Mr edh stands guy can you give me one for atarka world render 1HKO combat tricks. The deck also has a lot of other dragons but I wouldn't call it a tribal deck.

>> No.50698229


>> No.50698248

The Sydri combo is neat, but not that necessary honestly. I run the reservoir in Oloro, and the infinity part is hardly needed if your lifegain is going well.

In my experience, trying to juggle artifact control and lifelink in 1 esper deck results in the deck not being all that good at any of them.

That's why I split my deck (had the same idea as you) into Oloro lifelink control and sen triplets/Sharuum artifact control with a blink and steal subtheme.

>> No.50698278

Scion of the Ur-Dragon. In Dominaria, rainbow taste you.

>> No.50698388


Also it's very unsatisfying to play it if you have any recursion yourself, so generally only competitive decks and specialized hate decks are interested in it

>> No.50698429

Not him but what about「 T H U N D E R S T R U C K 」?

>> No.50698512

You know, bant funpolice sounds like a sweet deck.

Jenara or derevi. as a commander, tutors to find the fun police cards and lots of counters and pillowfort.

>> No.50698537


The higher the number of cheap (1-3 cmc) creatures you run that also do a thing, I.e Thalia or Aven Mindcensor, the better any overrun or pseudo overrun effects you play will be, you can kill two birds with one stone so to speak

You've pointed out the downside which is that they die to board wipes and the most common type of spot removal, I'm just saying that it's a trade off, not a strict negative for hate effects to be attached to creatures in edh

Another benefit of creatures is that they have more support in terms of flickering, sac/reanimating, cheating into play, and cloning, than other card types

That doesn't apply to Thalia but I'm just talking in general, creatures have huge upside, so to be balanced compared to artifacts and enchantments they need the huge downside of being easiest to destroy

>> No.50698544

How the fuck does EDHREC come up with their 'synergy' numbers?

Also, I am having mild regret making this Kemba deck after working on a Breya deck. At least no one expects the white counterspells.

>> No.50698616

Why bother with counters, just use a time seive and if they counter/stifle it reanimate that shit with your artifact recursion.

>> No.50698617

I'm working on an eggs-y, storm-y, affinity-y Akiri deck and I play all the typical eggs you see in most lists. I'm wondering if I should play all the artifacts that etb and draw a card, though. Most notable ones I've never seen anybody play are Metalspinner's Puzzleknot (I have Silas as her partner but I may switch to another commandee, idk yet, Thrasios would help do-nothing-ness and provide card flow) and Tsabo's Web. I mostly feel like like the deck is kind of do-nothing and can feel it's fragility even when goldfishing. And Akiri just doesn't get big enough fast enough to make up for it, and I play all the 0 drop and x artifacts too. So I'm thinking maybe playing all cantripping artifacts will help card flow.

>> No.50698641


The synergy of a card on, for instance, the Breya deck page, is the ratio of the percentage of Breya decks that run that card relative to the percentage of other decks that run it, that run it, if that makes sense

So take all the decks that run the card, let's say Ashnod's altar, sort them by the commander. If Breya decks run Ashnod's altar 50% of the time, and the rest of the commanders that run Ashnod's altar run it like 45% of the time on average, then Ashnod's has +5% synergy with breya

>> No.50698670


Short answer: yes

Long answer: how did you think you were going to play an eggs deck without cheap artifacts that cantrip?

>> No.50698706

partnerher with silais, you can play cranial plating and basically give her 2x damage that stacks with double strike

>> No.50698710

Mimeoplasm, maybe.

>> No.50698733

I put all the ones that everyone already plays, or in other words, I already do play cheap artifacts that can trip. But of course most lists don't literally every single one that draws a card since most lists seem to focus on the ones that also filter/provide mana. I don't see stuff like thr given examples of the Puzzleknot and Tsabo's Web in eggs decks, though the Puzzleknot is fairly new. It seems like while goldfishing it'd really help to have more artifacts that draw a card to help give me card flow so I can keep doing things. But I don't know if they're good enough since no one plays literally all artifacts that do that.

>> No.50698766

Already play Silas and he also kind of helps with giving me things to do with an empty hand but I don't always have an artifact that sacs itself and he isn't always a reliable source. But it's hard to play an artifact combo deck without black even if Thrasios would really help.

>> No.50698804

I'll throw my hat into the ring.


>> No.50698930

The puzzleknots are weaker than regular eggs because they are meant to be used in tandem with multiple panharmonichons. Use them if you want though.

>> No.50698959

「 W H E N T H E B U L L E T H I T S T H E B O N E 」

man idk

>> No.50699013

Playing it would be literally just for the 2: draw a card artifact really. It can save itself too which is convenient but it's pretty must that its a cantripping artifact. I don't know I've been brainstorming this deck for a while but now that I have it together it feels like I do a whole lot of nothing while swinging with maybe 5-7/3 first strike dude 90% of the time. I don't know why I expect anything else from a deck furniture of do-nothing 0 and X = 0 artifacts but meh. I'm really unimpressed with Akiri. I got excited when I realised she was cranial plating but the appeal of plating is being able to put it on a signal pest, ornithopter, or vault akirge or somethjng. She will win every combat forever because of Vigilance+ first strike but I really she had had evasion to actually get through.

>> No.50699023

I see.
I was hoping for something a little more complex. Right now it feels like everything is being badly skewed by all the preconstructed decks people are uploading with just a handful of cards changed.

Someone link me a passable Kemba deck, please.

>> No.50699048

「 T H R O U G H T H E F I R E A N D F L A M E S 」

「 F L I G H T O F T H E B U M B L E B E E 」

「 T W O T I C K E T S T O P A R A D I S E 」

>> No.50699066

It's not skewed so much as that is what the average person is playing with those commanders normally. And I don"t think it's too far off basis from the 6 or 7 metas I'm apart of.

>> No.50699067

I have a ton of Orzhov staples, including Ayli, Triad of Fates and New Teysa, but I just cant seem to find playing them fun. They always seem to be just sacrifcing things for incremental advantage.
Is there any way to make it feel fun?

>> No.50699097

Use a sfm, tutor up a sword of vengence and trample over them. Then blink your sfm to pull more equipment from the deck for value. Also swords of protection will help your silias get through for gy purposes so the sfm is pulling double duty depending how you need to hit then

>> No.50699115


>> No.50699122

「 F I G H T I N ' S I D E O F M E 」

>> No.50699123

So, /tg/, what commander, apart from Geist of Saint traft, could represtent a a 「STAND」 ability the best in your opinion?

>> No.50699126


No. You'll either just barely eek out a win after 2+ people team up against you, or get hated out early for exiling somebody's fatty.

t. Guy who played OG Teysa for 3 years

>> No.50699137


I'm building an RPG setting where combat will be done through EDH games. I'm looking for deck ideas that are mid-tier or lower which would give them a challenge but not blow them out. It will be 3 players: One who is decent at deckbuilding mostly playing midrange/swing wide decks, One control player who plays a lot of blue, and one player who just kinda herp derps around but really wanted to try an RPG system.

Example so far:
-Athreos, God of Passage with a Rebels and Mercenaries theme.
-Aboshan, Cephalid Emperor milling with option for Lab Maniac.
-Selvala, Explorer Returned: Group Hug / Group Life Gain
-Jori En, Ruin Diver: Merfolk tribal lords with copy creature effects.

Any Planeswalker, Legendary Creature, the Nephilim are options for commanders.

Any suggestions?

>> No.50699155

>tutoring for infinites
>people don't like playing with you

Are you surprised?

>> No.50699170




>> No.50699171

>durdling combo tutor player

literally the worst

>> No.50699181

Ask your group if you can use pic related as your commander, and call it 「 B A R E N E C E S S I T I E S 」

>> No.50699189

It's easy to say that but am is just one card. It's just not that easy. I was liking the concept for this deck because the voltron was kind of the side plan you just coincidentally had the ability to do since you'd storm off with eggs and 0 drop artifacts since the idea was that Akiri would make those cards not purely chaff, she made them do something. But it's just not enough. But to make the voltron work and not just be a mid size dork that the abysses one person a turn it feels like I read have to dedicate a lot more cards to it, and voltron is not even that great to begin with which it was the plan b initially to eggs/cheeri0s storm is combo.

>> No.50699191

What should I aid to Saskia besides obvious things like Gisela or Aurelia? Looking for some spicy tech

>> No.50699238

anything with double strike

>> No.50699246 [SPOILER] 

I'll make mono black grouphug work!

>> No.50699247

Play infect and be a piece of shit.

>> No.50699278

Reckless fireweaver sounds good for you then. Load him up with infect like a gradted exoskeleton and play your memnites and mox opals and watch your enemies melt

>> No.50699328

I was actually thinking of putting him in. Doesn't help card flow but it's good with the overall breakfast gameplay. It probably won't kill anyone otherwise but eh. really my problem boils down right now to Akiri being not impactful enough to make emptying my hand of eggs and cheerios worth it. Fireweaver probably doesn't fix that but I do like him.

>> No.50699425

There isn't any black or colorless card that prevents players from searching their library, is there?

Also, if there is, does the effect just not trigger?

>> No.50699434

i made this deck for hate like this. it's fun.

need more fun. Anyone had great success with Wurmcoil and Breya?

>> No.50699447

Nope. Orzhov is a giant waste of time. U/W can at least hold its own, with B/W you're running a lot of answers, with out any problems yourself. Either you combo out, reanimate something, or lose in slow, painful fashion.

>> No.50699464

m-muh karlov

>> No.50699480

is there anything that just gives all my other creatures double strike?

Atraxa player in my group is already doing Infect Superfriends, I don't want to also be that guy

>> No.50699488

Nothing colorless or mono-B. Ob Nixilis and Psychogenic probe punish pretty well though.

>> No.50699495

Ob Nix from M15 is as good as it gets

>> No.50699497

>it's fun to be hated

Literal sociopathy. Seek help.

>> No.50699498

More like:
>m-muh ayli
>m-muh nu-tesya

>> No.50699513

>Teferi's Puzzle box
>Mind Slicer

I can see it working. Sounds fun.

>> No.50699758


>> No.50699827

Berserker's onslaught, rage reflection, and true conviction.

>> No.50699910

How is Yisan as a commander? Been thinking about making an Alesha or Yisan commander deck.

>> No.50700002 [DELETED] 

Make them build their deck with onky commons at first if they're beginning, with the good shit being loot from quests.

Make it as Yu-Gi-Oh as possible--the show, not the game. Melodramatic villains with nebulous quests that can only be accomplished through card games.

>> No.50700050


He's very powerful

>> No.50700082

I thought about forcing them to start out playing Pauper decks but I reconsidered it due to the herp derp player being horrible at deck building anything that works (30 lands in an EDH deck with a AvgCMC of 5 to 6). They will be able to change out their cards after sleeping at an Inn. I'm going to use Pauper/Budget decks for the generic NPCs they will encounter and janky EDH Decks for the more relevant NPCs.

>> No.50700106

I'm rebuiding my OG Niv deck, and I don't want to run Curiosity or Ophidian Eye because their presence in my deck gets me hated on immediately

What are other ways to be a degenerate with The Firemind?

>> No.50700154


>> No.50700178


Honestly the curiosity combo is overrated, it's strong but not that difficult to disrupt, and niv mizzet is really powerful without curiosity

Just run mindmoil, Arjun, all the wheel of fortunes and windfalls you can find, and you'll have plenty of draw to burn people down

>> No.50700202

true Enlightenment

>> No.50700217

Niv is gonna get you hated out regardless of what you put in your deck. He's just that kind of general.

>> No.50700228

ibs buteful :DD

>> No.50700268

Build Alesha. Yisan will make you be hated out of every game you play.

>> No.50700358

I'm so sorry for the Mr. EDH Stands guy thing

>> No.50700471

That would probably be the case if one of my friends weren't using Prossh.

>> No.50700492

its like when your extended family comes over and your mother tells you to do that funny dance that you learned, for them

>> No.50700510

The little lad dance?

>> No.50700528

One of the best. EDH is about 3 things, going infinite, stax and answers.

>> No.50700533

So could I get some advice on this Atraxa deck?

>> No.50700688

how would you build around her?

>> No.50700755

You don't.

She goes in an Izzet based artifact deck or Breya. About it.

>> No.50700785

Is there anything akin to Kor Spiritdancer but for artifacts/equips? I run her in my Sigarda enchantress, she's a good secondary wincon if I can't summon Sigarda or I need to start building up a creature before my commander can hit the board.

I'm working on an Atraxa Voltron deck (because I have to be different) and am looking for a secondary creature to start slapping stuff on if things get hot. So far, it appears Golem-Skin Gauntlets is the only card with such an effect. So I'm guessing Serra Ascendant is my best bet.

>> No.50700808


There's an infinite combo around her but because she can't be commander I don't think it would be wise to build around it.

>> No.50700823

are there more cards like this that interact with atraxa? figure i can drop a bunch of dudes for cathars' triggers, exalted, ghave shenanigans, and so on. already running primal vigor.

>> No.50700826


>> No.50700841

Honestly, I'm considering taking her out of my Breya list. The best she's ever done in a game for me was being a clunky Rings of Brighthearth for Mindslaver once.

>> No.50700860

i want to build another budget deck. problem is, i dont know what.

dubs decides next deck to build

>> No.50700874

You don't. It takes 4 turns for her to ult and she doesn't do enough in the interim. God forbid you use her -2

Budget Yisan

>> No.50700956


>> No.50700959


No Corpsejack Menace?

>> No.50700987

zada gobos
who doesn't let you use planes walkers as commanders lol

>> No.50700995

Patron of the Nezumi

>> No.50700999

I've got one, I just haven't figured out what to cycle out in favor of it.

>> No.50701111


Talrand counterspells

>> No.50701116


>> No.50701151

talrand counterspells it is i guess

thank you

>> No.50701173

Lady Orca

Also, this is the low-ish powered U/G goodstuff I'm making. My meta is starting to get an influx of new players and I wanted to use a more toned down deck, but still can be fun to play. I went with Edric, because they'll attack each other for that card advantage.


>> No.50701199


I'm no great player myself, but to me I don't see enough to really make Green Sun's Zenith useful to me in your current list. I'm also not sure you quite have enough means to create the tokens you'll need to survive your own stax.

>> No.50701260

Uh....Ghave, chasm skulker, hangarback, mycoloth, pentavus, twilight drover are all pretty good token generators, and with all the tutors I can grab cathars' crusade to make them make as many creatures as I have mana.

>> No.50701289

I hope we get a viashino commander and some good viashino cards so viashino tribal becomes a thing.

>> No.50701314

That being said I think I see what you mean about GSZ, not enough green. I think I need more of a theme is my problem, should I lean more towards token production or degenerate poison?

>> No.50701319

How do I build this guy?

>> No.50701351

I guess you could get things like Sakura-Tribe scout, land sacrifice and things that can pull lands from graveyards live splendid reclamation.

>> No.50701406


I think that's what you need to decide. I went infect with +1/+1 counters, and while I like it, and it's devious as all hell when it all gets up and running, it's definitely a weak infect deck, or a weaker counter deck otherwise.

Finding that perfect delicate balance is just difficult.

>> No.50701504

Well I think everyone is sick of poison after my varloz deck, considering that I dismantled it for that exact reason. (turn 2 lethal...ugh)
And I don't wanna do superfriends.
So I guess that leaves proliferate tokens, so with that, suggestions? Dropping lost leonin, plague stinger, and skittles at least. What do you think about replacing GSZ with Gen wave?

>> No.50701524

>turn 2 lethal

>> No.50701543

>valroz actually doing anything
I don't believe it. Even if you produce proof, I refuse to believe your Valroz deck was anything more than a durdly mess with inconsistent draws, and a heavy reliance on magical christmas land.

>> No.50701603

How is this even a business? does anyone buy this?

>> No.50701629

it was a literal god hand, but the straw that broke the camels back in my circle of friends.
Bro you don't even know. Built with poison in mind he can consistently swing for lethal turn 5.

>> No.50701659

Yet, you continue to posture and call me "bro" rather than produce any form of proof to verify your claim, while also moving the goal posts.

Do you have a list I could look at? How did you make sure you got an infect creature instead of one of the many dead draws you're running? What did you use to put things into the yard?

I own a valroz, I have the suite of infect creatures, and if you're doing something more effective, I might consider rebuilding it. But, when I built it, you either floundered for an infect creature the entire game, or played a strong early game, moderate mid game, and a hilariously ineffective late game.

>> No.50701660

goblin planes walker when? no, dovin baan doesn't count

>> No.50701670

I'm building Dimir mill/discard, possibly with a splash of green for artifact/enchantment destruction.
Anything notable in those colors that I can use to take advantage of all those cards hitting the graveyard?

>> No.50701698

Dovin Baan is a vedalken.

>> No.50701701

did someone forgetti?

>> No.50701734

Wow, the foil goes for less than that price. They probably try to sell it for that much in hopes someone is stupid enough to buy it.

>> No.50701764


Anyone have some easy tips for my thraximundar? I generally get a lot of hate since I remove so many creatures and my enchantments are pretty scary too so they go away fast. Any easy way to get those enchantments back? Also need card draw and maybe more zombie tokens.

>> No.50701890

http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/k-i-l-l-r-o-c-k-n-r-o-l-l/ i don't know where take this other then add crucible of the worlds cand I can't really justify spending that much when my friends just play precon decks with little alterations. But I wouldn't mind some more suggestions, I'I definitely a newfag when it comes to deckbuilding.

>> No.50701938

Depends entirely on your commander. I posted my Lazav list a little earlier in the thread for the same general thing, but I caution strongly against both self-mill and regular mill as a wincon. Unless you're doing something you know will be effective, you're going to have a bad time.

I'd recommend the usual suspects like Geth, Havengul Lich, Dimir Doppleganger, and all the normal reanimator nonsense. Wheels are super effective at getting things into the yard in the first place.

>> No.50702044


Leovold is those colors and mill/discard in the (cardboard) flesh.

>> No.50702105

>tfw faggot in my group plays tesya envoy targetting me every game forcing me to waste all my removal on it

Any of you got people who just won't get off your dick?

>> No.50702144

>play shadowverse for a week
>cards not immune to all removal are shit
This is more like a magic clone than hearthstone

>> No.50702294

Throw out some creatures and collective voyage/new frontiers/boundless realms for the win.

>> No.50702314

Titania, fetchlands, rampant growth, exploration, oracle, courser of kruphix

Maybe even scapeshift?

>> No.50702342

I won't deny he's awful in the late game.
As memory recalls the deck looked a lot like this.

>> No.50702408

I just can't fathom how much of a miserable person you must be to say "I want a deck that completely ruins the experience of all other players." You're in the wrong format if you go into games with that mindset.

>> No.50702434

>Titania, fetchlands, rampant growth, exploration, oracle, courser of kruphix
At that point why not just play Titania?

>> No.50702448

Have a dude who does this no matter which deck I play or how well my board state is going. If I'm in the game I've got his full attention the whole time and holy hell does it get old.

>> No.50702475

Beauty of playing on MTGO is you don't play with the same people. The downside of playing on MTGO is you don't play with the same people and that coupled with cheap card prices emboldens people to be super tryhards.

>> No.50702490

How do I build around this? I know not having blue makes me weaker artifact wise, but can daretti still slot into the 99? I also am having trouble figurin out what to do with Dovin and oriss combo. It's really good but the Irini player is beginning to hate me off the table.
Any ideas /edhg/?

>> No.50702515

Forgetti the Daretti

>> No.50702531

Underrated card imo.

>> No.50702536

Its my wincon in Gitgud

>> No.50702552

Yes, my friend

Why is Slobad getting so much love on here recently, anyway? Not that I'm complaining

>> No.50702569

>can't decide between building/testing on xmage or playing Titanfall 2


They're both so fun

>> No.50702598

Personally since I've been researching eggs and saw a really badass Slobad deck I've been wanting to ditch Daretti for him. Having the shiny new print of him in C16 has also helped the desire.

>> No.50702600

>when the Rafiq player always targets you first

>> No.50702604

Daretti Spaghetti is great, but I want a Goblin horde kind of planeswalker, not an artifact enabler.

>> No.50702622

SAME. I love just wiping the entire board and basically restarting the game. with no cards in hand. Slows people down so much.

>> No.50702630

>Slobad eggs

Do you have a link to that list you saw?

>> No.50702769

Because this way all your creatures get like +15/+15 trample.

>> No.50702772

Rate my Shu Yun list? Anyone else who has or does run him have any thoughts or suggestions?


>> No.50702790

Basically monored second sunrise/kci combo using scrap mastery over sunrise.

>> No.50702807

You are aware that you posted a picture of various cherry sodas, correct?

>> No.50702832

Forgot list. Basically you play Slobad over Daretti because Slobad is a cheap sac outlet and can protect combo pieces. Daretti lends himself to a more staxbased deck cheating resources with his minus and land wipes while keeping card flow up with plus.

>> No.50702927

stop it Mark, you're just the biggest threat player at the Table, you have to go first.

>> No.50702967


>> No.50703022

So, I'm wanting to pamper my oldest deck with something pimp for Christmas.

Anyone got any ideas for mono-B pimpage? I'm down for anything under $100. Currently between a judge Yawg's Will and a judge Damnation.

>> No.50703037

>tfw this made me think of an infinite combo and i cant remember the names of the cards that would do it

>> No.50703087

is mark rosewater killing commander

>> No.50703104


>> No.50703107

Well, commander is growing faster than ever.

But if I were to name the number one person holding it back, that would be Sheldon.

>> No.50703139

is that a picture of mark rosewater?

>> No.50703154


>> No.50703221

no, the formats massive split over what is considered ok in commander (like mass land destruction or "spikes in a timmy format") will do that long before shitty card design will

>> No.50703306

>Sheldon hate

Take that shit back to MTGSalvation. Sheldon literally cannot win with you degenerates.

>> No.50703327

im glad people are starting to get into EDH more but wont that just bring the bad parts of other formats to EDH?

>> No.50703334

One could argue that when WotC starts designing cards for a format they do it with the subtlety of a hammer and that that escalates the power creep of the format. But most people don't remember the format when it was actually EDH.

>> No.50703389

mark kikewater is killing magic in general

>> No.50703395

Define "bad parts"

>> No.50703406

literally all spikes

>> No.50703420

Tryhards, Spikes, and generally people incapable of understanding that EDH is a social format and not about winning.

>> No.50703429

ya, there is this one guy in my play group that always targets me because i "board wipe too much" enough though its always in response to the other guy at the table dropping massive bombs so i have to waste all my shit not gettig killed by him. the first guy then always wonders why the second guy wins when he doesnt have to worry about being targeted and just builds for like 10 turns

>> No.50703462


I have little hope of ever winning an EDH game, I'm just happy if I take someone down with me, and then board wipe with my final dying breath.

>> No.50703476

Mah niggas. My group is filled with cancerous spikes and i just eanna have fun un a social format ;_;

>> No.50703519

honestly the massive circle jerk that is EDH could use a little bit of spike mixed in. the its ok to play poorly then get salty as fuck when you lose bull shit gets old quick

>> No.50703626

No one said anything about playing poorly. Build casually play competitively used to be the EDH mantra.

>> No.50703651

The only thing killing commander is printing commander cards designed for timmys and spikes. You end up with busted bullshit like atraxa when you try to appeal to both of these players.

>> No.50703698

Hoping you guys might know : Where's a good place to get custom tokens from, IE provide your art and they make 'em?

I don't have a printer or I'd just do it myself.

>> No.50703720

Oh you must've ended up in the wrong thread. I think >>50653654 is what you were looking for

>> No.50703738

And appealing to Johnnys by purposefully making combo peices would be better?

>> No.50703743

building casually is cool but there are a very large amount of people who think casual play means being bad should be overlooked. like people who get mad about infect but dont have a single creature with a CMC less than 4 or people who get angry about infinite combos even though they can be easily stopped. these same people will generally sperg out if they see a duel land even though they make pretty much 0 difference through the course of the game. good players can get around basically anything in EDH

>> No.50703778

No but breya, nekusar, prossh, omnath and many other commanders were printed so its more a matter of picking one playstyle and making it balanced for that playstyle instead of scattershotting and printing nuts cards.

>> No.50703785

no i just dont think people should be shat on for trying to win in a format when trying to win actively makes you lose more due to everyone targeting you

>> No.50703832

You know I hear lots of talk of this super-casual boogeyman but never run into them. I do often run into people (some in this thread) who are unable to understand when they're bringing a gun to a knife fight. I'm starting to suspect this casual boogeyman you describe is projecting from someone bringing a tryhard deck to a low power meta and people getting grumpy at this person when they insist on running rampant over everyone.

>> No.50703856


>> No.50703885

Is there such a thing as a Green 2-or-3-colored spellslinging commander? (Wherein the green isn't just for ramp)

>> No.50703903

There's nothing wrong with wanting to win, but the issue is when it becomes the point of playing. Like, if you're trying to make a vintage/legacy singleton deck, you're probably in the wrong format.
There's also something to be said for tuning a deck or building around an idea similar to what your playgroup is at. Like if they're all casual as hell, maybe not good players, etc, you're just an asshole if you bring some $3k stax deck.

It's also just as bad when people say shit like "lol it's just a GAME man!" and don't put much thought or effort into what they're doing.

Something my friends and I do is just set a price limit on decks, right about $200. (Not including additional cost from foils and shit, obviously) It's worked pretty well at keeping an even power level while also letting people run a lot of different decks.

>> No.50703905


>> No.50703918

there has been at least one giga casual in almost every play group that i have ever played with. the most recent one was a guy who wanted everyone to have a 150 per deck maximum which we were all cool with but when we wanted to play with our actual deck he would freak the fuck out because there was "no way a 100 dollar deck could beat a 500 dollar deck" even though that happens quite literally all the time in EDH. maybe i just have bad luck with play groups and players but those types of players get old quick

>> No.50703933

Riku 2bh

>> No.50703934

It all really depends on your environment. At my LGS there are a mixtures of timmys, spikes, and Johnny's. We all play decks of varying powerlevel and we adjust accordingly depending on who's playing.

If two guys are playing prossh, marath, and nekusar, I'll probably pull out Azami and be a dick. If I see weird things like Lovisa, Karlov, or Zo-zu, I'll pull out something low powered like Oriss.

It's all about your meta and how you adjust. If there's things you don't like, tell them. We're all human and if someone isn't having fun, then a lot of people are going to be adamant about changing that. Commander is probably the best format for those seeking interactivity over win/loss ratios.

The format is healthy enough where all types of players can thrive. It really just depends on your meta and how willing you are to talk to your fellow players.

>> No.50703973

Wort the raid mother

>> No.50703993

>There's nothing wrong with wanting to win, but the issue is when it becomes the point of playing

i get what your saying and i agree but its my experience that people generally cant tell the difference between the two and assume that everyone who likes to win only plays to win when more often than not its just because that guy is better at magic. EDH has big enough deck, spands every set, and the fact that its multiplayer should allow you to deal with basically everything with any decently built deck no matter what the budget is 90% of the time. people who act like you cant do that are just ad at the game or dont want to put minimal effort into not losing

>> No.50704017

i am convinced that that one red blue wizard dude and the green blue bitch that taps for mana based on your card draw partners can fulfil this but i have not tested enough and brewed enough to make it happen yet

or you can just play riku

>> No.50704060

The only thing that really rustles my jimmies are focused land destruction. A couple spells don't bother me, but when it's T4 and steam vines are out and you just cast stone rain, I am not going to be happy.
That and people who play decks that only exist to exile bullshit, like that one legendary whose name I forget that exiles four cards from each opponent and then lets you cast them for free.

>> No.50704080

>and the fact that its multiplayer should allow you to deal with basically everything with any decently built deck no matter what the budget is 90% of the time. people who act like you cant do that are just ad at the game or dont want to put minimal effort into not losing

That's not true. Entire color combos fold to certain strats. Better hope you find your Gate to Phyrexia in your mono-black deck against artifacts or better hope that the blue player doesn't draw their massive card advantage spells against you with your RW deck. And it's mathematically absurd to think that in a singleton format someone will have an answer to a problematic play at any given point.

>> No.50704098

land destruction only makes people mad because they dont put ways to deal with it in their decks and refuse to do so generally in my experience

>> No.50704126

Okay, how do you deal with land destruction in a couple cards?

>> No.50704142

well obviously your not going to be able to counter everything because that would make playing magic pointless. im just saying that the things that make people mad are often easily countered. its like if your meta is enchantment heavy you play enchantment hate. if someone in your meta uses land destruction for example you should be playing around that instead of getting mad about it

you cant win every time and sometimes things are going to fuck you over, get used to it because thats magic

>> No.50704144

Obviously you stuff every deck with crucible of worlds and run in colors with access to green and you just olay legacy singleton.

>> No.50704152

Creatures with Shadow

>> No.50704153

Whichever of you guys suggested this big dick swinga as a Commander, thank you so much. This deck I built is so fun, and the look and on everyones face when I reveal him is worth everyone targeting me

>> No.50704166

counter spells and protection from X spells combined with things that make your land other things combined with things that makes those secondary types indiscutable.

there are tones of each of those types of cards

>> No.50704170

do you think banning kills before 45 minutes is a good houserule?

>> No.50704181

That + the other modules and infinite mana

>> No.50704197

you ever hear the saying if you dont know who the weirdo is at work you are probably the weirdo?

>> No.50704237

Love me some gunboat diplomacy

Post list

>> No.50704241

wow... indestructible

>> No.50704261

Are you that guy at your LGS?

>> No.50704275

>counter spells
Because you'll always be able to counter everything from a deck running 15-20+ land destruction spells, or even lands that destroy other lands and then they pull them back from the GY.

>Protection from X
So every deck ought to be running mycosynth and darksteel forge and ways to tutor them out, as well as ramp to get them in play before the LD deck gets going?

>> No.50704285

No. If you feel the need to ban too early of victories find a turn limit. Either way people who get there wincon are just going to sit there until time is up and then win immediately.

>> No.50704286

For single or multiplayer?

Single - Shit tier rule

Multiplayer - Shit Tier rule

You first ~10+ turns are completely useless because you arent allowed to win.

>> No.50704314

Stop feeding him. His answer is to bring a deck with UG to every match and stuff it with 50 staples instead of just doing what every other healthy meta does which is communicate to people when you feel their deck is too oppressive.

>> No.50704329

>how to you stop X
>like this

bro are you fucking retarded? you cant do anything in EDH everytime for everything because thats just not how magic in general works. that in no way doesnt mean you shouldnt try or put answers to common powerful threat in your decks. did i in some way insinuate that you can do everything every time with 100% success in any post i have made or are you just dense? stop moving the goal post anon

>> No.50704338


I wish there were more people like you.

>My FLGS is full of college students irresponsibly spending their student loans and/or daddy's money on Reserve list cards to make ultra-spike EDH decks to complement their Tier I Modern decks and Turn 0 win Legacy decks.

Any game with a blue player has a high probability of JTMS, Baby Jace, FoW, Mana Drain and NO FUN ALLOWED.

>> No.50704383

>This guy has lots of sources for X in his deck so he can do it consistently by an early turn
>Run these specific hate cards
>Okay but I have to hope to run into them which in a singleton format is single digit percentage while he has dozens of effects that do this and/or his commander that does X so he can hit those effects significantly more reliably

You're thick or expect everyone to UGx decks.

>> No.50704398

Stone rain is bad tho. so they're being a dick and also playing bad cards.

>> No.50704442

i dont understand what your saying... you literally just parroted what i posted and then acted like UG are the only collars that had answers to anything when that is just plain not true

>> No.50704457

So you"re thick is the problem. Duly noted.

>> No.50704478

>implying UGx decks are all good.

Nigga if u aint Leo, Tasi or Fish partner, UGx aint good, we should just correct that meme to BUGx.

(Edric is obviously a UG deck, but it's not what people mean when they say UGx deck because it wins with attacking)

>> No.50704487

Once you know somebody has an MLD focused deck, if you don't want your lands to be blown up, you need a plan

If you run counterspells, you'd certainly LIKE to counter other things, but if you know MLD is coming and you can't beat it, you need to save your counterspells

If you're running a deck that can't beat MLD AND doesn't have counterspells, you need another plan, OR you can just accept that magic has a bit of Rock Paper Scissors to it, and not all matchups work for you

>> No.50704522

ok man, sure thing. i guess thats why i never see anyone with a deck that isnt UG because they are the only colors that have answers to things right?

>> No.50704549

The best plan is to not play with that person because ain't no fun to be had.

>> No.50704562

Anyone have any experience with Genesis Engine? I'm working on a mega-jank Slobad build and I was wondering if anyone, especially these two anons

could help out. Seems like it might backfire in my very creature-centric group

>> No.50704567

Who plays an "MLD" Deck?

I get playing Geddon/Ravages as a stax card to supplement stax pieces, but who wants to lose so badly that they build a deck with all the shit versions of those cards

>> No.50704588

>EDH could use a little bit of spike mixed in
>t. spike
The only people that want spikes in their play group are other spikes. The rest of us just want to play a CASUAL SOCIAL MULTIPLAYER FORMAT with no super try hard fucker messing it all up with infinite combos and turn 2 wins.

>> No.50704593

I have it as a sub-theme in Godo to either slow everyone back down or to lock in a win

>> No.50704611


>> No.50704634

Sub themes are fine, since you get to run the good LD cards

In a all competitive EDH meta, turn two wins are unlikely. the length of the game becomes about the same as a not-intentionally-slowed-down game of noncomp EDH.

>> No.50704660

>went to lgs for their open cmdr play
>normal crew
>3 intense spergs and then anon
>anon has about 10 decks and always plays to win but have fun
>play for about 5 hours with my friend and anon and the spergs
>spergs really sperging out but anon and us keep it cool
>me and anon win every game
>I think I've made a new friend
>tells me hes moving back home cause he graduated
>lose the only other good player at our open play

Fuck tg. Imma miss him. EDHfeels.

>> No.50704703

*Chamber, shit

>> No.50704716


Well I just meant a deck that consistently plays MLD, and sets themselves up to benefit from it rather than get blown out by it

Not necessarily that they run as much MLD as they can find

>> No.50704802

Seriously, I love this Heartless Hidestugu deck so much more than any other deck I've built. Either the game is over in 20 min, or I'm dead.

>> No.50704890

>playing yidris in a 4-man pod
>mazirek player has 40+ power on board, everyone is tapped out. all i have on board is notion thief
>hand is temporal trespass, acidic slime, and yidris (he got bounced by something)
>have like 15 mana
>draw blood mist for the turn
>oh boy here we go
>cast yidris, blood mist, delve to cast temporal trespass
>next turn, draw world at war
>oh shit
>cast world at war, give yidris double strike
>hit a guy for 10, untap yidris, do it again
>now everything in my hand has 4x cascade
>cast the only card in my hand, acidic slime
>cascades into signet, signet, sakura-tribe elder, and fucking ANCESTRAL VISION
>draw 3 from the vision, hit land, land, and burgeoning
>the only other CMC 0 spell I run is wheel of fate
>cast burgeoning, cascade into wheel
>draw 21 cards due to notion thief (i had already killed one guy with yidris)
>draws include turnabout, frantic search, and mind's desire. i still have 7 or 8 mana open at this point
After I revealed my post-wheel hand, the rest of the table scooped. Fucking Yidris is so goddamn fun when he connects

>> No.50704943


>> No.50704945

Which intentionally disrupts the purpose of the format and is cancerous as a result. No one likes losing to infinates or infect damage in an EDH game. The only people that like that shit are the people that use them, namely spikes.

>> No.50704959

Sedris + Sundial of the Infinite is really sick.

>> No.50704992

Hidetsugu is also absolutely terrifying in the books.

>> No.50705067

I mean. I did mention in an 'all competitive meta' So your complaints about muh purpose don't really matter.

In a non-competitive meta, yes it's dumb/cancerous/shitty to bring an Ad Naus Mucktide Leovold list, because literally no one will have fun. It's not fun to play with a comp deck against non-comp decks (unless there are prizes, in which case, do whatever, but i'm assuming we're talking about among friends).

>> No.50705149

Creatures/ effects with Myriad. Hydra Omnivore. Conjurer's Closet to reset your targets. Infect.

>> No.50705228

My friend runs this in his Saskia deck and it's so fucking annoying when he swings at you for 8 plus Saskia plus Saskia's ability.

>> No.50705348


Is it?

I feel like that's overrated. If you're Sedris is in play unearthing shit, seems winmore

>> No.50705371

Is that good for Nekusar/waste not?

>> No.50705399

It's an all-star in my Queen Marchesa deck. Nothing brings the tears like exiling the unearth/flashback decks graveyard

>> No.50705412


It's passable

>> No.50705425

I also use it as a subtheme in my Jhoira deck.

Something about an Apocalypse suspended in front of any of my fatties usually just makes people scoop.

>> No.50705464

Obliterate into Koz is usually GG against any deck.

but 4 turns is long enough for people to sweat and make a difference or stop it somehow. I like Jhoira for that reason. Creates a Cute in game and planning to survive past the Obliterate or survive through the fatty swing.

I'm a shitty spike tho, so I haven't played against any Jhoira type shit recently.

>> No.50705474

>tfw I finally get to try out my fun Gwafa deck at my stores multiplayer EDH night
>Three people tell me I should just use Oloro and put in "I have Life so I win" cards.

>> No.50705528

I love my Jhoira deck but my group refuse to bring enough removal or counters to stop her and that makes her unfair to them.

In one of my recent games with her my friend asked if he could counter something as it comes out of suspend. I tell him thats the only time to counter it and he says greats and taps out all his mana because my Jokulhaups has 3 counters on it. On his endstep I hit that shit with a Fury Charm so it goes off on my upkeep.

Izzet is my 2nd favorite color combination and for the longest time I played Creaturless melek and other spell slinging decks but once I got to Jhoira it was exactly what I was looking for.

>> No.50705529

What is people's deal with fucking Atraxa. I don't fucking get it. She's the most popular but Breya is easily the strongest of the new 4 color commanders. But people can't make that distinction and automatically assume Atraxa is the best?

>> No.50705542

>I tell him thats the only time to counter it and he says greats and taps out all his mana because my Jokulhaups has 3 counters on it. On his endstep I hit that shit with a Fury Charm so it goes off on my upkeep.
Holy shit, next fucking level

>> No.50705557


If you don't play with infinite combos in your playgroup, which is something that happens somewhat frequently in edh playgroups, then atraxa seems like the best new commander.

Although I think it's funny that Breya is so good at killing yidris and atraxa and saskia

>> No.50705567

Non Red is a better Color Combo than non green.

Plus Atraxa is cool with PWs and people like PWs.

Breya is obviously the best card of the 4c commanders, but that doesn't mean she lends herself to as many deck types as the other dudes.

I've seen Atraxa Boonweaver, stax, enchantress, Superfriends, food chain.
But Breya Eggs and Breya Infinite mana (eggs is a variant of infinite mana anyways, just with cuter cards) are about the only Breya decks i've seen.

>> No.50705571

I actually think Yidris > Breya > Atarxa > the other 2

Breya is the most satisfying to play though imo.

>> No.50705604

Yeah but look at the post I replied to. It implied Atraxa was better than the others because it was broken. I agree that she has the better 4 color combination and that she lends herself to mroe decks if only because an end step proliferate is a pretty meager reward that gives you a little direction but not enough to force you into any one thing and her being a pretty efficient dude means she's always decent. But I didn't get the impression that was how that poster thought Atraxa was the best.

>> No.50705628

didn't even actually notice the fact you replied to someone, kek.

Idk how someone could think shes overpowered or anything.

>> No.50705670

Next level land destruction:
Mycosynth Lattice and Sydri

I catch people unaware with it all the fucking time.

>> No.50705687

Bitch I've been doing this since before you were born.

>> No.50705689

autoinclude in Norin, i guess it could be fun with like goblin welder and artifact creatures like Filigree Familiar, Simulacrum, and Junk Diver

>ywn get a legendary UR artificer to loop this card with goblin welder and intruder alarm

>> No.50705705

but anon I was born before magic was even a thing

>> No.50705716

I meant sydri you dicklicker.

>> No.50705732

I want to stick my dick inside of Glissa

>> No.50705741

>legendary UR artificer
We'll get a legendary UR Artificer. It just won't do anything with artifacts.
>How were we supposed to know you wanted your Artificer to do something with artifacts. All we heard was that you wanted creature type Artificer!

>> No.50705752

I fail to see what licking dicks has to do with land destruction. Don't be silly, anon.

And given how Sydri and Karn are from different planes and Karn can travel through time, at least from what I remember, who can say who was born first

>> No.50705756

>zombie pussy
>phyrexian pussy
>and worst of all, elf pussy
(You) disgust me

>> No.50705769

whose the dude on the left? geth?

>> No.50705777

Why destroy the lands when you can just take them as Memnarch though

>But anon, if they aren't islands you can only tap them for colorless

Artifacts everywhere.

Alternatively March of the Machines with the Lattice in play for maximum luls, especially with Artfact Anthems on the field so mine dont die.

>> No.50705782


>> No.50705794

Would also Plug Rashmi's elven puss.

Don't fuck with me breh

>> No.50705803

Really, just geths head.

>> No.50705991

Cobbled together a new deck for mono white. Not sure how it turned out, haven't playtested it at all yet.

>> No.50706012

Rashmi is fucking gorgeous on her card.

>> No.50706045

Flat face weird cheeks

>> No.50706056

MW Elesh Norn would like to pic related
make room for that Skullclamp, it is core not maybe for this archetype
other suggestions:
Shrine of Loyal Legions
Thraben Doomsayer
Dust Elemental is cute boardwipe protection as well as a nice utility for ETB recycling, Similar to Stormfront Riders (which also makes tokens)
Cloudgoat Ranger is another token maker
Extraplanar Lens/Gauntlet of Power for added ramp if needed

overall neat deck

>> No.50706066

Spikes that think EDH is a competitive and sanctioned format don't let you.

>> No.50706075

er, also White Sun's Zenith, Entreat the Angels, and Launch the Fleets are good for making bodies in W

>> No.50706078

>Playing Mono U
>Playing Mono U Artifacts

Whoa there, Satan.

>> No.50706128

Aaaand if you keep a high enough Human count, you could use pic related

Brave the Elements can give your side of the field an offensive or defensive edge. Prismatic Strands is a 2-use (second time free) versatile fog-effect. Patrician's Scorn wipes the field of enchants and would almost always be free for you to play.

>> No.50706138

u got a list for jhoira?

>> No.50706194

Also people who value the rules of the game. like. I dunno. LGSes and people who aren't in your weird ass fucking playgroup?

>> No.50706321

Just accept that breya is made for that and that wotc hates us.

>> No.50706493


My playgroup isn't overly competitive but I would put this deck near the top.

It has a CUHRAZY mana curve but that is because I am usually casting anything 6+ for 2 mana.

I used to run better counterspells but I took them out for the deck to be a bit less oppressive.

>> No.50706503

Post em!

I love world Market. Try the fig swamp pops, they're the best

>> No.50706510

>Post em!

Wait for new thread.

>> No.50706528

Oh god is this thread almost dead?

Hey, I'm a poet and I didn't even realize it!

>> No.50706549

>Oh god is this thread almost dead?
New Thread

>> No.50707995

>But anon, if they aren't islands you can only tap them for colorless

This is not true, this rule has been discontinued.

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