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>Still no Wizard of Oz jump

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Why is there no companion option in the Sims? The game is about households.

>> No.50490715

So I'm an idiot who literally left out the most important part of a perk in the Anima jump, and made a 600 CP perk the equivalent of a 100 CP racial buy. Would anyone's build break if I were to buff the Seeker of Names perk to the proper level? AKA: "You don't have to fulfil the pact requirements for summoning." instead of just "You can tell names (AKA, a minor ability from one of the races)" and "You know a lot of names" (AKA you have a competent Occultism skill)?

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Jumpers, tell me about your dragons!

In Dragonlance, I ended up picking up a Gold Dragon named Ninareth, who despite being the youngest of us insisted she was the wisest and most all-knowing. She also insisted on us using her back for transportation all the time even if we had other ways, and once tried to be Santa one night.

After going through A Thousand Years of Peace in Phantasia, she ended up becoming a Great Wyrm through the entire scenario since she was my primary helper. She mellowed out and matured after years of us trying to keep the world from blowing itself up, and while I became more jaded, she seemed to look at the world from a brighter perspective. For the life of me, I have no idea how.

Her cooking has also always been awful. Always. We make excuses to leave when it's her turn to cook. Sometimes, I don't escape in time. I regret this.

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So, what am I forgetting? About to upload to the drive.

I will add some more drawbacks, promise, but otherwise it's ready to jump.

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I don't remember anyone taking it so I doubt it'll be a problem.

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Anything changed from the last time you posted this?

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If someone was to make a Wizard of Oz jump what would you like to see? Backgrounds based on whom, perk ideas, etc.

>> No.50490758

>Lawful Good
How can you tolerate that?

>> No.50490771

Seems fine to me. I don't think anyone is going to object to getting more power. I certainly won't, the possibility of losing a fight and having my Kirin pact fail on me has been a minor source of worry with my build.

>> No.50490774

Added notes and finished the item tree for Monsters. Also noted that Primordial Vanpires can directly steal magic from others. I think that's it.

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Goddammit. Switched to phone and fucked up my name.

>> No.50490795

I think it'll be fine.

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Why do you think I've managed to go 41 jumps without blowing up a planet? My companions have been reining me in considerably for this chain. I also avoid going all out whenever possible.

Martel, Vita, Rion, and Ninareth are basically a four-woman team in keeping me from acting like a moron despite the intelligence boosts.

Also they're really cute and it's hard to say no to them.

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>If you picked a form besides human, you can swap back and forth between it and your original form at will. If you picked human, you gain a second human form
that looks entirely normal. Physical changes can be applied to both forms or only one.
So does this mean that if I chose human, I can choose what this alternate form looks like and effectively turn it into a disguise (make it look nothing like me)? Do I have total control over its creation?

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Well obviously Drop In would take after Dorothy. With semi-meta options probably.

Another tree would be a native of uh, whatever the place was called. Witch should also be an option, with a companion flying monkey no matter your morality.

Has anyone read the books? Apparently there are books.

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What's this from?

>> No.50490831

Looks good.

Praise be the formatting gods I can find shit now, a little bit of bold text goes a very long way.

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In that case I can't think of anything other than when you were considering Magicians getting a discount on the House of Mystery since Zatanna takes the house. That was a while ago and it looks like items are balanced now anyway so I think I just missed when you decided not to do that.

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I really don't know why I didn't just do that in the first place. I usually do.

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the mass effect jumpchain

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Just saw the notes, what would be different if you took the House of Secrets instead?

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Do we have any perks for getting technology with the potential to go out of control behave for you? I'm heading to Evangelion and want to make sure my Eva never goes berserk. Well, actually, I'm more likely to use my own mecha instead of an Eva, but it would be nice to be able to use power-sharing perks to give something like that to Shinji.

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You left out the Primordial Vampire's ability to turn large numbers of slave vampires en masse. And while I'm sure you're tired of hearing this, Primordial Frankenstein still seems kinda subpar compared to the other capstones. Mostly because they don't have any way to deal with magic or weird spiritual shit the way everything else in the jump does.

Otherwise? Excellent jump.

>> No.50490894

Sorry if that screws with your build. I had some trouble with items.

Probably not a lot. Fanwank something. Probably be more "sinister" or something, since it's Secrets instead of Mystery and the glimpse inside of it gave that feel.

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Actually, can you take both Houses if you buy twice?

>> No.50490914

Well Evas going berserk is more of a matter of the angel inside it getting mad rather than a technological fluke, right? So maybe get something like monster buddies from Steven Universe to help you get along with it?

>> No.50490920

It's fine, I got it at full price just in case you didn't change it, just wanted to make sure you'd decided not to rather than forgotten to change it. Guess I'll keep it Mystery then, which sounds a little bit cooler to me.

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Isn't Untouched by Time supposed to be free for Guides?

>> No.50490929

That could work.

>> No.50490944

I've talked a lot about my Dragon Robot turned Armored Suit turned Mass Murderer of my old chain. But I finally have a new dragon stories thanks to Yamato and my Coordinator enjoying my continued suffering. Yes, I'm still a Companion, send help.

Yamato decided he wanted more magic, adventure, but most of all, dragons. So the Coordinator presented him with Forgotten Realms. Yamato was all but bouncing with excitement. So, we picked up skills and classes and assorted goodies and immediately set off in the direction of Dragons.

Apparently, the direction of Dragons includes getting involved with dragon hunters trying to bring down a Black Great Wurm, cultists attempting to breed the perfect new race of Half-Dragons, and myself personally becoming mother to an entire clutch of Pseudodragons.

On the plus side, the Pseudodragons are cute and there's a lovely redheaded Half-Dragon that's joined out little group. She's a real firecracker. HAHAHAHAHA! I swear to god if I have to smell burned dog hair in the morning ONE MORE TIME YAMATO I'm making both of you sleep in the Warehouse!

>> No.50490949

>Primordial Vampire's ability to turn large numbers of slave vampires en masse
I'll make a note of it.

>Primordial Frankenstein still seems kinda subpar compared to the other capstones.
Any suggestions? I can just go with a magic resistance, I guess.

Sure, why not?


...I knew I was forgetting something.

>> No.50490953 [SPOILER] 

Just jump RWBY.

>> No.50490954

Doesn't Shinji's Eva going berserk save his ass several times?

>> No.50490963

How hard would it be for someone who wanders into the House to escape if I don't want them to? How deep would they have to go before the shifting maze becomes virtually inescapable?

>> No.50490968

It's based mostly on the movie by default, because that's what everyone knows, with a 0 CP drawback to go to either the books, or an alternate version like The Wiz.

Drop-in is obviously Dorothy, perks for finding allies and magic artifacts, maybe doing good by accident, like that crazy jumper helicopter that blew up happened to have its wreckage fall on a dictator. A part of me wants to make drop-in the Wizard origin too. Maybe 2 separate perk lines, but Wizard would probably fit better as its own origin.

Native perk based on being someone from Oz, no idea what they'd get.

Witch origin, with the choice to be either a good witch or a bad witch. Good witches get a free appearance perk, bad witches get intimidation, or something.

Wizard is the snake oil salesman/tech/bluffing origin. Also, helping people realize that what they thought they needed was inside them all along.

Flying monkey in the companion section.
I kind of want some of that sand offered for purchase.

Drawback where water makes you melt.
Drawback where you're missing either your brain, heart, or courage.
"I had the strangest dream" drawback where your jump is 12 years long, but the first and last years are spent with no powers on a farm in Kansas.
Probably too meta, and might work better as a perk for Wizard, but "Jumper, the great and powerful!" drawback where tales of your deeds are spread throughout Oz, and probably exaggerated too, but you've secretly lost all your powers.

>> No.50490982

Fanwank something. If you tell the House to trap them, it'll probably become much, much harder.

>> No.50490984

A couple times, but I plan on giving him enough other upgrades that it should be unnecessary, leaving it as a risk instead of an asset with potential for backfiring.

>> No.50490987

The JoJo jump makes mention of a Stand Supplement you can use to create your own stand but I can't find it on the drive, can anyone help me out

>> No.50490992

Can't fucking sleep so time to shitpost with you guys!

I have several.
Getting Malefore as a companion then importing him as a love interest IN THE VERY NEXT JUMP was a mistake. Giving former broken villains a sudden love interest causes all kinds of fuckery. Helps with keeping them grounded and mellowed out though. Also became a fashion model...this only helped inflate his ego even further. He tends to insult my decisions often and laughs when things blow up in my face. Though when things get tough I can always count on him to help. Very fucking smug when he's right...which is often.

An OC dragon is Matahari a dragon I got from Demonking Daimao. He's a chipper old dragon with a streak of extreme nerdiness. Master tier programmer. Often tries to do his best for me but later on he got imported as a Rascal in Spyro: Classic. Turns out to have revived his fear in ghosts and is even easier to spook and bully. Became bffs with Classic!Spyro though. This later became complicated when Spyro got imported as an adult in generic creepy pasta down the line. Can romance bloom on the battlefield? Apparently it did with these two. Age rolls where a mistake

>> No.50491001

Magic resistance or resistance to spooky stuff in general would definitely help. Having supernatural toughness would also fit being supercharged with the 'light of life'.

>> No.50491004

Iirc there is no stand supplement because drama

>> No.50491009

Nope. It doesn't exist. Jojo anon left before making it. Sorry. Consensus on what to do in its absence is to use other Stands as an example for reasonable power and to consult the thread if you're really not sure.

>> No.50491022

There isn't one.
You can't make one.
There never will be one.

If you want to try making one, do it competently and be willing to deal with a dozen threads of shit-flinging, but you may potentially be able to do it if you do a good enough job.

>> No.50491028

I'm pretty sure I've said before that a jumper who gets involved with the plot is destined to join Ozpin's guardians, because they so perfectly slot into their Wizard of Oz theme as Dorothy.

For bonus points, you can defeat Salem in the final battle by throwing a building at her.

>> No.50491034

Well that sucks

>> No.50491065

Alternatively, water magic. God, I hope it turns out that Salem's weak to Water Dust for some reason.

>> No.50491097

Can I invite myself into the House of Mysteries and then summon myself as a means of making a quick escape?

How effective of a strategy is tricking someone into accepting an invitation, sending the house somewhere far away, and then summoning them to the house?

Also, how worried should I be about these societies that live inside the house?

>> No.50491105

You wouldn't even have to have a shitstorm. You could create a totally independent stand making CYOA and post it here for people to unofficially use in helping to balance their homebrew stands.

>> No.50491117

What are some good jumps for enchanting objects and weapons besides D&D or Elder Scrolls?

>> No.50491127

So, some Zelda Breath of The Wild "gameplay" was shown. It felt a lot like Dark Souls kinda. However the demo they were playing was on Wii-U and the framerate was horrible.

>> No.50491139

Fist, this isn't your blog you autistic shit head. Go talk about in on the IRC and if no one wants to talk about it there, just find someplace else.

>> No.50491151

Rick and Morty has a great perk for that

>> No.50491153

>Can I invite myself into the House of Mysteries and then summon myself as a means of making a quick escape?
You could do that anyway, since you're bonded to it.

>How effective of a strategy is tricking someone into accepting an invitation, sending the house somewhere far away, and then summoning them to the house?
I mean, you've sent them somewhere far away inside a sapient magical maze... So you probably won't be hearing from someone without powerful teleportation for a while. Not sure why you're going through that trouble, though.

>Also, how worried should I be about these societies that live inside the house?
Probably not very. Unless you're worried about guests wandering off from the main areas of the house and getting eaten or something.

>> No.50491164

Iterative Improvement from Worm is amazing. Items only work for you though.

>> No.50491173

Worm technically.
Dragon Age, Anima has some fantastic but expensive enchanting, Geneology has a perk for it sort of.
Overlord has good enchanting but it's pretty much reskinned D&D. Other Overlord has enchanting as well though and it's not bad.
Touhou Magic can do some crazy shit too if the Mini-Hakkero is any indication.
Nasuverse magic is another contender, but you probably want to go with item creation EX as a servant if you go that route.

>> No.50491178

>You could do that anyway, since you're bonded to it.
We can teleport to the house at will? Did I read that right? Because that is a really good feature!

>> No.50491192


>> No.50491195

They only work for you? How did I miss that!?

>> No.50491196

Any story information or was it just gameplay?

>> No.50491205

>Unless you're worried about guests wandering off from the main areas of the house and getting eaten or something.
I wasn't explicitly worried about that until you said it. Still, it sounds like it'll be okay as long as they don't go wandering off, so that's good, I guess.

>> No.50491211

Switching between devices is a pain.

>> No.50491237

Do pokemon count? Squidge was a Dratini that started following me around after we stopped some Team Rocket deforestation thingadoodle. He was always getting into small spaces where he could curl up and nap, and was saddened when his evolution to Dragonair kept him from returning to his favorites--so much so that he refused to go on to Dragonite.

Should I feel bad for leaving him and the rest of my pokemon except for Emmy back in Jump 1?

Harry Potter magic is good for making stuff, and Lord of the Rings has Elven Enchantment that can be used at least for things you see in canon.

>> No.50491240

The switch had better save this game or I'll riot.
60fps is simply a must.

>> No.50491249

I think Worm said they stop working within a couple of minutes of not being in contact with you.

It'll be /fine/. What could go wrong?

Maybe bring one-night-stands to a hotel room or something, instead.

>> No.50491251

Because it's not in the jump. It's something Worm_Anon intended but forgot to actually write in. The power is based off of Dauntless', whose items require that he be nearby to power them. You can give them to other people, but they'd only work if they stayed close. The power is still way better than Dauntless', though. He has no control over what powers his items produce is, and it takes around twenty infusions before they start actually producing powers instead of just becoming physically tougher. You have control over what powers manifest, and can start making powers from day one.

>> No.50491261

I can't think of a better way to hide than by running into the depths of the House of Mystery. Trying to find the master of a endless constantly shifting labyrinth in said plane would be a nightmare.

Especially when the labyrinth is constantly herding them away from me and towards the monsters.

>> No.50491274

>Maybe bring one-night-stands to a hotel room or something, instead.
House confirmed Yandere, all your dates end up being eaten by the house's monsters. . .

>> No.50491279

>Probably not very. Unless you're worried about guests wandering off from the main areas of the house and getting eaten or something.
Okay, got it, find something in the chain that can kill everything in the house... Or would that just make the house mad?

>> No.50491285

Pls assist, I'm sorry for being annoying

>> No.50491288

Just gameplay. It wasn't nothing to write home about, they skipped around a lot. But it did show weapon breaking, which you need to use different weapons you get from defeated enemies.

The Switch seems to be the real console that Wii-U wasn't. The demo they played ran like crap on Wii-U.

Anyways. I think that's enough talk about a game that's not due out for awhile.

>> No.50491297

on a similar note, what jumps are there that let you become a dragon?

Truth be told I don't even care about any of a dragon's abilities, It's just for bragging rights more than anything at this point.

>> No.50491303

>find something in the chain that can kill everything in the house
Find something that can kill an infinite number of monsters and cultists in an infinitely large house. Good luck with that.

>> No.50491321

This looks pretty good.

The only power I'm getting from Worm is the Tinker ability that lets you reverse engineer anything.

What about the perks you can get from Tsukihime?

Forgot about LotR, and Harry Potter magic is probably closet to what I'm looking for. Thanks.

>> No.50491327

Pick a Spyro jump. LoS has the biggest one though for bragging rights.
Forgotten Realms can let you be a Dragon too, In fact you can be some real silly shit like a prismatic or force dragon if you dump 1500ish cp into it. Of course that would require using the Forgotten Realms jump, but I think it's worth it just for the aesthetics.
SAO's Final Form can get you a dragon form as well customized to your preferences.

>> No.50491331

>Or would that just make the house mad?
Watching you try might amuse the house because of how futile it is to try.

>> No.50491335

Seeker of Names is now worth taking.
Bloodlines lets you get Latent Blood if you've purchased 3 bloodlines.
Mighty has been clarified to explain that yes, you can use martial arts, and notes have been expanded to give a quick explanation of them.

>> No.50491350

Late jump
>Went 40K again
>Bailed out ofthe city
>Found barren word
>Used minecraft to set up a fuchuge fortress
>Used hero board's overlord demon-making perk
>Churn up demons that look human, or momstly human
>They all feel RAEG. All the time
>They all have RAEG perks along with superstrenght and toughness
>They all are lowrating blanks.
>They all H A T E Chaos
>They all speach with broken capslock
>We have adventures
>Painful adventures
>For chaosfags and xenoshits of course

Can we put a time extension in all 40K jumps? even if it stops giving points...

>> No.50491374

Since you control the house to a degree could you fake it being different sorts of buildings? Have it open into a ballroom with attached fancy dining area and upmarket kitchen one day, and a roadside cafe the next?

No I'm not trying to make a food shop that's different every day, what are you talking about? This is just an example. Yeah, hypotheticals.

>> No.50491378

Sweet. Thanks, Anon Heart. Time to contract with all the Aeons. ALLLLL of them.

>> No.50491380

There was that one anon who wanted to waifu it.

Personally, I'd prefer the House of Secrets. Pic related.

Good luck with that.

>> No.50491385

>Can we put a time extension in all 40K jumps?
Do things in your chain. Don't talk about it. Problem solved.

>> No.50491392

If you've got Magic Circuits you can do reinforcement to make things tougher.
You could probably make some minor charms if you learn how, but I'm not really a Nasu expert.
I just know that the really good stuff is Noble Phantasms.

>> No.50491397

You probably can design it, yes. Your jumper may not have control 'in character' depending on how you run your chain, but you could almost certainly say it doesn't look like you normally do.

>> No.50491398

Forget something?

>> No.50491409

Just carry the time extender from Imperium with you through all the other 40k jumps and drop it when you're done.
You don't get any more points that way, but you probably don't need them if you want to stay in 40k of all places longer.

>> No.50491411

Easily. You could probably change the outside, too.

I'm getting better, okay. At least I don't still forget the PDF everytime I try to post a jump.

>> No.50491416

everyone shut up, Death Stranding

>> No.50491426

The outside can change? Sweet.

>> No.50491431

Do we actually need Mighty to improve and learn the things it gives you?
I'd assume not and that it just frontloads a ton of useful stuff, but I'd like to be sure.

>> No.50491434

Holy shit I forgot it again.

>> No.50491437

Might as well go for Worm. Out of all the jumps available it's pretty much the first place. Pretty much any ability in Worm can make most of the other jumps redundant.

>> No.50491446

Since the JLD gets trapped in a void along with the house and spends a long time there with no issues Could I assume the house can provide food for both me and guests?

>> No.50491454

How dangerous is DMC as a first or second jump?

>> No.50491466

Yeah, I'm legit sorry I didn't notice that I'd forgotten that earlier, it's... kinda necessary if you want to get like, half the invocations and be believable about it.

>"Oh, yeah, I totes have Kirin."
>"... Doesn't that require being able to pact with Suzaku and Genbu?"
>"Are you implying something?"
>"How did you go two hundred jumps without sinning once? Or lying?"
>"Look, things happened, and people were mislead by people who weren't me, and sin is such a nebulous concept anyway."

Fontloads. You can totally train up to that level.

>> No.50491475

You mean like this one

>> No.50491480

Fairly dangerous, you are dealing with a world where demons are a common problem.

>> No.50491488


I honestly didn't even know about Futures End until today. I never saw it before. Feel kind of dumb.

>> No.50491496


>> No.50491500

DMC has enough good things for sale to let you survive if you don't do really dumb shit or get in fights often.
You might want to consider slotting it in later though simply because having to scrub your way through is downright shameful.
It's not about living it's about styling your way to victory.

>> No.50491514

Did you make this?

>> No.50491521

That's literally just telling you to click the 'random' button in the superpower wiki.

>> No.50491523

Not too bad if you don't go out of your to involve yourself in the big stuff. You can survive pretty easily against the small fry that slip into the human world. Most of the big scary things invade because of something big happening and when something big happens Dante's usually right around the corner to smack them back into Hell.

>> No.50491544

I wish I knew how they ended up in that void, the comic depicting it doesn't explain. I presume it is in another comic but I don't know which.

>> No.50491547

Did you seek out Mr. Eaten?

>> No.50491555

Worm. Naruto. Fate. Marvel and Jojo are the only jumps which really matter if we go by how often people talk about them. Out of the four, Worm has the highest level of power and variation.

>> No.50491581


>> No.50491583

Okay, everyone who makes a Stand tries to go for some cool ability, but I tried to be different and make a pure punch-ghost, with the most creative name ever. The Requiem version differed a bit more than I intended when I started out, however.

『Stand by Me』
Power: A
Speed: C
Range: E
Durability: A
Precision: C
Learning: A
Takes a form that resembles a rusted, mechanical humanoid that's falling apart. It's worth noting that, even compared to other high durability Stands, 『Stand by Me』 is ridiculously hard to put down. It's just that the rating don't go higher than A. I figured it'd be okay to give it high stats because it's ability isn't too gimmicky. The closest things 『Stand by Me』 has to a power is that it does not transfer damage back to the user and that it can protect the user from attacks they don't see coming. It is self-aware, though it does not speak, and dedicates its existence to the protection of the user.

Power: A
Speed: A
Range: E
Durability: A
Precision: A
Learning: A
The stand now takes the form of the upper half of an angelic figure. It's face above the nose maintains the rusted, mechanical look, and numerous, frighteningly dexterous, wings of scrap iron adorn its back. Also, the Stand is now roughly 3 stories tall, and abuses Stand intangibility to not destroy the surrounding area. The real gain of becoming Requiem was, instead of gaining a broken ability, that Power and Durability received comically high boosts, especially the latter. Like, ??? probably would have been written under Durability if I thought that wouldn't be too cringey and that I wouldn't have gotten yelled at for breaking convention.

Is this any good? Should I just make Learning E since it doesn't have many creative applications besides punching people in new ways?

>> No.50491585

True but the rules it has for generating a Stand's stats is okay

>> No.50491595

Honestly if none of those jumps were ever discussed again i wouldnt mind it one bit.

>> No.50491601


So I missed this question until after the thread had closed and then got a bit distracted.

To answer whether or not you get the other class abilities from buying a certain type of magic I say... I leave that up to you. If you want to treat it as your taking class levels of that class then fine, if you want to treat it that your just getting the abilities that's fine too. I leave that up the the interpretation of whoever is taking the jump.

>> No.50491605

>Worm has the highest level of power and variation.
Anon. Anon. Anon. What are you even smoking?

It's probably the best written by a large degree, but power and variation? You're it against an HST series, Nasu's ramblings, and motherfucking Marvel.

>> No.50491613

>『Stand by Me』
But can it push a car with you? Will it be a bro during a road trip?

>> No.50491615

>RWBY as the Good Guys in Oz
>When Qrow, Goodwitch, Ironwood, and Ozpin are characters.

>> No.50491617

Seriously, the fuck is this from?

>> No.50491619

>House confirmed Yandere

>House waits for you to try to enter the Warehouse
>Swaps out the door you're using with its own right before you put the key in the lock

>You find the corpse of the Warehouse a week later.

>> No.50491649

I think anon means the highest level of power and variation of powers available to the jumper, the Worm setting might be of lower power levels but you can get into the big leagues with just what the jump provides.

>> No.50491655

The only thing that could put Worm at the top is all of the stuff the author has stated about the universe without ever showing in the actual writing.
Even then it's questionable

>> No.50491662

>Goodwitch, Ironwood, and Ozpin
I'd watch the shit out of a series about their party.

>> No.50491675


>> No.50491676

I'd watch a series about their party, and I'd watch a series about Summer, Qrow, Tai, and Raven's party.

Hell I'd watch something about the Great War, with Jaune's Grandfather/Great-grandfather "Not-Caesar" as a major character.

>> No.50491688

>Even then it's questionable
Marvel routinely shows actual things that look like Wildbow's wet escalation dreams, so even then, no.

>> No.50491715

>I'd watch a series about their party, and I'd watch a series about Summer, Qrow, Tai, and Raven's party.
I mean, Qrow and Tai are cool, but I get the feeling the girls would get old fast. Raven is already kind of grating and Summer just sounds like literally Ruby.

>Hell I'd watch something about the Great War, with Jaune's Grandfather/Great-grandfather "Not-Caesar" as a major character.
Was that canon? I thought that was just something from TGWP.

>> No.50491733

I think you'll find that pretty much everybody in RWBY is fucking awesome.

Though I do wonder, given the obvious character basis, who are the scarecrow and the lion? Ironwood is obviously the tin man.

>> No.50491739

It's mentioned offhandedly in like the first episode that his sword was his grandfathers(or great-grandfathers I forget) and that he used it in the Great War. And the sword has the same name as Caesar's sword.

>> No.50491743

>Better written than Jojo and Fate


>> No.50491745

I wonder...

>> No.50491752

At least partially - his sword, coreca(?) mors is supposed to be a family heirloom. And RL tells us that that was the name of Ceaser's sword, so...

>> No.50491753

>But can it push a car with you?
A power means it's strong enough to push a car, but E range means I've got to be right there with it.

>Will it be a bro during a road trip?
No, it's not very talkative. It will, however, sit there quietly and provide whatever emotional support it can.

I'm sure you're referencing something, but I have no idea what.

>> No.50491758

Kojima you fucking cocktease

>> No.50491764

Their "team" wasn't the Oz group, their conspiracy to save the Maidens is.

So we need to know who the Lion is, Toto, and Dorothy. Since we have the Good Witch of the North, and the Wizard of Oz.

>> No.50491767

Taiyang (Yang & Ruby's father) would probably be Cowardly Lion.

>> No.50491768

True. But still, who is the lion?

I mean, probably a faunus, but that might be racist.

>> No.50491781


>> No.50491786

I've never read/watched it, so I can't say.

It's literally just seafood porn.

>> No.50491794

whoooooa ooooooooooh whoooooooooa
and I'll keep coming

>> No.50491798

But his name means "Sun Little Dragon", nothing to do with lions. All the others have pun names.

>> No.50491804

Do you obey your parents, /jc/?
How do you handle being a minor in certain jumps?

>> No.50491809

Well, time for a quick Dan Gerous build and story before bed.

Jump 4: Nightmare before Christmas

Drawbacks: None

Identity: Experiment (No Memories) - 23 Halloweens

+ Halloween Potioneer (Free)
+ Master of Fright (600, 400)
+ A Witch's Fondest Dream (200, 200)
+ Hiding Under Your Bed (200, 0)

Musical Number!:

Something different and more light-hearted this time around. I might add more to this later, but for now, rewriting an entire song has drained my creative batteries.

>> No.50491814

No way nerd

>> No.50491827

>Your curfew is 9, young man. You're late!
>But mooom, I predate the formation of the stars.
>Not on a school night, you don't!

>> No.50491829

Not feeling the lion theme. All he's got going for that is the color yellow, and maybe his slightly spikey hair.

>> No.50491841 [SPOILER] 

>Reminder that the filthy Faunus want to breed with Humans, so their young are Faunus, so all humans die


>> No.50491853

Merry Christmas! Hohoho!

>> No.50491859

>seafood porn
That's Tsukihime, not Fate.
One is vampires and seafood porn, the other is magic ghosts and SWORDS.

>> No.50491860

It's probably Port. I would put serious cash money down on Port being shy and unsure of himself before finding his courage and subsequently becoming a huge braggart.

It'd be fun as hell to watch that progression.

>> No.50491868

I'd be a lot more accepting of Faunus if they didn't have such gross ears. You're not supposed to have four ears, Faunus! The human ears or the animal ones, pick one set. Trying to wear both just makes you look creepy, you have too many holes in the side of your head.

>> No.50491873

Fine then. It's all just wanking Gilgamesh's power and literally wanking Saber.

>> No.50491881

How pathetic do you have to be that your solution to a problem is "I know! We'll let them fuck our women!"

>> No.50491884

Also if their main representative in the series wasn't literally an angsty emo girl.

>> No.50491888

But Saaaaantaaaaaa

>> No.50491898

Pretty sure the faunus plan on fucking our women as well for their "breed away the humans" plot.

>> No.50491910

Nah, I could accept that if she only had two ears. Like, if there was a reveal that the ears on the side of her head were prosthetics she wore to blend in, I'd be fine with her. But we know Velvet's aren't, since she's out loud and proud with her Faunus heritage. And she's gross, because of it.

>> No.50491923



Seibah marketing is real tho, I'll give you that

>> No.50491931

Velvet is cute, CUTE! Not Best Girl, that's Nora, but she's cute.

>> No.50491936

Personally I'm a big fan of King Arthur, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Psychonauts and Kirby.

>> No.50491938

>sudden homesickness
>haven't had parents in eleven hundred years

I've found that if you act like an adult, folks usually will treat you like one. Most just assume I'm a blessedly/cursedly youthful adult, and any questioners are usually pacified by a flash of Psychic Paper.

>Listening to their mum makes someone a nerd.
>Guess I'm a nerd.

>> No.50491939

Do the various magic enhancing perks work on magic beyond DC's?

>> No.50491957


>> No.50491958

I really wish we had more Kamen Posting in these threads.
Just so I could understand what the hell is going on in those settings beyond motorcyles and kicking evil in the face.

>> No.50491961

So I googled it. And. I shouldn't be surprised. I really shouldn't, at this point.

But holy shit, Attila the Hun is a silver-haired loli with a rainbow sword.

>> No.50491969

>what the hell is going on in those settings beyond motorcyles and kicking evil in the face.
Nope, that's pretty much it.

>> No.50491971

That's a titlet, not a loli.

Get it right, goober.

>> No.50491974

considering the bit about humans outnumbering faunus, I'd say that's not working out too well

gee, it's almost like a trait being dominant DOESN'T mean the alternatives will eventually be selected out

>> No.50491984

Yeah. Magical Blood doesn't directly boost your potential with other systems, though.

>> No.50491998

No, you shouldn't.
At this point you should just embrace the insanity of the Nasuverse and enjoy Magical Rainbow Atilla-chan.

>> No.50492009

Not him but could you elaborate on that statement a bit, the answer sounds like yes but no.

>> No.50492013

What is there not to get about toy marketing, spandex fighting, and occasional motorcycles, and that most of the franchise post 2000s are all separate shows that dont need previous continuity to go into

Seriously tho watch W, OOO, and Fourze for good times

>> No.50492028

Since the magic is all about costs and prices, could we add things on to make spells more powerful? Like we push in ten units of magical energy, then cut our finger to bleed a bit, then maybe light some incense and kill some animals? Would they work just adding them on to DC magic separately, and would there be a benefit to 'paying' lots of costs like this?

Just wondering if it's a spell by spell requirement or something you can just do on top of spells.

>> No.50492049

The perks that let you fuck with magic systems or git his at studying magic work fine, but Magical Blood only directly affects the magic you get in the jump.

You can probably make a spell more powerful than normal by paying something extra, yeah. I'm sure that's happened before, I just can't think of a specific example right now.

>> No.50492056

I'm honestly amazed at how hyped this made me, despite telling me basically nothing about the game aside from possibly aquatic/lovecraft themes and Mikkelsen is in it.

>> No.50492071

I built probes to gather knowledge. I mean, I'm pretty crazy about knowledge for knowledge's sake, but it's tempered by survival instinct. When we're ACTUALLY dealing with things that will rip away the minds of mortals and not just some half assed take-my-word-for-it Lovecraft shit, I take precautions. I learn things second hand. It's slower, but some things are worth waiting for.

The Egg Pawns were useless. I shouldn't have expected better, but I was maybe half-assing it at the time.
The Goats were equivalent to Prinnies. They found a few people who were violently opposed to being involved with the search, people who as opposed to asking "Who?" would slam doors in their faces and yell at them to go away.
I made a few Beastmen, and they fared a bit better, but one by one they all came to me and told me they thought I was going down a dark path. This is dangerous, they said, you shouldn't look into it any more, madam. Useless, every one of them.

So I built Thoth.
Thoth was the finest robot I'd built since Saitama. I really outdid myself. Fully sapient AI, brilliant deductive reasoning, hundreds of sensory types, encyclopedic knowledge of literature, and enough physical power to knock a person into the ceiling. The best damn thing Fallen London had ever seen, for sure.
Yeah, Thoth was great.

>> No.50492080 [SPOILER] 

That's not how you spell Cinder.

>> No.50492086


I briefly played around with him on my Moriarty escapades, but he could logic his way through things so quick it really killed the game of it. So I set him on his task and he took to it.

It was... weird. Thoth was always prone to flowery exposition -- a side effect of the literature -- but as time went on his reports seemed to become more... disheveled. His scarf alone started looking more worn and moth eaten... which shouldn't have happened, since I'd put a small enchantment on it to keep it fresh.

Droids and Pawns I sent to help would disappear or break down. The Goats would get too spooked. And that one Beastmen I sent with him? God, I don't even want to talk about the way he stumbled in, looking like he'd just got back from a fight with the rats, screaming and begging that I should stop, recall Thoth, don't ever do this again. Weird. I had to knock him out.
But Thoth was making progress, he kept saying he was so close, so I just let him go.

Towards the end his reports turned into a meandering wall of rambling prose. Completely indecipherable. I don't know what the fuck.
But the very last thing he sent me was very short.

It only said, "I will go North."

And then we lost all communication.
I never saw him again.

>> No.50492098

She's nice to look at, but she's not even entertaining as a villain.

>> No.50492101


>> No.50492102

Cinder is cute, CUTE!

>> No.50492106

Cute, but incredibly boring.

>> No.50492115

I can get behind the ass, but not the evil. I'm sorry, but the only thing cinder gets from me is a few lewd comments, the feeling of 'i done goofed', maybe a quick mindraping, and then death.

MAYBE depending on what we learn about Salem, I might try to redeem her and let her live, but keeping her isn't likely.

>> No.50492117

This >>50492098 , senpai.

>> No.50492142

I read like half the books. It's been a long fucking time, though. I remember Ozma taking over as ruler of Oz, and the Gnome King trying to conquer everything before he and his entire army got amnesia'd. Oh, and Toto could talk all along, he just chose not to.

>> No.50492155

Yang's clearly the Tin Woodsman, given had she's getting pieces replaced.

>> No.50492175

Once you've used I Cheat to mix spells together can you teach them to others or are they tied to the perk?

>> No.50492196

You can teach them.

>> No.50492208


>Forgotten Realms can let you be a Dragon too, In fact you can be some real silly shit like a prismatic or force dragon if you dump 1500ish cp into it

is this why people don't like this jump? because the race options are overpowered?

I know next to nothing about the setting proper so all I know is that a lot of people here don't like it because it's too powerful, although I can't understand the specifics.

>> No.50492224

Neutronium Golem and the 7k CP build

>> No.50492234

It's really poorly written and designed in other ways. That's just the horse semen frosting on the shitcake.

>> No.50492235

When taking more disadvantages makes things easier for you, something has gone wrong.

Minor quibble in that Neutronium Golems are from the Immortals Handbook which isn't Forgotten Realms canon and shouldn't be allowed.

>> No.50492249

It's hella generic and spending CP on anything but Challange Rating is mostly a waste.
Those are it's main problems in my opinion. That and the fact that there are several drawbacks that give out a ton of points that are relatively cheesable.

Thankfully the immortals handbook isn't canon

>> No.50492252

The jump has borderline non-existant flavor, it's very poorly balanced due to pretty much just being a 3.5e character builder, and stacking a fuckzillion drawbacks actually makes it easier to survive than a vanilla 1K CP build even with no OCP powers.

>> No.50492269

And I don't think you'd be able to actually afford to be one even with all drawbacks. Their CR is, like, 300k or something.

>> No.50492272


Kamen posting is my specialty!

Granted >>50492013 has the right of it. Mostly the thing about the jumps' version of the Kamen Riders is that by mashing 2-3 shows up into a single verse you get a weird in-between of something like Marvel where everyone takes for granted that everything exists and nothing makes sense and a more specific hero verse where things are connected SOMEHOW

>> No.50492275

I think it's the fact that we know so little about her that I find interesting. She's a mystery, I like mysteries. And I'm still not sure weather or not she should be redeemed in the show. I think it' be better if she got a backstory that explained/justified her actions but in the end she stayed evil and tried to take all the power for herself.

>> No.50492280

The problem isn't the power, it's that it's basically just a bunch of bare-bones crunch.

>> No.50492295

I Cheat's last paragraph looks out of place. Is it supposed to be for The Path of Magic?

>> No.50492296

What are some good beginning jumps that that give you some solid perks that are not OP? I don't want to work my way up the powerscale and not take the most OP Jump first.

>> No.50492299

>And I'm still not sure weather or not she should be redeemed in the show
KOTOR, you've been watching too many Disney shows.

>> No.50492301

People made a separate handbook that was like CR24 or something. Let's just say people looked for ways to game the fact that the jumpmaker never made a ruling on whether non canon options could be taken or not.

>> No.50492307

She's Evil Cinderella, we can guess at her backstory.

>> No.50492309

The jump is despised because it's barely a jump. The entire thing is a character generator for 3.5 that happens to use CP. And the drawbacks are such that they rapidly start giving you more power than impediments. Also Stupid_Dog was working on a jump that actually cared about the setting instead of having a couple brief bits showing it to be anything but generic 3.5. He didn't claim it though since he never did back in the day. It mostly got on the drive because the author said he had plans to refine it, but then went completely AWOL.

So long story short it's a boring, poorly balanced fluffless, turd of a jump that stopped a jump that actually cared about its setting from being made.

>> No.50492328

Whoops, yeah. I was changing the order of the perks around and must have missed a paragraph.

>> No.50492330

Hero BBS is currently one of the top contenders for starting jump

>> No.50492335

Actually that was one of the few things he did bother to rule on. It was a resounding no. It was the Pathfinder jump by SJ Chan's retarded friend that actively encouraged using broken homebrew for extra power.

>> No.50492340


>> No.50492343

Pokemon, InFamous, Mega Man, ATLA, KotOR, Neverwinter Nights.

>> No.50492354

Running away to join the circus, except in Psychonauts. It's the principle of the matter.

>> No.50492359


This is also my specialty! Hero BBS is perfect and as mentioned before in other discussions one of the drawbacks is basically Jumping with training wheels on
Undertale is good overall and despite there being some talk, you're very very unlikely to encounter any problems there
MOTHER/Earthbound is good as long as you don't get drawbacks and start out pre-Mother 3
Secret of Evermore is pretty good too if you take it seriously and don't screw with drawbacks
I tend to try and make early jumps if I can, TOME is the best example of said early jumps. There is a single night in which you MUST deal with some trouble but once that's resolved you'll have the rest of the decade basically in an MMO
Captain N and Ruroni Kenshin are both well made and stick to their source material in abilities but with room to grow(Playing with Super Power comes to mind)

I'd say the Neo-heisei Kamen riders but those can lead to some bullshittery early on depending on what you take
Still if low-mid superhero doesn't seem too much of a jump, take a look at Part 1 and Part 2

>> No.50492364

Huh. Guess I mixed the two of them up then

>> No.50492376

Exalted Mortals Gauntlet, Super Mario RPG, Charles Barkley Shut up and Jam Gaiden, Legend of Zelda Minish Cap, Dark Souls.

>> No.50492378

So what happens if you buy 70 levels of cleric and then choose to serve a minor god? Can you bully your god into doing stuff?

>> No.50492380

Undertale, Lost Valley of the Dinosaurs, Gunnerkrigg Court, Discworld (Maybe. The magic's pretty great.), The Incredibles, Akagi, Sherlock Holmes.

>> No.50492385

There's nothing that isn't your specialty digger

>> No.50492417


The wonderful thing about Diggers is that I'm not the only one!

>> No.50492418

Maybe. Just don't let the other gods find out. This is FR after all.

>> No.50492422

They can still cut off the spells they're granting, at which point you've effectively got 70 levels of "Fighter Without Bonus Feats", minus the weapon proficiencies.
Also, in addition to reality warping powers, even minor gods usually have something like 30 levels of Outsider.

This was actually asked before, although it was more in terms of how the hell that works in terms of being more powerful than the person giving you power, which I think the answer was something akin to magical girls.

Anyway, you can bully any god if you're powerful enough to knock them in the teeth under your own power. Being their cleric would just make it funnier.

>> No.50492424

Interesting thing:

Forgotten Realms jump is good as a challenge, so you can simply try to fight the actual elder evils and not fragments.

Also, Neeshka is canon to regular Forgotten realms. Jump that and Neverwinter and you have two Neeshkas

>> No.50492430

Don't think he's that good at making holes.

>> No.50492437

>Hero BBS
>one of the drawbacks is basically Jumping with training wheels on

... unless it's the Go To Jail one, I got nothing.

>> No.50492447

Generic Magical Girl and Hero BBS,

>> No.50492459

So you're God's gift to Jumpchain

>> No.50492477

The summoning one. Possibly in conjuction with the one that makes you fight over a hundred bad guys, but that might be a bit much, that said the last one would be relatively weak as a first jump.

>> No.50492480

>God's Gift
Conception 2 isnt a jump yet anon
I'm not over the fact that the MC's nickname is litearlly GOD'S GIFT because he can fuck all the bitches with a 100% chance of babbies

>> No.50492495

>at which point you've effectively got 70 levels of "Fighter Without Bonus Feats", minus the weapon proficiencies.

>Jumper stands before the evil god who just slew their owm patron
>"Pathetic little priest, I liked the one who gave you power. What shall you hope to do, mortal?"
>"Ow. Ow!. Fuck, that hurt".
>"How are you even touching me with your hands?!"

>> No.50492520


"the Ride Never ends" summons you multiple times to different places, probably worlds

>> No.50492531

>level 70 aristocrat-analogue
>beating an epic level caster of any form

>> No.50492540

So Digger claim confirmed?

>> No.50492561

Your Reputation precedes you in YJ seems to require you to display some part of your power to work and I couldn't fit "Now you respect me, because I'm a threat." into my Incredibles build.

Are there any other perks out there that make people aware of how powerful you are without you doing anything or revealing to them what your powers actually are?

>> No.50492564

>dat shirt

>> No.50492614

He is here, can Mardukth do a Lord of Mind?

>> No.50492619

How dangerous is Elfen Lied if you avoid the plot and leave Japan?

>> No.50492644


>> No.50492674

My first dragon was basically the cliché of "loyal shinobi" to a fault - being the Covert Demonic Dragon, Kasumi Rogue from Cardfight! Vanguard. He's mellowed out over time, although he still vies with Adam Jensen for working with / as my bodyguard and head of security.

Second dragon was Bahamut from FFX - who has become basically my go-to for "Fuck up this X". X can be anything - corporation. City. Continent. Asteroid belt. Planetary network. He's gotten beefed, and especially ever since Shaman King when I could suddenly Armor OverSoul with him - that strength joins mine and shit has been wrecked. Utterly shrekt.

Third dragon was Draco along with his soulmate Sadie and the older sister / semi-motherly figure Fenris Fenrir from Ragnarok Online. He's a timid soul - after adventuring for a time after RO he wanted to become the kind of hero like those he still adventures with, to be somebody who could both protect Sadie and be worthy of looking up to. He's been... slowly on that path, growing.

My assassin tonberry, The Substitute Teacher a la FFType-0, has also been becoming a more draconic being. It's been kinda terrifying, especially with his Stands, becoming a Viator of Nullspace, Hunting Magic a la Circle- Look. It's bad.

And then there's my eight god damn daughters. You ever see a Jumper with grey hair? Yeah.

>> No.50492709

I'd assume from the outside you'd look like the classically written Mary Sue. Nobody can bring themselves to oppose you, everyone around you has personality traits that would cause problems for you removed or suppressed. Every choice leads to your desired outcome, and you don't have to even put much effort into anything.

>> No.50492733

Aren't lord and sylph locked anyways?

>> No.50492738

So who's excited at SJ-chan co-writing for the Gamer jump at SB?

>> No.50492756

Oh. I thought you meant "training wheels" as in "easy", not as in "ten years of mini-jumps".

>> No.50492766


>> No.50492770

That seems more like a malevolent Muse, especially with the lack of effort.
It's for my Endgame. And it's Muses that are locked.

>> No.50492771

Who Cares? The Gamer is shit no matter who's writing the jump.
Although for once an exceptionally meta approach might actually be the best way to tackle it.

>> No.50492783

Thought Lord was automatic twisting and destruction of the aspect to your benefit.

>> No.50492816

Neverwinter Nights is available for Free on gog.com.

>> No.50492829

Lord and Muse, you mean. Sylph is available.

>> No.50492832

IIRC the invisible-psychic-tentacle-blade children spread around the world at some point in the story, anon. Though you could probably easily find some mountain retreat or rural bunker to hole up in if you really wanted to during the Bad Times.

>> No.50492833

>twisting and destruction of the aspect to your benefit.
Huh. So what would a Lord of Void look like?

>> No.50492838

Yeah, meant Muse, sorry.

>> No.50492849


>> No.50492850

Forgot pic.

>> No.50492866

Thank ye kindly.
Not sure why you posted that here, but free shit is always appreciated.

>> No.50492874

So can she stop making jumps for /tg/ yet and just stay over at SB since she's making jumps there? I'm not too keen on having to wait on her like some sort of celebrity just to ask questions.

>> No.50492875

Anon I love you. I have a hard-copy of Diamond, but something is fucked with it. Every time I try to get one specific ending, the first one I got as a matter of fact, the game crashes.

>> No.50492881

According to the Jumpmaker:
>Let's see... Lord of Hope. Not a lot of info on how Lords actually work, but they seem to command their aspect, dominate it, and make it serve them. (atleast that's how I'm interpreting it)
and for Muse, all I could find is this because as far as I know he hasn't done any Muses, making him similar to roughly 99% of Classpect Blogs.
>Muse- one who guides and directs their aspect.
Nobody who you don't want to notice you does, you know everybodies secrets, you can create areas where no senses work, you can stop existing whenever it's convient for you, and you can probably create things by stealing there nonexistence.

>> No.50492885

Here, have one back

>> No.50492901

Overlord, can I refluff Zombie as Automaton? Kinda like CZ2128 Delta.

>> No.50492907


>> No.50492918

That last one is more of a Thief/Rogue trick. You could probably consign things to nonexistence though.

>> No.50492967

No you moron, they're different options.

>> No.50492970

>stealing nonexistence to make things exist.
At last a way to unfuck Gaster.
Good work anons.

>> No.50492972

Yay, this'll be fun.

>> No.50492978

They're completely different CP buys in the jump.


>> No.50492982

Try asking on SB. The answer is probably no since they're both seperate options though.

>> No.50492991

Fuck I meant to type
>Iwant to work my way up the powerscale and not take the most OP Jump first.
I'm always making typos and shit. Wonder if there's a perk that let me stop doing that.

Anyway thanks for the suggestions.

>> No.50492993

If you want to be like her, just buy the automaton race.

>> No.50492999

Rolled 1 (1d8)

15. Demon's Souls
Beyond the Fog
Soul Gathering
Stable Movement
Inner Self (700)
Seventh Saint (100)
Starting Gear
Storm Ruler- Import Sunlight Straight Sword (-500)
Sudden Surprise, Soulless, Barred (0)

I've never played Demon's Souls, but apparently I've ended up somewhere sort of safe for now. I'll kill any demons I come across and all that jazz; basically a repeat of what I did in Dark Souls.

1. Sonichu
2. Rust
3. Ravenloft
4. Undertale
5. Megaman Classic
6. Slime Rancher
7. Dragon's Crown

I think once I get to Jump 25 I'm just going to pick Jumps for a while, so I'll take three more Jumps for random rolls. Here's what I've done so far: http://pastebin.com/6uxmqpSt

>> No.50493011

So what's the actual power level of Hero BBS like?

>> No.50493015

Uh, why? Brellin uses /tg/ just as frequently as SB.

>> No.50493016


>> No.50493028

He doesn't post with his name since the Overlord fiasco.
So you won't get a ruling from him here.

>> No.50493043

Are we memeing again.

>> No.50493046


>> No.50493058

Jump # 126 The Room
Gender: Female
Location: Hell… I mean San Francisco
Background: Drop In (0)

*Oh Hai Jumpchan (50, Discount)
*28 minutes past the hour (100)
*Very busy working (300)
*What are these characters doing here (300)

*Box of Chocolates (50, Discount)
*Football (200)

*Being in the room (+ shame and sorrow)

Well this world was a peculiar place filled with strange people. It was almost maddening how similar it was to a normal world and yet how strange the people acted. Anyways I found myself becoming friends with Johnny as the only person who knew of me.

Do to my gender unfortunately Mark and I didn’t really get along (Mark was interested in other things besides friendship with both me and my wives).

Anyways I I used a version of the mobile trace system from G Gundam combined with Warframe tech to create a martial arts sport where people remotely piloted 10’ tall robots and beat the hell out of each other. It turned out to be a huge success despite the cost of the robots. I sort of became a billionare a few times over but I already have more money than could ever use.

Anyways I stayed friends with Johnny and even gave him a job when he became dissatisfied working at the bank. Unfortunately Lisa actually started to hit on me instead of Mark (Damn Harem perks). When I turned her down she played it off as a joke but I got her to admit she was bored with her relationship with Johnny. I advised her to either get counseling or let Johnny go because what she was trying to do wasn’t fair to either of them.

She wound up breaking up with him, he blamed me for a bit but I managed to convince him the advice I gave was for the best. He and Mark Stayed friends, I managed to help Johnny find a better girlfriend who he married and actually had a kid with.

>> No.50493059


>> No.50493060


He's one of the first posts in this thread, anon.

>> No.50493068

Make it good YJ. Make it good.

As a reprive for tosses try Sword and Sorcery or King Arthur.
Whichever one you like more.

>> No.50493076



>> No.50493084

Literally anywhere from "trader helping the economy" to "noble bringing prosperity to a troubled nation" to "small-time hero stopping some moderate demons" to "killing gods that made worlds" to "toppling evil interstellar empires".

It varies widelly, based on what world you land in, what the objective is, and if you visit other worlds or get summoned again.

The jump is basically like an amalgam of all those 'summoned to another world' stories, but with the summoned people having a web forum to chat with. And they're unionized.

>> No.50493088


>> No.50493090

For the last bloody time, Brellin and I are not the same person. I did not make Overlord, nor do I have the patience to actually read its source material in detail. I think Ainz and company are terrible people and have to actively restrain myself from murdering them. There's a very key difference between us that's obvious to anyone who actually pays attention.

I have an actual sense of humor.

>> No.50493093

Okay yeah we're memeing again.

Dirge calm the fuck down.

It's all k.

>> No.50493111

It's a meme you dip.

>> No.50493122


>> No.50493130


>> No.50493135



>> No.50493141

I knew this day was coming, anon... but why did it have to be now?

And I'll take S&S, thanks!

>> No.50493143

What a story, RavenloftAnon.

>> No.50493155

Should I be concerned

>> No.50493176

Of course, didn't you hear him, he's going to reach Earth soon and destroy it with a halibut.

>> No.50493188


>> No.50493262

Ah, right. That's... Yeah.

Okay, let's talk about Ethelinda. Where do I start? Jeez. Ethelinda is a white dragon with holy powers. She's from the King Arthur jump and our relationship is complicated. You see, I was a knight during that jump. I won't go into all the details here but after things fell through with the Round Table and I was kind of bodily thrown out of Camelot I ended up on a quest to find a cure for a magical illness that slowly turned the victim to stone. I was advised by Merlin (which really should have been my first clue) to go find a holy dragon by the name of Ethelinda.

After a whole bunch of irritating riddle solving, a bunch of magical narcotics, and dealing with Faerie bullshit for weeks, I managed to wheedle the location of Ethelinda out of the Faerie Queen and thereafter I managed to run the fuck away after she got a bit too touchy-feeling and began to become suspiciously less covered the more I saw her.

Now, Ethelinda. I found Ethelinda inside of a cave that led to some kind of weird pocket reality full of light, water, and magic crystals. She was... I'm not sure how to put this into nice terms so I'll just say it; she was an unbelievably perverted 'ara ara~' dragon with more lewd than I could deal with. It was seriously off-putting because she had the whole beautiful white holy radiance thing going full blast all the time while chatting me up and dropping mind-blowingly lewd implications. But anyway, I managed to get the cure out of her at the expense of promising to "call her" later.

That's how I gained the ability to booty call a ridiculously perverted holy dragon. That was the beginning of things. It all escalated later on and somehow I wound up massively hung over in a wedding dress fighting the Saxons and almost accidentally blew up like half of the Round Table in outrage at being repeatedly mistaken for a girl while a disturbingly smug dragon kept dropping lewd hints about the night before in front of the entire army.

>> No.50493266

Cats, in Adventure time the Companion import option says we can instead choose canon companions but they don't get any CP.

Does that mean we can get 8 canon characters as companions for the same 100 it costs to import 8 without providing the import with CP?

>> No.50493279

This was in the Fate version of King Arthur, by the way.

>> No.50493285


>> No.50493303

Pretty sure a Prince could do it too by destroying the nothingness.

>> No.50493368

Huh. In that pic, Excalibur looks a lot like that one trick weapon from Bloodborne that combines with it's sheath to form a larger sword.

>> No.50493394

So if you purchase a Kamui, can you assume that it'll always have the capability to safely siphon your blood? Because there's a lot of weird shit a jumper's blood can turn into.

>> No.50493470

The real story of the Gamer is finally beginning on its first arc. Rejoice.

>> No.50493551

What are my chances of surviving the Great Change drawback from Captain N if I've survived the Morningstar drawback in Devil Survivor?

>> No.50493585


>> No.50493586

So who wants to bet it'll escalate to the point of being endjump-worthy?

>> No.50493605

It's tangentially tied to 3 other manhwas that the author is making, and the escalation in those is starting to look like early Tower of God, if the author doesn't suffer from burnout, he's intending to go for the long run.

Whoever is making this jump should be prepared to get a lot more research done and stick around for a couple years to do regular updates.

>> No.50493639

>tfw it's Cthulhu and SJ-Chan
>tfw no face

>> No.50493652

For that last time, If it's not posted here it doesn't even have a chance of getting on the drive. And I somehow doubt it will be, given those clowns' track records.

So calm your tits.

>> No.50493750

I know it's late at night but this is just asking for SJ-Chan's Spacebattle Justice Warrior to come out and defend her.

>> No.50493774

I don't think SJ-chan has defenders here.
People that don't hate her maybe, but nobody that white knights outside of general don replace jumps stuff.

>> No.50493817

She's got one or two anons that are pretty keen on her jumps, and generally when people make comments about whatever perceived faults they have of SJ, those folks show up to try and refute them, like the whole SJ doesn't like to criticism thing that brought out people fighting over how SJ vastly improved Lost Odyssey by responding to criticism or not.

For people who don't know who she is I think SJ just comes off as one of those "great jumpmakers who are misunderstood" types. Like Angelanon.

>> No.50493820

Yeah, I'm with the other guy. Each and every time I remember someone defending her it's always a broader statement about jumpmakers in general, and never her design choices in particular-and often bring up that she's awful at taking criticism.

>> No.50493828

The issue is that people who dislike her sometimes go full psychotic about it, and people here are fed the fuck up with anyone being treated like that by the shitposter and other idiots. So it's less defense of her and more criticism of that behavior.

>> No.50493848

>one or two

Who? WHY?!


Pretty sure they've never set foot here. On CYOA gen people build specifically to rape her builds, and even made CYOAs about enslaving/raping/humiliating her. I wouldn't user her as an example of someone with too many fans.

>> No.50493872

Honestly what can we really criticize about her design choices? It's not like we have any consensus on the standard. I can understand people criticizing that she's basically never here, but even that's a far stretch for the most part given that people tolerate cthulhu and tentatively abraxes. It's like the guy that was criticizing Many because he was being a jerk on the internets.

If there is nothing to criticize her for effectively, then in the end there's little justification for her stuff to not go on the drive except if she doesn't post it here, but she's never made a jump that she hasn't posted here, so even that's a moot point.

>> No.50493873

That sounds disappointingly plausible. As someone who's always tried to be impartial and give everyone a fair and comprehensive critique I'm disappointed I have significantly less time to jumpchain these days, such that I apparently didn't even know LO was a jump until recently.

>> No.50493888

I was using Angel as an example of someone who newcomers have no clue about at first and can see as a "pretty nice person" until they realize why the community is so polarized against them.

>> No.50493916

For the Lost Odyssey jump? Plenty. There's almost no fluff for the perks, such that I had no idea whee the vidya mechanics began and the actual magic ended. Four of the building items did arbitrary effects with seemingly no justificatiin, and there was a six month free return option thrown in as well. She also tends to slap on mandatory drawbacks for certain backgrounds, which for those of us unfamiliar with the IP come across as arbitrary and inexplicable.

The worst thing I'd have to say about that jump though, is that it's almost as soulessly boring as some of Mib's work. Powers, perks, items and drawbacks alike are described like tax form warranties, with absolutely no relational context to their place in the setting.

>> No.50493917

>one or two
>Who? WHY?!
Well there are a couple people who regularly lurk on here to pull new jumps and repost them over to SB, so it's not out of the question for them to defend SJ, since she's pretty popular over there, especially now that she's fixing Tera's jumps for them, though all the discussion has been on fixing PS238 so far.

>> No.50493943


On, right. Yeah, fair enough.


...everything you wrot makes me faintly nauseous, because that all sounds like the literary equivalent of a parasitic wasp laying eggs in a spider.

>> No.50493977

The problem here is that a lot of this is largely opinion. We don't have an accepted standard on what levels of fluff is considered good, and even a lot of the accepted jumpmakers here fall into the trap of making all of their perks "You can do X, you can do Y, you can do Z".

I like reading through a good story just as much as you anon, but heck, you might call it boring, but there are plenty of other "boring" jumps out there, so what she did might as well just be par for the course. By now it's practically that as long as the jump doesn't suffer from one true build syndrome and doesn't hit some of the cardinal rules like tampering with other jumps or bypassing companion/warehouse rules, it might as well get a pass.

The most common argument I've seen against this is people bringing up "well why didn't you say this when SJ was asking for feedback" and as bogus as I think that is, it's not like they're technically wrong. Most of us were just so fed up getting her to address issues like the item/perk exploits we didn't feel like telling her again that her writing made the setting look stale as fuck.

>> No.50493984

Lolwut? I thought they just leeched from the drive.

>> No.50494009

> doesn't hit some of the cardinal rules like tampering with other jumps or bypassing companion/warehouse rules, it might as well get a pass.
Which is kinda the thing. Her jumps routinely include things that do stuff like this or interfere or try to get around other rules in the chain. At least before the usual hour of arguing till she removes them.

>> No.50494024

She's on record over there for saying that Bancho gave her the permission "to revise, but not completely revamp. I have editorial control and permission to add or modify stuff and to rebalance the jump. Bancho still has ultimate and final say however."

The train kind of sped up afterwards when she talked about the powers that she felt needed to be changed in order to rebalance the jump. Apparently Bancho gave her the rights to all of his jumps in the same capacity so I guess she's sweeping through them one by one or something.

>> No.50494035

Holy shit who cares? What they do over there can stay over there, we don't have to have a play by play every time SB holds a war council.

>> No.50494047

It's coming over here. That's the thing.

>> No.50494061

>this is all largely opinion

You misunderstand, this is EXACTLY my point and I am expressing the disappointment that I wasn't around to drill this into her stupid skull at the time.

As for the rest-frankly, her attitude more than anything is why I consider her worthy of contempt. The fact that she actively discourages constructive criticism and tries to be a speical snowflake of meta wouldn't change my opinion of her if she didn't also turn around and try to get her work accepted on our drive. I would have absolutely no issues with her if she exclusively made jumps for SB, because otherwise she's actively encouraing people to get away with ignoring criticism altogether.

>> No.50494062

But if she fixes them (even if it takes a massive argument), there's no reason why the jump isn't accepted, which was the case with Lost Odyssey. Granted she'll probably keep trying until most of the thread is so apathetic that they'll let things pass (again the case with Lost Odyssey), but so far there still isn't really any ground to say that her stuff won't make it to the drive.

People would have better luck telling Brutus to delete whatever jump she puts up into the drive, and even that's iffy as hell. I doubt anyone is going to convince her that /tg/ doesn't want her jumps in the first place, that's more of a "oh, she made a jump, well I guess we'll take it after bitching it out" situation.

>> No.50494083

Well in this case it affects the upcoming Xenogear/Diablo/The Gamer jumps, which are still technically for the /tg/ drive and not the SB drive. Good luck getting either Cthulhu or SJ to announce that they're going to keep it to their own drives, because it hasn't happened.

>> No.50494088

She hasn't fixed the fact that one of her items gives you a six month return. Frankly I find it annoying you're wringing your hands over pedanti details when the individual in question, like Bancho and DDanon, has a complete inability to un-fuck their work responsibly.

>> No.50494097

Ah. Of course it is.

Someone needs to tell them we have enough shitstorms over here without their help.

>> No.50494099

Citation needed.

Also you do realise we can always, you know. Tell them we don't want their work? That's the whole point of posting in the thread-so everyone doesn't have to automatically accept what gets made.

>> No.50494103

Xenogear got claimed by Xenoanon.
I hope it wasn't a ruse because at least he seemed passionate.
Given SJ chan's WIP she shouldn't be allowed near that setting with a several AU long pole.

>> No.50494110

Your contempt is exactly why you get opposition. If you didn't always whine, especially when she's not here, and if you could behave in a way that's not insulting regardless of how you feel, the defenders you're complaining about would evaporate. As I told you before, people are not supporting her so much as they hate your attitude.

>> No.50494129

I think you're misunderstanding something. As shitty as she is in your opinion, and despite whatever perceived faults you think she has, her jumps are still accepted on the drive.

What I'm saying is that you'd have to move fucking heaven and hell just to get this community to ban her jumps from the drive (which was what started this discussion in the first place, whether her "the Gamer" jump would get on the drive), and it'd be even harder to get her existing jumps removed, even if they have existing exploits.

>> No.50494141

>add or modify
Wow, that's a big fucking leap from 'can I clean these jumps up a bit'.

Jesus fucking christ.

>> No.50494144

As I've said before, I've never whined when it comes to giving her criticism. Right now I am expressing my opinion of her, which I freely admit is completely negative-but don't conflate that with bias. If anything, I'm more frustrated in myself for not being around to sit down and explain which parts were iffy to her.

The issue, as you've said yourself, is that not saying anything at all doesn't work in her atually approving.

>> No.50494153

No, I wasn't talking about SJ-Chan. I was talking about how most of them just leech straight from the uploads folder.

>> No.50494155

No, I am fully aware of what you mean and I have no idelusion of it changing. And that, more than anything, irritates me.

>> No.50494181

What do you want me to cite? The post where the anon asked SJ-Chan if their work was made for /tg/ and they confirmed it? Cause I could probably find it in the archive, but I don't know what exact search term I'd be looking for.

If they don't have to deal with the shitstorm why do they care about starting one?

>> No.50494238

Here anon. That citation you wanted. >>http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/49964932/#49971432

>> No.50494251

Is there a reason Shinsoku is a perk in the Rurouni Kenshin jump? It is just a technique in Kenshin's sword style so shouldn't it be included in the style purchase if you base yours off Kenshin or his teacher?

>> No.50494293


>> No.50494316

Ludwig's Holy Sword.
A.K.A Ludwig's Meta Sword
No wonder Saber is so OP

>> No.50494318

On a completely unrelated note, just because I'm curious, how often do you violate the Seven Laws of Magic? Which ones, and why?

Just magic in general, before anyone asks.

>> No.50494341

Very often, passively scanning surface thoughts for threats/plot/interest is to useful to ignore

>> No.50494345

Would anyone be interested at all by a Necropolis Jump? Asking because I don't want to waste time on something no one would be interested in.

>> No.50494347

Um, technically everyone who didn't go home or stay is violating that last one, constantly.

>> No.50494359

I would be interested but don't see how it would work, go for it if you think you're up to it.

>> No.50494371

Eh, not exactly. There are shown to be different realities that aren't considered "beyond the Outer Gates". It specifically refers to being that live in the "spaces" between realities.

>> No.50494372

Pretty much 100% of the time given that outer gates means outside the world.
I break the other ones constantly too, but not with dresdin magic because that's bad juju.

I'm a combat mage, killing with magic is my thing.
Trasformation is an excellent save or suck as well as a fantastic buff when used right.
Fucking with minds is as good as a save or die in most cases and secrets aren't going to figure themselves out.
Revive is keybound to ctrl+r for safety reasons. It may or may not get used more than I'd like.
I employ haste and slow spells rather judiciously as well given economy of motion is king.

>> No.50494381

The other jumps aren't one of those though

>> No.50494398

>No pact requirements
...Well. That's very interesting. I am assuming it doesn't work for Elan? Because sheesh.

Also, sorry for forgetting - how does summoning work after the jump? Do we retain the pacts afterwards? Can we summon a generic pixie in a setting that doesn't have any?

>> No.50494401

I violate the first one because magic is useful in combat and sometimes I have to kill my enemies, though I try to avoid it when I can. As a jumper, I obviously violate the last one. Other then that? I pretty much adhere to all the other laws.

>> No.50494405

Eh. I just got it recently and I've found it quite interesting. I was fooling around with the idea that a jump would be nice, but now that i think about it fully, i doubt it would be great.

>> No.50494417

Out of curiosity, is Necropolis that one (comic?) book with a kid winding up in the land of the dead accidentally, specifically in a city ruled by another living human, after he got sent there by the local equivalent of a ghostbuster/detective?

>> No.50494432

I think he is referring to the vidya, which is a rouge lite dungeon crawler if I'm remembering correctly.

>> No.50494461

Yeah, you're probably right. Never mind then.

>> No.50494501

Okay, I don't know if I'd call it 'done' but I think it's at least 'jumpable'.
Some elements may change etc. based on feedback.

I especially need anyone familiar with EP to let me know if I've gone off the rails and/or left out some good perks, augmentations or gear options for either the main jump or Firewall. Remaining options in Firewall is probably going to be gear/mods from that book.

Update on other claims:
1. Stargate: Atlantis is about 75-80% done. Still a couple of structural issues I need to sort out regarding the Pegesus Local background (or backgrounds? not sure)
2. Re-do of Arpeggio of Blue Steel is a priority.

Lined up:
3. I'm probably going to update The Polity jump at some point once I finish reading the Transformation trilogy (Dark Intelligence, War Factory and Infinity Engine). The plan so far is just to add in a couple more options and maybe increase the drawback cap to compensate.
4. Module 2: Gatecrashing for EP. Depending how this goes I might make more modules eg: for Sunward, Rimward.

>> No.50494550

Yeah, it's the indie dark souls rip-off with terrible controls and a lighthearted grim dark lore.

I just want to make a jump because female Blackwatch character is a prime cutie. :3

>> No.50494660

Rolled 1 (1d8)

16. Sonichu
Drop In (Yeah, I don't want to deal with memories from this place.)
Age 26
Sho-Mall Region
Assistant Mayor
Ancestral Adviser (800)
Heart Torch (200)
C-Quarters and W-Quarters (0)

After the Jump started, Bigby immediately took off to live in the wilderness outside of CWCville, far away from Chris-Chan's "civilization"; Alonne, on the other hand, respectfully asked to stay in the Warehouse to "train his mind and body in solitude"; he did this while glancing between me and the crate of wine we got from Spice and Wolf; I grudgingly obliged him. Miranda decided to stay with me, if only so we would suffer together.

In time, we grew to envy them. Chris-Chan homed in on me like a bullet, anointing me as the assistant mayor for reasons I can't fathom. I knew I couldn't kill him- the logic of this world wouldn't allow it- and I was unsure of what the reaction would be if I just left. If I pissed Chris off he'd probably kill me or do something else that's almost as horrible- or even worse- and I couldn't risk that at this point.

So... for ten years I basically acted as his yes-man. I didn't step out of line at all- didn't help the "villains", didn't try and exact societal change or try and oust Chris- nada. This world is numero uno on my shit-list once I get my Spark.

On a slightly happier note, Chief Ahuli- my adviser- has a friendly rivalry with my ancestral guardian from Van Helsing. They bicker and try to one-up each other whenever I ask for help, which has been... surprisingly helpful, since by themselves they're pretty tight lipped.

Bigby swaggered back into town a few weeks before the Jump ended, not giving one single fuck before joining Alonne in the Warehouse; Miranda and I joined them, a few days later. Alonne was a bit sheepish, but after almost a hundred years of service I could understand him taking a sabbatical.

1. Sword and Sorcery
2. Rust
3. Ravenloft
4. Undertale
5. Megaman Classic
6. Slime Rancher
7. Dragon's Crown

>> No.50494740

Not familiar with EP (a bit grim for me) but can appreciate the work you've put into it. Definitely interested in the Atlantis jump.

>> No.50494747

Alright, time to get my post-human horror on. Though at this point I'm probably more horrific than the Exsurgent Virus is. Maybe I should try infecting the ETI, get some irony going.

>> No.50494763

Anybody know of any perks or magic that let you tell if someone is 'pure of heart'?
Like Peter Parker pure.

>> No.50494874

Is it just me or does Anima lack any perks for gaining basic combat training? That seems like the sort of thing you might want going into JRPG land.

>> No.50495002

This is really good. It covers pretty much everything I'd want from an Eclipse Phase jump, and some things I didn't know I wanted. I especially like the Firewall Cell customization. The scenarios are nice, too. I also like how you've managed to explain the setting pretty concisely for those who aren't familiar. All in all, a great jump.

>> No.50495036

>thou shall not kill by use of magic

Seriously, what's the point then?

> Thou shall not Transform others

There goes a lot of Potential for pranks

> Thou shall not invade the Mind of another

This one I agree with.

> Thou shall not enthrall another

I usually break the first To Punish those who do this one.

> Thou shall not reach beyond the borders of life

This is just stupid, if you can truly resurrect someone who deserves to live You are morally obligated to do so!

>thou shall not swim against the currents of time

Yeah time travel is really tricky, you kind of have to work very hard and think very carefully, but I can't help but perceive this one as a method of preserving the status quo. Whatever it may be.

> Thou shall not seek beyond the outer gates.

Well that is just common sense.

>> No.50495052

Oh... I was reading the wrong version. The version that was in my Gdrive was an outdated one. My bad. I didn't even see the Overlord (Series) just Overlord (LN/M/A).

>> No.50495121

I shall become a master of memetic warfare.

>> No.50495143

Have you ever been part of a special ops unit?

>> No.50495157

>This one I agree with.
>There goes a lot of Potential for pranks

They're basically the same.

>> No.50495170

No, giving someone a actual clown nose is not the same as Mindraping them

>> No.50495185

Only by degree. The crime is of the same sort. Either way, you're disregarding their right to ownership over their selves. Body or mind, it's still violation.

>> No.50495193

One of the things I've had to learn the hard way is that degree can be very very important

>> No.50495197

It can be. It isn't, in this case.

>> No.50495209


>> No.50495212

Well, it is, but only insofar as there's worse. That is to say it's 100% bad, but if he turned them into things he found aesthetically pleasing that'd be over 100% bad. Don't look up his old username.

>> No.50495217

>Oh man, I'm not actually damaging your self that much, see? I only cut your hand! *wiggles hand to the victim* You're mostly intact! I even replaced your original hand with crab's claw! It's just an innocent prank!

If your Jumper was real you would make for a pretty scary villain.

>> No.50495238

a person is not There body,and I never said it would be permanent. It's like those black-eye binoculars only more elaborate. also my Jumper is an anti-villain.

>> No.50495262

What are cosmic switches? I've heard them mentioned, but never what they are.

>> No.50495270

an Astro switch is the transformation gimmick for kamen rider fourze,the Cosmic switch is one of his ultimate level boost things/an immense spoiler

>> No.50495278

That would require your end goals to be good Tera. We've long since established absolutely no one but you wants your end goals. Thus, you're a villain. A Misguided, Stupid Villain.

>> No.50495308

>maximizing liberty,individuality, safety,equality and justice.
>universalize true education all possible forms of power and the methods of production

>banchô-Anon has evil goals.

yeah you just keep telling yourself that

>> No.50495397

if there's a wiki for morphs then you link it but otherwise a good job.

I am however confused on whether dying is a lose condition.

>> No.50495406

If you take The Quartet of Sin without The Fog of Ages do you have to worry about losing memories or do they get protected if you had a perfect memory perk before being cursed?

>> No.50495413

Every single person you have told those to as told you how horrible you are. Maybe that's a sign.

Or you could try to stubbornly prove you are right in spite of everyone else telling you you're wrong. That's worked out for you in the past loads of times huh?

>> No.50495415

The problem there is that is more than one kind of death in this universe so you would have to be very very specific

>> No.50495439

Also, do Companions stick with you for the minimum two thousand years? Do they have the same curse that makes them live for millennia without their out of jump powers?

>> No.50495481

>Thou shalt not kill by use of magic

>Thou shalt not transform others
This one I don't usually break, unless they're willing.

>Thou shalt not invade the mind/enthrall
Surprisingly not much.

>Borders of Life
Constantly messed with, for kicks. Nothing too serious.

>Swim against the Currents of Time
Constantly using time-based magics. Time Stop being the main one. Actual time travel, not so much.

>Beyond the outer Gates
Well hello there.

>> No.50495564

Will clarify next version and add a wiki link.
Dying in "normal" conditions - like being shot in the head, or sucked into a black hole, whatever would normally kill your jumper - is still chain end.

Egocasting from one place to another, which is functionally the same as "sending a copy and killing the original", doesn't count as death.
Likewise, using a Pandora Gate to travel doesn't count as death (because some theories say they destroy you and rebuild you at the destination).

Because I relaxed the 'death by egocasting' thing, I added an extra loss condition: Being successfully infected by the Exurgent virus, even if you can survive it with jumper BS, is a chain end.

The Jumper-Grade Cortical Stack can prevent you from dying if you take that augmentation, but at the cost of being vulnerable until you are retrieved and re-sleeved.

>> No.50495572

It doesn't. Elan is only half 'pact', the other half is something closer to 'synchronization'.

Post-jump, you can still drawn from the Anima spirit realms to power your abilities such as summoning, done entirely because otherwise figuring out how things would have to work every single jump would be an incredible pain. So yeah, you can totally just conjure up a pixie while in Harry Potter or whatever.

Basic combat skill of the relevant type comes with your background.

>> No.50495580

The canon companion option says there are exceptions and to check the notes, but I can't find anything in the notes about it.

Also in the notes it says you can be more than one type of magic. Is that meant to be monster? Or it is just saying you can learn more than one type of magic?

>> No.50495935

>Seriously, what's the point then?
>What's the point of being able to bend reality to better suit my desires if I can't also kill people with it?

>> No.50495976

What am I getting into if I waifu the maidens of destiny in exalted?

>> No.50496009

A great deal of confusion on their part. Not about anything in particular, just in general. The Maidens of Fate were created as autonomous Fate-managing patterns, and as such aren't used to having things like "free will" or "personalities". They've been learning in the time since the Primordial War, but they're slow learners. They're best at understanding those parts of the human condition that their individual aspect of destiny corresponds to, and have trouble with the others. You might find that they do something incredibly alien, and only realize upon seeing your response that it was something unsettling.

>> No.50496127

If I start with Psi-Gamma, is it easier to learn Psi-Chi skills? Can you self-teach, learn from books, or is it tutor only?
Are morphs only used to move about in the real world? If not, Do I need to buy multiple morphs for multiple forks?
If you don't / can't do missions for the DLC, is there any downside to the Send In The Cleaners drawback?
Do you retain your powers inside VR?
How does egocasting work? Do you wake up in a new sleeve somewhere else in the solar system without any of your items?
Are augmentations available in-setting for cash? Is there any kind of limit to how many you can get?
There is a TON of stuff on offer and only a little cp to go around. Maybe add a few more 100-200 drawbacks? Increase the cap to 800?

>> No.50496170

I can't answer the jump-specific questions, but for setting-related stuff (skipping Psi, since I never really used it and don't remember the rules well):

>Are morphs only used to move about in the real world? If not, Do I need to buy multiple morphs for multiple forks?
Yeah, morphs are just for physical universe stuff. Forks don't need to be instantiated in a morph. In fact, a large amount of the population are permanently informorphs, being unable to afford their own physical morphs.

>Are augmentations available in-setting for cash? Is there any kind of limit to how many you can get?
You can buy augmentations, but I doubt they'll be as handily-packaged as the ones available for CP. Like, instead of getting a Black Hat enhancement augmentation package, you'll have to figure out what augs would improve your hacking skills and assemble a package from them.

>> No.50496209 [SPOILER] 

You can get Ludwig's Holy Sword as a CP weapon in Bloodborne actually.

And yet Ludwig's actual Holy Blade is not available in both Bloodborne and Dark Souls jumps.

>> No.50496375

>If I start with Psi-Gamma, is it easier to learn Psi-Chi skills?
Not going by the game rules - it's just as hard. You can self-teach; in fact you'll probably have to since asyncs are fairly rare.

>Are morphs only used to move about in the real world?
Pretty much. Infomorph (a default virtual body) should be 0cp. Will fix.

>Do I need to buy multiple morphs for multiple forks?
Yes. Unless you're going to swap out different forks in the same body.

>If you don't / can't do missions for the DLC, is there any downside to the Send In The Cleaners drawback?
If you don't/can't do the four scenario missions, you still have to deal with the missions in the Cleaners drawback. If you don't do those, you probably get kicked out of Firewall and your cell probably abandons you, and Jump-chan wonders why you signed up for Firewall duty if you're not going to do your job.

>Do you retain your powers inside VR?
Well, you still /have/ them, but whether they work or not is going to depend on what those powers are - essentially, fanwank.

TBC 1/2

>> No.50496394

You're not going to get dementia or anything, but you'll be forgetting some stuff over the millennia.

>Also, do Companions stick with you for the minimum two thousand years?

>Do they have the same curse that makes them live for millennia without their out of jump powers?
No, but it shouldn't be a problem. Some people wank that their companions automatically don't age if you don't (I think this may actually be said in tge original intro PDF?) or they'd be rezzed if they died from old age. And there are plenty of ways to slow or halt aging in DC.

>The canon companion option says there are exceptions and to check the notes, but
Forgot about that.

>Is that meant to be monster?

>> No.50496507

>There goes a lot of Potential for pranks
The problem in the series is that transforming someone other than yourself erodes their mind.

>This is just stupid, if you can truly resurrect someone who deserves to live You are morally obligated to do so!
This is technically just referring to using necromancy on human bodies/ghosts.

>> No.50496543

Continued 2/2

>How does egocasting work? Do you wake up in a new sleeve somewhere else in the solar system without any of your items?
Essentially, that.
You sit down in an egocasting facility, they scan your ego in your brain and delete it as they go. That scan gets emailed to the destination, where it's downloaded into a body. They stick your former body on ice for when you come back, if you're coming back.
This body is one you arranged for in advance, and if it's short notice, is probably whatever they happen to have available - a Worker pod a foot taller than you're used to, a neo-chimp, a female Splicer with breath that smells like tobacco. That's why resleeving stress and morph dysphoria is a big thing in setting.
You (as a jumper) wake up with your powers, mind and digital accounts (and Muse) in the new body at your destination, but with no physical gear unless you arranged for that ahead of time.

>Are augmentations available in-setting for cash? Is there any kind of limit to how many you can get?
Yes, but you buy individual enhancements instead of suites or packages. Buying "all the mods" is going to be pretty damn expensive.
There's no hard limit on how many one person can have except for common sense - if you have two arms, you can't buy more than two hand lasers, and some types of augmentation can't be installed in certain types of morph.

>There is a TON of stuff on offer and only a little cp to go around. Maybe add a few more 100-200 drawbacks? Increase the cap to 800?
I'm certainly considering that for the next version. I may even up the morph allowance to 600cp.

>> No.50496684

I haven't done a Dark Souls jump yet, but when i do i will finally have two of them.

I mean, I can totally just get two by taking Seath's soul and then travel to Drangliec and grab it again, couldn't I?

>> No.50496963

Killing is something I try to avoid, but I was forced to shoot and kill someone with a magic gun. (Said person was going to be a puppet emperor for an evil cult, who refused to believe me when I told him that so...)

Although I defenestrated that rule during my Disgaea jump, although I still try to follow it.

>Thou shalt not reach beyond the Borders of Life

Confused what this means. Is it forbidding necromancy and resurrection? Because I don't necessarily see this as a bad thing. (I've always been confused why necromancy is a 'bad' thing. I guess zombies can be unsavoury.)

>> No.50497052

>A robot built solely to go NORTH

Damn. Cold as ice. Literally, space is freezing yo

Given the lack of references to East and the fact the Neath didn't blow up during your stay, I'm guessing he chose to Grieve, rather than Hate or Go East.

...did you notice if, at any point, he started collecting candles or eating people?

Oh, all of them, all the time.

Laws are for mortals, after all.

Drawback: Wrath of the TITANs, Muse-ic To Your Ears (1400)

Rolled Mars, Pathfinder City

Drop-In, morph age 26, real age 120

Skill Packages: Nanotechnician Package, Mega-Engineering Package, Psi Control Package (Free)
Forking (Free)
Missing Time (Free)
Blueprint Designer (1300)
Motivations: +Efficiency, -Threats to Reality, +Salvation (1100)
Rep Networks: Ultimates Rank 5, The Eye Level 5 (600).
Aptitude Enhancement Mod: Intuition (Free)
Computronium (0)

Morph: Neo-Whale (0)
Bodymod Biomorph (Free)

"Muse, is it normal for flying whales to be part of the local social darwinist club and space defence force?"

"Anyone would be pleased to have you on their side! You've got it going on!"

"Muse, please provide an accurate and comprehensive threat assesment for the inbound TITAN invasion"

"Scanning in process. Conclusion: Once the TITANs commence worshipping you as the apex of existence, you may have some difficulty in deciding what kind of monuments they should build in your honor. I recommend a twelve-dimensional sculpture that shows off your curves!"

"...Muse, endeavor to answer my questions objectively"

"I am sorry, I am simply doing the best with my available knowledge of your capabilities and assets. Also, would you like some space chocolate and space wine? I bought you some just now!"

"Muse. Are. You. Flirting with me?"

"This unit reserves the right to not give answers that might make its' owner feel upset! Have a nice day!"

Also, do the rep networks do anything after the jump?

>> No.50497170

How does standard resleeving work? Like, if you just want to run around in a different body?

Because ego-casting is death post-jump, as is the basic cortical stack both in- and post-jump...

Could we get a free perk or something to take our powers with us when we resleeve normally? Or are we stuck with the ugraded cortical stack as the only way to resleeve into another body without 'dying'?

Anyway, if I have multiple hiveminded bodies, can I buy different Morphs for all of them?

>> No.50497186

If you could only chose a singly jump to do then go home where would you go? Personally I think I'd go to one piece just for the adventure you could get out of it, that or a high magic setting.

>> No.50497221

Star Trek. Go full science, then send us to the 23rd century.

>> No.50497262

Alright, thanks!

One last question - can Anima summoning be used on other spirit realms post jump? Like, say, summoning Aeons in FFX?

>> No.50497274

Tenchi, every time.

>> No.50497348

Forgotten Realms. Learn all the magic. Be a poor man's Jumper on my own.

>> No.50497377

EVO, and take the Gaia endings. Then I'll go to Eden rather than coming home. Because fuck this shithole.

>> No.50497388

Heaven's Lost Property.



>> No.50497427

>you can get both Houses

...oof. Serious revisin' time.

Drawbacks: Dark Responsibilities, The Cold Flame Burns, Bit of a Problem (1800)

Magician, age 28

Friendly Neighbourhood Grifter (Free)
Don't Show Weakness (Free)
Potential (Free)
A Blind Man Walks Into A Bar (1700)
I Cheat (1400)
Magical Blood (800)
The Houses of Mystery and Secrets (200)
We're Friends, Right?: Zatanna (0)
Enchanted Zippo (Free)
Demon Butler (Free)

...I haven't given much thought to my personal style of magic, until now. The thought occurs I DID pick up Order Magic in YJ jump, though. Given my other major choices some sort of bastardized half-programming language, half-runic alphabet that amalgates the Red Science's equations and Correspondence's sigils which replaces the Egyptian hierogyphs of the former seems appropriate.

Deflect magic missiles by projecting the symbol of "hurtling forever towards the Earth" overwritten by a formula that proves love can move mountains.

Curse people by emailing them the sigil of "the absence of breath" upon a logarithm that insinuates that nature does not abhor a vacuum, but is violently attracted to it.

And so on, and so forth.

>> No.50497464

Also? Infernals jump, once it comes out.

Why pine about not getting to see the magical realm, when you can BE the magical realm?

>> No.50497497 [SPOILER] 

Oh you.

>> No.50497512

I'd... prefer to avoid ruling on interjump stuff unless both are jumps that I've made, and I don't really know enough about FFX to comment, but in general terms, I don't really see why an ability that lets you summon spirits/beings between worlds would fail in any given world any more than something like a D&D antimagic field would fail against a Dresden Files caster.

>> No.50497533

Hero Union BBS. Because Sage, and also because level 8+ mages can literally just head off to random other worlds at will and just learn the magic there.

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