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>that the new GW PR team would decide to deliberately piss off the playerbase by teasing nonexistent releases

Yes, that one.

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So what 'niches' of warfare haven't been filled yet? Like, there were two lost Primarchs, clearly they had to have some kind of unique specialty. With the canonical ones, we're already doubling up.

For instance, both Ferrus and Vulkan are the guys who are good at forging. Alpharius, Corax and Night Haunter are all good at being sneaky. Sanginus and Angron both have the 'berserker' thing down, while Sangy and Fulgrim are both the 'pretty ones'. The only guy who doesn't have a direct analogue is Lorgar, whose gimmick is that he's 'the religious one'.

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>"Cool this isn't released for months yet. Plastic Sisters of Battle!"

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hey guys, indecisive anon here.
Even the day after i cannot decide what army to get.
Wanted to decide in the shop but i actually didn't get a chance to go there today so i will pester you a bit more.

Space Wolves, Tyranids, Tau?
What dooo

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Which one do you prefer the fluff/models of?

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>"72 months is still 'months' away :^)"

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Tyranids, and swarm build at that.

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What's your criteria?

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Do not pick Tyranids. Like Orks, they're basically unplayable right now. Even in casual groups you'll find yourself at a serious disadvantage.

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Space yiffs.

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Tyranids are fine for casual play. They can even do alright at lower competitive levels with Flyrants. Hell, even Orks can a do alright with Zhardsnark+ bikers+ Buzzgob.

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I just want you insanely denialist SoBfags to know that I'm screencapping everything, and look forward to having a hearty laugh at your expense in a few months.

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>eldar of all kinds are known for their sharp, angular faces and harsh features
>find the first female model in the right pose for the hack artist to trace over
>she's a butterface with a broad nose and flat, round features
>like, fell hard onto her face during development years kind of flat
>slap some knife ears on her and call it done

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I'm gonna tell you to follow your heart again anon.

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>she's talking about faces

what the fuck is your obsession with huge cocks?

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>Do not pick Tyranids. Like Orks, they're basically unplayable right now. Even in casual groups you'll find yourself at a serious disadvantage.

Nigga I play Nids, they are no-where near as bad as Orks , yes you have flyrants as your main powergame unit but having oneand a couple of synapse things with Venomthropes behind a wall of Ga(u)nts protecting the big motherfuckers can work well

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If the denialists are right (and history is on their side), then you have to publically apologize.

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for models i like most of those 3 and that is a problem.
I don't have a good grip on fluff though.
i don't know man, i just want it to look nice for me and have fun

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You're going in the screencap too, don't worry.

Boggles the mind that people believe the now actually competent GW PR team would decide to slap their dicks in the playerbase's faces for no reason.

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I'm kinda annoyed about AL getting cult uprising when the only way of getting cultists is with cult uprising

I want to house rule this by giving a slight benefit to the cult uprising rule, which sounds the most fair?

1. Reroll a failed roll - About a 75% chance of success
2. Increase it to 3+ - About a 66% chance
3. Give the formation the Frenized Horde rule from the Cult of Slaughter formation - Regen Cultists per move phase

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If in the first 6 months of 2017, SoB do not get an updated codex and full line, I will publically apologise to all of you.

But if they do, you all have to buy them, regardless of how good or bad their rules or models are.

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His gimmick was propaganda and converting worlds that just got wrecked by the Imperium into worlds that would support it. Did a pretty good job, insurrection was washed away and the worlds he worked ended up becoming the most fervent and fanatical supporters of the imperium

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>I don't have a good grip on fluff though.

Then read up.

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don't they WANT to be proven wrong?

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Well then start reading the fluff and get back to us when you're done.

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Propaganda and Leadership.

His counter is Guilliman.

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Apparently not, because if they did they'd have accepted the overwhelming evidence that yes, plastic Sisters are happening.

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where though

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There's literally one questionable piece of evidence.

Hardly fucking overwhelming.

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to be fair I'm a huge cynic too
I expect nothing good from anything, therefor if something good does actually happen it actually feels nice for once, but if something bad happens, i'm not too surprised.

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Joke's on you, I'm already planning on getting back into the game with 8th by buying a Sisters army if they release in plastic.

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OP has links to pretty much every book.

>> No.50561292

Codices, novels, wiki's, youtube lore videos.

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Speaking of which, the OP doesn't have the base CSM book in the mega. Does anyone have it?

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Download the codexes in the OP and have a read through. You can also check 1d4chan for a meme-ridden interpretation of the fluff, but they often have more obscure nuggets of fluff amongst the memes.

If they still have them in the mega, check the older editions of codexes too. I might be imagining it, but I swear you got far more fluff in older codexes than you do nowadays.

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Look for that screencap in a few month's time, anon.

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>Plastic Sisters guys!

Never happening! say the SoB fans

>GW tease them

Never happening! say the SoB fans

>Teaser Canoness in December says rumours

Never happening! say the SoB fans

>Canoness confirmed

Never happening! say the SoB fans

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Here you go:

Consider diving into Lexicanum too.

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Yo am I a waacfag?

Skitarii Maniple
>6 Vanguard Squads; 1 Arc Rifle
>1 Vanguard Sauad; 2 Plasma Calivers, Conversion Field (WL)
>2 Infiltrator Squads

Battle Congregation
>Tech-Priest Dominus; Conversion Field
>Breacher Squad
>2 Destroyer Squads

Oathsworn Detachment
>Knight Warden

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Taking pictures of them for the Imperial Agents book. Try again.

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>1780 points

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When you had been cock tease for 10+ years unless you can shove those new plastic models into someone's ass. It is hard to believe

>> No.50561347

The fuck is your obsession with shoving things up asses?

This is the 4th or 5th time you've said this now.

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>Horde of Vanguard with a Knight and a handful of servitors for cover
Seems like a turkey shoot for anyone with plenty of AP4, unless you run heavy amounts of terrain.

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New Sonic Weapons when?

>> No.50561361

After plague and blood weapons.

>> No.50561362

SoB to get:

3 Infantry Boxes
2 Vehicle Boxes
3 clampacks

in the first 4 months of next year.

>> No.50561375

Further details on the kits:

Standard infantry dual build kit

Elite infantry dual built kit

Walker kit

Leader clampack (Canoness)

Standardbearer clampack

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I'm sad ok and want to shitpost

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So we're to believe that the Rhino/Immolator will also have the Organ of doom option?

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Saying this shit means nothing without a source.

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I've got your source right here anon ;)

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Got posted on BoLS back in November, also had teaser release at the end of December in the rumour.

Says it's getting released in January.

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Like all space marines he too has daddy issues, most of which stem from said daddy being a huge dick...

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This is this original FW Exorcist. A dual build conversion sprue for the Rhino would be easy for a design like that.

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I get more reliable rumours of the Onion.

>> No.50561430

You just know that SoB will be dropped by even their hardest supporters if they lose the Organ.

Or the piece'll be recast madly.

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I want to believe but not happening until it's preorder day & or the figures are in the hands of the public.

Can't trust GW, which is sad. I really hope that they release plastic sisters

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I'm pretty sure it's intended to be a re-roll on the standard cultist "Summoning" from the uprising. So it's number 1 on your list.

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I have played Nids since 4th and would never ever recommend them for a new player, as i was that kid once.

If nothing else because fuck painting all that shit when you're new, and not learning how to use metals and flesh, etc. Them being shit tier unless you spam Flyrants (Wow such fun for a new player and his opponents) doesn't help either

I say go Space wolves, more newb friendly

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I'd trade the Organ Exorcist for a plastic Repressor.

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I had to make mine from recaster and old Mk1 Rhinos

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Quick question from a noob - is it possible for a SM captain to have both The Shield Eternal and a Relic Blade? Or does that count as two relics on one model? Or maybe it requires three hands?

>> No.50561507


Nope, that's a fine combo. Pretty decent combo if you want a melee captain, actually. Maybe even pay the extra to make him a chapter master, for the extra attacks.

>> No.50561508

Each has a vastly different playstyle. Ask what style you want to play and go from there.

>> No.50561509

Relic blade is not a relic, but it will require three hands to use at once.

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Love lifts us up where we belong...

>> No.50561535

I hope so, it looking like the same rule. I hope an FAQ comes out fast for this

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>Hell even Orks can a do alright with a pair of outdated as fuck semi-illegal badly written abusable FW characters from 6th edition

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>Psychic speaker feedback increases

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Yeah I want him to be a beast so figured I shouldn't waste his initiative 5. Although expensive I made him CM too cause that sorta justifies the cost of the shield in my mind.

>> No.50561550

Just give him a mechadendrite

>> No.50561553

5th edition, they just got hullpoints on the vehicles in the "update"

>> No.50561556

Breacher Squads. How terrible are they really?

They seem absolutely trash to me. Even with their 5+ invo save because of their drone.

>> No.50561564

What are a SoB statline?

>> No.50561570


Don't pick SW if you can't handle /tg/ calling you yiff whilst you wolf your wolf...

t. Grey SW anon.

>> No.50561573

Scions in power armour.

>> No.50561576

High risk, high reward, so trash if you're the typical tau player, bretty damn good if you have a brain.

>> No.50561577

They're fire warriors that are most effective when they're in the worst possible place for fire warriors to be, and they also have really dumb helmets that make them look perpetually mad. I'd just avoid unless you find the grumpy fish aesthetic funny.

>> No.50561583

They were probably going for the same deal as Night Lords with their "Super nightfighting" So, like the regular rule, but with a bonus tacked on.

>> No.50561584

They arent too bad as objective holders with Darkstrider. Zoom them in close in a Fish, and shred shit that gets close enough for your extra shots. Not perfect, but they can give you a moment to reinforce the area

>> No.50561609

Yiffs is old school, nowadays when I wanna insult a space wolf player I just say Stormrider

>> No.50561615

So BS4 WS3 T3 S3 I3 Ld7(?) 3+
If I remember correctly.

>> No.50561637

come into my punch range said the daemon to the tau

>> No.50561639

I think they're ld8 and ws4, but I haven't read their codex since it was published in white dwarf.

>> No.50561648

Why WS4? WS3 would make more sense to me.

>> No.50561656

Because they're an assault army that use flamers and melee weapons?

>> No.50561660

are you really trying to drag this autism through another thread.

>> No.50561661

Actually Lorgar is a beast when it comes to army wide buffs like the Spiritual Liege, and transfigured Lorgar is a monster in challenges with rerolls for everything with enough charges.

>> No.50561663

Do you really feel comfortable insulting Santa Grimnar when we're so close to Christmas?

>> No.50561683

Onto the naughty list, enjoy your coal.

>> No.50561690

I wonder if, because meme's spread basically like a disease, Nurgle is the god of memes?

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>So what 'niches' of warfare haven't been filled yet?

Tits on Terminators, that's what.

>> No.50561704

I'm actually new to CSM and I wanted to try Alpha Legion as my first. Has a nice color scheme

>> No.50561707

>God of despair, disease, and memes
Seems to fit

>> No.50561710

How many extra attacks do you get from the nipple spikes?

>> No.50561712

True enough, but both WS4 and BS4 don't make much sense to me.

Statwise, they're pretty much Marines Lite. I'm not trying to sound pro-marine here, I just think it seems weird that Scions and Guard Vets only get BS4 when Sisters get both. I know they have different niches, but it feels odd?

>> No.50561717

No boner, NO!

>> No.50561720

Battle Sister squad normal basic troop

BS4 WS 3 S3 T3 I3 A1 W Ld8 Sv3+/6++

>> No.50561730

>sisters are a melee race!

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>> No.50561739

W1 damn it.

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>> No.50561746

>But if they do, you all have to buy them
>Implying the general will be anything but people posting screencaps of the preorders and unboxings of the new SoBs.

>> No.50561756

Trying to prempt the bandwagonning bastards refunding any purchases if the rules are shit. :^)

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>GW in charge of making quality resin

>> No.50561768

...how does the knee mouth work?


>> No.50561770

the hat kinda ruins it.

>> No.50561772

Sv6++ since it does not show there. Everything has 6++ in codex. All though I do not remember if priest and friends have them. Since well priest have a 4++ and I hardly use them outside of Inquisitorial allies

>> No.50561773

He's a morbidly obese smelly neckbeard in a room full of mold and pissbottles who caged an elf rapetoy waifu, and he's green like pepe.

Meme god confirmed.

No disrespect intended to the TRUE meme god, Kek.

>> No.50561781

Image search hates me.
who's the artist for OPs image?

>> No.50561787

>same leadership as space marines
What's even special about ld8 if everyone has it? ATSKNF implys they're braver than everyone else but everyone is the same leadership as them.

Regular sisters should be ld7.

>> No.50561788

Fuck no.

>> No.50561790

Very thicc

A bit, still it's a dumpy babushka

>> No.50561793

Like fuck we do. We're the ones in the right here, while you're the one being a contrarian fuckface.

If the rules are good I will support them with my money. If the rules are awful I will withhold as I did with TS.

>> No.50561800

Oh, alrght. So melee focused scions in power armor and an invuln save.

Feel like they should be Ld7 with their Sister Superior being Ld8.

I'm really not trying to wank SM, but they really should be above the regular human troops.

>> No.50561803


ATSKNF implies they've had the fear response stripped from them.

They aren't brave, they don't feel fear in the first place.

>> No.50561804

How do you define good and awful?

>> No.50561805

If Sisters should have ANYTHING over a normal guardsman it should be higher leadership.

It's also one of those fluffy details they nailed when it came to GSC.

>> No.50561815

Good: T1, victory at deployment
Awful: Not

>> No.50561819

Iron Warriors question. I've ran a trio of Warpsmith, Forgefiend and Ferrum Infernus Dreadnought with Destroyer of Cities. This has been moderately effective since opponents tend to get tunnel vision and want all three DEAD after the Forgefiend makes an IWND roll and the Warpsmith fixes something on the Dread.

However, the weakness is the Warpsmith can be sniped which means the Dread will pop soon after, and then it's just a Forgefiend on its lonesome.

I'm considering dropping the Fiend in favour of a Helcult and a Fleshmetal Exoskeleton for the Warpsmith. I get bubble wrap for the whole unit (warpsmith joins cultists and DoC doesn't care about intervening friendlies because all his weapons are templates) and if I can roll the Warlord trait that grants IWND to vehicles things start to get really silly.
>two dreads and an IC get roaming cover and ablative wounds while regenerating their own damage

>> No.50561821
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pretty much shows orks hits like a bunch of women

>> No.50561826

Well-written, fluffy, creating a fun playstyle, able to hold up well in a variety of match-ups.

GSC was the perfect release. Skitarii perhaps a close second. TS was a complete fucking failure.

>> No.50561836

Space Marine leadership isn't directly comparable due to ATSKNF.

And Sisters are religious fanatics. Significantly more courageous than a typical guardsman. So no, you're wrong.

>> No.50561838

Sounds pretty sweet, anon. I'd say go for it.

>> No.50561849

You're not in the right about anything. I completely believe SoB will have an update and plastics, and that there's evidence for this. I've shown you people it. You don't accept it.

I don't see how me disagreeing with you about SoB is me being contrarian.

>> No.50561850


Nah, the issue is they're high risk, moderate at best reward.

>> No.50561855

Oh, sorry anon, I thought you were the one arguing they WEREN'T getting a release despite all the evidence. My apologies.

>> No.50561856

Ld7 is supposed to be literally average leadership.

>> No.50561865

>Melee Scions

Are you stupid? Never played with sister or against them?

SoB are basically 12" and Flamer only. Anything outside that small action range screws them over

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bitch please...

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Kit bash that with a different head piece and a proper bolter or storm shield and I'll be happy.

Run her as an Inquisitor with Terminator armor, fuck yeah

>> No.50561878

>this guy
That Iron Warriors debate was kek-worthy. At least the original poster admitted that English wasn't his first language, and "leaving both hands free" wasn't intended to be some way to cheese in a 2-handed weapon.

>> No.50561885

Old style blisters.
Keep trying.

>> No.50561887

I've been thinking of getting into the game and was thinking of playing Imperial Guard? What is a good 500 point list for them just so I can see what kind of army I should field?

>> No.50561894
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>They aren't brave, they don't feel fear in the first place.

wait, what? marines run headlong into danger, scoff at mortal danger, seek out the enemy commanders to duel, and laugh at fear checks. how is that not brave?

>> No.50561901

Well after 20 years of basically the same rules copy pasted over and over and 10 years of the no model updates.
Along with almost every year rumors about new plastic SoB with screen captures and images.

It is not a surprise SoB players are in denial till they have them on their own hands

>> No.50561904

Bravery is doing those things despite being afraid.

Not feeling fear isn't bravery, it's insanity.

>> No.50561918

they rip and tear marines and crons if you get them close enough. bretty gud

>> No.50561926

If GW understood that. The imperial army dude facing Horus would still be true

>> No.50561932

A company command squad, two veteran squads, and as many deathstrike missiles as you can fit in the list. If you go past it to higher points values, I'd recommend you take some more deathstrike missiles to really round out your forces.

>> No.50561935

Bravery is not the absence of fear, but maintaining resolve in spite of it.>>50561894

>> No.50561936

Literally a shit tier version of a war convocation for no purpose

>> No.50561938

BL retcons aren't necessarily the fault of the Codex writers.

>> No.50561940

I think that's the fantasy version, there's supposed to be a sci-fi variant too.

>> No.50561944

They don't get WS4, they get WS3. Their Elite girls get WS4.

>> No.50561957

I've ran them with Darkstrider to outflank and blow away camping marine squads before, but its a huge point sink for a fragile unit. Only other way to run them is in a devilfish, but generally you're going to want the pulse rifle's consistent range and damage.

>> No.50561962

Basically they are worse than your other sources of AP3 or better that aren't vespids, and worse than your other troops choice.

They exist as a reason to field Devilfish if you really want to.

>> No.50561964

And no melee weapon of note iirc.

>> No.50561967

Whoops, misread BS4 as WS4.

But nope, forgot they were an army til I came here.

I'd rather forget again, a good portion of their fanbase is rather cancerous.

>> No.50561981

Hello everyone, I hope this is the right place to post.
My brother in law likes this warhammer, and i wanted to get him something for Christmas. He's told me he likes chaos space marines.

Is there a set or something i can buy him somewhere, any recommendations?

>> No.50561983

So if I'm correct here:

The scarab occult were the first company of the thousand sons, right? And even though legions were much larger than chapters, company was still a group of 100+company command squad, captain and chaplain, right?

So that formation with 9 units of Scarab occult, maxed out, would include almost every member of the scarab occult in existence.

And they're meant to be split across several warbands, with multiple paint schemes given in the book...

So fielding 9 units of scarab occult all in the same paint scheme would be fluff rape, right?

>> No.50561996

Nah, Marine flavour, chaos and Tau are petty much cancer.

SoB are the abused housewife

>> No.50562000

the greater good has accepted you, accept it in return.

Become one of the cool tau players, who use some of the non-powergamer units like razorsharks vespids etc.
also sweet deals wit the start collecting and start collecting premium box.

>> No.50562018

Traitor Legions Supplement.

>> No.50562022

Don't worry m8, I just wanted to get a look at it. I don't even know if I want to play the game right now as it is, at least not until 8E.

>> No.50562023

Thousand Sons are just getting released. Even if the rules suck, he'll probably like the models. Get a box of Rubric Marines.

I forgot these even existed. I've never even read about the Tau flyers being fielded.

>> No.50562027

I would search for Start Collecting! Chaos Space Marines. Maybe get him the new Traitor Legions book to go with it so he can figure out how he wants to run them.

Although you probably want to find out what he already has.

>> No.50562039

Naw you didn't forget, you repressed it.

>> No.50562046

What is so bad about Tau flyers? Are they actually BAD or are they just "merely good" in a Codex full of retarded fucking cheese like Riptides?

>> No.50562051

> I've never even read about the Tau flyers being fielded.

Tau have great AA and great FW flyers, so using the shitty (especially by Tau standards) flyers never happens.

>> No.50562055
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>> No.50562060

Have you seen any of your brother in law's models? If so, what colour did he paint them in?

>> No.50562065

Honestly if it's another "Howling Banshees are terrible" meme I'm gonna punch the next Taufag I see in the fucking mouth.

>> No.50562068

If he already has an army that you know off get him a box of 'Chaos Spawn' or perhaps 'Chaos Terminators'

Both of these are quite useful and a typical purchase for expanding a Chaos army, especially Spawn

>> No.50562070


>> No.50562082

It a combo of ugly model and meh rules.

>> No.50562086

Tau FA in general is pretty meh compared to the rest of the book.

>> No.50562088

They aren't completely shit, but they are less effective than every other AA option, and are sub-par by even non-Tau standards.

>> No.50562121
File: 46 KB, 600x620, 99120102044_CSMRhinoRepackBox.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

some people here recommend books.
you dont need those more then once, so if he has it already.....
What I think every new Chaos Space Marine player needs, and every Chaos Space Marine player could do with multiples is the good old Rhino.

>> No.50562126

Is that from the new sorcerer kit? Do they have options to make them look like normal marines? (Like not tzeentch warped?) And how many discs come in the kit?

>> No.50562137

This guy already delivered

>> No.50562138
File: 1007 KB, 893x678, warham.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i found this on his facebook.

>> No.50562139

looks like Horus heresy ahriman from the Burning of prospero kit.

>> No.50562152

Noob here, im about to buy the old necron battleforce and the new Start collecting Box. Is It a good idea or should o buy something different

>> No.50562158

If he already has an army: get him the Traitor's Legion book when it comes out.

>> No.50562163
File: 71 KB, 666x898, warham2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this ones from 3 years ago, i have no clue what he has, ive seen his collection through and its huge.

>> No.50562176 [DELETED] 

You'll get a shitload of warriors out of it overall. Not exciting, but not "bad".

>> No.50562206
File: 4 KB, 190x155, =).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.50562217

is ok.
I would build the arc as ghostarc and the immortals as immortals rather then deathmarks

make one 20warrior blob where the ghostarc can repair dead soldiers, march to midfield

(thats why you need the immortals, you need 2 troop choices)

might even want to throw a cryptek into the mix for MOAR RESILIENCE

>> No.50562220
File: 58 KB, 701x920, warham3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah i think i saw thoes in his pics. >>50562158
Okay ill grab him a copy.

>> No.50562221
File: 1.94 MB, 1462x980, s1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.50562240

The one on the right definitely, but the one on the left has fire and tzeentchian shit all over it. Plus has his left hand out instead of his right, so its clearly a different model.

>> No.50562255

The paint isn't that half bad.

>> No.50562278
File: 112 KB, 526x805, tmp_31818-Sons-of-the-Forge-cover-e1475776834941-746301676.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can someone please tell me why THE FUCK an ebook of a FUCKING NOVELLA is $30.00?

>> No.50562284

Should i buy a monolith too? I really like the fluff

>> No.50562286

The Canoness is resin though

So Sisters are finally getting made in finecast

>> No.50562296

Supply and demand.

>> No.50562297

"Enthusiast" fan base.

>> No.50562299

https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Codex-Supplement-Traitor-Legions-Softback-ENG <-it's that one

>> No.50562303
File: 9 KB, 181x278, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_imagesIIFDQOAQ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Remember Kill Team Threads?

I do. Can a base bro who has the template make one? I'll copy it all and keep it going after.

I...I only play KT and I need an outlet.

>> No.50562312

Audiobooks are super expensive in the first place. Then add the GW tax on top of that.

>> No.50562317


OH! I KNOW! Check if he has the new Kharn model. If he doesn't, it would make one hell of a christmas gift seeing has his army is red (and likely World Eaters). If you have a game store nearby, go in and ask them for the new Kharn the Betrayer. They'll know what you're talking about

>> No.50562326


>> No.50562329

ehh...if you like the model....
rulewise i cannot really recommend them

>> No.50562334


here's a link to the model

>> No.50562346


Aspiring sorcerer from the rubric kit.

>> No.50562354

lol, well shit it says its out of stock.

Okay, i can go over to his house tonight and check it out.

>> No.50562384

The get started is a always a solid place to start an army on a budget. The necron one doesn't give you the most exciting of options, but it's solid and that's what you need right now. If you wanted exciting, you wouldn''t be playing necrons anyways.

Monoliths are solid. Definitely one of the more boring kits to build - it is literally slabs of plastic held together in a roughly triangular shape - but it is fun to bring one to the table.

Any other questions?

>> No.50562397

Good luck!

>> No.50562406


Also I've not opened my exalted sorcerers kit yet, but they probably have enough parts to convert some non or minimally mutated ones.

Kit comes with 1 disc.

>> No.50562408

Yeah that supply of ebooks must be getting low.



They should just have the buy button link to the pirate bay.

>> No.50562418

>lol, well shit it says its out of stock.

Not out yet, supposed to be out this saturday

>> No.50562456

This is the actual reason, they feel that they have a captive audience who if is going to buy something, won't be considering the price.

>> No.50562460




Three squads of chaos space marines, a soulgrinder/defiler, two predator battle tanks, two rhino apcs

>> No.50562467

I think ill Go with the two boxes a cryptek and maybe a Monolith to see where to go from there. i just started to read the codex So im open for any advice i can get

>> No.50562470
File: 124 KB, 688x800, Orks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>s3 i2
>s3 i3
'melee race' BTFO once again!

>> No.50562477

you see, when the rubric happened, tsons legion numbers sort of got thrown out the window. They can manipulate the spirits inside the armour and move them to different places, technically all of the rubricae could be moved to scarab occult armour, it'd just be confusing because while they're more heavily armoured they wouldn't have the same skill as the scarabs and it would cost a lot to get so much termie armour.

>> No.50562484

But SoB are not for melee. Maybe back in second when they could had S5 and T6

>> No.50562485

Its a new release, its currently out of stock IN THE WEBSTORE due to high demand.

However every shop gets some, regardless of webstore stock.
There is a shopfinder somewhere on the games workshop website, good luck.

>> No.50562487

well they are married to the emprah. i'd imagine he'd beat his subjects for being such retards in his absence if he could perceive their presence or move at all.

>> No.50562492

>not for melee
>better melee stats than orks
This is the point.

>> No.50562500

dont buy much more until you learned to play so you know where to go.
Paint your stuff (another reason not having too many models in need of work at the same time.)
the ghostarc is a real piece of work, paint larger parts PRIOR to assembly. (I would build and paint the other stuff first)

>> No.50562509

>But SoB are not for melee.
Neither are Orks!

>> No.50562510

I prefer Arch Warhammer

>> No.50562511

Everyone has better melee stats than ork. Even orks!

>> No.50562514

they are tzeentch dudes. They are probably the same ten dudes from different times.

>> No.50562523

How? That seems so boring. I need a 1k game minimum and even that feels too restrictive and fast.

>> No.50562531

I understand enthusiasm. I have it. I have no problem spending on 40k shit. But a ducking novella, NOVELLA, costing twice what an actual EBOOK novel costs is ridiculous. And why? It seems the print version was fairly nice book with limited prints and signed by kyme but it doesn't even apear to be available anymore and you get none of that with the ebook. It's literally 30 bucks for a couple pages of shit kyme probably scribbled down during a morning dump.

>> No.50562539

The 'Return of the Primarchs' AU had void warfare and diplomacy.

>> No.50562543


I am on the job.

>> No.50562557

Guiliman: Leadership through example
Lorgar: Leadership through propaganda

Sanguinius: Ethical martial prowess and force
Angron: Unbridled martial prowess and force

Lion: Perfect strategies and tactics (introvert)
Horus: perfect strategies and tactics (extrovert)

Rogal Dorn: Conquest through construction without ego
Perturabo: Conquest through destruction with ego

Etc etc. they all have counters to one another. Even the legions counter one another well even though their opposites don't necessarily line up with their respective primarchs.

>> No.50562563

All solid choices. You'll find that while the necron codex isn't exactly filled with the most exciting of rules (it's hard to get excited when you're a robot zombie, hur hur hur) there's very little in way of trap or bad choices. The real question becomes how do you want to build your army.

You can use the standard force organization chart which allows you to experiment with different unit combos or you can rock out the decurion and laugh as people waste bullets trying to kill your army. If you go with the standard force organization (The combined arms) then you can buy whatever you want and fit it in the appropriate slot as long as you have the minimum 2 troops and 1 hq which you should already have from the get started. If you go with the deucrion, plan your purchases around the formations you want to run and go from there.

Hope this helps

>> No.50562570
File: 196 KB, 666x732, Ork facepalm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>boyz beat by girls

>> No.50562576

I think we need to go back to adding this back into the thread template, for search purposes.
>Warhammer 40k General
>Warhammer 40,000 General
>Warhammer 40000 General
>>50561109 not only missed that this thread existed, but forgot to title it at all. I know half-assing search is dumb as shit but this has happened like 8 times in the last four days, now.

>> No.50562591

I'm curious now, which legion would you say was the counter to Fulgrim ?

>> No.50562593
File: 335 KB, 1914x944, wat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hey guise, indecisive anon here.
Just wanted to ask why are Skitarii and Cult Mechanicus in a separate tabs here?
Aren't they the same race?
As in Adeptus Mechanicus?

Also i still can't decide. I'm such a faggot

>> No.50562597

>WS3 S3 I3 A1
>WS4 S3 I2 A2 Furious Charge
When will that meme die?

>> No.50562610

because money.

>> No.50562612

Either Iron hands or BAngles depending on how you split it.

>> No.50562620


They're considered separate armies currently. Rumor has it they will be combined into a single book later.

There are a few Formations that allow you to take both and treat them as the same force, though.

>> No.50562634

When Orks aren't total shit in melee.

>> No.50562641

So who does Fulgrim counter? Ferrus? Perfection in different forms? Also, what about Jaghatai? I don't remember a primarch of speed on the heresy side

>> No.50562645

So, no Sisters of Silence in Codex: Imperial Agents?

I can smell another 2 kit codex coming.

>> No.50562656

How are T-sons opposite to Space Yiffs then? We already know they're meant to be opposing forces.

>> No.50562663

Yiffing is the meme in the past, Warp Corrupted Khorne Worshipers is in.

Once Logan used a demon axe of Khorne that chapter became irrelevant to a true, loyal, servant of the emperor.

>> No.50562673

Instinct vs. Intellect

>> No.50562690

1. It's not Finecast resin, it's FW.
2. GW has done at least one other special in resin this year, it's not odd.

>> No.50562693

My guess is White Scars / Raven Guards opposites would be Alpha Legion / Night Lords in some order.

Not a HH loremaster, but from what I remember they're all big on hit and runs / sneaky

>> No.50562695

They currently have separate codexes.

Skitarii are cooler also. The silly Cult units would cramp their style.

>> No.50562705

I think some of the pair offs are based on personality/tactics/ideology while others are based on narrative reasons. This would account for some of the primarchs not having clear counterparts like Mortarion and Jaghatai and Magnus and Russ.

>> No.50562713

Razorsharks and Sunsharks are pretty meh, while on the other hand their FW flyers are some of the best in the game.

>> No.50562728
File: 1.86 MB, 3200x2368, Metal is layered up to runefang steel, second is two layers of guilliman blue, third is waywatcher green layer, and fourth is one final layer of guilliman blue and then details..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Use the superior scheme

>> No.50562730


>Tank doors for Traitors

>Word Bearer pre heresy symbols

>the accurate LR doors links to World Eaters anyway.

Why do they hate my legion, /tg/?

>> No.50562732

Ah. Odd, you'd expect a chapter that thrives on instinct to have been corrupted by chaos way earlier than now.

>> No.50562747

Ideology wise Magnus is completely opposite Mortation and Russ is opposite Khan

Magnus belived Sorcery was the future of humanity, Mortarion feared and opposed its development

Russ was a staunch order taker that followed the Emperor's every word and jumped as his every command while the Khan was the most "Free" of the legions, acting on his own principles and beliefs and thinking commonly for himself before bringing his ideas before others.

>> No.50562748
File: 1.51 MB, 1457x1121, TauGWFliers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't actually know what any of this means, especially in the meta.

>> No.50562755

Could be eldar Downs.

>> No.50562762

I am waiting for a compelation of the traitor legion rules before risking buying another suppliment, i have been burnt too often with impulse buys, anyone know how long such things take to be scanned?

>> No.50562771

They are literally all out, right now, to read.

What fucking Legion do you want and I'll get them for you.

>> No.50562778
File: 95 KB, 638x562, 1447644490762.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>preferring arch "i'll just use lexicanum as my script" warhammer to based VoT

>> No.50562787

Death guard and your a fucking beast!

>> No.50562816

You're in luck, they get the best shit.

Requirements: Only unique character available is Typhus. Mark of Nurgle Only. VotLW. Psykers must take one power from Nurgle.
Benefits: VotLW gain fearless & FnP but -1 initiative (doesn’t affect Typhus or Plague marines) and relentless. Plague Marines are troops. Fearless Terminators with T5 and FnP? Oh, HELL yeah!

Warlord Traits
1: Feel No Pain.
2: IWND.
3: +1 Wound.
4: Eternal Warrior.
5: Poisoned weapons get an extra +1 to their effectiveness, to a maximum of Poisoned (2+). For example, Poisoned becomes Poisoned (3+).
6: Friendly units within 7" get Contagion.

Puscleaver: Poison 2+ CCW. Turns your DP into an MC killer. Or don't and take the Black Mace instead.
Plague Skull Glothia: One use only. Range 8” S1 AP - assault 1 poison (2+) large blast.
Pandemic Staff: Poison 2+ staff. As a ranged weapon, it's a template S1 Ap5 assault 2. As a melee weapon, it's a S+2 AP4, melee, concussive.
Dolorus Knell:
Poxwalker Hive: Turn your cultists into zombies. At start of each turn you grant FnP to a friendly cultist unit within 7”. They can’t run or shoot for the rest of the game but have fearless, oh & D3 cultists come back to life.
Plaguebringer: Power sword with poison 4+ and daemon weapon.


Core (1+)
Plague Colony: 1 Chaos Lord with Mark of Nurgle and VotLW (as per Death Guard Detachment) or Typhus leads 3-7 units of Plague Marines. When enemy models come within 7" of a unit from this formation, they take -1WS and Initiative, and if you took all 7 Plague Marine units they reduce their toughness by 1 as well. The latter bonus too is very expensive, but allows your plagueknifes to potentially re-roll to wound if you're attacking MEQ, and even then the -1 to Initiative will solve the big issue of Death Guard being I3.

VotLW is always free.

>> No.50562823

Not the guy who you quoted above, but I just noticed this.
If you have, or can get, any/all of the Word Bearers' pages that would be quality!

>> No.50562840

what is contagion and fuckady fuck fuck this will ROCK
Tho I am still shaded, I have so many suppliments

>> No.50562898

Unlike a lot of GW fliers, one of the advantages of the Quad Ion Turret is the fact that it's a turret. It can fly over the target and then hit rear armor WITHOUT having to spend turns trying to point its entire fuselage at rear armor in order to bring it's big guns to bare on them.

Razorshark is generally considered a better bomber than the Sunshark, and the Sunshark was considered a better fighter, largely due to interceptor drones.

Until Death from the Skies came out, anyway, and changed the nature of Skyfire.

>> No.50562909
File: 73 KB, 751x862, World_Eater_Traitor_Marine_-_Babaroth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I left 40k for 30k at the release of Grav, which killed the Land Raider and thus my World Eater army, but I heard that my World Eaters are getting new rules. Is it worth it to reconsidering buying Chaos marines for Khorne or am I still better just playing my Pre Heresy list in 40k as I've been doing for the past few years?

>> No.50562911

Requirements: No unique characters(presumably this will be changed if Lorgar and Erebus ever get rules in 40k). No cult units (such as Noise Marines or Berzerkers). However, units that can purchase marks can still take them, as long as that base unit doesn't have a specific mark by default. Like all legions, you must take VotLW, which is free and grants you your "legion tactics".

Benefits: Word Bearers Psykers harness Warp Charges on 3+ when rolling Malefic Conjuration powers, and Possessed are Troops. Models with VotLW re-roll to hit against Ultramarines, but Ultramarines gain Hatred (Word Bearers). Friendly units within 6" of Word Bearers Dark Apostles gain Zealot.

Warlord Traits
1: Zealot. If Warlord already has Zealot, you now always re-rolling hits in CC.
2: Become a Psyker. If already a Psyker, +1 Mastery Level.
3: Each turn you may grant a friendly unit within 12" Counterattack, Fearless, Furious Charge or Relentless.
4: Adamantium Will and Fearless
5: You and friendly Characters within 12", when rolling on the Chaos Boon table can either add or subtract 1 from the second die when rolling on the boon table.
6: Gain an extra roll on the Boon table.

Malefic Tome: Bearer gets 1 extra power, which must be rolled on Malefic Daemonology.

Skull of Monarchia: Bearer and unit re-roll all failed to-hit rolls against Armies of the Imperium in close combat, and if against Ultramarines re-roll to wound.

Script of Erebus: Generate D6 Extra warp charges in a psychic phase, once per game.

Baleful Icon: Enemy units must re-roll successful charges, and if they still succeed, the charge is disordered.

Crown of Blasphemer: 4+ Invulnerable Save, Adamantium Will, and Fear.

Cursed Crozius: AP3 Power Maul that grants Preferred Enemy: Armies of the Imperium.

No pages, just rules, sorry.

>> No.50562915

knock yourself out.

>> No.50562940


Contagion is if wounded, pass a toughness test or suffer another wound with no armour or cover saves allowed.

>> No.50562953

What supplements?

This wraps up Traitor's hate and black legion, so you don't really need those. Crimson Slaughter?

>> No.50562956

PS they're all on 1d4chan now.

>> No.50562959

The new world eater rules look to be pretty fun for a rip and tear army.

>> No.50562966

well it means 2 books, 3 if you want a crimson but thats unlikely

>> No.50562976

Both are soft back now, so shouldn't be too hard to carry two books.

>> No.50562979

What would be the best unit choices for mechanised Tau? Firewarriors in Devilfish is obvious, but I wonder what other units also would fit in.

>> No.50562988

yeah thats true
shame i cant trade in my old books for the new one

>> No.50563008

This, if they still sold it id buy 5 in a heartbeat

>> No.50563010


>> No.50563029

Does anyone have that list of all of the space marine chapters with the chapter traits and color schemes listed?

>> No.50563044

Use superior Russian engines. Google fucked itself in the name of political correctness

>> No.50563072

Yeah, just checked this >>50562915 out.

My immediate thoughts is a Khorne Lord on Bike/Juggernaught with the Talisman of Burning Blood in a Mark of Khorne Bike Squad.

Deploy at the line, Blood Mad about 7ish inches forward, drive forward 12, Assault turn 1 with a Khornate Biker gang.

That might be good enough to get me back into chaos, as turn one charges are vital to assault armies these days it seems. My biggest problem with Khorne was the lack of decent methods of getting stuck in and Land Raiders being obsoleted by grav didn't help, Pre heresy fixed that with Raiders that repaired immobilization and didn't care about melta but this is a nice way of getting stuck in as well.

The warlord traits are great as well. Big question is this one:
>at end of enemy charge subphase your unit
can charge

If my opponent doesn't issue any charges do we technically still go through that phase, So I can be near them and still grab a lucky charge?

>> No.50563082

"We are more worried about being politically correct, rather than being political or correct"

>> No.50563112

>Turn one Khorne charge

Oh goodness, my tau don't want to live in that world

>Charging on my turn as well as yours

Holy shit man...

>> No.50563128

Yes the phase still happens, technically every phase happens its just easier to skip some of them if no one can do anything.

>> No.50563169

no, not when he used it
when he continued to have it.

>> No.50563188

look at codex chaos space marines 6th ed, 4th ed, all the shitty supplements and tell me they like any csm.

>> No.50563205

Everyone gets a charge phase, it's just the players choice if they choose to utilise it or not. So you can basically steal their charge phase if they choose not to charge anything.

So they either counter charge you, and get overwatched, or sit there and risk get charged.

>> No.50563231

>pretty much the first legion who worshipped chaos
>played the biggest role in turning Horus against the emprah
>still a coherent legion and next to BL or Red Corsairs probably strongest

Yet WB are fucked with the rules and its nurgle aka our dedicated legion didn't do shit and rots away reigns supreme.

>> No.50563235

Wait, is VotLW always free for these detachments? I may have found the 30 points I needed for my list then...

>> No.50563253

Best response

>> No.50563259

Yeah, all units that can take it have to take it and in most cases you are restricted to units that can take it, but it's free, so it's all good.

>> No.50563264

Play 30k then, where they are one of the best.

Remember, Word Bearers are the only legion that actually "Won" the Horus Heresy when you get to the bottom of it.

>> No.50563265


Because they're 7 foot tall Linebackers in the best power armor their sugar daddies could buy them.

Anyone could do that. Guardsmen are brave because they hold the fucking line with nothing between them and the enemy bullets but armor barely better than what we have today.

Orks are brave because they know they'll die, but Waaagh! on, because datz da Orky fing ta do.

Tau are brave because they're standing against the might of empires that are expontentially larger than them, and they refuse to abandon the idealism that makes them who they are, no matter the odds.

Even the fucking Eldar are brave, because they know if they bite it as a species, Slaanesh is going to tongue fuck their tight assholes for all eternity.

Space Marines on both sides of the Heresy are protected on so many levels that nothing they do can be considered heroic.

>> No.50563270
File: 303 KB, 600x450, 1478538107847.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hey bros, indecisive anon here, i am close to deciding which army to start, it's down to either Space Yiffs or Nids.
Give me your power to decide my allegiance

>> No.50563271
File: 572 KB, 1099x1811, 1480363126686.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>WB rules are that they get easier access to more units from another codex that isn't fucking trash
Praise the Dark Gods

>> No.50563276

Yup, VotLW is always free.

>> No.50563287

The time for corrupting legions is over, words are no longer needed, this is the time for action.

Yeah it sucks that "Just summon Daemons lol" is what you have to do to get any benefit.

>> No.50563289
File: 212 KB, 905x813, 1250 points of IG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wrote a list in the new application all of you seem to be using.
It thinks there are still 5 models in the CCS, hence why it's 2 points higher than it should be.

>> No.50563290


Choose the Bugs!

Mate, some Legions are now OP.

>> No.50563291

Orks are cowards. They just charge headlong into war because they're genetically hardwired to fucking love that shit.

>> No.50563296


>> No.50563306

what is this "new application"?

>> No.50563344

I will laugh my balls off when the "update" is a plastic cannoness and the deletion of all units that are no longer available.

>> No.50563352

>They aren't brave, they don't feel fear in the first place.
>confirmed for not knowing SM fluff
They Rose above fear, it holds no power on them and have cast it aside, it was mentioned in one of the ultramarines novels I believe, I don't remember which one one though.

>> No.50563359

Does anybody know the list builder program people have used on here before? It's kind of like battlescribe but has the actual pictures of the units underneath them.

>> No.50563361

Are necrons competitive, guys? I'm new to 40k, and I really like their fluff, but I don't want to invest hundreds of dollars in an army that has no competitive application. I know it's not all about winning, but I'd like to play more serious matches sometimes.

>> No.50563362


Now I can afford a token mutant rabble to tack on an ADL to my list without sacrificing anything, thanks anons

>> No.50563385

So this may be a dumb question, but from reading the data sheets, exalted sorcerers can take both rewards and artefacts. Why do I keep hearing that they can't take spell familiars. Any help appreciated for a confused new guy.

>> No.50563390

yeah they're pretty good

>> No.50563397



>> No.50563433

I have very limited experience with Necrons, but as far as I know their decurion is very good, giving alot of your units that have reanimation protocols a 5+ feel no pain.

Their basic troops are some of the best in the game as of when I played them (About a year ago or so). Their gauss weapons (or whatever they are called) able to auto-glance vehicles on 6's.

It's worth grabbing the epub file from the top of the thread and reading through their rules and detachments in the codex.

>> No.50563435

People are saying that?

>> No.50563446

They are talking about Aspiring Sorcerers not Exalted.

>> No.50563458
File: 46 KB, 873x627, Dark Eldar wytch heads.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sameface, the artist.
Not to mention that Eldar faces don't even look like that.
Picture related, straight from the Based Jes Goodwin, who practically invented the aesthetics of all Eldar.

>> No.50563500

Oooohh that makes sense ty!

>> No.50563503

>next codex comes out
>orkz receive rage and the wulfen attacks even if they're killed rules
>people will complain orkz are broken and should be nerf
GW development team here, thanks for this new ideas, I hope you like to have a thousand choppas up your ass.

Also the ramshackle rule will be changed to a 4+ invulnerable save

>> No.50563507

Friendly reminder that orks were also created explicitly to fight nonstop, and that their religion states that when they die they're just barfed back into the world in a new ork body. And because of greenskin meme magic, that's true. So there's literally no reason for them to fear death.

>> No.50563512


Those man-faces are not waifu material!

>> No.50563524

Oh man, are you the guy who sperged out in that Deathwing thread like a month ago? I remember you went on for like twenty posts trying to prove that all the art depicting them as pointy eared humans didn't count and they're supposed to look gaunt and scary or something.

Are you an Eldar/Deldar player?

>> No.50563525

Those are Eldar faces. They aren't supposed to look human.

>> No.50563537 [SPOILER] 
File: 121 KB, 1000x1000, 1481049394953.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've not seen it in the thread, so here it is

>> No.50563547
File: 245 KB, 1086x840, Hairmetal eldar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They are aliens, they don't need to look like cute humans.

I got no idea what you are talking about m8.

I do collect all types of Eldar, along with Admech, Tyranids, Genestealer Cults, Orks, Necrons, and I also have few Imperial Knights, and some Space Marine stuff as well.

I got far more money than I got common sense or time. And the amount of money I have isn't that much in the first place.
Someone pls help, I am drowning in unassembled plastic.

>> No.50563554


Waifus transcend racial boundries

stop defending the man-face females

>> No.50563569

hope the new sisters has high heels.
its retarded but I don't care

>> No.50563578

where'd ya find that ?
i fucking love it

>> No.50563583
File: 144 KB, 600x525, 1480650610391.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>They are aliens, they don't need to look like cute humans.

They do if they want to sell to the thirsty virgins who run amok in these threads yelling about marines having horse cocks

>> No.50563586

Tranny faces are here to stay I guess.

>> No.50563590

Is the genestealer cult codex any good?

>> No.50563593
File: 1.91 MB, 480x270, react.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.50563600

I heard lots of good things and that it forces armies to change up how they play too.

>> No.50563601


>> No.50563608

Warhammer Community/Warhammer's Facebook page

>> No.50563609


>> No.50563616

>Not wanting to fuck trannies in power armor




>> No.50563627

>Thirteen years and this is the best GW could do.

I really hope it's just the shit paint job they gave it.

>> No.50563632
File: 102 KB, 873x627, Dark Eldar succubus concept art.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Those people are an insignificant minority.
The Eldar have been selling just fine for as long as they have been in the setting, and they have never needed to have waifus.
No 40k faction has needed waifus, with maybe the exception of sisters of battle.
And even then, they look like this>>50563537

>> No.50563635

That's quite cool

>> No.50563648
File: 1.72 MB, 320x180, D Bry.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You will be able to pre-order Adepta Sororitas Canoness Veridyan this weekend, and she will only be available while stocks last. She’ll also be accompanied by a new selection of Made to Order miniatures, from the Inquisition, Ecclesiarchy and Adepta Sororitas range, including some classics not available for years.

>> No.50563659

I expected nothing and am still disappointed

>> No.50563665

It's not really their fault that Blanche drew them as trannies to begin with

>> No.50563669

There was some guy on /v/ who levied the exact same arguments in a very similar style about the Eldar. I've got no horse in the race, I'm tertiary scum who gets most of his knowledge from TTS and 1d4chan articles and only started getting interested in 40k because my old sci fi homeland was torched. I just spotted your post and was like "hey I remember this." If I got the wrong guy or if this Eldar thing is just like, fandom culture, then my bad.

>> No.50563673
File: 328 KB, 922x708, 1417311789151.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>SJW complaints about design completely ignored
>even kept the high heels

May the absolutely BASED reign of Rountree never end!

>> No.50563680

its faithful to the original artwork.

>> No.50563684
File: 25 KB, 171x297, 1451923245067.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ya know what /tg/ i do like SoB and i'm inspiried; i'm gonna go hit on some grizzled strong face women that could bench press me today

>> No.50563692



>> No.50563696

their faces always make me cringe, this is uncanny valley level

>> No.50563701

Stop insisting that "Pretty" and "Female" are the same thing.

>> No.50563719
File: 231 KB, 965x1000, NO SPOILER.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK... ME. I already see her on one of my sanctum bases standing on an slaughtered ork body...

>> No.50563727

Space bugs it is then.
Therefore i have a question, is Genestealer cult a faction or treated as a whole new race?

>> No.50563728
File: 46 KB, 873x627, GK Preacher with Sword.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>She’ll also be accompanied by a new selection of Made to Order miniatures, from the Inquisition, Ecclesiarchy and Adepta Sororitas range, including some classics not available for years.

Cool, I hope I can grab that preacher model I missed for my IG

>> No.50563735

You're excited that sans the failcast canoness, there isn't a single new miniature to accompany the book?

>> No.50563747

Ferus Manus: perfection and strength through relegating humanity
Fulcrum: perfection and strength through embracing humanity

(Similar to sanguinius and angron)
Corvus Corax: Precise and ethical application of force through stealth and guile and minimal collateral damage. (Liberators)
Conrad Curze: Unbridled application of force through stealth guile and maximum collateral damage (punishers)

Vulcan: Concern for those being conquered. (Protection of civilians). Toughness through understanding and personal responsibility.
Mortarion: Disregard for those being conquered (mass use of chemical and radioactive weapons). Toughness through indoctrination and training.

(They're both outriders who often act unilaterally without support)
Khan: Conspicuous aggression through direct and fast application of force. The individual matters.
Alpharius: inconspicuous aggression through the indirect and methodical application of force. The team matters.

Russ: Instinctive, both in leadership and in fighting. The unlearned "talent"
Magnus: Considered, both in leadership and in fighting. The leaned "skill"

>> No.50563748


I didn't know it was possible to paint in Blanche's style.

>> No.50563750

Plastics come later.

Love made to order range they're putting up this time. So I'm excited.

>> No.50563752

All i can say is that look at pre 5th Ed Dark Eldar, and the Dark Eldar 5th ed revival

GW is fucking lazy

>> No.50563759

>Aware that the imperium is larger than they are

When they killed the Raven Guard chapter master they thought they had killed the warrior monarch of all space marines and it'd take the humans years to recover from that loss.
They have no fucking idea of just how big the imperium is

>> No.50563760
File: 117 KB, 540x891, Dark Eldar face.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is a bit of a divide between people who want to just waifu up the Eldar as pretty spesh elves, and the people who actually want them to look like they are described in the lore.

The idea that the later want them to look like friggin sectoids or some utterly inhuman creepy ayylmaos is a strawman. The Eldar are described to have high cheekbones, almond shaped, almost predatory cat/bird like eyes, and very angular and sharp features, that make it quite apparent that they are not human if you look at them properly (roughly like the artwork by this guy), but even that is apparently too ihuman to some people who just want them to be pretty humans.

The problem is increased further due to the fact that official artwork that depicts Eldar faces is all over the place, with very little consistency.

>> No.50563768

>People still believe GW would make new models in finecast

>> No.50563769


I know Blanche isn't exactly the world's most logical artist, but why the fuck is her leg so high? She's not standing on a SKULL BALANCED ATOP A PILE OF BONES for stability. And it would have been MUCH more comfortable to just kick the skull off of the pile and stand directly on the pile itself.

>> No.50563773

Welp, looks like I'll never be collecting SoB now.

>> No.50563787

They just did.

>> No.50563798
File: 87 KB, 567x411, 1480644583992.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>The tau know and understand the Tactica Imperialis and Codex Astartes
>don't know how big the Imperium is

>> No.50563801

Nope, Resin, not Finecast.

It's FW recipe.

>> No.50563813

>You will be able to pre-order Adepta Sororitas Canoness Veridyan this weekend
Thank goodness

>> No.50563825
File: 37 KB, 400x400, 1476811775018.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

but bruh it's spooky skull, part of skellington. fits perfectly into grimdark

>> No.50563831

>Plastics come later.

>> No.50563837
File: 1.58 MB, 1185x780, 1419616468459.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



Not even once

>> No.50563841

Found a couple of books and not a map I guess

>> No.50563846
File: 239 KB, 666x1260, Eldar_Warlock.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Like seriously, official artwork ranges from this..

>> No.50563854

FC is resin

>> No.50563863
File: 154 KB, 443x599, Dark Eldar -Lelith.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

...to this

>> No.50563866

Tyranids all the way. Try and us as many of the big guys as possible.

>> No.50563875

He's obviously saying it's a different resin, anon.

>> No.50563890

What's wrong with Blanche?
The dude's artwork is one of the core founding aspects of both 40k as well as Fantasy aesthetics.

>> No.50563892
File: 1.02 MB, 1517x2050, 1447504351249.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

because the people demand and are pleased by silly things in the grim dark future. power poses also work as slaanesh is amused so protects thoses who inspire others

>> No.50563913

His work i solid for setting mood, but it's atrocious in 3d, a nightmare blends of squiggles and spindly shit.

>> No.50563917

I personally don't like his style much.

Adrian Smith best artist.

>> No.50563922

It's also fucking hideous to look at.

>> No.50563952
File: 1.90 MB, 1920x1200, Space Marine Terminators vs Genestealers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do you mean that it is atrocious in 3d?

Yeah, his artwork is pretty top notch too.

Pleb taste.

>> No.50563954


Not a whole new race, but certainly a different faction. Of course, even 'Nids will turn on the genestealers once they start their planetfall and anything with a human psyche attached gets gutted because it's not Hivemind, so they might well be considered a different race.

>> No.50563963

IG krieg

>> No.50563972

They Equated "Chapter Master" with "Warrior King," and they were not wrong to do so. A Chapter Master is an Independent warrior of a large band and has primarily little oversight in who is allowed to boss them around. Yet when they arrive, they are almost always the highest ranking individuals on the field, and frequently outrank generals and admirals.

They know that there is more than one "Warrior King," that "Warrior King" is a rank based on both skilled merit and veterancy, and they know that one single "Warrior King" represents a huge investment of resources, provided you consider experience a resource along with materials. Hell, the loss of X centuries of experience is probably a far more serious blow than the loss of tons of equipment.

So, yeah, killing a Chapter Master means that the Imperium has lost something that it can't immediately replace. Even after Shrike assumes the title, Severax's loss is still significant.

I mean, if Chapter Masters were a dime a dozen the RG players wouldn't have flipped so much shit about Shadowsun killing one.

>> No.50563974

Thats just your opinion dude

>> No.50563989

It means if Blache was faithfully translated into a miniature it'd be nightmare to paint and look like some russion reproduction of bad 80's models.

>> No.50563999
File: 429 KB, 1680x1050, Emperor_vs_Horus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.50564012

Your Eldar artwork feels like my Tau Fluff.

>> No.50564028
File: 108 KB, 600x620, AdMechKataphronBattleServitorsDestroyer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

True, true.

But honestly, how many miniatures there are that have Blanche aesthetics faithfully translated into them?

Some of the Admech stuff might come close, but even they are still far more subdued.

>> No.50564037

Well you're choosing between your units being filled with the word "Bio" shoved into everything, or the word "Wolf" shoved into everything.

>> No.50564044


>> No.50564049

Psylocke has really changed of late.

>> No.50564057
File: 131 KB, 600x1100, Dark Eldar archon by Beckjann.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As I said, the official Eldar artwork that depicts their faces is all over the place.
The only consistency is in the way they are described in the fluff.

I prefer the look this fan-artist gives the Eldar, because I feel it is closest to the fluff description.

>> No.50564059

Orks don't fear death though.

They legitimately believe that they themselves are unkillable right until they die.

>> No.50564065

next thread, someone use the canoness as the OP image.

>> No.50564082

Martial vs Psychic

>> No.50564091

If they don't fear anything then they aren't brave either.

>> No.50564093

Unfortunately, it looks like the "Next thread" has existed for a few hours, and only now has 3 posts because they forgot to title the shit.

>> No.50564101

That doesnt say that at all.

>> No.50564108
File: 15 KB, 236x372, 705baaa02928f3bc3405f5abc42cca61.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.50564112
File: 902 KB, 1058x822, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe this.

>> No.50564118

I actually really like it.

SoB should NOT look like waifus. Blanche's style is actually really nice when applied to models.

>> No.50564133

Just ignore it and make another one. Non titled = non thread.

>> No.50564134
File: 1.51 MB, 957x1200, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

or this

>> No.50564152

I suppose, if you like "Tim Burton art, painted with blod, shit and pus."

>> No.50564159

Necromancer model and Sorceror on Disc, for the top two?

Nurgle champion for the bottom? The axe one with the guts hanging out?

>> No.50564181

Think leftmost is a tomb wraith.

Didn't look further into it as it on the cancerous shithole that is pinstrest, so no sources and endless redirects.

>> No.50564212

>SoB should NOT look like waifus

>Blanche's style is actually really nice when applied to models.
Agree to disagree.

>> No.50564219


Chaos Sorcerer Lord > Gravecart Necromancer > Lord of Plagues

>> No.50564260

Don't give them any ideas. would a nid invasion of fenris be likely now that they're weakened, though?

>> No.50564296

Just so I'm understanding it right, the Akashic Reader in Mechanicum is a Golden Throne right?

>> No.50564334



>> No.50564807

Thank you!

>> No.50564891

I have been introducing new people to the game so it fits my needs in both time and rule simplicity. So far I've gotten 5 people interested to the point of buying models and wanting to play regularly. So its also cheaper for them to start.

>> No.50564940

Very true. Well stated. That's definitely a lot easier to get into than "Hey drop 300 dollars and spend months of painting and assembling to play with me!"

I've tried to get people into the game using my other painted armies, but they end up having fun and not wanting to buy because they have my armies to play with. I think your strategy is a better one.

>> No.50564978

good luck, if you learned anything from wrath of magnus you would realize space wolves are protected by 888 layers of plot armor.

Gee i wonder who could be behind that.

>> No.50565081

>Including MTO Adeptus Sororitas no longer available

What the actual shit? It's not like those models were replaced by anything. Why the fuck aren't they still available?

>> No.50565374
File: 1003 KB, 600x800, 1480495899026.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

1- It's the Aspiring Sorcerer from the Rubric Marines box

2- You can make 2/3 look like normal marines, 1 has to have bird legs though

3- One disc comes in the box

>> No.50565817

How did they fuck up the toes that bad? Looks like the feet are cut around the arc to fit into the boots.

>> No.50566139

>Ramshackle an invuln save

Negative; bring back the table or it's not Ramshackle.

>> No.50566183

Yes, very; but also fairly tough to work with, since troops evaporate to small arms fire (T3 5+).

>> No.50566193

The two units just have some weird stuff going on. For instance, the Sun shark (the bomber) had to be FAQ'd so that it actually started the game with a bomb. Every time time drops a bomb, it has a 1/6th chance of not being able to make any more. Also, the guns on its drones have a profile that cannot be used, as the drones have skyfire (rather than the Tau norm of choosing whether or not they have skyfire). The razorshark is mostly meh, four piranhas cost as much and do about the same and are more fun in my opinion.

>> No.50566208

Sucks to see all the cool stuff off to the side they aren't taking pictures of.

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