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Cogheads should be executed. They are all Necron traitors in waiting.

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How big is the sword of a dreadknight? Would it look good in the hand of an imperial knight?

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Rolled 6, 1 = 7 (2d6)

Third for invisibly

>> No.50263007

New Warhammer Community site is up, they posted at least one IA article from 2002. Also they posted this picture of a 2017 release.

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Rolled 6, 1 = 7 (2d6)

You loose, yoogee

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Would it really have broken the game to allow Tesla's special rule to affect overwatch?

Literally no reason to bring Tesla, which sucks bc it's cool as fuck

>> No.50263033


looks either knightly or mechanicus.

>> No.50263036

Why doesn't it effect overwatch?

>> No.50263045

>mfw never used the old blog so I don't know how good of a change this is

It's legit that they're posting rumors though.

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Last night told the girl I'm in love with I don't want to see her anymore because she's a shitty friend. When will these damn cultists come in the mail I need a distraction/something to build zzz

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So I took the suggestions from when I posed my 800pt KDK list to build the slaughtercult and I have to say, this thing sucks.

Possessed are complete trash, even when I borrowed a rhino, I have an extra unit of useless bloodletters and I can't use my Bloodcrushers or Skull Cannon now.

If it wasn't for my Gorepack and Juggernaught riding Lord with the Flesh Hound I wouldn't even put up a fight.

My thoughts now are to revert back to a CAD and ally in CSM with Nurgle for some more decent bikes OR I could start trying the demon machines like a Soul Grinder, Heldrake or Forgefiend.

>> No.50263101

Woops, that forgefiend shouldn't be there I was just looking at its stats.

It is just a 1000pt list that has lost three out of three games since I completed this new configuration

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>Last night told the girl I'm in love with I don't want to see her anymore because she's a shitty friend.

Good for you. Overlooking shitty personality traits like that in the name of love is an ugly road. however much this hurts, just remember that othet road would hurt more.

Good choice. Those are some fun models to paint.

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Mail is too slow, you'd better go find some real cultists in your area.

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Can you give us condensed battle reports?

>> No.50263126

>S:D AP1 6" Primary Weapon 1

>> No.50263148

>rolled invisibility for the first time last week
>lose it on a perils the first turn

>> No.50263170

When rolling to-hit w Tesla it makes and additional 2 hits on sixes. This would be perfect for overwatch since you can only hit on sixes anyway.

They nerfed this for Tesla and any other special rule that increases hits on sixes.

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Is that a Dwarven rune at the bottom right?

>> No.50263207

I figured they would be. I actually am just starting up a Tau army, and a friend of mine is just starting guard, so I'm going to be semi converting/painting the cultists as just a human mining team from IA3, and we're probably going to be playing mostly killteam games/scenarios. I already have a couple very shitty Ogryn built out of spare sprus from when my older brother converted some fantasy ogres into grotesques and whatever other sprus I had lying around. Him, my chaos buddy and I are planning on having some gnarly 3 way humie battles

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::signal lost

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I can try, but I am fairly new:

>Game # 1 vs. Necrons

Tombblades devoured my bikes and were able to ignore cover
My troops and possessed footslogged around and got wrecked by Warriors and Immortals respectively
The Juggerlord was able to kill his Warlord when the Flesh Hounds and Lord charged the warrior squad

Final Score 5-3

>Game # 2 vs. vs. Space Wolves

Thunderwolves decimated anything they touched, which was all my bloodletters and possessed.
Long Fangs did a lot of damage to the Flesh Hounds before and after the unit took out some Grey Hunters

Final Score 6-3

>Game # 3 vs. Ultramarines

He brought a "Demi Company" and his troops were all in metal boxes so they were faster and more durable than mine.
His Assault Squad and Jump Captain got wrecked by my Juggerlord's unit
Devastators sat back and blew my army to hell

Final Score 6-2

Basically my units aren't tough enough to cross the field and I do not have enough shooting to be relevant from a distance.

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>Basically my units aren't tough enough to cross the field and I do not have enough shooting to be relevant from a distance.

That is a fair basic analysis.
I do not play CSM or KDK but I have seen them both a few times.

Maybe get a second gorepack all together, they seem to do really good.

Pick up some Dinobots if you want, I know the soulgrinder is alright. Definetly pick up a Heldrake when you get to bigger games.

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Yup, sounds like 40k

See if you can borrow a Tau army for a game
I did last week, remarkably fun when you don't need to think beyond 'shoot the closest, fastest thing'

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It must be a new tyranid unit! ..r-right guys? :(

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KDK is all about melee and melee is all about being unkillable and fucking fast. Shittons of fleshhound, Cabal (formation from Black Legion), Chaos/Renegade Knight, bikers etc. Idea is to get, get there was & intact and then wreck face. Chaos Knight is good (its from FW) since its allowed to take that Legacy of Ruin which gives +1inv to Daemon of Khorne saves and it can become Daemon of Khorne itself. Knight with 4++ and 3++ on one side is tough nut to crack.

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Okay, I'm starting up a fairly small (1000-1500 points, say, to begin with?) army of sorts after years and years.

For now, I'm settled on:

> Imperial
> Inquisition Presence is required
> No wolfs, grape kniggits or angles.

but beyond that, I'm not really sure.

I'm considering putting together something along the line of Deathwatch + Ordo Xenos, or possibly a mostly mechanised guard alongside an Ordo Hereticus inquisitorial detachment, though I'm also tossing around other ideas, including, but not limited to, scions and the mechanicus.

I'd like a fairly shooty and fairly durable army, all things told, but I have no idea about what works and what doesn't, these days.

Thoughts, suggestions?

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Guard are quite durable so long as you play fully mech. Your dudes will die if they are not hiding in boxes. Inquisitors make excellent support characters for them, though, being essentially sidegrades to Commissars except they can moonlight as Divination psykers too. They are a shooty army too, though all of the factions you listed are fairly shooty, just in different ways.

This is for a casual setting though. Due to the prevalence of grav and haywire, vehicles are less durable than they look in today's meta, but you can still have fun with them otherwise.

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Does anyone remember seeing any reference to the 1st Armageddon Steel Legion anywhere in any of the stuff GW has published.

I'm working on a regiment (via Only War and some other stuff though if I do decide to start a guard army in 40k it'd be them) that for reasons would be one of the very first regiments founded and while debating what number to assign it and looking through the wiki I realized I could just make them the first which would totally rock with the fluff I have for them.

>Professionally Staying On Topic Edition
You are a fool to tempt fate in such a fashion! What have you done!

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Yes, it was fucking disgusting. Annihilation Barges were crazy good.

>> No.50263827

size is a tad small for a imperial knight. not to mention knights don't have hands, either guns or a thunderfist. giving tiny baby hands to the imperial knight is a fun idea though

>> No.50263882

What the fuck happened to the 40k thread last night, shit was cancerous

>> No.50263898


Look in the Old white dwarves I remember seeing them referenced there somewhere

>> No.50263922

Pretty let down by the new community site. No Battle reports, no house rules, no forum, none of the old website content that got deleted years ago.
Was it really any worse than it usually is?

>> No.50263932

Thought so myself. 'Tis a shame.

>> No.50263954

check the sources here

>> No.50263958

pray for sister of battle rumors to be true.
Burn the heretic, the unclean and the mutant

>> No.50263985

What's the best Ork box(es) to buy if I want a pile of bits to do conversions with?

Yeah, it was pretty rough.

>> No.50263987

Sounds about right for a weapon that vaporizes people in the fluff.

Now it's just Gauss' ugly sister no one wants to dance with.

>> No.50264034

>What's the best Ork box(es) to buy if I want a pile of bits to do conversions with?
Nobs I guess.
What do you want to convert though?

>> No.50264067

Why does Kharn have blue hair?

>> No.50264069

Is there a proper Genestealer Cult PDF somewhere?
The one in here doesn't have weapons profiles etc.

>> No.50264124

depends on what bitz you want.
trukk has a lot of gubbins you might better use elsewhere, if you buy the wazbom blastajet and make one for the earlier bombas of dakkajet you have a wholesprue leftover

the basic ork boys kit has both shootas and pistol/CCW for all so if you want to use a AOS ork kit for more ork variety you get the bits to convert them there

>> No.50264133


Strange how they're still selling his classic model despite the updated plastic one.

>> No.50264138


Holy fuck the new site is boring and sterile as fuck

No sections for painting tips and news just sections for the war games.

No forums at all for whatever reason

Also glad they included a fat chick though

>> No.50264156

So the Tau player posted this to my LGS's forum after people have started complaining about his dual Riptide list and his friends FW Flamer Knight.

What is your checklist when facing those GCs and SHs?

>> No.50264158


I'm working on what boils down to Tau digganobz. So I have some Scions bits (canteens, ammo, holsters), but I'm trying to figure out useful extra bits for Kroot stand-ins, Devilfish, and suits. Plus my eternal quest for a full size jet engine for my Commander.

>> No.50264162


Well, they're supposed to be doing more OOP stuff and cast to order.

>> No.50264166

I play Nids, so honestly? Nothing.

>> No.50264175

>Feeling risky? - Yes
doesn't lead anywhere

>> No.50264188

That shit is retarded.

It doesn't say where to start but I assume it is the highest question.

Also the Felling Risky yes isn't connected to its next question...

It seems like they want people to list tailor against them...

>> No.50264200

you want to make what out of what?

fyi: the stormhawk interceptor sm flier comes with the stormtalon engines as well...

>> No.50264203

Those are tassels on his helm. Khârn is bald.

>> No.50264208

>Guys just tailor enough to spend the first two turns of the game killing one or two models


>> No.50264227

What point level do they bring said Riptide and Knight?

That flow chart(?) or whatever is just the stupidest most common sense shit I have ever seen.

>> No.50264236

>Get more terrain
>vs Tau and Knight Acheron

>> No.50264238

paint splatter is there, dig a little

not sure, but i doubt anyone lives to ask that question

shit format, terrible font, feeling risky doesn't loop back. 1/10, fire your graphic designer

>> No.50264241

simple solution:
dont play with him anymore, the game is unbalanced and if he cannot understand that....
GC/SHV are very diverse though, I personally consider 1 fine in most cases.

>> No.50264256

>Pretty let down by the new community site.
I told you it was just going to be an expanded form of the webstore blog.

I told you bro.

>> No.50264266

>What point level do they bring said Riptide and Knight?

Our shop usually plays at 1500/1750/2000 in that order. That is usually when they start bringing them but apparently the Archeron player brought it at 1000 with his small SoB force against a newer Tyranid player and was a pretty big shitter about it.

>> No.50264276

>Also the Felling Risky yes isn't connected to its next question...
Because youre done if you get there.

>It seems like they want people to list tailor against them...
In the same sense that you'll need to tailor against infantry or flyers or tanks or psyker or bikes or artillery or any of the other myriad threats your list may face.

>> No.50264278

They're both fucking faggots.
Does the Taufaggot even know the Riptide is a MC, not a GC, or are you talking about the Stormsurge?

Two Stormsurges at 1500 is pretty fucking faggotrocious.

>> No.50264292

Should I buy the start collecting box for starting a new tau army?

>> No.50264304

>What is your checklist
I'm a simple man

>> No.50264305

Sorry he only brings the Stormsurge at 1750 and 2000, which also has two riptides running with it.

The argument started over the riptides then grew into complaints about GC and that specific Knight.

I field a Paladin at 1500 with my IG sometimes and it goes over fine.

>> No.50264307


Yeah its retardedly good value. Grabbing 2 of them is a decent start

>> No.50264314

I'd say yes. It's probably one of the best SC boxes value-wise, but it really depends on what kind of list you want to build.

There's also a new Tau battleforce box coming out over the holidays that is a fairly good deal.

>> No.50264317

It's a good deal but perhaps you might want to wait for the Battleforces next month, I don't have pics but if you check the archive someone posted them a thread or two back. There's a Tau one which also saves a bunch and is a good start for an army.

I can see why. The Knight Acheron is fucking bullshit as Knights go, and the Stormsurge is arguably one of the best LoW in the game.

>> No.50264343

What army is running with the Knight though?

A tiny knight with an IG army isn't a huge problem.

Tossing an Archeon into a Super Friends gangbang will end poorly.

>> No.50264347


You got a link to whats in that battleforce?

>> No.50264354

>It's a good deal but perhaps you might want to wait for the Battleforces next month, I don't have pics but if you check the archive someone posted them a thread or two back. There's a Tau one which also saves a bunch and is a good start for an army.

here is a pic.


>> No.50264365

>What army is running with the Knight though?
He plays Salamanders so he claims the Knight fits his fluff, which I can give him, but he sticks three squads of stern in drop pods and some Centurians and Tacticals. He will even bring a conclave to split between the stern.

They are now the WAAC players at my shop and are quite upset with that label.

>> No.50264372

i dont get it.
whats the problem with pack your shit and go?

>> No.50264395


If I didn't already have a commander and a bunch of tanks I'd of bought that

>> No.50264404

>They are now the WAAC players at my shop and are quite upset with that label.
if it looks like a duck..

Are they really surprised by that, though? Do they not understand?

>> No.50264420

Holy shit that faggot with the Knight.
>durr it uses fire it fits Salamanders fluff

No wonder he's WAAC, fluff players would tell him to eat shit the moment he opened his mouth.

>> No.50264521

Shit, that's nothing. There's a guy that runs five knights at my store. The annoying thing is that you can either deal with them or you can't. There's no middle ground.

>> No.50264525

>nigga pulled shit my WAAC would do when he played warmahordes.
>Warmahordes seems to have the highest concentration of WAAC and some ofthe most extreme examples
This nigga needs to know he is WAAC.

>No wonder he's WAAC, fluff players would tell him to eat shit the moment he opened his mouth.
yes yes we would.

>> No.50264541

>stormhawk has spare engines

As far as what to make: Rebuilt jetpack for Commander, replacement Crisis limbs, vehicle bits and gubbinz, and some proppa Orky kroot substitutes (mostly in the form of weapons). Plus whatever else comes up.

>> No.50264544

What are the most ridiculous formations aside from Sky hammer and War Convocation?

>> No.50264557

Riptide Wing
Wraithknight Dreamwalker Squadron (Apoc)

>> No.50264582

>my army should be OP because of the fluff
Fuck off, retard. Shit like that is responsible for the abortion that is Craftworlds Eldar (no actual Craftworlds rules though lol).

>> No.50264602

Thanks for the answers. Any idea of the price of the battleforce?

>> No.50264607

Is it fluff-sensible to have an imperial guard force accompanied by grey knights or an assassin?

>> No.50264628


Why is warconvo even a rediculous formation, much less being so rediculous it deserves a disclaimer?

Anyway, the space marine formation that lets units disembark from transports, fire, then get back on is pretty bananas.

>> No.50264632

playing a fun game at 500 pts tonight thinking about doing a dread list for the hell of it with a techmarine.

>> No.50264641

no, but off the top of my head it has a stealth unit, a ghostkeel, a pathfinder team, a broadside and a commander crisis suit.

Between 150 and 170 most-likely

It's debatable if it's that OP, but you have to admit that they nerfed the only reason to opt for tesla.

>> No.50264653

not really, both of those units are top secret and the inquistion kills those who know about it. i could see them operating near by without telling the guard or killing them later

>> No.50264656

>Why is warconvo even a rediculous formation, much less being so rediculous it deserves a disclaimer?
thats one of the you get FREE STUFF formations. upgrades in this case, whatever you want. 0pts

>> No.50264663

Oh and a piranha

>> No.50264669

>grey knights
As long as you are fine with all your guardsmen being executes after the battle.

> an assassin?
Any assassin after a military target probably travels with the guard at least some. Makes perfect sense.

>> No.50264673

Pretty much. Though it only makes it more satisfying when you overcome.

>> No.50264704

>thats one of the you get FREE STUFF formations. upgrades in this case, whatever you want. 0pts

So what? It had real teeth because of arbitrary drop pod allocation. Those teeth got pulled.

The free tat doesn't make up for the unit selection being so crippled.

>> No.50264714

Are Assault Centurions any good? I love the look and what they can do but they're a bit impractical on paper, either paying for a Land Raider or footslogging don't look good

How to make them useful?

>> No.50264733

What they need to is differentiate Tesla and Gauss more. Right now, they're both mid-range mid-strength weapons. Drop the strength of Tesla but give it 2 shots, or drop the range and increase the strength, or something.

>> No.50264766

Can flying transports move farther than 6" and still drop off passengers? Necrons obviously have a rule about invasion beams and shit--what about those Wolfships and whatnot?

>> No.50264773

But almost all of the units in the WarConvo are great. It's tax units are fantastic relative to the tax units in most other large formations.

>> No.50264784

Throw them in a pod and/or stick a bunch of librarians with them.

>> No.50264792

>Can flying transports move farther than 6" and still drop off passengers?
What do the rules say?

>> No.50264817

I can support that, though I feel like any meaningful update for the crons is low priority.

>> No.50264831


Nothing is worth a land raider tax.

Walking across the board with no invuln, no feel no pain, no eternal warrior, no move through cover, and slow and purposeful is going to be a bad time.

They could be very worthwhile if you just happen to play with very terrain rich boards with lots of LoS blocking options, or are playing one of the variant games with literal hallways and stuff. get them hunkered in near an objective where they can't be seen by anything unless it comes around a corner. Anthing that does come around the corner gets challenged to a game of extreme patty cake.

Outside those situation though, they suck.

>> No.50264842

>Trump Imperial Knight with tiny hands

>> No.50264850

What are the chances that the necron fuck up the bolter bitches in the hypothetical new codex? I'm guessing pretty high if spiritual liege is writing

>> No.50264859

Only the ones with a special rule like the Valkyrie.

>> No.50264898

100%, unless GW forgets sanctuary 101 like they forgot about Ichar IV in the cult codex

>trusting rumors

>> No.50264911

Sub par Custodes.
Use them if you want T5 2+ 2W 6" moving melee beatsticks

>> No.50264912

Necrons have a bland but fairly well balanced codex. They should be a fairly low priority.

They really need the core rules to unfuck vehicles. That opens up several currently sub-par unit options.

>> No.50264917

What will inevitably get nerfed in 8e and what will get buffed?

>> No.50264923


It's not that units are bad, it's that they are each limited to one und exactly one. It's an army of t3 footsloggers that can't bring spares. This is a serious problem.

It's a good formation, don't get me wrong,
it's just not not great. It certainly is not the broken bullshit it was back in its glory days.

>> No.50264934

So after many years of having forgotten my love of 40k, i have dusted off my marines and will be playing them.

So, here is a rough outline ofwhat i want to field:
Demi Co:
Termie Capt
3x tactical squads
Assaulg marines OR bikers

1st company task force
Vanilla Termies
Assault Termies

Then either a skyhammer ob squad or a amoured task force

I dont whether i want to get Rhinos, drop pods or razor backs, as i am torn between them. Maybe a few of each?

Any advice would be most welcome

>> No.50264945

Yeah I'd like for my monolith to be useful for things other than terrain.

>> No.50264949

Assuming GW actually wants to unfuck the game?

Vehicles buffed. Haywire and Grav nerfed heavily. Minor nerfs to MC's, GC's, and SH's. Assault (mostly in terms of getting there) buffed. Ranged Weapons nerfed.

>> No.50264953

Sanctuary: 202 C'Tannmon boogaloo

>> No.50264967

Don't forget about Tactical Marines getting buffed :^)

>> No.50265025

It's for AoS matey.

>> No.50265030


I'm not asking the rules, I'm asking /40kg/

>> No.50265044

Initiative test to fire overwatch would be a nice step in the right direction

>> No.50265045


If there's a chance of you going to a pick up game and facing off against an opponent with GCs and SHs then GW will have failed with 8th edition

>> No.50265054

Tacticals need the rest of the game to lower in power while they stay about the same. A lot of AP2 and 3 shit getting bumped up a notch and a lot of S6-7 stuff losing a shit OR a pip of strength OR a pip of accuracy would do wonders for MEQ's and TEQ's.

One thing that would greatly help MEQ's would be making all of their Heavy Weapons Salvo 1/1 (or 2/4 for Heavy Bolter).

>> No.50265070

Just give them a point cap like 30k has, enforce actual LoW limitations, and do away with the stupidity of throwing HQ units into LoW slots.

>> No.50265074

>core rules to unfuck vehicles.

What would you like to see changed?

"apply each 2 remaining hull points as a negative modifier on the vehicle damage table" and "glancing hits that get a 0 or less on the vehicle damage chart do not take a hull point" seem to work damn well as hot patches.

>> No.50265075

and /40kg/ is telling you to read the rules. Its quite simple and obvious

>> No.50265134

I would be fine with that if Marines had a price bump or power drop on all their fancy toys, like drop pods, ATSKNF and such. Bit much to have both for the same cost as now.

>> No.50265140

I'd redo the vehicle damage chart so that it's less crippling unless it's an actual anti-tabk weapon. Like, Immobilization is actually just a speed reduction unless you're AP 1 or 2.

>> No.50265141

>painting tips


There's also a video guide on painting Burning of Prospero SM, and on the Age of Sigmar section there's like 5 more paint splatter articles.

And I figure news articles will happen soon. There's already that Steampunk Dwarf teaser.

>> No.50265165

I agree, they decided to reduce points cost over and over to make up for it. A Tactical Marine costs almost as much as a Storm Trooper. I want powerful Marines but far less of them. Grav is a mistake, drop pods are fine, ATSKNF is fine.

>> No.50265172

perhaps a way to make overwatch useful rather then a free shooting phase

>units can elect to give up their next shooting phase to go into overwatch
>can fire at half bs rounding up on an enemy that moves within range of the guns

>> No.50265183

Once you fix Grav Weapons and scoring (namely no vehicles), Tacticals are a lot less useful.

>> No.50265192


Who takes Tacs with gravs anyway?

>> No.50265194


this game already has too many memory issues and interrupt actions.

>> No.50265234

You missed at least this:


>> No.50265238

Ah, so more like halfway to the Movie Marines? I think ATSKNF should only give a bonus to running from Sweeping Advances to represent an orderly withdrawal, and Droppods could go up 5 or 10 pts but otherwise fine.

>> No.50265244

People that want to win. Scouting Grav Cannons in free Rhinos is bonkers.

>> No.50265277

Anyone got a tutorial on how to build your own case? I think I'm missing something obvious but I can't find a way to actually cut out the bits of foam I carve, I finish the rectangle shape for infantry holes but I don't know how to get the 'bottom' part of it cut out so I can remove the foam and actually have a hole instead of a 2d shape carved into the foam.

>> No.50265286

In my head canon he has blue hair.

But what are the purpose of the tassles then?

>> No.50265302

Same as the spikes, tusks, skulls, chains and paint.

>> No.50265328

That rules hella fun with salamanders flameblade core.

>> No.50265361

Something like that. If it does happen though, ATSKNF either needs to remain the same or go half way to the 4th edition version where you hold but take extra wounds.

>> No.50265386

Any building they charge is dead its just too stupid to know it, they're good against anything AV and low I low like stompas. Transport is can be a issue but hey fast attack drop pods are a thing.

>> No.50265413

Why are Genestealer Cults effected by SitW?

Why does GW hate Tyranids and shit on them at every opportunity?

>> No.50265421

Flat out remove glances taking hull points, it just does a flat crew shaken instead, 2 shaken fold into a stunned. Everything becomes more durable but not op.

>> No.50265436

Because they still have human hinds, though the patriarch should be immune.

>> No.50265447

check your privilege melta-scum

>> No.50265452

Because Genestealer cults are just rubes and ambulatory dinner bells. Same reason GSC and Nids aren't battle brothers.

>> No.50265465


>> No.50265471

Because the Nids are there to eat them too. The GSC even turn on the Nids once they realise that, but it's too late then.

>> No.50265546

Can confirm, I run Stormlance. It's stupidly abusable.

S 5 gunlines are a hard counter (if you place terrain poorly).

>> No.50265573

Rather double all vehicle HPs
Glances do -1 HP
Pens do -2 HPs

Might start getting screwy once we reach Knight tier, but for 2-4 it should be solid.

>> No.50265580

How so? It made my Razorback teams marginally better but Marine transports are easy to clown on. What weapons are you running?

>> No.50265603

>Ordinatus engine is now a 28 HP 14/13/13 that is immune to melta and reduces the strength of incoming shooting by 3 on the first turn.


>> No.50265610



>> No.50265617

>make glances roll on the damage table, no hullpoint loss. make pens remove a hull point

>make the damage table a 2d6 table, glances rolling 1d6

>give glances only strip hull points on a 4+

>convert vehicles to use the toughness system

>current hull points as a negative to the damage chart

>ditch hull points entirely, or instead of 0hp = dead, each hull point of damage adds a +1 to the charge

just some options

>> No.50265630

>make pens remove a hull point, no damage table*
>make* glances only
>each hull point of damage adds a +1 to the chart*
typing is hard

>> No.50265670

Need help with a list for a game this weekend, since the organizers decided to make it as cancerous as possible. Hammer and Anvil, 1400 pts, kill points, score 2 pts at end of game turn for being in an opponents deployment zone. Basically, play drop pods or git gud.

I'm thinking:

>Skyhammer Annihilation, one squad with Heavy bolters, one with multimeltas and cherub. Barebones jump assaults.

>Raven Guard CAD with Murderwings, Lv2 jump pack librarian, thunderhammer/stormshield jump pack vanguard vets, two sniper scout squads, stormraven reserve.

Not real confident about this list. How garbage is it?

>> No.50265677

>convert vehicles to use the toughness system
This is what is likely to happen, it is lazy and it saddens me that so many people want it but it's the only way to make vehicles 'viable' without doing any work.

>> No.50265693


>SitW affects a powerful army in the metagame
>this is a nerf to Tyranids

>> No.50265705

Should I play White Scars or Salamanders? I want to go fast, but also burn shit.

>> No.50265707

thanks for reminding me why SM players are cancer

>> No.50265716

salamanders for the str5 flamers and str D relic

>> No.50265723

Hull points are fine, it's how the damage is applied to them that needs refining.

>> No.50265728

Blood angles.

fast rhinos and heavy flamer infantry.

>> No.50265729

What size are objective markers supposed to be? I have a pile of unused 28mm bases that would work, but I also see people use 40mm.

>> No.50265745

large enough to be noticeable.

>> No.50265747

Chapter master Godzilla best chapter master.

>> No.50265764

Objective markers are officially just points on the battlefield, which the rulebook suggests marking by the use of something 1-2" in diameter
so a 28mm or 40mm base

>> No.50265769

Fuck you posting that picture. I wanted to meme it as my work.

>> No.50265777

Yup. I'm a close second in the tourney as Guard atm but against Eldar, Space wolves, Blood Angels, and DEldar I'll get my shit pushed in simply because I'm not fast enough. Ergo, Jump packs and skyhammer faggotry.

>> No.50265782

Do it anyway, plenty of people will take the bait in a few days.

>> No.50265801

>Ordinatus engine is now a 28 HP
>Knights have 6HP
>Ordinatus engine had to have 14 HPs to get to 28 HPs

>Might start getting screwy once we reach Knight tier, but for 2-4...
>Posts example of 14


>> No.50265814

Did thet and the wiki and the like I merely asked as a sort of roundabout means of doing what this guy >>50263898

As scrutinizing every White Dorf published since around when the Armageddon codex came out in 3rd edition is a little beyond the time investment I'm willing to make for this question I thought if I could leverage the knowledge of the whole /tg/ 40k general I'd have every one of them Dorf issues covered by at least one neckbeard..

As none of you has yet been like "You dumb cunt everybody knows that the short story "Chronicle of Obscurity" in the February 2002 WD mentioned the 1st Steel Legion in passing" I think I'm safe using it (though I've probably wont use the 1st specifically as it seems a needless extra mary sue flag when 2-9 will work for my needs.

>> No.50265818

Doesn't really matter. The objective is a point on the table that you measure from, so the size of the base/marker is irrelevant.

>> No.50265829

Guess so.... Thanks, anon.

>> No.50265832

I can dream God-Emperor damnit!

>> No.50265834

Duncan should have a video where he paints a Space Marine like this and then shows us the comparison.

>> No.50265896

Do the Inquisition's personal chapter, the Red Hunters.

>> No.50265919

>That second "benefit"

>> No.50265936

It's old.

>> No.50265942

The Allies chart used to be a lot more complex. And stupider.

>> No.50265951

Tactics were from 6e where GKs were Allies of Convenience with almost every Imperium faction.

>> No.50265956

I liked it before, when you couldnt' have a SW lord lead a DA squad.

>> No.50265964

Should guard run more than 1 unit of plasmavets? I feel like they have more than enough anti-infantry from other means (wyverns, executioners, punishers, battle tanks, basilisks, hellhounds, etc)

Not to mention even amassed BS3 lasguns with FRFSRF can take even terminators pretty effectively

>> No.50265975

On a related neurotic note. Is each regiment of the Steel Legion called a legion? It would make my life so much easier as "The X Regiment of The Armageddon Legion of Steel" is cumbersome as fuck name.

>and, as everyone knows, legion is the coolest possible name for military formation.

Has anyone seen/made order of battle diagrams for for any 40k militaries like pic related?

>> No.50266004


Annihilation barges can't fire overwatch lol.

>> No.50266006

>when you couldnt' have a SW lord lead a DA squad

You should just decline to do that on the grounds that it's simply not good cricket.

>> No.50266016

no, but they could snapfire at fliers almost as well as shooting normally, iirc

>> No.50266021

Reductio ad absurdum

>> No.50266068

when will GW make CSM great again?

>> No.50266097



>> No.50266098


>> No.50266108

Where the fuck does this chart start?

>> No.50266110


Oh, I thought it only applied to overwatch.

>> No.50266113

>From Warhammer 40k
>Warhammer 40k

>> No.50266114


>> No.50266147

They removed tesla from all snap shots, as it was too powerful being able to use it while jinking and shooting at flyers, which inadvertently removed its advantage on overwatch for the infantry versions.

>> No.50266184

>mfw my opponent concedes on turn 2 due to his bad dice rolls and refuses to play again and no one else is about to play

>> No.50266193

They'll start sometime between this Saturday and December 3rd.

>> No.50266195


With the new Magnus the Red model for the low MSRP of only $200, you will be able to lead your CSM to victory once again! Every CSM player will find a reason to field one, from the berserkers hordes of the World Eaters to the undying Death Guard Plague Marines!

>> No.50266202


Yeah, my best friend plays Necron. I gotta say I resent those 4 hullpoint vehicles that can jink while their sponson equivalents can fire at separate targets.

I'd rather spend 170 points on that doomsday ark than a demolisher tank.

>> No.50266214


>> No.50266222


>opponent rolls poorly throughout game, final turns he starts throwing his dice around, doesn't bother to measure to move his models and makes annoying sigh and heavy breathing noises

>> No.50266229

>I still play/follow a game I am cynical about
>le GW makes models and then makes them OP to sell meme

Guess the Gorkanaut was GODLIKE when it released, right?

>> No.50266253

i know that feeling every time it's suggested for someone to take the sorcerer formation with flesh hounds

>> No.50266255


>> No.50266256

>he will summon cult units for free with free upgrades
I can see it now

>> No.50266270

How would the Tau attempt to "nationalise" the Imperial Cult/Admech for easier integration of humans?

>> No.50266289

So we've reached the "not an argument" stage already? Since you can't prove it wrong.

Guess the Taurox were better than Chimera's when they were new, right?

Guess the Temptus Scions were better than Veterans when they were new, right?

Guess Assault Centurions were GODLIKE when they were new, right?

Guess the Xiphon Interceptor was GODLIKE when they were new, right?

I could go fucking on, but your meme that GW makes shit OP just to sell is fucking wrong.

>> No.50266301

Angron and Mortarion are coming too, eventually. So no, they won't.

And he's the centrepiece to his own Army, not CSM.

>> No.50266303

They'd just keep at ti at 100% fedora.

So, religion is stupid, why do you like being stupid?

>> No.50266313

>he will summon cult units for free with free upgrades

I don't think he'll be able to summon the entire codex, but maybe just Troop choices.

>> No.50266315

>Opponent blatantly ignore rules but rule lawyers everyone else and gets buttmad when he's called of his bullshit

>> No.50266325

No, but replying to a shitpost is validating it.

>> No.50266338

The more people aware that the meme about "GW ONLY MAKES THINGS OP TO SELL LOL" is dispelled then better.

>> No.50266352

This is my head Canon now

>> No.50266353

To any anon that has the IA: Apocalypse current edition book. Have the rules for the Kill Bursta changed at all? Especially its guns?

>> No.50266358

I'm so glad they didn't make this monopose, maybe they will reconsider making new models monopose in the future.

>> No.50266361

I'd also like to repeat that GW makes characters expensive because they sell so few of them, not because they know you have to buy them.

>> No.50266366

>Opponent brings a list that was created by a cabal of min maxers on some forum to a friendly game
>Spergs out when I concede beginning of my turn 3 after I have lost 80% of my army

>> No.50266377

Yeah, both sword and staff options look cool though.

>> No.50266379


Point out that the Imperium is a corruption of the Emperor's will, which is true. Then give them the holy task of liberating the Emperor from his prison.

>> No.50266486 [SPOILER] 

>opponent wants a game and you prepare your army and list to arrive early
>opponent arrives way too late and checks your list after some half added apology, then he starts writing his after he read yours and makes his list completely to counter yours.
>mfw I had another lists prepared for this kind of faggotry and he bitches the rest of the game

>> No.50266500

Thank ye kindly noble sirs, this kind of stuff really strokes inner /k/ommando

You get double extra love anon for posting a real good one also even a fucking armored company (the exact reason I asked for orbats)

>> No.50266522

s:d 7" blast gun or s7 2*3d6" blast gun?

is IA: Apocalypse not in the mega?

>> No.50266526

>>opponent arrives way too late and checks your list after some half added apology, then he starts writing his after he read yours and makes his list completely to counter yours.

I really have to wonder how fucking autistic the fanbase is to do shit like this and think they should get away with it

>> No.50266548

An autist would have his list prepared, his only list.

>> No.50266588

It's not an isolated case m8, it happens in every fanbase, WAACfags are gonna WAAC

>> No.50266628

What were you each playing?

>> No.50266635

That's meme autism, not real autism.

Autism is a lack of care or consideration for your opponents feelings.

>> No.50266657

Deldars vs Craftworld
I went from friendly khabalite riders and incubi, to haemonculi covens

>> No.50266662

That's internet autism, not real autism.

Autism is wide spectrum of and not a Sheldonian caricature.

>> No.50266674

The current one isn't. No. And yeah those were the ones I was wondering about. Thanks.

>> No.50266679

Help a new friend out. What does WAAC mean?

>> No.50266690

Win At All Costs

>> No.50266693

Worthless asshole acting cuntish

>> No.50266709

He insisted that we arrived with the lists done so we didn't lose time making them, when he was half an hour late I decided to do the other, because that's something he normally does, arrive late, apologize and then write his lists after he read yours.

>> No.50266787


>> No.50266804

You guys think we'll get any necrons update soon?

>> No.50266809

Is new admech battleforse box worth buying? I m rather dissapointed by electropriest, i don t even like their models. But another part is sweet enough

>> No.50266810

Anyone have the White Scars Ebooks like Savage Scar and Stormseer?

>> No.50266829

if you ignore the priests you save... 5$ i believe.

>> No.50266841

I've heard in previous threads that its the weakest of the new battle boxes so make of that what you will

>> No.50266849

dude you used my wallpaper
very meta

>> No.50266905

"You wouldn't bring a tournament list to a casual game, would you?"
>their faces when

>> No.50266929

I really like the idea of tech-priests wading in into the thick of combat electrocuting everything to death but the electro-priests just don't look like what I imagine an admech force to look like. Half the reason I'd want to play Mechanicus at all is to field an entire army of guys who look like the Tech-Priest Dominus or the Skitarii Rangers.

>> No.50266936


Anon, please don't lie.

>Ad Mech - $263 2 Kastelan Robots + Priest, 3 Kataphron, 5 Electro Priest, 5 Infiltrators, Ironstrider.

Electro Priests are 41$.

263 - 41 = 222$

Price of the Box: 165$ - 170$

Money Saved: 57-52$

>> No.50266958

Is the Imperial Guard start collecting a decent value?
>1x Leman Russ
>1x Cadian Heavy Weapons Team
>1x Commisar
>10x Cadian Shock
>Codex that can only be used with this team

>> No.50266966

They all are

>> No.50266970

>Codex that can only be used with this team


>> No.50266972


>> No.50267030

it's a single formation codex, it gives the rules and points for the models in the pack
Or I'm retarded and misunderstood it

>> No.50267088

your looking for "formation that can be used with these models"

>> No.50267090

It's not called a codex, it's just a formation.

>> No.50267122

guess it was the latter

>> No.50267138

the value is great
however in reality after the first one you'll be running a loss as the LR and shock troops only add up to 62 the HWT is pointless at 1 per box and and bloats the value alongside the 17 euro commissar
no real reason to get it unless you want a commissar
the genestealer armored claw is a better deal for IG

>> No.50267189

Thanks, do you think it'd be a good idea to buy both to start an army?

>> No.50267245


>the HWT is worthless

It's like you don't think the Ignores Cover Lascannon is one of Guard's main strengths

>> No.50267284

Yes, but you will need a bit extra to make it a legal army.
Buy two command squad on top of that and a second armoured claw.
That gives you a squad of vets, 20 infantry and a command squad to form in to a platoon, a command squad a leman russ tank.

The command squad comes with all the special weapons you will want for your veterans.

>> No.50267290

>try to shoot at Tactical Squad in building
>6 turn game
>10 Autocannon shots, 8 Storm Bolters, 2 Meltas, 8 Assault Cannons, 24 Bolters fired at them
>game ends
>unit still undamaged

>Assault squad + Captain with Burning Blade + Artificer armor assaulted by Claw Cataphractii
>Burning Blade attack
>5 hits
>3 wounds
>3 saves
>can't get a single wound with 16 S4 AP- and 2 S8 AP1 attacks
>Cataphractii wipe me in 1 wave of attacks, W2 Captain and all
>Burning Blade literally didn't deal a single wound all game
>his Artificer Armor blocked 3 hits total, rest was his FNP

I fucking hate this game.

>> No.50267307

How does a unit consisting of both vehicles and non-vehicles work defensively? I was thinking of making a vehicle profile for kastelan robots, but the issue also exists in an apocalypse SW formation including a Dreadnought and several non-vehicle characters.

Given that it is not explained in the Apoc book does it not need to explained?

>> No.50267342

Man, I can't decide whether to buy the regular Start Collecting Tau, or the new battleforce.

I currently own:
1 Ethereal, 1 Commander, 3 Crisis Suits, 1 Riptide, 1 Stormsurge, 20 Pathfinders, 16 Fire Warriors, 6 Stealth Suits, 1 Ghostkeel, 1 Broadside, 1 Skyray/Hammerhead/Devilfish, and a dickton of drones.

I'm starting to lean towards the regular Start Collecting because I for sure need some more Crisis suits, and some more fire warriors and an ethereal wouldn't hurt. While the Battleforce would supplement just about everything else I have.

>> No.50267348

there is no defined way to attack a mixed armor-toughness unit

1) do like 4th/5th did artillery. on a x+, you hit the vehicle


2) resolve hits one at a time, rolling to wound/penetrate as necessary

>> No.50267363

to start an army sure consider getting a command squad to . that way you have a CAD
shame you can't get the cadian defence force anymore that was how i started my IG
so now you have 1 hwt woop di fucking do
either you can put it in a squad and waste an extra order splitting fire or you can be somewhat sensible and buy 2 more overpriced separately sold HWT or buy the 3 pack for 6€ extra.
don't get me wrong it's a nice bonus if you need a commissar but as a single one it's s not a meaningfull expansion to your army since there is almost no way you would ever want to buy this box 3 times

>> No.50267462

I would say 2 makes more sense, but 1 is fast to resolve. Which do you think is best?

>> No.50267505

neither. dont do it.

If you absolutely have to, do number 1. I believe it was 5+ to hit the crew (and so the techpriest) of artillery way back when?

>> No.50267584

But robots aren't in any way susceptible to poison. Kastelan Robots are countered by poison.

I suppose I could say that Cybernetica Datasmiths automatically pass look out sirs and must do so when hit and can only transfer hits onto Kastelan Robots?

>> No.50267610

More context? None of those weapons were AP3 so Tacts in Cover were as durable as Tacts in the open.

>Assault squad + Captain with Burning Blade + Artificer armor assaulted by Claw Cataphractii

>8 Power Armour light assault with AA Captain vs Dedicated Melee with AP3 weapons.
>8 PA models designed to take down light infantry slaughtered by heavy infantry outfitted to murder anything not 2+ in close combat.

Gee I wonder why?

>> No.50267635

He used to cosplay as Konata in his younger years.

>> No.50267674


Then they'd suck in my opinion.

>> No.50267714

>guard vs marines
>6 assault terminators assault my 10 veterans
>veterans wipe out the terminators with knifes and bayonets despite loses
>feels good

I fucking love this game, it's a pity your bad luck but shit happens.

>> No.50267743

Make a formation for a box-set that does not have one.
Chaos Space Marine Renegade Strike Force
1 Chaos Sorcerer or Chaos Lord
1 unit of Chaos Terminators
2 units of Chaos Space Marines
1 Chaos Vindicator
1 Defiler
All units from this formation must take a Dedicated Transport if possible. The Chaos Sorcerer or Chaos Lord must take Terminator Armor.
>Command Benefits

Tide of Iron: When rolling on the vehicle damage table for units from this formation, the enemy must roll 2d6 and pick the lowest.

Spoils of Slaughter: All non-vehicle models in this formation may take a single non-relic weapon upgrade for free.

>> No.50267759

>He used to cosplay as Konata in his younger years.
Sangüinius preserve me

>> No.50267769


>> No.50267802

The context to that is that he simply didn't roll a single 1 or 2 in 52 shots fired, a good 40 of which were hits, yet not wounds.

And it was a squad of 2 remaining Cataphractii also tanking all of that shit consistently all game, with several salvos of Lascannons and Meltas sprinkled with shitloads of normal calibre weapons only managing to kill 3 of them.

Entire squad was also at 7 units and had a Grimaldus FNP bubble around them.

Getting at least a single freaking save out of that while maybe at least poking for once with a S+3/AP2 sword.

Speaking of the sword, we were unsure if the "unit hit" in the Blind rule refers to landing an actual wound or just a hit.

>> No.50267830

Librarius Conclave. Gladius.

At least if we are talking about how much better the units in it become. A 25% decrease in price is absurd and the amount of functionally free power levels you get from libra conclaves is amazing.

Not sure just how much more powerful Riptides become from being in a RIP Wing, but the ridiculous part is that someone decided to buff Riptides further.

The CSM sorcerer coven is similarly stupid. The basic CSM squad, Zerkers and Possessed are the worst units in the dex but received worse formations than sorcerers which already have the best entry in the dex.

>> No.50267842

you would have to buy extra land raiders just for the HQs, as csm do not have 10+capacity land raiders, and terminators won't fit in to rhinos. Horrible formation.

>> No.50267853

The Grey Knights could work with a group of Guardsmen for an extended period. It is also possible some outside force prevents them from doing away with the Guardsmen, they could take them with them on a crusade to find a good moment to get rid of them.

>> No.50267858

Another angle, it looks like it's about to tip over. Look at it's feet.

>> No.50267870

CSM do not have 10+ capacity LRs but they also have minimum squad size 3 on their Termis. You could fit a barebones squad and 2 HQs all in Termi armor in a CLR. The other dudes can all ride in Rhinos.

It's not excellent but it isn't irredeemable like you're suggesting.

>> No.50267902

CSM Sorcerer Coven isn't that good. It's highly dependent on the enemy having a worthwhile target, and, unless you bring 4-5 Sorcerers, you're going to have to invest 3+ Warp Charge to get it off reliably.

Libby Conclave is likewise overrated. It ends up being a 300+ point formation that gets off 2 Spells super reliably. Unfuck Invisibility and Veil of Time, and fix the ally rules to stop superfriends, and the Conclave is no longer a big deal.

>> No.50267913

>really, wolf?

>> No.50267918


>> No.50267938

>Libby Conclave is likewise overrated
It was god-tier until the FAQ and it's still a pretty decent formation now, all things considered.

>change other game rules and the Conclave is no longer a problem
Yes, because the reason most formations are so good is because they exploit or otherwise take advantage of the rules and structure of the game. This is nothing new.

>> No.50267944

How would you make it better?

No you wouldn't, you just end up with one Terminator not in the list. Which is an actual issue with the box set. It always pissed me off that I couldn't use all of my Chaos Terminators without deep striking.

>> No.50267957

Kaban machine?

>> No.50267975

Was Magnus at Terra when the renegade Legions attacked it?

And is Leman Russ ever made aware of his folly?

>> No.50267995

If you're looking for Guard ones look at Imperial Armour Volume 1, both the 1st and 2nd Edition. It has Company formations, company and platoon tactics and a whole load of other goodies.

>> No.50267999

That's why you bring 4-5 Sorcs and ally them with Daemons to give you cost efficient dice. As I said it's not that it's super OP (although it is against certain lists) it is the lack of equally powerful formations for the worst units in the dex.

If you think Libby Conclave is overrated then you are an idiot. If you don't bring grav cannons battle companies aren't op either, but who cares? Libby Conclave is OP because of insane blessings and battle company is insane because of grav. It may only be a multiplier to why these units are OP, but the formations are part of why these army compositions are OP.

>> No.50268015


Leman Russ was the one who argued in favor of killing Magnus in the original fluff.

>> No.50268048

>Was Magnus at Terra when the renegade Legions attacked it?
No, he was all emo mode on the planet of sorcerers
>And is Leman Russ ever made aware of his folly?
Yes that's why modern space wolves are more heroes of the imperium population and no longer the mindless KGB agents that are the modern inquisitors

>> No.50268095

its clearly moving, the right foot is down and the left is moving

>> No.50268123

Yeah, it just looks weird because it's still.

>> No.50268167

The strength of the Cyclopia Cabal isn't in the power; it's the ability to spam Sorcerers. You're essentially complaining that we got a Sorcerer formation at all.

Gladius is OP because it covers the map in free ObSec metal boxes and cones. The GravCannons are just gravy. Even without it, it would still be an oppressive slog to play against. Nerfing Conclave before dealing with the rules that allow super friends or the tiny minority of enabling powers would be stupid.

>> No.50268423


Official Ork Anthem

>> No.50268549

I don't think there is anything wrong with complaining about a pure sorcerer formation. Sorcerers should be used to bait people to take troops and possessed not be isolated so you can min max harder. Let's say it adds another 10% to the worth of the Sorcs in the unit, the other units should get formations which add 30 or 50% to their worth but they get 0-5% extra worth from their formations which are sometimes not even strictly better than CADs. BTW I'm not talking about the most recent release, which may in fact have benefitted the core troops more than Sorcs.

Nah man, grav is what makes the army op, otherwise the army would have no way to win against Wraith Knights and Riptides in missions which feature end of game objectives. 10 lascannons kill 1 Riptide, 10 grav cannons kill 3 riptides. At the end of the game lascannon battle company won't have any units left because it lacks bite.

>> No.50268556


Official Necron Anthem

>> No.50268576

You mean Night Lords

>> No.50268608


(better) Official Necron Theme

>> No.50268616

Leak missiles aren't anti-tank?

>> No.50268697

That was some of the worst garbage i have ever seen on the internet.

And I've moderated a damn freeform rp forum.

>> No.50268699

I'd add in some special ability for weapons that treats their AP as better against vehicles.

>> No.50268748

Damn. Why'd you hurt yourself like that?

>> No.50268760

Flare shield spartan tank. Only s10 nonblasts could damage it, get fucked thats an awful idea.

>> No.50268792

Subforum of my wargame clubs forum.

Didn't make it any better though.

>> No.50268808

Isn't that a 200+ point non-superheavy that doesn't do anything but move a single unit around the table? It should be nigh-unkillable.

>> No.50268861

>What is Haywire, melee or D-weapons.

Also Spartans cant have Flare Shields in 40k.

>> No.50268863

That's rough buddy. Any particularly bad moments you wanna share

>> No.50268909

What can I do with extra Archons from the Deldar SC! Box?

>> No.50268930


But you'd never want to buy a squad of Guardsmen without a Heavy Weapon, unless you're making Veterans at which point you're going to order Plasmas/Melta separately anyway. Guardsmen are spare wounds for the Lascannon HWT and the Power Axe Sergeant who can hold objectives and occasionally hose something that got too close. If you're actually using your lasguns to kill stuff other than Deep striking Terminators or whatever you've made a horrible mistake; basically all of Guard's shooting is 42" threat or more, you should never even be in range to fire your lasguns

>> No.50269068

Can someone point me towards what it is I need to grab from the Mega so I can roll pre-heresy World Eaters?

>> No.50269083

Any ideas on how to add to this currently 1000 point nurgly daemon incursion army, up towards 1500 or more? I was thinking some plague drones and/or beasts as well as beefing up the groups of plaguebearers, went a bit overboard to start with on greater rewards because I'm not sure how I want to kit these dudes out exactly. The forgehost seems okay but I'm not a fan of the models.

Daemon lord: Great unclean one
>grotti the nurgling, ML2, greater reward

Core: Tallyband
Herald of Nurgle
>Locus of Fecundity, ML1, Doomsday bell, greater reward

3x units of 10 plaguebearers
>3 plaguebringers (greater reward), 1 in each unit
>1 icon unit, 1 instrument unit

4x 3 nurglings

Aux: Daemon flock, 5x furies


>> No.50269118

If you ordered all loyalist Space Marine armies (including BAs, DAs and the Deathwatch I guess) and the different chapter tactics by their strength/viability in the TT, what would the tier list look like? How big are the power differences?

>> No.50269120

Its not a great game, but I can literally pop a cap in Xeno ass.

6/10 (7/10 once I unlock Melta)

>> No.50269140

Are you shooting a bolt pistol into that Ork's junk?

Where can I get this?

>> No.50269157

Alright TG, tanksgiving is coming up and I have no vehicles because I'm a newfag, what should I get. (I'm thinking genecult leman russ)

>> No.50269162

>Where can I get this?

>> No.50269182

Eh, I'm waiting on Deathwing for now. Eternal Crusade was such a huge bait'n'switch and overall disappointment that I completely avoided it.

>> No.50269198

Dear fucking god what manner of shitty advice is this? Lascannons and power axes for Infantry Squads? Guard shooting should only be 42" threat?

I've been doing well with my guard for 3 editions now and getting up'and'personal still works just fine.

Hell giving infantry squads melta and chimera (or taurox) is sometimes a good idea since NOT drawing attention is a good thing if you're just grabbing objectives. 3 plasmaguns on veterans? Someone might actually shoot you because you're threat to something. One melta that cant hit a broad side of a barn? Welp they aint gonna do shit, lets waste these shots trying to punch through that Knight's fron armor and Ion Shield.

>> No.50269230


>> No.50269240

Bad game is bad.

>> No.50269276

Anyone have glue recommendations?

>> No.50269279


As long as they used different toughness values for each side of the tank I wouldn't mind. Anyone who claims that a single toughness or a single toughness with different armor saves is a decent alternative needs to go play a few tank sims and not come back until they realize just how huge the divide is between a vehicle's front, side, and rear armor is.

>> No.50269281

It's a bad game, even though it looks fun.

Prolly gonna get it just to play as Orks and only suck slightly less than the tabletop.

>> No.50269298

It's basically a failed mmo turned in to a team based shooter.
A sad story for a game with so much potential.

>> No.50269528

Even so flare shields are in 30k and vehicle rules would effect both systems.

>> No.50269594

They were waaaaay to ambitious. A small developer with minimal experience trying to use a niche tabletop IP to create a game that would in the best circumstances require planetside-sized servers, Gears of War graphics, and a Battlefield-sized fanbase to sustain itself.

I appreciate the attempt, but the resources just weren't there.

>> No.50269600


>> No.50269607

A Necron-worshipping "Genestealer" cult: neat idea or completely retarded?

I rolled Necrons because I loved the idea of playing a list with portal/veil of darkness shenanigans.

Now, an army has come out that literally has deepstrike shenanigans written into their core rules, and I'm trying to think of a way to merge these two ideas together.

The more human models are easy conversions...give them Necron technology, replace their extra claw with a claw from a Flayed One, and I'm good to go.

Magus I'm thinking the same thing....just give him a staff of light, fluff it as him getting a gift from his Necron masters, say that that's how he casts "magic".

I'm not really sure how I would model the more genestealer-y models....Patriarch and Abberants specifically.


>> No.50269619

Completely retarded. Do Ad Mech Necron Worshippers instead.

>> No.50269634

This >>50269619
Baller idea.

>> No.50269681

What's a decent intro into Khorne Daemonkin? The start collecting looks good, but what else should I get?

I'm looking for ~1500 points worth to start, and ideally it's more Daemon focused than Marines, though whatever's coolest and most fun is best for me!

>> No.50269699

I don't want to play Admech tho. I want to play GSC because I love mobility shenanigans.

>> No.50269733

Then play GSC, don't force them into non-fitting themes. Chaos GSC could work well, if you still want to do them worshipng non-Nids.

>> No.50269747

Then maybe try Harlequins or Scions?

But if you want GSC, just go for it. You don't need validation from us

>> No.50269769

Why not Tyranid worshipping Genestealer Cults?

>> No.50269773

Literally how does that not fit their theme.

The only thing that's different is that they're worshipping robot overlords instead of bugs.

>> No.50269795

Chaos corrupts and twists their minds and this is in their codex, Necrons just murder them.

>> No.50269799

Worse it was basically just Space Marine's multiplayer mode, except less polished.

Everything about that game is just really poorly done, from the models, to the gameplay. That's what happens when you're so overly ambitious without the actual resources or talent to make it happen.

Then just play Genestealer Cults, the Necron worship idea is frankly retarded unless you go for them being all controlled via mindshackle scarabs or some contrived shit.

If you're going to play a certain army, do so with something that matches the flavor. Rather than just smashing things together like that.

>> No.50269806

Because they only worship and have their powers because of the Tyranids, the literal gravest enemy of Necrons?

The two races are totally incompatible and fluff says repeatedly Nids are scared shitless and/or gain nothing from Nescrons. There would be absolutely no reason for them to ally, let alone GSC worship them.

>> No.50269813

>Post some wip pictures to imgur to share with my friends
>"Bro why is the collection so downvoted"
>Apparently some random imgur cunts came along and voted it down because it wasn't Cats, dogs, bacon or Pictures of Sheldorf the Bazinganater
When the fuck did this site turn from image sharing service to social media

>> No.50269816

Explain why a cult cultivated and genetically modified by the Tyanids would worship space Egyptians like the Necrons whose existence is not only not widespread knowledge, but is a race that considers the eradication of Tyranids to be a priority?

Again, to be blunt, that idea is retarded.

>> No.50269831

Alright how about this....

Instead of GSC models, they're just converted Flayed Ones spiffed up to be extra killy.

Theyre led by their Techmagus(whatever the necron tech hq is called) handlers, who use portal/veil of darkness technology to point them at the enemy.

>> No.50269832

>because X worships Y, that means it is logical for X to worship Z simply because they are known for worshiping something

You do realize how stupid that logic is right? Especially since the Nids avoid the Necrons as much as they can, and the Necrons want to exterminate the fuck out of the bugs.

>> No.50269838

Just play Necrons.

>> No.50269844

Any Space wolf players with thunder wolf cavalry here?, All the forums and posts etc, seem to lead to half the guys having storm shields 1 thunder hammer/power fist and 1/2 claw, rest with pistol/saws, is this correct?

>> No.50269864

You should have set your album to "Private" if it was just for your friends to see. If you set it to "public," EVERYBODY can see it.

I too made that mistake once.

>> No.50269871

If you like Necrons so much, play Necrons.

>> No.50269902

Looks like something out of duel masters.

>> No.50269918

>upvoted/downvoted inherently cancerous

Big surprise right?

Bro, we've told you twice now that it doesn't blend.

They're your Dudes but that doesn't mean everyone is gonna like 'em if your fluff doesn't do credit to your crunch

>> No.50269937

So in the weekend I'm doing a 750pt game against my buddy's Black Templars and my other buddy's Orks, taking turns doing 1v1s without changing lists.

dunno what Orkbro is bringing but I'm 99% sure it's lots of boyz, burnas and lootas. He may steamroll us both. BTbro is bringing a Vindicator, Dread, 15-man Crusader Squad led by captain and a 5-man crusader squad fitted with plasma in a razorback.

I'm play Tau, bringing 1 maxed and 1 min FW teams with missile pod turrets, Fireblade and Darkstrider, 2 MSU pathfinder squads (one for markerlights, one for special weapons), 1 3-man stealth team and a Ghostkeel with no support systems.

I'm worried I don't have enough anti-tank, but we've locked our lists so I can't change them. Any tactics to use? Thinking the Vindi is the biggest threat so I should try to wreck it ASAP and whittle down the big CC squad before it lumbers too close. It'd completely wipe my army off the table considering small sizes.

>> No.50269952

It's the strangest thing, people are banding together to upvote it now. But i'd rather keep it public despite worthless Internet points, just to Force some creativity down the throats of the children.

>> No.50269964

It's good when people are being Fair and reasonable with it. /tg/ could handle it, /v/ couldn't.

>> No.50269999

/tg/ is fair and reasonable?

I mean, fair maybe sometimes but reasonable?

>> No.50270018

What guns do you have?

Vindicators are AV12 but their guns are only 24" (granted it has Ordnance 1, but that's a crapshoot) so use Range and cover to your advantage. Keep out of LOS is possible and spread out as needed, densely packed is suicide against blasts. Maybe try a distraction, using some guys close by but in cover to soak up a few turns of shooting? Then just use Ranged threats to take him out.

>> No.50270035


To be honest, the only time I've seen a cult spring up around worship of the Necrons was the Krieg Imperial Guard novel.

And even then, the Necrons didn't view them as anything other than an annoyance to be dispensed with when they got in the way.

>> No.50270057

>by Orkz
Wut da zog?

>> No.50270090

Apart from the basic burst cannons and pulse rifles/carbines, I'm running 2 Missile pod turrets (one per FW team), 2 fusion blasters (Stealthsuit and TL on the Ghostkeel), 3 Rail Rifles on pathfinders and the Cyclic Ion Raker on the Ghostkeel.

Vindis are AV13 on the front, but 11 on the side. Was hoping to send Ghostkeel on the side armour while stealthsuits pop the razorback (mnaybe with turret help from the MSU FWs). When they're done, tag-team the dread.

Meanwhile, Darkstrider's team takes out the plasma MSU crusader squad while the big dakka Fireblade team whittle down the big 16 man squad with the captain.#

Ideally. I think I'm gonna get my shit pushed in but I love that uncertainty.

>> No.50270111

Different anon. I'm gonna do this.

When I first got (back) into the hobby not too long ago I ordered a Necron SC! Box on Amazon and canceled the order before it shipped, waited a few days, and bought the AdMech one. Don't get me wrong I love my cyborgs, but this would allow me to play the two together.

Thanks for the inspiration, Anon(s).

>> No.50270113

Necrons or Tau for my next army? I really like look of them both

>> No.50270118

To be fair to the game, even though its less than stellar thats actually possible in EC. Orks are super fun and krump really hard. Its actually hard to kills a Boy or Nob at range with a H Bolter compared to Eldar or CSM

>> No.50270125

Lots of dudes, lots of cheap guns and shit. At lower points orks kick ass. But then again we don't play super cheesy so there's that.

>> No.50270126

Necrons, go for the mad ancient egyptian killbots.

>> No.50270149

I've written and re-written my gift list at my local GW over and over again. Not sure if I want to do either Tau or Necrons. I was told how to do a really good necron list too. Fuck I really don't know

>> No.50270192

>Gift List
What is this? A Secret Santa?

>> No.50270265

Nah, its like a wish list type of thing and when you buy stuff off your gift list you get points. Once you get enough points they're doing a rewards things where there's points brackets for what reward you want

>> No.50270273

The real question is how are you going to paint them to make it clear that the Admech are in league the robot skeletons?

Perhaps you paint them both with the usual metalics, but give the admech black robes with green washes and trim?

>> No.50270275

That's the humble, healthy attitude.

>> No.50270290

Watch the Mann vs. Machine trailer.

>> No.50270325

That's an interesting idea, I hadn't developed the thought that far. I would most likely keep the metallic limbs/bodies for the AdMech, not sure about their other color though.

I may have to repaint since my AdMech have plain Mars pattern red robes right now

>> No.50270365

Sounds solid. You don't have to kill everything turn one, just pace yourself.

Perhaps you should try something of a pincer formation, have the Ghostkeel on one side of the Vindi and the Stealth Suit on the other, and after that it's just a game of pick your poison.

That vehicle is honestly the biggest threat to you, take it out and things shouldn't be too bad. Watch that Dreadnoght though, it can mess you up.

>> No.50270368

Honestly it's retarded that Chaos Marines don't have stubborn by default to make up for ATSKNF

>> No.50270408

Tbqh they don't have it in 30k. What Legiones Astartes do have is regroup at regular morale even at 25% casualties.

>> No.50270418

Rapid fire weapons snapshot twice for being within 12", right?

>> No.50270437


They get 2 shots at 12", yes, but they're not default snapshot.

>> No.50270441

for being in half range.
if that weapon is 24" then yes
If its a tau fag carbine with underslung cock attachment then its 15" because fuck you

>> No.50270445

It's within 1/2 max range they fire twice.

>> No.50270465

>but they're not default snapshot.
What does this mean?

>> No.50270482

The way >>50270418 is worded implies that rapid fire weapons would magically snapshot if your opponent was within 12".

>> No.50270503

Someone start a new thread

>> No.50270524

Sometimes, like when shooting at a flyer or in overwatch you always snap-fire. Rapid-fire is not one of those cases.

>> No.50270526

Ah right, I know they don't. I was just making sure that I snapshot twice against an enemy charge with rapid fire.

>> No.50270527

So I bought my first box today. Skitarii Start Collecting. I've got the tools to cut them out, but I don't have any glue and the GW was out. Any recommendations on a good glue to grab on Amazon?

>> No.50270542

I usually just run to like home depot or something and get loctite gel. Seems to work pretty good

>> No.50270557


Go to Walmart and get some thin krazy glue. Comes in a little tube for like $3

>> No.50270561

£1 super glue. Seriously it's all I've ever used and I've never had a problem.

>> No.50270624

Damn right, man. Assault cannon and heavy flamer. He also has a few flamers around so I should be careful lest my stealths and ghostkeel get fucked up. Pincer should work provided my jetpacks have good rolls. Shouldn't be difficult to remain mobile. Have those as flies harassing the enemy while I'm laying down volleys of fire from my infantry.

>> No.50270662

What Forge World are you going to go with?

Pro-tip, don't glue everything before paintig them.

Skitarii robes are very hard to paint when glued.

>> No.50270695

It's basically never relevant but if somebody has a special rule and manages to get off a charge from over 12" you don't get rapid fire.

>> No.50270732

Probably Mars. I know it's the most generic but it's really sexy. The only one that I've really considered otherwise is Stygies, which is also sexy but I know would be harder to do. As it's my first painting attempt I dunno if I want to get overly daring.

>> No.50270759

Stygies VIII a best, anon.

A best.

Just do whichever one you like best.

>> No.50270792

why don't you just go to bed?

>> No.50270812


Dont listen to ANY of those other faggots anon you want the GW super glue even if you have to wait for it to restock (just order it online)

It comes in a fucking fantastic tube with a nice metal attachment to its easy to put the glue exactly where you want it

its good quality and lasts awhile

its only 9$

Unless you are a cheap faggot and really 9$ isn't that much at all wait and get GW glue.

>> No.50270865

>only $9
>for a $2 tube of glue

>> No.50270956

>Shilling the gw superglue
I'm legit embarassed in hindsight when I started the hobby back in '09 I bought the GW plastic glue. I didn't even use 1/3rd of it as it was so shit it gummified in the bottle after a week.

>> No.50271057

>>why won't you spend an additional 2 hours of your time letting me masturbate on your models after jizzing twice??

>> No.50271525

Depends on the opponent

>> No.50271606

Darkstrider's Structural Analyzer should do something for vehicles as well. It makes no sense a scanner can give you weak points in infantry but tanks (arguably a lot easier to scan) give you nothing.

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