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>"Mono-Green Card Draw" edition

Previous thread: >>50592298

>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck’s strategy and card choices.

>Another resource for commander discussion; they have an entire forum dedicated to discussing decks. People often make primers, which go into detail about how they built and play their deck.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commander’s color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

Thread topic:
>Post a commander you've always wanted to build, but for some reason end up losing motivation to finish.

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Post suboptimal theme decks

saprolings are fun as fuck

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Always wanted to build a five color eldrazi with either Tazri or sliver hivelord at the helm

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Oh man, how isn't that banned? And I thought this was boarderline over powered.

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How about a janky combo ? This, ashnods altar, thopter foundry and sword of the meek.

Produce infinite mana with ashnods, sword and foundry than start producing tokens and drain the table.

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move aside nerds

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Goat in Titania. Kavu Lair is also pretty dece.

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imagine pulling this as your mythic rare back in dark ascension

fuggin life gain man

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This is my probably my favorite card in Magic, and it's certainly my favorite Legendary creature.

Right now, however, he's doing work as a member of the 99 in Brion Stoutarm, and I have so many red decks that building a mono-colored deck would require me to strip parts out of at least three of my other decks which include red. I'd probably also have to pull colorless support for him out of even more decks after that.

Even if I did do that, then I'd be stuck with the question of whether or not to run Ashnod's Altar, which is both ridiculously good with Feldon and a sticky flavor subject, because in all likelihood that altar is the same as the one used to torture Feldon's wife in the first place. Running it in a deck with Feldon at the head would just feel... icky, but not running one would make the deck needlessly worse, in terms of mechanics.

So, for the time being, I'm happy with running him as one in the 99.

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>is also pretty dece.
Literally what? Did you have a stroke or something?

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Predator's Instinct is very good if it's a deck that goes tall.

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you'd be repeatedly reanimating wurmcoil engine or myr battlesphere with him anyway, the lore doesn't really work either way

Honestly best flavour interaction would be reanimating Solemn Simulacrum with him

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He wanted to write decent but the kavus got him.

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>you'd be repeatedly reanimating wurmcoil engine or myr battlesphere with him anyway
There are red cards that do cool things when they ETB or die. Just because he makes an artifact copy doesn't mean you have to build him necessarily as an artifact deck, although you certainly can.
But yes, copying Simulacrum would definitely be in the game plan.

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you mean hunter's insight?

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Yeah, my bad.

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well he synergises a lot better with artifacts for obvious reason, they're also the best way for red to get card draw and ramp

and Kuldotha Forgemaster is bae

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>have a pretty strong Memnarch ramp deck that's insanely boring to play
>come to the realization that the deck has enough support to be literally any colour
>spent all last week taking apart and remaking decks trying to figure out what would be fun
It seems I have reached an impasse. Right now, I'm torn between something Izzet and something Dimir, because I want to keep some of the blue goodstuff I'm running, but I'd be open to just about anything moderately fast.

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Best SURPRISE deck tech?

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go grixis the best of both worlds

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>well he synergises a lot better with artifacts for obvious reason, they're also the best way for red to get card draw and ramp
That's a silly statement anon. Sure, the ramp is pretty artifact dependent, but that's the case for every colour that isn't green or black. Red has the most consistent wheel and looting effects of any colour. The artifacts in feldon are nice, but really, you're running him to use cheap looting effects to fill your yard with fatties.

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Reminds me of the time I played Enchanted Evening then Starfield of Nyx and didn't realize what was about to happen until everyone else at the table started laughing after being asked if I was really sure I wanted to do that.

On a scale of 1-10, how much hate do you think I'd gain if I played a deck full of shit like Steel Golem/Grid Monitor and gave them away?

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No need

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Better than enchanted evening then someone dropping a Return to Nature.

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So basically you killed all your lands?

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you are small time

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Anyone else building decks and including some cards mainly because of the flavor? I'm currently building an esper-themed deck and have to keep myself from throwing every alara-sphinx there is in it just because.

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Yes. I sometimes forget that yes, lands are things your opponents can interact with - ie permanents. Probably a result of the fact I started playing long after land destruction was mostly gone from the game.

I still want to make a heavy enchantment-based deck that has a little chaos but not too much. Ideally my win con would be to wait until my fort is setup and everyone is drawing like five+ cards a turn, then drop forced fruition and sphinx tutelage. Can't figure out how to make something that doesn't take 20 turns to setup and pray no one fucks with me meanwhile, though.

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I mean if you are playing enchantments: ghostly prison, propaganda, and most importantly: sphere of safety. Maybe norns annex too? Just tax people for attacking you and use tutors to find the stuff you need.

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Alara sphinx are neat, if mostly over-costed. Magister Sphinx is a good way to piss off a table in a hurry. Enigma Sphinx is probably my favorite overall, just because with a little card draw and a sac outlet you basically get yourself cascade every turn.
Yeah, I have those, and a couple other things like Circle of Solace and Crackdown - the later of which I only played when I absolutely had to. Cowardice usually did a lot of work as well, until it was inevitably nixed, or my forting got people suspicious enough to kill me off before I did something dangerous.

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Imagine pulling a foil one. I don't need to

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I use both of those + sphinx of the steelwind and sphinx sovereign. the lattee mainly because I absolutely love the artwork of it.

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Criminally underplayed.

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I pulled a foil Ugin's Nexus from a box of Khans. I was furious.

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That card is nowhere near as bad as archangels light tho

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>Yeah these are real but just becuase we made all this new art and bothered to make package designs doesn't mean they're ACTUALLY real packages
Yeah what the fuck ever bitches

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If you think it's that worthless give it to me.

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It was actually stolen along with the rest of my bag out of my car.

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It motivated me to foil out my Chainer since I had to buy every card all over again.

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Hell yea


Still needs more current tweaking, though.

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I just posted it because that leonin's face matches the cheetah. It wasn't technically a speaking a reaction to that happening.

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Anyone got the deck construction pyramid?

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Since were complaining about shit we pulled. I was both legit mad and indifferent about this

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How's this for card draw? Great in green fatty trample, especially when combined with Mark of Sakiko so you can cast that shit.

>> No.50604329

I think this was played in eternal workshop decks for a bit. I don't know if it still is since that was closer to Origins and it probably fell off of usage after the new toy thing wore off.

>> No.50604379

Shortly after Kaladesh pre-release I pulled a masterpiece Chromatic Lantern in a draft.
I then traded it for a Chandra, Nissa, and Spirebluff Canal - back when Chandra was $40 and Nissa was $20, mainly because I was convinced I'd never play Commander.

>> No.50604409

I was going to say all those were pretty good but now in hindsight probably not worth a masterpiece Chromatic Lantern.

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Dont worry anon, i did a box split with a friend and i gave him the jace beyns produgy because i didnt want to be greedy, he traded it for half a pizza because it was worthless at the time.

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>leaving your cards in your car ever for any reason

u wot m8

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Is this a sad attempt for mono red players to justify why they're all daretti decks?

>> No.50604646

iunno man I just posted the thing cause the guy asked for it

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Where does a Norin deck fall on the pyramid?

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Anon that would be lovely for my proliferate deck

I'm probably just gonna bite the bullet and buy one and possibly a sol ring...but knowing my luck as soon as I bought the sol ring they would ban it.

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Hey guys im drawing a blank and need to play edh soon, whats the red enchantment that makes it so ground dudes act like flyers and flyers act like ground dudes. I cant seem to hit the wording on it in google because its so old and janky.

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Oh wow, I like this. Finally a use for the Big Snakey Disappointment.

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My dude

>> No.50604838

Alright lads, You've got this spicy slut in a Sultai deck. How do you use her ability to destroy a person's lands while still keeping her alive?

>> No.50604890

I replace her with Kamahl, Fist of Krosa, probably.

>> No.50604894

give her +1/1 now cast yaheenis expertise, or go up one more toughness and cast languish

>> No.50604900


Thanks. It's definitely one of my favorites. I just brought it out of retirement and need to reevaluate it with newer cards.

>> No.50604915

Jolrael, into Polymorphist's Jest, into nausea

>> No.50604967

Any number of ways. Languish is the easiest, or Plaguewind.
If you want maximum jank, go with something like taunting elf, basilisk collar, howl from beyond.

>> No.50604987

Has anyone ever played Ixidor? I found my old magic cards and he's the only legend I have from back then so I was wondering if he's any good.

>> No.50605014

how does the pic you responded to and your comment have any connection whatsoever?

>> No.50605022

No, because you're stuck with mono-blue morphers.
For supposedly being some super powerful mage who could alter reality, he sure sucks.
But really, he's the ideal - he learned magic so he could make his waifu real.

>> No.50605023

I was actually looking into him the other day. I've always liked Morph as a concept.

The problem is that most of the morph effects, at least in mono blue, aren't super great. YMMV, but it didn't seem that fun, let alone good, to me.

>> No.50605035

Sounds like an enchant world. I'm not going to look it up because I don't feel like it but try that. There shouldn't be THAT many red enchantments though, I would just look through all of them.

>> No.50605036

I post feedback ITT all the time, but I don't know how to play blue.


>> No.50605039

just target the first player who drops a wrath, that'll learn 'em

>> No.50605060

At least in mono blue you have the pickles combo. But yeah Ixidor is not good at all.

>> No.50605065

Alright while I'm at it is there any good morph commander's I where I could put him in the 99? I'm doing a card order for another deck and I have about $100 to spend on a janky morph deck.

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>> No.50605078


Song of the Dryads and Propaganda can only help.

>> No.50605079

There really isn't any commander that is especially suited towards morphs. Kruphix is probably the best in the two colors morph was in in limited for Tarkir block, Animar is probably the best overall since he makes morphs free.

>> No.50605090

>Song of the Dryads
literally raping the color pie, delete this post

>> No.50605094

>Animar is probably the best overall since he makes morphs free.
Oh shit, that's a cool idea.

>> No.50605096

Chaosphere, from Mirage

>> No.50605109

Don't you have a Rosanne script to work on, Mark?

>> No.50605131

How about that, I just spent an hour battling TCG's cart system to buy an entire Commander deck. So long, $250.

Problem is, other than Ixidor, there isn't much you can do for a pseudo morph-tribal except pick a commander that plays into the colors of the best morphers and perhaps give some kind of creature interaction. Otherwise it's just kind of play morphers, hope they don't get nuked, then flip 'em for maximum niggery.
I kind of feel Monstrous/Ferocious would fit in with the flavor as well of 'sudden transformations,' but that's up to you.

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>> No.50605251

danke senpai

>> No.50605265

>Fucking literally who world after Amonkhet
>STILL no Muraganda dinosaur world
fuck wizards i hate you im quitting magic

>> No.50605272

Does that work on morphers? Don't they technically have the morph ability?

What's the point of Song of the Dryads?

>> No.50605283


>> No.50605293

Because its always mono red fags memeing that they only have daretti or etb triggers.

>> No.50605300

green doesn't deserve shit

>> No.50605303

>a world with a heavy vanilla theme
it is supposed to be a coreset world, the bew sets that will replace core sets will be worlds like this.

>> No.50605321

He already has imprison in the moon, it's pretty much the same card in green.

>> No.50605323

a face down morph creature explicitly has no abilities, the reminder token literally has no rules text.

>What's the point of Song of the Dryads?
it's the best green removal spell next to Beast Within?

>> No.50605328

I'm sure it could just be a subtheme. I don't think most people expect ltierally an entire world of vanillas. I could see an ability like Unleash but it lets you choose to be bigger and vanilla. And that could honestly be it. Kaladesh has exactly one keyword that directly involves artifacts unless you count crew I guess.

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>> No.50605344

Oh wow, I didn't even realize that. I was thinking it just added an ability onto a creature.

>> No.50605347

>Kaladesh has exactly one keyword that directly involves artifacts unless you count crew I guess.
Er, well, what I mean is a keyword that supports artifacts matter which is Fabricate, their way to make artifacts matter but still tie them to colored spells they experimented with in Origins.

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>> No.50605386

Kaladesh was a mistake because of rotation, look at all the thopters that you can make in standard atm. And I do agree it would have to be a subtheme but a world with impactful vanilla creatures needs lots of token producers or very few impactful creatures with abilities and those two things scream "new player friendly"

>> No.50605402

>"Magic was a mistake."
- Richard Garfield

>> No.50605404

Desert Twister


>> No.50605421


>> No.50605449

Twister used to be the go-to but it's tough to run a 6 mana removal spell when there are so many more brutal ones now

>> No.50605462

Yeah why would you ever play Desert Twister when you could play Scour from Existence?

>> No.50605521

I was more talking about green, since now we have Terrastodon, Woodfall Primus, Rootgrapple, Beast Within, Song of the Dryads, and Hornet Sting

>> No.50605538

>Hornet Sting

>> No.50605628

Ding Dong the Witch is dead!

>> No.50605655

>Mono-G Card Draw Edition
>Just finished my new Masumaro EDH
>Win Condition is, more often than not, Great Aurora
>Can off myself due to no deck so the guy whose winning doesnt get the satisfaction

This guys a fuckin blast. One of my most fun decks.

>> No.50605696

Good. An otherwise fine channel marred by irritating rabblerousers. Good move, Prof.

>> No.50605728


sounds fun but multani is better and more iconic, you should switch commanders

>> No.50605749

Literally how did they even get partnered with the biggest and most popular MTG youtube channel? Were they both deepthroating the Professor's dick?

>> No.50605775

He liked them, and still likes them?
I don't really see a problem with him extending his channel to something he enjoyed.
I didn't much like MTA, but It never soured my view of the channel.

>> No.50605783



>> No.50605787

best commander for dragon tribal?

>> No.50605824

Did you want Combo or Durdle?

>> No.50605825

If you really care about dragons-matter, that viashino who becomes a dragon once a turn whose name I for fee t and is monored or bladewing the risen. Scion is technically the best but if you optimise commanders it's hard not to just to focus on combos.

>> No.50605848


>Can't buff
>Or equip
>Subject to whims of other players hands
>Strictly worse as a voltron commander as more people die

Lol fuck no

hes awful

>> No.50605858

Yeah, exactly. He sees value in their content and partnered up with them. Prof makes good content and people are entitled to their own views and opinions. End of story. Hell, this could even be a good move for them (though I'm not sure how, since I now have no reason to even be aware of their existence.)

>> No.50605877

i want to play huge dragons that do dragon shit

>> No.50605894

I want to combo this with Living Death so badly, oh man

>> No.50605923

>tfw you just want a foil Sol Ring with the new anus mana template
>only option is that fucking $130 lotto ticket

>> No.50605931

Scion of the Ur-Dragon. All dragons ever for always.

>> No.50605943

>that viashino who becomes a dragon
Zirilan cheats out dragons from your deck, he doesn't turn into one. He's fun as fuck though, if a bit slow

>> No.50605969

Drew me 7 once in Prossh when I smacked someone with an unblockable Champion of Lambholt

>> No.50605981

You'd think someone foiling their deck would be used to that.

>> No.50605987

TCC is terrible too.

>> No.50605995

Zirilian every day

>> No.50605997


Or Atarka

Just fucking double strike RG Dargons all day

Murder near everyone in one shot

>> No.50606004

>cannibalizing both Melek and Zada to make Wort
>resulting new deck is more fun than both of the old ones
I should have done this sooner. Spellslingan wizardmode with green fucking rules

>> No.50606007

whatever deck you make you better put form of the dragon in your deck

>> No.50606008

Scion can certainly fit that role but desu if you are just wanting to play huge dragons then White and Blue is pretty bad honestly, sorta dilutes your strategy with colors you don't really need.

I'd recommend Karrthus, Jund colors has the best dragons and dragons are a pretty often seen creature type in edh so his ability can actually be relevant. Plus, Karrthus is cool, just be really careful about your opponents stealing him.

>> No.50606011

He'll probably plug them at the end of his videos alongside Card Kingdom now, is what I think.

Them moving to their own channel might just mean they make more videos that aren't MTA, and who knows people might like it.

>> No.50606024

They're never gonna ban Sol Ring. It's been in every single official Commander product since the beginning of it being a supported format. If that isn't an endorsement, I don't know what is.

>> No.50606043

Doing this monday to my Ezuri and possibly Teysa deck for Atraxa unless my inner "That guy" comes out and tells me to play something degenerate like pure infect.

>> No.50606051

Welcome to the family

>> No.50606069

Do you still have a list for Varolz by chance? It sounds like something that would be right up my alley

>> No.50606072

Is it POST 'EM time?

>> No.50606082

Are there any indestructible token generators (other than the B/G God)?

>> No.50606097

I'm relatively new to the whole blinged-out-Commander scene and have had little trouble with the deck up to now. Other than my foil Mana Crypt tanking in price.

I'm also looking to add Chrome Mox and Mox Diamond to my deck after payday, so I have the debate of running the originals of both but dooming Diamond to foillessness, or using the FTV Diamond and Eternal Chrome so the arts go together. I'm probably going for the latter, already have FTV Jitte, Tolaria West, and Maze anyway.

>> No.50606103


>> No.50606104

I unsubbed and reported that video, too little to late prof

>> No.50606127


>> No.50606158

God I fucking wished there were more cards like these. Even if it isn't that strong it's just really cool.

>> No.50606164

I do not but the important things you want to remember are inkmoth nexus, playground stinger, tainted strike, pyhrexian dreadnaught, phyrexian soulgorger, the 7/7 horror from ravnica force of savagery, entomb, buried alive, demonic tutor, and deaths shadow.

>> No.50606170

Only other card of it's ilk I know of (is there more?).

>> No.50606182

Honorable mention.

>> No.50606184

I played it for a while online, and even started building it, then I realized it only had a few wincons and was really just mono-U control with Pickles combo as a finisher with Cyclonic Rift and Beatdown as a backup.

>> No.50606199

>Pickles combo

>> No.50606220

>Doran and Behind the Scenes both out


>> No.50606247

Vesuvan Shapeshifter and Brine Elemental. Forms a 1-sided Stasis lock.

>> No.50606280

How does sword of the meek work if I have master of etherium out when I get a 1/1 thopter with sword in yard

>> No.50606292

I've been working on a Yidris list, but I'm honestly not sure how decent it is. I'd appreciate some feedback or any help at all with it, thanks.

>> No.50606299

It doesnt, sac the master

>> No.50606306

>that Gwafa description
Alright I want to see that fucking list

>> No.50606324

Well that's fucking lame but saves me from getting the master

>> No.50606376

Considering building Pia and Kiran Nalaar, does anyone have any experience with them? They seem fun.

>> No.50606381


What is dead exactly?

>> No.50606384

>putting coloreds in your deck


>> No.50606417

I mean, there's only six legal colorless commanders. And a lot of those are gonna have rally similar looking decks. At a certain point you have to branch out.

>> No.50606448

Oh, anon.

>> No.50606455

Sorry to break it to you but P&K are not great commanders, they don't do enough and being only monoR doesn't help. They're pretty much a strictly worse Breya. Breya literally does everything they do but better.

>> No.50606486


>> No.50606522

Thank you for not taking the /pol/ bait

>> No.50606534

They were really great in standard, see some play in modern, but feel pretty bad in EDH (and are hot garbage in cEDH). They're too mana intensive, only deal 2 damage, have a high casting cost, and only net 2 tokens. While artifacts.dec isn't awful, not being in blue seriously gimps your tutoring options, and there are other commanders way better suited for that gameplan (Feldon, Slobad, heck even Godo is more impactful). Regardless of if you're playing casually or competitively, Mom and Dad are too slow and too unimpactful for a 40 life format.

>> No.50606542

If anyone is rockin' that green, here's something fucking stupid you could do.

>> No.50606573

huh, actual reddit posts on 4chan, upboated!

>> No.50606584

New to this thread, is there a commonly accepted playlevel (75%, competitive, casual, etc.) or commonly accepted/liked wincons? Personally I think every EDH deck should have some sort of combo win and be moving towards that by t4/5/6 when goldfishing but I get that a lot of people feel differently and just want to get a handle on the type of advice and discussion to expect.

>> No.50606667

I usually take EDH decks apart every week or two to bring something fresh to my EDH, but I saved this one for posterity, 'cause I'll definitely play it again a bit more tuned.


WUBG Thrasios Amulet of Vigor deck. Whatchu think lads.

>> No.50606672

>Not hating black people makes you reddit

>> No.50606676 [SPOILER] 

It's all over the place, from casual to competitive. I'd say the majority of lists are more casual though.

What deck do you play, anon?

>> No.50606688

So, I bought the Yidris deck on a whim today and haven't had a chance to give him a whirl yet, what should I expect going in?

>> No.50606691

And here comes the cancer

>> No.50606694

I thought token creatures where removed from play and didnt into the graveyard?

>> No.50606708

Just fucking ignore it, honestly

>> No.50606710

They hit the graveyard long enough to trigger graveyard effects and then are immediately exiled

>> No.50606723 [SPOILER] 

>people trying to make an effort to counteract the decline of thread quality

man fuck those guys

>> No.50606724

They hit the graveyard then cease to exist. They still totally hit it though. If you run black, you can bitter ordeal the world.

>> No.50606735

Did someone say Kalemne, Sitter of Faces?

>> No.50606739



They go to the graveyard, and they trigger abilities when they hit the gy (except when something is stopping them like rest in peace) and THEN they cease to exist

If something was going to bring them back to life, that ability would trigger but do nothing when it resolves because the tokens are gone

But if the triggered ability doesn't care about whether they still exist, as in the case of fecundity, then they trigger

>> No.50606746

Striking silent as a dream

Cutting short the strangled scream

The lines of bluish life it cuts

With its vill'nous, spinal butts.

>> No.50606752

Cascade cascade cascade

>> No.50606754

>landstorm EDH

>> No.50606773

>tfw sixty creatures yidris

>> No.50606802


Pretty cool, needs fastbond

>> No.50606839

Lemme just put a gun to Sheldon's head and make him unban it real fast.

>> No.50606844

Alesha Hatebears/Stax (which I'm going to turn into Breya Eggs p soon I think), and some derp casual decks for when the pod isn't feeling competitive

>> No.50606953


>> No.50606982

and god help you if you decide that you want to play Mom.

>> No.50606998

Godo fucking rules

>> No.50607048

>Not calling it Mom-o Red
Son, I am disappoint

>> No.50607274

huh, I actually have Fecundity and Ashnod's altar in my deck and a Words of Wilding somewhere. I might throw it in.

>> No.50607349

How do you tutor up those pieces in mono green and is Words of Wilding worth it outside of the combo?

>> No.50607383

Simic actually. It's token Newzuri that's main win con is throwing out enough token's to make one super powered trampler but I've got a couple of other combos. Outside the combo I guess being able to build up some experience counters with excess draw is alright.

>> No.50607473

I count 8.

>> No.50607539

>alesha stax
>which im going to turn into breya eggs

>> No.50607547

I thought final fortune isochron scepter sundial of the infinite was a pretty well known combo. The best part is making blie players mad because you are ge%ing infinite turns in mono R.

>> No.50607602

These remind me of the old form of the dragon enduring ideal deck from back in the day.

>> No.50607621

Is the problem that you hate money?

>> No.50607670

Yeah there are. There was an Avacyn Restored intro deck based entirely around that concept.

>> No.50607702

It's not as good as Brago/Birdlady, but I like playing Mardu more. And Breya is way better than Alesha.

>> No.50607750

Deadly Wanderings and Demonic Rising

>> No.50607812

>Just want to chill and have some fun with my mono-white equipment deck
>Other three players are playing exile, annihilation, and some fucking guild gate deck backed by endless board wipes and resets
>Whenever I have more than one creature on the board they destroy my plains, kill my creature, and exile shit
>They get mad when I stop paying attention to the game after being on four lands for 15 turns and unable to do anything
>Fine whatever, two turns later I have my commander out with fucking speedy boots on her and an empty hand
>lol board wipe you were getting out of hand bro

I'm not the type to get mad over being targeted, but this level of shitty threat analysis rustles my jimmies so bad. After the seventh board wipe, a man begins to question his existence.

>> No.50607821

I really wanna make a Xira Arien deck work, but there are other generals with the same colors that are just straight up better and do something far more interesting.
Should I just give the fuck up and pick a different general?

>> No.50607827


I mean the deck counters yours, sorry bro

>> No.50607830

How many Planeswalkers make The Chain Veil worthwhile?

>> No.50607847

Must have creatures and also spicy teck for Competitive Yisan plox

>> No.50607899

Depends on your playgroup, really. If your group plays a lot of "group hug" kinda decks then you can probably get some free bears out of it. And if you're building that mono green draw machine then you could potentially make some good use out of it.

>> No.50607968

In mono it's REAAAAALLY difficult to just tutor that kind of thing, unless you can graveyard it and use an eternal witness or similar effect.

I use black/green so I can get all sorts of "when a critter dies" benefits. Hell, one blood artist on the field will win you the game. Also nice for the tutors.

>> No.50608029

that depends entirely on how important those planeswalkers are to your deck.

If you are playing a planeswalker commander then that is enough.

>> No.50608034

So I played my first real group game with him today and holy shit, this deck is so good.

I was playing against Breya, Derevi, Kami of Crescent Moon, and K&T of Meletis. I controlled most of the board, wiping with disk and such. The Breya player made the mistake of playing Mcyosinthe Lattice. I proceeded to attack and kill the K&T player and the Derevi player with Hoard Smelter Dragon, Scuttling Doom Engine, and Hellkite Igniter.

I eventually got a Darksteel Forge and then killed all opponents permanents with Jokulhaups.

Was best fun I've had playing mono red ever.

>> No.50608167

scuttling doom engine?

>> No.50608175

>playing on cockatrice
>grixis chaos salts at wub control
>wub control salts at grixis chaos

and nothing ever changed

>> No.50608187


>> No.50608244

Huh, I had no idea that card existed. Not the greatest thing around, but it'd be pretty cute in a recursion theme.

>> No.50608310


Someone say "Post em"?

Also I need a non-red commander I think I might be getting ridiculous with this.

>> No.50608412

I want to run ~7 planeswalker in my UW Pillowfort Control deck because I like them. They are alright and most of them give emblems.

>> No.50608474

Sadly, I've only got one deck with Kynaios and Tiro. It's group hug designed to make the game go as fast as humanly possible. Tempting Wurms and Metamorphose to let everyone just do all their best stuff as fast as possible.

>> No.50608505

don't summon that homo

>> No.50608525


>> No.50608552

Story time

>guy playing tana + bruse tarl
>against me (nebuchadnezzar) and a friend of mine (omnath)
>he just made this tana /bruse deck, so he's unfamiliar.
>gets through with a double strike tana, gets like 4 or 5 saprolings.
>"alright, now I put 5...
>picks up saproling token
>squints at token
>"... sproglings.. onto the battlefield".
>I wheeze and look down as my friend snickers
>the guy doesn't understand what's going on
>never explained what was wrong
>all game he called them sproglings.

For now on, I'm calling all tokens "sproglings"

Funniest sounding thing, was funny as fuck in the moment

>> No.50608559

second sunrise, faith's reward, ghostway, eerie interlude, rootborn defenses, selfless spirit

White has the best boardwipes as well as the best resiliency to them

>> No.50608581

Theme decks > Meme decks > Spikeshit

>> No.50608619

Stax decks >Theme decks > Meme decks > Spikeshit > precons


>> No.50608626

If an artifact creature hits the graveyard, does that mean an opponent has to sacrifice an artifact and a creature, or just one or the other?

I'm already having a hard time pulling out 'key' cards for protection. I do have a selfless spirit and eerie interlude; guess I could try adding them. Thing is, it's only this bunch of faggots I sometimes play with that run ten board wipes a deck each.

>> No.50608644

Scrambleverse decks>Stax decks >Theme decks > Meme decks > Spikeshit > precons


>> No.50608667

theey chose any one that shares a card type with the card that entered the GY

>> No.50608670



>> No.50608700


Best commander for a scrambleverse themed chaos deck?

I was thinking starke of rath

>> No.50608720

>Play Sakashima Clone Tribal.
>Mfw someone plays Desolation Twins at the table while I have Desertion in my hand.
>Mfw cloning it four times.
>Mfw Clone Legioning myself
>Mfw countering two Cyclonic Rifts after that and then beating the table to death.

>> No.50608766

Norin the Wary

>> No.50608781


put as many copies of warp world on the stack as you can.

>> No.50608820

the original guy still gets a token. desolation twin is on cast, not an etb.

>> No.50608828

Zedruu is pretty funny to me for a Chaos deck.

>> No.50608836

When one man has a single 10/10 and you have 14 of them, it doesn't really matter anymore.

>> No.50608978

Played as usual for a thursday at my FLGS. I didn't really have fun at all, it was mostly being bored while Johnny/Spike's combo'd for 15 minutes a turn. Hardly played a card all night (thanks, blue mages with endlressly recursive counterspells and mana drain and force of will, etc, etc).

My original office playgroup has all either been laid off or just never play anymore. Deckbuilding and tuning feels more like a chore and an addiction than anything fun. I'm seriously considering selling off my collection.

Think I can sell off everything together? Individual decks? Craigslist?

>> No.50608997

OK edhg, say you had to build your least favorite color or color combination RIGHT NOW

How would you do it in a way that you mightttt enjoy?

For me, it's gruul, and id try to make a fight themed deck with ulrich at the head. Seems interesting and kinda fun

>> No.50609010

Honestly hold onto them, you never know what next year will be like!

>> No.50609026


>> No.50609062

Mono-White...Man. I dunno. Probably a bunch of cards that give all players life and prevent all the damage I possibly can, and run a million board wipes. Make the game take 8 years.

>> No.50609069

boros is my least favorite color combo

In fact any other combination is better.

I can't fathom a way to make boros fun

I hate it

>> No.50609078

If you're man enough, Enduring Ideal into Form of the Dragon. Final destination, no spells.

>> No.50609096


I don't have the brains to fill a deck solely with blue cards.

>> No.50609115


Sounds like you're not really into magic the gathering

>> No.50609124

So hazduur the abbot, or rune tail?
Maybe atalya?

Oh come on, maybe brion stoutarm treason&fling?

There are so many weird mono blue legends to choose from, stealing is fun!

>> No.50609163


Problem is that I don't really have a least favorite color combination, I like all the colors and combinations equally because they all have something to offer

I guess 5-color is my least favorite?

I really don't like any of the 5-color commanders except the ones that already have a theme to them, not because of the theme necessarily, but because I just don't like the other ones

Horde of notions, sliver stuff, Tazri, and scion are all okay, but don't really interest me enough to buy a 5-color manabase

Progenitus, child of alara, Karona, etc just don't interest me really

>> No.50609179

in my experience, every time someone plays shit like mana leak or force spike the other player always has the mana available. I much rather run this >>50603827

>> No.50609234

but that describes half of the guys at my store and none of them plays Kaalia

the other half is that guy with lighter hair color and a ponytail

>> No.50609243

tazri allies / combo is pretty fun imo. Zada + rite of replication on a full board of allies.

See, that's the thing; i'd probably pump the rest of the deck full of "fuck you, i'm blue" and draw-go when i'm not stealing commanders / cool cards. Then, cyclonic rift and swing for lethal with everyone else's stuff. I don't think that's fun.

honestly, nothing about blue is fun, it's just good. Card advantage? Yeah. Telling people 'no, you can't win the game?' Yup. Infinitely bouncing everyone else's everything? Yeah.

I see why blue is good, I just don't think it's fun to pilot or play against.

>> No.50609246

Atogatog is your destiny

>> No.50609266

you'd probably get more money out of selling them individually.

>> No.50609298

You can always build the least blue deck in mono blue you can

My friend built muzzio voltron, where the whole deck is muzzio in his garage building a home made tank to run people down

Surprisingly, the deck has some synergy, like there are plenty of artificers that tap to add 2 to your pool only to be used on artifacts, or for activated abilities of artifacts. He uses them to help equip muzzio.

He gives muzzio vigilance so he can attack and use the ability each turn.

It's really funny to watch work, and fun to play against.

>> No.50609303


Thought that was an UN-card lol

Hmm, we might have a winner

>gatherer results: 12

Wait there's only 12 Atogs?!!?!!?

>> No.50609316

Don't forget changelings, and chronotog totem

And mistform ultimus

>> No.50609338

I need some help with my Saskia deck. I need card draw and to be able to stabilize after a board wipe. any takers? was thinking about running Erebos and/or greed for card draw. As for board wipes, I put in Phyrexian Reclamation but what's some more tech?

>> No.50609356


What kind of saskia deck is it?

If you're in tokens, gotta have skullclamp for sure

>> No.50609357

I'd have to go with Boros

But the problem is, that the very reason why I hate this color is the reason why building a deck would suck and never be fun: Boros has only one shit theme, no support and frankly not a single worthwhile card in a multiplayer environment

Mono W is also bad, but there are themes and cards that work.
Red at least has Daretti and for casuals things like Krenko, Kiki etc.

Boros however is a mess of a color identity.Combat shenanigangs? This sucks, it just sucks, you feel like poking people with Q-tips when going against 120 life in total. Everything has to happen on your board, needs creatures and loses to a boardwipe immediatly. Playing Boros is suffering and no fun. Never.

I had a Kalemne player joining us once. God damn this was so sad to watch. He kept playing his overcosted big beaters only to get ignored by the whole table. No one cared. We just took some hits until the inevitable boardwipe happened, real creatures hit the board or someone won of a real win condition. Never saw that guy again after that.

Pic related. This is what a developmental failure looks like.

>> No.50609394


I think Boros can be cool if you make a stax/prison/MLD deck

It won't be quite as good as other stax decks but it can show off some of the stuff white and red can do

>> No.50609398

Does anyone play Mist-form tribal?

It's pretty fun given all the weird blue/artifact tribes, but I think it was more enjoyable to hunt those cards down than to actually play in a group

>> No.50609407

Honestly I could see anya being cool. Shitload of burn to try to get one guy half life, and then have anya stay invulnerable. Give her shroud or hexproof with artifacts, or enchant her with protection from color of your choice.

Maybe a 75red:25white burn deck with her wouldn't be awful? Only use for white would be removal, mld, and protection Enchantments

I could see it being a fun build, anything to try to get burn to work

>> No.50609415


I'm not really using tokens, more of a extra combat deck. Only token stuff I run is Hero of Bladehold, the mutations, and Assemble the Legion.

>> No.50609420

Living Death
You got black to tutor for it and let it rot in your hand until someone dares to touch your board
Also, cheap card

>Card draw
Black all the way- you are pressuring life totals so your own life is an excellent ressource.
Necropotence, Night's Whisper, Read the Bones, Phyrexian Arena
Go black

>> No.50609424

I have him foiled in my aboshan cephalid tribal deck, and he's an all-star

>> No.50609433

Would you guys play Grim Monolith in decks that don't have ways to untap it other than paying the 4 mana?

>> No.50609438

I tend to agree

I could see a Balance/Stax/Chaos boros deck that ignored creatures, but no one at your table would have fun that way either

Every time I make a boros commander deck I end up tearing it apart because it's so linear and inneffective

>> No.50609450

Depends on how important it is to ramp into your commander, and obviously what ramp options you have available. For example, endrek sahr decks want him on field as soon as possible, and he is (4)B. So I can see one being played in that kinda scenario considering black doesn't have the best ramp

Obviously it isn't as good if you can't find ways to untap it for free but

>> No.50609458


I was thinking about living death but a lot people around me run reanimator, could not be in my favor. As for card draw, necropotence should go in and Erebos would stop life gain so I can keep beating them down.

>> No.50609460


Only in very specific decks, because then it's basically a colorless ritual that synergizes with stuff like Yawgmoth's will and paradoxical outcome

It can also be worth it in a deck that really needs to cast a 6 drop on turn 3 like Narset maybe

>> No.50609487

I could see two possibilities here: Brago blink, which is more proactive than U/W generally and full of value plays/sideways guys or Grand Arbiter and just really embrace the draw go, no fun allowed strategy and try treat it as expanding my EDH horizons.

>> No.50609502

that was the first foil i ever pulled. Had no idea they printed foils of every card, not just the good ones. I'll always love it

>> No.50609509

I tried to build Depala, and it was miserable because there's no good dwarves and the only vehicles available are standard junk. I'd rather just play Skysovereign as a commander.

I tried brewing up some blue artifacts once, just to see if I could stomach making a monoblue deck without every counter under the sun.

It was a disgusting stax/control arcum deck and i never bought it. Either Arcum hits the board with an artifact creature and I win the game, or he gets btfo by other peoples' counter magic and i don't get to play.

>> No.50609516


Mono-blue: Tromokratis. Go aggro with big creatures that are hard to deal with. Focus less on control, but without completely ignoring it.

Mono-black: Phage the Untouchable. The idea of getting her out of the command zone sounds appealing.

5color: Slivers. Boring, but 5color is usually just goodstuff anyway.

>> No.50609517

actually, I might try that muzzio thing, with Skysovereign in the 99. It might be the only fun way to play vehicles.dec.

>> No.50609533

No, she's cheap and fun as fuck. Are you going to play for money?

>> No.50609535

A list would be helpful but Skullclamp, Evolutionary Leap, Boros Charm, Rootborn Defenses.

Yes, but not always. I would put it in my Uril deck, which wants 1-2 big turns and then either wins or needs time to reload anyway, but not in my Marath deck, which has a mana sink in the command zone and taps out every turn.

>> No.50609536

Burn works just fine in rakdos anon. You just arent making your burn spells good when you should be.

>> No.50609564

Is there ANY use for this card

Can I abuse it in any way

>> No.50609572


I agree with the both of your. If Boros should work someday it will have to work as this. I imagine it working less like traditional stax lists - with Winter Orb and friends making everything a slugfest - but more of a Boros Reckoner/Spitemare stax.

Punish everyone who tries to do anything. There is a subtheme in Boros and W with redirecting damage and there is R having access to spell redirects. Also R already has "take damage whenever..."

Make Boros a real tactician by letting the Boros player make the decisions for the table and punish everyone for doing anything at all.

Of course this would need a good deal of redundancy to make up for the lack of tutors and draw, but this way I could see it work.

>> No.50609593


use Faith's reward or second sunrise I suppose

Also reyhan?

>> No.50609626

Then maybe some good old Boros Charm?
I am not that familiar with Saskia and if she likes to keep RW up and a spell in hand - but I imagine with her double damage theme a card that gives Double Strike or protects your board could do some work.

If your meta is a bit slower and you got the mana for it Flip Avacyn could be a blowout against someone trying to boardwipe.

>> No.50609635

Boros stax/prison does work, and C16 finally gave it a decent commander (Akiri). Drop a couple mana rocks, Armageddon then play Akiri. He gets bigger as you drop your stax/mana rocks and gradually just kills the table. Unfortunately this strategy is not fun to play with or against.

>> No.50609639


Akiri is a girl, otherwise, yeah sounds good

>> No.50609654

Akiri identifies however Xhe wants to, shitlord.

>> No.50609675

Legendary Human Soldier (2/2)
At the beginning of each combat, creatures your opponents control lose all abilities.

>> No.50609678


I'm identifying those titties if you catch my meaning

>> No.50609736

Don't want to be all negative but at least in my meta this will never work.

By the time you naturally drew into your rocks and lock pieces and even your Armageddon the whole table has tutored for big rocks like Monoliths, Vaults, Crypts or even played Cryptghasts - when you blow up the lands they would thank you

And Akiri herself - if I am not bouncing her or play Bridge someone else will just kill her once she gets dangerous - removal is cheap and every good playgroup plays some
She lacks protection and evasion to be considered a real threat

In your playgroup everyone else has no fun playing against it - in my playgroup you would be the one not having fun with her

>> No.50609764

Feldon makes it fun, not as fun as Wurmcoil but very little is.

>> No.50609795


>whole table tutored for cryptghasts
>thanks you for blowing up lands


Anyway if your meta is so happy to have their lands blown up, why are they not running MLD themselves?

And if they ARE running MLD, then it sounds like it DOES work in your meta, since according to you everybody is running a mana rock/MLD stax deck

>> No.50610018

Manaless EDH is the new meta.

>> No.50610575

it's less about the deck you play and more about the motives behind the deck's creation. a norin deck can be anywhere from level 2 to level 5. i'd still place it at level 2 because a norin deck doesn't isn't annoying enough to be level 4 or 5

regards, the one who made the pyramid

>> No.50610610

i can't be the only one who puts ashnod's altar into every single deck that deals even the slightest bit with reanimation or tokens

shit is broken

>> No.50610616

combo it with martyrs bond

>> No.50610767

This must be stronk in counterspell heavy metas. Which mine isn't.

>> No.50610838

Is there a nice G/U morph commander? Colour combination gives some neat cards.

>> No.50611022

What do you do after Armageddon? Play Akiri or some rocks to swing for 4? Wow, huge fucking play. You bottlenecked yourself and the Cryp Ghast player drops BB lands every turn from now on until he feels like removing Akiri.
He will thank you because you crippled yourself more than him. That is why he would thank you.

The whole point of LD is to either slow someone down or to gain an advantage. Playing dorks or rocks when everyone else is ramping lands and then blowing up all lands is such advantage. But you are playing RW. How on earth do you plan to gain such advantage against BUG colors?

No one is running MLD in our meta because the ramp strategies in our meta are way too varied for it to do any work.

>> No.50611634

That's a very good point.
It's just at my LGS the EDH players there go pretty hard, and last time I made a "this deck seems really fun" kinda deck I got stomped. I was thinking of going with pic related though, but I suppose nothing is stopping me from having both cards in my deck and just switching the General depending on who I'm playing against.

Actually I think the issue here is the other players being massive try hards and building ridiculous combo decks and such. That's not what I want in EDH and I guess I should find some new dudes to play games with.

>> No.50611652

Why is this this funny to me.

>> No.50611660

Is this guy a broken POS?
He seems ridicilously strong, even the premade deck is a powerhouse.

Any other way to break him than million cascades and storm?

>> No.50611669

>Rebrcca Guay
Oh it's seed time alright.

>> No.50611671

Creatures? Multiple combat steps and turns?

Mine arrives today ion the mail I am so fucking hyped

>> No.50611691

>Oh wow, I didn't even realize that. I was thinking it just added an ability onto a creature.
If you wanna know something REALLY fucky about Song of the Dryads, it turns the card into a Forest in layer 4, but cards are copies in layer 1. This means that if you Song of the Dryads someone's Jace the Mind Sculptor, you can play Vesuva and have it enter as a copy of the Forest Jace, except it's copied before becoming a Forest, so your Vesuva is a fully functional Jace the Mind Sculptor.

>> No.50611825

Holy crap what

>> No.50611839

I need that for Purphoros. Still got it?

>> No.50611847

>This tripfagging pleb doesn't even know the rules

>> No.50611866

Blighted Shaman and Languish.

>> No.50611906

You're all petty idiots.

>> No.50611978

My buddy made Eggs.
He won 4 of 6 games today, all by infinite combo. He nearly did it a fifth time but got fucked :(

>> No.50611983

Nigga layers are too damn confusing. The Reyhan+Deadeye Navigator interaction from threads ago also sounded very confusing.

>> No.50611994

Time Vault Voltaic Key combo can go in literally any deck, anon.

>> No.50612001

The Reyhan one is simple as fuck though. You make him enter the command zone instead of being exiled by the flicker, letting you put his counters somewhere, then he returns to the battlefield. Like how is that confusing?

>> No.50612062

That one works because Deadeye Flicker doesn't care WHERE it went, just that it's in the same place when it goes to pull it back.

Compare to Oblivion Ring, whose LTB ability specifically looks for it in exile.

>> No.50612087

It's confusing because why it works is not clear until you see the text difference where Navigator or Ring looks for the card like >>50612062 said.

>> No.50612122

But anon.. reyhan is a girl.

>> No.50612175

>the premade deck is a powerhouse
For real? I bought it and it didn't seem all that strong to me

>> No.50612386

New Thread
New Thread
New Thread

>> No.50612417

Used to run this and the enchantment version as a politics card for people going nuts with boardwipes. They learned.

>> No.50612470

Show your work.

>> No.50612878

I always pronounce Vorinclex as Vorniclex because I initially read it wrong even though I know it's incorrect at this point. It just has a better sound to it to me.

>> No.50612897

Build Animar cheerios and show him the true power of breakfast.

>> No.50613698

don't listen to the naysayers. they are actually quite enjoyable to play, and are absolutely fine in a lower powered meta.

Also, you haven't live till you pinged a player for 64 with one of their activation

>> No.50613932


>> No.50614142

More like cloning him

>> No.50614338

Too bad it says Noncreature, but creatures are weak strategy anyway.

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