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Old thread: >>50568010

>what is Kingdom Death
Monster Hunter the board game, set in the world of Berserk.

>which pledge do I get
If you don't have the game, get the Lantern pledge. If you do have it and just want to update it, get the upgrade pack. Everything else can be added on from those two pledges.

>is the stuff in the upgrade pack a stretch goal?
>is the stuff in the gamblers chest a stretch goal/is it random
Not a stretch goal. Everything on the table, revealed or not, will be in the chest. The gamble is just that you don't know what's in it yet.

>what are the stretch goals?
There aren't any, really. We blew the lid off this campaign so hard, we unlocked everything and more in the first day. So instead of posting 40 days worth of content at once, he is staggering the reveals. Everything is already unlocked though.

>i won't get the game till 2020???????
No. read the shipping section on the kickstarter page. The game ships in 2017. 2020 is a worst case scenario for some of the very very early in production items, not the game itself.

Kickstarter Page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/poots/kingdom-death-monster-15/description
Adams comments: https://www.kickstarter.com/profile/poots/comments
Rules errata: http://www.kingdomdeath.com/wp/faq/

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If you donated to a kick starter for a reprint, you should kill yourself.

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kk brb

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>just a prank bro

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I've been trying for years, anon.

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So, seriously, is Poots already bankrupt?

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Not yet, but give it time. He's over excitable and starts wanting to add more shit the more money it gets. Eventually it will overrun like the original did

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>OP Image

Do you feel as if KD objectifies women?
Do you feel that objectifying women is a bad thing?
Cannot a person enjoy being valued as an attractive sex object in addition to a person?

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>set in the world of Berserk
It should really be changed to show it's INSPIRED BY Berserk, not actually set there.

He has been. For a while. The cost of the kickstarter was 4million dollars, and he only earned 2million.

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>does KD objectify women?
Kingdom Death does, with the pinup lines. Kingdom Death Monster does not.
>is objectifying women a bad thing?
Depends on the context. Fully clothed men with nearly nude women is kinda shitty. KD Is starting to balance it out, so it's all good.
>Cannot a person enjoy being valued as an attractive sex object in addition to a person?
People can be. Fictional abstractions are controlled entirely by the creator so trying to pass them off as a women with their own choices is a flawed arguement.

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>He has been. For a while. The cost of the kickstarter was 4million dollars, and he only earned 2million.

Where does all the money go for this game?


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>was saving money for a satan pledge

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You are an idiot who does not understand KS.

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>Fictional abstractions are controlled entirely by the creator so trying to pass them off as a women with their own choices is a flawed arguement.

Yeah almost as flaws as the claim that objectifying said fictional abstractings -literally little plastic OBJECTS- has any real life implications on women.

>Fully clothed men with nearly nude women is kinda shitty.

You say that as if there was some intrinsic, obvious to your claim and save yourself any reasoning or data to back it up.

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>Fictional abstractions are controlled entirely by the creator so trying to pass them off as a women with their own choices is a flawed arguement.

Yeah almost as flawed as the claim that objectifying said fictional abstractions -literally little plastic OBJECTS- has any real life implications on women.

>Fully clothed men with nearly nude women is kinda shitty.

You say that as if there was some intrinsic, obvious to your claim and save yourself any reasoning or data to back it up.
Getting over confident with your agenda here, friend.

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To be fair, he got back to solvent before launching this KS, otherwise he probably would have gone dark before finishing (non-lantern-festival) fulfillment of the last one.

Our hope is that he doesn't push himself nearly as deep underwater this time. The man is capable of learning, just at a disadvantage.

There's even a chance that aggressive addon orders could even leave him in the black on this KS.

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>Our hope is that he doesn't push himself nearly as deep underwater this time. The man is capable of learning, just at a disadvantage.
So you're saying he has a learning disability?

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Yeah, he is making way more money this time around. As long as he doesn't go full retard, he should end up with something to show for it. Or, at the very least, a stockpile of stuff to sell over time for profit.

Satan tiers are basically an excuse to reprint everything, and while he is at it he can order more than the satans really account for and sell the surplus individually.

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The majority of it goes to printing from what I understand from the last time. The printing apparently costs more than the models, which is why a model-less version would still have to be the same price. Getting the dies cut for injection molding is expensive, but it's a one time expense.

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When it comes to responsible project creation, I think how damn excitable the man is counts.

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He's at the top of the scale, with the small dogs.

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If I DGAF about non-game content, is it better to keep my BF gambler's lantern second face, add the old expacs, and scalp the pinups and promos (I play a friend's core game and he's not interested in updating or expanding, forgive me if promos are game content), or get a retail pledge, add box + expacs, and sell the five spare cores?
The shirt is really nice but won't be a factor.

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Decided to come here to "brag" about supporting this in the "Ancient Gold Lantern" pledge.

Then I see everyone talking about Poots being in shit situation and how all of this is doomed.

How fucked am I?

And and news abut when he might send out the reprint of the original expansions.

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>Makes his passion his job
>Creates the thing he wants.
>And it actually sells
>Doesn't have anyone behind you to tell you what to do

I'd be the same if I was in his place.

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You've got a month to drop your pledge, of your should be so stupid

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Not very, all this is coming out even if he has to go into debt to do it.
>bragging about anything without a backer limit

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Eh, you are fine. He made the first one work at longer odds than this one.

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Without some form of tension, how could you get more people to throw money at you?

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>And and news abut when he might send out the reprint of the original expansions.
It's seeming like they're either going to be wave 2, with the Gambler's Chest, or a new wave 1.5 in between waves 1 and 2. He has confirmed that he cannot send them in the same box as the core game because the core game will fucking crush them in transit because it's so big and heavy. Pic related. There's also the concern that they won't be reprinted in time to be delivered in wave 1. Throughput at the factory is going to be an issue for him, especially with this many orders.

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That girl gun get raped.

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What does she expect, being born to a father so degenerate he would buy a rape game like Kingdom Death?

She was asking for it.

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Hope she rolled low enough for negative anal and vaginal circumference.

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She grows up to be a famous safari hunter.
Covered in bleached lion pelts, gains control of small African country.
Lantern statues everywhere, leads country to Edisonian industrial revolution.
Returns to America a hero of the African people.

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... yeah me too.

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I wish fucking pootykins would hurry up and announce a gamers pledge or something.

>> No.50582682

He said *maybe* he will do such a thing at the very end of the campaign once all the addons are on the table. He's very gunshy about doing bundle pledges right now because last time he nearly lost his hat because of them.

>> No.50582723

>lost his hat because of them
What's the profit margin on his printing? I mean, if he's selling everything, I'm not sure how destitution can be occurring.

>> No.50582752

He lost $1M on the first printing, and the expacs were only $5 cheaper each.

>> No.50582779

Individually they were only $5 cheaper, but he also had a bundle at $300 that was basically that campaign's Satan pledge -- get everything, all expansions and all pinups for $300. That's what cost him so much. And that's why he's scared of bundle pledges.

>> No.50582859

That's an INSANE deal. Like, if I knew about KD as the KS was happening I would instantly nope out upon seeing such an irresponsible deal.
He should just bundle core + box + expacs at a $100 total discount, he should still be able to make a reasonable profit.

>> No.50582900

Wasn't he also paying shipping on everything last time?

I think that would eat into profits a lot more

>> No.50582901

I agree. But at this point he isn't certain how many expansions will be in. At the very least there will be one unplanned expansion featuring Satan, and he probably doesn't know how big or small that will be (I assume huge because its Poots, but yeah). He doesn't feel like he can accurately price a bundle like that until he himself knows all the things that will be included in it.

>> No.50583042


Well, it's not like I want a killer deal or something, it's just that all is the bundles with expansions contain stuff I don't want and don't want to pay extra for. Right now I've got the Black Friday 300 pledge. I want to throw money at him so he'll give me the expansions, but that's all I want. A shirt to rep would be nice but pinups go straight to the trash.

>> No.50583062

But he did turn a profit in general, right?

With kickstarter, it's like a pre-order. You're only ever producing to the demand.

>> No.50583214

Yeah he was. And it got bad enough he had to ask that people pay partially for shipping after everything was ready to go cause UPS was fucking him. Also had a donation thing on the pledge manager for anyone who'd be kind enough to foot the entire thing.

>> No.50583364

why though?

>> No.50583366

That was the survivor pledge. It didn't contain pinups OR expansions. What it had, was 5 kingsmen, an extra Phoenix, extra survivors, and just a metric fuckton of plastic.

>> No.50583409

>5 kingsmen

I still don't understand why.

>> No.50583429

>Satan tiers are basically an excuse to reprint everything, and while he is at it he can order more than the satans really account for and sell the surplus individually.
Anyone else hoping you can order stuff included in the Satan level in the pledge manager? Because there's a couple things in it I want, but the bulk of it I got in the last kickstarter, and I'm already sitting on a Gambler's lantern.

>> No.50583519

People wanted entire regiments of Kingsmen for display and other games. You could buy a set of 20 during the last kickstarter.

>> No.50583529

Promos generally have a small addition to the game, pinups do not.

>> No.50583755


Clearly we should design a custom encounter for fighting multiple Kingsmen at once. We know they travel in groups, after all.

Like, 4 Kingsmen models on the board. Each turn, the Monster controller draws 2 AI cards. The Monster Controller assigns the A cards to Kingsmen of his choice, another performs Basic action, and the 4th does nothing.

The Kingsmen all share a single pool of AI cards, and as their wound pile grows you slowly remove kingsmen models from the board. Every time you do, the player that triggered that wound gets immediately hit by Kings Curse mid fight.

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He didn't. The original ended KS up selling at a loss. He spent all the KS money, all the resin sales, and some of his personal funds to get it produced.

>> No.50583960

After going back to check, we were both incorrect.

The pledge level I was referring to was the Herald of Death level. Heralds of Death did not get any (additional) free pinups, but it did get the Lion Knight, Manhunter and Green Knight Armor expansions for free.

So, just going back through, here's what a person could have gotten in the original KS:

Survivor Pledge: $155
>Core Game
>Twilight Knigt
>White Speaker
>Extra Phoenix
>Five extra Kingsman
>Extra Watcher
>Extra set of Rawhide Armor
>Extra set of Phoenix Armor
>Extra set of Lion Armor
>Paul the Survivor
>Aya the Survivor
>Adam the Survivor
>Anna the Survivor
>Snow the Savior
>T-Shirt of Death
>Extra Survivor Heads


Flower Knight: $15
Dragon King: $30
Gorm: $40
Manhunter: $20, free if you spend over $300 total
Lion Knight: $25, free if you spend over $300 total
Dung Beetle Knight: $25
Spidicules: $40
Sunstalker: $45
Lion God: $25
Green Knight Armor: Not purchaseable, free if you spend over $300 total
Slenderman: $25
Lonely Tree: $30

So basically, $430 gets you all of that shit. Plus free shipping in the states. In comparison, the $750 Ancient Gold Lantern pledge is all of that except with the Gambler's Box instead of all that extra shit in the Survivor Pledge.

Yeah, he lost money like crazy on that campaign.

>> No.50584037

updates up.

>> No.50584050

Flower Knight confirmed for reprint, but not at half off MSRP.

Ancient Gold Lantern / Satan is looking even better now.

>> No.50584060


Some more Narrative minis with tiny gear or rules packages that come with them. Flower Knight reprint.

>> No.50584181

>> No.50584195

So when are we going to see real models or 3d renders instead of just concept art?

>> No.50584204

what are the sizes of the minis? I was thinking that the narative minis might be a great alternative to D&D minis, but then i remember hearing that they are bigger than the average 22mm

>> No.50584218

The fuck are you talking about? The renders are in the update.

>> No.50584234

The tan figures in the Gamblers updates ARE renders.

Also yay gryphon hype soon

>> No.50584245

There are a lot of pinups that we have not seen anything apart of concept art yet.

>> No.50584250

Seems like poots gained a level ofbunderstanding and tries to recoup the loss he takes on the satan and gambler pledges that way. I expect more unplanned expansions and goodies to follow. He's way to excited not to.

>> No.50584263

>doing price hikes because you suddenly realized you are bleeding money
>once again show that the "boutique" product is still full of fucking typos and shit

Quickly losing faith and respect for this thing

>> No.50584265

They are bigger. 30mm bases.

>> No.50584266

KD/M uses a 30mm scale. Survivor bases are 30mm, while smaller monsters and nemesises are on larger 50mm bases.(2x2 on the grid) Other monsters can be 3x3, 4x4, or even 5x5.

>> No.50584295

You were never a true Bakcer to begin with.

>> No.50584297

Please use terminology correctly Scale isn't in regards to base size but rather miniature height. 28mm scale is "normal" and means that a ~6 ft tall human would be 28mm from head to toe.

I've heard some people say that KD:M is 32mm scale and others say it is 35mm scale. Regardless, it's definitely larger than the normal 28mm scale for 'heroic' figures.

>> No.50584298

then walk away, fuck.

>> No.50584345

Why isn't the reprint half off like the other ones? I will probably buy it anyways, it just seems like a dumb change of course.

>> No.50584362

he realized the deals he was offering were too cheap most likely

>> No.50584365

They are 35mm, so too big for official D&D figures and most fantasy miniatures. The monsters can probably fit in though.

>> No.50584367


What are price hikes?

>> No.50584423

>Why isn't the reprint half off like the other ones? I will probably buy it anyways, it just seems like a dumb change of course.

So he doesn't go bankrupt ...again

>> No.50584462


>> No.50584468

Gambler's Chest contents:

Miniatures: 11
>Dark Eye
>Romantic Adventurer
>Screaming Hoarder
>Bow Master of Deadrock
>Bloody Sword of Deadrock
>Scout of Death
>Last Axeman Standing
>F. White Lion - Twilight Sword
>Sci-fi Aya
>Nightmare Adam

Philosophies: 3

2 Gear Cards
3 Rare Gear Cards
2 Promo Gear Cards

2 Fighting Arts
1 Secret Fighting Art
1 Advanced Fighting Art

1 Advanced Disorder

1 Settlement Event Card
1 Hunt Event Card

Boxes revealed: 13
Boxes remaining: 18

>> No.50584483

yeah it will let him hopefully make reprints without going through a massive kickstarter

>> No.50584485

People get confused and spread misinformation when you say stupid shit. So don't say stupid shit. Insisting that you know what you're talking about when you open you dumbass mouth isn't autism.

>> No.50584523


>> No.50584618

My hopes are a Gambler promo mini at $7,777,777 and another unplanned expansion at 10 mil.

>> No.50584628

What's this about price hikes?

>> No.50584666

The expansions have typically been half off, but with the ones he has recently put up like the Frogdog and the Flower Knight they aren't. As was said he is probably backpedaling in order to get a better profit margin.

>> No.50584685

Keep in mind that KD miniatures are also much closer to "true scale" and do not have heroic scale proportions. They'll look off next to Heroic Scale models.

>> No.50584723

But how do you know the frogdog is not half off from its retail price, it's a brand new expansion after all.

>> No.50584781

He has posted the MSRP for everything that is upcoming

>> No.50584794

Where can I read what the Dragon Emperor is like?

>> No.50584851

Fucking adorable

>> No.50584862


Kek, so that's what that stands for. Forgive my ignorant europoor ass.

So we are bitching about 5 dollars short on an implicit not even explicit business model...come on guys..it's almost as if people on the internet were out for drama.
It's all

>> No.50584898

While it is $10 extra for the Flower Knight, I personally don't care that much. If he went back and changed the prices for the current addons then I could understand, but he has stayed true to his word.

>> No.50585094

>it's almost as if people on the internet were out for drama
If you want drama I could mention SJWs and/or Trump. That always seems to ruin threads in a hurry.

>> No.50585100

I didn't know the new young survivor model was so fucking big.

>> No.50585105

I don't think the unplanned expansion is the Gryphon. The silhouettes don't even come close. Plus as you can see, the silhouette changed slightly from update #13 to update #16. Whatever this is, its model is still in the works.

I suppose that it could be the Gryphon with a new model, but that kinda defeats the purpose of reusing an existing monster, doesn't it?

I think it's far more likely that this is the Satan expansion being teased. Law of conservation of details and all. We know that the Satan expansion is in the works and is unplanned, and we know this expansion we're being teased on is unplanned.

>> No.50585119

"But did you see the titties on those miniatures, though? What would Trump think of THOSE?"

>> No.50585136

Also the silhouette might even just be art and not a model. Would make more sense as to how he's pulling it all together so fast. The Satan figure is supposed to be the biggest he's ever made; it beggers belief to think he'd have it ready to show in two week's time assuming he started work on it on the first day of the KS.

>> No.50585215

I might have to actually buy it if it tops the dragon. If only the new expansions didn't take 3 years to come out.

>> No.50585428

>that sheath and balls

>> No.50585481

>noticing the shaft and balls
>not the enormous penis tail that it somehow dismembering the guy

>> No.50585495

So, a quick number crunch on the Gambler's chest.

There are 21 available windows.

Christmas gift isn't going to be anything 'special' like an expansion, it will be small, more on the level of a narrative sculpt
94-95 is a double prize like the one next to it, probably two narrative sculpts again
74-84 are probably three more "fatality" narrative sculpts
44-46 is probably NOT just a narrative sculpt as it was deemed too soon to roll out.
I'll eat my hat if 00 is just a survivor narrative sculpt after the spectacular fiasco of 01.

That leaves 14 windows, one of which is the third major chapter of the Advanced rulebook (Which could be behind 44-46, but I doubt it). I'd hazard that the rest are sculpts, with 3 of them being Female Romantic and Male and Female Barbaric.

So probably 13 more "unknown" sculpts plus 6 we can guess at and 10 we have 'unlocked' for a total of 29 models in the Gambler's box in an interpretation leaning towards it being light on gameplay additions. That's a fair amount of plastic for the 100 bucks.

>> No.50585502

I noticed it too but that part isn't sexy

>> No.50585507

That is definitely a penis tail. It seems to like cock vore too.

Question is... why so much sex in KD models when there's less than zero sex in the game?

They're already wrecked their PTA standing on minis alone.

>> No.50585535

MSRP stands for Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price, yeah.

>> No.50585577

To make you uncomfortable.
You know, like Pic related

>> No.50585588

That's pretty obvious senpai. So the monsters are unsettling.
Grotesque sexual imagery is a pretty good way to go when you want to create a horrifying atmosphere. Just look at everything Giger.

>> No.50585614

I'm from /d/. Giger stuff makes me more comfortable. It indicates a low probability of prudic intercession.

Although, Giger art WAS specifically about sex. Like, he unabashedly made it about fucking, and credited a girlfriend or two with providing the inspiration.

>> No.50585941

I'd trade all of those models for like 50 gameplay cards that would cost almost nothing to produce.

poots please

>> No.50586015

Card product costs more, you silly goose.

Kingdom Death is hobby first, so if you don't want models then just pirate the suplement rule books when they come out in 2018.

>> No.50586040

>Card product costs more, you silly goose.
What the fuck kind of cardstock is he printing on? Shit better be solid 1mm thick cardboard to justify that kind of price.

>> No.50586092

I think its the pheonix god

>> No.50586121

It's pretty high quality stuff anon.

>> No.50586141

Paper is heavier to ship than plastic, and notshitty ink is expensive even on an indutrial level.

And he does use durable premium materials instead of cheap shit.

And the nonstandard print formats.

This is all why the extra goodies for the survivor pledge in the last KS didn't hurt poots company so much as the super-discounted or free expansions, as those added greatly to the paper, ink, manufactoring, and shipping costs.

>> No.50586153

>Kingdom Death is hobby first
It does seem to be all about the modelling hobby. The game is like an afterthought to give an excuse to display the models.

>> No.50586165

That's certainly plausible, yeah. It definitely has wings; it's not a stretch to make it a straight bird.

We've got the Lion God and the Screaming God already; why not complete the set?

>> No.50586228

No more than warhammers, infinity, malfaux, warmahordes, and dropfleet/zone.

If you want more meaningless tokens, go play Catan or Risk.

>> No.50586301

Warhammer is definitely about the mini hobby. BUT. There is actually a detailed tournament system and rules that use the minis.

You can't really put the ruleset of this at the same level as 40k. There's nowhere near the detail. That's not necessarily bad, but this is more casual/normie by far.

>> No.50586359

50 cards does not cost more than 30 models...

>> No.50586416

Depends on the production value.

Injection molded plastic is real cheap. And when you realize this, you may become angry at mini prices across the world.

>> No.50586454

Unit costs might be super cheap but the fixed costs are a bitch. That said GW at least should be able to pull the volume to make their prices more reasonable.

>> No.50586487

>Injection molded plastic is real cheap.
Sure, the plastic costs a fraction of a penny, but the mold costs tens of thousands of dollars. And when you only produce a couple thousand units from each mold that weighs very heavily on the price of each unit.

>> No.50586514

The mold IS expensive. However, that's probably dropping in recent years.

It's also a one-time capital investment. Still, I'd like to see more metal models. I really dislike the fragility of plastic for the cost.

>> No.50586571

Don't forget the weight of shipping from factory to distributor, which the company has to pay for. The customer only pays for the shipping from the warehouses to their address.

The paper is far more heavy than plastic, and most cargo ships charge by weight and containers.

>> No.50586617

Shipping's pretty minor at freight levels, I believe. The cost is probably more in the ink.

>> No.50586877

Rules question:

Can a monster stand on the Overwhelming Darkness space on the Hunt board? If not, can they not pass this space, or do they 'jump over' it? If so, do you resolve the Overwhelming Darkness space when you step on it?

The Hunt rules don't say anything about Overwhelming Darkness not counting as a "space" or not allowing monsters to stand on it, so I assume that monsters can stand on it. However, whether or not you have to face the Overwhelming Darkness if you encounter the monster on that space is less clear. Page 62, under 'Find the Quarry' says "Do not resolve any hunt events on the hunt board space occupied by the monster." but page 63, under 'Overwhelming Darkness', calls Overwhelming Darkness a story event and not a hunt event, saying "The first time in a hunt the survivors move into the Overwhelming Darkness space, they trigger the Overwhelming Darkness story event."

>> No.50586959


>warhammer is about the hobby

That's a crock of shit. You see a lot of hobbyists do neat stuff with the models, but that's because the pool of people into the game is so big. If they decided to eradicate the rules completely and just make models, that whole scene would wither and die fast.

>> No.50586999

Whichever fucks you over the hardest.

>> No.50587015


Did you read the rest of that post? Mini hobby is definitely a major part of WH though. Even GW says they're a model company first and a rules company second.

>> No.50587051

Several tournaments in my area wont even let you enter with an unpainted army, while others have paintjob quality factor into your standings. It's at least 50% about the hobby.

That's not really a thing in Warmahordes, though.

>> No.50587056


Yeah, they say that to excuse their shit rules writing. Look at age of sigmar. It was in a freefall until they released the generals handbook, even then the damage is still semi evident. The CEO also likes to go on about turning the company around and improve their PR. Funny that most if not all of these changes relate to the game, while model production stays the same.

>> No.50587115


Their rules writing is shit BECAUSE they want to sell minis.

Were you here for the 999 threads about AoS Freeform, btw?

>> No.50587122


>this is what my area does with 40k
>that's not what warmachine does in general

Anon, your local area is not a representation of the entire scene. I've traveled around and seen super lax warhammer tournies, and pretty strict war machine tournies, and vice versa. Unless you've got some interesting data pulled from a credible source, you can't assume your meta represents the global one.

>> No.50587138

>When you try to do the thing but don't even add up all the contents correctly.
Kill yourself.

Gambler's Chest Contents (so far)
>Advanced Rulebook
>1 Survivor (TK Fang) [1xMiniature]
>1 Survivor (Aya) [1xMiniature, +2 Promo cards, +1 Art card]
>1 Survivor (JoJo Adam) [1xMiniature, +1 Fighting Art, +1 Philosophy]
>1 Survivor (Last Man Standing) [1xMiniature, +1 Mighty Axe Rare Gear ]
>1 Survivor (Scout of Death) [1xMiniature, +Pages to Advanced Rulebook, + "A bunch of cards"]
>1 Survivor (Murderer) [1xMiniature, +1 Philosophy, +1 Settlement Event, +1 Secret Fighting Art, +2 Gear Cards]
>1 Survivor (Bow Master) [1xMiniature, +1 Rare Gear Card]
>1 Survivor (Deadrock Fighter) [1xMiniature, +1 Fighting Art]
>1 Survivor (Romantic Adventurer) [1xMiniature, +1 Philosophy]
>1 Survivor (Screaming Hoarder) [1xMiniature, +1 Advanced Disorder]
>1 Survivor (Darkeye) [1xMiniature, +1 Advanced Fighting Art]
1xAdvanced Rulebook (Includes Philosophy of Death)
2xPromo Gear Cards
2xRare Gear Cards
2xGear Cards
1xArt Card
1xSecret Fighting Art
2xFighting Arts
1xAdvanced Fighting Art
3xPhilosophy Cards
1xSettlement Event
1xAdvanced Disorder

>to be continued

>> No.50587181

You missed the rare gear card on the Romanticism figure. Which puts your totals at the exact same as mine. So you just called me out for being incorrect, and then proceeded to fuck it up yourself.


I did count the boxes wrong, though. There are 21, not 18. Dunno how I fucked that one up.

>> No.50587224

>Kill yourself.
>fuck it up yourself

You two should fuck. It's okay, we'll watch to make sure nothing bad happens.

>> No.50587237

That's because when he made his shitty little video he didn't mention them you anime posting faggot.

>> No.50587263


>> No.50587270


>> No.50587272

How do you play with promo gear cards anyway? Are there rules for integrating them?

>> No.50587306

They usually have little events or what not that let's you grab the gear.

>> No.50587364

Only a few have included insertion with the game.

Otherwise you have to come up with your own houserules for crafting or otherwise obtaining them.

>> No.50587443

That seems angering.

Any experiences with how that works out in play?

I hate OP DLC with a fiery passion.

>> No.50587523

>tfw you pull ammonia out of your deck of 14 innovations the very year you have to go fight the Kingsman
Thank fucking god. Three leather shields coming right up.

>> No.50587592

How easy is KD:M to teach to new players? Can you get by with only one person having read the rules? I would think/hope that a card-based game would drastically reduce the amount of actual reading/book-flipping needed, since the cards can just tell you what to do.

>> No.50587609


Apparently offering content for 33% off MSRP instead of 50% off MSRP is a price hike. No, this doesn't make sense to me either.

>> No.50587672

It's amazingly easy. The tutorial is one of the best I've ever seen in any game. And even beyond the tutorial the campaign system is set up to slow roll new content into their laps so that they never feel completely overwhelmed.

Honestly this is one of the most impressive parts of the game, from a game design perspective. This thing is fucking huge and has so many moving parts, and yet it teaches itself to your players effortlessly.

You are going to want to have one person who has read the full rules, of course. That is a necessity in case weird corner cases show up. But the rest of the group need not bother.

>> No.50587678

It's very easy to learn. It has a well crafted tutorial called the Prologue that eases you into the mechanics of the game.

>> No.50587762

>not getting free ammonia from Gorm
baka desu senpai

>> No.50587765

I'd say very easy as the core rules are very simple.
"You move 5 spaces orthogonally on your turn"
"When you attack your roll [this number] (speed) of dice and look for [this number] (accuracy or higher. Then you draw a card for each hit, pick which card you want to wound first, then roll and add [this number] (Strength) and try to get 6 (first story lion's toughness) or higher"

That's literally all the rules they need to learn upfront. You will need one person who knows the rules to walk through the first couple of monster AI cards, but even that isn't two hard to pick up. By the end of the first showdown they should have that phase down. The Settlement and Hunt phases don't have a ton of rules and are mostly making decisions on spending resources and resolving random events respectively.

>> No.50587814

I'm doing a core game run on TTS. Started doing this in order to determine whether or not I should back the game, and I continued doing this because holy shit it's actually fun and worth my time. TTS isn't the best software I've ever used, but the quality of the mod more than makes up for it.

And despite hunting six level 1 White Lions that fucking piss event only showed up once, on the first hunt, when I didn't have a survivor with enough understanding to figure it out yet. Shit sucked.

>> No.50587829

I think the most promising thing going on for Poots is that a lot of people new to KDM who can't (or won't) back Satan or Gambler are going to want to get some of the previous expansions or models.
Production costs per unit are greatly reduced when compared with first-time development and production, the man will be able to get better profits on them.

>> No.50587962

>the man will be able to get better profits on them
Is his business model expansions+models?

Will people ever get bored of the titties?

How well do the futa models sell?

>> No.50588011

Thanks. That's reassuring to hear. How much replayability does the base game have? Are any of the current x-pacs significantly better than the others in terms of hours of content per dollar?

I like the looks of the minis and the game looks like fun (the idea of co-operative board-gaming interests me in and of itself), but $250 is a lot for a boardgame, and I know that won't be able to resist the Gambler's Chest (it's such a good deal...probably!) and maybe an ex-pac or two.

>> No.50588053

>How well do the futa models sell?
They're only futas in the lore. The models have no dicks. Well, except for the one's skirt made out of dicks, but you get what I mean.

>> No.50588099

>They're only futas in the lore. The models have no dicks.
Not even a bulge? How are they supposed to attract the semi-lesbian fujoshi otaku girl crowd?

>> No.50588137

I find the lack of penis disturbing.

>> No.50588186

In terms of replayability, the core game feels pretty good but a little lacking in the early years. I'm on my second campaign in TTS after scrapping my first campaign after realizing I was cheating horribly and I will admit I'm getting tired of level 1 white lions.

In terms of expansions, there definitely are different amounts of content / gameplay in them. Roughly speaking, from what I've gathered, here's the list for current expansions:

>Large amounts of content
Gorm (adds a White Lion alternative with tons of content)
Dragon King (adds a late game monster + an alternate campaign)
Sunstalker (adds a late game monster + an alternate campaign)
Dung Beetle Knight (adds a late game monster with tons of content)

>Good amounts of content
Spidicules (adds an early/midgame monster with good content)
Flower Knight (adds a midgame monster with some content)
Lion Knight (adds a nemesis with neat stuff)
Slenderman (adds a nemesis with neat stuff)
Manhunter (adds a nemesis with neat stuff)

>Bad amounts of content
Lion God (adds a super late game monster which you will fight, at most, once)
Lonely Tree (adds a terrain figure that maybe if you're lucky turns into a fight)
Green Knight Armor (adds some ultra late game gear that you can only craft if you have the three knight expansions and gorm and good fucking luck make even a single piece of it)

>> No.50588191

Yeah me too! You can't just say she's a futa in the lore. You've got to have at least some fabric-bound protrusion.

What kind of filth is he peddling?!

>> No.50588222

Is Nightmare Ram gonna get rules? That sculpt is the tits, I wanna hunt that beautiful monstrosity.

>> No.50588273

Where have you been anon, its getting its own expansion

>> No.50588274

It has an entire expansion announced for it, including dungeons.

>> No.50588287

It's an expansion being added in the current kickstarter.

>> No.50588299

Not lurking hard enough obviously.
Now if you'll excuse me, I must furiously masturbate to this news.

>> No.50588358

>including dungeons
How do those work? Is there more detail than the basic grid and terrain?

>> No.50588376

Not enough detail provided to give much of an answer on that, sorry.

>> No.50588428

Nope. Cutting steel blocks costs a shit ton. The alternative for short run/small stock items is using copper.

>> No.50588438

So, assuming I've read the page correctly, pledging at the $250 Lantern level gets me both the original game+minis n shit and the 1.5 update, yes?

>> No.50588489

Yes, that is correct.

>> No.50588526

RIP Gameplay only fags

>> No.50588554

It comes with dungeon tiles, read the update.

>> No.50588561

From what I've seen, the gameplay is just not good enough to be a non-mini game. Without minis, you may as well play darkest dungeon or some shit.

>> No.50588616

I would buy a four survivors + bosses version because armor sets don't interest me, but playing with standees makes me feel like some kind of hobo.

>> No.50588636

>but playing with standees makes me feel like some kind of hobo
Buy some bronze busts of generic historical figures.

Hey, George Washington is now your swordsman!

>> No.50588752

The funniest thing here is that Poots completely misunderstood the question being asked. The guy wasn't asking for a core game without miniatures, he was asking if they would make any expansions that didn't include miniatures -- such as maybe taking the Advanced Kingdom Death: Monster stuff from the Gambler's Box and putting it into a box of its own.

>> No.50588811

The ones with inclusion rules are balanced, the ones that are broken do not include rules for adding them. You literally have to be cheating to use over powered promos, and one of the promos even triggers based on the number of times you have cheated.

>> No.50588816

>the same level as 40k
I hope not, 40k is complete shit.

>> No.50588874

>do you want a box full of fancy toys yes/no

Don't be stupid anon

>> No.50588880

Roll for Intimacy

>> No.50588935

Rolled 2 (1d10)


>> No.50588958

Bad news for you buddy.

>> No.50588960

At least we get a resource out of her.

>> No.50588965

Then explain how the TTS mod is so popular.

>> No.50588995

Except he did understand. He said he wouldn't be doing the core game OR expansions, because of the reaction to the core game. Read the fucking comment next time.

>> No.50589013

Because 3D models are still models. Are you people stupid? Are you lot seriously struggling to understand that people like cool minis not just because they are pieces of plastic you can lug around but because they make the game more immersive by representing things as they would look?

>> No.50589073

Except most versions of the mod don't even use models, they just use 2d pogs.

>> No.50589081

Except you are fucking retarded and playing old mods that have been abandoned.

>> No.50589126

because I can play it with friends in 3 different countries.

>> No.50589177

And those old mods were JUST AS POPULAR. I don't doubt that people play new ones more because of the models, but many people were playing well before the models were added, which still defeats your point. But you already made it clear you don't have an argument.

>> No.50589203

>so he says yet the newest version is the one with the most looks and subs

>> No.50589268

You do realize that "the game is good without minis" is not the same thing as "people don't prefer to have minis.", right?

>> No.50589307

What are you even arguing you stupid asshole? Follow the conversation.

>do you realize (this offtopic thing hurrrdurrrfasdaasfasfa)

You do realize your mom snorts my cock every night and that's why Santa never brought you gifts?

>> No.50589326

Thanks Poots, there are a lot of people in this KS that don't fucking get what KD is about. Protip: it's not about the game.

>> No.50589378

>What are you even arguing you stupid asshole? Follow the conversation.
I'd ask the same of you because you clearly have no idea where the conversation started.

>> No.50589401

>and that's why Santa never brought you gifts
Isn't that because he doesn't exist?

Is it about the mountainous boobs?

>> No.50589420

That's what it's really about, yes.

>> No.50589435

To whomever dropped their Black Friday Gold Lantern:
I love you and I hope you receive oral sex within the next 24 hours.

>> No.50589475

My BF Gold Lantern sniping nigga

>> No.50590451

Did I just break the Kings Man?

Target must be yellow; he's the closest and he is a threat and he is in field of view and in range.

Outfighting says:
"When the monster moves towards a target, end the monster's movement 1 space away from the target. [snip]

This means the King's Man can attack on diagonals."

So it starts its Full Move Towards, but then immediately ends it because of Outfighting. And then no matter which direction it faces, it whiffs against him.

Feels like how it works to me. Fuck it, I'll take any advantage I can get against this overtuned piece of shit.

>> No.50590504

no. he just doesn't moves one away and attacks. not hard.

>> No.50590545

He already is one away, though. Count the squares. So Outfighting tells his movement to end.

It doesn't say anything about being one square away orthogonally.

>> No.50590625

Post the other cards so we can determine the logic.

But rule of death means that if you're trying to outright prevent this, you're a baby.

This is his only attack where he dosn't hit diagonally.

>> No.50590639

>Trying to game the game.
>Rule of death means you're a fag.
Get Rekt scrub.

>> No.50590674


Okay so KD has sexy fucking minis (I'm going to back the 1.5 kickstarter for some of the add-ons) but given how pricey the core game is, is it worth the investment and fun to play? It sounds exactly like the kind of game I'd love to play if I could ever get my hands on it.

>> No.50590686

No anon. that's why we obsessively post here. Jesus, lurk for a while, stop being a dick.


>> No.50590695

The game is very solid and at the kickstarter discount you're basically getting a free game for the price of the minis(if you compare to other plastic model prices)

>> No.50590706

No, the game is terrible that's why people are throwing so much money at it.

That was sarcasm

>> No.50590723

It says Full Move towards the target, this means it has a maximum of 5 (6 if level 2) squares to move, and while outfighting says to end its movement one square away from the target it doesn't specify that you must move him the min amount of squares to do so. Now it depends in what way you are running your campaign, are you handling the monsters in such a way to make it easier to you, or are you handling them in a way that will bring you the most challenge? Now I understand that the Kingsmen is a hard fight, but it is meant to be so, seeing as you can just straight up avoid it. So that's the question, are you fighting dumb monsters or real monsters?

>> No.50590725

Here's Outfighting.

And Rule of Death only applies if things are unclear. This is actually crystal clear, getting even clearer the more I think about it. The only possible way in which this doesn't work the way I think it does is if you interpret Out-Fighting to instruct him to always move adjacent to the target (because that's a range of 1 and therefore "one square away"), but that isn't how every FAQ says Out-Fighting works and is also really dumb because there shouldn't be rules text for what monsters do anyways.

And for that "full move towards the target" command, the only way for it to end with one space inbetween it and the target and still hit is if it moves at least one square away from the target. Which it can't do, because it moves towards the target. Every step has to bring it closer.

>> No.50590727

Literally kill yourself.

>> No.50590742


Sexy minis don't always translate to good gameplay. But that's good to know


Sweet. I'll have to really consider if I have the money to back the level that comes with the game itself. Even if I have to wait 3 years, it's certainly tempting, I really regret missing it the first time around.

>> No.50590755

>Even if I have to wait 3 years
Read the shipping FAQ at the bottom of the page.

>> No.50590786

>No, the game is terrible that's why people are throwing so much money at it.
That is actually not any indication of quality at all. There's plenty of sunk cost garbage in the world. People aren't that good with investments.

I mean Star Citizen doesn't even EXIST yet.

>good gameplay
The gameplay is average. It's mostly a social/normie game. Combat doesn't have much special, but events are entertaining.

You can just watch a video of the gameplay.

>> No.50590795

I would move him adjacent, then move 1 away, then initiate force thrust.

>> No.50590829

Are you "Darkest Dungeon Don't Starve" Anon because you're opinion sounds like it.

>> No.50590853

Except he never gets to move. His movement ends when he's 1 square away. He's already 1 square away. The only possible way for him to move is to ignore actual rules text. Not even if you were playing to make the monsters as nasty possible would you be able to move.

To me it's no longer a question. It is definitely a broken part of the fight, but fuck it I'll take it.

>> No.50590888

>Every step has to bring it closer.
Yeah, then Outfighting makes an exception and he moves one step back. It says to end the movement one square away, it never says that it can´t be adjacent at any point.
But play it however you want, it's not like Poots will take away your rights to play the game because you're making fights easier.

>> No.50590910

He's actually technically adjacent since he's touching the guys base. But I honestly don't care and you can cry about it if you want.

>> No.50590913

That's me. It's the conclusion I came to after watching through the game.

From my perspective it's a model hobby based game primarily. I personally don't believe the cost is justifiable without being into the models.

However, I do believe the game mechanics are improvable and that a cheaper digital version could be entertaining. I just really dislike the hunt track and fights, since like Dark Souls, once you have the pattern down it's an easy fight. Would rather run D&D for that, basically.

>> No.50590924

>He's actually technically adjacent
in KD Diagonals never count.

>> No.50590928

>Yeah, then Outfighting makes an exception
Where does it say it makes an exception though? It literally never says that. Outfighting places criteria on when his movement ends, and that criteria is immediately met. So its movement ends.

Adjacent is defined as only orthogonal squares; check the glossary.

>> No.50590932

Basically you have no clue what you're talking about, but that's alright we need less /v/ plebs.

>> No.50590947

>Arguing a clear interpretation of the rules.
I literally don't care but you're making the fights easier because you want to do mental gymnastics.

Good for you.

You're a fag.

>> No.50590953

All tabletop games that don't have a GM element can be qauntified into a videogame form, so the argument is moot.

>> No.50590967

And you're an idiot who can't handle simple logic. Nice to meet you.

Sorry that you're mentally retarded.

>> No.50590970

I'm not arguing any interpretation, but diagonally adjacent is not adjancent in Kingdom Death. You want to argue he should move one space closer then one space away so he's in range for the attack? That's fine, that is totally cool with me. But don't you dare call diagonally adjacent spaces adjacent.

>> No.50590988

No one cares.

Literally no one.

>> No.50590991

Please, no fanboying. I'm allowed to dislike aspects of a game. It's fine if you do like them.

I just believe there's definitely things that can be done to better the combat, and it seems like the developer agrees or he wouldn't be releasing dungeons.

But you're not gonna tell me it's worth 200+ without the models (which are very pretty). That's crazytalk.

>> No.50590997

Say that diagonally adjacent to my face, motherfucker.

>> No.50591009

>Implying I wouldn't just slap the stupid off you.

>> No.50591022

You'd be out of range, anon. Fist and Tooth doesn't have reach.

>> No.50591049

>Implying I'd slap you with my hand.
This is Kingdom Death buddeh.

>> No.50591062

>Where does it say it makes an exception though?
Page 69 of the manual under Monster movement it says to move until adjacent. The book also mentions that specific rules override general rules as necessary, read; exceptions. Also notice how the card only mentions how the movement must end and doesn't say anything about starting the movement or in the middle of moving.

>> No.50591069

People paid $300 for the defect boxes that came without any models whatsoever, and personally knowing one of them, he greatly enjoys the game and has no regrets.

Granted, only 5 of such were sold in that manner.

You can be critical of the game, but I'm just saying the "it could be a vidya" is a shlock arguement.

Shit, even D&D can be vidya'd rather accurately with a gm through Neverwinter Nights and NWN2.

>> No.50591092

Damned blue saviors and their ki punches.

>> No.50591097

It's a "Stream of Essence".

>> No.50591116

>but I'm just saying the "it could be a vidya" is a shlock arguement
I don't believe so. There are game mechanics that are better suited to in person, like hidden information games such as charades. Or anything else where the players have individual stuff to do.

KD however was clearly based on video games, and for the combat, I don't believe the tabletop format does it any better than them.

It's an absolutely fine statement to say one medium is more favorable than another for something.

>> No.50591139

You're still not making any sense and inventing rules to try and make it work.

When you move towards the target every step has to bring you closer. Even IF the "ends movement" was somehow optional (hint: it's not, read the card) it still would not be able to move away because it is instructed to move towards.

But in the end, the card says that it's movement ends when it is one space away. It is one space away. Therefore its movement ends.

>> No.50591152

>Mental gymnastics because you're a bitch.
This is probably why you're playing online, alone, instead of with your friends.

>> No.50591160

3rd patry stuff

>> No.50591193

The model-less versions were sold for $100.

>> No.50591204

>it's an easy fight
You're basically judging the game for the tutorial, prologue lion is like learning the control mapping, lvl 1 lion is the first few enemies in the asylum, lvl 1 antelope is the first asylum demon, butcher is the metal demon below after andre kingsmen is going to the catacombs on your first run.
Try playing the level 2 fights, here I'll tell you why those fights are no joke.

>> No.50591250

The entire reason I play boardgames is to spend facetime with friends, which happens to be my favorite pasttime. So for me, literally any good boardgame interpretation of a videogame is preferable to the videogame itself.

>> No.50591318

>it's movement ends when it is one space away
Where on the card does it say "when it's one space away"? Because adding that word changes the meaning of the phrase completely and it is nowhere on the card. You're avoiding the fact that a movement must bring a monster adjacent to the target which is then modified by the Outfighting trait. If the rules worked as you say then this part of the ability wouldn't work because every movement says to move towards the target.
>"If the monster was already adjacent to its target, it will move 1 space away"
See how the monster is able to move away from a target to make use of its reach?
But at this point you're basically just covering your ears and mumbling to yourself so, cheers and have fun.

>> No.50591332

The jump from level 1 to level 2 is pretty steep across the board.

Hell, just the jump from a level 1 Butcher to the level 1 King's Man is an eye opener. King's Man will very likely leave your assholes looking like the business end of a megaphone the first time you fight him.

>> No.50591334

>Where on the card does it say "when it's one space away"?
"When the monster moves towards a target, end the monster's movement 1 space away from the target."

That's where it says that. That's where it says exactly that. Those are the card's exact words.

>> No.50591456

So he attacks. Because he is in range. Done.

>> No.50591817

So I'm selling my old MTG cards in order to get the cash to buy KDM. I haven't played magic in years and my cards have literally been collecting dust. It's a weird feeling; I'm nostalgic to be sifting through all these old cards I used to play with, but at the same time, finding a piece of cardboard worth 50 bucks makes me pretty excited about selling said cardboard that, again, literally has dust on it at this point.

Here's hoping I make enough bank off the collection to get a few KDM expansions...

>> No.50591839

Is that sum hirame /ss/ ?

>> No.50591857

Well, there will always be scalpers...

>> No.50592007

>I only like social deduction games
>Why doesn't this settlement building/boss rush game appeal to me?

>> No.50592198

So we don't really know anything about the new expansions other than what's been said in their descriptions? The nightmare ram seems interesting with it's dungeon stuff, but without any more details, I feel like I'd rather go ahead and grab some current expansions that I know other people have tried and are solid buys than take the chance on something no one's seen. I'm sure it's fine, as I haven't really heard negative things about any expansion thus far other than "its not as good as this other one" but still.

Also as someone who hasn't played the game, how good of a buy does the last hero expansion seem? I know we don't know specifics, but is the option to start from much later in the campaign not in the original game? Or it is but it's just too complicated? I feel like it's probably a smart buy, since fighting tutorial lions probably gets boring, but maybe you lose out on the fun of some of the early decisions.

>> No.50592651

I'm more excited about that expansion than the others, starting later can be done now but its pretty shitty all around. I believe this expansion will do more for variety than the other similarly priced expansions, with Gorm being a possible exception.

>> No.50592676

My female survivor had white line appeared on the hair. What is this? It's almost broken or something?

>> No.50592783

gonna need more than that

>> No.50592798

But what is that white line? Google white line on plastic come nothing. Sorry i'm new to minis ;_;

>> No.50592838

Post a picture. You probably put too much pressure on the plastic and it is close to breaking. Post a pic anyway.

>> No.50592950

With age hair begins to become white. It means that survivor has little time left to birth new survivors.

>> No.50593062

you bended it in someway.

>> No.50593077

any idea if poots will allow us to buy those base inserts with the stone faces? i want all my models based with them

>> No.50593085

Just press mold your own.

>> No.50593145

i really want to go full anime on these big titties and make the skin as beautiful as possible.

i fear though that they wont fit on the board then. as in they would look ugly.

>> No.50593184

they would look out of place either way, just paint them as showpieces and play with less weeb models

>> No.50593405

>i really want to go full anime
What does this even mean?

>> No.50593423

How does the KD store work exactly? As I am infering from some comments it looks like they add new shit every month, what the fuck? Do they reprint shit every month or something?

>> No.50593465

colorful and smooth.

>> No.50593499

This is colorful and smooth. Does it look like anime to you?

>> No.50593514

How about this masterpiece?

>> No.50593551


>> No.50593555

Dont be too hard on me laddy boys

>> No.50593563

how can you paint so decently yet dont know how to thin your paints.

>> No.50593587

Yeah good luck painting like that if you are not an experienced hobbyist.

>> No.50593622

kind of experienced.

but i have low blending skills.

anybody have tutorials to somewhat easier pieces and then tutorials to stuff like this ?>>50593499

i think i can make it on time for summer 2017

>> No.50593717

This guy's channel is pretty informative


Check out Layering, Glazes and Wet Blending in particular.

>> No.50593774

You may start to investigate the following topics:

- Color theory
- Lighting theory
- Uses of different paint consistencies
- Working with a wet palette
- Blending techniques: layering, glazing, wetblending
- How to apply makeup (yes, seriously)

>> No.50593787

Wow, the effect on those stockings is fucking fabulous. Mad props, bud.

>> No.50593811

Oh also, if you have only ever painted GW stuff, chances are you have no clue on how to paint a "sexy/beautiful" kind of miniature, GW doesn't make any of these. I recommend you to get a couple proper female miniatures from another manufacturer for practice.

lol that's not mine, I wish I painted like that. It was just an example of what anon wants.

>> No.50593911

Thin your (white/light grey) basecoat.

Thin your paints A LOT. Acrylic flow improver can help a lot here. You don't need a lot of it.

>> No.50593927

Adam puts up a small batch of resin models regularly (once a month is about right).
Keep in mind that the resin isn't manufactured in the United States, but in France, and only in small production runs.
Resin is horrible to produce en masse.

What you see on the store when a refresh goes up is the batch of resin casts Adam received from his caster that month.

The plastics are also put up in relatively small batches, but I assume Adam has larger production runs made, but doesn't sell them off all at once.

The plastic models are often refreshed a few times before "selling out" for the time being.

>> No.50593933

i have this bloodbowl team i wanted to paint pretty.

>> No.50594130



>> No.50594215

He's an ass man, I can respect that.

>> No.50594481

>lantern year 5, defeat lion and get back. first suvivor to reach age 2 and overall pretty cool lady
>draw murder, kills her off and second coolest dude who also was on the hunt
>timeline mark 6
>armored strangers comes around and gives one of the 2 remaining suvivors a disorder

at what time do you hard reset in this game /tg/? I'm gonna try and keep going a little longer

>> No.50594836

If you can't reproduce or fill up a squad for a hunt it's almost a guaranteed gg.

if you're a pussy. Are you a pussy, anon?

>> No.50594838

Play to the death. sounds like you're going to be wiped out soon.

>> No.50595561

Not OP, but:
Kingdom Death? Yes. Monster? No
Yes - somewhat. Within naratives everyone can be a mere object.
Yes, but the nature of fictional characters takes away their autonomy of capacity to determine how they act and wish to be viewed.

>> No.50595599

What a fucking idiot. Dear god, scale your fucking project down before you LOSE MONEY on getting $2,300,000 with little need for return.
He over delivered, and that was great, but fucking hell if he actually lost money I hope he learnt his lesson this time.

>> No.50595685

He did, that's why he trimmed out 300 Satan pledges, and the reprint expansions are no longer discounted as much.

>> No.50595705

Is that citadel? Looks like you used chalk.

>> No.50595891

The Sunstalkers tentacle penis and toes look disgusting and creepy as they should be.

But his fucking penis back just cracks me up.

>> No.50596073

Which means he didn't. He had to relearn the lession he should have learned last campaign mid-way through this one.

>> No.50596089

That lesson being: Run the fucking numbers before you do shit

>> No.50596214

I am now loving Skull Eater, actually.
Thanks to Marrow Hunger, our strongest survivor who is also the oldest is now semi safe from that stupid Murder Event.

>> No.50596476

Man, plastic cement is really easy to mess up. Anyway how can i put the scarf to the back of the pinup warrior of the sun? it doesn't fit anything

>> No.50596582


>plastic cement

U wat m8?

>> No.50596604

Plastic glue?

>> No.50596639

So basically there are products right now in the "Sold out" category that could be in stock again anytime?

>> No.50596648


I just use superglue. Like, what I can get in the stationary aisle of the supermarket.

It has yet to fail me. In fact, sometimes it has worked TOO well, like when I glue something in place, realize two minutes later that I did something wrong, and the fucker is already immovable unless I am willing to try prying it apart with a knife.

>> No.50596672

Plastic cement will melt your plastic, so almost no seam and stronger than superglue

>> No.50596687

But if you fuckup you fuck

>> No.50596706

Is there will be something like christmas sale?

>> No.50596759

I've never seen it reduce a seam for me. It melts it, but not like a crazy amount or anything.

I personally switched to loctite gel control superglue after some strength tests. Been happier since.

>> No.50596795


Good luck anon. Hope that you have some cash cards in there.

>> No.50596805



>> No.50596806

Doubtful, they're basically out of stock from black friday.

>> No.50596868

This: http://drmikesglue.com/ is amazing. Its expensive, but I can't go back to other superglue after using this, it basically works instantly.

>> No.50596911

>So basically there are products right now in the "Sold out" category that could be in stock again anytime?

If Adam orders an Encore run for the resin model, yes.
Apparently there were a small number of Encore Forge Lords on Black Friday, those haven't been in production in ages.

I do not know what his policy is on the plastics.
Does he keep refreshing their stock until they run out or only put up a limited number each months, that I have no knowledge of.

>> No.50596924

My fade and wet nurse asses look amazing with plastic cement

>> No.50596932

I assume there is no way to know what and when are they restocking, right?

>> No.50596938

He can still selling fade and percival.

>> No.50596956

My black friday order is STILL not fullfilled.

But yesterday I made another order and they fullfilled it in less than 6 hours, what the fuck?

>> No.50596961

>tfw I got $350 for each of my two tarmogoyfs when I cashed out on magic a couple years ago
Shit was awesome.

>> No.50596970

When : That's what the newsletter is for, he always sends one when he updates the store stock for the Resins at least.

What : Nope, usually it's a few new models and a few encores, but I do not know if Adam uses a particular method to determine what gets an Encore and when.

>> No.50596974

Have you tried complaining to them instead of to strangers on 4chan?

>> No.50596994

I'm not complaining I'm just telling you because it's fucking strange that they attend more recent orders first.

>> No.50597001

I don't have much that's worth a ton of money, but so far the most expensive cards I seem to have are 3 worth between 50-80 bucks each, which is pretty nice. Then I have a handful of cards worth around 15-20, some worth around 10, a bunch around 3-5, and plenty for a dollar. Then there's the longboxes of just commons and uncommons, and my massive cardboard box full of basic lands.

I need to do a lot of sorting though cause I have a lot of old cards in there, from some of the original sets, and every now and then one of those cards is somehow worth a bunch of money. It's not likely I have anything really worth anything, but you never know. And then there's all the random commons/uncommons from older sets that are somehow worth money. Mishra's bauble, an uncommon artifact from coldsnap which is not THAT old a set, is like 15$. So yeah. Lots of sorting to be done. But I should make plenty of KDM money in the end.

>> No.50597035

>collected 4 of each shockland when they reprinted.

i upgraded like 100 garbage rares.

sold out half a year ago.

>> No.50597067

I really like that they sculpt the monster with genitals.
Not talking fetish here, it just makes them a tad more realistic and they feel less like just a toy in a game and more like a real creature.

Lion God is still a messed-up motherfucker. Jesus christ.

>> No.50597086

Stop hotgluing your figures anon. I know it gives you a feeling of power to own a female body in this manner but that doesn't excuse this shit.

>> No.50597163

Usually white lines are stress lines, so you may have inadvertently bent it too far.
It won't break immediately, but that part is weaker now, and may break if bent again.

>> No.50597210

Shield proficiency: Is it worth it? It seems like a bitch and a third to even try to get it, but that bonus ain't half bad especially when given to everyone.

>> No.50597238

>when you notice her glove is a penis she's fisting

>> No.50597264

>when you notice her skirt is made out of dicks

>> No.50597316

>no bulge

Noice, now I can fantasize about those two raping me without worrying about contracting the gay.

>> No.50597331

They do pack dick though.
Maybe the retractable Bible Black kind.

>> No.50597403

It's always so weird when you find that one random card that has some monetary value.

Try seeing if your local game shop will buy the cards that have little to no value in bulk. I think mine does that, and then they sell the cards to people who want to build a deck for cheap. Nice way to put the cards into circulation for people who actually play the game and you don't have to pay shipping.
I might be misremembering what they told me though, I don't play magic and they mentioned it in passing the last time I was in there

>> No.50597659

Lots of places buy bulk, just usually for almost nothing.

>> No.50597861

Would that not make the Gorm model borderline child pornography?

>> No.50598011

Does anyone have a core rulebook scan?
It's fuckin impossible to find one

>> No.50598065

I think it would be grotesque enough to where you could safely argue the "it's art" angle, and also it's not overtly sexualized. For example, most people don't consider Nirvana's Nevermind album cover to be CP.

>> No.50598126


>> No.50598414

It's basically an elephant body with hands and a baby head, I don't see how.

>> No.50598501

For one, it's not getting fucked nor is it in a sexual pose aimed at the titillation of the viewers. So it's not pornography.

For two, it's not an actual child either.

So no, on both accounts.

>> No.50598681


Uhh yea I propably should start to dip my brush in water before applying some paint on it. I've been on/off interested in GW miniatures for almost a decade now so thats where I get my experience from. I also have the whole pinups of death box (black one mind you whiteplebs) and only that rawhide one is painted, its gonna be a long month on painting and posting but perhaps at the end of it you wont meme me to death

Mostly citadel but also some vallejo. Its the vallejo paint that might give the chalky feel.

>> No.50599266

It's not the fucking paint it's the lack of proper thinning.

>> No.50599428

Never gotten far enough to try it, but I'd assume Blood Paint would make that a hell of a lot easier.

>> No.50599455

Update when.

>> No.50599468

I literally just made Blood Paint for that very character. Nice.

>> No.50599496

Go to the Kingdom Death website. There are some simple tutorials for painting a few of the pin-ups.

You need to thin your paint a lot more than you're thinking. It's like painting with watercolours.

>> No.50599756

Probably because your new order goes to the top of the pile and when there aren't many new orders coming in, rather than your BF order being thrown into the tangled mess that was everyone frantically submitting orders to buy whatever they could at 50% off.

It's not uncommon for people to place multiple orders within a few minutes of each other, then contact the team a few days later to see if they can consolidate shipping.

>> No.50599761

We're in ly20 for the first time and the only survivor who managed to master something was our shield user. For a long time we were using her to pass a surname on with level 3 mastery to every kid just to start each one with the specialization, so now even though we have the mastery, she's the brood mother of almost every survivor anyway.

Shit rules on green saviors though.

>> No.50599819

My understanding of the Family card is that anyone with a weapon proficiency-- even if it's only 0 points -- passes on their specialization to their children. And then, when they depart, since they have a weapon proficiency they can change it.

>A newborn survivor inherits the surname of one parent, their weapon type AND half (rounded down) of their weapon proficiency levels.

>> No.50599860

Yeah I tried that with my BF order and my two-weeks-later one, but they just cockblocked me saying orders can't be altered in any way. Fucking bullshit man. Putting two things into one box is not altering anything. It's better for both parties in fact to reduce the number of shipments.

>> No.50599957

They are usually willing to condense multiple orders, but only if done within a day, from what I've seen.

Trying to condense orders that are two weeks apart, though? Not sure what you were expecting, man.

>> No.50600000

>And then, when they depart, since they have a weapon proficiency they can change it.
Personally, I don´t think this is doable. The newborn only gets the Weapon Type, not the ability to "select a Weapon Type" which the first Age milestone specifially does.
It also does not really fit thematically when your child would suddenly start swinging a club instead of a sword. Daddy would get pissy about this disshonoraburru disspray of famirry rregacy.
But that is just my way of playing it.

>> No.50600049


>> No.50600054

I don't see the problem. Both orders were still unfulfilled, was there any problem on their side in shipping them at the same time? I didn't even ask for a refund for the second order shipping cost, I just wanted to track and wait for a single box.

>> No.50600073

Page 43, under "Changing Your Weapon Type":
>A survivor may change their selected weapon type when they depart for a hunt. If they do, lose all accrued levels of weapon proficiency, including weapon specializations. Erase any filled boxes and start over with the new weapon type.

So you are right, they inherit the weapon type and cannot choose. But, when any character departs they can change their weapon type to any other weapon type, assuming they have one, but in doing so lose all of their proficiency levels. So since they do have a weapon type this rule allows them to change it when departing.

Also, checked.

>> No.50600117

>saving thumbnails

>> No.50600123

Damn, why am I getting so many repeating diggits this week?

But that whole paragraph about Weapon Proficiency starts with "When a survivor hits its first Age Milestone".

>> No.50600200

>But that whole paragraph about Weapon Proficiency starts with "When a survivor hits its first Age Milestone".
That line is five paragraphs and two entire headers ago. If you honestly think it still applies here then it clearly applies to the "gaining weapon proficiency" section as well, so these newborns can't gain weapon proficiency until they reach age 2 either.

It just doesn't make sense. That line describes how they normally get weapon proficiency, but Family overrides that. Once you have it it functions the same.

>> No.50600216

New Thread


New Thread

>> No.50600309

Your thread is shit.

>> No.50600339

Thanks, anon. I was waiting for that.

>> No.50600341

>that OP pic
You could have used some nice artwork or something, but instead you post unrelated loli shit with some slapdash captions tossed on.

>> No.50600483


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