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Izzet Lifegain Edition
Previous thread: >>50602773 (Cross-thread)

>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.
>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck’s strategy and card choices.
>Another resource for commander discussion; they have an entire forum dedicated to discussing decks. People often make primers, which go into detail about how they built and play their deck.
>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the internet.
>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commander’s color identity.
>Official search site. Current for all sets.
>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

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First for hypno-toad

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>Not posting best wheels.dec general

Kydele is crazy when you build around wheeling.

I partner with Ludvic for that sweet deck spinning into a giant fireball or huge X-spell finisher.

Seriously powerful, but Leovold can suck a dick...

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Izzet lifegain storm?

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IS there a way to make Arjun actually work? I always liked the mind moil idea but don't really see an easy way to make it work...

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Omniscience + enter the infinite + psychosis crawler. :^)

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also postem

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I'm currently working on my first deck. Basically esper-theme deck with sphinx's as finishers.

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need/want help/advice?

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Sen is a lot of fun. I have a buddy who plays Sen with a lot of Sphinx finisher choices. Pretty sure the professor also has a deck list or youtube video about his Sen build that you can look at for some ideas.

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Well I still think my win con is a bit lackluster, and I'm currently looking for some kind of combo to win if need be but other than that the deck is almost complete. except for the mana base because for some reason I refuse to buy fetchlands right now.

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Rn the only edh deck I have to my name is my turbo-combo Gitrog deck. It's total Spikeshit and is just meant to combo off as fast as possible.

Looking into starting a budget Zada deck to fall for the mono-red meme and have a more casual deck for playing with my pals.

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>Rn the only edh deck I have to my name is my turbo-combo Gitrog deck. It's total Spikeshit and is just meant to combo off as fast as possible
I approve

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Psychosis crawler and OG Niv Mizzle would be your main wincons.

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Currently running 4 color thopter tribal with breya (previously yore tiller nephilim, c16 was a fucking winning lottery ticket for this deck), bant token goodstuff with derevi, and Uncle Oros the racist dragon

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Well I don't have a pic so you'll have to settle for a post

>Ezuri Claw of Progress, manages to win through huge dorks or commander dmg via ezuri
>Breya, Etherium Shaper, artifacts.dec, lots of abuse of etb effects and ramp
>Mazirek Kraul Death Priest, lots of self sac and forcing other players to sac as well or works as B/G goodstuff
>Mimeoplasm, heavy reanimator and self mill, the most competitive of l my decks
>Erebos God of the Dead, I just wanted a mono black deck

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Thought reflection and lab maniac

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What are some fun artifact-based decks I can build? I basically have a mid-tier colourless deck lying around after taking apart memnarch, and with a little kanoodling, I could make it into just about anything.

Right now I was thinking something Izzet, so I could have access to all the Darietti tech, while also using my monoblue artifact shenanigans, which would also free up gilded lotus for my monoblack deck, but I'm willing to build basically anything. It just has to be fast and either super flashy, or very reliable.

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>look mom, I posted it again!

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>not minion of leshrac

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You can probably guess what I would recommend

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Fair enough, do you have an Arjun list I can look at? The deck would primarily be a ramp deck, which is why I was thinking Jori En would be pretty good, but as a Golgari sort of guy, this is completely new territory for me.

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>pray for artificer in aether revolt

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Well I referred to Daretti actually

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Eh, not even as picky about the artificer part. Originally I was going to turn it into Lazav artifacts, until I realized that I'd never have the devotion to cast lazav in a reasonable time frame.

Well, I've built darietti before, any spicy things I should be aware about, outside of the ol' recursion decree of annihilation nonsense? Seems a shame not to be able to use teferi or tezzeret though.

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I want to make something else than these.
I was thinking about Braids, Conjurer Adept and just steal everything and put big beaters on the battlefield.

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I still don't get this. Is this a stupid combo that does something stupid, or is the joke that it doesn't work? I know dirk is a meme, but I don't know what the hell the gorilla is doing there.

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How do you folks feel about infinite combos? Integral part of the format, or an annoyance that ruins a match?
I imagine the biggest factor is how competitive the particular game in question is. Maybe I'm just casual scum, but I feel like too many games turn into a race to go infinite.

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Is there a better resource than EDHrec for deck suggestions? I'm tired of seeing samey format staple lists, and any time I try to build something new, I always get discouraged when I'm inevitably recommended the same garbage for every deck I want to make.

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You people meme'd me enough to use Scrambleverse. So, I'm make a Vial Smasher the Fierce + Ludevic deck that sticks a middle finger to control decks harder than a Gruul deck.

What's the most bullshit stuff I should put in? I want to keep this mostly Spellslinger based, but here's what I plan on using so far:
>Possibility Storm
>Emrakul, Worst Fears, Cruel Entertainment
>Dictate of the Twin Gods
>Grafted Exoskeleton/Phyrisis
>Various suspend/Delve 10 drops.

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No green for maximum fuck-blue spice?
Vexing Shusher is A-tier.

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You're also forgetting Xanthid Swarm.

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I tried it with Kydele + Vile Smasher but it ended up being a different deck entirely. I like Ludevic giving me a card every turn and for the under-the-radar factor.

Besides, Vexing Shusher is in my Gay Kings deck.

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I made this deck, so what you do is:

>possibility storm
>warp world
>epic experiment
>mizzix's mastery
>blue sun's zenith / stroke of genius

Toss an infinite mana combo in there, so you can kill two people on their upkeep by making one draw 100 cards and the other take 100 damage. Strionic Resonator also helps here. Vial Smasher works really well as X-Cost tribal. Otherwise, you just sit around and happen to ping people. Also, x-cost counterspells are the shit.

Though I recently switched the commander to Kraum. He's a bigger body that curves out later, with haste in case I want to bludgeon people with him, and he discourages other people from casting spells / countering shit too often.

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>I meant to say 'axe possibility storm' because it's x-cost tribal and that's a nonbo


I also included a bunch of copy effects, so I can flood the stack with bullshit that nobody wants to resolve.

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Both. They're both.
Consistent fast combos in a deck devoted to fetching them and countering anything that isn't them are hot cancer and utterly horrible, but having a few combos in a deck isn't bad and is, in fact, probably one of the better ways to end games.

Not to mention, there are good combos and bad combos. In order to figure out which one your combo is, try and explain how fucking awesome it is to a person who either does not play Magic, does not play EDH, or is not a combo lover. If you're saying things like "And then I summoned a bajillion dragons and ate everyone's face", "Everyone drew their entire deck and lost the game", or anything you could make a death metal song out of, it's good. If you're saying "I made sure no one could do anything, no one could stop me, then took fifty turns to dig through my deck looking for a single card to instantly win the game", burn your deck. Don't sell it, burn it. Sleeves and all.

Every deck should run a small portion of combo disruption- and they usually do. Krosan's Grip and such usually suffice. Having combos, and even trying to get them to go off, isn't cancer- it's when the entire deck does nothing but get and protect a shitty unfun combo that things get horrible.

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Make sure to have a few ways to make Vial Smasher have Infect, it gets pretty crazy when you start insta killing people with giant X spells.

>> No.50613748

X Cost Tribal does sound good. I'll try to try that version and pitch Possibility Storm.
Eh, I'm not too crazy about the guy because I rarely see people cast more than 1 spell in most cases. But he does work for adding in that extra needed damage on the spot.

Thanks for the solid responces.

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I don't really mind that people are "racing" to go infinite in the sense that it seems fine that people should be trying to win as fast as their deck can win

But I don't want it to be a "race" in the sense that nobody is trying to stop the other players from comboing, only trying to combo first

Some people say in really competitive arms race metas, there's no point in trying to be interactive, it's better to just try to find your combo faster. Idk if that's true, it doesn't sound true to me (just look at legacy vs modern, legacy has more powerful cards but it's more interactive), but if it IS true, then I'm not a fan of that kind of game

I think people can reasonably be expected to hold up instant speed interaction OR play some kind of disruptive permanent by their turn 5, so somebody who went before them and was trying to combo on their turn 6 would have to beat at least one piece, possibly more pieces of disruption to actually combo

Some of my favorite moments in mtg are when people are trying to combo off, but they get interrupted, and then they have to improvise a way to either recur a disrupted combo piece, or find another combo, and sometimes they do, which is cool, sometimes they don't and they have to switch to defense, so they don't lose to the next guys combos

>> No.50613784

I have 0 problems with infinite combo's if they win right there, on that turn, because then we just reshuffle and go again.

Decks that tutor for only one win condition and pull it off every game by turn 4 are annoying, because the group I play with usually isn't fast enough to do anything, but anything later is usually fine.

>Eh, I'm not too crazy about the guy because I rarely see people cast more than 1 spell in most cases.

That is what Possibility Storm is for.

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One of my favorite decks I've ever built- the one I'm most proud of- is old!Grenzo. That deck hits like a sexual tyrannosaurus, it combos non-infinitely, has the Bigger, Blacker Draw Engine, and gets better as time goes on.

The main combo in the deck uses Zulaport Cutthroat, Ashnod's Altar, and Grenzo. You pull creatures off the bottom of the deck with Grenzo, hope they make tokens, and dig as deep as you can while everyone bleeds slowly.

>> No.50613804

>Idk if that's true, it doesn't sound true to me
It isn't, in full competitive EDH all of those racing decks are fucked over by the stax players. Its a triangle of racing decks vs stax decks vs midrange decks at that level of play.

>> No.50613818

That sounds really fun. And like it would get you hated off the table.

>> No.50613879

The only Infinite combo I run is a CloudStone Curio in my Rakdos, Lord of Riot deck. I only have a Rune Scar demon to tutor and the rest of the deck is drawing a bunch of cards but if I get the Cloudstone out it usually leads to shenanigans.

Cloudstone + 13 damage+ 2 eldrazi in my usually hand means infinite cast triggers.

Oblivion sower is the best as I exile everyone's decks

Both Ulamog's just remove the field

Emrakul allows me to control everyone's turns

Kozilek, Butcher allows me to draw my deck

Devestation Twin gives me infinite 10/10 tokens

Artisan of Kozilek revives my grave

Distended Mindbender Removes hands

Conduit of Ruin, Void Winnower and Endless One are just used to keep the bouncing going.

Its funny when it happens and I didn't really need to change anything with the deck, I just threw it in once on a suggestion and figured out how crazy Eldrazi were with it.

>> No.50613941

any spicy memes for mazirek? tireless tracker already in

>> No.50613997

If you have the mana dorks for it, I'm a fan of Contamination.

>> No.50614064

You are weak-willed. It warms me to know that nobody will want to play with your faggot ass.

>> No.50614074

Post cards you love dearly

>> No.50614080

I play that in Mizzix, at least helps holding life totals up to win through other burn like Guttersnipe or Sphinx-Bone Wand.

>> No.50614117

Emrakul's Evangel

>> No.50614119


>> No.50614178

Saskia: The card too difficult for EDH General to build around? The card to finally defeat EDH General's "intelligence"?

Survey says: Yes.

>> No.50614205

Saskia is just bad, why would I want to build a deck when ones that do what she does better?

>> No.50614237

I built her with samurai because that's the only time I would be able to.

>> No.50614256

Why would I build
"Boring: the deck" , especially when I'm gimping myself without blue

>> No.50614308

STATUS: Defeated

>> No.50614319

That too. Alhammerret's Archive could be in there too.

>> No.50614324

I don't take the format very seriously.

The deck takes a little too long to get good, but it's really amusing to me.

>> No.50614327

people don't like the weakest of the C16 commander, what is so hard to understand

>> No.50614381

"Saskia: the most boring commander" with the wrong subtype and a boring as fuck build pattern.
She's bland, ugly, and requires too many colors leading to a muddled final product. Did I mention she doesn't have blue

I'd sooner build a janky blue deck with my foiled chisea,heart of oceans built around getting glacial chasm and comboing out while protecting my shield.

>> No.50614409


It's really that there's no point in building around it

You could make a fine goodstuff deck in those colors tho

>> No.50614426

I'm building her right now actually.

Infect and persist themed around studio ghibli reference cards

It's not going to be amazing, but I need a lower power level deck to play against my easy going friends so it'll do well.

>> No.50614524

looks like she and Kalemne would get along

>> No.50614537

Would there be a better mono white commander for a lifegain strategy. Its going to be a casual deck for my fiance to get going in commander. She wants to do mono white too.

I was gonna pick her or Gisela, the Broken Blade as the commander, cuz she likes it and it has lifelink. I'm gonna be jamming a bunch of life based wincons, prevention effects, and stuff like Aurification/Force Bubble/Ghostly Prison into it too.

>> No.50614587

Yes, make sure you have early turn plays and some way of protecting his raggedy ass. He dies super duper easy, and while Golgari doesn't feel like combo colours, you need to build it in a combo-facilitating setup. The biggest issue is surviving long enough to actually win with Maz.

>> No.50614591

I really like this guy, but for monowhite life gain, I think either atalya or rune tail. Gisela broken blade is cool too

Either way, put all three in the deck

>> No.50614612

>people are still trying to brew 4c decks
The problem is with the commander, not the playerbase. I already have to sift through 300+ cards for a tricolour, how the shit are you supposed to do it for a 4c, and at that point, why not build a 5c?

>> No.50614619

looks solid, cleric tribal can be fun esp with battletide alchemist & 81/2 tails

>> No.50614628

>Make sure to have a few ways to make Vial Smasher have Infect, it gets pretty crazy when you start insta killing people with giant X spells.

Wait a minute. what you pay in an X spell isn't counted as part of the CMC of the card.

>> No.50614652

a Spell's CMC uses X for when it's on the stack, a Card's CMC doesn't, so yes it would work

>> No.50614667


Make sure you run crackdown, silent arbiter, crawlspace, aetherflux reservoir, sphere of safety, spiritual asylum, meekstone, windborn muse, lightmine field

Best of luck dodger, having your other play edh is very rewarding. My girlfriend is building queen marchesa right now, it's her 4th "serious " deck.

>> No.50614675

Grafted Exoskeleton + Magnetic Theft

>[Shitbrewing Intensifies]

>> No.50614685


And glacial chasm!
Don't forget that!

>> No.50614754


Mono white oloro is the only way to go

>> No.50614788


>4c is too many options, even 3 color is hard to decide
>better do 5c instead


>> No.50614928


>> No.50614946

I need to cut 12 cards from this casual-ish Gisa & Geralf deck. I'm stuck and need a swift kick in the "stop playing bad cards x y and z."


>> No.50615082

What are some good mill cards? I'm not milling as a wincon, I'm milling to dump things into the yard for Lazav 1v1 deck. Here's what I have so far:

>Seer's Parable
>necrogen mists
>memory jar
>Honden of Night's Reach
>Creeping Dread
>Mind slash
>Dark Deal
>Whispering Madness
>Sphinx Tutelage
>Trepanation Blade
>Mind Grind
>Mind Funeral
>Curse of the bloody tome
>Jace's Erasure
>Memory Erosion
>Talent of the Telepath

I know it'd be easier to post the decklist but I'm still in the process of smoothing things out. In general, the idea is to play low-key mill cards, tutor up traumatize, then dump a metric fuckton of their library into the yard for Lazav to gloat about later. If that fails for whatever reason, set up Lazav and some hand hate, then stall until something good winds up in the yard. Finally, if both plan A and plan B fail, plan C is to drop sphinx's tutelage, and wheel my way to milling every land card in their deck.

>> No.50615100

Grave Betrayal, Forbid maybe since you want to keep it casual and Army of the Damned

>> No.50615161

It's sort of 50/50 to use in Lazav, but things like Brain Maggot or (better, with Academy Ruins) Jester's cap can really remove the eldrazi splinter from your feet if you give up on making your Lazav an eldrazi fatty.

I play Lazav in multiplayer, but its plan A is yours without low-key mill and lots of additional copies like Sakashima the Impostor and other good clones.

If you're that mill heavy consider Consuming Aberration, usually combined with Rogue's Passage.

>> No.50615183

Probably right about Forbid being too much. I really like Grave Betrayal though, since it feeds so nicely into Call to the Grave.

Also, I mostly am trying to make it less combo oriented or "oops I win." I want to be able to win still, but give the rest of the table a shot if they're running lower power decks.

>> No.50615197


>Seer's Parable

Anyway, Induce Paranoia, Geth, Geralf, Dreamborn Muse

>> No.50615264

How effective are clone/stealing effects in your deck? Personally, I ran a very strong Memnarch deck that involved stealing shit, and it was very powerful, but Lazav can copy things that are tossed in the graveyard, so I'm having difficulty justifying running those things over just straight removal.

Seer's Vision, I don't really know where the parable part came from.

I actually have both Geth and Geralf, and I was planning on using them with Havengul Lich for hilarious results. Necrotic Ooze was another thing that came up when I was searching, but is it really worth the cost?

>> No.50615296


Not really in 1v1, the ooze is way more effective in multiplayer. Might be a dead card if you don't get anything interesting on your opponent's graveyard

>> No.50615404

Telepathy is slightly better than Seer's Vision in my opinion but it'll make people target you much faster if you do land it turn one.

Quite effective, really! The usual black-blue tactic is steal things first, then sacrifice them when they become a threat to you. That way it lands in the graveyard, and Lazav can make use of it.

This is especially effective in cards like Bribery and Acquire, and (in multiplayer groups) it usually quickly makes people reconsider adding Avacyn, Iona or a Blightsteel to their decks. In 1v1, getting a Iona from your opponent can very much mean a victory sometimes.

Control Magic, Order of Succession...Blatantly stealing things sounds better than copying them in 1v1, and while there are some spells like Steal Artifact and Steal Enchantments, they might not suit you very well.

Also, Commandeer. Really important. Merely tutoring it will make your opponent think twice before playing a lot of things.

>> No.50615465

Thanks for the heads up.

How does Dimir do colour fixing? Do I just throw in the various U/B generating artifacts and call it a day, or is there a more reliable way to make sure I get UUBB by turn 4?

Oh, that's a mean card. I'm running Gitaxian Probe too, but I could always use some more support. I have bunch of stealing stuff effects, tell ya what, give me an hour or so to throw together a decklist, and I'll see what I can do.

Now, how does Lazav work with replacement effects? Can I copy Blightsteel as the replacement effect hits, or does it "see" the graveyard without actually going into it, like it would with reanimator?

>> No.50615498

I'm not gonna run a lot of cards that need reminders for triggers. She's still trying to grasp the concept of phases and stuff.

What's some fun cards for newbies to run tho? Artifact and white cards.

>> No.50615521

You can't Lazav blightsteel as it doesn't hit the graveyard, sadly (the key word here is the "Instead" in its text.)

Compare it to Ulamog or Emrakul (first generation) who do hit the graveyard, then are shuffled because of a trigger. Lazav can copy those.

>> No.50615529


I just use the cluestones/signets, a chromatic lantern and this guy

>> No.50615566

Jinxed Idol will teach her the value of her creatures until it gets broken. My newbie relative loved playing it.

Sacred Mesa's sort of fun, the general grouphug-type of white cards are "fun".
Planeswalkers notably Ajani are fun. The first one especially, fits the whole lifegain thing.

>> No.50615569

I've been considering running her in Breya.

Anyone had any luck/experience?

>> No.50615615

That's a spicy fucking meatball. Why doesn't that see more play? Is it particularly expensive?

I don't have the budget for a lantern, but based on what I have, I'm running a lot of any-colour generating rocks, the cluestone, and the monument. It should be workable, but without the fancy expensive lands I need, I'm worried I'll get fucked more often than not.

Perfect, that's what I needed to know, thanks anon!

Why not build monowhite weenies with Anafenza as your commander? You could even make it warrior/soilder tribal, which should both be pretty straight forward, and fairly easy to assemble. My friend runs this deck, and I'm always surprised at the cheeky wins he gets out of nowhere. Alternatively, why not Karlov? Dual colour decks aren't too too complicated for brand new players if you've already assembled it, and I think he's one of the more straight forward lifegain commanders.

>> No.50615621

>pod doran
Could you share what 2-drops you're using? I'm curious

>> No.50615641

>s it particularly expensive?
I just looked myself, and no, it's like 30 cents.
I'm gonna pick one up myself.

>> No.50615646


He's really cheap, but, depending on a really weak creature for manafixing is never a good idea. He usually goes unnoticed though, so it tends to work in the end

>> No.50615697

>30 american pennies
By the beard of Zeus, I'm getting one of those today.

Personally I like cheap creatures that have versatility late game. I mean, if someone really wants to waste their removal on it, that's all on them, and means I can play something bigger later to completely fuck up their day.

>> No.50615764

>the only black counterspell still gives the blue player a way out

>> No.50615800


I love this card. I love to convince other players into paying life for me to counter it.

>> No.50615802

>what is Withering Boon and Deathgrip

>> No.50615836

>not hard counters towards anything

Once again, tripfag is a dumbass

>> No.50615841

Fellwar Stone
Chromatic Lantern
Darksteel Ingot
Exotic Orchard
Rupture Spire
Transguild Promenade
Vessel of Endless Rest
[Spoiler]Celestial Dawn[/spoiler]

>> No.50615861

>implying Dash Hopes is a hard counter

Hard counters are cancel or counterspell or anything that says "Counter Target Spell." If it specifies the type of spell or says "Unless" then it isn't a hard counter.

>> No.50615873


Just came back from a lengthy break and am re-tuning my decks since my group got a bit smar-er- I mean better. We still only really play 3-4 players

Current Commanders:

Lazav, Dimir Mastermind - Recently switched from my first commander, Phenax, to this glorious bastard. Not going the voltron route and preferring some clones and control.

Jhoira of the Ghitu - Suspends Fatties, Extra Turns and MLD. Probably one of the most hated commanders in my group at the moment next to Brago.

Ezuri, Claw of Progress - Newer Deck, always wanted a Simic Deck. It does all the cool +1 Counter stuff and has some great creatures to really rack up the Experience counters. Still don't have a doubling season though.

Talrand, Sky Summoner - Switching it to Mmemnarch with the Breya and some other commanders picking up cool artifacts. Hard control either way. Will miss Proteus Staffing drakes for fatties.

Gwafa Hazid, Profiteer - I always wanted a good Pillowfort so I throw that in with some Stax cards and 7 planeswalkers. Should be fun.

Eladamri, Lord of Leaves - Sometimes people get upset I play so many blue decks so I have an Elfball with only two sorceries. It is fun but it either overflows the field or gets shut down. Probably needs more card draw.

>> No.50615881


That wasn't the comment. They are, in fact, black counterspells.

>> No.50615908

why did wotc print a commander-legal conspiracy card again? can they please print more?

>> No.50615957

>original post was pertaining to being unable to hit blue
>hurr durr let me tell you about hitting green

Get fucked

>> No.50616004

Oh look, it's that moving goal post jackass who likes to argue about everything for no reason. At least make it more subtle anon, or are you going to sperg out and start telling people to kill themselves again?

>> No.50616014

This made me think, why are mill cards so fucking expensive when they see virtually no play?

Phenax is cool, though. At some point I want to build a deck with him as my commander.

>> No.50616025

>Grixis Marchesa
>ETB and "sacrifice as a cost" theme
>+1/+1 counters and "pay life as a cost" (for dethrone) subtheme

Would this be a fun deck to build/play, or is it generic as fuck?

>> No.50616079

Casuals LOVE mill. Also self-mill and the ever hoped return of dredge to modern.

>> No.50616103

Why would I tell you to kill yourself? You wouldn't do it anyways and its more fun to fish more replies from you.

>> No.50616112

Mill makes some people nuclear, and it's very effective in 60 card formats without eternal staples.

>> No.50616144

>Well, I know I'm an idiot, so I'll just say I'm intentionally retarded for replies. Surely, being an attention-starved moron is better than being an idiot.

>> No.50616156

Do casuals love mill enough to dump $120 on a playset of Glimpse the Unthinkable?
I don't really see that happening.

It's already making a come back IIRC. Wouldn't surprise me to see WotC just finally say 'fuck it' and ban all the key pieces.

>It's very effective in 60 card formats without eternal staples
Like what?

>> No.50616171

Without Eldrazi titans. Kitchen table, basically.

Also is it? With Amalgam and Grave-troll (that was unbanned recently right)?

>> No.50616181

I was actually posting pertaining to the discussion that most people have done in the previous threads about being able to best blue, you're the crybaby that didn't just ignore my post, what problems are you facing at home, anon? Can't decide whether to buy deoderant or cards?

>> No.50616249

Yeah, dredge is the fourth most popular deck at tournaments according to MTGgoldfish's stats.

Mill is probably my favorite wincon, but it's never been a Tier1 archetype, which is why this shit confuses me so much.

In another few months I'll probably buy a mill commander deck. Which reminds me:

Is there some way to make Scalpalexis a mean critter in Commander? Putting cards into exile is pretty powerful, but its ability is probably never going to get to go again unless playing a mono-color deck.

>> No.50616256


This list isn't up to date (faerie artisans is fucking nuts, resolving living death with it out feelsgoodman)

It's a lot of fun, your board is super resilient and it feels good to chunk people and behave like an aggro deck.

>> No.50616271

If she went B/W, she'd want to do New Teysa. She doesn't like Karlov.

She wants to stay mono white because she wants too. Idk, it's her deck. I'm just looking for the best ways to optimize her choices without making her hate magic.

>> No.50616280

Mesmeric Orb

>> No.50616337

Behind this post lives a sad, delusional man. You realize that everyone can see how hard you try to be a productive poster in every thread, right? It's not like you're subtle about it. Just because people only reply when you shitpost doesn't make you any better for pretending to be retarded.

>> No.50616344

Double the triggers, extra combat steps, extra Scalpelexises?

>> No.50616385

I think, instead of trying to make her deck better, you build decks to her power level. Seems like she has pretty arbitrary opinions, and white can be an unfun dead-draw slog a lot of the time. Build her a deck slightly stronger than what you're running and let her have fun kicking your ass. The trick is to pretend to be a little salty when she inevitably wins, then slowly improve your decks once she is hooked.

>> No.50616421

>its shitposting when you are discussing what you are supposed to discuss

Time to leave the internet, jaden smith

>> No.50616454

Oh no, I'm aware. In regular 60 card, I let her play my fast decks like RDW. She kills me like turn 4 or so.

>> No.50616511

How would you even say that? Scalp-pul-lex-is-eese? Fuck, that just destroyed my brain. Feels like I'm conjuring some sort of cosmic horror.

>> No.50616526

Does anyone have the breya eggs list? I remember it being durdly as fuck and I can't find it on tappedout

>> No.50616527

>jaden smith
Literally who? Is this some sort of magic player?

>> No.50616581

I like to think of it scal - peh - lex -sis

>not knowing the son of I am legend

>> No.50616677

So what was the joke? I still don't understand your insult. Is it that you're ironically calling the other guy a shitposter for shitposting about your shitposting, or is it that the guy from odd future is also retarded and it's like a deaf guy insulting a blind guy for being handicapped?

>> No.50616721


It's like that song by led zepp

>> No.50616732

I'm not even the buttblasted faggot. I just posted the pic

>> No.50616747

That Shu Yun sounds like a fun commander to go Voltron with. I didn't pay attention to his release, I still have a Narset I dreamt of building around.

Sen Triplets seem like a great commander. Esper offers tons of great artifact support. Our Breya player uses the Magister Sphinx as a finisher. Do you build it more as a pillowfort than an artifact deck though?

Our only five color deck is a Horde of Notions Elemental Tribal and it is a great deck once he got a bit better land base. Still is a bit slow but he was running Maelstrom Wanderer before so I would much prefer facing the HoN

>Sometimes people get upset I play so many blue decks so I have an Elfball with only two sorceries.

I really like red but only 2/6 of my Decks play it. I couldn't imagine being a major blue player. At least yours seem to all have different themes.

>> No.50616776

But which one was the "buttblasted faggot"? Was it Jaden Smith, or the guy who called the guy jaden smith, or the guy who was called jaden smith? I mean, one guy was clearly upset about something, but the other guy was acting like a child. How do you know who is who, and what is involved in being "buttblasted"? Is that some sort of euphemism for verbal diarrhea?

Which song? I'm sorry I'm so bad at this, I'm trying to learn. I know that "Another Brick in the Wall" song, but I'm not sure how it relates.

>> No.50616809

it goes d-d-d-d-d-d-d-du-du-duh

>> No.50616822

That's a Pink Floyd song you musically illiterate mong.

>> No.50616831


>> No.50616835

>I really like red but only 2/6 of my Decks play it.
I used to have a competitive Sharuum and Melek deck but when I got my friends to play I stopped going to the shop and had to tone down my deck. I decided to split all the lands apart into guilds from Sharuum. The sharuum also used to be Sydri so I had a bunch of Pillowforty cards.

>> No.50616844

You mean smoke on the water, right? No, you have to mean come together. I'm really bad at music.

>> No.50616851

I don't know man your post is confusing

You gotta fully commit to protecting sen triplets in that case, had a guy in our group run it but it always got killed before his turn could begin, he ended up switching back to oloro I felt especially bad because he bought the foil one after the price spike

>> No.50616871


You got the wrong guy lol

You just don't recognize me when you're not being triggered by my posts, I've posted like 10 times this thread but none of the ones you've complained about have been me

You just think every time you see a post that disagrees with you it's me

>> No.50616930


>> No.50616931

Welp, I'm going back to looking through old sets and posting cards

This looks like it could be nasty in a singleton format like this

>> No.50616932

Who are you and why should we care?

>> No.50616937

>Anyone would rather face 5 different Blue decks than one Sharuum deck.

Sounds about right.
Except maybe Memnarch because that is a type of control that can leave people but blasted

>> No.50616965


It's okay I suppose, would be better as an instant

>> No.50616988

Nice. I play Sen Triplets as a Control deck with the theme of "THERE ARE NO SECRETS".

Reveal hand effects, some discard, some steal stuff. Wins with Sphinx beatings with politics being a big factor. Also decent in 1v1 since Thoughtseize/Duress can just neuter something outright and give you info.

>> No.50617010

This looks breakable.

There's no fucking way this would be printed today, seeing how Maro is scared of persistent changes to permanents without nothing to remember them

>> No.50617056

It's slightly less good, considerably cheaper Praetor's Grasp. PG is hilarious against combo players, and being able to drop it turn one seems really funny. I'm for it.

>> No.50617060

As long as you know all the inner workings of your opponent's deck it is good but I'm more partial to pic related

>> No.50617088


Yeah, that's the part I like about it, being able to cast it turn 1

>> No.50617124

I just brewed a budget-ish Phenax deck this morning. It's only about 60-70 before manabase and it doesn't require any utility lands so if you aren't paying the big bucks for Underground Sea you could easily build it for 100 or so.

I think it's a garbage deck though. It's supposed to mill people incrementally under the assumption that other players will be going for life totals and therefore more important to remove/deal with; but I'm pretty sure that my playgroup would get more upset at someone milling them for 5 than swinging at them for 10.

>> No.50617127

Thinking about getting Pic related of Kharn the Betrayer altered onto a commander and building a "Kill them all" voltron style deck around him.

He is a raging berserker, what are some solid generals that could represent him in keeping with the voltron concept.

Ideas I had were:

Kresh the Bloodbraided: The more skulls the stronger he becomes

Thraximundar: Killing fast and quickly, taking a head each time he swings.

Grimgrin, Corpse-Born: Similar, all about killing to grow stronger

Zurgo Helmsmasher: All about them swings. Can get World Slayer for real annihilation.

Any thoughts guys?

>> No.50617160

No need to thank me.

>> No.50617171

Zurgo seems most appropriate. Ruhan or Ruric Thar may also be appropriate (definitely better than Grimgrin and Thrax thematically) but I think Zurgo is the best fit.

>> No.50617178


>> No.50617183

My vote is for Zurgo.
>Assault Suit
>Wrath effects
>Assemble the Legion
>Debtor's Knell
>Academy Rector to get them
These alone are what made me for him.

>> No.50617189

This is stupid. I like it.

>> No.50617201


Oh god it even has a green counterpart

How fast can you build an elfball

>> No.50617280

I actually have this card. I bought it because everyone in my group complained about my Ghave deck. I bought it specifically to NOT put it in the deck, I'd just pull it out of the box whenever they stared bitching and set it on the table.

>> No.50617291

Yeah, I'm putting this in greek grouphug

>> No.50617297

I built a deck around this and krarg´s thumb once.
I had less luck than I anticipated.

>> No.50617315


Did you add this? It seems enlightened

>> No.50617360


>> No.50617384

Nah, I don´t think so, was a long time ago.

>> No.50617422

grim totem

>> No.50617478

This sounds really fun. Care to paste decklist?

>> No.50617511


heh. nice

>> No.50617643

>playing on cockatrice with randoms
>my doran vs ydris and some mill (forget which commander)
>he gets sphinx's tutelage and plays some cantrips
>I'm tri-color with lots of equipment and mana rocks so not very effective
>he plays chancellor of the spires
>casts enter the infinite from ydris player's graveyard
>"32 triggers each fellas"

we also had a greek gays deck who managed to T1 Burgeoning T2 commander, but we had to kick him from the game around turn 10 for afk. we all ramped really quick as a result tho

>> No.50617750

I'm planing on more of an artifact control deck, but I will run ghostly prison and propaganda. Maybe sphere of safety too, I use magister sphinx, sphinx sovereign and sphinx of the steel wind as my "big finishers". I'm also using master transmuter + blightsteel colossus, just in case.

>> No.50617780

Transmuter + Spine of Ish Sah is a better way to piss people off while gimping them at the same time. It's like picking the legs and wings off a fly.

Just be prepared to deal with the niggery flying back at you next round.

>> No.50617812

That sounds sweet, I'll put that in too. I'm used to being archenemy number one, since I mostly play tron in regular multiplayer so it's three people trying to kill me before turn three.

>> No.50617860

Don't forget about Panharmonicon, either. Abuse the fuck out of those ETB triggers.

>Have Transmuter on the field
>Play sculpting steel targeting her
>Everyone else at the table is in a panic to get rid of them
>Next turn, panharmonicon comes out
>Destroy eight permanents of my choosing then Time Seeve some Breya thopters and do it again
>They all attack me afterwards

>> No.50617923

As it happens I have one of those lying around, I'll use it.

Also that double upkeep enchantment seems sweet as fuck.

>> No.50618043

I'm glad the guy who built a competitive level brago deck around here took it apart before kaladesh came out

>> No.50618073

This goes in my Mogis hellbent stax

>> No.50618228

Do you mean "Grinning Totem"? I steer clear of those types of cards, including stain the mind and sadistic sacrament, because strangers tend to get butthurt when I spend 5 minutes futzing around with their library finding what I want to exile.

>> No.50618261

Blue gets a lot of shit for being nofunallowed, but god damn man, Red.

Red can just be that crazy guy next door who has a worrying number of bonfires every week and he'll randomly insist on going skydiving and how THE MAN keeps us all down. You can kind of like his energy, even if you wish he'd fuck off sometimes.
But then out of nowhere you're talking to him and you pass out, only to wake up in his basement - at least you think it's his basement. He's wearing a clown suit and there's mannequins of clowns all over and they won't stop honking their clown horns and cavorting and there's a strobe light and then he gets in your face and starts screaming "ARE YOU HAVING FUN YET?!" like a drill sergeant.
And the only way it ends is when you finally piss yourself, pass out, and wake up in your driveway without any pants.

>> No.50618637

how do you know about my fetishes?

>> No.50618734

No Images because online play means I've got tons of decks. Sorry for being poor:

Top Deck:
>Experiment Kraj
Simic infinite combo deck with +1/+1 counters and activated abilities. Famous praise of the deck: *gets Bribery'd* "I literally have no idea how this deck works or what to take"

>Roon of the Hidden Realm
-I used to take this and Kraj to the LGS when I could afford to. Blink.dec with Perplexing Chimera because I want your stuff and or gain control of the spell for new targets.

The Rest:
>Jhoira of the Ghitu
CMC Kaboom!/Erratic Explosion Deck. Hilarious to copy Kaboom and deal over 20 damage to a player in a turn.
>Archangel Avacyn/Avacyn the Purifier
Boros Blink / Equip with a Sunforger Package.
>Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim
old Life.dec Legacy Deck which got transformed into an EDH Deck. Nomads en-kor + Daru Spiritualist+toughness gain sac outlet = infinite life.
>Arcades Sabboth
Bant Enchantress. Tribute deck to one of the namesakes of the format. Has fallen into less optimal form due to expenses but sometimes taken to my LGS.
>Latulla, Keldon Overseer
Fireball on a body with a mostly Goblins creature base. They can generate a shocking amount of mana if you've got the right cards.
-Melek, Izzet Paragon: UR Storm.dec because I had 4 copies of Mind's Desire before it got banned and when I got back to playing, EDH was a thing and I wanted to play Storm again.
>Atarka, World Render
Our small online playgroup would spend like 30 turns durdeling around so I built a dragon ramp deck to put a stop to that.
>Marchesa, The Black Rose
Had some cards lying around for it. made it a net.dec because I doubt I'll ever actually build it for my LGS.
>Sliver Overlord
because reasons.
>Nemata, Grove Guardian
I'll have to look into it again since it's been collecting dust since Gatecrash, mostly around for Star Magic. The LGS I took it to had so many players with Wraths or Combos that beatdown wasn't an option.

>> No.50618838

That's hilarious, personally I find white players are usually the worst. They come in with this holier than thou attitude and an inferiority complex as a result of running the worst monocolour in Magic. Then, unlike the blue or red player, their entire deck consists of extreme bullshit to make up for the fact that they'll get mana fucked with a hand of dead draws.

>what if I just made a bunch of little dudes then used anthems to turn them into fuckhuge beatsticks? Look how cool I am running no creature bigger than a 4 drop and/or stronger than 3 power. High cmc is for suckers.

>Hey, maybe I'll just blow up the board a bunch of times instead of actually doing anything. Stupid other colours having fun.

>You know what? Fuck your shit cards, you now have to pay extra mana for everything you do AND take it when I turn your creatures into useless blobs because you're a bitch.

>Iona is totally fair and "balance"d, right guys?

And the worst part about these swarthy chucklefucks is that they always whine and bitch when their poorly built deck runs out of gas, and start talking about the spirit of edh.

The U/W and G/W variants are the exact same faggots but with more tokens, or more no fun cards. Eventually they either turn into Ghave, or Zur and cry every time they lose.

>> No.50618938

Yeah I love this card. It feels so good to pull out 15 cards when you can get it off.

>> No.50618992

Your pet card sucks.

>> No.50619014

Ever considered a boros partner to get access to Jeskai Ascendancy?

>> No.50619036

Tell me more about the Thopter tribal. What are your MVP cards, and what are your win conditions?

>> No.50619056

>Play EDH
>No one can beat through other people's boards
>Even if they do, they'll die on the crackback
>Game stalls for ages, eventually we all just say fuck it and let someone win
Multiplayer formats. Not even once.

>> No.50619170

Who jizzed in your spaghetti, chum?

>> No.50619181

Sounds like somebody needs to embrace to glory of Xenagos.

>> No.50619190

>Lose to the UGx players who can counter Xenagos and crush me with card advantage

>> No.50619206

Thats why edh is a game about politics. This is the culmination of the "anti edh" bullshit I see. "All games turn into a stall and nothing happens." So you play politically, make a partner and fucking someone over, and stab your partner in the back. Seriously, edh is great because it can be played so many ways. If all your games end in a stalemate the problem isnt the game, its that you fucking suck.

>> No.50619260

just take another turn fag

>> No.50619292

>bitching about Iona
>in a MonoW deck

>> No.50619308

Iona did. While monowhite players are a rarer breed, because their colour is so awful, there are a metric ton of post-white fags everywhere. The issue isn't with the colour, rather the unfun strategy by most players, and general bitchiness when they inevitably lose. Sure, the blue player might sulk and the red player might laugh with angery eyebrows, but only the white player will start whining about the nature of the format and how unfun everyone else is.

>> No.50619317

>Gruul worrying about Blue

>> No.50619330

>Le thematic decks xDD
Sorry bud but that really does happen.

>> No.50619344

just get a cavern of souls and name God if it's that cumbersome

>> No.50619347

>missing the point
>then two lines of greentext with a macro image
It's like we're really on a Vietnamese basketweaving website.

>> No.50619373

>Buy expensive tryhard cards
So much for a casual format.

>> No.50619387

Don't backpedal now. You're already on record for bitching about a 9 mana permanent in a color that is arguably the weakest in the format.

My point is you are a weenie.

>> No.50619394

Stop replying to it and it will inevitably shut up.

>> No.50619408

so which is it: theme decks are shit and don't do them or don't use good cards because this is a casual format?

>> No.50619417

>being poor

>> No.50619444

Iona is terrible, but I was mostly bitching about tax effects and various control things that just slog the game down without winning.

Have you ever played against Iona? Everyone just picks whatever artifact or 3c deck they have lying around and pretend it isn't an issue. Only white fags even attempt to justify it out of the sheer volume of repressed faggotry locked inside their battered bung holes.

>> No.50619463

Fuck it, I'll give her a try. Are there any good combos that involve her other than sword/foundry/altar drain the table?

>> No.50619478

Any monoW player running her is the command zone is doing it wrong. It makes perfect sense for them to slow everyone's game down to their pace, that's called proper deck building within your color restrictions.

>> No.50619479

Why are you not legendary? :(

>> No.50619511

Which is exactly what I was complaining about, you twit. Did you pass remedial English? I was literally complaining about their unfun and ineffective playstyle, combined with their holier than thou attitude and general bitchiness in response to losing.

>> No.50619522

there, fixed it for you

>> No.50619541

so you are just an asshat that doesn't appreciate someone doing exactly what's expected of them to play effectively, noted

>> No.50619567

you were also literally complaining about Iona, but we're just going to ignore that now that you've been shown how idiotic that is

>> No.50619595

>these two shitposters spewing hot garbage
I'll be back in a few hours when you two notorious faggots go to bed.

>> No.50619599


>> No.50619612

cya then!

>> No.50619722

Build her as nonblue countermagic.

>> No.50619757

Rate my Titania deck: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/titania-ravager-of-lands/

>> No.50620088

Muh list. It's not quite yet cut down to 99+Doran though. Thinking of adding the goyf.
My 2 drop creatures are:
Containment Priest
Dark Confidant
Fauna Shaman
Pack Rat
Qasali Pridemage
Stoneforge Mystic
Sylvan Caryatid
Shu Yun is quite fun, but wont be great at a multiplayer table. I have a lot of draw in my deck so that I can rebuild if my board gets killed

>> No.50620099

What are your recommended ways to handle exactly 5 people showing up to EDH night?
>5 player FFA
cons: takes foreeeeeeever and first person out will have nothing to do for a while
similar cons to FFA? don't actually know if those games are significantly shorter
>that king and traitor and guard thing
cons: also takes long and lots of extra rules make things even more of a hassle
>archenemy commander 4v1
cons: pretty sure those cards are balanced for 3v1, maybe 4 is way too many opponents, idk, never tried. also you'd need the cards but i just proxied one of each
>archenemy commander 3v2
cons: no idea how the rules could make that work and whether that's any more balanced than 4v1. pros of both archenemy types: less waiting for your turn to start
>split into 3 player pod and duel
cons: 40% of players won't be getting the multiplayer experience they came and built their decks for, 3 player game usually long enough to run parallel to several 1v1 games
>others I missed?

>> No.50620123

Sage of hours + conjurors closet + sandsteppe mastodon = infinite turns right? Anyone tried this yet?

>> No.50620154

friend, if ur in G/U already . . .

>> No.50620164

I need help. I'm building a deck around this guy and I can't figure out what to focus on. Would you focus on wheels or storm?

>> No.50620168

but yes it works

>> No.50620177

5 player planechase. Multiplayer planechase is tons of fun actually if you get the right planes and get people to interact with them.

And if free for alls take too long you could always set the life total to 30 or 20 if everyone agrees with it, to speed things up a little.

>> No.50620184


>> No.50620192

I mean, yeah there are better ways but it is a nice budget combo.

>> No.50620212

Thanks dad


The dredge combo really needs to be fixed, right now I'm using Praetor's Grasp to sink the infinite black mana but it could use a better card like Geth's Verdict. The whole Eldrazi Titan dredge combo is a bit complicated so I'm thinking of just making it the ez-pz Necrotic ooze combo that just taps for infinite mana and deals infinite damage. But I'm trying to step away from infinite combo bullshit so I can make a more casual deck so I don't just murder my friends turn 4 when we play casually.

>> No.50620216

Best UG general for goodstuff?

>> No.50620230


>> No.50620243

Now son I think we both know you have better ways to show your appreciation
Do what I did, make a spike deck and then some casul decks. I recommend Necrotic ooze combo as it's usually quite hard to stop.
All of them

>> No.50620275

Great wall you say? Time to build the most american deck possible and include this. ruhan.

>> No.50620308

Recommendations for planes that work well with 5 players? I just don't want anyone to end their turn and have to wait 20 minutes until they can do anything again. Even worse if they're in top deck mode. Maybe some planes are interactive like that.
Life total at 30 sounds pretty reasonable. I don't think anyone would complain if I were to suggest trying it out next time we're 5 people.

>> No.50620310


It doesn't surprise me that there's so many SJW's who have Magic as a hobby.
They're cut from the same socially retarded cloth.

>> No.50620380

Windriddle palaces, for example.

If you are worried about topdeck mode, academy at tolaria west and the phenomenon were everyone draws four cards seem nice too.

Just I wouldn't recommend nephalia since it's misery most of the time and kessig because it would drag the game for too long.

The nice thing about planechase is that even in topdeck mode people can use their mana to roll the dice.

>> No.50620440


Doran, The Shit Tower

>> No.50620444

>I wouldn't recommend nephalia since it's misery

I remember the first time I played planechase I was playing my gitrog deck and the first plane was Nephalia. Played Mesmeric Orb turn 2 and the milling was stopping every other player cause they had zero graveyard recursion. Shit was cash.

>> No.50620452


second best god

or Edric, I guess

>> No.50620473 [DELETED] 

WarpCards.com is great.

We should all buy from there.

Fast shipping.


No propaganda department to speak of.


Buy cards from WarpCards.com

>> No.50620501


>No propaganda department to speak of.

>> No.50620534

Authors often have comments that explain their deck’s strategy.
Kydele is crazy when you build around wheeling.

I partner with Ludvic for that sweet deck spinning into a giant fireball or huge X-spell finisher
Looking into starting a budget Zada deck to fall for theShaper, artifacts.dec, lots of abuse of etb effects and ramp
>Mazirek Kraul General to build around? The card to finally defeat EDH General's "intelligence"?
Priest, lots o mono-red meme and have a more casual deck for playing with my pals. this is my Dream commander, I'm thinking of proxying it up

>> No.50620568

I run Meren Token Stax. Always looking for suggestions.

>> No.50620652

Ramp into Dragons and either stomp their faces in, fling the dragons, or do infinite attack steps?

>> No.50620681

>Wild Ricochet, Guttural Response, Gaea's Herald, Spellbreaker Behemoth, Vexing Shusher, etc.
Please tell me how any of these are expensive or """thematic"""

>> No.50620704


This is some high energy trolling, you're really going out there and gettin at it man, bravo

>> No.50620750

-Planeschase is always good for that.

-You could also give each player a kill target and a protect target, obviously a hidden thing. Forcing players to play politically but if they say their targets they lose. pseudo Usurper (king, guard, traitor thing you were talking about)

-If you're at an LGS, ask if the shop owner wants to play a game and then you can do Emperor (3v3) I'm sure they would appreciate it if they had someone to cover them for a game.

>> No.50620812


Edric isn't really a UG goodstuff commander, he's an elfball/flying men commander

The best UG goodstuff commanders are zegana, momir vig, and kruphix

>> No.50620815



>> No.50620826


Hey where did my shills posts go? I paid good fiverr money for my propaganda.

Plus I paid for a bunch of memes. Pic related.

>> No.50620833

>No Spore Frog
>Only 1 instant
>14 lands

Pretty sure the website is just weird or something but if you're actually only running 14 lands and 1 instant you gotta not do that.

TappedOut is usually the better deck list website, from my experience at least.

Deck really needs a spore frog. Deadbridge Chant is also like the best enchanment for graveyard themed golgari decks.

>> No.50620871


Deadbridge chant is pretty mediocre, I wouldn't include it in any golgari deck unless it was purely a golgari flavor deck where you were playing all the golgari watermark cards that are playable

>> No.50620907

idk it worked pretty great in my Meren deck. Fills the yard a bit and gets a random card back on your turn. I'm sure there's better things but it was a fun card.

>> No.50620973


Idk I'm just really averse to RNG stuff I guess

When I tried it i was disappointed

>> No.50620994

Yea there's definitely been times when you want one specific card and you get the land off the rng. But I even ended up cutting it at one point for Sheoldred or some card like that.

>> No.50621009 [DELETED] 

Do you ship to Canada for a reasonable rate? I may be interested in a consistent stream of mediocre purchases, usually jank rares and old uncommon.

>> No.50621025

can someone post ULTRA secret zada tech?
I need to improve my list

>> No.50621071

7/10, almost got me. It's nice to see people putting in effort.

>> No.50621121


I feel like if it was going to improve your deck, it wouldn't be secret. Whenever people post secret tech is usually super old jank that's just good enough to be playable

>> No.50621154

its fine in a slow meta.

>> No.50621161

Isochron Scepter.

>> No.50621168

Otherworldly Outburst.
Likely makes board wipes a trade-up for you.

Even better when combined with "one turn" heat shimmer creatures and so forth.

>> No.50621246

I assume that site doesn't show basic lands in the list. Because why would a person show basic land grabs, groudkeeper without basics?

>> No.50621256

Run* instead of show. My bad.

>> No.50621440

Rolling for next edh deck
1. Arjun
2. Trostani
3. Karametra
4. Ruric Thar
5. Jarad
6. Nath
7. Tazri's Wild Ride
8. Rafiq
9. Kruphix
0. Titania
dubs: Wort
trips: Maelstrom Wanderer

>> No.50621625

She's heading my humans deck, very solid commander.

>> No.50621636

What are good red pain/hate cards like mana barbs and blood moon in commander?

>> No.50621669


Stranglehold, price of glory, war's toll, Stoneshaker shaman, stigma lasher

>> No.50621706


Oh and citadel of pain

>> No.50621745

Nice, thanks

>> No.50621810

Isn't there a sorcery that gives permanent +2/+2 and horsemanship?

>> No.50621827


Riding the Dilu horse has no duration specified for the buff, ergo it's permanent

I remember they mentioned it in an article but I don't remember if they just forgot to put a duration or if they intended to leave it out but realized later that there's memory issues

>> No.50621854


Another example of a no duration effect is Tezzeret agent of bolas's -1 ability

>> No.50621865


Repercussion kills more people then it should.

>> No.50621915

Which is kinda stupid. Can an equipment artifact creature attack along with the equipped creature?

>> No.50621944

So no one likes her because she's not blue durdlefest.dec ?

>> No.50621970

Anyone got experience with an Ayli lifegain/recur deck? I'm trying to make mine work and it works fine about half the time, and the other half it just fails to draw enough lifegain cards to achieve the magical 50 life or the recur engine doesn't work well enough. Anyone got any tips and tricks? Here's my list:


>> No.50622003

posted in the last couple threads, My Friend is compiling all the decks so I can plug 'em in to tapped out and save me some time, working panama shifts is no fun when you also have to bake cupcakes for the office in your spare time....anyway what I'm trying to say is I'll have links for each soon so you can judge what a terrible magic player I am.

>> No.50622014


>> No.50622034

I remember using this with Llawan long ago when Torment was new.
I'd be kind of neat if they brought back cards that could change types/colors again.

>> No.50622037

zedruu marshmellow enchantress deck y/n?

>> No.50622095

Rules question: can reassembling skeleton's ability be activated from the battlefield?

The meren player had a necrotic ooze and reassembling skeleton in the gy, and tried to dodge removal by paying 1B to activate the skeletons ability and sacrifice the ooze with it on the stack, presumably returning the ooze to play. We had an argument about if that was legal and he pointed out there is no zone or timing restriction on the skeleton which we couldn't really refute.

I would've not cared that much beyond that but 7 or 8 turns later he realized the 5c boom babby player had a composite golem in his gy and apparently between the two abilities he was able to create infinite non-black mana which lead to him winning so now I want to know for sure

>> No.50622165

While the Ooze is on the battlefield it has the ability, but as soon as skeletons stops being in the GY or Ooze is not on the battlefield, it'll lose that ability.
And since the ability can only be activated if it's in the GY, there's no way for the two to interact.

>> No.50622171

r8 me

>> No.50622195

How do you know the ability can only be activated in the gy? What rule prevents you from activating the ability on the battlefield and sacrificing the creature before it resolves? This was the issue we had and couldn't find an answer for

>> No.50622247

>Return from the graveyard
If it's not there, it doesn't work.
If you activate the skeleton, the next time Ooze would check the GY for abilities, it'll come up missing.
While the skeleton is in the GY, the Ooze can't use the ability because he's not in the graveyard.
It's similar to regenerate but it explicitly has to be activated while it's in the GY, rather than being a replacement effect.

>> No.50622268

Just build a bunch of cheap Scrambleverse decks in different brands/colors of sleeves and use them to steal actually good cards from casuals at your LGS, it's literally free EV.

>> No.50622285

Guys, I want to do bant enchantress, but not use Cancerbird. Rafiq was my first choice, but I'm a little burned out on voltron. How do?

>> No.50622341

Ragnar so he can regenerate those bitches with his milk.

>> No.50622366

What is a deck you can play repeatedly and never get tired of?

>> No.50622414

Unlimited options. Nothing up to chance. Do whatever you want, whenever you want.

>> No.50622417

My Xira insect tribal even though it's hot garbage.

>> No.50622434

To me its Marath. There is lots of shit that synergizes with him so I'm always trying new stuff.

>> No.50622446

Karador rebels. Can go pretty efficiently in multiple directions depending on the need.

>> No.50622469


A creature cannot be attached to another permanent, by becoming a creature, it is detached

>> No.50622477

I run Yisan in my Vorel EDH. Its not competitive, but damn if I can keep him alive, he can quickly pump out 2-3 creatures a turn, all high powered as well. Only problem is he eventually just stops hitting creatures, but I dont mind sacrificing him and bringing him back.

>> No.50622526

Do you want fun or do you want to win?
if win: infinite life combos are the way to go. look up some combos with Daru Spiritualist and nomads en-kor. Easily tutored for, can combo out early for infinite life, and it's fun trying to explain it to opponents.
Cuts: Butcher of Malakir, Dawnbreak reclaimer, Hell's Caretaker, Ophiomancer, Resolute Archangel, tree of perdition, Deathrender, Syphon mind, Debt to the deathless, dawn of the dead.

If you want a reanimation strategy which takes advantage of the 2nd ability of Ayli, you want to
do things in this order:
1.) kill your opponents creatures or dump your creatures into your graveyard quickly
2.)Focus your deck on having a few good threats to reanimate. There's a lot of situational stuff you're using currently.
4.) forcing your opponent to discard, removing their threats and adding targets for your reanimation spells.
5.)Once they are up and moving again, smash them into your opponent and
6.)when they go to remove them you should sacrifice them to gain life.

Suggestions: Magus of the Abyss, Magus of the Coffers, Urborg tomb of Yawgmoth, Magus of the Will, Filth (super sweet combo with Urborg), Cabal Coffers, Mindslicer, Chainer Dementia Master, Erebos God of the Dead, lightning greaves, swiftfoot boots.

you want to use your life total as a resource to draw as much as you can. Mindslicer with Bloodchief Ascension active? Tons of life. You can then use Erebos or Greed to refill your hand while they have nothing.

Good Luck!

>> No.50622693

Nebuchadnezzar / circu handfuck, lantern control, and alltogether "you only draw shit"

>> No.50622838

A few years ago I built my first EDH deck around pic related, and I'd love to build a new Child deck as kind of a homage to it.

That said, I need a solid direction to take the deck, because the old one was basically one big plot to get all five Praetors on the battlefield, and an aimless goodstuff pile hasn't been good in my group in years.

>> No.50622867

Does this seem viable to you guys? Jor kadeen voltron / MLD. Basically you run a much higher than average number of mana rocks, both to activate his ability and so you can keep going once you blow all the lands up. Then you use cards such as master warcraft and various equipments to swing through whatever defenses they had before you blew up all the lands.

>> No.50622908

eggs deck. everytime someone does something dump the baby in the grave, second sunrise, get spell back with archaeomancer type effect. rinse repeat untill you get a win con.

>> No.50622956


Where's your card draw senpai?

>> No.50623013

I want to take apart Ghave and build this guy, and put the BW stuff into an Alesha build or something

>tfw already have like 6 decks I want to build

>> No.50623024

I'll level with you, I was hoping for something a little more exciting. I like big, splashy, explosive wins way more than durdling.

>> No.50623040

I remember seeing this deck here a long while back


And I was wondering... how does it win off of Great Aurora?

>> No.50623057

Two questions for different decks:

1. Are the Tainted lands bad for three color decks that have very few actual swamps? I am working on a Sultai mana base and I feel iffy about Tainted Wood and Tainted Island because I might not necessarily have a swamp (I count 7 including non-basics and Urborg).

2. Is burn a viable wincon for Daretti? I recently converted my Ashling into Daretti and although I intend to keep the infinite Wurmcoil and Myr Sire combos in, my recent games went poorly as I took too long to set up a combo. What I DID succeed at, however, was a massive amount of mana at my disposal and many proliferations on Daretti and my counter rocks. I was thinking I might as well just use the artifact shenanigans to power an infinite (or at least very large) burn spell. Is this sound? And should I put my other red PWs back in from Ashling (Chandra Torch, Chandra Flamecaller, Koth) as I was able to proliferate and ult Daretti pretty easy (thanks Throne of Geth!).

>> No.50623075

whats more explosive then blowing up the field over and over to be part of your win con?

>> No.50623085

By having enough permanents (i.e. Goblin tokens) on the field, that when you cycle the board, you're in a MUCH better state than your opponents.

>> No.50623109

Not directly what you asked, but here's a """fun""" thing you can do with Child. Cast a spell with split second, like Krosan Grip or Sudden Death or whatever, then with that on the stack, sacrifice Child to a mana ability like Ashnod's Altar. With the split second on the stack, nobody can respond to the Child trigger.

>> No.50623252

1. They're fine if you're on a budget, but if you're willing to spend even a little bit extra, there's no shortage of replacements.

2. I would say only as part of a combo, like infinite mana + Comet Storm, Fireball, etc. Otherwise you burn one opponent down and you're usually out of gas, due to red's difficulty with recursion.

>> No.50623319

That's a tiny bit underwhelming but still really cool. I wonder if the classic Wort Fireball finisher would be decent when you have all your lands out and enough spell copiers for the table

>> No.50623325

Dakmor is the better combo in froggy. Even if it is a bit difficult to execute.

>> No.50623379

Actually, the more I consider it, the more I like the idea of mashthebigredbutton.dec.

>split second Child trigger
Pic related. Good call, anon.

>> No.50623459

Toolbox deck that plays like a linear shit anyways . Sure is different every time.

>> No.50623491

My spikey Frog deck for reference in this convo, if it becomes a convo about frogs.


>> No.50623622


>> No.50623691


Thanks for the response.

I Guess I should clarify on the lands I have all the other best B/G and B/U lands aside from original duals. So you think I should cut the tainteds then? Just go for basics or slow duals?

>> No.50623816


Got a particular list or interesting take?

>> No.50623837

nop. I'm OP (and thus a fag) and it's my most competitive deck. it's just a mean stax deck thats so good that I never get tired of it

>> No.50623846

this is my pet card
it's not good but I love it

>> No.50623873

I think you'd be fun to play with

>> No.50623897

Kind of a shit pet card, friend. Not even sure how a card like that even becomes a pet card.

>> No.50623914

Not him, but it's Ball Lightning with lifelink stapled on for 1 generic more

I think it's an alright pet card. Maybe he had a good few games with it and it holds a special place in his heart

>> No.50623916


Used to have a casual deck with these and seance

>> No.50623984

i have a foil one its pretty cool do you want it

>> No.50624060

New thread. Migrate at your leisure.

>> No.50624193

Keening Stone

>> No.50624285

You have enough ramp to just cast him again. You could also just play things that prevent them from countering your creatures like Vexing Shusher, Spellbreaker Behemoth, Leylline of Lifeforce, or Gaea's Herald. I mean your whole deck is fatties and ramp, so playing one or two isn't a bad idea.

>> No.50624330

Do you try to make infinite tokens or do something else. That's the only thing I try to do with mine.

>> No.50626000

It's not really inefficient, if they manage to makeyou mad with it

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