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>lel 80s
>Sly Marbo XD
>body builders make good soldiers

Catachans direly need some major updating

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dont like them dont play as them :)

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Alright, fine. If you want to see them get castrated the same way the Noise Marines did, go right ahead.

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Why is the site that made love 40k doing this to me

What the fuck happened to the community id take the meme spammers over this shit

I think the sad part is that OP wants to talk about Catachans but if he made a normal thread no one would post in it so he had to make it bait

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Truthfully I fucking love Catachans but if I made this a normal thread I would get like 15 posts and it dies. This why if I shittalk Catachans people will come and start to discuss them

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I want the fucking Catachan supplement with guardsmen who hae least WS of 4.

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Back in the day Sly Marbo and Straken cleaned fucking house

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5+ wifebeaters op

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What do you mean?

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Now you're going to get a thread with 60 posts of people dissing you for hating on cats. Good job, dumbass.

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I want my 80's Hair Band Slaaneshi worshippers back. Literal Space Marines of Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll. Now... we had to come up with a head canon that they're Dubstep DJ'S in order to make them remotely cool.

I liked 40k better when the lore didn't take itself seriously, and things were campy, ridiculous, and fun.

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Well, it seems to work any time we want a Dwarf thread, so why the hell shouldn't he do this. The board is fucked and we're all to lazy to do anything to fix it.

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If you don't like an army pick a different army.

Their looks are at least better than the Cadians, whose unfortunate combination of bicycle helmet and heroic scale make them look like the very special forces

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Oh, of course. They are still playing instruments. I know it's not the same though.

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No, you need to jump on a grenade

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First post best post.

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I want more Commissar and Catachan stories

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Screw you, I applied for a janitor position. Compiled tips pics and shared pdfs. What have YOU done to make the board a better place?

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Does anyone else find it fucking sad OP wanted to make a Catachan thread so he resulted to talking trash about his favorite regiment so it didnt end up on page 10

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So your telling me that most of the threads that shit talk something are really just made by people who who like said topic but if they were to make it a normal thread it would be forgotten and beaten?

You must be joking becasue if were really at that point what the fuck

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Made the Calvin and Hobbes RPG.

Trying to get a monthly MTG tourney over Xmage started.

Got everyone hyped for a Pokémon match against /vp/

Posted a semi-monthly Mr. Rogers thread to remind people that they're not total assholes, and they don't need to act like one.

Emailed Virt.

Numerous Setting ideas.

And I'm currently working on putting the Game Finder thread into overdrive, because the real problem with this board is that not enough board members are Playing Games, instead they're just sitting around Navel gazing and waiting for the next big thing to happen.

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>body builders make good soldiers

Catachans aren't bodybuilding though. They're jacked as a result of the environment.

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>What have YOU done to make the board a better place?
Not derailed threads that have the potential to be decent if people would ONLY STOP SHITPOSTING AND DERAILING THEM.
Oh wait. Fuck.


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Now that's just Autistic.

Threads are just like conversations. Trying to keep the discussion on a single topic is like sperging out at a party. It's bad form, and it shows how socially inept you really are. The OP of the thread isn't the main topic of the thread, it's merely the starting point or the theme of the thread. Let the conversation go where it will, because often times it goes to some amazing areas of discussion.

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The Deathworld Veterans codex was the shit.
No tanks, no heavy gear, just a lot of fucking ambushes and booby traps. Space Marines blind firing at the jungle, Eldar getting roasted by flamers and blown to smithereens by demo-charges, everything boiling down to one mad, hellish short range gunfight across a jungle trail...
Good times.

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Since GW is slowly starting to get its finger out of its own arse, we might get proper rules in 8th ed.
The new rules from the Traitor Legions supplement are bretty good I hear.
A man can hope...

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Aren't they basically those dudes from Predator who all get killed by the Predator?

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Drop them for Steel Legion or some other regiment that's actually cool and relevant enough to deserve figures that aren't old as dirt.

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Blow some steam off Bennet

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For you OP.

A fantastic movie. I'm also right in the midle of reading Nam by Mark Baker, great book for me because it's simply bits and pieces of differetn people that went to Nam. You'll laugh and cry.
I'm 3/4 through and I feel like no movie has ever come close to the absolute mess that is described in the book by the ex soldiers, nurses, etc.

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catachans need to move from john rambo to william calley

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>This dude has already done more for the board than hot pocket snarfing freedoers ever will

You're alright man

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Steel legion have more recent figures than like, 80% of guard regiments. And unlike the new cadians, catachans, and vostroyans they're actually reasonably scaled and not hilarious balloon people.

I think the only relevant option they're missing that can't be brainlessly converted is a meltagun, and their preferred style of play (mechanized) is completely integrated into the regular guard book now, unlike highly specialized formations like the Jungle Fighters.

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>steel legion
>never on the cover of the IG codex
>never had a codex of their own

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Dude... there's never been any IG codex that didn't have cadians on it. It's always been cadians.

Catachans just had the 'deathworld veterans' codex because their fighting style is so radically different from other regiments. Steel legion is still infantry and infantry and more infantry waves in Chimeras. There are Cadians mechanized regiments. Kreigers are grimderp trench warfare. Cadians do that too. Elysians are rapid-insert drop troops. Cadians have Kasrkins. Vostroyans are "send in the next wave comrades". Yeah Cadian commanders do that too.

Literally the only regiment that can't properly be represented in a unified guard codex as it stands is the Deathworlders, of whom the catachans are the posterboys, because deathworlders fundamentally operate differently than other regiments.

It's only a fluff distinction but it can be game-ruining when you have a fluffy catachan army that literally never wins because the crunch utterly neuters it

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You sir are the savior of the board

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Bad bait, but I chuckled.

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That art is horrible. Please tell me it isn't official?

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>WS of 4
Then run Renegades and Heretics. Can even use the Bloody-Handed Reaver and get Renegade Grenadiers are WS and BS 4.

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2nd edition

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Valhallans are "send in next wave", not Vostroyans

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why do you hate cats, op?

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lel, newfag

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I have a bridge for sale, and I just know you'll be interested...

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>literally Predator: the Army
>Predator (1987)

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> no movie has ever come close to the absolute mess that is described in the book by the ex soldiers, nurses, etc.
Umm, war movies generally exist to make war look cool, anon. Realism is not what they're going for....normal people don't want to know the truth.

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>War movies exist to make war look cool
>What is Hamburger Hill
>What is Apocalypse Now
>What is pretty much any movie about 'nam
>What is Saving Private Ryan
>What is Fury

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>there's never been any IG codex that didn't have cadians on it

Stay mad, fagboy.

>Catachans just had the 'deathworld veterans' codex

Meanwhile best Steel Legion could muster is some rules in a campaign book.

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We passed that fucking point long before there ever was a /tg/ here....hell, /tg/ only exists because of people shitposting what they like.

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>9th Company
>Big Red One
>When Trumpets Fade
>Die Brücke

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If you were going for war is hell angle you probably should had gone for yuro war movies instead of americunt ones.

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>Slaughterhouse 5
>All Quiet on the Western Front
>Pretty much anything that came out of Iraq

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Oh fuck off kid! Those movies are comfy as fuck - soccer moms watch those on the couch with their kiddies. You prolly saw them before you were 12 years old - fucking children's movies! Not one bit of realistic nastiness.
You want to feel war, kid? Go to /b/, find a rekt thread, and stay there. Watch everything they post, over and over and over again. Don't ever leave that rekt thread; don't look at any other thread but the rekt thread. For the next week. Eat, drink, live the rekt thread. After 1 week, you will start to feel what war is.
No movie will ever give you that. Because movies gotta make money, and to make money they gotta appeal to ignorant people.

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All movies made for couch sitters. git gud kid. you don't know shit.

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>>What is Apocalypse Now
I bet more people remember "I love smell of napalm in the morning." than "The horror. The horror."

>> No.50409287

Probably. I'm fairly convinced that about 60% of the people that have "watched" Apocalypse Now never saw more than the first thirty minutes or so.

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I prefer

Whos in charge here?


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Thanks guys. As for current projects...

I'll probably post the Mr. Rogers feelgood thread in about an hour, when the board reaches prime time. We kind of need it, especially with the threads going up today.

I hope to have the next draft of the Calvin and Hobbes RPG ready in about a week.

And I'm also building a set of MTG Commander decks for us to use in a /vp/ vs. /tg/ competition for the Winter Ball. Unfortunately Winter ball is kind of dead because of Sun and Moon release.

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Come and See comes to mind. The pacing might feel weird, but that's kind of the point - nothing really happens and then things actually go to shit.

>> No.50409321


"You shouldnt have stopped the damn boat" is a good one too

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I mean these are all very good, Hamburger Hill and apocaplypse now are both renowned to be the two movies that depict Nam in it's truest way.

But honestly? After the shit I read in the book, it feels tame. The amount of friendly fire, willing or not, the plain disregard if not hatred for the civilians, the tension, it was really fucked up.

I definitely recommend the book, it puts things in perspective.

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>Whos in charge here?
Well, that particular scene got so iconic it was reused in Brood War opening.

>> No.50409454

Maybe it's just me, but I always really enjoyed the de Marais plantation scene that got added in Redux.

>> No.50409465

Fuck it, going to watch it again.

Also a personnal favorite, it's an orignal one at least, about the last few soldiers of the USSR in Afghanistan. DO NOT watch it in anything else than russian with subtitles though. I don't get a word of russian, but it makes it feel soooo much beter.

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No matter what the Bridge scene is the fucking best


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I like the how the only Catachan book is really shitty

>> No.50409563

Humans in 40k are not modern humans. They are the offshots of thousands of years of genetic engineering, evolutionary divergence, and mutation. They are not Homo Sapiens.

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>fob squatter pretends he's seen some shit.

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No argument there. I just found the de Marais plantation an almost dreamlike retreat from the savagery and inhumanity that hits you the rest of the movie. It's like the fucking Lothlorien of Vietnam in its presentation. And really, you can put the French colonists in the role of the elves of Middle Earth -- a once powerful people who's time has run out, and their idyllic paradise just a faint glade about to be snuffed out by the death and violence swirling around it.

>> No.50410317

Hey don't say shit about us pointy ears, we're not past our prime yet. Almost but not quite.

It's actually really interesting to go to Vietnam as a French, a lot of old people still speak French and will talk to you about the old days. A lot of them were housekeepers for rich owners and stuff like that.

>> No.50410327

Forgot the pic.

>> No.50410400

Huh, interesting. And yeah, the French are actively probably the best example of a colonist working well with former colonies. Just look at their work on counter-insurgency in Mali for a great example of a colonist working well with its independent holdings. Pity about your actual country, though. Deus Vult soon enough, perhaps with Madame President leading the charge.

>> No.50410405

I saw the Redux version first, and always felt like removing it kinda made the later part at Kurtz compound a little weaker. It improved the pacing of the movie, but got rid of an interesting dichotomy. It's two different ways of looking at the conflict but both are equally invested in it. Also boobies.

>> No.50410472

>Steel Legion not relevant
>one of the biggest conflicts of the millennium taking place on their home world
>not relevant

>> No.50410486

literally who?

>> No.50410502

>Best working with former colonies

After living in Britain, I'd say the UK did it better. They managed to get the good migrants and keep off the bad ones generally speaking.
Us being so damn close to North Africa doesn't exactly help stem the flow of people though. Indians have to cross the whole damn world to get to the UK on the other hand foe example. Dammit we chose the wrong places to colonise!

>> No.50410551

>buttblasted faggot has no point, loses argument, greentexts to make self feel good

>> No.50410616

reed this, fagget>>50409325

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Catachan codex was pretty neat.

40k fucking died when GW removed Marbo from the game.

>> No.50411532

Hence why we all jumped on the occasion to get the model back with made to order.

>> No.50411576

>"war movies generally exist to make war look cool"
>list common war movies that do not glorify war
>"git gud kid"

Do you have an argument?

>> No.50411587

>one of

That's a very relevant term, anon.

>> No.50411632

Thank you for your cervix

>> No.50411708

>Go to /b/,
Don't wanna, gramps. /b/ is now bad porn generals. The freewheling days of when /b/ actually had any realworld impact are long gone.

>> No.50411747

It's for the Only War RPG.

>> No.50412369

theyre all Arnie

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I have a fluffy Catachan force that holds up surprisingly well against anything without flyers or Imperial Knight/Riptide/etc.

Take Vets with forward sentires, for basic troops.
Tempestus as Catachan Devils.
Ratling snipers as Catachan snipers.
Scout Sentinels with camo gear and Auger Array means you can outflank and/or scout move with them to then deepstrike the Devils without scattering.
Stand alone Motor squad. They don't get camo like others and stop the force being CAD but will be way back and out of LOS.
Col Straken.
Give Heavy flamers to whomever can take them.

Ideally play with a lot of jungle terrain on the table and it makes for a good time.

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Have you considered not playing 40k?

>> No.50416235

The models are hideous, except for the command squad, which while horribly out of scale with the older infantry kits, looks good and has a nice amount of character.

If the regular squad and heavy weapons were updated, they'd be a good looking army.

Cadians have the same problem. The old guys from 2nd and 3rd with their mix of Roman Legionairres and Colonial marines look great in the art and the models, but the transition to the plastic models was not a good one. They went from looking like badass modern day soldier analogs to a bunch of kids in football gear.

>> No.50416360

>bodybuilders make good soldiers

They're not bodybuilders, they're just on a fucking shit planet and probably take loads of space trenbolone on the side.

they are direly in need of an update though

>> No.50416543

Don't talk shit about Sly Marbo.

>> No.50416673

Utterly based

>> No.50416818

"I find that violence is very ambiguous in movies. For example, some films claim to be antiwar, but I don't think I've really seen an antiwar film. Every film about war ends up being pro-war...to show something is to ennoble it."

-Francois Truffant

>> No.50416822

>Tfw no AirCav in 40k
What a travesty

>> No.50416849

/tg/ is in good hands

>> No.50417074

40Kfags have ALWAYS been memespamming faggots.

They go to fucking porn boards and spam 40K memes for fucks sake

>> No.50417090

Dwarves are shit tho. No wonder you fags have to create your own victim complex to remain relevant.

Yall niggas be like feminists, goddamn

>> No.50417243

Well Tempestus Scions are AirCav in a way.

>> No.50417248

>Dwarves are shit
No they're not. You take that back laddie.

>> No.50417566

>if it bleeds we can kill it

>> No.50417687

This. 40k is to /tg/ what JoJo is to /a/ or ponies were to /co/ until they got a containment board.

>> No.50417855

>harakoni warhawks

>> No.50417984

I think a great catachan list can be made by using the genestealer cult army list as the basis, replacing the hybrids with 'catachan devil' specialists.

>> No.50418016

In a perfect Catchan codex, you'd have on-call Marauder destroyer fly-bys. Danger close!

>> No.50418453

Man Scions are shit, what was wrong with the old Storm Troopers.

What is up with the rebranding of the Guard as well?

>> No.50418816


>Emailed Virt.

For what reason would you do this to yourself?

>> No.50418854


Prefer it as a book in congo.

>> No.50419106

Yeah, so many times it happened. You either shitpost and have guaranteed replies making conversation, or you say you wanna talk about X, and people skim over thinking "nah, I'm not interested in X so much"

>> No.50419786


Standard soldier is too easy to copy. So they wanted to change it so they can sue.

Also they hired morons to write their shit.

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>> No.50421719

That's how Fate threads hold up

You need to lure in some opinionated losers to keep the bumps going while a couple of guys talk about mechanics they want to implement

>> No.50421777

Unfortunately, the only way I see this happening is if they start making lots of kits for jungle trees and dangerous fauna, and sell the whole thing as an expansion. Which wouldn't be the worst.

>> No.50421863


>> No.50422201


We had a thread a couple of days ago discussing scions

>> No.50422289



>> No.50422306

God would have mercy. He won't.

>> No.50422403

That's a grudge

>> No.50422418

How about friggin Platoon?

>> No.50422604


This is how I'd picture a Catachan fighting a Genestealer after he ran out of ammo and grenades.

>> No.50422709


>Catachans vs. Space Wolves battle report

>> No.50422807

What was the consensus?

>> No.50422881


That before the name change Storm Troopers had barely anything going for them and the Tempestus Scion launch could have done major revisions but GW blew it and gave them even more shit lore.

People came to a consensus that Scions should be the Tacticool IG army and in simpler terms "Call of duty 40k edition"

>> No.50422965

Well... to understand every problem /tg/ has. As far as Virt goes he's very minor as a problem.

Here's generally the order of /tg/'s problems from greatest to least:

1. Community is Toxic to creativity, especially Homebrew, Setting Design, Writing, and Art. Drawthreads, WBG, and Storythreads aren't there to propagate creativity, they're there to contain it.

3. /tg/ doesn't play games. Since Quests were excised, we've kind of removed a huge outlet for those on /tg/ who don't have a regular group. The troubling thing is that this is an easy fix. Pretend you're Xyzzy, XMage, Cockatrice, even Axis and Allies:


Get a game started, and play. RPGS may not be an option unless you're ready to go through Roll20, but it sure as hell isn't the only one.

3. Mods Don't listen. Nothing we can do about this, but the lack of Meta discussion really hurts us when it comes to trying to resolve community issues. Hell, for all I know we could have put Quests to a majority vote and kept them, or instituted a No Anime Quests rule. No helping it now though. Mods decision is final, and arguing about it on here is worse than pointless.

4. Shitposters(including Virt) honestly Virt wasn't that hard to deal with. I asked him to change up his material a bit. He complied, mainly because he was almost as tired of the same old posts as we were. I believe he's currently doing a stint on Martials vs. Casters, but I can't be entirely sure.

>> No.50422970

Philip Glass? I'm in.

>> No.50423043

> has 3. twice
> commands you-know-who

Can't decide if you're retarded or a genius. Also you know who is gone forever thanks to Hiro.

GameFinder could be done better though.

>> No.50423109

Ah, sorry about that. That's gonna bug me now. And I have absolutely no control over him, I just am able to communicate with him outside of his trolling escapades. Not that hard really, anyone can do it. Just hit up his ask me on Tumblr. I just took it a step further and gave him my email.

>> No.50423291


This is ironic, right?

>I know what war is, I'm a grizzled image board veteran.

>> No.50423333


I rather liked one of his other late movie quotes, IIRC, "We train young men to drop fire on people, but their commanders do not allow them to write 'FUCK' on their airplanes because... it's obscene!"

>> No.50423530


Die Brucke is the only war movie you need.

>> No.50423688

Think about who else uses 'Storm Troopers'. GW would lose that legal battle.
And such, you have stuff given new 'official' names to be able to copyright it and avoid lawsuits.

>> No.50423698


>> No.50423734


I miss old Kasrkins, though. That's a much less ambiguous name.

>> No.50423776

Kasrkins are only Cadians though. Scions are general at least.

>> No.50423853


Kasrkins are regimental storm troopers I dont get why people think GW took them away

>> No.50423879

Kasrkin aren't especially old, and stormtroopers have changed radically each time they got a model update.

I know for a fact that many people didn't like the mark bedford bug-eye stormtroopers when they came out in early third edition.
Just like many people didn't like the football pad cadians/kasrkin when they came out at the tail end of 3rd edition.

Scions have a bit of every version in them, which is kinda cool to me, since I've seen each generation as it came out. Just with they'd given two separate kits for the regular and command squads.

>> No.50423972

I like the design of the Scions, even thoigj the goofy scale kinda fucks it up. Their biggest flaw is their "poster boys" color scheme, the light blue and beige one. It's just...so lame, so neutral.

The kit being two things at once can be attributed to the period where GW was actively trying to jew everyone. It's still a bother though.

>> No.50424019

>It's still a bother though.
tell me about it. I've got about a million of those banners and coats, and only one command squad

>> No.50424064

Nobody is holding you back to still play them this way, google title of pic related and make your own.

>> No.50424067


I guess calling them "Old Kasrkins" was dumb because there is no new and old, there are only Kasrkins, which is one flavor of Stormtrooper. And they didn't stop being Stormtroopers in the same sense that the Imperial Guard didn't stop being the Imperial Guard.

>> No.50424107

>which is one flavor of Stormtrooper
If we're being pedantic, kasrkin are grenadiers. Regimental veterans with training and equipment roughly analogous to storm troopers.

I do wish stormtroopers kept their old ability to infiltrate, though. Or cruddace's cool special mission rules he added in 5th. The scions ditched it, for what I can tell is no reason at all.

>> No.50424206


My relative newness is showing. But I really do miss the scatter reroll and infiltrate options.

I currently have a squad of five Tempestas Scions as a "Command Squad" in a Scion Platoon, with my old Kasrkins as the regular Scion squads. But even with the point reduction, I hardly use them.

>> No.50424254

This is how it works everywhere anon. You make a thread saying that one of your players is an out of control minmaxer playing a wizard and you get pussyfooting advice that you've already tried-talk to them, make days longer, etc. If however you make a thread bitching about how wizards are overpowered in 3.PF then in addition to the "don't play D&D" posts you get a hundred replies with creative solutions as to how you can kick wizards in the balls.

>> No.50424322

not really missing much, and all the old books are in the 40k general OP

but basically in 2nd edition stormtroopers were forced into taking one veteran skill
3rd (and 4th) edition stormtroopers could upgrade themselves with the ability to deep strike or infiltrate at the cost of +1pt per model
5th had the special mission rules

Kasrkin (which only technically existed as a unique unit in the 3rd edition Eye of Terror cadian army) had the stormtrooper stat line and the stormtrooper equipment, but lacked the option to buy the ability to deep strike or infiltrate, instead relying on transports to get around.

I'm not sure why they did that, but I guess it did give a bit of a separate between the ministorum stormtroopers and the cadian kasrkin.

>> No.50424763

if a movie has 'war' in it, that movie is exploiting and, ahem, glorifying war. Ostensibly, it may tut-tut war: but really, it glorifies it; because the movie is designed to make money, not stop wars. Did any of those 'antiwar' movies ever stop a war? didn't think so...

>> No.50424857

Ahh, this anon >>50409101
thanks you for your patrician sensibilities.

>> No.50424947

Apparently, you'd be surprised at the number of ptsd fucks that are here right now....

>> No.50424993

update them to 2016
they are now "numales"

how do they cope in 40k?

>> No.50425115

Your second numba 3 and number 4 can be rolled into number 1 - toxic to creativity. I don't see a problem with number 2 (first numba 3) - not hard to use another board if you need a quest.
Which leaves us with the big problem: /tg/ is toxic to creativity (thanks to shitposters, blockheaded mods, and the general community being nothing but a bunch of shit-flinging monkeys who hate what they don't understand). Every 'creative' thread gets infested with trolls doing nothing but trying to create drama. Or the no-fun police telling us how being creative and thinking outside the box is badwrong. /tg/ are, in general, a bunch of bleating sheep angrily trying to silence any divergent, creative thought.

>> No.50425289

>Mah money
>Mah game
>Kill jester
The jester is dead, you are unable to continue your quest. The game is over
>Worth it pal. Fucking worth it.

>> No.50425455

They'd get into a legal battle with the Nazis?

>> No.50425555

>majority vote
>on an Anonymous imageboard
And no, voting websites don't work. You might as well rely on a focus group.

>> No.50425798


>heroes in afghanistan

what kind of propaganda is that?

>> No.50425915

dae et

kill uh

>> No.50425972

Heroes because honor, courage, yada yada. Just like you'd call the guys from "We were Soldiers" heroes. Watch the movie, it's pretty good.

>> No.50426015


I'd say the movie was sympathetic to the Soviet soldiers in Afghanistan without pushing a glorified narrative of the Soviet Union's role in Afghanistan. It's a very kill or be killed scenario, and if there were a lot of politics in the dialogue leading up to it, I am not remembering it correctly.

>> No.50426070

It was pretty "anti-USSR" in its way, basically being like a vietnam movie, saying that they died for nothing, while the country died on itself.
Biggest grossing movie after the USSR, made 20 millions in 5 days.
Apparently it wasn't a massacre like in the movie, only 9 soldiers died in the actual battle.
Kinda makes me think of black hawk down, where it feels like a whole company gets wasted and you read that it's 19 dudes that died.

>> No.50427304

What's worse, the fact OP thought that this would work

Or the fact that it actually did?

>> No.50427360

Setting ideas and I always post on world building excercise threads "how do we make X interesting?"

I swear, some of those are hard to do. Like, how do you make anal prolapsing interesting? Put it in a quest?

>> No.50427413

Afghanistan is pretty much Vietnam of USSR. Except we've (russians) lost and commies went out of their way to keep everything about it hush-hush.

>> No.50427694


What do you mean thought?

Its been proven to work

Like all I need to do to get a Space Wolf thread going is "SPACE FURRIES BTFO HAHA"

>> No.50427939

It's "Fortunate Son" you dense fucker

>> No.50428073

with disney, so yeah i guess, Walt was a closet nazi

>> No.50428797

It's a meme, you dip.

>> No.50429697

Ha! Fucking loved that movie!

>> No.50430616

>Pretend you're Xyzzy, XMage, Cockatrice, even Axis and Allies:
Those threads are all awful tho

>> No.50430653

>anime homebrew, stat mes, and TTRPGs are okay
>anime quests aren't
Now I hated most anime quests, but what part of this even remotely makes sense? If you were ranting against quests as a whole that's one thing but you gotta take it all or none of it.

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