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Why'd the thread just get deleted?

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Fixed the title.

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Ah. Righto.

On the subject of titles: Jumpers, what are some of the titles you've earned over the years?

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In Naruto, the people of Hidden Rain called me "Princess", on account of I was the favored disciple of the "Angel" who was in service to "God".

In more clarity: by luck of the dice, I landed in Amegakure, the Village Hidden in the Rain, and rather than do the smart thing and buy a village bloodline or pay my way out, I said, "Fuck it", and just bought Konan as my mentor.
Konan and Pain have crafted a sortof divine air around themselves, and the village basically worships them as gods and protectors. As Konan's favored student, this extended (albeit to a lesser extent) to me.
This had pros and cons about it.
On the one hand, this meant that I was basically teflon as far as getting in trouble. I could do just about anything I wanted, and people just fell in line. On the other, there was enormous pressure to live up to it, to protect the village and never, ever disobey. I was simultaneously the most free and stifled.
Anyway, there's not really a better title for a position like that, since I was notably "favored" but not necessarily "in charge".
So, I was "Princess of the Hidden Rain".

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Naruto Jump 001:
CP: 1000
Stuffed [+000]
Boruto [+000]
There's How Many Movies? [+000]
Fanverse (Something that’ll draw attention away from me) [+000]
Reviled [+100]
Hunted [+300]
Verbal Tick [+100]
Angst [+100]
Super Pervert [+100]
What do you mean it’s an illusion [+150]
Low Priority [+200]
Dysfunction Junction [+200]
Boiling Blood [+200]
Blood-Lust [+300]
MC-KUN [+500]
An Actual Ninja [+1000]
Location: The Gelel Vein [-50]
Background: Orphan [-100]
Uzumaki [-200]
Senju [-300]
Uchiha [-800]
Basic Ninja Training [Free]
Elemental Chakra Affinity (Wind) [Free]
Bukijutsu Specialization [Free]
Sensor Ninja Training [-150]
Samurai Training [-150]
Therapy no Jutsu [-200]
Plot Armor [-400]
Genius of Hard Work [-300]
Glorious Leadership [-600]
Fuinjutsu Prodigy [-300]
Basic Gear [Free]
Signed Icha Icha [Free]
Fuinjutsu Kit [Free]
Chakra Armor [-200]
Raijin [-250]
Sensei (Kakashi) [600]
Teammates [-700]
Sasuke [700]
Naruto [700]
So, last night I was inspired by some Naruto-posting to create this suicidal side-chain.

Here's the plan. The Gelel Stone is a source of energy unto itself, Gelel energy, and with my mastery of Fuinjutsu I should be able to modify the nature of the Chakra Armor to use the Gelel energy, heck if this one even uses Chakra as it doesn't really say if it does or not but I'm assuming so.

Once that's been done it's a long, hard trek back to Konoha. Hopefully someone doesn't catch my ass, but no one should have any reason to think I'm gone till a day or two has gone by. Keeping to civilian channels often helps but being the only actual ninja in the world has pissed some ninja off severely over the time I've been here. Chakra suppressants like those used by Tsunade are a favorite [scentless, tasteless, and traceless in water yes please] of mine and I'm basically undetectable were it not for my blasted crimson hair.

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banchô, Grand Master of the Forge, Capt., Divine Chancellor, devious rat bastard, planetary governor, the devil,M.D., Surgeon General, Dr., Sgt.

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Are there perks that let your mind multitask / think multiple thoughts at once?

>> No.50318642

>Mastery of Fuinjutsu
You mean knowing how to make two types of seals?

But seriously, you're dead. It's physically impossible to beat the jump with every drawback and I do not believe there is anything you can do to change that.

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You could probably do it if you used medic ninja training to poison your team into comas when you're sent on your first mission. Then sell whatever items you have to get to the nearest place that sells a boat and go to a different continent. Then try and find a quiet place to stash your team and wait out the next few years.

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Queen Administrator, provided you're OK with most of those thoughts being about bugs.

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Except MC-KUN specifies you need to have the two succeed at the plot, if they fail, you do too. Without these two, the story results in the world being forced under the Infinite Tsukiyomi.

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There's a perk in Tsukihime (Memory Partition) that lets you partition your mind into seperate thought processes. You start able to split into four and can improve it further to training with the best example in canon being capable of over 1.6 million. There's also perks in Dune I think.

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>You mean knowing how to make two types of seals?
Didn't mean for it to sound like that was going to happen overnight. I meant something along the lines of 'when I get there I will', sorry.

>But seriously, you're dead. It's physically impossible to beat the jump with every drawback and I do not believe there is anything you can do to change that.
Oh I know, that's why I said it was a suicidal side-chain. I guess I could find one of those fics where Naruto or Sasuke fixes everything and the plot is mostly political but good ones of those (good ones at all) are rare as hen's teeth.

You know I really did think of just heading off to God Knows Where as well. Training and taking time to study abroad as I coordinated with the team through a spy network or something.

Yep. Had I not nabbed MC-KUN I would've been able to do the above plan but with all drawbacks this is death. The thought experiment is fun though. Just thinking about how you'd go about things is so neat sometimes.

>> No.50318727

In the Devil Survivor continuity, I was the Fresh Prince of Bel'Air.

One of the True Fae enslaved to me happened to own the Title Prince of Air and Darkness, and another one had the Title Everfresh Margrave, so I traded them some Noble Phantasms for half their titles.

Which...turned out to be not really worth it when I found out nobody near the main fights knew what the hell I was talking about.

I kept trying to announce myself, but Yuzu, Atsuro, Mari and Amane didn't even understand me. Gin and Haru DID get it eventually, but I caught them using Google. And Naoya was too busy grilling me on where I got all these strange demons from.

Dad and Canopus understood the reference, though! Well. They just stared blankly at me while nodding uncomfortably. But still.

Memory Partition from Tsukihime, various perks in Dune and I think there's one in Alpha Centauri too, off the top of my head.

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In NGE, I was the Fourteenth Angel. In Fallen London, they called me the Ninefold Vortex; on the Sunless Sea, they called me the Duplicated Traveler; and in Spice & Wolf I was a Knight Errant of the Order of Royal Huntsmen. In Creepypasta, they simply called me Trespasser.

Newspeak, from 1984.

>> No.50318767


Ghost In The Shell - Hard Luck Lucy. I never had a deal go right and always managed to piss off the wrong people.
Platoon - Vampire de Orleans, I ran a French resistance cell out of there, killin' and stringing up Nazi's
Ace Combat - Demon Lord of the Round Table. I rolled Ustio during the Belkan War. Sorry, I know, self insert but fuck you Ace Combat Zero was the best and was getting in on that Galm flight action.
Warhammer 40k - Living Saint. The strength of the Emperor is Humanity, and the strength of Humanity is the Emperor. If one turns from the other we shall all become the Lost and the Damned.
Strike Witches - Sundance. Ironically given, I was a night witch and I mostly ran night ops.
Hive Queen (And pretty much every jump after that) - Supreme Hive Queen of Justice and Deliverance. Since that jump I've gone out of my way to spread my daughterus far and wide to defend Holy Terra from the evils of collectivism, the degeneracy of the mutant and the tyranny of the Xeno. As a mutant leading a hive mind of xenos the Irony is not lost on me. Anyway, it stands to open diplomatic relations with the powers in most instances.

>> No.50318781

I'm assuming that MC-Kun means you can change canon and just need to keep them alive. I was operating on the assumption that they'd need Naruto to bring back the Juubi. I suppose if you send scrolls detailing everything that Akatsuki was planning to everyone you could it might derail it long enough for you to survive.

>> No.50318822

Same problem as the last guy who considered that. The villages have no reason to believe you and probably a good number to not believe you. The drawback is also pretty clear on needing to help them succeed, though you can change canon. That said, considering that even without the Juubi, they'd still have Pein there to use the other bijuu in his plan or just do it himself. I've got serious doubts that Pein terror bombing everyone into obedience can be considered a victory by any stretch of the term.

>> No.50318838

Huh, I just looked up the wiki and-Nepgear really DOES go on to become an evil overlady on one ending! On the other hand, I barely know anything about HyperNep.

Thoughts on Nepgear as a companion?

>> No.50318871

Loving it so far, Myrm. There's a copypasta error in the AGI perks, though- their 600 is listed as discounted to Drop-Ins.

>> No.50318904

What jump is it from?

Thank you! I'll check them out.

Another question: does each individual thought process become slower as their total number increases? Or they're all equally fast regardless of the number of tasks? Should I just fanwank something?

>> No.50318945

I'm surprised no one has tried to enhance that power via a large number of insect-controlled fighting robots.

>> No.50318955

queen administrator is from worm

>> No.50318956

Queen Administrator is from Worm.

I think all of the perks/abilities give multiple thought processes that are equally fast as your normal single thought process. Don't think there's any change in speed at all.

>> No.50318965

Well granting both Naruto and Sasuke 700 CP to work with might pull them out of some shit, but realistically there isn't any way I could do anything effective. Remember Sakura from the beginning of the series? that weak ineffectual girl who shook and held a Kunai. That's basically me in a real Ninja fight.

Problem is I don't get any better. The Gelel Stone can give me a whimsical shadow of what Ninjutsu can do, a nice bit of regeneration, and a little transformation. However, that movie was pre-timeskip and the BBEG still got his shit kicked in by Naruto.

After the time skip I'm basically pulling Shikamaru, if I survive the quackery of Filler Hell. By the time Pein hits I can't be anywhere nearby or else I'm dead.

I mean you could game the system a bit by saying that the Chakra Armor doesn't need any of your own chakra. But even with the Chakra Armor and with the idea of Technique Scrolls & Kote thirty years ahead of time I don't believe it's possible to win this. I do like to think of the life that he may have had, though.

>> No.50319074

So, newest WIP for Infernals.

Items aren't finished, but there have been a few additions.

New perks for Elloge, two general ones, and one rewrittten one for Metagaos.

Probably most importantly, Companion section is finished. (though I may adjust CP costs/budget for them later)

>> No.50319077

So, how do your non-human companions, who later obtained human forms, feel about the fact that, in order to blend in, they can't use their "real" body 99% of the time?

Do they miss the body they were born with? Are they confused by human conventions like "clothing" and "hands?" Are they more likely to get mad at society for not accepting them, or you for taking them places where they can't be themselves?

Or do they just flat out not give a fuck?

>> No.50319125

>Qaf Charms
>Unwoven Coadjuator Import
>All those potential manses


>> No.50319127

>On the plus side, once you have The Song of the Shadow (I got the name wrong earlier, Path of a Thousand Whispers is its prereq), you can make them pretty cheaply. It works by channeling the power through one of your Third Circle Demons, so they spend the motes and Willpower for it. Costs you nothing. So you can make about four or five a day without any risk to you, providing you send your demon back into your Inner World to rest every time and keep it safe.
Actually, the Investiture of Infernal Glory takes a few days to complete.

So, not quite four or five a day, but you can still make a whole bunch of them pretty easily.

>> No.50319155

The presence or absence of resentment and grief at not being able to strut around in their native form is entirely dependent on the individual and their own values.

Confusion is easier to gauge. If their first human form is from a Drop-In origin, they'll probably have some physical and cultural trouble early on. Other Origins which provide memories of being human would mitigate that.

>> No.50319156


>[ This is all wrong.]
>Remember the Past
>You Are Not Me
>Can’t Keep Me Down
>Once Before, Never Again

Should I be worried?

>> No.50319198

YES! I'm up at the same time one of the updates is again, nice!

Huh. Imagine meeting your Lunar during the jump and NOT buying that companion purchase. "Nice to see you, this destined bond is neat isn't it?Also I'm going to leave and never see you again in 9 years 4 months 2 weeks, so-YOLO"


It'll be fine.

Who wants to listen to some moody old dead Solar's memories? Past Life's terribly overrated as a background anyway.

Er, they...don't really, because they've developed some rather sophisticated illusion-hologram systems over the centuries so those haven't really been anything more than a curiosity. So they just do how they do, and nobody's the wiser.

>> No.50319234

Should be good when I finish those.

That depends. How do you feel about having the remnants of an ancient God-King's personality and memories imprinted on your mind/soul?

Being awake for updates is nice.

And yes, would feel sort of weird to meet them without that.

>> No.50319482

Quantum Mind from gundam anno domini, and if you consider it kosher then old mage's mind sphere can do so as well.

>> No.50319694

Hey Gaunlet, after the jump is over, can our Hollow form be a physical and visible body?

>> No.50319750

There is no real reason to do so, but I understand. I'm not sure how I'm going to handle this, hadn't thought of it. On one hand there is no real canon example of a Hollow being more than just a spiritual beings, without very specific circumstances. On the other hand that's really limiting... I'll have to think of this one.

>> No.50319772

How hard would it be to companion Gilgamesh? What perks would help?

>> No.50319814

Well, technically, can't all spirits above low Shinigami/Hollow interact physically with things? I seem to remember physical damage to building in the real world being a common occurrence. So really I guess it's not /that/ big of a limitation, just kind of irritating. I guess we can just use Final Form to get around it.

Didn't Shinji actually retain his powers in a gigai, come to think of it?

>> No.50319824

Just like of irritating to always be invisible to normal people*

>> No.50319854

I don't want to be forced into something non-canon like that.

>> No.50319959

Jumpers, have you ever been invited to be part of a conspiracy, whether from background logic or your actions in the world?

When I jumped Heisei, my having the G4 ended up being justified when an organization named 'Codega' had formed in response to Shocker's nonsense years ago. The goal was to create a functional branch of police specifically for locating and combating 'Undentified Life Forms'...which included the Grogni and future Monsters of the Week. Thing is, only a few small and specific group of people seemed to think this was a good idea at the time, so it was kept under wraps.

Anyways, I ended up joining them and that's how I got involved in the plot of Kuuga and Agito at large. It's also how that jump turned into basically a buddy cop movie, and how I became known as 'Kamen Rider C.'

Jumping Neo-Heisei momentarily. They've fallen on hard times since I left.

>> No.50319966

I meant that it's cheap enough that you could set up multiples per day and have them all proceed at once.

>> No.50319974

I don't know what the rules are on purchased companions refusing companionship.

You may very well be able to tell him "you don't get a choice" if you take him as your servant.

>> No.50319998

Hollows interact with the physical world often enough but I believe its mostly foot print, so it might just be artistic emphasis or uncontrolled spiritual pressure. Rukia stepped through a wall at a couple of points throughout the series and then you get things like the Grimmjow first fight which to memory tore up huge amounts of shit, so it's one of those things that isn't amazingly consistent. I'll say that you keep your Hollow self as an alt-form but it'll be held under the laws of Canon.

>> No.50320001

Does multiplayer happen post-spark?

>> No.50320016

Illuminati confirmed.

>> No.50320033

Only if you beat the secret boss on the Jumper Must Die difficulty in under 5 jumps.

>> No.50320040

It just occurred to me that you can summon Gilgamesh as your Servant but not spend any CP on him so that's he's a pathetic shit.

Do you have to be your Hollow alt form to access your Hollow abilities and reiryoku?

>> No.50320064

Yes, so you better min/max a lot because I'm going on a rampage once it ends.

>> No.50320073

Nah I wouldn't do that to ya.

>> No.50320077

Can I pay CP to companion Flowey in Undertale?

>> No.50320081

Nope, sorry. You can only grant the Investiture ability to a single demon with Song of the Shadow.

>> No.50320088

Hmm thinking on it I'd actually like your opinon on >>50320040 this.

>> No.50320089

Oh, then sounds good to me. Thanks, man.

>> No.50320124

Maybe using the Greater Monster option?

>> No.50320133

I'm pretty sure Chad literally hits a Hollow with a telephone pole before he even develops the ability to see Hollows.

>> No.50320142

I know. But the demon isn't involved in the process after setting it up. That's the Yozi (or Infernal, in this case) doing the reshaping. So if you had sufficient multitasking ability you could handle multiple cases at once. Even if it was the demon doing it, Third Circle Demons can be in multiple places at once, so they could still conceivably craft several akuma at the same time.

>> No.50320162

Oh yeah.. the chapter with the parrot. It's been a while since I read the early sections of the manga in as great a depth.

>> No.50320164

Rampage jump when?

>> No.50320171

I like the new perks. Elloge's are pretty cool, and the Inner World functioning as a manse if bought as a perk has a lot of potential for fun times. Why does this jump have to have so many things I want to purchase? I'll never be able to decide.

>> No.50320175

I know this doesn't necessarily affect you as much as it will Reborn, but it seems a little unfair for Hollows and Shinigami to be limited in such a way when Quincy and Fullbringer aren't. Especially considering Hollow and Shinigami tend to be more expensive.

>> No.50320179

I remember Ninjanon saying any high tech or chakra tech breaks down, doesn't work or you can't operate it/make it because real ninjas didn't have those. That's also why Sage of Six Paths giving you his chakra does nothing in this jump

>> No.50320260

All jumps are rampage jump, anon.

>> No.50320329

It does seem a bit dumb. I'll admit to that, but it is the canon of the world.

>I remember Ninjanon saying any high tech or chakra tech breaks down, doesn't work or you can't operate it/make it because real ninjas didn't have those.
I can't find it, not saying that it isn't a thing just saying I can't find it in a quick archive dive.

>> No.50320352

>>I remember Ninjanon saying any high tech or chakra tech breaks down, doesn't work or you can't operate it/make it because real ninjas didn't have those.
Yeah that is an actual thing. The point of the drawback is you're an actual ninja, not that your companions can make you an awesome suit of power armor.

>> No.50320359

If Spyro is around, I have a question. Would it be possible to update the jump to include a point-buy option in the jump that allowed you to take additional selections in the supplement?

I really like some of the options in that supplement, and if I could toss some CP at picking up a few more that'd be awesome.

>> No.50320370

Cool beans. Also as it were Gelel stone won't work at all for me will it?

>> No.50320371

I'd like that too but posting requests that often makes you seem desperate.

>> No.50320395

Sorry, I really don't want you feel I'm trying to single you out or anything man. But no supernatural stuff will work for you.

>> No.50320402

I get that, but I only post the request once a day, not every thread, and I'll stop as soon as Spyro responds. Not looking to make it a crusade, just looking to hear from him on whether he's cool with that or not.

Thanks, though!

>> No.50320431

Nah, no problem. Then I've got an idea for this. Would you say that taking a poison that already exists and making it into an aresoul would still be possible for an actual ninja, they did many such things before with powders, mist, and such before so could I manage to work with poisons that already exist?

>> No.50320452

Is that a real table top game?

>> No.50320462

So does Thousand-Toothed Blossom now not hurt Yozi at all? I thought they were afraid to enter Metagaos? That suggests that he can damage them in some way.

>> No.50320464

You can use poisons and other low tech things. I'm not sure about aerosols might be a little late century though. They were invented in the last century or so, weren't they?
As a rule, it's got to be feudal/medieval tech level to work for you.

>> No.50320533

can someone more simply explain writ of worlds?

it basically allows me to write into existence fictional things right?

>> No.50320555

Pressurized Salt Acid (basically spay form of hydrochloric acid) was a thing back in the day. Spays of several things were a thing, but until recently we haven't had the pressures that we can get nor have we had the portability. Coating all weapons with poisons and figuring out how to create seals for invisible and silenced, I'll get Naruto to charge them through a dummy-proof array, should be high on the list then. Granted I hope to actually be on the more hidden forever thing, using the combination of the fact I don't have chakra to sense and the fact that I'm going to be damn good at stealth after training as much as I'm going to in it.

>> No.50320596

>Pressurized Salt Acid
Really? Who did it? That seems like it would be difficult to do, if it's hydrochloric acid like I'm thinking. I'm honestly curious here.
You are a bitch to detect through normal ninja manner though. It's pretty much the one thing you have going for you.

>> No.50320599

The way it reads it's less fictional things and more physical manifestations of language. Harsh words turned into a sword, confusing parables made into traps, vibrant narratives into living things... basically taking the metaphor out the phrases we use to describe language and making it literal.

>> No.50320601

>Pressurized Salt Acid (basically spay form of hydrochloric acid) was a thing back in the day.
... The Mummy is not a documentary, Gaunlet.

>> No.50320642

>Pressurized Salt Acid (basically spay form of hydrochloric acid) was a thing back in the day.
>[citation needed]

>> No.50320654

Nah, the Yozi/Infernal only needs to authorize the use of the Charm.
>If the prayer roll is successful, the Yozi is persuaded of the petitioner’s sincerity and authorizes the activation of the Charm.
>Her entire body might literally be turned inside out to better allow the demon to rearrange her musculature to convert Appearance into Strength or Dexterity.

Though you have a point on them being in multiple places at once, and so the Third Circle can do multiple Akuma at once. I think? Not entirely sure if using multiple Simple charms at once works with multiple bodies, but I will assume so.

Cool, thanks.

And mainly because there's just /so much/ cool stuff for Infernals.

They're not actually mentioned to be afraid of him. Just that they don't really enter his parts.

It will sort of affect them, but not turn them into the husks it turns mortals and demons into.

Sort of, yes. The things you create with it are made out of glyphs and sentences and such, but will function as normal for whatever physical thing you are making from it.

Also, better wordsmithing skill/experience will make better stuff out of it, as with any craft.

Also also, >>50320599 this, yes.

>> No.50320687

The text of Investiture of Infernal Glory refers to the Yozi controlling the shaping process. Given that Third Circle Demons don't actually have to obey their parent soul's every command down to the letter, that would imply that it's the Yozi doing the work. I guess it could be that this is a special case that completely overrides the demon's autonomy, though.

>> No.50320734

Also as we know from Granny Chiyo the poison war was something that Ninja know about and fear so I'm going to assume that aside from Tsunade there aren't many folks that can stop three or four lethal doses of arsenic from finishing the job? Also could I use a poison that naturally occurs in Naruto's world, I mean the emphasis is on actual ninja and they could use natrual animals of here but what can I use from over there?

I was only using the term loosely, I've only heard it in the self-same movie and on the discovery channel once, which is when I found out it was an old term for hydrochloric acid, but that was in a different section of the world I believe. Pressurized back then was like taking a smaller barrel and pushing into a slightly larger barrel which dispersed shit. The two traps are from different places, I believe, but that's not proof or anything so I'll just look into other alternatives.

Maybe hematite powder then, egg powder grenades.

>> No.50320758

Might want to clarify that it'll hurt them. Right now it reads like the Yozi can just no-sell it completely. Also, does Blossom allow you to eat ghosts and such?

>> No.50320766

Hematite powder? That's just rust. Are you thinking of something else?

>> No.50320775

>I'll just look into other alternatives
Might be a good idea as I can't find anything remotely like what you're describing. Ancient Egyptian traps were nowhere near as deadly and elaborate as movies and TV make them out to be. Unless you're going to invoke Chariots of the Gods and claim someone gave this set of Egyptians science and tech centuries, if not millennia, ahead of their time then what you're describing doesn't seem feasible in the least.

>> No.50320804

Yeah, you can. Tsunade's poison, I guess?
Poison is difficult to apply to weapons and what not iirc. Most kinds have to remain fresh, and have to be introduced into the bloodstream.

>> No.50320806

Hey, will there be a Naruto jump update?
Because it's kind of shitty right now.
>No chakra shape manipulation
>No Yin/Yang chakra
>No Senjutsu (sage techniques/nature chakra)
>Mango Eye is mostly wrong with two fanfic features (Kuraokami and Kamimusubi)
>Rinnegan is badly worded/wrong
>Could add a few more features you can find on the wiki.

>> No.50320832

We know from Chiyo that poisons which kill in like minutes are feared. You need to use the stuff Sasori puts on everything, or that Hanzo breathes, or whatever Sakura was planning to kill Sasuke with

>> No.50320840

>hematite powder
That's just rust, dude. You may be thinking of thermite, which you can make with iron oxide. It isn't, however, just iron oxide. Also, you wouldn't want to put it in something so fragile as an egg. Hell, you wouldn't want to fuck with it unless you've got a really good delivery system.

>> No.50320842

That's fair. The mechanics portion of it does mention the Yozi deciding everything, even though the first part of the charm seems to say it's the demon doing the work...

Might just be an inconsistency. I dunno.

Sure, will do so.

And yes, it does allow you to feed on ghosts just as you can feed off demons and mortals and all. Though they probably have less substance to start with since they're already, well, ghosts.

It won't really let you perma-kill them though. Things in Metagaos tend to get fates worse than death instead and/or be absorbed into it.

>> No.50320845

>No chakra shape manipulation
>No Yin/Yang chakra
These are just generic parts of jutsu that don't need specific perks for them.

>No Senjutsu (sage techniques/nature chakra)
That's in there. The summoning scroll item lets you learn senjutsu from your summons.

>Mango Eye is mostly wrong with two fanfic features (Kuraokami and Kamimusubi)
You got me there. I'm not too keen on the OC eye powers.

>Rinnegan is badly worded/wrong
Elaborate, please?

>Could add a few more features you can find on the wiki.
What ones would you want?

>> No.50320859

>Literally just get good at chakra control.
>See above, also no genin would know it.
>Under summoning scroll (and maybe wood release)
>I'll give you that (Non-canon options where for people who wanted some flavour).
>Eh, it's pretty close.
>It's already one of the more comprehensive jumps.

>> No.50320868

>>No chakra shape manipulation
>>No Yin/Yang chakra
Where would I put this in? They're a basic part of most techniques.
>>No Senjutsu (sage techniques/nature chakra)
You can get it actually. Look at the summoning contract.
>>Mango Eye is mostly wrong with two fanfic features (Kuraokami and Kamimusubi)
How so?
>>Rinnegan is badly worded/wrong
How so?

>> No.50320872

The Asura Path's big gimmick is making you a magic cyborg.

No clue if he's thinking of anything else, though.

>> No.50320885

Nope shit can be made into a very fine powder and it will kill those it's used on slowly and painfully... ah crap I can't use that freaking Chosen One. Right back to the drawing board.

Ninja are a bit more recent that that though. That's what I was talking about, basically taking two things I knew about, a pressurization method, and 'salt acid' but the point is moot cause of the above thing. Wound up using the dumb movie term.

Wood lacquer might be good for it if I could find a poison for it.

Ah true that.

See above.

>> No.50320886

Thermite's not volatile by itself. It has a pretty high ignition temperature, you typically need a special fuse to light it.
>ignition temperature: 3000 F
You can have it in direct contact with wood fire and not have it ignite.

>> No.50320888

I think he might be talking about the dimensional teleportation and other stuff. Ninjanon has said you could do that, it just isn't in the perk text.

>> No.50320910

Well, the version the jump offers gives you that, you just have to make your cybernetics yourself. We don't know where Nagato got the tech to put into his Asura Path body, so him having built them and just summoning them instead of manifesting them directly is plausible. It fits with his personal use of the Asura Path, where the cybernetics were additional bits tacked onto his body instead of his own limbs transforming.

>> No.50320912

>He thinks he needs perks for literally the first fucking thing they teach you.

>> No.50320961

Also the bad control drawbacks mandatory with Jinchukiri. Naruto was shut at that because early Naruto was a shit ninja. He becomes like the best person ever at control by the end with the whole spreading chakra to literal armies at the same time thing.

>> No.50320962

There's a decent chance he's just shitposting. Or he's stupid. Not that there is much of a difference.

>> No.50320990

Nah, that was explicitly because he had too much Chakra. Just shoving a bunch of it to an entire army doesn't require much precision.

>> No.50320991

But anon, if the physics of each universe is different then that means that each jump has to give you perks to deal with each new facet of each new universe. That's why I grabbed Evercleanse from BodyMod. Who's to say that my tried and true method of wiping my ass will will work across the multiverse? If jump makers are going to be so irresponsible as to not give me perks to wipe my own ass how can I be assured that I'll be able to stay clean?

I am concerned.

>> No.50321011

Kamen rider chameleon since I had similar powers and belts to other riders

>> No.50321033

Yin/Yang is anon-elemental nature transformation - basically you git gud at weirder techniques like Nara's shadows, Akamichi's size techniques and Yamanaka's bodysnatching. Yang gives your techniques more physical aspect and Yin gives mental aspect would help with genjutsu

Shape manipulation makes you talented at shape manipulation.

Maybe some people would want to take Senjutsu without Summons, even if it would cost more?

Mango Eye is caused by mental trauma, not by murdering your best friend, check the wiki.

Kuraokami and Kamimusubi - couldn't find those and google didn't help.

Rinnegan is a single power, it's like mango eye pretty much, you can yse some aspects of it together and some you can but they just don't work together well and there's the thing with controlling too many abilities at the same time if you aren't using the trick with multiple bodies, also check the wiki there is more to rinnegan then the six paths.

>> No.50321059

Yin/Yang manipulation are needed for most jutsu. It's a basic building block. Only a few jutsu are so specialized in it that they're anything more, and the examples you used are available for purchase.

This is also true for shape manipulation. All jutsu, especially ninjutsu, needs shape manipulation.

You cannot get senjutsu without summons. They are necessary, unless you have Wood Release, and Ninjanon said that it's possible for you to learn to do Senjutsu like that if you don't want summons.

Mango eye's restriction is because it's the best thing in the jump.

>> No.50321060

>Mango Eye is caused by mental trauma, not by murdering your best friend, check the wiki.
It's murdering your best friend. The only person to claim otherwise is Tobirama, who is a huge racist about the Uchiha and can't be trusted to say anything accurate about them. Every Mangekyo we see was gained by watching someone you cared about die. I suppose technically it doesn't have to be by your hand, but it's not just any mental trauma.

>> No.50321066

No it wasn't like at all. Read the tree walking scene and his talk with Ebsui again. Him having to much chakra isn't the problem, he uses to much chakra to do all his techniques because early Naruto is actually shit. Naruto has no disadvantage at chakra control.

>> No.50321075

What's anon element like?

>> No.50321080

From the wiki:
It is initially awakened by the trauma suffered from witnessing the death of someone close to the user. Uchiha have historically misunderstood this criteria as the user needing to be responsible for the person's death, and for that reason they developed the practice of killing their closest friends in order to gain the Mangekyō Sharingan.

>> No.50321081

Itachi got his from watching Shisui commit suicide not by murdering him.

>> No.50321091

Late Naruto is pretty shit, too. Kid never actually learns to do the Rasengan right, he always does the shortcut with clones. Closest he comes to properly learning it is using the chakra cloak from Nine Tails Mode to provide the extra hands instead of his clones.

>> No.50321092

It smells.

>> No.50321096

"That annoying asshole"

>The Inner World Perk
Holy Shit! That is fucking awesome.

Oh fuck the hell Yes.

>Lunar Mate.
This Pleases Me.

>Tiny Yozi
I want all of them.

>> No.50321097

Technically Shisui murdered himself so Itachi still seen his best friend murdered

>> No.50321099

Read my post again.

>Mango eye's restriction is because it's the best thing in the jump.

>> No.50321109

Yes, I know. I acknowledged that it doesn't have to be by your hand that they die. But it has to be someone you care about dying. It's not just mental trauma, it's specifically friend's death-related trauma.

>> No.50321111

Hrm looks like Tsunade's poison is the only way I've got, both for the chakra disrupting nature and the knockout effect... very much doubt there'd be enough lying around though.

Out of ideas for now so I will now allow myself to be caught up in the infinitely unpleasant job of trying to figure out what I'm going to do for Aspect Manipulation. Current Ideas are:
1. Leave it alone, only works on hollows and you'll be paying 500 at the least for it with Merging it's more like 900.
2. Note the Aaroniero Arruruerie limitations.

>> No.50321117

I do recall Rukia using Kido while in Gigai, General Reiryoku and Reiatsu stuf still works and Kaizar in his Gigai could still use some of his goo

>> No.50321122

Le what. Senju+Wood Release canonically beats the shit out of Mango. And the Rinnegan is vastly superior to both.

>> No.50321123

>Mango eye's restriction is because it's the best thing in the jump.
What restriction?

>> No.50321137

Yeah, there is a gigai on offer in the Jump but its a tad expensive for out of origin buyers.

>> No.50321139

Needing to permanently lose a companion.

>Senju+Wood Release
Madara didn't use most of the Uchiha bullshit we know they can do in that flashback.

Technically true, but it does require the Sharingan anyway.

>> No.50321142

It's not, though? Wood Release and Rinnegan are both better. As is True Jinchuriki.

>> No.50321144

Best thing is actually Rinnegan.
>Lol all your jutsu are useless. I just no-sell them. Because I absorb the chakra that is used to power your jutsu, it pretty much doesn't matter what your jutsu is. Including mango eye stuff.

>> No.50321145

Just leave it alone man. The only people who had an issue with it couldn't think of an argument besides interjump balance. When we have jumps that let you bust universes. If you do this, you'll just encourage them to shitpost more.

>> No.50321147

Oh my god how did I miss the chibi Yozi? That is great. Okay, I have to buy them. And then find a way to use them in an Act of Villainy to taunt the real Yozi with. Probably would be Szoreny's, his is the one to do with taunting. Hell, I bet he's the one who made the chibi Yozi. It's the sort of thing he'd do.

>> No.50321148

Did you actually read the manga. Naruto by Shippuden does rasengan a one handed. He eventually does Rasenshurikens one handed.

>> No.50321158

>writ of worlds...
So if I where say a master at writing and a master at forging swords, would the two overlap? Can they even possibly interact at all?

What I'm trying to ask is: does skill in creation of an item/creature translate also into this writing? Would one with a PHD in robotics make a better or add more to the literary machine he is "describing"?

>> No.50321161

See >>50321139

Also, both Wood Senju and TJ have a cost of 1000 points before any discounts, whereas the mango is technically 'free' on top of the Sharingan's price.

Yes, but that needs Sharingan anyway.

>> No.50321162

I did, and he doesn't. The only times he does them one-handed is when he has the chakra cloak up. For everything else he uses clones, even when he's in Sage Mode.

>> No.50321167

So we're restricted to an invisible, semi-hollow form to use our powers?

Can we take physical form as a Hollow by using Final Form to combine the physical and visible aspects of another alt-form?

>> No.50321182

I've gotten "The General" in some due to using Path to Victory from Worm to obscene use. In XCOM I got the title, "The Football" because by the time I did it I had gone through so many jumps that I could go into a base and leave nothing but atomized aliens in my wake.

>> No.50321183

Could always be Ted, he's weird like that.
I'mma gonna make tiny-malfias dance.

>> No.50321189


Option one it is then.

>> No.50321193

Reminder that imouto spheres are the best chibi.

>> No.50321207

Mango eye needs Sharingan too. And Rinnegan does not need Mango Eye

Also Mango eye is complete shit if you actually need to permanentl ykill a companion for it. It's just not worth it.
It's a usefull tool but only that. the best sharing an stuff is Izanagi, which you don't need Mango Eye for.

>> No.50321212

>Madara didn't use most of the Uchiha bullshit we know they can do in that flashback.
He used it to mind control the fucking Kyuubi and wrap it in giant perfect Susanoo armor.

And this was the true, full power Kyuubi. Not the shitty half-version that Naruto had that could still vaporise mountain ranges from a continent away and overpower every other Tailed Beast at once.

And Wood Release still fucked up all that shit.

>> No.50321213

How is limiting it to Hollows only 'leaving it alone'? That's a massive downgrade, and makes it useless outside of Bleach.

>> No.50321234

Wood Release is just a hard counter to Tailed Beasts. It seems to be/be just like the Shinju's wood, which has a powerful chakra draining and binding nature. When up against a being that's pure chakra, that's like salt on a snail.

>> No.50321235

4th war Naruto was doing it one handed.

>> No.50321240

What's the point of a Gigai for a jumper anyway? Can't they just shift to another alt-form?

>> No.50321250

Then why did people still pick mango eyes despite the drawback and the stigma around being an Uchiha?

Going Uchiha is one of the most commonly mocked builds.

>> No.50321254

Who has the claim for the gamer, if anyone? Last I heard, the Reddit/sb version was defunct.

>> No.50321259

Narrow the scope of the perk. As written it's a One True Build perk. Limit it in scope so that it works as it does in canon, but doesn't give you a free pass to every other system you encounter.

>> No.50321261

>Chibi Kimbery just likes playing with dolls and going to the aquarium instead of being a pervert.

>> No.50321263

Yes, and he had the chakra cloak on at all times that he did it one-handed during that arc. Like I said, he can use the cloak to substitute for the extra hands.

>> No.50321264

That's because the Hashmaster was a demigod at the time more then anything.

>> No.50321269

Your janitor duties are on the weekend, right? I notice that you get banned during the week but are untouchable over the weekend.

>> No.50321270

Yeah, but he also fucking destroyed Madara at the same time. And this was after Madara got the Eternal Mangos.

I think Ninjanon should just give the option to pay for Mangos. As it is now, only Edgelords take it, and they have absolutely no problem with having to see a loved one die, so it doesn't cost the only people who take it anything but bars everyone else from doing so.

>> No.50321272

Chibi Sacheverell tires out easily and just wants to cuddle up with you and sleep.

>> No.50321283

i think it should work on hollows but since there isn't justification for it working on anything else, or everything else rather, you should limit it to hollow and hollow like entities.

>> No.50321287

Nope. Even when he didn't he was able to go one handed. You can see it when he does the rasengan barrage.

>> No.50321288

Well if Hashi got his Sage juice, Madara got his too, right?

>> No.50321290

Needs more Hollows.

>> No.50321293

Chibi Adorjan is clingy and likes hugs.

>> No.50321296

Well that's the reason someone would need Merging for it, those two powers together are what make Aaroniero's gimmick. Basically to cover all things you'll need both, just like how Aaroniero needed both in canon.

Mass produceable bodies, with the latest chapter its been found out that Yata can and will do so.

I'd add that last part but I have no idea what Hollow-Like would cover. Demons? Oni?

Don't we all.

>> No.50321301

Glad you like it. The inner world thing is still one of my favorite parts of Infernals, and I just couldn't resist the tiny Yozi after people brought up the idea.

...It does seem like something Szoreny might do, yes.

They wouldn't directly translate, but they /would/ help and overlap a bit.

To use your example, someone with a PhD in robotics would be able to describe a machine more accurately and more detailed, and so would be able to get a greater resulting literary machine than someone who doesn't have that knowledge and experience.

Tiny Hegra is good too. And tiny Ebby is hilarious.

>Chibi Adorjan just giggles and zooms around like a hyperactive kid, instead of murdering everything she touches.

>> No.50321302

There's justification for Shinigami, right?

>> No.50321303

Thanks, limiting it to hollows was the right move. Thanks for listening to the thread.

>> No.50321307

He asked when he made the jump. People preferred the drawback to paying an addition 400 points or whatever.

>> No.50321312

What are you talking about? He's got the cloak on at that point.

>> No.50321313

That probably helped counter not having the giant mountain exploding monster under him but Hashirama definitely got weaker after his zombification.

>> No.50321319

I just don't see why you couldn't have both as an option. More choices are better, right?

>> No.50321320

Mango eye is shit because it's only gained through losing a companion. It could be an undiscounted 400/600 CP or losing a companion so that people could have a choice about it. But there is no choice.

>> No.50321324

Yeah, demons, oni, purely spiritual beings and the like. Probably ghosts too I imaging. Makes it a good ability for dealing with those groups.

>> No.50321331

The Reddit version is defunct. The SB version is currently WIP.

>> No.50321339

Don't see a reason to limit it. Not like anyone deals with ghosts even remotely often.

>> No.50321341

I dunno, mang. He could still pull this kind of shit with ease.

>> No.50321346

I'm still not okay with it working on anything and everything, even given the steep paywall. Why not drop the merging and keep it for hollows only?

>> No.50321357

Doesn't have to be a companion, just a loved one.

Also if you follow the anime continuity the Rinnegan requires the Mango, which means you can get the mango without a loved one dying by taking the Rinnegan.

Though presumably this just means your origin self will have watched a loved one die before the jump starts so this may not be the best solution.

>> No.50321358

Only reply once.

>> No.50321359

Why not just "spiritual beings". That way no one's using it to eat Scion or anything. Plus, you have to actually overpower and defeat them.

>> No.50321365

This is why I don't do the whole crowd-sourced jumpmaking thing.

>> No.50321366

Angels demons and other immaterial beings that can manifest in some way. It'd be goat for 40k demons and high end psionic busting.

>> No.50321371

Hey, if ninjanon is still around, can you learn Senjutsu without summons if you have Wood Release?

>> No.50321375

>Also if you follow the anime continuity the Rinnegan requires the Mango, which means you can get the mango without a loved one dying by taking the Rinnegan.
Pretty sure Ninjanon ruled it doesn't work that way.

>> No.50321388

Pretty sure anybody can learn Senjutsu if you can convince somebody to teach you.

>> No.50321395

That's a pretty good way of wording it.

What do you think about the above?

>> No.50321397

He's said so before when asked.

>> No.50321403

Out of curiosity, what exactly is your reasoning for limiting it? Yesterday people were just calling you a powerwanker and saying that other jumps didn't offer things that strong. Was that really it, or did I miss something and someone offered a compelling argument?

>> No.50321409

If it worked on Stands and Personas that'd be sweet.

>> No.50321410


>> No.50321412

How would wood release help you learn senjutsu?

>> No.50321413

Not when he does it against the Kyuubi or Madara's deep forest emergence.

>> No.50321415

The first hokaga was capable of using his trees to gather nature chakra and enter sage mode using them. No animals involved.

>> No.50321422

We don't have a whole lot that specifically counters demons and such, so having this do that would be nice.

>> No.50321423

I'll take that under consideration.

Because it's the canon limits of the power?

The paywall is a fairly solid deterent in my opinion.

The canon limit was Hollows. I'll note this spreds out after the jump to Demons/oni/evil spirits/etc. Heck the limit for the merging + Aspect Manifestaoin is spiritual beings.

With both you'll have it be spiritual beings, which is most of those things I think.

Went back and looked at the the power, it has a limit built in but merging bypasses that limit. I'm just updating the power so it follows the canon rules.

If you have both it should I believe work.

>> No.50321435

>The canon limit was Hollows.
I thought this was the guy that ate Rukia's boyfriend?

>> No.50321452

How would it work in hybrid beings like Eva angels? They're spiritual and physical so would it work at reduced capacity or not at all?

>> No.50321453

Can I have my unique ability simply be having a ton of spiritual power or a fast growth for spiritual power?

>> No.50321457

We actually don't know how he got safe mode. For all we know Hashmaster has a scroll of butterfly summoning or something because he's the hippykage.

>> No.50321462

When he does it against Madara he uses clones, as he hasn't reactivated Nine Tails Mode yet. Same with the fight against Kurama inside the seal. Naruto needs clones or chakra cloaks to do the rasengan, this is consistent throughout the series.

>> No.50321463

Thank you for listening. I don't like it when jumps go the way of one true builds.

>> No.50321502

When he does it against Madara all the clones form giant rasengan on their own, furthermore in the last movie he tosses one handed Rasenshurikens at the puppets trying to kidnap Hinata.

>> No.50321507

If you had Unique Power and linked it to Aspect Manifestation, could you branch out and affect material beings?

>> No.50321509

We don't now HOW he got it, but we know that your sage mode borrows from who you learned it from.

Hash gets black markings under his eyes and the dot thing on his forehead. No animal theme.

>> No.50321514

>I thought this was the guy that ate Rukia's boyfriend?
Nah Aaroniero ate the guy who merged with Kaien Shiba. Giveing him the power to bypass his old limit of Hollows only.

No idea. I'll have to think on it.

Nope, only because recursive loops of more power would happen.

Didn't mean to make it look as such. I actually thought more people would be going after the really solid combo of Enhancing Speed and High Speed Regeneration.

>> No.50321525

Naruto got random eye shadow. Maybe Hashi's teachers had normal pupils.

>> No.50321527

But aren't those the same jump? How can one be WIP?

>> No.50321533

Naruto gets frog eyes.

>> No.50321536

Nope it would just make it so your Aspect Manifestion would grow in complexity within the realm that it rules are set. In other words you'd gain new things to call Aspects but still be stuck with Spiritual Beings.

>> No.50321539

>Uses trees to gather chakra instead of a frog or whatever
>wonder how he got it

>> No.50321550

Yeah. Maybe Hash had mammals or eyeless things teach him so it doesn't show. We don't know his sage mode comes from trees.

>> No.50321551

I was going for Enhancing Speed and that power that lets you eat energy attacks. Don't take one persons word as the opinion of the whole thread.

>> No.50321556

Oh, I thought you were talking about when he's just gotten back from gaining the Asura power and cuts down Madara's Shinju copy. You're talking about earlier, in which case he had his chakra cloak up. He has a chakra cloak up at every point in the series in which he does a rasengan one-handed. He might have done them one-handed in The Last, I admit to not remembering, but that's two years after the end of the series and it's conceivable that he's finally gotten the chance to learn to do them right. During the series proper, though, he has to cheat every time.

>> No.50321567

Enhancing Speed and Cero Feast is the shit I'll agree.

>> No.50321568

New things to call Aspects? Like what?

>> No.50321569

Also he bitchslaps Sauce with one in their fight.

>> No.50321571

Probaly he can do it without trees, he just learned to sense natural energy through the trees.

>> No.50321579

In Creepypasta I was called the Dealer or the Red Man. I was basically a supernatural business man who basically made Faustian deals with people.

Eventually I acquired 4chan as part of a bargain with Moot and took the username The Owner. I spent the rest of the jump making deals and hinting The Owner and The Red Man were the same being. /X/ fucking loved it, although /pol/ memed that the board belonged to an illegal alien and shitposted about it all the time. I think secretly they loved it as much as /x/ did.

>> No.50321587

They aren't.

>> No.50321601

But, the one on Reddit was made by sb. I'm confused.

>> No.50321604

Don't know memories, styles, and body language are all covered so maybe something like your spiritual pressure type shifting to fool people. Unique Powers are firmly in the fanwank area, the upper limit should be around Bankai levels but other than that. /shrug

>> No.50321623

You missed the point. Which is it technically means those powers would be accessible in other forms to a degree

>> No.50321631

Okay, I checked the scene in The Last. The rasenshurikens he throws against the puppets have the golden color of a chakra cloak-enhanced jutsu. So presumably he didn't learn to do the rasengan one handed, he just learned control over the chakra cloak enough that he can use it subtly without having to make his whole body glow. Just focus it into his hand, or something like that. So while I don't think he ever learned to do the rasengan properly, it's still an impressive feat of chakra control to focus the cloak like that. Arguably more useful than just mastering the rasengan, he could enhance any technique this way.

>> No.50321652

The reddit guy cross-posted it to SB in the past, but doesn't participate in their threads and seems to have gone entirely missing. SB has a home-grown version in progress now.

>> No.50321653

Oh yeah I did miss that point. Well I fell like pic related. I'll note that then.

>> No.50321679

Aaraniero ate that Hollow that merged with Shinigami

>> No.50321687

All of Naruto's chakra is orange. It comes up in the Neji fight. Everyone has different chakra colors it's just the anime is shit so they never show that. Last got it right.

>> No.50321694

Oh, new version. That makes sense. Who is it by, and is it completely shit?

>> No.50321700

>Gamer jump
I'm sure it will be completely balanced, will not be an empty power grab, and will not have two empty trees propping up one massively over powered tree that's obviously what you're supposed to build for.

>> No.50321705

Yeah as I said here >>50321514

>> No.50321716

>I actually thought more people would be going after the really solid combo of Enhancing Speed and High Speed Regeneration.
What, just run until you break down while continuously regenerating? Hm, not bad.

Though personally I'm gonna go with 3xInvisibility+Unique Power!Summoning Mindless Lesser Hollows+maybe High Speed Regeneration.

And some of the less expensive stuff like Bizarre Biology and Biological Attacks. Though I'm not sure what to actually base my bizarre biology on yet...

>> No.50321719

No, he uses regular rasengans in The Last and they're blue. It's only the rasengans he uses in Nine-Tails Mode that are gold-orange. So if that rasenshuriken was gold-orange, then it must have been enhanced by the cloak.

>> No.50321734

>I actually thought more people would be going after the really solid combo of Enhancing Speed and High Speed Regeneration.
Nah, that's available in some form in how many other jumps? The Merge combo is fairly unique and incredibly powerful, so of course most munchkins are going to go for it.

>> No.50321764

I'm surprised no one's going for Barrigan's ability.

>> No.50321766

Kay. So since adding merge into the mix upgrades Aspect Manifestation, you'd only need to link Unique Power to AM to get the scaling power of the people you'd consume, correct?

>> No.50321771

I just bought Unique Power a bunch. I might have overdone it anyway, but the fact that it's supposed to scale with my power as a Hollow (for good and ill) made me comfortable about actually making something I liked instead of focusing entirely on it being "balanced"

>> No.50321778

Now I want a Munchkins jump. I don't know how, but I want to live that card game dammit!

>> No.50321792

It's not there tho?

If we tried to not butterfly anything and remained in almost complete secret, is Aizen's knowledge of us even further limited if we take Look on your faces?

Either way is he aware of our uncapped powers or up to the cap?

>> No.50321798

It does nothing against people with Eternal Youth/Immortality, which comprises a lot of powerful people in the chain. In Bleach it's pretty good, since almost every ages, just pretty slowly, outside of Bleach it isn't great.

>> No.50321810

Only if there's a Table Top scenario and infinitely punching Will Wheaton with infinity punches isn't a fail condition.

>> No.50321840

Hilariously enough, it actually costs less to build Hashirama then Madara.

>> No.50321849

Cthulhu. I've not been keeping a close watch on it, honestly- I'm not a fan of The Gamer series in general, so I can't give a detailed analysis. What I have seen looks more polished than the last one, at least.

Actually, it's got aspects of the Gamer ability split up across the four standard origins as their 600cp perks, with a 300cp unorthodox origin with no perk tree of its own but discounts on the Gamer perks. You'd need to pay 1500cp minimum if you want the entire thing, and would be getting nothing else. If you're only interested in part of it, it's more efficient to take one of the standard origins and get their other abilities too. Your specific complaint isn't applicable.

>> No.50321856

>What, just run until you break down while continuously regenerating? Hm, not bad.
Or just stand still and speed up to the point that your healling faster than damage happens, but that would be exhausting on the spiritual energy.

>Prosepective Build
Damn that looks good. Just gonna hide out eh? Let the lesser hollows of doom bury your foes in cero blasts. Either that or you're going for that one thing that I mentioned that one time.

Ah cool beans.


The combo isn't effected. AM makes it so it grows more complex... somehow. As for Merging, I have no idea what it'd do when becoming a Unique Power.

His foreknowledge can be as vauge as what he knew about Marr. Fucking ridiculously high powered Hollow thataway, too tough to kill, too strong to fight, run the fuck away. Basically, with Look on your faces, Aizen has Bardic Knowledge and has been taking tens for a long fucking time he's got what the general knowledge is about you.

Up to the cap.

>> No.50321871

I mean, if you use it more intelligently than Mr. "I AM AN INVINCIBLE GOD". It can No-Sell a shit-ton of stuff, including most energy attacks. So it's pretty effective anti-magic.

And you can easily become immune to it, yourself.

>> No.50321895

I think you misunderstood. Linking Aspect Manifestation to Unique Power makes it so that abilities you consume scale to your spiritual ability. If you add in Merging on top of that, does everything consumed scale, or just hollows/evil spirits?

>> No.50321897

Wait, this Marr guy made Aizen give a "note-to-self: Flee On Fucking Site"?

>> No.50321899

>Your specific complaint isn't applicable.
We'll see. SB has a very poor track record with jumps of powerful settings or settings with powerful characters. The only one that's remotely balanced is Overlord (The Series). Although I'll grant you that Overlord is a fantastic example of in jump balance. To counterbalance against that, though, you've got how many horribly unbalanced power grabs that are vehemently defended by the userbase?[

So while my complaint may not be valid, my skepticism and cynicism are./spoiler]

>> No.50321915

That actually sounds like a good way of handling it. Got a link?

>> No.50321930

Ah. Just Hollows/Evil Spirits.

Not that's just what everyone was saying so that's what he knew. He was very careful though and that says things. Also Marr shat on Aizen latter on but that's neither here nor there...

>> No.50321939

Still used it one handed at the second VOTE fight. Besides my point was Narutos shit control has nothing to do with being a jinchukiri.

>> No.50321943


>> No.50321955

>Damn that looks good. Just gonna hide out eh? Let the lesser hollows of doom bury your foes in cero blasts.
Pretty much, yeah.

>Either that or you're going for that one thing that I mentioned that one time.
pic related.

>> No.50321963

So if we take Look On Your Faces, we'll be able to fuck up Aizen if we can get around any precautions and avoid his Shikai?

>> No.50321989


Yeah but he's going to be insanely hard since he's had time. Aizen is like evil batman in that way.

Captcha of a Russian sign and a Spanish stop sign. Wow captcha get's around.

>> No.50322005

If I wanted to be immune to Genjutsu but can't fit the relevant perk into my build what out of jump perks would serve as a replacement?

>> No.50322016

Shit, really? No offense man, but I think you went a bit to far in the other direction when balancing Aspect Manifestation. The abilities of people who you consume are stuck at the level they were when you already beat them. If you have to spend 800 cp and all of your points in the supplement to make it scale, then it kind of is inferior to just grabbing Enhanced Speed and High Speed-Regeneration or the Nano-Hollows.

Not to mention, if Merging is a kind of possession, it doesn't really make sense that you would need to link unique power to it to make your consumption abilities scale.

>> No.50322056

I'm not going to post it when Cthulhu isn't here to take criticism. That's just asking for a double shitstorm.

If you're really interested, work started a little over a week ago, and as such shouldn't be too hard to find in the SB jumpchain thread. Please take any discussion there.

>> No.50322072

Illusion reducers are fairly rare. Funnily enough Electromaster from Index/Railgun has something for that, you control your own nerve impulses and can fuck with them to keep other people from fucking with them which is so much bullshit.

Hm you bring up a good point. Okay then the thing you were thinking of then.

True on that latter point as well. As I said Unique Power consumption is just getting better energy per bite.

>> No.50322091

Look. Guy bitching about the Naruto jump?

You start as a genin.

Fucking. Study. And get to book-learnin'.

Many Genjutsus do their thing via different methods (e.g. frog's toxins or manipulating internal chemistry) so you'll want a variety of out-of-jump perks. I'd say for a good catch-all, perks and abilities that let you control your body's flesh and things like the nervous system. What >>50322072 said here with Electromaster would be pretty decent against genjutsus like Itachi's.

>> No.50322140

I love those statues flipping each other off.

>> No.50322246

As someone who doesn't know too much about Exalted, could you put a page before the Yozi perks saying which primordial is which?
Like, I know Malfeas is "explosions and no subtlety" but I always forget the others.

>> No.50322260

>Drop in perk tree


>> No.50322300

I'm pretty sure that's the intent, given the [CASTE AND FAVORED YOZI] placeholder note.

>> No.50322323

No worries, I'm planning to have that stuff in there. Just need to write it first.

Though I was thinking of putting their descriptions either before or after the Origin selections instead, so you can pick the two Yozi you want as your Caste and Favored Yozis first (which are the two that you get discounts on).

>> No.50322358

Would Incomprehensible from YJ prevent Genjutsu from working on me?

>> No.50322406

Trying to find it, but the search system is annoying on mobile. Which thread page is it on?

>> No.50322445

Alright I'm going to need to see the drawbacks so I know what I have to do in order to afford all of the chibi Yozi and everything else.

>> No.50322466


>> No.50322488

Appreciate it.

>> No.50322535

Matrix and Lovecraft both have what you're looking for.
They're true multitasking perks, unlike Memory Partition.
Memory Partition makes it so you can focus on the numerous 'parts' of a single 'problem'. Like micromanaging an army, or cooking the perfect turkey.

The ones in Lovecraft and Matrix let you focus on 12 and 10 things at once, respectively. Juggle while riding a unicycle, while multiplying Pi by itself, while singing the national anthem, while reading a book.

If you took all three and some superintelligence and dexterity perks, you could probably wreck Number Man.

>> No.50322540

Oh man, "Acting Like A Fool" is maybe a little overpriced, but I love it.

Other than that, nothing really blows me away. Why is everyone so shy about the gamer powers? We already have stuff that does most of that.

>> No.50322554

the way Purest Vitriol is phrased it accumulates weekly If you do not use it,is this correct?

does Writ of Worlds require use of a specific language? You items you make of it gain the benefits of magical languages you Write them in?

does Perfected Calligraphy apply to magical languages?

Metal Trees works on supermaterials from creation right?

questions about Spine of Isidoros specifically
1. you can not use it for sympathetic magic right?
2. Correct me if I'm mistaken, but Wouldn't it be blackhole matter?

>> No.50322559

Well, I haven't written them all out quite yet. But for now I have:

>Compulsion to act like a saturday morning cartoon villain
>You get an Urge you hate, and trigger-happy Torment to enforce it
>Really shitty Coadjutator, who is impossible to ignore
>Got a really bad aspect from your coadjutator demon, like a deformed gorilla-like build or barbed stingers instead of select body parts.
>You generate omen weather in Creation
>The yozis consider you a heretic and will try their level best to murder the hell out of you.
>Mortal. nuff said.
>You're an Akuma instead. Hope you didn't need that free will thing.
>You're at the forefront of the Reclamation in Return of the Scarlet Empress style, and need to make sure it succeeds in releasing at /least/ one Yozi
>The whole reclamation effort is buffed to be able to succeed in breaking them out within your 10 years time, but if any Yozi is free at the end of the decade, you lose.

>> No.50322629

I think it's the whole 'has all of them at the same time' part. Also sharing.

Also, just for the hell of it, if you check the index listy thing, Cthulhu made a list of perks on 'how to be the gamer'.

>> No.50322662

>the way Purest Vitriol is phrased it accumulates weekly If you do not use it,is this correct?
That is correct. Mostly to allow you to let it accumulate for a while if you want to baptise a warstrider/mecha or something.

>does Writ of Worlds require use of a specific language?
No. Any and all languages work.

>You items you make of it gain the benefits of magical languages you Write them in?
Only if something written would normally get benefits of that language.

Like, if you write something in Elder Scrolls Thu'um runes it wouldn't do much aside from maybe let people learn them, but written Corresponce from Fallen London would still heat up and do its thing.

>does Perfected Calligraphy apply to magical languages?

>Metal Trees works on supermaterials from creation right?
Nope, sorry. You gotta grab Charms to make the Magical Materials, or the Seeds of Potential item.

>1. you can not use it for sympathetic magic right?
Probably not really. It's kind of transformed into something else now.

>2. Correct me if I'm mistaken, but Wouldn't it be blackhole matter?
Kinda. Though magic (and Isidoros not giving a shit) means it's not quite that heavy or space-distorting. But yeah, pretty fucking dense stuff.

>> No.50322778

Well, I was invited to join the Human Instrumentality Project/SEELE due to having Tinker level knowledge of Medicine and Biology, as well as the entire Technician perk tree. I accepted only to infiltrate the organization and keep an eye on it from the inside.

>> No.50322978


You see, Aizen's shikai isn't the biggest problem. Because the quest actually shown his Bankai and its ability.

And Bankai doesn't have a release command so you can't just avert your eyes when you hear him releasing it like Shikai. Any time he says Bankai in regular conversation could be him releasing it

>> No.50323009

Has anyone claimed a Beowulf or Grendle jump yet? I'm considering taking a stab at it.

>> No.50323030

Nope. What would the backgrounds be though? You'd have one for Beowulf, you'd have one for Grendle and his mother, and maybe one for the dragon, but still leaves one more.

>> No.50323040

Jumpers that have a post-spark wish, what will you do with it?

>> No.50323048

Generic warrior?

>> No.50323082

Eh, that works.

>> No.50323115

I'm thinking Drop-In would be Beowulf, a monster background for Grendle, and maybe a villager/Dane citizen perk tree. A dragon background might work, but it'll take a bit of working.

>> No.50323135

That makes sense to me. Go for it, anon.

>> No.50323159

Uncap my Path to Victory ability. No thinker headaches.

Then use PtV to get whatever I want.

>> No.50323226

As a result of a few perks, every jump I find myself a member of numerous organizations - for one, World Council in Anno 2070 - in which post-jump as long as I lead a strong-enough faction I'm invited to join an Illuminati-esque council and obtain votes for shit; Godfather (while being a member of the FBI) in Mob, which means I lead a large peacekeeping faction every jump as a result of my efforts there; and I want to say I have a perk that ensures I'm a member of royalty in every origin thereafter but for the life of me I can't seem to find it, I may just be hallucinating it's existence.

Regardless - Yes. Those two and a few companions who were imported as Illuminati in Gargoyles ensure I am ALWAYS yanked into some conspiracy or another.

>> No.50323239

>Cartoon Villain

>Bad Aspect from Coadjutator
Annoying, but I can take it

>Omen Weather
See Above

>Heretic, Mortal, and Akuma
Jesus Christ Why.

Well, it's hard to do worse than 'canon' RotSE. Almost anyone is better than Ted.

>Buffed Reclamation
Oh My. This is completely batshit insane, but it sounds like a challenge for JUSTICE!

>> No.50323242

Bring other people into the chain. Basically, everyone. And then occasionally troll them as their sponsor, while otherwise making sure they come up with a good story.

Jump 206: Infinity
>Three of Swords (Sorrow), reversed: Not letting yourself be dragged by your emotions into a negative situation.
>Age: 22
>Faction: Drop-In
I hate politics.
>Identity: Scientist
>Engineer (Free, Scientist)
Well, understanding how things work in this universe is definitely important.
>Metachemistry (900, Scientist)
Cybernetics? Oh, I'll be taking that.
>Generic Modification (700, Scientist)
Gene mods? I will certainly be taking that.
>Intriguing Specimens (300, Scientist)
Reverse engineer literally anything that does not outright break the local laws of physics? I will DEFINITELY be taking THAT.
>Army List (0)
So... I'm importing my companions as hackers. All of them. Anyone who comes up against us and is reliant on any form of technology that can be hacked is going to have a very bad day, and I am pretty sure that would include everyone.

But I don't know enough about Infinity to expound further, and quite frankly I haven't the interest. Moving right along!

>> No.50323305

>Jesus Christ Why.
Because POINTS and also Akuma gets one small concession (if you pick a Yozi with a locked charmset to become an Akuma of, then you get that charmset unlocked automatically after the jump)

>Well, it's hard to do worse than 'canon' RotSE. Almost anyone is better than Ted.
>Oh My. This is completely batshit insane, but it sounds like a challenge for JUSTICE!
Yup. And it gets even more batshit if you take /both/ of those last two.

Have to make sure they succeed in getting out, and /then/ beat them back inside. Within 10 years.

>> No.50323393

spot the jumper

>> No.50323395

Depends on what Itachi's doing really. If he's fucking with your movements then yeah but he also can just completly take over all sensory input like he did to Sasuk in their fight. Itachi is kind of bullshit like that.

>> No.50323400


>> No.50323420

spot the jumper

>> No.50323432


>> No.50323444

>you take /both/ of those last two.
>Have to make sure they succeed in getting out, and /then/ beat them back inside. Within 10 years.
Kind of want to do this.
Might even let Ted out, because fuck that guy.

>> No.50323455


>> No.50323466

His Bankai is just his Shikai but way easier snd faster?

Does it only work through visual sight? Can I just blind myself and fight with the Force or something?

>> No.50323490

Use one or them to grant most of the thread their own chains. Then the other to give the shitposter an unending eternity of personalized suffering.

>> No.50323501

>Kind of want to do this.
>Might even let Ted out, because fuck that guy.
Giving him a taste of freedom just to slap him right back down does sound appropriate.

>> No.50323532

My thoughts exactly. Also I just want an excuse to beat the shit out of him.

>> No.50323610


>> No.50323633

tech spec jumper
Jumper in realistic setting
Jumper shenanigans

imaginary friend jump

>> No.50323640

Perfectly understandable.

Also, question. Does this read alright?

Heart and Soul [300]
All Yozi have a fetich-heart, a demon of the Third Circle who acts as the defining soul of their being, more powerful and important than any of their other souls. If these should ever be slain, their Yozi progenitor would find themselves remade. As an Infernal possessing of a soul of you own, you would normally be above such weaknesses.
Yet this situation also grants advantages, and so you may now invest a greater measure of your might into one of your externalized demon souls. This will make them terrifyingly more powerful than most Third Circle Demons and able to channel your own full power for a short time, if you permit them to. Take care though, for if they call on your might too often without taking time to rest, they shall destroy themselves. Unlike the Yozi, the death of your heart soul does not mean your identity is completely remade, as you still have your original soul, though the experience will be extremely painful.
Should you have Descending Hierarchy in addition to this perk, and later learn The Path of a Thousand Whispers, then you may empower two of your souls in this way. Just as the King of Primordials, The Empyreal Chaos, was once flanked by his twin Fetich Souls, so too shall you be flanked by your own.

>> No.50323664

Oh my. All of my want. There are two many awesome things you're putting into this jump, Mardukth.

>> No.50323670

My squadmates in Strike Witches called me "Arkie" on account of being from Arkansas, or sometimes "Shopkeep" because of my being Logistics Officer.
John Hammond called me Showtime, The Singing and Dancing Raptor. No one believed the last part, but they took Showtime and ran with it.
A combination of my name and using masculine pronouns despite being a female amnesiac got my classmates to dub me "Dokkun".
Most often, especially where I'm in any sort of command of any sort of ship, I'm "Captain"

Hime was mostly just excited to be able to see the way the rest of us do. Shirshu don't have eyes, so the world of light, dark, and color was completely new to her. She still spends most of her time as a Shirshu, but goes human or plushie when it's more convenient for her.
Hey Thread. Was I hallucinating when I saw a Perk in a recent Jump (a week at most) that gives a mini-sized altform?

>> No.50323683

>mini sized alt-form
that would be one of my jumps: Chibi-Robo!

>> No.50323693

As someone who has taken enough houses and warehouse add-ons to become an multidimensional real estate mogul the sheer volume of Manses is getting my dick hard

>> No.50323696

I love you Mardukth. Now I need to think up Kickass titles for the twin Heart Souls of Justice!.
Obviously each one needs to represent one of my twin concepts.
One for LOVE, and one for JUSTICE.

>> No.50323755

I'll take that to mean the perk is good as written then. Excellent.

Good luck with your kickass titles, Justice. Those are always fun to think up.


Manses are cool, and basing them on Yozi themes means there's lots of different options for everyone.

>> No.50323773

So Race Pieces from NGNL, is there any point to buying it and attempting to collect all of them?

>> No.50323779

Have you ever heard of the phrase "Too much information"?

>> No.50323815

You've put me in a bit of a bind, Mardukth. Because I want Infernals to be my first major source of supernatural power, so I can use its themes to base all my future magic on since they're so cool. But, I also want everything in the jump, so I'd need to take all the really hard drawbacks, which I won't be able to survive without having a lot of supernatural power in the first place. What should I do? Maybe go to jumps that powerful but really generic sources of magic, so I don't become themed to anything non-Infernal by the time I get there?

>> No.50323850

The problem is, I'm bad with names.

>> No.50323865

Awesome. I know where I'm going next!

>> No.50323889

Well, the first one that comes to mind, given that you posted a picture labeled "Ein Sof", is to have the twin souls be named after the sephirahs of Gevurah and Chesed, Hebrew for Justice and Love. Well, actually it's more like "strength to carry out judgement" and "adoration of the universe", but close enough.

>> No.50323950

First version of the custom constellation table is complete. Tell me what you all think!

>> No.50323959

Not quite sure what to tell you...

The plan with powerful but generic sources of magic/supernatural power seems like it could work?

Atleast there'll be plenty of drawbacks around.

Also, thanks.

Fair enough.

Not too great at them either, but I find thinking of them with title and all to be fun.

>> No.50323968

I'm really looking forward to what that akuma drawback looks like. Part of me was hoping for one.

>> No.50323980

It's alright. I wasn't really asking for a suggestion, just griping about how I don't have unlimited CP and can't have everything I ever want. You know, typical Jumper World Problems. Just ignore me.

>> No.50324022


No. His Bankai seems like it can serve as a way to put you under illusion but that's not the Bankai special ability.

>"Now let me tell you about zanpakuto and NOT those fakes your filthy kin is using!
The true form of a zanakuto is the bankai. But much like our true potential not everyone is capable of attaining it.
In contrast to that the shikai is a mere fragment of the bankai."

Your eyes go wild.

"That's it you dumb animal! You figured it out!
The illusions of my Kyoka Suigetsu are so real they might as well be reality.
But my Hoshū Sakkakus illusions ARE REALITY!"

In that moment a rather large stone crucifix grows out of the ground and impales you with a pair of stone serpents that slither in and out of your body, leaving rather nasty wounds.
The serpents alongside several nails, thorns and chains then bind you to the stone slab.

He cant directly change or modify or such something alive or organic but creating something to stab the fuck out of alive or organic thing, yes.

Mind you, this was preceded by

""Never mind! I've had ENOUGH!
BANKAI! Hoshū Sakkaku!""

>> No.50324065

Might be there in next week's wip, depending on whether I get more inspiration for Drawbacks or Manses.

Also, why would you want that?

>> No.50324067

Looks good, Skull Slime.

>> No.50324079


because I am made entirely of bad decisions.

>> No.50324114

>Showtime, The Singing and Dancing Raptor
Please tell me you pulled a Michigan J. Frog.

>> No.50324121

How much charisma do you need to talk down and maybe waifu the moon bunny?

>> No.50324150

Her wide eyed, shocked reaction gets me every time. I wonder what Black Zetsu's reaction was.

>> No.50324157

He's very embarrassed by his mom, sometimes.

>> No.50324216

>Kakashi's 'what'
>Sasuke's 'why did I just play a part in that'
>and just Sakura

>> No.50324227

Stuff like this is why I love surprise perks and perks that make it so people never expect whats coming next.

Shock and Awe!

>> No.50324245

All the rasengans in last are orange. Also Naruto's chakra after he got the cloak drained off is orange. He can do one handed rasengans and rasenshurikens. Dude's got tons of control.

>> No.50324264

He uses a blue one when fighting the puppets the first time. Presumably the orange ones were the result of him realizing that his standard ones wouldn't cut it and deciding to enhance them, since all of those scenes you're taking shots of are after that fight.

>> No.50324269

Oh yeah.

Naruto has gotten weird.

>> No.50324278

Something to make her listen to you instead of murdering you as hard as she could would be a good start.

>> No.50324295

You know what perk would be great in Infernals? Dread Pirate Roberts, from Princess Bride. Makes it really easy for you to convince people to teach you any of their skills which you can learn. Use that and getting the non-Reclamation Yozi to unlock their charmsets would be straightforward.

>> No.50324314

I want to convince those yozi to open up to me but not join the reclamation.

Mostly because I don't want to end the world.

>> No.50324327

Yeah you're actually right on this. He does a one handed blue one at the end to leave that weird moon passage thing.
>first chapter has a 12 year old turn into a naked girl
>"gotten" weird

>> No.50324358

He uses a blue one. We don't see him form it, just hear the sound effect and then he charges in from off screen with one.

>> No.50324407

Wee see him form it on screen with one hand.

>> No.50324432

Read the filename

>> No.50324454

I'm thinking of a different scene, then, he just appears holding one when fighting one of the puppets. But it doesn't matter, I guess. Confirmation that he can do non-Tailed Beast Rasengans one-handed, I am incorrect. I suppose the two years without so much hecticness gave him the time to finally learn to do the Rasengan right. Good for him.

>> No.50324457

Wait. His Bankai is just straight Reality Warping?

>> No.50324465

Probably having some pretty intense Obito flashbacks or something.

Although that justsu would totally work on me if they used Madara's hair as the base.

Just the hair.

>> No.50324472

Most of the star effects seems sort of bland to me? Though the last three of Lullaby, Immobilize, and Transmutation seem fun/useful.

Why would you buy an effect a second time and give it to another star? Is there any limit to how often you can use them, aside from star energy?

How quickly do these "pips" recharge normally?

...And do the Crystal Star gems have to be star-shaped?

>> No.50324503

It all goes back to my main point that his chakra control isn't actually impeded by being a jinchukiri. It's impeded because he wasn't training it like all the other kids and was instead being a little shit.

I thought his Bankai was just making it retroactively part of the keikaku.

>> No.50324525

I'd Beowulf will give you the warrior tree, so maybe for that other tree go with epic storyteller / bard / writer?

>> No.50324537

Oh, I was never arguing the point that jinchuriki have inherently poor chakra control. I was arguing the point that Naruto is specifically bad at the Rasengan, despite it being his signature technique. He's been using it in every fight since he learned it, and it took him until after the series was already over to actually get it right. It's kind of embarrassing, kid.

>> No.50324543

Good answer.

>> No.50324548

Wasn't that Facebook's Fullbring?

>> No.50324552

those are their cannon powers. Much like racial perks i'll try to come up with more unique ones before I finish the jump.

>buy a second time
creating combo effects or different form of damage

only star energy

rather slowly. it is barley noticeable without faster recharge, typically being recharged in the games with the "put on a good show" stylish moves.


>> No.50324561

Kind of. Except he can't create life, regenerate or revive people, etc. he can't heal himself through it so you have a chance. That's how Kaizar won, by giving him super cancer

>> No.50324566

I'm altruistic, at heart.

>> No.50324588

Spoilers, mate. I'm reading the quest now.

>> No.50324613

>those are their cannon powers. Much like racial perks i'll try to come up with more unique ones before I finish the jump.
Fair enough, and thanks for answering the rest.

>> No.50324623

And now I have finished the Dark Form customization table for now. Here you go. I'll start working on items now.

>> No.50324660

Does the Dark Form restore you to full health?

>> No.50324681

No, you remain at your current health unless you purchase the restoration ability. I might rewrite restoration to come in levels

>> No.50324699

Ninjanon do you plan to remove the mandatory Out of Control from the jinchukiri option?

>> No.50324705

Oh, that's easy, then. Just have some ability to phase through everything he does and then pull a Kali Ma.

>> No.50324721

Oh boy.

>> No.50324753

Don't be afraid anon. Here, let this webm take you away from all this.

>> No.50324765

>Bud (100dp per bud)
Does this mean you pay 100cp per tentacle, or something else?

>While you cannon open a true rift
>your dakr form

Otherwise, it looks fun.

Can you mix-and-match the aesthetics you get, to be an eqyptian wrestling clown plant for example?

Also, this seems weird:
>Racial perks are discounted for respective races, general perks are undiscounted.
>Racial perks listed under a race can only be purchased by that race.
Why discounted them if the other races can't get them anyway?

>> No.50324770

The internet is a weird and wonderful place.

>> No.50324794

It'll be *urrrp* fine Morty.

>> No.50324797

You're welcome, anon.

>> No.50324798


>> No.50324800

yes it means per tentacle

thank you for pointing them out

>mix and match
hell yeah you can

That section has been a thorn in my side to balance right. I'll figure it out.

>> No.50324801


>> No.50324807

Jesus Christ you two...

>> No.50324823

Le porne, its in French so if anyone asks you're watching foreign cinema.

>> No.50324824

I have no shame, anon.

>> No.50324838

Jump # 116 Generic Creepy Pasta
Background: Drop In (0)
Age: 28
Gender: Female

*And a Skeleton Jumped out (0)
*But Who was Phone (50, Discount)
*RUN AWAY! (100)
*We don’t have a clown Statue (150, Discount)
*Expired Pasta (300, Discount)
*Outsider Information (300, Discount)

*Pasta Recipes (0)
*Cabin (100, Discount)

*Import (400)

*Abandoned by Jump-chan (+200)

>> No.50324850

>They're not hairy and unshaven
I don't believe you.

>> No.50324854

Your'na have to be a little more specific, man.

>> No.50324855


Background: Drop In
*And a Skeleton Jumped out
*But who was Phone
*We don’t have a clown Statue
*Steady Hand
*Run AWAY!

Background: Documenter
*Steady Hand
*Don’t Go down Without a fight
*Found Footage

Background: Documenter
*Steady Hand
*Video Camera

Background: Drop In
*And a Skeleton Jumped out
*But Who was Phone
*We don’t have a clown Statue
*Steady Hand
*Run AWAY!

Background: Documenter
*Steady Hand
*The Last Page

Background: Drop In
*And a Skeleton Jumped out
*But Who was Phone
*We don’t have a clown Statue
*Steady Hand
*Run AWAY!

Background: Documenter
*Steady Hand
*Last Page
*But Who was phone

Background: Drop In
*and a skeleton jumped out
*But we don’t have a clown statue
*Run Away
*The call was coming from Inside the house!

>> No.50324857


>> No.50324865

(trying to get back in to this… been a tough time of late.)

So I wound up in an amusement park from hell. It was themed after me and my friends and completely empty except for horribly twisted forms of old enemies and animatronic versions of my friends who were also trying to kill me.

This was tough and I will admit My survival was mostly do to luck, good stealth skills and training and perks based on running very fast and for a long time. I even lured some of these things in to the path of a coaster and while it seemed to stun them it didn’t do much to them. So I did my best to not fight.

I eventually made it out of that place, regained my powers at full strength and called upon my friends. I may have gone a little overboard but we cleansed the place of horrible things. A few of my companions (Arcueid and Snowflame) wanted to renovate the place and keep it. I wanted to burn it to the ground but decided to let them have it. I figured Snowflame would probably wind up burning it down on accident anyways.

I spent the next 9 and a half years exploring this weird world. At first I was hunting down creatures like slender man and human faced dogs and setting up organizations to try and protect humanity from them.

I then actually tried talking to a few of the monsters seeing what it was they wanted trying to sow for peace. I found a few of them that were just misunderstood and just wanted to be left alone. I was working on gathering and organizing them but… the humans I was training got to them first and wiped them out… Where there is man there can be no peace.

>> No.50324883

On a scale of 1-10, how wrong is it to genetically engineer a race a human-shaped women that act like cats?

>> No.50324887

They're french grills. They've drained all the sexiness from the rest of the French.

Just watch all of it senpai.

>> No.50324904

Jumpman's focus ability makes stellar focus redundant and is much cheaper.
That's all that stands out to me right now after a quick glance.

>> No.50324907

Are they all beautiful lesbians only attreacted to you? I need to know, like for science and shit.

>> No.50324912

Jump 207: The Legend of Zelda
>Knight of Pentacles: The voice of duty, honor, and responsibility.
>Era: Twilight Princess
>Species Twily (-150)
>Identity: Drop-In
>Drawbacks: Termina Theory (+300), Sequence Breaking (+300)
So I'm not going to have the slightest clue where the plot is going, and there's no Link to step in and save the day. Is that about right?
I'm surprisingly okay with that.
>Rounded Thinking (Free, Drop-In)
Square pegs do not fit in round holes. Round pegs do fit in square holes. Square pegs can be made into round pegs.
>Temple Raider (1350, Drop-In)
Indiana Jones jump when?
>Blessing of Shadows (1200, Drop-In)
>Blessing of Din (900)
>Blessing of Farore (600)
>Blessing of Nayru (300)
I am getting ALL the magic. It's what I do.
>Mimic (0, Drop-In)
You know, I don't remember whether I've picked up anything that works quite as blatantly as this. I'll be making a lot of use of this later.

There's really not a lot to say here. I mean... I probably didn't get things done as quickly as Link might have, and there was basically no Midna that I could find, but I had enough of an idea of what would happen if I didn't fix things.

Also, what happens if you kill Ganon with a die-and-stay-dead perk active, I wonder?

>> No.50324917

Anon. Oh, my sweet, naive anon.

There were hundreds of threads dedicated to the Nekko Virus, sometimes called the Fluffy Virus. Long, high-minded discussions on how to best create such a virus, what it should include and how to best disburse it. The Fluffy Virus may be /jc/'s oldest big project.

Oh, anon. I'm so proud of you. Welcome home.

>> No.50324920

Just go to CATastrophe.

>> No.50324926

Exactly like cats would be about a four, just because that would inevitably wind up getting creepy. Sort of an uncanny valley thing. Human but with the more aesthetically pleasing cat behaviors added on would be a two.

>> No.50324940

Gonna post some pokemon jump stuff I wrote.

My eleventh birthday was the best and worst day of my life.

Rain so faint it was more a mist than true precipitation fell in Goldenrod City that day, and there was a mild chill in the air. None of that mattered though, because I was finally old enough to begin my Pokémon Journey!

My parents had put together a small collection of useful items - a backpack, my first Pokégear, some miscellaneous travel supplies, and one really cool hat. They also included a couple of wrapped presents, but I was told not to open them until after lunch. We didn't have much - our small apartment was on the frugal side of things. I knew they must have scraped and saved to put something like this together.

My Natu, a rescue I named Ziz, hopped around on the table next to my cake and peeped enthusiastically. She joined our family six months ago, and we'd both become very excited over the last couple days. She'd be joining me on my trip - half the part of a Pokémon Journey is the Pokémon, after all.
Family, food, Pokémon. The best day of my life.

My parents finished singing, and I leaned in to blow out the candles...

The lights winked out. The front door splintered. I saw a brief glimpse of people in black, guns and knives, hissing and clawing figures moving behind them. My father flipped the table, and tackled my mother and I behind it. From my point of view, the cake seemed to dance at a glacial pace through the air as my father reached for his own Pokéballs, and my mother for the special locked box under the sink that I wasn't allowed to touch.

I tried to do something, say something, anything, just react, but then I flew backwards through a wall, my Pokémon and my presents swirling around me like leaves before a storm front. I don't remember what happened next, but I do remember what happened when I woke up later, miles outside the city.

>> No.50324944

My Cherry Crush

>> No.50324954

For your consideration


>> No.50324957

Aha! I knew i forgot to change something.Thank you for reminding me of that.

>> No.50324961


I woke up beneath some foliage in a National Park just to the north of the city. My family visited this park all the time throughout my childhood and frequently came here to watch the judging of the Bug Catching Contest. I had been to this area of the park before, but it was a ways off the beaten trails. A deep furrow in the ground, nearly thirty feet long, cut through the trees and brush, ending a few feet from my resting spot.

At first, I was nearly insensate from the pain as two sets of memories crashed together like waves in my head. That had settled from a storm to a mostly-calm sea, though there were still brief moments of disorientation as conflicting memories eddied and spun together. Was I eleven or twenty-five? Was this my real life, or just a big, cosmic reality show? There were some similarities between both lives - thin, tall, dark hair, glasses, and aside from areas where memories explicitly conflicted they merged seamlessly.

I could see myself making many of the same choices, feeling the same ways, just with a different background. It actually felt... right. As it all came together.
Ziz cooed softly and nestled against my arm through the entire episode. When I felt coherent enough to move, I reached out and pet along her back, focusing on the feel of feathers beneath my hand. Inhale, exhale, pet, reset, repeat.

Eventually I decided that for now, these contradictions could all be true, for all it mattered. I pulled out my new Pokégear and saw that nearly two hours had passed since lunch. I tried calling my home phone and let out a frustrated groan as a flat, robotic voice informed me that 'we are currently investigating a disruption of service affecting the number you are trying to call. Please try again later.' I tuned my Pokégear radio to the news.

>> No.50324964


>> No.50324977


"-on 16.5, GNR, - Goldenrod News Radio. Police are investigating the site of a brutal double murder in the southern district of the city earlier this afternoon that left a small apartment building in shambles. Power lines are damaged, causing blackouts in several of the surrounding neighborhoods. Police Chief Jenny stated that they are unable to comment further on the case until a preliminary investigation of the crime scene has bee-."

The worst day of my life.

Of course, now I knew exactly what had happened.

Flaw: Marked. Team Rocket - they had killed my parents. Or, this version of my parents. Such a simple choice, to take a flaw to get some extra goodies.

It was a difficult feeling to express. I felt like I should be more upset. Not that I wasn't upset. But having memories of a different childhood and different parents allowed me to... compartmentalize. Even if this was a second life, they were still my parents, and my choices had caused the attack. That was the biggest source of distress. A part of me, the older, bigger part, struggled against that grief and guilt.

But why had it happened at all? The Flaw stated that they would try to steal my Pokémon. This seemed more like an assassination attempt.

I could figure that out later though.
I had gained more than just a set of memories.

>> No.50324979


>> No.50324981


>> No.50324989


>> No.50324993

Oops, forgot a borb picture on the last one.
A blue glow enveloped the scattered items around me - backpack, presents, potions. They wobbled through the air and landed at my side. It... hurt to move them, somewhere behind my eyes. But it hurt in a good way, like stretching after a long run. Psionics.

I opened the wrapping paper on the boxes - a boxed set of disks labeled HM. A collapsible bike. A small card with an account number on it. I swiped it through my Pokégear , activating a bank account with 50,000 dollars. Gear.

I looked around at the trees throughout the park and knew how to set up shelter, start a fire, and which places would be the best protected from the elements. Things I had never done before in either life. Survival training.

Obvious memory changes aside, my mind also felt... different. Faster. I closed my eyes and could remember every single irrelevant detail about the surrounding clearing, and sense my own location in it. Enhanced proprioception? Savant.

Exactly the things I remembered selecting.

I had tools - powerful tools. I could use them to do...what? Get revenge? Maybe. Alright, probably. Find out why my family was targeted? Definitely. The goal of the Jump was to survive ten years. Survive? Hmph.

I'll own this place in three.

>> No.50324997

I immediately though of this upon seeing your post

>> No.50324999


>> No.50325001


>> No.50325013


This was a selection from the Hero BBS manga that inspired the jump created by Sky Garden's Magician, in case you're curious.

>> No.50325022

>I can't maintain my sword like this

>> No.50325025


Age: 11
Background: City Life (50 CP)
Location: Johto
Starter: Natu (100 CP)
Equipment: 50k Pokedollars (50 CP), Bike (50 CP), HM Collection (50 CP)
Skills: Freerunning (Free, City Life), Survival Training (100 CP), Psionics (300 CP Discounted), Savant (600 CP)
Flaws: Swarmed (+100 CP), Marked (+200 CP)
Total: 1200/1200

Just found Jumpchains the other day, seems neat.

>> No.50325033

tell me thread, where could i go to learn the secrets of weird and primitive sciences that perform as well as modern day sciences? (steampunk, clockpunk, etc.)

>> No.50325040

Van Helsing and Girl Genius.

>> No.50325050

>The pink one steals the milk while they're kissing
Made me giggle.

Also, the thought that their hair is going to get wet while they're lapping it up bothers me more than it should.

>> No.50325054

The Chibi Robo jump has a perk that lets you make outdated technology work just as well as any of the tech in the jump itself.

>> No.50325055

Wrong equipment load out maintenance by catgirl.

>> No.50325067

Can I haz neko virus recipe?

>> No.50325089

It was Inari, I mean Quicksilver who invented it.

>> No.50325093

just use adonis and themeing as part of your virus in resident evil.

I used the same thing with brain buffer and cling chemical cocktail on a parasite to make one that turns people into kamen rider shin for all intents and purposes.

>> No.50325167

Think we're the only ones that go for that.

>> No.50325181

>Think we're the only ones that go for that.
Nope, I grab it too. Psionics early in the chain are goat. Being able to read minds and engage in psionic shenanigans is a big boost early on if you're not a punch-wizard build.

>> No.50325199

Quicksilver gimped it really hard.

>> No.50325210

Well it would be objectivly the best if he didn't.
Gotta let the other capstones compete somehow.
Pokeglot is still unfortunately unsalvagable.

>> No.50325213

Man, I remember when I was genuinely horrified at the thought of a jumper creating a virus that forces unwilling changes upon an entire race of people and releasing it in multiple universes.

I was such a sweet summer child.

>> No.50325240

It was a different time. We were all more idealistic and open to talking about things.

>> No.50325259

What would happen if you used Animorphs morphing on Ultimate Kars if you purchased Hamon with CP?

>> No.50325262

Just let it allow you to talk to animals too instead of only Pokemon.

There's also the fact that it lets you take a 300 CP drawback in PMD with no downside.

>> No.50325270

And now look at us.

Decrepit, miserable, and cynical.

>> No.50325294

Who here is fan of Kamen Rider looking Digimon?

>> No.50325295

Speaking of viruses, I want to create one that makes humanity faster, stronger, smarter, healthier. But I don't want them to become complacent, so I want it to require constant effort that snowballs.

How can I make it so as long as they constantly put forth effort, they'll grow linearly with no real cap? Studying will make you smarter until you can do advanced calculus in your head at a glance and keep advancing, strength training will make it possible to squat tanks and keep making gains, train for long enough and outrun cars, but if they stop training, eat right and you'll live for centuries and never get sick, but they'll quickly start to backslide into normal human mediocrity and live a normal lifespan if they stop.

>> No.50325297

I'm not sure if it'd turn you into Ultimate Kars, or just normal Kars because I'm not sure whether the transformation affected his DNA or not.

In either case, Ultimate Kars would probably make your ripple stronger, since Ultimate Kars had super ripple because he was just that awesome. Using ripple as normal Kars would kill you without some other perk to protect you.

>> No.50325311

I don't think drawbacks work like that.

>> No.50325322

Hey guys watch me stack ten moons on my head

>> No.50325329

Yeah but PMD has a suprising lack of need for said drawback.
All the good stuff is within the 1000cp threshold unless you use the older version where importing your starter cost double.
As for no downsides I wouldn't be too sure about that. Being able to understand pokemon doesn't mean you can speak it. And with an unfamiliar face speaking another language is going to be rather difficult.

The way it's worded thankfully allows some concession.
You just don't get pokeglot for free by being a pokemon. If you already can do it you should be fineish.

>> No.50325338

Jumpmaker ruled it himself, and he made both of those jumps.

>> No.50325344


>> No.50325346

...Huh. Okay, then.

>> No.50325363

Yes they do, but that's not what this one does.
Try and keep up friendo.

>> No.50325368

That's why I deleted my post, but thanks.

>> No.50325371

Pokemon Sun/Moon Jump. Just wait for it, and get new perks there.

>> No.50325379

My bad. Sorry.

>> No.50325392

It's cool.

>Pokemon Sun/Moon
As someone who doesn't follow Pokemon, what's so different about Sun/Moon? I've seen tons of noise about it. Is it just because it's a new Pokemon title or does it do something new?

>> No.50325408

ORAS' and Sun/Moon's new canon started with gen 6 in Kalos.
There's technically enough new content for it, but since it's still possible to go to the new canon in the old jump I don't know if it's really worth doing.

>> No.50325413

It's set in a different universe, with a plot that is tied to dimensional anomalies which began in ORAS. So essentially it's like a reboot altogether, and some of the people who show up are different from their original counterparts, like one of the Battle Factory folks.

>> No.50325416

There are Pokemon from another dimension that are more like Digimon in terms of power and appearance

>> No.50325417

Some people want another pokemon jump, since the new games aren't covered by the existing jump they see it as an opportunity to get/make a new one.

>> No.50325420

Scary extradimensional pokes, the plot isn't particularly dark by pokemon standards but the fact that it involves parental abandonment and what amounts to drug addiction/mind rape makes it hit people much harder, generally rejiggered up a lot.

Also something about parallel universes?

>> No.50325427

A shit-ton of underlying resentment towards Quicksilver leads people to want to replace the Pokémon jump as the new games came out.

>> No.50325433

It would be nice for a new Pokemon jump to include the storyline from the Pokken Tournament, since that has its own storyline as well.

>> No.50325438

Neat. Thanks.

Yeah, I figured that. I've seen hype outside of thread too, so I wanted to see what the deal was.

>> No.50325441

Well maybe we'll actually get psionics or Aura that's worth something and not over-priced garbage.

>> No.50325444

Aside from it being set in the same alternate universe as X/Y and OR/AS, the post-game reveals that the Ultra Beasts are omnicidal maniacs who have destroyed at least the Gen 1-5 universe and possibly others as well. According to the two survivors, Looker and someone else, Sun and Moon is the first time they've come across a universe that can stand up to them. They even say that the Ultra Beasts should be destroyed.

>> No.50325446

Why does it have to be a replacement, and not just another Pokemon jump on top of the existing ones? We have Conquest already that wasn't made by QS.

>> No.50325450

Basically >>50325427 mostly.

Remember GHQ was pushed initially as a Bleach replacement

>> No.50325459

[citation needed]

>> No.50325461

Because bait.

>> No.50325472


>> No.50325493

If that was the reason someone would just make a pokemon jump in (insert any official or fan made pokemon AU here), there's no need to replace a jump to get new material set in the IP.

>> No.50325494

Play the game or browse through /vp/, do you expect people to screencap things for you?

>> No.50325496

Conquest was literally made so that the pokemon you get there didn't count as companions.
It was a shoddy workaround.

>> No.50325501

Pokemon Adventures would be cool as a jump.

>> No.50325505

Were people right about the guess that the edgy teen on Team Skull and the leader of the Aether Foundation were actually Ultra Beasts in human form?

>> No.50325520

And people are asking for Sun/Moon to be made because the story here is completely different and set in a different universe. Are there going to be people who just want to abuse that to get extra pokemon? Sure, but the backstory of Sun Moon itself doesn't match what the current pokemon jump has. If someone wants to make a jump to reflect the Sun Moon story, then why not let them?

>> No.50325526

I expect you to not post wild guestimates on what vauge statements mean as if they are canon.
That's not what how it goes and you know it.

>> No.50325531

The post-game has you team up with Looker and Anabel, who were from the previous universe, to hunt down some Ultra Beasts that managed to break into Alola after Lusamine nearly let them all break in due to her obsession with Nihilego, who used neurotoxin on her in order to brainwash her and the Aether Foundation. They're fine with just catching them with the UB catching balls, but they flat out say that if they can't be caught, they must be destroyed.

No. Guzma gets possessed by one, and Lusamine is drugged into both obsessive love and obedience. Upon being disconnected/purified of Nihilego's influence by the Box Legendary, she falls into a coma.

>> No.50325541

It actually does match. The reboot it part of the old jump through the Kalos option.
There's no Megaevolution in the old gens. That's not because it hasn't been discovered. It actually doesn't exist.

>> No.50325550

>No. Guzma gets possessed by one, and Lusamine is drugged into both obsessive love and obedience. Upon being disconnected/purified of Nihilego's influence by the Box Legendary, she falls into a coma.

Huh. Pretty good bait and switch, then, the visual designs were so similar that everyone assumed it would be the case. Are they are least possessed/brainwashed by the ones they resemble?

>> No.50325557

>fist part of the spoiler

>> No.50325565

Someone should do this, because Pokemon is just to much fun as a setting for us to only have ten years in. I don't give a shit what their reason for making it would be as long as it results in a good jump.

>> No.50325569

Holy shit. Pokemon-posting is worse than Naruto-/Bleach-/Nasu-/SMT-/Worm-posting.

Jesus fuck.

>> No.50325581

No it isn't, stop overreacting.

>> No.50325593

Guzma, yes, Lusamine, no. Nihilego is the jellyfish one. As it turns out, Nihilego doesn't look like Lillie, Lillie looks like Nihilego, because Lusamine became so obsessed with it she made her daughter dress up like it.

We don't really know. All we know is that they broke in and obliterated it, and that Looker and Anabel are the only ones who survived.

>> No.50325595

But it hasn't even started yet?
Or do you really think two dozen posts about pokemon equals half a dozen threads about powerlevels?

>> No.50325606

Nah. Don't feel bad though, shitposter-kun. Not everything you do will be a winner.

>> No.50325618

We have entire threads about Naruto/Bleach/Nasu/SMT/Worm posting.

We have had about 20 posts about Sun Moon and that's it. If the thread decides no jump, there'll be no jump and people can fanwank that if you do opening Pokemon jump in Kanto or something a UB can show up to destroy you. That's all it's going to be at worst.

>> No.50325643

Why does anyone care, anyway? If you don't like what the thread's talking about, wait a while. I'm sure we'll get around to something you're autistic about, too. Don't be such an autistic twit.

>> No.50325652

He's trying to start shit. Just ignore him.

>> No.50325656

>implying this beautiful man would destroy anyone.
I think people are mistaken. Some ultrabeasts like guzzlord could maybe be behind destroying a universe.
But this guy is totally innocent.

>> No.50325658

Working Jump when?

>> No.50325661

I know, but people that clearly aren't the shitposter complain about it, too. It's annoying when assholes act so entitled.

>> No.50325675

Soon as I'm done wrestling Metroid and then decrypting Familiar of Zero

>> No.50325679

guzzlord sounds like a very lewd name.

>> No.50325689

wrestling a metroid must be difficult. They seem so squishy.

>> No.50325690

His name is Buzzswole. I can't get over that.

>> No.50325693

Everyone would be happier with cat ears
Maybe less so with the mandatory cat puns
But it's for the greater good

>> No.50325695

>Imouto intensifies

>Familiar no Zero
>harem intensifies

>> No.50325706

>implying anyone is worth waifuing from FoZ
Everyone is worst girl no exceptions.

>> No.50325716

I heard harem, not waifu. A good hate fuck is always fun.

>> No.50325719

I can assure you that if you stick your dick anywhere near this thing you won't get it back.

>> No.50325726

Would What Doesn't Kill Me From GVW allow you to eventually eliminate the dangers of overusing Diclonii vectors?

>> No.50325730

>A good hate fuck is always fun.
I like the way you think, Slime.

>> No.50325736






>> No.50325750

Durability perks. Do you even?

>> No.50325758


>> No.50325788

Anyone have that (official, by the way) image that has all the Ultra Beasts looking like a bunch of posing Sentai heroes?

>> No.50325799

What about Code Geass then??

>> No.50325890

>hate fuck
>not tenderly treating your waifu to a night and following morning of love-making.
>not spooning protectively around her as she falls asleep in your arms.
>not making a hearty breakfast to get energy for the rest of the day.

Skull Slime. Dude. Have a completely sincere do what you do to make you happy.

As a tangent, is there any word of or interest in a Flatland Jump?

>> No.50325913


>> No.50325914

I'd be interested. Not sure how you'd do it, but if you can figure out a way I'd enjoy it.

>> No.50325923

A few errors have been fixed and some minor changes implemented. I've started work on the items section. I'm not doing it based on background this time as you'll see.

I'm done working on it for the day, i'm burning myself out a bit.

I would also like to announce/claim some future jumps I want to make, if they have not already been claimed. I would like to try to make FLCL, X-Files, and a Jules Verne jump.

>> No.50325945

A Romance in Two Dimensions. Super-nerd self highly recommends it. Can probably find an ebook of it somewhere.

>Jules Verne

>> No.50325952

Yorokonde is already doing that.

>> No.50325957

>burning yourself out
>taking more claims
You know taking a break isn't a bad idea.

Also I'm pretty sure FLCL is claimed, but I dont' remember who it was who claimed it.
They post in about it in IRC though so you could always check there.

>> No.50325958

>Flatland Jump?
Always more a fan of mountains, myself.

>> No.50325965

So I was wondering. When a Shinigami gains hollow powers, they gain the ability to use Cero. I wonder if the opposite is true and an Arrancar, becoming more Shinigami-like, has the potential to learn Kudo I'd they can find a teacher?

>> No.50325966

Is this a thing that's actually being worked on?

>> No.50325969

Can we have both an Egyptian and noble vampire theme for our Dark form? I want to be Pharoah Dracula

>> No.50325978

Man I wish we had a Desert Punk jump.

>> No.50325981

Eh, what can I say? to each their own.

Yeah we could use some more steam punk, especially of the classic variety.

drat, oh well. hopefully they do a great job! I can't wait!

I'm taking a break now, i'll be fine.

Ive answered this already, but yes. Yes you can.

>> No.50326012

Doesn't that legally make him a power rangers villain?

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