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Which SCP entries contain some gameable ideas that are worth adding to a fantasy campaign in order to spice it up?

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Not sure how you would implement it but 173 is always a classic and a creepy one.

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None. SCP a shit.

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Your opinion is a shit.

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SCP-93. Either exactly as it is or just the premise.

>Players work for a secret organization that discovered a portal to another world
>Other world resembles Earth but is fucked beyond belief from some sort of unclear apocalypse
>No survivors to be found, only unimaginable horrors lurking in the empty cities and abandoned countrysides
>Players are sent to retrieve information about the apocalypse and recover any useful technology the parallel world might

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I made up a list once a couple of years ago...but it never went anywhere...

gimme a sec I'll see if I can find it.

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049 would be easy to incorporate, but it would basically be a slightly creepier necromancer.

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The one with the stones and the mirrors would make for a cool one, I think.

I've always been up for running a game based on SCP, but can never decide: should I run it as Delta Green with the players being soldiers having to go and fetch these things when they escape/new ones are found


have a bunch of street or global level civillians find just one, run it unknown armies and have average guys with no knowledge about these things try to exploit one/keep it hidden

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005 as an enchanted item
>its a key that unlocks any type of lock
>remote controlled collars that can warp the victims body to the commands of the controller
021 skin wyrm
>transferable living tattoo that eats pigments from the skin, increases agression, strength, stamina, dexterity, etc.
023 black shuck
>very dangerous encounter if looked in the eyes, good luck finding safety
060 infernal occult skeletons
>a very good idea for a cursed object that could cause a runaway reaction
070 Iron Wings
>a good encounter for low levels because the threat is clear and simple
088 Lizzard King
>IIRC; use with care
098 Surgeon Crabs
>little horrifying crab swarm with skill in vocal deception and scalpel blades instead of claws; eats it prey live over the course of several days
122 No More Monsters
>seems to have changed since I've listed it
>goes without saying, TPK kind of danger here
274 Graffitio
>sentient, people eating, contagious, Graffiti monsters...that can produce minions to further it's spread
280 eyes in the dark
>most intense game of flashlight tag you've ever played, lose and the creature tears you to shreds
323 Wendigo skull
>don't put it on, it turns you into a wendigo
352 Baba Yaga
>a fine variation on the "cursed forest" can be made of this creature
511 Basement cat
>colonies of hive-minded violent cats anyone? this causes them and spontaneously generates
542 Herr Chirurg
>the surgeon that works on himself installing things extracted from others with a powerful medical-tool based fighting style,
594 Electric sheep
>a fun encounter unless you fear lightning-bolts
635 medieval bootstrap program
>self reproducing auto-golems anyone?
638 the roaring one
>careful or you'll end up in a magical realm
803 Predatory Parasols
>a swarm

the second form of that sounds like the MOST INTENSE warehouse-13 game...I like it.

I went with "one of them caused an societal breakdown or mild apocalypse, now they're all free or semi-free to wreak havoc"

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surgeon crabs: http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-098
illusory butterflies: http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-408
the clockwork virus: http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-217
dragon-snails™: http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-111
hair-imitating parasites: http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-189

any of these would be workable in just about any setting.

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SCP-507 would be a reasonable basis for a campaign. You're all perfectly ordinary people, but every two weeks or so you teleport to a parallel reality. Your only objective? Survive.

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Sounds a bit like sliders to me. Would totally be up for a sliders based game

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>Pure autism

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>You can't like what I don't like !

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844 Crybaby
>small collection of animate bone-shards and gristle that lures people with the sound of crying babies before killing them for sustenance good low-level encounter
895 the Gentleman's lash
>a gun, you shoot something alive with it. no damage is done and no bullet fired; but all the pain is experienced

>they seem to have taken out the trench-spiders

that all the hostiles in the first 1000
on to locations

015 the Pipe Nightmare
>frightening encounter good haunted place
110 the subterranean city
>a location you could spend whole Campaigns exploring if you populate it with stuff correctly
143 Bladewood Grove
>a pretty good thing for all kinds of games(and my personal favorite SCP)
183 Weaver
>invisible spider, it strings up razor-floss webs and eats the chunky salsa that gets left behind; also plucks webbing like a harp sounds enchanting.
355 Serrated Lawn
>keep off the grass
440 Sand Based Ecology
>good if you can get it in a contained sort of area
464 the Foundry
>a complete People-making factory...
470 the Nexus of abandoned places
>like it says on the tin; careful where you walk.
628 the Flute Copse
>anomalous trees that sing in the wind, song causes hallucinations, fear, paranoia, etc...
667 Fairy Kudzu
>kudzu Green is PEOPLE
822 Landmine Cacti
>watch where you step
899 Lost children
>when they touch children the vanish...where did they go?

>this concludes my list of location-based phenomena I thought would be cool for a game through to entry 999
on to ITEMS 001-999

quit being a poopy-guts

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Not interested in SCP-823? I guess it is a little overdone nowadays.

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063 Worlds best toth brush
>scrubs away the mess on your teeth...
109 infinite canteen
>the water does you good
244 Ice Fog Jar
>cool doodad with a side order of entropy monster
262 coat of many arms
>puns are fun guys, careful of the quirk
272 an old iron nail
>great for imprisoning things that are otherwise hard to catch
294 the coffee machine
>phrasing is important
324 the eulogy shrub
>a nice thing for the fallen
344 Shrodingers can opener
>beware of angry tuna
437 woodcutters ax
>incompetent axe murderers anyone?
504 Critical tomatoes
>for punishing the cut-ups in the party
531 Paired Brass guard cats
>another nifty item set that works in lots of settings
540 Tannenbombs
>rapid reforestation anyone?
572 Katan of invincibility
>for making a joke encounter
578 the Blood Opals
>kind of neat and a little macabre
585 the Sharpeners
>great for that thrown weapons expert to play with
644 got changed
649 matchbox full of winter
>it gives you the chills
989 self defense sugar
>a pretty nifty escape system

>items listing concluded
on to non or semi hostile entities

wasnt an entry when I made my list or changed from something less interesting since I made the list.

I made this as a list of things that I thought my available players could survive being terminally stupid around.

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445 an 1165 have potential, as does 201 to a lesser degree. But then I'm a sucker for empty world settings.

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>it happens enough that they have to make a sign for "do not follow the little girl"

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You never, ever, ever follow little girls in this line of work. Tranquilizers first, questions later. That's training course day one. What's wrong with them?

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011 sentient civil war statue
>and his girlfriend the park custodian
030 the homunculus
>he just wants to help
039 Proboscis engineers
>tech support anyone
049 plague Doctor
>jovial if not quite harmless IIRC
172 gear man
>friendly and quirky friend
191 cyborg child
>sad nightmare-fuel little girl
203 tortured Iron soul
>friendly unless provoked
275 Iron Skin
>a pleasant Muslim lady
326 a Chinese peasant
>fun if you have a doctor nearby...when did they change the skeleton material in the entry?
550 the Ghul
>it's good for keeping the dungeons clean
670 the family of cotton
>a fine example of epic-level knitting/crochet/macrame
760 the groomers
>take a nap and wake up clean, sounds good to me
848 multidimensional spiderwebs
>they catch the strangest things
912 autonomous swat armor
>just don't get arrested

I have others up to 1667 but those were all of my "nifty entries up to 999"
list may be out of date

that sign might even be a meta-joke among the SCP teams. much like the "Donald Trump" gesture my friends have for games of charades. you mght use it once in your life ever, but when you do it's massively useful


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>they look like dogs

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in this setting....shit just gets wierd

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I love the SCP universe, I just don't get why the serpent's hand has a hobo symbol specifically for 'they look like dogs', would it not make sense for that symbol to have a more broad meaning?

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Just read all the experiments. That kind of thing needs to be interpreted as a movie.

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perhaps the "looks like" symbol is the horizontal line incorporated into a regular hobo symbol

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That's one logical response. The other logical response is "this comes up often enough that they have a special symbol just for it."

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Did you find it?

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>7 results

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yes I did and I posted as many relevant entries as I could
...I might go back through it and update it to include the 1000-1999 entries that work for games

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Oops, I'm a fucking moron. Should have read the thread before posting.

But yeah, a list of all the ones that are suitable for game purposes would be fucking fantastic

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>Everything about something is terrible
>Everything about something is amazing
>If you like ___ you're a ___
>If you don't like ___ you're a ___
>If you like something I don't like [Ad Hominem]
These sentiments are signs of a shitty person. Improve yourself, Anon. The board needs less shitpost

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the listed ones aren't ALL the game ready ones

it's all the ones I thought would be fun in a post-apocalyptic game as encounters or NPCs

and apparently they added and changed a bunch of shit since I read them all before

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>they didn't also have a "Do not follow the little girl" sign

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these are just samples of the runes in use by the different sides...

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They all know not to follow the little girl.

>> No.50599986

and the SCP foundation might have a care for helping others, even little girls...

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Tbh GOC seems to have far better approach to dealing with weird shit than Foundation.
>inb4 muh traumatized ex-chair

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It's a bad idea to smash shit you don't understand. Imagine what would happen if someone broke SCP-2700? Or, for that matter, neutralized it, then found out they could toss it into SCP-2317 and detonate it without the wave reentering this universe?

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>fired on sentient sailboat couple that were just acting like newlyweds on honeymoon, sightseeing the world without bothering anyone
>this resulted in the sinking of a state-of-the-art military vessel when sinking one of the boats sent the other into a rage
"Shoot first, ask questions later" is an appropriate response if there is a clear and present danger, but causes too much collateral damage when implemented just because a thing exists.

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The delete article button.

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>symbols have been compromised
Welp, time to break out the mnestics. Shame we don't have an antimemetics division, and never did.

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Memetic kill agents (parrot, godbox-basilisk, trinitarian) active bel͞o͡w this post. Unauthorised users are advised to ąbando͟n thread immediately.


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SCP-087 is an unlit platform staircase. Stairs descend on a 38 degree angle for 13 steps before
reaching a semicircular platform of approximately 3 meters in diameter. Descent direction rotates
180 degrees at each platform. The design limits an explorer's visual range. There are no lighting fixtures
or windows present. Lighting sources brighter than 75 watts have shown to be ineffective, as SCP-087 seems to absorb excess light.

The depth of descent is known to be far beyond both the possible structure of both the building and geological surroundings.
It is unknown if SCP-087 has an endpoint.

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> unlimited temperature-regulated interior space

Subdivide it endlessly and rent it out as economy apartments.

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087 and 055 are the only good SCPs. 093 spooked the shit out of me when I first read it, but going back to it as someone who is not fourteen I was disappointed,

>unlimited HAUNTED temperature-regulated interior space.

>> No.50604370

SCP-1147 is an unclassified species of plum tree whose seeds, designated SCP-1147-1, can be planted in practically any substance. The resulting plant will adopt physical attributes from the utilized substance. SCP-1147 has proven capable of growing in solids, loose material, and liquids via hydroponics. SCP-1147 produces fruit, designated SCP-1147-2.

The original specimen of SCP-1147 was discovered growing from the steel base of a lamp post in ████ ██████, Georgia, where it was believed to be an art installation by the local population.

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oh lordy C4 trees

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>Dr. Pavel, I'm SCP Foundation

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I still find this one pretty creepy desu

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I'd include a vending machine that spits out snacks from other universes in any game if I could. That thing is fun as hell.

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True. But, in-universe, they try really hard to make it look wrong or whatever when really, you should be understanding most of these things in an attempt to blow them the fuck up.

Most of the things don't even have a use other than weaponizing them by tossing them at someone you want dead. And that level of weaponization is more like releasing exploding mine dogs. Very likely they will crawl under your own tanks.

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GOC are brain dead cavemen who just smash shit

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Have you read the GOC seminar on type blues and thaumaturgy?

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Makes me miss the days of /tg/ /x/ crossovers being a semi-common thing.

Mostly the "spooky shit that's happened to you" threads which always ended up being a mix of real and fictional things.

SCP has some good concepts (and some good examples of what not to do).

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>t. Skubfag

>> No.50607988

They're really not. They actually have mages and cyborgs in their ranks and have treaties with stuff with the fey and other non-human entities. It's just that when they do deem something a threat they destroy it without mercy.

>> No.50608103

last I saw they shoot that shit on sight

>> No.50608459

Nope. Read some of the writefaggotry on the scp site about them. They use plenty of anomalous stuff when they work. They just use the loophole that magic is a form of science so it's ok to use.

They also have the Vatican as part of their ranks, so they have to accept a certain amount of weird stuff as divine miracles.

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I don't mind some spooks, as long as there's a working oven. They can't be worse neighbours than the current ones.
>unless it's the ghost that leaves dirty dishes in your sink

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>Symbols have been compromised
>Do not be taken alive
Genuinely unnerving just to read these couple of symbols
Too bad the majority of SCP is so dumb.

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SCP-1859 could be the subject of a campaign on its own.

Heck the whole Mekhane and Sarkicism conflict would be a pretty great campaign with some side games in the same world to flesh things out.

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> flesh things out

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>Too bad the majority of SCP is so dumb.
it has a good core.
which a lot of the community has shit all over.
but a good core can still ride through the shit for something awesome from time to time.

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The symbols have been compromised one must be the scariest one to ever find.
Imagine finding ones akin to "Safe place to rest", "Stay in the light" and "Room clear", only to further down see that the symbols have been compromised.

This is why I think that a game run about being on one recon team/strike force from the Foundation could be so amazing if done properly.

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>> No.50615706

That'd pretty much be the only way to run a typical campaign in the SCP setting unless you were doing something like Containment Breach as a one shot.

>Are we cool yet?

>> No.50616141

>Pure autism
>On /tg/
Surely you jest, anon? Someone on an anonymous mongolian yacht enthusiast imageboard enjoying a different form of autism to you? Impossible!

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I don't understand why nobody ever proposes roleplaying the research side of the SCP Foundation, or the security side, or even the administrative side. Is it down to the fact that most people want combat-heavy campaigns?

The comparison to Delta Green is also somewhat questionable. The organizations are very different; the Foundation's resources are vast and Delta Green's are not. Delta Green's opposition is generally organized and actively malicious, whereas SCPs are more often bizarre enigmas, with threat levels ranging from "weird but harmless" to "intrinsically inimical to the universe as we know it." In Delta Green, the universe still makes some kind of sense, even if it's the kind of sense that eventually drives you insane; in the world of the SCP Foundation, the world does not make any sense and quite possibly never will. The two have wildly different tones, which is why one has Giraffe Hell and the other has occult Nazis. Admittedly, there are a lot of similarities between a Delta Green cell and an MTF.

>> No.50617541

I legitimately wasn't trying to do that.

Yeah, a strike team focusing on one or a few related skips could make for a pretty fun game. I think the problem would be trying to fit in every SCP. That just gets ridiculous. Especially with things like 2000 and 001 thrown into the mix. Too many "world ending" threats and somehow our rooty toot ragtag band of scientists and agents throw billions of Class D personnel at them and life goes on as normal for everyone else. Even Containment Breech limited itself to having ones that are pretty much just "kill a bunch of people in a single area" type stuff rather than doomsday machines.

>> No.50617886

I've been pondering how to best implement 1471-A. Reading between the lines of the entry the app sounded like a way to spread a memetic component necessary to perceive the entity. The bit where the entity trys to visually communicate Makes it particularly useful in my mind. I plan to play on that and introduce it as a benign stalker the party encounters by "chance" during an investigative modern world game. The entity, Mal0, is a memetic cognito hazard. Awareness of it via a visual medium grants it perception of the observer. Normally it exists in a state of uncertainty, not emotionally but physically. The act of being observed changes that, causing it to manifest. Drawing from the entry it seems Mal0 is shy and socially awkward, yet clearly craves interaction, a friend. But its unsettling appearence as well as lack of means to properly communicate with humans causes issues in that regard. This leads it to stalk and lurk within the pariferal of the vision, enjoying the stability of being observed without agitating the observer, until it feels ready to make contact. Thus anyone, ie the party, who attempts to communicate back will gain it's more focused attention, becoming a safe place where it can be certain without hiding. I plan to let the party teach it as they interact, likely via notes and such as it cant speak. It will leave them gifts that make little sense using what it knows of them from observation. It will understand basic things to start with but not the underlying subtleties. Ie humans put things in their mouths to sustain themselves but doesn't get what separates food from not food. It will also defend it's "friends" with extreme violence but only in the most dire of situations, as it has a poor understanding of what "breaks" a human. The aftermath will be bloody as hell but leave no body, only inorganic things that were on/in the body.

>> No.50618000

My only problem with SCP entries is it seems like a number of them get a little too thick with the (REDACTED) (DATA EXPUNGED) and blacked out text. There is a certain point where it detracts from the article rather than adds to it.

>> No.50618034

The writing community crack down on overuse of that pretty harshly though - if it doesn't have a good effect, either it gets down voted to oblivion or its about to. The good stuff (generally) handles expungements well.

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Always 999.

>> No.50618591 [DELETED] 

I've always thought that running an MTF campaign would probably be one of the harder ways to run a campaign. I'd prefer to have a typical "motley crew" game, where someone's the ass kicker, someone's the scientist, someone's the bureacrat, etc.

>which is why one has Giraffe Hell and the other has occult Nazis.
Ok, I give up, which one is which? I used to be really into SCP, but I never followed Delta Green.

>> No.50618743

>unlimited HAUNTED temperature-regulated interior space.

So... what you're saying is, rent will be a steal?

>> No.50620339

>So... what you're saying is, rent will be a steal?
He's saying the place is inhabited by ghosts Anon, not black people

>> No.50620388

SCP: When reading Goosebumps is just too scary and suspenseful.

>> No.50620523

Ironically one of my personal best SCP's has absolutely no description and is just Containment data. That and whoever worked on the gif for the "coffin that makes you see weird shit if you are looking through a camera" Skip

>> No.50623031

I like this idea.

>> No.50625610

i like that picture good job

>> No.50625771

Had an idea to incorporate 354 into a Shadowrun game, though I haven't totally fleshed out how.

General idea is they follow leads to a secret corporate facility and make their way deeper and deeper inside where they eventually end up at the blood pond itself, where I'd have it spawn a bunch of crazy magical creatures they would have to fight off and likely eventually flee from.

>> No.50628110 [DELETED] 


>> No.50629022

I have the most shameful boner right now.

>> No.50629174

Which one, out of curiosity? The first one that comes to mind is SCP-2317, but that one's kind of a basic "you're fucked, bend over and bite the pillow" planet-eating monster.

>> No.50629184

I love how these range from perfectly mundane and harmless occurences to balls-to-the-wall doctor who shit.

>> No.50629248

>harmless occurences
...they're hazard warning signs man...
they are by definition, not harmless.

>balls-to-the-wall doctor who shit.
it's what makes the SCP universe delightfully dangerous.

>> No.50629250

This one?


>> No.50629293

It's all relative.

Getting your foot eaten by a predatory land sponge that imitates carpet is pretty fucking horrific. Compared to


and more fucked up things it's probably not that bad.

>> No.50629307

Roger that, I'll keep an eye out for dangerous higgs boson particles.
Wouldn't want to see any quantum entanglement in the space around me either.

>> No.50630474

indeed we wouldn't want anyone spaghettified again...that was a mess and a half to clean up

>> No.50631309

I would take 106 over the carpet any day of the week!

>> No.50631388

Each to their own.

Personally I would prefer knowing that I am "merely" about to die because I'm being killed by a normal-ish biological animal over some unknown fate that may be worse then simple death as the soul is potentially stripped away to be tortured for all eternity and well beyond the point where you would wish for the release of death.

Of course I would much more prefer that there were health and safety signs telling you how not to fuck up too much.

>> No.50631561


user friendly demon summoning

>> No.50631584


a fine magic ring of mental protection (side effects my vary)

>> No.50631610


A scholarly gentleman your more likely to find in any dungeon than his manor

>> No.50631637


My favorite SCP of all time that introduced me to SCPs

>> No.50631658


Damn druids! leave it be already

>> No.50631682


You could have a whole adventure based around this thing (or a jolly side quest should a party member be absent for a session)

>> No.50631684


get me a solid block of dark chocolate now!

>> No.50631713


Say what you will about summoners, but they have excellent cafeterias

>> No.50631732

>If you say ____ you're a ____
This sentiment is a sign of a shitty person. Improve yourself, Anon. The board needs less shitpost

>> No.50631743


Whole dungeon right here, some Dwarf had the idea "what if I just smithed something to do the mining FOR me" Horror ensues

>> No.50631788


The dungeon is aware, non euclidean, and shifting.
and it has a personality...
and a sense of humor...
a bad one.

>> No.50631839

and finaly, perhaps most in line with OPs request, a big list of paranormal junk, that is interesting yet mostly useless from an adventures standpoint


Can be fun as loot flavor though.

>> No.50631866

I like the ideas, but I just want to vent and say that the SCP community are really sensitive pussies

t. Banned for a year for saying faggot

>> No.50631901

Don't call people faggots when you aren't on 4chan, faggot.

Not to say that they aren't really sensitive pussies, or that the incestuous circlejerk between big-name contributors isn't cancerous

>> No.50632127

I definently don't lol

I don't recall the circumstances but using faggot was appropriate at the time, believe me bud.

>> No.50632354

I think this comic could be used as inspiration for a SCP campaign.

>> No.50633262

Everything in the internet turns into a circle jerk if it isn't anonymous.
Think about all these kinds of content creation based things you've stumbled upon, or different kinds of forums, or even online games.
Or maybe that's just my years of accumulated 4chan anonymity bias speaking.

>> No.50634754

>Everything in the internet turns into a circle jerk if it isn't anonymous.
no, even when anonymity is a thing it can still gets circle-jerky

>accumulated 4chan anonymity bias speaking.
don't worry, it passes eventually.
namefagging is still semi-anonymous and sometimes it's nice to have a reputation.

the key is in moderation and careful consistency.

>> No.50635946

My game's biggest BBEG is based on an SCP.

>> No.50635994

Tell me more. What's the game about, who's the BBEG, and what's the SCP you based him on?

>> No.50636020

Maybe not a fantasy thing, but there's a pretty cool SCP about an imprisoned alien inteligence discovering how to possess humans via electromagnetic communications.

>> No.50636035

Shit, meant to link it

>> No.50636316


>> No.50636370

honesty best policy

>> No.50636763

Honestly, the edits grimdarked it up a bit too much for my liking. This article (and by extention the SCP Foundation wiki itself) no longer feels like "Hey, this thing does something weird that can't be explained by modern science", it feels more like "this grim and disturbing artifact is scary and will kill you, and the foundation needs a ridiculously high rate of hires for all the people that keep getting murdered/transformed/mindraped by all these SCPs"
My personal favorite SCPs are the ones that manage to be humorous without breaking immersion, like 2006 or 1171, or are just plain weird but not necessarily dangerous, like 1981.

>> No.50636773

>Everything in the internet turns into a circle jerk if it isn't anonymous.
>thinking 4chan hasn't turned into a circle-jerk

>> No.50637054

So, what's with other dimensions and organic, fleshy overgrow? It just seems like every other SCP that dimension hops or gazes you end up visiting or seeing a place covered in organic tentacles and shit.

Alien had it because the overgrowth was the aliens nesting, but most SCP dimensions don't seem to be about the organic growth being a nesting material or whatever.

>> No.50637266

It's pretty easy to get a feeling of wrongness by just replacing everything made of minerals or plants with meat, in a way replacing everything made of meat with minerals or plants doesn't.

>> No.50638342

ok /tg/ how do we stop "the shy guy"


>> No.50638463


>> No.50638721


>> No.50638838

it doesn't hate it's own reflection. it just cannot stand anyone seeing it's face

better way to stop it would be to not irritate it.

>> No.50638931

We don't.
The thing tanked a direct hit from an anti-tank missile and a thousand bullets from a mounted machine gun, you really think you can stop it? Best thing to do is just make sure no one sees it's face and it won't give you much trouble.

>> No.50638985

>Subjects who survive rapid, repeated exposure are eventually transformed [DATA EXPUNGED]

>> No.50639001


Burlap sack.

>> No.50639020

Into superheroes. These individuals are cursed with an insatiable desire to do good, and inevitably escape the lab, using their powers for the benefit of humanity.

>> No.50639027

I never noticed how creepy Koala eyes are.

>> No.50639040

Just like how we stopped Shia Lebouf.

>> No.50639068

Actual Cannibal Shia LeBouf?

>> No.50639080


>> No.50639100

I was thinking more "not famous anymore" Shia Lebouf. Although I suppose decapitation would also do it, if you could avoid looking at it's face while you do so.

>> No.50639173

supposedly nothing could damage it's skeleton

that was in the after-action report, the flesh could be damaged, but not the bones.

can I help you?

>> No.50639253

Would it be possible to put a mask or something over its head without looking at it?

>> No.50639292

I suspect it would take the mask off for comfort reasons

>> No.50640087

No problemo. Just tie the mask to its genitals so that every time it tries to take it off, it gets a good ol' ball-yank.

>> No.50640191

>implying 4chan isn't it's own special kind of circlejerk
Imagine if you will, a worldwide, anonymous jerk. a sort of gloryjerk if you will

>> No.50640233

>a worldwide circlejerk
An orbital ringjerk, if you will

>> No.50640373

>symboles have been compromised

>> No.50640598

This is actually an excellent way to fuck with your players.

Let's say the PCs are investigating a mysterious death. The victim was a member of a secret society or cult, and marked certain items with symbols. At first the marks are confusing, but they gradually become helpful. The PCs rely on them more and more, as they discover marks in hidden places that always seem to point them along the right path - they're retracing the victim's steps, in reverse.

Symbols cut into the bottom of a desk. A line drawn through a page of a book. The PCs start to put it together - the victim was leaving marks for their counterpart or ally. Moscow Rules. The marks lead them all the way back to the beginning - to the murky conspiracy at the heart of it all. And the PCs trust them - why wouldn't they? The breadcrumbs haven't been wrong yet.

But they never did find out what the mark the victim drew in his last moments meant. The codebooks they've found never included it.

But somehow, by chance, they come across the explanation much, much later.

"Symbols have been compromised."

And now, they're in too deep.

>> No.50640671

I'm currently running an Apocalypse World game where the PCs decided that the setting's driving scarcity wasn't water or food or gasoline. It's certainty. If you can provide certainty, you are powerful.

I've been deliberately gaslighting the players since session 1. The facts change the moment they look away. NPCs disappear or change genders. Horrifying truths are briefly revealed, then shown to be illusions... or was the real world the illusion, and the curtain has just dropped again?

Every session starts with a recap... and it's never been the same story twice. It's pretty close, but it's not the /same/. The players have caught on, and they're starting to get worried.

The reason? One character is an un-person, a gestalt consciousness made from prisoners of war, hospital patients, and something found in the sea. It's skin is dead, bloated flesh and clay. It bleeds seawater. It doesn't breathe or blink. The character has been manipulating everyone's memories and minds for months now, almost unconsciously. Nobody has really "seen" it for what it truly is.

>> No.50640689

Explain this PNG

>> No.50640782

It's the prime numbers... plotted in circular polar coordinates? I'm not sure I can make it any simpler.

I'm not quite sure what the designer used for the period of the circle, but it's just a variant of one of these plots:

If you want to read up on it: http://www.numberspiral.com/

>> No.50641352

> An adult male capybara (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris) several thousand miles away from the natural habitat for its species, with bright blue and green fur.
>Identified as lost exotic pet with ██████████-brand hair dye. Returned to owner;
I wonder how often it happens to the foundation.

>> No.50641431

Slightly off topic, but does anyone know why there's no SCP-055? Is it some kind of in-joke from the early days of the website? I just thought it͢ ̧w̛a͠s w͢e̴ird́, given that the rest of the first thousand numbers are taken.

>> No.50641672

Are there even as many records as the numbers go up to? I don't know, the Foundation is big and frankly sort of messily administered. Really, I wouldn't be surprised if someone mistakingly recorded an entry as 056 after 054, and then they just went with it because it would mess up the archiving if 055 was filled afterwards.

>> No.50641855

I wish I was a good enough DM that I could pull that off, that sounds fantastic.

>> No.50641971

Yeah, weird, considering how ear̛ly it would've been. Like, I was ẃ̸ondering if that meant it was somet̢hing prolific, like, it ẃ̸as too b͟ig to have a file on, too màny̵ ͡pe͏o̵ple͟ might be affected. W̸̧̕hat could even do that, though.

>> No.50643062

The actual, Doylist, out-of-universe reason is that 055 used to be one of the more notorious special-sno̧w̡flake SCPs, before the moderators started cracking down on bad writing. The original author - total bitch, by the way - and her friends/soc̡kpuppets kept vandalizing whatever SCP repļa̕ced it, so eventually the admins just called time and banned anyone making a 55.

tl;dr: part in-joke, part old internet drama from way, way back

>> No.50643341

What was the old SCP-55 about? I know it's like... Something non-spherical right now, what are we talking about again?

>> No.50643450

Honestly, it could be anything. You pack enough weird shit into a small enough space and something bound to come loose. Like cement pouring into a trashcan, or pear in a fist.

>> No.50643818

How do you guys even do that?

>> No.50644262

>How do you guys even do that?
D̔͊͗ͦͭǒͦͪͯ͘͝ ̔͂͛̿͂ͭ̚͝w̾͊ͦ̀́h͆̉ͦ͆̂͏a̧ͤͪ̈́̀͡t̨ͬ͑̈́̓̀ͦ̽͠҉?̑ͬ͂ͬͨ͜

>> No.50644804

D̴͠o̢̨͡ y͏ou ͝m̨ęa͢͡n͝
̴̛Ìt's͝ ́͟͝s̷̕į̀͜m̧pl͏̷e̡,̵̀ ̵̕͢ju͠s͝t̵ ̷͢͞p҉u̸̧͘t͡ ̢'҉>͞'̢ ̸̷̨a͟t̕ ͏̴t̴̀̀h͡e ͝͝b̴̢e̴͡g̡͝i͢n̕ni̧n͏͟͟g̴̕ ǫf̨̀͝ ͢á̀ ̕n̷è͘w͡͏ ̵l͞i̵̵͝n̵̵͘ȩ̀ ̧҉҉o͏͟f ̡te̕͟͠x͞͠t̀͘͜ ́͜a̸n̷d҉̕͝ ̧͘͡v̡̨o̸i͏̵͢la, g̵̵͞re̢͞e͘n̷̨t̸̕͟ȩ͞x̸́ti͏n҉͝g͟.̵

>> No.50644822

Look up Zalgo text

>> No.50644871

*takes a sudden interest in the moon*

>> No.50644943


>> No.50644963

Don't you fucking dare!

>> No.50645769

You shut your filthy whore eyes!

>> No.50645836

Less than they'd like it to, I imagine.

>> No.50646722

You just need to practice, Anon.

And watch Smiley's People, True Detective, and probably a few other shows I'm missing. It's like training for your GM muscles.

>> No.50648021

Thanks. I was half expecting a serious answer though.

>> No.50648140


>> No.50648479


>> No.50648507

[zalgo] Seriously? Nah, that can't be real [/zalgo]

>> No.50648528

that's the old one, four spaces were replaced with
(only works on /g/), spoiler and flip remain the same, no idea about the rest

>> No.50648928

>"upside down" is reversed horizantally in addition to being mirrored.

>> No.50648975

There's always someone falling for that

>> No.50649061

*Lets* **see** ~~if any~~ of^these [flip]work[/flip].

>> No.50649170

don't we have an updated graphic I can replace this one with?

>> No.50649428


You do not recognize the bodies in the water

>> No.50649548


BTW is there any links to any SCP RPG scenarios ?

>> No.50649566

Looking that up would've led you to a text generator.

>> No.50649606

>Want to write up a SCP that is basically skeltal lighting Ghost Rider General Mattis
>Fites SCPs and doesn't fraid of anything
>Foundation gives into his cantankerous and incessant bitching and uses him as an asset to punch brown people/nazis/scps/brown nazi scps
>Goes from Keter to Thaumiel overnight. Resurrects in random battlefields around the world when he gets destroyed.
>Eventually gets put into a MTF made of SCPS

>Read Able after the last SCP thread
>Find out that such a thing exists
>And it was a vehicle to show off how kewl and edgy Able is

God damnit.

>> No.50649821

I'd like to try something like that eventually, but I can't really imagine how I can make it work.
I mean, at the beginning, when the players still don't suspect a thing, they will surely ask me if I say something contradictory or weird, thinking I made a mistake or simply wanting to be sure they heard right.
What should I do in that case? Pretend it was a lapse? Confirm what I said? Deny it?

>> No.50649865


>> No.50649924


Of all the ways they could of done Able the went with generic edgelord.

Cain was also poorly written. Why the chrome? It only detracts.

>> No.50650316

Imagine, one day, a Skeleton pops out Arlington. He's wearing Army greens, aviators, and is held together with lightning and hate. Before you can snap a picture and post it on Facebook the undead bastard stands up, and like a bat out of hell starts charging east. Past D.C., past Maryland, through the entirety of the Atlantic, and into Germany in a few weeks time. On foot. He strides out of the Rhine dripping wet, water steaming of the electrical viens pulsing across his charred, glowing bones. Anything not wrecked by the Americans or the Germans the undead construct starts leveling with his bare hands, bolts of lightning flying from his bony fists like gusts of wind. All the while he's spouting a staggering amount of admittedly creative rofanity from behind a cigar he found at some point between the Rhine and the city center. The GOC, always all too happy to destroy something first and ask questions never, begins to apply an ever increasing amount of fire power, ranging from .50 BMG to tank rounds. The tank rounds did the trick, although it was really more getting crushed by a flipped tank than anything else that finally put him down. Global cover up as per usual, the damages pinned on ISIS or some such and the world keeps spinning.

A few months later, in Vietnam, a skeleton rises out of a rice patch wearing a Green Beret, cargo pants with jump boots, ammo belts around his bare torso, and a pair of aviators. SCP operatives in Cambodia rapidly respond to the reports of a G.I. ghost wiping out villages with his hands and thunder while signing "Fortunate Son" behind a chewed cigar. Containment fails, so several tactical drone strikes are called to turn sparky into dust.

Not even a day later a giant electrical fire breaks out in Mexico City, followed by reports of a skeleton wearing a Union Soldier's uniform screaming "I REMEMBER THE ALAMO, GOD DAMNIT." with a pair of of aviators and a cigarello.

>> No.50650532

So you start small - little things that aren't plot relevant, but aren't major mistakes either.

"When Ryan looks at you and strokes his beard thoughtfully."
"Wait, I thought he didn't have a beard?"
"Nope, he definitely does."
"Oh, ok, then."

"You pass by the Gilded Horse tavern and..."
"Wasn't it the Golden Horse?"
"Nope," pretend to check notes, "Gilded Horse."
"The Golden Horse is on fire and..."

The trick is to start very subtle and never, ever admit that you are doing it deliberately. Never wink or hint that there's something weird going on... until the point where it becomes obvious. And then, the PCs will question EVERYTHING.

>> No.50650878

>Anything not wrecked by the Americans or the Germans the undead construct starts leveling with his bare hands
I meant the Russians, but the Germans works too.

This carries on for about a month, where they finally catch him in Afghanistan, setting Hashish crops ablaze and turing Taliban strongholds into rubble and paste. Agents attached to the SF units in the area where actually able to talk to him. The skeleton attached itself to their element, seemingly convinced it was their former teamleader who had died in an IED attack and his body never recovered. The Agents where able to question the skeleton on his previous attacks, which he had vauge memories of other servicemen commiting, he only being present. It's then revealed that the Skeleton is essentially an amalgam of the souls of American servicemen so fueled by bloodlust that when they died they formed into a self realized Tulpa, each spirit taking the ole bones for a spin then switching off when they get destroyed. The Agents attempt to bring in the creature, refering to itself as "Sarge" but only serve to piss it off, charging into the Korengal by himself, before being taken out by mighty BRRRRT fire.

Armed with the knowledge of the SCP's nature they monitor all known sites of dead US service members. Sure enough he pops up in Russia, at the site of a failed Cold War black op. The Foundation descends on the location before the GOC has an opportunity to, and use a combination of molecular manipulation and energy trapping technology wrapped in a blast proof box they transport him to the bottom of the Sea. Basically "Able-ing" him, but using timed releases of abyssal water to batter him down so he doesn't get rowdy. Eventually a conglomerate personality sets in, a simple combination of all the spirits that is as gung ho as it is bug fuck insane.

At some point they are able to stop battering him down with below freezing water and soul crushing pressure by giving him cigars, MREs, and porn

>> No.50650968

Given some time, the ole crazy bastard wears down the site managers and they push foward the paperwork to let him go out into the field. Being not as hard to control of other SCPs and relatively """""""sane""""""" enough to carry out orders and work in a team, he brings the 'Murican spirit to the field with ruthless efficiency.

Eventually, as his amalgam personality becomes more coherent he's able to head his own MTF made of similarly coherent SCPs, with the understanding that if he loses control he gets droned, picked up, amd thrown in the Trench again, without smokes or porn.

>> No.50650991


This >>50650316 >>50650878 >>50650968 answer your question?

>> No.50651135

I'm not opposed to some kind of eternal warrior who keeps popping out of the ground and fighting wars long since ended, but I don't like the idea of a team of SCPs going out and doing things on behalf of the foundation. The SCP foundation isn't the X-men.

>> No.50651289

Well you definitely rekindled my interest in the idea.

They could probably try and weaponize him, drop the consistent personality, have him talk more about his dead friends or a family he hopes to see after the end of this deployment. Essentially make it less "fun" and have the page transition from "oh this is awesome and kinda funny" to "jesus christ this is depressing"

>> No.50651445

The SCP wouldn't use him, simply because it's easier to contain him then let him go free. The only Human SCP in use are either grandfathered via infecting someone important enough to not just be immediately demoted to d class, or are integral to keeping worse SCP's contained.

>> No.50651506

1976 was a weird time to be in high school in the SCP verse.

>> No.50651510

Mind, I only speak as to my own tastes, but that seems better.

Actually it kind of reminds me of an old idea I had for a skip, which is an old Mosin-Nagant that holds the spirit of its former owner. Anyone who picks it up is possessed by the spirit of a Russian conscript who fervently believes he's still fighting in the Great Patriotic War.

The vessels die as easily as any normal person, but as soon as the next person picks up the rifle they're possessed too. So Russian SWAT comes in and, in characteristic spetsnaz fashion, kills this crazy guy who's waving around a rifle and constructing a barricade, and as soon as someone goes and picks up the rifle they start bayoneting people.

>> No.50651651

Maybe have the Afghan ghost be a particularly reasonable spirit, being new and apparently part of a unit with SCP experience, agrees to containment, despite all the thousands of other warriors tormenting him for imprisoning them all again. THAT'S depressing. They give him pictures of his family everynow and then to reward staying in control, and unleash him against other SCPs every now and then or use him in tests to allow the other ghosts to blow of some steam and relieve some pressure off the "main" ghost.

That way everyone gets their way.

I'm sure they would be in a daily pissing contest with the Army over who he belongs to, though.

>> No.50651684

>American Eternal Warrior
>Haunted Nagant

>integral to keeping worse SCP's contained

Nazi Frankenstein Cyborg Werewolves anyone?

>> No.50651770

Oh shit. Speaking of Able, maybe his latest incarnation is the Agent that Able respected.

>Able breaks out
>SCP XXXX is deployed against SCP 076
>"Ha! What new sorcery is this?"
>"New? You don't remember me?"
>Shoots SCP 076 in the head
>"Time for a rematch, motherfucker."

>> No.50651845

>Everyone talking about being an MTF based around finding/containing SCPs
>When Thaumiel-Tier SCP canon exists


Failure is an option. We can always just do it over again.

>> No.50651895

there are plenty of scp's where failure is most certainly not an option
one of them is a collection of cakes

2000 allows them to reset humanity if the earth is still habitable sure, but its one of a kind, they no longer have full knowledge on how it works and if it breaks down in any way they can't repair it, and that's by far the most reliable reset button they have.

>> No.50651944

That might work. I could see an Agent supressing the other spirits like in >>50651651, the other thousands of pissed of ghosts girding against his sanity, only coming out to play when he finally gets out of his box to supress or contain some threat.

I mean there's hundreds of SCPs that revolve on periodic purges of the area, or getting beaten back into a pulp. Why not apply a resurrected agent?

I think if you could convince the core writing community to ressurect MTF Omega 7, you could easily put this giy in there. From what I've seen he's not particularly edgy or overpowered as far as Keter SCPs go.

>> No.50651987

the major reason nobody has done it yet is quite simple: a resurrecting agent with no downsides is simply narratively boring.

Also I'd say the further they stay away from having x-men teams, the better.

>> No.50652048

I do enjoy the idea. Maybe he can't control who is in charge at times? Like they DID use him, and it was working for a while, then he lost control. And everything went to shit.

Now he's stuck in some technobabble freezer screaming to be let out again. That's a cruel irony, for an Agent to end up in containment. As an Immortal skeleton no less.

>> No.50652096

if you think you could make it work, you can try to submit it

>> No.50652206

Men in Black was right!


>> No.50652380

>the foundation needs a ridiculously high rate of hires for all the people that keep getting murdered/transformed/mindraped by all these SCPs
I've long assumed that 99% of the foundation's staff are clones at this point, it's the most sensible solution to that issue

>> No.50652421

I assume they have access to a parallel dimension full of D-class personnel, or equivalent. It's easy enough to get disposable humans from the Sophont Farms of Earth-K-22 or the Slave Pods of Earth-N-1014

>> No.50652422

given they have a machine that can produce up to 100.000 humans a day, it wouldn't even be that hard

>> No.50652521

Why the fuck is site 13 not a game yet?

This kind of shit is awesome as hell and I could see the total insanity going down there being fun as hell.

This is objectively my favorite SCP. Fight me.


>What happened to site 13?

>> No.50652726

how about a game where you try to survive Dr Clef and his crazy antics!

>> No.50652810

So you're saying we make taking off the mask extremely painful...

>> No.50652867

Esoterrorists and/or Fear Itself might be another good place to look for an SCP-based game, though I'm not sure how the locals around here feel about the Gumshoe system.

>> No.50652868

He's a shy guy

>> No.50652948

I'd love to see a game where the PCs have to save the world or accomplish their missions using only: http://www.scp-wiki.net/log-of-anomalous-items

>> No.50653035

For ███

>> No.50653963

Anon I think your SCP is quite fun but your idea will get down voted into oblivion (i'm assuming u were writing this for a SCP if not just ignore my post ).

The Foundation in universe are against using skips akin to tools. the side stories related to able only further bring home this point if you wish to read them

They have plenty of writing guides of Do-nots on scp's as X-men/tools for the Foundation are explicitly looked down on (However this doesn't mean U can't write a X-man you'll just have to write it in a fashion to survive the site votes)

SCP: Secure Contain Protect, the end result of your idea goes against the motto of the Foundation

While the sites community will likewise downvote your article given to what your referring to as being in likeness to Able. As it was a very very early article on the site, having moved past this point in writing (Look in the 2000s+ to get an idea of the current writing style)

If you do however want the skip to be used as a tool i would recommend trying to get the GOI: Chaos Insurgency part of the article given they regularly use skips as weapons & it would keep that part of your concept in play

Hope this was somewhat helpful

>> No.50654219

Well yeah but every Thaumiel Tier Scps (or those acting as not listed) fuck up the world in some way be it

>Time Travel
- changing the past or just shows a possible future

>Mass Amnesia
- For everyone no exceptions
(i.e no clue why it was down)
>Super weapons

>Broken shitpile of a Alien Space Ship
- Which only appears before a inter galactic invasion after a species is wiped out having a foundation like org, being completely useless given its been built like Lego pieces with each previous species

>Diavolos Stand
-That saves the earth but every time it's done blows up alternate universes


>> No.50654286


>> No.50654355


>> No.50654664

It is interesting but I feel like whoever wrote this was a little too fond of House of Leaves.
Was that the one about the little girl that had to be raped at regular intervals?

>> No.50654672

This anon. This anon has the right idea.

>> No.50654825

A good idea for a SCP themed game could be incorporating the GOI's/POI's of the universe.


Here's the official list if your interested but i know for a fact these aren't all them you can usually find a couple hidden gems connected with each other you just got to go look for them

Other anons have already mentioned the GOC the shootexplodeBurnKill side of the coin to the The Foundation with their fondness of Magic,Exo suits & Mechs they could diffidently be fun

>> No.50654897

Got me

>> No.50655102

>Girl who had to be raped
No that one's still up; 117, I think?

>> No.50655183

So there are a few thematic elements that are common to SCPs. I'm not going to cite actual reference numbers here because that's not the point.

1. A Normal Object with an Unusual Property. This property is usually related to a hidden or non-physical, often human, factor.

A candle that changes colour depending on its proximity to the sea is not very interesting. A candle that changes colour depending on its proximity to a human corpse is interesting. A candle that changes colour depending on its proximity to any person who has, in the past one year, experienced sexual intercourse is VERY interesting.

2. Intelligent, Nonhuman Entities. These entities are often tied to an object. They often have specific goals, desires, or requirements.

A hat that forces its wearer to tap-dance. A theater that eats children. Can be alien, spiritual, or simply weird - if it has a goal and it has a method, it falls into this category.

3. Thing from Other Dimensions or Timelines. Pretty standard sci-horror fare.

A set of Cutco Surgical Hysterectomy Knives (tm). A manual for a laser gun, written in Cherokee. A human-like creature with viewports connected to certain organs, intended as an anatomical model.

4. Monsters, Angels, and Daemons but in the Modern World. Mythological references, described in scientific terms.

Cain, Abel, the Cockatrice, Jonah's sperm and Christ's foreskin - all of them literary references, seen through a modern lens, and made frightening. Plenty of horror tropes here, especially body horror.

5. Humans with an Unusual Property. Again, pretty standard fare.

A man who casts no shadow. A child who drinks blood. A woman who can read any text in any language.

SCP basically takes all these ideas and lists them one after the other, with enough vagueness and cross-referenceing to make it feel like you're discovering some deep mystery when you're reading them.

Now that you're aware of the basic forms, you can start to adapt them for your games.

>> No.50655825

A fair portion of this will depend on your setting. In D&D, where demons appear on a regular basis, stone can turn into mud, mud into flesh, and druids into panthers... well, a large number of SCP-like concepts become "oh, it's Tuesday already?"

So first, you have to determine what your setting views as "normal". Horror games work best when real-world normal and the game's normal are close. This doesn't mean the setting has to be 1:1 reality, but it has to feel grounded, solid, and comprehensible. The movie "Alien" is a fantastic example. Establish normal for the PCs. Spend time building their routines, their habits, their lives. Have them solve a few unrelated, normal problems.

Then they encounter the Unusual Thing. It can appear benign - it probably should, at first - but it also should be a startling event. They'll want to learn more...

Secure. The PCs will want to get a handle on the item. They'll want to play with it and understand it.

Let's say, at a pawn shop, they find a radio with three dials "frequency", "X", and "Theta". There are marks in sharpie on the 2 unusual dials. The current setting makes it a normal radio, but adjusting the dials leads to some very anomalous results. These could be radio from different time periods, different dimensions, whatever keeps the players interested.


The PCs will probably fiddle with it for a bit, and, assuming no plot hooks are generated by their speculation, leave it alone for a bit.

Unless they're genre saavy, they'll probably leave it unguarded.

When they come back, someone they know has vanished near the radio. The dials are set to a configuration that the PCs didn't try. Only the NCPs clothes are left behind. If they turn on the radio, the NPC can be heard but does not hear the PCs. Maybe they can hear other voices as well.

Gently lead the PCs back to the pawn shop, as they try to track down the previous owner and rescue the NPC friend.

>> No.50655896


>> No.50656049


The PCs aren't the only ones looking for the Unusual Thing. There is at least one other group - possibly more. They'll start following the same breadcrumbs as the PCs, but they might be just a little slower, or a little too obvious.

The PCs might decide to offer another faction a deal, in exchange for the faction's help. Maybe the man in a dark suit who said he was "with the Service" could retrieve their friend.

You can go two ways with this. The PCs could be inducted into the conspiracy, as emergency accomplices, as trainees, or as pawns. They could enter a "MiB" or "SCP" type organization at the ground floor.

Alternatively, the other factions are more than happy to put a bullet in the back of the head of any PC foolish enough to cut a deal. That should wake the other PCs up real quick. They're not just hunting clues now. They're being hunted.

This phase is primarily about the conspiracy - uncovering it, exploring it, figuring out how all the pieces fit together. Who's in on it. What parts of "normal" aren't actually normal.

>> No.50656085

oh god my eyes!

>> No.50656117

>Six-sided dice that can occasionally land on a seven.
>Notes: Research my ass. He's just using the damned thing to cheat on his sneak attack damage. - Dr. Morgan

>> No.50656168

>A snow globe containing an 11-second time loop of a snowman murdering a bystander with an axe.
>On Research Assistant Goldsheiner's desk, for aesthetic purposes.
The whole list is more interesting than most of the SCP's

>> No.50656173

That thing is physically painful to look at.

>> No.50656284


Now the Unusual Thing starts to turn on them. There's a catch. A Monkey's Paw that wasn't stated up front. Maybe the item is sentient and has its own goals. Maybe it's manipulating their minds (techniques: >>50640671
>>50650532 )

The Conspiracy wants to protect the world from the Unusual Thing. The PCs probably want the same thing, now, but they also want to protect themselves and their friends.

>> No.50656305

Well the filename isn't "STARE AT THIS" now is it, you fuckmuppet?

I'm not sure there's a rating lower than D-class, but you'd be in it.

>> No.50656885

The only way to stop http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-1960-j

>> No.50656925


What's so hazardous about this one?

>> No.50656987

>Diavolos Stand

Which one was this?

>> No.50656994

Induces total blindness after ten minutes by short-circuiting rotational recognition pathways in V2.

You'll probably start to see grainy, coloured snow pretty soon. That's how it starts.

>> No.50657003


Jokes one you, I was already blind.

>> No.50657038

Fairly soon, ordinary images with dense lines will begin to take on false colours and movements.

>> No.50657131

Not since it turned to shit and tried to outdo the other rarely creepy SCPs.

It was at it's best when it was basically mundane shit given a creepy explanation like the hair parasites etc.

Now it's just shit. That includes the dumb unkillable monsters.

>> No.50657483

I've always noticed that most scps try to be as edgy and frightening as possible, and most joke scps aren't tongue in cheek enough. THese 3 second clips of fun little magic items are easy to write.

Oh, and check out what I found browsing that page. Apparently youtube has aliens.


>> No.50657539


>> No.50657631


I think- again in the vein of penultimate spook factor- readers who say this underestimate just how many people in the real world we live in today are sitting on deathrow for life. For all you know they could actually be utilized for such things and there's essentially no way to know otherwise.

Between Asylums, Prisons, POW camps, and refugee camps, and just plain hobos, prostitutes, and unlisted people, there's an awful lot of invisible humans on Earth.

>> No.50657908

part of it comes from my personal preference for how the Foundation is run, I prefer it to be an organization that for as much as they sometimes have to make hard decisions that are very grey or even outright black in their morality, are generally trying to do the right thing, and having the D-Class be mostly Clones helps reduce the moral issues there, especially since most of said clones were created from the aforementioned Death Row convicts

as for many of the members of the Foundation proper also being Clones, this is mostly to accommodate for how often SCP's kill their researchers and security teams in addition to the D-Class fodder, and thus how the foundation is able to treat such frequent losses so nonchalantly

>> No.50657915

I hope you don't do any of the writing.

>> No.50658496

Surely it wouldn't take too much convincing to grind up five or so instances of SCP-500 for use as soil...

>> No.50658552

>Item Description: Normal garden slugs, whose trail has the exact same chemical composition and taste as commercial-brand ranch dressing.
>They also appear to reproduce by binary fission every week.
>Current Status: In animal containment. Excess entities incinerated.
Someone's career is to keep these Ranch slugs happy. Imagine having such a cushy job.

>> No.50658659

I just wanted to say Cain and Abel are kinda terrible.
No, this doesn't add anything to the thread, but I really, really can't stand Abel. Everytime I see him mentionned I cringe.
Sorry for this useless post, I needed to tell someone about it.

>> No.50658736

I like to imagine the folks who keep an eye on the harmless stuff, like the ranch slugs, or the cloning tree, must legit love their jobs. then you get the poor bastards who have to work with stuff like 682...

>> No.50658749

>not the book that makes you go on fantasy adventures in your sleep

I'd love a job like that

>> No.50659119

Does anyone remember when SCP stood for "Secure Containment Protocols"? I really rather liked the old name. It was very technical and to the point. I feel like the newer slogan-ish name is too pompous and infantile, it makes this thing out to be some highly heroic struggle instead of bunch of MiBs just doing their work a'la Delta Green.

>> No.50659160

Isn't that still what it means?
The "slogan" is basically just a play on the acronym

>> No.50661911

They could have been so much better.

The original homicide victim and the first murderer. So much they could have done. They went the dumbest way possible.

>> No.50664521


>> No.50664907

http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-2197 - Shop Class

I quite like this one as a place players could buy weird items.

>> No.50665250

scp is fucking awful now. Its all world destroying this and bad memes from people who spam the forums for internet popularity points.

>> No.50665722

I've always adored Herman Fuller's Circus Of The Disquieting SCP's.


This one is originally from the Russian version of the site, where they have something similar called The Meat Circus.

>> No.50665818


I'm positive this is someone's magical realm, but it's so incredibly fucked up and disturbing that it kind of works.

>> No.50665913


I love SCP's so much.

>Dear General Electric,
>I have long appreciated your products. But now I draw close to the socket and there are questions.

>> No.50665994

I would scale down the infectious memetic effects if you were trying to turn it into a gameable thing. If you try and make your players fight the urge to suckle you are literally forcing them to wade through your piss forest.

I remember reading that years ago and being freaked out but now I can't unsee it being someone's genuine fetish fuel. Jesus Christ.

>> No.50666573

you motherfucker

>> No.50666637


>> No.50666997

You find a way to make a researcher or administrator roleplaying game fun outside of a containment breach one-shot, you tell us. That said, I bet an SCP researcher board game would be pretty interesting.

>> No.50667138

1730 is probably one of the most interesting SCPs I've read on the site, especially with the entity that you can see in one of the pictures.

I want more details on that thing damn it!

>> No.50667586

I like the telemetry log 1555 has. Decent ideas for a sci-fi dungeon crawl in there.

Agreed, the Abel stuff is awful.

>> No.50667662

That's fine. Everyone hates Abel. Cain is dumb, but at least he's not literally someone's Mary Sue badass fightan man self-insert.

>> No.50667697

>Item Description: A spear that, when thrown, pierces the heart of the nearest humanoid and extends several spikes from its blade afterward.
>Agents are to note that "the nearest humanoid" is typically the person who threw it.
I snickered. Well done.

>> No.50667881

At least they retconned into non-existance the fucking special ops team made of SCP's.

>> No.50668555

I just assume it's all SCP-732's fault.

>> No.50668647

yeah, we can pick all the named researchers that have a bunch of stories about them and are big players on the forums

>> No.50669193

So, any thoughts on actually using these ideas in games?

Or are we just going to sit around and post links?

The Long Stairs setting should fit your needs nicely then.


>> No.50670684

>jovial if not quite harmless IIRC
He is still an danger because if he finds somebody with 'The Great Pestilence' then he will 'kill' the infected, than kill any witnesses. Thankfully he doesn't kill people he doesn't detect 'The Great Pestilence' in but even if you don't haven an plague he might still detect it in you.
It could potentially be an interesting encounter, just make sure you have an cleric in the party since he only talks to fellow doctors. But he can easily be made a TPK or even an major threat due to him touching you killing you in a few seconds & processing the ability to make zombies from dead corpses.

Since nobody has posted it, I'll post an page that will get people used to the SCP setting

>> No.50670887

What's the pic from?

>> No.50671006

Yep. This is pretty much the example why SCP is good and shit, its an open source project that allows every kind of faggot insert his own shitty fan fiction.
Also when this was first made, it was Euclid for some god unknown reason.

>> No.50671278

that made me laugh and now i feel like a terrible person. fuck you anon.

>> No.50671342

So, do a security or strike force game, but call your characters administrators or scientists, and give them crazy superpowers and unfettered access to skips? Ok then.

>> No.50671434

>Also when this was first made, it was Euclid for some god unknown reason.
The Box test was only established later. Originally Safe meant "won't kill you," Keter meant "will kill you," and Euclid meant "might kill you."

Well, except SCP-173. That existed before Euclid meant anything.

>> No.50671607

Euclid and Keter really sound like they should be part of a much larger and more complex classification scheme. Like, if you just showed me SCP-173 without any further context and asked me to guess what 'Euclid' meant, I would probably say something like 'hostile/mobile/sentient' or maybe 'behavior affected by human observation'. I certainly wouldn't guess it was the middle tier in a three-tier system.

>> No.50672132

Part of the problem is the desire to have an explanation.

Whether it's "the Factory" or "God" or "Aliens", quite a few SCP articles try to tie things together, to make a coherent meta-plot.

But that's the thing. SCP wasn't designed to tell stories. SCP was designed to evoke stories, to provide props and items. They're designed to make you go "Hmm, in this situation, what would I do? What would I test? I wonder what would happen if..." It's a set of storytelling tools, not a set of stories.

People want protagonists though, so Dr [X] and Dr [Sue] and so on abound. Because it's more flattering to the ego to write about characters that props, and because wiki culture thrives on egos, the freeform roleplay side of SCP will always creep into articles.

The very best articles are nearly purely evocative. SCP-173's article is less than 250 words. There's a weird doll thing. It's kept in a cell. If you leave it alone, you are OK. If you maintain eye contact, you are OK. But you have to clean the cell.

A lot of the articles with tests or histories are really just stories in disguise, like SCP-1983. Sometimes they're pretty good, but they kind of miss the point, in a way.

The SCP articles are supposed to offer a glimpse into the function of an organization. Just like reading the Standard Operating Procedures of a pulp and paper mill wouldn't tell you enough about day-to-day tasks of the entire building to competently run it, reading SCPs shouldn't give you enough information to discover "the truth".

>> No.50672372

I always thought that they were intended to be, but the original collaboration grew too fast. Nobody wants to be the asshole who goes "Hey you guys, I'm reclassifying all your stuff into this arcane scheme of categories and subcategories", because good god, the debate that leads to on wikis just isn't worth it.

But for a game, it's very easy to put in obscure references.

>"Get to a phone and call this number. Tell whoever answers that there's a Scipio-class threat in the subway between Argyle and Slythe, heading north. We are pursuing on foot?"
>"A Scipio-class what?"
>"Slightly more dangerous than a Laurentian-class, but with some of the properties of a EK3-class. The Scipio-class was invented as a sort of overlap to catch entities that don't warrant an upgrade to Keter-class, but that are too actively hostile to be..."
>"No, I mean, a Scipio-class /what/. As in /what is this thing and why is it making that godawful noise?/"
>"Oh. Well that's more complicated..."

>> No.50672382

I agree with you, especially with the "XK-class end of the world scenario"

What's AK class?
CK class?
ZK class?
Are there XL classes? What about XM?

>> No.50672397

>You would guess Euclid meant hostile/mobile/sentient or "affected by observation
Why would it not stand for "Euclidean?"
As in, while it may not follow the laws of physics it at least seems limited to three dimensions?

Why doesn't it actually stand for that?

>> No.50672461

Well those are different.
The "_K" scenarios are open-ended, for all we know there are 26 of them. You see new ones every so often. Safe/Euclid/Keter/Thaumiel are it. Period. You can make a CK-scenario but not a SweetSundaeRamen class SCP.

>> No.50672554

Because mystery.

If your naming conventions are... conventional, it makes it less fun to explore the conspiracy.

I mean, "Keter" means "Crown", but you'd have to look it up.

>> No.50672587

Because a lot of the SCP junk was conceived by teenagers.

>> No.50672595

Keter makes sense. It's obscure enough, but crown->High so Keter is high level. Easy.
Safe obviously isn't mysterious.
And Thaumiel is, I think, named after a Thaumiel-class SCP, right?
So Euclid is the only one that doesn't even approach justification.

>> No.50672738

Possibly SCP-1984. It seems like it could work for a Delta Green campaign.

>> No.50672776

I'm not trying to explain why the classes SCP uses are what they are. I'm trying to explain why these classes exist in general, and why they aren't just named: Safe, Unsafe, Very Unsafe, and Helpful.

Bureaucratic mysteries need jargon to function.

>> No.50673109

I think you could make a good argument for the current system. SCPs are extremely diverse. The containment protocols posted on the wiki read like ad hoc summaries of the most important facts about an SCP; that's why their format can vary substantially, and it's why the containment procedures precede the description. The three main object classes operate like summaries of the containment procedures, as described by the box test; in one word, easily understood by anyone in the Foundation, they reveal how much you should worry about the SCP in the event of an emergency. Increasing the granularity of the classification system risks diluting this property. Worse, classifications like "hostile/mobile/sentient" could give you an incorrect idea of what an SCP does; 173, for example, is certainly not mobile in the conventional sense. The object class gives you a quick estimate of how much you should care, but you really have to read the whole document in order to decide what to do. In a similar vein, there's a slight tradeoff in priority that might govern the use of the words "Safe" and "Keter": "Safe" is a commonly-used word that is universally recognizable, which is important for quickly interpreting the object class, but "Keter" is a very rare word that cannot be mistaken or confused with a common one, which is important for highlighting the threat level. (If you saw "Safe" written on a wall, it'd take context to figure out what it meant, but the meaning of "Keter" would be pretty clear—"severe and autonomous SCP-related danger here"). Of course, if you buy this logic, "Euclid" is indefensible, and the object classes really ought to have associated pictograms, but the actual genesis of the object classes is probably historical anyway.

>> No.50673337

Ideally, I'd like to see 5 classes. Not enough to make things too complicated, but enough that, if you see a sign on a door, you know whether or not to draw your gun or just run away.

Top Priority Fuck-Off-and-Grab-the-Manual or We All Die - (Currently - Keter class)

Potentially Dangerous, cannot be dealt with via a handgun or a baton - (Currently - Undefined)

Potentially Dangerous, can be shot or bludgeoned into a non-dangerous state without significant risk (Currently - Undefined)

Stays Contained, but Dangerous if Approached - (Undefined class)

Stays Contained, Safe if Approached - (Currently Safe-class)

Might be Helpful, Might Be Just Safe - (Currently Thaumiel-class)

>> No.50673671

** / ***** / ** / *

I'd write more but I don't want 4chan to disappear

How would you maintain the feel of 2521 in a /tg/ setting? This is probably my favorite SCP article, and I'd love to do it justice in a campaign, but I'm drawing a blank.

>> No.50673715

The rule on classifications, roughly summarized:

Thaumiel: To be used as a box to keep things from going wrong

Safe: If contained in a box, nothing goes wrong.

Euclid: If contained in a box, things can go wrong.

Keter: If contained in a box, everything goes wrong.

>> No.50673930

Yeah, it would make a lot of sense for the Foundation to distinguish between SCPs that are merely very lethal and "this kills the universe" SCPs.

(To some degree, they DO make that distinction, though. There is one SCP with the class "Apollyon", and its special containment procedures consist of one word: "Irrelevant.")

"Thaumiel" isn't just "helpful." For the most part, Thaumiel-class objects are tightly-held secrets even within the Foundation itself. They usually have tremendous importance.

>> No.50674036

** / ***** / ** / * has a very simple conceit. Any information about ** / ***** / ** / * must be stored in pictographic form. This information would not count, and would be consumed.

Here's how an encounter could go:

While exploring/escaping/maintaining an SCP complex, where weirdness has been established to be A-OK (but only relatively mundane weirdness that can be shot with a gun), the PCs find a door with some badly decayed pictographs on it. An NPC with them starts speculating aloud /before the PCs get a chance/ "Ok, so there's some sort of big spiky monster thing behind this door and it... hates pencils?"

Two spiky arms come out of the darkness and wrap around the NPC, then drag it away.

Enter NPC2 from stage right, slightly crazed, who communicates only via pictographs. You'll need a stack of post-it notes (smear some blood on them for extra fun) and a sharpie. NPC 2 does its best to try and explain things to the other PCs.

If any any point a PC /says/ "Wait, you mean that big spiky monster thing, they die. Time to roll up a new character.

You may want to inform the players that any OOC questions during this time should be communicated clearly, and via a raised hand. Anything else will be assumed to be IC and spoken aloud.

The best option, for the PCs, is to find a Class B amnesiac or better, and try and forget that they ever heard about ** / ***** / ** / *, to avoid accidentally mentioning it.

Other options include suicide, massacre, or finding a way to contain it properly.

>> No.50674361

I'm a little amused that our friend "Apollyon-class" could be dealt with the use of http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-871

Salt pans are ideally flat, after all. Devour your way out of infinite cakes, asshole.

>> No.50675377


>> No.50675408

> org contains 3000 or so anamolous entities that on average each require a full time team of containment workers.
> scp is basically a small nation

There are just too many skips for there to be a coherent setting. The scp foundation setting is like what would happen if you wanted to come up with a world-spanning setting, but you were only allowed to define it by writing articles about eastern european towns known for potato pancakes. After the 2000th or so town, you will realize that its a shitty way to define a world and that you should have stopped earlier to develop it in other ways that are less narrow.

>> No.50675464

>021 skin wyrm
So...freedom cobra?

>> No.50675510

I was looking for this one for a while. Short and sweet.

>> No.50675723

Let's say you need about 15 people to keep a single SCP. Between these that only need a single dude and those that need about thirty of them, 15 should be a good average.
15 people for each SCP means you've got 45 000 people working for the foundation. We're going to add 50% more of that, for all the researchers that aren't linked to a single SCP, the janitors, the engineers... and the few SCPs that actually need a hundred of guys working on them for whatever reason. So we've got 67 500 people working for the Foundation, worldwide.

I just checked the number of worldwide Coca-Cola workers, and according to them it is about 700 000. According to various other sources it's about 120 000, but I suspect they take in account only workers that are directly employed by the company, where Coca-Cola number is probably an optimistic estimation including people indirectly working for them.
Anyway, we can round up the Foundation's 67 500 workers to 70 000 and it still sounds reasonable for a worldwide conspiracy tasked with containing potentially world-ending entities.

Hell, I took Coca-Cola because it's the first compnay I thought of, but doing a quick google search I discovered the top 10 companies with the most employees each have between 500 000 and 1 000 000 people working for them.

>> No.50675883

Personally, I think the least defensible option is "safe." The word "safe" has very clear connotations which simply aren't accurate - a "Safe" SCP can still potentially kill you seven ways to Sunday. You can see that problem in several places, where they have to clarify "safe doesn't mean safe." It'd be better to just have a different name for it.

>> No.50676213

That one is amazing.
These footnotes...
How can you not know the bodies in the water?

>> No.50676282

I'm not familiar with the numbers, but do you know the nondescript object that you forget about as soon as you stop looking at it? Imagine that thing is the relic that the town wizard is paying you to recover. Whenever a player isn't looking directly at it they can't take any actions relating to it. They can't recall it or talk about it. Bonus points: it keeps getting stolen somehow.

>> No.50676294


>> No.50676349

Someone has to have SCP'd Immunity Cat by now

>> No.50677059

Yeah, I think people overreacted to past SCPs being used as wish fulfillment. They've got a rule against it being a magic item shop, but that doesn't mean everything has to be "and then the world ended but everyone suffered for all eternity unable to die."

>> No.50677077

What keeps getting stolen? I have all my things.

>> No.50677161


The best SCPs are still mundane things given horrific shit.

Surgeon crabs? That's somewhat realistic.
SCP-173? Shitty horror monster tier.

Better to have a 'believeable' monster than a monster that can't be killed or touched.

>> No.50677202

I'd suggest a three-axis containment system. One axis refers to behavior when contained - consistently trying to breach containment, opportunistically tries to breach containment, doesn't try to breach containment but will wander away if let out, stays where you put it. The second is how it reacts towards humans - actively seeks out humans to attack, will attack when exposed to humans, will attack if provoked, will not attack. Finally, threat level - incapable of causing death (including personality overwrites, personality erasure, conversation to an inhuman state, or the like), capable of causing death but not on a massive scale (at a time - obviously anything can cause death on a massive scale of you let it keep going forever), capable of causing death on a massive scale, capable of causing death on a global scale.

So you'd have SCP-682, which actively seeks to escape, actively seeks to kill humans, and is capable of inflicting death but not on a massive scale, and SCP-1370, which does not try and breach containment, attacks when exposed to humans, and which is incapable of causing death.

>> No.50677558

yes, but if everything is 'mundane thing but horror' then it becomes oversaturated and boring
oh no, it's the 23rd iteration of 'ordinary garden sprinkler that decapitates everybody within a mile radius when turned on and also whispers secrets to you at night', i'm shitting myself!

having a couple of actual monsters on the roster isn't bad especially when one of them is the original SCP and is pretty decent for what it is and nor is having shit that isn't straight horror. it's oversaturation that's fuckin' bad.

>> No.50678076

I think my favorite type of horror items are the monkeys' paws. The things that seem like they'd be useful except for one flaw. Especially if it seems like an intelligent person can get around the flaw. Because that's when you become a victim of the story - you think about how you'd use it to get around those little problems, or avoid that temptation, and then later realize you probably just killed yourself in your own fantasy and never realized it.

Admit it, you've read SCP-294 and thought about how to order "the perfect drink" in a way that won't make you give up on living

>> No.50679659

Meat Circus is just Psychonauts though

>> No.50679780

>Stays Contained, but Dangerous if Approached - (Undefined class)

That's actually also Safe. Safe just means that you can leave it locked up and it'll stay contained.

>> No.50679815

Make sure you read the page source!

>> No.50679853

How did the Wizard hire them to get it?

>> No.50679903


>> No.50679908

How do you figure that one to have "absolutely no description"?

>> No.50679963

>> No.50680201

I'm an idiot, how do I read the page source?

>> No.50680328

If you're using Chrome, right click somewhere on the page and select "View page source". If you're not using Chrome, I'm too lazy to open another browser to help you. Best of luck.

Checking the source can often be useful on both cognitohazards and SCPs that affect the database.

>> No.50680352

I mean, there isn't even an SCP-055, so obviously it doesn't have no description.

>> No.50680471

Oh it's the same for Firefox.


>> No.50681889

He's a wizard.

>> No.50682668

see what >>50675723 says, also the common theory that the Foundation makes extensive usage of clones and other artificial humans

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