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First for dark eldars

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First for revenge! For Prospero! Let the Fenris burn!

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Asked this in WIP, but no dice so far.
How tall is a Nurgling model? (Or compared to Space Marine)

Was originally thinking of using Brimstone Horrors as a Tzeentican Count-As for Nurglings, but I think that they'll be too short conpared to the Nurgling towers.

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Too slow and disappointing........like your legion

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>Can get better than re-rolls on 1s by being Tsons.
Sweating Guardsmen.jpeg

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>not a single 9

>> No.50364845

>Hes goING to have 7 wounds at T7 with a 3++ that rerolls ones
>He's probably going to harness warp charges on a 2+

please tell me this isn't real

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It is

>> No.50364865

Well if you add all the stats together, you get a multiple of 9. Tzeentch is being a sneaky fucker.

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So are militarum tempestus any good? I barely if ever see them mentioned on here. And pretty much the only thing i've heard is that apparantly their main transport, the... Taurox? Has armor of consistency and durabillity suspiciously remniscient of that of papier mache.

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>15 powers

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You could just post a link, faggot.

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It quite clearly says a 4++ that re-rolls 1s.

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Q: Can Psykers embarked in vehicles or buildings only cast witchfire powers? Does this include Psykers who are riders of a Chariot?
A: Psykers embarked in Transports or buildings can only cast witchfire powers. Psykers who are riders of Chariots can attempt to manifest any type of psychic power.

welp guess it's time to try that t.herald on burning chariot i've always wanted to try. lv3, couple of rows on tzeentch table, prescience, impossible robe and warlord to maybe get +1 invul or lv4.

might be, Nagash in whfb 8th was monstrously powerful like that. better bring the anti psychic assassin because those sisters of silence aren't gonna be enough

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H-How many points is he going to be?

>> No.50364895

>15 Powers
>Unless he's Psychic Mastery (15) he won't be able to cast all of them
>tfw he'll be PM4, PM5 tops.

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that gets better

>> No.50364910

Judging by his profile...
>Tzeentch's lucky number.

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Well the Sisters fuck his chances of manifesting and nullify his warp charges, the only benefit of the Assassin is shooting his brain bullets back at him.

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Fatweaver + Grimore of True Names

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Damn, that's lower than a Lord of Skulls.

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They look cool, that 's good right?

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>Stomped by a stormsurge


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-1 warp charge isn't that scary and getting tzeentch daemon allies in addition to his own FOC means he'll have at least 16+d6 warp charges. good luck getting close enough to turn off his blessings though

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It's why Khornes so mad.
All his dudes cost 8× too much.

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Pretty sure he'll have EW.

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They're very tough to use solo. Best when they have some beefy allies to provide distraction.

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EW doesn't stop a six on the stomp table.

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That doesn't mean shit on a 6

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4 uuuuuu

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>implying the stormsurge will survive long enough in close combat to attempt a stomp
EW doesn't work against sixes on the stomp table

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What Leman Russes would you guys recommend as the Core choice for a Cadian Battlegroup?

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>tankshocked by a rhino

>> No.50365007

Oh right, fuck I'm dumb.

>> No.50365009

It's a definite point in their favor.

So slowly getting four "start collecting" boxes + an extra box of scions to create an army consisting of a command squad with a commisar attatched and three ten man scion squads all loaded in Taruoxs is basically "bad idea" incarnate?

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But there is another way.
>has access to all the new tzeentch spells
>one allows you to determine the outcome of a single dice roll
>one is a strength D beam
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

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Does he lose to smashfucker in single combat?

>> No.50365023

Depends if he has the D in melee

>> No.50365032

Unless he has a strength D weapon, then yes.

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>This can be bolstered further when included as part of a dedicated Thousand Sons Detachment
Thousand sons are gonna get bonuses to their invul arent they. Thousand sons are gonna have a 3+ invul on all their dudes, emperor preserve us

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Auto six D table.

Can't wait for that.

>> No.50365051

Could be worse.

>4 Hell-It's-Raining-Men Brigades
- 4 Suicide Scions with Meltas that respawn
- 4 Special Weapon×4 Command Squads, also Deep Striking, also dying, but not coming back.
- 4 Tauroxes armed with Missile Launchers and Autocannons
- Commissars "inspiring" their men inside the Tauroxes.

>> No.50365056

Commander punisher, buddy exterminator
battle tank

move the commander's squad and the exterminator together and fuck up literally everything, use exectioner and battle tank as needed

>> No.50365063

>tfw being a Space Wolves player who is going to start a Thousand Sons army with the new releases

>> No.50365075

Is leman Russ going to come back for the final battle on fenris?

>> No.50365080

Meh. Nothing more than a stormshield, only difference is they can reroll 1s. And it's going to be a slow as fuck army, seeing as it's 1k sons, so they need that extra survivability to have any chance to win.

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Nah Lion is tho.
Hell he's already there. Just napping.

>> No.50365094


You can run a campaign or intro scenario to get people into 40k, if you own both armies.

Are you going to get the Magnus model, btw? He's a big guy.

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MFW when TSons becomes top tier and the rest of Chaos is left to nourish ourselves with whatever tears they didn't drink.

>> No.50365104

No. It'll either be girlyman or the lion.

>> No.50365115

>mfw the fell handed guy from BoP is going to be Bjorn anew when he returns full body and kicks Magnus so hard it comes back screaming to the warp.
I can see it as clear as day

>> No.50365120

It is my goal to kill him with either The Imperial Space Marine or one of my Culexeus assassins.

>> No.50365130

likely not, I dont field any lords of war with my current army, I wish they went with the smaller dreadknight sized version instead

I do love me some terminators though and the rubric termies look great, wonder how many I can take

Ahriman seemed to be pretty good prior to this update, wonder how his rules are going to change for better or worse

>> No.50365132

Once played match with 2x Hellrains and a bit... wonky reading of rules: Tauroxes also respawned. One of the funniest matches I've played in years. Opponents deathstar was killing squad after squad of Scions but they just kept coming back, deepstriking in with new truck. I started the game with 4 tauroxes. Battle ended with 11 taurox hulls on the battlefield.

>> No.50365134

>MFW when
>my face when when

> TSons becomes top tier
High mid tier is more likely. Something around the same level as crons or ad mech. They sure as hell aren't beating any of the top three, unless they get some extremely bullshit formations.

>> No.50365147

My buddy that plays space wolves is getting a little salty about this.
>mfw I'm trying not to laugh at his furry army getting their home world wrecked
>mfw russ isn't coming back
>mfw but it's the wolf time QQ

>> No.50365162

>Guard winning by drowning their enemies in bodies.

I like it!

>> No.50365175

Culexus, you can bet your ass he's going to have EW.

>> No.50365195

Can you throw Psyk-out Grenades?
They're listed as Defensive grenades.

If so his invulnerable means nothing vs Perils.

>> No.50365196

If they're bringing back the Primarchs in big number then I'm going to feel really bad for NL and IH players.

>> No.50365231


>on Canadian website
>fucking thing isn't loading and wondering why
>check right now
>Deldar Scourges, went from 30 bux to 41
>Deldar warriors 30 - 48

Im sure the rest of the armies are bad as well but what the fuck GW way to fuck over Canada

>> No.50365232


It's kind of pathetic how they try and make fenrrus manus revelant to the HH despite dying in its opening stages

>> No.50365237


Black Legion and Blood Angels lost their primarchs too

>> No.50365245


They increased the prices to all start collecting boxes to 140$

>> No.50365248


At least they lost theirs in dramatic circumstances. Manus just gets ended by Fulgrim, and Kurze just gets...killed.

>> No.50365258

Alpha Legion too, apparently.

Dorn plays for keeps.

And so did the Imperial Fists

>> No.50365264

i still dont want to admit that sanguinius is dead.....

maybe the sanguinor will make him return.....

>> No.50365265


Not in Canada

>> No.50365270

Magnus looks a lot better in a straight up red scheme

>> No.50365289

I just checked and they're 100 for me. Pics?

>> No.50365295

What the fuck are you talking about, just went on the store page and set it to canada. Start collecting box 100 bucks, warriors 34.75 bucks, Scourges 30 bucks.

>> No.50365300

he probably ignores perils, gonna have to try harder to kill him loyalist

>> No.50365312

You know, being an all power psycher and Daemon Primarch of Tzeentch I'd think he could chose what he looks like. Why would he want to look like goofy daemon man and not like himself?

>> No.50365321

sanguinius just Gets ended by Horus, and Horus just gets...obliterated

>> No.50365323

Because gee dubs have a currently ongoing mega-hardon for Xbawks hueg models.

>> No.50365328

looks like that's the play. -3 Ld on a perils is pretty spooky

He'd also get wrecked by a shadowseer with Mirror of Minds and a -2Ld provided he fails the DtW

>> No.50365330

Well he was already red, so why not give himself wings?

>> No.50365331

Because he's a geek

>> No.50365335

The fact that a 300 points Wraithknight can oneshot Magnus in close combat is proof that GW needs to fix superheavies.

>> No.50365340


Because the British have so much respect for the significance of a character's death.


> 2 years later


>> No.50365345

>Implying there's a difference

>> No.50365354

Maybe in 8th they'll make it so in order to play 40k you have to melt down your Superheavies into a fine molten plastic goo and slather it all over your remaining models.

>> No.50365366

considering the post on the community site mentions the detatchment improving on magnus 4++ or reroll saves of 1's:

what if the detatchment grants everyone a +1 on the invulnerable save? that would make a whole TS army running around with 3++

>> No.50365369

Holding things to the standard of the wraithknight is a bad idea.

>> No.50365376

I'd settle for Lord of War needing opponent's permission.

>> No.50365377

Crons and AD mech aren't much lower than the top three in rankings in large scale tournaments. It'd closer to a top 7 reality.

Those being Space Marines, Eldar, Chaos Daemons, Necrons, AD mech, Tau, Imperial Knights. Knights being lowest on the totem pole.

>> No.50365382


>> No.50365387


superheavies are poorly designed trash and they should've stayed in the poorly designed trash format, apocalypse, they came from

but no, gotta sell those 100+ dollar models

>> No.50365393

>needing opponent's permission.

Are you five years old?
You choose what to play against.

>> No.50365401

As a DE player I'm envious there are super heavies in other armies while we get left out.

>> No.50365409


Why don't you ally in some Wraithknights, then? they're Battle-Brother armies!

>> No.50365417

How would people feel if for glances they only removed a hull point on a 6 while something like 4 and 5s are shaken and stunned? Keep penetrative hits the same

>> No.50365420

I'm hoping they do something different with the primarchs for 40k, Instead of the ridiculous machines they are in 30k i'd rather they showed that 10,000 years has changed them somewhat.

If Russ comes back and he's exactly the same as 30k then what's the point?

>> No.50365434


generic thousand sons marine:

>5++ for aura of dark glory
>+1 for mark of tzeentch
>+1 for detachment bonus
>+1 for primaris power

>armywide 2++ invuln save

do you hear that? it's the sound of loyalists and eldar getting btfo

>> No.50365435

>If Russ comes back and he's exactly the same as 30k then what's the point?

So let him come back as a roided out Wulfen Primarch.

>> No.50365440


Well at this point, Russ is either dead or a literal wolf-monster so at least he should look a bit different.
> His armour upon a Khornate altar

>> No.50365445

There was a rumored psychic power posted here yesterday that increased a units invul by 2

>2++ terminators

>> No.50365447

I just want to see Angron. If only the assault tables wouldn't fuck him over at every turn.

>> No.50365452

The point is making it "opponents permission" the official stance filters it out of most list building so I don't have to be "that guy" and they just generally show up less. I don't mind the occasional game with them, but I'd rather they be rare and I don't like being a list nazi when I'm trying to get a game at the flgs.

>> No.50365454

I am still so confused, like, why the FUCK didn't Kurze just pull apart the assassin? He's a friggen primarch.

>> No.50365459

STOMP against a FLYING monstrous creature? OK

>> No.50365461


> When Thousand Sons are not only usable, but actually OP

>> No.50365464


the AV system is shit and makes no sense to begin with

>> No.50365469

At least they waited for 2 years instead of 2 minutes.

>> No.50365470

>His armour upon a Khornate altar
Wulfen don't wear as much armour, so Leman probably dropped it when he became Wulfen Russ

>> No.50365471

He wanted to die.

>> No.50365472

meh i don't mind either way
russ is probably gonna be full on furry at this point but i hope the other loyalist ones stay the same
kinda wondering what daemon lorgar and perty will look like though i hope something other than generic daemon prince on roids

>> No.50365480

That's literally the same thing you autist.

You ask permission to make sure your opponent will still want to play against you if you use a low.

>> No.50365490

Because I like to keep it a mix of DE and Coven books only. I've seen some really awesome writhe ight conversions for a DE army but, if I'm going to run CWE I might as well quite playing DE as there codex is that good.

>> No.50365495

>tyranids are literally described in the rulebook as being the army full of gargantuan monstrous creatures

>they can't field any gargantuan monstrous creatures

>> No.50365499


So the rumour trolls were BTFO about Magnus, but you still believe them about the psychic powers?

>> No.50365500

>magnus knows 15 powers
>6 new powers leaves 9 left
>ML9 incoming

>> No.50365506

I really hope he comes back as a giant werewolf monster

>> No.50365511

>That's literally the same thing you autist.

That's the point I was making you retard.
You don't need a rule to not play against someone.
If you don't want to play against Magnus then don't play against Magnus.

>> No.50365517

daemon of tzeentch get +3 ld on the perils table

>> No.50365524

Russ comes back and is hunted downs for heresy

Lorgar comes back and everyone wants his autograph because they love his book.

>> No.50365528

He wanted to die a hero, instead of living long enough to become the villain

He was the hero this galaxy deserved, but not the one it wanted.

>> No.50365529

Hopefully they will get at least two I'm their next book or supplement. My brother plays Nids and I would love to see that army get a buff. I started a GSC so I could ally with him for fun in twin linked matches

>> No.50365542

Probably because anon would like to have a Lord of war SH/GC unit like any one else, even orkz have them why not a gargantuan flesh construct?

>> No.50365552

Why is the new Imperial Guard decurion-style formation such shit.

>> No.50365556

Where are the Black Friday sales, GW

>> No.50365569

That's because he traveled to the future, that's also why the SW didn't find him during the great hunts

>> No.50365572

That's more a burger thing than a bong thing.

>> No.50365576

They did it last year, although they were pretty shit.

>> No.50365577

no anon he realized he'd become a fucking villain and was leading a legion of the fuckbois that he fought so hard to eradicate on nostramo
him getting killed by the assassin meant that the visions that haunted him were real and he didn't do all that murdering for nothing

>> No.50365584

>or a literal wolf-monster
I can already see it. Fucking wraithknight sized kaiju-wolf all warped and crazy.

>> No.50365592


IIRC, last year's black Friday offers were terrible.
You saved about €5 on bundles that were €120.

>> No.50365613

>So the rumour trolls were BTFO about Magnus
You mean the ones saying Magnus was coming to 40?

Yeah, fuck those guys.
They don't know anything!

>> No.50365623

Of all the rules in current 40k, the "morale standards" is the one I hate the most.

See this is because the game comes from a bunch of basement dwellers, playing tight games with deep lore, and they thought everyone else would do the same. And this way of thinking has colored the way of thinking about 40k to this day.

"Its ok to take option A, but not in conjunction with model B or C"

"Well, you could play with that army, but no one would play you, because your then a dick! I'm only telling you this, because I'm such a good sportsman."

"Its ok to follow rules, just not THOSE rules"

"Letting your opponent cheat every once in a while is considered good sportsmanship"

"You can win, but not that many times in a row, therefore you're playing cheesy!"

I could go on, but in the end its just a horrid community. One must abide to the local meta and roll with it I guess.

>> No.50365635

Does anyone have the raven guard codex supplement or the echoes of war loss book kicking about?

>> No.50365649


I play DE who struck a deal with Khorne Demons to dick over slaanesh
How many rules did I break?

>> No.50365655

Which formation you talking about?

>> No.50365665

I'm home for the holiday at my parents' house and found my old metal Witchhunters and Daemonhunters :^), Tyranids, and Eldar. All painted a little splotchy.

Are these worth anything?

>> No.50365680

>dark elder fucking with chaos

What the fuck, no

>dark eldar fucking with chaos to fuck over slaneesh and maybe get turned into daemons of Khorne instead of getting eaten by slaneesh when they die


>> No.50365682

The "moral standards" aren't rules of 40k. And just play with what you want, who's stopping you?

>> No.50365689

it's almost like the designers made it casually, didn't bother to balance it against older books, play test it, have a dozen different ideas on balance, and have to make sales

as for morale most armies ignore it or suffer heavily from it. perhaps instead of the unit running they lose X number of members by how much they fail. 4 guardians killed and they lose morale by 2 so only 2 more run

>> No.50365701


You could combine Harlequins, Dark Eldar and Craftworld Hemlocks for mass Ld reduction.
Then combine them with Slaanesh and spam Psychic Screams.

>> No.50365702

>as for morale most armies ignore it or suffer heavily from it. perhaps instead of the unit running they lose X number of members by how much they fail. 4 guardians killed and they lose morale by 2 so only 2 more run

That's not the kind of morale rules he was talking about, anon

>> No.50365710


In the book it was released with, they were jobbing to Tau.
Good formations are:
>Emperor's fist Tank company
>Psykana division
>Emperor's blade Nearly the same as an IG mechanized CAD, with more benefits.

>> No.50365712


The ones who over the last few days completely invented his statline.

>> No.50365714

>combine them with slaneesh


>> No.50365719

Yeah, improving their 4++ to a 3++ will surely catapult them to the top of the shitheap that is the 40k competitive meta. Scatbikes look out!

>> No.50365725

Moral not morale, as in right and wrong, good and evil, etc.

>> No.50365728

Has anyone seen this freakshow army in play? It seems sorta wonky and tacked together

>> No.50365734

>people that never bothered to read or heard and audio book making assumptions
The last time he was "saw" was in the audio book when a wolf guard is hunting a wulfen, he had a vision of the primarch were he talk to him, he was full Conan mode, living in some ice cave with the retinue he had when he left Fenris.

>> No.50365746

So let's see
>1 squad of Rubrics
>1 squad of Scarab Terms
Apart from that the only things i'm wondering is preordering the limited edition, assuming i can get to it while at work

>> No.50365772

The problem is that a game WILL be balanced. The only question is whether the attempt will be made by the community or the people actually paid to make the game. Until 40k can be played out of the box this will continue.

>> No.50365773

As a Space Wolves player I'm not too bothered by this entire thing. I have embraced 30k instead which is superior to 40k.

>> No.50365793


Just waiting on Inferno now.

>> No.50365807

If you're looking for tight rules that let you freely be cutthroat Warmachine would probably be more to your liking.

GW has never lost their insistence that the make "beer and pretzel" games, even at the times they gives nods to the competitive scene. That basically requires some form of comp to avoid things getting stupid.

>> No.50365813

>switching over from being the good guys to being the bad guys

>> No.50365816

Because all visions in 40K are always right.

Ask Farwoopser Eldrad

>> No.50365826

>"Letting your opponent cheat every once in a while is considered good sportsmanship"

What did he mean by this?

>> No.50365838

40k isn't balanced. If you want people to be able to make choices on what they bring to the field it will never truly be either. Which is fine with me. Let people do the work to research what to build and play or let them play the fluffy lists contain minis they love. If they attempt to normalize all the armies it will make the game dull and boring. Screw "balance" chaos reigns

>> No.50365848

I guess he means not being a stickler about peiple fudging movement distances and such.

>> No.50365852

Needs more horns tbqh f a m

>> No.50365863

I use older Nurglings that weren't all stacked up. I'm not re-building the fuckers to be taller. I say Brimstone Horrers are plenty tall if you want to count them as Nurglings.

>> No.50365864


magnus rules

>> No.50365866

The game could be more balanced, but it will never be fully balanced without being symmetrical. And even then someone gets the first turn.

>> No.50365868

It wouldn't be so bad if Infantry Platoon version of Emp's Shield and Assault Company were core.

>> No.50365869

>If they attempt to normalize all the armies it will make the game dull and boring

You mean all the 7e codices prior to the "7.5" Necrons that started the Decurison train?

>> No.50365877

>magnus rules
Nah, he drools

>> No.50365882

Thanks for the feedback!

>> No.50365895

There are no good guys in in this setting.

>> No.50365907

Check the third post

>> No.50365912


I guess it's safe to assume that it has EW.
Will he be a another Fateweaver or psychic close-combat powerhouse?

>> No.50365924

Eldar (CW and Harlequin) act strictly defensively. Even dark eldar are fighting strictly to keep themselves alive.

All other factions are evil by nature, consuming by nature, or expansionists that want to destroy everything that isn't them.

>> No.50365931

only good girls

>> No.50365933

GW site updates on Saturday right?

>> No.50365942

Eldar are huge fucking assholes.

>> No.50365944

Exactly. I think calls for balance are players that can't figure out how their faction needs to play and how to build " balanced" lists. Even then the game still has an element of certain lists will counter other lists. Once again 40k was never intended to be balanced.

>> No.50365969

hey /tg/ has anyone tried to recreate the survival mode from dawn of war 2 in the tabletop game. Me and my friends are spitballing ideas around and are wondering if a halfway decent system already exists.

>> No.50365988

use kill team rules except with HQs and one person controls the enemy using normal kill team rules, maybe buff the HQ;s a bit

>> No.50366001


Kill team rules, give Heroes It Will Not Die rule.

>> No.50366009

Eldar were so evil that they birthed literal chaos god into existence and now they have to reap what they sowed.

>> No.50366023

They wanted to fix this by birthing another malign entity into existence.

>> No.50366050

Evil? It came from their lax, pleasure-seeking ways, not because they were "evil"

That's like saying modern man is evil because we enjoy such a high quality of life

>> No.50366060


I honestly can't tell if you're continuing to list reasons why Eldar are the fucking worst things ever, or if you're a blind fanboy.

>> No.50366062

it could be possible to still have the maximum of 3++ with mark of tzeentch.

>> No.50366071

I play a freakshow army
It's wonky but it's fun. Every unit has a purpose and has to work in perfect harmony to achieve anything.
It's not *great* but it's fun

>> No.50366073


Slaanesh is not lax and pleasure seeking. Chaos Gods are made of equivalent thoughts, so if Slaanesh is THAT FUCKED UP, then the Eldar who made him had to be AT LEAST as fucked up as that.

>> No.50366078

>average eldar players

>> No.50366080

The Eldar didn't birth Slaanesh by sitting around smoking pot and eating tacos dude. You can use all the euphemisms you like, but they were into some twisted shit. Remember Dark Eldar the the remnants of the homeworld survivors.

>> No.50366081


>Monstrous Creature

Well, well, well

>> No.50366087

7 new powers. you forgot about the primaris aswell as his gaze of magnus. thats 7 left. either his is ML 7 and generates 7 powers, which i doubt or:

he also has the 7 tzeentch chaos daemon powers as he is a daemon of tzeentch allready i bet on that.

thats 15 powers in total

>> No.50366091

The Dark Eldar are cruel and evil not because they need to, but because they like it.

I can understand Chaos evil, it's corruption and anarchy flowing from another dimension, fair enough. But the dark eldar have a whole culture that normalizes violence and cruelty for their own sakes.

I fucking hate the dark eldar

>> No.50366108

No, I think Eldar is a blight on the galaxy. At least the Dark Eldar doesn't try to hide this fact.

>> No.50366120

Not him, but playgroups get up to some weird shit. I ruffled a bunch of locals' feathers when I called out my opponent for fudging his dice during a pick-up-game at a store I visited. Turns out pretty much everyone already knew, nobody was willing to confront him about it for fear of causing a scene.

>> No.50366128

Wanna know who is evil? Every damn faction in 40k to some extent. No one faction are goody two shoes

>> No.50366138

Does that come down to good sportsmanship or does it come down to the fact that half of us are anti social neck beards?

>> No.50366145

No longer a Cyclops. Fuck my fee fees.

>> No.50366146

Thats Heresy the emperor could never be involved with evil!

>> No.50366151

I love the Dark Eldar. I think they are one of the funniest joke factions in the setting after the Orks.

>> No.50366157


So as an old player who abandoned ship at the end of 5th, I'm curious about rejoining the game. I'm well up to date with all the bullshit formations and death of the FOC. However I'd appreciate some advice about jumping back into the game.

Specifically, which army should I go for?
I'm sufficiently into the fluff that I find all of the factions appealing on some level. I'm more concerned with the playstyle. What I want:

> Melee & close-ranged shooting
> Fucking mental damage output
> High speed / mobility
> Glass cannon approach, just removing fistfuls of models every turn
> 'Hard to play', 'Skilled' etc. All the buzzwords that mean I didn't just drop Riptides on the table.
> Sufficient internal balance that I can write my own lists without cookie-cutter templates
> Minimal reliance on allies or non-fluffy army selection choices

I'm mostly looking at Harlequins, Genestealers or Daemons/Renegades at present. These seem to be about where I am aiming.
- Are these sufficiently powerful that I can play tourneys with them?
- Can I play against Riptides, ScatterKnights, Decurions etc.?
- Any general comments about the armies and fun bits

Any help is very much appreciated.

>> No.50366161

he comes with 3 head options. cyclops, with a mask and the one you see on the picture.

>> No.50366162

Eh, I think a lot of people end up with this really twisted idea that sportsmanship means letting shit slide. Whether its being a couple points over or playing fast and loose with measurements or fudging the dice a bit.

>> No.50366190


There was an IG vet sergeant in the 5th edition codex who, in fluff, seemed like an 80s action hero. Bastionne was his name, I think?
That's the closest I can think of regarding "good guys".

>> No.50366192

they need to harvest souls to live. How pleasant of a culture does that lend itself to?

>> No.50366194

>Because all visions in 40K are always right.
Only if you aren't xenos

>> No.50366199

Harlies are super cookie cutter. They're also just too flimsy/elite to really compete at the upper levels.

Genestealers are top tier.

Daemons and Renegades and Heretics are both competitive, but fairly limited in what builds are actually viable at upper levels of play. Daemons pretty much need to use mass FMC and Summoning, while Renegades need to spam super cheap respawning bodies coupled with stupid cheap artillery.

>> No.50366207

So im just returning to the hobby and I am looking to build Astra Militarum. Anyone got any tips before I start?

>> No.50366210

you're thinking of Sly Marbo who was literally just a rip off of Rambo.

>> No.50366211

Consider Eldar

>> No.50366213

Maybe DEldar? They're hard to play, made of glass, can fuck up Riptides, and are the fastest army in the game.

I've never actually played against a DEldar army (They're pretty rare), but they're pretty cool and looked upon favorably by most players. I know you said you don't want allies, but you could have the Harlequins with them (Harlequins aren't really playable without allies anyways IMO).

>> No.50366216

So now that CSM are getting fixed, who is next?

>> No.50366222

He is so on the nose that I consider him a homage.

>> No.50366227

>and looked upon favorably by most players
Because they're weak

>> No.50366231

Damn. I was actually thinking about going Dark Eldar. They look cool as fuck. Would harlequins benefit them a lot?

>> No.50366238

Nids, Orks, or IG. The first two because they're CSM levels of bad and IG because they're still in 6th.

>> No.50366239

I expect Orks soon after 8th. They usually get updated early in the cycle.

>> No.50366241

See i can understand letting the like 5 points over slide but any more is outrageous. I wouldnt call that good sportsmanship tho i'd chalk that up to number crunching getting a bit hard at higher points. Now the other two are blatant cheating and should probably be called out.

>> No.50366245

No, Bastionne was correct. He was an upgrade for a squad and had a rule name along the lines of "By Any Means"
Dude had a massive scar and was originally highborn

>> No.50366256


>High damage output
>High speed
>Glass cannon

Looks like you need to take a trip to Commoragh, senpai.

>> No.50366257

>t CSM are getting fixed
This is the fourth supplement for CSM this year, and every single previous supplement has been a rehashed pile of mediocrity that failed to substantially improve CSM or give us meaningful options. What makes you think this book will be any different?

>> No.50366259

As another SW anon, don't be so fucking retarded.
We're lucky Bjorn's not getting destroyed by having Logan thrown into him.

>> No.50366262

Sounds like his local group is dominated by a couple of losers with big fish in a small pond syndrome.

They don't like powerful armies as theirs are currently a bit more powerful than other peoples.
They don't like it when people point out that they're cheating.

>> No.50366264

There's a really great short story about an old Archon trying to win over a powerful elf lady and how clueless he is.

I think it's in that Fear the Alien book

>> No.50366273

>What makes you think this book will be any different?
This >>50364809

>> No.50366278

I'd probably let a couple points slide because it's not worth the hassle although you bet your ass I'm going full dickmode with power generation and playstyle, but there's no reason not to just drop an upgrade and drop below the point limit.

>> No.50366280

>IG because they're still in 6th.
A couple weeks doesn't really count.

>> No.50366282

No because you'll still get idiots that take armies that have no way to deal with high AV, armies without good objective grabbers, etc.

Then they bitch that the game is unfair.

>> No.50366283

but bastonne isn't really an 80's an action hero maybe he was thinking of straken.

>> No.50366287

Where can I find the Deathwatch Codex in pdf?

>> No.50366298

I'd say they're mid tier. They won't beat a Reclamation Legion or double Demi-Companies in a straight up fight, but they'll do fine against most armies if played well.


Harlequins themselves are fairly similar to DEldar, but generally speaking stronger and more costly. If you find your enemy has a strong central unit you need to take down Harlequins have a better chance of killing it well your DEldar pick off the weaker guys.

>> No.50366300

Arent nids still in 6th also?

>> No.50366303

Yes, they're pretty good allies.

Dark eldar bring some long range firepower to blow away chaff and vehicles while harlies strike at the elite units DE can't crack.

>> No.50366312


Get with the times, grandpa!

>> No.50366315

That tells us next to nothing, other than that he matches up hilariously poorly against other mega-models since he's vulnerable to Stomps and other "remove from play" effects.

>muh 15 powers
Means nothing without knowing what those powers actually are.
>muh best psyker ever
Means nothing until we see what that means. If he's not at least a 3+ with rerolls, he's extremely unlikely to be worth the massive price tag he's going to come with from a psychic standpoint.

>> No.50366320

Yea i get where your coming from but then you got people with really intricate lists and you gotta keep a marker somewhere that tells you what guy lost what upgrade.

>> No.50366321

What is the ideal list for Dark Eldar? is the starting box good?

>> No.50366322

What the fuck are you talking about? If that were true, the game WOULD be balanced. as it stands there are factions that are objectively superior to others, regardless of lists.

>> No.50366329


Most people get 2 starter boxes and some combination of scourges and Venoms.

>> No.50366332

Yeah. I have a friend who loves his Nids and we normally have good fun battles because I run CSM so we're both pretty shit. I'm hopeful that if Traitor Legions fixes CSM then Nids will be next if only so we remain on an even playing field.

>> No.50366333

venoms and trueborn, reaver jetbikes are also fun (esp with allied eldar autarch)

>> No.50366337

Tyranid update fucking when ?

>> No.50366340

Except the Dark Eldar are none of these

>> No.50366344

Nah, they're never over because of a melta bomb or something - if that was the case they'd just ditch it.

They're over because of shit they need like the last tac squad that gets them ten free razorbacks.

>> No.50366348

Anon logic is long gone, just like how Krom got rules, not Bjorn might get them, just look at his wolf claw and tell me it's not like dread Bjorn claw.

>> No.50366359

I wish i could get ten free razorbacks.

>> No.50366363

On the internet

>> No.50366364

Isn't every basically every model vulnerable to S the D?

>> No.50366371


Throwing bullshit toys into the mix is exactly the problem.
We don't need a Win-Button that has no business appearing outside the 1, tiny faction that he is a part of. We need the fucking foundations rebuilt in a way that all of the Legions can take part with actual Legionaires, with the toys to go with their rules.

Giving a CSM Fear doesn't make him a Night Lord. He needs 30k equipment, modern-era corruption and all the toys he dropped along the way.

We need a total rethinking of how the Codex works, what the army is supposed to do, and an actual plan for the faction.
What we will get is another ~20 formations that bolt USRs onto the Legion stereotypes and cement that "Lol why are you taking Black Legion Possessed? Run them in a Word Bearers detachment!".

>> No.50366386

Any good epub readers that do not require chrome?

>> No.50366395

Sounds to me like your trying to hard to justify your preferences, the DE are fucked up, cruel, sadistic and are horrible creatures, that's what makes them fun. Not funny.

>> No.50366397

You're just a faggot. >>50366371 actually put effort into their post.

>> No.50366402

>T7, 7 Wound Flying 2++ re-rollable
Seriously, GW? Is this a joke?

>> No.50366413

Looks like I'm doing Dark Eldar and harlequins, haha. I think I'll get 2 starter boxes, 2 venoms, and one unit of scourges. My friend told me he will go halfers on death masque with me so I get Eldick Ulthran to boot with my harlequins I'll be getting.

>> No.50366421

Nope, since he probably has Force which negates FnP

>> No.50366423

Eh. He's probably 1000 points or something.

>> No.50366426


Cool dude. Now just don't spam pics of DE from the GW store in this thread like that SoB faggot.

>> No.50366427

Super-Heavies/Gargantuans are a lot less vulnerable.

It's just really odd that a model the size of Magnus and with his presumed point cost won't be a Gargantuan. Especially when he's only a 4++ base.

>> No.50366442

He will ruin smashfuckers day because he's going to laugh off any psychic powers you try to buff him with and ignore FnP.

>> No.50366443

I wasn't planning on it, lol. I've only ever met one Deldar player so this should be fun.

>> No.50366459

Nice refutation, qualityposter. Keep up the good work.

>> No.50366461


>> No.50366470

>since he's vulnerable to Stomps and other "remove from play" effects.
How are you going to stomp a flying MC that you can never charge?

Yeah, D weapons will fuck him up, but good luck hitting him on 6's.

He's like if you fused a Flyrant with Smashfucker and then made it the most powerful psyker in the game that can mindbullet all goddamn day.

>> No.50366477

>not 432 points

>> No.50366478

No. I just view them as a comedy element.

>> No.50366486

how the fuck are you gonna hit a flying monstrous creature with blasts ?

>> No.50366494


Hopefully they realized that SH/GMC were a mistake.

>> No.50366499

>he keeps his FMC's in the air 100% of the time
Wew lad.

>> No.50366532

I'm skeptical that they'll have the stones to tell Imperial Knight players to fuck off back to Apocalypse where they belong, and, as long as you've got some super-heavies in the game, it's silly to throttle some faction's access to them.

Why not just make him a Gargantuan for now and then FAQ it when 8e hits? It just smacks of GW's usual half-assed, myopic stupidity with edition/design paradigm shifts.

>> No.50366543

He's Fateweaver 2.0
>Higher Toughness
>More Wounds
>More Powers
>Easier to Manifest

>> No.50366558

I know I keep Fatweaver up.
Granted he's WS1, I1, A1, and only T5 so there's some justification to never land.

>> No.50366579

That's what I just said retard.

>he doesn't know how to play an FMC
A good player will never glide when there are D/SH/GMC threats in range, and there's no reason you need to land Magnus to make him effective since he's a witchfire platform.

>> No.50366580

they're making money, they don't give a fuck.

I don't know why anybody thinks GW makes the rules to make the game fun. They've proven time and time again the rules are there to make them money

>> No.50366586


They could nerf Stomp attacks(remove the chance of an automatic unavoidable one hit kill) and allow knights to be crew shaken/stunned/immobilized/weapon destroyed like everyone else, and things would be a lot more fair.

You could even say "the first immobilize on a superheavy makes it move 6" instead of 12" like it used to be, and it would be fine. But as-is, superheavies basically ignore all the rules that the rest of the game is balanced around while also wielding arbitrarily powerful superweapons and having lots of armor and hull points.

Gargantuan Creatures are arguably even worse.

>> No.50366589

Fateweaver is the exception. Every other daemon FMC pays a bunch of points for CC potential that's wasted staying in the air.

>> No.50366609

It's almost like Magnus doesn't fit the same niche as those and acts like a better Fateweaver??????????????????????

>> No.50366622

calibre fucks up codex formatting

>> No.50366631


Just swoop Magnus and chuck strength D psychic powers if you see a super-heavy, otherwise glide him and beat people up in melee, ffs this isn't rocket science

>> No.50366642

>Rerollable 2++ with EW

Loyalists are about to get so btfo

>> No.50366653

Yeah, he definitely doesn't want to get into a tussle. No points spent on CC ability there.

Daemons are extremely reliant on melee with FMC's for dealing with opposing SH's/GC's.

>> No.50366656

i dont know any better sadly. if you got one. care to share :)

>> No.50366657

>Yeah, D weapons will fuck him up, but good luck hitting him on 6's.
how common are D weapons without blasts is what i meant

>> No.50366662


I love this meme. You want it to be true just to see absolute buttmadness.

>> No.50366666


Magnus' revenge on the Sons of Russ is not just on the fluff level, it's also on the meta level.

Chaos is about to have its revenge, for almost a decade of being given hot garbage that doesn't match the fluff and is worse than everything loyalists have access to.

>> No.50366672

Thats why I voted trump

>> No.50366684


I even keep my LoC grounded anymore because of the easy access to a Staff of Change for the +2S, but DPs especially want to be able to get into melee and destroy shit.

>> No.50366693

Those numbers...I say goddamn..must be true right?

>> No.50366701


It's fine.
CSM will just get nuked into the floor come 8th Edition. Magnus will be removed along with Obliterators and all of their Formations will be edited to include 2+ Warp Talons.
Non-CSM players will celebrate this as a win for the game and claim that all those filthy Legion players deserved it for associating themselves with an OP Codex.
Corax will then be released with an identical profile but with the addition of charging from DS and a lower cost.

>> No.50366710

Best I've found is Google Play Books, but that's just on Android.

>> No.50366712

I wish I had your optimism. Black Legion reprint followed by Traitor's hate killed my ability to get hype for 40k.

>> No.50366714

>how common are D weapons without blasts is what i meant

Eldar got a bunch with Wraithguard and knights. Necrons got the big gun pylon thing.

>> No.50366719


If the rumors are all true, we're talking army-wide 2++, and that's before magnus even comes into the picture.

>> No.50366735

>If the rumors are all true
The ones that are literally being made up by random anons for fun?
>we're talking army-wide 2++
That's not even true with this ridiculous "rumors."

>> No.50366751

Why would you think that's true? You think even GW would give widespread 2++?

Magnus will probably have a rerollable 4++ or a 3++ that rerolls 1s, maybe with a power for +1 to that

>> No.50366753

if mark of tzeentch keeps the "max 3++" its completely okay

i wonder if the detatchment increases the invulnerable save by 1. which is a bit hinted in the magnus leak.

>> No.50366768

Speaking of nasty demons, Magnus reminds me of the insane Daemon Princes in the back of the 2nd ed. Chaos Codex. I particularly remember the Nurgle one which was a huge incredibly tough meat pile that didn't actually attack but would just kill things that it rolled over in the movement phase.

>> No.50366784

Why are people freaking out about magnus when tzeentch already had 2++ rerollable psychic death stars for the longest time? In fact it is entirely possible that he may be ignored in that retrospect as tons of points are put towards his toughness and close combat ability which are unnecessary.

>> No.50366805


because eldar cheeselords and tau babbies can't handle a Chaos Space Marine, even a special character who will probably cost 999 points, being scary again

>> No.50366816

That's what I'm saying dude, follow the chain.

>> No.50366850

he's probably going to function similarly to nagash, in that outside of absolutely massive games you'd be an asshole to use him

because it turns the game into "avoid big spellcaster man and if he doesn't blow up all your units before the game ends and you win!"

>> No.50366870

Did someone say psychic powers?

>> No.50366912

Hi T3 3+
Meet the inferno boltgun

>> No.50366915

oh ho ho no that wont happen, a 4++ armywide with maybe 3++ on chars, and reroll 1`s

>> No.50366916

So if all the Primarchs are coming back what will the other armies get as an equivalent?

>> No.50366927

fateweaver, magnus, and lord of change with grimnoire of true names and a herald with endless grimnoire, making lord of change warlord. 3 FMC with D shooting. If by some chance magnus doesn't have to be warlord.

>> No.50366932

>he thinks obliterators are good

>> No.50366944

Time to put the fear of chaos back in loyalists. Heresy ho!

>> No.50366945

Are incubi worth it?

>> No.50366949

Wraith Knights.

>> No.50366950

hey guys not sure if this is the place to ask but it's driving me crazy and I need to know.
What is the background music this guy uses. is it from a 40K game? It can be heard clearly at 3:10 in the clip


>> No.50366951


Incubi with a Succubus and Venom is a pretty deadly CC unit

>> No.50366952

>Q: Can units that are Battle Brothers embark in each other’s Transport vehicles during deployment? >A: No.

have fun getting where magnus is. droppods are no option for you.

>> No.50366965

>Avatar of Ynead

>Bigger Bugs

>Bigger Suits

>Giant Greater Daemons

Dark Eldar
>Power From Pain (Their Own)

>(More) Depression


>> No.50366976

plastic incubi when

The reverse harem is great, but metal/resin incubi are a pain in the ass to transport.

>> No.50366979

When will IG get something impressive?

>> No.50366984

>webstore is switched to another country
>anon isn't paying attention
>flips out over prices
>rushes to /tg/ to unleash his rage
>gets called out on being a dumbass
every damn time

>> No.50366988


>T3 3+ and no transports
>vs army of S4Ap3

>> No.50367001

baen blaehd

>> No.50367016

Solar Macharius resurrected Saint style.

Maximum tactical supremacy, make Creed look like a chump.

>> No.50367028

Implying that anything can stand up to the might of a baneblade!

>> No.50367037

Nigga we've had baneblades Space Marine and been people have made them in 40k since with official models as soon as Forgeworld started. Call me when we have a Leviathan that can issue unlimited auto passing orders and transport Leman Russ companies.

>> No.50367038


Yea, I'm a little turned off by the failcast. There's probably a decent conversion popular using the right Kabalite bodies and fantasy weapons.

I wish Deldar got half the love that CSM get. This is their 4th supplement with the 5th right behind with Wulfen 2: Magnus Boogaloo.

I mean, at least the Covens book is decent, but I just want a supplement for Wych Cults and shit.

>> No.50367041

If they gave Baneblades the full 11 barrels of fury and upped the survivability and dropped the price, then they would be a good choice.

Otherwise it's only Stormlords for the invincible barrel of monkeys build.

>> No.50367055

>Leman Russ released
>against Magnus all attacks are S D and re roll on the destroyer table
>Leman Russ always denies the witch on 2+ even if he's not the target
>he have a 3++ when fighting against Magnus and every D attack he receives suffers a -1 on the D table after every other modifiers
>Leman russ have all the warlord traits on the SW codex and champions of Fenris supplement.
Look into your heart, know this to be truth

>> No.50367061

Bigger Deathstrike.

>> No.50367065

you know, rather than any new stupid oversized-lord-of-war-will-only-use-once model, just give vox casters the ability to receive orders from any distance

That's all i want for my guard.

>> No.50367073

>they just need to make it better in every way and cheaper
/tg/ balancing, everybody.

>> No.50367075

but anon the lion is the one to fight magnus

>> No.50367076

They already did that with the vortex payload for the Apocalypse formation. It was hilarious but they've since nerfed vortex.

>> No.50367092

Nah, I don't think the detachment gives army-wide +1 to invuls, it might just give it to characters or give Magnus a Mark of Tzeentch.

>> No.50367097

Why is chaos fighting chaos?

>> No.50367101

a leviathan would be the fluffy next step
but they're just so fucking ugly
add twin linking barrage weapons within 18 inch of a vox caster and you have yourself a deal

>> No.50367116


since imperial agents will be a codex on its own would they be able to use the vehicles from like GK or inq?

>> No.50367121

ask the wulfen

>> No.50367122

The current state of the baneblade is shit. No-one takes them because it's a SHV with terrible rear armour in the edition with the most reliable forms of accurate deep-striking. I'm not saying it needs radical changes in all of those categories but it needs something.

>> No.50367131

Another Baneblade variant but with a bigger version of Stormshard Mortars.

>> No.50367156

I didn't think of that. If they put SoS in that codex then they could use any of the transports included.Even if you put them in their special formation, as it says that models can use transports from different detachments, as long as they come from the same codex.

>> No.50367158

Compared to the other Heavy Supports? Hell yeah they are.

>> No.50367164


As long as it looks like this.

>> No.50367172


My flyrants don't land until anything that can kill them is gone.

>> No.50367185


Throw them in a valkyrie from inq and drop em off to shut down psychic abilities. You might lose a girl or two from the drop but who cares.

>> No.50367200

Now we're talking

>> No.50367202

Havocs put out more firepower for cheaper as long as you put in a little forethought as to what kind of shooting you want them for. Forgefiends are comparablish in firepower, around the same price, and much more durable.

>> No.50367207

>shatterstorm formation
>2-5 wyvern units
>gains large blast, fleshbane, rending and living inferno
>living inferno: for every unsaved wound cause that same number of wounds on the enemy units

>> No.50367210

Confirmed by the usual sources: The first loyalist Primarch to be released will be Corax. Same basic statline as Magnus, minus the FMC bit.

>> No.50367219


>> No.50367223

>ignores perils
>when comparable psykers, such as karios, don't.
Reroll on the chart? Maybe. Ignore? Highly unlikely

>> No.50367228



>> No.50367229

2+, DS, and being able to do anti-tank and anti-tank in one game makes them better.

>> No.50367230

Primorks would've been awesome but shitty writers completely fucked

>> No.50367236


Confirmed by the usual sources: The first loyalist Primarch is Draigo, who is Horus penitent under a false name.

>> No.50367252

what is the best ereader to read the epubs in the mega?

>> No.50367255

Anti-tank AND anti-tank?

Gee Bill...

>> No.50367262

>Primarch with the same statline as a daenon prince primarch

>> No.50367272

Hopefully when ghazzy gets a new model his rules will reflect his fluff more

>> No.50367279

In what other case has adding Daemon shit to loyalist stuff made them better?

>> No.50367280


>> No.50367300

Kroot are fucking ugly. Using Warzone Imperial Militia as proxy figures. Kroot are visually basic when compared to the Tau, so I figured this is the same but with humans in place of birdmen. Rate this aesthetic.

>> No.50367307

>tfw we'll never get rules for Alicia and her crew because it happened well after HH, but before 40k

Feels bad with primarchs coming back.

>> No.50367310

Readium. It's a chrome add-on.

>> No.50367314

I guess you're one of those idiots that believed when I told them Belacuck was going to usurp slaneesh as an shadow God and all the slaneesh range would be renamed into shadow daemons.

>> No.50367333


>thinks Kroot are ugly
>replaces them with ugly looking human models

>> No.50367334

Absolutely disgusting, I'd take two full formations for a 2k point game just for pie plate madness.

>> No.50367342

nice bait

>> No.50367344

Kroot are fugly. Militia a cute.

>> No.50367351

If the detachment was a raw +1 invuln that'd be ridiculous. Every unit having a 4++ minimum before marks would be brutal. I imagine it'll probably extend the reroll 1s that daemons get to tzeentch units.

>> No.50367361

Vect on Dais of Destruction LoW when?

>> No.50367366


It was believable because that's what's happening with the shitty AoS

>> No.50367367

2+ is kind of irrelevent when plasma is fucking everywhere. Not to mention FFs have a similar sort of protection because of the relationship between high strength and low AP.

>Deepstriking your primary ranged support
>3 lascannon shots a turn being effective anti-tank

>> No.50367371

I can't be the only one that refuses to play against superheavies

>> No.50367385

Never, he's too much of a coward to go on realspace raids these days, he just hides in his fortress literally all the time.

>> No.50367388

It's an asspull based on the order Primarchs have appeared in TTS.

>> No.50367389

Newfag here, define superheavies?

>> No.50367400


LIAR he's just really bummed out and having trouble with his ex girlfriend atm he'll be back on it with the lads pronto

>> No.50367414


It's a rule anon, the rule of super heavy, a heavy that is super. Baneblades and such with 5+ HP and ignoring the vehicle damage table and firing weapons individually @ different targets.

>> No.50367417

It's decent enough, but I'm a fan of low-tech next to high-tech

>> No.50367435

OOOOh. kek. What if like, a 40k arms race started with super heavies, and every edition gave a race some new shiny toy that was near impossible to kill.

Also, do you other 40k anons play annihilate or mission objective stuff mostly?

>> No.50367463


I'm still getting used to 7th, but I fucking love Maelstrom of War missions. Tac objectives are baller.

>> No.50367464


The Arms race is long underway anon, my group of friends often reference it when we're all getting salty at someone bringing the newest forge world. I'm currently on top with an Eldar Revenant Titan (I play deldar) which I bought when everyone else escalated to forge world stuff.

As it stands the only races getting new and shiny tech are the imperium and tau.

>> No.50367478

>Slice a Wraithknight in half

But he's only 6 feet tall! How is he-

>Flying Monstrous Creature

Oh god no!

>> No.50367509

>tfw all the cool small IG stuff is slowly disappearing from FW
>tfw no laser destroyers anymore either

>> No.50367531

Aren't Daemon Knights pretty good when compared to Imperial Knights?

>> No.50367544

>tfw the one FW unit you had has been gone for ages

Hopefully that's just because they're making it an official plastic kit. I'm optimistic because it would be the best way for old players who already have 5+ immolators to buy more.

>> No.50367551

>Marine players literally shaking because chaos finally got something nice

>> No.50367557

You're thinking in RENEGADE knights

>> No.50367573

>taking the bait
Be like>>50367342 anon

>> No.50367607

Lord Solar pls
I just bought his model and I want to use it already

>> No.50367617

according to 1dchan the pieces for the immolator are included with the exorcist now

>> No.50367624

Daemon knights are arguably better than both

Less versatile sure, but they're the hardest knights to kill by far and dominate MCs/GCs

>> No.50367633



While that's true, I'm talking about Repressors, man.

>> No.50367645


The Lion

>> No.50367721

please anyone!!!

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