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Jumpers, have you ever ignored the drawback cap?

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What drawback cap?

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That is my houserule for every jump.

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Only if it's a jump where they they limit the number of drawbacks I can take rather than the point value. I still limit myself to around 600 extra CP in those cases though.

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Thinker headaches and zero sum errors, same as when any thinkers who aren't Administrator Mode butt up against each other.

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As the anon who first noticed that loop hole I'd like to apologize to SMT Anon and everyone else.
I'm still going to abuse the hell out of it though.

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Jumpers, have you ever refused to take the easy solution for a jump and then have people find out they didn't need to go through quite all that?

How did they take it?

Example: actually going through with the SAO plot instead of using your powers to have it not be a death game.

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So God of War ended with me shoving the Greek Gods into individual keystone artifacts to maintain the rest of the planet. I also killed Kratos more times than I can count - not out of blatant cruelty, but because the bastard just wouldn't stay dead.

The catalyst for this incident was Zeus killing one of my in-jump friends. Not a companion, but it was over some very slight.

Have any moments where you absolutely lost your patience with someone, Jumpers?

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Eh, it was inevitable. It's not really a "loophole" either.

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Is Dota 2 claimed?

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>limit the number of drawbacks I can take rather than the point value.


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The Necromancers of Nechronica. I crushed their little empires, pummelled them into paste, and then trapped their souls in little dolls (actual dolls), with special seals placed on them to make sure they didn't take control. I then gave them to my Dolls to play with. Why, you might ask? Well, to paraphrase Asura:


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Is there any way to "sever" a god or goddess from his/her portfolio? I ask because the GoW gods share the dickishness of their mythological namesakes, but killing them brings apocalypse. Of course, they're not the only beings like that.

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I feel like you literally ask this question every thread.

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I do it all the time.

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I once mindfucked Asura to be maximum angry after the seven deities pissed me off.

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>mindfucked Asura
What kind of death wish do you have, anon?

>> No.50588982

I rarely need to even take drawbacks, so there's not much need to go over cap.

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I did it with his permission.
>Yo Asura they took yo daughteru!
>I can give you power to take her back!
Then I mindfucked him so he was angry but perfectly lucid and knew to take the mantra reactor.

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Wait, that doesn't sound like mind fucking at all. That sounds like a good thing actually.

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I don't need patience. They know the rules

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It sounds like amazing motivational skills

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Are there any jumps that allow you to deconstruct magic? Like taking apart a spell to change a particular effect or changing an enchanted item?

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I midfucked him in that he was only able to get madder until Charkawhateverthefuck was dead.

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I think I Cheat from JLD can do exactly that.

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Thanks anons!

>> No.50589109

Not quite, but his most recent questions have had similar "themes" as it were.


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This week has been really dull, okay

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Every time I see this man I think Nicolas Cage is back to haunt me.

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What is the largest number of puns you've said in a row, and what did they do to get you to stop?

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Worm Anon, what exactly is it that you're having trouble with in regards to the update? Is it something you could crowd source help from the thread for such as a need for ideas in a certain area?

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Jump with a Nicholas Cage ghost haunting you when?

>> No.50589171

Do you know if more powers are being added?

>> No.50589180

It was my verbal tick in Naruto. I Killer Bee'd that motherfucker with puns.

>> No.50589188

Pretty sure he already said that there were going to be.

>> No.50589200

Drive Angry jump when?

>> No.50589205

What's a really low power jump that lets me become a dragon? Preferably not A Spyro jump.

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I will shoot you.

>> No.50589224

>help from the thread

Give it up, ParanoidAnon. You've been caught red-handed.

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I'm currently working on an imaged version with some extra stuff for races, the bar and companions, so this isn't exactly up to date but have a read and let me know if anything sticks out.

I'd like some more ideas for stuff if anyone has it

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Not him anon.

>> No.50589261

Nah, you're not talking about best waifu, anon.

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Type-0 actually has a perk for changing effects of spells, and I think Young Justice has something for it too.

ASK AND YE SHALL RECEIVE. Kairos is a good one!

(Kairos) #158
-Race: Human (Free) -Fuck it. Let's just stick with it.
-Background: Drop-In (Free) -I... guess?
-Reassuring (Free) -Um... cool? I guess?
-Inner Peace (700CP) (Discount) -Access to magic is good.
-Might and Magic (300CP) -Maximum output with minimal enegy. I approve.
-Bigger is Better (200CP) -And now my base form is 169'9"! HUUUUUGE.
-Rolling Legend (-50CP) (Discount) -Oh. Shit. Indulging in emotions makes me OP. ...wait why is this a thing.
-Ornate Jewelry (-100CP) -At least I'll get some bling out of this.
-Queen's Bathroom (-200CP) -Well, at least I'll be able to enjoy myself a little bit.
-Restoration (0CP)
Dice Rolls: 29 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

Honestly I think the thing I love from this jump is just having the absurdly good looking hair and a bathroom fit for royalty. It's the little things in life that can be amusing, and why not be glamorous in every way one can be?

The idea of needing to defend the kingdom though... ho boy. This is gonna be a bit difficult, and by 'a bit' I mean 'a lot'. I don't really... HAVE experience with being a leader, you know? Never picked up perks for it either. So a lot of this is going to be me going "Look I'm gonna need some advisors for this one, someone get that Anaelle girl on the line, I'mma be busy trying to build the shit out of these walls and get your defenses set up because that's something I AM good at." And from there it's probably making some amazing enchanted weapons for everyone and patrolling the place to try and keep everyone out.

Maybe try to get the defense army back in order? They seemed to have a good knack of things, they just needed some kind of mega trump card. ...maybe I can empower Anaelle so when I leave she can keep things safe.

>> No.50589279

>Still no Sandlerverse jump

>> No.50589281

It's mainly implementation and polishing. Like how to type things up, nitty gritty details on how changes might effect powers and whatnot, meta decisions about if something should be left the same due to being that way originally or if I should try and muck with it to better the jump overall at the cost of precedent, trying to figure out what parts of my original reasons for doing things the way I did were smart and which were dumb and should be fixed, wondering IF I should fix them or leave it be, figuring out how to make the new origins feel like their own thing and have a solid thematic, the new powers, etc.

The plan is to add a ton of new powers yes. Add some more variety and options and whatnot.

On top of work though I've also been trying to actually do something with my chain. For all the time I've been here it's only at like, 17 jumps. So....yeah. Trying to have some fun too. Instead of just piling more work on myself.

>> No.50589304


The only house rules I make are ones to fit where there are no actual rules.

That said, I've occasionally fucked up and not noticed a rule because I tend to skim over parts of the jump that are usually the same between jumps. So when I finally notice, or someone brings it to my attention, I have to go back and retcon some shit.
Like, the first time I made a build for Slice of Life? I totally missed the whole depowerment thing. But later I caught it, redid my build slightly and reworked my story.
My Yandere girlfriend protected me!
I know she was my girlfriend, because she told me she was. She said she was the only person I needed.
Apparently she stabbed Malefor in the chest a couple times. My companions didn't like her.
I-I don't have any idea why.
After all, she always told me she was super friendly!

I mostly only lose my patience when people are all of antagonistic, petty, and stupid.
So, I can listen to Excalibur go on for hours. But the Death Eaters burned like roman candles.

It was kindof pretty, actually. I scorched designs into the earth.
Lots of fire.

> Take Nadia Fortune as a companion.
> We're both cats.
> We're both immortal.
> We can both detach body parts.
> Myriad perks work together so we share knowledge and are practically sisters.

My other companions try to pull us apart if we're in the same room for more than twenty minutes.
Oh, and they try to move us into different rooms, too!

>> No.50589311

People mentioned maybe being able to buy multiple powers last thread. Is that going to be an option?

>> No.50589322

Oh, okay. I somehow misread your original statement as the meodp, which made no bloody sense.

>> No.50589323

I feel really sorry for your companions. But I guess that's what you're going for, so yeah.

>> No.50589329

Jumpers, what's the most impactful thing that a "normal" person has ever said to you?

>> No.50589343

Why? If you really want multiple powers you can just use SB or some combo to get them from your companions, if he implemented such an option it would be expensive enough to keep you from buying the jump's amazing perks.

>> No.50589354

Nope. Some brainstorming with people briefly had the idea thrown around of maybe making some kind of really painful and difficult scenario or drawback which would enable it, or making it so expensive you had to basically kill your budget, but overall the fact is that everybody having one power is a thing in Worm and it fits the canon feel of the setting.

Even if a chunk of the actual powers might not. God if only I wasn't an inexperienced smuck when I made it.

>> No.50589368

Only if it's arbitrarily low or somehow silly. Not many Jumps are like that though, so it's an rare occurrence.

It's pretty rare that someone makes me totally lose my patience. I get annoyed easily, but that's not the same thing at all.

The most memorable, and recent, was at my own companion Yamato. During our recent Jump into Forgotten Realms he decided he wanted to stay. We found a group of Half-Dragon Lizardpeople (which is the race he choose for the Jump despite his usually preference of being a doggo), that had been experimented on by Cultists trying to create "The Purest Draconic Humanoid ever know". Typical cult nonsense.

Anyways, after we rescue them, Yamato takes a shine to one three of the local girls and proceeds to get a swelled head at being called a Hero and a Savior for their people. They ask him to stay and lead them, to help bring their people back from the brink of extinction. And he says yes. Without asking any of the rest of us, without asking me, without even considering anybody else, he says yes.

I tried to talk him down. After all, he's my friend. Maybe he just got swept up in the heat of the moment. I can understand that. No? You really do want to stay? Okay, well, I guess nine years of this could be entertaining enough... What's that? You don't /ever/ want to leave them?

The calm discussion rapidly degraded from there as I tried to convince him only to have him stubbornly refuse. He had a clan now, never mind that he only met them hours ago, and a duty to make sure they were well taken care of. Several minutes later we were exchanging blows like a mid-run Shonen show boss battle. Honestly, it's the most I've used ANY of my powers in my entire chain.

The next few days were spent fruitlessly trying to convince him not to do this, only to be met with a brick wall. I left in total disgust, hurt and betrayed. It's Year Nine now and I still have no idea why he latched onto this idea so hard.

>> No.50589369

>Sacrificial Bestowment

Coincidence? I think not!

>> No.50589425

Two instances of this. First came from one of my companions who is still MOSTLY an ordinary human in mindset. Already covered this one in last thread, but for emphasis...

"Come to think of it, if I never met you, I never would have been a 'main character' myself. Well...I don't mind things like that, but I became the second OOOs thanks to you. You gave me the power to protect other people, and see other worlds...no matter how 'fictional' that looks to anyone else, those moments will always be real to me. And no matter what we see or what we do, the first thing I'll always say to you is 'Thank you for giving me the power to help them.'

That was courtesy of Rion, AKA L'Etranger from Neo-Heisei Part 1, one of my first companions.

The second thing was earliest in my chain, in Mother, from an ugly gravekeeper named Guts. After my Starter died and I had to bury him, he helped me and gave me some advice. I don't remember much of it, but I remember the last thing he said,

Life is a dime 'a dozen to a lotta kids these days, but you gotta imagine, the 'you' that's around right now is what's most important. You're alive, and you only get ta live once, right? So...you gotta do your best for yourself, and everyone around you! Don't squander life, kid. Remember your little friend, live on, and do your best! You might be the thing that makes life worth it for someone else, you know?

I think that had more impact on my long-term chain than anything else.

>> No.50589443

What did you get up too during the pokemon jump? Or did you skip it entirely?

>> No.50589468

Skipped it. Every time I start a chain in Pokémon, it ends up being akward.

>> No.50589470

I spent three years flirting with cynthia.

>> No.50589510

Well it was about a good three hours of freaking the fuck out about "HOLY FUCK THIS IS REAL". Then it was grumbling that I was a little kid. Yes I was a strong kid who could parkour and had superpowers, but I was a kid. Not how I expected to start things. But hey, it would be an adventure! A new childhood to experience, with my buddy Torchic by my side! Campfires at night, both of us working out and improving each other as the years went on, it'd be great.

Then the gods damned Zubats swarmed in for the first time, and regret was real.

>> No.50589549

Whatever happened to your Torchic?

>> No.50589612

See: the numerous times I refrained from having me and my companions's giant robot to trivialize the settings we're in.

Also see: The times we just were too fucking tired to deal with bullshit so we just fucking had our giant robots trounce everyone.

>> No.50589616

"It honestly doesn't matter what you are to me. It's what you've done with all your powers that shows what you truly are. Never lose that kindness."
From Katara, in Avatar: Korra the Barbarian, Jump 4.

Holy crap, both of those are really good ones.

Freaked out because it was all real, immediately ran away from home with my starter, saw the world, caught my favorite Pokemon from the game, used a Magikarp as a club against other Pokemon for an inordinately long amount of time, battled my way through every Gym while seeing the world a second time, retired to Pokemon's version of Hawaii and became a Breeder.

Overall it was a pretty fun time. I still regret leaving my Pokemon behind, but they wouldn't have known what they were in for until it was too late. And I never bought Return.

>> No.50589628

My Torchic along with the rest of my team stayed in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. I felt it was better for them... I had no idea how long I was going to be going, no idea where I would go or what I would see. That's terrifying for most definitions, and I didn't feel like I needed to force them along the journey and make them submit. Besides, Mystery Dungeon is a good place. They've got twenty years to grow stronger so there's no real concerns of them getting pushed around, they can be accepted into a community of other pokemon... and they'd have a good chance of happiness there, I feel.

>> No.50589630

"You've been watching over me and protecting me for so long. You were my friend when I had no one else. No, more then just that. You were family. Because of you, I made friends, I wasn't alone anymore. My family, my friends, my town, my life...it's all so much better because you were here. I...I am so happy I got to meet you, that I got to know you. I love you, Mr. Jumper. Come back some day. Please."

At the end of Imaginary Friend, specifically after the "For a better tomorrow...we raise arms against the night", my human said that to me. See, they were a trauma victim, and I had been taking care of them and protecting them since they were a young child, and helped them to make friends so that when the Nightmares came we were ready. Well, and so that they wouldn't be alone anymore. We managed to win the final battle, but I wasn't going to last much longer. So I spoke to my human, my little girl who wasn't so little anymore, one last time. Just to say goodbye, and then she went and said that to me...I was pretty deeply affected by that.

>> No.50589651

He's Malefor, c'mon.
Even when he's behaving, he's a jerk.
Like, he doesn't really learn lessons.
Personally, I don't blame yandere-chan at all.

Maybe my companions just don't know her well enough.
Everyone would love her if they gave her a chance!

>> No.50589687

What would be my chances of successfully eating two Devil Fruits if I went in with the following perks?

Jagan Eye from YYH, for control and awareness of own energy.
Adaptive Physiology from GoW, to adapt to energues of multiple DFs
Simultaneous Activation from Akame ga Kill, to lessen physical and spiritual strain of two mutually-exclusive artifacts
No Sell from Tsukuhime, to mitigate weaknesses of DF users
What Doesn't Kill Me from GVW, to adapt to damage from multiple DFs

>> No.50589709

I spent it running around Unova and then later on Alola in this chain, but then moving on to other regions. Primarily trying to catch every single pokemon that wasn't a legendary which was...a feat. This actually was easier than it looked because I focused on catching one pokemon per line with the idea that I could breed more later or return to catch the ones I missed. Things went actually pretty smoothly, and I tried to catch Ho-Oh (and the pokemon I missed) when I returned to get Colress. We snuck into the team rocket base, nabbed the Rainbow Feather to summon Ho-Oh, and proceeded to Masterball it.

Pretty good.

>> No.50589724

>Adaptive Physiology from GoW, to adapt to energues of multiple DFs
I wasn't aware Devil Fruits were energies now.

>> No.50589726

Just wait for the whole Blackbeard thing to come full circle and for the multiple devil fruit thing to be explained.

>> No.50589733

Nicolas Cage never left. He's right behind you, anon. And he's stealing your girl.

>> No.50589800

Not him, but they're kind of implied to be. Well, either that or possessing spirits.

>> No.50589822

Currently planning out a new chain where the plan is to got full PokeMagic bullshit. I mean, even discounting Pokelantis/Pokemopolis there were plenty of ancient civilizations that got up to crazy shit, including artificial Pokemon.

I plan on taking a Ditto for maximum physical utility (hey, Dit, can you pick the lock for me?) as well as the more mystically inclined pokermans. I'll probably visit Alola for a bit, but there's not too much to ask for there unless I assume I'm much more successful than I have any right to be with getting in on Ultra Beasts and related phenomena.

And then we've got the actual psychics/wizards/aura guardians/what have you.

>> No.50589834

No. I usually end up with a mix of >>50588982 and >>50589304 for why.

Spend most of the ten years just trying to stay out of the way of big events, while meddling in small towns and with specific people. Participate in a few battles to keep money, get at least a few Gym Badges, foil a few Team Rocket schemes, and otherwise just live life with the intent of getting through the Jump. Being mute doesn't slow down much, mostly through using Pokemon as intermediaries. Orders are given in an improvised and very basic language of clicks and whistles, creatively dubbed Whistleclick, that grew fairly complex after a while.

>> No.50589840

Fighting off Zubats that wanted to annoy me, and Criminals trying to steal my Pokewaifu. I explored, romanced my Gardevoir, did the gym circuit thing pretty casually, & lots of hand holding .

>> No.50589891

Are there an rules on how graphically violent a jump can be?

>> No.50589893

"Nika...I know you're quite frightened. And everything is stressful for you right now. And you feel useless and burdensome to the team. But you've done so much to help us. You talked George de Sand through his problems, you exposed Neo Russia for locking up gundam fighters of rival nations...you even helped save Allenby. None of your predictions have ever been wrong. I know you can do so much more than you think, even if you're not so good at piloting a mobile suit."

-Rain, G Gundam


"Comet Moth, why are you so mean and scary like this? Heroes help people, and they always try to save others! Why are you punching through all those buildings with people inside? You saved me! What about everyone else?"

-Some random kid in Disgaea who helped me remember what it was like to be a hero since Tsundachi didn't really call me out on what I was doing at the time

>> No.50589910

Jesus christ you're an idiot.

>> No.50589920

I just reminded myself that given the postgame, I could semi-reasonably get in contact with the International Police as a drop-in if I played my cards right and try to get on Looker's team, but that comes with probably being forced into helping fight the evil teams.

Not unless it's sexual violence, as it were.

>> No.50589922

Well besides getting hype as fuck for a few solid weeks, I ended up hanging out with Looker and Anabel due to plot reasons and becoming DIMENSION COPS and investigated ultra beast and other assorted crimes

I burned a return and 2 pods getting them later so we could DIMENSION COP more and try to understand this multiverse bullshit

>> No.50589926

Nope, only how sexually violent it can be. I mean, you probably shouldn't include pictures, but we have some violent jumps.

>> No.50589931

That statement is so stupid I am convinced you are going somewhere with it.

>> No.50589936

Of course not.

>> No.50589938

I...don't think there have ever been any?

>> No.50589941

Freaked out a little.
Freaked out a lot.
Spent some time as a hobo.
Learned psychic techniques from Sabrina.
W̴͟at͟c͏̸̛h̸͝e̶̡͏d̸̨͟ th̨͜e ͏҉f͢r͞͠ą̷͝ye͢͝d҉͘ b̸o͏ŗ̸̛de̶̡r͏s̨ o̢̧f̛́ ͟͢t̸̀h̸̢̢e̷̢ ͟͞u̵ǹ̢r̵e̡҉á̕͜l̡.̢͜͞
Traveled. Everywhere.
Probably failed to catch a Legendary.
Probably failed to learn magic.
Learned more psychics.
Atè̀͏ ̴͘ļơ̧̕ţ̛ś ̛͢o̕f͘ ̢c̨a҉nd͟͞y̵̴͞.͠
Stole the Red Chain.
Got several badges, only completed Sinnoh.
Didn't have a full team, couldn't get on the League.
Stayed as a gym trainer in Saffron.
Got an offer that I couldn't possibly refuse.

>> No.50589958

Not sexual violence obviously. I meant gorey, bloody cartoon violence like Happy Tree Friends.

>> No.50589982

In America we don't care about violence. Only sex.

>> No.50589987

>a Happy Tree Friends jump
Oh god, I knew you were going somewhere with this and it is worse than I a could possibly imagine.

>> No.50589996

Okay, KOTOR. I just... really? Have you looked in the drive lately?

>> No.50590011

KOTOR usually doesn't give a shit about jumps that either aren't his, or aren't popular topics, so he probably doesn't know half of the jumps that exist on the drive.

>> No.50590019

Unless you put guro pics in the doc, no.

>> No.50590032

I said "like" Happy Tree Friends, I'm not planning on making a jump for that show.

>> No.50590037

Man, either just tell us or stop talking, because you're being REALLY dumb right about now.

>> No.50590040

Took it during my first chain and went on the usual path of becoming champion of my starting region, which was Hoenn. After that having bought Pokeglot i became a wandering mediator between Pokemon and humans.

My other two chains skipped it, one for fable, and the other for Dragon Commander.

>> No.50590045

Who dat?

>> No.50590063

Is there a perk that lets people concentrate their attacks on me and to ignore other people who they could have attacked?

>> No.50590070

Jumpers! Tell me about your proudest moment, something that you can look back on during your darkest hour and think "That really meant something, I'm glad I did that".

>> No.50590081

Tamiya Ryoko, from Parasyte, a show with a lot of high-impact non-sexual violence. I thought that gif was particularly relevant to the conversation.

>> No.50590088

Defensively focused from overlord has exactly what your looking for at the higher levels

>> No.50590111

Take PMD and get Follow Me as one of your moves. Or any number of Provoke equivalents from JRPG jumps.

>> No.50590146

This has crashed and burned pretty quickly but it has made me curious, where are you going with this?

>> No.50590181


>> No.50590190

You seem nervous.
It's best to get it over with and just say what you're working.
Shitposter have a nose for things like this. Like sharks to blood. Or flies to shit.

>> No.50590205

>drawback cap
What is this thing of which you speak?

>> No.50590225

Not exactly an answer to the question, but in my earlier chains which I treated as a state sheet, I didn't even think about what I did during that time.

Now that I'm trying to make a dedicated write-chain, I'm not sure whether I should skip pokemon or not. After all, since I've never played the games or watched the show, I don't even know if I could think up an interesting story about it.

I'm considering marathoning a season or two of the anime (probably relating to whatever land I end up at). Would that be enough to have a coherent understanding of the setting?

>> No.50590304

Better than some people, surely. I'd recommend playing the game for whichever region it is, but I can understand why you'd prefer the animu.

>> No.50590307

The show is tough to watch, and I'm saying that as someone who loved it as a kid.
You'd get a good enough understanding of the series though

>> No.50590312

Play Sun/Moon or emulate one of the older games if you want a better look

>> No.50590333

(Generic Virtual World) #159
-Background: Programmer (900CP) -Keep the data lines clean and erase Trolls, huh?
-White Hat (Free) -Knowledge of corrupt data and able to restore oneself with data. Somewhat useful.
-Knowledge is Numbers (600CP) (Discount) -So... what I was doing anyhow, only I know even more?
-Similar Subsystems (300CP) (Discount) -A bit of an extra boost. Let none escape my digital clutches.
-Limited Edition Avatar (Free) -No guesses for how I'll use this.
-ARL (Free) -Additional HUD options? I can take it.
-Simsuit (Free) -Additional clothing is nice.
-Lightemup (250CP) (Discount) -Additional scanning of weaknesses. I am fine with this.
-Yohoho (200CP) (Discount) -Acquire private data? I'm okay with this.
-Patches (100CP) -Apply for healing, AND body improvements to prevent future incidents? REPLICATING.
-Resourcesx2 (0CP) -And some pocket change.
Dice Rolls: The Scholar Ships
-End Choice: Next Adventure

Generic jumps like this always make me wonder about an idea I had, but then I clam up and worry if it would just be a problem or not.

>Hey, so uh... you need to kill the Seven Great Trolls
>you have to do this in ten years or you're not allowed to leave
>I'm sure you can do this, right?
>mfw I look at not only the coding perks I've picked up, but also the means to turn magic into tech, thus possibly letting me code it in

Is this a joke? Because it feels like a joke. It almost feels like they just threw me into a box and said "I wanna see you fuck this box up as much as you can while making sure it's still a box at the end." Which is fine by me, as I've got some sick programming down? Plus I could probably just make like... an army of primitive AI to just swarm the Troll defenses. In fact that's probably going to be a thing I do. Spam the shit out of Trolls and make their entire base collapse around them. That's gonna be fun. What then? ...I dunno.

>> No.50590348

Which was more painful for you, Tobias' shenanigans or the loss to Alan?

What was your idea? TELL ME! I MUST KNOW!


>> No.50590382

jumpers, have you ever watched with glee as your schemes went off without a hitch and your enemies suffered painfully?

>> No.50590406

>Seven Great Trolls
what is this even

>> No.50590411

I was thinking of making a jump for I Hate Fairyland.

>> No.50590421

>Is this a joke? Because it feels like a joke.
Well, you are doing this with over 150 other jumps under your belt, so of course it would be trivial at that point.

>> No.50590428

I'm in my pokemon jump right now, actually. For the past couple days I've just been living off the pocket change of the trainers I beat.

My only real plan for the jump is to:
1. Wait for Brandon to resolve the plot and become Hoenn champion
2. Steal the championship from him
3. Get pokewaifu as companion

After that I don't know what I'll do.

>> No.50590434

Do epic level martial classes in D&D get anything of note? Are they still essentially limited to human feats or are they superhuman by that point?

>> No.50590435


th-those feels, man...

>> No.50590439

I haven't watched any of the more recent stuff, I'm speaking from trying to rewatch some of the first seasons

>> No.50590457

I'm not kidding. Each background in Generic Virtual World has its own objective you have to complete before you can leave, or you fail if you don't complete it within ten years.

It was going to be a Generic Cult Builder or something along those lines, where you had to design your own religious following. Drop-In, Prophet (you speak for your god/a movement), Techpriest (through science and understanding, you become closer to the divine) and Messiah (you ARE the savior). Kind of like a jab at some things, and a nod to some of the Sim mods. But every time I'm worried people will hate another Generic or something different so it never gets off the ground.

>> No.50590461

They've got epic feats, including some fairly anime shit like "wield swords at least as big as you are", but they're still, as a rule, on the same tier as before.

>> No.50590500

Having started reading it I can only say. . .

>> No.50590503

I think one of the jumps about someone who entered a videogame world has something like this... Overlord probably, maybe the tank class? Also one of the Souls games might have something like that.

>> No.50590521

So what, your chain ends if you fail?

>> No.50590523

Evangelion was fun. Watching as Gendo and SEELE's plans completely collapsed on them was amazing, even better because everyone else got a happy ending. Tabris/Kaworu got to live; Asuka was finally able to move on from her mother's death and gain real confidence in herself; Shinji was able to open himself up to others and make real friends, able to live his life happily; Rei was able to free herself of the destiny that had been set out for her and became friends with Shinji, Asuka, Kaworu, and others; and I could go on, but the rest of the cast got happy endings. Even Gendo got a bittersweet ending, because he was a dick but not as bad as SEELE. Yui got brought back, but their relationship was pretty much ruined because of Gendo's actions. He took it with surprising maturity, and helped to bring SEELE down. Speaking of, SEELE got to spend the rest of their lives in jail, their group and goals shattered beyond repair.

That sounds awesome, I would really love that, actually.

>> No.50590546

A Generic Cult Builder jump sounds awesome. If it matters at all, i'd welcome such a jump.

>> No.50590550

>In order to complete this jump, you must not only survive for 10 years, but also complete an objective, it will be a daunting task no matter which you choose.
Looks cut and dry to me, anon.

>> No.50590555

That actually sounds neat. I'd fund it.

>> No.50590557

I'd be down for that actually

>> No.50590558

That spoiler sounds awesome.

...Kinda worrying. But awesome.

>> No.50590580

So, what objective would that be? I imagine Prophet would be training and preparing a Messiah, Techpriest would be proving your cult's beliefs with SCIENCE! And Messiah would be fulfilling your cult's prophecy? Now I really want to use outside context magic to really make the Messiah thing work.

>> No.50590597

You misread, anon. I said the Generic Virtual World has the objective bit.

I got shat on the last time I tried bringing this up, what HAPPENED.

>> No.50590613

That actually sounds great.

Which of those would be best for building a Cult of Flesh?

>> No.50590618

Different group of people maybe?

>> No.50590629


>> No.50590638

Fuck, now I want to be a little girl.

I am become meme, I hope you're happy.

>> No.50590682

Awesome group of people.

This sounds terrifying and amusing. Terrimusing.

>> No.50590712

No, different group of people.

>> No.50590736

calling the folks in thread not being dicks awesome.

you. you're awesome.

>> No.50590749

Such evil deserves punishment.

>> No.50590758

You could wait until Cultist Simulator comes out.

>> No.50590761

Huh, that's a much better response than I was expecting.

>> No.50590778

Won't lie, that is way different than what I would have planned. That kind of thing looks like it'd have enough to stand on its own.

>> No.50590789

Don't be. I was just mentioning it, because I'm pretty hyped about it.

>> No.50590790

Is anyone here working on the Fate Grand Order jump anyways?

>> No.50590802

I want to go on a massive bloody rampage through a sickeningly sweet world with the powers granted to me by a dark god as reward for killing all his guys.

>> No.50590825


>> No.50590830

Cthulu was but it was bleh. Now Grand Order has enough plot to make a decent jump.

>> No.50590844

Have you given any more thought to this jump beyond the backgrounds? Messiah and Techpriest sound like they could have some really useful and unique perks.

>> No.50590849

Nope, you want to have a shot?

>> No.50590861

Can we even consider that claim to be for /tg/ though? I've honestly never seen this guy around except when he was making Cthulhu Saves the World. I'm guessing that was him?

I'd rather have somebody who knows their stuff about Nasu make the jump to be honest. Did Cthulhu have a lot of lore bits in his jump?

>> No.50590865

I'll go for it.
Expect outlines after exam week though.

>> No.50590866

Do it mang.
Eh, could be fun. Why not.

>> No.50590867

Okay, I have to know, what is even going on here? Who are these people?!

>> No.50590883

I'll ask him if he's ever going to complete it.

>> No.50590884

Evil Joan of arc, and Evil female king Arthur.

>> No.50590890

Right so
1. We literally just got to Babylonia
2. ITS NOT OVER YET SNAKE (there's still CURRENT YEAR to do against Solomon, which should actually be by the end of this year)
3. No not yet, also there's a TV Anime of the darn thing happening soon as well next year

In the meantime have an important series of servant animations


>> No.50590904

Lookin pretty Gilgamesh there Taiga.

>> No.50590921

Cthulhu managed to get a full 100% of the plot wrong even though actual translation resources exist

Which is pretty amaze

I'd rather have someone not him do it but at the same time there's a few things that you'd have to talk about with Val since she does the current servant supplement. Mostly you'd have to talk about Avengers, Rulers, and Alters

>> No.50590930

>romanced my Gardevoir

Wouldn't that be considered bestiality? Also, ewwwwww.....

>> No.50590933

>Can we even consider that claim to be for /tg/ though?

As much as it pains me to say it, maybe. I mean, it's not like there aren't a lot of jumpmakers who are "only" around when making/dropping jumps.


>> No.50590942

Oh right i should have probably mentioned, don't even try to make Merlin or King Hassan. All of their skills are EXs and completely unique outside of a few

THey're explicitly broken in game, and guest only characters
I just posted them because they looked cool

>> No.50590949

Would fucking Asari/Elves be considered bestiality? If they're sapient and capable of consent, not really.

>> No.50590958

The big question is if you include the events like Gudako goes on vacation (in the apocalypse) and Gudako hangs out with loli santa for a week.

>> No.50590962

Humans and Pokemon are known to, historically, have eaten at the same table.

Apparently the Japanese text has it as a rather explicit "they got married" instead. If you're wondering if they're still cool with that I have to ask you if you've listened to the Pokemon club president.

>> No.50590965

They're fairies anon, not beasts. So it's not bestiality, it's insanity, do not stick your dick in the fae.

>> No.50590986

Avengers, Rulers, Alters, and Beasts now.

Parts of those are canon.

>> No.50590994

Pretty sure all of the events are canon, so you'd kinda have to.
THough in hindsight that includes but is not limited to
>Jeanne Alter survives through sheer hate and summons otome novel versions of servants
>Jeanne Alter becomes Santa, while the entirety of Chaldea help her in order to keep her existing
>That time Waver (demiservant of Zhuge Liang) derailed an alternate version of Fate/Zero
>and more

>> No.50591007

Beasts aren't summononable yet.
Key phrase is yet, even if Beast Tiamat is in the catalog listings ts the same deal as sclongamon

>> No.50591031

>do not stick your dick in the fae.
You don't have to, anon.

>> No.50591038

Well, most of those jump makers are also often on the IRC is the thing. The only ones who are neither here often or on the IRC often are those like SJ or Cthulhu, guys from Space Battles.

>> No.50591052

Those comments tell me that he doesn't understand anything about the plot and how Solomon's plan is related to the other Grands, as well as the overall cosmology of Grand Order. Why is he making this if he hasn't put in the effort to actually understand how things work? Did he expect this to be like any normal Fate IP? Did he just assume that he could pretend the story wouldn't escalate, and that we wouldn't get tiers of Servants at our disposal that would rewrite the power balance?

He seems to be under the impression that Solomon is the strongest thing in verse when it's been proven that he isn't.

I'm not sure a jumpmaker who doesn't know the IP is really the best choice as far as maker a jump for the IP goes. How often does he show up here to answer questions?

>> No.50591065

Yeah. I'm now imagining how to explain all that in a jump though.
>You have to save history!
>But first go play with a ten year old!
>And build a rocking island fort!
>And hang out with Evil Santa!
>Santa again but she's ten this time!

>> No.50591071

It's iffy in some cases, really. You have most pokemon which tend to range in intelligence from straight-up dodo-tier intelligence to pretty smart for an animal, and then you have the more human-like pokemon that can actually communicate clearly with humans. Plus lore-wise, humans and pokemon intermarried and all that. It can get pretty weird at some points.

>> No.50591077

Those two examples both have created a culture, laws, government, technology, etc.

Pokemon lack those characteristics and though they have reasoning and comprehension skills they fail to form a functional society.

Farfetch'd are hunted for their meat, to the point of near extinction, how can the argument be made it's sentient if that's the case. Wouldn't they ban the killing and consumption of species or comparable intelligence?

>> No.50591078

Actually Avenger Gorgon's class isn't Beast, but in the story she's actually part Beast. It's just that the game data for Beast has them with no weaknesses right now as far as I know, so making her actually a Beast would be too hard to put into the cycle. (even Ruler has Avenger)

The Gorgon that's unlocked is actually the same one that is used as a doll by Tiamat (who continually creates more Gods, which are the Beasts)

>> No.50591081

>There's more to history than stabbing people in the dick, jumper. Sometimes you have to make sure the right thing was built or the right people have the right experiences.

>> No.50591101

>Wouldn't they ban the killing and consumption of species or comparable intelligence?
What part delicious meal do you not understand?

>> No.50591124

Short of a couple of animals that are mentioned and never turn up it looks like literally all animals are pokermans. And if that's the case, and carnivores exist, well, it's probably just considered normal there.

>> No.50591176

And anyone else talking bout it.

I might as well bring this absurdly controversial thing up now because I am full of great ideas and love to slam my face into things to solve them

So, previously, Cthulhu/Blade/Whatever he calls himself picked up the Grand Order jump and did a uh...kinda shit job, especially knowing a lot more about the series. Originally, I'd never intended to touch GO since I didn't expect it to end or go anywhere for a long long time.

That has...not been my smartest choice, upon realising what two people trying to handle Servant related Fate jumps would mean for this community. Not too hard to realise how many arguments would come about from both myself and Cthulhu having to rule on things in competition with each other or the massive confusion it'd cause for all the anons using these jumps. Or a bunch of other things really.

So basically, what I'm meaning this post to be is a question for everyone on how they'd feel about me taking up a claim for a /tg/ only Fate Grand/Order jump.

I'm doing basically every other Servant based Fate property so far so I might as well include that one and it'd avoid the many problems that would come with having some guy from SB make it, but I'm not going to go for it without thread majority approval. It wouldn't be first on my list to make (FSN, F Zero, Servant Supplement Update, Apocrypha and then GO or SF in terms of Fate jumps) but I would make it and I would make it with care towards it as a series because as dumb as I find it sometime, I still love it to bits and I do have a fair few ideas on how to handle all the different Servant stuff (Having Master and Servant origins and perks in addition to customization stuff will probably stretch my sanity pretty thin but god it'd come out awesome).

So yeah, up to you guys.

>> No.50591194

I have a couple of eclipse phase questions.

First if we take either the tools we are given or blending in, are our companions similarly effected? It doesn't say they are but I want to make sure.

Second for the Firewall scenario if we choose a role do we have to have the skill packages they are supposed to get or can we not pick them unless we bought those skill packages?

>> No.50591203

I was talking about this one fampai

>> No.50591214

I say go for it. Your work is better than what we've seen of the SB jump and they have never even talked about it being an official claim over here. They're a separate community and as far as /tg/ JC goes it's fair game.

>> No.50591215

Jump 216: Kid Radd
>Ten of Swords (Ruin), reversed: The darkness before the dawn.
>Game Genre: Free Choice
But I don't think the type of setting I choose would even matter, because...
>Identity: Drop-In
I am the system administrator. My voice is my passport. Verify me. A cookie to anyone who gets that reference.
>Drawbacks: It's About Letting Go (+300), Harbinger of the Cool Ragnarok (+500)
So some boss character is devoted to destroying me, when I pop up? Not a big surprise, there are inevitably those who will blame those above them for their lot in life. I'm more concerned about the Cool Ragnarok. Time will tell how that goes.
>Welcome To The Game Grid (Free, Drop-In)
In other words... I'm genre savvy. Groovy.
>Administrator Access (1700, Drop-In)
I do believe I already mentioned I'm not just a normal user, didn't I? Saves me trouble in hacking and even covers my tracks, though. I don't think I'm going to have to worry about any banhammers.
>Beyond the Code (1500, Drop-In)
So wait. I'm in the net and I'm digitally untouchable? Oh, this will be FUN.
>Will of the User (1200, Drop-In)
Speaking of fun, I now have touch-technopathy and can basically tweak any sprite or code that I touch. ...god, I wish I had this back in the Matrix.
>Data Destroyer (600)
And now we know why the Seer is coming after me. Oh, that's right, the Seer has full knowledge of my perks and my history, and can probably figure out the likely action I'm going to take anyway - this just means I can actually kill it. And anything else that's digital.
>Eyes of the Seer (0)
And if that wasn't enough, I can see literally everything the Seer can, not to mention the utility of having this sort of ability in the jumps to come. Clairvoyance is already a key part of who my jumper is - this just amplifies it to know basically everything stored digitally anywhere.

>> No.50591229

I am pretty sure that, even with the drawbacks, the combination of perks that I have would work pretty well to nullify what advantages the Seer would normally have - I have every intention of subverting it for myself before rendering it impotent while I pick it apart for every byte of knowledge it has. Obviously it won't be as easy as I make it sound, but... c'mon. I have clairvoyance and I've every intention of hitting the ground running, and going after the Seer as hard as I can.

Really, there's not going to be a lot more to say about it, other than taking his place as the Seer and acting more like a genie, doing favors for sprites so long as they uphold their end of the bargain, once the dust settles. I've no intention of letting any coups happen. Skipped the Pixelator though; while it looks very promising... in the end, I realized I've already got the means to create virtually anything I want, though it's not quite as instantaneous for complex machinery.

I'm seconding >>50591214 one hundred percent.

>> No.50591233

Sounds fine to me. I'd much rather have someone who doesn't run to a hugbox when things get rough handle this shit.

>> No.50591239

Sounds like it'd be awesome. Go for it.
the captcha is one where you have to retype words and it gives me a picture of a horse...

>> No.50591251

I'd say that's pretty fair, its easier to account for class shenanigans and additional skills if the same person is working on it. Plus while this arc is probably ending SOON (TM), it might continue for another year or two. Worst case scenario you get the CC/CCCC/C3 deal of THE RIDE NEVER ENDS, but at the same time you have decent slack time to work on it while you refine the other fate jumps

>> No.50591261

I am a-ok with this idea. Go for it.

>> No.50591265

Long as we can get multiple servants still, I'd be fine with you taking it up. And could you include the new Servant classes?

>> No.50591273

Shine on, you crazy diamond.

>> No.50591275

No issues. If you need info checking, a couple of us on IRC have accounts in the game. Otherwise Beast's Lair should have pretty good info, and Wicurio/Gamerch are generally my go tos as far as pulling Japanese information goes. The Art Books are out up to volume...7 I believe? But they don't cover all of the Servants, just up to the 4th Order afaik.

With Solomon coming up and Childhood's End dropping just today though, I don't think there's any particular rush. Solomon should be ready within the month's end given Delight's speed - if not 2017. We'll know then if the First Grand Order Timeline Anomaly Correction sequence is the final one or not.

>> No.50591286

Go for it. You sound like you know what you're doing from what I see in the IRC and you'd do a good job at it.

>> No.50591289

I'm aware about Beast II (Tiamat), but it doesn't change what I pointed out about Avenger Gorgon. That cut off is terrible though, they literally cut it off at >shikashi, kamigami ha haha dearu tiamat ni sae (But, Tiamat, who was the mother of the Gods...)

And you're left going "BUT WHAT HAPPENED"

>> No.50591295

You seem to have a clue. I'd be cool with you doing it. Just let me summon cool servants. And Edison. We should all try to be as patriotic as Edison.

>> No.50591304


You know that feeling when width of the smile on your faces can be measured in light years? Thank you guys so much, I'll make sure not to let you down with this.

Yeah, got plans for the different types of Servants and the new classes will be added into the supplement in the coming update (Shielder, Avenger, Saver, Beast etc etc as classes you can buy like Saber or Lancer etc) and multiple Servants will definitely be a thing.

>> No.50591317

New format
New cybernetic augmentations
New companion things that I'm going to ad it later
Changed the bar
Added some stuff for the different races.

Wanna add some images and finish the missing spots. Also have 2 spots for drawbacks I wanna fill, so if anyone has any ideas sing them out.

>> No.50591319

Saver? Doesn't that have the "if you don't have divine blood, even if it's only a tiny amount, you can't hurt me" ability?

I mean, I'd enjoy the hell out of being a Saver, but...

>> No.50591320

Go for it, having all of the Fate stuff consistent would be good
But speaking of FSN and F Zero jumps, are you planning on breaking the current Fate/ jump into multiple jumps?

>> No.50591330

That was "Actual No Joke Bitch Slap Solar Systems Buddah". I'd expect a normal Saver to be way below him.

>> No.50591345

It's generally dependent on the actual individual itself. In Grand Order though you get Rulers and Avengers. Alters aren't actually a "class" but rather a suffix modification, like Lily is. (Lily modifies Age, Alter modifies personality and alignment. Alignment MATTERS later on, when dealing with an Alien)

Grand on the other hand is actually more of a prefix than a class. Beast is an actual class with no particular representative so far.

We haven't had many examples of Savers.

>> No.50591347

The class, not the character. A bunch of his stuff is definitely getting unbanned because I was overly hasty. I believe only Sacred Fig is remaining unbuyable since it's...what it is.

Already am my friend. FSN jump just reached 0.1 completion in that all options are filled in, just need descriptions. Well, more like 0.2 or 3 since the intro, origins, locations and half the perks are all fully finished.

But jumps for Zero, Apocrypha, Strange Fake and possibly Prototype are all planned (And maybe Avalon if I can get enough stuff) along with Extella when I eventually get it.

>> No.50591349

>New format

>> No.50591357

Actually, if you'll give me a minute or two, I might give a sneak peek at the first third or so of the jump with the big 3 origins. So giddy right now.

>> No.50591364

Do Half Dragons get anything useful in D&D?

>> No.50591368

Oh, okay.

>> No.50591372

I don't get it
The formatting is literally different.

>> No.50591373

Liking it so far. Don't know the series so i can't really suggest anything but the jump alone's made me interested in trying the game out.

>> No.50591388

>Landscape formatting
But why?

>> No.50591391

I need the Fate Jump. I want to do Apocrypha but I also want to do this.

>> No.50591402

Oh damn, I'm entirely ready to hit every grail war

>> No.50591404

No and they look stupid.

>> No.50591422

Thanks senpai

Because everyone uses wide aspect monitors?

>> No.50591438


Fate Stay Night WIP, since I'm so happy with everyone around me. It's only up to the first 4 origins and the starting stuff, so there's 3 more origins and at least 4 items for all of them on the way and a bunch of companion options too.

Oh and, while I'm here, if you want anything to be in the jump, just give me a shout and I'll see what I can do (Though some stuff i might save to put into Zero)

>> No.50591441

Not especially, it isn't really worth the level adjustment

>> No.50591449

If you're updating the supplement can you add some more information on general servant powers. And get rid of that multiples of baseline human stuff for stats that has literally never been obeyed.
And then Caster died of nosebleed.

>> No.50591458

>It's only up to the first 4 origins and the starting stuff, so there's 3 more origins

>> No.50591469


It's canon that some pokemon equal or exceed humans in intelligence, and in the past human/pokemon pairings were not uncommon.

However, there may be elements of coercion, depending on how much of an effect being caught by a pokeball has on a pokemon's mind.

>> No.50591476

>If you're updating the supplement can you add some more information on general servant powers
One of the big things is going to be a massive edit for the entire thing so it doesn't look like shit, including will be expanding the introduction section so it actually tells you what Servants are, what they/you can do and what happens post jump.

> And get rid of that multiples of baseline human stuff for stats that has literally never been obeyed.
That on the other hand, is the closest thing to canon and making sense that I have ever found. Weirdly, I did actually recently look into what some versus sites and the like believed the stats translated to and their justifications...didn't convince me that much. So unless some good, solid evidence comes up that consistently disproves the stat system, it's probably going to stay as is.

There's 7 origins, one based on each Master in Fate Stay Night (Except Caster, who gets Servant Stuff anyway). So there's stuff for Souichirou, Shirou, Rin, Sakura, Zouken, Kirei and Ilya.

>> No.50591477

>Best Girl
I can see the "Jumper is Best Girl" jokes now...

On a more serious note, that looks pretty good so far. I assume Black Grail would allow us to turn people into Alter versions of themselves?

>> No.50591479

Seven origins.

>> No.50591490


>> No.50591495

The multiples of human stats is canon though. And it clearly demonstrates what you get for your purchase.

>> No.50591496

One of it's many things yeah, it's basically going to be all of Black Sakura's stuff, though less strong since you don't have the 6 billion prana Sakura gets form the grail.

>> No.50591505

How do you Jumpers react when you see someone with a Powerset worth absorbing?


Have you swallowed a frog?

>> No.50591508

>you don't have the 6 billion prana
Don't assume that, jumpers are bullshit.

>> No.50591510

The fate series confuses the hell out of me, but people here seem to have a pretty clear idea. Admittedly I've only seen the first anime though, can I just watch the rest of the animes for a decent understanding or do I actually have to check out the visual novels, games and all that stuff just to get an idea of what the fuck is going on with this setting?

>> No.50591511

Cool, I might grab that just for later jumps where I play the role of the hammy big bad.

>> No.50591517

>Unlike normal users of this ability, your mind will not be twisted or changed in any way through the purchase or use of this
And now I'm finally interested in purchasing a Reality Marble... In the same jump where you're offering stuff like True Magic.

Why must you do this?

>> No.50591521

>Fate Stay Night WIP

Didn't you already make a jump that covers all the canon Grail Wars?

>> No.50591523


>+200cp Streaming-Chan

People haven't seen shit until they stream what a Jumper's doing to kill time. I expect Brain Bleach sales to skyrocket.

>> No.50591527

Jeanne vs. Spartacus was shaking the Gardens of Babylon with their blows hitting each other. It's a magical fortress floating seven kilometers in the air. 50 times human strength wouldn't do that. 1000 times human strength wouldn't do that.
There are countless other examples of that getting trampled on.

>> No.50591536


As far as I'm aware, it never stops being confusing, but you do become more experienced with the confusion since you're at least aware of most of the terms and the rules that will eventually get broken.

>> No.50591541

Its basically the old Gundam jump philosophy of
"Why contain it?" and just doing all the properties

Besides, is kinda hard to say who DOESNT want more servants, canon or otherwise

>> No.50591543


It's a Fate Grand Order jump ya doofus

>> No.50591546

A good place to start is the VN. It lays out pretty much everything you need to know.

>> No.50591548

All of the origins look great. Also wow, that's a lot of origins.
I don't absorb people for power. At most, I use their souls to buff skills and spells via Demon's Souls perks
She seems to be going back through them, making the individual jumps.

>> No.50591552

Aren't there skills like Mana Burst in the setting that can let Servants hit even harder than what their stats suggest, and Noble Phantasms that can buff physical parameters?

>> No.50591559

The anime won't really help with understanding magecraft or some of the stuff as it skips over a lot of that. Your best bet is just to go on the wiki instead of trawling through all of the Fate setting and look at things like:
and etc.

>> No.50591561

no because I'm not into vore

>> No.50591567

There's going to be individual jumps for all of the grail wars now. Which is awesome.

>> No.50591570

Mana Burst lets servants who should have shit stats (Saber) hit like top tiers. It lets her have her normal stats. The only servnat I can think of who could just hit harder then his stats say he can is Karna because "He's Karna."

>> No.50591574

>As far as I'm aware, it never stops being confusing

I think the best way to understand Nasu is to look at the same type of things that happen to Rider and Gundam in that the logic of things transitions based off of what the writer thinks is "cool" or would look the coolest

Or in the recent christmas event in FGO, "Takeuchi wanted to draw loli Jeanne"

>> No.50591578

>How do you Jumpers react when you see someone with a Powerset worth absorbing?

It depends on the setting.

>> No.50591585

Well, you won't get it through this purchase. If you can find some way to move around the Great Grail, you'd have near limitless magic already since you'd have mastered the 3rd Magic.

The animes are pretty good. Not the Deen original anime, that's shit. Anything by ufotable is pretty fantastic and the Fate Zero and UBW anime should explain things well enough. The other jumps...you'd probably need at least a wiki dive for things like Apocrypha or Strange Fake but I'm gonna do my best to aleviate that then.

There's a balance between the three 800cp perks, mostly between initial power and maximum power over time. True Magic starts off really weak but has the highest potential power whilst Reality Marbles won't grow at all, since you gain yours fully mastered (Without external experiments anyway) but it starts at the highest level of power. Black Grail is in the mid point.

I'm splitting that one up into separate jumps since it was a poor way of handling it.

And much of that is generally explained with things like Skills, NPs or magical energy boosts. Far more often it sticks to the stats as they're explained.

Contd next since I need to catch up

>> No.50591586

You say that like it's a bad thing.
It is.

>> No.50591591

>he's Karna

I legit can't tell if this is an ebin meme or legit because I thought Gil has the same thing going for him. Like, him being old and famous actually buff ps his Servant powerlevel to an undetermined degree not represented by his actual stats and F/SN loadout, but which lets him be da bess.

It's funny from what little I know of him Arjuna seems to be a profound fuckup of a person in the opposite direction as Karna, though.

>> No.50591617

I got bored and felt like statisticing through what servants have a form of Mana Burst.
Vanilla Mana Burst: Every form of Seibah and Mordred
Mana Burst (Gems): Ishtar (Rin) (Archer)
Mana Burst (Flame): Karna and Arjuna (Lancer, Archer)
Mana Burst (Lightning): Minamoto no Yorimitsu (Berserker)

Also before you ask something something Ishtar pleases old philosophers for worship something

>> No.50591618

It's implied that they are basically curses/super science energy matrix/possessing spirits/etc. Basically they were created during the Void Era or they are a part of the strange world that is One Piece.

>> No.50591621

>Besides, is kinda hard to say who DOESNT want more servants, canon or otherwise

All I want is the pisma timeline Illya and I doubt Val will add a provision for that.

I wish
Because then I can get the Illya with the right nature.
Because shes a fucking pokemon apparently.

I wish you luck Senpai, because that's a lot of work.

How are you going to handle continuity? Do we jump into a universe that's taken the changes that we've effected previously or is it reset each time? Or will you give us a 0+cp drawback that lets us choose?

>> No.50591622


>three 800 CP perks
Will there be more 800 CP perks, or is three what you're going with? Like for Drop-in, or will you balance it through items/companions/other things.

>> No.50591626

Um...I get really jealous and I make a mental note to find a way to duplicate them...?

>> No.50591637

>Also before you ask something something Ishtar pleases old philosophers for worship something
You realize that her story in Babylonia is entirely about how she becomes a "better person" because she's been stripped of worship and is now facing extinction like everybody else right? That and she becomes a tsundere goddess for a person who can love her back instead of a guy who is fixated on making his friend's sacrifice worth it.

>> No.50591640

As awesome as True Magic being available sounds what exactly can the magics do? The Wiki is being extremely unhelpful on the subject.

>> No.50591642

Its a meme you dip

>> No.50591643

Karna's not quite allowed to ignore the rules like Gil but he can ignore some of them. Like a legit scene in Apocrypha basically goes
>Karna's attack bounces off a Noble Phantasm that stops damage below A-Rank
>His strength is B
>Karna is just so fucking good he can hit at A-rank anyway
Karna is basically as strong as a hero should be able to get without something super special boosting them.

A prisma jump would be cool. Especially since it would also be a Notes and Heaven Feel jump. I'll dibs that if I can get Valerias blessing.

>> No.50591650

Quick question: What does EX Rank Collector get you?

>> No.50591665

>Prisma Illya
Batman_Anon was doing something with that. Unfortunately, I haven't seen him in awhile.

>> No.50591667

To expand on this.
Karna basically runs off of shonen hero logic. He has limits and can be beaten but also does stuff like just convince himself to hit harder and willpower his way through not having organs for a few days while fighting. If he's determined he can push himself past his limits. He also does super cool shit all the fucking time.

>> No.50591678

Legit, no-joke time-travel. Savestate and Worm-style.

>> No.50591680

I'll probably write up a draft and then ask around to see if he's interested still.

>> No.50591693

Why would Prisma Ilya be tied to Notes or Heavens Feel? I mean if you're trying to pull in the temporal displacement that sends them into the different parts of Prismaverse that's one thing, but Heavens Feel and Notes aren't even the key elements of Prisma, and HF is really just a Stay/Night branch, whereas Notes is technically no longer even canon.

>> No.50591695

Eh, it's not too bad. It think the only jumpmaker who still does that anymore is Brows, but it's generally not that restrictive.

>> No.50591698

>Heaven Feel jump
>But Fate/ is being done

I dont understand, am I being baited

>> No.50591703

Any of the jumps that are in the same AU (FSN and Zero, Apoc and SF) will have 0cp drawbacks to maintain continuity, though there will always somehow be a grail war in the second jump even if you dismantled the system. Kinda like Star Wars' continuity drawback in that case.

A UBW that's already fully stocked to Emiya's level is pretty fantastic anon. He's got a answer for almost any problem and managed to fight against Servants far stronger.

Those are the only 3 800cps, as I don't feel any other origin has stuff worth it. Those origins cost 100cp more then usual (Except Heir, which costs 200cp because of some freebies they get)

There's going to be a notes section where I explain what each one does since the wiki's not great.

>> No.50591716

Time travel, walking between realities, drawing stuff (energy, memories, objects) from other realities, absurd tier entropy manipulation, making infinite energy, making souls into physical tangible things, and reordering of casuality.
Basically Aoko can play with the order of events and timelines, Zeltrech can play with other realities, Heavens Feel can make things actually immortal.

>> No.50591726

The first lets you create stuff from nothing (This means you don't need to use magical energy to do it I think)

The second magic basically lets you do anything with parallel worlds: move across them, draw power from them, get memories/skills from an alternate version of you etc.

The third magic lets you make a soul physical. This lets you resurrect people and survive the destruction of your body I think.

The fourth magic is unclear but possibly has something to do with completely destroying something to the point that it never existed in the first place.

The fifth magic is something I'm not sure about.

>> No.50591733

>Reminder that Gilgamesh is technically Chaotic Good
>Reminder that Bancho considers himself Chaotic Good
Make of that what you will.

>> No.50591735

>already fully stocked to Emiya's level is pretty fantastic anon.

Oh, wait. Shit, really? You're goddamn right it is, but I was talking more in the context of "fantastic anime". So, would they be exact copies of what's in there? Rho Ais is my shieldfu.

>> No.50591743

Drei memes. They go to a dying alternate universe where the world is running out of mana and on its last breath, the Shirou there is acting like HF Shirou for his little sister Miyu. Basically, the worlds dying anyway I'll save mys sister before I save it.

>> No.50591744

Looks pretty good so far. I look forward to seeing the rest of it. I also hope you will include plenty of drawbacks. It seems that with so many options we are going to be in dire need of more CP.

>> No.50591746

I still find it funny how this is not only accurate and appropriate to Myth!Karna, but is actually very nerfed compared to the original

>> No.50591747

Don't the second and fifth also do "something something time travel"?

>> No.50591761

>Chaotic Good
First of all, bullshit.

Second, I'd take Gil over bancho any day. I mean, he's at least entertaining, and he'd probably use proper grammar.

>> No.50591765

Yep still here. Just had a bunch of uni stuff I was focusing on but finished up with this years studies about a week ago so I'm getting back into finishing the jumps I claimed. Got pretty much all of the perks, items and etc for Prisma Illya done just need to expand on them a bit.

>> No.50591766

You haven't gotten the notice from Extella about why timelines die have you?

>> No.50591775

>Gilgamesh is technically Chaotic Good

How do you work that?
He's a deposed ruler that used legislation to deflower women on their wedding night? Is this a commentary on how all revolutionaries are Chaotic Good until they get power and inevitably become Lawful Evil?

>> No.50591788

Bancho has good taste in wine?

Karna's basically the Lancer luck meme incarnate though. More so then Cu ever was. Like I would legit expect him to trip on a banana peel and die before reaching the grail.

I haven't had a chance to check out Extella translations yet.

>> No.50591793

Gilgamesh becomes the good guy later in his legend. Apparently everyone is stupid and summons him before his mythical character devolpment hit.

>> No.50591795

You really should, because they have substantial impact on things like Grand Order and Prisma.

>> No.50591800

Would there be any way to summon Good Guy Gil?

>> No.50591802

Yes, that's what I meant when I included the bit about you having decades of experience with it. Originally I was going to have it just be starting off like with Shirou but decided to have it be balanced against True Magic by starting with the 20 years of experience in it's use that someone like EMIYA has, including what results from that experience such as knowledge of copyable swords.

Gonna be a 1000cp limit so far, might change it as I go through drafts.

>> No.50591809

Wait did it have to do with evil aliens the Moon Cell fights?
Summon him with Enkidu into a non-shitty future.

>> No.50591812

Grand Order's Gilgamesh organizes the last human defense line against every race united to exterminating humans. Ironically he becomes Good, and is generally serious enough about his task that his arrogance is negligible (this is essentially "serious Gil")

>> No.50591818

Caster Gil is all Business Gil, this is what he says in FGO if you have him and Enkidu in the same party

>I have nothing to talk with Enkidu about. The current me, that is. It was with their death that I became a king that rules Uruk. I do not have the freedom to make conversation with them. I lost that right the moment I sat upon the throne.

>> No.50591824

No, the Velber aren't involved. It has to do with the "heat death" of the "upper" multiverse. You'll have to search for it in Beast's Lair for the translated info.

>> No.50591828

Nah, they summon him after Enkidu's death and he reverts back to his old ways out of grief with an added bit of bitterness. Its the only way you can reconcile the way he talks about him.

>> No.50591858

Summoning alternate versions of characters, whether it be younger/older versions or just ones at different AUs (Canon ones anyway) is going to be added into the supplement, since it was a bit silly to rule it out.

>> No.50591859

In canon his Zero/Stay Night personality is due to him being really disgusted with the modern world and humanity. With a dash of grail corruption after Zero which despite what he says did have a minor effect.

He actually comes to like the modern world in one storyline somewhere and chills out, but in general it really just depends on circumstances.

Or you could just summon child-Gil who is a complete bro.

>> No.50591864

Okay, what the hell is Grand Order's plot?! I thought Fate was about masters of reborn heroes battling in order to gain a wish from the Grail. What's this about aliens?

>> No.50591865

Jumpers! For those of you who've been to Dark Souls, how did you treat the boss and/or other extremely powerful souls? Manus, Seath, Gwyn and the like.

>> No.50591891

>Gonna be a 1000cp limit so far, might change it as I go through drafts.
I am not really suggesting you go above that, rather that there be a large number of drawbacks you can take to reach it.
For instance you could have a family friend who is a mooch (like Taiga) and you constantly have to maneuver around because they can't know about magic or the war.
Perhaps one of the drawbacks is a future version of you coming back as a servant to kill you (they have stronger versions of all of your powers and are cooler than you to boot.)
Also a canon companion option would be cool (should you want to take one of the non-servant characters with you.)

>> No.50591894

>What's this about aliens?
Well considering Fate's cosmology aliens would probably be similar to the Lovecraftian Outer Gods.

>> No.50591899

As delicious candy, that is to say I abused the fuck out of my abilities, and made portals between the different realities in dark souls and invaded to steal boss souls.

>> No.50591902

Aliens were first introduced in Extella, since the VELBER are basically aliens with a cosmic harvesting operation. The Moon Cell was made specifically to shield mankind from their operation. This leads to the deployment of Anticells to break Moon Cell open, so the Harvest Star's operation could continue.

It is later revealed that the human gods which people used to worship may be related to aliens in some way, and currently things are still being dissected on the Aztec Gods, but there is a very high likelihood that all of the Aztec Gods (with Quetzacoatl as their representative) were actually aliens.

Grand Order's plot is about timeline realignment, and timeline Battle Royales (in which IPs fight one another for the right to remain in mainstream existence). The full scale of the conflict between the Grand Orders differs based on each Order, but the true core of the plot is waiting for at least one more chapter in the AD2016 Temporal Shrine to resolve before anything is properly cleared up.

It may go for a season two.

>> No.50591908

Grand Order is about an actual heroic spirit not a servant blowing up time and then you having to fix it.
Except he didn't blow up the future. The future simply stopped being one where within a hundred years human prosperity was guarenteed so it stopped being given energy by the mulitverse to continue existing.
The Velber are more like a super hyper tech civilization.

>> No.50591914

>extremely powerful
Is Dark Souls really that powerful? I've always gotten the impression that it's at most low-tier superhuman. Anyway, go to the dawn of time, cheat mode them, and make copies? Mainly because they apparently got significantly weaker over time.

>> No.50591917

Okay so

Aliens is Extella's fault and honestly I cant long story short that for the life of me so let me get to the other shit.

VANILLA Fate in its base existence is about reborn heroes fighting each other with their masters

Fate/Grand Order is about INTENSE TIME TRAVEL and trying to make sure humanity survives past 2016 and as it turns out ties into Extella's stuff

Extella besides establishing Ayylmaos and Atilla the Hun being a fragment of an ancient alien tthat wiped out humanity once, also established the concept of timeline entropy.

Basically timelines have a "limited" lifespan, and the more timelines that exist the less time they each have, so a reduction in the timelines has to happen. Basically FGO and Extella to an extent are "fighting" to be part of the relevant timeline

Really when you boil it down Nasu is basically saying "Whatever interests me is canon at the moment i guess"

>> No.50591920

Doesn't reality pretty much end just past the moon in Fate? Can't imagine anything from outside reality being anything other than an Eldritch horror.

>> No.50591922

The Age of Fire must end.
The gods of the land are extending their time and perverting the cycles.
Death to the old gods and their apostles, the Age of Man is nigh.

>> No.50591929

Oh, right now there's 3 drwabacks for 100, 200 and 300cp and a 600cp one. Gonna add more as I think of them, but those were all the ones I needed to have the sufficient amount I wanted.

One of them, the 600, is definitely the JUMPER/Future You drawback.

There's going to be a canon companion option of sorts, at least for the various human Masters in the jump, to form an alliance with them and if they're still alive at the end companion them. I'll probably put a cheaper one if you want to pick up any of the other side characters that appear in FSN like Taiga or Mitsuzuri, though only if they directly appear primarily in this.

>> No.50591931

Gosu looks pretty amazing, not far enough along for a jump but perhaps someday. . .

>> No.50591933

I have no words. What is even happening anymore.

>> No.50591939

Reailty doesn't end past the moon. Humans are part of the Reality Marble and carry it with them. You know how ORT projects it's reality over Earths. Humans probably do the same thing. Nasuverse is lovecraftian horror where humans are another horror instead of being ants.

>> No.50591940

If Notes hasnt already been faded out of relevance Extella is doing that to an extent since the Velber fit in the same kind of hole as TYPES, other people know better than me to explain that one though

>> No.50591945

Drink them. Dark binding da best.
Medieval Armies, Doomguy, several 5 man elite CS squads, Anubis and Chiron (smite), Orstead and anyone remotely notable in public (Mushoku Tensei), Inigo Montoya, Several Large Zerg and SMT demons, Loads of mercenaries, Lots of demons and monsters, (most DS bosses) and at this point probably a billion peasants/ cannon fodder.
Purged the bad ones. Isn't there a trap in Dark Souls? if so i probably had sex with it.

>> No.50591946

"Nothing personnel, kid." -- Strike-Chan, 2016

>> No.50591948

Join me in the corner of "Who even knows what the fuck is happening", there's plenty of space.

>> No.50591956

On the other hand the exact backstory of Notes is literally happening in Prillya.

>> No.50591957



>> No.50591958

>Doesn't reality pretty much end just past the moon in Fate?
Wrong. The Velber are sufficiently advanced that they can adapt to the human shape as necessary, and most of the Anticell are relatively humanoid. It's implied that with their tech and planning, they're actually like a superadvanced interstellar Empire of TYPEs - in contrast to humanity, which is currently stuck to one planet.

In the opening engagement between one Velber and Earth, the Velber destroys 80% of life and is only stopped by Excalibur temporarily. It decides to take a nap.

>> No.50591959

The effective range of Gaia's grand reality marble ends, but it's not like the mars landers didn't happen in the nasuverse. It's just that each planet has it's own grand reality marble, and you can expect everything that comes from other worlds to be packing their own reality marbles that define space around them.

>> No.50591967


I took the Dark Soul and began developing it.


He's probably talking about "extremely powerful" for the setting, because the Lord Souls in the setting are capable of uniquely strong shit that other souls just can't compare too.

>> No.50591975

Couldn't the super bullshit people have done anything about that? Did they just ignore it?

>> No.50591978

Basically to sum up the current Nasu discussion.
The multiverse had to many tabs open and is closing a few.
Super aliens want to harvest our bountiful human women.
This is a show about mythlogical heroes.

>> No.50591984

Anyone have that one image with the little girl nodding, saying "I see, I see." with a caption saying "Doesn't understand at all."? It feels appropriate right now.

>Nasu is on shrooms
That explains everything.

>> No.50591991

No nigga
Miyazaki is referencing Miura juxtaposition of light and dark. The Gods in Dark Souls are evil even though there is a lot of light imagery associated with them just like Griffith in Berserk. Almost all of the evil and decay in the world is a result of their prolonging of the age of fire.

They need to die and the age of fire needs to end.

>> No.50591994

Oh shit. . . I just realized that the Kaleidoscope power from that Worm CYOA is the Second Magic. Definitely getting that bit of bullshit even if it takes me a few centuries to really master it.

>> No.50591995

No no no. Nasu is the mushroom.

>> No.50592001

I hate you so much right now anon. So much.

>> No.50592009


>> No.50592011

It, like eveything else in that CYOA, is nowhere close to as good in it's own canon as it is the CYOA.

>> No.50592018

Don't care, I'd want it on principal regardless.

>> No.50592028

Yeah, mang. Absorbing (with Lord) souls is pretty dope there.


>> No.50592031

The super bullshit people were all destroyed for the most part. Gilgamesh is explicitly shown to OWE the Velber for his existence, because she lost motivation before killing his ancestors.

The Velbers have no concept of death or nonexistence. They no-sell human magic, because they've evolved past those concepts. They're essentially TYPE-SPACE. It becomes a major plot point that you have to technically force the current body of one of them to resurrect into a smaller form so she's manageable.

>> No.50592042

No, but have a picture that sums up my exact feelings right now.

I'll be honest, I felt really bad about doing some of that stuff. But as I had Demon's Souls right before it... well. Let's just say I spent a long time in Lost Izalith. The flames were very kind to me. As was the Bed of Chaos.

...I probably brought about the Age of Dark by accident.

>> No.50592044

Please dont

Let it die

>> No.50592050

This is agonizing

>> No.50592057

Close enough.

You okay, Digger? You sick or something?

>> No.50592058

>They no-sell human magic
Even True Magic? Could I not use the Second to fuck off to a parallel world where the Velbers aren't attacking?

>> No.50592059

Life is agonizing. And then you die.

>> No.50592064

Why the nerf to magic circuit quality?

>> No.50592072

Did you mean Quantity?

>> No.50592073

It's not a nerf? That's what it's always been. I've always based them on Rin's circuits and always spoken about them in that context when asked.

>> No.50592075

Its.... complicated and the only way we'd see a resolution involves multiple parties being ready to deal with issues

Which being jc sounds like a statistical impossibility, plus applies to multiple jc issues

>> No.50592084

Pretty sure he meant quantity, in the other Nasu jumps it is 20 for free and then 30 for each purchase.

>> No.50592086


I was pretty conservative about it, for someone who actually went that route. Focused on the Dark Soul alone, because I didn't wanna mix any chaos or light in there, wanted all that heavy, abyssal goodness nice and pure for projects and junk.

>> No.50592091

>multiple parties being ready to deal with issues

SJ[/spoilers] issues?

>> No.50592105

Is losing in the Grail War a death sentence? Is it possible/realistic to get out alive without winning? If so would I lose my servant?

>> No.50592106

Oh, sorry. That's just a typo. Haven't bothered spell or grammar checking these because I didn't really intend to show it off until it'd been through a few more stages.

>> No.50592117

>pixelated font

>> No.50592122

I wouldnt know jack shit about outer politics, being here for a year makes you stupidly aware of shit if you put your ear out

>> No.50592127


/nasugeneral/ actively erodes my will to live in a way I can't quite place
I don't hate Fate and whatnot but it just is numb and meaningless to me
and such a high volume of it feels like pic related

>> No.50592129

Losing just means your Servant has been killed, though most Masters will then try to kill you to stop you from killing another Master and taking their Servant or something. If you just run away then you can survive. The other contestants will eventually come after you but you won't lose your Servant or die just by running. If you kill everyone else or aren't found for ten years and the jump ends, you get to keep your companion as normal.

>> No.50592175

That's, uh, /incredibly/ ominous.

>> No.50592185

>Drink them. Dark binding da best.

sounds like a novel idea

do you prepare them before or just gulp?

>> No.50592187

No. Because Extella retconned how that worked. As far as Fate/Extra and Extella are concerned, there's no easy way out. True Magic basically lost its importance once Nasu left the original Fate/Stay verse. It arguably had more weight in Extra than it did Extella, but even that isn't saying much. The Extella reveals basically say that even if you did use 2nd magic, you would be going from one DEAD END to another, and it wouldn't be VELBER induced.

>> No.50592215


Ohhhhhh god I didn't see this yet

I felt like i just got injected with like 3000 ccs of adrenaline seeing the thumbnail

it's too early in the mornin' to give in-depth critique and I'm not good at it anyways but

A) ignore >>50592117 its beautiful

B) It sounds kinda dumb but maybe access to being able to uplift animals? unless that's in there somewhere
it's a cool concept though

>> No.50592223

Basically Nasu filled in all those things he didn't write about true magic and they didn't say "it makes you God".

>> No.50592244

He kind of just shoved the concept to the sideline. I mean you get stuff like inheriting the power of the alien Gods to become SABER MARS (or was it Venus I don't recall) and atmosphere sat-kill lasers, but there's not really much as far as True Magic as F/SN verse had it goes.

>> No.50592248

Yeah you can imagine how much keeping up with this bullshit at times basically drains the soul out of my existence

>> No.50592261


>> No.50592295

So now you basically know how some other folks feel when it comes to capeshit, Naruto, Bleach, or whatever other raving topic the thread wants to be autistic about for a time. It's generally a sign to go and do something else.

>> No.50592313

So I was gonna try and think of something witty to say, but I'm not a clever man. Here you guys go.

>> No.50592325

It doesn't really fit into the backgrounds but I'm sure the process is stored in some peer reviewed article somewhere.

>> No.50592329


>> No.50592332

Looks pretty great.

>> No.50592358

nope, but there are many jumps, where there isn't an explicit drawback.
have you considered the Rio Reverso from xiaolin showdown?
don't we already have a Sailor Moon jump?
mostly I Went on a Pokémon adventure , but I did make a special point of bringing Teaching Materials to explain the water cycle to Archie
after I beat Team Aqua,he just cried. I left a lot of Zubats to die in the wilderness.
my schemes usually amount to wearing the identity hiding mask I picked up in Percy Jackson, Holding My Archangel blade to someone's throat and Saying your money or your life then murdering them anyway since They are evil. But yes.
I like this idea, read, and I'd love to of been able to have Jumped that. you should do that.
yeah man just relax even I Know enough not to take that series seriously.

>> No.50592434


Fair enough. It's gonna be comfy as hell in this jump, honestly. I can't /tell/ you how excited I am
Gonna be mixing drinks so hard

I figure. I mean I understand the feeling, it just sucks cause I knocked out at 9 and woke up about an hour or two ago
So I woke up into this hard

>> No.50592449


(Dark Souls 3) #56
-Background: Demonic Vestige (Free) -IT IS TIME.
-Bonfire Teleportation (Free) -Away we gooooo.
-Build: Miracles (850CP) (Discount) -LET MY FAITH BE BLESSED.
-Build: Pyromancy (700CP) (Discount) -We're going to throw fire around.
-Dark Sigil (100CP) -I'll need this for my plan.
-Boulder Heave (Free) -Why would I... okay.
-Chaos Seed (-100CP) (Discount) -Chaos Pyromancy! Plus the Chaos Flame within me.
-Twisted Stone (-400CP) (Discount) -BEHOLD THE DEMON QUEEN, at 26'6"!
-Purging Stones (-450CP) -I'm gonna need this for the Sigils.
-Pyromancer's Clothes (Free) -Gotta look snazz.
-Teacher's Pyromancy Tome (Free) -Aaaaand mine.
-Witch's Ring (-550CP) (Discount) -And boost my flames even MORE.
-Seedbed of Chaos (-800CP) (Discount) -...OH MY GODS, YES.
-Poise Deficient (-600CP)
-Cyclical Decay (-300CP)
-Phantom Mess (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Firelink Shrine,
-End Choice: Next Adventure

So I'm a bit hard to balance around, things are rotting, and Phantoms are after me. BUT WHO CARES. THAT SEEDBED OF CHAOS. I am going to grab it, and it... well. I can think of so many things to do with it. So many. It'll make a nice garden with how life can grow from it, albeit differently.

But why the Dark Sigils? Simple. I have fire, and now I can access the Dark. I am in unison. ...the world needs to be freed from the Cycle, and as a demon I will shoulder that burden. The people will be freed, the Cycle broken. The Soul of Cinders will be absorbed, and I shall feed the remnants of the First Flame to the Chaos I happen to carry now.

Let life begin in a different path.

>> No.50592477

does anyone know why in the Showa rider jump they specify that Kamen rider ZX be a different jump? Is it too different from normal Kamen rider?

>> No.50592487

Would you say Willpower can count as Faith in most cases?

Presumably the "consuming from the inside out" part of Yearning For Warmth" is due to having flames inside you, but is it? That is to say, would fire resistance from other jumps increase your capacity, or is it more of a conceptual/magical effect?

>> No.50592497

he premiered not on a TV show But in a crossover movie and None of the Kamen rider jumps have the crossover movies as cannon.

>> No.50592509

Latest version of EP and DLC 1. Unless there's issues, I'm calling it done for now.
DLC 2: Gatecrashing still to come. Would appreciate any suggestions or ideas anyone feels like throwing at me.

Added a couple more Firewall items and perks.
Minor changes to Hab, Ego Bridge items.
Change to End.
Some clarifications throughout, such as the mass of Flexbot modules, nothing that hasn't been answered in thread already.

>are our companions similarly effected?
Yes. Have clarified.

> if we choose a role do we have to have the skill packages they are supposed to get
As a Jumper, you don't have to pick the recommended list of skill packages. Have clarified.

Looks good, I'm going to have to play this before I jump it.


>> No.50592511


ZX is a crossover special of most of the Showa Riders as a whole, sorta like Showa's version of Decade (it was followed by Black so it's in a weird place in the timeline for the jump)
I'm personally hoping that if ZX or Spirits comes out, focus will be given on Super-1 and X since it feels like they're at best afterthoughts if not ignored entirely by both Showas

>> No.50592538

Can the hollowing effect of Dark Sigils be reversed?

>> No.50592586

Hey, does anyone know all the jumps that are supposed to be in the works/claimed?

>> No.50592600

everyone forgets about skyrider and stronger too

>> No.50592615

Just say what you want to work on, anon.
No need to be coy here, we're all adults. Probably. I hope.

>> No.50592622


Mmmm, in most cases I wouldn't really equate the two. Faith in Dark Souls would be closer to belief or trust, while Willpower throughout the chain is more closely defined as mental fortitude or drive to succeed/progress.

Fire Resistance perks would probably help somewhat, but you can't get much durable with this perk by itself anyways, and the healing even at the current levels is strong. There's gonna always be a point where consuming more fire starts to hurt you due to the nature of the perk.

>> No.50592634


Free Item in the item section for Londor Hollows, the Purging Stones. You may as well be normal again after using one.

>> No.50592636

>Timelines have a limited lifespan


>not-TYPEs have civilisation, technology and planning now

Well, fuck-


-FUCK. Well, that explains why Arc was said to be the only one who can take her on.

Just to check, is there any info on who made the Moon Cel?

And uh, for those of us who took CCC-is there any possibility that the events of Extelia may overlap with the timeline of Fate/Extra jump?

>The Witch of Izalith, Manus and Gwyn, Lord of Cinder

I put them out of them out of their misery as gently as possible. I wove a layer of timeless frost to smother the Bed so it wouldn't spread in ages yet to come, but Solaire was furious with Gwyn when he learned the true nature of the undead curse's purpose-and personally took on my world's Gwyn through the power of parries. Before we parted ways since he still owed a duty to his world, he swore to find a better way to break the cycle once he came back from linking the fire.

As for Manus-that was a bit of a joint effort between me and Solaire; he took point to get Dusk out of there, I covered their retreat with portals before opening up with the Atlantean lasers.


I hanged out for a while and talked about skeletons. It was pretty chill. I ferried messages between him and The Rotten for a bit.


We never met. He's still probably flipping out about that stolen primordial crystal, somewhere and somewhen.

>the Children of Dark

Restraining order.


We both had a vested interest in harnessing the the Lord Soul and the Dark Soul of humanity in tandem-and he was intrigued I'd acquired the primordial souls of light and dark. I did the standard quest runs for him, he forged the crowns for me-and we compared notes for ideas on how to make more of them.

Sorry to hear, digs.

>> No.50592649

Well I was planning a surprise for christmas, so how about this question since there is only one thing i'm worried about. What Kamen Rider Jumps are being made?

>> No.50592665

>is there any possibility that the events of Extelia may overlap with the timeline of Fate/Extra jump
Extella is post Extra though, apparently by a fair bit too. So far we don't know exactly who made the Moon Cell, but then again, I don't have the guidebook on hand for Extella, so I can't really browse and see all the articles.

Amaterasu is confirmed to be equal in strength to the Grand Servants. The Grand Servants are in turn not number limited, and we're not sure what the exact requirement for them are right now. Merlin, Gilgamesh, are both plausible Grand candidates. Presumably Amaterasu is also at Grand tier.

>> No.50592678

>There's gonna always be a point where consuming more fire starts to hurt you due to the nature of the perk.

Even at the point where you're made of it/have immunity?

Is Great Bell's Toll along with Poised for Victory actually making you blind/deaf/whatever or just giving you the capacity to ignore them entirely? One protects against supernatural effects that work through those (such as Medusa's petrification or a Siren's song), while the other doesn't.

>> No.50592683

Merchant is doing Gaim afaik, but I have no clue what anyone is doing. Don't think Ryuki, Kabuto and some of the first generation Heiseis are being touched at all? Unless Digger is doing the rest of them in a group

>> No.50592702

I don't believe Extella is going to overlap with Extra or CCC. If it does, I'll figure something out when I update/do them.

>> No.50592727

I would say it's comparable to Berserk (barring the Godhand) for the most part, but there are certain elements like the Dark, dragons and archtrees which have some rather interesting and exotic conceptual effects. One of the major themes of the games is that we never see the Lords-the most powerful soul users in the franchise-at the peak of their game, so it's difficult to guage sometimes. On the other hand, very strongly dark aligned souls can corrupt entire continents, the DS2 giants' corpses and memories can be used as portals into their distant pasts-and worshipping or following a dragon starts you on the path of turning into a dragon if you're undead, apparently.

Oh, and DS3 reveals that light is TIME, that the Repair spell works by turning back the flow of time and that the countermagic spell bends the fabric of space and time to stop other magic from affecting you. Which has...interesting implications for Gwyn and his lineage's full power, and why all those cities were squished together near the Kiln of the First Flame at the end of the game.

The Dark also comes across as...wonky. One guy who was on the verge of being absorbed into it turned into a HUGE skeleton on the cusp of being dragged in-and a fragment of his skull became a portal to the verge of the Abyss he was trapped upon.

It's kinda like Bloodborne in that it's not exactly what you'd resort to in a firefight, but you can do very odd things if you're willing to muck around with souls. The conceptual powers being fielded there are a bit like radioactive fallout, in that with a strong enough soul/flame they've the potential to change things on a wide scale.

Though in the setting, it's a big deal that the cycle by which said forces interact means that it's hard for any lasting change to be sustained.

>> No.50592735

I remember someone claiming Ryuki a couple of threads ago but I am not sure who did it

>> No.50592740

Well, right now I've got, in order

Fate Stay Night
Servant Supplement
Fate Zero
Fate Apocrypha
Fate Grand Order
Fate Strange Fake
Valkyria Chronicles update
Drakengard 3
Drakengard 1
Drakengard 2

Fate Extella when it comes out will slot in somewhere on the list
Fate Extra update probably can't be done till I know shit from Extella

Street Fighter with Nu will probably be done soon now that he finished DS3

And I might work on Needless after everything is done. No promises.

>> No.50592777


Yes, since at the upper limits it's less about physically burning than. . .I'm not sure how to phrase this. Fire has major significance to reality in Dark Souls, and pushing your limits is similar to someone in that world starting to get consumed by flame in a "mind, body and soul" type thing. It's like how demons literally made of lava and rock can get burned.

The bonus on Great Bell's Toll basically lets you ignore whichever senses selected so hard that you're no longer receiving information from them, despite nothing actually being wrong with your eyes, ears, nerve endings, etc. Not sure if that's what you were wanting to know or not, but that's how it is.

>> No.50592817

You should add a no-cost option for Jumper Servants to have their OCP stats and various abilities categorized as Personal Skills.

I want to freak everybody out by having EX rank in everything and like 100+ ridiculously high level Skills.

>> No.50592821

So, uh, can you choose to /not/ consume flames then, or consume them "normally" in a way bypassing the perk? Because, if not, then it kind of makes various immunities... well, not.

Unrelatedly, there are several perks that reference using or manipulating souls but none that offer a way to collect them, not even a free perk like bonfire. Is it just assumed that you can absorb souls as in the game?

>> No.50592842

That's already something you can do. I'll definitely be making it clear when I put some stuff in on the Stat Sheets but you can already decide whether you want your Servant stat sheet that others see to reflect the stuff you got with the supplement or your true abilities.

>> No.50592854

Not him, but I feel like Willpower could be used to increase your belief (i.e. allow you to "believe harder").

>> No.50592863

Oh. I guess I missed that.

>> No.50592878


You don't have to use the ability that comes with the perk to consume fire and risk the burn. You can just go about eating it with whatever other methods you have without concern of crossover.

Which perks are you talking about specifically, just so I'm sure what you're referencing? I might have written a note down in the Jump for it if you're talking about what I think you're talking about.

>> No.50592898

Jump 131 Eclipse Phase
Origin: “human” (0)
Age: ???
Gender: Female
Starting Location: Inner system - Phobos & Deimos

Skill Packages:
*Security Operation (100)
*Expression – Singing (100)
*Mega engineering (100)
*Device Engineering (100)
*Nano Engineering (100)

*Forking (0)
*Resleaving (0)
* On the Low-Down (0)
*Moxie (100, Discount)
*Skill Plus – Biohacker (100)
*Skill Plus – Singing (100)
*Skill Plus – Social (100)
*Rep Network –Fame level 1 (0)
*Rep Network- RNA level 1 (0)
*Rep Network – The Eye level 1 (0)

Morphs (+600)
* Infomorph (0)
*Syliph (200)

*Jumper Grade Cortical Stack (400)
*Body Mod Biomorph (0)
*Aptitude Enhancements – Savvy
*Immunization Mods (200)

*AR Masking Software (0)
*Morph Storage (100, Discount)

Blending In (+200)

Scenario: Firewall (+300)
Role: Router
Faction: Pragmatists
*Companion Imports (200)

Firewall Equipment:
*The Eye AR Window (50, Discount)


Background: Human
Role: Crow

Background: Human
Role: Eraser

Background: Human
Role: Sentinel

Background: Human
Role: Register

Background: Human
Role: Scanner

Background: Agi
Role: Crow

Background: Human
Role: Filter

Background: Human
Role: Sentinel

>> No.50592908

Alright, cool.

I'm talking about the item and perk dealing with transposition, because as far as I know you actually have to have access to the soul to bring it out or transpose it. There might be one or two more, but those are the main ones,

>> No.50592911 [SPOILER] 

I've been meaning to ask. Does High-Speed Incantation affect High-Speed Divine Words?
If so, how fast would a A+++/A+++ build be able to cast spells?

Could I reach Touhou levels of bullet hell?

>> No.50592928

(Wow, a complicated jump in a setting I know nothing about, hopefully I didn’t screw myself over too badly.)

This was a difficult jump on many levels. It was a very unique universe filled with surprisingly nightmarish horrors. Somehow I had wound up the leader of a Server group consisting of my companions and all of our powers were on the fritz.

Usually my companions can be a bit difficult to get along with but somehow we managed to pull together to get stuff done. Our first missions to Mars and the Ursa station went pretty well. While we might have been a bit under equipped we managed to use what we had and solve the problem.

The mission in New Mumbi was a bit chancy. I really was leary about dealing with anything infected with the Exergent Virus. Still somehow we killed or captured all the infected. Thankfully we had gathered some money so we were better equipped.

Then came dealing with the hyper-synegergist cult on Venus. This was a nightmare. They had merged their consciousness and become a super intelligence that was growing with each new member and acquiring resource at an alarming rate.

We informed the military incase what we planned failed. I had been looking in to the Exurgent virus some forms of it anyway. It scared the shit out of me but I did learn some things about creating viruses. I was watching the pattern of places it was taking over and had a good idea of where it was going to hit. So I my companions and I worked together to piece together a virus that would break the super consciousness apart. It was loosely based on what I had learned from the Exurgent virus. I managed to put safeties in it and we snuck in and uploaded it in to the fabrication facility and waited. Sure enough the Super intelligence hit there and we crossed our fingers as the virus back hacked the intelligence. The virus worked well enough that we saw there was a chance to hit it. We called in some favors, got some heavy hitters and took the compound.

>> No.50592984

I'm not sure. I'd say that HSI would definitely speed up any bit of HSDW magic, but the confusion happens because a lot of HSDW higher ranks actually don't need words or only need a single word, so HSI doesn't really do much since you can't really get faster then not saying anything or saying a single vowel.

I'd say that with them both, anything short of actual prepared rituals (You know, magic circles, loads of material components and chanting with multiple casters etc etc) or spells that are taking literally weeks or months (Not even joking, this is how shit magecraft can be) to cast non stop, should be reduced down to a word or two to activate them. Anything that takes less then a day to cast probably doesn't take any words at all.

>> No.50593015

Stronger at least has Charge Up in part 1
which kinda sucks that it's the most he gets but eh

Ryuki is claimed by HeavensAnon

I'm making neo-heisei Part 3

I am not working on the Heiseis at all, the only reason I did part 1 was because Anon2| had it like 60% done and it would have been a shame if it wasn't made

I've got Classic Sonic, Der Langrisser, Neo-heisei part 3, and I think that's as much as I can remember of jumps. Once I'm done with Sonic, I might have something else in mind but boy howdy that'll either be a magnum opus or a complete and total failure. either way I'm not sure if i should talk about it until I have actual work done. DLC on the other hand...yeesh.

>> No.50593030


Potentially, I don't think I can rule on that either way. Either I'm overthinking it, I'm getting dumb since it's getting late or it actually is a complex subject, but I've been sitting here internally debating on how that would work for the past ten minutes. If you're trying to make yourself believe in something, have you already acknowledged your disbelief? What role does doubt play when casting miracles, can it actually detract from the final product?


Ah, yeah, it's mostly just assumed because of the weirdness of local souls that you can just take them from defeated enemies.

>> No.50593080

Thanks for the build. Probably did make it far more complicated than it needed to be. Hope you had fun anyway.

>> No.50593108

Okay! Thanks for the info!

>> No.50593127

Digger you know you can't leave spoilers like that without people getting hell'a curious

>> No.50593134

So are you still able to absorb souls in future jumps? For transposition, it's sort of necessary. I would suggest doing something like you did with bonfires for "soul mechanics", with an option to pay for it to carry to future jumps, but then I realized that the transposition jar is itself a 50 CP item that would require it. Which raises another question.

Alright, so this is probably my last question: There are a significant number of items that make reference to "infusing [them] with the power of your soul", but is this something that /you/ can do or that the weapon can do? It reads like you could theoretically infuse a mundane weapon with the power of your soul, but not much would happen unless it's been "soul enchanted".

>> No.50593191


You would currently require some other means to keep leeching souls from fallen enemies, yeah. I can see your point here. (You mean the Transposition Kiln towards the end there? Why would it need special mechanics?)

All those items have the signature special abilities effectively built in, you're just supplying them the fuel, your soul's energy, to activate those abilities.

>> No.50593194

I usually assume that if there is no explicit drawback cap, then there is none. Aside from that, no.

I usually can get around the limits with things like companions or just wait for another jump to have a similar perk.

>> No.50593211

Alright, mate. Thanks for the jump.

It's getting pretty late here, so good night.

>> No.50593221


No problem, thanks, goodnight.

>> No.50593237

Yes I had fun. It's a good jump. I am sorry I am not up on the world so I could have written something a bit more in depth.
As for the complication. It really wasn't all that bad once I got in to it. It's intricate and gives a lot of options, somethings that can be intimidating but it can also let you build something that feels more unique than most jumps.

>> No.50593263

also when Legend Rider Movie Belt says that you can upgrade a belt to accommodate core metals. How many core metals are we talking?

>> No.50593293

How often do you switch companions during a single jump?

>> No.50593301

The lore these days is that a lot of pokemon that ambush humans are doing it because they WANT to challenge you and potentially get caught so they can get stronger, and that pokemon in their pokeballs generally only stay in because they want to or at least aren't sure they don't.

>> No.50593331

So, Transformers.

>You can turn into any animals or machine that you fits your Chassis type. You can choose to change into any animal or vehicle form that you’ve seen in your previous adventures, or for the future you can scan it.
Does that mean what I think it does?

>> No.50593332

I've always seen Pokemon as being one big kung fu movie. Everyone's always challenging each other to prove the strength and honor of their style, and when defeated they submit in hopes they'll be admitted into the school of the one who bested them.

>> No.50593337

just to be clear, I mean how many slots I do not believe it grants core metals

>> No.50593342

That you can scan new alt-forms (in the Transformers sense, not Jumpchain sense) to adopt? Yeah. Just remember that it's a disguise, and outside of basic things tied to the shape you've adopted (like a plane or bird being able to fly, or a submarine allowing for underwater travel), it's only aesthetic.

>> No.50593347

Congratulations, you're the Transformers equivalent of a Terminator Series 1000. Urge to disguise yourself as a urinal not included.

>> No.50593348

Um, why is an item you can start with for free priced at 500 CP in the Unkindled Ash background? I know it's replenishing, but in-universe it's a trifle compared to most of the other backgrounds' 500 CP items.

Also, if you were to usurp/absorb a certain First Flame during the jump would that buff your bonfire creation ability?

Drawbacks: Phantoms of the Past, Poise Deficient, Phantom Mess, Lacking Sense, Aldritch Aesthetic (1800)

Rolled Farron Keep

Unkindled Ash, age unknown

Bonfire Teleportation (Free)
Rare Vitality (Free)
Miracles (Free)
Resourceful (Free)
Yearning For Warmth (1600)
Embers (1200)
Young White Branch (Free)
Firelink Armor (1100)
Painting Worlds (600)
Stoking Flames (400)
Salvaged Equipment (Free)
Ashen Estus Flask (Free)
Karla (200)
The Fire Keeper (0)

Gwyn's cycle was necessary after all. Through the incompetence and hubris of humanity, the natural cycle of the world has been damned with stagnation. Normally, at this point the only possible lasting order comes from usurping the First Flame to bring about an age of Humanity.

Fuck. That.

Vendrick already proved there is another way. What is commonly identified as the human form is a mask made in the Lords' image that can be maintained through the strength of transposed kingly souls. Having refined and harnessed such power into the vessel of, say, an Angelus stone, mastered the Light's purification techniques and perfected the art of manufacturing hormunculus bodies-it stands to reason the curse can be staved off indefinitely, and to maintain the flame Humanity be siphoned off in increments as fuel instead of using entire individuals.


>> No.50593351

Also, you should play the SM demo. They imply that this one girl has a thing for a Machamp that helped her when she twisted her ankle.

Hell there's official art of girls swooning over Machamps and Machokes.

That's pretty much how the lore treats it in regards to pokemon battles, yeah.

I imagine the pokemon that don't want to fight partner up with the more domestic types either as a pet, or a work partner.

>> No.50593378

You only start with one of those at the start ASA, and they're the best healing item in the game and you only start with it if you choose it over all the other options. This is like having a replenishing version of the best, rarest healing item in game.

>> No.50593385

First, the fire must be properly rekindled. If lesser pyromancy flames can be reinforced it stands to reason so can the First Flame; cue battle of wills with the Soul of Cinder. Maimed as I am by contact with the abyss, I am still a vessel for angelic light to purify and strengthen the fading flame. And my soul regenerates constantly to the point of being metaphysically aentropic so-hopefully we shouldn't be running out of fuel for a long, long time.

The next part-well, that's the hard part: Selling a blatently heretical heaven-on-earth retirement plan to a bunch of desperate, downtrodden hollows. In a land where the Sable Church and Cathedral of the Deep already have a massive foothold.

It's like a threeway Scientology-off competition, is what I'm saying.

Just curious, I assume you don't want to create an ugly world and just about every demon in the series has been super uggo so-when you remake all life in demonic form, what'll you add to the Seedbed to ensure folks don't look like gross plant monsters?

Also, are you going to personally take on the Dark Sigils/First Flame embers(?) to kindle it, or just shove it all in the Seedbed before shoving it into the flame?

>> No.50593422

Could you post wip? I would love to read it.

>> No.50593447


In game terms, Divine Blessings suffer hard from "too good to use" syndrome as they're extremely potent and extremely limited. In the world itself, this shit is even more rare than in the games and is like a fabled miracle cure.
You're getting one that can be effectively be used over and over and over again providing you're alright with waiting just a few days. It's just like the rest of the origin, not too flashy but extremely effective for your needs.

It would not directly affect the perk, no. What it actually does lies in the hands of fanwank, since I have no clue what someone wielding the First Flame instead of consumed by it would be capable of.

>> No.50593454

As >>50593422 says, a WIP would be lovely.

>> No.50593480

Manus sadly needs to be put down. I tried to work with his shards to see if they could piece him together as a more sane being. They ultimately want two things, an Age of Dark/Humanity, and to become one again. Most of them are a bit evil because of the insanity Oolacile inflicted on Manus, but working with an evil person is easier than one full of batshit insanity. Pay dues to your father.

Most of the rest also need to be put down for their own good or everyone elses. I mostly agree with Strife >>50591922 , the rekindling is destroying the world and the Age of Dark needs to be allowed to progress naturally. DS 3 shows this clearly. That's why I let the flame go out in Dark Souls 1, and when Dark Souls 3, the jump, is out, I'm going to team up with the Firekeeper to make sure it stays out for good.

>> No.50593489

Uhh, the witch's ring is listed as 100cp in general items and 200cp under demon items.

Also why is the hollow bible 300 and not 500 like all other capstone items?

>> No.50593510

>Isn't there a trap in Dark Souls?
There's multiple, but the one you're thinking of is probably Gwyndolin.

He might be too close to a shemale though, he has bitch tits instead of being flat like a good trap should be. Also snakes for legs.

>> No.50593525


It's important to note that at this point, the flame requires extreme amounts of fuel to even smoulder due to it being so fucked. The Lords of Cinder are special because when they offered themselves up they actually managed to link the fire, while dozens if not hundreds of others of lesser people just got burnt to ash without offering any additional time or fuel at all. That's basically what Ashen Ones are from my understanding, undead who got burnt to ash and raised from the grave since the world is really desperate to get that fire linked. If Humanity is your planned fuel, you're gonna need a fucking loooooot of it.

>> No.50593549

Sure, it's mainly just the sentences detailing what I'm going to expand on with perks and items though. I've also got a supplement for the class cards if you want to see that because that's done.

>> No.50593550


Because typos/oversights, which should really be fixed as quickly as possible. That tier of items used to be 300CP before I decided sweeping buffs to the items with corresponding price bumps. The ring was an accident with me writing down the wrong name when doing general items I think.

Thank you for noticing that stuff, that would have been real bad to leave alone for long.

>> No.50593559

Can someone clarify the wording of This is, in Fact, My Final Form from Sword Art Online?
Is it saying you get the monstrous form AND you can mix and mach forms, or is it saying you can mix and match forms while in the monster form?

>> No.50593565

Here's the class card supplement which is done.

>> No.50593582

As far as I know, it's AND.

>> No.50593588

The first one.

>> No.50593592

Oh hey, it's here.

NuBee, the companion section is a bit barren. No Rosaria, Irina, Sirris

>> No.50593598

If you could price canon companion 100 cp it would be nice. I want to take 3 lolis of the show as my companions.

>> No.50593602

>It's important to note that at this point, the flame requires extreme amounts of fuel to even smoulder due to it being so fucked. The Lords of Cinder are special because when they offered themselves up they actually managed to link the fire, while dozens if not hundreds of others of lesser people just got burnt to ash without offering any additional time or fuel at all. That's basically what Ashen Ones are from my understanding, undead who got burnt to ash and raised from the grave since the world is really desperate to get that fire linked. If Humanity is your planned fuel, you're gonna need a fucking loooooot of it.

question: is using universal adapter from storm Hawks, and a paragon resource generator from supcom to make a new power source for the flame that doesn't require human sacrifice good idea or a bad idea?

>> No.50593616

If you want to be able to keep absorbing souls, the Demon's Souls jump has a perk for it. Don't know why none of the Dark Souls jumps do, but it's at least available somewhere.

>> No.50593623

>600 Fragarach, once per jump

Hell fucking yes!

>> No.50593626

Better than doing nothing, still not that great. Universal Adapter is incredibly inefficient when dealing with specialized forms of mystic energy, and Paragons do actually have a limit, just a very high one. You'd need an entire pocket dimension full of them to fuel it. Which a jumper could make, sure, I'm just saying there are probably better mystical energy sources to use.

>> No.50593634

What perks can help to make to make contracts impossible to break?

I know Fate mages have something like that, but I don't know if I could translate it to other worlds. And Disney Princess have a perk that did make pretty powerful deals.

Any more ideas?

>> No.50593635

>Still no 600cp capstones

>> No.50593652

I kind of have a microiverse battery full of them that I could replicate although I would need to convert mantra into humanity But it still utterly ridiculous levels of power.

>> No.50593666


They didn't receive much support, with several characters only being mentioned once or twice tops for the following day I dropped the question, and that's between both thread and IRC. I brought the ones who got a lot more support in. The selection probably looks a bit more barren compared to the older Dark Souls Jump because I'm working with less characters overall (DSJump used Dark Souls 1 and 2 compared to DS3 Jump using only one game).

>> No.50593670

If you're saying still then I answered the question last thread

It's a low powered setting

You didn't provide a good reason why every jump need 600cp capstones. You didn't respond at all anon.

>> No.50593683

Seems good so far, though a lot of the 600cp perks and items seem a bit iffy when compared to the other 600cp perks and items. Wishcraft, which probably needs some more info focusing on just how big the costs are for doing it, isn't really the same as getting a True Magic. The items are along the same line, with the Kaleidostick blowing most of the other stuff clean out of the water.

>> No.50593699

I never saw a response, sorry.

Again, and? As far as I know. every jump, no matter how high or low powered, has had 600CP Capstones. Why does your jump have to have none, besides "muh low-powered setting"?

>> No.50593709

Partially because "Muh low-powered setting"
Mostly because it's more work and I'm lazy like that

>> No.50593718

I recall seeing something similar in other jumps, actually. Can't remember where off the top of my head, though. Still, even if I'm remembering wrong, why does it need to have them? People can play with the format if they want to.

>> No.50593719

(Anyone who's checked out the other one above can mostly ignore this, since it just has the hot fixes for the double Witch Ring and price typo on Hollow Bible)

>> No.50593734

No, some jumps don't have the typical structure.

>> No.50593737

There definitely are that that's part of the reason why I did it that way. I'm looking for examples now.

But if I am honest it is because I'm lazy

>> No.50593744

Alright, at this point I'm too confused not to ask.

Can someone please explain to me what the hell the difference is between the "Dark" and the "Abyss"?

>> No.50593749

Honestly? I think it was a choice of translation, I don't think they changed the word in the Japanese version.

>> No.50593755

The abyss is the nothingness that contains reality (kinda), the dark is humans (kinda)

That's the simplest explanation I can think of

>> No.50593756

The Abyss is darkness run amok. Generally it has something to do with corruption and too much humanity in one place. The original Abyss only manifested when a nation called Oolacile dug up and tortured a being named Manus who is probably the Furtive Pygmy.

Dark can refer to many things, but one of the core things it is would be The core of humanity and what makes us human in the first place. That small shard of the Dark Soul that empowers us all.

>> No.50593761

Nope. The Abyss has nothing to do with nothingness or the outside of reality.

>> No.50593780

Pretty sure there isn't a difference.

Have some videos that actually explain shit.


>> No.50593785

If you can actually find some examples. i'd be happy enough.

>> No.50593790

>Presenting fan theories as facts

>> No.50593799

Hotline Miami

>> No.50593801

Other than SCP or Generic Creepypasta are there any perks to protect against memetic threats?

Would a Cryptid in Creepypasta even need it?

>> No.50593810


Think of "Humanity" (not the race) as this kinda dark substance similar to a soul that makes humans human in Dark Souls. The Abyss is this dark, corrupt place which is basically the product of a man named Manus (likely to be the Furtive Pygmy, holder of "THE" Dark Soul, progenitor of Humanity the race) being tortured until he went fucking crazy and his dark soul rampaging out of control.

Darkness can be peaceful and stuff, the Abyss is basically corrupted darkness. In Dark Souls 3, there is also a place called "The Deep" which is also some dark place which is either the Abyss, or something worse, I'm not entirely sure which.

>> No.50593830

I never said they were facts, just explanations that make sense to me.

What, we don't get the ability to eat gods as a Deacon of the Deep? And No Nameless King?

>> No.50593839

okay how is this plan ?
0. set up a massive series of infinite liquid generators from terraria
1. Take some of the first flame into yourself.
2.use Mana Lake from Gemcraft to turn it into a liquid.
3.Have The infinite liquid generators Pour the flame onto itself.

>> No.50593841

Aldrich doesn't really have a specific 'eat gods' power. He's an undead who ate so many people he popped open like a rotten fruit, but because he's undead and because of how corruption works in Dark Souls, he just continued to live and dissolved into a living pile of sludge and waste. It's just that he got strong enough to overwhelm and eat a (weakened) god.

>> No.50593845


I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not with the eating gods thing. Nameless King/King of the Storm two in one companion I was hesitant on including and would have needed a lot of support, he didn't even get as much support as one of the normal companions who barely got in.

>> No.50593846

Huh. Alright then.

>> No.50593851

Tera, Mana Lake lets you turn mana into liquid. Not the First Flame.

>> No.50593858

There's A Matter Of Perspective in Remember Me that lets you delete memetic threats from your mind.

>> No.50593861

The upgraded version says you can use other mystical energies you possess.

>> No.50593868

The First Flame is not chakra Tera.

>> No.50593879


>> No.50593885

It says you can use other pools of magical or mystic energy. That's shit like chakra or reiryoku, not a single, specific substance that forms in one place. It's like your trying to say you can use this perk to eat a Philosopher's Stone and turn it into liquid.

>> No.50593891

Don't even really care that much. Just something I thought would make sense for a perk or something.

Pretty sure at least three people have asked for a Nameless King companion.

>> No.50593898

Pretty sure just you have asked.

>> No.50593901

fair enough

>> No.50593929


I don't think I saw more than two, and three would still be too low.

>> No.50593935

No, there was me, an Anon, and some guy from a while back.

>> No.50593944

Woah. You, some anon and 'some guy'. That's all very reliable and trustworthy.

>> No.50593969

Even if you don't agree with him, you're being needlessly antagonistic in a way that makes you look like bait.

>> No.50593990

Man, there's a difference between sarcasm and shit posting. Try to leap a bit less quickly to accusations of the latter.

>> No.50594143

So is there a way to make spells into specialized bullets/shells, like for the use in Casters from Outlaw Star? My theme is Gunslinger Magitekian which means I can't use magic unless its through an item. Like spells cards, magic bullets, wands...etc.

>> No.50594173

We have an Outlaw Star jump, Many. Go there, reverse-engineer the Caster Shells. Alternatively, there's probably a Final Fantasy jump that has a perk for it. I don't know for sure, but I'd just assume there has to be, right?

>> No.50594188

IIRC Talismonger from Overlord (LN/A/M) can create talismans from spells they know, so it shouldn't be too much to say you can make spell bullets that can be fired from a normal/modified gun.

>> No.50594224

outlaw Star obviously

I think there might be something for that in smite

PS 238 has a Create your own magic system option that everyone seems to ignore in favor of miscellaneous-meta for some reason

Helsing has some decent weapon empowerment

fairytale has guns magic.

Warframe abilities are arguably supernatural , given how little is known about the void , so maybe Pick up Mesa?

Kamen Rider Neo Heisei Part 1
has A gun that can fire solidified desire through the power of alchemy

Kamen Rider Neo Heisei Part 2
has a demon that can manifest a gun.

if you learn magic sigils in another jump
you can pick up a pair of guns in equilibrium that can fire them.
What >>50594188 said

no reason you can't have an enchanted gun In The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest
Heroes/Wolverine and the X-Men

given how broadly things are Defined for the import options in King Arthur You can easily Import a gun to act as a channel for your magic

fate has several Canon Examples of guns being custom Mystic codes so you could probably have one channel your fate Magecraft.

>> No.50594240

I follow point limits as long as they're 600 CP or more. I can't think of any drawback caps under 600 CP, so that's not generally a problem. But if there's no cap at all, I assume they meant 600 CP and forgot to put it down.

I do ignore limits on how many drawbacks you can take, unless they're more interesting than just "take two." Buffy and Aquaria both make anything over two half-price, and I follow that, but I don't follow Pokemon's strict limit.

I also ignore any background-only drawback rules as long as I can make them logically fit my build.

>> No.50594366

oh Gemcraft lets you import an item to be your talisman which will enhance your Gemcraft magic

>> No.50594411

Ah, fair enough. Thanks for explaining. I may well take it then, since the bonfire perk wasn't quite what I had in mind-

-huh. I seem to have listed Embers as costing 400 CP for some reason. Oh well, quick revision:

Drawbacks: Phantoms of the Past, Poise Deficient, Phantom Mess, Lacking Sense, Aldritch Aesthetic (1800)

Rolled Farron Keep

Unkindled Ash, age unknown

Bonfire Teleportation (Free)
Rare Vitality (Free)
Miracles (Free)
Resourceful (Free)
Yearning For Warmth (1600)
Embers (1500)
Young White Branch (Free)
Painting Worlds (1000)
Firelink Armor (900)
Divine Blessing (650)
Teacher's Pyromancy Tome (600)
Sun Princess Ring (400)
Salvaged Equipment (Free)
Ashen Estus Flask (Free)
Karla (200)
The Fire Keeper (0)

Also to clarify, I'm not reinstating the cycle. I'm more doing what Gwyn did towards the end, by using Elven Enchantment to make the Flame a Horcrux of mine. At this point my soul is saturated with the combined energy of Jubileus, a Herald and the Presence-so on top of a perk from Anima: Beyond Fantasy that makes my soul constantly regenerate, I hope it'll be sufficient to fuel it indefinitely.

I went Unkindled because as Vendrick found out, you need to harness the Dark Soul and First Flame in tandem to break the cycles. I already acquired Manus' soul in DS1, so I needed a metaphysical hook into the flame to do this.

However, humanity tends to rot and mutate when allowed to just accrete, like what happened to all the Pus of Man things bursting out of undead. To prevent that, I'm going to adapt Incubator technology to keep just enough dark in humans for them to stay alive, while siphoning all the Dark off to a remote facility somewhere. Where I'll use an automated variant of Dragonology to start using up all the collected Dark.

Yes, this does mean my new utopia will involve a bunch of automated dragon assembly lines somewhere but hey-a small price to pay for not being a festering corpse in a timeless abyss, right?

>> No.50594455

*by using Elven Enchantment and Lone Wolf's magic

Gah, post ran out of word space right before the crucial part. But yeah, it's more akin to the Moonstone than a "traditional" Horcrux for that extra planar magic goodness.

>> No.50594478 [SPOILER] 

>A cookie to anyone who gets that reference.

Yes, I know Uplink was making the same reference, but I couldn’t resist.

>> No.50594511

Uplink is great but the narrative LP of that game is phenomenal

>> No.50594597

I'm trying to think up a way to get remote alchemy like father had at the end of brotherhood. My best idea so far is clapalchemy mixed with strong geokenisis or the tremor-tremor fruit, since FMA alchemy gets energy from the tectonic plates

Does anyone else have any better ideas for this?

>> No.50594620

Use portals.

>> No.50594638

Study Kimblee's techniques, maybe? He can project his explosion alchemy along a continuous path to hit objects at range, with experimentation it might be possible to do it with constructive transmutation. Alternatively, alkahestry combined with an ability to make purification circles at range (some sort of holographic projection, perhaps?) would do it.

>> No.50594654

Roy can do it too, with how he basically makes fuses through the air to targets.

>> No.50594706

I actually excluded him because the last time I pointed out that Mustang's flame alchemy has to be ranged transmutation I got shouted down by people going "no, he's just transmuting the air". Ignoring the fact that transmutation has only shown to be conveyed through continuous matter, and that transmuting a gas would therefore still require the ability to move the transmutation charge around at a distance. From what I remember, they were arguing against that because they wanted to claim that flame alchemy isn't hard, and that everyone else is just a chump for not using it. It was a dumb argument.

>> No.50594730

Just combine Amestrian Alchemy with Alkahestry, which can be used at range.

>> No.50594789

Alkahestry requires a secondary circle at the target. It's less ranged transmutation and more creating specific remote alchemy circles. If you want to do ranged transmutation on the fly you need to find a way to launch the circle at what you're going to transmute. May Chang does it by channeling the circle through her throwing daggers in a pseudo-clapchemy fashion.

>> No.50594796

Well, yeah, Mustang is transmuting the air, we see and get told that. That's pretty obviously just what Kimblee is doing, something in the style of that. Transmuting a thin line of material (Whether solid or gas or liquid) between him and the target where the real effect takes place. What I don't get is why they argued that because they thought it was easy when it sounds pretty fucking insanely hard, considering both of the people who do it are insanely skilled and insanely specialised into one use of a specific type of alchemy.

>> No.50594846

Kimblee actually is moving the alchemical charge around. It's because he's not actually transmuting anything, he's just using a deliberately-failed transmutation to produce a lot of energy, which makes an explosion. He's not turning something at range into an explosive compound, and extending out a fuse along the path to it, he's just making things blow up directly. What I want to know is why he never put his transmutation circles on his shoes. Think about it, instead of having to crouch down whenever he wanted to attack at range so he could touch the ground, he could just channel it directly through his feet. Much faster attacks.

>> No.50594891

Probably because people want to say they picked it up in five seconds without a lot of trouble?
And because they know the basics of how it works, and because in our society it's a really simple process to look up how combustion works, it's easy to just say "oh it's super easy any fucking idiot can do it", and therefore justify getting it with a half day's work.

Not that I think it would be that hard for a jumper to begin with, since if you're trying to do alchemy you've probably got a pretty good understanding for how physics work.
Or you should.
And keeping in mind that FMA has schizo bullshit tech that doesn't have planes or tanks or televisions, and actual science is probably poorly understood by lots of people.
So a sufficiently minded jumper COULD probably figure it out much easier.
But saying "this bullshit isn't hard" is a really simple way to skip even that prerequisite.

>> No.50594909

That...does make much more sense actually. Especially for Brotherhood, since I may have been remembering the original anime where he's all about actually transmuting things into explosives rather then abusing failed processes in specific ways.

Not sure why he never put them on his feet in character, since he's a smart and lethal guy. I imagine the meta reason is that no one could ever beat him if he did. At least if he got serious, since I'm almost 100% certain he'd always use his hands unless in serious danger, since he's got such a flair for performance.

Still don't understand how those guys thought Mustang's air transmuting was easier though, since both of these sound hard in different ways.

>> No.50594923

It's just weird. It's not like people in FMA don't know the basics of how combustion works. And we know Mustang studied for years from an expertin that field of Alchemy just to learn it and has many years more of military experience using it.

>> No.50594961

I would third Irina and Sirris, mostly Sirris. They were pretty good characters overall, with Sirris being an excellent fighter and Irina being a good miracle teacher. If you need more characters for the companion section those 2 would be perfect.

>> No.50594995

What is this referencing? It's not pointing at anything.

>> No.50595038

Go for it.


>> No.50595084

Huh. That does make things simple.

>> No.50595085


>> No.50595187

Could you make 800 cp perks F/SN discounted for 2 origins? That way you won't have one true build ?

>> No.50595209

Is there any point in buying Bonfire Creation from DS1 now that Stoking Flames exists?

Bonfire Creation has the flaw that it doesnt even do anything after the jump and now Stoking the Flame does everything better and lasts(if only temporarily).

>> No.50595238

The post right above it, I think

>> No.50595239

Why would I discount them for any other origin when that makes no sense? Any origin with one of those has to pay 100cp extra to just to get the origin at all, which seems to balance it to me, and there's going to be plenty of cool stuff in the other unrevealed origins too, including exclusives only one of them gets.

Besides. I can almost guarantee these 3 origins aren't going to be the Three True Builds because of some recent updates, though that guarantee is probably a little depressing for me as a creator I guess.

>> No.50595356

Anon, the jump isn't even done. How can you even know that it's going to have a one true build? Don't be hysterical and don't meme preemptively.

>> No.50595385

I think you really need to consolidate the magic. Scattering it around as a bunch of perks instead of a few big ones. Maybe something like, base magIc, advanced magic, wtf tier magic.

>> No.50595388


>> No.50595396

That's going to be pretty hard for this series, considering that specialising in a specific sort of magic is kind of a big thing.

>> No.50595406

Why is Unlimited Blade Works EX ranked?

>> No.50595464

What about Alsanna and Karla?

>> No.50595482


Why do the good things happen when I'm unconscious?

>> No.50595497

>Why do the good things happen when I'm unconscious?

>> No.50595526

Speaking of [The Tools We Are Given], would it be untenable to change its restriction from "can't take it if this is the first jump" to "gives no CP if this is the first jump"?

Because if it's the first jump, you don't have any metaphysical back-end to handle yet anyway, so Alphas would be indistinguishable.

>> No.50595536

>Why is copying every weapon that I see on the highest ranking?

>> No.50595563

Alsanna is Dark Souls 2 DLC, right? Never played it.

Karla is the reason I said 'most' were a bit evil. If she doesn't want to become Manus at all, then I won't make her. Most of the rest we see are all for combining again, and so I have no issue helping them combine.

>> No.50595564

Yeah but some of these seem too specific. Gravity magic has come up like twice. I'd recommend replacing it with something more general.

>> No.50595573

>When it's not in canon.

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