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What did he wanted again?

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be a good son

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proper english...

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All he wanted was a truth

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Finally, it took three posters to get to the point.
Did Lorgar ever had regrets about what he's done?

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I remember he has doubts during drop site massacre, when he saw Fulgrim vs Ferrus deathmatch.

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Numerous times. It took continuous cajoling from Erebus and Kor Phaeron to get him to fully commit.

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Considering the reality he lived in, Lorgar was one hundred percent in the right.

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He was probably one of the most loyal. If he didn't get dicked over as hard as he was, and the Emperor explained to him his mistakes, things would have been completely different.

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the emperor did explain his mistakes

his mistake was crossing the emperor


if his actions had led to a detente with the ruinous powers and the imperium then yes

but they had the effect of making chaos that much more powerful and the imperium that much weaker

so no

the whole point of keeping the true nature of chaos from his sons was that the emperor knew or feared they were corruptible, as proved to be the case, that they would turn to it for quick and easy power in times of need, as proved to be the case, and that the belief that he had bred them with of their own superiority would erroneously lead them to believe that they could master chaos, when it would in fact be chaos which mastered them, as proved to be the case

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>Did Lorgar ever had regrets about what he's done?

Remember he's done nothing but sulk in the Eye after the heresy ended.

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friend :(

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My favourite thing about The First Heretic is that Lorgar is an asshole even *before* he turns to Chaos.

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Most of the Primarchs in general were assholes.

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Yeah, but Lorgar is the only "cultured" Primarch who slaps his marines around when he gets angry.

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