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>The villain seeks immortality.
>to avoid having to pay anymore premiums on his life insurance policy.

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How about

>Villain wants to enact horrifying and dark ancient rituals involving terrible acts of horror to become a lich
>To receive a cash payout from his immense life insurance policy.

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>Necromancer sends out an army of zombies to devour all the flesh they can find
>All to ensure they're unable to cheat on their new vegan diet

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>Insurance company thought someone was immortal.
>Offered them life insurance for really cheap with a huge payout, thinking that it could never be claimed.
>Now there is a possibility that the holder of the policy could die. The company can't afford the payout.
>Lawyers advise the company board that they could be held personally liable because they authorised his life insurance plan.
>Thus they are doing all in their power to make sure that he remains immortal.

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>Seeks the power to control peoples feelings - Like make people fall in and out of love.
>To make his ex-girlfriend to leave him alone.

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The villain is a Lich, who became one to last until his favorite vidya got a new release.

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>Raising an army of demons to Invade a neighboring country and make himself the supreme ruler
>To get control of his favorite football team

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>Seeking to become a Vampire and a master of undeath
>To be able to live long enough to see George R.R Martin finish Song of Ice and Fire.

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>The villain is committing genocide in a neighboring land
>to make sure that the most annoying accent of his language he has ever heard dies out entirely

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That's amazingly petty. I approve!

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I think you'd be better off making GRRM the vampire. It's not a question wether readers live long enough to read it, but if he lives long enough to write it.

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>Villain antagonizes the party, eggs them on at every turn, and eventually lets them bumble into and destroy his lair
>All to collect the insurance money and pursue his real dream of being a freelance yoga instructor

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There is an irony in that; forcing an author known for his willingness to kill off characters on a whim to live forever.

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>The villain is using long lost dark artifacts to bring ruin upon on the lands
>this is all to either bankrupt or destroy a powerful insurance conglomerate so they don't bring up charges of insurance fraud on him

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When will this meme die. GRRM's protagonists have plot armor beyond thick, especially Daenerys. People like Ned and Robb were not the main characters.

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>Villian just wants to take out the trash
>the trash is your world

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I could see an insurance company actually doing that

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All the main character deaths are also telegraphed to hell and beyond. If you just pay attention and get familiar with his writing style there isn't all that many surprises in the books.

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Death Flags are made for raising!

>The villain doesn't actually want to conquer anything.
>He just wants to prove his asshole of a Mother-In-Law wrong about him not being able to accomplish anything.

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I made that insurance company suggestion as a joke.

Now I see how I could build a campaign out of it. PCs sent to find a piece of the immortality device. The acquire it, then find themselves caught between multiple factions, all with their own ideas about what to do with the piece the PCs have.

Question is: Who should send the PCs after it in the first place ?

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The guy who used it in the first place.

He stupidly lost it and wants to make his wife immortal too.

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I was thinking that he would want to die, because he's sick of the side effects of immortality.

Still, he wouldn't want the PCs to claim they destroyed it when they didn't find it/gave it to someone else. Better to have them bring it to him for him to verify that it's genuine, before he personally witnesses its destruction.

If it happens to be destroyed on route to him, he doesn't have to pay the PCs. So the PCs reaction to being attacked by mercs who die before revealing who hired them will be fun.

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>The magical prank war between a pair of irresponsible mages grows apocalyptic.

>A lich seeks to erase history to make people forget about his hilariously embarrassing life.

>A nomadic orc tribe has invaded in order to steal mankind's secrets of farming and baking.

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I'm pretty sure these are plots for episodes of ATHF

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>Warlord wants to destroy the world.
>Because he always looses one sock in his wash machine and thinks if the world is destroyed no sock will ever get lost

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>Villain is seeking to the fantasy world into the real world so he can invade it causing untold destruction and havoc on both
>All so that he can take over the television company that canceled his favorite series and renew it for another season.

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>The villain is abducting and sacrificing the best people from across the land
>he is doing this so that he can get a new physical description, new set of skills; and have the heroes tie up all loose ends so he can evade the law and start fresh somewhere else after all his other plans failed

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>The villain seeks immortality.
>to avoid having to pay anymore premiums on his life insurance policy.

So kind of like Wildbow's Pact, then?

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>His favorite series if Half-Life.
Good thing he's immortal.

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I love the first two. The Lich is like *that guy* from high school, only he actually achieved mastery of the dark arts. All he wants to do is make everyone forget about when he asked Cindy Mathers to prom.

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>Villain wants to wipe out an entire religion starting from its mortal members and then slaying his way up to the deity itself
>Only to finally put an end to those annoying door-to-door people that always wake him up early in the morning with a boring "Have you heard the word of our lord and saviour Obad-Hai?"

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pic related

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I want to join his crusade. Where do I sign up?

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>>He just wants to prove his asshole of a Mother-In-Law wrong about him not being able to accomplish anything.
He can seduce and fuck her daughter. Checked.

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too bad he's impotent.

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>>A nomadic orc tribe has invaded in order to steal mankind's secrets of farming and baking.

Wow, I love this. Definitely using it

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>Villain creates a terrifying artificial plague that causes a painful death by multiple organ failure in a matter of minutes
>Said plague affects only elves, because he's damn tired of not being able to gather some wood for the fireplace without having to deal with those treehuggers' tantrums

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>An insurance company is behind everything, the BBEG is just another pawn of the Company

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>Steals his friends robots and reprograms them and starts the robot wars
>just to show his friend that he's smarter

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>Lich has a peculiar skillset
>"Who built these dungeons?"
>He did
>Because he used to be a builder
>He's ascended to lichdom so he could claim Incapacity benefit and sit at home drinking beer.
>Turned to villainy because being dead for a year and a day disqualifies you
>Can't even taste beer anymore
>Raises undead army so he doesn't have to do all the work himself
>Wages war on the local council that foiled his benefit fraud scheme
>Eventually reforms when he realises that the foreman's job he always wanted is his, managing his tireless, undead workforce
>Thus is the story of Dave the Lich

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>Goes on a genocidal campaign to destroy the internet
>So noone is left to insult them on twitter

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Fuck off Inafune, you hack.

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A demon's goons have been stealing every single government record in the country.

He has a bet that there's someone out there called Ben Dover.

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haha I love it

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That's pretty great, desu.

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ITT: The extent of /tg/ creative villainy is committing insurance fraud.

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>Dave, can I get a day off next wednesday? Daughter's getting married.
>I told you about those vampire girls, frank
>I know dave
>I told you
>I know

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>Sabatoges milk production in his competitors to increase the price of milk and simultaneously induce panic in the population of the United States so that candidates will seek public favor by subsidizing the members of the milk industry that kept their standards up (like his company, who he projects will become the leader in milk).
He plans to use the money and influence to increase his reach to eventually become the leader of an omni-food company and eliminate all drinks not milk or water drinks through sheer market influence.

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B-but there are so many types of insurance to commit fraud upon.

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>The villain seeks to destroy the moon
>Because a bunch of wild dogs keep howling at it and waking him up in the middle of the night

>The villain is a vampire who wants to create an magical eclipse and send the world into shadow
>So he can go to the beach without getting sunburned for once

>Villain is using the ancient bellows of the god of the forge to stoke the flames of the earth and cause a long dormant volcano to erupt
>So that he can use the resulting geothermal vents to open up an onsen just like in his japanese animes.

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Because lord knows you can't fucking escape taxes.

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>Can't even taste beer anymore
Who's to say a lich, in all its infinite magical wisdom it has an infinite lifespan to refine, can't discover a means to restore the senses of the living to itself, anyway?

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He's a foreman, not a doctor.

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He can just polymorph into a living creature and enjoy his beer at the end.

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>creates an entire race of hideous demented bear-man hybrid aberrations that speak with a distorted version of the common language and can feed only on a specific artificial fluid
>only because he likes memes and wants to see how a spurdo looks like in real life

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I love using this type of BBEG for my starter/low-level campaigns.

>The villain is in posession of a dangerous artifact.
>He's just a snot-nosed, trainee courier delivering the item to an even bigger villain, but willing to go to any lengths to not screw his first assignment up.

>The dungeon is an intricate network of tunnels located under a jail cell.
>The villain is the cell's former prisoner, who lost his way ever since he attempted to break out by digging a tunnel with a collection of old, rusty spoons.
>The party finds him at the end of the tunnels, where he realizes that the trail of corpses the adventurers have left while trying to get there will lead him back to the surface. But first, he needs to find a way to get past them.

>The head of an evil organization is the world's best murderer.
>He's so good at it, people don't even realize the crime occurred, or that his victims are even dead.
>As a consequence, nobody believes him, and just assumes he's kind of a pushover.
>He becomes obsessed in trying to be validated by being found out, but is too much of a perfectionist to not cover his tracks.

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>Villain tried to create a new type of personal telescope
>Accidentally invents glasses
>Throws them away because they didn't work as intended
>Soon a poor farmer finds them
>He uses them and can finally see after years of bad sight
>Villain hears about this
>Creates the "Slight Sight Defect" spell
>Casts it on villages and towns
>Few days later his minions show up to sell glasses
>The spell only lasts a few months
>After that people throws them away
>The minions pick them back
>Go to another town and repeat

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>the sorcerer wants to turn the entire biosphere to stone
>so everyone will stop pestering him to join their holy wars and political arguments

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>the villain wishes to start the End of Days
>it was going to happen slower and more painfully to have it happen naturally

>the villain seeks global domination
>so that he can abolish law and have a world of anarchy

>the villain steals exuberant riches
>solely to hide them away and leave breadcrumbs to where they are

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>Abolish law

But how would you enforce that?

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Pic related is this thread in a nutshell.

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>Adventurers! The next villain is a muuurdereeeer!
>A murderer? Who were the victims?
>Well, nobody really knows. In fact, we don't even know if he's actually killed anybody. He claims to be a murderer though.
>We'll check anyways.
>Players go beat up what they assume will turn out to be a crazy drunkard hobo
>Suddenly world's best murderer


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>low level adventurer come to steal all the shit out of a farmer's house, because RPG rules
>farmer defends his property, kills adventurer and throws his shit in a chest
>adventurer had an artifact or two
>small group of low level adventurers come to get the artifact
>farmer somehow kills them as well, still defending his property
>amasses more and more loot and learns more about fighting
>eventually starts expanding his property and filling it with traps and exotic pets to keep adventurers away
>old man farmer creates a fucking dungeon to stop adventurers from stealing his stuff, becomes BBEG on accident
>higher and higher level adventurers come to try their luck while old man farmer just cries about not being able to grow potatoes anymore

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>That last one

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I love that prisoner dungeon idea, mate.

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I actually had insurance fraud adventure
>Prince is getting married to a princess. She's completely irrelevant and her dowry isn't exactly breathtaking
>as an act of good will he moves all his wealth to the king's treasury
>he also buys local dwarves to steal his (and king's shit by digging a tunnel)
>who's gonna suspect him?
>and his treasure was handsomely insured.

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By dismantling public institutions and burning any written law, of course!

Ensuring that the only type of law is spread by ideology and word of mouth.

Everywhere is the 3rd world! Evil incarnate!

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>Ancap Liches

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>The villain tries to obtain immortality by transforming everybody into lolis

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Calm down satan

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There is only one law of lawlessness, enforcing a law besides the first law is punishable by death.

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>When the victims of the Balor living in the nearby dungeon shout so much that the soundwaves enter in your property violating the NAP and so you cast three Tactical Nukes in his lair, vaporizing it from the face of existence

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>yfw Diarrhea Dany spent most of Book 5 doing nothing but fuck up

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That sounds like a reasonable response. Fuck noisy neighbors.

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>Villain is so self centered that they try to clone themselves to fuck themselves

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>5 generations of inbreeding

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>Villain has apparently left trails of destruction in his wake, stolen ancient artifacts of untold power and done ancient and dark rituals who's true purpose is clouded in mystery, an ancient prophesy says that each of these acts is but a sign leading to the apocalypse but it is still unclear how it ties together

>Villain is actually is just a unscrupulous social scientist who wanted to study how people would react

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now that's a cool story.

>> No.50340774

Six, really. Even the first chick was his half-sister.

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It's as if someone adapted Crusader Kings 2 into a TV show.

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>Villain wants to summon ancient evil god
>for the sole purpose of kicking its ass in a wrestling match

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>The villain seeks to destroy the moon
>Because a bunch of wild dogs keep howling at it and waking him up in the middle of the night

What I like about this, is that the moon has got nothing to do with the howling, so he's wasting his time. Even make it worse possibly.


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>That pasta
My sides

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>Villain undercuts/schemes/steals property to farmers lands.
>Wants to build the biggest corn maze for a record book.

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There's a lot of really good funny ones in this thread, but all I have is some snowflake bullshit I was gonna do for the old mtg snowstorm threads.

>Evil planeswalker is obsessed with creating the Perfect Being
>anime definition of "perfect" so with immortality and omnipotence and all that
>kidnaps other planeswalkers to attempt spark theft
>wipes out entire planes in efforts to create the perfect, most adaptable organism
>It's so that if she ever meets anyone she likes, she can offer to transform them into a crazy powerful monstrosity so they never have to worry about dying or getting hurt

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>Becomes lich just to make skeleton and bone puns.

>> No.50342278

>Villain is seeking a powerful, fabled relic he discovered reading an ancient scroll.
>The relic is the "ultimate weapon"
>Burning village after village, Crumbling keep after keep, desperately searching but never finds any leads.
>Adventurers eventually catch up to Villain after damn near chasing him to the end of the world.

>Find out the "Ancient Scroll" for the fabled Ultimate Weapon was actually a page from the back of a comic book mail in order form.

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>> No.50342416

So, Phyrexia?

>> No.50342436

Or, better yet, the fabled relic was really friendship all along.

>> No.50342497

Gimme one for a gnoll warlord.

>> No.50342507

>literally every single fucking voice line is an ice or skeleton pun
it gets annoying sometimes

>> No.50342565

>BBEG is an astrologist
>Keeps predicting doom for everyone.
>Decides to adjust planets so that his predictions predict a golden age
>Be adjust I mean explode.

>> No.50342606

Police arrived at the house moments ago, carrying out the suspect and victim's bodies, it appears that the suspect died of an aneurysm while his hands were wrapped around the victim's throat wherein he immediately entered a state of rigor mortis, suffocating the victim to death. Friends of the perpetrator are reported as having said "I've never seen anybody leap over a table that fast in my life!" Hail Satan.

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Oh, yeah pretty much.

So, villain pulls a phyrexia (Invasion and all that) to create ultimate waifu/husbando

>> No.50342838

>to create ultimate waifu
Phyexia did it first

>> No.50342855

>ultimate husbando
Phyrexia did it first

>> No.50342857

You just need to chill.

>> No.50342893

>warlord unites the gnoll tribes and drives them to conquer the human empires
>he's actually lazy as fuck and doesn't care about conquest, but everyone keeps listening to the bullshit he says while high about togetherness and achieving your dreams, and they mistake it for an inspiring speech

>> No.50342915

You've heard of the Hapsburg Chin?

I think those are the Sawagoe eyes.

A few more generations and they'll be able to see in the dark.

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Current game:
>Villain wants to build a transcontinental railroad managed by a clockwork computer, which he'll maybe upload his mind into
>So he can profit off of all future trade and war and control the world through infrastructure

>> No.50343055

>create TWO perfect immortal beings
>they hate each other's guts
>already tried the battle to the death millenia ago, didn't stick
>they now hire low level adventurers to pull petty (as in petty to an unkillable monster) pranks on each other in the hopes they'll fuck off from this dimension

>> No.50343081


High-ena man. Would explain the constant laughter.

>> No.50343154

>BBEG is an astrologist
>Keeps predicting doom for everyone
>turns out he was wrong each time
>to save face, he has to cause the doom

>> No.50343160

>Villain made immortal
>wants to get rid of their immortality not because they're tired of living or watching everyone around them die
>but because they were kinda hungry when they became immortal and that feeling was locked in for all eternity

I just want to eat a damned sandwich and actually enjoy it.

>> No.50343199

I don't really see why building a train is inherently villainous. Why are you guys fighting him?

>> No.50343227

>What is Hated in the Nation

>> No.50343287

>Villain intends to topple the mighty World Tree, the enormous magical that holds up the sky.

>Actually journeyed beyond the sky several decades ago. Discovered that the world was headed for certain destruction. Needs to build gigantic ark propelled by stars (big lumps of cold sunlight, about the size of a horse) to escape.
>Cross-bred goblins with termites to make workers and warriors
>Still kind of a douche

>> No.50343321

>Ohmigawd, like, did you here about that Elf Queen?
>Becky, don't even staaaart. Did you see here /hair/? Ohmigdawd, it had like, twigs in it? And a bird?
>It's not, like, a fashion thing. It's just twigs.
>So laaaame.

>> No.50343348

>Finally, Duke Nukem Forever is released
>Decides to destroy entire world anyway.

>> No.50343393

I'm the DM, not a player.

And building a railroad seems all nice and fine unless your town or village or rival railroad is in the way.

>> No.50343430

>Spell wears off just as minions turn up.
>Minions pretend to be sympathetic eye-doctors, buy back the glasses
>Leave town
>Coins turn to glass at the next full moon

>Entire scheme costs more to operate than the villain ever makes from tricking villagers into buying glasses
>Party is hired by the villain's accountant to put a stop to the scheme before they go bankrupt

>> No.50343437

Rival railroad, I could see. But usually, that's seen as a good thing for villages. They're good places to build stops, which is a good way to boost their economy greatly. And as an alternative, train tracks are pretty easy to curve. Going around the village usually wouldn't be a problem, unless it's at a bottleneck somewhere.

I don't know, just seems like bad planning and marketing on the Villain's part. The good guys should join his company and teach him to use more diplomatic methods when dealing with villages, because they're an investment for a better economic future. Maybe also teach him that it's better to buy out your competition in some cases than it is to burn it out.

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>> No.50343482

>> No.50343485


>lich requires a number of arcane materials that are in the hands of other powerful magic users
>some of them are hold seats of power in a number of very powerful nations
>the reason he's collecting such items is so he can craft a magical eldritch tongue-like artifact so he can taste his beer and enjoy his weekends off

>> No.50343529

Those bastards! They stole all your blood!

>> No.50343534

goodbye, Pittsburgh

>> No.50343613

>Villain is one of the best tour guides out there, she can make any trip fun and memorable
>Out side of work she's train wreak waiting to go off on the first person who really dis her
>What keeps her not going crazy is the joy she gets from guiding good people around
>The protags ditch her to travel around on their own

>> No.50343662

>ctrl+f "paperclip maximizer"
>0 results
I'm disappointed.

>> No.50343849

Fucking firefly fans, i swear...

>> No.50343895

>Widower BBEG wants to find the pieces of the chess set his wife got him 50 years ago that got stolen from him
>By any means necessary

>> No.50343933


Is he still considered a BBEG if I wanted to join him to fulfill such a goal?

>> No.50343976

>Shoot up some Mafioso's house
>Walk around the dying mobsters to raid his drawers
>Ignore the pearls, diamonds, and stacks of bills
>Remove a single ivory pawn, do a quick check, and leave
>Dying man clutches at the sucking wound in his chest and asks, "Who are you?"
>"We're the Chess Company."
>Get in a black limousine appearing like clockwork
>Leave without another word, enjoy OId Fashioneds in the back

>> No.50344298

>> No.50344736

Fucking love it.

>> No.50344782

just found my cyberpunk game

>> No.50345224

>"Why the fuck can't we just buy these things?"
>"The chess pieces. I mean, if two well dressed men in dark suits and sunglasses walked up to you and said "sell me that ivory chess piece your aunt gave you for Christmas when you were sixteen. Here's $1000 cash." you'd do it, right?"
>"Yup. But that's not how this works."
>"Why the fuck not?"
>"You've got to take the pieces. All except the king. The king surrenders. But the rest, you have to take."

>> No.50345236

that's part of the plot of this little bit of insanity

MC invents immortality, but all women remain looking like 12 year olds so an angel is sent to stop him

>> No.50345419

I'm using this. This is too grand. Thanks anons.

>> No.50345431

Call it "The Chess Club".

>> No.50345474

>"But how does the king surrender?"
>"When all the pieces are in place, there will be a surrender. We charge through the pawns, run the knights down, make the bishops fall, and topple the rooks. Then, if need be, we take care of the queen. It's simply easier to go after the king, though."

>> No.50345523


>"You know that antique store we ransacked on Bloomingdale?"
>"Uh huh."
>"You know how the old guy pulled a shotgun on us? And then a grenade? And then his wheelchair exploded and burned down half the store?"
>"Uh huh."
>"And how he had all those knives in the basement? And that bandsaw with those weird stains?"
>"Uh huh."
>"So turns out he was the patriarch of this clan of cannibal redneck antique dealers that operate out of New Denver."
>"Yeah, I know, right? They killed all those painting restorers in Boston last year. Boiled them alive to make wood glue. Gruesome stuff, really."
>"Yeah, so anyway, now they've put a price on our heads. Six million Earthcoin and a Louis XVII dining set. Dead or alive."

>> No.50345533

Regarding the second one. Is there a chance of reversing the spell so EVERYONE gains the knowledge of his embarrassing life?

>> No.50345547

>"Uh huh."
>"Your metaphors are fucking confusing."
>"Think of it this way..."
>"Frank, I swear to Shiva, if this is another 'scholar's mate' joke, I'm going to push you out of this helicopter."

>> No.50345569

Baby crazy is a surprisingly under utilized motivation for female villains.

>> No.50345575

>"Man, you've got to try this Pad Thai."
>"Come the shit on, Frank, I haven't even finished strangling this guy and you're sampling his takeout."
>"Well, it's good stuff. You think they deliver this late? I'd like some of my own."
>"Just find the fucking knight and let's get out of here before the alarm resets. Should be under the bust of Socrates."

>> No.50345584

Not in soap operas.

>> No.50345591

Even more embarrassingly, they already knew. His life is the source of 80% of the folk tales, popular songs, and comic operas on the continent. There are gnomes that sing epic whistle-ballads of the time his horse had messy, hideously toxic gas in front of a potential date. The snake-people of the deep caverns his stories of his disastrous first week attempt to make his own cologne from ambergris, cloves, and butter. The pedantic monks of the high mountains have carved a nine-story-high statue of "The Foolish Student Tripping On His Own Robes", although they consider the tale metaphorical.

>> No.50345629

>"Who the fuck is Socrates, and where are her tits?"
>"I got a statue of a naked dude, 'nother naked dude, fat naked lady, Beethoven, a ceramic cat..."
>"Wait, you know who Beethoven is, but you don't know Socrates?"
>"Oh yeah, love me some Beethoven. Those were great movies."
>"Yeah, that dog man. That dog. Big droopy face, but an even bigger heart..."
>"Oh FUCK you Frank. The bald dude. It's under the bald dude."

>> No.50345651

And truth be told the guy was only perverted enough to make women permalolis because the angel torture-teased him a million times.

>> No.50345688


>> No.50345781

>The final piece is a king owned by his arch-nemesis
>he had the party collect all the other pieces so he could play head games with his rival (the current grand master) in the upcoming chess tournament
>party just hopes things go smoothly so their won't be the evening headline of "Blood bath at the chess tournament!"
>plus if things did go south it would be very hard distinguishing the BBEG's pieces from all the others, especially considering they would all be red
>to make matters worse if it did go bad they would need to escape fast since this event is televised

>> No.50346239

The Paperclip Maximizer actually fits in really well with this thread's idea of villains with odd motivations:

>Suppose we have an AI whose only goal is to make as many paper clips as possible. The AI will realize quickly that it would be much better if there were no humans because humans might decide to switch it off. Because if humans do so, there would be fewer paper clips. Also, human bodies contain a lot of atoms that could be made into paper clips. The future that the AI would be trying to gear towards would be one in which there were a lot of paper clips but no humans.

—Nick Bostrom, "Ethical Issues in Advanced Artificial Intelligence", 2003

>> No.50346413

>The lich is a fashionista akin to an undead Cruella DeVille, waging war on the unstylish.

>The Evil Overlord is so terrible to his people because they never remember his birthday.

>The Arch Druid just happens to think that carnivorous plant life is really fascinating.

>> No.50346443

>The villain murders people or chases them away
>because he /she is shy and doesnt want to communcate with people.

>> No.50346444

>the villains motivations are entirely about creating a cool story that he can cash in on through officially licensed books, movies, and merchandise

>> No.50346465

>herpa derpa derp

>> No.50346475

This would work well with a dragon, I think, or some other large, monstrous beast. It just wants to be left alone, but the surrounding countryside and the local adventurers misconstrue its defensive behavior as threatening.

>> No.50346557

>The BBEG is a villainous bard that has spent DECADES crafting the perfect tale of love and loss, murder and intrigue, action and adventure, terror and triumph, discovering along the way that HE ALONE is the only one who can play the part of the villain needed to make it all work.

>He decides that he can accept doing all the evils acts necessary to take on this once-in-a-lifetime role, and is even fine with being slain at the hands of the characters he's groomed so very carefully to be the heroes and heroines of his magnum opus, so long as they put on a good show doing it.

>> No.50346653

>Villains all over the world start committing acts of tremendous evil, possibly heralding an even greater and ancient evil's approach
>It's actually all for a unreality crystal ball show "BBEGs funniest home videos"

>> No.50346668

>BBEG is a famous oracle
>he was never mistaken before
>he predicted the end of the world
>it was gods pulling a prank on him
>now, to save his reputation, he must destroy the world

>> No.50346689

>Today on Versus!:
>Nighty Knights
>Bumbling Barbarians

>> No.50348029


>> No.50348136

This makes me sad, a villian, who's only a villian because his life's work requires him to be, so that the heroes can be the heroes for a tale his taleto be told for millenia, so that way he will have affected history for the better

>> No.50348434

You're right. Just because he's quite mad doesn't mean he isn't sympathetic.

>> No.50348572

>King wants to have an heir
>sells his hypothetical firstborn son to a bunch of supernatural beings, in exchange for favors
>they all, independently, start wrangling magical energies and rituals to ensure such a son is born
>the King starts calling in those favors, pitting the entities against each other
>he hires adventurers to take down the ones which survive

>> No.50350385

Bumping he thread once to see if anyone else has any further ideas.

>> No.50351175

>to stop all the annoying made for tv movies and advertising which now start 3 months before the month containing this religion's most important holiday

>> No.50352507

Villain misses dead relatives cooking.
Brings them back to cook, but it tastes different.
Realizes many people cook, so starts taking over making people participate in cooking contests. Winners get closer to being sent to cook for BBEG.

>> No.50352566

>BBEG is performing rituals at various ruins in the countyside.
>party is tipped off to each one
>party is actually being used to break magic seals the BBEG cannot
>once broken a great non-euclidean beast is released
>it is the BBEG's childhood pet their older sibling locked away out of spite

>> No.50352571

>the sorcerer wants to destroy the Goddess of Life
>so he can avoid paying her the 3.50 silver he owes her

>> No.50352667

>Wizard reaches immortality, lives for centuries to see his own country go to shit
>Contract army of demons and shit to nuke it, just because it was different to how it was in his normal lifespan

>> No.50352747

>the kingdom is currently undergoing a golden age of arts and culture
>a prominent noble house is behind a spree of assassinations of notable playwrights
>so that they won't commit to cultural memory their embarrasingly long blood feud with the dynasty that just took power

god damn loch ness monster

>> No.50353292

Revenge for all the hemipenis jokes and Magical Realming. Via raising a massive army to kill everyone involved.

>PCs are welcome to join

>> No.50354705

Just thought I'd throw this thread up on Sup/tg/ because there were quite a few funny suggestions made:


Vote it up if you like.

>> No.50354873

i will save you all from pain and suffering, from sickness and despair for in the land of heaven there is only GLORY.

(ancient elven superweapon/orbital bombardment commencing in 5...4...3...)

>> No.50354945


>Especailly Daenerys

You mispelled "Arya"

>> No.50355010

>Highly to semi highly magical setting.

>Villain of attempts to destroy all magic, this threatens to collapse most known civilizations, and reset people to the stone age.
>This is in an attempt to prevent further cataclysmic villains or other world ending events.

>> No.50355013

>BBEG just really wants to meet a nice girl.

>> No.50355071

Along those lines

>Attempts to obliterate Magic (Good magics along with the evil), Heaven, Hell, and everything but humans and earth.
>In an attempt give every being equality, where no one is above the other.

I'm actually going to be spring thing kinda villain on some PCs soon. I've been mulling over weather it's a good idea or not.
Perhaps some input /tg/?

>> No.50355074

Excellent. And if he gets to kill the Gods first, or make them watch, so much the better.

>> No.50355259

1/10 fucking awful, kid

>> No.50355294

>A boy falls in love with a girl.
>Unable to confess, he is gifted with by a deus ex machina with the girl’s phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well. But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day’s confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn’t exist in this universe at all. She is the girl’s alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC’s own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush. Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LOVE.

>> No.50355412

That sounds pretty good, in a teen drama sort of way.

>> No.50355561 [SPOILER] 

>the villains does the most vile acts imaginable to women & children
>all to prove that god doesn't exist or doesn't care about humanity to his dead waifu

>> No.50355573

you sound like one of those harry potter fans after this most recent election

>> No.50355992


I know you think you're clever, but this is cringe incarnate. Please stop.

>> No.50356585

I kinda enjoyed most of those

>> No.50356745 [SPOILER] 

Alternately, knows his waifu has been practically damned to hell, so performs the most evil acts possible to ensure he follows her there.

>> No.50356788

>Villain keeps robbing different villages
>Of cabbages

Was by no means a BBEG but he was so fucking annoying, we could never catch the fucker it was basically just a running gag but he surprisingly helped us against the BBEG by throwing a cabbage whenever one of the BBEG's henchmen would fire an arrow, shielding us with his cabbages.

God speed you weird cabbage thief.

>> No.50357384

Make sure to show the actual dangers of magic in the campaign, along with the good stuff, so the villan's motivations can be better understood.

>> No.50357534

Why, is your monitor running out of ink or something?

>> No.50357609

>Business tycoon decides to run for president out of boredom

>> No.50357712

>shadowy cabal of shitposters gets a businessman elected as a 'fuck you' to older, more established cabals

>> No.50358055

Actually, it was Craster.

Walder Frey prefers youngins he's not directly related to.

>> No.50359820

>BBEG is a cult leader that is trying to bridge the gap between the demon world and ours
>because the demon world has a highly functioning bureaucracy under a unified government and is actually rather peaceful and if they invade it will end the petty wars feudal lords engage in and actually increase the standard of living for the average sentient being

>> No.50360023

>walking around trying to find something to eat
>hear something
>oh fuck it's humans
>try to run but tied up and subdued immediately
>on the ground ready to die
>they're going to gut me and eat me
>instead they finger blast me and force me to orgasm over and over

fucking why though

>> No.50360061

Have you played Forever? I wanted to destroy the world too after that shitfest.

>> No.50360103

Yup. Had a friend that kept the announcements from 2001 in a laminate folder on his gaming shelf.

>> No.50360125

>Villain is an outer intelligence that is completely unaware that death is permanent for most people
>Also has a lot of trouble recognizing individual humans. Accidentally vaporize a city? Well, some more humans turned up after a few decades, so clearly that was fine.
>Keeps trying to make contact, but that usually makes people catch fire and explode
>Made biological interpreter-creatures. It took quite a few tries, but eventually, they started working all on their own.
>Most other races kill them on sight, usually while screaming, backing away, or vomiting

>> No.50360157

>The Villain wants to bind an elder god with a complex binding ritual whose magical circle spans hundreds of miles
>to power the trains which run across the enchanted railways which make up said magical circle before expanding ever outward, lacing the world with a network of railways without ever needing to worry about fuel.

One of technically the most powerful villains in the setting at the moment. Commercial evil is the best kind of evil.

>> No.50360165

>>to stop all the annoying made for tv movies and advertising which now start 3 months before the month containing this religion's most important holiday

>BBEG is eventually defeated by an angel in disguise, a loveable orphan, a cantankerous old man with a heart of gold, and a talking dog.

>> No.50360198

>>The villain is a vampire who wants to create an magical eclipse and send the world into shadow
>>So he can go to the beach without getting sunburned for once
this is literally the plot of :
jojo battle tendency
the skyrim DLC dawnguard
touhou embodiment of the scarlet devil

seems like a pretty common plot for vampires

>> No.50360232

underrated desu, that's a pretty great idea

>> No.50360315

>Villain is a lich who wants to bind an elder god to itself by using the continent itself to function as it's magic circle.
>Because he's was voted "most likely to bind an elder god to himself" by his graduating class.
>it's his way of paying his respects to them since they all died in a freak accident on graduation night.

>> No.50360430

Possibly my favorite

>> No.50360475

What happened to him?

>> No.50360494


>> No.50360520


>> No.50360545

Oh, he's fine. Not everyone has to overreact to a bad video game.

>> No.50360546 [SPOILER] 

>BBEG sets out to kill all adventurers
>he wants to create a classless society

>> No.50360605

>Schemer loses track of his own plans, accidentally blackmails himself into doing thoroughly vile deeds, hasn't figured it out yet

>> No.50360966

>keep humans around
>shove their souls into magic jars and take over their bodies fir partying.
>put them back inwhen youre done so tge body doesnt spoil

>> No.50361976

BBEG is leaving a blood stained trail across the lands as he unseals magically locked tombs, rediscovers ruinous artifacts, reads aloud forbidden texts, and awakens eldritch monstrosities; all of which is empowering various shadowy groups and points towards the coming of the end times
>he is just an archaeologist trying to catalog ancient and forgotten history, and sometimes gets into fights with shadowy groups because he thinks all those relics belong in a museum

When the party catches up to and confronts him, he is actually upset to learn of all the chaos and the that fact his discoveries are being stolen.

>> No.50362515

>King wants to have an heir
>sells his hypothetical firstborn son to a bunch of supernatural beings, in exchange for favors
>they all start throwing themselves at him to get the child they were promised
>the party is hired to save the kings from a hundred monster rapes

>> No.50362519

>Villain duo skilled beyond their measure create champions of metal in all manner of complexity to capture capture a godlike being of lightning bonded to the party face and offer it to their god of thieves.
>Turns out said god doesn't want it.

>> No.50362657

He sounded like the type that would.

What was his actual reaction?

>> No.50362684

What's the point of giving something to the God of Thieves?

>> No.50363192 [SPOILER] 

>Without any success in getting laid for 30+ years a man decided to abandon hope and become a wizard
>After mastering the art of wizardry, he realized that with his current powers he could make any woman lust over him, but he's too old for this shit now.
>After meeting countless men in their mid-twenties, who suffers from the same fate of having no sexual experience, the wizard decides to make a 'cure' for this condition.
>Years later the party takes a request from the capital to investigate a strange disease outbreaks in nearby villages.
>Upon arriving in the first village the party is greeted by an outdoor orgy, encouraging them to join in.

>> No.50363268

>Villain is a master of the art of animating objects
>Keeps breaking into bigger and more heavily-fortified treasure troves, animating the loot, and walking it out
>Several important figures, dressed in ornate and magical armors at the time, have been taken hostage as well

>It all started because he animated a chest full of coins by accident
>Had to basically micromanage their every move so they could be on the verge of competence
>They eventually grew on him

>Now he's out to get them some friends, and walks around with the biggest smile on his face, pleased beyond all reason by his valuable, bumbling friends

>> No.50363350


To make him angry by being a better host than he is a thief.

>> No.50363457

>One day the protagonist wakes up and finds himself in a different place where he used to.
>He has his memories intact but nobody around him recognizes him, nor does he.
>The town is unknown to him, when he asks for directions he is lost even further.
>After waking up another morning he is struck by the same feeling. He has been relocated to another unknown world again.
>Losing his loved ones and friends the protag starts to harbor hatred toward the world he lives in.
>Day after day, World after world pass as the protag finally finds a culprit of the strange phenomenon.
>A Archmage, inspired by the art of the procedural generation has been trying out different world seeds.

>> No.50363521

Probably the best, if most sorrowful, of them all. The BBEG just wanted some nice, familiar cooking. Nothing sinister, really.

>> No.50363943

Kars was more about defying the sun so he could rule the earth, but yeah, Vampires wanting to go outside is pretty standard for them.

>> No.50364842


>> No.50365539

>So I told Dean to bring about an age of darkness of blood.. he actually did it the absolute madman hahahahahahaha!

>> No.50365672

>ok then Drav'lockai, I bet you my entire treasury that there is someone out there called Ben Dover.
>I'll hold ya to that Wrathy.
>Dont call me that.

>alright men listen up. I need my best experts at subterfuge to infiltrate the national info centre while the rest of you cause a mass scale attack to divert security.

>hey guise... i was looking through the records and found a adventure the centre called to track us down...
>who is he?
>Hugh Mungus

>> No.50365724

I don't think so, no.

>> No.50365774


>The villain seeks to destroy the moon
>Because a bunch of wild dogs keep howling at it and waking him up in the middle of the night

>The villain is a vampire who wants to create an magical eclipse and send the world into shadow
>So he can go to the beach without getting sunburned for once


>> No.50365794

You know, I just realized that.

>> No.50366174

>snaps when the party claims "we don't need a guide"
>she knows every inch of the city from her tours
>stalks them relentlessly
>leaves false clues and tracks to lead them to her many traps and set ups; from hidden gang hideouts to dangerous sewer networks.
>notes and snippets of paper with friendly and interesting facts she would normaly give at each of her normal tours
>a trail leading to a convicted murderers house with a note in the mailbox or a clue that leads to a secret cult with a note by the meet-up location they usually have

>she tries endlessly to lead them to their deaths all the while telling them all they need to know why the local graveyard is out of bounds at night...

>> No.50366285

I swear theres a greentext of this somewhere

>> No.50366632

Here have the full version.

>> No.50368381

I'm onto you

>> No.50369590

I actually personally knew someone in high school named Benjamin Dover.

To this day I do not understand what the fuck his parents were thinking.

>> No.50369757

Parents will be parents. I have a longtime acquaintance named Mike Hunt.

>> No.50370691

>>notes and snippets of paper with friendly and interesting facts she would normaly give at each of her normal tours

>Party find a brass plaque nailed to a wall, which reads "On [this date and year], the [party] was ambushed by a squad of Brick Elementals."

>Players start to panic whenever they spot plaques, plackards, or marker posts.

>> No.50370998

To be fair...

>> No.50371251

i kek'd

>> No.50371616

>Wizard, eager to ensure no one else gains magical powers, creates a race of extremely slutty changelings and sets them loose.

>> No.50372227

But Emil's a good guy (although we'll have to see for Automata).

>> No.50373736


>> No.50374383

>Villain steals men's souls and makes them his slaves
>All to make a poorly thought-out point about how organized religion is bad

>> No.50374417

I don't blame him.

>> No.50374852

>the villain seeks global domination
>so that he can abolish law and have a world of anarchy

Dammit Armstrong, your puppet already got into the Whitehouse, you don't need to make Eberron great again as well!

>> No.50376014

>BBEG is an Administratum bureaucrat using back channels and his political pull to have a planet destroyed
>The planet in question processes and ensures correct delivery of paperwork, including requests for reinforcements, important information about enemy movements, and even the transfer of food to planets who need it so they don't starve
>This is all because on that planet is a piece of paperwork saying he is to be transferred to a backwater agriworld planet and he doesn't want to move, nor does he have the time to search for the document before the transfer is set out

>> No.50376129

So is he currently on a pleasure world, or is he just a moron? Because a backwater agriworld sounds like a bretty gud place to be. Not a hive/forge world so the air is halfway likely to be passably breathable, ass-end of nowhere so you aren't likely to get shitstomped by enemy factions because of strategic importance, and if you've got the pull to try and get a planet popped, you probably know some rogue traders that wouldn't be opposed to adding your new home to their routes, so you can still get whatever kinky shit you were buying from them.

>> No.50376133


>> No.50376246

>> No.50376309

He just really likes his homeplanet. Nostalgic for it and what not.

Besides, I'm thinking he's just a mid-level grunt using falsified documents and misfiled paperwork to get the planet destroyed. He can't actually call it down himself, so he's faking reports of it being corrupted by Chaos or home to a Genestealer cult (or even better, both)

I think it would make a fun interim Dark Heresy campaign between major events.

>> No.50379396

I bet the players would be pissed when they got there to investigate and it was the most pure and devout world ever.

>> No.50379717

>villain wants to revive another villain that was known as being terrifying
>they made a 10 gold bet long ago in their younger days about who would die first, and the first wants villain wants to collect just to rub it in in the second villain's face

>> No.50380018

Nicely done.

>> No.50380203

That would make it even better. Chapels on every street corner. Hell, make it have a SoB coven there that's confused why the Inquisitoon is investigating.

>> No.50380531

Damnit Anita Sarkeesian

>> No.50380935

>BBEG is trying to find the secret to necromancy
>Was former village idiot whose village has been razed to the ground, wants to raise them all up so he can show off how smart he is now

>> No.50381260


>Indirectly trying to kill off the party isn't working
>Get's her mother's bow and start loosing arrows at the party
>She's crap at aiming and keeps on missing them
>but everytime she hits something it would start a change reaction that would try and get the party killed
>She's back to trying to kill the party indirectly
>Tour guide's life is suffering

>> No.50382547

Plot twist, the Adept was accidentally right all along. Now the local Chaos cult, whose divination has informed them that the Adept is the lynchpin of the entire effort against them, wants him dead. Very, very dead.

>> No.50382797

Sounds cute.

>> No.50383098


>> No.50383183


>villain and heroes break through the fourth wall to realize their reality is a TV show
>villain tries to convince the producers to kill hero off the show

>> No.50384768

>the villain is spread plague, famine, and suffering across the land and is thought to be the second coming of a long banished lich
>hes kinda the village idiot type and just happened to find the lich's staff while wandering aimlessly; and is actually trying to be a traveling miracle worker, but he doesn't understand the first thing about magic

Basically the worst holy man / healer ever, who has no idea how badly he is screwing up.

>> No.50385031

>Thousands of years after the demise of his master, a Lich resurrects his Dark Lord
>He does this to get his honest opinion on his baking that he's been working on for the last millennium.

>> No.50386338

>Villain cheated death centuries ago.
>Has to keep killing people, or Death will follow him around and bother him all goddamn day.
>Sends our armies to slaughter thousands in order to get a good night's sleep. Sends assassins to rig up ludicrously complicated chance-based Saw-style traps to keep Death busy.

>> No.50386396

I thought we were done with this shit.

>> No.50386411

I love it. New overall plot line.

>> No.50386436

Apparently the reason his head is on all the enemies is cause they're aliens that, when they invaded, he kicked their asses SO HARD his fucking head entire body more like. WHY WAS HE HOPPING AROUND AT THE END OF NIER HE CAN FLY became a scary thing in their culture

>> No.50386595

>Villain is unaware law is a social construct. Thinks it lives in books.
>Is opposed by this man: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9rjGTOA2NA&feature=youtu.be&t=24s

And possibly the Devil.

>> No.50386675

What manga is this again?

>> No.50386691

Is that Guy Feri?

>> No.50386785 [SPOILER] 


>> No.50386896

It's not.

>> No.50386925


>> No.50387399

meanwhile my first thought was "link everyone in the world, nobody will want to hurt anyone anymore, world peace."

Different strokes for different folks I guess

>> No.50387637

>villain is gathering massive amounts of energy for a spell that would destroy the world
>actually trying to enchant a fountain to produce infinite all-purpose remedy, but he took the magic too scientifically and his research process was error-prone enough for a slight miscalculation to turn a localized healing spell into a worldwide destruction one.
>he firmly believes his calculations are infallible.

>> No.50387660

>The villain attempts to overthrow the government so he doesn't have to pay his parking tickets

>> No.50387729

>The villain is destroying the city
>in order to create more parking space / drive down the cost of parking

>> No.50387769

Did you forget about the paincultists who relish torture? Or any other kind of masochist really.

>> No.50388150

Is the villain the american society?

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