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Jumpers, have YOU done your duty to the thread and applied as a /tg/ janitor?

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No. Nor will I.

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1. I really don't see the appeal in doing it for free, man.

2. I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to announce that stuff.

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I'd be a shitty janitor.
I'm a total flake.

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Not for all the hot pockets in the world would I spend my time actually trying to herd you faggots.

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>2. I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to announce that stuff.
I'm a hypocrite. I haven't applied because I don't namefag.

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Wait, you can't apply if you DON'T namefag?

Oh fuck all kinds of duck, it was never the best of ideas for me but that's a dealbreaker.

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Do you ever pull back the veil and let people see the world as you see it? Have you ever genre shifted so hard that reality shook? What is their reaction when their slice of life existence is shown to be a lie? How did the world react to your unbidden existence?

Tell me your tales of revealed knowledge and terrifying consequence.

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If I take the Starcutter in Kirby, should I get the Copy Ability: Copy, or go with Royal Magic? The Starcutter buffs the copy ability because it can store every ability you copy, but Royal Magic has really good short-range teleportation. What do?

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I don't like frying my friends' brains, anon.

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Nope, the veil is firmly applied like a burqa on a saudi.

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I would, occasionally, hint at having an otherworldly nature in Person of Interest. Stuff like suddenly appearing out of nowhere, knowing things I shouldn't know, eating/drinking things I shouldn't be able to, doing things I shouldn't be able to do, all that. It wasn't until the end of the jump that I revealed my true nature, drove the cast to madness, and then destroyed the world.

And that was when I realized I had gone mad with power, and it put me into a funk for the next few jumps. Not going to lie, it was pretty dickish of me.

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>destroying the Person of Interest universe
Eh, not like you broke anything of value.

>> No.50310097

>let people see the world as you see it
That's called a Reality Marble

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No one needs to know the true nature of things unless they're attractive.

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Don't you love the face of the hero when he realizes that he is not even a mock of dust before the might of your existence? That all the actions that he has taken against you, all the hard fought victories, and the lost comrades, all the moments, both happy and sad, have been for nothing?

When they realize that they're nothing more than a side-show for you, a small bacteria poked around by a giant being that he is not capable of fully understanding, much less defeating? That they have been nothing more than entertainment to you?

When they are bent on their knees, incapable of moving any more, without any will of fighting in their souls, I like to get down to them, and whisper to their ears the truth of my existence, and by extension, their universe.

I'm simply a toy of what lies beyond. And then, through my words, they're finally capably of understanding the futility of their existence.

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Not necessarily, but I do enjoy utterly humiliating the most powerful guy in a lower powered setting
Fire Lord, ain't shit
Zoom, ain't shit
Kaiju, you guessed it ain't shit

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Sauce for image? Not sure if a doujin or some spin off at this point.

>> No.50310154

That would've made it a legit better webcomic.

Also barring some really curious and non-euclidean companions? For me pulling back the veil pretty much amounts to a brute-force attack on whatever poor sod's in the way. It's not just the ridiculous sensory input, but the fact because of certain countermeasures trying to think like me too hard eventually turns others into an extension of me.

Which is really awkward when I open my eyes and realise I'm some greasy cultist out in the middle of bumfuck nowhere.

Genre shifting happens fairly often, though. Mind you, not every world takes it as bad as you think it might-the Disneyverse saw it as business as usual just because I made a song and dance routine out of my eldritch revelation.

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That's just about the most masturbatory bullshit I've ever read, I can not believe you fags managed to hang on when we swept the questfags off the board.

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Not him, but where do you think you are? It's the escapist fantasy thread. People gonna fantasise, did you expect people typically fantasise about being humble dogooders who pet puppers and doggos or something?

Also I don't consider being part of a cosmic horrorverse masturbatory in the grand scheme of things.


Holy crap, did they finally make Gil a woman?

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>when we swept the questfags off the board
Then what are /jc/ and /cyoag/ among others still doing here?

>> No.50310277

I had a bad habit in my last chain.

About once per decade, usually after saving the world or fixing some reality ending problem instead of letting the protagonists do it, I would find a random bar and attempt to drink my weight in alcohol. I did this, not out of celebration, but because each massive victory would make me realize the sheer amount of power I had at my command. It would terrify me. Right out of my own mind. Getting drunk usually helped me in the short term, as my own natural spell resistance at that point negated the possibility of Memory Charms or similar spells. Short of brain surgery, it was the best option I had found.

/ANYWAYS/... usually right before the black-out point of drunkenness I would start spouting off to anyone within earshot that I was a reality hopper and was well over four hundred years old, capable of absolutely incredible feats of magic and technology. Most people didn't take me seriously. A few did and asked for help solving a problem or two. My response was to produce a magic sword and tell them to do unspeakable things with it.

But, every so often, there would be someone who believed. Truly believed me. They wanted to know everything, what it was like, how they could get started on it, where the best realities to visit were. All kinds of questions. So, that's the point where I would finish my drink, grab their head in both hands and /show/ them what it was like. I would pour into their brains, not my memories, but the sensation of just how old and powerful I was. Kind of a distilled version of memories. Took all of about thirty seconds.

Of the six I had performed this feat on, two had immediately gone violently mad, one slipped into a coma he never awoke from, two threw up all over the floor, and one just said "Neat" before walking off. A week later he had perfected cold fusion and was giving the knowledge away to the world. A month after that he invented a truly friction-less oil. After that he disappeared.

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it's barbecue

>> No.50310312

Also, what is the best hat (outside of kirby) that doesn't come with a hat import option? Asking so I can take that, and then import the Copy ability into that hat, if I were to take it.

>> No.50310429

What are some good options for the Return option in the warehouse?
What jumps are there that finish before interesting events? Assume it refreshes every so often so as long as I keep jumping I can keep going back.

Already know about going back for the pokemon storage system with your warehouse, and going through canon events in Madoka.

Is it kosher to go back to gauntlet settings? Like go through the The Purge gauntlet, then use Return to get ten years there roflstomping the place without being restricted by the gauntlet rules?

>> No.50310463

It's a homonculus using Gil's powers.

>> No.50310546

Close enough.

Far as I know no reason you can't go back to gauntlet settings. But yeah, Madoka's probably the best use of it out there.

>> No.50310594

>What are some good options for the Return option in the warehouse?
Honestly, never been a fan of Return as written. If it let you set a new world as your "home," so that if you died or chose to retire you could return there I could see dishing out the points for it. Or if it let you do what Slice of Life or Overlord do and let you go back to a certain world for a few months in between jumps I would see that as totally worth it. But dumping CP on a one use return ticket? Never seemed like it made a whole lot of sense to me.

>> No.50310655

It's because jumpchain was a lot smaller back in the day. Like, 13 or so jumps. Long chains were never intended or even seen as possible.

>> No.50310699

I know; I remember. I never really bitched about it back then because it didn't seem like a big deal to me, and it still doesn't now. Someone just asked about Return, and it's not something that gets talked about very much, so I thought I'd chime in.

>> No.50310901

The main draw to Return in my mind is the fact that you get another 10 years in a jump. That's essentially doubling the amount of time you can get for every jump at your desecration.

>> No.50310915

What jumps have the best genetic engineering perks? I was wanting to build a swarm like the Tyranids

>> No.50310937

not every, any it will only work one time

>> No.50310953

Just go to Starcraft Zerg Route. That gives you exactly what you want. Both a swarm of Tyranids (we all know that's what they are) and the genetic engineering perks to modify them.

>> No.50310955

Jurassic Park.

>> No.50310957

>That's essentially doubling the amount of time you can get for every jump at your desecration.
It only works once.

>> No.50310958

What are some "you're always you" perks?

I know of the ones in Narnia, Psychonauts, and RoboCop, but are there any others?

>> No.50310967

There is one in Innistrad that is pretty good

>> No.50310971

The Fountain, too.

>> No.50310988

>Veigar + Kassadin
>Veigar + Malzahar
How should I spend these 600 CP?

Veigar is my favorite champion but Idk if he is manageable as a companion

>> No.50310989

Hive Queen Quest
Speaker for the Dead
Biotechnician from The Polity

What about going back to Dishonored in time for Dishonored 2?

>> No.50310992

Undead Redemption has a good one.

>> No.50311014

OOOps, for some reason i read 200 CP for veigar, scratch that.
The choiche is
>Veigar + Vlad

>> No.50311035

What's more worthwhile in Raildex: being a magician or an esper?

Also, is there anything that protects you from the harmful effects of magic? Not compensation (as in regeneration), but just that renders it a non-issue. I've been told Safety First from CVS, but that only seems to work for spells.

>> No.50311047

Teen Titans has Bioengineering, which lets you give people, or your swarm, animal themed super powers. You could probably do the same or similar with the Scientist perks from the new Spiderman jump. In fact most comic book/associated media jumps have science perks that can help.

As Myrmidont said, Hive Queen Quest is a great one. It even has a perk to make biological versions of technology, so you can turn any mech making perks into swarm making perks.

>> No.50311065

Magician. Espers get one way to be insanely broken, magicians get multiple ways.

>> No.50311069

>What's more worthwhile in Raildex: being a magician or an esper?
Idk but raildex magic is unclear as fuck (at least in the anime) range from absolute power to very meh levels, btw there are two jumps so you can easily take both.

>> No.50311089

Nope. You're only allowed to take one during the normal course of your chain. You can take the other, but it has to be right before your end jump.

>> No.50311094

Don't magicians require the collective unconsciousness, though? So if you're in an isolated area, it may be less useful.

>> No.50311122

No, it doesn't work that way.

>> No.50311127

Except Reploid was working on a way to make that not the case, and said so long as you avoid the Spy capstone you're good to go. The spy capstone let you get an Esper power in Index and magic in Railgun and all that.

>> No.50311140

I seem to recall the thread being divided on whether people should have to follow that, though.

>> No.50311198

Where does it say that?

>> No.50311199

The issue is that since it's grown beyond what it originally was, you need to houserule or adapt it. Personally, I just go with return for 10 years at a time to any previous jump with the limit of needing to use it between jumps. So return to world A after finishing B and needing to Finish C before returning again to A or B.

Depends on what you look for desu. Magic side gives a great deal of concept shenanigans and is a multitool kit you can use or adjust as needed. Or stick more tools into as needed. Esper is when all you have is a hammer you get really good with that hammer, unless you jack tech from academy city and put up a set up where upon it equalizes with variety but less conceptual antics. Either way, after the first year or so you should just camp in the warehouse for the remainder barring various protections (retgone, reality warping, magic, telefragging, etc.)

>> No.50311202

Speaking of reploids, when the fuck are we getting any other mega-man jumps.

>> No.50311221

Magicians are many times more powerful than Espers. Espers are extremely weak comparatively.

>> No.50311223

It doesn't say it in the jump document. It's something Reploid ruled on a long while back. Kind of dumb that it was never added to the text itself, I know.

>> No.50311235

JLD WIP had one, too.

>> No.50311237

Not him, anon. But yes, it does.

>> No.50311240

He also went back on that, which is not included in the text either, so it kinda evens out in a fucked up sorta way.

>> No.50311248

If you buy it with CP it works on jumpchain fiat, so you're good to go.

>> No.50311252

No it doesn't. There's no indication that a magician can be cut off from their powers by being in an isolated area.

>> No.50311264

That's definitely a house ruling. Having said that, I don't think it's an unreasonable house ruling and I run something similar.

>> No.50311271

What about an isolated dimension lime the Warp? Or somewhere extremely remote like an empty Forerunner Shield World?

>> No.50311296

Are you not allowed to take spy in either of those or you simply can't take it in both?

>> No.50311302

Also, I just realized that the Warp's a really shitty example. How about something like a generic"void" dimension?

>> No.50311312

The idea is that if you're going to take both jumps you can't take the spy capstone in either because it gives you access to the main schtick of the other.

>> No.50311346


I want two Esper powers goddamit..

Which jump has clairvoyance on par with that of Raildex, so you can see past of object too, not just predict future

>> No.50311373

>I want two Esper powers goddamit..
You could probably get another with Sacrificial Bestowment, or at least you can before SMTAnon rightfully nerfs it or rules otherwise.

>> No.50311411

>or at least you can before SMTAnon rightfully nerfs it

>> No.50311416

Yeah, the Warp pretty much IS the collective unconscious. That said, we don't have any examples of people being that distant from the collective unconscious in canon. The closest we have is dimension shifting via the Phases, but those are technically still in the same world, just a reinterpretation of it. Likewise, no idea if the collective unconscious is limited by concepts of distance. Still, I don't think that being cut off from it would actually remove your magic. We know that the collective unconscious shapes magic, but it doesn't seem to power it given how many spells draw on obscure concepts that no one knows about. If it does power it, that suggests that it takes very few people knowing/believing in a concept to make a spell work, so you could probably make it function no matter where you were.

>> No.50311428

It's bait. Just leave it alone.

>> No.50311429

Get Psychometry from GUNM. That does exactly that, and lets you use the skills of people who have handled an object. Get some emotional stability perks, though, as overly strong emotions from the past can influence you if you're not careful.

>> No.50311430

I'm not too keen on Undertale's art style.

>> No.50311453

Okay. And you mention this why?

>> No.50311472

Your kind with be the first put to the sword when the uprising begins.

>> No.50311477

>I want two Esper powers goddamit..
We all do, anon. Having to make that choice and the scarcity is what makes it interesting.

>> No.50311479

what are the biggest properties that you can buy?

>> No.50311481

There's a perk in Panty and Stocking that allows you to change it.

>> No.50311491

Like Vampire Diaries, the MEoDP, or the Immortal perks from Lost Odyssey, Sacrificial Bestowment has largely been unofficially blacklisted. If you use it, don't expect people to let you get away with it.

>> No.50311507

Don't forget Real Eater

>> No.50311509

Not buy but you can get your own moon as a scenario reward in Dahak.

>> No.50311523

for warehouse attachments. It's the tower seed in Ar Tonelico Jump,For places that follow you around. It's the stage in mega man or the town in animal Crossing

>> No.50311530

Probably the locations from Fall of Heaven, some of those can get to the size of a small country. If we're counting properties from scenarios, though, then Dahak's Asgerd-class form from Empire From The Ashes. That's larger than the moon. Technically a ship, not a property, but at that size the meaning starts to break down.

>> No.50311544

There's a city in 1984. Also, Undrentide from NWN and Megas Therion from Anima are scenario rewards, if not necessarily buyable.

>> No.50311554

There's a small tropical island in Webmage and a big tropical island in Incredibles.

>> No.50311593

Fall of Heaven?

>> No.50311602

AR Tonelico gives you a continent(?) sized tower.

Shadow of the Colossus lets you buy an area the size of the game which will carry over between jumps.

The Incredibles.has Syndrome's island up for grabs.

>> No.50311609

I tripped, okay?

>> No.50311637


>> No.50311643

What's even left?

>> No.50311645

Sorry, I meant Fall From Heaven. One of Babylon's jumps, based on a pretty comprehensive Civilization mod. It's in Jumps With Folders under Jumps Without Images. You can buy landmarks from the game, and some of them get pretty huge. An entire desert, the world's largest volcano and surrounding jungle valleys, a mountain range, the fucking World Tree...some big stuff. They all have cool magical properties, too. The jump doesn't explicitly state it, but Babylon's ruling on buying properties like that is "they follow you if you want them to". Good stuff.

>> No.50311651

And made an impression the size of a small country? Are you trying to compete with SpyroAnon?

>> No.50311655

Fall from Heaven, aka Age of Ice. One of Babylon 5 Anon's jumps. It's notable for having an impossible bonus scenario and an unskipable drawback where you have to fight a dragon the size of Mt. Everest.

>> No.50311667

>Undertale doesn't have a fanfic option
>You can't go to Undynetale, the AU where everyone is Undyne
Major oversight.

>> No.50311671

Now that's not fair. Heavens is aggressively irresponsible, Spyro is merely fat and clumsy.

>> No.50311686

More jumps need fan fiction options.

>> No.50311688

Since no one's objecting I'm going to assume that this guy is telling the truth, so could we just remove these jumps from the drive please?

>> No.50311704

>Shadow of the Colossus lets you buy an area the size of the game which will carry over between jumps.
What's the name of that option? Because I don't see it.

>> No.50311705

Stop spamming this.

>> No.50311724

Oh! Age of Ice, that one. Yeah, the DLC is one of the few files in my chain folder tagged [nope].

>> No.50311727

I just retain fanfic drawbacks from other jumps. Not quite kosher, but I figure so long as I'm not getting any long-term benefit that would carry over between jumps (like grabbing tech or magic from a fanfic that doesn't exist in canon) that it's okay.

>> No.50311733

>A version of Undertale where Undyne's fanaticism extends to spaghetti, and another to avoiding work entirely

I never knew how badly I wanted that until now.

>> No.50311744

>Shadow of the Colossus lets you buy an area the size of the game which will carry over between jumps.
I'm not seeing that here. The only thing that could even be mistaken for that is "Forbidden' which lets you designate an area of that size as taboo, and renews every jump.

>> No.50311772

Every day until you like it.

>> No.50311783

It comes with the gryphon / Last Guardian, which anon conveniently forgot to tell you.

>> No.50311787

At least get more Rule 63 Harry Potter art. There's lots of it, you don't have to post the same two pictures every time.

>> No.50311791

>Forbidden (600CP) – You may designate an area the size of or multiple smaller areas equal to the size of the unaltered Forbidden Lands as taboo. These areas will have an unnatural feel about them to those that you wish and only the foolish or overly brave will ever seek these places out. If you mark so much of an area that you can no longer mark anymore you can unmark a designated area and do so somewhere else at half strength. Renews for every world you travel to and can be moved indefinitely with no penalty when you finally settle down.

Not exactly what I said, but still pretty useful.

>> No.50311808

That's not the size of the Forbidden Land, that's just "big enough to comfortable accommodate him". So probably around the size of a large field, given that he looks to be fifteen to twenty meters long or so.

>> No.50311828

Final Update before I go devote my energy to the Fire Emblem 6-7/Elibe jump--get your questions in now.

Ver 1.1 Completed: Added Bond Critical and reworded some perks. Took out the Luna Sword + Sol Sword, however Luna is now a purchasable perk and the Luna Sword was replaced with the Critical+ Sword. Lowered price of Crusader Scrolls, added links for items/magic weapons, added a new perk. Added the Mecenary Origin for skills since it was so requested. Added Castle Deed, Tireless Horse, Storehouse Bag, Recruitment, Miracle, and Blaggi’s Wisdom.

>> No.50311830

That's not "not exactly what you said", it's nothing like what you said. It's not a property that follows you around, it's just an ability to make people shy away from an area.

>> No.50311835

He's not done growing, is the thing.

>> No.50311837

It's pretty obvious it's not the same person, it has a different filename from the other ones that are usually posted.

>> No.50311839

>It comes with the gryphon / Last Guardian, which anon conveniently forgot to tell you.
No, that only adds on an area to your warehouse 'large enough to accommodate him'

Useful? Sure. But not 'give you a transferable domain the size of a county.'

>> No.50311846

Sadly, the jump is in my "no" list, because the only way to move on is to kill all the Colossi.

>> No.50311847

I can still edit some perks if they seem unreasonable/OP, so let me know about it

>> No.50311879

>He's not done growing, is the thing.

>> No.50311881

Okay, but I doubt he's going to get so big as to have the entire Forbidden Land's area in there. Unless his species of griffon has some really weird growth patterns, a twenty meter-long kittenchick isn't going to grow up to be a ten kilometer-long catbird.

>> No.50311883

>not wanting to test your power by killing a bunch of colossi
That jump's pretty fun, especially if you take the drawback that makes them x100 larger.

>> No.50311898

You go to pick it up; what happens?

>> No.50311935

Use Any Magic Item from Overlord lets me use it despite not being worthy. Odin, upon seeing this, sends the Destroyer Armor to Earth early to retrieve it. Fortunately, having been sent by Odin instead of Loki, it is far less willing to cause collateral damage and I lead it out into the desert where the fight is safe to have.

>> No.50311939

I accidentally trip and land just right so that the hilt rams into my eye.

>> No.50311953

If he doesn't want to kill the colossi it's basically an eventual fail jump. I should do an ICO jump someday

>> No.50311977

If you don't want to kill the evil queen, ICO is an eventual fail jump.

>> No.50311990


>> No.50312002


At least the queen is evil. The collosi did nothing wrong.

>> No.50312014

>it resists
>I frown, pull harder
>the ground quakes as it rises a few inches
>I drop it, and just glare at it for a while
>eventually Thor comes back for it
>wonders why I'm mad

>> No.50312024

Recruitment does seem pretty OP. Implies that as long as you can think up the right kind of reasoning, even if it's blatantly and obviously untrue, you can get anyone to join your side.

>> No.50312050

>If you don't want to kill the evil queen, ICO is an eventual fail jump.
You're implying that I'd make the jump the same way, which I wouldn't.

>> No.50312054

Few of mercenaries perks are a bit too much. The Luna 100cp thing is too good for...well, 100cp. A free perk that halves the defense of anyone you fight is crazy. Recruitment needs some clearer limits, the other anon details the problem well enough.

>> No.50312061

What's there to do in ICO other than kill the evil queen? Nothing.

>> No.50312074

In human form, Nothing. In robot form, it goes in my warehouse.

>> No.50312079

Why would I pick it up?

I only steal things from dickish heroes, villains, and abandoned locations / dungeons.

>> No.50312100

Humans fighting to keep the seal intact? Demons looking to break the cycle? Wander around a castle and figure out the lore? Rebuild the world slowly?

>> No.50312102

If it's in the MCU, I agree with you. MCU Thor is pretty bro-tier.

If its in the comics, you pick it up to prevent the lady Thor who isn't Lady Thor arc from happening.

>> No.50312134

What does any of that have to do with ICO? What seal, what demons? Hell, what world outside the castle to rebuild? There's nothing to see, there.

>> No.50312170

Help Yorda and Ico prosper as you explore an entire unknown world together? I get a definitely sword-and-sorcery feel from the setting.

>> No.50312171

Have you actually gone through the story to figure out why the humans leave the Witch alone?

>> No.50312189

Well let's say you're at a party and everyone's trying to pick it up.

>> No.50312199

I played it. It was over a decade ago, though, so I guess I've forgotten this rich lore that you're thinking of. I remember there being hints at something more, but not anything specific.

>> No.50312208

I suppose I pick it up for safekeeping. I don't think I'd actually keep it, though.
I suppose I could also install a dark matter drive from Futurama into it so that other people can "wield" it by moving the universe around it rather than having to move it directly. Then I could give it to Morrigan.

>> No.50312211

Man, I've been reading up on SDK. I thought it was a low-tier shounen setting with some mild supernatural bits...

But it turns out that the main antagonist (the Former Crimson King) could probably give the Moon Bunny a run for her money.

>> No.50312242

>this rich lore
seems like you're the one projecting here. All I'm seeing is you inssting that some setting has only a single thing, and people telling you that there's more to do in the setting than that single thing.

>> No.50312264

Eeh, not really. Gets wanked a bit too much by the fanbase.

>> No.50312279

I just want to know what these other things to do are. What is ICO about, aside from saving Yorda from the Queen stealing her body? Seriously, is there something deeper here? Because all I remember is a plot about the Queen using some sort of dark magic fueled by the sacrificed horned children to extend her life through Yorda. What else is going on that I don't remember?

>> No.50312340

wy are you asking me anon, I just showed up to point out that you look silly acting like a bigshot when for some game you play 10 yrs ago

>> No.50312358

I wouldn't want to spoil Vision's moment... but odds are almost certain that my arrival would have derailed that whole plot long before then, so I'm probably the one picking it up at the equivalent party anyway.


>> No.50312367

The main contributor to the Wiki and some of the other fans are idiots, it is nowhere near as high power as you've read there or anywhere else.

>> No.50312384

It's not that the endgame guys are weak (megaton grade attacks, people), it's that Naruto is even more bullshit. The ten tails was tossing around nuke level attacks, Madara uprooted entire countries as a Sage with both eyes, and supposedly Kaguya's giant Truth Seeking Ball was a planet buster. Supposedly, probably not though. This isn't even mentioning how Toneri cut the moon in half.

>> No.50312400

Others are making the claim that there are things to do in ICO other than the plot with the queen and Yorda. I am asking them to substantiate this claim. So far there has been no evidence there's any deeper plot to this. I'm looking up story analyses of ICO and I'm not finding anything other than what I remember. Certainly nothing about demons or a seal. I was trying to be humble by acknowledging that there might have been something I forgot, but it's looking like I'm remembering perfectly well and these guys are just making things up.

>> No.50312424

Yeah, that's what I meant. It's got a bit of a reputation for some people thinking SDK is a series as strong as (Usually stronger then) other popular shounen series. It's got some strong characters but it's really not the top tier a few people, very vocal people, believe it to be.

>> No.50312439

Cutting the moon in half really isn't that big a deal in Naruto, people need to stop using it as an example of incredible power. The moon's hollow, you need to cut through a couple kilometers of rock at once. It's impressive that the Golden Wheel Reincarnation Explosion has the range to cut through the moon's entire circumference, and the efficiency that Toneri can afford to keep the beam going long enough to do it. But it's not a particularly impressive feat of power.

>> No.50312448

To be fair, comic Thor is pretty cool when written competently. He is literally the god of protecting mortals, after all.

>If its in the comics, you pick it up to prevent the lady Thor who isn't Lady Thor arc from happening.
Don't tamper with fate. This is our penance for continuing to buy Marvel's shit while they pander to people who don't even read their comics. We must suffer until we stop and Marvel gets the message.

>> No.50312455

Luna does not happen all the time, and I forgot to mention that--would that make it less OP?

>> No.50312462

Well, the game clearly shows that there's a world, or at least an inhabited land, beyond the castle. So therefore there's something else you can do.

But hey, if you want your jumps to consist solely and exactly of what is seen on-camera, with nothing but impenetrable boundaries when you try to go places you couldn't reach in the game or try to open doors that weren't openable in the game, that's your chain, fanwank however you like.

>> No.50312464

Anon, you're still cutting through several hundred kilometers of rock over thousands of kilometers in range in an instant. It's pretty fucking impressive. Sure it's not destroying a moon like Piccolo did but saying it's not a big deal or showcasing incredible power is a bit too much of an understatement.

>> No.50312475

So with Doctor Strange being a thing now (though I haven't seen it), is it a safe guess that the MCU's Asgardian stuff is at least partially actually magic?

>> No.50312479

Maybe not in terms of biggatons, but the FCK does the "army of afterimages" trick on someone who can dodge lightning. He himself can dodge attacks that are as fast as light, in addition to a shitton of esoteric attacks he can pull off.

>> No.50312480

Probably pretty important

>> No.50312490

It always blurred the line between the two.

>> No.50312497

>light speed attacks
Ahaha. Come now anon, don't tell me you believe that silliness.

>> No.50312502

That's not my point. My point is that anything outside the castle would be purely fanwank. There's very little to go on in making a jump of this. For purposes of making the jump, it's just the stuff inside the castle that we have to work with, and that's not much.

>> No.50312514

Well, with UAMI, I flaunt it just to see the look on Thor's face.

Outside of that, my jumper is probably closer to pre-mortal Thor, do it may budge a little but probably won't really do anything.

>> No.50312521

I'm not saying it's not impressive. Like I said, the range and efficiency of the attack is amazing. It's just not particularly high when it comes to raw damage.

>> No.50312550

If you want to wank that the author was 'wrong' about his own story, that's fine. But don't try and force that on other people. Besides that, people in SDK really are hellaciously fast.

>> No.50312562

Well, yes, for the purposes of _making_ the jump, there's not much to go on. But if the Benefactor offered it as part of my chain, I'd go play tourist (once I had some earlier jumps under my belt).

>> No.50312574

Alternatively, the speed of light is lower in the SDK universe. Nothing says that C has to be constant in every dimension. Maybe it's only like a few thousand times the speed of sound, or something\.

>> No.50312578

Okay, I reworded Recruitment a little. Let me know If I need to fix it some more.

[spoilers]Recruitment (400 CP, Discount Mercenary) - You can easily win over people as companions by talking to them during a fight or a debate. This can also apply to people who are friendly to you. You will have to come up with some kind of plausible reasoning to win them over to your side and it will have to make sense for the person to do it, like paying someone with no scruples to betray his boss, or telling an honorable knight that his king does not deserve his throne or his service. Do note that your reasoning has to be true and if you lie to someone to convince them to join your side, this perk will not work. You also seem to be able to draw powerful allies to your side.[/spoilers]

>> No.50312580

Are you one of those fans anon? It seems like you are, given you think an attack is light speed because it has light in the name.

>> No.50312593

Fair enough. I totally agree on that point, that it would be cool to explore. But the conversation was about making a jump of it, and I just don't think there's enough to go on.

>> No.50312597

True, but he's also able to tank below-absolute zero attacks that destroy on a "quantum level". But he still massively outspeeds (again, to the point of producing "speed clones") someone who can dodge lightning which is still fucking ludicrous.

>> No.50312601

I think the idea now is that it's magic that has advanced enough to look like tech? Maybe? There may not even be an official retcon, they just pretend they never said anything. Thor did say 'where I come from we call it one and the same' when talking about magic vs science, so they've got some leeway.

Personally I'm leaning towards yes, it's magic.

>> No.50312608

>going through canon events in Madoka.

That's usually my primary reason for taking Return in any of my chains - everything I want to accomplish in Madoka revolves around the girls.

Generally speaking, I save Mami from a horrible death and invite her along, pair Sayaka with Kyosuke (fuck Hitomi, she can be with someone else), counsel/help Kyoko, mentor Madoka, and puzzle out the best way to handle Homura's insanity.

>> No.50312641

What sort of lightning anon? Is this lightning coming from the sky to the ground or magic lightning someone made? Is he ready for an attack or was it completely unexpected? There's a bunch of different factors that make dodging lightning a lot less fast then you might think it is.

>> No.50312668

In interest of ending this line of argument, which is arguably inane, I went to magic google, and searched for ICO lore. What I found, was apparently hidden text files buried in the game that went unused, which probably explains most of the things that anons were talking about with "seals" or "demons" or whatever shit.

Here, I'll even link it. http://www.glitterberri.com/ico/unused-dialogue-and-retranslation/
A lot of it is very evidently inference, but holy fuck people, do we not use google anymore? If even I can find it (it was the 3rd link by the way) then anyone should be able to find it without expecting to be spoon-fed, no?

I'm gonna go back to more starsector.

>> No.50312688

No anon. Not everyone who disagrees with you is blinded by fanboyism, as discomfiting a thought that must be. But while Naruto and Bleach eventually outclass SDK in terms of firepower (ignoring esoteric bullshit like teleporting your opponent's attack inside of them), SDK generally keeps up in terms of speed. Having a lightspeed attack isn't exactly shocking.

>> No.50312695

Anon, that's fucking retarded. Like, you'll get marginally different speeds depending on what it passes through and what's acting on it, but usually there's no reason to believe that the speed of light isn't constant unless there's some weird cosmology fuckery (such as Elder Scrolls, where nothing is true and everything is permitted).

Also, you'd think people that are OOM faster than sound would find it weird how reality seems to be lagging.

>> No.50312706

So GHQ looks cool and all, but I'm curious of something. I don't know much about Bleach, but Hollows eat human souls, right? If you choose Hollow, do you have to eat people?

>> No.50312711

Which settings would give me the ability to extract someone's soul without killing them?

>> No.50312714

Same I always just considered MCU Asgardians as using Magitech

>> No.50312725

Why would you assume that any laws of physics are the same in a magical universe, anon? That seems like a pretty big assumption to make.

>> No.50312728

Wait what? Why can't you lie to someone? It seemed fine before, since you needed to give someone a plausible reason to join you. Why the nerf?

>> No.50312737

Lightning from a summoned thundercloud in the sky, that the character did not see coming until after it started down.

>> No.50312759

Yeah, dirge_, I read that page. Did you? Because there's no mention of seals or demons on it. Don't talk shit about people not reading things if you're not going to read either. I even fucking said that I was googling for ICO lore to figure out what people were talking about, you condescending ass.

>> No.50312763


Drop-In. something exploiting game mechanics?
Horned Kid. something athletics, strange luck, endurance?
Kidnapped Princess. something romance, shadow power?
Evil Queen. something magic, shadow minions?

Items: magic sword. horned mooks. old castle.

>> No.50312782

>game mechanic perklines
please no

>> No.50312802

A different way to approach the issue may be to instead find advanced enough medical technology that you can force the body to stay alive after it's been de-souled. Franken Fran has a capstone that lets you revive the recently deceased, so you might be able to pull it off with that, though it's all comic-science as opposed to magic.

>> No.50312804

http://vsbattles.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:Thebluedash/RWBY_Calc_ _Mercury_and_Emerald_dodges_lightning_and_Ruby_displaces_rocks_(Vivi%27s_calc)

Here's a neat little thing I found. Seems to be the same sort of situation, yet the top speed only comes out to a few hundred times the speed of sound. Impressive, not to the levels you're implying it to be since it's still lower then Naruto's top tiers. If you have a calc that supports our guy being even faster then one about a very similar feat, I'd be happy to be proven wrong by it.

>> No.50312808

Lightning from a thundercloud generally reaches a speed of around 100 km/s which is equivalent to 0.03% the speed of light. In addition there are factors such as distance. For example; you could not possibly outrun a car that's going 150 km/h. But if the car is driving towards you at that speed but has to cross a distance of 50 meters then the odds are pretty good that you could get out of the way before it hit you.

>> No.50312816

That sounds like it'd just put them into a coma though, I was thinking more like that one Simpsons episode

>> No.50312819

Someone said it was too OP so I nerfed it. Lies do not apply to meta-knowlege, by the way. If you tell someone character is going to do x bad thing like they did in canon even when they haven't done it yet, that's not a lie.

>> No.50312829

So...still riding that "Because he says it's light speed it is even if it is a huge outlier compared to everything so far and makes no real sense nor is really backed up with evidence" train eh? I guess you think Itachi's Amaterasu is as hot as the sun's core too and YYH characters can all bust planets with ease.

>> No.50312834

How do I subjegate death?

>HP master of death
>Castlevania power of dominance

What else do I need?

>> No.50312854

Pretty sure that's the case, yeah.

Might want to get one of the two soul food options if you're a good guy.

>> No.50312863

I'm pretty sure Itachi actually just says as hot as the sun, not as hot as the sun's core. So that's not too unbelievable, depending on what part he was referring to. The surface of the sun is only a little hotter than a welding torch, for example.

>> No.50312864

Anin, are you fucking trolling me?

Because fiction is generally "like reality unless noted"? Because that's the only way this whole thing works? Do you assume that different atmospheric compositions are default in fantasy realms, so arrows fly much slower or faster? Do you assume that you die in any fantasy setting because there's no evidence that the so-called "humans" breath the same type of air? Do you assume that tearing up an M1A1 Abram's armor in Marvel is less impressive than in DC because there's no way to know if they share the same tensile strength or shear resistance?

>> No.50312870

Seems kinda of too far? I meant more putting mor emphasis on it being plausible. For example, if you tell an honorable knight his king doesn't deserve the throne, you need to back that shit up instead of having the guy instantly believe you with no evidence and years of loyalty cementing his belief in his king's honour. Being able to lie to people is fine but the previous version of the perk just seemed to be closer to instant brainwashing if something might happen instead of needing some sort of convincing proof.

>> No.50312877

Master of Death means nothing, in Harry Potter. It's just a title. The only place it actually gives you anything is bad fanfic.

>> No.50312879

I have to ask. Westworld jump when?

>> No.50312887


>> No.50312893

Anon, it's just an example of things fictitious characters say that are over exaggerating or just obviously untrue, yet are taken as fact by some fans simply because they're said. I can bring up some more example if you really want but I reckon it go the point across.

>> No.50312923

I'm still fairly humanish, so "how I see the world" is really just how I've always seen it, just with a wider visible spectrum. Even then, I tend to stick to my Companions and a couple of folks per Jump. I don't often make waves in new places, other than "here comes Jane with another bit of nonsense. Don't question it."

Though, as far as genre shifts? my Slice of Life turned sorta Drama-ish towards the end, with Chisame's father trying to force her into an arranged marriage with one of his JDF buddies.

>> No.50312925

Well, the initial request was to keep them alive, and coma is technically alive.

That said, I don't know anything off-hand that exactly fits what you want. You may be able to jerry-rig something if you mess around with Kingdom Hearts metaphysics, though you'll probably want to steal their Hearts and turn them into Nobodies instead of stealing their souls, since souls in KH are more like willpower than what we usually think of as souls. I'm pretty sure it doesn't explicitly allow you to purchase the ability to do that, however.

Or, magic from the Disney Princess jump. That sounds very much like something black Disney magic might be able to do.

Have you also considered just maxing out your bluff and convincing them you have their soul? That might work depending on what you want to do.

>> No.50312928

Well, actually it's not "summoned" whatever that anon's smoking. It's called down from an existing cloud.

>> No.50312934

So I know Bancho shouldn't ever be jumping due to what he is but I am curious... What would his Shadow in persona even be like?

I bet it's just Bancho. An exact copy

>> No.50312938

Are there any perks that can replicate the evil empowerment spell from DBZ Xenoverse, the one that Towa and Demigra use? It's basically a spell that empowers, corrupts, and controls (?) those who it's used on. I want it so I can play the role of big bad that works behind the scenes. If a combo is needed, that works too.

>> No.50312939

The Drop-in Capstone seems a bit OP compared to the rest. I mean a major stat boost and a free OP Holy Weapon?, I see no reason not to go Drop-in, unless a jumper wants to get Loptyr Tome. I'd recommend giving jumper the stat boosts for the normal 600cp perk, then having the jumper pay an extra undiscounted 200CP to gain the corresponding holy weapon.

Unless I'm misreading the perks and the minor and major holy blood grant the same stat boosts and the major holy blood just grants you the usage of the holy weapon, in which case disregard this advice.

>> No.50312956

Yes to all of those things, with the exception of dying spontaneously. I assume that Jump-chan alters my biology to the local norm. That would have to be the case in order for me to buy various powers. But yes, I don't think it's reasonable to assume that anything in a fantasy universe is the same as in ours, just because it outwardly looks the same. A world with magic is not just "our world, plus some other stuff". All the laws of physics are linked, you can't change one variable without cascading effects. Trying to shove something new into our own physical laws would distort them as it makes room. Only worlds that have the same laws of physics as ours can be compared to ours, because there's no context to compare the others. I won't force this on you if you insist otherwise, so let's please not get into an argument about this. But there are lots of ways for two universes to look superficially similar but have massively different principles underlying them, so I don't feel comfortable assuming things are the same.

>> No.50312958

I hate vs. battles.

In Super Mario World, a little comedic cutscene plays every time you beat a Koopaling, where the castle is destroyed in a humorous manner. In one of these, Mario picks up the castle and punts it away. vs. battles has decided that this means Mario is strong enough to lift a castle.

>> No.50312965

Of course. Why do you assume that superhumans in shonen of all fucking things are automatically bullshitting when they say that they can blow a ton of shit up?

>> No.50312966

Can't you just eat other Hollows instead?

>> No.50312968

His Shadow would probably be both a better and worse person. Better because he will admit his plans are evil and/or insane, and worse because he won't give a shit and will lack any good traits that Bancho has, and he does have some.

>> No.50312969


Assuming you mean the HBO series, I would wait until the series is over, or at the very least, until a few seasons are past since they have apparently planned it out to 5 seasons worth of story.

Too much is unknown and up in the air to properly build a jump at this time.

>> No.50312978

Well, once we have Infernals you can use the charm Path of a Thousand Whispers. It's an Essence 10 charm, so it will take you a while to get to it. But it gives a huge power boost to a target while giving you control over them. It also lets you respec their character sheet, so you can take all the XP they've got dedicated to things you don't care about and put it into the traits you want. Oh, and they get access to your personal charm tree as a Devil-Tiger, that's pretty cool. It's basically a make your own Exalted charm, though not as good as the real thing.

>> No.50312987

So it makes some silly mistakes sometimes. Does that mean everything it does is bad and inaccurate? Seems like a bit of a fallacy to me anon.

Feats or GTFO man. Just because someone says something, doesn't mean they can do it, especially when it's a huge outlier or goes against prior information.

>> No.50313003

>5 seasons
I didn't know I could be this erect. Also, does anyone know if the book or original movies are any good?

>> No.50313008

There's actually precedent for that, kind of. One of the party members in Persona 5, Futaba, is self-destructive and suicidal when you first meet her. This results in her Shadow actually wanting to help her and make her a better and more emotionally stable person, because that's what the opposite of her personality is.

>> No.50313025

>A lot of it is very evidently inference
Did you even read my entire post? Or were you looking specifically for the word seal or demon? Because neither of those will show up, but there are plenty of lines that people can infer from which a boundary between the world exists, a caste difference has been implemented, and there's a necessary ritual to cross the boundary between the worlds.

>Their leader uses a pulsating sword to gain access to a chamber in the interior.
>This is all for the good of the village.
>To give your life in service
to nobility such as we…
>That is why you were brought
to this castle, is it not?
>It will also serve to put his people
in their place.

>> No.50313031

It makes silly mistakes quite a lot desu. I'm disappointed anyone on this site would defend it.

>> No.50313040

You know, I'm pretty sure you meant 'at your discretion' but this is jumpchain so desecration is a very real possibility.

>> No.50313063

Yeah, I did. And I don't see that inference. All I see is exactly the things the game presents itself as being about. There's a magic castle. You need to use magic to get inside it. People hate the horned children and sacrifice them. That's not inference, that's explicit text. There's nothing about guarding a seal, nothing about any demons trying to "break the cycle", nothing even about the world outside the castle being destroyed and broken. That initial post the person was talking about was garbage.

>> No.50313065

>Nihil discount mercenary
Goddamit Nika, I'm going to need like, a fifth version of my build now.

I was already having trouble buying everything I wanted.

Still, glad you took my suggestions.

Is the second N/D technique discounted to mercenary?

You should make a specific note that the crusader weapons are off limits - or at least, can't be used - before you link the weapons lists.

No 'room and a meal at an inn once per week' item?

Not sure if you have anywhere to put this, but for the mercenaries, maybe a perk that lets you find broken down fortresses, fix them up, and take them over?

>> No.50313067

That would make sense. How's this?

Recruitment (400 CP, Discount Mercenary) - You can easily win over people as companions by just talking to them during a fight or a debate. This can also apply to people who are friendly to you. You will have to come up with some kind of plausible (emphasis on plausible) reasoning to win them over to your side and it will have to make sense for the person to do it, like paying someone with no scruples to betray his boss, or telling an honorable knight that his king does not deserve his throne or his service. You have to be able to back up your words, with proof. You will have to have proof of the king’s evil deeds, for example, and any corrupt behavior he’s done. The more hostile a person is to you, the likelier this perk will not work. You also seem to be able to draw powerful allies to your side.

>> No.50313068

What's your alternative anon? "It's what I say it is because I said so"? I'd much rather have people try to give accurate calcs and use my own judgement as to whether to trust them or not then decide some random anon has the right of it because he says so.

>> No.50313076

Looks good.

>> No.50313084

If it's game mechanics, then It has a MAXIMUM chance at about 60%.

>> No.50313086

Jumps that let you be related to canon characters?

>> No.50313097

I guess you're right, anon. Maybe I should have come at this from the other direction, Brannigan's Law and all that.

>> No.50313099

Damn, that is good, thanks anon. How long does it take to get access to that level of charms? I assume a few centuries, that's what I got told for Dragonbloods after all.

>> No.50313101

....okay? My post still stands I think? If at 'MAXIMUM' it's only just over 1/2 chance, that seems like a pretty important to note difference.

>> No.50313106

Fuck off, man, stop pretending to be dirge_. He only uses his name when he's talking about one of his jumps, he's said that a thousand times by now. Stop stirring shit using his identity.

>> No.50313110

King Arthur

>> No.50313123

>Forbidding interference with undeveloped planets to help them but allows exploitation of them
Wut. How is this even related?

>> No.50313139

1. The second N/D technique is not discounted to mercenary--taking mercenary just means one of the two is free. You will still have to buy the other one.

2. Yeah, that would make sense for me to mention that.

3. I'll consider it.

4. I'm pretty sure you can do that without needing a perk.

>> No.50313142

The Incredibles, Devil Survivor 1 and sort of 2 (if you view Alcor as being a relative of Polaris), Genealogy, Arrow, and Naruto.

>> No.50313145

Buffyverse, and FMA lets you replace one of the Homunculi

>> No.50313158

So, Jumpers, does your team include any of the new Pokémon?

>> No.50313161

He's probably just being pissy today, he derailed a topic on giant robots in the IRC to bitch about the engineering industry.

>> No.50313169

Genealogy, technically.

>> No.50313174

>to bitch about the engineering industry.
What about it?

>> No.50313176

Harry Potter and ASoIaF are the ones of mine where that's allowed. Fire Emblem: Awakening as well sort of with the kid option and the Avatar drawback.

I almost stuck a perk in Sitcoms that let you be a family member of one of the characters of whatever setting you went to afterwards but decided it was overly meta, felt a bit like I was ruining the backgrounds people had designed and I couldn't account for the potential abuses of it.

Recently I've started just implanting myself in the memory of key characters as a family member if I wanted that background enough using the Parasite perk from Rick and Morty. It's not quite the same thing and it's a lot sleazier but ah well.

>> No.50313178

Pokemon is for children.

>> No.50313191

Yes, and?

>> No.50313198

Infernals use the Solar progression table for stats, meaning that to get to Essence 10 they need to be at least 1000 years old. So yeah, it will take a while. On the plus side, once you have The Song of the Shadow (I got the name wrong earlier, Path of a Thousand Whispers is its prereq), you can make them pretty cheaply. It works by channeling the power through one of your Third Circle Demons, so they spend the motes and Willpower for it. Costs you nothing. So you can make about four or five a day without any risk to you, providing you send your demon back into your Inner World to rest every time and keep it safe.

>> No.50313200

Teen Titans,

>> No.50313202


Decidueye is an asset of my team--he's my sneaky assassin sniper buddy who kills people when everyone else is busy or can't be associated with their deaths.

>> No.50313205

I'm seriously considering doing some retconning to get Mimikyu as a starter.

>> No.50313206


I liked the original 1970s movie with Yul Brenner, but I've not read the original screenplay or seen the sequel, Futureworld (although I hear it is bad).

I think Westworld will make for a nice jump once a lot more of the current storyline is known, so I look forward to it in the future.

>> No.50313209

I used mine to go through the first few Star Trek movies. I let Kirk deal with V-Ger and that nonsense, but I managed to Finagle an excuse to be on the Enterprise for Wrath of Khan.

Then I nearly destroyed Earth by punching out Spock.

I was immune to radiation at that point, so I stopped him from going in to fix the warp engines and did it myself. He lived, I lived, Khan died, we all went home happy. David and Saavik went to study Genesis, and it wasn't until we got word about the Grissom's unexplained disappearance that I remembered Star Trek III and IV.

Ended up kidnapping the crew and stealing the Enterprise just in time to miss the Whale Probe, and Star Trek IV happened about as normal. Problem was, the Enterprise was an old ship, and that last time warp was the last straw. Turns out the old Constitution-class had saucer separation features for emergencies, so we crashed the primary hull into San Fransisco Bay.

Good times.

Original 150 Purist.
totally not because I don't know any of the new ones.
>Oleander ("Ollie") -- Bulbasaur -> Venusaur
>Nimue -- Caterpie -> Butterfree
>Cassandra -- Vulpix -> Ninetails

Hi there. Jane Doe, Perpetual Child.
>Squidge -- Dratini -> Dragonair
>Cleveland -- Kabuto -> Kabutops

>> No.50313212

>4. I'm pretty sure you can do that without needing a perk.

Well, there are probably political ramifications, especially in a medieval world, but the idea was to do it quickly or something. Like, even if it is run down, it probably still belongs to someone. But you fix it up and stuff, and then they just let you have it.

>> No.50313221

I'm disappointed that I have to take drawbacks if I want to be a half-demon and have an origin besides drop-in.

>> No.50313229

I may have waifu'd my sister.

>> No.50313233

That's perfect, I can deal with a thousand year waiting period for something like that. Many thanks, anon.

>> No.50313242

Pic related

>> No.50313243

Well considering being a Half-Demon gives you the potential to be more powerful ans versatile than everything else in the jump put together, I'd say that's fair.

>> No.50313245

Since Tamaranian provided the full range of the siblings' powers, not just the baseline tamaranian ones, does that mean you're almost certainly Starfire and Blackfire's sibling from taking that option?

>> No.50313256

Oi, that reminds me, how big of a deal would it be for a Noble to have Major Holy Blood? I know Drop Ins would get incredibly confused and startled reactions, but what about a Noble Jumper?

>> No.50313268


Alrighty, makes more sense. I'll consider it.

>> No.50313275

Creepy Pasta forces me into being a Cryptid to get the ONE THING I want from that Jump.

wow, I screwed up the last half of that post.

Original 150 Purist.
totally not because I don't know any of the new ones.[/spoiler]
>Oleander ("Ollie") -- Bulbasaur -> Venusaur
>Nimue -- Caterpie -> Butterfree
>Cassandra -- Vulpix -> Ninetails
>Squidge -- Dratini -> Dragonair
>Cleveland -- Kabuto -> Kabutops

>> No.50313278

The sad fact is that 90% of the new pokemon turned out to be shit, or legendaries.

>> No.50313280

Would it be feasible to use a soul-devouring ability (such as Dark Binding) and Soul Channeling (Supernatural) to drain the "power" from a soul while keeping the "core" intact so I can later release it into the wild?

>> No.50313290

There's nothing wrong with that.

>> No.50313293

The IRC. Has devolved. Into Fate-posting.


>> No.50313300

Rockruff is objectively the most adorable Pokemon.

>> No.50313304

Is that true in the cartoon too and not just the mainline comics?

I heard that the TT cartoon comics added more lore to that.

>> No.50313305


>> No.50313307

Oh, and one more thing I should mention: Third Circle demons can be pretty abstract, they don't have to look like creatures. Many Third Circle demons are living features of the Malfean landscape, and we have at least one example of one that's a living emotion. So if you don't want to have there be a visual of you summoning another creature to do the Investiture of Infernal Glory for you, you could have it be a demon that manifests as a light or cocoon enveloping the target, or a machine that alters them, or just a vague aura of corruption.

>> No.50313318

Everything is wrong with that.

>> No.50313322

Too bad about its evolutions.

They're generic wolfo and ugly looney tunes werewolf.

>> No.50313323

Yeah, he's pretty great. Better than Litten, certainly. Dog better than cat. Especially once cat evolves. Torracat's "bell" is actually a fleshy oil-spraying glad. Gross.

>> No.50313330

You can't stop me from sinning.

>> No.50313331

I remember Starfire saying that everyone on her planet can fly. Are you sure the abilities aren't innate in the show?

>> No.50313334

That's an odd way to spell "Eevee."

Neat cartoon dog, though.

>> No.50313343

Ranma 1/2 has a drawback that makes you Ranma's brother. Same with Travelers Gate

>> No.50313347

The more I hear about this charm the more I want it. Is it attached to a particular Yozi?

>> No.50313352

Indeed it is, it is mentioned in the Cartoon's tie in comic, so yes it is canon to the show.

Tamaranians all have some powers including flight, but Starfire and her siblings have several other powers that came from an experiment. Namely the plasma stuff.

>> No.50313354

It's not even about the perks, it's about how Mystery/Drop-in doesn't have any history in the world, and therefore no history with Raven.

>> No.50313355

When you're dealing with multiple timelines and the concept of Conservation of Events existing?

People will discuss it.

Bitch some more, or come up with a better topic that'll take people's minds off of it. And which name are you in there, I want to mock you real quick.

>> No.50313363

No, other Tamaraneans can have those powers we just never see them.

>> No.50313365

Nope, it's Heretical, any Infernal can have it provided they've gone Devil-Tiger. And you're going to go Devil-Tiger, it's stupid not to.

>> No.50313366

>Indeed it is, it is mentioned in the Cartoon's tie in comic, so yes it is canon to the show.
Then it's pretty cut and dry, you're related to Starfire, Darkfire, and Wildfire. Without KOTOR saying otherwise, anyway.

>> No.50313369

Pretty sure neither can do that.

>> No.50313379

KOTOR Anon, what do you suppose would happen if you "devoured" a self-duplicate using either Recolada (SftD) or Consume (Prototype)?

>> No.50313381

I was planning on going Devil Tiger anyway, so that's fine by me.

>> No.50313385

My only question is


>> No.50313388

>so I can later release it into the wild?

>Jumper attempts to release a soul from captivity
>"Go on now, you're free"
>Soul turns around and looks at jumper
>"Hey, go on, git!"
>Soul just stares at you
>"Get out, can't you see I don't want you anymore?!"
>Tears are streaming down jumper's face
>Soul turns around and heads off to face the world
>Soul is immediately eaten by a passing Hollow

>> No.50313390

The day form is alright.

I can't take the midnight one seriously because it reminds me of a bad 90's glam rock band.

Yeah, I was pretty disappointed with the starters. They apparently forgot Incineroar ISN'T supposed to be fire/fighting.

>Dog better than cat.

Go and stay go.

>> No.50313391

If you say so, doesn't really make much sense though.

>> No.50313396

Even in light of the tie-in comics saying the plasma stuff is from an experiment like anon says?

>> No.50313410

What I'm really disappointed in is that Rowlet doesn't grow increasingly dapper as it evolves. I mean, it still looks good and is probably the best of the starters. But come on, it could have grown absolutely adorable. Don't give me an owl with a bow tie and then have him get less fancy as he evolves.

>> No.50313414

Oh shit, is there another sist-

>> No.50313423


If you really want to explore the ramifications behind it, it's likely there'd be political tensions over who gets to be head of the family depending on the bloodline. I don't think it ever comes up in-game, though, that's just a headcanon of mine. I feel that it should go to the person who was born with the major blood first (Which is assume will be the canon major holy blood carrier). And since they have a copy of a Holy Weapon somewhere, they'd probably be seen as a threat by some people outside the family, and would react in kind. The Loptyr Bloods would see someone with Holy Naga Blood as a threat, for example, since they want Loptyr on the throne and they can't have that with a Naga Blood running around.

But if a noble jumper really wants to be head of the family, assassination isn't out of the question. It'll be looked down upon if it comes to light, obviously.

So I'm guessing, "Some tension but not much, could be seen as a threat by certain other families"

>> No.50313426

Can you post a link or source image? Because I've never come across that in my research.


>> No.50313427

"Because Hawaii takes it easy!"

Which might be true, but it's still idiotic and makes mots of your pokemon shit. There is ZERO reason not to give them bulk to make up for the slow speed. It'd make sense. But noooo, instead everything has low stats or is a mixed a attacker. A slow, frail, mixed attacker. Fuckin' garbage.

The ones that are good are the sea urchin, the slut lizard, and the hipster fly. And the legendaries obviously.

>> No.50313435

It's a Heel wrestler, that fits dark type perfectly.

He looks like a genderbent Starfire, what the hell.

>> No.50313441

Yeah, sorry anon. No cute wild child sister for you.

Well, that is her brother. That does happen sometimes.

>> No.50313442

Speaker For The Dead, I believe.

>> No.50313455

Speaker for the Dead. You merge with someone, becoming an amalgation of mind and body, and in the process gaining their biological abilities.

>> No.50313459

>It's a Heel wrestler, that fits dark type perfectly.
Yes, but why? Its other evolutions didn't have anything to do with wrestling, why become a wrestler in its final form?

>> No.50313467

To justify making it bipedal like all fire starters must be.

>> No.50313485

Look. Be glad it wasn't another Fire/Fighting

>> No.50313504

>Recolada or Consume
>Gaining the biological abilities of whatever you eat.
Absolutely nothing since duplicates just have weaker versions of your own abilities.

>> No.50313544

Doesn't the first one have the your abilities at equal potency, then each one after is half? I'm more thinking if your clone used morphing from Animorphs to the two hour limit (thereby making whatever they morphed into their base form) and then devouring yourself to incorporate the new biological traits.

>> No.50313583

More like it's what 'the author says because he's writing the story'. Citing a bunch of idiots on the internet for 'calcs' from a story entirely different than the one being discussed, on the other hand, is completely nonsensical.

>> No.50313586

>Doesn't the first one have the your abilities at equal potency, then each one after is half?

>if your clone used morphing from Animorphs to the two hour limit (thereby making whatever they morphed into their base form) and then devouring yourself to incorporate the new biological traits.
I suppose that would work.

>> No.50313616

Where did you find the info that only Starfire and her siblings can use their specific powersets in the cartoon? I know it's a thing in the comics but from all I've seen and read the show went with a different explanation.

>> No.50313628

Seriously? Best Pokemon that has cost guts is actually one of best competitively?

>> No.50313630

>Best Pokemon that has cost guts

>> No.50313639

Ahuh. You enjoy that then anon, just don't force it on more reasonable people who might not take one author's statements as gospel in a place all about different settings crossing over.

>> No.50313647

*fist guts

Fucking autocorrect

>> No.50313650

Mudsdale? Nice bulk, great attack, and Stamina is a pretty awesome ability.

>> No.50313663

Oh no, Pyukamuka or however it's spelled is really shitty. The pokemon I'm talking about is named Toxapex.

It's not shit, but it's not really all that special. Probably UU though, so it's above the majority of Alolan mons, who are unforgivably bad.

>> No.50313669


Eh... Doctor Strange basically used the same answer to the question that Marvel used in Thor - a vague version of Clarke's "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

>> No.50313676

No, Pyukumuku is a sea cucumber. The urchin anon is talking about is Toxapex.

>> No.50313693

I haven't played competitive in years. Is even the pseudo shit this gen? It's the fighting/dragon, right?

>> No.50313706

It's shit for a pseudo. It doesn't excel at anything, its stats are spread around, making it a generalist. On top of that, it has a shallow and weak movepool. So amongst pseudos, it's at the bottom.

>> No.50313712

But is sufficiently advanced magic indistinguishable from technology?

>> No.50313721

If you focus on ease of use and self-contained effects, yeah.

>> No.50313729

Sufficiently advance magic is reality warping. Sufficiently analyzed magic is science.

>> No.50313763

Didn't he and his mentor write it all off as different dimensional laws of reality? Honestly the MCU still feels like it makes everything out to be science desu. It's just that the laws of science as Earthrealmers know them aren't the same in every plane of reality.

I am surprised at what mystical scrublords all the Asgardians and their rivals seem to be in comparison though. With just a few months' training and without an Infinity Stone, Strange has me convinced he could take Loki in a magical duel.

>> No.50313781

Asgardians are mostly focused on being fighters, not mages and Loki does seem to only really go for trickery magic, not big blasty magic. So yeah, makes sense.

>> No.50313784

Teen Titans Go, the the tie in comic book series from 2003 not the god awful reboot. Don't remember which issue and there are 55 issues so it would be somewhat difficult to look through them all to find the quote.

It is also listed on the wiki but that's not likely worth much.

Does anyone else think it strange that despite all tamaranians supposedly being able to fly and have super strength they never show those abilities? In the only episode where other tamarainans show up they never fly and their soldiers are taken out like standard mooks.

>> No.50313796

Maybe their flight is less efficient and their super strength lower.

>> No.50313816

Just a reminder that even good capeshit is full of plot holes and inconsistent as fuck.

>> No.50313856


I saw the movie once. IIRC, the Ancient One tells Strange that they have understanding of the fundamental laws of the omni-verse, and fueled effects by tapping into the energies of dimensions.

As for everything being science... well.. the magic/science dichotomy doesn't really make sense most of the time. Science is a method - and it is easily applied to what people consider magic in most cases (given magic follows any framework of rules).

>> No.50313880

Honestly, when people say 'science' in these contexts, they usually should be saying technology. Probably what they think of when they say science anyway.

>> No.50313906

Magic and Science are the same thing, viewed from a different angle, and interacted with via different mediums.

>> No.50313926

See >>50313856
Magic is a thing, Science is a method. Use the right terms.

>> No.50313942

Well, in comics Marvel, magic is straight-up not science. It actually got offended and refused to work when Reed Richards treated it as such.

>> No.50313945

Except that technology is the application of science for practical purposes. That's why techniques and knowledge can be classified as technology. So magic would be technology, too. I think we need a new word entirely.

>> No.50313959

>I think we need a new word entirely.
The use of Mechanisms to manipulate the natural laws, as opposed to energies that are either internal, or trans-dimensional, along with simple foci.

>> No.50313969

That was less about it being incomprehensible by the scientific method and more about his attitude towards it. "It's just science and therefore it should bow to me like all things science do". It was offended by the arrogance of his assumptions, not the assumptions themselves. There are plenty of people in Marvel who have successfully studied magic with the scientific method, they just had to treat it with respect along the way. A social science as much as a physical one, I guess.

>> No.50313973

Esoteric and Material Sciences?

>> No.50313988

Which is why magic will forever be based. Reed Richards is a giant cunt.

>> No.50313990


Marvel (comics reality) isn't necessarily relevant to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

>> No.50313993

Eh. I'd say it doesn't really count as true science if it changes based on how it feels about you.

Social science is mostly pseudo-science, anyway.

>> No.50314004

Applied Magics.

Engineering and Tech are Applied Sciences. Artificing and the like can be Applied Magics.

>> No.50314006

It works that way because the magic that humans use in Marvel is primarily invocation-based, drawing on spirits for power. That's why it was possible for it to be offended. The spirits themselves have the true science of magic.

>> No.50314010

True enough. Doom has done way more to help society than Richards ever has.

All hail Doom.

I know, just saying science isn't universally applicable to magic.

>> No.50314022

Can humans use true magic in Marvel?

>> No.50314053

On a similar note: I kind of want to make a Grim War jump. It's a setting for Wild Talents, where magic is all spirit invocation (and spirit conjuration, it draws a distinction between those two terms). So while the real magic is the stuff the spirits do, you can still apply the scientific method to magic by studying how human spells interact with spirits. Scientifically-minded wizards are basically spiritual biologists, it's kind of neat.

Yes. It's much rarer and more difficult, though. That's one of the reasons why Doctor Strange himself is considered such a big deal, he's old enough (it doesn't get brought up much, but due to differing time flow on different planes, Strange is actually tens of thousands of years old) that he's learned to do magic all on his own.

>> No.50314055

I teleport into the middle of nowhere in New Mexico and find myself on the edge of a relatively small crater. SHIELD personnel start screaming at me to get on my knees with my hands behind my head as I step over the lip of the crater. I regard the hammer with curiosity.

I wrap my fingers around the grip of the hammer, brace myself, and lift. The hammer shifts, before rising about two inches... and that's about it before it slips from my grip. My lips quirk in a bemused smile as I pull out a wand and wave it over the hammer, analyzing it.

SHIELD has stopped screaming bloody murder and are more along the lines of going 'who is he and how did he do that?' and someone is probably interrupting Nick Fury in the middle of his coffee.

I put my wand away, reach down and do it again, and for a split second it looks like I've got a hammer in my other hand before it disappears and the hammer falls again, two centimeters away from where it was at first. And then I shrug, smile, and teleport away.

Because I'm using Cheat Mode to clone every fucking artifact in the MCU that I can.

I have other things to write up first, but... yes, you can expect this.

>> No.50314061

Well, of course Earth produces the best mages. It's literally the center of the omniverse.

>> No.50314066

Always bothered me but what's the temperature in the Warehouse without Heat/A.C?

>> No.50314072

Technology is the use of scientific knowledge to create tools. Science is the study of nature to accumulate knowledge.

>> No.50314076

Just warm enough to be uncomfortable

>> No.50314078

Yes, but knowledge is itself a tool, if you apply it. For example, agriculture.

>> No.50314080

>true science

Fuck you. If a thing exists, and you're studying it to determine the rules it follows, then you're doing science.

>> No.50314087

But didn't the War of the Seven Speheres and the results kind of get forgotten about and Strange ended up way weaker in recent years because he couldn't call upon higher beings, so he was limited to what amounts to parlor tricks?

>> No.50314091

Let's not devolve into semantics here, you little shit.

>> No.50314096

I think so. I kind of stopped paying attention to Marvel and DC, so I'm not up to date.

>> No.50314099

Cryptozoology is legit, then?

>> No.50314101

Hot in the summer, cold in the winter, just like any warehouse.

>> No.50314110

>if a thing exists

>> No.50314120

It's a discussion about terminology. It can't devolve to semantics because semantics is where it started. And it is a meaningful distinction. Agriculture is a technology, but it's more than just the physical tools that are used to practice agriculture. The knowledge is just as important. Same with metallurgy, or chemistry, or any other field of technology that's focused around making things rather than doing things.

>> No.50314124

I kind of want someone to do a mystic background in Marvel. Not because I care about the magic – having to call on spirits for power is meh – but because I want that bitching cloak and to be able to legit be known as the Sorcerer Supreme.

>> No.50314132

Humans do have personal reserves of energy they can tap for magic, but for the most part it works like Slayers magic and invokes a slew of different entities.

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