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Reposting for Nubee

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The current sailor moon jump is shit and like hell I'll let the biggest cornerstone of my childhood get blatantly disrespected through a shitty jump.

(Also Wakfu said that he doesn't care what happens to the jump, so)

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>As a Jumper, you don't have to pick the recommended list of skill packages. Have clarified.
Oh, huh. I'd assumed you got those in addition to your starting ones, as Firewall training or something.

Well. Shit. Now I have to spend 300cp extra on skills. Why are there so many delicious tech packages...

>Ego Bridge
I assume this also works for Companions, so it actually has an use despite the tech-less Resleeving perk?

>It's pronounced SPY-ME
How angry is Firewall going to be at me with this drawback and the DLC?

Also, can these sensors survive in the sun's corona or is my vacation spot free of them?

>Black Mark
Can you take this multiple times?

>Morph Dysphoria
Seems kinda weird, since there's no guarantee at all that a jumper going in has looked like their bodymod appearance in ages or considers that their mental selfimage.

I know my jumper has barely looked anything close to Bodymod, even in base human forms, for millenia. Between appearance perks, height perks, various eye/hair color-affecting perks, and more...

Maybe just go with a "default" appearance?

Also, does having Bodymod Biomorph satisfy the requirements of the drawback, or does it need to be an exact human replica?

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In the first Dark Souls jump, it says Miracles aren't actually powered by the gods and your faith can be in anything. Is that true in this one, too?

Also, how are miracles, sorceries, and pyromancies cast? Do you have to chant or something?

Also, by googling it, it seems like spells are normally some kind of page you carry around and have to prepare Vancian style? So would my plan to use spell copying perks like Sorcerer Savant not work?

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You recite a passage which is basically a story or prayer.

You seem to just channel magic through a catalyst. Nothing is said about incantations being needed or not.

You channel your inner flame into a little fire and then channel that further into various effects. This one is the quickest, it doesn't require must cast time.

It's sorta Vancian, but honestly I think that system is for gameplay purposes more than lore since nobody else talks about slots or spells per day and crap like that.

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Dark Souls used to have a vancian system but 3 changed it to a mana bar.

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Jumpers, what virtue do you hold above all else?

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>You recite a passage which is basically a story or prayer.
Eh, I dunno about that. It would make sense for healing and the like, but would essentially make the offensive miracles useless.

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Reposting from last thread

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>State your name, rank, and intention.

How do you respond?

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Glorp, Slorp, Gwarg!

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Why does it keep switching between Lilum, Lilim, and Lilium?

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banchô-Anon ,God, Liberation and you best put that gun down Now girly unless you want to lose that arm

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None of your business, I suppose I'm the leader of my group, do you have three hours and a whiteboard?

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Jumper-kun, Emperor of Space, to shitpost on your Earth internet

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Bah-weep-Graaaaagnah wheep ni ni bong?

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Above all else? Absolutely? Justice. Never work for the enemy at all costs, and try to avoid killing people if you must. Always protect.

Also no blood magic. That's a nono.

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>but would essentially make the offensive miracles useless.
They are. Haven't you played Dark Souls 3? Slow as molasses.

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I have too many, retired, and road trip.

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"Nika, uh...don't have one, love, friendship, and to spread goodwill wherever I go!"

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But blood is good. You need blood to live.


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[Unintelligible noise that causes their ears to bleed], Captain of the GSV 'Overkill Is A Virtue', and I'm here to hunt waifus.

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Because dyslexia is a powerful drug

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Self Confidence.

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After many a day buried under bureaucracy I live!

The strong should protect the weak, but the weak should always be given the option to grow strong. Don't know how to say it any better than that.

I go by Gaunlet-Anon for the first, though I do have a list of all my various incarnations names for some researched I'm doing and also I have a different list for my various ranks. Intention? Well if the world is shit I'm here to try and help fix it... I'm kinda a white knight you see...

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Enjoying paperwork?

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Power is a responsibility, not a toy.

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Reminder to everyone reigniting or absorbing the First Flame in Dark Souls:

This should let you rediscover Flame Sorcery, which is kinda like if Pyromancy and Soul Sorcery (the stuff most people use) had a much more powerful baby. The greatest magic user in history, the Witch of Izalith, specialized in Flame Sorcery before the First Flame became too weak.

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One thing Iove about Exalted is they have a Bureaucracy ability that you can get Excellencies for, I love the fantasy of slaying paperwork so easily.

I just spent like three days buried under inventory manifests.

Is this Jumpable yet?

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Loyalty. Restraint is a close second, though.

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Kindness. I know, I know. I'm a bit of a jerk sometimes but I do try.

Yorokonde, Second Lieutenant 2nd Armored Division, and Classified. If I told you, you wouldn't believe me and if I showed you, you'd consider yourself insane.

Have a lollipop.

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They got buffed. I mean, they're still useless in PVP because they're spells, but they're usable in PVE.

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So,this new DS3 jump got me thinking. How would the Chaos Flame react to the Dark and Deep and All Things Spooky? Would they merge, would they reject each other, would they create some sort of abyssal demon monstrosity for me to unleash upon Lordran and/or Lothric?

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That's totally the oposite of a round table.

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Oh, I see. Did they buff Sorcery's damage? I remember that damage was a bigger issue than cast time for them.

Hopefully they didn't nerf Pyromancy or Hexes because those two were still useful sometimes.

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Freedom to myself, and to some extent, my companions

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Chaos has nothing to do with Dark. Dark is the property of the Dark Soul, Chaos is the property of the Witch's corrupted Lord Soul (some people call her's the Life Soul.) They're not direct opposites, but they're not related at all.

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Well yeah. Batman is sitting at the table. You can't have a round table to symbolize how all are equal when Batman is there. He is objectively better than all of those knights.

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Yes, but I'm asking how they would react to each other. It's like putting two volatile chemicals together; will they explode?

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Elongated table?

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Jumper (but you can call me Jumper-chan), Pleasure God, to rape and pillage your home-world and this station! And then daemons start infecting everything

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Hey douchbag, there's no reason to act like an asshole. If you want to make it better and you've got the go ahead: great. But waving your dick around and talking trash, with no real standing, honestly what have you done, is garbage.

Make the jump or don't, but shut the fuck up about it and leave your soapbox at home. Or at least wait until you've got some laurels before swaggering around.

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Time for builds then.

Origin: Drop In
Race: Human
Drawbacks: May you live in interesting times +300
Time to mix drinks and change lives (free)- A luchadore, an enkidu expy, and nervous patrons all walk or get carried into a bar...
Theatrics (100)- ...And promptly turn the expy into a slumbering drink tower.
Big Bossu (300)- And no one had dinner that night.
Script Kiddie (400)- Then he got onto the internet and all was lost.
Danger/u/s (600)- Thus was Jumper born, shitposting anon supreme who on occasion has a point.
2 idiots 1 keyboard (1000)- His fingers were never seen again.

Kotatsu (free)- Nor was the rest of him.
BTC Beverage Kit (1100)- Mixing intensifies.

Dermal Armor (1300)- Yet their skin remains smooth and fun to touch.

Awakening in a bar and not being smashes would be a first for me. Ditto for the shibe damning me with faint praise over the alcohol tower I form the base of. Carefully pulling the tower off without spilling it, I ignore the applause to have femtobots begin devouring the foreign nanites in my system while studying this mesh over my skin for improvement into superior flesh weave. Thus began the story of Jump runner, vigilante freedom fighter by day and shitposting bartender by night. Hanging out with the boss, and secretly slipping Jill money without her being aware I flip between comfy and a brighter cyberpunk aim. At least the corgis vanished from the bar after that, and the patrons are quirky enough to be interesting. Now if only Dorothy would stop soliciting me or the ghost in the machine stop pestering me at work...

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don't have one, wiafu, and i'm here to find casinos I haven't been banned from.

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>Just curious, I assume you don't want to create an ugly world and just about every demon in the series has been super uggo so-when you remake all life in demonic form, what'll you add to the Seedbed to ensure folks don't look like gross plant monsters?
I'm not remaking all life, I'm just using the Seedbed as a base for some projects. You know, plant some flowers, let them grow, monitor them to ensure it's only at the level of demonic state I desire, etc. Plenty of other modifications too, but that's likely to come later in the chain. So for now, it's sitting there.

>Also, are you going to personally take on the Dark Sigils/First Flame embers(?) to kindle it, or just shove it all in the Seedbed before shoving it into the flame?
I am Usurping the Flame. Taking those embers and throwing them into the Seedbed of Chaos, going with what Vendrick had theorized. The Dark Sigils are just so I could harness the First Flame and the Dark Soul in tandem, letting me break this stagnant cycle to begin with. 'cause, you know, purposefully prolonging the Flame is what got us into this mess to begin with. So not letting that happen again.

>> No.50597099

Don't make the Multiverse a less interesting place.

>> No.50597103

So I've just started getting into jumpchain, so this might be a stupid question. But how do classes work in the FFTA jump? Is there a point or year cost to them?Is it just a grab bag?

>> No.50597132

>purposefully prolonging the Flame is what got us into this mess to begin with
I thought the fact that the Flame – and the Disparity that came with it – are what caused this mess? Like, hasn't the world already been through countless cycles of Light and Dark, but the world is just falling apart because it's supposed to be Grey and Unchanging?

>> No.50597156

Comitas which according to wikipedia is the Roman virtue of ease of manner, humour, courtesy, openness, and friendliness.

Seems to be largely on the money.

>> No.50597159

You can access any of the classes of your race, plus any additional classes you purchase with the Extra Class option. I think FFTAnon said you can also theoretically learn new classes from other people via learning skills, but it's a lot harder.

>> No.50597177

Hey Myrmidont, the Flexbot note makes me wonder...

I can also just add more Microbots to my Swarmanoid/Skulker swarm as normal, which is retained by the altform, right?

Also, could I start replace the microbots with miniaturised variants to gradually upgrade myself to a (mostly?) nanoswarm?

>> No.50597222

The Primordial Serpents along with the Corvians in the Painted World of Ariandel also imply that purposefully prolonging the flame and forcing it into Ages of Fire that last way longer than they should is what's fucking the world up. Instead of letting it be a natural cycle it's just constant tampering.

The Corvians consider burning their Painted Worlds when Rot sets in to be a natural thing, to make way for the new world instead of prolonging it unnaturally. The world with the First Flame is prolonging things unnaturally and not letting the Age of Dark come on its own, since the Fire Keeper when she's given eyes also implies there will be flame after the Age of Dark. So neither side is meant to last forever.

While this is conjecture, it does make a good amount of sense. The First Flame came naturally, and so it should be meant to fade naturally. It's been through a bunch of cycles yes, but for a bunch of those cycles the First Flame has been kindled and prolonged to the point where its outstayed its welcome. It just feels like the better option so one day a new flame can arise.

>> No.50597243

Yeah, you're right. Major dick move on my part, and I apologize.

>> No.50597259

That makes me think.

Jumpers, would you refrain from saving people or improving their lot in life if it made for less interesting conflicts?

>> No.50597266

What perks should I pick up before jumping Murdertale?

>> No.50597282

You know, I got curious now: are we in dream-Ivalice, or the real one from A2? While the jump kinda leans towards the first game, it also takes a lot of elements from the second one, so I got a little confused here.

>> No.50597287

Tolerance of Evil from Overlord would help.

>> No.50597298

Well, if you take Marche to the Sea like everyone does, you're in Dream Ivalice. Except real. And you and everyone else dies if the dream ends.

>> No.50597311

Murdertale should be trivially easy to survive. C'mon, anon, a child could do it.

>> No.50597313

So, using Adaptive Body to absorb what's left of the First Flame: good or bad idea?

I thought it never really reached an Age of Dark. Someone always showed up and kindled the Flame again before it could really start.

>> No.50597357

Fucked if I know. I just played it safe and used the method in the game.

>> No.50597408

Is there anyway I can cleanse evil or purify demons?

>> No.50597410

Taking a lot of dodging and aiming perks could help. If you really want to be evil, you could just take an endurance perk and when Undyne reforms out of sheer willpower, keep dodging her until she melts (which can actually happen), convice characters to stand down and then kill them. It really takes a strong intent to kill to actually kill a monster.

>> No.50597413

I mean, you have a point. But on the other hand, that does mean you're helping Kaathe. Aka Mr. "Hey Oolacile, you know what would be fun? Sticking your dick in the corpse of the primeval man."

Though I haven't played Ariandel yet.

>> No.50597422

I think they did reach an Age of Dark but lol DS canon.

>> No.50597424

That's a complicated one. I mean, sometimes bad things have to happen for the greater good, and other times a little bit of suffering can forge a person from an arrogant little shit to a true hero. But generally, no, I won't let people needlessly suffer just for entertainment's sake.

You, you I like. That was a good one.

>> No.50597444

You mean you killed the Firekeeper to steal the Flame? Damn, that cold.

>> No.50597446

Generic Magical Girl

>> No.50597461

Kingdom Hearts.

>> No.50597471


New jumper; desu I thought that was partially the point. Even as strangers with outer knowledge, we can't be entirely aware of our own reality in that place. Thankfully, we know a way out that doesn't involve killing what could be an entire world.

On the class thing, I guess it makes sense that a jumper can learn all race related classes in the span of ten years, but it does seem almost too readily exploitable. Still, thanks for the clarification!

>> No.50597493

Not really. I can find conflict without making people's lives worse.

>> No.50597499

There's a third ending if you get five Dark Sigils from Yoel before you hit the Catacombs of Carthus and start helping Yuria out. Fire Keeper best, not to be killed.

You know what you guys need? To feed on the humanity of other humans!

Well yes it means I'm technically getting this Dark Party started right, and that's kind of a warning sign. But it is a far different approach than Kaathe had in DS1, which... was pretty much just throwing Abyss taint everywhere and seeing what happens. Plus if the Fire Keeper says that she can see embers and flame after the Age of Dark, then I'm gonna go with that. She's absurdly loyal, she has no reason to lie.

>> No.50597513

The third ending is absorbing the fire, and you said you didn't do that. You can't just do whatever. You kindle it or absorb it if you use the sigils.

>> No.50597544

See >>50596987, and my build has the Sigils, so... yes, yes I did do that?

>> No.50597564

They didnt use another perk besides the canon method as said here >>50597357

>> No.50597630

Don't the Dark Sigils mean you're slowly turning into a rotting corpse.

Do all of your beauty perks mean you're turning everyone you meet into a a necrophiliac?

>> No.50597687

Purging Stone purchase, so I've got a supply the second it looks like my appearance is marred from them. Boop.

Even then there's ways to get rid of the Dark Sigil after. They're means to an end and chances are once I've managed to put the First Flame into the Seedbed of Chaos I'll try to bugger them away.

>> No.50597691

The undead are only supposed to be a thing when the flame is dying.

>> No.50597739

Actually I'm pretty sure corpses are the true appearance of man. The "human" form is an illusion brought on by the First Flame.

>> No.50597756

The only other time we see the corpse look is before Humanity exists at all. However, even when the First Flame dies, there is the Dark Soul and thus Humanity, and it's the usage of Humanities that keep you looking fresh in 1 if you'll remember.

>> No.50597771

>Purging Stone
Sounds like an item from Rome, Hollywood, or the Career Model jump.

>> No.50597813

Nope, DS3 itself.

>-(50CP) - "Purging Stones": "Ash-colored stone encasing a skull. Inhabitants of Londor, the land of Hollows, use this secret treasure to feign normalcy. Occasionally, a Hollow fools even himself, and turns on his own kind."
>Upon being crushed in hand, it completely removes reverts hollowing back to the first stages, allowing an otherwise desiccated husk of an undead to resemble a human once more. Doesn't not cure hollowing, simply reverts the progress of it.

So it's technically something of a temp solution until I've accomplished my goals.

>> No.50597838

Doesn't to much humanity make you a giant monster?

>> No.50597892

Too much of anything turns you into a monster in dark souls. Humanity, souls, flesh, knowledge. All of it.

>> No.50597939

For the Sburb jump, would it be possible to fuse both a Lord and a Muse classes? What about a Time and Space aspects?

Would Time combine well with Void and Doom?

>> No.50597944

Oh come on, how often do you get to make a induced vomiting joke? I work with what I've got.

>> No.50597956


>> No.50597974

>that one fucking dragon

>> No.50597976

You can fuse classes? Was there an update or did I just miss that first time around?

>> No.50597979

That's what happens when you get too much sunlight.

Which one? The giant vagina one?

>> No.50597987

how did jumpchain get started? what was the first jump?

>> No.50597995

Well, you can't be a Lord or a Muse, so I'm going to guess no.

>> No.50597997

>fusing with a fucking dragon
Seems legit

>> No.50597998


>> No.50598015

Pokemon and inFamous were the first two jumps. They're in the drive under "Quicksilver's Jumps", he's the one who started this crazy chain.

>> No.50598018

As in the Prototype jump?

>> No.50598039

Praise the sun indeed.

>> No.50598041

>too much anything turns you into a monster
>enormous vagina looking dragon

>> No.50598052

No, as in using two players to prototype a sprite

>> No.50598062

It's Sburb. I'm pretty sure anything is allowed. Except the stuff that isn't.

I mean, you probably could fuse a Time and Space player, but why? That would be the single most overtaxed player in all of many existences. Responsible for making sure the Time line doesn't collapse as well as making the universe frog? I mean, come on.

I really would suggest combining Time and Doom or Void. Ever. Unless you want all time lines to be doomed to destruction? Because thats how you doom time lines.

But hey, that's just me.

>> No.50598070

>Fusing Classes

How? Fusing classes seems difficult unless you can somehow, fuse the concepts of those classes.

Fusing a Lord and Muse class would result in a class in the middle--all of the weaknesses, but not the best of both worlds.

Time and Space are destruction and creation--combining the two would be like combining antimatter and matter. It would be terrible!

Time is rules and destruction--it would fuse well with Doom in that respect, but I don't see how it could use with Void.

>> No.50598075

Ah, okay. Sburb always confuses me.

>> No.50598086

You can also use any means of fusion that also fuses minds. I've heard Gem Fusion and that One Perk from Aquaria.

>> No.50598116

I got you covered, broseph.

>> No.50598118

No, Prototyping is what it's called when you combine things inside your Kernalsprite. However, this is a terrible way to grant yourself a power boost. Why? Simple, one of the two prototypings HAS to be done pre-entry to the Incipisphere. Pre-entry prototypings grant their powers to all the enemies in the game. So either every enemy gets the powers of whatever extremely strong thing you were trying to fuse with, or every enemy gets your own powers. Either way, you've just boned yourself. Sure, the degree to which they get your powers scales with the monster's level, but there are plenty of high-level monsters. Just because the Jumper-Imps aren't a threat doesn't mean that Jumper-Lich Queens won't be.

>> No.50598135

Aside from things already brought up... Lord and Muse are the two most Active and most Passive classes.

They're complete opposites, so trying to fuse them would likely make for one unstable/explosive fusion.

>> No.50598155

>That One Perk
...Dare I ask?

>> No.50598156

Or dark contract from Ravenloft

>> No.50598179

>Song of Discovery (600 CP) (Discount Restlessness): There are places of power within Aquaria, where the Verse resonates and echoes until it becomes something new. Within those places, you have learned how to change your own song as well, allowing you to be similarly transformed. Whenever you discover a location which truly captivates you, you will be able to learn the unique song of that environment; when voiced, it will reshape you into a being reflecting its unique beauty, with abilities befitting this new form. However, only one such song may be sung (though know known) at a time; you cannot sing another while so transformed.
I just forgot the name.

>> No.50598180

Or a Yin-Yang harmony. However that is a long shot.

>> No.50598228

Thanks famalamamamma.

Through tits, unity.

>> No.50598263

I think you meant Song of Union, anon.
>Song of Union (600 CP) (Discount Loneliness): Perhaps the greatest secret of the Verse, you have learned to bind your song with the song of another who you have formed a deep and powerful bond with, combining your separate voices into a single harmony and becoming one being. With aspects of both you and your partner, this form will have the ability to call upon the powers of both, and even unite your abilities to create something greater than the sum of its parts. As with all songs of similar power, only one may be maintained at a time; to unite with a second companion in this way, you must first return to your separate forms.

>> No.50598276

Through unity, tits.

>> No.50598279

You're quite welcome. Always happy to aid a good cause.

>> No.50598328

Well those are cool as fuck.

>> No.50598360

Shit, sorry, I was watching a video and didn't really pay that much attention.

>> No.50598363

So after reading through some H. P. Lovecraft and some Exalted stuff as well I have to ask. How does Perfect Shaping Defensive Charms measure against the Eldritch Abominations of the Lovecraft Jump?
I mean the charms are basically anti-reality warping, from my understanding of the wording on the fluff in the Dragonblooded and Core Rulebook. So, how's it measure up?

>> No.50598404

To clarify my statement I mean how does it measure in context with the Drawbacks available?

>> No.50598418

Aquaria is a very underrated, both the Jump and the game it is based on.

>> No.50598423

Aquaria is a rather fun setting, and the jump has some neat stuff to play with.
It's just that since its not a very well know game, and its a low-power one to boot, it tends to be overlooked here. Which is a shame.

>> No.50598430

Dragonbloods would get stomped by the lesser Great Old Ones, that "perfect" defense is going to do very little against the Outer Gods.

>> No.50598443

Dragonbloods don't even get shaping defenses.

>> No.50598461

The general ruling most people are operating under is that perfect defense is a concept dependent on the native metaphysics of Exalted. While usually magic functions as it would in its native universe, perfect defenses trumping everything is actually a local condition in Exalted. The Primordial known as Qaf wrote that rule into the physical laws of Creation and all the realms bordering it. There are conceptual realms in the Beyond where his alterations to the shinma don't apply. So while "perfect" defenses are still very strong ones outside of Exalted, they're not all-defeating. They might be able to protect against a Great Old One, if you backed it up with enough magical power, but don't rely on just the PD to keep you safe.

>> No.50598502

Not individualy, no, but they can use them as groups. Unless I'm thinking of something else.

>> No.50598515

>Great Old Ones
Eh, Cthulhu isn't that impressive compared to Exalted.

Outer Gods might be pretty out there though, from what I hear.

And drawbacks are drawback fiat.

Chaos-Warding Prana would like to have a word with you, anons.

>> No.50598562

It really depends on what Eldritch Abominations your talking about. I'd say it would still work on the one's dependent on dimensional space. Once you get to the Outer Gods then it'll probably go badly. Mostly because they kind of dwarf anything in Exalted by at least one infinity.

>> No.50598571

Depends on how high up the scale you go. Shit like Azazoth would destroy EXalted by burping, the Mi-go not so much. Basically if something can play concept ball it can probably start to play against perfect defenses.

>> No.50598573

Solars would stomp GOO, probably couldn't deal with Outer Gods though.

>> No.50598578

Huh. How did I miss this Jump? It's very well written and looks to have a ton of interesting concepts. I may have to buy the game. It looks like it could be a cool world to dive into.

>> No.50598671

Fuck if I know how Exalted works but PErfect defenses work in stages. It basically goes
1.Attack hits perfect defense
2.Defense goes "I'm perfect" and blocks the attack
3.If the attack is perfect it goes "I'm also perfect so I breach perfect defenses. I hit anyway"
4.Perfect defenses then go "Actually I also block attacks that can break a perfect defense."
So if an attack were to have another stage added on where it goes "I break defenses that block things which break any defense." It might work.

Fuck if I know Exalted well enough to say that confidently though.

>> No.50598751

I'm using this for an End Jump (it's around my 500 Jump). I'm waiting for Infernals, Metroid and a few others to finish my chain for once.

I was thinking on the lines of >>50598180

They don't seem like opposites that would destroy each other, but complement each other.

>> No.50598780

Not exactly. Every perfect defense in Exalted does have a weakness, but they're activation conditions rather than holes in the armor. There's no way to penetrate a perfect defense, but it is possible to keep someone from using one in the first place. You can't do a "I defeat defenses that defeat attacks that defeat defenses" chain of one-upsmanship, you just prevent them from defending properly in the first place.

>> No.50598800

How do you reward failure, Jumpers?

Do you have a stock punishment, or do you tailor your retribution to the occasion? Are you a gentle taskmaster, or are you known for your brutality?

>> No.50598819

Why ask if you're not going to listen?

>> No.50598855

How do perfect defenses actually work? Because my understanding is they're kind of like Noble Phantasm where they block shit by conceptually stopping it but if you could play concept ball hard enough even something they should block wouldn't be blocked.

>> No.50598869

You might be able to. Exalted doesn't get primacy on bullshit conceptual abilities, even ignoring the fact that there are perks that would let you punch through Perfection anyways.

>> No.50598883

we're all a team, so usually we sit around and discuss what happened and how we prevent it from happening again. Punishment is really only reserved for extreme, repeated failure. I've neved gotten to thag point yet so I haven't thought of a suitable punishment.

>> No.50598915

So that's the Run, Hide, and Dawn of the Old Gods Drawbacks right? I think Dawn of the Old Gods might actaully be safer since it's mostly Dagon and Cthulhu coming to play ball in comparison to Narly and Sub. Yog is, from the little I've learned in my reading, actually really cool with humanity and likes to hit on women and club it up for the most part.

Er this guy >>50598515 got there before me.

So basically when any two absolutes hit one another, instead of the Defense being the default winner it turns into a roll off? (Meaning the guy with the more likelihood of success, more dice in Exalted's crunch, usually wins.)

>Drawback fiat
Hide states you can't run because she can always follow.
Run states that Narly is aware of your location at all times.
Dawn of the Old Gods states that you have to survive basically with the Stars Right all the time.
None of them say that you can't have Reality Warping Defenses as far as I can tell.

Narly is in Run but I don't know if he's bending every resource at you.
Sub is in Hide and for the first five years it's just a fight between you and her kids.
Dawn of the Old Gods is the big one with Yog coming into the world via incarnation, and because I don't think it was made to be a trap option I'm assuming that he isn't turning the local mutiverse inside out through his presence somehow. However as I've said above Yog is a pretty cool dude, though a terrible dad as far as I can tell.
These are the guys that I might encounter on my Jump, and the Drawbacks that I'm thinking of taking.

I don't think the Demon Sultan is waking in any of the Drawbacks.

From what I understand the way things usually work is just as you said, however outside of Creation the Defensive Primacy is gone, just from what I've read these posts.

>> No.50598939

Who have you given a giant robot to recently?

>> No.50598954


>> No.50598958

They're defenses of any kind (examples include parries, dodges, turning into shadows, letting an attack break against your momentarily-invulnerable body, briefly altering the laws of physics to make the attack impossible, and other exotic weirdness) that tap into the conceptual ideas of "perfect combat" that Qaf established back when the Primordials were crafting universes to give themselves priority over even the greatest attack. Qaf is really into kung fu, so he set things up so that drawn-out duels were possible instead of everyone one-shotting their opponents. That's why perfect defenses trump perfect attacks. You could defeat the alterations to the Shinma that he made (Shinma are the underlying conceptual principles of reality, in Exalted's multiverse), but it would probably take significant mojo to do.

I was talking about just within the metaphysics of Exalted, not considering out of jump stuff. Establishing a baseline, before we modify things.

>> No.50598979

Yog Sothoth is basically harmless. He can't get into reality on his own, he needs someone to summon him. If the summoner didn't have anything in mind, he just hangs out mainly. Otherwise he has to do what the summoner wants, which since cultists are insane is usually something nasty.

Basically a lot of cultists want Yog Sothoth to knock them up since he's one of the biggest of the big. And sometimes those kids look like monsters but aren't innately evil (it's humanity that makes them bad etc etc) or sometimes they look like humans but have neat powers. He's been known to contact, talk to, and occasionally help out his kids. Like the protagonist of one of Lovecraft's book was one of Yog's kids. After going through a bunch of nonsense, he ended up dying, but only because when Yog asked him if he could handle it he said "Yeah dad I got this I mastered my powers." when he actually didn't. So his fault.

>> No.50598989

Well, I've been doing Gundam jumps lately, so...everyone. Literally everyone gets a giant robot.

>> No.50599017

Valeria would Unlimited Maid Works be an acceptable reality marble for the new Fate jump?

>> No.50599055

One of my favorite perfect defenses is Kimbery's. Hers lets you absorb any wound without taking damage or losing ability as long as you take an acceptable mutation on where you got hit. The example given is to have someone cut off your arm, but for the arm to reattach to you by a bunch of tentacles.

Is it the best? Holy shit no. But it's cool.

>> No.50599080

I tend to hold three together Charity, Patience, & Kindness.

>> No.50599084

>Is it the best? Holy shit no. But it's cool.
That's kind of Kimbery's theme in general. Her charmset isn't the best, but it's just so stylish.

>> No.50599085

Ah yeah that's a good point. So he's basically going to be hanging around clubbing and being a nice guy to his kids, whilst also being a sanity devastating monster maybe.

I saw someone talking about the Abyssal Perfect Soak and looked at it Wounds Mean Nothing sounds horrifying to watch. The Kibery thing is something we can get in Mortal Heroes right?

>> No.50599118

To get the best out of her, you really need to use her as a supplement to another yozi's charmset. Which since she can only be taken as a favored and not a caste yozi, is workable.

It's super nasty. But she also has a charm that lets you wash away any mutation instantly if you bathe in the ocean.

>The Kibery thing is something we can get in Mortal Heroes right?
I don't remember what essence level it is. If it's low enough for the Lintha to get it, then yes.

>> No.50599174

What are the safest jumps? I want to be careful.

>> No.50599184

>The Kibery thing is something we can get in Mortal Heroes right?
Yes, Sea Dissolves Herself is Essence 3, meaning it comes in under the Essence limit for the Lintha capstone's access to her charms. Do note that it only perfectly defends against Shaping and Crippling attacks, for raw damage you need Bitter Heart Unbleeding (which is also Essence 3. Well, Essence 2, but it's a non-perfect defense until it upgrades at Essence 3. It's weird like that). For how I'd treat that narratively, I'd think of it as the mutations draining enough energy from your metabolism that your total health is still lowered by the attack that cut off your arm, you just still have use of it. Kind of like perks that make you function on an HP system.

>> No.50599188

>Wounds Mean Nothing sounds horrifying to watch
Well, yeah. That's half the point, no?

>The Kibery thing is something we can get in Mortal Heroes right?
Probably not? Perfect defences aren't accessible to God-Blooded, which Lintha technically count as.

>> No.50599203

9 to 5
generic magical girl
disney princess

>> No.50599230

Jumpers, let's talk about nice things. What happened recently in your chain that ended up great?

>> No.50599236

Hero BBS; you can determine what type of world you go to and what type of demon king you need to deal with, why not be a hero summoned for political marriage to the hot demon Queen?

>> No.50599243


>Half the point, no?

>Probably not?
Ah it'd be cool since the thing that makes you a Pseudo-God gives you Perfects.

>> No.50599262

Thanks, will check them out.

>> No.50599298

That's against RAW so I wouldn't agree with that at all. Makes it not worth the mote cost.

>> No.50599336

Both Super Smash Bros and No Game No Life are pretty much impossible to be killed in unless you take the capstone drawbacks

>> No.50599353

My time as a Slasher has helped my to understand the base violence of human nature.

>> No.50599371

Listen to what? Two (three) of the replies didn't knew what I was talking about, something that's on the very same jump, other said it was possible and other that they would explode simply because they're opposite.

But the fusions brought in canon have shown some pretty weird fusions being stable and quite powerful. For example, Lord English is a fusion of a Lord of Time, a Heir of Void, a Bard of Rage, and maybe a Prince of Heart (if we count Lil Hal as that class). Erisolsprite was also pretty weird (Hope/Doom).

And the jump says that you should get the strength of all of them, no their weakness and less strengths.

>> No.50599408

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. You can't die.

>> No.50599417

It's not against RAW. Sea Dissolves Itself is a perfect defense against Shaping and Crippling effects. The Crippling effect of an attack is separate from the damage.

>> No.50599430

Don't be an asshole anon.

>> No.50599435

>Lord English is a fusion
Wait, really?

>> No.50599446

Do you really want to start a rules lawyering argument?

>> No.50599471

How do you sleep for twenty hours? Anyway I noticed some stuff so I'll just comment on them.

I may have not made this clear when I was putting Mortal Heroes up but the perks that grant Perfect effects do so by Jump Fiat. They are supposed to represent the end-point of Mortal Heroes, with God-Blooded turning into Gods being the inspiration for Creation’s Natural Warrior Pattern Engraining Meditations and Demon-Blooded (Yozi-Blooded really) turning into full on Demon's being the inspiration for Mother Sea’s Returning Tide. The apex, and usual end goal, of power in the Mortal Hero games is what I wanted to exemplify with the 800 point perks.

Hope that clarifies some things.

>> No.50599482

How nasty could Dinotopia get for a very early Jumper?

>> No.50599487

...Is that zouken?

>> No.50599489

It's not rules lawyering, though? It's pretty explicit in the text. An attack can have its Crippling aspect removed from it while still dealing damage.

>> No.50599499

No. It's Fate Zero Caster.

>> No.50599505

Eaten by a T-Rex or any number of other predatory dinos.

>> No.50599516

Yes. Weird things happened in an alternate time-line. Three people got trapped (one already being a fusion) into Lil Cal, and now Lord English exist. In every universe and time-line.

He emerges from Doc Scratch because Lil Cal was used to create Doc Scratch in the first place. And that's how he is able to posses a Jack Noir through Lil Cal.

I should also mention that Arquiusprite is supposedly a Heir/Prince, and he is one of the strongest sprites out there without having First Guardian's bullshit. While the jump says it's probably bad to attempt that combination.

>> No.50599539

Thats.... Better?

>> No.50599570

Blue Beard I think.

Basically the thing that the anon said. If you are as durable as a tank you should be safe from everything but the odd not-magic of the place.

Not really?

>> No.50599593

>Perfects are a thing for Capstones that give them!

>> No.50599629

>Not really
I'd rather get killed than be tossed into a pit of 'happiness worms'.

>> No.50599643

So that's a yes.

>With Essence 4+, she can also block Crippling effects by gaining a mutation, paying only three motes if the mutation connects to the averted injury (like a severedhand staying attached via sinewy tentacle).

Averted injury.

>> No.50599702

>'happiness worms'
Is that how we're calling them these days?

>> No.50599751

Yes, it averts the Crippling injury. Meanwhile, the damaging-but-not-Crippling injury persists. It's two separate effects that just go along with each other.

>> No.50599772

Nah, just something I saw a while ago.

>> No.50599799

The crippling is an aspect of the injury. It's not two separate attacks.

>> No.50599828

>happiness worms

>> No.50599872

Rape worms, then?

>> No.50599892

No, but it is two separate effects. Sea Dissolves Itself averts the injury that would cause Crippling and converts it into one that just causes damage. Just like every other charm that protects against Crippling effects. You're not going to win this one. It makes no sense for Sea Dissolves Itself to be a perfect defense against damage. For one thing, it has no Imperfection, which (Rules As Written) all perfect defenses against damage have. For another, it's resolved as an innate power rather than a charm activation, which together with lacking an Imperfection would make it far superior to Bitter Heart Unbleeding despite the two mote greater cost, so there would be no reason to have that charm exist.

>> No.50599914


"Kotomine! I shall require YARN!" Is still one of my favourite quotes ever.

>> No.50599926

Gil does basically the same thing with tentacle monsters though. He also turns people into living instruments.

>> No.50599941

How about mind rape worms?

>> No.50599956


>> No.50599962


>> No.50600001

Here have a gif for that.

>> No.50600040

Still not as noxious as Illithid.

>> No.50600046


>> No.50600058

Ay, exams are done. I'm a free man! I've got an entire month to get stupid again.

But first I'll finish JLD and Occult within a week or two. Probably. Maybe.


Dark Souls III

Irithyll of Boreal Valley
Undead Legion

Rare Vitality - 150
Pyromancy - 150

Yearning For Warmth - 400
Leverage - 0
Blood Oath - 300
Chaos Seed - 400

Salvaged Equipment - 0
Estus Flasks - 0

Karla - 200

Phantoms of the Past + 0
Directionally Challenged + 100
Lacking Sense + 200
Phantom Mess + 300

So, back here again. But things have really gone to shit since last time... And that's saying something.

The world aches for a death to the Flame, even as the Flame redirects fallen champions to link.it once more. All things decay as the First Sin decays reality itself.

The rules must be obeyed. The Cycle must continue as intended, lest all things fracture and rot to the point of no return.

But fuck that. What's the point of being a Jumper if you play by the same rules as everyone else?

The plan here is to use Dresden Files magic to create a thaumaturgic link between the Dark Soul (which I took from Manus in old Oolacile) and all of humanity. Then, I'll take the Crown of the True Monarch and infuse the Dark Soul into it. This will need an incredible amount of magical energy to sustain for any length of time, so I'll tie the enchantment to a copy of Pandora's Box for a fuel source.

If all goes as planned, mankind will be removed from the Cycle entirely. This is only a temporary solution, but it buys me time to find a more permanent fix post-spark. The world is still decaying, but I can fuck with the Flame without accidentally turning humans into an unending legion of Abyss monsters or insane zombies. Probably.

>> No.50600083

>Eyyy! - You're a cool guy - you can bang malfunctioning machinery to make it work and your jet-skiing abilities are downright ridiculous.

Best perk in the entire Drive right there.

>> No.50600104

>you can bang malfunctioning machinery to make it work

>> No.50600105

>converts it into one that just causes damage
Where does it say that?

>> No.50600136

Make sure to get a tetanus shot first.

>> No.50600140

The fact that it stops Crippling effects. Not Crippling attacks, Crippling effects. So damage still applies. Check the corebook, that's how charms that prevent Crippling work. But I presume that you'll continue to keep niggling on inconsequential little details and ambiguous wording all so that you can justify your powerwanking. though I doubt you really care about the charm, you just want to have an argument. And like a fool, I've obliged you. So what I'm saying is, fuck off, after this post I shall be ignoring you.

>> No.50600144

...Y'see kids, that's what happens when you're an idiot.

Ay, exams are done. I'm a free man! I've got an entire month to get stupid again.
But first I'll finish JLD and Occult within a week or two. Probably. Maybe.


Dark Souls III

Irithyll of Boreal Valley
Undead Legion

Rare Vitality - 150
Pyromancy - 150

Yearning For Warmth - 400
Leverage - 0
Blood Oath - 300
Chaos Seed - 400

Salvaged Equipment - 0
Estus Flasks - 0

Karla - 200

Phantoms of the Past + 0
Directionally Challenged + 100
Lacking Sense + 200
Phantom Mess + 300

So, back here again. But things have really gone to shit since last time... And that's saying something.

The world aches for a death to the Flame, even as the Flame redirects fallen champions to link.it once more. All things decay as the First Sin decays reality itself.

The rules must be obeyed. The Cycle must continue as intended, lest all things fracture and rot to the point of no return.

But fuck that. What's the point of being a Jumper if you play by the same rules as everyone else?

The plan here is to use Dresden Files magic to create a thaumaturgic link between the Dark Soul (which I took from Manus in old Oolacile) and all of humanity. Then, I'll take the Crown of the True Monarch and infuse the Dark Soul into it. This will need an incredible amount of magical energy to sustain for any length of time, so I'll tie the enchantment to a copy of Pandora's Box for a fuel source.

If all goes as planned, mankind will be removed from the Cycle entirely. This is only a temporary solution, but it buys me time to find a more permanent fix post-spark. The world is still decaying, but I can fuck with the Flame without accidentally turning humans into an unending legion of Abyss monsters or insane zombies. Probably.

>> No.50600158

It says it prevents the injury, anon.

This isn't a perk that stops all attacks. Just ones that aim to cripple.

>> No.50600193 [SPOILER] 

Might not be necessary, but I appreciate your concern.

>> No.50600273

Jumpers! How do you space? What was your first experience like? Were you a pioneer? Have you tried to help propel humanity to the stars?

Press F to Pay Respects

>> No.50600315

I'm just saying practice safe sex. Wear a drill bit or something while you go in.

>> No.50600335

>safe sex
Aww yeah.

>> No.50600453

Haven't checked this in a few months, can anyone tell me what new jumps are being worked on? I'm kinda curious whats coming up.

>> No.50600496

Pretty sure Flame Sorcery actually came from the Witch's Life Soul.

>> No.50600533

Oh, fuck. He's dead? Well, that's sad. I met him a couple times when I was a kid, actually. He came to my school, twice. Once in his role as a senator talking to children about world affairs, once as an astronaut speaking to our science department. We had this dinky little NASA simulator station that we had built in some spare rooms off of the library, he came to see us reenact his mission. He was really cool about it, treated it with seriousness that it frankly didn't deserve. It was a pretty exciting experience for a twelve year-old with a love of space.

>> No.50600577

No. Fuck you. Do not tell me this shit. I can't take it.

>> No.50600592

>How do you space?

I become a star And join the great dance of the spheres.

>What was your first experience like?

imagine being crushed under the weight of newfound perspective, that's pretty much it

>Were you a pioneer?

I was in Starfleet so not really

>>Have you tried to help propel humanity to the stars?

I always do, it's impossible to have the experience of watching everyone and everything you have ever known shrink to the size of a pin prick and not realize so many petty disputes would be solved by the realization of the meaninglessness of boundaries If only everyone could share this moment.

>> No.50600620

I usually give humanity help with making it to space when I can. In Evangelion I kind of had to, considering the Earth was fucked beyond repair and probably dying.

>> No.50600638

Also: F. Can't believe he's gone.

>> No.50600661

Those 100 CP drawbacks are just stupidly brutal for the price.

>> No.50600676

Which jumps have the most freeform style magic? ie: wave your hand and it rains flower petals, turn your jacket inside out and suddenly wearing new unrelated outfit, set the table with spontaneous copies of one dish of food.

>> No.50600683

I got a little teary too, anons. He had an amazing run, though: 95 years, war hero, first American to orbit the Earth, and a Senator. Any of us should be so lucky. So spill a little for him, jumpers. I know I will.

>> No.50600702

JLD maybe?

>> No.50600731

King Arthur, Belgariad, Inheritance, Xiaolin Showdown, etc.

>> No.50600736

Well, now that I'm over the sadness (at least a little bit):

I like the old-fashioned space travel methods. Reactionless drive and FTL and all that nonsense takes the wonder out of space, to me. What's cool about space travel is all the crazy stuff you need to get it to work. So I like nuclear-thermal rockets, and beam-rider plasma sails, and insane bootstrapped launch methods to get us into orbit in the first place. Space travel is the hardest engineering problem mankind has, I'm not going to insult our engineers by trivializing it with my out of context technology. Do this the way they could, if they just had the resources, to prove that they deserve the stars.

>> No.50600759

Holy shit there's a Belariad jump? Where is it, I'm not seeing it on the drive. Is it named something strange?

>> No.50600790

Oh shit, nope. Sorry to get your hopes up, anon. But King Arthur has Belgariad-esque magic if it's any consolation.

>> No.50600791

His wife passed as well, I heard.

>> No.50600863

Then it wouldn't have weakened before she corrupted it, but they were inventing pyromancy beforehand.

>> No.50600886

Now I'm sad. I would try to write it myself if I though I had any sort of chance of doing it justice.

>> No.50601029

I know that feel. Same reason I don't do phantom tollbooth.

>> No.50601062

God damn it. 2016 needs to knock it off. It's like what would happen if Deadpool broke up Lady Death and she just threw herself into work.

>> No.50601256

Will you at least try, anon? I'd love a Belgariad jump.

>> No.50601268

We still have little more than half of December left. I have feeling we're going start seeing massive die offs. We got ton of 70-90+ year old celebs/public figures that aren't in best of shape. If not in Dec, we'll see them in early 2017.

>> No.50601304

From Endless Legend Notes, on Public Library:

>Still, the information is retained, and you can study it later. Secrets plans, forbidden knowledge, covert messages, are still hidden away, although you still find a few notes, pieces of information here and there that can lead you to great discoveries. It won't give you the Death Star's blueprints, but it will give you a suspicious looking cargo manifest to some unknown region of space, and coordinates to it. Like the secrets of Auriga, the greater the secret in other universes, the less information you will pull from the Library, you still need to find it as well, and it will never be anything resembling complete, just scraps and clues.

What exactly counts as "secret", "forbidden", and "covert"? Is it relative? Say, for example, because I'm a member of the secret wizarding society in Harry Potter, would it then include some knowledge on that? Similarly, if I became the Headmaster at Hogwarts or leader of a nefarious cult, would the Library then fill up with (formerly) forbidden or secret texts?

>> No.50601368

Whoever took the Darkest Timeline drawback... Fuck you.

>> No.50601408

Narnian Magic (Witchcraft) is pretty undefined, yet powerful.

>> No.50601434

If you can't get that information in a public library, you won't find it in yours. There is leeway for lesser secrets, like the common library in Hogwarts, but not the forbidden section. Getting higher clearance doesn't affect the contents of the library.

>> No.50601475


"(generic false name), (noncombative senior military rank), surprise inspection"

Well, damn.

>How do you space

I pandimensionally fold it around myself, enlightening myself to be everywhere and nowhere at once. Then I collapse the waveform to be where and whenever I need to be.

It may seem like teleportation, but it's actually a lot faster in relative terms.

I'd have to go with Gargoyles', or Buffy's.

Neat! Can't wait to see what you get out of that from tinkering with the Primordial Crystal.

Speeking of merging Dark Souls elements, assuming you have a means to control quasi-spiritual entities on a miniscule level (Nanohollows), the capstone-boosted They Who Hate Life/Twice As Bright perks from Boktai as well as Darkness Tree, JLD's little magic trick of cloning a whole soul from a part-and a /unique/ soul like that of the Last Dragonborn, do you think it would be worth tapping into Twisted Faith/the Deep Cathedral's power in order into turning into into something more suited for your purposes?

I'd quite like to harness the Dark for reasons, but from what I can tell the Deep seems to have arisen from a combination of the broken cycle allowing Humanity to stagnate and the Dark infecting Nito's old dominion-or at least the giants' tomb, so it seemed like a step in the wrong direction. At the same time, it does seem to a darker form of the dark, so I'm torn.

Well, from a certain perspective you really can't have too many worms.

>> No.50601525

Will the new Inheritance Cycle Hero Slayer Perk protect you from John Constantine's Plot armor?

>> No.50601569

John Constantine doesn't have literal plot armor, does he? That sounds too crazy even for DC.

I thought he was just an amazing bluffer, with a penchant for selling shit that doesn't belong to him. Like other people's souls.

>> No.50601573

Can you organize the information or how it manifests at all? Like, can I say that /this/ huge bookshelf/section is for knowledge from /this/ world, or is it entirely random?

>common library in Hogwarts
Would I have to be a member of that society? Because while there are a few people who know about it, the Wizarding community is secret to the world at large and rather small (thousands of people, iirc).

>> No.50601602

Not if I can help it. Time to get Lady Death her groove back. I hear Thanos has been trying to get her attention. Time for a blind date, a call to Deadpool, and Shenanigans. If romantic comedies have taught me anything, it's that this plan is full proof.

Wasn't me. I already took amnesia and total powerlessness. I can't imagine I needed more points than that for anything. If it turns out it was me, I'm sorry guys.

>> No.50601633

>John Constantine doesn't have literal plot armor, does he?


>> No.50601639

He might as well. His manipulative skills are basically equal to Batman's preptime.

>> No.50601647

>the Primordial Crystal.
You mean the one Seathe uses? That's easy. Crystal Sorcery. Seath already uses it and you can too in the games. Just beware that it has a habit of spreading infectious crystals around.

>> No.50601682

Well, Constantine does pay the price of power in a very roundabout way at times, and Synchronicity Wave Travelling does explain some weird shit.

Anyway, what I'm getting at here is that while Constantine does have active plot armor it's not as bad as people say.

And, while I learned about it while studying Hypercrisis bullshit (so for all I know it's just a bunch of writers doing strange stuff on the down low) there is a possibility that all the magic in the DC universe actively meddles with stuff in order to make the whole superhero game work, both for good (Batman living at all) and ill (Luthor/Joker/[Insert Supervillain Here] not getting killed). So, you know, that second statement is pretty hilarious to me.

>> No.50601687

>a certain perspective
And which perspective would that be, a waifuing perspective?

>> No.50601694

>John Constantine doesn't have literal plot armor, does he?
He has a kind of plot armor. He takes damage, sorta, but never enough to kill him. Mostly it beats him up and fills him with regret. Why regret? Because his plot armor works by sacrificing anyone near and or dear to him. Oh, and the plot armor almost universally fucks over whoever attacked him.

And there's this thing where sometimes he does intentionally horrible shit for a variety of reasons, most of them being that he's kinda of a horrible person. He does genuinely heroic shit from time to time, don't get me wrong, but to call him a flawed hero is to say that the US government has some debt.

>That sounds too crazy even for DC.
Clearly you aren't very familiar with DC.

>> No.50601713

Depends on who you're fighting, as other folks have said. The Great Old Ones and assorted alien races? Go to town.

The Outer Gods are where it starts to get interesting. Exalted actually does have entities comparable to them-not the Primordials, but the Shinma: The logical outcome of a completely animistic universe, which are mysterious spirits that define fundamental concepts like Existence and Corrosion and Conflict.

Nobody's ever directly "challenged" one since much like Azathoth, they seem to be either not sentient as we understand the term or find it impossible to interact on a scale even the infinite Primordials defined as a journey into the unknown. Across the limitless expanse of the Wyld-they're constant and omnipresent. There's some references to SWLIHN and other Primordials manipulating them, and at E7 Solars may learn a Charm to create miracles by meditating and becoming a conduit for their power. l

...which is a really longwinded way to basically say "I dont know, but this is really really top-tier stuff that normally falls outside regular combat and goes into whatever the ST thinks is the coolest at any given moment territory", especially when E10 Solar charms explicitly cover things even the Primordials don't fully understand. Which may as well be a moot point given we've no direct access to those yet.

In short, if you absolutely have to it's a better idea to hide behind Fair Eyes than use your own PD.

>> No.50601747

>Speaking of [The Tools We Are Given], would it be untenable to change its restriction from "can't take it if this is the first jump" to "gives no CP if this is the first jump"?
Seems reasonable, will change.

>Ego Bridge
>I assume this also works for Companions
Yep, and also for other weird creatures you may encounter in other jumps. It's more flexible than just the Forking/resleeving perks, since you can use it to put a fork directly into a biological body, or erase an ego from a body that's in use.

>How angry is Firewall going to be at me with this drawback and the DLC?
Probably very, but it is possible to manage your cell remotely - you'd just have to put your trust in them to do things properly and not be seen actually doing Firewall things.

>Also, can these sensors survive in the sun's corona or is my vacation spot free of them?
Virtually all transhuman habs, even coronal habs, have spimes. As for the open corona itself, maybe the spime is planted on someone following you around, maybe it's actually millions of kilometers away, but it's just got a really good zoom.

>Black Mark
>Can you take this multiple times?
Original intention was no. But since I upped the drawback cap and didn't put any more drawbacks in I should probably allow it.

>Morph Dysphoria
>Seems kinda weird
I had to pick a standard that the local tech can replicate, so the bodymod standard it was.

>does having Bodymod Biomorph satisfy the requirements of the drawback
Yes, but only for morphs with the "H" next to them in the morph list.

>I can also just add more Microbots to my Swarmanoid/Skulker swarm as normal, which is retained by the altform, right?
In theory. Adding more microbots to a skulker/swarmanoid isn't really supported in the EP rules, so you stray into fanwank territory, but it sounds reasonable.

>> No.50601757

Did you ever find out what was at the bottom of SCP-087, Jumpers?

>> No.50601797

That trick worked because the souls in JLD are repeatedly described as "like a hologram; each piece contains the whole". Not sure if other souls would be the same.

Also, Dragonborn souls aren't THAT unique, are they? They're just dragon souls in a mortal body.

Eeehhh. Sorta.


He doesn't NEED plot armor, though.

>> No.50601802

Depends on which Constantine, really.

From what I understand the original one bluffed so hard the distinction between his con skills and his magic skills was a little blurry. But otherwise, he's "just" a ruthless asshole with massive chip on his shoulder.

I forgot if the Synchronicity Wave stuff was introduced during or after the original Hellblazer run, but that stuff was essentially actual plot armor I think.

I mean more becoming one with the First Flame, THEN using it to poke the Crystal with to see what happens.

...I swear I was just making a dank reference to some fanfic

>> No.50601845

>I pandimensionally fold it around myself, enlightening myself to be everywhere and nowhere at once. Then I collapse the waveform to be where and whenever I need to be.
>It may seem like teleportation, but it's actually a lot faster in relative terms.
You're just saying words at this point.

>> No.50601866

I happen to have a LOT of souls floating around inside myself. I tend to mass produce them in order to do science and so forth. Sometimes I glue a few together to see what happens.

Now that said-our resident Elder Scrolls buffs put it better but it turns out the Last Dragonborn's really IS that unique. I'm still a little baffled and horrified by the implications this could all have had on my entire chain, but-let's just say I'm starting to wonder if Prayala saw even more in me than I thought I knew.


>> No.50601884

What else is he supposed to say? Colors?

>> No.50601889

That's how words work sempai

Do try and keep up

>> No.50601948

I really don't see why that affects your whole chain.

>> No.50602046

Superman has plot armor. Both literal and LITERAL. They built him a suit out of plot once.

>> No.50602105

>Yep, and also for other weird creatures you may encounter in other jumps. It's more flexible than just the Forking/resleeving perks, since you can use it to put a fork directly into a biological body, or erase an ego from a body that's in use.

>Virtually all transhuman habs, even coronal habs, have spimes. As for the open corona itself, maybe the spime is planted on someone following you around, maybe it's actually millions of kilometers away, but it's just got a really good zoom.
Damn stalkers and their ridiculous zoom/light filters.

>Original intention was no. But since I upped the drawback cap and didn't put any more drawbacks in I should probably allow it.
Nice. The second one of those will actually get me to the cap then.

>In theory. Adding more microbots to a skulker/swarmanoid isn't really supported in the EP rules, so you stray into fanwank territory, but it sounds reasonable.
Huh, okay... I thought it was kinda supported, because I got the idea from looking up the Morph on the wiki. Since apparently Swarmanoids are mentioned to have some special rules there?


>> No.50602129

There's difference between saying words to convey meaning, and just vomiting up various things and copy-pasting them together.

>> No.50602262

Speaking of Eclipse Phase. How much do you actually get from the various genetic samples on purchase?

Like, the Morph Genetics Library. I assume it gets a tons of basic human genetic profiles, and stuff like Furies and Rusters. But does it also get you the less-human stuff like Salamanders or Venusian Gliders?

And does Animal Genetics Library include stuff like Novacrabs and Suryas and Uplifts, or just basic animal and reconstructions?

Where would something like a Selkie fall under, as a human-seal hybrid thing?

And it feels weird that there's no similar thing for making Synths? But then I'm not really that knowledgeable about EP, so maybe that's easier to get for the robot-builders amongst us?

>> No.50602293

So, you decide to hit up a 40k jump. Assuming for the moment that you possess the means...Do you heal The Emperor?

>> No.50602311

Not until post-spark where I can stay and babysit all the factions into prosperity.

>> No.50602321

Why don't Space Marine's ever become Living Saints?

>> No.50602327

I'll try to break it down, as I read it

>I pandimensionally fold it around myself, enlightening myself to be everywhere and nowhere at once.
He creates a waveform that makes him aware of everything whilst being everywhere but no where. (Omnipresence/sense and Time Stop via being 'Nowhere'and thus no longer tied to space/change until...)
>Then I collapse the waveform to be where and whenever I need to be.
He drops the Omnipresence/sense to a singular point, that isn't 'nowhere'
>It may seem like teleportation, but it's actually a lot faster in relative terms.
Just him noting how teleportation is movement over a distance without moving through the space between, still needing a little, micro seconds or something, amount of time, whereas his proposed ability stops time reposions you in that same moment and then restarts time. At least that's what I'm getting out of this from having read A Wrinkle in Time.

Just trying to help but I have no idea what combo he's working under that can allow this in Jumpchain.
Garlock if you could provide the Combo in question?

>> No.50602356

Space Marines don't generally think of the Emperor as a god. They see him as a sort of father or ancestor and an unquestionable authority, but not as a literal deity. Some of them disagree, of course. The Grey Knights are rather religious iirc. However, a non-godly view is the majority.

>> No.50602362

Emps might be a bit pissed with all his kids, and thus the kids of his kids, or they don't really need the boost whilst these young ladies and men of faith and steel will are utterly boned if not for becoming a Living Saint? No idea just what I can come up with on the fly as a theory.

>> No.50602407

So the whole "Glorious God Emperor" thing is just a meme?

>> No.50602420

All ideas are potential memes. Look up the definition of the word.

>> No.50602432

Most still pray to him before battle.

The Imperial Creed and the Inquisition are still a thing, you know.

>> No.50602442

Well, for starters?

There's a non-zero chance my whole raison d'etre was motivated by a reincarnated primordial void entity being frustrated and rebelling against his purpose, for one. So Jumper Me has even less to do with IRL Me than I suspected, because I was either a bit of Lorkhan all along, or accidentally started to turn into him.

There's also the issue Elder Scrolls was set at a very, very early point in my chain where I had absolutely no business being what amounts to an SMT protagonist.

So that's troubling.

...but I am conveying meaning, anon.

I exist outside of regular time and space because I studied and recreated the Seithr Fluid Body Theory in Blazblue on a more elaborate scale, became an angel empowered by the souls of Purgatory as well as a mass-produced line of Cambion souls and achieved enlightenment in Journey to the West.

Later I would also gain access to the D-Ripper of GUNNM fame and the God-Machine's spirit-technology, which by fusing with my own mantratech I'd use to apply causality distortion effects to my own forms of travel.

So now space travel is more about thinking about where I need to be.

Ugh, I wish I hadn't.

It's basically super-nationalism, except instead of a nation it's a crumbling galactic empire.

>> No.50602444

Memes are the DNA of the soul, Jack.

>> No.50602456

Takes more than a prayer to turn you into a saint. Only the most religious of the religously devoted get that far.

>Creed and Inquisition
Neither of them has strong influence over the marines. They operate fairly independently of the rest of the government. They obey the inquisition sometimes, when they have to or when it's a benefit to, or if their chapter just functions that way, but they often also ignore them and bend or break the rules. Look at all the shit the Space Wolves get up to as an extreme.

>> No.50602459

Is the stuff in the item section representative of what you could eventually make with "infusion"? Are the gems actually physically part of the items you make, or are they more like material components used up when "enchanting"?

>> No.50602484

Well, no, most people believe in him as a god. But the Space Marines are descended from him through the Primarchs. He's not a god, he's just their awesome grandpa.

>> No.50602518

The Wolves cannot be used as a example of anything.

They're marines that didn't split into chapters and they commune with demons.

>> No.50602532

Correct me if I'm wrong, aren't the Space Wolves are a bit of an exception for how rebellious they are? My understanding was most of the other chapters generally just ignore the government rather than flaunt it entirely.

>> No.50602575

>As an extreme

>> No.50602576


>> No.50602822

If I used one of the Dark/Demon Souls soul smithing perks on a shinigami, would it create their Zanpakuto with its abilities intact?

>> No.50602872

Is there any way to "sever" a god's mantle and give it to someone else?

>> No.50602901

What would happen if you used Merrily, Merrily Merrily, Merrily... from Captain SNES on Nyarlathotep? How would he react to the knowledge that he is a mere fictional character meant for the entertainment of humans?

>> No.50602908

Could Haki let me punch Obito in his stupid face?

>> No.50602919

How many stupid questions can we ask in a single thread?

>> No.50602940

You sweet summer child, you know nothing of autism.

>> No.50602942

Who put you in charge of determining the intelligence of a question?

>> No.50602946

Can we evolve Generic Post-Apocalypse's Mutagenesis mutation which already is an evolution aura?

>> No.50602960

So how do I keep from being infected by Glitch City's nanobots in VA-11 Hall-A?

Also, if I am successful, will it result in the White Knights being sent after me, and will the government escalate things to the point where I'll either have to go into hiding, or overthrow them (which basically means, should I take "May you live in interesting times" beforehand)?

>> No.50602969

>Can we evolve evolution

>> No.50602978

Will you stop spamming the thread and actually wait a few fucking seconds so people can answer your questions?

>> No.50602987

Is Dota 2 claimed?

>> No.50602993

Hey I only asked one of those!

>> No.50602998

We're not just one person, senpai.

>> No.50602999

Probably not, his intangibility is more due to him phasing into a different dimension than a property of his body. Maybe if you have some way to get into his dimension and match your shifting to his?

>> No.50603021

I asked the Nyarlathotep question and none of the others.

>> No.50603029

That's a good question and without your own nano tech I don't have an answer

>> No.50603037

Demons did nothing wrong.

(Generic Medical Drama) #160
-Background: Surgeon (900CP) -The Doctor is in!
-Interesting... (Free) -This will be neat!
-Medical Doctorate (Free) -Surgery! Transplant surgery, to be precise.
-Absurdly High Paying Specialty (700CP) -And on top of that, I'm also a Neurosurgeon.
-Skeleton Key (600CP) -Utility is always worth investing in.
-Bedside Manner (500CP) -Useful for getting people to listen.
-Doctor's Orders (400CP) -WHELP. Considering how much shit I know, I'm needing this!
-Steady Hands (Free) -Super control of my hands. Holy crap, YES.
-You Did Everything You Could (250CP) (Discount) -WELL THEN. This will help me learn from anything I ever do.
-Do No Harm (-50CP) (Discount) -Holy shit. I mean holy SHIT. This is something ELSE.
-The Good Stuff (-150CP) -HA. This is fucking awesome.
-Surgery Scrubs (Free) -Oh I'm gonna abuse the hell out of this.
-Count Backwards From Ten (-200CP) (Discount) -Oh my gods, this is just even BETTER.
-Clinic Hours (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Chicago Hope, 39 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

Doctor in the house! Someone get me out of this clinic. Lady, the problem with your weight isn't drinking water, THE PROBLEM IS YOU EATING DEEP FRIED STICKS OF BUTTER REGULARLY.

A fairly decent vacation bit aside from the clinic hours, it's just doing a job and learning the trade while improving what I can do on the side. Plus the increased ability in being able to do surgeries and impart medical wisdom is nothing to scoff at, either. I mean, you'd listen to a Neurosurgeon, right? Of course you would. Neurosurgeons are smart.

>> No.50603116

Personally don't think so.

Don't know in all the worlds but in Forgotten Realms you might be able to.

I don't think he'd like the Life is But a Dream part very much.

I don't think so. Haki hits you even if you are fire not hits you even if you aren't there.

>Generic Post-Apocalypse
... didn't know this existed. Or I forgot about it.

Not to my knowledge.

Not that guy but how about Anima: Beyond Fantasy Ancient Blood comboed with the Nano-Machines from Iji?

>> No.50603120

I'm not sure, but I think it might depend on your skill at soul smithing/transposition because certain weapons/items forged from other beings in the DS series like Kalameet don't exactly carry over their full, intact abilities.

Or as an even better example-the Soul of Cinder's soul creates the Firelink Sword, rather than giving you all of his abilities.

I think it's likely you'd create a weapon with a thematically similar ability, but not necessary a completely faithful recreation.

I don't know enough about what Zanpakutos are to say for sure, though.

Well, that depends on the kind of god. There is a spell in Fall From Heaven that works on the local gods (read: archangels appointed over various purviews, like LOTR's Vala) and seemingly required the sacrifice of half a civilisation to fuel it.

I think he'd just laugh it off, pointing at Azathoth.

Yes if you catch him off guard, although personally I'd aim for the balls.

The lack of agency that naturally arises from an anonymous imageboard?

I would suggest being an energy being such as a Rakasha from Lord of Light or possesing technopathic abilities such as Hardened Cosmosphere from Ar Tonelico. To a lesser extent being a video conduit would work too I guess. Given it's technologically similar I think you might able to innoculate yourself by using Karmatron Dynamics to tweak the Regenerator Nano from GUNNM as well, doubly so if you somehow integrate Blame!'s Safeguard technology for extra protection.

I'm not sure but I don't see why not, given the correct catalysts. EVO's namesake springs to mind.

That depends on how you define evolution, but The Science of Evolution and Spiral Energy suggests so.

Not that I know of.

I just hope mine gets answered.

>> No.50603158

Correct. Most chapters just ignore the authorities of the Imperium, or politely tell them to GTFO. Space Wolves are like their Primarch, loyal but rebellious. They do things their way, which ruffles a lot of feathers.

Seeing how ruffling of feathers is something Imperium tries to avoid. It gets them a lot of heat from the =][=. Which often ends up with another Inqusitior MIA.

They can get away with it because they were one of Big E's favorites. They were trusted to basically be his attack dogs, against traitors. Plus they have one the heaviest fortified places outside of the Imperial Palace.

>> No.50603185

>Personally don't think so.
Any reason why? Making a weapon from a soul in the store gives you the signature weapon of that person if they have one, and it normally has a special abilities related to their powers. And that's without the weapon literally being a manifestation of the wielder's soul like a Zanpakuto is.

>> No.50603192

At least Magnus has gotten some nice revenge and shit up their planet.

>> No.50603263

Isn't there an epic spell that does exactly that?

>> No.50603265

Any sufficiently advanced nanotech would do it. Basically the stuff is in the air so even if you don't breath its probably going to get into your skin unless you have something like an Eclipse Phase nano swarm protecting you. Without that I'd be focusing on counter nanobots inside the body that hunt down and destroy the cities.

What I mean to say is that a cure is outside the scope of the jump, but they are pretty easy to counter with signal jamming and Faraday cages.

Still, I might see about adding some kind of nano scrubber to the implants list if it's a problem.

>> No.50603271

The Souls series' soul forging methiods never seem to reproduce what was used by the Bosses. Like the Blade of Choas draining your life when it didn't do that for the spider lady whose name is hard to recall. Also Garlock here >>50603120 has a few more examples that I didn't think of. This is just going from my experiences from the game so I may in fact be wrong, but I personally don't believe it would produce the Hollow with their spiritual energy personified as the Zampaktou does.

>> No.50603308

Varia [100sp] – There are plenty of dangerous and unwelcome environments in the galaxy, some of which can make short work of even basic Life Support Systems. Luckily, your armor has picked up the Varia Suit upgrade. The Varia System creates an isolated temperature environment for the user in addition to the base Life Support systems, and the wearer can travel in locations like volcanic caverns or the nighttime arctic in relative comfort without their armor, its equipment, or self suffer adversely for it. The internal temperature of the user’s body can even be adjusted at will. That said, this protection is not absolute – swimming in magma or taking a swan dive into a star is still a bad idea. In addition to this environment protection, heat or cold-based attacks are less effective against the armor.

This is one of the things Another gets as a freebie.

>> No.50603317

Cool beans. Though at this point I think I'm destined to always get Electromaster in Railgun, having rolled it six different times, so I'm cool but some people might wanna Jump it first so it's up to them.

>> No.50603322

>Blade of Choas
She has a part of the Life Soul, it probably just drew from that instead of dealing damage to her like it does to a mortal.

>> No.50603349

So how much would it actually inherit, do you think?

>> No.50603365

I feel like it'd be a better idea to use the perk as a foundation and to help inform further, original research outside of the perk that would let you fully replicate a Zanpakuto. Remember that you're not limited to just your perks, even in a knowledge sense.

>> No.50603369

How good of an idea is it to eat the Lich from Adventure Time?

>> No.50603384

He's eternal nuclear death and decay in skeleton form. He's like a smaller, Neverborn version of Malfeas.

>> No.50603396

Speaking of, too many jumpers treat themselves like their perks are their Charms and they're a Primordial.

>> No.50603420

I could see shocks or EMP wreaking the nanobots too, its just that most people aren't suited to getting electrocuted.

Sounds like a bad time, the Lich does some scary ass stuff. He comes across as something like the walking talking concept of death and decay rather than a person.

>> No.50603446

Are Dragon Breaks undetectable? If I want to try something insane like eating a god, is my "safe" timeline going to get shat on?

>> No.50603454

Where can I get a cool, non-bloodthirsty dragon?

>> No.50603465

BTW Gaunlet, why do you avatarpost that guy but haven't made a Psyren jump yet?

>> No.50603469

The Khajiit on the moon like to record Dragon Breaks, so no, a kitty cat is always watching you.

>> No.50603477


>> No.50603491

If I choose to be a red dragon in Forgotten Realms, does that mean I'll turn evil?

>> No.50603497

Jumpers, have you ever made memes real?

>Moon Khajit is watching you

>> No.50603498

So then the solution is just to skip the middleman and devour the soul itself?

Also, how much of that is game mechanics and how much is "actually" occurring? Do keep in mind that the Souls series often implements dubiously canon things for the sake of gameplay, like Vancian casting in the first game. The description for the Firelink sword makes it sound like transposition wasn't actually used to get it, and that's just the coolest way to purchase it in the developers' minds. It implies that it wasn;t something that was /just/ created.

>The Lords of Cinder linked the First Flame, and this Greatsword was wielded by their deific manifestation. This coiled sword, found thrust in the bonfire, existed long before the throneless lords themselves.

>Skill: Ember - The fading flame momentarily illuminates and launches itself forward.

>> No.50603506

Um, I don't mean to be pushy but does nobody have an opinion on harnessing the Deep?

Enough to sustain an attack a few second long, if the examples in-game are any sign.

Although I'm definitely with >>50603365 on this one. Vendrick, Aldia and Oceiros all did much more impressive things by sticking souls where they don't normally belong. Even Gwyn's system is ultimately a very, very advanced use of soul research wielded by a very, very powerful soul.

Well, he melted a prison specifically designed to hold cosmic criminals...by allowing himself to be captured by it. So, from the inside out. Also he's old enough to remember the eldritch abominations that existed before time and life as understood on Ooo.

He also gargles uranium to power up so he probably tastes awful.

All in all wicked tummy ache/10, would not consume.

In my defense, I tried to turn myself into something like a Primordial ages ago so-I'm kind of like a LARPer who took his hobby home with him.

"Jumper, it's time for lunch! Wait, why are you dressed like that?"

"Because I'm a world trapped in a god's body...trapped in a man's body!"

"Okay. Okay, I'll just. You stay there, and I'll get your meds"

"YOU ARE, ALL OF YOU, BENEATH ME. Also why're we having manhatten chowder? You KNOW new england a best! Why don't any of you understand me?!"

>> No.50603510

Also the Jills are going to be busy picking up the broken shards of Akatosh, and they're the ones that decide how to put him back together and thus what events transpire. Thought that might not apply to the perk.

Also also, there's a group of Magna Ge I forget the name of who come in to count the time while Akatosh is gone so things don't fall apart completely, though they'll be too busy to bother you.

Unless you're doing this outside of the TES jumps, anyway.

>> No.50603518

No, that means you were evil or chaotic neutral.

>> No.50603520

>Turn evil
I dunno, but the average jumper's habits indicate that wouldn't be much of a change given the objective morality in that setting.

If nothing else, people are going to totally assume you are regardless of evidence on the basis that you're clearly using some evil magic to cloak it somehow.

>> No.50603525

A good theory that i can't prove or disprove. My opinion is just that though, your Chain is not dictated by my personal opinion.

No idea but as I see it. It seems to need high quality materials and more souls for greater effects but I don't know how the Souls series Jumpmakers would rule it.

Being a L5 Electromaster can produce some awesome effects.

Inheritance Cycle?

I don't think I'd do it justice but I love his character.

No idea.

>> No.50603531

thank you anon

>> No.50603533

I am a meme.

>> No.50603571

The Deep is basically the Abyss controlled by some mysterious Lovecraftian deity wit ha water fetish. It's probably a bad idea unless chaos and madness and deep sea fish are your fetish.

>> No.50603586

All clam chowder is the worst.

>> No.50603634

Not really, alignment's kind of a crapshoot

>> No.50603639

um it seems there isn't a Dragonlance jump

>> No.50603651

Check imaged.

>> No.50603653

Memes are real

>> No.50603672

Good question, it's legit hard to say. Everything in the DS universe fundamentally arises from souls exploding in the interaction between fire and dark-and there's a fair few other weapons with descriptions like that, like Havel's dragon tooth IIRC.

Devouring the soul may or may not be a different solution. Aldritch seems to have acquired an even more powerful version of Gwyndolin's arrowspam, and teleporting-and it's implied he got his hands on Nito's soul as well given he's toting around a spear resembling the Gravelord Sword, and the Deep may have infected the region that used to be known as the Tomb of the Giants.

But then-you kinda absorb souls anyway as an undead battling opponents, so...one could argue it's a moot point.

As I said in the other post, I think ultimately it's just a matter of gitting gud at the soul stuff.

...not the impression I've gotten based on other in-game hints but it's mysterious enough there's little point in arguing the details, I suppose.

I've already had a long time to work with Dark, so option B is just comparing notes with Karla and then maybe sacrificing a few of my universes to Prayala in exchange for a reinforced concept of Humanity to work with, I'm just keeping my options open here.


>> No.50603673

Alright, I'm up. Gonna try and answer what questions I can.


You can hold Faith in the power of the miracles themselves even if you don't believe in the gods, since that would be incredibly restrictive compared to Sorcery for people who have zero personal attachment to the Lords and other Gods of the setting most of the time.

Not entirely sure how they're cast. My best guess is they're focusing on their memory of the story in the case of Miracles (which is why Talismans and Chimes, things that help you focus, are the catalysts for Miracles) while in the case of Sorcery and Pyromancy it's a specific way of manipulating their respective energies with the help of their respective catalysts. The spell preparation thing doesn't seem to have a basis in the lore or actual systems since the new game like another anon said switched to running them off a blue bar.


Yes, the Jump is complete. It may or may not get updated in the future depending on the size of the next DLC and what it introduces, but you can Jump it right now.


The gems are a resource that gets spent when infused. Infusion doesn't normally add special abilities as well as altering the weapon to perform differently. You could give it magic sharpness or density, align it with various elements, make even blunt weapons better at creating lacerations and gashes, cause a weapon to permanently drip poisons and a variety of other things based on your choice of Infusion gem which would take a while to list.

>> No.50603696

>Get Doppelganger NPC from Overlord
>Load it with with tens of waifu forms by default
>Get it Hivemind from Libriomancer, Avatar in Creepy-pasta and Duplication in Teen Titans

This still counts as one waifu. Is my laifu still intact?

>> No.50603706

you're right! sorry
i couldn't find it by googling for some reason

>> No.50603709


>> No.50603724

How constant does the constant prayer have to be for the Darkness Ward in miracle? If you stop praying does it revert to its initial strength?

>> No.50603727

You know it.

>> No.50603731

>So then the solution is just to skip the middleman and devour the soul itself?
Would that Demon Souls perk (Inner Self?) do that or just give you one super attack or something.

>> No.50603748

Where do you seat on, /jc/?

>> No.50603752

>Would that Demon Souls perk (Inner Self?) do that
That's what its equivalent does in the games, yes.

>> No.50603758


>> No.50603762

Uh...sure. Personally I more like the idea of Ionioi Hetairoi- Maid Edition, then UMW but to each their own.

>> No.50603777

There's a perk in Invader Zim that would stop them, but that does mean jumping Invader Zim...

>> No.50603795

>But then-you kinda absorb souls anyway as an undead battling opponents,

Well, you absorb a more general "spiritual essence" and the soul; but it seems the soul itself is often left intact, which you can then "consume" for a more general powerboost or for the power of the soul.

>> No.50603810

Yeah but you don't get the actual powers in the game do you? Just level up?

>> No.50603818

Make sure to get her acting perks, too, so she can do all the classic waifu archetype personalities.

>> No.50603829

Do the Outrider Knight and Twisted Stone perks give you altforms or are you just huge monster now?

And how draconic do you look with the Dragon's Body perk?

>> No.50603846

>Implying you don't what to hang with Gir or Gaz.

>> No.50603855

Any ruling on just how much of an ability is inherited by a weapon with the Soul Smithing perks?

>> No.50603864

You look like an emaciated half-dragon with a small head.

>> No.50603890

It ain't great, mate.

>> No.50603891

I'm pretty sure you would. You just don't because it'd be hard as fuck to make a separate game mechanic or every unique enemy. Every NPC who's shown to absorb souls also gains the full power (or at least a significant portion) of the absorbed.

>> No.50603904

Welp. I guess I'll pass on that then.

>> No.50603906

Hey Val, last thread you said something about 2nd True Magic/the Greater Grail granting almost unlimited prana? What's that all about?

>> No.50603908

>or every unique enemy
*for every unique enemy

>> No.50603910

My chairs aren't all that impressive. They tend to be strictly functional plastic/metal affairs, because built-in cloth or leather cushions make me overheat in the summer. I'll stack and drape them with comfy in the winter, though.

I'm also of the opinion that the office should never be more impressive than the one holding it. Trying to command a space with opulence breeds envy, not respect.

>> No.50603928

Hiveminds are best waifus

Cosmic abstracts are worst waifus

>> No.50603942

The greatest reclining chair in the universe.

I built it myself using the most comfortable magitek in the multiverse. It's enchanted to always teleport directly behind me when I need to sit down. It also projects a nearly indestructible barrier which also tones down dangerously loud noises, uncomfortably bright lights, has both warming and massaging options, and the ability to fly through at relativistic velocities as well as being equipped with a light FTL drive and self-perpetuating atmosphere in case I need to travel through interstellar space. And its armrest contains a small replicator that produces snacks (including popcorn), tea, and soft drinks.

>> No.50603965


>> No.50603994

Well I made a new Hyper-buoyant kind of rope and made it into a hammock then I threw it into the pool and now I have the perfect combination of Hammock chair and pool chair for when I need to lounge.

>> No.50604004

(Magical Index/Railgun) #161
-Background: Student (950CP) -It's time to go to school and LEARN WHAT I CAN.
-Slice of Life (Free) -Nothing wrong with getting some happiness and a new outlook on life! Optimism is fun!
-Formal Training (850CP) -Different uses for my powers, and different methods? I'm for it.
-Hard Science (550CP) (Discount) -Super intelligence boost, super analytical skills, tech knowledge, and creating more espers? FUN.
-Micromanipulators (Free) -Oh this will come in handy. This will come in VERY big handy.
-Media Collection (-100CP) -Meta knowledge. All of it. I want the meta knowledge.
-Calc. Assist. Choker (-200CP) (Discount) -Modify the hell out of that so I can be INSANELY SMART ALL THE TIME.
-Heroic Tendencies (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Electrokinesis, 12 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

Smart choker, awesome gloves, and electricity overwhelming. This is gonna be fu-WAIT, HOLD ON I NEED TO GET AN OLD LADY ACROSS THE STREET I'LL BE RIGHT BACK.

...as I was saying, this is gonna be nice! Especially with manipulating the electricity this way, and the science! So much science, including various ways I can set things up! The power armor stuff is also gonna be nice, quite fun to-HOLD ON. ROBBERS. THEY SHALL NOT SUCCEED THIS DAY.

This is gonna get really bad.

>> No.50604025

Now that's just uncivilized. Won't take much to replace, but what possible purpose could that behaviour serve other than broadcasting one's self-control issues?

>> No.50604034

Think that was about Sakura and the Black Grail. In the story, the Black Grail stuff gives Sakura a bunch of unique abilities but one of her more infamous ones is how much mana she has access to. Since she's connected directly to Angra Mainyu, who lives inside the big Holy Grail, she can use all the mana that's store inside there. It's around 1,000,000,000,000 (Not joking, that's the number given) units of magic when someone like Rin only has 1000 units at max.

Of course, that's just the energy stored in the grail currently and she can still only output so much, about a 1000 units at a time. If she wasn't connected to the Great Grail that way, she'd have rather less mana available.

The Second magic goes about it a different way. One of it's main functions is just pulling magical energy from alternate universes/mirror worlds for you to use. This is what Rin does (Though she needs a tool to assist her) when she fights Dark Sakura from up above. It lets her constantly be using all her mana in every attack, 1000 units, and instantly replenish it in the next attack. Thus, despite having something like 1 billionth of the prana Sakura has access to, Rin is relatively equal at that point.

>> No.50604042

>Forgetting best girl Tak.

>> No.50604044

Well, yeah. Crowley gonna Crowley. I sure hope you like bullshit Xanatos speed chess.

>> No.50604050

>you don't get the actual powers in the game
I bet you would, as everyone else who does something like that does too. In return for receiving them as innate abilities, most of them probably don't count as Miracles/Sorceries for the purposes of scaling. For those, you could get a unique "spell" comparable to the power of its initial user, but that likely only scales with your soul's raw power instead of faith/willpower or intelligence.

>> No.50604057


*name of justice*, Freelance Hero, Save Everyone and get Waifus.

I like you
>No blood magic
Oy! I use my own blood for that!

People have made a number of good points, but I feel they missed an important one.
Most Perfect Shaping Defenses only protect YOU or Your Stuff, they stop your body(or items on your person) from being Shaped. Which generally speaking is not the danger of Lovecraft stuff. At least to my knowledge.

Usually in a ship. I was in Star Wars and paid for a ticket. Not really, I was just trying to escape the plot of KotOR because I was not strong enough to handle that shit at the time. Sometimes, usually I just fuck off to nowhere-space and build Dyson Spheres or other massive structures.

I'll date her.

He's a moron, incompetent, has trouble understanding how humans think, might be an actual autist, and is an all-round fuck up. But he's the best chance Humanity has in 40k. So yes, I healed him.

In a very comfortable hand-crafted chair enhanced with magic. Because I was bored and I'm petty.

Apologies for my absence. I recently downloaded the Warhammer mod for Medieval 2, since I can't run the Warhammer game, and it has eaten my soul.
Ere we go, ere we go!

>> No.50604094

So then why do people freak out over the GHQ power that does that but never talk about Inner Self?

>> No.50604106


Not constant, regular. As long as you pray a few times a day, actively reinforcing your faith in whatever you place your it in and all, it gets better as time goes on. You don't have to be constantly praying for the warding part. It's like an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but with prayers and darkness.


People's rulings on Alt.Forms vary quite a bit from what I can remember. Ya'll can just decide if it's applying to your base form or becomes an Alt.Form, doesn't really matter much.

The draconic body is not pretty.


As far as I can remember, it's usually weaker than what the boss itself possessed? Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot, depending on which items and bosses we're talking about. Even in the world itself there were ways to improve most Boss Soul items though, so that doesn't have to be all that debilitating.

>> No.50604109

Because that would require people to look through jumps and find interesting and useful perks instead of just grabbing whatever is the most powerful option in the most commonly talked-about jumps.

>> No.50604133

Time to get Medevil.

>> No.50604154

>no pre-nerf Gotthard's
>no pre-nerf Dark Sword
>no Carthus Meme Sword
>no grorious Nipponese daikatana
How am I supposed to troll all of these invaders to death with broken OP bullshit now? You're limiting my options here. I'm having to resort to the Meme Spear!

>> No.50604172

>He's a moron, incompetent, has trouble understanding how humans think, might be an actual autist, and is an all-round fuck up. But he's the best chance Humanity has in 40k.

Are you talking about the God Emperor or the average Jumper?

>> No.50604179

I asked a number of threads ago for a jump that offers a dragon form and most people suggested Spyro

but aren't Spyro dragons really doofy looking and cartoon-y? Do they have a some kind of alternate, more intimidating dragon form?

I mainly want to be a dragon for bragging rights more than actual utility, if not Spyro are there any jumps that would let me be a cooler/more intimidating dragon?

>> No.50604184

It's why making obscure jumps can be a blessing. You get to slip in things that work for you, and people won't talk about them, so you don't need to change them.

>> No.50604192


>> No.50604199

Try D&D, or if you're gonna be really picky about your looks go to SAO and design it yourself.

>> No.50604204

Keep in mind that a lot of that is the art style. If you actually saw a spyro dragon face to face you'd probably find them just as intimidating as any other giant ass lizard that breathes fire.

>> No.50604215

terrain of magical excellence is good for designing alt forms

>> No.50604217

If you want a dragon form, you can't beat Divinity: Dragon Commander. It's free and comes with a jet pack booster to tear around the battlefield.

>> No.50604219

Kairos. I mentioned it dude. Kairos. It offers some pretty sick stuff.

Though DS3 now offers something.

>> No.50604224

LoS is what they're probably talking about, and they look a lot less cartoony. Plus, keep this >>50604204 in mind as well, and remember also that one of those dragons is so evil that the place where he died looks like the love child of Mount Doom and the Warp.

>> No.50604226

I'm pretty sure that it was just one anon. Also, Inner Self carries a decent risk of mutilation/disfigurement/insanity if your soul isn't of comparable strength or stronger than who- or whatever you're absorbing.

>> No.50604262

mention the waifu . It comes with either a free new waifu or a import of your old one

>> No.50604273

Between a kick ass dragon form, getting to rule and run and entire country, and a wild, high tech war against insane half-brothers and sisters who may or may not also be dragons, the waifu is a small part of what makes that setting awesome.

>> No.50604279

You'll just have to git gud.

Did they nerf the carthus swords too though? I used to like how they looked.

>> No.50604307

And then you end up like ASA, talking about which direction blue is and why fire isn't returning your calls.

Actually I'm pretty sure his latest thing used Inner Self to do...stuff.

But yeah. Mixed blessing, right there.

>> No.50604344

I use pantomimicry from Razzle Dazzle to make a throne wherever I want (usually as a post-battle taunt)

This was the best image I could find of Ajimu's dumb invisible chair thing

>> No.50604357

Yeah, they "nerfed" the CCS in typical FromSoft fashion.

By reducing its damage so that it takes one or two more hits to kill you. Which of course does absolutely nothing because what makes the CCS bullshit is its hilarious wind-up time and not the amount of damage it does. The reduced damage changes nothing.

I guess I'll have to resort to phantom imports.

>> No.50604377

>As far as I can remember, it's usually weaker than what the boss itself possessed?
Eh, not so sure how well that's actually reflected in the setting. Like, Priscilla isn't even close to being something "the Gods themselves" would fear in the actual game.

>> No.50604404

To be fair, 'the gods themselves' are pretty weaksauce by that point as well.

>> No.50604415

Different anon here, what's the story with the nanomachines anyway? I found a wikia but it's extremely barebones and from a couple of WTF bits the game makers were apparently going for "sounds cool" over "makes sense".

>> No.50604424

I dust them off, apply healing spells where necessary, and tell them everything's going to be okay.
Then we move onto the next thing.
Sometimes I give them a hug.

You should plan for failure.

> How do you space?
Spittle Runner. Has warp drives.

> What was your first experience like?
Pretty terrifying, actually. I'd gotten over my fear of heights by that point, but space was a whole 'nother deal. I was worried about all kinds of things. Getting sucked into space. Equipment failures.
But Eggman talked me through it and told me that his brilliant designs were foolproof. There was virtually no way anything could go wrong. And he was right!
... he's a really great guy.

Bottom? No. But There are dimensional anomalies and foldspacing present. I think it might be a fractal.

It still wouldn't fix what's broken.

Swivel chairs.

>> No.50604430

Have you ever discovered stuff about your jumper that you didn't know was there?

I learned my jumper has a weird hero complex. They always have to help people and be the hero no matter what. If they don't help people in a meaningful way they get super antsy.

>> No.50604456

Yeah, except unlike the gods, Priscilla was mostly safe sitting on her ass and shouldn't really have done much that would weaken her power.

>> No.50604463

You don't think sitting on your ass makes you weaker?

>> No.50604482

Sucks for PVE though. Now no good dex weapons for me.

>> No.50604485

That might be because Priscilla didn't have enough time to develop to that point. Who knows?

I think the other reason most people don't bother with Inner Self is because if you bite off more than you can chew, it can affect your personality. Granted that's not difficult to overcome with some perks, but it can push people away.

Considering it lets you empower others with it though, I'm surprised it's not taken more.

>> No.50604551

>This is gonna get really bad.

Just swap Heroic Tendencies for Power Dampener, and ignore the plot.

>> No.50604556

Yeah, I mean, "you're still you" perks are a dime a dozen and it lets you play the quest giver to send people to slay monsters and empower them or something. It's pretty awesome.

>> No.50604576


Priscilla is a case of weird lore in Dark Souls 1 since she was originally going to have a much different role and abilities. She was basically gonna be your "Level up lady" for the game and the reason you could even slay the gods (something to do with her Lifehunt ability) but it got changed mostly at the last second. She still has some sort of Lifehunt power, and the gods fear her, but exactly how dangerous she would have been to divine beings is kinda left in the air.

>> No.50604580

Is there any way to drastically increase the range of Railgun Telekinesis?

>> No.50604592

That really only happens because ASA takes his plans to extreme conclusions, and a lot of his plans depend on metaphysics of specific IPs that most people don't understand.

There's a lot of neat obscure settings that have stuff like extra Stands, loophole physics, time travel, and such that are just fun to play around with, and doesn't need ridiculously complex plans. A lot of the time these obscure settings are safer than the popular ones as well, so it's an added bonus.

>> No.50604654

You want to know something even more bullshit? Take that Powerful Soul perk from Anima. Rip pieces of your soul off, stock them up. Collect enough, then shove them in a person. Give them your powers.

I may have to do that, yeah.

>> No.50604657

Psychic power boosters, reality warping upgrades, generic "your powers are stronger" things, having a bunch of clones run your power in parallel for you, a computer to do the math for you, etc.

Have someone create portals with one end near you and the other near the thin you wanna fuck with.

>> No.50604659

I don't know. It just makes more sense to assume that there are a few discrepancies in regards to lore and gameplay. Like, your enemies don't disappear when you kill them because we can encounter corpses without souls in them. You probably don't actually "buy" weapons and armor from random merchants using souls because you can just loot them. Vancian casting most likely doesn't exist in the first game because no one mentions it. Sorceries and Miracles are probably viable options for combat in the setting, even when your enemy doesn't just stand there and wait for you to pull it off. The combat in the games is deep even though it's simple, and characters can probably do more than randomly swing shit around like madmen.

>> No.50604715

...and then reclaim it when they die. We Ywach now.

>> No.50604730

Somewhere out there is a universe where we got a fluffy tail covenant. It's a better place.

>> No.50604751

Fucked if I know if it works like that, Inner Self has some requirements in notes.

>> No.50604901

I know a lot of people ,myself included, are not a fan of the unofficial supplements, but is there any jump that offers a warehouse add-on akin to the space doc or bay? one that could store large ships and the like, as well deploy them?

>> No.50604950

Hey NuBee, how does that Abyssal Chapel/Church thing work, what does it do? I understand that it's supposed to corrupt your soul (?) and give you enhanced darkness powers, but how?

>> No.50604957

So it's probably a bad idea to eat Dio's soul, then?

>> No.50604971

>Rip pieces of your soul off, stock them up.
What happens if you do that with the aforementioned perk? Would the pieces of your soul eventually regenerate into full-blown copies of it?

>> No.50604997

You though you were you, Jumper, but you're actually me, Dio!

>> No.50605005

Without some safeties... probably.

I think they just stay pieces, that's why you stock up.

(Kim Possible) #162
-Background: Scientist (900CP) -Beep beep, motherfucker! Time to do some SCIENCE.
-Fashionable (800CP) -I dress to impress!
-Hacker (750CP) (Discount) -Honestly, I'm just gonna be destroying firewalls by this point.
-Genius (Free) -Ha HA! I'm a genius! IT IS MEEEEE.
-Down To Earth (550CP) -This... this is good. I can't believe I'd find this here, but it's nice.
-Reliable Invention (450CP) (Discount) -See, this is nice. I like this. It makes things easier.
-Hotwiring (350CP) (Discount) -FUCK access panels!
-Leading Authorityx4 (-50CP) (Discount) -Cybernetics, Genetic Engineering, Morphology, and Neurochemistry.
-Unknown Resources (-350CP) (Discount) -OH. Oh my word, this. I love this.
-Jumpmunicator (-400CP) -And now I have my phone.
-Pigmentation Disorder (-300CP) (Alabaster White)
-So The Drama (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Go City, 14 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

>"You're pretty pale, you know."
"Yes I'm aware of that, now can we foc-"
>"No, like really pale. Chalk white pale. ...have you ever been outside before."
"I told you, it's a skin condition. Stop focusing on tha-"
>"Oh I bet you could make an awesome canvas!"

No respect. No respect at all. I set myself in Go City as a skilled doctor, specializing in prosthetics and helping those in need, making quality of life better, and people instead focus on the color of my skin. Uh, RUDE. You don't see people pointing out Drakken's skin color all the damn time. Well, sometimes but not all the time.

Whatever. I'm not here for romance so I'll be fine otherwise. Maybe help Kim Possible out when she reaches Go City.

>> No.50605015

Probably not unless you're wanking the Dio-god quite thoroughly, though it might be a better idea to just eat his Za Warudo itself with that GHQ combo.

>> No.50605051


Lemme try to sum it up as best I can.

Deep Church is a the hole in the ground -> Human Dregs and/or local equivalents start to fall from people in the area and are drawn to the hole -> Human dregs collect in the waters, tainting it, slowly transforming into fetid sludge -> touching the sludge corrupts people and grants/enhances their affinity for dark powers -> bathing in it/drinking it over a long LONG stretch of time can start mutating you into something dark and scary and freaky looking

That's the basics of it.

>> No.50605087

Can a hollow increase its power by absorbing raw reishi?

>> No.50605091

Is it possible to become strong enough to defeat Galactus pre spark?

>> No.50605108

Yes. Easily, in fact. Though you'll certainly have an easier time with the weaker versions.

>> No.50605119

Oh, okay. Cool, thanks NuBee.

Definitely, Mantra Level 8 should be able to give Galactus a tough fight given that it's based on a form that could punch planets to death and casually blow up stars.

>> No.50605122

>Easily, in fact.
...you know Galactus can blow up galaxies while nearly starved to death, right?

>> No.50605129

Probably not.

>> No.50605142

All anon has to do is team up with the Celestials. Fully fed Galactus is equal in power to about 1.5 Celestials, but there's an entire race of them so getting 2 or 3 together to beat him up isn't hard. They like doing it.

>> No.50605143

Erm, I should note that this depends on the Galactus we're talking about here. Comics Galactus can be pretty ridiculous some times.

>> No.50605147

Meant for >>50605122

>> No.50605176

Depends on the setting.

That said taking on a weaker variant of Galactus and then bragging about how you beat up Galactus seems like it misses a lot of the point, in my opinion.

>> No.50605178

This, on top of being a terrible idea. As I recall sometimes Comics Galactus is eating planets to keep up his strength to hold back an even worse being called Abraxus.

Now this, I don't understand the reason for. Does he owe them lunch money or what?

>> No.50605193

>blow up galaxies
Which isn't really impressive compared to some of the shit that jumpers can get up to.

>> No.50605216

>Does he owe them lunch money or what?
They don't like when he fucks with their projects or plans, which he does sometimes just by threatening the wrong planet.

>> No.50605218

Really? Outside of really late-game Jumpers who've min-maxed and pulled stupid combos, who can even come close to destroying a galaxy? How?

>> No.50605231

You could probably use a Giga Slave on him.

>> No.50605234

Speaking of Galactus, would it be possible to repurpose a Green Lantern ring to store the Power Cosmic?

>> No.50605236

Can infusion be used more than once on the same item? Could you make something like that invisible blade by that priestess?

>> No.50605242

Well, the question was pre-spark, not mid-chain.

>> No.50605263

But even then, other than ASA's horseshit, what can a jumper do that's drastically more impressive than blowing up a galaxy?

>> No.50605266

There's plenty of things that can be stolen or obtained in-setting that will allow you to do such things. Also, the question was if it could be done "pre-spark". And yes, it's not hard to reach such levels "late-chain".

>> No.50605290

>And yes, it's not hard to reach such levels "late-chain".

>> No.50605294

Get the Cosmic Cube from EMH, hook it up to as many infinite energy generators as you can then take the 66 million year drawback in GHQ and continue increasing the generators over the period. Then find some way to release the energy.

>> No.50605306

>other than ASA's horseshit

This is why we need more people build-posting.

>> No.50605311

I think they can store energy in them like electricity. Do you mean repurpose them so they run off it and use it instead of will?

>> No.50605313

Well, there is Giga Slave, AKA calling on the power and being of Slayers' version of Azathoth if Azathoth wasn't a blind idiot to cast a spell that can destroy entire universes.

>> No.50605317


No problem.


Not that I know of, and that kind of ability would require something else, potentially study of Sorcery or Dark Sorcery. Although you don't really see it in the games, the various forms of magic appear to be much more expansive than just the basic attack spells we get to use, since references of objects made or enchanted show up in the lore from time to time. I'd recommend checking out some place like the Grand Archives, a massive library in Lothric filled with all sorts of curses of knowledge.

>> No.50605339


curses and* knowledge

>> No.50605446

Why, anon? Do your own research. I personally don't like that level of power, but technology at that level isn't uncommon and there are ways to incorporate it into your physiology. There are plenty of people in the chain with BS genetics and biology, do something with that. Soul Absorption can get quickly out of hand, because unlike biological abilities, you don't really have to worry about "running out of room" for improvements or running into diminishing returns as quickly. Keep doing it and you'll eventually be able to absorb extremely powerful people like angels and God in Supernatural, who may seem weak but when added to everything else in your arsenal are absolutely absurd. You can find /way/ more power than perks usually offer, mate. The sky's the limit.

>> No.50605448

Does a Dragon Break have a limit on how long it lasts?

Would keeping it going for a long time count as 'overusing' it and risk space-time?

>> No.50605467

Isn't Dragon Break from the invalid version of TES?

>> No.50605489

There are no invalid versions. Only incompatible versions.

>> No.50605492

It's the drop in capstone in the Morrowind/Oblivion one.

>> No.50605537

Would dead zone from shaman king work on the grimm from RWBY? I mean, it probably will, but would it also work on hunters and other Aura users? Because shutting down aura might be worth it to kill the grimm.

>> No.50605542

Well it doesn't really help if anon can only be impressed by people destroying things. The whole thing just ends up being a dickwaving contest, which actually deters people from posting builds, since it doesn't appeal to them to have their builds be used just for dickwaving purposes.

>> No.50605559

Toaru magic can get pretty insane as well at the higher levels. Admittedly the risk you'd be taking to get the stuff/knowledge you need in jump to get that power level is very high.

>> No.50605563

I don't know, I just like the Silver Surfer and his abilities.

>> No.50605589

Can your companions beat you /jc/? or are you too powerful for them?

>> No.50605604

My companions are not too far behind, but they are behind.

>> No.50605610

Yes, they can. One of my companions is exactly my equal, but with Sacrificial Bestowment, the others can come close.

>> No.50605631

I ensure they can't, else they might try to leave me.

>> No.50605636


Not gonna lie, Captain SNES was a bit of this involved. Even if the Super Scope isn't as geography-bending as the GBE, it's a lot cheaper and kills JRPG endboss-tier enemies in a single shot. Fully powered Ganon, two Sinistrals at the same time...the same who are more or less called Evil Gods. The only creature that doesn't die immediately when hit is an extension of Alex's own psyche and possibly not even real to anyone but himself as well as having the gimmick of Alex not being able to avoid him. Damn near nothing except probably the Sovereign herself appear to be able to no-sell it. and it's 400/200 in SNES.

>> No.50605675

>One of my companions is exactly my equal

>> No.50605680

Well I've been trying, but I'm not gonna spam them every minute. Especially when people barely take notice of most builds as is.

>> No.50605694


>> No.50605703

Rival, from Sports. So not exactly my equal, but generally my equal.

>> No.50605746

I take notice, I just don't know most settings so I don't have anything to say.

>> No.50605748

Somewhat. I subscribe to power hoarding via companions and power sharing via imaginary/renegade, so most of my companions have at least 90% of my perks.

There's one or two that only has about 50%, but that's because they're diehard warriors and don't want anything to do with magic/science.

Even then, I tend to have the edge in experience. But, maybe if the top four (out of fourty) were to turn on me, they could kill me.

>> No.50605773

>No moonlight Greatsword in Demon Souls
>No moonlight Greatsword in Dark Souls 1 and 2
>No moonlight Greatsword in Bloodborne
>And now no Moonlight Greatsword in Dark Souls 3

Why Valeria? Why do you do this to me? Now I can never spellsword properly.
But seriously can you please add it if you have the time?

>> No.50605780

What is the best perk/power for crossing between dimensions of the same IP?
Would Portamancy+Incredible Control from Shadow Ops be good enough?

I'm also just not creative enough to say something interesting.
...and I'm shy. Yes, even on the internet and as an Anon.

>> No.50605786

What are some good summoning perks? mass or individual
I'm making a military commander/ toku villian themed build, I'd like a quick way to summon troops or bodyguards to me on a moments notice.

>> No.50605790

Reread broseph.

>> No.50605799


Using my own Jumps as an example

Kuuga+Agito+Git Gud + Player One + anything that increases evolutionary or training time or otherwise improves on what you've already got. For taste, an alt-form combination perk to combine all the might of the various alt-forms Seed of Light will create into a single form and possibly any other powerful alt-forms
to guarantee some stupid shit: Charge up from Showa part 1
Despite what people think, Kuuga does NOT cap out at worldbusting. Hell, even Kuuga + Charge up would get you something stupid as that's a /canon thing/ as pic related

So eventually depending on how you handle biological abilities and softcaps
You could just shonen your way into saitama meme levels

That's not the only way, even.

Missing Piece + Just the Beginning + A whole shitton of Willpower perks + Human SOUL + Magnifying Magic + okay at this point just grab every magic and willpower booster you can

Combine with something like a Crusader Weapon magic tome from Geneaology.
I don't even have half that, at jump 30 in a chain where half the jumps were just me fucking around, and scouring the hemisphere of a planet in a single action is easy peasy lemon squeezy

ASA only is memetic about his shit because A) he goes full into the metaphysics and B) because he goes full into research on how to interact everything

Even doing half the work needed will get you what you want, which is why I scoff at people who whine about super strength perks being so measly when a dozen dozen perks that give you bodies and softcaps on strength growth in combination with strong training abilities
If you're too lazy to think of the full extent of what you can do, you don't get to complain if it seems small

>> No.50605801

1.Val didn't make it.
2.You can just steal it yourself.
3.Magic swords are for squares.

>> No.50605810


You may wanna double check the misc section.

>> No.50605843




>> No.50605847

You don't want DS3's MGS. It's shitty and useless.

>> No.50605853

Any of them. Hardly matters when it works.

Why summon when you can necro?

>> No.50605873

Legend of Zelda's 'Chest Full of Demons.'

Lets you tailor-make them to your aesthetic tastes as well.

Alternatively, Hero BBS' Demon Lord.

>> No.50605900

Ack forgot to specify: it's Minish Cap, not the General, that has the Chest perk.

>> No.50605906

I'd say SNES is much less obscure than whatever piece of shit the GBE is. Also is making things cheaper than others a thing now?.

>> No.50605934

>'Chest Full of Demons.'

>> No.50605948


From what I can see, Overlord's divine casters get a lot of summons. I don't think that's what you're asking for though so...I think the Summoner tree from Phantasia lets you grab people out of active/inactive slots
Misery's Might from Cave Story lets you do stuff like summon minions(albeit hers are the basic enemies of the game, critters and bats)

>> No.50605958

Because he wants to? More related to topic though >>50605786 Hero BBS has the best summoning perks in the chain, and BBS magic itself is one of the strongest in all of the jumps so far. Don't need other summoning perks from anywhere else if you take the Demon Lord line.

>> No.50605968

>Overlord's divine casters
It's too bad we don't see more high level divine magic in Overlord, it sounds neat and if its a less restrictive version of D&D magic that'd be awesome.

>> No.50605970

Demon Lord in Hero BBS gets you the ability to create demons that can have any physical or magical abilities that you do. You can also make them have any appearance or personality you want and can speak to and destroy them remotely at will across any distance and through wards and stuff. It tires you out based on how powerful the demons are. You can explicitly create one really strong lieutenant or you can make an entire army of thousands of human-level trash demons at once if you're powerful enough.

>> No.50606012


>Why summon when you can necro?

Well it would make it easier to get the corpses needed for reanimating them into undead.

Plus summoning the souls of the dead is technically summoning.

>> No.50606027

>Plus summoning the souls of the dead is technically summoning.
It's both necro and summoning.

>> No.50606029

From what we see the magic there itself can do the same too. The one canon magician when he magics up his dungeon fills it with monsters at the same time as he's constructing it.

>> No.50606045

Well, SkyGarden's Magician is the be all end all of mages. He freaks out the other mages with the shit he can pull off, so while he's probably a good indicator of the top end I wouldn't go so far as to call him a good barometer of magic there in general.

Most magic is just typical fantasy stuff.

>> No.50606089

He's a good barometer of what a jumper will basically be since most jumpers don't have limits to growth like everybody else in setting.

>> No.50606102 [SPOILER] 

Yes, I main a companion heavy build and there is always some of my companions who were both strong in their settings but also have learned and grew in power by using other settings.

Sans is the strongest of all of my companions though. Sans already being the strongest monster in Undertale, Flowey notwithstanding, with both his OP magic attacks and Megalovania. Sans, deciding not to stop there purchased Elder Blood in Witcher, which allows him to attack even faster. Then he was imported into Tsukhime where he imported one of his Gaster Blasters as Black Barrel. He was imported to Disgaea as an Angel and got Celestial Sin which augmented his already evil massacring attacks into straight up ridiculousness. And finally he was imported as a Custom NPC in Overlord where he bought all of the speed boosting perks and items.

And that's not even getting into the various bits and bobs he picked up from being imported or just from other companions

Him being so overpowered is intentional on both our parts as I trust him not to misuse his power and also to stop myself If I ever go powermad and my more unmoral companions because he knows I'm a big softy and paper tiger when it comes to them. Sans is essentially the pun loving stick to my carrot

>> No.50606108

>Demon Lord in Hero BBS gets you the ability to create demons that can have any physical or magical abilities that you do
This line is generally key, since you can use it to give some key perks out. The tiredness part gets solved by other perks.

>> No.50606133


Domon Kasshu could easily destroy me with his gundam.

My build is very companion heavy so my companions are fairly close to me in terms of strength--if they all decided to gang up and kill me, I'm pretty sure they'd succeed.

>> No.50606142

>rereads section. realize I got jumpmakers names confused.

Boy do I feel like an idiot, sorry NuBee.
And thanks for the sword.

>> No.50606147

Is there any way to get around the active companion limit outside of pods? Even if they're depowered.

I just hate the idea of sticking people.in stasis or a ship or something.

>> No.50606169

This has been discussed extensively. It remains one of the few rules generally agreed on to remain in place. Those who do flaunt it don't talk about their builds.

>> No.50606192

Yeah. But remember: the demons you make can only have your abilities at 50% of your own power. So if you make a fire demon with fire magic then their fire magic would be 50% as strong as yours. It also limits you by disallowing fiat-backed stuff. So your demons can only have normal physical and magical abilities. You could give them a mutant power, for example, but not a fiat-based harem perk.

>> No.50606198

Generally no, the limits imposed are absolute. However there are several jumps that allow you the option to import all of your companions such as Warhammer 40k and also there are locations you can buy for CP such as Final Fantasy 14's Guild house that allows unlimited companions but only inside of its property.

>> No.50606211

Right out of the body. Though i admit as of late, I wipe down the skin above the artery with an alchohol wipe because honestly that's kinda gross.
consumption of the body gains both biomass as well as remaining blood
Don't care. Still hot. Would bang.
Songbird, Light Captain, Documentation.
My first encounter in space was Light of Terra. It qualifies as pretty fucking terrible. I was naive. But yes, I have gotten several settings into the stars.
Fuck yes. Then show him meta knowledge, and explain how he can un fuck his own goddamn setting.
I have one of those 2.5 man La-Z-Boy chairs. No extra-universal trickery, just stock. I swear, there is no way to sit uncomfortably in one of those. Also i feel like jumper when i sit in mine
Heh, fuck no. We're friends and allies, and if all 4 of them tried to turn on me, it would be one hell of a fight. But yeah, all of them are leaps and bounds behind me.
Kingdom Heart's nobody background is pretty good.

>> No.50606216

He's definitely top tier but he's still not near the seniors I think. Although the closest thing to an example we get of one of them is the guy the retired hero capstone is based on.

>> No.50606218


You can choose to sink most of your warehouse points into pods and just build whatever amenities you want--it's what I did. It feels a lot more rewarding (to me personally) when you build your own generator and comforts, and it's cooler to have a magic flame cook your food for you than a regular stove.

>> No.50606235

Ah well, I guess I'll just stick to having a few companions.

>> No.50606237

The island from incredibles lets you keep companions on it. I like to keep my non active ones there instead of leaving them in some sort of stasis.

>> No.50606239

Kingdom Hearts has some pretty neat summon options for Heartless and Nobodies as well as a custom option for both.

>> No.50606240

> any way
> ANY way

You could always copy down their brain patterns into a robot or clone body, and then when the jump is almost over cycle out your companions in a sortof roulette wheel to reintegrate their memories with their primary body, thereby ensuring continuation between jumps.

Other than that, there are a couple options to plop inactive companions down in finite areas, like pirate ships or tropical islands. Nomanisaniland from The Incredibles is like that, I think.
And there's an option from Spirited Away that lets you put inactive companions into a soot yokai, though they can't really do much other than walk around.
I guess you could combine those two and have your companions be able to exit the designated zones as balls of soot, though you only get an allowance of four per purchase.

Or you could just stock up on Drawback Companions! They don't have a limit.

>> No.50606242

Combined with jewel storage that sounds amazing. Draw and fill up your jewels in only a few hours instead of years.

>> No.50606305

I'm fairly certain he's around rank 8 in the in-universe scale they use to measure power, and the scale goes up to 10. So he's not really the end-all be-all.

>> No.50606312

The 50% power thing is really a pointless limiter, given that "power" is generally an ambiguous value. Manipulating around the fiat-backed thing isn't actually that hard either, but then it begins to game the system a bit and relies on some peculiar combinations, so there's no point bringing it up. There are a lot more things that you can give them than just mutant powers to break the system over.

>Those who do flaunt it don't talk about their builds.
More like we just don't flaunt it altogether. The exploits to make it work are generally heavily mechanics based, and bringing them up is just asking for a shitstorm to happen. It's easier to even just tell people to houserule no companion limit.

>> No.50606318

It's also partially based on Sage I think. It's definitely named after him. Remember that Sage's name comes from the fact that he was this super revered sage by everybody in Sky Garden when in reality he was just an absurdly strong magical NEET who hadn't actually done anything in like 200 years.

>> No.50606327


Not sure if it counts or not, but Assassin Creed has a +0 drawback that lets your inactive companions comment on stuff going on around you. Which implies their technically not in complete stasis.

>> No.50606330


>jumpers don't have limits to growth like everybody else in setting

There is no indication that their is some sort of hardcap limit on how much power other people in the setting have, just experience. The highlest level people in the setting are almost all immortal so its more of a matter of time you sink into training and the like. The one hero that the 103 Demon Lords was based off of went from the standard level 5 that most heroes end their journey to the god killing level 8-10 and he was not even an immortal human. There is nothing that makes a jumper more unique then the average hero but the fact that we have both a lot of time and training perks.

>> No.50606389

I notice
But I can never think of anything to say about them aside from nitpick because I'm an asshole like that.

>> No.50606402

>we have both a lot of time and training perks.
The difference is that the Jumper has a lot more options to not only accelerate growth, but compound it with a wide variety of effects, add-ons, and other peculiarities that wouldn't be available in the BBS world. If you consider that the average hero will likely die over the period of say, several millenia, the Jumper isn't restricted by the same conditions, and the Jumper is exposed to far more opportunities to learn and grow compared to your average hero. This is the case even if you aren't minmaxing jumps. When you start comparing between immortals, it boils down to how time is being used, and chances are, the jumper wins there as well, since the jumper's eternity exposes them to much more than your BBS immortal's eternity.

>> No.50606439

Okay, I think it's finished. I'll upload to the drive if no one sees any problems.

>Grammar fixes
>More drawbacks

>> No.50606456

So give them Softcap.

>> No.50606474

>hate the idea of sticking people.in stasis or a ship or something.
Get the apartment from 9-5 then go to a jump with really good virtual reality technology. (SAO, Code Lyoko, etc.) You can leave inactive companions in the warehouse without having to worry about them getting board.

>> No.50606501

I'm probably not the first to try this, but I'm trying to find a way to cope withe the skull heart's influence. The personality changes are probably unavoidable, but would incomprehensible from young justice protect me? Since it says it removes and makes the user immune to mental control.

Thematically, I really want to become the skull girl, but being constantly rotted away (both physically and spiritually) and being urged to kill everyone I love feels like it would make the whole immortal thing worthless.

Are there any other perks that you think would help with this? maybe spirit of anarchy from Panty and Stocking, maybe something from soul eater?

>> No.50606555

There's a Spirited Away jump? I can't find it on the drive.

>> No.50606624

Still WIP. It's a Dirge one.

And Dirge's jumps always seem to take a few tries to get onto the Drive.

>> No.50606628

whats so dark about it?

>> No.50606638

y tho

>> No.50606666

Just a question but if people who drink my blood via Blood Oath, will they get any negative effects due to the fact that I'm a Bloodborne Hunter? Can I even infect them with the beast?

>> No.50606681

Ah, thanks.

>> No.50606686

What are some relatively low-risk jumps to get some OC companions?

>> No.50606700

One of the main characters is a goth chick?

>> No.50606706

Keep them on the ship from Uncharted Waters.

>> No.50606766

>I just hate the idea of sticking people.in stasis or a ship or something.

>> No.50606775

Van Hellsing, Lost Valley of the Dinosaurs, Sburb.

>> No.50606821


>> No.50606894

just don't expect it to get uploaded to the drive and wait for that guy who was takking his jumps to grab them instead

>> No.50606896

>Insert self-shill here
Ring of Red, Zootopia, and FLCL are all relatively low powered and the import options all allow you to make ocs.

>> No.50606984

The first thing you should acknowledge is that the skullheart is sapient. It can be reasoned with to a certain extent. Some basic charisma perks would go a fair ways.

That said, the heart is highly religious and loyal to the Divine Trinity, the titular goddesses of Skullgirls. Getting their aid would outright circumvent much of the inherent corruption of the skullheart. I recommend going to Percy Jackson and becoming a demigod of the Trinity, particularly the Divine Mother. This puts you on a similar level to the Trinity and outright forces the skullheart to pay attention to your whims.

However if you put all that aside, basic willpower perks are what you need for the mental corruption. Marie canonically had too much willpower for Double's liking, and she certainly didn't have jumpchan granted perks to help her.

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