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>> No.50476316

urgh wanting to be a human in transformers? Why not just switch to an alt-form?

But if people are looking for a transformers series not covered by Many's jump and dealing with humans. Transformers masterforce had humans that could merge with lifeless cybertronains.

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How does your jumper reconcile the existence of "fictional" worlds?

>> No.50476331

Next time please try and keep old drama to dead threads.
It was finally over, and you had to go and bring it up again.

>> No.50476356

Yes. Combine Precognition and a multi-tasking perk with Statuary from Razzle Dazzle and Super Anchoring from Sonic. GG, YVVH, I can sit here all day and you can't do shit.

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He takes it in stride. There are an infinite number of universes out there where all sorts of things happen, the fact that some of them follow the plots of various fictional stories doesn't make them any less real.

>> No.50476390

"The only fiction is fiction itself."

Really proud of that one. Probably gonna feel like a dumbass when he realizes people have written omni/metaversal annihilation events that within the context of their own series should break IP boundaries that he sure as shit wasn't unfortunate enough to take part in.

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As it stands I know logically no such things exist, but my heart wants to believe they exist out there anyway. So if anything I would be overjoyed.

I would probably just see my original universe as one of those many "unfun" realities that exist as balance to the others. At least till I return post-spark.

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Benefactor confirmed 'metaverse' that contains all omniverses (IPs), which in turn contain all multiverses (individual settings).

It's just sets of infinity, stacked within each other.

>> No.50476427

Personally, I've also been partial to the explanation- when I decide that I want one- for why I'm visiting fictional worlds is that there are certain people in our world who have mental links to other world(s), as well as a subconscious compulsion to create things based off of those worlds- whether they be video games, books, TV shows, comic books- whatever. This phenomenon is most common in our world, but it shows up in other worlds from time to time. Sometimes the "signal" gets scrambled, which results in parodies/expies in other worlds.

Otherwise, it's just that shit's weird, yo.

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I houserule that there are various "nexus worlds" into which impressions of neighboring realms seep in. A lot of fiction is just authors receiving small impressions, upon which they make up stories similar to what they've seen. As a result, some events are only dramatized retellings of what actually happened, so they can't rely entirely on meta-knowledge even if the world itself largely conforms to said works. It can also lead to awkward moments when I try to surprise someone with something only they would know, but the actual person/event turns out to have been less... exciting than initially believed.

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My understanding is that the WfC games and the prime show share a timeline, while the armada/energon/cybertron shows share another.

Beast wars is part of g1, to my understanding.

>> No.50476485

Are there any entities I should look out for if I'm a Slasher in WoD?

>> No.50476627

So, Bodymod says you start at the "average human" for stats. Is this the average world-wide, or average in a developed country?

What about things that aren't stats like endowed? Do you start at the average or nil if you choose to forgo using you old body for stats?

>> No.50476670

You get the average proportions. So your donger is like 5-6 inches if you're using a new body and not taking endowed.
It's servicable, but you're going to get laughed out of the big boys club.

>> No.50476678

It wasn't actually defined. Could be world wide, could be developed countries, could be your country, could be your local multiverse. Just pick one for your chain.

Average. See above.

>> No.50476724

Who knows, anon? It was never addressed, AFAIK.

>> No.50476774

Body Mod has been ruled to not diminish your IRL stats if you don't wish it to. So what I'm saying is only people with small dicks buy endowed.

>> No.50476775


I find that hard to believe.

>> No.50476803

The Omniverse is completely and totally infinite. Sure it means all of my actions mean precisely nothing in the grand scheme of things, but fuck it. I'm having fun and making people happy.

>> No.50476808

Why, anon? A-cups average? Are you looking at Russia?

>> No.50476843

>could be developed countries
>could be your country
What are you implying, anon?

>> No.50476844

...Yes I was.

>> No.50476874

Haha, no, wasn't thinking that. "Your country" is singular. "Developed countries" is plural.

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>> No.50476891


Yeah, exactly.

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Yeah, the WFC games are the background behind TF Prime/Robots In Disguise.

Beast Wars is part of G1, it takes place sometime after G1 series ends. They even see the sleeping bodies of their G1 ancestors.

>> No.50476921

Fun fact, Asians in general were all stuck an A-cups and below for generations because of their shitty food choices available too them. This lead to the sexualization of other body parts such as the neck which the kimono is build to show off.

It lasted this way until western food importation, particularly fast food, arrived. B-cups and above immediately started to appear in the next generations.

Remember this next time you go get a burger.

>> No.50476945

What. Is that what I think it is?

>> No.50476974

In Russia, everything is bigger. Including the boob sizes.

>> No.50476980

What this map doesn't tell you is whether or not those cup sizes are healthy, sexy big boobs, or Wal-Mart Specials.

>> No.50477003

Its Trump and his stand [The Wall].

>> No.50477012

Yes. There was a short comic based on it, too.

>> No.50477094


>Beast wars
>After g1

You sure about that? Cause, you know, dinosaurs?

>> No.50477108

Is the elderscrolls oblivion jump the only elderscrolls jump or is there more?

>> No.50477115

There's morroblivion, and skyrim.
The old fused jump is just for legacy use.

>> No.50477120

General, morrowblivion, and skyrim.

>> No.50477125

>Remember this next time you go get a burger.
Burgers bring Bust, Burgers are Love

>> No.50477192

Time travel is involved in Beast Wars on several occasions, most importantly right at the beginning.

>> No.50477206

Nevermind that, i forget to look inside the folder

>> No.50477243

There wasn't any live dinos. What happened was Megatron & his splinter group were hunting for Energon crystals using a stolen ship capable of warp drive & the golden disk. Same golden disk that humans sent out and blah, blah. Y'know that Disk.

Well Optimus' group were just bunch of Explorer egghead scientists that were tasked to stop Megatron. They get in a warp accident and landed several thousand years in the past. Due to Aliens, who made their home in a lunar sized base, planted the unknown planet (Earth) with huge amounts of Energon. So much the Transformers had to adopt a faux biological animal forms to survive.

They eventually find out that the aliens did this to Earth, Megatron was actually smart and found a few primitive hominids and was going to kill them. This would've helped their ancestors the Decepticons because there wouldn't be any humans meddling & Autobots would lose out on an ally. Dinobot stood up to Megatron and died for it. So Raptor Jesus died for your sins.

>> No.50477277

Ah, right. Optimus maximal is named after Optimus Prime, but due to time fuckery ends up babysitting the ark for a while.

So, the show itself is set before G1, but it technically follows afterwards. Beast machines is after in both senses of the word.

That said, I think I'll use the Armada/energon/cybertron timeline for my hypothetical jump.

>> No.50477307

Got some work done, I'm a bit worried about the capstones but everything else is looking nice.

>> No.50477315

>no dino's
Sorry, just wanted to poke fun at that line.

>So Raptor Jesus died for your sins.


>> No.50477514

I've no familiarity with 40k lore (well being on /tg/ i guess i got exposed to it indirectly), can I jump Light of terra? Are there any specifical thing i should read before doing it?

>> No.50477536

Link please.

>> No.50477548

Fastest thing alive appears overly complicated, but still mostly fine.
I think being able to fly at 4 times your running speed is absoultely bonkers though. Not necessarily in a broken way, but it is significantly faster as a multiplier than Running's flat numbers when adding speed perks.

Say you can already run at mach 3, being mach 12 in the air is faster than being mach 10 on the ground.
This of course depends on out of jump perks, but it doesn't seem to be intentional for getting flying twice to scale faster than putting it all in speed.

>> No.50477573

Mostly to incentivize taking it over just pure Speet for the different movement types
I think cleaning up the language (The speed boost from /this jump/ is boosted, not all speed in general which is a mistake on my writing) and maybe just making it that you get a big boost in speed with THAT movement type instead of a multiplier is more in-line

>> No.50477581

Looks pretty good so far.

>> No.50477637

Not mentioned
It's overly complicated because the easy mode on that is limiting movement stuff like flight and gliding and shit to either nondiscounted perks or racial picks
and while the first is easier the second is dumb as hell
As long as it's readable enough...i might remove the "Super Speed" boost just because it's overcomplicating the whole thing even more than the movement types

>> No.50477738

That could work.
It would make it a lot cleaner to figure out how stacking movement is supposed to go.
But yeah Multipliers OP.

Perhaps limit being able to buy movement types more than once to just running?
That way it's a choice between maneuverability and speed instead of getting both the way you want it?
Unless that's what you already meant and I'm just failing my reading comprehension check.

>> No.50477863

"Fictional worlds exist....awesome!"

>> No.50477912

This desu

"Things just happen, what the hell?"

>> No.50477994

Is Mr. Popo an Infernal Exalt?

>> No.50478022

Is there anything to KlK besides "lol so randumb XD" and fanservice?

>> No.50478031


>> No.50478048

Plenty. It's like all gainax shows where you actually have to watch all the way through to get it.
Just a few clips and the cliff notes won't help.

>> No.50478073

I'm watching it right now, or at least I'm trying to.

>> No.50478110

It gets much better once it gets out of the otaku audience grab stage all anime is contratrually obligated to go through now.
So less lel random tits and more things actually happening.
If you can power through it you probably won't be dissapointed.

>> No.50478130

Bonus Stage should be infused with chaos, unless it is just really enthusiastic about it. Does it work based on literal worlds or is it based on settings/jumps?

The description of Insta-Shield might need a bit of refinement, the intro at least - also can you actually stop, or is it just hard to slow down? That should probably be cleared up in the Super Speed perk, rather being in another perks description.

Blast Processing. See above. This almost seems to be repeating the mess that the first sonic jumps speed perk was, in that it lets you go fast but doesn't do anything to let you survive going fast.

>> No.50478131

No, he's an Ishvara

>> No.50478151

In regard to the first Sonic jump's speed: APM Intensifies is always the answer. Also it was a crap way to turn a capstone into... not.

>> No.50478275

They don't really question it, they're just stoked to run around with all these cool powers and kicking ass and finally being a hero for once in their life

>> No.50478405

While we're talking about KlK, would Consuming Life Fibers as a Runner allow a jumper to boost their strength similarly to how Ryuko did?

>> No.50478467

Same way I reconcile the possible existence of fictional worlds in our multiverse (omniverse?): someone made up a fictional story, and a new universe/multiverse popped up where that fiction was reality.

>> No.50478495

>multiverse (omniverse?)
Personally I call the whole shebang "omniverse", with there being little self-contained "multiverses" inside the omniverse. Like say Dragonball, with their 12 universes they can travel between. That's one self-contained multiverse, within the greater omniverse.

>> No.50478512

>implying there's such a thing as non-fictional worlds
Everything has a story dedicated to it somewhere. Doesn't make it more or less real.

>> No.50478519

Infinite Universes means Infinite possibilities, means that every single universe is Fictional in an infinite number of other universe.

>> No.50478555

I always wondered if fanfiction worlds counted as universes within a multiverse. Like, take Naruto for example. Is there a Dreaming of Sunshine universe within the Naruto multiverse? And with fanfictions that focus on a multiverse, does that mean that there are multiverse inside of a multiverse? How the fuck does that even work?

>> No.50478564

You also needed to get durability perks, maybe regen too.

>> No.50478593

I don't know, the way I work my cosmology, it's like a giant library. There's a book called Earth, and we're right now inside one of the pages of that book. Each other page would be a different world that takes place on Earth or in a place with Earth.

Places like Naruto would be another book altogether. And a lot of books together form up a larger multiverse (the bookshelf).

>> No.50478595

How about fictions that exist within a fictional universe?

Can you go to Itchy & Scratchy world if there's already a Simpsons world?

>> No.50478596

What, seriously? That sounds like a load of crap. How is that necessary?

>> No.50478605

>Like, take Naruto for example. Is there a Dreaming of Sunshine universe within the Naruto multiverse
I don't consider "Naruto worlds" to be a self-contained multiverse, because no one in that travels between universes.
DC and Marvel are multiverses, because they contain a number of other universes and people travel between them.

>> No.50478610

Here's the current perk text:
-Super Sonic Speed(300cp Discount-Mobian): Running around at the speed of sound. You gain the potential to reach up to twice the speed of sound (Mach 2). This does NOT provide immunity to the physics nor the reaction time to make this skill not lethal. Hope you have good pair of goggles or some ability making you resistant to it. You start at a base of 50 M/h and work your way up from there. Hope you like training montages.

>> No.50478626

Kind of suprised super speed still kills you if you run into something.
Any chance we can get something like what sonic has where you can run hands first into a sheer cliff at top speed without pulping yourself?
Because he can do that both in the games and out and going around at hyperspeed doesn't hurt him unless he slams into a knee high wall and trips.

>> No.50478631

You see that makes sense at first, until you consider "crossovers".
Which book is a Naruto...I don't fucking know, Overlord(Vidya) crossover in? The Overlord book, or the Naruto book?
How about each Universe is its' own book, and "Multiverses", that is to say things where people in the different books can meet one another, are their own shelf.

>> No.50478652

If the Classic Sonic jump doesn't get a perk for that the gold standard is still in Cave Story.
Never hurt yourself by your own movement again.

>> No.50478653

>Infinite Universes means Infinite possibilities, means that every single universe is Fictional in an infinite number of other universe.

God-fucking-dammit, that's not how that works.

>> No.50478668

...You do realize that /infinite/ possibilities doesn't mean /every/ possibility, nor that literally anything is possible, yes?

>> No.50478669

To give an example of why is this wrong, there are infinite numbers between 1 and 2 1.1,1.2,1.3, etc. but none of those will ever be 3

>> No.50478673

Oh? Then please, explain why you think differently? I'm honestly interested.

>> No.50478687

That's not how I personally think of it, I think that EVERY possibility is covered. Every last one.

I could be wrong, I could be completely and utterly wrong to the point of ridiculous, but that's how I think of it.

>> No.50478692

That's an entirely different kind of infinity and you know it. This is the type of infinity that includes wholly different laws of physics.

>> No.50478696

There's no theoretical limit to how many books are present, just as there doesn't have to be a single shelf, or single library for that matter.

>> No.50478709

Has anyone claimed a BoJack Horseman jump?

>> No.50478712

> you know it
well that´s the example other anon told me a while ago, didnt know there where different types of infinities

>> No.50478720

Yes. I forget who, but they do post about it sometimes.

>> No.50478729

Ah. Thank you.

>> No.50478737

There are different types of infinities, and some infinities are larger than others because math is FUCKED.
For example, there are an infinite number of variations of "this" universe. Mostly the same with minor differences, as small as the color of a single hair on a single person's head.
But all of those infinite possibilities are contained within a larger omniverse, which has even more infinities contained within.

>> No.50478773

We have no way of knowing, or even assuming, that's true. If we think of the multi/omniverse as just two more dimensions, there's no reason to believe that. If you think of any one dimensional line, every single substance is not going to be on that line, and every substance isn't going to be on that line if it goes through a different dimension. In this case, universes, rather than just horizontal or vertical.
An example. Look at the bottom of your computer screen. If the line on the border were extended forever, there's a chance, perhaps even a likely chance, that it will never touch gold.

>> No.50478792

You are absolutely correct.
But there is another line, almost identical to the one on the border of my screen, that DOES touch gold.
At least that's how I think of it. In the terms of /jc/ anyway. Every single possibility is covered across the omniverse. With some exceptions, because if I were to take my thoughts on it to their logical conclusion then there is something even beyond the omniverse where my Jumper is contained.
Omniverses where he made different decisions for example, or a different person was chosen as the jumper.

>> No.50478801

I think this link will benefit this discussion.


>> No.50478815

They only have working theories. My Benefactor is quite close-lipped about topics related to jumping itself and the Spark.

The primary theory is "The Benefactor is picking universes out of an infinite multiverse that match fiction from my world so that I'm at least passingly familiar/comfortable with them".

Hunters, I guess.
Theoretically, you might also have various supernatural types in the police force, that will make your life more difficult.
You might also stumble into supernaturals because you're preying on their prey, and they might not want the competition.

If this was for real, I would not advise it. I'd suggest reading up on wiki articles about the Adeptus Mechanicus, Imperium starships and personal weaponry/armor, The Warp, Servitors and probably some related articles.

>> No.50478828

The idea is that there are an infinite number of realities, then to get to a specific one the information contained within a fictional story works as alternately a key to the described reality, or like filling in the search bar on a multiversal search engine.

>> No.50478852

>My Benefactor is quite close-lipped
Somewhat similar, Justice has his ideas about how it all works, the ones I've related into the thread, but the Benefactor refuses to tell him if he's right, wrong, or somewhere in-between.

>> No.50478864

I prefer something like this to be honest, desu senpai.


>> No.50478970

Would it be possible to tap into consumed souls to increase your Mantra-level?

>> No.50478993

I feel as though that would mean they're being burned (permanently) to give yourself more power. Which is a thing that was done in the game, so...

>> No.50478996

Well given that you can burn souls to get lods of mantra with the right set up you probably could.
The souls probably wouldn't survive the procedure and I doubt it would last forever.

>> No.50479032

What if they're Supernatural souls, which explicitly cannot be destroyed even by Death?

>> No.50479049

Uh, question. How dangerous is MCU if I only have Pokemon and the Kamen Rider jumps under my belt? Like, all the Kamen Rider jumps, with all the Rider-based perk lines (like Shocker Rider, Kamen Rider Black, etc.). I also grabbed Kamen Rider Super Sonic's driver shield thing. For reference, MCU perks are the Operative tree, Super Senses, Put Together a Team, and Super Soldier, drawback being You Owe Rocket.

>> No.50479056

Obtaining mantra by burning souls explicitly destroys them. Either you get prayer-level mantra and they stay intact, or you burn them and they go away because they're not protected by Supernatural's plot fiat when you're out of the setting. At absolute best they're still technically intact but you burned out any usefulness they could ever have. You can't have your cake and eat it, friend.

>> No.50479058

MCU looks 'low level' but it's pretty high level, planets have been almost destroyed multiple times already. The universe was almost destroyed once.

>> No.50479061

You'll be fine.

>> No.50479078

So while we're on the subject of souls, what would happen if someone used Magicka Revive on a soul that's been Merged+Aspect Manifested? Would the soul be torn out of you to reconstitute said being?

>> No.50479094

Yes, you explicitly can do that. You get a fairly significant chunk of Mantra at the expense of the soul itself.

But it takes an absolute shitload of souls for you to get anywhere near the upper echelons of the setting. The Brahmastra, a superweapon built by the Seven Deities, contained upwards of 7,000,000,000,000 souls and was roughly equatable to Berserker Asura in power output.

>> No.50479098

Probably, I *think* it was a plot point that slaying a hollow also released it's consumed souls to reincarnate. This would point towards them still existing separately to some degree.

>> No.50479101

Ultimately, it's up to you. The jump version seems to be pretty good, but it's up to you if it works regardless of things that should normally stop it, or if there are some things it can't revive simply because there's nothing left to target. Fanwank it.

>> No.50479105

So what I'm gathering from this is it's dangerous but what I have should probably get me through it? Alright.

>> No.50479107

This was asked recently and the answer was that it tears you apart like the guy those powers were based on.
I don't know the validity of that statement, but it sounds believable.
Don't do it unless you like hurting yourself, but if you accidentally someone and want to undo it you could probably get them back.

>> No.50479113

That should read: If it 'just' works regardless

>> No.50479124

Weren't like half of those used by Wyzen by then though?

>> No.50479128

On the other hand the jump docs math would put the cost at twenty-one million for five minutes (assuming a souls charge holds out about as long as the mantra battery at full burn).

>> No.50479136

>they're not protected by Supernatural's plot fiat when you're out of the setting.

Not him, but hahahaha - oh fuck - what? So the properties of a material/object are 'plot fiat' now? Guess that means I can reforge solidified Adamantium, now, can't I?

>> No.50479138

*For level eight, sorry.

>> No.50479152

God is a writer in supernatural.
Everything that happens in that setting is literally plot fiat strangely enough.

>> No.50479166

Jump # 125 Borderlands
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Starting Location: New Haven (free choice)
Background: Drop In (0)

*Boom, Baby, Boom (0)
*Fight for your life (100)
*Your Face Will Remember that (100, Discount)
*Legendary Luck (200, Discount)
*Mechanical Master (400)

Action Skills
*Phase Scream (150, Discount)

*Hunter team (50)


Background: Bandit Lord

Background: Vault Hunter

Background: Corporate Raider

Background: Corporate Raider

Background: Vault Hunter

>> No.50479172

(Ok I kind of have some Idea what I am doing… sort of… ok not really.)

Wow, so this put me in an odd position. When I arrived in Pandora and saw the state it was in, I decided fixing this hellhole had top priority over searching out alien tech or searching for new guns and equipment.

I worked Hard to bring people to justice without killing them. It took some skill, some jumper bullshit and a bit of luck but I was pretty successful in doing so. It seemed to start to make Pandora suck a little less…

That’s when Handsome Jack approached me. He had seen what I was doing and approved whole heartedly. He wanted to help me.

Now… Jack was Bonkers… but he was also sincere. In his own twisted way he wanted to make Pandora a better place.

So I took him up on his offer. He funded me from the shadows and I started to try and use my therapy powers to try and help Jack become sane…

It worked to an extent he still took over Pandora but was less inclined to randomly kill people. He was beginning to show signs of regret at some of his actions and I was working towards getting him to let me help his daughter.

Unfortunately then he tried to kill the protagonists of the second game and things got complicated (They saw me as an enemy.) I wound up having to subdue them since they weren’t interested in hearing my side of the story. I managed to Save Angel and Jack wound up stepping down after he realized he wasn’t a hero.

Pandora actually became a safer, more boring place. Well on its way to not being a hell hole.

>> No.50479180

>Either you get prayer-level mantra and they stay intact
>anywhere near the upper echelons of the setting.

Eh, it's fine. I don't want anywhere /near/ the upper echelons of the setting. I just want to be able to sustainable achieve feats that are at least mildly more impressive than "peak human". Prayer-level should be enough.

>> No.50479182

Look, either you're burning the soul up (or burning it out at the minimum, so that it's of no use afterward) or you're not getting the intended use out of it, you can't have it both ways. Otherwise our resident edgelords are going to genocide the Supernatural setting to have seven billion infinite-use souls. Also, >>50479152.

This is why I have Universal Adaptor from Storm Hawks, a microverse battery from Rick and Morty, and Universal Electricity and Equivalent Exchange from Minecraft. Build something within the microverse battery to keep creating power flowers from EE, use UE to convert it into electricity, pump it out as electricity, convert it to whatever I need with Universal Adaptor. Sure, it was just a trickle of energy at first, but these days it's pretty damn impressive. Granted, it only grows at a linear rate and not a geometric one, but it DOES continually grow and is fully self sustaining.

I figured if I added miniverse and teenyverse batteries to the microverse battery bad things would end up happening, though, so I just stuck with it as-is and figured that it might be better to play it safe.

I may not be not the Rickest Rick, but I am also not a smear of blood on the garage floor.

>> No.50479185

What are some good perks to make the safe use of your powers instinctive? I'm after something to tangentially make it more likely to survive an amnesia drawback. Can't be something that directly deals with it since drawbacks override perks, but I want to make sure I don't accidentally myself because I don't know not to trigger certain powers.

>> No.50479193

Oh, well then, yeah. That makes total sense. If the souls are under your control you can probably get them to give you the energy that directed prayer would. I thought you were talking about burning them to get the massive infusion of power for a short span of time. My bad.

>> No.50479205

Not quite what you're looking for but Tales of Phantasia has a perk to disable friendly fire.
So you won't accidentally yourself or anyone you care about even if you don't know what you're doing.
Might want to watch out for collateral though.

>> No.50479212

>Using tech to generate Mantra

Mate, I'm not so sure that would work. From the jump-doc:

>Mantra Prayer-Generating Infrastructure must be rebuilt with each jump- you cannot carry it over in full.

>> No.50479230

>genocide the Supernatural setting to have seven billion infinite-use souls.

That's literally what they are, though. The souls will eventually heal from damage and restore themselves. I mean, the jump itself offers a way to tap souls without destroying them in the form of Soul Channeling.

>> No.50479246

Ah, but it's not in the battery. Also I usually don't use it for mantra, though that is a possibility; the power that comes out is electricity that I convert to whatever I need. (Usually it's an integral part of Sajuuk's giant AND THE HORSE YOU RODE IN ON beam.)

Moreover, that's for the towers that collect prayer energy, I think? Basically they won't magically pop up in your next jump, so you have to rebuild it from scratch?


I hate Supernatural for all new reasons now. So I can put the native souls there through literally ANYTHING and they will eventually heal to 100% usefulness again? If that isn't ridiculously abusable I don't know what is.

>> No.50479252

Why? I don't see anything even slightly superhuman in this fight until Wyzen becomes planet-sized. Anything above that level required massive amounts of infrastructure.


>> No.50479259

That's a useful first step, thanks.

>> No.50479280

Alternately, if your the morally dubious sort (and the five minute thing holds), convert the population of Coruscant into a Philosophers Stone then duplicate each month with cheat mode. It should provide enough souls to permanently maintain level 8.

>> No.50479287

>ANYTHING and they will eventually heal to 100% usefulness again?
Probably, but most things that use souls require them to be destroyed. Also, we're not given a time-frame, so it could be anywhere from one month to 66 million years until it's restored to fully-functional.

>> No.50479314

You must have an incredibly strange definition of "superhuman".

>> No.50479318

>literally ANYTHING
Eh, I wouldn't say literally anything. They were made by a weak-ass "God" (relatively speaking), so they should be harmed by fiat or anything that can destroy a universe (at minimum). That's admittedly a pretty high bar, but the creator definitely isn't omnipotent in that setting. Oddly enough, they /can/ be corrupted (demons), which they won't heal from, and which for some reason revokes their invulnerability.

>> No.50479331

2076 World Series Baseball Bat- While this looks like a normal baseball bat, rarely something… highly unusual will happen. Whether it’s because you’re lucky, strong, or the bat is possessed by the spirit of baseball itself, it has a chance to send your enemies catapulting through the air when struck with it. When this happens, you can almost swear that you hear a crowd cheering… (100 CP, discount Drop In)

Lorenzo’s Artifact- This weapon, while looking like a normal gamma gun- save for the scarab amulet in the weapons dish- has a widely different effect. Rather than shooting radioactive energy, the weapon seems to project a telekinetic force capable of throwing grown men with great force- or even tearing their limbs off. In addition to Lorenzo’s crown, which granted the nearly half a millennium old man telekinetic abilities, superhuman strength and durability, and immortality, this is perhaps one of the greatest pieces of evidence for the existence of the supernatural. (200 CP, discount Drop In)

Kremvh’s Tooth- This blade was used in sacrifices to the great god Ug-Qualtoth, before the Great War- possibly even further than is known- and maybe even after. While the existence of Ug-Qualtoth is unprovable, the deadliness of this blade is- it’s wickedly sharp, capable of cutting deep to spill blood, and it’s even poisonous which deals further damage to the victim. Whether this poison is due to the strange metal the blade is constructed out of, or for some other, stranger, reason, is unknown. (300 CP, discount Drop In)

>> No.50479334

I'm curious. Is that a property of the souls (indestructible regardless of the universe they're in) or a property of the universe (souls in this universe are indestructible)?

>> No.50479337


Drawbacks: Fated Reunion, Heart of the Storm, Strike First, Ask Later, Anomalies, Just A Cloth Wound, Multiple Timeline Convergence (1600)

Major Arcane: The Magician, Strength, The Star (1900)

Dragon Spirit Inheritor, Abnormality (1400)

Rolled Yokosuka

Borrowing The Elements: Void (Free)
Reflecting Nature: Determination (Free)
Sleeping Dragon (1300)
The Elements, Revealed (1200)
The Dragon Wakes (1000)
The Will of Heaven (800)
The Magatama (Free)
Dragon Jade (500)
Established Connections: Ryofu Housen, Kan'u Unchou, Ryuubi Gentoku, Hakufu Sonsaku, Chinkyuu Koudai (0)

I'm still reeling from how apparently inaccurate my assumptions about this place were. I expected Servant battles, but from Chinese folklore.

I got...extreme befriending, curvy schoolgirls and an unreasonable amount of sexual harassment.

Why can fate apparently NOT be broken to avoid a tragic death but CAN, apparently, be broken for the spirits of ancient generals and warriors to go full skinship on each other? Was Guan Yu a little girl on the inside all along in this universe? Fortunately for everyone involved, Fate generally implodes or goes my way when I come to town-otherwise all this Lu Bu pursuit would've been ultimately POINTLESS.

Seriously, is the country not going to do ANYTHING about the fact that the student body has been suddenly taken over by actual criminals? You'd think Japan would take notice of this stuff more, but no.

SOMEONE's gotta act like their mythology counterpart around here. So while everyone's just charging up their supers, I'll use the true power of nonexistence to tiptoe behind them and tie their shoelaces together.

>> No.50479340

Alien Blaster- This highly advanced energy weapon is indisputably of extraterrestrial origin, and fires slow moving, blue bolts of energy capable of burning living beings to ash. Unfortunately, its alien nature means that ammo is precious- though perhaps someone with the right know-how can modify it to run off something more earthly, or may even reverse engineer its alien ammunition? (400 CP, discount Drop In)

>> No.50479349

"Superhuman" doesn't mean what it used to, anon.

>> No.50479358

Whoops, that was [Ikki Tousen]

[Spirited Away]

The Spirit Realm's Follies: Crossing the Rubicon, The Obsessive ShadowX2, Spirit Theft: Ability not to get drunk (1600)

The Scenario Shifts: 永遠の霜月祭り (1800)

Yaoyorozu-no-kami, old enough to get drunk

That one bathhouse

Kamuy (Free)
Kamigakari (1700)
Chinkon (1500)
Yorishiro (1200)
Ethereal Architecture (1000)
Train Ticket, Station Number Six (800)
The Art of Manipulating Paper (600)
A Witch's Loom (400)
Medicinal Annuals: Purification Necessities (300)
Complete Collection of Spirit Cooking Techniques (200)
Zoumen Masks (100)
A Quartet of Bath Tokens (50)
Local Spirit: The Obsessive Shadow (0)

I...I feel so wuxia-blueballed. No, it's not you guys' fault. I'm just disappointed, that's all.

I need to RELAX, dammit. I need RELEASE, and I know what that means.

I'm booking the best damn room in this bathhouse, we're gonna break out the spirit cocaine and get shitfaced like it's the Sengoku period. I'm a frustrated void elemental dragon who feels like he paid in more than gold just now, they're a bunch of schoolgirls who just survived a fate-ordained Hunger Games and this is JACKASS.

>the next morning

Oh hai Threnos, how's your spiritual life? Because mine's looking up! Anyway yeah, experiment, sure-by the looks of this room, I should probably get outta here before that poor girl sees something she can't unsee. Hey, I'm intemperate not dense.

...and uh. Huh. There's No-Face, strolling in my general direction. Making a beeline for the most powerful source of spiritual energy in the universe, go figure.

I don't care what the experiment is, I'm totally signing up for it if it means making a strategic retreat for now.

>> No.50479365


Drawbacks: Veiled Aggression, Not A Safe Place In Sight (1500)

Major Arcana: Death (1600)

Rolled Million Island

Experimental Test Subject, age 24

The Need For Speed (Free)
What Is Aerodynamics? (1500)
Phantom Racer (1300)
Magicite Tuner (1000)
The Dungeon Delver's Shack (900)
-A Small Pond (850)
-Sculpture Museum (800)
-That Black Mage Left A Cauldron (700)
Komega Relay Magicite (500)
The Accursed Bottle (300)
The Shopkeeper's Bell (0)

"Hello Jumper, would you like to play a game?" asked the Benefactor.

"S-sure?" I replied.

"Great! The game of the decade is: Reaper Thunderdome!"


"Two deaths enter, one death leaves!"

"I don't understand, why is my avatar chained up next to this TV screen in a dungeon-"


Some say I've tokyo drifted into the afterlife because the trains weren't going fast enough, and that I hold dominion over all paperwork not filed correctly by the Japanese municipalities due to an obscure loophole in the Mandate of Heaven. All they know is, I'm called the Stig.


...and once again, I am both completely out of my depth and lost for words. I expected to, you know. Have to breed chocobos. Instead I'm trying to escape a slasher flick shot by the kid from Home Alone.

Go, Umor! I choose you!

>Reaper used Dark Harvest!
>It wasn't very effective...
>Umor used Godflay!
>It missed!
>Everyone fainted!

>> No.50479380

What's this for?

>> No.50479381

...Fuck it's going to be fucking ironic when everything else ends up being finished before this jump is.

>> No.50479383

^Final Fantasy: Chocobo's Dungeon


Drawbacks: The Long Night of No Solace, Children of the Night, Hungry, Hungry Monsters (1600)

It Came From The Abyss: The Shadows Shift, Mirror Match (1800)

Yatou Remnants

With Death In Mind (Free)
Night Killer (1700)
Vanishment of Void (1500)
Edge of Indulgence (1200)
"Immortalise Breakdown" (1100)
Concentration (900)
Nightfall (700)
Ms. Eltnam (600)
EXS Skill (Free)
-EXS of the Devourer (500)
-EXS Infinite Worth (300)
Fragment of the Abyss (0)

Huh. These Void things kinda look like Anti-Spiral lifeforms. Neat! Pity about the endless hunger and stuck in another realm of existence thing, though.

Oh well. Sun's gone out, time to put another sun up there. Brigit, Solaire-you guys take shifts on being-the-Sun duty until Fair Eyes finishes building a replacement dimensional star engine thingy. This is a fighting game, so obviously I'm going to sit around giving public lectures about climate change and the need for terraforming in a post-industrial socie-

-oh, fine. Sunny, you can take the new girls, and Facey as an adventuring party to go attack the darkness or whatever, once Fair's done. Go ahead. Waste your talents on trivialities when you could have used your powers for SCIENCE! See if I care!

I'll be over here settling things with my shadowy doppleganger like a civilised cosmic entity: Through a dance-off.

A HOLY DANCE-off, mind you-so it's still gonna be pretty intense.

>> No.50479385

Fallout 4.

>> No.50479388

Fallout 4 update I'm guessing, based on the items.

>> No.50479392

Hey Young Justice Anon I have a question about Avenger's EMH. If you take the last avenger drawback. If you pay to import your companions are they still stuck in the past or do they actually come with you to the alternate future?

>> No.50479397

They're stuck in the other world.

>> No.50479398

^Under Night In-Birth

Nope, but have a build:

[Madness Combat]

The Savior, age 24 (900)

Expert Aim (Free)
Preacher (800)
Telekinesis (600)
Holy Man (300)
Binary Sword (Free)
Halo (0)

Wow, this place is literally Ravenloft.

Okay. Not. Amused.

Vacation's fucking over.

Nevada just won itself a 24 hour guilt-searing holy light show. If anyone's still conscious after an hour, they get a free portal to the Mexican border.

Everyone else gets the kid-with-a-magnifying-glass treatment. Starting with that damn clown.




Lots of math.

>> No.50479407


Drawbacks: Parody of Utopia, Parade of Terror, Pleasure Is On SaleX4: Conviction, Compassion, Temperance, Valor (1600)

The Psychiatrist

Roppongi Sky Aquarium

Cold Reader (Free)
Gentle Coercion (1500)
Slip of the Mind (1300)
Unconscious Fantasy (1000)
Synthesis Item: Dreamscape Navigator (950)
-Yume Nikki (900)
-Samhain (600)
-Soothing Visions (550)
-Form Fits Fantasy (500)
-Dreamcatcher (400)
-Guardian Angels (300)
DC Mini-Anaphylaxis Mode (100)
Dream Eater (0)

...I think my Elemental Poles are having an allergic reaction to the concentrated mental energy here. This doesn't bode well for the dreampocalypse.

Oh, yeah. The dreampocalypse. Reality restructuring events are always easier to make worse accidentally than better so-we'll focus on containment and evacuation, bankroll a few governments to requisition the infrastructure we'll need to build dreamproofed spirit-sanctuaries. Zatanna ought to be able to whip something up with the Dreamstone, Elodie can intervene away premature outbreaks and I'll...actually be better off in the field dropping hints to Paprika, lest I go crazy in my office somewhere andFUCK RUN IT'S A PARADE OF NYARLATHOTEPS.

Back! Back, foul beasts! The power of the fork compels you! Go for the tentacles, baku!

Okay, they're gone. Those creepy schoolgirls are someone else's problem now.

Actually, this reminds me. I've spent centuries providing master-classes in interspecies etiquette to teach the Great Ones how better to relate to humans. Genetic engineering was involved, and since things are going to get /crazy/ in due time-while I'm still mostly lucid I should call up some of my better students to stabilise the dreams as a whole, let things cool down without too much psyche damage-maybe even corner the Chairman for Zat to zap.

Though Great One slimes (pic related) are the most crucial contribution for insanity-proofing the plot relevant, as living hats.

Also known as Cute Ones.

>> No.50479408

Oh, okay.

>> No.50479412


I'm mildly amused you managed to sign yourself up for hot springs management and somehow went for Reaper Thunderdome instead of Death Races.

>> No.50479413

There's really no way to test for that.

Supernatural gets meta at times, but it's never gotten /that/ meta.

On a related note, the process of turning a human soul into a demon actually removes their indestructible nature.

And tearing out an angel's Grace makes them virtually identical to humans.
But angels with a Grace can be destroyed.

There's really a lot more to the metaphysics of Supernatural than simply collecting batteries.
I for one want to see what happens if you tear out an angel's Grace, turn them into a demon, and then return the Grace.

>> No.50479415

Alright it's what I figured but I also figured there was no harm in asking.

>> No.50479426

Drawbacks: In a World of Myths, The Corruption, Through The Eyes of Another (1600)
Scenario: 궁하면 통한다 (1800)

The Western Capital of Pretenica

Amhaengeosa, age 18

Furtive Investigation (Free)

Sentencing (1600)

Badge of Office (1300)

Manipulating the Human Condition (1100)

A World with No Borders (500)

Careless Whispers (300)

The Mapae (Free)

Scattered Journal of a Wandering Warrior (100)

The Original Survivors: Chun Hyang, Marlene von Lucid (0)

The Benefactor has a strange sense of humour, because after the wildest ride of the century-it all comes full circle. A land with apparently appropriate mythological malarkey going on-and almost no whacky schoolgirls anywhere to be found.


...nah, I'd rather do drugs with Threnos and my latest recruits-if only to field test all the whacky dream technology I got last jump. Metatron-while I'm gone I charge you with the sacred duty of going up to Aji Tae and shooting him in the dick whenever he does something edgy. Guy's way too cocky just for having one Almighty attack and one Null skill.

And the scenario looks to be taking a long, long time away from this meeting so-that's all for now, I guess.

>> No.50479446

Ebi's weird spaghetti face is cute in miniature.

>> No.50479455

>And tearing out an angel's Grace makes them virtually identical to humans.
Doesn't it literally make them humans, with soul and everything? There's no way to know for sure if it's a property of the angel or the grace that allows them to restore their status,

>> No.50479457

You do carry over imported items right? Since you can apply the things you bought to imported items, but you get to keep the things you bought.

>> No.50479466


Well, part of me does! The human fleshy part I rarely ever extrude. The part I'd rather /keep away from hungry, hungry shadow spirits/ for the duration of my employment.

Seriously, someone with a strong sense of personal space please do me a favor and jump in No-Face's mouth. It'll be temporary, I swear.

>Reaper Thunderdome instead of Death Races



(But with more reapers and death traps)

>> No.50479469

Yes, imported items carry over.

>> No.50479471

Might be that the souls are indestructible, but not immutable - so alterations are possible - to the point of removing the indestructibility even, but until that's done you can't simply 'destroy' them. I'm imagining it like a perfect defense score, but you could still hit them with debuffs or stat changes to make them vulnerable.

>> No.50479488

What jump is this?

>> No.50479508

Final Fantasy: Chocobo's Dungeon.

>> No.50479657

Since when is something not being able to be destroyed in supernatural, a place infamous for how pathetic it's 'God' characters are, mean it's indestructible?

>> No.50479667

Being generous there. We're told it took an immense amount of time for him to make even that one universe, so I expect the minimum is far far lower then that. Considering it only takes a few supernovas to kill him, I'd say that's about the max you'd have to put out.

>> No.50479676

Oh, fuck. That's actually what I meant to say.

>> No.50479703

Yorokonde was doing it and now I'm probably doing it.

>> No.50479724

>pathetic it's 'God' characters are
Say what you will, but its 'God' characters are certainly not "pathetic". Are they as strong as most universal entities? No, but they can still affect universes.

Asura's Wrath doesn't even come close to that until you reach THE top-tier, and purification certainly isn't comparable to even mid-tier angels.

>> No.50479811

So um when location roll says free choice, does it mean anywhere in setting/series or any of the other possible roll locations

>> No.50479824

That's pretty much point for point, if not word for word, how I think of it.

Fuckin' creepy.

>> No.50479860

>still affect universes
If you give them a few thousand years at least then yeah sure. They're pretty pathetic when a fight between two of it's top tiers was evenly matched until a handful of guys who at best could scorch half a planet's surface came along and helped one get beat. Heck, even 'death' was only able to make a lunar eclipse.

>> No.50479865

You were answered already.

>> No.50479867

Here you go anon: http://imgur.com/gallery/zXlmi

It's beautiful.

>> No.50480003

Credit where it's due, Death actually did convince me he was the no-bullshit universal kind of cosmic being right up until Season 11.

Which is more than I can say for Chuck "I got choked out to the verge of death by black smoke" McYHVH or Amara "Angels gave me a serious wound, at a point in the series where angels are basically redshirts" McDarkness.

>> No.50480035

In defense of Amara, she has nice tits and she wasn't afraid to bring the cleavage game.

>> No.50480075


The whole season was bad fanfiction tier. I know that's a common pejorative, but the whole season felt like bad fanfiction. Amara though at least brought some fanservice. I can't tell you the last time we had an actress who was fun to look at. Sure, Sam and Dean are eye candy a plenty for some crowds but I can't tell you the last time that show had a decent rack on there. Let alone regularly.

>> No.50480083

Oh, definitely. Up until he got worfed to death, Death was probably the coolest cat in the series. Every episode he was in was improved immensely.

>> No.50480097

Killing off Death was my biggest WTF moment in that series in a long time. He was an interesting character, he added depth and there was a good canonical reason to not bring him in every time Sam and Dean need help. Killing him off was a waste. The reaper they've got filling in for Death now is boring as shit.

>> No.50480114

Wait for him to be ressurected and now called something cheesy like "Hope" or "Life"

>> No.50480135

It's too early in the day for either vomiting or sputtering rage, anon. Don't do that shit.

>> No.50480211

Naw son, might as well get that bile ready.

IIRC some reaper told Sam and Dean there's a new Death and he isn't gonna give them second chances (pffft). Apparently Old Death was a pretty good boss and all the reapers are pissed at the boys, no surprise.

>> No.50480228

If there's anything I learned about series that are not comedy and go past 5th season, if they aren't anime... is that past that point the bike starts increasing exponentially

>> No.50480237

Most of my concerns have already been brought up by others, but...

>Fastest Thing Alive
Why would anyone take Gliding over Flying, if they're at the same speed anyway?

>> No.50480256

And by BIKE I meant BILE.

>> No.50480258

That's obviously not the case, though, because in at least one possible universe someone successfully destroyed every other possible iniverse.

>> No.50480385

I'm not sure it's worth 300-600 CP to get an alternate movement type on top of your super speed. Maybe allow additional types to be purchased for lower cost?

I'm also not sure that I'd ever spend 600-1200 CP on a speed perk that didn't break Mach 10.

>> No.50480401

Try to keep that inter jump balancing under your hat anon.

>> No.50480461

Are we doing this, Jan-chan?

>> No.50480481

Not him, but he has a point

>I'm also not sure that I'd ever spend 600-1200 CP on a speed perk that didn't break Mach 10

Cite proof this ain't no thing in this particular Sonic setting, else it's just you not having a valid argument

>> No.50480496

We have a spirited away jump? It's not on the drive.


Hey digger I know I've been asking these a lot, but I have a question about overlapping features on transformation devices Fused with promotional movie crossover toy, how do I fit a pair of module basements,drill Cuffs, whatever I'm manifesting with those Gaia memories and the granted weapons from the chest core metal,would it be fair to say that throwing it into the void relic refiner grants extra switches that allow me to turn whatever it is I'm manifesting with independently, rather than having some big cluttered Popeye style forearms?

>> No.50480645

I'm not asking for it to be Mach 10, because I know he goes Mach 5. I'm saying charging you twice for Sanic speed is too rich for my blood. I'd buy it at 300-600 but not 600-1200.

>> No.50481060


It's based on settings/jumps, I just hate that particular bit of metaspeak

I'll probably give more control and durability for super speed/Fastest Thing Alive, i forgot to put the "yeah you don't splat yourself" part in there

for what it's worth, Spin Attack does let you survive your own impacts, I just didn't know how to write that in
Blast Processing isn't meant to be for you to survive that stuff, it's so you actually move fluidly/smoothly instead of coming to stops/bashing into obstacles (sorta like a newbie sonic player vs. someone who speedruns it)

what's this about 600-1200? If you pay the 300 you get the speed+strength AND the alternate move type
I'm not sure what you're talking about there

You aren't being charged twice? Sanic speed just requires you to invest into running twice and then you're up to his level
I'm not sure where you're getting the idea that you have to buy the capstone twice

>> No.50481157

On the Endless Frontier jump, can we import something like a Zoid or our Transformer body as our Mr Phantom? Or does it have to be strictly a humanoid type mecha?

>> No.50481165

Hey, I know sometimes you miss . My questions on accident,so I'm linking you to my question >>50480496
but if you don't want to answer it and I'm just too autistic to tell the difference which I frequently am just let me know and I will back off.

>> No.50481169


You can import them, no issue!

>> No.50481189

Average American is pic related.

>> No.50481212


I can't quite parse the question enough to actually have an answer, especially cause it's more or less just fanwank

>> No.50481235

Yeah, when half you population are malnourished twigs and the other half are lardballs, the average comes out to a healthy weight, yes.

>> No.50481250

well, the question is basically "I have a lot of Instant power armor gimmicks combined together and they all add Something bulky to my arms and legs,Does it all go on at once or is it reasonable to have it be more like I Choose which parts manifest where at what time In the manner of the Astroswitches?"

>> No.50481276

for clarity's sake, the driver in question is.

Promotional Movie Crossover Toy: fusing Reconstructed Driver,
the great battler: warrior G*, supersonic Shield striker,OOO driver,Prototype Ranger Belt,
add a hand Autor-600 100 taken from gear stipend finally replacing the old devil arms belt.

*a heavily upgraded and almost version of big fau Who's been imported almost everywhere.

>> No.50481389

On a side note , Could I use promotional movie crossover toy on the connect shooter to let it implant Astroswitch ports into people?

>> No.50481480

So, i don't know mich about Exalted but what's the big deal about Manses? Am I missing anything, or are they just really, really advanced forms of feng shui?

>> No.50481504

>i don't know mich about Exalted but what's the big deal about Manses
You see, anon, once a month an Exalted goes through a special time in xer biology. . .

>> No.50481626

They are buildings that harvest an abundance of one type of energy, usually the same kind as the exalt. Manses can create a gem with varying effects/boosts/abilities by concentrating that power, which when slotted into attuned artifacts let you use said buffs while also being able to get the manse's essence replenishment increase even when not present. Manses are calvinball in how you can build them, so the canon examples run the gauntlet between a bunch of spiderwebs, soaring castles, and fleshy living abominations.

>> No.50481665

They're /basically/ super-magic feng shui, yes.

But since they're build on Demesnes, they're actually channeling a whole lot of magical power.

Standing within them give you four times their 'rating' in motes every hour, and everyone attuned to them can get that. This gives you from 4 to 20 essence, depending on how powerful it is (those on offer in jumps seem to be 5-dots, so 20 motes), on top of the natural regaining of essence which is a max of 8 if you're meditating/asleep, and decreases with activity.

They also produce Hearthstones, which are gems with a magic power that give you twice the Manse's rating in essence while carried/set in an artifact. These can also be used to power some big magitech things, like warstriders or essence-based siege-weapons.

In addition to the base powers, all of them also get a whole bunch of special 'Manse Powers'. Which can include (but are not limited to) having a good library, magical convencies like automatic doors, bound servant demons, holograms and magical music from nowhere, powerful illusions that can affect all the senses, constantly shifting internal architecture, being outside fate, being a super-temple, automated mass-producing workshops, stopping/enhancing sorcery cast inside, sensing people's thoughts inside, floating in the air as a floating castle, having literally indestructable walls (though the 'feng shui' can still be disturbed), being a sentient, living being in addition to a building, binding the wills of everyone who enters, and fucking with the laws of nature to make gravity not a thing or other fun uses reality-fuckery.

>> No.50481689

It's actually a little more involved than that. Early on, KLK does use the same fanservice emphasis as is common, but as the show goes on it's not the amount of shown skin that decreases- if anything, more comes out (female /and/ male) -but rather it's the camera positioning that changes.

Further in, instead of zooming in and going "look at this look at this!" the camera just hangs back like "This is normal. People have bodies. Why is everyone so worked up?" The scary thing is it /works/. The show feels less and less sleazy until you only realize everyone is naked halfway through a scene. Imaishi really knows what he's doing, and what he's doing in KLK is playing with expectations. This is only one example.

There is some hyperbole in the second paragraph, but not much.

>> No.50481769

I must have misread it. I thought you had to purchase the perk multiple times to stack its effects.

>> No.50481833

>Imaishi really knew what he was doing with KlK, and what he's doing in KLK is playing with expectations.

Imaishi also did Re: Cutey Honey and that's not exactly a wellspring of any depth. He didn't come out of the gate making bold moves, he's no savant. By the same token I'll grant you that his more recent efforts have tried to include some depth to go along with the flash.

>> No.50481964

Your fix is pretty redundant, friend. "Knows" is present tense, referring to his current state.

I mean, maybe KLK is old enough now that it shouldn't be counted as current, but that's a different argument.

>> No.50482373

What would you do if another CYOA entity offered you to give up your current chain and losing all your powers and companions in exchange of getting the benefits of another CYOA of your choice?

>> No.50482404

Tell them to shove it, I like my choice and I'm sticking with it.

>> No.50482463

Laugh in their face.

>> No.50482538

Quick question is there a The Darkness Jump Yet? Cause I don't see one and being a Host of The Angelus/Host of The Darkness sounds like an awesome Jump.
Also do we have a Witchblade Jump? I don't care if it's the anime or the comics that'd be awesome to Jump.

>> No.50482609

Depends. What CYOA, and how far in the chain am I?

>> No.50482785

I'd do it, take the old Worm CYOA, then take the Kaleidoscope power (among other things). Bam, instant spark.

>> No.50482808

This guy gets it >>50482785

Anything bellow the Worm CYOA is a waste of time.

>> No.50482859

No, 2/3 of the population is overweight or obese and more of those are obese than jus overweight.

>> No.50482890

Sounds boring. I'd rather take everything but Kaleidoscope.

>> No.50483008

Is CYOA Gen invading?

>> No.50483020

>The nerfwhore is awake

Remember to ask to remove the Devil-tiger, it's too OP. Or exaltations as a whole.

>> No.50483026

Whip out my CP enhance/d/ powers, leave a stamp on the other CYOA makers face, and throw my OG /jc/ signs.

Jump-chain Lyfe.

>> No.50483045

Nah, just a new form of recursive bait for and from our resident bottom feeder: >>50483020

>> No.50483079

Since there was already a body Mod discussion earlier in the thread, it felt like now was a good time to ask this.

In regards to the builds (light, medium, heavy) I have a lot of trouble getting a mental image of what each Build looks like, I guess shoulder width is just something I don't pay attention to. Can someone tell me some characters who are good examples of the respective Buildso? I know it's a hassle but it'd be a big help.

>> No.50483081

Dan Gerous is back everyone! And this time he had a friend!

Jump 3: Imaginary Friend

+ For a better tomorrow... we raise arms against the night
+ Darn, cussing, dang, dummy, butt, poop
(+700, 1700)

Origin: Nightmare (100, 1600)

+ Get 'em Hobbes! (600, 1000)
+ But the Monster's in there! (Free)
+ But I just saw him! Right over there! (100, 900)
+ One, two he's coming for you (400, 500)

+ Ticklestitch (300, 200)
+ Creepy Dolls (Free)
+ Horror Hounds (200, 0)


It's a little short, at least by my standards, but I think it's still pretty good. I hope you all enjoy creepy time.

>> No.50483208

Look at JoJo

Johnathan for heavy, Josuke for medium and Giriono for light

>> No.50483216

Anyone got the link to the boons you get for being the son of nyarlathotep in Percy Jackson? I know it's been posted but I've lost my link to the thread that had it.

>> No.50483297

/jc/ is property of /cyoag/. You never left.

>> No.50483305


>> No.50483306

This is just how I see it, but... One Piece's Luffy to RE1 Chris would be valid for Light, KOF's Kyo Kusanagi to RE5 Chris would be valid for Medium, while Asura's Wrath's Asura to Zangief would be valid for Heavy. Height's a separate "stat" so these aren't one and done absolutes, and the potential overlap between neighbouring categories is deliberate.

>> No.50483339

Thank you.

>> No.50483348

...Experimental Test Subject

.....slightly bemused at your vacation builds. I would've thought Demon / Outlier / Void / ok ETS / ...ok Yaoyorozu / Strategist would've fit you better instead haha.

>> No.50483407


>> No.50483516

>W40k: Freelancer
>Heroic Age
>Generic Sbrub
>Dragon Ball
>Tenchi Muyo!
>Asura's Wrath

Are these all the end-jumps?

>> No.50483581

DeSu2 and one of the Bomberman also have endgame options.

>> No.50483869

I don't suppose there are any other jumps in the same multiverse as Dragonball? I want to go there, but I'm planning to take Green Lagann as an end jump.

>> No.50483936

Are there any unclaimed MtG planes that would make good jumps?

>> No.50483989

Well, if you absolutely must, you can use Ranma 1/2's fanfic drawback and go to a crossover.
Just don't tell us if you do.

>> No.50484010

Are Kamigawa, Dominaria, or Alara claimed?

>> No.50484025

One piece and toriko have a crossover episode with dragonball.

>> No.50484131

Just make a Dragonball Jump. Quicksilver's is DBZ, and nobody's going to care if you make one which is just Dragonball.

You could also make Dragonball Online if you really don't want to make Dragonball Classic.

>> No.50484142

>nobody's going to care if you make one which is just Dragonball.
You new here?

>> No.50484297

Ok, let me rephrase that. If you make one that's just Dragonball, a couple people will throw a shit-fit, but next thread they'll give up, and the thread after that everyone will be using it as a staple of their Chains.

>> No.50484311

Quicksilver's is all of Dragonball manga and Xenoverse, not just DBZ.

>> No.50484325

Only in the same way Manyfist's Transformers is all of the Transformers franchise.

>> No.50484349

No, you start in Dragonball and progress through DBZ. Unless you mean Xenoverse, in which case fair point I guess.

>> No.50484377


Actually the Dragonball end jump starts at the beginning of Dragonball. So you would need to deal with that issue, or start it pre-Dragonball.

Although an option to visit Dragonball Earth during King Piccolo's original reign of terror seems like it would be interesting if possible.

Dragonball Online however technically isn't covered.

Also Doctor Slump and Jaco the Galactic Policeman take place in the same setting. So if someone made jumps for those that would be another option. At minimum their probably different enough than all the Nasuverse jumps.

>> No.50484445

None of those are claimed that I'm aware of.

>> No.50484491

So we've all had stories about Jumpers going mad with power.

But what about your companions? Have they ever gone mad with power?

>> No.50484503

Tell them to fuck off. I rather like my companions.

>> No.50484556

Seconded. The eventual rewards of jumpchain pretty much outstrips other CYOAs, I'm not going to give up my family, and frankly the journey is as fun as the promised destination.

>> No.50484614

Frisk with cupid powers. Thanks to her meddling, there were at least twice as many couples as there would have been before, and that was only with the cast of the jumps we visited! Who knows what effect she had on the common population. Didn't help that some of the couples she helped form were villain couples, which made them even more of a threat then before.

>> No.50484849

Who are the best latin waifus?

>> No.50484870

What, you mean outside the bedroom?

I kid, I kid. Not really. Send help.

I don't tend to Companion people who go mad with power, insane in the membrane, and what have you.

Except Tak from Invader Zim. Whoo boy she's a live wire even after some mellowing. She got /really/ into the whole shapeshifter act once she got handed a near-invisibility stealth and then Doppleganger shapeshifting from Forgotten Realms. She grew fond of sneaking up on people, turning into them, and then just following them around for as long as possible. I told her to cut it out, she was being creepy. She just giggled and found a new game to play.

Then there was the phase she went through in Gravity Falls where she would impersonate myself or one of my Companions so well that none of us could tell the difference until the real one walked through the door. Sometimes /she/ would walk in dressed as someone else and then accuse the real person of being an imposer. Yes, this did lead to shenanigans on a regular basis.

Note to all future selves: Don't give borderline evil, highly intelligent beings advanced shapeshifting powers.

>> No.50484936

>The kind of body most common in actual strongmen.
What are you smoking?

>> No.50484951

Her haircut disqualifies that thing from being human.

>> No.50484974


Usually I pick companions that wouldn't really betray me or backstab me (Vyers doesn't really count because I'm working on winning his respect right now), although Whimsy is a little shit sometimes and likes to prank people and rearrange things when their back is turned.

Her pranks range from "annoying" to "holy fuck. STOP." I'm a little terrified what she'll do with the powers she'll get in the future.

>> No.50485001

>Implying only humans make good waifus

>> No.50485008

Well, I kind of wanted and groomed most of them to go crazy with their holdings (Elodie and her military dictatorship, Riley and her 36km Fleshmetal pet) so I'm not too sure it really applies here. The closest is the Devoted Host becoming a tad proactive in furthering my interests after I upgraded them with a fuckton of magitech, despite me mostly wanting them to just look cool. And by proactive I mean they'll conquer small nations overnight just because I didn't order them not to.

>> No.50485016

From being a person, then.

>> No.50485144

Tumblr likely.

>> No.50485168

It's a shitty haircut, sure, but I'm pretty sure shitty haircuts don't negate personhood.

>> No.50485211

Anon, that kind of statement is a hyperbolic expression of disgust.

>> No.50485266

I wasn't gonna say anything, but you've got a point.
The Masculine/Feminine line is really just a measure of body fat and maybe… body breadth? width?

I forget the word.

Ectomorph looks like a guy who has to work his ass off for every last ounce of muscle, while the Mesomorph just looks like a generic bodybuilder.
Endmorph reminds me of Björnsson or Pudzianowski.
Or a fukken spess mahreen.

>> No.50485325

Honestly, yeah, the thicker body DOES look like a Space Marine. Emps knew his stuff.

>> No.50485427

Picture related

>> No.50485442

In the Ragnarok Online jump, there are bard and dancer perks. I think bards are the male version of that class, while dancers are the female version. Does this prevent me from grabbing cp buys from both?

>> No.50485448

That's a Custodes, senpai. Also known as the Space Marine's superior, custom-made older brothers. They're basically above regular space marines but below primarchs in power. Also, they're given better education, and things like political and stealth training too so they're smarter at that.

>> No.50485470


>> No.50485479

Did we ever get a Soace Station 13 Jump?

>> No.50485482


>> No.50485488


This is too fitting with the latest chapter of Magi, as the entire world happily prepares for collective suicide.

>> No.50485528

I wonder if that jump should be updated so post-timeskip becomes an end scenario.

>> No.50485541

Joke related to Emperor's Text To Speech

>> No.50485560

My chain is more or less a cosmic road trip

'Mad with power' shenanigans are given.

>> No.50485607

You'd need a very specific set of preparations in order to survive it though, given that Sinbad confirmed there's a fuckton of people like him (aka YHVH) in all sorts of different worlds. What he does to people is basically like what Tsukishima did in Bleach, except where Tsukishima rewrote people's memories, Sinbad remade their souls and fundamental being (since he can play with LCL-Rukh).

There's about the time span of a "month" to maybe "several months" where Sinbad hasn't reached the Palace and attained his YHVH switching ability. But if Sinbad doesn't reach the Palace, it's debatable that UGO will destroy the world instead (since he's gone crazy out of solitude and believes the world's order need to be maintained by letting Al Thamen continually destroy what is built up - then destroying and remaking Al Thamen. He's essentially playing balance the scales with human lives over and over again.)

>> No.50485675

Well the first of the two who made it, JoJo, is no longer with us. And when pressed on it, the other person who made it told everybody to fuck off. Said person was Wild_Card.

>> No.50485678

What are some jumps have timestop perks? I know of a few but almost all of those jumps have other perks that I want much more.

>> No.50485682

Might be something like how thin women without curves are seen as boyish.

>> No.50485695

So, basically we need to play the old game of don't mess with the plot, right?

>> No.50485710

What a terrible world it is.

>> No.50485711


>> No.50485719

Would Adaptive Body from GoW eventually enable me to use stronger AT Fields without Waveform Anatomy?

>> No.50485736

Dishonored, Bayonetta, Teen Titans, Supernatural, JoJo, etc.

>> No.50485737

Only true time manipulation ability I can think of is the one from Touhou. Bayonetta and DMC both have abilities that let you pause it for a few seconds and the DMC one can slow it pretty much indefinitely, I think. Can probably get a stand that lets you stop it for a few seconds. I think Fate/ may have one somewhere.

Overlord and D&D have spells that can do it. High-end Dresden magic also includes time fuckery.

>> No.50485748

More like don't go for the endgame. The author seems to be leaning towards either a complete 2 men against the world asspull, or an Evangelion ending with Sinbad being super Shinji as everyone else besides Aladdin/Alibaba (Asuka) exploding into Rukh (LCL)

Then they're going to ascend to the next plane as Sinbad continues his god devouring streak.

>> No.50485755

>Teen Titans, Supernatural,

>> No.50485778

Oh and Blue Magic from pretty crazy, if likely somewhat cost-intensive time manipulation with Blue magic. One guy, after losing his Planeswalker spark and the power that came with it, still managed to phase an entire continent out of time.

>> No.50485793

From MtG, my bad.

>> No.50485803

>inb4 shitposter screeching
Fanwank something.

Not that anon, but Raven stopped time for a little bit once.
About when the Trigon arc started.

>> No.50485807

>after losing his Planeswalker spark and the power that came with it
How did that happen, and are Oldwalker sparks immune to that?

>> No.50485814

Honestly, for shit like that, when a series goes off the rails I just retcon it away. The jump is still jumpable, if you fee so inclined you can just fiddle with the narrative or timeline to suit your purpose.

Shit like that is what houseruling is for.

>> No.50485823


>Teen Titans

I think their referring to a time where Raven once stopped time, but I think that was one of those occurred once and then was forgotten things.

>> No.50485827

I don't think half-Demons have access to all the powers Raven had. I mean, Raven killed/banished Trigon at the end of that arc, didn't she?

>> No.50485847

The Half-Demon Origin is literally Raven.
She's a half-demon. And you become her sibling through the origin.

Her mom is some human in another dimension. Her papa is Trigon.

>> No.50485853

You're such a bitter person.

>> No.50485858

He's probably trying to encourage dog piling on a jumpmaker as is his usual strategy.

>> No.50485860

That reminds me. Can someone explain MtG magic to me? I get the part about folors and mana bonds, but the finer details elude me.

Like, how are they cast? Is it incantations or just willing stuff to happen?

And are the cards supposed to represent how much you can do with that equivalent amount of mana? Like, this for instance: http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?action=random
Would casting that drain all the mana from exactly three lands? How long would it take for the to recharge so you can do it again?

And how does summoning work? Is it just thinking about some kind of monster you've seen and you create a replica of it?

>> No.50485891

But this stuff doesn't happen during the 10 years of the jump, so you wouldn't need to do that unless you take the "Rule a kingdom for 60 years" drawback, or carry over a time extending drawback from a different jump, right?

>> No.50485893

Well, it's not like it matters anyway. Wild Card's long gone.

>> No.50485901

The one you get from completing the chain is more powerful than a real one, so I'd bet you're safe. But this guy was an Oldwalker when he lost his Spark.

See, Planeswalkers, back when they were all running around with Oldwalker Sparks, acted much like Jumpers and abused the hell out of their godlike powers. This fucked up the fabric of the multiverse and caused a bunch of rifts in it to appear. These rifts could only be closed via feeding them a Planeswalker spark. After enough of them were sealed, the crisis was averted, but Walkers got needed, and that's where Neowalkers came from.

>> No.50485918

KOTOR said you can permanently reach White Raven's level with like a few centuries of training.

>> No.50485934

Or just have soul immunities and do nothing.

>> No.50485955

>White Raven
das rassis!

>> No.50485960

Huh. Neat.

>> No.50486050

>much like Jumpers and abused the hell out of their godlike powers.

>> No.50486058

Well then I guess there's no point in discussing it, as the jump's never going to be updated and unless you're an idiot, you avoid taking the +600 CP drawback.

>> No.50486078

>unless you're an idiot, you avoid taking the +600 CP drawback.
But that's true for just about every 600+ CP drawback, senpai.

>> No.50486132

...That's a link to a random card.

>Like, how are they cast? Is it incantations or just willing stuff to happen?
It depends on the spell. Most seem to just be willing things to happen, but some require you to hum a tune (of death), or require the pronouncing of ancient syllables and a word of unwaking, or other things.

>And are the cards supposed to represent how much you can do with that equivalent amount of mana?
Basically, yes. They're literally spells that can be cast, with their cost being analogous to the amount of mana they'd cost you.

>Would casting that drain all the mana from exactly three lands? How long would it take for the to recharge so you can do it again?
But MtG casting in the lore is more of pool of magic you can use, though drawn from lands, instead of specific draining out the lands for a time.

>And how does summoning work? Is it just thinking about some kind of monster you've seen and you create a replica of it?
Think so, yeah? Not too knowledgeable about the lore of that myself.

>> No.50486158

>...That's a link to a random card.
Whoops. Don't know how that happened.

>> No.50486265

How do you learn spells(cards) in the setting?

>> No.50486279

So is there an actual Overwatch jump in progress? I know that someone claimed it a while back, but are they working on it or are they just sitting on it?


>> No.50486289

How do you learn magic in any setting? Someone teaches you, or if you're skilled or a prodigy you might be able to intuit the magic from observing it.

>> No.50486301

I heard they wanted to wait till Sombra and her lore was out, but now that it is, I haven't heard of anything.

>> No.50486310

>Think so, yeah? Not too knowledgeable about the lore of that myself.
It depends on the school of magic you're using. A lot of the time it's just conjuring a replica, but some people actually physically summon a creature they've made a deal with beforehand. Druids tend to do that a lot, in the fiction, though non-green casters have done it too.

>> No.50486324

In the Warframe jump, you die if your warframe dies. Does your warframe get your perks (durability, strength, magic, etc)?

If not, can you convert your warframe into armor during the jump as opposed to the auto conversion post-jump?

>> No.50486337

The wiki gives the answer to the summoning question.

It can be both a replica, or the actual thing bound to your will.


Good old-fashioned study.

Though if you're talented/a great wizard, you may be able to assimilate spells you see being cast.

Also, none of the neowalkers seem to do much studying, instead relying mostly on their natural affinities. Even Jace, despite being the supposed /blue/ mage only uses telepathy.

>> No.50486342

God no. The only two that could possibly tempt me are Vampire King, and Magical Realm.
And I'd still choose /jc/.

Dragonball is its' own self-contained multiverse, with "Other universes" and "Alternate time-lines".

Not her.

I just want Pharah and Tracer as Waifus.

>> No.50486344

Yeah, your Warframe gets your perks during the jump.

>> No.50486348

Just find the Moon and unlock your pod, dude.

>> No.50486380

>How do you learn magic in any setting?
It depends. It's definitely not always "someone teaches you" or "you can intuit it if you're skilled or a prodigy".

>> No.50486402

No, those are the only two ways to learn something. "Someone teaches you" or "you figure it out yourself" is kind of binary. I mean, there's variation in ways people teach you or things you observe to learn from, but in the end it boils down to one or the other.

>> No.50486434

So what can fae magic actually /do/ in Dresden Files? They've been talked up in these threads, but I'm not about to give up versatile enchanting and reality warping for some generic elemental powers.

Also, if you purchase Soul Source, could you potentially learn Practitioner magic as a Changeling?

>> No.50486457

Did you forget your trip red? Because I don't remember you making that ruling.

>> No.50486493

The thing is, anon specifically asked how to learn spells. Not all magic/branches of magic are learnable. Fairy Tail or Skulduggery Pleasant magics, for example.

And it's arguable if reaching sudden enlightenment counts as "figuring something out", or being gifted magic by a magic space rock counts as being taught.

>> No.50486530

Most of the Neowalkers are lazy shits who don't even bother to learn spells ans just have an innate talent for one type of magic that's as easy as walking for them to use.

>> No.50486543

It is literally right there in the jump. Gets your perks during the jump, loses them after.

>After you leave this world, should you have turned your Warframe into a remote body or manage to create or control other Warframes simultaneously, you will not be able to channel non-Warframe powers through it.

>> No.50486550

Yes, and? The conversation was about learning magic, so systems of magic that aren't learnable are irrelevant to the discussion. We're talking about magic as knowledge, not magic as innate mystical anatomy.

>> No.50486553

No, I just know how to read and take the time to do it.

>> No.50486573

Again: Yes, and? Like you said, Neowalkers don't learn magic. They just rely on their innate gifts. Anon was asking about learning magic, what does any of this shit about innate magic matter? It's like bringing up birds when someone asked a question about how to fly a helicopter.

>> No.50486589

That's post jump. It doesn't even say "you will no longer"
It's kind of unclear

>> No.50486593

Three years running and seeing Tera burn his hand on a hot stove still makes me chuckle. Thanks, anons, I needed that.

>> No.50486645

Oh I'm not that anon. I was just making a remark a out the canon mages.

>> No.50486648

Tera always reminded me of the pancakes, kid. I don't see him as the malevolent fuckup that most people do, I just see him as incredibly, and adorably, retarded. And mildly dangerous, I'll give you that.


>> No.50486669

I forgot but are you allowed to import weapons into Demon Weapon?

Otherwise I'm going to have a fun time explaining to Tsundachi just who I'm fighting with.

>> No.50486676

All the OW girls are waifuable. Including Ana, Pharah's mom.

>> No.50486693

Why does everyone hate Sombra?

>> No.50486700

In what jump? Soul Eater? Well, you can import a companion as a Demon Weapon in that, so Tsundachi would count.

>> No.50486710

Demon Weapons? Do you mean the ones from Soul Eater? I don't think so, it's not mentioned in the jump after all.

>> No.50486724

No, not all of them.
Sombra, Widowmaker, and Zarya are not waifus.

I hate the way she looks, I hate the way she acts.

>> No.50486735

She's offense yet she has zero offensive abilities. Her hacking requires her to be standing still, its also very slow. She has cloaking and a good Ultimate but that's it.

>> No.50486746

In Blizzard Overwatch, Zarya waifu you.

>> No.50486750


she's kind of married to her work


Asexual only cares about murder


With her you would be the husbando.

>> No.50486763

>With her you would be the husbando.
And that's OK with me.

>> No.50486766

Can't handle her big gun, huh?

>> No.50486793

I picture Zarya as a power bottom. Assuming she doesn't swing for the same team.

>> No.50486800

>So what can fae magic actually /do/ in Dresden Files? They've been talked up in these threads, but I'm not about to give up versatile enchanting and reality warping for some generic elemental powers.
It's hard to explain very well, but the best way I can do it is "narrower but deeper". It's not as versatile on a wide scale as practitioner magic, but it in its own purview, it blows mortal magic out of the damn water. Anything that could potentially fall under "Summer" or "Winter" in a conceptual manner can be accomplished if you're skilled enough. It's also much more "attuned" with reality, making it more effective and harder to dispel; for example, it's somewhat less affected by water and more able to harm Outsiders.

>Also, if you purchase Soul Source, could you potentially learn Practitioner magic as a Changeling?
Doubt it.

>> No.50486826

I just want Overwatch for the Russian's technology alright.

That fucking laser-mini-bomb-gravity-launcher-shield-generator thing is amazing and I want it.

>> No.50486827


>> No.50486836

Or he doesn't like manly jaws.

>> No.50486870

>Barrier's on you, go.
>Get in there.
>Give me your best shot!
>Don't be shy, hit me.
>That's more like it.
>Don't hold back.
>Fire at will!
>That’s the power of attraction.

>> No.50486887

To each their own.

I just played with her for the first time today after a hiatus from Overwatch. She seems to make a damn good flanking guard/ assassin. I mean, you don't actually put any stock into the default categories, right? Like, you don't use Roadhog as a pure tank.

>> No.50486912

Isn't she only that way because she's been mind broken.
Before she was a happily married woman.

Wonder what it would take to restore her to her former self.

>> No.50486915

That's omnic tech. Russia just made friends with them in secret, they get resources while Russia gets tech.

>> No.50486939

Wait, what? I thought you could learn Fairy Tail magic?

What would happen if you took the King-ranked Spellbook from MuTens into the setting?

>> No.50486952

Problem is, her 'former' self would probably become suicidal in a short order.

>> No.50486955

And all the other good tech comes from space gorillas. Well, one space gorilla, the others are jerks.

Anyone ever get the sense that Overwatch was originally supposed to be a more traditional superhero setting? The space gorilla kind of makes it hard for me to think otherwise.

>> No.50486968

Her husbando being alive again because she killed him and that'll seriously haunt someone.

Plus y'know fixing the brainwashing so she doesn't kill him again.

>> No.50486979

Dragon Slayer stuff can't be learned without some weird dragon stuff first changing you. There's probably some others that can't be taught, as well, but most are learnable normally.

>> No.50486992

>And all the other good tech comes from space gorillas. Well, one space gorilla, the others are jerks.

where can I learn more about the other Space gorillas? omnics seem pretty bro after people settled down from the whole race war thing

>> No.50487039

Challenge Accepted.
If this jump ever comes out of course

Someone needs to make that Battleborn jump too before the game dies.

>> No.50487052

Too late.

>> No.50487079

It's Winston's backstory. Scientists were raising gorillas on the moon, for some reason. Something about testing long-term viability of Lunar colonization by seeing how other primates dealt with low gravity conditions, though you'd think you'd want something with faster breeding rates than gorillas if you were doing multi-generational tests. But I digress. Part of the gene therapies they were working on made the gorillas superintelligent. Winston was the smartest of them, which meant he got the most attention from the human researchers, which meant that when the other gorillas rebelled and killed all the humans Winston empathized with humanity and tried to save them. He failed and had to escape to Earth. That's why Winston has glasses. They were actually the glasses of the scientist he was closest to, and he took them as a memento. One of the promotional videos shows baby Winston hanging out with that scientist, it's pretty cute.

>> No.50487096

Well, Exhausted chasing Wakfu away made us lose the Battleborn jump he was making. So score another one for shitheads.

>> No.50487106

SAVE the World or Psychologist.

>> No.50487108

>scientists were raising gorillas on the moon

Would that make them Moon-keys?

>> No.50487114

>Moon of the Apes

>> No.50487120

Point of order: Exhausted chased OAA away, not Wakfu. The in-thread shitposter chased Wakfu away.

>> No.50487153


>> No.50487158

No. Moon-keys have tails. What do they teach you in xenobiology anyway?

>> No.50487169


Man are you unobservant.

>> No.50487177

Not that anon, but I always get the two confused. They look so simian.

>> No.50487184

point of order OAA was not chased away his Internet is just total crap And he hasn't been able to log on.

>> No.50487201

It's just Spyro, anon.

Just give him a headpat and move on, he doesn't know any better.

And you just pay no fucking attention.

Particularly when the guy was deliberately ignoring you during your 5,000,000 Terra Formars questions.

OAA's gone nigga, and he flat-out told /jc/ to fuck off.

>> No.50487204

You are banned from the IRC. How would you know what went down that night? Oh. Right. You don't.

Don't run your mouth, Tera.

>> No.50487232

>OAA's gone nigga

... I know how you meant to write it, but you forgot an apostrophe in there.

It reads something entirely differently now.

>> No.50487244

Please stop.

>> No.50487251


Fuck you, dude. That sent Pepsi through my nose.

>> No.50487280

>OAA's gone nigga

>> No.50487303


>> No.50487307

Wait so all those people saying its dead WHEREN'T shitposting for giggles?
Goddamn it. Only out for like 8 months and it already is doing near dead number of active players. Man PALADINS is doing better than it. What the heck.

Everything I like seems to die or is in the process of dying.

>> No.50487321

It's okay, Fat Dragon. I still love you, even if I question your life choices.

>> No.50487323

So it's your fault Jumpchain is like this now?

>> No.50487332

Nahiri a worst.

>> No.50487341

This is what we call a Nigga Moment.

>> No.50487416

Boondocks jump when?

>> No.50487443

N-no...well it would be a strong contributing factor.
I mean I didn't MEAN for it to do bad stuff.
I just love you guys too much.

>> No.50487468

>I mean I didn't MEAN for it to do bad stuff.
>I just love you guys too much.

Oh shit. Is Fat Dragon a yandere?

>> No.50487474

it's okay. Have some headpats

>> No.50487502

What perks would be good for learning the entire inheritance magic language?

>> No.50487507

...And now I want a tiny dragon.

Quick, /jc/, where could I pick up a tiny dragon like that?

>> No.50487513

NWN. Grab a pseudo-dragon familiar. Any D&D jump has them, but NWN has them in a perk on the cheap.

>> No.50487518

Why haven't we banned that fucker from the IRC? Look, the shitposter's clearly either him or Justiceanon. Ban both because it's the only way to be sure, and nothing of value will be lost. If they're not THE shitposters collaborating, then they're definitely shitposters, even if not Timmy Prime.

>> No.50487523

Grab a Pseudodragon as your familiar in Neverwinter nights.

>> No.50487535

Psst... You're trying too hard.

>> No.50487538

How can I break magic in all of the D&D jumps so I can use the Slayer Handbook to recharge it? I don't have any grand schemes or anything, I just hate Vancian magic and want to remove all traces of it.

>> No.50487543

I need higher energy bait if you want me to raeg, anon.

>> No.50487544

This kind of paranoia is a sign Shitpost Kun is winning and that makes me sad.

>> No.50487556


Last pastebin for it that I recall was essentially complete, wasn't it? ArchiveAnon help, there is a waifu that needs waifuing in there

>> No.50487562

reprogram it*

>> No.50487563

Well, first we're going to need a Dying Earth jump. So make that first. Then go to it and introduce a style of magic that isn't memorize and cast. That way, "Vancian" magic will be something very different.

>> No.50487564

No, anon, that post was shitpost-kun.

>> No.50487568

Go to Teen Titans for Tamaranean, and then just start punching Inheritance elves.

Sure, assimilating languages like that works best with lip-to-lip contact. But any skin contact works eventually, so just keep punching.

>> No.50487593

>But any skin contact works eventually
Really? Can I get a citation or a ruling on that?

>> No.50487597

Forgotten Realms: Kill the Goddess of Magic.

Drsgonlance: Ensure Takhisis is able to hide away the world during the Chaos War. Or destroy the Moons. Warning: Destroying the moons will kill Best Goddess. Please do not kill Best Goddess

Not sure about Dark Sun. Might need to ask Rajaat how he did it.

>> No.50487623

>Or destroy the Moons.
Heavensanon jokes aside, why would you even consider this? The Moons legit did nothing and do nothing wrong. They're the only ones consistently doing what they can to help out mortals in that setting.

>> No.50487651

So I'm about to enter into a long run of superhero jumps and I'm trying to think of names that tie into eyes/sight.
So far I've decide on Insight, Overwatch, and Seer but I was hoping for a few more.
I've considered using Argus as in Argus Panoptes or Balor but neither of them really seem to roll of the tongue.
Any suggestions?

>> No.50487675

The Slantman.

>> No.50487695

Glimpse. Watcher. Observer. Inspector. Prophet.

>> No.50487699

You could make one with enough SCIENCE!
Jurassic Park for a good foundation in fucking with nature, then any cape setting.

No anon. You are the shitposters!
And then shitposter was a Janitor.

>> No.50487701

Oculus? Big Brother? The Look? Blue Steel?

>> No.50487706

>Kill the Goddess of Magic.
How would you even do that?

>> No.50487717

Well, there's Vision, obviously. Then there's Hawkeye, Odin (he sacrificed an eye to gain a shit ton of power), and Occulus.

>> No.50487719


...have you SEEN what utter dicks certain other CYOA entities can be? These days the vast majority of them seem to be some variant of "person who wants to make you comfy", "malevolent eldritch horror" or "waifu". At best, I'll have to politely refuse in the face of the multiverse's infinite possibilities. Or maybe offer to pod them if they're just lonely and can make a good case about pulling their own weight.

And yeah, as others have said even Worm CYOA pales in comparison to some of the possibilities out there if you think on the scale of milennia.

At worst-say, the Quiet CYOA entity or the Seven Sins demons, I'll s̴͘͘͝͏h̸o̵̶͘҉w̡̛͜͡ ̛t̕͠h͏̨͟͟e̶̵̢͜͝m̡̛̀ ̛͟͡t̸̡̀͠͝h̴͘͘e͘͢ ͘͟͠͠t̷̸́͝r͢͜u̴̶̢͝è̵͠ ̸̡̀̕͟f̵o̶̵̴r̕m͠ ҉̕o҉͏̶̀̕f̷̴̨͟ ̡̨̧͜ç҉a̸̴̕n̵̴̸̕͢ḑ͠e͟ļ͢a̶̸̷b̧͜͝r̷̡͘͟͜a̵̕͢͞s̷̴̴̨̀

Also not as far as I know for both.

League of Legends has the tiniest star dragon

>> No.50487722 [DELETED] 

Nice try, Justiceanon. You won't deflect our attention that easily.

>> No.50487724

Can't you just convince her to change the hair cut? She looks pretty cute with it even.

>> No.50487737

>Inheritance elves.
Do they have any redeeming qualities at all? Would they at least make good slaves?

>> No.50487747

Just land somewhere after the Spellplague hits. Bam. Magic is broken for you. No fuss, no muss.


>> No.50487750

They're always right.

>> No.50487751

Most "Gods" in D&D settings are just extremely powerful people, plenty killable if you are sufficiently bullshit.

>> No.50487761

Ajna, the "third eye" chakra

Erlang, the Chinese god (full name Er-Lang Shen), most associated with the third eye

On a similar note, pretty much any Hindu god. Shiva is most associated with the eye, though.

Providence, for the Eye of Providence

>> No.50487762

Thanks guys

>> No.50487767

Nope, sorry. Just seem to remember that being a thing, with other skin contact working but not being as effective.

Even if I'm remembering wrong, punching Inheritance elves is a worthy goal in and of itself anyway.

>> No.50487777

Assuming they don't have the Alter Reality divine power. Because fighting someone who has that is really hard. Not impossible, but you need a much higher level of "sufficiently bullshit" to beat them.

>> No.50487778 [DELETED] 

This isn't"bait". I guarantee that of you ban either of them from the IRC, the shitposting will stop for at least a couple weeks as they wallow in despair.

>> No.50487793

I remember there being one elf was absolutely fed up with the other elves because he was sick of their holier-than-though attitude. I think he was a mid-level villain, if I'm remembering right. He's probably worth saving.

>> No.50487810

>She looks pretty cute with it

>> No.50487816

I wouldn't, and asked him not to, but it is an option.

>> No.50487827

Even the black moon?

>> No.50487833

What's sufficient bullshit to kill My area?

>> No.50487836

Yeah, I guess this: >>50487750
If you want to know what the "right" answer is in context to Inheritance in particular, just ask an elf. Doesn't matter what you ask them, they'll give you the right answer as it pertains to that one single universe. Probably if you made everything just how they wanted it the skies themselves would sing in heavenly choir and all the races of the world would dance, because that universe is fucking awful and everything about it is bad.

Possibly the only universe worse would be Sonichu. Which we also have a jump for.
So a fun thing to do might be to take an Inheritance Elf to Sonichu and just dump them in the middle of the city somewhere.

>> No.50487844

I've done a remarkably good job of not destroying moons this entire chain, anon, and I heeded the warnings not to mess with Dragonlance's moon.

I nearly had it until The Avengers. When Thanos made his debut, the Fuck You Beam also made its debut. Might have chipped off a layer or two of the moon. Still orbiting it, for the most part!


>> No.50487850 [DELETED] 

I still find it amusing that they banned bancho, but the real shitposter is still welcome.

>> No.50487854

Can magic be channeled through a Sword of the Cross? I know it can't have any magic effects on the sword itself, but can I channel magic through it to make, for example, sword beams? Some enemies don't go down if I just cut their head off or stab their heart, they require complete disintegration, and since the Sword of the Cross works really well for fighting powerful enemies with high defense, I figure combining them would work well on some of the more...stubborn enemies in the chain.

>> No.50487859

What made him a villain?

>> No.50487862


They're just uptight because they're biologically immortal and have the patience to match, which means they can hold a grudge centuries, and scheme for millennia.
So now they have all these super specific customs and rules, to keep from offending each other, because they know the other guy might not ever die.

Elves that leave their safe space in the trees eventually relax a little bit, and can be fairly tolerable.

They used to be almost identical to humans, psychologically.
Rhunon's so old that she used to be mortal.
She's the best elf in Inheritance. Because she's really more like a dwarf in spirit.

>> No.50487873

Mystra* dammit.

>> No.50487874

If you're dealing with him, you get a pass, especially since you did so little damage (relatively). Thanos is kind of a fucking monster.

>> No.50487879

I don't remember. I've mostly blotted those books out of my memory. I think it might have just been because his "man, fuck elves" attitude put him in conflict with the elf-fellating protagonists.

>> No.50487881

>Some enemies don't go down if I just cut their head off or stab their heart,
They probably will it you use a Sword of the Cross to do it.

>> No.50487886

You mean, other than the ones that were already mad with power when I recruited them?

Well. Elodie wasn't always the prominent cosmic conscience she frequently acts like now. We're talking about a girl who prospered in magical Game of Thrones after all, in the early days we had a bit of a partners in crime thing going on. Like that time after I did battle with Alduin, and she used our connection to covertly organize the mass soulfarming of Thalmor. While publically announcing her intent to act as a diplomat between men and elves.

Good times. She always did like ruling, and perhaps why we worked together so well was because back then, I was more about living in the moment.

In hindsight, MOTHER was the point where we chose to talk different paths. We had to give everything we had to silence Giygas for good-and I think in discovering her Magicant, she realised there were higher causes worth fighting for.

She'd always been more the Tyrell rather than the Lannister style of self-interested ruler, but-seeing the true power of selflessness firsthand humbled her. I can't be sure, because she got quiet and went to be by herself after the first time but-I did think that's when she started trying to turn things around.

As for myself, well, I saw the unlimited power of absolute evil.

Right before we fought Porky, she asked me if I was content with everything I'd done. I told her I'm sure I've made my fair share of mistakes, but I wouldn't change a thing because it was all worth it in the.

And the rest, as they say, it history. I think that about sums up the elaborate shadow conflicts we had over many, many centuries really.

Get a bunch of other gods to take away her immortality and then ram her with a Dragonlance, apparently.

A whole lotta trouble could've been saved if the gods just did that from the start.

Nah, it was a she and she was the Rider blacksmith. She acts a bit like a dwarf, for what that's worth.

>> No.50487895 [DELETED] 

What you mean Brellin, who's still tolerated there even after being a blatant powerwanker?

>> No.50487896

What happened to its head?

>> No.50487911

The helmet was fitted onto it at birth, so it's head grew into a conical shape to fit into it.

>> No.50487919

Aiming it was a bitch, though. For the full recipe of the Fuck You Beam, see the following:

>SS-rank Nanoha magic
>Blaster 3.
>Cartridge compatibility
>As many cartridges as possible until I can't feel the nerves in my hands anymore.
>Eye of Set
>Rabadon's Deathcap
>As many rings of Intensify as I can without exhausing my mana supply
>Overlord's spell Overcharge
>Optional: Use Magician capstone from Kingdom Hearts to combine it with balefire or any other cosmic attack if you don't particularly care about space-time.
>Point away from self
>Murmur prayer and think of a loved one
>Pull trigger

I've used it only once, and for Thanos. I imagine you can see why.

>> No.50487923

I <3 powerwankers.

>> No.50487940

Even, senpai. She still looks incredibly dyke, but it would be hard to convince her.

>> No.50487980

He's basically the God of Slytherin, and is the only evil God who isn't a giant dick. Mainly because, like his siblings, he's a God of Magic first, and Alignments second.

>> No.50487981

That seems like overkill for MCU Thanos...

Unless you're talking about real Thanos, in which I doubt you even scratched him and how the fuck are you still alive.

>> No.50488007

I forgot to note every magic booster in the chain, Safety First, and Giga Slave is on my 'to combine' list. That said, I'm still basically useless until MP Replenish kicks in, and there's a non-zero chance I'd annihilate the local dimension if I actually combo'd those spells.

And it was The Avengers - Earth's Mightiest Heroes during their version of Infinity War. Still tough, but not nearly as much, judging by how THAT ended.

>> No.50488021

Real Thanos is a little inconsistent.

>> No.50488029

The various Megaman jumps mention converting to nanites if you have the tech. What's the lowest risk/entry cost for that? I know GUNNM has them, but without knowledge of the setting, the jump looks ridiculously dangerous.

Also, does anyone know how to make a backup of a companion before you do some genetic / technological engineering and possibly screw up their brain?

>> No.50488046

Where's Intensify from?

>> No.50488050

/JC/, how do I stronk? .

>> No.50488054

Please remember that Thanos's surviving black hole feat has been matched by Iron Man.

>> No.50488055

Tales of Phantasia, which was made by a mysterious and devilishly handsome jumpmaker I know not the name of.

>> No.50488058

>Giga Slave is on my 'to combine list'
>The spell that can already obliterate universes because it's backed by Slayers' version of Azathoth
>Combined with all the rest of that shit

>> No.50488067

By working out.

>> No.50488073

For real, D&D exploits are probably your best bet for that.

>> No.50488085

Get a fuck ton of magic and physical perks then get a perk that increases each of them based on the other.

Through magic powered punches and cast muscle powered spells!

>> No.50488091

Mega however is banned, man it was hilarious watching him trying to claim that a spyware riddled mirror of Fourchan was proof that Red was attacking him.

>> No.50488094

Is there any way to actually power your magic via str? Because that would be great.

>> No.50488095


>> No.50488100


>> No.50488104

The answer should be obvious by now, anon.

>> No.50488115

You know that's pretty tame compared to her other skins.

>> No.50488117

There's a telekinesis perk that is dependent on how stronk you are, but I don't remember where it's from.

>> No.50488126

Think it's Supernatural.

>> No.50488127

Even better Heavens go to maoyuu Hero and The Demon King and get Final Casting. This allows you to massively boost any spell you cast in exchange for all of your mana. Apply this to all your other perks and you could probably one shot everything.

And if anything survives the first blast just chug an elixir from Overlord and fire the spell again.

>> No.50488130

It was from YJ and it was changed to be based off mental strength.

>> No.50488139

>Tales of Phantasia
>Jumpchain-compliant CYOA
>By HeavensAnon
There you go HeavensAnon, it was made by HeavensAnon. Have fun in HeavensAnon's jump, HeavensAnon.

>> No.50488152

You know, I actually liked normal Sombra's appearance. But what the fuck even is that?

>> No.50488154

Young Justice. There's also a Force Control power which is similarly strength-dependent.

>> No.50488157

Wait. I just realized. Space is a vacuum. Whatever's left of the beam probably still traveled elsewhere in space.

...you think I might have hit something important, somewhere in the galaxy?

I'll note that for the future.
Thank you, anon! I will be sure to thank HeavensAnon for this nice jump.

>> No.50488168

>...you think I might have hit something important, somewhere in the galaxy?
Probably several moons.

>> No.50488182

Wait a minute...could it be that HeavensAnon and HeavensAnon are the same person?!

...nah, that's just silly.

Several moons-


>> No.50488184

Would you a moon, Anon?

>> No.50488199

Nope! I'm on the train till omnipotence!

>> No.50488203

Where's the best scrying? Probably EMH and Eldar?

>> No.50488224

Overlord, given that it has scrying, counter-scrying, counter-counter scrying, and probably counter-counter-counter scrying.

>> No.50488247

I'm not just talking pansy-ass punch-apart-a-planet stronk, I'm talking pic-related related stronk.

>> No.50488258

How does it work? EMH's Seer allows you to see anyone/anything in the current universe (range, precision, prerequisites) and Eldar has similar range but also some precog capabilities.

>> No.50488260

And then it has the ultimate scrying that can only be blocked if you possess a world counter-scrying item, unless they have a world item that specializes in scrying of course.

>> No.50488284

You'll have to become Pun-Pun or something similar, Jumpchain's strength perks tend to be "bench press an apartment block" at most.

>> No.50488287

There will be a perk in the DC Mythic jump that will give you flying brick powers (including strength) slightly beneath those of Captain Marvel, who is himself just as strong as superman. From there it is just a matter of training and shounen perks.

>> No.50488291


Did you at least take the scenerio from Dragon Lance that has chaotic beings like you, or something to deal with the potential side effects of throwing the Lord of Nightmares at things.

>> No.50488294

Well then.

I really hope things in the EMH's verse didn't need...whatever I ended up hitting.

I just hope it didn't collide with any stars. Or planets.

>> No.50488309

Get the Etrigan Perk from DC, you'll lose control of yourself but while it's active you'll be as stronk as the Boy Scout.

>> No.50488322

1. Obtain Martian DNA in DC via Animorphs stuff
2. Find a way to remove both the mental block that keeps you from becoming a Burning Martian and whatever genes that cause Burning Martians to be psychopaths, unless you don't care about that.
3. Sacrifice an alt form to gain a permanent Burning Martian form.
4. You know have an alt form that could stomp Superman in a fist fight and mind rape the League in less than a minute.

As far as I remember, it requires a medium, but otherwise it's pretty much blows most other scrying things out of the water, though probably not EMH. Anywhere in the universe? That's crazy.

This as well.

>> No.50488340

You should roll for it. The outcome would be amusing no matter what.

>> No.50488345

You mean aside from Safety First and a general disregard of sense and reason? No. No I have not.

When I said 'to combine' I was referring to the optional combo of adding the beam to balefire or whatnot. It's not something I can realistically use without blasting a hole in creation or just bringing the entire universe tumbling down and possibly drag several local alternate worlds down with it.

It's more of a deterrence, really. The threat of using the spell is more useful than actually using it. I'm actually a little bit conscience of collateral damage, at least on the local Earth. And I was kind of working with the Avengers at the time.

Realistically, the beam probably hit a few empty planets as it traveled since I took a few anti-collateral perks.

...I wonder what happens when it actually collides with the edge of the galaxy? Hm. I should probably go fix that later.

>> No.50488349

Knowing EMH and general superhero logic it probably hit something important to someone somehow. And that thing will come back to find whatever did the destroying.
Anything to make an exciting plot for the masses watching.

>> No.50488369

Might as well.

>> No.50488377

Collect DNA, do research, be Runner, eat DNA?

>> No.50488378

Did you forget something?

>> No.50488385

Rolled 257 (1d1000)

And I forgot the roll. Damn it. I haven't done thread rolls in weeks.

>> No.50488395

Uh oh...

>> No.50488406

Really? Do you not realize how much open space is in space? Multiply that by 100. At least.

>> No.50488416

Is there an eclipse phase jump?
or even better...
a RIFTS jump?

>> No.50488426

Rolled 21040 (1d100000)

Let's try it.

>> No.50488442

...mine was even worse. This is concerning.

>> No.50488455

And it didn't hit anything. At least not in ten years.

>> No.50488461

What's he's punching.

>> No.50488480

I have no idea how to interpret either of these.

I should probably revisit the EMH-verse post-spark. Maybe.

>> No.50488481

Time. No, really. Superboy Prime punched time. That's why continuity is so fucked up in DC. Time punches.

>> No.50488484

That's Superboy Prime. He's punching time. He literally punched so hard he broke time and caused retcons.

>> No.50488491

What are some good horror/Lovecraftian settings that we /don't/ have jumps for yet? And what do you think the best goodies they should offer are?

>> No.50488497

Unless your moon-exploding beam is perfectly collimated (even laser beams IRL have a tiny amount of spread - but you're using magic so dunno), it'll spread and eventually disperse over interstellar distances. Space is biiig.

>> No.50488525

What would prevent Burning Martian DNA from doing that to you? (And preferably, if there's a way, to fix it in other Martians as well. I'd like to help Jon out, he's pretty bro-tier, right?)

Doing it with Animorphs feels risky, since your literally storing the DNA in yourself. I'd probably just use an Omnitrix. You can unlock Master Control and stay transformed indefinitely, right?

>> No.50488532

Why is it so much easier to get high levels of physical stuff as a fringe benefit to a perk than from a straightforward physical perk?

>> No.50488544

>I have no idea how to interpret either of these.
You need to set specific conditions. Chances are you didn't hit anything, or if you did it wasn't anything important. At least not in ten years, because I'm pretty sure Nanoha blasts don't even reach light-speed, and Marvel distances are measured in entire galaxies.

You do realize that there have to be a shit-ton of calculations and craft have to be launched at very specific times to not /miss/ entire celestial bodies, right? You'll only hit something that was trying to be hit.

>> No.50488560

The Secret World, the First Law books and the Laundry series.

For the former, the WIP Mir gave up on (both are definitely open for someone to take a crack at by the way) at some nice angel forms based on the not-paragon/not-renegade angel factions in the 'verse. No idea for the others.

>> No.50488561

That's probably the more sensible thing to imagine, yeah.

...I wonder what would have happened if I actually used Giga Slave with that? Hm. Oh, well.

>> No.50488573

Why do you keep asking the same question over and over again when you know all it achieves is spreading salt rhough the thread?

>> No.50488574

Yes but you wouldn't be able to use it on any "OP" species. Note that this is OP species in the context of Ben 10, Burning Martians and modern Kryptonians would probably be fine.

The two examples of OP species were a Time Traveler and Literally God.

>> No.50488575

There's a JC cultural bias against straightforward giant strength boosts. I don't really get it myself but it's there. Most strength boosts are limited to about 20 or so tons which isn't even enough to pick up your average boulder like you'd see the same people who have those tonnages listed as their official (and really really inaccurate) lifting strength in comics and shows.

>> No.50488589

Well, perks for resisting corruptive mental influences might help, though I'd recommend grabbing a lot of biology/medical/geneticist/etc. perks and just going to town, weeding out all of the genes that would drive the Burning Martians to madness.

Sure, but I don't know if the Omnitrix you can get HAS a Master Control function. Remember, it's a shoddy copy, not the real thing.

You'd probably grab the attention of all the big players in the cosmos, even more so then killing Thanos the way you actually did.

>> No.50488596

Someone's working on it, and no, respectively.

>> No.50488599

Because "punch galaxies" is hard to price correctly with CPs, while combos can be as broken as /jc/ will let you get away with.

>> No.50488626

I have personally asked this question exactly twice, if this is something the shitposter uses as bait I apologize but still want to know.

>> No.50488642

Because straightforward physical perks tend to run into diminishing returns due to physics throwing a hissy fit about things like momentum, leverage, pressure over area, etc.

E.g. if Superman tried lifting a cargo ship out of the water _without_ cheating, his hands would go clear through the hull instead.

>> No.50488643

I woulda.

I woulda so hard.

>> No.50488657

>I'd recommend grabbing a lot of biology/medical/geneticist/etc. perks and just going to town, weeding out all of the genes that would drive the Burning Martians to madness.
Weren't they given the mental lock in the first place because it was the only thing the Guardians could do to stop the Burning Martians? And the Guardians are basically DC's equivalent to Time Lords, so I'm not sure Jumpers have bullshit enough science for that.

>> No.50488678

Something tactile telekinesis something.

>> No.50488688

Because we all have no sense of scale, it's just that most people lack it for what force can actually do.

Alternatively, if you have a low opinion on humans and like conspiracy theories: physical strength is associated with durability, so even if the relevant perk itself has nothing like that, people unconsciously judge it as if it was a 50/50 deal instead of a dedicated thing.

>> No.50488695

The Guardians have more advanced bullshit, but the jumper has access to more varied bullshit from entirely different planes of reality, including magic.

>> No.50488709

Because this thread is full of nerds who perceive that their "intelligence" and other mental powers would actually be their strengths.

>> No.50488724

That's not really relevant though. The logical consequences of strength are already ignored in 90% of settings where you'd find superstrength.

>> No.50488734

>Sure, but I don't know if the Omnitrix you can get HAS a Master Control function. Remember, it's a shoddy copy, not the real thing.
Just checked, it says
>You can modify the Omnitrix to gain access to the features that aren't unlocked (besides from the
ability to turn into OP aliens) like the Master Control and improve it, and even build copies of it, but
do keep in mind it is the most advanced piece of technology in a very technologically advanced
universe and was built by the smartest being in 3 to 5 galaxies. You can also build machines that are
compatable with it. If you wanted to plug it into a cloning machine or even slot it into another DNA storage device to transform into alien hybrids, go right ahead.

>> No.50488745

For what its worth I'm willing to admit I'm a pretty dumb nerd.

I just like magic more because it can make fire go zoom.

>> No.50488757

Myrmidont is working on Eclipse Phase. Attached is the latest PDF that was shared with the thread, though some scattered changes have been discussed since.

>> No.50488765

Oh. Well, I stand corrected. Carry on.

>> No.50488772

Ultimate Spider-Man

S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier
Natural Web-Head
I'm Summoning the Spiders 200
Symbiology 800
Probability Forecasting
Web of Infinity 1000

This jump is pretty confusing. Mostly due to the options after the end choice page and the fact there's a background and a perk called Web-Warrior.

This jump is legal as far as I could figure out, I think I need the Web-Warrior perk to get access to the Web-Warrior perks at all so I played it like that.

So got the Natural Web-Head perk free which is largely an agility/reflex buff.

I'm Summoning the Spiders helps with making friends and getting conflicted enemies on side which is neat. Also good for quips.

Symbiology lets me make Symbiotes which given the perk from EVO that more or less guarantees loyalty from beings you create gets pretty nuts.

Web-Warrior is the prerequisite for the other stuff and grants your basic Spidey powerset.

Probability Forecasting lets me know the probabilities of stuff happening which is pretty handy.

Web of Infinity makes wormholes to other dimensions and "allows one connected to it the ability to perceive the goings on all over the world and in nearby dimensions and even possible futures". Not sure if there are limits on that but I assume there are as knowing all the goings on over the world is kind of ridiculous. Still I assume it'll be at least handy for gathering information.

>> No.50488793

I mean, Burning Martians are pretty fucking crazy on the level of one is basically a potential universal-scale apocalypse, right?

>> No.50488806

How do you treat your companions?

>> No.50488829

I prefer magic because it doesn't really have an upper limit, and you can pretty much do anything if you put your mind to it. But sometimes you just need to punch a bitch.

>> No.50488851


>> No.50488855

As pawns or associates for the most part. I only bring them out when I feel up for some of their shenanigans or when I feel like threatening some people who need threatening. Also, where is that from?

>> No.50488871

While a burning is enough to stomp the league they can't be a universal threat on an individual basis.

>> No.50488885

What... the... Fuck?

>> No.50488889

They are my friends and family.

>> No.50488911

The probability stuff the canon character just does, the web she had to visibly make, though it just appeared out of thin air.

>> No.50488934

There's the sort of awkwardness that comes from me being both a parental figure of sort and also technically their boss, so I try to give them space, only making sure they don't turn evil or depressed while I'm away.

If they're fed up or want to settle, no hard feelings, I'll send them home, though I'll bitch a little about the help and specific powers I could hypothetically need at some point.

But this is generally a temporary thing because nothing gets me fired up more than showing a newcomer the ropes of Jumping.

>> No.50488938


>You mean aside from Safety First and a general disregard of sense and reason? No. No I have not.

Considering that the Giga Slave contains the mind and awareness of the Lord of Nightmares I'm wondering if Safety First would even help.

Mostly since the threat technically isn't your magic, but the fact that your summoning the mind of an entity that made a multivese by accident. That's without combining Giga Slave a.k.a. summon Lord of Nightmares with other stuff.

Actually all things considered you would probably need their co-operation to even attempt it, or enough power to make that combo complete unnecessary.

Ragna Blade however only draw upon a fragment of their being, and thus avoids the risks of stuff like the Lord of Nightmares possessing you and burning away your soul or potential side effects of summoning a chaotic reality making primordial entity.

Meanwhile the fusion probably deals with Ragna Blades limits.

>> No.50488960

The more I hear about Mythic the harder I get

>> No.50488967

You should know better by now, man.
How many times have we gone over this?
Don't 'eyeball it'.
You are not a cowboy shooting from the hip.

>> No.50488982

Does it mean we can't waifu Orendi anymore?

>> No.50489002


>> No.50489027

I'm curious now, how all of this interact with a LoN's Path of Gods (from PJO)?

>> No.50489032

I've got a few more.

>> No.50489033

/jc/, how would I go about locating someone I've never met that's multiple star systems away? I've checked multiple tracking perks, but none of them seem to work on that scale.

>> No.50489052

No, seriously. The fuck.

>> No.50489056

Seer from EMH, so long as they don't have phenomenal cosmic powers a la Galactus that could interfere with your scrying.

>> No.50489057

On the surface? I treat them like minions. Beneath that? As family. To the point where I mimic Asura in his whole "YOU MADE MY DAUGHTER CRY!" thing.

>> No.50489060

Are there any fabrics where Ainz Ool Gown are good guys? Because I kind of want to take 42nd Supreme Being, but they disgust me, so I was thinking of retaining a fanfic drawback to make them bearable.

>> No.50489073

Just use Doormaker to go to an alternate universe where they're good guys.

>> No.50489087

This one isn't quite as bad.

>> No.50489091

seriously, what is this series?

>> No.50489095

But that only give me a past with the canon ones and Blindspot for their sadism.

>> No.50489104

Never before has my desire to go to a universe solely to punch an individual reached such peaks.

>> No.50489107

You can turn them into good guys, also Sebas is already a good guy.

>> No.50489111

Just kill and replace your counterpart.

>> No.50489113

Touch Me was good, so is the head butler.

>> No.50489115

Yuuka loves a chance to let loose. In the jumps she's been with me, her magic and power have vastly increased, and she can boost her Master Spark to be planet-cracking levels.

>"Power Sign: Stellar Spark!"
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dO01h3d2xs

>> No.50489116

If you're going to mess around with alternate universes, find the world Ainz came from and show his family what he's been up to.

>> No.50489138

But why would you want to? You don't see anything wrong with what they do.

It did just occur to me that in an alternate good AOG, Sebas ans Touch Me would probably be evil bastards. That sucks.

What is irony?

>> No.50489158

Here's the last one I have, just for the sake of completion.

>> No.50489162

You don't see anything wrong with what they do, but you can still think they're assholes.

>> No.50489175

Not how it works, it stops you from "over reacting" WHEN they do something Evil, but you can still try to stop them preemptively and teach them to be Good.

>> No.50489178



>> No.50489179

>What is irony
Look, if you're good, then your mirror counterpart is evil.

>> No.50489184

I found this http://pastebin.com/H5Kr9GHS.
also have Prince of Persia http://pastebin.com/pGtnXnQr, Spaceballs http://pastebin.com/Vz3RqzTk, and this, which I'm not quite sure is for, but I think might be Tales-related http://pastebin.com/ubMY08Xr.

BTW, does anyone have a copy of the City of Heroes: Going Rogue paste? The one I looked at seems to be deleted.

>> No.50489194

Why is everyone being such a dick to this one girl?

>> No.50489237

Pretty sure this is just the female MC version of a harem series.

>> No.50489248

Aselia is from Phantasia, but the jump might also be a basis for Tales of the World. Mention of Claus and such suggest Phantasia though. Maybe just an old version of the Phantasia jump or somebody else's take on it?

>> No.50489275

Man that Prince of Persia is barebones as fuck. Who even claimed it?

>> No.50489300


Amusing you can actually get them as the god fragment, and if you can manage to get along with them enough (and if you can't you made a horrible mistake sharing mind space with them). Well this seems like it might be one of the safest options for if you have to use a giga slave.

>> No.50489315

That makes way more sense then it should.

>> No.50489379

Just checked the Phantasia jump, and the perks seem to be the same, so it's an old version of that.

>> No.50489400

My first 8 are coworkers, lifelong friends, and members of my weird swinger commune. We're practically the only ones who can interact with each other as equals. For example, I retconned in Parasyte as a very early jump in my chain and got everyone the perk that lets you learn a language in a day. So for centuries, we've been speaking an insane patois of hundreds of different languages to each other. I have to concentrate on reigning in my vocabulary to only include German words and grammar whenever I want to talk to Einstein, plus I have to deal with the fact that he has silly limitations like only being able to move in two dimensions instead of casually fly or his need to walk over to things to interact with them instead of just using telekinesis. Spending time with them is one of the only ways I have to feel like I'm around peers instead of cripples.

My other companions are more like employees, but employees of a family business who I'm good friends with. I can't really treat them like equals, but they've been around enough that the jumper lifestyle has become normalized for them and they can get to know me as a person rather than as a heroic god king who is overwhelming them with charisma perks.

>> No.50489487

Psycho-Diver from SMT could probably help,dealing with soul related stuff, definitely need to be strong though, considering you'll be fighting his subconsciousness, Psychonauts could also help in that endeaver.

best bet is utilizing Light of Eden from Evo, seems like the perfect type of perk for the job,

>> No.50489500

Commies have a couple of things going for them, I won't lie.


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