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>vampires secretly rule the world!
>wait, it's actually the Wyrm that secretly rules the world!
>no wait! it's actually the Technocratic Union that secretly rules the world!

>leaving White Wolf in charge of coherent universe building

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>Old World of Darkness

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Isn't it supposed to be a thing that all the splatbooks are written somewhat from the perspective of the group they're about, and they all just THINK they secretly rule the world?

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Eventually, that's where they went. Really, it's because they were written as standalone games with crossover capability.

Fun fact: Samuel Haight was written as a parody of the powergamed, promiscuously crossed over PC that the devs would be assaulted with by fanboys at conventions. They felt that that kind of character and chronicles like that were destroying oWoD. So they wrote one as a joke.

Of course, things spiralled out of control and eventually that character DID destroy the setting.

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Dont one of the Hunter organizations rule the U.S. or something?

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Vampires think they rule the world, demons think they control the universe, but really the technocrats rule the earth paradigm.

The wyrm is just so ubiquitous that its machinations are everywhere.

and the weaver is really running the technocratic union

Everyone agrees that the True Fae ain't shit though.

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Have you read any of the Street Fighter splatbooks?
It's so terribad I am one hundred percent convinced the designers were making the characters specifically to fuck with the editors.
Not like the actual Street Fighter universe is much better.

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What's wrong with it?

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you mean there might be conflicts and secret wars fought through proxy agents.
Yep, doesn't sound like WoD at all.

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I suppose you could say that in each of those three games, the main factions care about a different segment of society and have different conceptions of power and control.

So the renaissance comes and technology improves and belief in magic goes away. To the vampires and werewolves, that's just something random that happened. The Mages know that's the work of the Order of Reason (Technocracy) and brag about how they control what's really important: the sources of ideas and credibility that give you control over reality.

Then there's a major political upheaval. Let's say, the Franco Prussian war or some such. The mages and werewolves see it as irrelevant bickering between humans-- mortal nonsense that while important is just random stuff that happens. Vampires of course, realize that it's a stunning coup where the Ventrue clan elders reorganize their hierarchy while simultaneously humiliating the Toreadors' power base when they tried to arrogantly interfere. Vampires control what's really important: politicians and power structures.

Werewolves of course watch the ever-increasing pollution and global warming and some such. That's what really matters, not humans navel-gazing about philosophy or fighting among themselves, but the collective war of humanity vs nature, all in service to The Wyrm, who really rules the world.

So you see, each type of being is so cloistered and parochial that they don't understand or perceive each others' power or interests. So each rules what they see as what's really important about history, with the rest being irrelevant window dressing.

>Of course, this is all retcon, mostly. It's where oWoD ended up at the end of its run.
>Early on, Vampires ruled everything.
>Then they realized they didn't like the implications of "hitler was controlled by vampires" and put mortals back in charge.
>Then WW hedged, saying "who really knows it's all from their point of view"

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Those books were never meant to mix unless a Story Teller wanted to use a power from another book on his players.

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So you mean the world isn't run by anyone but that instead, it just runs by itself with events being influenced by the actions of important people and big groups of smaller people? That the Planet and what happens on it are too vast and complicated for even those major players to truly appreciate everything goes on?

So basically, it's just like real life?

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>nobody secretly rules the world
>there are many different governments controlling separate lands


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the correct answer is the Technocratic Union rules the world, the Weaver (being a force of nature) is controlling the crats (and the Wyrm is being a corruptive influence as usual), and the vamps just act like they're in charge but are keeping the masquerade going so they don't suffer a sudden and fatal case of HITMark.

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>Shit taste

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Yes, it's called the illuminati
Wake up sheeple

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