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Indeed! Jojo is less about using your fists in later parts and more outsmarting your enemy. Only the first part is really beat em up--the parts afterwards are more puzzle bosses.

Jotaro only uses Star Plat's big fists when the enemy is at his mercy, what you don't see is him outsmarting his enemy to get to that point.

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Hey who was the guy working on the Points of light 4e setting? I wanted to know because I think I found a definitive archive of the setting that points to all supplementary material as well as gives a nice overview of the setting and its points of interest.

I don't really plan on making the jump myself. But whoever wants to can start reading up on the setting here.

So any anon who's interested in the fabled 4e DnD setting can read about it!

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Reposting this for Yorokonde, as requested.

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Was that jump for one of the World of Darkness fan splats (Leviathan: The Tempest i think) ever finished?

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Jumpers with kids, what would you do if you kid did this to your account?

>> No.50437816

Does anyone know the name of the jump that had a certain mutant perk?
It allowed you to breathe in a toxic crystal, gave you different colored skin (I think) and was sci fi.
I think a junkyard was mentioned somewhere in the jump too, and that said mutants were killed on sight for being feral or something.

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Show it to his mom.

Half-baked plans, full life consequences.

>> No.50437858

Honesty really is the best policy.

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That child's typing is literally giving me cancer.

>> No.50437899

What do children usually think of you?

>> No.50437919

Whats the status of Xenoblade and Xenoblade X?

>> No.50437950

Depends on how I'm playing myself that jump. On average though, I tend to be highly laid back, and throw the BEST halloween parties. And I can't cook anything that isn't sugary, not that they consider that a downside.

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How do you cope as an early-chain drop-in?

You have no history, no friends, no family, no place to stay, no knowledge of the surrounding area, and no documentation. Probably no cash too, since very few people buy that with CP. Sure, it's easy when you're 200 years old and have a shit ton of magic and skills, but how do you cope when you're still mostly you?

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Oh god, I got a mention for coming up with dealing with Arsonist. Is it one building per day if we willingly set it on fire or..?

Does Bullied makes us take EVERY comment as being bullied? Even ones we asked our companions to say... Because foreplay?

Overflow, if the event is something we just grown used to, as a jumper, but unaware person would find shocking, do we black out or is it just for stuff such as despair, intense wrath, etc. stuff like that?

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Sit the kid down, give him the talk. There's things you gotta do smart and proper or not attempt them at all. Blackmail is one of such things.

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If I have control of the chain? I'm usually starting somewhere safe-ish and promptly tag along with the main characters like a very snarky side character. I make myself useful enough with sidekick actions or doing boring work nobody wants to, and I generally stay close to the plot unless something apocalyptic is happening. tl;dr Mooch off of the protagonists who have houses.

If I don't...well, I take Housing and Food Supply generally since I like to go Drop-In for a lot of my favorite settings. I find a door in the middle of a run-down part of town, setup shop, and dine on canned food and broken dreams.

To be honest, the most interesting part of being a drop-in is when you interact with main characters or just day-to-day people in a setting. You're something or someone new. A novelty. Someone who other people invested in mysterious things might look into. I get really excited when someone goes out of their way to investigate my actions as a drop-in when I'm going incognito. I rather like a game of cat and...other cat.

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A Jumper has the great advantage over a normal human that they know for a fact that, no matter how shitty their current situation get, it won't be all there is to their life. That's got to help with morale.

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the only thing missing is that N.O. Utilization Doesn't give you access to N.O. channels in general and is instead a knockoff of weapon swapping from devil may cry.

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the only thing missing is that N.O. Utilization Doesn't give you access to N.O. channels in general and is instead a knockoff of weapon swapping from devil may cry. I'm not asking for Atomsk level ability off the bat, but With the ability to steal things in the same manner he does and progress in ability be Too much?
Also the complete lack of science perks is bothersome,I get it, but if you're including Medical Mechanica as an origin Why not throw in some databases?

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Maybe, Stand abilities range all over the place. Could do with some added complexity as >>50437595 points out. Though you could just go with earlier and less complex designs too.
On a personal level I dislike it for being a bit meta. I mean could work, but also doesn't quite feel like a Stand since it's extremely reliant on other setting to pose a threat to most Stand Users. Most Stands with a decent punch ghost can catch bullets, so you'd be in trouble. Also once more it's a bit overly straightforward and a bit broad (though the broadness isn't as bad as trying to just do anything you want with time, it's still there).

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Wonder how I got to the point where I'm both his uncle and his dad. I mean that would require waifuing a dughteru.

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If you willingly go along with Arsonist, you now have Severe Pyromania and will have to burn down at least one building a day. The psychosis will probably demand more though. You are going along with the Drawback willingly.

Bullied makes you take most if not all comments as bullying. Especially foreplay. Doubly especially if you asked for it.

Overflow generally less about shocking events and more about too much emotional input to deal with at once.

It already says that it is not a true N.O. channel and Fuck you for saying it's a knock off of anything. I haven't even read the DMC Jump.

I'm not handing out Atomsk's power on any level nor his ability to steal things as it doesn't come into play in the show. The lack of science perks is obvious if you actually watch the show and makes sense.

>> No.50438392

-1. I wasn't asking for his power. I was asking for access to this methods, there is a big difference
1.that was my point if you had read my post and have you seriously not read every jump? Is that just me Who does that? if you weren't plagiarizing I apologize for the insinuation.
2.again my post literally says I get it,as in I understand why you did it. it looks like I'm going to have to Eat that iron shaped factory

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>that other couple
Talk about blast from the past!

>> No.50438431

>keeps pestering to be pedantic and get his way
Only you, tera.

>> No.50438437

Okay, after that...poor quality rough draft I posted. I figured the Fe6-7 jump is in need of some heavy reworking, and I've decided to start on the 200 CP Light Affinity Perk.

You have an inner peace to yourself that enables you to resist any outside forces affecting your mind, or harmful spells or curses. Any being weaker than you will find that controlling your thoughts or feelings will be difficult. Note this does not make you immune to mind control. You also carry a talent for light magic.[/spoilers]

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Ah. And if we are unwilling then being inside the built abandoned building helps make it so during black out we choose it, especially if it's the only building around, gotcha.

Pls no Bully.

Does Overflow apply to too much positive emotion too or just negative?

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I generated my stand and got Hole Manipulation. Tunnels through space? Every time somebody tries to hit me I open up a hole and they hit nothing, or somebody else, or themselves?

>> No.50438651

What about if instead for just manifestting the weapon, you can choose to either do that, or manifest an aspect of with your body? Like, a shield would increase your durability, a gun could let you "fire" yourself to either move really fasts in a straight line or let you throw out ridiculous fast and hard punches, a whip might let you extend your arm really far and pull it back or something? That seems more like the esoteric weird stuff I've seen stands described as doing.

>> No.50438693

how is explaining your position and offering A apology, pestering? oh that's right, It doesn't matter what I do or say because people will just find some way to twist it into something negative anyway because the thread hates me

>> No.50438717

I don't hate you, Bancho.

I think you're a weird dude, but hey, this whole community is pretty fucking bizzare.

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So speaking of Stands, what's the deal with Requiem and Awakening? Can someone explain it? Because I can't really find many details on the wiki.

>> No.50438753

no argument here.
Those are levels of upgrades,I forget which one comes at which level.

>> No.50438782

I do want to know what Bancho means, though.

>> No.50438800

it's Japanese, roughly translated it means juvenile delinquent gang boss

>> No.50438803


Bancho calm down man and take a breather. I don't hate you either


Requiem is what happens when you stab your stand with the arrow and awakening is what happens when the user gets hit with the arrow and Requiem is far better and more broken.



>> No.50438829

Is Requiem only temporary? I thought I remembered someone saying that.

>> No.50438845

Awakening is when a Stand user gets stabbed with the arrow, usually granting the stand a more powerful but unique ability. Requiem Stands are when the Stand itself is stabbed with the arrow, vastly upgrading your Stand into something tangentially related to what it could do before, but also more conceptually powerful and related to what you needed at the time. Awakenings are permanent, while Requiems might be.

>> No.50438872

Oh and are they mutually exclusive?

>> No.50438884

I was good with kids before I became a dimension hopper, so I imagine I still would be, especially after the few kid focused jumps like Imaginary Friend, LLTQ and parenting.

>> No.50438888


It's temporary in the sense that if you take the arrow from the stand it will go back to being normal but other than that permanent and stand will try to kill their stand masters than take away the stand arrow from the stand.

>> No.50438894

No idea, Araki is tight-lipped on it.

>> No.50438921

Kids mom sounds like a real winner.

>> No.50438971

They like me and trust me. When I'm around, kids know that they're safe and that I'm a friend when they need one. Being a servant of the Archangel of Children helps.

>> No.50438974

Yes, and?

>> No.50438984

Unless she knew what actually happened and was going along with it because it was her magical realm.

>> No.50438994

Well the only two requiem stands we see are Silver Chariot Requiem & GER. Both times the Requiem stand was seen then disappears. SCR does the walk in one direction forever thing, & GRE was at end of the part but at the end we see the arrowhead dropping.

>> No.50439065

I think she probably knew he was sleeping with someone else. I mean if the kid found out, it doesn't take much for the wife to find out. The dress up thing, I think was her way of trying to win her husband back. I think she thought maybe if she induged his kinks, he wouldn't be seeing the mistress and come back to her.

That's great wife material there. Willing to try to appease what she thinks is her husband's kinks. All to make sure he doesn't go back to the other woman. Or even if she didn't know about the other woman there had to be a distance growing between them.

>> No.50439224

I own the greatest Zoo/Themepark in the multi-verse with Donald Trump as a cartoonish, disney-esque mascot. Due to efficiency and money perks, the park quickly expands on the first year of operation and I can easily keep the price of admission down.

Along with the multiple fashion label, spy network and multiple companies, merchandising and in-depth market research has never been easier.

In summary, they'll probably end up seeing Donald Trump as Mickey Mouse and Pikachu rolled into one with me as a Walt Disney/Santa figure.

>> No.50439254

I've always been of the headcanon that Requiem stands grant the most pressing wishes of the stand user but in a bizarre way.

>> No.50439276

Would we have issues with command in the strike witches jump if we went in male? I remember they didn't to much appreciate those with dangly bits.

>> No.50439312

They generally look up to me and think I'm cool. I tend to rescue children and make sure they're happy and healthy. (I also kill abusive parents for personal reasons and try to give kids a happy home.)

>> No.50439316

Funnily enough there's a canonical Stand with something like that. Shoots the user's fingernails as bullets, but then the bullet holes move on their own towards the enemy.
Assigning the attributes of weapons to other objects could work. Leads to fun with using a piece of paper as a sword or whatever.
That's because there really isn't much. Awakening refers to a one off thing that happened to the big bad of Part Four, while Requiem was demonstrated by two Stands in part five and was since forgotten (and there have been times a Stand touches or is stabbed by an Arrow without attaining Requiem, both before and after). Notably Awakening was initiated by the Arrow, not the user.
It's ambiguous, Silver Chariot partially attained Requiem but had the Arrow removed mid process once. Meanwhile >>50438888 has his stuff messed up because Silver Chariot Requiem once actually created had the Arrow removed from its possession a couple times and didn't revert.
For the purposes of the jump yes.

>> No.50439346

>I also kill abusive parents for personal reasons
Most kids wouldn't like their parents getting killed for real, no matter how abusive they are.

>> No.50439366

I am not giving out anything related to Atomsk’s supposed thriving abilitis or methods. The being is only mentioned in passing and only seen briefly as he destroyed the town near the end of the 6th episode.

I forgot to thank you for reposting this for me. Doing it on my phone is a pain.

>Pls no bully
>Bullying Drawback.
Maximum bully mode.

>> No.50439375

I don't tolerate child abuse. That's the one thing I don't budge on.

>> No.50439389

Only if you consider being poked and prodded (and "poked" and "prodded") to determine how the fuck you work to be a problem.

>> No.50439396

>Posters theorizing on how much the wife knew
Or, maybe this whole thing was just made up.

>> No.50439409

>Not being a paladin of justice
>Not raping abusive parents

Nah, you're right. I like this more than killing.

>> No.50439425

Should be command and conquer

>> No.50439450

Command and Conquer Tiberium.

>> No.50439480

The question about positive emotion in Overflow?

Passing out for one hour after having very good coitus actually would explain why this is 400 cp

>> No.50439498

Can anyone explain SMT fusions for me? Like, do the beings they create exist before you fuse them? I want to know if I should prepare to face fused beings like Shiva if I take World of Chaos.

>> No.50439540

No, just do you share of the heavy lifting and you'll be fine. I recommend picking an A10 as your strike template, it'd be appropriate for your particular situation and would likely help win over your subordinates.


>> No.50439624

>male SW
>appropriate for your particular situation
>help win over your subordinates

>> No.50439693

No one knows for certain, but the general assumption is that non-unique demons are like animals in that they exist in the world as random encounters, and you're creating a new one when you fuse it. Unique fusions, however, are usually bosses/mini-bosses, and they are, you know, unique. You're not creating a new one of them, you're summoning that particular demon.

That being said? You may or may not fight Shiva in World of Chaos.

>> No.50439783

I wish I had a gun just like the A-10. I'd be happy as a baby in a playpen.

>> No.50439828

Just in terms of formatting, could you
a) Put pictures to fill in gaping space under text boxes
b) Put multiple text boxes on one page

>> No.50439846 [SPOILER] 

You're not alone, anon. You're not alone.

>> No.50440045

Well, it wouldn't be the first time I banged an inanimate object

>> No.50440141


>> No.50440274

well most warframes have some biological components,I don't know if they would count as an inanimate object.

>> No.50440289

Having a fellow companion WITH a background is actually a pretty good idea. One of the many great things about companion jumpers is that no matter how bad things get having a good friend with connections and knowledge can go a long way.

>> No.50440310

We really need a GW2 jump. Norns a best.

>> No.50440325

Yes, it's positive emotional stress as well. And technically, you would black out halfway through. I can't imagine you making it through a full session without experiencing enough "stress" to trip the Drawback.

>> No.50440342

>no fisting the android girls

>> No.50440446

What're the best jumps to get food, herbs, spices, and culinary skills /jc/?

>> No.50440449

I thought it was some kind of Asian version of Beauty and the Beast at first, then I thought that some more specific Disney jumps could be fun. Little Mermaid would be my first choice, with a 0 CP drawback for the Hans Christian Anderson version.

Also, I want a Pinocchio jump for the express purpose of giving jumpers to capability to do something about Pleasure Island and the Coachman.

>> No.50440480


>> No.50440483

Toriko is always the answer for food related question.
There's also a cooking gauntlet if you wanted a different answer. There's an item that can get you whatever ingredients you need.

>> No.50440488

There's an anime/manga series that's great for this. You've probably seen it mentioned in the threads more than a few times, plus the fact that it's concluded means that there'll be no more surprises. Be careful though, it ramps up in danger towards the end. I'm talking, of course, about Naruto. The ramen there is pretty great.

>> No.50440529

is there anything under there?

>> No.50440589

no, and that's Canon.

>> No.50440590

Toriko has better ramen.

>> No.50440629

>not Monster Hunter
>not Ranma
>not JJBA
>not Fate
>not Discworld

Kingdom of Loathing.

>> No.50440680

More than enough fun to break your mind, CV.

>> No.50440687

>Kingdom of Loathing.
Be aware that this place is possibly worse than Toriko when it comes to food trying to eat you first. Weretacos are a thing.

>> No.50440724

That's... pure evil.

I approve.

>> No.50440750 [SPOILER] 

Oi. You faggot.
It's CV(N)
Be respectful.

>> No.50440775

Don't mind me, just got a bit bored

Still unsure of the "One of the Mighty" perk but I can't think of anything non-meta to replace it
If anyone has any ideas for a "can interact and find dummied out content/lost stuff of dubious canon" perk hit me up

>> No.50440783

That's pretty much why Toriko is the best.

>> No.50440798

Listen here, little nigga. If that's big E, and it most likely is, since WWII service is a requirement to be a ship girl, then she's CV-6 and she's neither CVN-65 nor CVN-80.

Back. Yo. Shit. Up.

>> No.50440803

>Enterprise CV-6

>> No.50440820


Oh I'm so sorry Bancho, anon said it wasn't in your jump and like I fool I thought it was true. Are you sure you want me to? Its up to you although I would enjoy making it.

Well I will probably start with shinkenger, which I think has enough going on to be a single jump. Other teams might be in a single jump, it depends on how many backgrounds I can get out of series.

Any requests? I pretty much like them all, even if I have a few favorites. Like Magiranger, genkiranger, Shinkenger, Dekaranger, and Zyouhranger.

>> No.50440825


>> No.50440838

>Enterprise carried an air group specially trained in night carrier operations; as the only carrier capable of night operations, she left Oahu with her hull code changed from CV to CV(N), the "N" representing "Night"

>> No.50440845

>Weretacos are a thing.
I have no idea what this is, but the name alone makes me smile.

>> No.50440881

>Oh I'm so sorry Bancho, anon said it wasn't in your jump and like I fool I thought it was true. Are you sure you want me to? Its up to you although I would enjoy making it.

yeah, were doing the gundum thing where it's a more specific version of a option in a more general jump that came first. And I will always error on the side of Cool new jumps anyway.it's not like you're going to replace the entire jump

>> No.50440919

Chōjin Sentai Jetman,Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger and Ressha Sentai ToQger are my top three favorites.

>> No.50440953

Looks pretty good.

>> No.50440998

Looks fun. Looking forward to going even faster.

One of the Mighty seems fine, though copying stuff isn't really my thing.

Well, it's "there", in that there technically is a location roll that could get you in there. The jump itself doesn't really seem to represent it though?

No, I'm not blatantly lobbying for you to make it. What are you talking about?

>> No.50441000

So is being a Mobian mandatory or will it be a racial choice?
I'd prefer if it weren't tied to backgrounds at the very least.
As for perks one of the Mighty is jank as hell, but I have no idea how to fix it.
Bonus stage is neat though. Can we put chaos shards back together into something like a chaos emerald?

Also hype to (maybe) be able to get spin dashing without having to cobble it together with aboriginal ball form and shell charge.

As an aside does anyone know of a good way to get a sonic like homing attack? I've already got something like boost from Castlevania, but haven't been able to find a thokking equivalent anywhere.

>> No.50441035

Can we drop currently mimicked ability with One of Mighty to have another go at Mimicking what we want?

Bonus Stage in later jumps just becomes a way to find the rarer materials more easily I assume?

How about something based off that one Green Sonic glitch from messing with Debug mode? I think he was called Ashura

>> No.50441069

What are some places to get good summonable mounts? Looking for all sorts of things from common to legendary.

>> No.50441088

So wait, is it actually any size can be pulled out?
Like, no joke, I can pull my ACU out from my forehead?

>> No.50441126

I didn't mean you were, but I thought it was open.

Ok, thank you. I hope you end up liking it.

Those are cool I'll research them.

>> No.50441129

We don't know for sure, but supposedly they're meat puppets made from Infested flesh. All a warframe is, is just a remote body for the Tenno to use and channel their power.

You act like you know things. That's funny. You're funny.

>> No.50441131

Darksiders and lost Valley of the dinosaurs have some good options for this,there might also be one in either coco's bizarre adventure or Sly Cooper

>> No.50441156

Do we have a whole lot of Weird War 2 jumps?
I mean Platoon counts (sorta) with a drawback, but other than that..?

>> No.50441180

More importantly, can we jam our ACUs /into/ our foreheads?

>> No.50441181

confirmed, they bleed, so theyre flesh and blood. also they use infested nano spores in the creation process.

there was a codex/lore entry with an infested about to kill some orokin, but got puppeted because they led it near the tenno.

>> No.50441183

did you complete the second dream? Because he pretty says he's taking a few apart and they are not laid out like Humans.

>> No.50441192

Please don't pull out the TTGL from your head.

>> No.50441213

We have one where you can start in WW2 where the Nazis have mechs, which has a drawback where the Nazis have demons, mechs, and demon mechs. Can't remember the name though.

>> No.50441238

Yes, I did. And yes, that makes sense, since Infested flesh isn't laid out the same way as a human's flesh.

Do these fucks look natural to you?

>> No.50441247

Yeah, any size. No kidding. If you want to pull your Light if Terra out of your head (after somehow getting it inside your Cosmic Warehouse) go nuts.

It's going to look all kinds of disturbing pulling something that massive out of your forehead.

Indeed you can. Have fun headbutting things into your Warehouse. I thought I added a line into the perk that explain that.

>> No.50441265

Would Melchsee's Door be good Unique Power from GHQ ?

Melchsee's Door -> http://psyren.wikia.com/wiki/Ageha_Yoshina

>> No.50441293

Ouch, my pride.

Kidding. It's called Ring of Red.

>> No.50441306

Don't you dare tease me with this.

>> No.50441319


I'd like to direct you to this perk in the Senki Zesshou Symphogear jump

>The Power of Holding Hands [600cp – Discount Drop In]
You bear no weapon so that you might reach out to both your allies and enemies. This perk grants two benefits,firstly you may apply the enchantments and other benefits of a weapon you could be wielding to your fists, be it
a flaming sword left in it's sheath at your waist or an Armed Gear you don't form. Secondly, you may take the costs of an ally's powers upon yourself in place of them, applying any cost reductions you may have in place of
theirs – although you may use theirs if you wish. Bear the burdens of your friends so that they don't have to.

so now your unarmed strikes are enhanced with the power of just about anything you Own.
I've seen nature, nature gets a hell of a lot uglier than that. So yeah they do. now I'm going to ask you if that looks like it has a Vagina.

>> No.50441345

Was someone making a Lazytown jump?

>> No.50441354

I'd give her Ring of Red the 'ole Operation Overlord, if ya know what I mean.

>> No.50441361

Eggman companion option when?

Oh, that's it! Thanks Yoro.

>> No.50441363

No. We get people asking for it all the time though.
Will you be the one to deliver?

>> No.50441364

some anons asked about it, but I don't think anyone claimed anything.

>> No.50441386

Jumpchain AU where everything is the same except every villain is replaced by Robbie Rotten.

>> No.50441406

Well, there is a line, yeah. Just thought it might not work for jamming things of that size inside.

I am /certainly/ going to have loads of fun with this. Yes.

>It's going to look all kinds of disturbing pulling something that massive out of your forehead.
That only makes it better!

...But would it be possible to headbutt things, and have it appear in a pocket dimension contained in the warehouse? Specifically, I have this door sitting in my warehouse, which leads to a pocket dimension, and if I could put in/pull out huge stuff from there without having to go through the normal-sized door... That would be utterly amazing.

Or have headbutted things come out of a clone of myself's forehead, I guess? If the above doesn't work?

>> No.50441492

First of all, interJump balance.

Second of all, that seems like a bit of a stretch. Things in the Cosmic Warehouse are generally in stasis while you're not there or have the door open, so I don't think they'd qualify in any case.

But, you know, single player game. I can't really stop you.

I'd give her B-52s a good scrub down and oil, personally.

No Problem.

I'll let people work out the details themselves, but generally putting things in is going to be less precise than pulling them out. You might hit the door to your pocket dimension most of the time, but you'll probably end up with a tank in your fine China at least once.

It is a FLCL power after all.

But, again, I'm not going to quibble about the insides of other's Warehouses.

>> No.50441504

Does it count Warehouse attachments?
Like the ACU bay itself, or the Bolbox hatchery from EVO, or even the space dock supplement ?

>> No.50441528

Hm. So, yes, but with risk of occasional massive property damage.

Sounds great.

>> No.50441536

It's actually nothing too interesting. They're a weak enemy that appears in only one zone, and they can't even infect you with Tacotrophy.

>> No.50441542

Look at the examples, Tera.

How does "sword left in it's sheathe" or "Armed Gear unformed" = ACU I left in my Warehouse.

>> No.50441549

Well that and, as the jumpmaker of Symphogear, I can tell you that, uh- that shit only works with a single weapon, so he's wrong anyway.

>> No.50441559

I'm sorry Tera's decided to target you. He really is like an absolute tunnel-visioning jackass when he gets this way.

>> No.50441569


A Weretaco is an ordinary human, one just like you or me. Unlike you or me, however, the weretaco is afflicted with a very rare form of lycanthropy which causes the victim, under certain ill-defined weather and environmental conditions, to become a sentient, mobile, bloodthirsty taco (with mounds of delicious shredded cheddar cheese.)

Climate/Terrain: Indoors, preferably second floor or above. Anything will do, though, really. No, no, I mean it, don't go to any trouble.
Frequency: Wicked Rare
Alignment: appropriate to feng-shui of room
HD: 1 in human form, 4 in taco form.
AC: 4 (vitamin-enriched tortilla shell adds extra protection)
Turn-ons: Grapes, Miracle-Gro, and scented candles.
Turnoffs: Aphids, forks, milk, men who don't like to cuddle.
Filmbook report: Know a weretaco by its stained lips.

>> No.50441581

Oh, uh, that's unfortunate.

>> No.50441598

Getting Robbie Rotten a fuck-ton of plot armor perks and then unleashing him upon the multiverse, good idea or bad idea?

>> No.50441599

>I've seen nature, nature gets a hell of a lot uglier than that.
Yes, but the very point you had made earlier, had specified humans. Not anything else in nature, humans specifically.
>"Because he pretty says he's taking a few apart and they are not laid out like Humans"

Of course they're not laid out like humans. Infested flesh isn't human.

>> No.50441601

. Screw it, I'm done. I'm not Saying anything more since it'll seem like I'm picking on someone which is not my intent. Yorokonde I'm sorry if it came across as badgering and I'm sorry that my criticism was not received in the spirit I intended it . Nor, apparently, as Constructive as I believe it to be.
Well yeah only one thing at a time

>> No.50441613

Best idea.

>> No.50441640

It might actually be possible to game Light of Terra and some other jumps now just by headbutting everything into your warehouse. This is an amazing moment in jumpchain

>> No.50441660

...dam, nigga. Is it one weapon period or one weapon per extremity?

>> No.50441663

Can we headbutt people and stuff them into our heads or is it limited to machines?

>> No.50441695

Well I kinda only ever meant one weapon period, because with Hibiki - who the perk is based off of - her gauntlets carry the power of one spear that they combine into, so it wouldn't really make sense? I mean, nothing's really stopping you from carrying two weapons and switching between them in combat, just not two simultaneously.

>> No.50441698

No one has claimed it, as far as I know. There's just been a couple of people recently going "this would be a fun jump!" without putting any actual effort in. I don't think anyone here actually knows much about it outside of memes, however.

For origins, you'd obviously have "New in Town" as the drop-in origin, and then another origin based on the "normal" citizens of Lazytown. Hero and Villain are the obvious choices for more origins, but they just don't sit right with me for some reason.

Also, it occurs to me that Robbie and Sportacus both engage in jumper-ish behavior. Sportacus is the showoff with stuff that doesn't really fit in the setting who gets everyone to praise him, and Robbie is the guy who just dicks around because it's funny.

>> No.50441714

So what we "partition" our Warehouse using something like Titan's Sanctuary? Will it go to the atrium/largest section/designated storage/etc.?

>> No.50441719

Oh, I was concerned that you meant one weapon EVER. Like, if I used it on a magic spear, then that spear is the only weapon I could ever use it with. Putting it like that makes it sound like I could you it on a magic spear in one fight, and then use it on a flaming sword in the next.

>> No.50441732

>people recently going "this would be a fun jump!" without putting any actual effort in.
Isn't that rather appropriate, anon?

>> No.50441737

Can >>50441492 answer this one, cause I've got plenty of stuff attached to the warehouse by now, not including a small sub dimension. Not sure how that would work being pulled in and pushed out of the warehouse.

For that matter can we headbutt buildings into the warehouse and create warehouse extensions that way?

>> No.50441740 [SPOILER] 

Not sure. I might have it that you can get a Mobian form for free but Drop-ins and Conquerers can stay human(or whatever) It's a messy proposition

Mighty is Jank as fuck but I can't think of a good drop-in capstone.
I was thinking something to do with finding and raiding places that were supposedly lost or even considered non-existent in universe(to reflect stuff like Genocide City and Hidden Palace Zone)

Spindashing is gonna be a Freedom Fighter perk for sure, probably a 200/100 or a freebie maybe since it doesn't seem too hard to learn if we take a fox, an echidna, and both amy and sonic being able to do it as any indication.

Yep, you can drop a gimmick and pick another one up at will. It's super not-ideal though so if I can get ways to try and write up a good "Finder of the lost" capstone

Bonus stage also provides you more or less an extradimensional space of your own filled with rings, too. The objects there are just icing on the cake.
No idea how i'd leverage Ashura as a perk, or debugs and stuff as a whole.
It will be real
the eggman will be a thing

you know who else will be a thing
pic related.

>> No.50441800

>Robbie compliments Jumper on the skillfulness of their complete inaction

"Robbie constantly interferes with any attempt to train or accomplish anything" and "Sportacus tries to get you to be active whenever you're not doing anything" would make good drawbacks. Especially if they're not mutually exclusive.

>> No.50441807

Simply put, if it behind the Door/Portal to your Warehouse, you can now pull it out through your forehead.

That said, I do not support unapproved supplements and cannot guarantee your items will not violently explode when you attempt to access them. They probably won't, maybe.

Well, there it is.

Look, he's not that bad. I had honestly expected a lot worse given how the board has been lately.

Well, you still have to have room inside your Warehouse. I mean, sure, if you want to headbutt an entire legion of Necross inside your Warehouse, have fun with that. Just remember you'll have to deal with them to get to your stuff now.

The note at the bottom covers organics.

Again, I'm not going to rule on other Jumps or their Warehouse add-ons. Use common sense when in doubt.

>Create warehouse extensions.
Ha! No way in hell is that going to fly.

>> No.50441810

>the eggman will be a thing

>> No.50441819

[knock] [knock]

>> No.50441844

Stephanie is literally a drop in.

As for drawbacks...
>We are number One but every one is replaced with an enemy from your past jumps appearing. And you find it really hard not to sing that song

>> No.50441877

>Well, you still have to have room inside your Warehouse
You realize there's no stated height limit to the warehouse right. All it says is 20000/40000 sq ft, which is specified in area. People tend to overlook it, but the height can be basically infinite.

>The note at the bottom covers organics.
>Create warehouse extensions.
>Ha! No way in hell is that going to fly.
So you'll let people use it as extra pods but you won't let people make warehouse extensions with them? It seems kind of reversed, no?

>> No.50441878

I love the idea of that drawback. I'd do something besides enemies from a previous jump appearing, but that's just because I don't really like stuff like that.

>Literally all the drawbacks are memes

>> No.50441898

>So you'll let people use it as extra pods

Who said they'd stay in your Warehouse after jumping to another 'verse?

>> No.50441901

Casual reminder this is a canonical game in Deus Ex

>> No.50441903

I am officially voicing my desire for "And Knuckles" to be present in this jump in some way. Possibly a drawback where everyone is replaced by Knuckles in cosplay, or maybe the companion option that lets you purchase Knuckles is just called "...and Knuckles."

>> No.50441905

I am very willing to help anyone working on Lazy Town jump. I remember a BIT more than just memes

>> No.50441919


>> No.50441934


>> No.50441944

I don't think anyone has actually made a claim on it yet, so you could do it if you really wanted to.

I actually watched two episodes recently because the thread was talking about it. The one thing that really stood out to me was when the fat guy was trimming a tree, and Stingy just walked right up and stole his ladder. What the hell?

>> No.50441946

I don't get it?

>> No.50441952

At that point it's up to wank. People can just as easily argue that point by saying "Why can't they stay in the warehouse after jumping to another 'verse?". As far as official rulings go, there's probably going to be no luck getting QS to comment on things. If Yorokonde won't rule on the warehouse's behalf then it's official up to wank. But in that case it doesn't make sense to leave companions as wank but make a hard ruling on Warehouse attachments.

The previous iteration of this Warehouse Pod debate involved a substantial amount of necromancy, and rulings that living beings could be made into temporary objects via certain jumps and therefore could be transported from world to world.

>> No.50441969

>Infinite Warehouse Height.
I've never supported this view at all. I've always assumed the Warehouse is as tall as a standard warehouse like on the provided picture.

>Infinite Pods
I have literally never said that or even insinuated it. You can shove people in your head all you want, but unless you've got a pod they get a boot at the end of your time.

Honestly I had intended people to just use it for swapping out Companions. I may have to add a note in now.

>> No.50441984

Nah, senpai. I must finish my own claims. I can HELP but I am not claiming anything

>> No.50441993

How about you give me five minutes to think about a response instead of running your mouth?

>> No.50441998

The whole extra pods thing is just a diversion away from the real potential of freezing humans/creatures and whatever else inside your warehouse - since time doesn't move there if you aren't inside. You could effectively just "warehouse" anybody that's too dangerous ASAP, and derail plots that way.

Personally I'd be amused if entire Grail Wars were disrupted because all the intended masters got sent to the Warehouse.

>> No.50442044

>I've never supported this view at all. I've always assumed the Warehouse is as tall as a standard warehouse like on the provided picture.

So the premise is that we should adhere to your specified height for the Warehouse? I mean if that's the case by all means specify a number and the thread can decide if they agree on it or not. Not sure how you're going to deal with warehouse attachments that grow in size though.

>> No.50442047

Whoa, mate. Not him, but you need to calm down. The thread doesn't revolve around you, senpai. It can have discussions related to you.

>> No.50442088

I don't understand why he's this agitated over a single perk. Anything that interacts with another jump module (the warehouse in this case) was always going to be up for abuse. We've literally had cases of warehouse abuse and attempts at bypassing conventions for over a thousand threads now. Sure the perk is cool and all, but he kinda dug his own grave as far as rulings are concerned.

If anything, it's even worse in this case since his perk is dependent on QS's original rulings, and those have been so perverted over time that no one really remembers what the rules are supposed to be.

>> No.50442176

Honestly, I'm agitated because I've shown off the WiP several times now with no objections on the perk, only to get swamped. It's frustrating to think you're done with a project just to be nibbled to death on what you thought was a fun, interesting, well received perk.

I didn't think I was going to get bombarded with nit-picks.

>> No.50442249

No one reads jumpwork unless you directly shove it in their face or if its 1.0

Hell Im saying this and I can tell you I havent read much jumpwork besides a select few out of lack of interest and college

>> No.50442260

Dude, this is how it always works out. Just look at what happened with Wakfu and the sudden onslaught of shit-raising about Sailor Moon.

>> No.50442323

Who here's heard of a guy named Joe Weltjens who made a comic in 1997 called "Diesel"? AKA "The Most Blatant and Terrible JoJo Ripoff Ever". He seriously even used the name "Stand" for the things they fight with.


>> No.50442340

So we have to talk about jumps the first time they're posted and never again? That's unrealistic to expect buddy.

Not everyone lurks these threads like vultures. Hell, we even get new people every now and then.

>> No.50442347

In EMH can you Import your power armor under the "Import costume"?

>> No.50442368

So assuming that Merging+Aspect Manifestation could even be used to absorb Stands, what would happen if you scratched yourself with a Stand Arrow after absorbing several of them? Would you go Requiem and your Stand Awaken?

>> No.50442402

Well I can't figure out for the life of me what the exploit that Val and I had come up with for act/inact companions were, but I'll say this to you.

90% of the time, unless the jump is extremely well known or anticipated, you won't get much feedback on it at all. Most people aren't keen on telling you that something sucks, and if it looks passable, most people are going to tell you that "it looks fine".

Heck it's why I ask Val to do my crosschecking for the most part, since if she screams the fuck out of me I get good feedback out of it. I've posted major dumps to the thread before and barely gotten feedback for jumps. Find somebody that can edit things for you properly and hit you with all of the plausible questions before you offer it up to the thread. It'll help you quite a bit.

>> No.50442407

It's probably just the shitposter.

I've told you guys to only post jumps from 9am to 3pm on weekdays.

>> No.50442426

Maybe. Who knows? We don't have any canon examples for that sort of thing, but I'd suggest you'd err on the side of nerfing. That is to say, you'd be unaffected by being scratched, but absorbed a scratched Stand would allow you access to that shit forever.

>> No.50442449

There's nothing in this entire thread that's even close to what the shitposter does.
You might be able to pass it off as people shitposting if you're particularily pessimistic, but it's not our main guy.
My Scatovore bingo card has nothing filled in yet.

>> No.50442456

Yes, find a hugbox so that his precious jump doesn't get torn apart by the community that actually consumes this content.

Why not tell him to just drag it to IRC while you're at it?

>> No.50442459

Hey, dirge_, question on Dissidia: Can Personal Realm only allow connection to one pocket dimension at a time? It's not entirely clear if by "slotting" it in , you're replacing it or adding another.

>> No.50442517

Okay guys, how is this for a perk for the FE7-6 jump?

Money Is Important! (100 CP or 200 CP) - You find that you’re better at managing your finances or spotting a poor financial deal or outright scam. This does not protect you from corruption from your employees, or unpredictable market directions, but you have a good knowledge of finances. For 200 CP, you may have your own horse-drawn carriage, with horse, to carry you places and help peddle your wares.

>> No.50442520

See >>50442456

>> No.50442523

I wanna be a smartass and use One of the Mighty to copy a copying ability, like Kirby's shtick.

>> No.50442534

> Age: 1 [Rolled1]
> Origin: Medical Mechanica [-100CP]
> “What are you doing?!” [-200CP]
> “...Until You Swing The Bat” [-400CP]
> Housekeeping Skills [Get a Freebie!]
> Part Redundancy [-100CP]
> Plug & Play [-200CP]
> Part Of Something Larger [-300CP]
> Epic Soundtrack [Get a Freebie!]
> Fooly Cooly Skills [-100CP]
> Bunny Suit [-50CP]
> Shirt and Sweater Collection [-50CP]
> Little Prince Curries (x3) [-100CP]
> Ugly Hat Syndrome [+100CP]
> Brother’s Shadow [+400CP]

Oh boy! This sounds like the sort of wacky, off-beat world that would be just ripe for Konata shenanigans!
Prepare to be disappointed.

Strange robot escapes from Medical Mechanica facility, enters town. Is immediately accepted amongst the town as if this is not at all strange. Just another one of those Mechanica Marvels!

Of course, this one's in a bit of disrepair. Practically dysfunctional. The real models probably do a much better job. Plus they probably don't keep trying to wear horrible outfits. I don't think it was programmed for fashion? Well, you get what you pay for I guess, which in this case is nothing.
Hm? The robot just saved someone from a burning building? That's pretty cool for a beat up old robot. I didn't know Medical Mechanica could make such dependable robots. I bet the sale models can do even better!
Do you think the television on its head gets all the channels? I bet the top of the line models do...
And they wouldn't wear such a garish scarf...

>> No.50442540

>I've posted major dumps to the thread before and barely gotten feedback for jumps.
To be fair, those dumps also tend to overwhelm people (or me atleast). By the time I've digested everything, we're pretty much already in next thread. Or the thread after that.

>> No.50442563

...I'm not sure how the 200cp part is a perk. Seems more like an item added onto it?

>> No.50442569

If you're refing the Exalted Jump Mortal Heroes I haven't seen Gaunlet in a while, like three or four hours now. I noticed you don't usually get on at the same time as him so maybe better luck next time?

See >>50442426 for a good opinion. Mine would be that unless you've got that Special Power thing for Aspect Manifestation it just don't change.

Your tone is kinda negative man. Just saying you are making this out to be something huge, and I guess it is for you maybe, but really this is just a single perk in a very nice Jump.
Quick question to Thread in genral have we lost the guy who made One Piece forever? It's in serious need of an update.

>> No.50442602

Is their anywhere else in Jumpchain where I can pick up something like Bond of the Soul from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure? I want a different incarnation of the same person in each Jump without them taking up a Companion slot, so that Dark Kiva doesn't take up two Companion slots. I was just going to give Kivat perks and abilities that he can pass on or teach to his Host.

>> No.50442622

... Nakama from One Piece IIRC?

>> No.50442628

The One Piece shows up sporadically. He updated it earlier this year I think...? Adding the Giant's Blood, Mermaid, and Fishman Hybrid options (and I think some other small stuff).

>> No.50442641

It was made with the notion of allowing you to "import" a realm of your own making into the Gateway's network, but it "adds" one to the existing network (to visualize it - it's like your original gateway is a box - and then the imported realm is attaching a box to a box)

>> No.50442642

*One Piece Jumpmaker

>> No.50442654

There's not much to do to One Piece except maybe add more fruits, change Dark Dark, and add a furry race option.

>> No.50442720


I'd like to talk about the validity of the movies, like I know one is canon but what about the newest pair? Gold of eternal youth is awesome.

>> No.50442762

A lot of the time I'm not all too sure whether people think it's ok after digesting it or if it was just a matter of "oh well, that was a thing". Most of the time I assume the latter, hence why I get Val to crosscheck, cause she blasts through stuff at a ridiculous pace and generally doesn't hold back as far as letting me know what works and what's absolute shit.

>> No.50442792

You made me smile. And you bought Fooly Cooly Skills. You lovely mad scientist.

>> No.50442847

> And you bought Fooly Cooly Skills. You lovely mad scientist.
Now I can combine it with Purple Prose and Technobabble to talk about overly complicated things that mean absolutely nothing! I'll never have to worry about not having anything to say again, because even when I say nothing at all, it sounds like it was super smart!

>> No.50442851

How is there no Generic Dancing Jump?

>> No.50442888

>Gold of eternal youth is awesome.
Is it really needed with the whole "new body every ten years" thing jumpers have?

>> No.50442942

I got plans that need such things. Sometimes having a thing is better than having a power, though it's often the other way around. I plan to take advantage of 40k at some point with the Pink Tide. We'll need some time to finish off my other projects so one of the things I collect is common eternal youth stuff.

>> No.50442958

What 'Punk jumps are there general?
Steampunk, Atompunk, Dieselpunk, The works!

>> No.50443039

You haven't made it yet

>> No.50443068

Well, Cyberpunk has both Deus Ex games and Shadowrun.

>> No.50443108

Guys, tell me how this sounds as a Stand ability. I was trying to think of something kind of silly that has lots of potential applications, including some kind of bullshit-style logic that I think would fit the series.

The power to take things apart, and to fuse things to other things. For example, taking a door off a wall and then sticking it on a safe, or fusing an unaware opponent's foot to the floor.

When something's taken off of something else, it acts as if it was still connected until it's connected to something else. A disconnected faucet would still spray water, but if I slapped it on a person then their blood and other bodily fluids would start gushing out as soon as it was turned on. There may or may not be some leniency here, since one of the ideas I had was a contrived situation of some kind where I was sticking someone's mouth on their hand so they could reach an air bubble and still breathe. If unconnected things end up so that either of them are no longer in range of my ability, they immediately snap back together in a way that's usually pretty destructive for both parts. Also, allows me to function as the party's healer by sticking dismembered body parts back together.

For stats, I was thinking high precision, middling speed and range, and lowish destructive power and durability.

Is this any good?

>> No.50443275

Yep, that sounds about right.

>> No.50443319


>> No.50443330

I like it, Anon. Sounds like it could have some interesting utility.

>> No.50443403

So anons, it's been I while since I had been on the drive. Whatever happened to the Tower of God jump?

>> No.50443408

Would Cosmic Mind + Clear Memory from Neo-Heisei Parts 2 and 1 respectively allow one to convert Tier 1 Gaia Memories into Fuestles usable by Kivat the 2nd?

>> No.50443417

Thanks, I'll probably go with this then. Now I just need a good Awakened ability.

As good a name as any, I'll go with that. Thanks.

>> No.50443448

Nothing, as far as I know? Try refreshing the page, the drive gets weird sometimes.

Perhaps the ability to detach/attach attributes? Like detaching "hot" from fire and attaching it to a door handle, so that when someone tries to open the door they get burned. Or is that more a Requiem kind of ability?

>> No.50443462

Doing the same thing but with concepts, maybe?

>> No.50443463

What's a good baseline for EX-level NPs? Would it be fair to compare their power to blowing up worlds?

>> No.50443488

>Blowing up worlds
No. Just...no.

>> No.50443490

How are the Fleustles tied to anything, there aren't going to be any associated Monsters - unless you're going entirely for Emperor-esque modes and finishing attacks.

>> No.50443499

I've heard Nukes, mainly in response to me asking if A+++ would be Nuke Level. The Closest an EX comes to blowing up worlds is Ea collapsing Reality Marbles.

>> No.50443504

I'll take "stupid shit from SB" for 600, Alex.

>> No.50443519


You could probably blow up Japan though if you had enuff power behind it. Pretty sure Gil does something like that. Or tries to at least. My Fate memories are a blur.

>> No.50443536

Concerning the N.O. Utilization perk, how do the following restrictions look?

- Limited to the main room of the Cosmic Warehouse, no add on access.
- Must have enough room inside the Warehouse to put items back inside.
- Only works on items and Companions, no headbutting random people inside, as it violates one of the basic rule of the Warehouse. (No one inside while you're not there.)

Or would everyone be happier if I considered an alternate perk for its place?

>> No.50443546

Reminder that "the real world" is literally nothing more than Gaia's reality marble.

>> No.50443608

>- Limited to the main room of the Cosmic Warehouse, no add on access.
I think that it then basically becomes like a 'video game inventory perk' but without the actual inventory space that comes with it. Which doesn't really merit it being a capstone perk.

Maybe allow direct warehouse addons, like hangars and such, but nothing like grabbing what's inside of a Bag of Holding? That would be inside a Bag's dimension rather than the warehouse, while the former is (kind of) attached.

I agree wholeheartedly with the 'no absorbing random people' and the 'needs enough room'.

>> No.50443610

Yoro, does Brother's Shadow actually create said brother or people just THINK there is such brother?

>> No.50443631

I was mostly looking for additional modes. I effectively want Kivat the 2nd to become a Memory Driver, though I'm not sure if I would be allowed to Import him as such. My preference would be to Import him as a Companion and give those Perks to him, so that he can work and tinker with the Memories at his leisure, and then hand them off to his Host. I figure that, considering the Memories already have enough power to turn regular humans into Dopants, there must be a method for making them compatible with Dark Kiva, bestowing their abilities onto him.

Also I want them to be Fuestles for style.

>> No.50443646

I buy into the "Requiem is the power with a huge boost, and Awakened is a new ability that fits the theme of the Stand" theory, and that sounds more like a Requiem ability. It's a good Requiem ability to be sure, but for my chain I'm going with Awakening and Requiems being an either/or thing. I'm also going with Awakened because everyone goes Requiem and I want to be contrary.

I'm stuck on "stealing" as the key word, which sort of fits the "relocation" theme of the original stand? Body snatching was my first guess. Put the Stand in their body and puppeteer them from a distance? Maybe something direct to contrast the versatility of the original ability, like stealing a vaguely defined "vitality" from creatures and the environment in order to give the stand a temporary powerup. Whitesnake-style power stealing might work, but it falls into the "more like a Requiem" trap.

Or, maybe some kind of "reorganization and duplication" thing. Like, punching people warps their skeleton and makes bone shards shoot through their skin, or makes them grow painful vestigial limbs lined with teeth and hair? That might be getting away from the original stand, however, and isn't really powerful enough for an Awakened ability.

In short, I have no clue.

>> No.50443650

Is there a Warehouse attachment I can use to safely store especially dangerous/powerful items without having to worry about them corrupting/destroying everything else?

>> No.50443678


>>50443490 has the right of it, you can make the fuestles but they probably won't get weapons and be more like the Emperor forms than anything else.

>> No.50443681

Honestly? It seems incredibly underwhelming. With these restrictions, it barely feels worth 300, let alone 600 CP.

>> No.50443696

Well since it's a powerboost maybe have the stand turn into some sort of monstrosity with myriads of arms that has A rank speed and precision, so it can do stuff like rearrange atomic particles to create new elements and such

>> No.50443701

Maybe the ability to detach parts of yourself/your stand and still control them. For example, detaching your arm like a rocket punch or detaching your Stand from you and allowing it to operate by itself at the cost of not being able to interact with others, like a spy eye?

>> No.50443709

>No Warehouse 13 jump
>No The Librarian jump
What am I supposed to do if I want light-hearted magic object collecting? SCP as a setting is way too dark for me to enjoy myself.

>> No.50443730

>Direct Warehouse add-on
That sounds reasonable. I don't think there's too many direct add-ons that could lead to massive abuse.

But then, I don't know most of them in depth.

Either or. I left it vague so people could have a little extra freedom when it came to writing their Jump's story. It's not like the Brother actually is better than you, power-wise. People just think they are more awesome no matter what.

And with the top part in consideration?

>> No.50443776

It's not really a Requiem ability at all. In fact, I suggest you look at the canon Stand with that sort of ability.


>> No.50443813

Nice idea, especially the idea of being able to detach the Stand and let it operate independently, but I'm in love with >>50443696's suggestion of "has enough precision to rearrange things on the atomic level." I want to expand on that and say it can take the environment apart like it's made of LEGOs and create pretty much any mundane object I want, with the caveat that bigger and more complicated objects take longer and consume more of my surroundings. Combine that with the base ability and things'll get crazy real quick. I'll call the base Stand 「Long Breakdown」 and the Awakened version 「Weird Science.」

Thanks anons.

>> No.50443822

>I don't think there's too many direct add-ons that could lead to massive abuse.
This is the problem. You're looking for ways to prevent "abuse", when you should just be making sure it fits the themes of the setting and its canon.

>> No.50443844

That's exactly what I did initially. That's literally why I wrote the perk the way I did.

>> No.50443852

If I were to give up my Star Trek: TNG and Codename: KND jumps, would anyone be interested in picking them up and improving them?

>> No.50443867

>If I were to give up my Star Trek: TNG and Codename: KND jumps
but why

>> No.50443873

How big of an impact do you have on a setting?

>> No.50443882


>> No.50443892

Because I've been wanting to update them for months but I'm starting to think it'll never happen due to various things that are killing my time, interest and creativity.

>> No.50443903

>That sounds reasonable. I don't think there's too many direct add-ons that could lead to massive abuse.
Warehouse add-ons I can recall off the top of my head:

EVO: Search for Eden jump has one for each origin, from a bio-lab to a hatchery to a primal garden.
Starcraft has a couple, including a Spawning Pool. Might grab a zergling or hydralisk.
Supreme Commander has the ACU Bay. This is honestly one of the most abusable, since at the very least you yank an 80 meter tall death bot out, and some jumpers imported the goddamn Light of Terra as their ACU.
I'm pretty sure there are some lab/med bay add-ons, as well. But those wouldn't really do anything.

>> No.50443927

So jumpers, have you ever had fun trolling low tech settings by passing off relatively mundane tech as some grand and magnificent magic artifact? Like claiming your camera with wireless uplink to your tablet is an elaborate scrying spell?

Thinking on it because pic related is giving me headaches on how to price it for Katanagatari.

>> No.50443929

Someone might, if it was actually you. Put your trip on.

>> No.50443946

No? Why would you do such a thing? That sounds like incredible douchebaggery.

>> No.50443961

Honestly, I'm okay with 80 meter death bots. There was one at least that tall that came shooting out of Naota's head in episode 4 or 5.

And honestly I didn't have a problem with biological until others brought up the idea of simply stealing villains for 10 years with a headbutt.

>> No.50443969

>not importing the dahak as your acu after throwing it through the biggus dickus formula
It's like you want to be smol or something.

>> No.50443990

Wow I was confused. I thought that series was called Rurouni Kenshin until you posted that just now.

I'm not overly familiar with the series, are they strong because they're mundane guns in a world of swords? I can see why that'd make them difficult to price. Maybe don't even offer them if there's nothing overly special about them?

>> No.50444016


>> No.50444032

Usually a fairly big one after a few jumps. I turned Person of Interest into a kaiju setting, with myself (as an angel) and my children (via broodmother) being the kaijus. We had a lot of fun.

TVs in Fire Emblem. Lucina became a huge anime fan, and sci-fi movies got a lot of attention and interest as well. Even better, they thought it was all real.

>> No.50444106

Please don't give up on them, even if you're not interested at the moment and it will be a while it would still be preferable to see you update them.

>> No.50444114

What needs updating in TNG anyway? It's not like there's been any new movies or episodes in years, and the jump itself captures the feel of the setting. Heck, you've even got the LCARS aesthetic to it, which is a nice touch.

>> No.50444130

>biggus dickus formula
please teach me your ways, senpai!

>> No.50444131

>What needs updating in TNG anyway?
I believe he wanted to add a full ship option and replace that one annoying perk that people keep fighting over because semantics are annoying.

>> No.50444139

>I'm not overly familiar with the series, are they strong because they're mundane guns in a world of swords? I can see why that'd make them difficult to price. Maybe don't even offer them if there's nothing overly special about them?
They're slightly beyond mundane, can shoot fire and have infinite ammo. But yeah, they're ridiculously broken by in setting standards because they're modern-ish guns in a world that has no clue what a gun is. Everyone is geared up for melee combat and sword fights, not dodging little pellets of lead from these weird tube things (except one character, and he still wasn't that great at it). The other issue is that they're part of a collection of twelve macguffins, and current plan is for those twelve to be a good portion of the item section. So not including them would be a bit of a hole.

>> No.50444147

>Not using Anton's Key and Narnian Time to grow to be as big as the universe

>> No.50444169

For a full ship option I'd much rather have a STO jump.

>> No.50444191

This. >>50444131 I've also come to regret making the species choice roll based and not offering any faction choices besides the federation.

I realized after rewatching TNG, DS9 and Voyager that there's a lot more stuff that could be included in the jump.

>> No.50444201

Yeah, things that are broken in setting but not in most other settings are always tough. Then again, are swords really that much worse then guns after you get some shonen perks?
...I feel dirty about using interjump balance as an argument against interjump balance...

Without knowing anything about the rest of the jump, I want to say drop-in capstone item due to the "out of context" nature of the weapon. Are they comparable to the other 11 weapons, or are they the best one? Because you might just want to give the other origins comparable power level mcguffins as their capstone item.

>> No.50444217

What are the other maguffins? Also, unless this is Jumper's First Jump (TM), the likelihood of coming in with firearms (or pokemon with hyperbeams) is already high.

>> No.50444243

Imports in Supcom, Five Star Stories, and a FF14 scenario reward all increase the size of the ship. Maybe put it through uncharted waters as well so it can hold all your off duty companions.
Given that the Dahak is roughly the size of the moon, and after all the imports it's over 10 times larger, you end up with a rather large planet following you around.

>stopping at universal size
What a casual. Your pocket dimension in Creepy pasta is arbitrarily large. Why constrain yourself to the size of whatever universe you're in?
Although it probably doesn't need to be said you're going to want waveform biology and philiotic thought to offset the consequences of being that HUEG. You'll probably want selective weight and collossal grace from the LoS supplement as well.

>> No.50444277

You could correlate that amount of impact I would have on a setting to how much Justice it would bring and smiles it would protect.

So if it's a world like Generic Sugar bowl, I will have almost not impact.
It it's a world like Black Bullet where little girls lives are on the line, then I will completely tear down and rebuild entire societies.

Note that this equation does not take into account the "how much fun would it be to hangout with the MCs" or the "what waifus does this world have" equations that were covered in class last month.
Yes, you will be quizzed on this next week.

>> No.50444288

Echoanon around? They asked for feedback on Madness jump and isn't here to receive it

>> No.50444294

And here I am without my notebook, will there at least be a study guide?

>> No.50444302


>> No.50444315

I wonder how long it would take to explore that fully.

>> No.50444329

>Although it probably doesn't need to be said you're going to want waveform biology and philiotic thought to offset the consequences of being that HUEG. You'll probably want selective weight and collossal grace from the LoS supplement as well.
Oh, agreed on all counts, but that doesn't fit in a greentext "Not doing X" post very well. As for your other point, I didn't take the pocket dimension in Creepy Pasta, though I am planning on expanding into my Inner World in Infernals. That's actually the reason I want to get so HUGE. Inner Worlds have no limit to their size, but you have to make everything in them yourself. If I expand into a universe-sized being in there, and then use Omega Self-Molecular Manipulation from X-Men, I can fill the place very easily.

>> No.50444335

What the fuck is that ship?
Is that what a "Dahak" is?

>> No.50444339

But half of Voyager was just holodeck novels people back in the Alpha Quadrant wrote to make Voyager's 70kLY journey more interesting than it actually was. And, seriously, some of them were utter garbage, like the one with the cheese, and the one where the security chief got fused with the cook - and oh gods, now you've made me remember the one 2379chan made where they got turned into lizards and mated. Computer, replicate a bucket of brain bleach!

>> No.50444340

If I remember correctly Cracker Jack asked me to bring this up (again) if he hadn't fixed this by Thanksgiving. I'm a bit late but. . .

Super speed still does not have the note about being able to selectively interact with things normally despite moving at high speed and having an objects you're carrying's functions scaled to your speed.

I would also like to suggest adding in the ability to alter your perception so that you can make it feel like everything else is slowing down instead of like you're moving faster if you want to, for the full quicksilver scene experience.

>> No.50444372

Dahak is an Utu-class planetoid ship from the Fourth Imperium of Humanity in the Empire From The Ashes setting. It is the size of Earth's moon, and actually has been disguising itself as Earth's moon for the past eighty thousand years. In the end of the second book, Dahak is destroyed but its AI core is salvaged and installed in an Asgerd-class planetoid ship, whose dimensions are less certain but are stated to be somewhere around a third again to a half again larger than an Utu. If you do the scenario in the Empire From The Ashes jump, this Asgerd-class version of Dahak comes with you as your personal ship.

>> No.50444375

You can find a guide for each lesson online.
If you hit the "crazy chick to waifu ratio" you've gone to far ahead as that is next month's lesson.

Entire generations would be born and die exploring that thing.

That's a Big Dickus Dahak.
This one contains the normal sized Dahak.

>> No.50444384

That is the name of a fuckhuge moon sized battleship in "From the Ashes", you can get one of the even larger battleships he transfers his AI into after his original body dies as a reward for a drawback/scenario.

>> No.50444394

>Big Dickus

That's nowhere near the size of a dick. "Biggest Balls Of All" makes more sense.

>> No.50444402


I still haven't finished Voyager and I don't plan too. The handful of interesting episodes aren't enough to offset the sheer stupidity that is the writing of that show. I couldn't even get to the season where they introduce Seven of Nine.

>> No.50444408

It's an artifact from back when the formula was applied to the Light of Terra the previously largest ship available.

>> No.50444412

Current plan is to have all the Macguffins discounted to the Swordsman origin. The other origins are Drop In which mirrors the crazy precog blacksmith responsible for all the Macguffins their discount outside of standard perkline is picking up upgrades for the precognition capstone they'll get. Then there's ninja, who get crazy ninja magic options as their out of perkline discount (ninjas were basically Stand users stuck in a series where brute force reigned supreme). And Schemer, based on a few of the more socially inclined characters, that get cheap rates on companions.
"Swords" of various kinds. First just is really durable (and is 100 CP), second is absurdly sharp and can easily be drawn faster than the human eye can perceive, third is one thousand mostly normal swords, fourth is a really pretty sword that can shift in length but shatters if misused, fifth is a suit of armor with a bunch of blades on exterior that disperses any impact on it into the ground, sixth is ridiculously heavy and doubles as a hammer, seventh constantly regenerates the wounds of whoever it's embedded in, eighth is a solar powered robot, ninth is a wood sword that cancels mental influence and clears the mind of its wielder, tenth does weird esoteric spirit stuff, eleventh is the horcrux of the blacksmith who made the swords, and twelfth is the guns. There's also a martial art that is kinda the thirteenth and is what the protagonist uses to win pretty much every fight he's in.

>> No.50444417

Right, now I can park this abomination next to Neptune but where can I get the size upgrades needed to make the LoT into a fitting shaft for this particular metaphor?

>> No.50444420

Well, TNG was almost exclusively a Federation-centric POV, and DS9 still had a strong Federation POV, so I don't see a problem at all with your choice to write the jump around that.

Fixing the species choice so it's not roll-based sounds like a dead easy change, though?

>> No.50444422

>Big Dickus

The Big(gus) Dickus is a formula that spawn after the SupCom jump can into fruition and people discovered you could import the Light of Terra and increase its size.
From then a hunt was started to find every jumps that could increase the LoT's size.

>> No.50444439

Are you including an option for the final, secret sword?

>> No.50444457

>Fixing the species choice so it's not roll-based sounds like a dead easy change, though?

>Well, TNG was almost exclusively a Federation-centric POV, and DS9 still had a strong Federation POV, so I don't see a problem at all with your choice to write the jump around that.
That doesn't mean I can't offer people the choice to do something else.

>> No.50444458

Currently debating between making it an origin unto itself, Swordsman 800, or undiscounted perk.

>> No.50444468

You can't. Dahak at its smallest is five times wider than the Light of Terra at its largest is long. It's just starting with such a huger base that the Light can't catch up. I'd suggest making your own ship entirely. Get the Jupiter Room from Biomega's scenario, build an organic spaceship (since it doesn't kick out living things stored in there when the door closes) inside and then upgrade that.

>> No.50444478

I'm happy with anything as long as it's in.

Remember though, Shichika wasn't really the best at it, so don't put in any hard limits at his level.

>> No.50444490

What you could do is keep your claim on the TNG-DS9 Jump, but give others the okay to make other Faction Star Trek Jumps.

Captach, those were cookies. Not popcorn.

>> No.50444491

Sounds like at least a couple of the maguffins are on a par with a pair of infinite-ammo pistols. Five, seven and eight, maybe ten depending on what it actually does?

>> No.50444502

You know the Super Large Dahak is an ACU.
You could probably make it produce a giga ship shaft on it's own. Even if it might take a while.
The real trick is getting enough material to do that, but I'm sure there's plenty of ways to get matter from nothing.

>> No.50444514

The ACU comes with a Matter and Energy generator that scales with the ACU's Size.

>> No.50444517

SupCom itself has not only things like the Paragon Generator and the Dark Star, but also energy to matter fabricators.

>> No.50444522

True. And Supreme Commander actually does offer several ex-nihilo energy and matter generation systems.

>> No.50444537

>give others the okay to make other Faction Star Trek Jumps.
People don't need my permission for that. Also I thought about that but it felt weird since, unlike 40k, Star Trek isn't really split into faction specific stuff. But like I said, I'm not gonna put up any opposition if some wanted to make a Klingon, Romulan, or some other faction/species Star Trek jump.

>> No.50444595

Not planning any arbitrary hard caps, probably start behind him though. Because Complete Kyotoryu is ridiculous and beats everything else in the setting. Also the other 800 I'm considering for Swordsman is the sister's eyes. With the addendum your style must be stronger than the opponent's to copy their techniques.

>> No.50444604

Spherical spess ships look retarded.

>> No.50444617

How do you measure the strength of your technique?

>> No.50444633


I will never understand the fucking point of restrictions like those. What's the point of learning or mimicking anything if they have to be weaker in any respect? It's useless.

>> No.50444636

Well it's a good choice for a perk, considering its what lets her get as good as she did. Though, with that restriction that means that the only way to get a Complete Kyotoryu is by out of context perks, like the copy technique from Ranma. It's not like there's anyone to teach you. Even Shichika, even if he ever would deign to, couldn't teach you mastery.

>> No.50444654

It is a metal planet with star buster weapons, multiple detachable battleships, and enough armor and shields to tank its equals. And then supersized.

Who cares if it looks a little bit dumb, you could solo the entire 40K universe with one of these abominations.

>> No.50444669

It's not like you've made it hard for a jumper to choose to do something else, though. The Federation's laws are pretty lax when it comes to borders (it's the neighbors who tend to be aggro about it), you've put in skills we can buy for cheap (and even free) that would make us a valuable starship crewmember, and if we're complete slackers we can just buy a runabout. And once you make species choice free, anyone can just go Klingon and...

Huh. Actually, that's one way to do it fairly simply. Just add a few more species to the Species section, e.g. Romulan, Cardassian, etc, and allow people to instead start on the capital world of their species as a citizen. You've already got Klingon and Barjoran.

>> No.50444711

>muh buster
Tired meme.

As said, spherical space ships look retarded.

>> No.50444732

Some of them are, and part of what I'm doing to encourage purchasing them is giving Swordsman a perk that gives them good for verse fighting skills, but also gives you signature techniques associated with whatever Swords you buy. >>50444617
My general guideline is approximate the result of a match only bringing into account your fighting styles in particular. Admittedly it's partially vague anime bullshit I'm still pinning down the precise details on. The sister herself was also born with instinctive perfect combat techniques but couldn't use them much because she dump statted constitution really hard.
Because it explicitly can do weird semi-mystical techniques. The basis started with solely ridiculous kung fu for killing people, but picked up stuff like superstrength and controlling her own weight and the weight of any objects she touches from fighting people with those abilities. Also because even if the style is technically weaker than yours you can incorporate the useful bits you now have a full understanding of into your own style.

>> No.50444738

>Alderaan Spaceport: What a fucking retarded design, how are you going to land that thing?
>Death Star: Commence primary ignition...

>> No.50444792

Whats the status of Xenoblade and Xenoblade X?

>> No.50444815

We haven't seen blade for the last 2 weeks roughly so we don't know.

>> No.50444831

Any jump have decent magitek? or potential for such devices?

>> No.50444852

Is it only me or is the spin extremely expensive in the Jojo jump?

>> No.50444853

Give Nickleback the Infinity Gauntlet and they'll still suck, they'll just do so infinitely.

Your argument, such as it is, is invalid.

>> No.50444859

Has anyone else noticed that the Buffy Jump is really poorly balanced?

>> No.50444864

FF6 is a staple, and Banjo Kazooie has a perk that makes every type of magic something you can make magitek even if it normally wouldn't play nice.

>> No.50444865

How so?

>> No.50444879

No, but your mother's balance usually suffers after a marathon raw dogging.

>> No.50444894

My only complaint is that Spare Keys are going to run into trouble due to their family remembering them, but them not remember their family.

>> No.50444905

>it's a "let's pick an old jump and try to start shit over it" episode

>> No.50444907

If you want every spin perk yes. You don't need all of them to use spin though so it's not that expensive.

>> No.50444919

I vote for mystery science theater then

>> No.50444922

White Hat gets almost nothing of value, especially compared to Initiative Members and various breeds of Demon. You also have Buffyverse Magic and Ascension being priced on the same level as Slayer, which is surprisingly unimpressive if you've ever watched the series.

>> No.50444961

What was it's completion at last time there was a WIP?

>> No.50444971

Out of curiousity, what perk IS necessary for using spin?

>> No.50444979

Truthfully, if the style is weaker, then it has nothing to teach you of any value.

>> No.50444992

Is there even anything of worth in the MST3k jump to make having to watch bad movies for 10 years worth it?

>> No.50445010

Watching bad movies with those three is worth it on its own.

>> No.50445019

Yeah, I think it would've made sense for Slayer to come with some sort of plot armor

>> No.50445037

You don't like watching bad movies?

>> No.50445049



Something something Bloody Roar something something furries.

>> No.50445054

Fallout, obviously.
Dishonored? I think that qualifies, technically.

>> No.50445058

I always figured you could use any of them.
The perks just frontload how to do more with it so you don't have to pick steel ball run as your timeline to avoid learning it all on your own.

>> No.50445068

... you've got a point. White Hat needs more Xander-shaped perks, some of the existing perks should probably be discounted for White Hat, and Ascension is... yah, you're basically the kaiju. If being a Slayer is 600, being an Ascended should be rather more expensive.

>> No.50445078

Nobody noticed it, but an even furrier jump got announced a while back.

>> No.50445081

This >>50444979

And from what you're saying it's sounding like you wouldn't actually be able to "[pick up] stuff like superstrength and controlling her own weight and the weight of any objects she touches from fighting people with those abilities" as it were. In light of it being explicitly able to do weird semi-mystical techniques, that restriction would make even less sense. Also, it invites useless "power-level" discussions in order to see if a strategy complies with a non-canon limit.

>> No.50445122

I figured an EX-Rank NP would pretty much let me ignore any attempts to block or be immune to my magic... pretty much wherever I went, but maybe that's better as an A or A+?

>> No.50445126

Oh, grasshopperanon. Even a style that was completely and utterly wrong would still teach you what not to do.

>> No.50445128

We have like two dozen furry jumps.
It really doesn't matter anymore. Someone could make a fucking Jack jump at this point and get away with it.

I would actually be down for that if someone did. There's a lot of people that need to get their face beat in in that series.

>> No.50445131

Bioshock 1 and 2 could fall under both gene/biopunk and dieselpunk, I think.
Bioshock Infinite is biopunk/… steampunk? Or are those Handymen clockwork, making it clockpunk?

There are so many 'punk themes, it's impossible to keep track of.

>> No.50445137

It would definitely be closer to a B or A rank affect to pierce through magic resistance.

EX rank magic boosts would be something like being able to blast your magic for free forever, having it pierce resistance, and multiplying it in power.

>> No.50445139

There are drawbacks that extend time beyond ten years man.

>> No.50445143

Ease up on the crossposting lad.
I know you can come up with your own material if you just tried.

>> No.50445154

Why would you ever want a tool besides a hammer in your toolbox?

>> No.50445164

>We have like two dozen furry jumps.
Not that anon, but I get the impression you're using the term 'furry' in the loosest way possible.

I can only think of like… two, that fit the classification.
Zootopia and Swat Kats. Swat Kats was my shit as a kid.

>> No.50445172

What is this newfangled idea that any posts or posters from SB are inherently wrong? Are his assumptions invalid, or are you just going to accuse people of being the shit(cross?)-poster?

>> No.50445187

No those posts are literally copy/pasted from SB.
It's not about his argument at all. He's just got to stop copying other peoples discussions and passing them off as his own.

>> No.50445188

Literally the only reason I'd ever visit Jack is to go Twilight on it. Fuck, I'd rather enjoy MGE's cosmology than Jack's.

>> No.50445192

Kung-Fu Panda, Primal Rage, Guadians of Ga'Hoole, Spyro, TES, etc., etc.

>> No.50445213

Sly Cooper, Redwall, Sonic, Star fox, the list goes on.
If you count every setting with animal people there's a lot more.

>> No.50445223

Not him, but why do people from SB seem to assume that something that's not completely limited might as well have no limits?

>> No.50445237

I don't think there's any other God in fiction I hate more than Jacks God.
Even YHWH is superior because at least he's honest about being an egomaniac.

>> No.50445239

No such thing as "reasonable" over there.

>> No.50445256

I sort of want a My Life with Fel jump. . .

>> No.50445257

Because the VS. board bleeds over into everything on that site and people have become very adept at arguing for literal weeks over what powerlevels actually are.
If it doesn't have a stated limit and there's no feats saying otherwise it might as well not have one.

>> No.50445272

Not him, but I'm curious... Are those valid EX-Rank effects? I mean, considering a C-Rank NP can sever pacts made by an extremely powerful mystic object...

>> No.50445273

All right, take 2. Version 0.95 of the FLCL Jump.

- Clarified N.O. Utilization to be more in line with suggested comments.
- Clarified Brother's Shadow and Arsonist Drawbacks.

That is all. How'd I do?

>> No.50445274

I've been marathoning Buffy recently, and I'm surprised by how low on the super strength tiers Slayer is. I actually hesitate to use the term, because it looks like she's "very strong human" at best.

But yeah, we absolutely need some more interesting perks for White Hats. Or maybe some interesting items?

That'd make it worthwhile. Buffy's real powers are always having someone save her ass in the nick of time, and always being in the nick of time to save her friends' asses.

>> No.50445282

From what I could gleam before sheer disgust had me bail, they play the game is a completely different way from us. In essence, them not being around and active for the really early stuff means their idea of power standards are rather different, even compared to nowadays. This combined with a sort of kickback effect from their Vs zone where feats are everything and if something isn't proven to do X then it absolutely can never do X means people swing hard into the opposite stance. This is further exacerbated by the sheer lack of quality control.

>> No.50445298

Autism. If you don't give them rules, they get all antsy, and assume there aren't any because otherwise you would have said.

>> No.50445300

Well shit.

Christ, could you imagine if we had a hard rule against settings with animal or anthropomorphic characters?
We'd lose like 10-20% of all our jumps right there.

>> No.50445305

Because a lot of SB has a thing for being pendantic cheating assholes who hide behind perk text. By their standards unless something is explicitly stated to be limited in perk text then clearly it has utterly no limits. Regardless of common sense, how things work in canon, jumpmaker rulings, or whatever else you try to argue.

They really don't get why trying to be pendantic in a CYOA written solely on a volunteer basis is stupid and actively drives off jumpmakers.

>> No.50445312

By what standards? I think Dante's Xenoblade jump was supposed to be nearly jumpable, but from what I saw of the Xenoblade X jump it wasn't even close to being a .3 or .2 completion. Most of the perk effects were still rather vague or not yet set, and a lot of the other options were blank.

>> No.50445319

>I'm surprised by how low on the super strength tiers Slayer is.
I'm not quite sure about their canonical status, but apparently she's much more impressive in the comics.

>> No.50445331

And nothing of value would be lost.

>> No.50445340

Not really no. And Rule Breaker might seem impressive until you realise that Kirei did the equivalent of hacking off another Master's arm to take their command seals and it worked just the same as if Caster used Rule Breaker. Rule Breaker only works on things up to a certain power level before it doesn't do anything, despite what some people sometimes seem to think. I believe it's specified that Noble Phantasm level stuff go beyond it's ability but I haven't read that page in a long time.

>> No.50445349

>.3 or .2
Um, what are those?

>> No.50445350

I assumed that too but you don't necessirely need Steel Ball Run to learn all techniques. You just need to get gud.

Arguably, the perk that lets you see golden spirals and angels more easily is less of a technique and more perception or calculation improvement so...

>> No.50445356

Could you have an Ex rank that's something crlike Square?

>> No.50445363

I would've figured peak+ human? She seems to be about MCU Captain America tier when she pulls out the stops (first movie, not the stuff he pulls later).

>> No.50445365

...Sorry I used my own conventions there for a moment. .2/.3 is generally what I refer to for early rough draft states, it's percentile towards completion, with a 1.0 being the first complete product.

>> No.50445376

Anon, they think that EX rank NPs can destroy planets, like as in sentient magical Nasuverse planets, despite there being several Grail Wars and other powerful beings and Gaia still standing.

>> No.50445378

If such a rule existed we'd probably get a lot more use out of off site drives.
Ancient Something Awful memes belong in the fucking garbage.

>> No.50445382

There were two 200 cp perks for pretty much every race in the gamer, but they weren't well balanced. There was also a standard perk tree, but that was only about half full.

>> No.50445414


>> No.50445425

Oh, okay. Makes sense, I guess.

>> No.50445429


If we willingly Arson stuff up it's one a day with period of rest but we WANT to burn stuff and so would do it more often. If we don't want to, we black out for one building a day for a few days then a break?

Assuming we have fire powers but resist the drawback is the amount of burnt buildings at once increase or our "blacked out" self still does one building... or rather, at least one?

Also, I ain't unnamed no more Yoro

>> No.50445481

It depends on the episode. There's one in the second season where she's genuinely struggling to escape a chain, and Angel (who she's about as strong as) can't break through a security grate to escape from the rising sun.

>> No.50445488

I removed the 'willingly' portion of the Arsonist Drawback to make things simpler. You're going to burn at least one building a day for 3 to 5 days, stop for one or two weeks, then start up again.

If you've got fire powers, I have to imagine the number of building going up in flames will increase, but you can determine that yourself if you want.

Sorry, I forgot. I'll try to remember to edit it before I post it to the drive.

>> No.50445504

I can't decide on a Semblance and I don't have a particular theme. Any suggestions?

>> No.50445509

For those who jumped Code Lyoko, how did your encounter with AM's little brother (sister?) go?

>> No.50445528

Just go with what your origin gives you if none of the others stick out to you.

>> No.50445540

What origin?

>> No.50445551

Unless it's been updated since I last looked you don't actually get to choose your own, you either get your background's or pay for another one. I like Highlighter, but the Grim one is also very interesting.

>> No.50445554

Go Abyssal, you know you want to.

>> No.50445565

Funnily enough, it's often Brellin (of all people) that reminds them that limits exist.

>> No.50445570

Superbouncy. Anything you touch acts like rubber.

...Actually, that would make a good stand.

>> No.50445577

Where can I get some good dream perks? I'm scheming together a gimmick chain and need some good ones to pull hilarious stuff. I've already got Paprika and Changeling noted, but not sure where else to look. Especially for stuff that isn't just inflicting damage via dreams.

>> No.50445580

Take Represent since being able to activate other people's almonds means you can get whatever kind of semblence you want.
Eventually you'll find one that's right for you.

>> No.50445595

I was going to choose the background based off of which Semblance would be best, since not much really appeals beyond thsoe and the 800 CP items.

>> No.50445597

Gravity Falls has one.

>> No.50445605

Gravity Falls, Jojo Stands, can become the god of dreams in Lord of Light, can become the rider of dreams in Darksiders

>> No.50445613

Gravity Falls dream demon, Anima magic, Imaginary friend has a few perks for that. Darkstalkers has a perk that lets you fall asleep on command so you can dream when you want too.
Being a Lunar Exalt or a Raksha once those jumps come out should allow for lots of silly dream shit.
For now you'll have to settle for being a god blood of either in the Exalted Mortal Gauntlet.

>> No.50445634

Wait, people actually pick Represent? Jumpmaker said you only get a tiny fraction of each Semblance you copy. As in, dash a few feet with Ruby's ability or slightly influence something with Pyrrha's.

>> No.50445635

I'm here now. Spent most of the day asleep, sorry about that.

>> No.50445667

Is there anything that would allow me to restore a soul that was destroyed by a Dementor?

>> No.50445675

Jumpers, what's the most simultaneously cute and horrifying thing you've ever created?

>> No.50445689

Magicka Revive. Balefire the Dementor. Literally reach down the Dementor's throat and yank the soul out, then shove it back in its body?

>> No.50445694

Chrono Trigger has a good one. Maybe not the best Jump for early in a chain, though.

>> No.50445700

According to a RSG, my stand is plastic affair, and can 'destroy progress'.

The fuck does that mean?

>> No.50445714

As many tiny fractions as you can collect is going to (eventually) be a lot more than what any other semblance will get you.
It will take for fucking ever to get that far, but it has the best potential out of all of them I think.
It's also free so it's got that going for it as well.

>> No.50445718

>1. Take Abyssal
>2. Seduce Salem
>3. ???
>4. Profit!

>> No.50445729

That random Stand generators suck donkey balls. I advise talking to the nice blokes in Super Stand Sunday, just don't talk at length about what it's for.

>> No.50445740

My daughter, obviously.

>> No.50445741

Eberron and Arcanum are pretty steampunkish

>> No.50445746

Dementors don't destroy souls, they devour them. Nobody knows what happens to them afterwards. They might consume them until there's nothing left, or they might just sit there like little glowing rocks in the Dementor's withered stomach, drained of all positive emotion but still intact.

I think the only perk that'll let you restore someone without their soul is Magicka's super-resurrection perk, though.

>> No.50445751

Do we have Eberron?

>> No.50445758

>As many tiny fractions as you can collect is going to (eventually) be a lot more than what any other semblance will get you.
They don't pool together, though. They're just a bunch of separate, almost useless abilities. It's like if you learned one move from every martial art in the world; someone with actual experience – not even a master, just someone with some real training – in one of them will still fucking destroy you.

>> No.50445762

Now that is a pretty damn good stand ability. Well done. Ya did it.

>> No.50445771

I think so? If memory serves right.

>> No.50445772

Your stand can grey goo anything that has been constructed.
Setting back the natural "progress" of human development.
Your stand can also take the results and manipulate them to their advantage, by fireing the goo as a barrage or sculpting it in whatever unnatural shape it wishes.

Probably not what the generator meant, but I think this is a pretty sweet interpretation. Functional too.

>> No.50445785

Well, this, kinda. >>50445740

In YJ, I picked up clonepanion and toggle. Long story short, she had issues escaping from cadmus because she didn't know what powers she had. Que batman finding out about the mental list toggle gave her, and demanding she write them down.

Three days later when the list was finished, the league realizes she can singlehanded beat all of them at once and then some.

It was funny. Too bad I wasn't there.

>> No.50445791

Huh. I was pretty sure they did destroy souls, permanently. Anyway, that was just an example, because soul destruction is still not good, even if it doesn't exist in Harry Potter. Also, I'm not sure Revive will work, considering the implication that it works with souls:

>Revive is the honeybadger of resurrection spells. It doesn't care, it does its job. Although you may attract the attention of certain individuals if you abuse it *Cough* Gods of the afterlife *Cough* . You know, people whose business relies on souls, don’t worry though, the local Death is a cool dude.

>> No.50445803

We don't. We also don't have Planescape, Spelljammer, Birthright, or Mystara (including Red Steel and Hollow World) for anyone interested in their own take on a D&D Jump.

>> No.50445807

I just went with Jam. It's invariably useful in a fight against anything that uses science, magic or powers to shift the odds more in your favour as it progresses - and if you can trick the enemy into a long enough monologue before the fight, the WTF expressions on their faces when they discover their powers/maguffin don't work to begin with tend to be priceless.

>> No.50445815

The adnounverbjective.

>> No.50445824

>mental list toggle gave her
Does the perk actually do that, or is that a house-rule?

>> No.50445831

Except it still says it doesn't care, it does its job. Reconstituting soul scraps or recharging a burned out soul seems part and parcel of the "Honey Badger" thing.

>> No.50445832

still no 4th or 5th editon D&D jumps
There isn't an AD&D jump either.

>> No.50445836

>I've never supported this view at all. I've always assumed the Warehouse is as tall as a standard warehouse like on the provided picture.

Doesn't matter if you subscribe to it. It was repeatedly asked in the past, what the height limit for the warehouse was, and the answer was always that it was "tall enough"

>> No.50445837

Too confusing, reroll.
>Dead Lawyer
>Capable of storing/releasing willpower.


>> No.50445857

Um... Well, I assume it gives a list, so that we know which mental dial does what. Bit of both?

>> No.50445858

I created chibi versions of the angels who were just as strong as their normal versions, but far more innocent and playful. Chibi Zeruel was adorable when he proclaimed that he was a great hero of justice, but it stopped being cute when he accidentally put someone in the hospital with his strength. Fortunately, this was in DC, so we had Superman around to teach him how to control his strength. Supes was pretty cool about it, too, and just told me afterwards to be more careful with my creations.

>> No.50445869

>reconstituting soul scraps
What if there's literally /no/ soul left, though? Like, if it were completely destroyed through something like balefire?

>> No.50445874

Literally worst taste

>> No.50445892

...No. Too evil/not understood enough.

>> No.50445899

Couple of the jumps allow you to choose the edition. But if you meant no Golarion or Greyhawk settings, yeah that's true.

>> No.50445913

Time Egg from Chrono Trigger. As long as you've got the doll, it can "resurrect" anyone.

>> No.50445922

But you could make her good!
Think of the children!
And by that I mean all the Grimm babies you'll make together.

>> No.50445924

Probably going to have to resort to reality-warping/retconning powers? Stuff like D&D's Wish/Miracle/AlterReality?

Also if someone's used enough balefire to completely annihilate a soul, you may have bigger problems...

>> No.50445930

No history means you can make up whatever story you want, and practice making it convincing enough or impossible to prove false! No friends means nothing has changed but you now have incentives to change that! No knowledge of surroundings is a good reason to find a library, learn, or ask around possibly leading to friends! No cash means you get a trade skill to remedy that or die in the gutter! Truly, a drop in early chain (1~whatever you consider early-ish) is excellent motivation!

I was a good hobo in pokemon.

Thats why you back it with carrot, stick, and cruel and unusual punishment.

Any place not apocalyptic or a death world.

It's called plumbing, a lost invention of the gods now lost to memory.

I used gravity rush and gravity approaching big crunch levels, turning it into little friendbringers whose love for others was almost as great as their density. They then proceeded to swarm and cover in hugs their namesakes.

>> No.50445951

Neo-Heisei has DLC has a revival perk that just requires an object closely used by the person, 9999 cell medals and the chance of it going wrong and corrupting the person

>> No.50445952

Attack of the Clone Codes from Cyber Knight allows you to make a clone of someone with their soul as long as you have a sample of their DNA, but considering the nature of the setting, I'm not sure if it counts as a "real" soul for mystical/spiritual/afterlife purposes.

>> No.50446021

Stand Name: Walk

Stand Ability: [Light Negation](http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Light_Negation)

Power - C

Speed - A

Range - C

Durability - D

Precision - C

Potential - B

Description: The power to negate light. Sub-power of Light Manipulation. Variation of Energy Negation. User can negate light and light-based attacks/powers.

This feels like it would be a powerful ability if you built off of it into an appropriate Stand power, but I'm drawing blanks.

>> No.50446030

Looks great!

>The exception to this is Companions, who you may pull in and out of your forehead as you please.
>Do not expect them to be particularly thrilled at this method of travel.

>> No.50446036

Doing one last sweep of the thread before collapsing had somehow missed this. Seems like a fairly decent and thought out Stand.

>> No.50446042

Blinding people and setting up constructive interference for light waves come to mind.

>> No.50446051

Maybe you can cancel out actual light to not just render large areas dark, but blind specific people while leaving others near them fine or make anything in your range invisible? And dispel any type of standard brightly colored attacks, lightning, friendship lasers, etc.

>> No.50446104

Mumble something about convection and the interplay of light and heat so that instead of just being a dark area your Stand leaves behind a dark area that does the opposite of light by sapping away heat and energy? From there you just need to figure out a precise method of application.

>> No.50446191

Jumpers post your the songs that sum up how you jump

Mine is Crazy=Genius by Panic! At The Disco

>> No.50446279

Manafest's No Plan B


>> No.50446307

I'm looking at the JoJo wiki to try and get a better grasp at what Stand abilities for are like ans just to clarify, abilities comparable to the Stands listed as "Universal Range" are off limits?

>> No.50446341


>> No.50446345


Prepare to be spooked!

>> No.50446365

Confuse them even more, choose the kiwi bird as your animal.

>> No.50446372

Is The Ultimate Disguise from Unholy Heights literally giving beings a human form, or is it just a human-looking /humanoid/?

>> No.50446397


>> No.50446418

In-jump, you can disguise monsters to look human. Post-jump, you can literally give human forms.

>> No.50446452

The music for XV is. pretty much on the spot I have to say. So many great tracks.

>> No.50446476

Superman theme

Ba ba ba ba baaaaa ba ba baaaaa ba baba ba ba BA BA BAAAAAAAAA!!!!

>> No.50446517


>> No.50446549

>That song
How goes your Naruto story?

>> No.50446578

Slowly, but it's progressing. I just realized I probably need Storm Release, which means I need another 400 points, and I'm not sure how to get it without crippling myself in the jump badly.

>> No.50446591

You just need to

>> No.50446605

That's why I brought my companions along. And took the drawback for an extended stay.

By the time we're done, they'll all believe it.

>> No.50446756






>> No.50446759

In Earth's Mightest Heroes, would it be possible to Import your existing power armor under "Import Costume"?

>> No.50446772

Would Sea Cucumber be a valid animal for GHQ?

>> No.50446801

They don't have skulls though/. Don't they just have a sparse silicate endoskeleton? So your Hollow armor would basically just be a few lines of rock around your limbs and torso.

>> No.50446819


>> No.50446842

Can you buy the Lab Samples for all three options to get replenishing supplies of all of them?

>> No.50446854


>> No.50446902

I think so, yeah. Mostly choosing it because Ii remember hearing somewhere that they've got a pretty good regeneration ability.

>> No.50446970


Life ought to be pleasant, and diplomacy first

>> No.50446974

An EMH question of my own - how difficult is it to enchant Uru? I have a few pretty good crafting/magitech/enchanting perks, but it seems to imply you need to be /really/ good to do it without something bad happening.

>> No.50447077

Uru is incredibly difficult to enchant permanently, due to how it conducts and amplifies magic. Depending on how good your crafting and enchanting perks are, you might be able to pull it off- especially so if you've put in a few decades of work in honing your skills. Spending time working with Uru, and studying how it works with whatever magic you're thinking of enchanting it with would help a lot, too. If you can temporarily enchant objects that might help you figure out how to safely, and permanently, enchant objects made of Uru as well.

>> No.50447081


>> No.50447103

Good to know. Thanks.

>> No.50447118

What do you suppose would happen if you enchanted another object, and then fused it with one of several fusion perks/items in the chain? Magic nuke?

>> No.50447142

Dunno, maybe. The fusion process might also keep that from happening.

>> No.50447321

It got updated. Now includes part of the Wave mission.


>> No.50447569

Neat. Looking forward to the rest of it.

>> No.50447583

Anyone know the ruling on what would happen if Unique Power was applied to Aspect Manifestation or Merging?

>> No.50447651

Here's the ruling for what happens if you don't take Unique Power for AM:

Aspect Manifestation: Powers gained through Aspect Manifestation won't increase in power at all unless they're powers that just require a larger personal power investiture.

Merging? This wasn't stated by Gaunlet, I don't think he ever ruled on it, but I'd assume that you could also apply your spiritual might when Merging in addition to your willpower, or maybe it would take less willpower to merge the stronger you grow.

>> No.50447666

Thanks Anon.

>> No.50447847

14. Princess Bride
Florin Countryside
Age 21
Man in Black
Storyteller (900)
Speed Reading (700)
As You Wish
I'll Most Likely Kill You In The Morning (600)
Dread Pirate Roberts (400)
You Killed My Father (0)
Statesman (-100)
Popular Opinion (-300)
Mysterious Mask- Makes it impossible for others to recognize me.
Adaptanator (-500)
Iocane Powder (-550)
Why Won't My Arms Move?, Anybody Want A Peanut, Castaway (0)

I basically spent these ten years as as incredibly dreaded swordsman; people would go running when I walked down the street, windows and doors would be boarded up, and sometimes people would flee days in advance when they found out I was merely heading in their general direction. However, because I was so bad at showing up on time when I had to travel for more than a day, eventually a few wise guys started to abuse that fact by challenging me to duels at some remote location on a certain day. When I inevitably got lost, the date would pass and they would be able to brag to whoever they wanted that I was too scared to show up.

...I only figured it out when I happened to overhear someone bragging about it while I was incognito in the Guilder capital.

1. Sonichu
2. Rust
3. Demon Souls
4. Undertale
5. Megaman Classic
6. Slime Rancher
7. Dragon's Crown

Need a replacement, but I'll go ahead and roll anyways. Here's what I've done so far: http://pastebin.com/6uxmqpSt

>> No.50447852

Rolled 3 (1d8)

Aaaand of course I forget the dice roll.

>> No.50447854


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